Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ray sHERO

First off, we gotta visit the Hossa Sweepstakes.

If Hossa wants the inside track to the Hall of Fame, he stays with Bing.
If he wants the money, he's going elsewhere.
Those are the facts.

These teams look to be the big players in the Hossa Sweepstakes.

Vancouver is willing to part ways with Naslund to make room for Fiesta.
Boston is a Fiesta away from being a force in the East.
Chicago is where the Penguins were two years ago.



Speaking of where the Penguins have been in years passed,
it's time to officially start the Jaromir Jagr Movement.

He is a free agent this offseason.

He left here in 2001, and it wasn't pretty.
Our personal feeling was that he tanked the ECF that year.
It didn't help that he was dying alive.


But times change.
If he hadn't have left, we'd be looking at a different Pens locker room right now.
And that locker room would've been in the Sprint Center.

It would be a fitting end to the saga.
The more we talk about it, the more compelled we are.
And hey, Petr Sykora and JJ are tight.

If Jagr signs, we make WWJJD wristbands.


The 190th pick in the draft is whatev.
Henrik Zetterberg was 210th overall back in the day, but he isn't whatev.
So whatev.

Regardless, it just wouldn't be right if we didn't mention a Pittsburgh boy going in the draft.
He's a defenseman from Mt. Lebanon. He plays in the USHL for the Lincoln Stars.
And the Panthers picked him in the draft this past weekend.

Say what you want about him being a late pick in the draft.
He has a page on [ HockeyDB ]. We don't.

Barry Melrose has been hired by the Lightning to be their new head coach. [ TSN ]
He mentioned that Rick Tocchet will be on his coaching staff.

But the biggest residual effect of this hiring will come in the form of NHL's place on ESPN.
Even for a non-hockey fan, Melrose was known as the NHL's ambassador to the viewing public.
[ Puck Daddy ] looked at possible replacements for Melrose.

The move comes in a series of unorthodox moves
by new owners Len Barrie and Oren Kules.

Barrie is, of course, formerly a Pittsburgh Penguin
and currently a ridiculously wealthy British Columbian real-estate developer.


Kulous is a hollywood producer responsible for, among other things, Two and a Half Men.

At the recent entry draft the new owners used their 7th round draft pick to select David Carle, brother of Sharks defensemen Matt Carle.

Carle had previously been a top 60 North American prospect,
but dropped out of the draft Thursday after he was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a health issue with which the heart thickens.

All in all it's a nice gesture,
even ignoring the fact that it's most likely just another in a series of publicity stunts.
But realistically it's another prospect not in your system.
You want your neighbors to be nice. You want your hockey team to be good.

This from the same guys who launched the [ SeenStamkos ] campaign,
plastering billboards around the Bay area after drawing the first pick in the draft lottery.

Sure, Barry Melrose has been the face of the sport on TWWL,
but that only qualifies him to be a NHL head coach slightly more than the role in Miracle as Herb Brooks qualifies Kurt Russell.

And while Melrose actually has a coaching history, it was over 13 years ago.
And after coaching the Los Angeles Kings to the Finals in '93, he missed the playoffs in' 94.
And he was canned midseason in '95.

A dismal career coaching record of 79-101.

Just another poor marketing move?
Any link you find regarding the Melrose signing is loaded with commentary.
Good times.

Speaking of Rick Tocchet, the Coyotes became a big deal over the weekend when they landed
Olli Jokinen from the Florida Panthers.

He may need a solid winger to play with.
And look who is a scout for the Coyotes:


The rats are jumping ship up in Toronto.
Actually, the captain is telling them to leave.

Darcy Tucker, Kyle Wellwood, and Andrew Raycroft have been shown the door. [ TSN ]


Pop Culture Blog

:: [ Flat Earth Society ]

They say the Earth is a flat disc and the moon landings were a joke.

The most recent world model propagated by the Flat Earth Society holds that humans live on a disc, with the North Pole at its center and a 150-foot (45-meter) high wall of ice at the outer edge.

The resulting map resembles the symbol of the United Nations, something Johnson used as evidence for his position.

We went to their website to inquire about the drugs they are taking.
We get blasted by their message board. [ Here ]

Somebody went on and asked about how planes fly,
if planes would fly differently if the world was flat.

You see, all compasses are attracted to magnetic North which is the center of the world. When a plane flies, it bases it's heading on the direction of the compass. The pilot THINKS they are going in a straight direction, but they are not. They are actually flying in circles. The government has special compasses that know how to disregard magnetic north and THOSE planes can fly in a straight line from point A to point B. But they are mostly used in spy missions. Russia was the first country (in modern times) to discover how to aviate this way.

Face it, the world is not round.
There is no proof whatsoever to even remotely suggest that it is. However, there are tons of facts that prove it's flat. Open your mind and stop talking crazy, you REers [ Round Earthers ] !

Our compass points to these people being jackasses.
If this Society is even real at all.

:: Don Imus hates black people again.
Actually, he doesn't. Something he said was just taken the wrong way.
You honestly think he's gonna job black people purposely? Stupid.


We've seen a couple stray requests for a RSS Feed for the blog.
At the top left of the blog, you can click the orange icon to subscribe.

We're naive about this whole RSS thing.
Tell us what we're doing wrong, if anything.

Go Pens


J.S. said...

I'll be the FIRST to say that the Melrose hire is a bad idea

shawnawwwesome said...

Eh, guess it might be nice to see Jagr hit the ice at Mellon again without everyone chanting "Ruuuuuutu". Regrowing the mullet would be the dealmaker.

mmmk1989 said...

third. wooo

posts like this are gonna keep me going through the summer.

Chubs said...

Only three comments at 7 am? It really is summer...

With sHERO typed that way, it makes me read it like Sniz sang the Starship Shapiro song (anyone else watch Kablam! back in the day? *crickets*)

Aron said...

Boston can't afford you can shorten that list to two.

J.S. said...

staff, which thread or comments were your on the flat earth board? Hopefully there was some jobbing* involved.

* - I think jobbing would be the more appropriate term here, versus trolling, since these people sound like they are seriously fucked in the head. Special compasses? Clouds are your friend and are proof that the earth is flat? There's no such thing as satellites? Who thinks up this crap?

flatearthsociety = joke

J.S. said...

staff, which thread or comments were yours on the flat earth board?


Jonny V said...

Jags would be huge.

The jobbing of wackos would be a well paying career choice in a perfect world. Thank you for giving those people the business. Friggin' ridiculous.

I wonder what the crowd reaction is going to be like should Fiesta come to the arena on the visiting team next year.

dhudzin said...


Aron said...

i'd be open to Jagr returning....i'm one of those idiots that when put on the spot created a jagrfan@ email account. Also i believe he's a REer just like we have that in common.

Fatty said...

Yeah, the Czech Connection would be pretty sweet. We'd just have to see if Jagr could survive in Pittsburgh.

And yes, Kablam! was awesome! Action League Now!

Hooks Orpik said...

Lots of people thought the Earth was flat.....They lived in the middle ages.

I don't think Jagr is a possibility in Pittsburgh, sadly...But there are other skill guys out there. Even if the Pens do lose Hossa and Malone they'll have to replace them with someone.

P.O. said...

anyone else hear the sundin to the rangers rumor? it was in the new york post and we all know if its written in a newspaper by a hockey insider it has to be true!! *COUGH* rob rossi *COUGH*

Original Nathan said...

"No proof that the earth is round"? The proof that the earth is round has been known for several thousand years: ancient Greek astronomers noticed that the earth casts a curved shadow on the moon during lunar eclipses. That's only possible if the earth is spherical. The fact that the earth and moon cast penumbrae proves that the sun is spherical as well.

By the time Christopher Columbus made his voyage to the Americas, no one with even the most basic contemporary scientific knowledge thought that the earth was flat. So basically the members of the Flat Earth Society are willfully stupider than your average educated 15th-century European. Congratulations.

Ian said...

New logos = AWESOME

Dan said...

personally, i will continue to boo jagr if he comes back. he's a grade a jagoff.

P.O. said...

i am with dan... it will take a public apology and a hot start with the pens to get me to root for jags again... im an irishman and we hold grudges like no other.. him tanking the ECF the way he did will forever be inexcusable and completely over shaddowed anything he ever did in the black and gold.... would kevin stevens ever do some shit like that?? i think not..he might smoke some crack with some hookers, but Artie has morals and ethics dammit

JYo said...

Boston is a Fiesta away from being a force in the East.

Personally, I think that is pushing it quite a bit. Pens - Hossa still >> Boston + Hossa. Really none of the three teams listed here are serious Cup contenders right now and who knows what happens in a couple of years. The Hawks could make progress like the Pens or they could get good enough to make the playoffs consistently and plateau. If he wants the Cup, he won't be on any of those teams. If he wants the money, he could go about anywhere.

Only three comments at 7 am? It really is summer...

That and the post wasn't up until almost 6 AM.

New logos = AWESOME

I agree, nice work guys.

re: Jagr- I'd be happy to see him back. He still has the ability to make a big difference. I don't know if he has any interest at all, but it would be a nice end to his career: back where he started, playing with both supernatural Pens savior centers, and perhaps finishing up like he started with back to back Cups?

Finally, why is anyone taking this flat earth society seriously? To me, that is like coming to this site and expecting objective hockey news or trying to discuss +/- stats! Big mistake!

Loser Chris said...

Glad you're on board the bring back Jags train boys. Less than 24 hours after the Hossa trade went down I had the thought that Shero could bring Jagr back if he can't re-sign Hossa.

Also, Tampa's new owners said in their press conference, without actually naming names, that they will be making a play for Hossa.

Aron said...

Come to think of it...Jagr's style would clash badly with Crosby's. Crosby needs snipers not danglers/loafers. Jagr just parks his rear on the right boards and waits for something to happen...whereas Crosby flies in the zone looking for anyone that has a stick on the ice near the short a terrible fit and quite possibly a horrific signing if it happens. I think Straka, Huselius or Naslund would be much better fits than Jagr.

@jyo ...was that too objectivy?

Pooch said...

First Line:

Naslund - Bing - Jagr


P.O. said...

RE Jags dangling on the boards

think of hit like basketball... you have a guy like Sid who is like a good penetrating point guard, he drives the lane, draws a double team and then kicks it out to a guy who can bury the long range shot uncontested.. now picture sid flying into the zone, drawing a double team, kicking it back to Jags on the boards who slides horizontally into the slot and buries one of his patented wrist shots... in theory sounds like a decent fit

JYo said...

was that too objectivy?

Absolutely! If you don't want Jagr back, it has to be from some irrational hate. No logic allowed!

Naslund - Bing - Jagr

That sounds like a high risk, high reward line. It could be awesome or it could be two guys that slow Bing down a bit. Still, it would be fun to see two guys like that getting the kind of opportunities that Sid can create. They could basically "park their rears" wherever they want until Sid opens up the ice and just throw the puck in the net.

Luca getting some love from the PG.

Carle had previously been a top 60 North American prospect,
but dropped out of the draft Thursday after he was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a health issue with which the heart thickens.

Mitrle had a piece about this that said new Lightning owner Oren Koules "knows the family and the diagnosis might not be as severe as first believed." It may still be a publicity stunt, but it could be a huge steal if he ever plays. Anyway, not many 7th rounders do much so whatev.

Max Power said...

flat earth society = that friend that ate way too many hits or got some bad hits of acid and is now proper fucked for life. If there is truly justice in this world the scientologists will have a war with the flat earth society where there would be no survivors.

Jags will be perpetually booed by me and my ilk. He's a bum now and where I come from we don't give bums money. We kick them.

The Big K said...

Matty Bartkowski and Ty Murovich are friends of mine.
Too bad Bart's in Florida, and Murv won't make it here.

Bobby said...

lets bring JJ back, let him end his career with the pens. I think fans would jump right back on the JJ train. BUT he must grow the mullet.

Dr. Turkleton said...

•FH mentioned on the last post that Caputi is more popular than Gary Roberts...who's this 'Gary Roberts' that he mentions???

•tPB staff: awesome early summer day post...BUT. where are your SOURCES about the Hossa situation?...I'll stick with Buzz on the Turd for my daily resigning and trade affirmations, thank you very much.

•is tPB staff gearing up towards Stiller camp with the new logos???...they kinda look like Aussie Rules, I remember back as a preteen in the early 80's when the cable guy in a Free Candy van got done installing 'CABLE' and I started flipping around the channels & landed on this 'ESPN' thingy with these guys running around like rugby players with giant poles shooting up from endzones and tiny men in white outfits signaling 'Goals' or 'No Goals' with their hands like NHL refs...BUT, then they brought out tiny flags as if they were at the Indy 500 or something....

•nice props for the PGH kid getting drafted....couldn't mention his name, though? [Matt Bartkowski]...that will be the Big K in 4-5 years!!!!

rookie campblog mañana.


Jasper said...

canucks sign hossa
pens sign naslund

JYo said...

that will be the Big K in 4-5 years!!!!

tPB might explode when that happens, especially if the hometown team tabs him as one of their own! Remember Big K, when you become a superstar, give the team a hometown discount so you can bring in more talent and keep winning Cups!

Colin said...

Okay so you just bought a hockey team and need to find a coach. What if I told you that one candidate had a below .500 career head coaching record in 3 years and hasn't been coaching in thirteen years. Would you hire him?

Joose said...

Having Jagr on a team with Ruutu would be quite interesting. Ruu would be like, "Whatever," but I'm sure Jagr would have some emotional scars to deal with.

Raybin said...

Raid Minnesota.

Brian Rolston.


Pavel Demetria


Flyer Hater said...

Therrien better call for a stick measurement of Dan Boyle everytime we play the Lightning this year.


Colin said...

I would love to see Brian Rolston's shootout slapshot in a penguins sweater.

Flyer Hater said...

Jagr would score 50 on a line with Sid, take it to the bank.

P.O. said...

if the pens sign rolston and demetra look for me to be the first to line up on the smithfield street bridge... both over 33 with skills declining

rolston = recchi 2008

demetra = 15 goals last year = joke

Raybin said...

Demitra is admittedly probably not a wise signing

But Rolston would be monstrous. 96 goals and 106 assists in the last three years? I'll take that along with a two or three year deal.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Dennis Miller > Barry Melrose

ceby22 said...

I hate Jagr.

But secretly would take him back!


Burgher Jon said...

I use an RSS feed to read your blog and have since November, if people don't know how to get it loaded up, it's not your problem.

Dan said...

to quote young jeffrey paswick - jagr is a dick toucher.

luca caputi

Dan said...

shit i forgot to post this from twwl

Orpik waits for call
Brooks Orpik | Penguins
D Brooks Orpik and his representatives hope the Penguins will present an offer Wednesday, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Orpik, 27, had a strong postseason that is expected to get him contract offers that will bring a significant raise on the $1.075M he made last season.

The Tribune-Review said Orpik is seeking a multiyear deal, and the Penguins might try to get him for a little less than market value -- around $3.5M.

"I've loved all the time I've had here," Orpik previously told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "I love the guys here, love the direction Ray [Shero, Pens GM] has put the organization in. Everything here is done first-class, very professionally."

odmE. said...

I missed yesterday's post, so let me just throw this at sketchbookblog - awesome. I love working sketches.

Anyway. Currenteventsblog.

I'd take Jagr. I think he's pretty much a Class A Jagoff, but the fact remains that he's a hell of a hockey player, and as someone else said, him on a line with Crosby could be pure dynamite.

Good thing July 1st is coming up. All this speculation is giving me heart trouble. It's been an interesting offseason and we're barely even into it.

And as for Kablam, Prometheus and Bob was where it's at.

Jonny V said...

What the hell is RSS?

Tanking in one ECF completely overshadows helping to win two Stanley Cups? Joke. Even though because of his "tanking", like the staff pointed out, it allowed us this team and a new arena on the way for them to play in? Bigger joke.

Raybin said...

With Roberts gone, Malone virtually so, and Hossa seeming less likely by the day, if Shero can't re-secure Free Candy, I will be displeased in the extreme.

odmE. said...

@ dan -

i read that about Orpik this morning before I left for work and damn near spilled my coffee out of joy. here's hoping!

PittHockey said...

hahaha, trolling flat earth society. nice.

Dan said...

speaking of kablam - i think a lot of dve guys were involved with the action figure superhero team. i know scott paulsen was, i think jimmy krenn might have been too.

Brett said...

yeah, i'd take Jagr back.

I 2nd the mullet thing, though.

and the Flat Earth Society will keep me entertained for the rest of the week. Quality find.

Jonny V said...

At the Pittsburgh store in Century III mall, they had a clearance on playoff shirts and had some player tees there. There were a ton of Malones, a huge number of Kennedys (did i miss something there?), a few Roberts and one Orpik. I asked the guy why Brooksy was there, and he said "He's as good as gone." I bought it for ten bucks. He will be back.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

just curious...anyone know how much jagr would possibly be asking for??

Jersey Bill said...

What, no Adorable Adrian?

J.S. said...

sign Rolston asap.

excellent on the PK, a consistent 30 goal scorer, and still has plenty of speed even at age 35.

just say no to Demitra.

and they say Hossa had a rep prior to this past season for disappearing in april, check out Demitra's. F'ing embarassing. In his last 3 post season appearances, his goal totals were 1, 1, and 1, or more specifically 8 pts in 16 games. He was hated in Ottawa for being lazy, he was hated in StL for being lazy and soff. Can't speak on anything beyond that.

[J.S. - still stunned that the Lightning signed Failrose as their coach]

Flyer Hater said...


Naslund=2 years 7 Mil
Jagr=2 Years 8 Mil
Stillman=2 Years 5 Mil

10 Million dollar cap hit.


Dr. Turkleton said...

p.o. was this you?

RaCHeLeYoS said...

thanks FH....

jagr use to be my fav player with mario back in the day. but i really can't see him playing in pittsburgh again.

but 2 yrs - 8 million for him...
just keep hossa.

Raybin said...

anyone know how much jagr would possibly be asking for??

A very pertinent question.

Actually it seems all our free agent speculation, whether it's about Jagr, Huselius, Ryder, Naslund, Stillman or whoever doesn't appear to be taking salary in account.

Take my Rolston suggestion: he wants 4-5 million. The Wild dont' want to pay him that much. I'd be willing to take Rolston at 4, but not 5. Much the same for Bugsy, actually.

Though, really, if Hossa does depart, then between him and Lord Gary, there's an extra 9.5 million in cap room. So it might not actually be that much of an issue.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Stillman? Really????

•he makes Laraque look like Pavel Bure
•horrible defensively
•think of any injury, he's had it [at least once]

Palffy > Stillman

Raybin said...

sign Rolston asap.

Damn right, j.s.

Let's you, me, and colin get on Shero's case. He couldn't resist the awesome might of all of us.

Colin said...

Raybin said...
Though, really, if Hossa does depart, then between him and Lord Gary, there's an extra 9.5 million in cap room. So it might not actually be that much of an issue.

If the Pens can move Sydor is some way, bump that number up to 12 million.

Victor Raison said...

I will be keeping my eye on Melrose next year, it should keep me up on my daily requirement of schadenfreude.

I didn't see the sketches until this morning and all I have to say is: Damn. Amazing.

re: Jagr - meh.

re: Kablam! - That takes me back a few years. Prometheus and Bob was definitely tits.

Colin said...

Rolston's beard is also first rate.

Raybin said...


Speaking of first-rate beards, I will also say that in addition to his elevated play, Whitney's "grizzled 19th century Rocky Mountain miner" beard really endeared him to me.

Colin said...

@ raybin -

I would love to see Rolston's slap shot on our second powerplay unit. As far as Whitney's beard, I kept waiting for some sort of bird to fly after realizing that it is nested in a mans beard and not a tree.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

whitney's beard was soooo bad. he could have passed for one of them "cavemen" on the commercials. dupuis as well.

Flyer Hater said...


Rolston=his slapshot

guess who was signed last year for his slapshot.

Sheldon Souray

This guarantees that Rolston will be out for the year with a shoulder injury.

Beav said...

I'm jumping on the sign Rolston bandwagon. What a laser beam for a slapshot. Easily a 1 year deal maybe 2, don't want to get too caught up though as once a player hits 35 it gets kind of dicey.

odmE. said...

@ raybin -

your description of whitney's beard might be the most accurate description of anything, ever. kudos.

and last time i checked, there was a fair number of prometheus and bob segments on youtube...

Dr. Turkleton said...

Rolston on the 2nd PP?

1st PP bay..beeeeee....

Gonch, Rolo, Geno, Sid, Staal

let Whit & LeGame run the 2nd.

Rolo could score 30 with only 1 shoulder.

Flyer Hater said...

Dr. Turk, Stillman can't hear you, he's got 2 Stanley Cup rings plugging his ears.

Dr. Turkleton said...


SC rings?...I thought those were Jim Kyte's used hearing aids....

Colin said...

Pick two out of these four...

Jagr, Naslund, Stillman, Rolston

Who ya takin'?

Max Power said...

@ colin


J.S. said...

FH, but Rolston is still excellent on the PK. Souray is....well, not so good.

Rolston on the penalty shot: click me!

Stilly said...

Holy Shit.

I spent a good half hour yesterday reading about Nicktoons, and as a result, Kablam! on Wikipedia. Nicktoons in the 90's were effing awesome.

megz590 said...

Excuse me, but WTF?
Jagr will never be welcome in the penguin locker room, half the team absolutely hates him. Bing himself more than anyone! Can you imagine Jagr's ego trying to deal with all the Crosby worship going on, not to mention the Malkin. He'd NEVER come here. We're too young, and he's just a d*ck.

J.S. said...

Crosby hates Jagr? Did I miss something?

Flyer Hater said...

Megz=Apparently Sidney Crosby

You know, the more and more I think about potentially giving Hossa 7.5 Mil for 7 years, the more and more I like that he's not coming back.

Colin said...

I think HCMT would have a pretty stern word with Jags if he ever got out of line.

That stern word would be, have fun in the press box.

I am sure plenty of those guys hated WWGRD before he was a Pen.

odmE. said...

Stilly, nicktoons in the 90s WERE effing awesome. Rocko was my preference, and Hey Arnold was always good.

Anyway, I can see where there would be some friction in the locker room if Double J returns, but I think it's stretching it a bit to say that half the team hates him, especially Crosby. The chance of him returning seems pretty slim regardless, so whatev.

I'm trying to not think to far ahead here. Honestly, my only major concern at this point is Free Candy. I wanted Hossa to stay pretty bad, but I feel kind of jaded toward him at the moment. Making a point to say you'll take less cash to stay with a good team and THEN deciding you're gonna test free agency is kind of...lame. I can't blame anyone for "testing the waters" so to speak, but come on.

megz590 said...

Did you guys not watch the NY series? Jagr not only insulted Crosby and Malkin, saying they were no where near Mario's level, he was in Crosby's face screaming at him everytime Crosby was on the ground. I'm sure Bing just loves him.

I'm sorry but how can you all be so quick to accept Jagr back so soon? The entire arena booed that man when he took the ice. Hossa isn't 100% gone yet, have faith.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@megz: All players get in the face of another. Hal Gill used to take Sid and shove him whenever he was near and yet they are on the same team. When someone becomes your teammate, things change a bit.

As for booing, I booed him for a while and realized how petty and stupid I was being. His work for the team meant so much to me ... I don't hate him anymore unless he scores against us ...

Jasper said...

jagr ain't a good fit for sure, he can play hockey but that's about it
hossa can play hockey and is quite a good fit as far as I can tell, he just takes up a lot of money we could use elsewhere
anyway we'll see what happens
in sHERO I trust

Colin said...

Sometimes you boo a player because it changes the way he plays. I don't normally boo him, but whenever he said that it bothered him, you can bet I started.

I am sure that there are plenty of individuals that guys on the Pens hate to play against and probably can't stand as people, but when it comes down to it, it is about winning. If Jags helps us win, I am in.

Also, in the end it really doesn't matter if Sid "doesn't like" him. Sid is a beast, but he is not the GM. Sid really shouldn't have a say on who we sign. We have a sick GM for that.

Colin said...

IHK said...
Hal Gill used to take Sid and shove him whenever he was near and yet they are on the same team.


J.S. said...

megz, by no means am I taking Jagr's side on this, but few people are on 66's level, including Sid, includino Geno/Gino. Will they be down the road? Absolutely. Mario had that something that I can't describe where you could just see that he could dominate a game no matter what the occassion. I want to say that Sid even said that the comments didn't bother him, but seeing how Sid does interviews, you'd almost expect that from him.

I'm as big a fan of Cros and Malkin than anybody, but 66 > 87 and 66 > 71.

P.O. said...

sid has no say on who we sign just like jordan didnt tell the bulls who to pick up or the yankees dont talk to jeter whenever deciding who to get or some guy's wife doesnt tell him what to do

RaCHeLeYoS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J.S. said...


Powdered Toast Man was voiced by the same guy who voiced Space Ghost (Gary Owens)?

Jeffrey Paswick said...

what the bitchzoid happened to this site? news!! you dorkzoids need to get dick punched major.

wilsmith said...

didn't paulsen and krenn have something to do with action league now?

as for jagr grief, do people here hang out in the Pens and Rangers locker room?

how do I get that privelage? then I could spew crap about what players think about one another.

of course you hate people on the other team. if they were on yours though, they're now your teammate, and you deal.

Stilly said...


Looking for Rocko DVD's is what got me into reading about the nicktoons. Currently there are no plans to put Rocko's Modern Life out on DVD. What a mistake.

Stilly said...


According to what I read yesterday, Justice Leage Now was voiced by four people from DVE. I don't remember which ones.

odmE. said...

@ stilly-

That's awful news. Nickelodeon is the worst as far as shows on DVD goes. I have the first two seasons of Pete & Pete, and there WAS a release date for the third season, but now there are no plans to release it. WTF is that? And they only released the original Are You Afraid of the Dark? seasons in Canada.

Jagrblog, as someone already said, he gets booed because he hates it and he currently is an opposing player. The end. And also as someone else said, Mario is Mario. Crosby and Malkin are great players, but they ain't Mario.

Korn said...

Rolston? Meh.

As for Jags coming back and playing with Bing, it ain't happening. NY brought in Drury and Gomez last year hoping one of them would mesh with Jagr and it didn't happen cause they didn't understand that once they had the puck, it instantly was supposed to go to Jagr's stick. He needs someone that's going to bow to him, and sorry, I don't think he's reached the point where he's going to swallow his pride, be mature and do what's best for his team. He's a hell of a competitor and still a great player, but he's a bad teammate and still a puck hog.

BTW, who would have ever thought that the community here would be clutching onto Brooks Orpik, hoping he's the UFA we are able to keep? Not saying keeping him isn't a big deal, but expectations pre-July 1 have kind of been lowered.

sarah said...

i have always liked jagr and never booed him. i would definitely be happy to see him back (with mullet, of course)

xuscbausp said...

said it once. ill say it again.

ill forgive double j. quickly.

debrisslide said...

I still think that Jagr is an asshole and I really have never been a huge fan of his. If he does come back to Pittsburgh and end up not being an asshole to everyone as a result, I will have a newfound respect for him. Really, it just doesn't seem like something he'd do. If he does, it seems like it'll be more due to Cup fever than the desire to play with a great team. . .

odmE. said...

@ korn

Points admirably taken on Jagr. As for Orpik, I don't think the fact that commentorblog is pulling for him means our expectations have lowered. Everyone here kind of knew that the chances of keeping Malone and Hossa were pretty slim, until Hossa said he was willing to take a pay cut. Orpik has been one of my favorites for a long time, so I'm admittedly biased, but he fits well with this team and was nothing short of fantastic in the playoffs.

But I ain't sHERO, so it's not my call.

Katie said...

Player ultimately don't care if they dislike a player on when he plays on an opposing team if that player, on their, helps them bring home the Cup. It's part of being a professional. I personally hate 95% of the people I work with (and they have no clue). You can dislike someone and work extremely well with them at the same time.

Also, opposing players will pretty much do whatever they can within the rules (and sometimes breaking the rules as well) to get under the skin of the other team in an attempt to throw them off their game. It's part of the jobbing life. It's part of any sport. Whether it's done on the ice (court, field, etc...) or through remarks to the media.

As for July 1, it cannot get here soon enough for my liking. Then we can put all of these rumors behind us for a little while at least.

Dan said...

ren & stimpy own all. rocco was also good. i'm going to see the beets on saturday.

jagr = dick
tiger woods = bigger dick

66 > 99

@ will smith - yes they both did, along with 2 other people, not sure who. the imdb page didn't really say much to help.

i'll get on the rolston train. why not?

Dan said...

kablam on imdb
wasn't cris winter a part of dve?

Flyer Hater said...

Why isn't Jagr a good fit Jasper? Yeah, who needs one of the best players of all time, who needs a player that can still dominated at this level, who needs a player that has proven himself in the playoffs, who needs Jagr. HE HATES PITTSBURGH AND IS A BIG FAT MEANIE!!!


debrisslide said...

@dan - the voices to Action League Now were done by DVE personalities. The show has a lot of DVE personnel for some reason.

Victor Raison said...

The Wikipedia page for KABLAM! says that all the voices were done by DVE personalities.

Jim Krenn
Scott Paulsen
Cris Winter
Collin McGee

Aron said...

@ korn

exactly...i just don't see him playing second fiddle...which he would most certainly be on either Sid or Crosby's line. i'm convinced that Fiesta will be coming back...even at 7.5 or 8.0 per year he'll be worth it. People are also worried too much about 6-7 years down the road when he's undoubtedly going to all fail to long 6 years is. Lets get him signed and worry about winning the cup THIS year.

Tomorrow has it's own worries...

Aron said...

Replace Crosby's with Gino

my fingers typing way ahead of my brain = joke

Dan said...

obviously scott and jim are dve guys, everyone knows that, it was everyone else i wasn't sure of. now we have clarification.

Stilly said...


Ho$$a = gone
Jagr = Europe

Ho$$a will chase the money and so will Jagr, except Jagr will chase it overseas. He's already got two cups, so he'll try and get a ridiculous pay day. I'd place a bet squarely on the chance that he plays in the KHL in Russia.

Korn said...

@ katie

When Ulf Samuellson left Pittsburgh he said (and I'm paraphrasing) "I know exactly where Mario's back hurts the most". These guys are competitors, and are able to put past grudges (and past friendships) aside for the sake of winning.

Dr. Turkleton said...

I think JJ is a good fit for the Pens...but, I don't think the Pens are a good fit for JJ...

me thinks it's I ♥ NY or back to Russia for him...

JJ to the Islanders????

Rolston & Naslund to the Pens.

Stillman taken out behind the shed = Eight Belles.



Stilly said...


I'd NEVER pay 7.5 or 8.0 for Ho$$a to stay here. You're fucking yourself right in the cap. The only way you keep Ho$$a for that money is if we can also get him to drop two years off of his age. If he's 26 coming in here, then yes. Ho$$a = peaked.

If Fiesta is a couple of years younger, you can be the cap's bitch for a couple of years until it goes up enough that you can start signing good role players again. If Fiesta stays, there goes your cap space. Then you can't resign any good role players and you're stuck with scrubs for two years. After that two years, the cap goes up and you can sign some good role guys again, and THEN you can compete for a cup.

Ho$$a is not the answer if the question is "How can the Pens win Lord Stanley's cup in 2009." They're going to have to let him go and the rest of the guys are going to have to step up.

Sid and Geno are up to the task. Barring any stupid injuries, those guys will carry this team right back to the finals.

J.S. said...

Eight Belles smack FTW!!

M Parks said...

First, I never booed Jagr. I have a Jagr jersey from the late 90's and I still wear it... proudly. I would welcome him back. I agree that Jagr and Crosby would not mesh well, however I think Malkin and Jagr together would work well.

Second, I was born in Pitt, but moved to St. Paul and went the U of MN. So, I watched a lot of Rolston. Sign him! He and Crosby would be great together, and he plays great D.

Third, I say we leave the WW_D wristbands as sacred ground. Only GR is currently eligible for such status.

M Parks said...

Oh, I also wonder if Jagr's personality would mesh with this group. He is a fuckin' weird guy, and the current Pens are like a band of bro's. But who knows?

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I was over at Sweater Ted's ... mainly because I like his blog, I'm bored, and because he talks a lot about my love, Bugsy (or Taters) ... but anyways, I was reading past posts and I don't remember reading this before ...

"The Penguins are believed to have recently offered Malone a long-term contract,but not at significantly more than his current $1.45 million salary." This was from an article released on March 19th by everyone's favorite, Rob Rossi (note sarcasm.) Not significantly more than his salary now ... were/are they even trying to keep him here? He has earned more than that through his performance this season and in the play-offs, but maybe I'm biased ... thoughts?

Also, Kablam was one of the best Nick shows ever ... Meltman was hilarious ...

Victor Raison said...

Jagr is a wierd fellow. Could they put any stipulations in his contract about playoff facial hair? Or just facial hair in general?

Dr. Turkleton said...

stilly...I see you were inside my brain 5 minutes before I could type my JJ stuff out.
You're Awesome!!!

Darcy Tucker? Anyone? Anyone?

Stumpel just put on waivers per TSN.

5 more days to buy out contracts...should Syd-Orr be worried????


Aron said...

buying out Sydor would be a mistake. He's a servicable vet and his contract expires after this year. also if you buy him out, not only are you paying a third of his salary (vs CAP) but also you have to replace the player. I don't think there's anything wrong with keeping him for next season, or trading him. We don't need dead money in our CAP going forward though.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Dr. Turk: Yeah, I heard about Darcy Tucker ... interesting ... he provides grit, the fighting, didn't manage to score a lot but he did play for Toronto, and is quite a character. As much as I loved seeing him get punched in the face by Ruutu, I wouldn't mind him on the team. In fact, I have (now had) a secret liking to him ... But if he is coming in to replace Malone, I will make his face look worse than Bugsy's after Gill's shot even if it isn't Malone's or Tucker's choice ... Otherwise, I like him and he could probably be used in the 2nd PP group (Yeo, work on this or another season with us seems unlikely)

penstone410 said...


Stephen S artwork is certainly making me feel slightly better about Garybomb

@m parks
i have my dad's jagr jersey from early 90s and i wear it proudly today as well.. that and my brother stole my Bing jersey (jagoff)

i personally don't care whether he is back or not.. i can say that if he were to come back i'd boo him until he showed me that i shouldnt..

penstone410 said...

ps - sleeping 15 hours is FUNNN

penstone410 said...

pps (and cblog hat trick)
Kablam is the best memory of my childhood! That and Roccos Modern Life!

brndlynn said...

i personally wouldnt want him back only because i remember during the playoffs there being articles about how he dropped off production in the middle of the year and him saying that it was to preserve himself and his energy for the rest of the season. i dont think he could necessarily keep up with our young legs on a nightly basis for 80+ games.

eileenover said...

I honestly don't see Jagr leaving the Rangers if they make a deal. I doubt he wants to give up his captaincy and move to a team with a captain 16 years his junior. And I definitely don't see him getting along with Sid after the way he acted in the playoffs. Just my opinion.

jefe penguino said...

ill compare him to the phx suns picking up shaq last year. he ended up slowing down the fast paced offense, but with an upside, his defense (i hate basketball by the way). in this case, the upside is jagr putting up major offense. id like to see some others come in besides him. but whatev, id be fine.

he left dying alive. maybe he will come back reborn.. or living death.

and i dont want the pens to fill half of their top six with +/-35 yr olds every 1 or 2 years. they need to find steady wingers for sid/geno. hossa will work.

yeah his dad scouts for phx. if he can lure him there, id buy a malone coyotes jersey and season tickets (or maybe a 6-game plan). that team is gonna be something soon i hope. if phx gets malone, maybe the pens can take vrbata.

Round Earthers unite!

J.S. said...

Asking Symantec/Norton for advice (Gary Roberts related)

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@jefe: About the Malones: Greg Malone isn't going to be the first person to pick his son ... he basically had to be convinced by the other scouts here to pick Ryan up and he was picked after Caron because of Greg. Even if Greg is his father, he's not going to put in a good word or anything like that. The Malones are all business when it comes to off-season hockey ...

jefe penguino said...

@Turk -i saw u posted an article about a man trying to jump off a bridge?

there was this guy in phx who did the same yesterday. here is a sketchy video of him falling.

bridge jumping has escalated.
must be the offseason....

@IHK -just wishful thinking (IF he doesnt stay here)

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@jefe: Good save with the usage of "if" ... *laughs* And I thought you wanted to have a reason to drink? *laughs*

JYo said...

if Shero can't re-secure Free Candy, I will be displeased in the extreme.

Completely agree. The guys I most want to see back are Hossa and Orpik. I think we all knew all along that Hossa was 50/50 at best and if he goes, there is no excuse not to bring Orpik back.

If the Pens can move Sydor is some way, bump that number up to 12 million.

Don't forget, a big part of the reason they can't offer more for people like Hossa is they need the money for MAF, Malkin, and likely Staal so they can't just go spend all the cleared up cash on new guys.

Making a point to say you'll take less cash to stay with a good team and THEN deciding you're gonna test free agency is kind of...lame.

I disagree. A lot of people are turning on Hossa because he is testing the waters. If he is willing to come back for less than market value, what is that value? Doesn't he have to go see what the market bears and then see if the Pens offer is close enough to be acceptable? It would be pretty foolish of him and his agent to just take some deal now before they even know what they can get on the market.

of course you hate people on the other team. if they were on yours though, they're now your teammate, and you deal.

No better example of this than Ruuuu!

Not saying keeping him isn't a big deal, but expectations pre-July 1 have kind of been lowered.

Or perhaps just coming back a bit closer to reality. I think a lot of people knew this team was going to look a lot different. Even Sid alluded to it in an interview a few weeks back.

me thinks it's I ♥ NY or back to Russia for him...

I tend to agree and I think its NY. I think what I read yesterday is that his girlfriend (or whatever official status she carries) prefers Manhattan over Siberia.

The only way you keep Ho$$a for that money is if we can also get him to drop two years off of his age.

This leads to an interesting question. If you can land Hossa for the big money (7.5-8.0) over 4-5 years instead of 6-7 years, is that more palatable? As long as that doesn't push the team too close to the cap, I'm all for it. I don't know if he'll take a 4-5 year deal or demand more, but he might be willing to take higher per year money and a little shorter deal if the overall money is about the same since he still might get another contract after 4-5 years. Just a thought.

jefe penguino said...

@IHK -im always careful using the word malone around you. and whether he stays or goes, its a good reason to drink.

if the pens dont re-sign SOMEBODY soon, im going to find a bridge.

Stilly said...

From Faceoff Factor

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is reporting that Penguins general manager Ray Shero is prepared to offer Brooks Orpik a contract at some point today.

Rob Rossi indicates that the deal would be no less than four years in length and $3.5 million per season, and that Orpik is optimistic a deal can get done before next week.

I would like to add a word of caution, though, as Rossi has been quite wrong to this point this offseason — especially when writing a story void of quotes.

So, with that being said, take this news with a grain of salt.

I’ll stay close to this story and bring updates as they are made available.

Rossi reports that the deal will get done today. Rossi is a dick. Hopefully this is the one time in the history of journalism that a reporter as bad as Rossi is actually correct.

eileenover said...

I agree jefe. We need some good news.

penstone410 said...

i love how that news was reported with a caution to rossi's failure as a journalist

Dan said... reported on free candy this morning, maybe that fat douche finally got it right.

Flyer Hater said...

The next time Rob Rossi gets something right, will be the first time.

Dan said...

does anyone else think the million dollar man suit photoshop should forever be reserved for ho$$a now?

brndlynn said...

i think so dan. it just doesnt look right on anyone else anymore. just like i couldnt imagine saying WW_D for anyone other than Roberts. maybe it could be tpb equivalent of retiring a #.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@jefe...maybe it's the heat [isn't it like 140° out there in PHX?], I think the guy just wanted to swim home instead of blow thru $50 in gas trying to get out of a PNC parking lot :Þ

great points.

3-4 years for Poppa Pump would be keen, but I doubt that he + his camp would go for something like that...

there had been the incorrect comparisons to the Pens turning into Tampa Bay North....but, if they sign Hossa to Big Bucks, No Whammies....they might end up becoming: Philadelphia West.

Umberger might not be the 2nd coming, but to have to trade away a RESTRICTED Free Agent because Fillys Front Offices' collective arses are close to the cap already is kinda disturbing. Signing Jeff Carter to a mega-deal AND recently draft day aquisition and RFA Eminger, is gonna send Holmgren & Co. to go back on the bottle [if he isn't there already]

I'm sure King Shero doesn't want to run into a similar situation down the road where 5 guys control close to 60% of the cap [rounding: Sid-9, Geno-9, Staal-4, Whit-4, MAF-4] throw in Hossa-8, Orpik-4....& when good 2nd / 3rd liners are up for a payday from their rookie contracts, KS might not have any choice but to ship their rights off for drafts picks.

I guess as a fan, it's tough to look down the road 3,4,5 years from now...but, I'm sure KS + staff keep that in mind when considering who they want to try and sign & what they can spend doing it...

JYo said...

Germany = stunned!

Stilly said...

Did anyone find out what name the staff was posting under over at the flat earth society. Those homo FE'ers are about as ridiculous as you can get without sequins or spandex. I don't think i've read something more delusional in my life.

Dr. Turkleton said...


Dieter from Sprokets = stunned.

Dr. Turk-ey leads 1 - nil.

Stilly said...

Whoa. Tied.

JYo said...

...and Germany's back in it.

penstone410 said...

yeah i was just about to say..

germanys back

JYo said...

I guess as a fan, it's tough to look down the road 3,4,5 years from now...but, I'm sure KS + staff keep that in mind when considering who they want to try and sign & what they can spend doing it...

This is an interesting topic too. In a way they need to do what they can to win now because who knows what will happen 3,4,5 years from now? Maybe Malkin takes some Russian money, maybe MAF levels off and doesn't carry the team, etc. I don't bank on any of that happening, but who really knows? In a way they have to try to win now without doing too much damage for the future. I think that transition from playing for the future to win now happened at the deadline this year, but we'll see how it progresses next week.

JYo said...

More soccerblog: Can we get Andy Gray to call hockey games? What a commentator!

Dan said...

me + soccerblog = clueless

Stilly said...

With the cap in place, you have to play it close to the vest. You pay a few superstars and you BUILD a team around them. Signing someone to big money after you've secured your superstars leads to cap crash. Cap crash is a bad place to be.

penstone410 said...

agreed. andy gray is a beast!

JYo said...

The Turkish player that is getting a staple in his head to stop the bleeding so he can keep playing would be welcome to play hockey as well!

Aron said...

The reason Tampa Bay crumpled had nothing to do with Lecavalier, Richards or St.Louis. It was poor defence and terrible goaltending. Say what you want about HCMT but his defensive system is working wonders, therefore we will never have to spend huge bucks on that end allowing us to get more depth up front in the future as the CAP rises. Flower>Denis+Holmqvist

Sign Ho$$a.

sapphirus66 said...

I would love to see Jagr back in Pittsburgh. Then again I still wear my old 68 jerseys and take a lot of ribbing for it. But realistically I don't think it will happen.

JYo said...

In the first half Germany = Schweinsteiger + Podolski + 9 stiffs

(Pardon the spelling if it is incorrect, I'm not German and am too lazy to look it up.)

penstone410 said...

jyo- you said what i was thinking, are there only two players on the german team?

Colin said...

Andy Gray is on fire!

Schweinsteiger = beast.

Stilly said...

You're forgetting Michael "Dick" Ballack. Or did he not show up today.

Stilly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stilly said...

Holy fuck. It's halftime and Turkey has put up 14 shots.. 10 on goal. Germany has 3 shots.. 2 on goal. Germany's back line = mistake.

jefe penguino said...

@Turk -its only been 11 straight days of 110+, but it might as well be 140.. i think today is only 105 or something. i might actually venture outside one of these days..

tampa bay sucks at drafting. we do not. (read the faceoff-factor article)


Colin said...

Michael Ballack is an asshat.

Appearantly if you are a coach you have to wear a white dress shirt and have mad pit stains.

Steeltown Mike said...

Congratulations on your mention on Yahoo!, guys.

Greg Wyshynski is da man.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Hey! No attacking Germany when I'm not on here to defend them. If you are watching they are playing defensively, and Turkey really wants to win. Lahm is a beast as well as Friedrich ... plus, Ballack and Klose usually wait to strike with the assistance of other midfielders. Meaning, Rolfes, I know your eye hurts but you got to up your game right now ... Notice that Germany has that a lot of talent and scored with what 2 shots on net? Let them work their magic in the next half and we'll see what happens ...

Also, Lecavalier is getting $77 million for 9 years ... must be nice ...

penstone410 said...

no doubt that the germans have the talent.. regardless, turkey is putting up a fight. ballack is a dick and he's missing today..

either way, i don't care who wins this game, its fun to watch either way.

penstone410 said...

wyshynski is the MAN!

nice shoutout!

P.O. said...

the only thing worse than watching soccer on TV is reading other people talking about it... i think id rather watch LPGA golf

M. Vanderlasser said...

Hey, just got back from the Tour of PA bike race stage finish in Carlisle...good times!

Spent some time chatting with an elderly gent in a Crosby jersey tee who was hanging out at the finish line.

If can catch the race as it winds through your neck of the woods, cheer for the riders, especially rider #176...Chris Kuhl of Mechaicsburg, PA - mixing it up with the other U-25s from the US and A, Germany, Belgium, Argentina, S. Africa, The Netherlands, etc...

Tough stage tomorrow from Camp Hill to Bedford - maybe passing by Sidney's Knob?

Dan said...

wyshynski has actually been a dick toward the pens depending on where you see him at lately.

JYo said...

Hey! No attacking Germany when I'm not on here to defend them.

I actually kind of want them to win, but you can't deny they are playing like garbage save for maybe the two players I mentioned.

They should have just had a free kick if not a penalty kick for that foul on Lahm.

the only thing worse than watching soccer on TV is reading other people talking about it... i think id rather watch LPGA golf

The go watch golf or STFU! Dick! (Simma down, J/K)

eileenover said...

You don't like anyone, do you Dan?

Owen said...

isn't it "for old times' sake"?

penstone410 said...

true, but you have to admit, the shoutout is pretty sweet


Dan said...

i like a lot of people (especially myself, i'm awesome) but i don't think enough people have seen some of wyshynski's douchetry lately. deservedly calling him out. and it's not my fault tiger and jagr are dicks. and ho$$a is a liar.

JYo said...

You don't like anyone, do you Dan?

I don't know about his stance on others, but I think he has a valid point about Wyshynski.

penstone410 said...

oh come on
dan IS awesome
he can hate whoever he likes!

eileenover said...

I never even read Wyshynski's stuff, so I wouldn't know.

eileenover said...

Geez, I wasn't trying to start anything.

Dan said...

hahahaha it's all good

Aron said...

dan's exactly right about wyshizwinitky...he's been riding the Pens pretty hard lately...a lot of scare tactics and rumor mongoring with a dash of sarcasm in his posts regarding the Pens. On the bright side he's a nice, talented blogger though.

Pensblog Staff said...

Sorry if we sent people on a wild-goose chase, but we didn't make any posts on those boards.
Why we didn't we'll never know.

penstone410 said...


JYo said...

Julie Foudy giving a shout out to Istanbul (not Constantinople).

penstone410 said...

how does the feed go out all over the world? especially right after germany takes the lead.. i dont know why i find it so hilarious..?

JYo said...

Just as they job Klose for not producing, he scores a goal! Classic! Why do they have an international feed of fans celebrating, but not of the game?

JYo said...

Nice, ESPN already says Germany's next game is vs. Russia/Spain on Sunday while this game is still going on.

penstone410 said...

the weather is so bad there that apparently a tower that knocked out espns feed all over the world


jefe penguino said...

now that ive read up on the flat earth society. im convinced. i have no life.

there is a poster that goes by charlie. claiming to be a 16 yr old dutch kid with horrible grammer and spelling. it must be tPB Staff!

ahh, well i just saw the staff comment...i was kidding anyway! ahahhaa.

JYo said...

I get why the game is out, but how are they getting a feed of fans from the same city if that is the case?

penstone410 said...

holy crap

Turkey just tied it!
and no one saw it..

JYo said...

Turkey just tied it!

Exactly why those jokes at ESPN shouldn't have been saying German's next game was Sunday. Have they been watching Turkey in this tournament???

penstone410 said...

and germany just scored again!!

and the feed goes out AGAIN!

who says soccer isnt exciting? lol

JYo said...

who says soccer isnt exciting? lol

People who don't watch and/or don't understand the sport. I really don't understand the criticism, especially from hockey fans. The same sort of criticism comes toward hockey from people who don't watch/understand and after all, soccer is the most popular sport in the world.

Lahm = part hero with the assist on the second goal, then the goat, then a hero again!

P.O. said...

RE : soccerblog

going to join that guy on the west end bridge now...

penstone410 said...

yeah it really is kind of interesting since the same critism goes to both sports.. i don't understand since i'm obsessed with both.. nice game by germany! i'd like to see a germany-spain final, you?

have fun, it should be a nice swim

Aron said...

So this game is 21-14 in football terms. Maybe that will draw in the casual fans. I love hockey because of how similar it is strategy wise to soccer. Some games are boring to be sure, but the cream always rises to the top and the quality players shine through. Not sure what any of this means. toomanycommentsbymeblog

Aron said...


Youtube(verb): gerrard top 10 goals. if it doesn't do anything for you, you sir lack some sort of soul needed to enjoy soccer.

JYo said...

I'm pulling for Russia in the next game. They have really pulled things together since Spain owned them in the first game. Spain should definitely still be the favorite, but I'd like to see Russia pull it off. Overall I don't really care who wins as long as the games are good.

debrisslide said...

Wyshynski SCORES. He actually kind of made me remember when Jagr didn't piss me off. . .

I'll join the movement!

If I can turn the page?!!

penstone410 said...

haha nice putting it into football terms..
and too many comments?! never!

i can understand the soft spot for russia, in some ways i'm pulling for them to win too, but either way i dont care, just thought spain-germany would be more interesting..


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