Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No Good Thing Ever Dies. PENS WIN.

[ Kayla J. ]

[ Becky P. ]

[ NHL.com RECAP ]

We know that unless Google self-destructs, this game recap will be on the internet forever.
We could have sat here and worked on this thing for 3 days and still not be satisfied.
Photoshops may go uncredited. Words will be misspelled.

But it doesn't change the fact that this sentence in itself
has more momentum than the Detroit Red Wings have right now.


The champagne was chilled.
The shirts were hanging in the lockers.
The Cup was there. You could smell it.

34 seconds away from a painful offseason of what-ifs and Amber Alerts.
34 seconds away from potentially seeing Kid Rock's team win the Stanley Cup.

Against all odds, and with hope desperately fading,
Max Talbot brought Joe Louis Arena and the hockey world to a halt.

Little did we know that we were about to see one of the top playoff goaltending performances in NHL history.

And we had no clue about whether we would have a new Kaspar to cherish...
Or a new David Volek to vomit about.

With 10:07 left, you faintly hear Sykora yell GENO.

The blood and guts of Ryan Malone and Sergei Gonchar cannot be overlooked.
Neither can the Pens blue-liners, hobbling through 2.5 overtimes with 5 defensemen.
Gary Roberts looked like an 22-year-old in the OT's.

We wanted this thing to go back to the Mellon Arena for Game Six.
We have our wish, we have some hope, and Kid Rock still sucks.

Go help us all.

:::::::::::::::::: ANTHEMS :::::::::::::::::::

[Durbano's cousin]

[ Andrew P. ]

[Captain Dummy]

And of course...

:::::::::::::::::: FIRST PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

The urgency was there early.
It feels like the first period was played three weeks ago.

Roberts-Crosby-Hossa got things going.

Once that evaporated, Orpik gets a hooking call.
All the hope circulating the past two days was already in danger.

The Pens got the job done.
But hold the phone.
Our old friend comes back for a visit:

Too Many Men.

The Pens were on their way to another kill when Datsyuk breathes on Staal.
Maybe the best call of the postseason and a huge break.

The Pens set up when they got their eventual PP.
Hossa holds the puck for 20 minutes, no shot. It eventually gets cleared.
The penalty eventually gets killed.

After some jobbing around, Crosby carried the puck into the zone all business.
He passes it through 80 people to Whitney.
Dupuis works for a loose puck. He gets it to Bing.
In the same motion, it finds Hossa in front.


Play it:

The goal gave the Pens big-time life.
You believed.

Malone was blatantly interfered with a little later when chasing a dump.
We'll call that the make-up no-call for that Datsyuk business.

Some great action ensued.
Back and forth, back and forth. Incredible.

Play slowed down a little, and the Pens went back to work.
Adam Hall works down deep, sees an opening, and plows to the net.
Niklas Backstrom Kronwall puts it home for the Pens.



Crossbars...posts...bounces...remember that.
If you heard the Pens belting out chants of OSGOOD...OSGOOD, you are not alone.

The momentum from the first period almost went out the door when Sydor misplays a puck.
Some joke gets a breakaway.
Ryan Whitney puts the fumes to work and catches up just enough to mess with him.
You circle that play in your head with a red Sharpie.

The Pens get a couple more chances to close out the period.

:::::::::::::::::: SECOND PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

The dominance of the Pens didn't subside.
They were taking it to the Wings to start the second.
Some type of unknown trap was unveiled by the Pens.

A couple great chances, and then Bing sailed in behind the defense.
We don't even have to say it.
But we will anyway.

The Pens got caught running back in their own zone.
Scuderi took a hit to get it up the boards.
Staal was out to lunch.
The Red Wings take it back, get it to the net, and get a bounce.


Now, it was gut-check time for the Pens.
They followed up the goal by weathering the biggest storm of their balls.

If there was ever a PP to score on (at that time of the game), it came 6 minutes into the second.
Matlby jobs Orpik and gets caught -- for interference; not kneeing.
But the Wings suffocated the world.

Halfway through the period, Bing heads to the box for being a beast.
The Pens kill it.

More unreal action followed.
This was the NHL's dream Finals.
These stretches that have occurred throughout the series is why.

Bing takes on the world and gets it into the zone, sets up shop, gets it back to Orpik.
Orpik can't handle it, and the Wings headed back on a 2-on-1.

What happened next was the biggest play of the game in many respects.
Fleury robs Samuelsson on the 2-on-1, with what may be the save of the series.
You believed.

Gonchar, in a testament to how the guys were playing, went into the boards full throttle with no regards to his own life. A hush fell over the city of Pittsburgh as Gonchar heads to the locker room. You could almost see hope disappearing with Gonch down the runway.

A little later, you could hear a gnat fart when Malone takes one to the face.

Just a stunning picture.

The Pens hung in there to end the second.
You prepare for the biggest 20 minutes of your life (at that time).

:::::::::::::::::: THIRD PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

No matter how old you are...
No matter how much hockey you have watched...
Nothing could prepare you for the third period.

Coming back, we were greeted with a shot of Ryan Malone.
What a warrior.

Early in the third, Datsyuk bulled to the net.
Joe Louis Arena has never seen a puck hit a crossbar.
Play gets halted for no reason at all.

Exhale city.
But things would get bad.
Like the time you woke up with another man -- bad.

The Wings wanted it more in the third.
They were all business.
The Pens were stunned and a half.

The referees let both teams play until, well, they didn't.
TK went to the box for playing for the Cup.

The Pens got their much-needed TV timeout.
And the Wings got their much-needed goal.


Detroit could smell blood.
And things began to fall apart.

HCMT tries to settle things down with a timeout.
It had no effect.

The Wings could still smell blood, and it was pooling in the top of the Cup.
The sum of all fears occurs.
Rafalski puts it home.


What a disaster.

Father Time bang emo's wife as he enters the building with under 6:00 left.
The Pens were left for dead.
Chants of WE WANT THE CUP rained down upon them like urine.

For the Pens fans in attendance, they stood silently and watched, with Wings fans around them elbowing them in the head as they high-fived each other.
An exit plan wasn't needed. There would be no congestion when Pens fans left.

3:00...The Wings are everywhere

2:00...You start thinking about the season.
Gay jokes you would never use...
Anthem pics...photoshops...
How we had to call upon the Brothers Gibb for the biggest game of the season.

The season was over.


But like a great porno, a funny thing happened on the way to the burial.
Hossa makes a move at his blue line, gets it to center-red, dumps it in.
Talbot's name gets called when MAF heads to the bench.

The puck gets cleared.
Zetterberg has it center, 90-some feet away from ending it. No dice.

Gonch grabs it, gets it to Geno.
Talbot goes flying in like a rocket.



[Tom M]

[ MB ]



It would have only seemed right for the classy Wings to put a puck home in those final 30 seconds.

No dice. OT City.

[Mike J]

[ Welsh ]

:::::::::::::::::: FIRST OT :::::::::::::::::::

Were we here?
We were on death row and granted a last-minute reprieve.
We were playing with house money.

At the start of OT, you were numb.
David Volek stood in the shadows, wondering if he would be dethroned.
Every time Zetterberg touched the puck, it was bad news bears.

Detroit was everywhere.
But Marc-Andre Fleury was in the only place he had to be.

He simply put the Pens on his back.
He made several huge saves, including one on the doorstep by Tomas Jokestrom.

Zetterberg ran the net and got a penalty for interference, because you can't touch the goaltender. It's in the rules somewhere. Trust us.

The ensuing powerplay was a mess. Gonchar was in the locker room, unable to go.
The Wings killed it, and went on another attack.

Fleury was too strong, and we were going to a 2nd OT.

:::::::::::::::::: SECOND OT :::::::::::::::::::

The fun began in the second OT, as [ Petr Sykora says he is going to score. ]

[John M]


Thanks to [Big Bob From Kiss]

After some jobbing, the Pens find themselves on another powerplay.
Detroit had to run the goalie again, so whatev.
The Wings kill it.

Then it was time to even things up.
Sykora gets a hooking call or something.

The Wings do all they can, but Fleury rises to the occasion.

Sigh of relief again as the game drifted into a third OT.

:::::::::::::::::: THIRD OT :::::::::::::::::::

The Wings came out flying to start the third extra frame.
The continuous revolving door of 5 defensemen was beginning to show.
You see the USS Hal Gill, patrolling the waters every other shift.

You were thinking about a potential 11-OT game.
You were ready to call off work.

With sweat in his eyes and buttcrack, Scuderi misplays a puck.
A groan exits your vocal chords.

And you love Rob Scuderi. You know his plights as a role-playing defensemen in the NHL.
But you wanted him to bleed. And he did.

Four-minute powerplay, and pretty much your whole life on the line.

"We're getting something from the bench area.
The fans are going crazy.
Wait a minute. Good God!"

Willis Reed throws his leg over the boards...and then the other leg.
Petr Sykora jumps onto the top PP unit for the first time since mid-March.

You think about his earlier guarantee.
But at this point, a goal by Lucifer would have been a huge deal.

The Penguins waste no time.
The puck goes to Malkin behind the net.
He gets it out to Sykora:

[ Eric H. ]

[ Pensblog Chatblog, courtesy of Georger ]


[ Jefe ]



[ Mike R. ] -- Ripped in the waning moments.
Brought back to life.

[ Nate B. ]

[ 2675 ]

7171 -- PA Lottery Number.
17 with the goal, assisted by 71.

If you think Malkin's heart isn't in this, look at his reaction on these goals.

We leave it to C-Blog to provide the miscellaneous section that we have no energy to make.

Go Pens


Brando said...

Winner winner chicken dinner!


Wes said...

nice recap. what a game.

KJ said...

glad georger got a shot of us cheering the game winnter. talk about a range of emotions showed last night. its always fun to lose years off your life with other people who are riding the same roller coaster.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

Nothing like having Babe Ruth and Kirk Gibson on the ice for that winner. You wanna talk about a roll of the dice (this time with Gonchar out on the point), that was it.

No matter how this series turns out, I will never doubt the Penguins again.

And Max Talbot proved why he is a superstar (chika-choo, chik chika-choo).

Let's go Pens.


debrisslide said...

I just woke up and I'm loving this.

Flyer Hater said...

Next to the Cup clinching victories and Game 1 of the 92 Finals, I can't think of a better game in Penguins history.

Johnny P. said...

I think Sports Center is going to explode. They have hockey highlights as their first thing in the show and the top three plays on the top ten were Fleury's save, Talbots equalizer and Sykora's game winner.

Seth Rorabaugh said...

Well done boys. Apologies for not sending an anthem pic. Lots of phone troubles there.

Still can't get to sleep.

Matt Gajtka said...

You know Staff put the extra effort into this recap when it comes out at half past seven!

We'll remember this game forever.

8:08 PM.

somechic said...

"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and a good thing never dies!"

Solid cap

dying alive said...

I am still stunned this morning. After Syko's goal last night, I screamed out a stream of happy obscenities and then just sat staring at the TV blankly for like fifteen minutes. It still hasn't hit me yet that they're coming back to Mellon.

smith said...

Darryl Sydor = Babe Ruth


Joke Fedko

slush said...

still too tired to think straight, but happy as hell. once i have some coffee, ill be back.

solid post as always staff!

the boys are coming home.

debrisslide said...

Meaningless statistics: Fleury saved 0.948. Osgood saved 0.875.

Mike Georger said...

man there is no way im making it through work today

Dwayne said...

Anyway, during the game NBC showed a shot of Malkin. However, right next to him, Stewart was wrapping gauze or tape around the hand of Sykora. I couldn't tell for certain, but I am almost positive it was being wrapped around a cast.

I'll look for proof tonight, but it's possible Sykora is injured :O

Dan said...

I love this team...

... I am surprised there was no mention of Franzen thinking he was Chris Simon for a moment and blatantly stomping on MAF right after Zetterberg runs into him.

Regular season and he sits at least a game.

dying alive said...

WAIT! Isn't today the victory parade up in Detroit? I hope the weather holds up for them! I also hope that Wings troll drops by to tell us how much he enjoyed watching the Wings win the Cup in person last night.

Credit to frank for posting this last night. I still can't stop laughing at it:
Pens Kid

strugglingwriter said...

Anyone else want to punch a hole in their television when NBC showed the dude with the white gloves pull out the Stanley Cup at the end of the third period and then cut to the Red Wings Stanley Cup banners? Vomitblog.

I don't know how this story is going to end, but it has been an amazing ride. Every single guy on the Penguins team has more guts than most immortals can dream about.

debrisslide said...

I would love to see a victory parade in Detroit right now. Oh god would I love that.

Raybin said...

Per sooska in the last thread:

Osgood refused to speak to the media after the game.

Yesterday I told one of the Wings trolls that they were a lot like Elroy...talks shit when he's good, disappears when he's bad. After I wrote that, I thought that was probably a stupid thing to say.

Nevermind! Hah. What a baby.

If he hasn't recovered mentally by tomorrow night, we may see Hasek by the second period.

The danger is, of course, after the most emotional win in YEARS, are the Pens too drained to take it another step? We'll see.

I was already depressed, but there was a moment when I hit utter despair and desolation: When the puck trickled to center and Zetterberg grabbed it. In that half-second, I had the vomit inducing vision of him casually skating halfway down and burying it win a flick of the wrist.

I stood up to leave the room. I didn't want to see it.

Then in what will be one of the great forgotten moments in Pens history (given Talbot goal, Syko's goal and Fleury's saves overshadowing everything else) someone--I can't see who with the grainy video and don't remember from last night--comes flying over, cuts Zetterberg off and causes him to lose the puck.


Also: After all the troubles the Pens have had moving through the neutral zone, Marian Hossa carrying that puck from blue line to blue line like he had rockets attached to his skates and allowing Fleury to safely come off was CLUTCH.

So many moments that come back to you on which the game could've turned.

Whitney messing up the breakaway.

The USS Hal Gill scrambling to clear away a puck just sitting in the crease, horribly alone.

Any number of anonymous moments of Sydor's calm, veteran puck management in his own zone.

I rode Whitney's and Sydor's cases unmercifully this year, but when the chips were pushed to the middle and the Pens were all-in....they came up aces.

And somehow, it was appropriate that Talbot and not Geno or Steve or Hossa got the tying goal. MAF's buddy, the guy who psyches him up each game, backs him up on the ice bigtime.

Have I mentioned "unreal"?

Raybin said...

@dying alive

That kid his f'ing hysterical.

The girl is pretty funny too. I haven't seen that expression on a woman's face since I first saw old clips of the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.

Jeff said...

Unbelievable. Whitney is officially out of my dog house forever. 50:46 TOI that's 7 minutes more than any other Pen and 5 minutes more than Lidstrom.
Unreal photoshop by John M

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

I must give a salute to the person in chatblog last night who decided to break out the "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor" speech in the waning moments of the game. I'd already welcomed our new Red Wings overlords by that point.

I missed out on the immediate chatblog celebration, because I believe I had collapsed onto my wife at that point.

Me = still stunned.

hyzdufan said...

DOC: Pierre, what are you sensing on the benches down there?

BALDY: Well Doc, the Red Wings are calm and focused, ready to approach this with precision and determination. The Pens bench is TOTAL CHAOTIC PANIC!

*cut to shot of Pens bench just sitting there*

coffeytalk said...

Never Give Up.

Never Surrender.

Raybin said...


Do you remember Pierre being like "The Wings have very calm, professional demeanors and the Pens are talking a lot to each other."

WTF? Like co-workers don't talk to each other?

Colin said...

That game last night is why hockey is the greatest sport in the world. The hockey was fantastic, I thought both teams were still pretty fresh, I was thinking we would see some sloppy play but the guys (both teams) looked sharp.

I would think of calling Pavel Datsyuk on an illegal stick. There is cleary some sort of insane adhesive on his blade.

Zetterberg is unreal. When I see him on the puck, I want to close my eyes and pray for the best. He is one of the most dynamic players in the league.

Thank Gary the Pens are coming home for a game 6. I think that will help them avoid an emotional let down.

Marc-Andre Fleury, I have a severe man crush on you. Dude, in that pic in the recap on the Samuelson save, his helmet is about to fall off because he is stretching so far. Unreal.

Ryan Whitney was big time last night. Check that, all the d were big time last night.

Go Pens.

Raybin said...


I am ashamed at allowing myself to ignore the advice of The Boss:

We busted out of class had to get away from those fools
We learned more from a three minute record than we ever learned in school
Tonight I hear the neighborhood drummer sound
I can feel my heart begin to pound
You say you're tired and you just want to close your eyes and follow your dreams down

We made a promise we swore we'd always remember
No retreat no surrender
Like soldiers in the winter's night with a vow to defend
No retreat no surrender

strugglingwriter said...

Speaking of the bench, do you all remember at the start of the second or third intermissions when Malkin was sitting between Talbot and some one else (I'm tired) and they kept bumping him back and forth, trying to get him to relax a bit?

Finally, Malkin cracked a big old grin. Just a cool moment.

Raybin said...


Couldn't agree more on Zetterberg. The man is a maniac. He makes it look so f'ing EASY. And it seems like he doesn't even break a sweat...maybe he's a cyborg.

Speaking of cyborgs, I think Fleury's stop on Samuelsson is second only to Nabokov's absurd glove save in the Detroit/San Jose 4OT classic.

If you have never seen this, do yourself a favor and watch it right now

Raybin said...

And how could I forget this:

This save unfortunately got completely overlooked because of Nabokov's inhuman glove, but this is equally ridiculous. It made me jump off the couch when it happened.

Marty Turco ROBS Patrick Marleau

Raybin said...

Oh good god.

Of course I meant "Dallas/San Jose 4OT classic"

If someone would put that game and last night's on a DVD, I would watch it on a continuous loop forever.

Sooska said...

becasue I cannot begin to keep up with posts on tPb I will repost from the earlier cblog:

GOOD MORNING CBLOG! I feel like crap but Oh what a beautiful morning! It's GREAT day for Hockey!

This is what I learned from listening to DVE this morning:

>The champagne for the Wings was being delivered into their locker room when Max scored to tie it.

>Their locker room had already been covered in plastic to protect stuff from the bubbly overflow.

>Packages containing championship tee shirts were being opened in their locker room.

>The Cup was being polished as it was being delivered up the runway for presentation to the Wings.

>Osgood refused to speak to the media after the game. (RAYBIN!! YOU ARE SO RIGHT!)

I will not complain this morning about how I feel physically. I take my cue from Sarge who looked like hell but took the ice last night. courage.
I will not complain today about how I feel at work but will take my cue from Bugsy whose face is smashed. fighting through the pain.


6/03/2008 7:29 AM

dying alive said...

My grandmother is claiming credit for the victory. She just called me and said, "I prayed the rosary through all of the OTs."

Irish Catholics ftw!

Dubs said...

this is the first time this has ever happened to me -

I woke up this morning and asked myself, seriously, did I dream that last night or did that really happen?

goddamn that was best hockey I've ever seen.

where's the trolls today? no pain to feed off of, so they're hiding in their caves ...

Jonathan said...

Worth pointing out, beyond the 7171=7117 thing, that Flower stopped 55 shots, the last right before Willis Reed re-entered the game.


odmE. said...

The people I work with are dumb. I told everyone and their mother that the Pens were gonna win it and everyone pretty much laughed at me.

@ raybin - thanks for posting those videos. i missed a lot of that series so it was nice to see the saves.

and dying alive, your grama rocks.

go pens.

Sooska said...

According to Joe Starkey on DVE- 7Pens had IVs during the OT last night.

Duff said...


PittHockey said...


dying alive said...

This is why I am the official Rob Scuderi cheerleader:

"I was just praying for blood," Scuderi said. "You're skating off the ice and thinking 'God, I hope I'm bleeding."



debrisslide said...

I just made this :)

If anyone wants to, I can take requests.

Colin said...

Honestly, I know that winning in 3OTs is the jam, but I think the fact that Talbot scored when Detroit was only 34 seconds away from winning the cup is the mad note.

DeCeV said...

I wouldn't normally do this, but I'd like to take at least partial credit for this victory. During the first period, we tried to hook up a slightly larger, older TV so we could see better. Turns out the volume down button is constantly depressed on it. You know what would fix that? Scissors. Well anyway on my way to the emergency room i knew that I was bleeding for my team, even know it wouldn't come out black and vegas no matter how hard I concentrated. When I got back it was 2-1 Pens. Number of stitches I got? 7. The same amount of games this series is going to.

Sooska said...

@ decev- wow! I'll bet you sat in the ER worrying about what you were missing.

All I did was reverse my Malkin shirt at the beginning of OT.

Fleury29 said...


Sooska said...

tickets for Game 6 on sale at 10 am today. I think they said 1000 available.
Lottery system at the Igloo if you go in person.

Sooska said...

@ fleury29 - FLEURY!

J.S. said...

Are the wings still planning that parade?

Dan said...

thank god i got to sleep in, and still have no clue what time i have to go to work. nice job, boys. holy shit. i lost 5 years from my life.

DeCeV said...

The game was all I could think about. I brought my phone so my buddy could update me but I accidentally left it in the waiting room with my girl friend. Oh and don't think I won't cut my other fingers for the next two games. Superstitionblog.

sh0ez said...

Jesus. I waited up for this post, hoping it would come up by about 5:30. I fell asleep while waiting.

Amazing recap.

Amazing everything.

John M. with an insane Photoshop.


"19:25" as coined by Doc

17. Guaranteed.

Amazingblog. I woke up a mere 15 minutes ago, thinking it was all a dream. I see and hear all the talk. I realize it wasn't. Wow.

The Penguins' shirt that says "Sacrifice" in 5 different languages truly came to life last night. Last night's game was the definition of sacrifice.


wilsmith said...

fleury's getting $100k for every save he made last night.

lauren_hbg said...

That Guaranteed t-shirt design is money - I'd totally buy one of those.

wilsmith said...

yeah why isn't anyone saying anything about franzen kicking fleury?

Colin said...

@ wilsmith -

I totally agree. Not to mention it was also almost a kick to the throat.

Chelsea said...

wow, staff, balls out post.

i'm still too stunned to even comprehend MAF's performance.



sh0ez said...

@ lauren: Yeah, I like it cause it's simple. Thing is, I don't know how far the Pens go with legal issues considering that the number is exactly as it appear on the jersey.

Eric P. said...

sykora = huge

PO said...

tickets must have sold out in seconds... no dice if trying online

slush said...

no dice for me either. had 5 people trying too. :(

RedWings said...

First, let me apologize for the length of this post. Please don't expect me to be cheery today. I'm extremely disappointed. The Wings blew their one GREAT chance to win the Cup. By one GREAT chance I mean, at home, 3-1 series lead, 3-2 game lead with less than a minute to go. That's a great chance to win a Cup.

Now, they've got to go back to "that building" in front of "those fans" and face a rejuvenated Penguin team with loads of confidence. Sure, the Wings have been a very good road team and I still expect them to win the Cup. BUT, last night was their last GREAT chance.

Wednesday will be much more difficult. Unless they rally around the flag and take the ice with a concerted team "us against the world" mentality, this thing could easily go to Game Seven.

And if it goes to Game Seven, who do you think the pressure will be on? The once down 3-1 Pens or the above mentioned Wings who were 34 seconds from their 11th Cup?

That's what I mean about their last GREAT chance. Now, they've got a couple of good chances, but Pittsburgh's got MOMENTUM. And now Malkin has a point. And that worries the feces out of me.

GREAT chance... how about outshooting Pittsburgh 58 to 32, how about outchancing them, outhitting them, winning more faceoffs, time of possession. The Wings had every opportunity to win this game, and then some.

Game Six in Pittsburgh tomorrow night. Why? Was it because the Wings dominated the third and fourth periods last night, outshooting the Pens 27 to 6? No. Was it because the officiating sucked, and sucked hard? No, this is buttman's NHL. The officiating ALWAYS sucks, ESPECIALLY during the playoffs. The officials had nothing to do with the outcome.

There is one reason, and one reason only why this thing goes back to Mellon. Em-effin' MAF. HE is your THREE stars of the game. That SOB made every stop imaginable and several others that I couldn't imagine. You talk about a series turning, momentum swinging, rip your guts out performance and that was it. He made me sick.

I don't know who the official three stars of the game were. I had to immediately turn off the TV and launch my litany of literal profanity, conjugating every four letter verb, adverb, adjective, you name it, until I felt somehow purged, and in need of confession. But the #1 star had to be Em-effin' MAF.

Funny the way momentum swings. The Wings stared okay, the Pens came on during the last 12 minutes or so of the first. The Wings started taking over and dictating more in the second. The Wings dominated the third and fourth periods, totally. The fifth period, second OT, is when my doubts began to creep in. Pittsburgh became more involved and played at least even, if not a better fifth period. It was during that intermission that I had a feeling this was not going to end the way I wanted. Ten game minutes later, I was fashioning new groupings of cuss words and spraining my thumb while pushing the "off" button so hard on the remote.

Man, I love/hate the playoffs. Congrats Pens and Pen fans. Please don't take this personally, but I hope the feelings are reversed after tomorrow night's game.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Jimmy Hugs said...

I have nothing to say. I'm stunned. STUNNED, I tell you!

PO said...

who was more stunned? that wings fan above or the riot police waiting outside? or maybe the guys who had to rush the cup champs shirts and bubbly out of the locker room... they were all stunned

PO said...

fuck it... im stunned too

Colin said...

Serious question - what are your thoughts on the two OT penalty calls for goalie interference?

I was suprised on the first (although franzen could have got one for kicking). But blown away when they called the second. Two goalie interference calls in OT? Maybe the refs thought Cleary gave an extra push to Fleury? Not sure. I think all fans just want some consistency.

Wednesday is going to be crazy.

Someone has to say it, don't get too high, don't get too low.

If that is possible.

sh0ez said...

@ redwings: I look forward to your comments. Such a pleasure having you here. MAF was inhuman last night. He was the fucking man. 23 years old. The lightest player on the team. Beast.

The three stars were:
1) Fleury
2) Sykora
3) Zetterberg


I found out the exact time remaining (the credited goal time is still 19:25) and made the jumbotron have the exact time. I don't know if I like this or the original better. Thoughts?

19:25 exact time.

Spencemo said...

But like a great porno, a funny thing happened on the way to the burial. = Diet Pepsi out nose

@ coffeytalk
Galaxy Quest refrence = solid

I'm going to need lots of coffee & VitaminWater to refuel for tomorrow night. 3OT? Unreal. What a game!

Hip said...


I feel like I never even slept I am still so effing jacked.

That was a game for the ages.

MAF was just unreal. And all the defensivemen deserve gold stars for sucking it up when down a man. Whit logged like 50 minutes. They basically played a fucking double header last night and were solid throughout.

All this means nothing if we can win Wednesday. But we can. Mellon will be rocking. The momentum is ours. That loss was deflating as fuck for Detroit and they're just a tiny bit older.

I'm glad one of the last things in that post was about Malkin. My heart bled for him all night and when Max scored that goal, he was smiling like a butchers dog. He cares and he's in it. And if there was ever a game for him to break out, it would be Wednesday. Getting those last two assists means his grip is just a little looser, he's got just a little bit more confidence.

Look out Loretta.

And Osgood is so due for a complete and utter meltdown.

The Seeker said...

Wow....just WOW!

There is not a rollercoaster at Kennywood that compares to last night's game....not even close.

2-0 with high spirits and hopes.

Bugsy showing why he's a big deal coming-back after a huge slapper to the face.

Worried about Sarge being hurt and how that would hurt our chances. I still wonder why HCMT bothered calling-up Goligoski if he wasn't going to allow him to play, choosing to go with 5 Dmen?

Dead Wings fans proving their lack of class by NOT applauding when Sarge was able to skate off the ice....you KNOW Pens fans would have under similar circumstances.

Watching the Chicken Wings come back to take the lead....how unfair that was to see the dejection on Tyler Kennedy's face after he's been so stellar thru-out the playoffs knowing his penalty allowed it.

I have to admit that I was really down on Malkin - there were times I felt he was actually hurting the team (I'm a joke).

Talbot can now buy cars are A & L cause...he's a superSTAR chicka-chee.

Wondering why high sticks to the head after a goal didn't result in a PP for the Pens to close regulation.

Franzen deliberately kicking MAF showed his character (and the Ref's blindness).

Psychic Syko completes the fairy tale.

If any Wish Bones want to blame the Refs, remind them that it was a PP goal that gave them the chance to get into OT while the Pens had no PP goals in regulation. No one can dispute the validity of the highstick on Scuds in OT.

Destiny?.... Dangerous stuff to mention but who can not think it now?

homesprout said...

Wow, what a game!! Such a gutsy effort!! 30 seconds left, Max scores and 17,000+ in the Joe are collectively stunned!!

Pens doubled up on shots, but MAF was an absolute beast!!

Malone gets hit by a USS Hal Gill howitzer...Gonch crushes his shoulder into the boards....yet they both return.....

Playing with 5 D most of the game....Whitney with 50+ minutes!!

Thank god Daryl Sydor...oops I mean Pistol Pete Sykora scored the game winner!! :-D


Stilly said...

After some half assed SQL coding, I've had a chance to reflect on what this game means...

Everyone who thought they were too young, just saw a young team become veterans. These are the kinds of games that change careers. Like steel, The Pens have been hardened in the fires of the playoffs and have taken the first step to glory.

These "boys" have become men. Any edge that Detroit may have had in experience, has been absolutely shattered.

These kinds of wins lay the foundation of champions. Prepare youselves for the battle ahead. These next two games will by no means be easy, but there should be NO doubt that we can get it done.

Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'


RedWings said...

@ colin

Since you asked, I thought they both SUCKED. Not just because it was OT in a SCF game, but because both "penalties" were slight, IMO. Bumps, if you will, but not attempts to run MAF. The Franzen involuntary leg convulsion may be interpreted another way. But the two bumps of MAF were not penalties.

That's partly what I meant when I said the officiating sucked hard. Because both of those calls were made from center-fricken' ice. Not by the ref on the goal line, 10 feet from the play. By the center ice, neutral zone ref, nearly 100 feet away with traffic in between his blind arse and the alleged infractions.

If they are going to continue to enforce some no fly zone by the net, then I think the goal line ref has to make the call, not some nose-picking nit-wit at center ice.

Now how's that for a completely unbiased, impassionate opinion?

ripney66 said...

Any word on whether or not tomorrow is a white out?

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

I thought the second goalie interference call was the better one. Cleary clearly ran MAF on that one, but Zetterberg's penalty seemed softer to me. Sykora's hooking call was clearly a makeup call. And unfortunately for the Wings, Scuderi was bleeding, and you can't let that one go. If Hudler doesn't draw blood, I'm willing to bet that no penalty gets called.

Come on boys, hold the fort in Game 6, and it's one last game for all the marbles on Saturday. Let's go Pens.

sh0ez said...

@ redwings: I admit, too, that those calls felt awkward. But when it comes down to it, they didn't matter. A tiny feeling of guilt would have went through me if the Pens scored on either of those PP's, even though I wouldn't have cared. But like I said, the Wings held their own and killed them. Then the obvious high stick. Blood. Even if there wasn't blood. Syko.

Sooska said...

@ red wings- I hear you. been there in a playoff OT loss but i have to say never with the Cup on the line. it makes getting up for work real hard. imagine how those players feel. It still hurts bad in either case, but when you win you aren't tired or sore. the pain is worth it.

now it gets interesting, eh?

I decided yesterday the official Word of this series is Opportunity.

The Seeker said...

@ Hip

You reminded me of what Whit said before the game last night about how the Pens are hoping that with each game that they extend the series, it's their intention to keep hitting them and wearing them down.

Over 7 games, they're getting their old man bodies beat-up pretty good and that's got to be a factor going into games 6 & 7.

There's no doubt the Dead Wings gave it everything they had last night and still lost on their own ice with their own classless crowd.

dying alive said...

I thought that the goalie interference penalties were kind of weak, but they were called by the book. And frankly, after watching Osgood dive all over the ice earlier in the series any time he caught a stiff breeze from someone going by, I find it hard to muster up enough energy to care. And Franzen kicking away at MAF like Pele turned my stomach. If not Zetterberg, he certainly should have been in the box for that. You can't kick in a goal, so what exactly was he doing there?

OK, I don't think there is anyone left who doesn't believe that Malkin is hurt (execpt for the yinzers who want to see everyone fail and just think he's lazy). Someone here at work just told me that they heard he's been wearing one of those compression vests on his ribs underneath his equipment, and they said that if you watch, he has real trouble shooting or passing the puck from a certain side of his body. It's the first I've heard of that, but it makes sense considering his struggles since the hit in that game vs. Philly. Has anyone heard anything similar? And what would that mean, broken ribs or a problem with his intercostals perhaps?

Colin said...

@ redwings -

I think those were two tough calls to make. I think the reason they called the first was that they felt Zetterberg impeded MAFs ability to make the second save. Not sure how I feel about it, but that's my guess. Franzen's kick looked pretty deliberate to me though (that is what I thought the penalty was for).

I am not sure what the Cleary call was for. He was going hard to the net. Maybe he gave an extra push? If he did it wasn't much. I am happy the game wasn't decided on those two calls.

Like I said, I think we can both agree that all we want as fans is consistency on calls.

Raybin said...

To me there's no question that Zetterberg ran over Fleury. Whether he meant to or not, I dunno, but that was interference.

Cleary? Eh. Maybe, maybe not. Judgment call, which is what the refs are for. Though it really all comes out a push, since the Pens didn't win it on either.

Pretty fair summation of the ebb and flow of the game, redwings. I hope the Pens realize it's likely they won't get away with getting outshot that badly again.

Involuntary leg convulsion? Sorry, I love you redwings, but no. Franzen is a beast, but I've also noticed he gets way frustrated. I've seen a few shots he's taken at a Penguin after a goal in this series. Or, in this case, frustration at not being able to solve MAF for the game winner.

I will stick up for the Red Wings fans though and say I truly thought I heard applause when Sarge got up. Could be wrong, but I remember thinking "Good for them, if it were Philly, there would be booing"

Anarion said...

Congrats on an impressive win last night, Pens fans.

That was the best game I've seen in a long time, extremely entertaining, and I'm glad it didn't end on one of those terrible interference calls, and I'm sure you guys are as well.

Fleury was just unbelievable throughout the OT periods, he put the team on his back and deserved the win. Even though I'm not really rooting for you guys, I'm glad you won that one, after the goaltending performance it would've been a sin for him to walk out of there with a loss.

Good luck tomorrow night, should be interesting, to say the least.

Hip said...

@the seeker - yeah you don't need a doctor to tell you that a 22 year old recovers from that game faster than a 32 year old. The older vets might be used to it and know what they need to do to get ready, but the younger kid just has physiology on his side.

And I don't want to put too much into it, but losing that game in that fashion (30 seconds from the fucking Cup) has got to be mentally wretched. Every second they think about what might have been is a second they're not thinking about Wednesday night. And we are.

Zach said...

if anyone is selling a single ticket to Game six, please let me know. i'm looking for one.


Raybin said...

@dying alive

Agreed on Osgood falling all over the place.

I had a sort of grudging admiration for him while watching his performance earlier into the playoffs until the whole Ribeiro fiasco. To see him instigate the whole mess (people seem to forget he butt-ended Ribeiro on the way by) then play the innocent assault victim was vomit inducing.

Jimmy Hugs said...

I can't do any work right now. I can't stop thinking about the game. I may have slept 4 hours max. Just beautiful.

I hope the parade is going well. I heard that one of the high school bands is going to play "Ride of the Valkyries" while the wangs follow on a float. It should be starting any minute.

@Staff - Solid recap. I relived every shift.


Sooska said...

after that win some reporter asked HCMT how that game could market hockey to the US audience. hello. WHAT!??

don't poke the chinchilla said...


Dad's coming home...WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


slush said...


that was retarded, HCMT did not know what to say. where do these people come up with the lame questions?

The Seeker said...

@ Hip

Do you think that if Malone's eyes didn't swell too much by the end of the game last night, there's still a good chance they won't swell too badly by Wednesday?


Sooska said...

@ slush- he kind of sighed to gather this thoughts then jst rambled soethign about the good hockey. yeah marketing. that's why they play. that's why Sarge came back -to market the game. It's as if the reporters try to think up a new angle. Make it relevant. like HCMT got his MBA from Wharton.

Vanessa Day said...

Beer, Pasta, Limes, Salt & Vinegar Chips: $40

Lucky Keychain: $200

Tricked out home theatre to watch every game: $30,000

Watching Petr Sykora become Babe Ruth reincarnated: Priceless


Sooska said...

Chinchilla! welcome back! we have missed you!

slush said...

im so tired. but i cant think about anything else. i just keep refreshing cblog over and over.

PittHockey said...

I'm still stunned.

Patrick said...

I've never seen so many mixed emotions in one night since my last girlfriend was on her period. I went from extremely happy having a 2-0 lead, to calmed back down to reality with a 2-1 lead. I then went to extremely pissed off when the game was tied 2-2, to extrememly depressed with the goal to make it 3-2. But, I dug down deep, and turned that slight depression state into hope.

Hope is the only thing we have left, and hope is always there until we aren't. And so he were, standing, or possibly now sitting after this long event, with our hope in our fists.

After praying to the hockey Gods, it paid off. My sins were supposively forgiven with the help from Talbot. Hopeful turned to energetic and ecastic. I can't describe my feelings about that goal. I never will be able to, I'll just be able to remember it. We all will.

A beer has never tasted so good boys after this victory. It was like taking a sip of the Chicken Wings left over champagne. And it was delicious.

I can't even type about this game cause I'm still in shock. Bring on Game 6.

--it sucks being from Pittsburgh living in Orlando. Nobody down here has ever even heard of hockey.

Stoosh said...


Crikey, I went to bed at 3:30, got up at 6:00 and I'm wide awake. If I'm running on pure adrenaline right now, I couldn't care less. I love this.

Just so many thoughts from last night's game and I still can't wrap my head around them all. I'm speechless. Best game I've ever seen, hands down. Best game I've ever seen.

Is Mellon Arena ever going to be as loud as it will be tomorrow night? Lucky Pierre was talking after Game Three about how loud it was when he coached here during the Cup years, and Game Three was louder than that. Game Six - it might register on the friggin' Richter Scale.

What heart this team has.

Fleury...good God...just no words to describe how good he was last night. I think he made eight, maybe nine saves that could've landed in "Frank Pietrangelo" territory.

Whitney...unbelievable job shouldering the additional minutes after Gonch went down. What a playoff warrior this kid has become in the Finals. Must be taking lessons from Roberts.

Sid...can people finally start to recognize what a great two-way player he really is? How many times last night was he busting his ass on the backcheck to help out the defensemen? And the chemistry he's developed with Hossa is just sick.

Malone...what else can be said? His face explodes after taking a puck to the eye/nose, and he's back out there as soon as the doctors could get him stitched up, taking the same abuse in front of the net. Not once does he look the refs for a call while he's getting sticks driven into his back.

Gonch...The Willis Reed/Kirk Gibson analogies couldn't be more appropriate.

Just no quit whatsoever. Detroit was attacking in waves and waves and waves. I've NEVER seen a team withstand the kind of attack that Detroit brought, especially in the first and third OTs.

This is very much a team - willing to go to battle and fight for each other - and I have to think that helped pull them through this. How else do you explain some of that last night? You just can't.

The Seeker said...

I thought I allowed enough time setting-up my DVD recorder last night, programming it from 7:58 <-> 11:30.


At 11:30 I was frantically finalizing the first disc and trying to load the 2nd ASAP fearing someone would score and end it while the machine took what seemed like eons.

RedWings said...

Good point, raybin. I meant to mention that, too. I also heard applause when 55 got up.

And my point on the two penalties, if you look at the overheads on those two plays, Zetterberg cuts across the crease and clearly angles away with a Pen D-man on his left kinda holding him there. Not pushing him into MAF, just sealing the front of the net. I thought Z went out of his way to avoid as much contact as possible, with his skates cutting across the top of the blue.

Cleary's, from the overhead, showed MAF on the line if not slightly out of the crease on the side of the net. The side that Cleary was crashing. Cleary is told/trained to go to the net, MAF is coming out to cut down the angle. The contact was not severe, IMO. I thought Cleary could probably have done more to avoid the contact, but I also thought MAF sat down kinda easily.

Yes, the Wings killed the penalties, but how much more does that tire them out? Disrupt momentum? Interrupt line combinations? Or simply take four minutes of potential offense off the Wings table.

It doesn't matter, because the Wings still had a dozen, or more, glorious opportunities to win. But MAF got in the way or they simply fired high and wide trying to pick corners.

They still coulda won, shoulda won. But the Pens HADTA win, and did. No denying that.

Oh, and one other thing on the four minutes to Hudler (whose my least favorite Wing anyway). Obviously, the blood is the determining factor. That was an obvious double minor. It also makes my point on the wickedly horrible officiating that is the NHL.

Game three in Pittsburgh, Lidstrom takes lumber to the chicklets and goes to the bench spitting mouthfuls of blood. NO FRIGGIN CALL! That's what we're talking about as far as bad reffing/inconsistency goes.

It was unintentional on Lidstrom, the Pen's stick just rode up Lidstrom's stick. But the player is responsible for his stick, period. Intentional or not.

Hudler's action was not intentional. He was going to lift the stick and missed it, and got all face instead. Unintentional, but he's got to be responsible for his stick. The Lidstrom incident, also unintentional AND deserving of a double minor, which wasn't called.

But you know, if IF's and but's were candy and nuts.....

Spencemo said...


@Vanessa: $30,000 home theater system?! Shock & awe, baby...Shock & awe...

Coffee's done! WOOOO!

norojo said...

what a game, what a night! still a mountain left to climb. a comeback is still impropable and unlikely. fuck it.. I BELIEVE, LET'S GO PENS!

jefe said...

staff this was the greatest post of the day (so far). i choke on air just watching the replays over and over again of MAFs saves. insaneblog.

BlacknGold66 said...

Everthing's already been said...

But I would just like to add that there are certain moments in your life that will never be erased from your memory.

After that heartbreaking loss in Game 4 Jonny V and I were talking about the event you don't talk about if your a Buccos fan. (uh oh, I mentioned another Pittsburgh sports team on here...)

You know what I'm talking about. Sid Bream, etc.

Anyway... last night erased a lot of the heartbreaking losses I've seen in my life.

I'll never forget what I did after Sid Bream scored.

But moreso... I'll never forget the feeling in my stomach, the lack of words spoken between my girlfriend and I in those dying minutes of the 3rd, the reaction I had when I saw the ref pointing at the goal (I barely remember seeing Max bang it home in real time... only replays)...

Jumping up screaming and waking up my roommate and half of Lakewood, OH just screaming "HE SCORED! HE SCORED!"

Then honest to God contemplating for about .00000001 of a second picking up my TV and throwing it into the wall out of excitement.

I was laughing, crying and tackling my girlfriend while saying "He scored. He scored. He scored." like a mental patient for a good minute or so.

I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life.


I love you all.

Let's Go Pens!!!

xuscbausp said...

i said id be in pittsburgh on wednesday for a game six
and we shall be.

AmericanHero269 said...

And from the Ire of Death comes a new life, a new hope for the Penguins.

I was with you guys reflecting on the season as a whole once it was three to two. And it was Maxime Talbot brought out the jaws of life and resurrected a season lost.

Game Six shall be the hour, where it all ends, or begins.

Go Pens.

Ormiss said...

Every time you watch the dying minutes of the third, hoping in vain for the equalizer, long after the announcers have given up on the team, this is what you're dreaming about. This is what makes it all worth it, seeing that wild celebration following the flash of the red light.

Max stands up and says, "The Flower's getting the W tonight."

I'm so glad my jersey says 25, TALBOT.

Vanessa Day said...

@spencemo... Yeah, my husband is crazy with the tv. You wouldn't believe what a game in HD on a 70" screen 8 feet away from your face is like, though.


ALL Cbloggers are invited for game 6 if you can't make Mellon or The Lawn.


The Seeker said...

@ redwings

"I meant to mention that, too. I also heard applause when 55 got up."

Ummmmmm......I dunno???

I made a point of listening for boos or cheers and mentioned it to my Daughter who's got better hearing than I do.

IF there were cheers at all, then they were a tiny portion of the home crowd when you shouldn't have to strain so hard to hear them.

"Obviously, the blood is the determining factor. That was an obvious double minor. It also makes my point on the wickedly horrible officiating that is the NHL."

How does that obviously valid call make a point about horrible officiating? You lost me on that one!

Sooska said...

@ seeker- I am not in the Burgh so before i left I set my my DVD to record NBC until 11:00 PM & then switch to FSN to capture ther post game. God knows what was on FSN from 11 -12. I dont have a DVD recorder here but I do have an old VCR so I taped the OT here. I have a call into a friend to go to my house and put a blank DVD into the recorder for tomorrow.

Sooska said...

@ormiss- how are your legs today after standing for so long?

Sooska said...

@BNG- I mentioned that ignominious play yesterday in regard to some idiot saying Geno=Barry Bonds. not in any lifetime.

jefe said...

i DVR all pens games for a min of 6 hours. cause like last night, ya just never know.

oh ya i bought a new pens hat last night. and it won for us. your welcome.

Ormiss said...

@ soska

*lol* I had about a half hour walk to meet up with my ride today, and I had these weird needle-like pains in my left leg, which seemed to be exacerbated by the keys jostling in my pocket... No joke, I had to take my keys out of my pocket and instead put them in my Penguins backpack from 1994. Exhaustion.

I'm not complaining, though. I've gotta do whatever it takes to stand up for Malone and the other guys after what they did tonight. :)

Ormiss said...

@ redwings
It's huge for me at this point to see a classy fan rooting for the other team. Thanks for that.

Sooska said...

@ormiss- take care of those legs. you will need them again tomorrow!

heard part of an interview with Sarge - he said at first he thought something was broken on his body.

RedWings said...

@ the seeker:

"How does that obviously valid call make a point about horrible officiating? You lost me on that one!"

The obviously valid call last night was equally as obvious as the no call in Game Three when Lidstrom was cut. That is my point on the horrible officiating that is the NHL. It is consistently inconsistent. That's all.

RedWings said...

@ ormiss

Thanks, ormiss. I wouldn't be here if you guys weren't the same.

Matt Gajtka said...


Not sure who asked about the mystery Pens player who cut off Zetterberg at center ice with about a minute left and the net empty.

I just watched my tape from last night and it was Darryl Sydor who made that play and freed the puck up for the last rush down the ice.

So many plays like that get forgotten in instant classics like last night's game.

The Seeker said...

@ redwings

I guess I kind of grasp what you were trying to say about the officiating/high-sticks.

But....whether or not it's intentional or not is a moot point on two levels....

1) as you said, it's still a penalty as you are responsible for your stick

2) 99.99% of all high-sticks are unintentional. IF an official thinks it was intentional, then that's actually intent to injure and would be a game misconduct.

The real key is if they happen to see the high-stick. All teams have infractions happen to them that they wish had been called but weren't seen. You just can't get around that part of it. Even if there's blood, the Ref has to have seen how that guy was hurt in order to call it.

RedWings said...

See you guys after lunch.

xuscbausp said...

i have so much to do before leaving NJ for the week and im gettin nothin done. every time i sit in front of this computer i just watch highlights.


Joose said...


You're welcome for your present. I don't lie.

Pensgirl said...

What a fucking morning for my office internet to not work for two hours. It can't handle all the Pens domination on the sites I want to visit.

I heard applause when Sarge was going to the bench. It wasn't loud and dominant, but it was there.

I thought the Zetterberg call was a good one. I can't really describe this very well for people, but the best I can do is to say I "feel" what happens in games, and I really felt the intent there. He ran Fleur.

Along the same lines of feeling the game, I felt very calm practically the whole night. The Pens had the right attitude for most of the game, even when the Wings were getting good pressure. They only lost it for the early part of the 3rd, and the Wings once again capitalized on their scrambling. And I started thinking maybe we couldn't get it back. But once Max scored, I had no doubt we were getting the OT goal. I wasn't knocking on wood, wasn't hedging my words, I just knew that the game would be ours. And when Syko called the goal (after several shifts where he was going all-out to get it), I had visions of the players betting each other on the bench and that made me all the more certain.

It's just one step, but what a step it was. Neil Armstrong = stunned.

Redwings, you are truly a hockey fan. It's too bad your loyalties prevent you from being able to enjoy Fleur's performance, but thank you for appreciating it. There is a difference.

Dying Alive, I've thought since the ECF that Geno has something wrong with his ribs. He went from being fine to being ginger in some situations, kind of hunching to one side, and getting very easily winded practically overnight, and those things put together said "rib injury" to me. If we find out they were in any way broken, then I think once he heals he should be allowed to take slap shots at everybody who called him a weak playoff performer.

From 15 feet.

RedWings said...

@ the seeker

I agree with you 100%. My point of contention on the Game Three no call is that Lidstrom had the puck in front of his own net and was making a pass. So I question how four people wearing stripes are not watching the puck handler in front of his own net.

Not to mention with the "star power" of Lidstrom we selfishly expect him to get preferential treatment (wink-wink).

Raybin said...

@matt gajtka

That was me who asked

Sydor. Holy crap. As if he hasn't been clutch enough since he came back. That is the play of a man who has hoisted the Cup and wants to do it again.

And to think I ran him down UNMERCIFULLY during the season.

Forgive me, Darryl. I am not worthy.

xuscbausp said...

breaking news: pistons fired their head coach.


Colin said...

@ joose -

What a great present it was. I suppose I can say thank you, but that doesn't even do it justice.


Raybin said...

breaking news: pistons fired their head coach.


Keep your head down, Leyland!

xuscbausp said...

im just now getting to moving around my apartment. there is stuff everywhere hahaha. i must have fallen in every room after i left cblog to celebrate.

the wife is uhhhhp-set

Ormiss said...

@ sooska
Thanks! I'm tucking in early tonight to fuel up for wednesday.

If nothing else, last night was the Pens proving that they deserve to be in the finals. They simply refused to go down in history as yet another 4-1 series, "no big deal."

@ redwings
All things considered, facing the Red Wings has been like night and day for me. The memories I take away from the Rangers and Flyers series are the coaches complaining about Sidney Crosby diving. When I was in Madison Square Garden for game 4, wearing my Winter Classic Sidney Crosby jersey, the loudest calls were "CROSBY SUCKS." I've never heard an arena so loud. It's like no one but Crosby existed.

Then we come to Detroit, and suddenly all I hear is "OZZIE." It's like a wakeup call: wow, they have a team too? They're focusing on their OWN players?

That's why the Rangers and Flyers are golfing right now, and the Detroit Red Wings are one win away from clinching the Stanley Cup.

I don't know about you guys, but in my eyes, Mike Babcock's got huge class. One of the memories that'll always stick with me about this series is when they interviewed him in the second half of game 1, still a scoreless affair, and he simply said he's enjoying the heck out of the game.

That's confidence.

Joose said...

I still can't get over the gnat fart. Shit, that was funny.

Vanessa Day said...

Old man wings fan just came into my shop with his wife. Some friendly jobbing occurred when he started talking about his beloved Joe Louis Arena.

I just thought it was funny because he said his 6 year old grandson was at the game "hassling the Penguins fans".

Nice. Start the homer mentoring early, I suppose.

Also: I have to agree that the refereeing has not been up to par this series. I just don't know what they're thinking. Just seems kind of funny to me, whether it's us getting the calls or the other way around... something is off.


Joose said...

Who's going to park it in front of the big screen tomorrow?

xuscbausp said...

im ditching the future sister-in-laws graduation to be in front of the big screen tomorrow.

wife uhhhhp-set part II haha.

i should be in Pittsburgh around 5 and ill be meeting some people there. id love to meet anybody who'd care to hang out and watch us win

Raybin said...

I don't know about you guys, but in my eyes, Mike Babcock's got huge class

I'm ambivalent about Babcock, but he gets big, big ups from me for telling his players to shut up about the officiating and play hockey.


He looks like Dr. Chilton from Silence of the Lambs. I tried to come up with a good photoshop, but no dice. Something with Orpik as Lecter, I dunno.

yermammy3 said...

ok fags. nice game but you have to win 2 more.


xuscbausp said...

reading the recap for the third time now. never gets old

slush said...

id love to do big screen. but with 3 kids ages 5 and under, dunno. thats asking a lot of them during their normal bed time... we shall see.

Whistler said...

I want to post something, but the words escape me.

My poor four year old had to endure me holding her the entire game. She was out during the 3rd period and I sat there clutching a sweaty faced child.

Thank god she's potty trained.


Carroll said...

@ dying alive - glad to hear your grandma made it through the OT's last night. After your comment last night during the game, you had me worried.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

Man, it was so nice here, and then the retard troll shows up.

Way to piss all over your fellow Wings fans, dipshit.

Sakic19 said...

Don't know what else to say...

Babcock looks just like that dude that Free Candy ate...

@Red Wings
I could be wrong but didn't Lidstrom high stick himself...doesn't HE have to control his OWN stick

The refs were horrible...always have been...always will be...this still seems like the late nineties as far as interference goes, but what the hell can we do...the game is just too fast for the "officials"

Is it me or should Olcyck and Maguire not be allowed to call games where there is a team participating which fired them? I have never seen a more biased group of announcers in my life...just call the game and shut the fuck up...I have never seen a man slober over octopus cock like Pierre Maguire


Thank you...and go fuck yourself

Fuck Emo kid
Fuck Dan Cleary's father
Fuck Kris Draper's broken face

aunt penny said...


71 to 17.

Daily number.

Always box it.



aunt penny said...

yermammy3 ... and the wings have to blow.

2 more.

Sakic19 said...

Oh yeah...

E.J. Hradek is the biggest joke I have ever seen...he's a Rangers homer so he shockingly hates the Pens...watch him on NHL live...he makes you want to puke

nightmarefox87 said...

still red wings' cup to lose. dallas won game 5 at detroit too.

Dwayne said...


I have to agree with everyone else, you're a breath of fresh air when it comes to talking about a game with an opposing team's fan. You don't rub it in when you win, you don't trash talk, and you're willing to discuss the good and the bad of each team without trying to put anyone down or make anyone feel superior. People respond to that and respect that, and it's a very, very good thing.

In any event, it doesn't matter what Zetterberg's intent was in terms of running into the goaltender. He hit him and knocked him down. It's pretty clear cut. It's alot like a high stick. You have to be control of your stick at all times, and you have to be control ofw here you're skating. Just like when your stick rides high and catches someone in the face, sometimes you run into a goalie when you come too close. You're really in a damned if you do, damned if you don't sort of situation. If Zetterberg were *really* worried about running into the goalie, all he'd need to do is run into the defenseman even more and either a: miss Fleury or b: look like he got pushed in. Instead, he just skated into him. Yeah, he didn't go straight in, attempting a strafing maneuver of sorts, but he also didn't go out of his way to make sure the goalie stayed up OR make sure he got pushed into the goalie. That's really your only option.

After all, it's not the goalie's problem if you don't have enough room to miss him. You knew the risks when you went in, and sometimes you get burnt.

After all, it happened earlier in the series against Osgood. It's one of those "live by the sword and die by the sword" sorts of things. Either none of them were interference or they all were. I'm of the camp that they all were. There are only 3 types of infractions I want called every time, in every situation, no matter what: High Sticking, Boarding (or some other intent to injure play), and Goalie Interference. The goalie is an untouchable 98% of the time. It's a simple concept. It's not like we came up with this out of nowhere. The only time you can hit the goalie is when you get rammed into him. That's the way it worked *for* Osgood, and that's the way it works *for* Fleury.

This works in reverse, too. If the Pens genuinely run into Osgood, that's a penalty. Even if he theoretically could have stayed up, but didn't. He doesn't have to fight to stay on his feet. That's not his job. There are 5 other players on the ice who have to worry about fighting for those pucks. Goalies only have to stop pucks from entering their net. They're a completely different sort of player, and that's why they're treated so differently.

snickerdoodles said...

I can't keep my mind on work this morning. I can't even begin to imagine what the Wings are feeling, being 30 seconds away from winning the Cup. But I don't feel too bad for them cause I want the Pens to WIN!!!!!!

Man, these Cup finals are bringing out my inner Ric Flair.

Go PENS!!!!!

Now I gotta try to get some work done.

IceCold... said...

a million billion things i could say...but i think this might sum it up.

its been a LONG time since i felt like i was in love, or had good sex for that matter...but from what i remember i think being in love feels like this, God i sure hope it does.

good sex = champagne and Lord Stanley ??


JYo said...

@sh0ez: I like the official time on your shirt. Also, you could change the arena name to "The Joke Arena" if you want to make it more of a jobbing shirt.

I still wonder why HCMT bothered calling-up Goligoski if he wasn't going to allow him to play, choosing to go with 5 Dmen?

They didn't go with 5 d-men, they had 6. Sarge got hurt, making it 5 for most of OT. Goligoski was around as the 7th d-man in case something happened that one of the top 6 couldn't go and LeGame wasn't around to step in. You can't just throw him in as the 6th d-man in the middle of the game.

Lady Jaye said...

I am impressed that Gregor even got a screen capture of chatblog with how fast it was scrolling up the screen. And *tear* I'm on there twice writing gibberish because that's all i could do when we scored. I'd like to thank all my fellow chatbloggers for this honor. Haha. Seriously... chatblog is awesome. I highly recommend it to anybody who hasn't been there before.

Question > Did PittHockey ever come out of the bathroom or does he have to stay there until the end of next game?

@debrisslide > I like your X-Men tshirt :)

@coffeytalk > Your galaxy quest reference speaks to the nerd in me. I love that movie.

And whew, I finally caught up on cblog.

I am still stunned and speechless and wow

Robert said...

Why does Tiger Woods have to take a cheap shot at the NHL? I've lost a lost of respect for him now.


Dan said...

redwings - tough break man. good for us though.

there are two penalties that must be called in o.t. goalie interference, and high sticking. all the calls were correct. however, the officiating has been pretty biased for the wings i.m.o., to the point that it's now worse than it was in the philly series, where it was all around the worst officiating i have ever seen in a series. assman needs thrown out of office and bring someone in that will bring some stability.

the longer this series goes on, the more franzen becomes a goon in my eyes. if the nhl saw it, they won't do anything about it at this point. you could make an argument for suspension, there are precedents that do so.

yermammy3 said...

sorry to rain on your gay blog but the Wings will still win this...
in your shitty city. Shittsburgh.

the mist from 3 mile island must be raining down on you lower middle class homos.

now go drink a beer, beat your wives/boyfriends and


by the way, if you want to see class, see what some of your fellow shittsburgh subhuman citymates have been posting on parade guy's blog.

say what you will, but you lunkheads from shittsburgh are calling the kettle black.

No go lose game 6 to a better team, ok?

Robert said...

link didnt work but here is the jist

"Woods was asked whether he was rooting for Detroit or Pittsburgh.

Woods started to laugh, then landed a zinger.

"I don't really care. Let's talk about the Dodgers," the California native said. "I don't think anybody really watches hockey any more."

dying alive said...

@ carroll - Thanks! I was going to call her this morning and check on her and she called me first. I knew it was her as soon as I picked up and the "Let's go Pens!" chant started. lolz.

Dr. Turkleton said...

borrowing this from the NHL Live! that's on right now....

It ain't no Party like a Detroit Party!

-Kid Rock

It ain't no Party!

-Pittsburgh Penguins 2007-08

his lyrics are pure genius...if he's not the President of the Dumbing Down of America Club...he HAS to have a cabinet position.

doesn't 'ain't no' translate into IS?....a guess if you're Kid Rock, double negatives don't apply to you....yeah, boooooyyyyyy!!!!

Dr. Turkleton said...



wilsmith said...

I would hold off on any 19:25 shirts until the series is over.

Seems like planning a parade to me.

Mike Georger said...

and i took a half day
my boss immediately was like 'you look like shit!'

bedtime, wooooo

Sakic19 said...


I really feel bad for parade guy...what a classy man...raving about parades and lawsuits...

by the way...isn't today the red-wings stanley cup parade...oh...wait....

Sooska said...

LOL somebody needs to repeat 4th grade US geography. or even just watch the weather channel. that might require an attention span however. LOL

Joose said...

Who's Tiger Woods?

Dr. Turkleton said...

@dan said:

I am surprised there was no mention of Franzen thinking he was Chris Simon for a moment and blatantly stomping on MAF right after Zetterberg runs into him.

Emrick & Edzo mentioned it on one of the replays OR. did you mean tPB mentioning it???

It reminded me of Dennis Rodmans foot meeting cameramans twig & berries area....

Dan said...

yermammy - congrats on attempting to convert 30 west virginia jokes into pittsburgh ones, it didn't work. go drown under your bridge.

Pensgirl said...

Looking at the CBS photo collection. Found one of Max's goal, taken by a Getty photog.

Caption: Maxime Talbot #25 of the Pittsburgh Pirates scores a goal over goaltender Chris Osgood #30 of the Detroit Red Wings...


Stilly said...

@lady jaye

I think he might still be in there. I think his laptop battery may have run out before we told him that he could come out.

His ass better be securely planted on the throne tomorrow night.. lol

Sakic19 said...


Your mom should have swallowed you

Dr. Turkleton said...


I was mostly on A2Y last night...but, I'd flash over to cblog during commercials...

did I see from sooska

I'm a #1 ??????? [implying that your the #1 of the 3 types of Pens fans tPB mentioned]


shame on your for 6 weeks!

[Hossa: ketchupblog is killer]

coffeytalk said...

fags, shitsburgh, homers...

7th grade language doesn't win a stanley cup.

Ormiss said...

@ joose
No idea. Some soccer player?

Stilly said...


Yeah Yermammy definitely needs to pick up an Atlas. Last time I checked TMI was in the middle of the Susquehanna in Harrisburg four hours away from Pittsburgh.

Of course maybe yermammy is still feeling the effects of Chernobyl.

yermammy = asshat

Pensgirl said...

Turk, you must have misread. No way Sooska meant that.

Dan said...

list of things i now hate because of the playoffs:
1. dockers
2. edge shave gel
3. the new coldplay song
4. versucks, well i've always hated them, but even more now.
5. dockers

coffeytalk said...

Tiger Woods is a joke.

Who watches golf?

I'd rather take a nap in shark infested waters than allow myself to witness a "game" of golf.

Poker is more of a sport than golf is.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

And since the prevailing winds in the Northern Hemisphere blow west to east, fallout from Three Mile Island would fall on Philadelphia and New Jersey, not Pittsburgh.

Pensgirl said...

Following up Turk...Sooska got the first post of the gameday cblog, and the 201st, and I believe also the 401st. I think she said something about accidentally achieving that.

jefe said...

Fans at the arena article

"Die hard penguins fans... We missed the tying goal," Mr. Lennon said. "It was the longest game I ever saw, but it was well worth it. For them to come back this far it shows you can't give up on them because they don't give up."

umm, it seems like you guys gave up and were leaving EARLY. wtf. sorry but the bugs the shit outta me when people leave early from events like this.

Stilly said...


Something that doubles as a business networking oppritunity should never be classified as a sport.

If middle age business men play for fun.. it's not a real sport.

Pensgirl said...

Real Nathan, it also bears mention that, given what you noted, any nasty shit raining down on Pittsburgh would be coming from the direction of Detroit.

Stilly said...

You know what else goes from west to east?

Automobile manufacturing jobs.

Detroit = Stunned

paul said...

"E.J. Hradek is the biggest joke I have ever seen...he's a Rangers homer so he shockingly hates the Pens...watch him on NHL live...he makes you want to puke"

I'm a Ranger fan...

Hate to break it to ya...but E.J. is an Islander fan. Don LaGreca is a Devils fan.

Pens will lose at The Igloo.

Go Wings!!!

JYo said...

I'd rather take a nap in shark infested waters than allow myself to witness a "game" of golf.

Poker is more of a sport than golf is.

I'd rather watch curling than either one. I'm not Canadian and I am serious!

Joose said...

Ormiss, I hear Woods does like when balls come into contact with his forehead.

JYo said...

Just when golf comes up, in comes the Rags fan. Coincidence? I doubt it.

xuscbausp said...

trolls that root for teams other than the wings are even


hows the course treatin ya?

Jon said...

Game 6 at Mellon is gonna be electric!!

Ormiss said...

@ joose

Pensgirl said...

Jyo, I freakin' love curling. You ever seen Men With Brooms? I own it!

The Canadians had an absolutely unreal shot in the last winter Olympics. Talk about miracles.

There's some curling club around Laurel, MD and I've been trying to get down for classes.

Stilly said...


and his chin...

coffeytalk said...


or how 'bout bull riding? now there's a sport. too bad i don't know of any channels that will air that kind of thing...

Stoosh said...

@ Sakic19 -

Holy shit, that was funny!

RaCHeLeYoS said...

effin right i sent in that stunned picture at the top to the staff from yahoo images.


The Seeker said...

The name 'yermamy3' must mean there's a yermammy 1 and 2....who'd have thunk anyone could botch 3 abortions, let alone 1?

If you're a product of any Detroit area educational system, please petition them to give you your money back....they obviously didn't teach geography there. Three Mile Island is only about 5 hours East from America's Most Livable City and the #2 Most Beautiful Place in America. It's about the same distance from Pittsburgh as Detoilet is, and we certainly don't seem to get any stench downwind from that cesspool either.

Detoilet that you live in happens to rank as America's #1 Most Miserable City.

Imagine living in a city with the country's highest rate for violent crime and the second-highest unemployment rate. As an added kicker you need more Superfund dollars allocated to your city to clean up contaminated toxic waste sites than just about any other metro.

Unfortunately, this nightmare is a reality for the residents of Detroit. The Motor City grabs the top spot on Forbes' inaugural list of America's Most Miserable Cities."


PS: We'll take your prediction about Wednesday night with about the same amount of confidence as your record of predicting last night's game. Dumbed-Down Translation to Detoiletese = ZERO

Joose said...

Stilly, that's a given.

Sooska said...

NO dr turk. I was commenting on some joke so-called Pens fan who posted right before me who made some stupid crack. I was saying there is a No. 1 type fan in the cblog house. Certainly I am NOT a Type 1. tsk tsk. I forgive you. this time.

@pensgirl- I indeed got the first game day cblog post and 201 and 401 last night and commented on same, asking if I got a prize then backtracked saying my reward would be a win. me=stunned.

Stilly said...

I'm pretty sure that the woman in the picture eye humping Max is Osgoods wife. I'm being told that she slept with Max after the game becuase he's a beast.

Stilly said...


Best. Burn. Ever.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

stilly - lol. how about the one covering her eyes?


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