Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mellon Arena's Last Stand

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No matter what happens, Game 5 will always be special.

But as attention turns to Game 6, it has to be said:
The last thing anyone needs to see is the Red Wings winning the Stanley Cup on the Mellon Arena ice.

Tonight is what you dream about.
Even if you aren't at the Mellon, you will be, in spirit.

In a building that has given us everything this season, we need one more.
One more friendly bounce from the old lady.

We heard Tom Barrasso in the 1992 Capitals series talk about how the Pens had a mental advantage over the Caps because the Caps felt the series was over, while the Pens knew they had to go the distance. The Caps didn't even want to be playing Games 6 and 7.

Interestingly enough, we can draw a parallel to this series.

1:00 left, you're a Red Wing, and you're standing there on the bench,
thinking about the upcoming Cup celebration, thinking about the season being over.


The Red Wings had already won the Cup with 1:00 to go in the third period.
Yeah, the Wings got focused and played admirably in overtime, but they didn't win.

They've been indestructible at home.
The Red Wings team that was up 3-2 in the third would have put home a game-winner.

But it was the post-Talbot Red Wings playing in those OT's.
And now it's the post-Sykora Red Wings playing the rest of this series.

We've heard all series about the Red Wings' experience.
They are gonna have to muster every ounce of that in order to get out of Pittsburgh with the Cup.
They want nothing -- absolutely nothing -- to do with a Game 7.

And while the Penguins themselves are taking it one shift at a time,
we fans have been thinking about Game 7 since the Pens were written off after Game 4.

That's the most we've ever typed without leaning on a picture.

God Help Us All.


We're worried about Game 6.
It's do or die.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Tell that to Pensblogite Matty Welch, LTJG U.S. NAVY
17,500 feet above the Pacific Ocean

He was shipped to El Salvador after seeing the Pens eliminate the Flyers.
He has worked long and hard down there, fighting off NBA fans for the Pens' satellite feed.

[ Josh Mc ]



If you're heading down to the outdoor screen tonight,
have a backup plan in place.

The weather, in regards to lightning, looks to be the diciest it's been all post-season.

Any threat of unreal lightning will force the Pens
to shut the screen down and evacuate the area.


[ TSN ] [ ] [ ESPN ] [ Yahoo ]
[ PG ] [ Trib ] [ ]
[ Kukla's Korner ]

:: The Cup Keeper. Solid read. [ Maxim ]

Game 5 Reactions:

:: [ Yinz Luv 'Da Guins ]
:: [ Atom Bomb Bikini ]
:: [ Tranquility Lost ]

And if you can't get enough Pens stuff, the sidebar on the left is all business.


[pit.<span class=

[ Dennis Mc ]

:: Gonch and Malone are ready to roll. [ PG ]

:: The Iceman Cometh to Mellon Arenaeth. [ PG ]

:: Puck Daddy tackled the biggest controversy surrounding Game 5.
What kind of pizza Petr Sykora ate. [ Puck Daddy ]

:: Speaking of Sykie performing his best Babe Ruth act,
it was whatev. [ PG ]

:: Bing is a big deal. [ Mirtle ]


[<span class=

[ A2Y ] = Stunned

Instead of peeing on each other on Tuesday, people in Detroit cried.
It was embarrassing. And great.

[ Allison O. ]

:: Game 5 shouldn't have been decided on a power play. [ Some clown at Detroit Free Press ]
"A harmless high stick to the face? Play on!"
We told his wife the same thing. Twice.

[ Michael R. ] with the pic.

:: Mike Babcock whines. [ TSN ]
"I'm going to try what the other guy (Therrien) has been trying all series."

Apparently, giving up the game-tying goal with 34 seconds left is the ref's fault.

But ohh, man.
There was an even bigger baby that surfaced after Game 5:

:: Chris Osgood shunned reporters following the loss. [ Freep ]
Rumor has it he was trying to grow some balls.

Scott Burnside decided not to write a column about Osgood avoiding the press.
Mayor of Joke City.


But a C-Blogger got to the bottom of Osgood.

that's what i like to hear

[ J.S. ]


Broadcaster Mike Emrick threw out the first pitch at the Pirate game Tuesday.
No word yet on whether or not he knifed it to center with a forearm shiver.

While we're talking about Emrick,
the notion of NBC's broadcast being biased must be addressed.

Emrick and Edzo both have heavy ties to Pittsburgh.
If they're overcompensating a little to have that not show through, that's understandable.
Then again, they're professionals.

:: Regardless, it wouldn't have mattered if Pontius Pilate and Michael Jackson were in the broadcast booth for Game 5.
The TV ratings were no joke. [ Canadian Press ]


Speaking of jokes....

Tiger Woods hates hockey. [ CBC ]

Woods, the world's No. 1 golfer, told reporters Monday that he had no preference when it comes to who captures the Stanley Cup, the Detroit Red Wings or Pittsburgh Penguins.

"I don't really care," he said. "Let's talk about the Dodgers.
"I don't think anybody really watches hockey any more."

Guess you have time to answer questions when you aren't winning majors.
What a dick.

Picture: A young Tiger Woods gets molested with a hockey stick on the Mike Douglas Show.

Maybe he should stop hating the United States of America
and actually show up during the Ryder Cup.


Two men skated at the Pens optional skate on Tuesday.
LeGame and Gary Roberts.


We'll say it till we die.
Any recognition that comes our way regarding WWGRD, we deflect it to everyone here.

Without the photoshops, $4 money orders, and PayPal account registrations,
WWGRD becomes a reason our girlfriends break up with us.

So, it's only fair for all of us to revel in this article from [ The London Free Press ].
We edited it here to take out some jib-jab.

Gary Roberts will tell you he is a little embarrassed by all the attention. But just a little. By the signs, the bracelets, the songs, the videos. All of it for him and about him. Some might call him a cult hero in Pittsburgh, but that would suggest he has a limited following. Folk hero may be the more accurate tab.

A few years ago, a Christian organization in the United States began a religious campaign with the slogan: "What would Jesus do?" Or the initials: WWJD. The campaign was quite successful.

The hockey fans of Pittsburgh have seen Roberts for just parts of two seasons, but picked up on it, and altered the slogan to a different kind of religious appeal, asking the question: What would Gary Roberts do?

Or around here, that's known on signs and placards and advertising boards as simply:

You see that inside and outside the Mellon Arena.
That acronym may not seem like much to most of us but it has meaning here for those who believe in the Penguins and those who worship a 42-year-old veteran of all kinds of hockey wars. It is all harmless hyperbole about a player who last night played just his 48th game out of 98 Penguins games this season.

There is nothing like this for Evgeni Malkin, nothing like this for Marc-Andre Fleury. Nothing like this for any of the Penguins not named Sidney, but from the moment Roberts got here a year ago at the trade deadline, something happened.

"Kind of crazy, really," Roberts said. "The fans have been really good to me here. I haven't played tons of hockey so I'm just out there to bring some energy and create some scoring chances."

"The fans are nothing like I've ever seen before. It's flattering and a little embarrassing, because I haven't played a lot and haven't been a big part of what's gone on this year. I get a few jabs from my teammates because of it, but it's all in fun."

[ Sam Liberto ]

A regular sign at the Mellon Arena: Gary Roberts for President.
"President of what?" Roberts said, half joking.

The other 40-year-olds in the series, Chris Chelios and Dominik Hasek of the Red Wings, either are not dressing or are not playing. Roberts still has a role to play and a punch line for radio hosts to ask: WWGRD?


Okay, we're done touching ourselves.
A bunch of people sent in this episode of "Knob Hockey."

:: Check out the one about [ Jarkko Ruutu, tu ]


:: Lincoln, Nebraska, is all about the Pens. [ Journal Star ]
-- You'd be surprised how many Pens fans e-mailed that in. --

:: Sid's playoff beard. [ Going Five Hole ]
:: [ Broken Nose Fight Site ]

:: Yinz Luv 'Da Guins were also in the JLA.


The BeeGees arrived by plane on Tuesday and took in some sights.

We connected some dots on Tuesday.

A Game 6 victory sets the stage for Game 7 on Saturday.
You could say there would be a fever pitch.

Don't even think about requesting the Bay City Rollers.


Go Pens


Pensblog Staff said...

20 minutes without a comment.
What is this, August?

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

No, just resting up before tonight's storm.

No place like home for the Pens, let's send this back to Detroit.

USS Gill.

onesizedrummer said...

i failed in game 5, went to sleep in disgust, i must beg for simpanthy.

But my friends if i have to sleep for games 6 and 7 for us to win, I am ready for that challange, just wake me up when Sid touches our cup.


Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

The things you do at 4:30 AM when you can't sleep. I registered an account at the Free Press just to call that guy a moron in the comments section.

I am such a loser.


onesizedrummer said...

francois leroux


Augie Zybynski -Editor said...

dang, don't you people ever sleep?
wait...note to self.
you are not alone'

*blog content 5 stars

sh0ez said...

I think people are still recovering from last night. I know I am. That, and I was busy Hossa'ing out My Space and such out of boredom.

Great post. The final clip is clutch.


xuscbausp said...

the wife and i are awake and on our way to PA.
Gary be with you. Gary be wish us all tonight.


J.S. said...


before anybody asks, I don't know why Horatio Caine* is putting on a pair of sunglasses on top of another pair. Is this a CSI joke that I'm missing out on?


* - I'll admit it, I had to google David Caruso's character name since I'm not a fan of the show. Maybe a fan of the corny one liner intros, but that's it.

Jimmy Hugs said...

Jarkko Ruutu Knob Hockey is too funny.
Favorite line "Let's see what the little shit did in the third..."

WWJRD? Sleep with your sister and pee on you.

Party of Ruutu said...

This has to be the most ridiculous bunch of comments that Elroy could make:

Goalie Chris Osgood even said he doesn't mind a little contact and noted that it's usually permitted during the regular season. He couldn't believe it was penalized in overtime during the Stanley Cup final.

"I don't think it's a penalty, especially at that particular time of the game," said Osgood. "It seems to me like there's such a grey area for that rule right now that it needs to be addressed."

Really now?

sven butenschon said...

anyone job the wings hotel last night?
I am leaving in about 3 hours
Anyone up for tailgateblog?

aunt penny said...

Salute to Matty Welch.

Sending Scuds missiles to the 'Burgh.

Awesome post. Supersized. More meat, less filler, extra fries and a Big Gulp.

Penalty Pensblog---too much man.

It's such a Great Day for Hockey.


J.S. said...

The hockey fans of Pittsburgh have seen Roberts for just parts of two seasons, but picked up on it, and altered the slogan to a different kind of religious appeal, asking the question: What would Gary Roberts do?

I'm not sure if it was religious appeal or not, but the original comment was that some people wear WWJD wristbands and that Jesus wore a WWGRD wristband.

I'm guessing that wouldn't have went over too well in the London Free Press.

SK said...

Serious business.

First win I burned two Detroit logos. Second win I burned four. Do I continue the progression? If so do I burn 6 or 8? Help.

Last night I slept like I got knifed in the center and a forearm shiver to the head.


Hip said...

I finally saw footage yesterday from the other end of the ice - with Fleury running up to congratulate his teammates after Sykora's goal. Just fucking priceless.

An unreal post today. It had everything.

There's little left to be said about tonight. I'll be watching with some of my new classmates including a jobber RW fan. Leave everything out on the ice tonight c-blog. Cheer hard, have no regrets.

We can do this. Go Pens.

coffeytalk said...

Will be without computer all day. I'll be down at the Mellon around 5 for tailgateblog as long as it is not endoftheworldweatherblog. If so, I'll be at The Souper Bowl.

Go Pens.


Hip said...

@j.s. - hahah I didn't even notice the double sunglasses thing. It's probably because Caruso's go to acting move in that show is putting on the shades. Personally I think he's just brutal.

CSI Las Vegas baby!

I said it before and I'll say it again - get an early goal on Osgood and have the crowd just berate him. He is so due for a complete and utter meltdown.

FijiH2O said...


Go Pens - Take it to 7

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

Edzo definitely deserves commendation for not bursting into outright Red Wings hatred. Not only does he have Pittsburgh connections, he was born and raised in Chicago, was drafted by and played a couple of stints (322 of his 1031 NHL games) with the Blackhawks (and was probably a Hawks fan growing up, just a guess there), and now works as the Hawks' regular TV analyst. It's probably killing him on a personal level to be potentially calling yet another Red Wings championship.

dying alive said...

That picture of Nelson laughing at the Wings fans is classic.

I'm requesting John Travolta from the Saturday Night Fever era for game seven.

Steve In Denver said...

And our lives are forever changed
We will never be the same

We're not the same, we're different tonight

Tonight, so bright

Dominate, exert your will.
Wipe your pre-game deuce with an octopus.

Fucking Do IT.

Sooska said...

@sk-it depends on your thought process. Adding 2 each time will get you 6. Simple doubling would suggest 8. I say it's the Stanley Cup Finals and extreme measures must be taken. The stakes of this Game 6 have increased exponentially over the stakes in Game 5. We are closer and need more strength and luck. Therefore, we need an exponential increase in good vibes. So square the 4 and burn 16! {But then for Game 7 you'd be in for 256. It would be worth it.}

Great post Staff!
My favorite part? The link to the London Free Press.
Because it explains, without hysteria, the back story, the phenomenon and GR’s position on it. It is the point of view that tPB’s critic TWM should have taken –that it is “harmless hyperbole” done with great humor and an exaggerated admiration for the guy’s toughness. Instead TWM ripped his bodice and devolved into “facts,” personal attacks and a temper tantrum. OH! and it was well written too.

Stephen said...

Michel Therrien is a piece of foreign shit. He bitches more than my mother. Pens dont deserve the cup. They act like a bunch of babies in the media and are getting throughly outplayed. It will be nice when the Wings hoist Lord Stanley inside of Mellon Shithouse

queenofthesky82 said...

For those of you working downtown, keep your eyes open today. The USS Hal Gill will ride again

SK said...

@sooska 16 it is.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

I'll just say this: Mike Babcock is from Saskatoon.

Dan said...

wow i set off an avalanche confessing my man love for sid before i went to bed hahahaha.

bng - that made me lol at work. thank god i'm in an office.

after reading everything for the screen, i may have to advise my sister to not go down for what time she'd be going.

another solid post. the article from the midwest is impressive. if i had any welding skills, i'd make a cup. unfortunately i'm not allowed to play with fire anymore. the court says so..........

dying alive said...

Ah, but Therrien has an accent, so he is obviously more foreign.

Sooska said...

@sk- do you burn them all at once or one at a time?

yermammy3 said...

Hiya Pud-gwins fans.

Enjoy yer 2 wins, ya cuntz.

Wings 52, Pens 1

toodaloo, loserz. i grow bored of youze.


SK said...

@sooska All at once.

So far I've been printing one copy of burnme.gif per page.

JYo said...

The fans are nothing like I've ever seen before.

When GR says it, you know its significant. Pens fans should be proud of that quote.

The Unbreakable poster is unreal. (Full disclosure, I know the guy that made it and it was sitting in my e-mail this morning with a message telling me he sent it to tPB, so I check the page and there it is. Its a shame he doesn't have more time to devote here because he is a very talented photographer and PSer.)

Anyway, any word on how Bugsy and Gonch are doing? I haven't seen anything yet, although I also haven't read anything but tPB yet today.

Joose said...

FUCK THE WEATHER. I'm so annoyed right now. ha

SK said...

I saw an interview with Therien yesterday and he said he thinks both will play. Whether that has changed since yesterday @ ~ 6 is unknown to me.

Whistler said...

What is Doc's connection to Pittsburgh. I'm not sure..

The Seeker said...

@ jyo

There's a link in today's post by tPB saying Gonch and Malone are ready to go.

It's right underneath the Gonchar-Malone Unbreakable photoshop.

Sooska said...

@whistler. I'm not sure either but I hear an interview with him and he's a huge Pirates fan and has been for a long time. I don't think they addressed the origins of that.

Stoosh said...

Random thoughts dudes...

1. Wonder what Chad Hermann would have to say about that WWGRD article. I'm sure he'd launch into some smarm-tastic, 50,000-word diatribe about whatever bad grammar he finds in it.

2. I'm so, so tired of hearing about the goaltender interference calls. I'm not going to argue with Wings fans who claim the first goalie interference call was BS; I thought it was a touchy call, but I wasn't about to complain either. Whatever it takes in the playoffs, remember?

But the call on Cleary seemed to be a legitimate call as he kind of barrelled directly into Fleury. Could it have gone either way? Yeah, probably. I'm sure Detroit fans would be complaining like crazy if Ruutu did that to Osgood and it didn't get called.

And while I think the officiating overall has S-U-C-K-E-D, sucked, I also think these things even themselves out over the course of a series. Even when it sucks. Which it does.

Besides, there were about 110 minutes of hockey played the other night, and we're talking about two calls that put Detroit at a disadvantage for 4 minutes. Like they didn't have any good chances over the remaining 105 minutes?

3. Just realized Sooska already jobbed Mr/Dr. Hermann. Oops. Oh well. Given his diatribe against Adam, he deserves a second jobbing.

4. For all Pittsburghers within listening range, ESPN Radio 1250 is doing all Pens pregame all day beginning...right about now.

Junker & Crow - 10AM to 1PM
Stan Savran - 1PM to 3PM
Chris Mack & Ken Laird - 3PM to gametime, pretty much

5. I'm STILL reeling from Monday night's game. I know it's time to put that behind us and get ready for Game Six, but still...

6. LTJG Matty Welch - Excellent job, sir. Thank you for everything you do. And the Pens patch is incredible.

Brett said...

The Pensblog once again proves why reading it is the best part of my day.

Oh, except for a little thing called GAME 6.

JYo said...

I wasn't around last night for the Big K post, but holy crap, what a video. Big K is the man. He basically captured the feeling of most every Pens fan in that video as the game was going on. He is obviously a body snatcher who has taken over a helpless 13 year old kid because he is way ahead of the game. WOOOOOOOO!

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

Emrick taught at Geneva College for a few years and did some sports work for the Beaver County Times.

JYo said...

Thanks seeker. I'm clearly great at making obvious observations. Comes in handy as a scientist!

Stoosh said...

He's a day late, but sure as hell, Eddy Crow didn't waste any time getting into his douchebaggery and shitting all over what happened in Game Five.

He led off the Junker & Crow Show today by asking that if the Pens are going to lose, is it better that they lose tonight or taking it to Game Seven and losing then.

I don't expect the media to spend all their time root, root, rooting for the home team. But why are we going there after what just happened in Game Five?

How Guy Junker refrains from slapping the shit out of Crow on the radio is beyond me.

The Seeker said...

The whining by Babscock and Nogood is embarrassing.

First, the Ded Wings wouldn't have had 3 goals in regulation if it wasn't for a PP goal they got (the Pens had none). So they would have lost in regulation without "help from those stinkin' refs".

Second, the two penalties they are complaining about had no effect at all on the outcome of the game. Obviously, the high-stick major was valid and no one can dispute that fact.

As far as the two interference penalties go, it's a bit hypocritical to whine about those when they felt that the interference on Nogood earlier in the series was a good call. The fact is that both Zetterberg and Cleary DID INDEED make contact with the goalie and that is a penalty.

The only defense they could possibly come up with would be if they were pushed into that contact by a Penguin...which was not the case.

Sooska said...

@stoosh- #3 job away at TWM. he deserves it for his "look at ME" attitude. and bad writing.

and #6 you reminded me that I wanted to send good thoughts to the Lieutenant on duty. Outstanding! Lets' Go Pens! Between him and the Sgt they showed on the game broadcasts we can't go wrong.

sh0ez said...

I will be going home to Johnstown 'til later Friday night in an hour. Hold the fort down, cbloggers. I'll be back on Friday night with more LOLhockey's and the anticipation of winning the cup the next night. Hossa scores tonight. Let's Go Pens!

uncleyorgi71 said...

The two interference calls did not affect the game in the slightest. The high sticking call on Scuderi was obviously legitimate and if anything, the PENS should be bitching about the God (Gary) awful officiating that has been present throughout the series. On a side note, Malone is clearly insane. I heard he chipped some teeth. Forget where I read this.

Zach said...

does anyone know the gary roberts lord's prayer? or where to find it? I've been searching the site forever and can't find it

JYo said...

Between him and the Sgt they showed on the game broadcasts we can't go wrong.

Rooting for the Wings is like rooting for the terrorists! (Maybe communists is better since they wear red, but terrorists feels more like current day fear mongering.)

JYo said...

Zach, just go back to the last game day post. Its likely there.

The Seeker said...

The Big K Blog.....

I downloaded The Big K's KDKA interview video from the KDKA website and sent it to him so he could upload it to his own YouTube Channel (SteeltownK).

However, he emailed me back this morning that YouTube was rejecting it due to being too large of a file size.

I plan on helping him get that fixed so he can host it on his own channel, but in the meantime I wanted to see if YouTube would reject it if I tried to upload it and I was successful.

So for anyone who has yet to see our own The Big K (Alex) being interviewed by KDKA, here's the Link

Colin said...

@ joose -

My pic on facebook = me with my eyes closed and my jobber buddy with long hair.

The Seeker said...

@ zach

Our Roberts, who art in Pittsburgh
Gary be thy name.
The Playoffs come,
The cup be won, to Pittsburgh in the Arena called Mellon.
Give us this day our daily Pensblog
and forgive us our reporters as we job those who job against us
And lead us not into Philly,
But deliver us from Ottawa,
For thine is the Crosby, and the Malkin, and the Fluery for ever and ever.


Joose said...

Colin, I added you last night. ha!

Joose said...

Shower time. I guess I should get to work.

Dan said...

whistler - they interviewed him during the game (there was nothing else on, cut me some slack). he and his brother would scan the radio and find pirates broadcasts. he became a doc ellis (i think that is the radio guy's name) fan and then started to follow the bucs back in 59, when they were good. then he mentioned the geneva stuff too. when hockey season ends he goes to a bucs game on his way home from jersey to michigan every year.

Sooska said...

@stoosh- the other day Junker was wanting to bench Geno. yeah right. bench the lightning in a bottle. bench him and use Taffe. (nothing against Taffe but...)

BTW DVE's Prisuta claims Geno is not hurt because he saw no tape when Geno did his interviews *@hip and chica* in just his underwear. He says all evidence points to Sykie as the one with the ribs or other upper body injury. He claims Geno is just playing badly.
could be. shit happens. but no matter, the result is the same. Personally, I think Geno is hurt (maybe he took off his flak jacket/tape/bindings or whatever before the media was allowed into the room?)He's my boy and I can cry if I want to.

JYo said...

I like how the London article uses centered text just like tPB. WOOOOOOOOOO!

I'm not sure if it was religious appeal or not, but the original comment was that some people wear WWJD wristbands and that Jesus wore a WWGRD wristband.

My guess is they don't know the actual origin anyway. They might skirt the issue even if they did know, but I don't expect they know how it actually started. The true origin is still priceless though. If I remember correctly, it was you JS, who made that original post (on LGP I think.) It can't be stressed enough how awesome that line is.

The Seeker said...

Michel Therrien is a piece of foreign shit.'s hard to imagine there are really still neaderthals walking the planet today!

But there's your proof...the missing link!

I wonder..... exactly how many Ded Wings are natural born Americans as compared to being "foreign shit"?

Perhaps the missing link would prefer benching every single foreign shit Ded Wing along with their foreign shit coaching staff?

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

There are 6 Americans on Detroit's roster. Of those six, only Brett Lebda (Illinois) and Brian Rafalski (Michigan) are actually getting ice time in the Finals. returned 33 players for the Wings this season. So I suppose that means there are 27 foreign shits there.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

10 of the 37 players to suit up for the Pens this season are Americans. The Pens' defensive corps is mostly guys from the good ol' US of A (Gill, Scuds, Free Candy, and Whit), with Sydor/Letang and Gonchar out there for some foreign flavor.

dying alive said...

He's a day late, but sure as hell, Eddy Crow didn't waste any time getting into his douchebaggery and shitting all over what happened in Game Five.

Eddy Crow

Jacob said...

The David Caruso/CSI Miami cartoon is friggin' priceless.

Nice touch with the 'putting on sunglasses while already wearing sunglasses'

dying alive said...

10 of the 37 players to suit up for the Pens this season are Americans. The Pens' defensive corps is mostly guys from the good ol' US of A (Gill, Scuds, Free Candy, and Whit), with Sydor/Letang and Gonchar out there for some foreign flavor.

It's obvious. If you root against the Penguins, you hate America.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

Hell, put Eaton and Goligoski into the lineup in place of Letang/Sydor and Sarge, and you've got an all-American defensive sextet.

Stoosh said...

I've always said I'm going to spend an entire day walking around like Horatio Caine, speaking in hushed, deliberate tones and every time I break out a clever one-liner, I'm going to put on a pair of sunglasses and gaze off towards the sky.

Jasper said...


The Seeker said...

@ free candy man (nathan)

You're better at research type stuff than I am (I'm also lazy)....

I'm interested in knowing how many current NHL players are from Detroit (if any)?

They call themselves "hockeytown" so it would be interesting to know that stat.

Now I don't mean just from someplace in Michigan, but actually from the immediate greater Detroit area.

Pittsburgh can lay claim to the following 4 current NHL players:

1) Ryan Malone - Pens
2) RJ Umberger - Flyers
3) George Parros - Ducks
4) Nate Guenin - Flyers

Sooska said...

this is the last of my comments on these guys but I have to say this. another reason to hate Junker: he doesn't like Scrubs. he'd rather watch Gray's Anatomy.

Crow watches Scrubs, but his wife turned the game off with one minute to go cause she choked and turned it off & went to bed so she didn't know that the Pens won.
jagoff of the week: Crow's wife and Junker..

Jacob said...


There is a video floating around somewhere where someone spliced a bunch of his opening lines together. It's probably on YouTube if you need some inspiration.

Stoosh said...

The newer trolls are just getting dumber and dumber and dumber.

Listening to "Yermammy" try to job us is like getting jobbed by Beavis & Butthead. Somehow, the third-grade "mom/sister jokes" and the juvenile use of vulgarity just doesn't quite have the shock value it did twenty years know, when I was 12.

Ten bucks says he just can't help himself and posts a response.

And I'd love to take Stephen's post more seriously. I really would. But I just can't take seriously the thoughts of someone who is too fucking stupid to realize that our "foreign piece of shit" coach hails from the same country as most of the players and coaches who have made the Red Wings what they are today.

What Would Steve Yzerman and Gordie Howe Do?

Boot Stephen's ass off the bandwagon.

Korn said...

That Ruutu KHL Youtube is great.

Good SI article on Talbot

J.S. said...

@jacob, I took that CSI cartoon and slightly mod'ed it. The original caption was something to the effect of "the truth being hard to swallow".

@jyo, yeah, that was originally posted at LGP. I prefer not to make a big deal of it though, since it was staff and Ted DiBiase who got the ball rolling with the wristbands. OK, maybe an occassional mention like today, but that's all.

and I thought rooting for the Wings was like rooting for the house in blackjack. Nobody, under any circumstances should have a good reason to do so.

Stoosh said...

Seeker -

Got a couple more native Pittsburghers for ya...

John Zeiler (LA Kings) - a Ruutu-type player who hails from Jefferson Hills, PA

Bill Thomas (Phoenix) - played in only seven games this year, I believe due to injury.

I also think Dylan Reese isn't that far away. He was drafted by the Rangers in 2003, but played last year in San Antonio, which I believe is Phoenix's AHL affiliate. So I'm not sure if he got traded at some point or what. Reese played for the Pittsburgh Forge for a couple of years and then went to Harvard.

Vanessa Day said...


@ Seeker: SNAP for calling out the "flying tires" fan on the foreign shit.


I feel like calamari tonight, calamari tonight. Fried, of course.


Steve In Denver said...

I cannot concentrate at work. This feeling is ridiculous.

I feel like a kid on Christmas eve, but Santa's packing heat, and the reindeer on the rooftop have had waaaay too much fiber.


LargeFarva said...

My mind can't help but going back to things from this season as we prepair for the last game at Mellon.

The expectation of the preseason

The fear of being in the cellar, watching Sid and MAF go down

The cautious optitmism of seeing us climb to the top of the East and then hover there, with Geno and Conklin stepping up

The sweet revenge of Ottawa, putting NY and Philly in their place

...and now this. The chance turn this SCF into one for the ages...

It's been a hell of a ride ladies and gentlemen, let's finish what we've started

do it.

Vanessa Day said...

@Steve... This is BETTER than Christmas Eve.

I will not get any work done today.


dying alive said...

Could Junker and Crow waste any more time talking about Tiger Woods this morning?

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

Let's see here. Using and Mapquest, the following players are from Detroit or one of its suburbs:

David Booth, Florida Panthers
Tim Gleason, Carolina Hurricanes
Mike Grier, San Jose Sharks
Derian Hatcher, Philadelphia Flyers
Brent Johnson, Washington Capitals
Andy Greene, New Jersey Devils
Ryan Kesler, Vancouver Canucks
Chad LaRose, Carolina Hurricanes
Doug Weight, Anaheim Ducks
Matt Hunwick, Boston Bruins
David Moss, Calgary Flames
James Wisniewski, Chicago Blackhawks
Chris Connor, Dallas Stars
Mike Modano, Dallas Stars
Brian Rafalski, Detroit Red Wings
Rob Globke, Florida Panthers
Erik Reitz, Minnesota Wild
David Legwand, Nashville Predators
Mike York, Phoenix Coyotes
Alex Foster, Toronto Maple Leafs

These are only US-born players from Oakland County, MI. I didn't look for guys from Windsor, Ontario, and environs.

See what happens when you pose a question like that to a librarian?

Stilly said...

Maybe I'm too much of a Pens homer, but..

I've read a few articles that said the wings 'dominated' game 5. Were they watching the same game that I was? They only really dominated in the third period, and first OT. The first period was all Pens and the second period was pretty even. The second overtime went back and fourth, and we all know what happened in the third OT.

Shots by Period

1 - Pens 7 : Wings 8
2 - Pens 7 : Wings 12
3 - Pens 4 : Wings 14
1OT - Pens 2: Wings 13
2OT - Pens 8 : Wings 7
3 OT - Pens 4 : Wings 4

I didn't think either team 'dominated' Definitely outshot us, but that doesn't mean we were dominated.

Stat that matters: Pens 4 : Wings 3

dying alive said...

Per ESPN 1250: Gonch and Malone will play tonight. No line up changes.

Steve In Denver said... & work.

Time for "the shift", the pregame video, and much more youtube fun this afternoon.

Also, anyone reading that is going tonite, PLEASE video the pregame and post it....that crap gives me chills and wells my eyes up big time. I miss the Mellon!!


PO said...

anyone on southside right now?? i need a beer to calm these jittrs... little to no work being done today across this great city

Vanessa Day said...

@ Sh0ez & Raybin....



Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

Youth hockey in the Detroit area is longer entrenched than around Pittsburgh (hence why Ryan Malone played in Minnesota -- higher quality of competition), so I'm not surprised to see so many players from the Detroit area where Pittsburgh has produced so few. That and Oakland and Wayne Counties have a combined population of over 3 million, where Allegheny County, PA, is only about 1.2 million.

I want to issue a correction, the guys I included are from Oakland County AND Wayne County, Michigan. Detroit itself is in Wayne County, as are its southern suburbs.

aunt penny said...

Steve...hang in there.

Hug your chincilla.

aunt penny said...

Steve...hang in there.

Hug your chincilla.

JYo said...

Thanks for the heads up Vanessa. Happy Birthday to sh0ez and Raybin. Lookin forward to a nice present to you both courtesy of the Pens tonight!

I didn't think either team 'dominated' Definitely outshot us, but that doesn't mean we were dominated.

Completely agree. I am a bit sick of hearing about the shots thing anyway. Its about as meaningful as the +/- argument as far as I'm concerned. That statistic is skewed quite a bit based on the styles of play both teams employ. The Wings throw everything they can at the net and the Pens try to set up more high percentage shots. I wouldn't argue that the Pens shouldn't try throwing a few more pucks at the net, just that right now that is not how they play and that is all the statistic reflects. What are both team's shooting percentages?

Really, the only thing that matters is who has more goals at the end of the game. Here is hoping that happens to be the Pens both tonight and again Saturday. I don't care if they get doubled up in shots in both games as long as they have more goals.

aunt penny said...

And Santa's on the roof with a bag of free candy.

Dan said...

work getting done? hahahaha ya right.

Sooska said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Whistler said...

Speaking of birthday's...

my dad turns 55 today..


aunt penny said...

@Stoosh/did you notice that Yermammy was gone by like 9:00. The kid has a curfew.

Sad that's the best Detroit could bring.

Sooska said...

@sh0ez- Happy Birthday to a fellow Jtowner!

@raybin- Happy Birthday!

to both: may all your birthday wishes come true! shh-don't tell us! ;)

@free candy (nathan)- excellent librarianblog! do you answer the ask-me-anything hot line at the library?

MizzPenz said...

Damnit, I'm just sitting here trying to figure out what the hell I *used* to do on gamedays before I found this place. Or any other day for that matter.

J.S. said...

Listening to "Yermammy" try to job us is like getting jobbed by Beavis & Butthead.

LOL, now that's quality. This gets j.s. "comment of the day" award.

J.S. said...

Blank CSI template (No purchase necessary. Horatio Caine-inspired one liners not included.)

sabrejets said...

Osgood faced half as many as MAF, and lost the game, sour grapes from Elroy...

Petr Sykora says "I'm gonna score" and takes a penalty. Announcers say "Sure you are!"...

One game at a time, we get this one at home and look out!

Dan said...

speaking of beavis & butt head, they are talking about a live action version..........

Victor Raison said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stoosh said...

This is gonna be a bit of a downer, but given the ties of 66 Buries It to certain charities and foundations, this is pertinent...

I got a call from my wife earlier this morning. Her best friend Kim's nephew passed away this morning from brain cancer. His name is Parker. Parker was nine years old.

I don't know all the details, but I believe he fought cancer most of his life. He had a surgery about eight or nine months ago, after which doctors initially thought they got all of it. Unfortunately, a couple of months ago it came back.

My wife and I attended Kim's wedding back in March and Parker - who lived in Virginia - was one of the ushers, so I finally got a chance to meet him. What an amazing kid. He looked perfectly healthy outside of the fact that he was bald - a result of the surgery. He was decked out in a tux, was well-spoken and showed a politeness and maturity so far beyond his years.

I'd heard quite a bit about him from both Kim and my wife, and what impressed me the most was this positive energy that he had. It's something I'm not sure I'd ever have on even my best days. I only got that one chance to meet him; I'd like to think that my life is more complete because of it.

I know that none of you knew him, but I ask that you please keep him and his family in their prayers.

And I hate to go Jerry Lewis on everyone (oh laaaaaaaadeeeeee!), but I'd also maybe ask everyone to do what they can to support organizations like the Lemieux Foundation.

I know if this series goes seven games, Mellon will more than likely be back open for Game Seven. And I'm sure the proceeds will all be going to 66's Foundation, as they have all series long.

If you get a chance to go, please do. I know myself and Christine will do what we can to get there as well. It would be great to get as many C-bloggers down there and watch the culmination of this amazing season, and also know that we're supporting something else very, very worthwhile.

Vanessa Day said...

@ Dan... Are you SERIOUS?!?!?!?!?!?!

Where did you hear that?

B&B is one of my favorite shows of all time.


Stilly said...

That clip when Syko told Pierre he was going to score was great. Pierre = Stunned. He didn't know what to say.. haha.

odmE. said...

Juuust in case anyone missed it, korn posted a link to an SI article on Talbot that was a really wonderful, uplifting read. Talbot absolutely deserves the recognition for a million reasons aside from the game tyer(is that a word?) on monday. So do yourselves a favor and give it a look.

On the drive out to Ohiopyle yesterday, damn near every storefront, house, gas station, whatever along 51, through Uniontown and along 40 had something "Let's Go Pens" related in its windows. It was a glorious sight.

And not that any cblogger needs me to tell them this, but Game 5 is why the Pens are a big deal, and why they made it to the SCF.

Go Pens.

lis said...

wow! go to the poll on the nhl page on espn and vote. I have to admit, I was actually a little surprised by the results!

Dan said...

vanessa - ain't it cool interviewed sean william scott, and this all came out of mike judge's mouth. he likes sean for butt head, and johnny depp for beavis. i am not making this up. this might be the greatest movie ever if it gets made. who would they get to play stewart though? that might have been a good sean penn role at some point.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Yinz Luv 'Da Guins youtube from DET/the Joe = PURE GOLD !!!!!

THAT will be the big K in about 10 years [except big K already has a deeper/raspier voice than those guys]

I think I'll play that on a loop ALL.DAY.LONG.

shows the TRUE cocky nature of those Dead Wings fans!!!!


Sidney has to Stand Up, Grow Up.





Sooska said...

@stoosh- the thoughts and prayers of Pensfamiy go out to your friends.

911th Airlift wing in Iraq - Scroll down and click on the Photo on the right

The Seeker said...

@ candy man (nathan)

There are quite a few of those guys that were born pretty far from Detroit.

For example Hatcher and Gleason.

I'm interested in people either born IN Detroit or VERY close to it....not several Counties away (and no Canadians).

jefe said...

i luv yinz luv.

im going to watch the game tonight in the comfort of someone elses home. i dont trust weatherblog.

go pens.

Vanessa Day said...

@ Dan....

Two Words:

Jack Black.


dying alive said...

Who wants to puke?

Also, Stoosh, sorry to hear about your friend's son. That is so sad. :(

chris e said...

Let's do this boys. Due to my Superstitious nature and the fact that they pulled out game 5 without a gameday post from me I will again not post. I just didnt want anyone to think I was dead.

Dubs said...

@Stoosh - that's a sad story ... thank god there are people like 66 in the world who use their money for good things ...

I'll keep him in my prayers

Colin said...

Local players in the AHL from Pittsburgh -

Dylan Reese
Grant Lewis

Dan said...

vanessa - that is money. perfect casting. i wonder if daria will be in the movie. the possibilities are endless.

slush said...

stoosh- That is heart wrenching. My thoughts are with them.

Sooska said...

Check this out!

Stanley Cup Finals Tickets: Detroit Red Wings at Pittsburgh Penguins - Home Game 3 (Game #6)
Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 8:00 PM (EST) at Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, PA
Section: Igloo E 3
Row:C Glass Price:$2,900.00 each
Quantity: 2 or 4
Seller comments: First Row! On the Glass! Center Ice behind bench.
Seats 1,2,3,4. Sit right behind your favorite players! Tickets allow access to the igloo club and early entrance to the game. Parking pass included.

Delivery/Pickup: Pittsburgh Penguins - StubHub Last Minute Service - Ticket Pickup : (Exact Address Will Be Disclosed Prior to Checkout)

Other delivery options may also be available.

2 = $5800 4= $11600

someone on Ticketmaster is asking over $11000 EACH for 2 tickets.

are they kidding?

Stoosh said...

@ Dubs -

That can't be true. I thought Lemieux was a selfish, greedy SOB who pocketed the money and only talks to the media when it suits his own interests.

At least, that's what people like Burnside and Cook would tell me.

In all seriousness, I echo your statements perfectly.

And I know this is a place where many of us go to escape the harsh realities of life, but sometimes real life breaks down the door. I just thought the story merited mentioning because with the potential for Game Seven on the horizon and this story bringing the target of 66's foundation kind of close to home, I thought I'd mention it given that we might have a chance to help out on Saturday.

Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheNWChica said...

I'm always so fucking far behind when I finally get in here. lol

Happy b-day Stoosh and Raybin; and Stoosh, I'm sorry about your little guy. *hugs*

Joose said...

Uncle Stoosh is the man.

I refuse to not be at the Mellon for game 7. For once, weather will not stop me.

slush said...

Would be awesome to be there Saturday. May even bring all 3 kids. ha! They will probably have a blast.

Dubs said...

re: At least, that's what people like Burnside and Cook would tell me.

what jackasses they are ... try doing some research beyond 'he won't give me an interview .. wahhhhh!!!!' f'n disgusting excuses for journalists

MizzPenz said...


Thoughts and prayers are with all involved.

Normally don't talk about who or what I contribute to. Got my license plate, bought the tshirt, pay for my golf tournament tickets all to support the LMF. This summer I'm getting married and instead of stupid wedding party favors that people take home and throw away, we are making a contribution to the LMF. It's not much, but it's something.

slush said...

mizzpenz- Thats awesome. kudos to you!

TheNWChica said...

Is it too early to start foodblog? I think I'm going to get pizza for supper tonight; maybe even stop at Little Caesar's too. :)

Joose said...

I'm hungry.

Nothing new there, though.

Vanessa Day said...

@NWchica... I'm honestly thinking about ordering take out calamari from a restaurant here. It's good and it will make me feel like I'm contributing.

Pizza sounds good too, but there are no Little Caesars around here. I wouldn't buy food there anyway.

&hearts [RUUTU]

Stilly said...

I'd kill for Little Caesar's. The closest one to me is half an hour away. Their breadsticks are awesome.

I'm not sure what's more insulting if I were Ilitch.. Syko dissing them and saying Domino's delivered, or Sarge implying that Little Caesar's was their loser beating fuel.

JYo said...

This summer I'm getting married and instead of stupid wedding party favors that people take home and throw away, we are making a contribution to the LMF. It's not much, but it's something.

That is outstanding! I'd also like to encourage everyone to support these causes as much as possible. I can tell you firsthand that it is very expensive to conduct the type of research necessary to make real strides against these diseases, let alone treat them. It also takes substantial money and effort to aid the families in any way while a loved one is going through something horrible like this. Organizations like the Lemieux Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, etc. are invaluable. Even if you don't have money to contribute, you can make a difference. Let your senators, representatives, etc. know that funding medical research is important to you. Under the current administration funding for the National Institutes of Health has not even kept up with inflation, but you can bet your politicians are being paid to keep up with their costs! Let them know how you feel about it, its free (aside from the tax dollars you are paying either way.) Its great to hear C-bloggers are doing their part to make things better for everyone!

Dubs said...

@foodblog -

I just had a bagel, which in NY constitutes almost an entire meal ... they're so big and fluffy! mmmmm ...

but really, I wish I had some of my grandma's pierogies ... she has lived in the south side for about 175 years and all she does all day is make pierogies and stock them in her basement freezer ... it's beautiful going to visit and feasting on those suckers (either potato or saurkraut, or both) ... now I want my grandma's homemade pierogies ... damnit!

Stilly said...

Or was it Ruu... I can't recall.


JYo said...

I'm hungry.

Nothing new there, though.

I hear ya. I just gave blood this week and every time I do that (roughly every 56 days), I have an insatiable hunger for about a week straight. Of course, it gives me an excuse to eat however much I want and not really think twice about it.

Sooska said...

mizz penz buries it! WOOOOOO!

Sooska said...

@ mizz penz- I assume you are honeymooning in a tent atop The Knob? ;)

TheNWChica said...

@vanessa- I probably will get something from the small restaurant near me rather than LC. I haven't had much luck there with decent food at the one and only that I know of in Everett.

But calamari does sound really good...yum!

But I haven't even had lunch yet, and one of the other teams had a bake sale with lemon bars so I'm stuffed as now. ;)

meecrofilm said...

I'm worriedabout giving the Bee Gees the call. Back to back starts might be too much. Look at what happened to Hacksaw.. heartbreaking loss that game was.



We must win.

Joose said...

After work, I'm going to either Subway or Sheetz for some sub action. I haven't decided yet. I'll probably go to Sheetz so I can snatch some sunflower seeds and Arizona pomegranate green tea. MMMMM Then again, there's always Chinese. Decisions, decisions.

Right now, though, I am going to heat myself up a meatless grilled chicken patty. (Yes, sir, it is scrumptious. I wouldn't eat it if it tasted like turds.)

Joose said...

Stilly, it was Ruu. He said he ate one slice of pepperoni or some crap. Then said, "Little Caesars" and smiled. hahaha

MizzPenz said...


Uhhh.... Ummmmm... you said tent and knob. eh he he eh eh he he

Actually we are camping up at Raystown Lake for our honeymoon. We had to wait until July to get married because we couldn't plan the wedding for June because we knew we would be in the finals. Seriously.

But we will get to drive by the Knob on our way there! Wooooooo!

BlacknGold66 said...

@Staff: Thanks for doing all the dirty work for me. I hate scanning the web for Pens-related media. tPB is the only stop needed.

Let's Go Pens!!!

JYo said...

After Yuengling, Sheetz is probably the next thing I wish I could import here (Indiana) from PA. What a store. You should go there Joose since its more of a PA place (started in Altoona) even if it has spread a bit beyond the state lines now.

Dubs said...

I just read this about Babcock bitching about goalie interference calls ... a quote from Ozflop:

Goalie Chris Osgood even said he doesn't mind a little contact and noted that it's usually permitted during the regular season. He couldn't believe it was penalized in overtime during the Stanley Cup final.

"I don't think it's a penalty, especially at that particular time of the game," said Osgood. "It seems to me like there's such a grey area for that rule right now that it needs to be addressed."

he doesn't mind a little contact? he's the biggest diving goalie I've ever seen ... he gets rattled if a player breaths on him from behind the net ... what a frickin' lying sack o' crap.

yermammy3 said...

@ Doosh, I mean Stoosh -

you are right. i can't resist. just like you can't resist replying to me. big dolt that you are. you just keep playing my game. why can't you listen to the smarter folks there and just ignore me? I want you to. This is like an addiction. I want to stop, but the product you keep giving me (your stupidity) is too tasty.

i like bathroom humor. by the way, will you stop asking me to give you a Cleveland Steamer? I said no already.

maybe free candy man will give you one. he seems to be a fucking tool like you.

why don't you, candyfag nathan and joose go smack pee-pees while you watch the Wings devestate the Penguins tonight?

and when one of those shaving commercials come on you can sniff each other's brown puckered starfish. it's like playing quarters but with another man's anus.

see you at game time, you bunch of sissies...

keep responding Pavlov's Dogs. I get bored here at work...

Joose said...



The Seeker said...

Updated video of The Big K's KDKA interview now with humorous annotations.

Dubs said...



TheNWChica said...

Hey's too bad Mammy is too ignorant to see by your picture that you're a lovely young woman and probably don't have a "pee-pee".

slush said...

joose- he wandered from the cave...

yermammy3 said...

don't make me pull out the all the stops...

Vanessa Day said...




Joose said...

Slush: Paul was the only one who ever listened when I told him to hit the cave. He still hasn't been back, I don't think. I'm good.

Chica: Thank you, darling.

Dubs said...

Manny -

do you think Hil-dog should drop out of the race or fight her way to Denver?

Joose said...

It's difficult to take someone seriously when my cat, Leroy Brown, could do a better typing job.

Job, job, job.

yermammy3 said...

i have a little song...anyone want to hear it? I guarantee you will HAVE to respond...

It will MAKE you...

TheNWChica said...

I smell something....sort of like methane after a long night of drinking lots of tequila and a big Mexican meal; and it seems to be coming from that cave over there.

lis said...

Collapse Comments!!!!!!!!

Natalie said...

On Monday, I made my first contribution to c-blog, I'd lurked for months before.

The Pens won on Monday, so clearly, I had to speak up again. I'm about to leave for work (for 2 1/2 hours? Why?), and then immediately after that, heading to the game, rocking the signed Crosby jersey that was worn on Monday.

I believe. I'll be back there on Saturday night to take in game 7, and it'll be phenomenal.

Sooska said...

@mizz penz- heehee ;) Why didn't I think of that joke? I know what a nice wedding present would be.

Jonny V said...

Stoosh, thoughts and prayer's are with your wife's friend and her family. I bought one of those Mario Lemieux foundation shirts, and am planning on getting one of their license plates as soon as I get a new car.

Happy birthday Shoez and Raybin! Make sure you don't tell anyone what you wished for when you blow out the candles...couldn't imagine what that'd be...

So I ordered the newer McFarlane Crosby and Malkin figures off of ebay about a week ago. And a new Fleury player shirt with the Stanley Cup 2008 logo from
Guess what shows up today in separate packages? Fleury is getting worn to work tonight.

That was an excellent article on Talbot by Steven Keaton. Talbot thinking that Therien was joking at first when he tapped him on the head as an extra attacker is priceless. And I didn't even realize this is the first time we've scored to tie the game this season with the extra attacker. Umbeweavable

Jonny V said...

Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea is full of antioxidant goodness...

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker


Englewood Jack.

@the big K

thank Gary you don't go the one dark sock, one light sock route: that was soooooo '90s.

TheNWChica said...

Okay..I just realized that I wished Stoosh a happy b-day when that should have been Sh0ez. >.<

Sorry my friend! I hope your day is a good one.

slush said...

If I place an order from storeblog, think it will be here by Saturday?

dying alive said...

@ sooska - I get the impression that people who list tickets for that kind of price don't actually expect to sell them, but figure that if someone is willing to overpay that much they'll just take the cash and watch on TV.

The two charities I give to most are Susan G. Komen (my mom is a breast cancer survivor - 10 years cancer free this year!) and either the ASPCA or Animal Friends. I think I'll make some room in the budget for the LMF this year as well.

Please don't mention foodblog. I just went to Friday's and had chicken fingers and fries. So stuffed I might be sick.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

@ sooska: I do not. I actually specialize in government information. We have a separate general reference department (the ask-me-anything folks)

roachai said...

tiger die and you go 2 hell

Stoosh said...

As they might say up in Beantown...

That's just Mammy being Mammy.

Mammy obviously can't tell the difference between people talking ABOUT him and people talking TO him.

Just like Mammy can't tell the difference between people laughing AT him and people laughing WITH him.

Joose said...

Jonny V knows what's up!

I love pomegranate anything...even, you know, the real thing.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

Gleason's from Clawson, Michigan, very much a suburb (Oakland County) of Detroit. The Hatchers are from Sterling Heights, which is in Macomb County, just north of Detroit (and east of Oakland County). Those three counties really do make up greater Detroit, and I always remember that the Hatchers are considered among players from Detroit.

dying alive said...

And since we're all pimping our charitable causes today, I would encourage everyone to join the National Marrow Registry. Donating marrow to someone in need isn't a huge deal for people who are healthy, and you could literally save someone's life.

And now let me switch gears a minute - if ONE MORE PERSON offers to buy my tickets today, I am going to freaking scream. NO. No, no, a thousand times no. I don't care what you're offering me. I don't care that you're willing to pay pretty much whatever I want for them. I didn't buy these tickets to make money, I bought them to see my team play for the Cup. I suffered through the Fata years knowing that some day, this moment would come. I'd sell my future first born before I'd sell these tickets.

dying alive said...

Mammy obviously can't tell the difference between people talking ABOUT him and people talking TO him.

Plus he's totally hogging all the computer lab time at his middle school.

Stoosh said...

NWChica -

That's OK! My birthday isn't until August, but it would've been nice to get presents today.

Joose said...

Stoosh, who's laughing at him? Laughing is usually derived from something humorous. I feel sorry for the bastard, if anything.

JYo said...

Juice for Joose! I don't know if you have tried this or not, but I love it.

Colin said...

Ah, stupid training all day keeping me from cblog.

I think MAF stays hot tonight.

Go Pens.

Sooska said...

@stoosh - I know you know this but I feel compelled to say you might want to get a gun. some internet stalkers try to act on their raunchy desires.

@dying alive- I also saw some Igloo Club seats going for $9000 a piece.

@free candy nathan- you are resourceful! HA!

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

And all those guys are from towns closer to Detroit proper than Auburn Hills is. Since there's a "Detroit" team playing in Auburn Hills, I think all those other towns qualify as being part of Greater Detroit.

And the Census Bureau agrees with me. Hell, I probably set up a more limited definition of Greater Detroit than they have.

Stoosh said...

@ Joooooooose -

If given the choice between Subway and Sheetz, I'd go Sheetz pretty much every time. Subway is OK, but the one that sits next door to where I work is the only decent eating place within walking distance, so I end up getting Subway a couple times a week for lunch.

Sheetz's food rocks. Shmeltz sandwiches are just awesome breakfast food.

Then again...Chinese food...

JYo said...

DA, what would it take you to separate you from your ticket?

/shows self out

Seriously though, tell people you will sell them for $50,000 or something outrageous like that, but say it in a very serious way and tell them you want it for a down payment on something big. If word gets around the office that you want a ransom for them, perhaps people will stop being annoying. Or just tell them to fuck off, whatever works for you.

Sooska said...

fanfashionblog: Today I dressed as a penguin- WWGRD wrist band bracelet, white tee (in honor of the white out since I can't be there in the Burgh), black pants and a black and white over shirt, black and gray Mephisto shoes. I do have a hockey stick in the back of my car but that's for show since I can't bring it into the office.

Stoosh said...

@ Dying Alive -


Can I buy your tickets?


Dr. Turkleton said...

i get this email last night with some photos of a certain #71 out in 'public'

i don't know if they've already been around Gore or not...but I'll post 1 that isn't PG-13 to see if anyone has seen them before....

Geno with a Gonch hat on???

TheNWChica said...

Chinese food sounds good, but I usually reserve that for game 7. I wonder if it should be rescoped to encompass any elimination game.

JYo said...

Then again...Chinese food...

Yeah, yeah, it might taste good, but in the end its just another "piece of foreign shit" to some people. How could it be any good if it didn't come from here??? I fear change!!!

Joose said...

JYO, I know what my next juice purchase will be!

I like the Lipton powder things I have for bottled water that are blueberry pomegranate iced tea flavored, so I'm sure to dig this juice.

I also LOVE grapefruit juice.

Matty said...

what's up guys

thanks so much to tPB for posting my pic

just trying to get the salvadoreans riled up about the best sport in the world

my whole crew is watching the game with me tonight...


Joose said...

I made myself Chinese last night. General Tso's Bean Curd will have to wait until the weekend, most likely.

The decision is made: a Sheetz cheeseless cheese sub with wheat bread, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, green peppers, banana peppers, and Italian dressing. I usually get one half without dressing and put some yummy French dressing on it when I get home.

Vanessa Day said...

@ Detroitcitylimitsblog

Pretty much anything south of Grand Blanc, MI and north of Toledo counts as Detroit.

The northern subs are pretty good, southern, not so much.

The only thing I like about Detroit is Somerset Mall, and that's in Troy (N.sub).

Detroit is skanky in general.


Stoosh said...

@ Joose -

Stoosh, who's laughing at him? Laughing is usually derived from something humorous. I feel sorry for the bastard, if anything.

That's a good point and I agree. I didn't really look at it like that (laughing = something to laugh about). Most of what he says is either unfunny and borderline disturbing, to be honest.

dying alive said...

@ stoosh & jyo - Nice jobbing. And I don't mean to be total bitchblog, but really...these are the same people who tried to buy my tickets for games 3 & 4. If I didn't want to sell them then, why on earth would I want to sell game 6? Also, I have the feeling that saying he'll give me "whatever I want" isn't entirely accurate. He didn't find any tickets he was interested in on stubhub or the Pens Ticket Exchange, so he asked me. I happen to know for a fact that the two seats directly in front of me are listed on the PTE for like $550/each and he knows exactly where I sit because he's bought regular season ticket for me (at STH face value, I'm not a jerk). So basically, he's trying to get mine cheaper because he thinks I'd be embarrassed to ask a co-worker for that much money and I'd cut him some kind of deal.

It's still no worse than the guy who offered me face value for my tickets in one of the earlier rounds, and wasn't joking.

TheNWChica said...

@joose: I've never had General's sauce on tofu; but my favorite is Mapo'd just have to ask for it w/o meat if you're of the non-meat eating group.

BlacknGold66 said...


My girlfriend and I were contemplating dinner plans for tonight all day yesterday.

The easy choice was Domino's simply for our boy Sykie.

But as today progressed we kept thinking about what we ate Monday night.

So we're sticking with the EXACT same things we ate monday. I recall saying what I had with my dinner on here then but it's worth repeating.

Gary's Very Cherry smoothie.

Gary + Smoothie = energy I need to sustain for this game.

Let's Go Pens!!!

Dubs said...

@Matty -

thanks for your service!

so you got other pens fans down there with you?

PO said...

what is up with all the tofu talk?? this is pittsburgh baby, we eat red meat 8 days a week

Dr. Turkleton said...

Pittsburgh Rareblog

The Seeker said...

@ dying alive

How the hell do you donate your bone marrow?

It doesn't sound like a very pleasant thing to undergo...say like donating blood or plasma.

If it's after you die, I could kinda understand that (although your body would be like a rubber band without any bones).

I've seen what organizations like CORE does to people's bodies that have donated their's borderline mutilation!


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