Monday, June 9, 2008

Good Times

We've quickly realized that the season recap is a daunting task.
It suddenly hits you how much stuff actually takes place over the course of an NHL season.
In a perfect world, it will be up Tuesday morning.

The Hacksaw Jim Duggan soap opera continues.
He couldn't help himself and took shots at us in the San Jose Mercury News as he was packing up shop.

[ BnG66 with the inspiration ]

Once the 2008-09 schedule comes out, Pitt/SJ will be circled.


While we're talking about offseason acquistions,
we are pleased to announce our first-round pick in the 2008 Whatev Draft.

For only the second and most likely last time our faces have appeared here,
we are glad to welcome aboard Stephen Slesinski to The Pensblog team.

His turn-around on graphics we suggest as well as the patience he has when dealing with us
are reasons we look forward to working with him for the undetermined future.

He is an invaluable asset.

We also have another huge free-agent signing in early negotiations, as well.

Our goal is to broaden our reach in the NHL, covering more things around the league.

To do that, we needed someone who can keep us grounded with Pens news.
Not to mention that having another hand on deck during these playoffs would have been awesome.


Special Thanks to James Santelli.
He went through the sidebar links on the left and alerted us to all the changes.


:: You can download every game of the SCF on iTunes. [ Click to open iTunes ]
Thanks to [ Chris Mc. ] for the heads-up.

Source: Post-Gazette

:: Roberts was not present at that season-ending meeting last week. Stunned.
In a clandestine article on, Gary Roberts may have hinted at a return. [ CBC ]

Roberts, the 42-year-old emotional centre of the team, indicated after Wednesday's defeat that he'll put off retirement.

"The way these fans have treated me, and the way I've enjoyed my time here, I have a tough time thinking that it's over at this point," Roberts told Hockey Night in Canada.

Thanks to everyone who sent that in.

:: Play-With-Bing Discount? Or Just Jobbin'? [ Trib ]

"If I wanted to make a couple more dollars, I would probably just re-sign with Atlanta. But, I'm glad Pittsburgh got me here. This was a fun journey for myself and a great experience. I hope I can stick with a great team like this" said Hossa.

:: Brooks Orpik talked about his situation in the article, as well.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Just in case you forgot what Talbot looks like clean-shaven.


The Baby Pens stayed alive in the Calder Cup Finals over the weekend.
The series heads back to Chi-town with the Baby Pens trailing 3-2.

Game 6 is Tuesday night and will be available on the NHL Network.

[ Baby Pens Insider ] JB has more.


:: The Stanley Cup got a dent in it during a celebration at Cheli's Chili Bar. [ Yahoo ]
At least it wasn't murdered.

:: Dominik Hasek is leaning towards retirement. [ Yahoo ]

:: Christy Hammond from [ Behind The Jersey ] had some alone time with the Cup
and took advantage of it (the opportunity and the Cup).


:: [ Puck Daddy ] looks at a dying breed:
Human beings who played for the Hartford Whalers.

:: If you play NHL video games like it's your job,
the aforementioned Puck Daddy will soon be going behind the scenes with 2k Sports.

:: EA Sports' NHL 09 will have a feature called "Be A Pro."
You'll create a player, and the game camera will be focused on him throughout gameplay.
[ In-depth details here ]

No word what happens when you're on the bench.

:: Yeah, we didn't think the award was given out yet, either.
But crapped the bed and posted this shirt in their store.
It has since been removed.

[ Japers' Rink ] broke the story, and it eventually found its way onto AOL Fanhouse, Puck Daddy, and Mirtle, who all gave credit where credit's due.

[ TSN ] has a story on the t-shirt controversy.
Japers', AOL, Daddy, and Mirtle are nowhere to be found in that TSN article.
Just a shame.



The latest from the CMU's favorite janitor:

"There are several things wrong with this argument -- the sophomoric conflation of correlation and causality, the lazy, sleazy insinuation that blowhards like Dobbs and Limbaugh incite real violence -- but the biggest is this: it's just not true."

-- May 31, 2008



By now you may have seen this joke from the NBA Finals.
Paul Pierce "hurts" his knee:

After watching Anton Volchenkov get drilled in the head with a slap shot, Braydon Colburn get crushed, and Ryan Malone break his nose twice,
it is safe to say NBA players are about as tough as the first level of Duck Hunt.

What happens if Paul Pierce faces any of these shots?:

If we ran this [ blog ], we would be using this photoshop:

What a diver.


Game #3
[ Price Is The Real Deal. PENS LOSE. ]

If you're a sick fan, you remember that Malkin was pulled down at the end of this game.
No penalty was called.

It's disturbing that we remember it like it was yesterday.

Carey Price would win this game in his NHL debut
and then go on and choke in the playoffs.



The uplifting stick photo went up against four depressing photos.

People who wanted a reminder of the pain were split among four stunned pics.
People who want to remember this Pens team's run picked the stick raise.

The four stunned pics split up 50% of the vote.
So, it's only fair.

We saw the calls for rotating the pics throughout the offseason,
but we would forget the cycle, and it'd be a huge mess.


Lady Jaye is putting together a picnic for C-Bloggers.
It's something that should have been done a long time ago.

[ Google Group ]


Go Pens


Mr. Plank said...


Mr. Plank said...

Hacksaw says "HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" for you guys.

meecrofilm said...

damn. So close to my first "first"


meecrofilm said...

Freeagentblog continues...

I was thinking, while watching The Rock last night, if we ever get to be down and out, we'd need someone with the experience of being in that position, along with the expertise of escaping.

Only problem is that he's extremely contract wary. We could probably only get him for one year, at best. But I think it's worth it. The time to win is now.
..And if we ever need the power of two, I know he has a good buddy who would probably be open to a package deal..

Paul Pierce is a joke. So is people who lick the cup.

Stephen S is such a huge pick. Can't wait to see him on the top line with PbAdam and PbDerek. Looking forward to some sick artwork.

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

What the hell?

I take a couple days break from the Pens to get over the loss and I come back and Hacksaw's gone?!?!?!

I say you replace him with one of the Islanders.

stokes said...

"it is safe to say NBA players are about as tough as the first level of Duck Hunt."

What a great line, boys. Hilarious. You might as well throw those babydolls, Major League Baseball players, into that group as well...

From Cblog last night, Patton is also a solid choice...

Mr. Plank said...

Chad Herman's latest entry: I understand loving your mom, but going into a detailed mini-novel on the times you shared together is slightly creepy. Plus, all the vivid imagery makes me think of a fat lady with a huge mole (sort of like that Planters peanuts commercial girl from the Super Bowl) driving around in some beat up minivan.

Okay. Enough trollblog.

Fuck final exams.

michelle said...

Congrats to Stephen! That picture is pretty telling of the seasons to come. . .I mean, it's not often a draft pick can change a franchise. . oh wait. . .

Going to work sucks. Cya later.

FireFox said...

I love you guys but it seems like you want to wallow in the misery of losing in the SCF with the depressing pic of Malkin over the stick raise. We don't need any reminders that we lost, we are quite aware of that little fact. Hell, the Pens themselves don't need a reminder either. I'm sure they don't have the Malkin pic hanging up on their bathroom mirrors so they can see it every morning all summer long.

The stick raise represents the good in the season and how much we did enjoy it. It also represents how this is not the last time we see these Penguins get to the SCF. They will be back. I just don't see why you are going out of the way to make sure we all really didn't want the depressing pic up all summer long. Go steal some of your mother's drugs from the medicine cabinet to pep you up if you need it. Bet lets stick with some optimism for next season.


dying alive said...

I'm honestly not trying to job anyone here, but when I see pictures of licking the Cup (or even pretending to do so), it turns my stomach. So, so gross.

Hip said...

I want the Malkin pic. Stick raise makes me bittersweet. Malkin makes me wallow in anguish. I want to be fired up appropriately by October, not reminiscing about what could have been.

Hacksaw - what a low blow. I expected more.

I might make it my personal mission in life to just blow up janitor Chad's sight. What a fucking tool. If there is one type of person I cannot stand it's arrogant pretentious assholes who have nothing to be an arrogant pretentious asshole about.

I'm off to move. Again. For the last time. Good to be in the Mecca though. I'd move 60 times a year as long as it was still up here.

Sooska said...

@firefox- disagree totally. The Stick Raise does not represent anything, especially to anyone who was not there. The Malkin photo reminds us of the gut wrenching, utterly empty feeling of loss. We as fans cannot expect the Pens to get an automatic berth to the SCF next year(see 1993.) Last year they learned what it took to win. This year they learned how Epic Fail feels. The Malkin photo is a reminder to us to cheer when things look bleak because there is reward in the end, and that reward will not feel like this photo. tough love.

PensfanSeoul said...

Going back to yesterday...
I think the versatility of Bill Shatner cannot be overlooked.

He can start right away as the Priceline deal-guy, and help King Shero sign these guys.

He can switch to Denny Crane to work out the legalesse (spellcheckblog?) of those new contracts....

And then to Capt Kirk to take these boys where they have never gone before (and really, what is that...Presidents Trophy, #1 Playoff seed, Stanley Cup Champs?)

He can interchange characters as necesary, Back to Priceline guy around the trade deadline, Denny Crane for MUST win games (having never lost in the Courtroom, not even to his own son) and any other character....

The only thing I can think of as a detracting factor is durability...I dont know if the old guy has it in him for a whole season, and he certainly doesnt bring the intesity of a Hacksaw...But what he does bring is Consistency.

This from my scouts...I hope to check him out in action soon and will report back once I have a more complete scouting report.

Stilly said...


I also loved the duck hunt line. I'll be using it frequently.


Absolutely agree about the Geno pic. The stick raise reminds me of little league baseball. It's not about winning or losing, it's about doing your best. The pic of Geno reminds everyone that the season is pretty much meaningless without the hardware. Shake it down as much as you want, but this team has as many Stanley Cups as the teams from the last decade.

Just like the Buffalo Bills in the early 90's... just getting to the championship game doesn't count. You have to win it.

Dan said...

i have nothing to do at work all day. people we should consider signing:

jack bauer
the kool aid guy
brooklyn brawler
"i'm here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and i'm all out of bubble gum."
rowdy roddy piper
doink the clown
tyler durden

i'll think of more. ALL day.

M. Vanderlasser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
M. Vanderlasser said...

Wow, did anyone watch "When We Left Earth" last night?

They had many interviews with Gene Krantz/Ed Harris...what a beast.

Paul Pierce would not have made a good astronaut.

You could lick worse things than the Stanley Cup. I can think of three. No, wait, four.

dying alive said...

I'm sticking with Darren McCord. Who else has played goal in game 7 of the SCF and simultaneously saved the Vice President from terrorists?

I'm also sticking with my original vote in terms of pics, which was the stick raise. I don't need to feel sad every day all summer long. I come to tPB for laughs, not masochism.

Stilly said...


Did anyone look through the picutes of the parade day? The most hilarious one is Hammond and Kronjoke with either a blow up octopus tenticle or an ultravibe 3000 in the foreground.

Stilly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dying alive said...

Did anyone else hear some guy on DVE this morning talking about how he wouldn't be surprised if Detroit threw an offer sheet in Fleury's direction? I guess it makes sense, but I think he's priority #1 for Shero. I really don't see them getting to July 1 without a deal in place for him.

Also, since I can't resist at least one more shot at the Wings...Fleury is only 23. That puts him about 30 years younger than the team average.

akus said...

*raises eyebrows @ultravibe 3000 and smiles.........anyhows

I do not need a daily reminder of the pain/disappointment of Malkin, to remind me daily of the pain/disappointment i felt.

I vote sticks up. It was a salute.

akus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
akus said...

BTW can i vote for Mad Max without the beard?? Smooth as a baby's ass....

The Seeker said...


I can go on living now with the knowledge that Gary Roberts is leaning towards playing another year!

Grover said Shero's made Fleury priority #1.

The Trib article is also a big deal.

pictureblog? I'm with those that don't need to be reminded how much it hurt. Unless you live on oxycodone, that pain will linger with you all summer. I prefer to be positive about this team and appreciative of the great hockey we witnessed.

JYo said...

@DA: I have read several rumors that many teams, particularly in the east, will put in high offer sheets to any Pens players they can since the know Shero is in a bit of a bind with so many FAs. I would think he will do whatever he can to get Fleury signed before anyone can get him an offer sheet. With some players, he could let them walk and just take the draft picks, but there is no way he can let MAF go.

Lady Jaye said...

@dying alive > when i see people licking the cup, my mom sense turns on and I think: GERMS. How many people have touched it and the dirt on it... I know they take good care of it, but still... ew. It's like licking a sidewalk but prettier.

@me > Oh, what are you getting yourself into? Actually, slush has offered to help plan things as well. So it's all good. I do this work work every summer... can't be that hard right? hahaha.

Re: pictureblog > I still voted for the stick raise. I rather remember the ride that was the season than the final defeat. *takes off the rose shaded glasses*

Stephen S. said...

It is such an honor to be tPB's #1 pick this year! Like i've mentioned in previous comments, we've only scratched the surface here.

@Jonny V(from last post) Hell yea... tattoo away! The only concession is you have to submit pics after you have it done!

JYo said...

The Trib article is also a big deal.

I agree with that. I think it does a nice job of balancing the possibility of bringing a top guy like Hossa back with the reality that they can't afford everyone. I am becoming more of a believer that Hossa may be back! Shocking, I know. I don't know what the ramifications will be for other players, but when Sid says "I want to play with him," I'm guessing Shero has to take that into consideration.

The part that still worries me a bit is Hossa saying "There's always a limit, but I'd rather take a little less and play on a good team, definitely." Saying there is a "limit" and he'll take a "little less" still worries me since the Pens have so many people to take care of and may not be able to offer him only a little less than what some other teams will offer.

Anyway, if they can resign the core young guys and keep Hossa and Orpik, I'd be happy. I'm sure Shero can find cheaper players to fill out the lineup if a few folks leave. Even if Bugsy has to go, so be it. Sid plus Hossa would be deadly and Geno still has Syko to play with.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens and hope for the best. Like Bing said "That's probably the hardest part, knowing that there's not going to be the same guys here."

dying alive said...

when Sid says "I want to play with him," I'm guessing Shero has to take that into consideration.
I thought that as well. I know Sid says that he doesn't try to influence the personnel decisions, but he has to have some sway on who stays and goes. It doesn't mean he goes to Shero and Mario and makes demands or anything, but you'd have to imagine that even though he's under contract, keeping Sid happy is the highest priority of the team. Not that I have any unique insight into what Mario is thinking, but I really believe that he imagines Sid taking the same path he did - spending his entire career with one team. I wouldn't even be surprised to see Sid as part owner some day, but that is probably just my wishful thinking.

I think Shero locks up Fleury before July 1, and tries to do the same with Malone, Hossa and Orpik. You can't blame those guys if they want to test the free agency waters, though. I will say that aside from Sid, Orpik is probably the first guy who I've ever believed is sincere when he said that he'll take a fair offer to stay. Maybe I'm naive, or maybe he's got a better poker face than most (maybe it's the fact that he never blinks), but IIRC his comments about taking less were voluntary and unsolicited, which kind of lends them credence. I do think that the possibility of Hossa staying has increased quite a bit since the end of game six, and the fact that Sid wants him here can't hurt.

Either way, it hurts that some of these guys won't be here next season, and it really doesn't have anything to do with winning or losing.

dying alive said...

The fact that LeMagnifique himself was instrumental in getting Hossa here is also a pretty good sign that they'll do what they can to keep him around.

Dan said...

the thing that worries me about hossa is his agent. i read somewhere he is the worst to deal with in the nhl, and he doesn't believe in taking less.

BlacknGold66 said...

That Paul Pierce diving photoshop is why this place is money.

If I can quote the Foo Fighters real quick,

"I have another confession to make..."

The hurt of not having the Pens to watch every other night or so totally blows.

But tPB/cblog in Summertime is great. It's the only time of year when we all seem to go off the deep end with our comments.

Speaking of which...

I spoke to Ripley this morning. She's willing to take a little less too.

Steve McQueen would consider coming out of retirement. But only for tPB, Leafs and Sens.


Max Power said...

I'm calling it: Orpik = Deal

Basketball = Not a sport

MAF = Deal

GR = Welcome back

Donuts = Crazy delicious

odmE. said...

@ max power - that was perhaps one of the best cblog posts ever.

I'm really pulling for Orpik. I feel pretty confident that Hossa's staying, but I'll be heartbroken if Orpik goes.

Garyrobertsblog. That's all I need to say.

and @ bng66 - steve mcqueen. definitely.

Vanessa Day said...

@ Dan, He could always make a non-agent deal like Ovechkin did (I think it was Ovechkin).

It's so stupid that it has to come down to money.


Vanessa Day said...

Did anyone else notice the subliminal message in this commercial

1. Green & Black= Dallas
2. Orange& Black= Philly
3. Black & Gold= US.

4. WHERE is the RED & White.



jefe penguino said...

i wish would could erase those first two games in detroilet.

this year = stick raise

next year = cup raise

The Seeker said...

@ PensfanSeoul

William Shatner definitely should be a top priority for a replacement to Hacksaw.

Your reasoning is solid gold.....he's got so much potential to fill so many roles it's like, ridiculous.

We need the Priceline guy to keep our core team together.
We need his leadership to lead the team where no humans go.
We need his no-loss courtroom record.

Plus...he's just COOL!

PS: BnG66...Steve McQueen? THE.BEST.EVA!

Dr. Turkleton said...

firefox = soff.

I'm only guessing, cause there's no info under your profile...


You grew up in the 'Everyone gets a Trophy, just for trying' Era?

Maybe the NHL should consider making a smaller version of the Stanley Cup™ to give to the Runner-up so they don't feel shame and no sense of accomplishment.

Heck, while they're at it, the Runner's up to the Wales & Campbell Conference Winners should get a mini-Cup [only SMALLER than the SCF-runner-up] as well.

Each year they could take them out and display them for all to see: like a big Russian Nesting Doll.

So Soff.

[Hossa: 21:11]

Joose said...

Happy Birthday to Stilly and to myself.

Cheers to looking/getting/feeling older!

dying alive said...

Steve McQueen would consider coming out of retirement.

That would be quite an accomplishment!

Donuts = Crazy delicious
I disagree. However, Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = money.

Vanessa Day said...


Happy Birthday! I remember seeing that yesterday on FB!


dying alive said...

Happy birthday joose and stilly!

And I can't speak for firefox, but as someone who agrees with him/her, I will lay out my logic.

a) I don't need daily photographic evidence to remind me that the Pens lost. I haven't taken any blows to the head lately, so I'm not likely to forget the loss or the feeling that followed any time soon.

b) When I come to Pensblog, it's to laugh. If I want to wallow in misery, I'll go to any one of the various Pens message boards out there on the Gore and climb on top of the bridge with the rest of the whining whiners.

c) Speaking personally, seeing that picture of Malkin (or any of the others) does not fire me up or remind me of the ultimate goal. It just makes me feel sad for him. And frankly, I've got enough reasons to feel sad already these days.

Vanessa Day said...

Oh yes... and Stilly! Happy Birthday!!

The Seeker said...

I know they don't give consolation prizes in the NHL.

However....the stick raise picture wasn't them celebrating mediocrity.
They were saluting US, the rabid fans that've stuck behind them since:

-Being at the bottom of the NHL
-Being at the bottom of the East
-Losing in Round 1
-Losing in the Finals

Taking that next step won't be through wallowing in the pain, but by OVERCOMING it.

That which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger...not soff.

Stilly said...

Wooo happy birthday me and Joose!

@those who left me FB messages

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

FireFox said...

Like I said, I don't need a reminder that we lost and I don't have a damn thing to do with what happens on ice. The players don't need a reminder either. Really, it's pointless.

I do have to support of bringing in William Shatner. Specifically, you could use the pic of him screaming from The Wrath of Khan. Bring the rage.

Stilly said...

I love this picture debate.

I happen to agree with Dr. Turk. Soff. As competitors, I'm sure that nobody on the team takes consolation in the fact that they almost won.

If you're moved and motivated by remembering failure, you'll vote for the Stunned pic. If you'd rather remember the ride and salute the season, you'll pick the stick picture.

A fire burns in my belly, and it's fueled by the burden of failure.

Or it might be the Domino's.. who knows.

TheNWChica said...

Happy birfday Joose and Stilly!

Donuts are crazy delicious, but oatmeal with fresh blackberries doesn't suck.

If Staff and c-blog thinks that the stick raise is lame and Geno is way too sad, which it is; maybe we can find a different picture.

I know it was called a little soff, but the one where all the guys were lying on the ice after the team picture might work. It's cute and they're all happy and clean shaven... it's just a positive picture and shows how close they got this season.

Just a suggestion.

Stoosh said...

A few things to remember because I'm not sure if there's some confusion on this...

1. The Pens hold exclusive negotiating rights on all of their free agents until July 1.

2. After July 1, teams can make offer sheets to any free agent we currently have. The big difference is that if the free agent is restricted, the Pens can either match the offer or get compensation back in the form of draft picks. If the free agent is unrestricted, the Pens have no right to match before the free agent makes his decision on where to go.

If people are worried about this roster being pillaged with a slew of Kevin Lowe-like offer sheets to our restricted free agents, keep in mind that these are our restricted free agents heading into this offseason:

Marc-Andre Fleury
Ryan Stone
Jonathan Filewich
Daniel Fernholm
Paul Bissonnette
Patrick Ehelechner
Tim Brent
Mark Ardelan

That's it.


Outside of Fleury, Ryan Stone and mayyyybe Jon Filewich, anyone who wants to make an offer sheet to those other guys can have at it.

Regarding Fleury, I'm about 99.9% sure that Shero and ownership will never allow Fleury to get to the point - July 1 - where an opposing general manager can pull a Kevin Lowe and swoop in with some sort of offer sheet for Fleury, and put the Pens in the same position the Ducks were in with Dustin Penner or the Sabres were in with Thomas Vanek.

Shero knows as well as anyone that there are no goaltenders in the system capable of taking over for Fleury if he leaves (with apologies to Conks), and after Fleury's 2007-08 season, he's cemented himself as the franchise goaltender.

It won't get to that point. He'll be signed before the July 1 deadline.

If it DID get to that point, ownership deserves whatever criticism is levied at them for allowing a restricted free agent like Fleury to hit the open market. And Shero should be immediately fired.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

I think you're missing my point. I didn't mind what the PENGUINS did at all. Classy on their part to not skate right into the locker room as other Penguins teams have done in the past without one final 'goodbye & Thank You' [The 'Volek goal Penguins' come to mind]

That which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger

EXACTLY. but which pics would you use as motivation for next year?

•Puppies, kitties and Stick Raising?


•seeing DET raise the Cup and images of not getting to the Promised Land?

I think they said during the NBC broadcast when Babcock was coaching the Ducks and they were beaten by the Devils in the SCF...he went out to the bench area to witness how NJ celebrated to get as close to that 'feeling' as possible.

I don't think any of the other images depict 'failure'...but rather not reaching their ultimate goal.

Just like a piece of art that can be interpreted millions of ways...
I guess there is no right or wrong answer, just up to each individual that determines what 'inspires' them.

[Hossa: 21:11]

lis said...

Please don't take this the wrong way as I don't mean it to sound the way I'm sure it will be read but:

Does anyone recall the picture that was posted all summer long last year?

If you do, that's why the Malkin picture is even an option to vote.

I personally don't care who votes for what or what the argument is for both but if you were here last summer than you know what we looked at last summer and why.

Again, this is not directed at anyone specifically...but the debate over the end of season pictures seem to be hot one these days.

FireFox said...

@Dr. Turkleton

You're right, you are only guessing becuase you don't know shit.

When did I ever say we diserved to get anything? We lost, I know this because I watched the damn games. I am just being optimistic because no matter how you slice it, we had a great season. But 1 team had 1 better than us.

And they already have a trophy for second place, it's called the Price of Whales trophy. We have it and no one gives a shit as it should be.

Firefox = Soff (whatev)
Dr. Turkleton = FAIL

The Seeker said...

Lis said...

but if you were here last summer than you know what we looked at last summer and why.

I do remember last summer and it was depressing as hell to see that every time I came to tPB.

I know you were advocating anything but I had to respond to how that picture affected me.

BlacknGold66 said...

I'm glad I read cblog before commenting because I was JUST about to say something in regards to the picture we saw all last Summer.

That one hurt every day... just like the Malkin one would.

But come late Summer when "We're only two cell phone bills away..." That picture of Malkin will fire you up.

The "Stick Raise" picture also might be one of those "We lost that guy or this guy" pics... and seeing people that are gone blows.

Dr. Turkleton said...

what ever happened to:

highly regarded prospect, suffered some injures, fell in the draft, Pens took a chance & has disappeared into obscurity after giving North American hockey a brief chance.

Daniel Fernholm.

I ran into him in the Hockey Hall of Fame on Day #2 of the NHL Draft....he was still wearing his Penguin jersey. The program they gave out at the HOF featured Team Canada winning the Gold Medal at the Olympics with Mario Lemieux smack dab in the middle of it....I asked for his autograph & to please don't sign over his future bosses picture.
He probably didn't understand a word I said. As I got a signature that a gemologist would have trouble with.

Giant of a kid. Wish he could have been dishing out Swedish Fish on Mellon ice by now.

[Hossa: 21:11]

The Seeker said...

No offense to anyone, but isn't holding another poll to choose the picture after the first poll was already held kind of an Al 'let's change the rules after I lose' Gore type of thing?

Rochelle said...

i say, don't sign hossa and use that money to keep everyone else.
sid can just pass it to himself.

i really hope malone and oprik stay. i even hope dupuis stays.

(if i spelled anything wrong, well get use to it = allergic to dictonary)

The Seeker said...

I had to laugh st this comment Dr Turk....

"I don't think any of the other images depict 'failure'...but rather not reaching their ultimate goal."

LOL....somehow, I get the sneaky feeling that Malkin, Hossa, etc. weren't exactly thinking 'gee- I didn't reach my ultimate goal' at the time the picture was snapped.

I'll go way out on a limb here and guess they were thinking 'failure' at that particular moment! ;-)

Korn said...

Vote for Malkin. It shows how hard it is to win the Cup, and how hard it is to come that close and not win it. Inspiration for next year.

And Hayden Panettierre licking the Cup is HAWT. Can't get enough of it.

Max Power said...

God damn. Its so hot out. Milk was a bad choice. I just want lunch and now I have to cross the sun to get there! I need a camel.

Smo said...

Just a note... if you read the linked story on the NHL '09 feature, it does say that when on the bench, the camera will be on the bench.

"or call to go back on the ice during a line change (yes, you will sit on the bench when your line is between shifts)"

- a video game where we now sit on the bench. Unreal.

I vote Malkin pic, it makes me want to kick ass next season. Stick raise makes me feel satisfied with how this year ended.

Pensgirl said...

Wow, the post has been up for 9 hours and nobody has mentioned the biggest deal about it: Papa Smurf in the house.

debrisslide said...

I still vote for defeat and Malkin's stunnedness.

I hate the "licking the cup" pictures, too I honestly don't think that anybody should be allowed to mess with it unless they win it.

Max Power said...

Confirmation: Dom Hasek = Retired

Me = still awsome

Stoosh said...

@ Smo -

I'm absolutely going to have to get a next-gen system before NHL '09 comes out.

I'm still using the same PS2 that I got as a Christmas present from the lovely Nancy Stoosh back in 2002. We were at Best Buy yesterday and judging by the fact that their PS2 inventory has been whittled down to a half of a shelf, it looks like the PS2 is finally being phased out of the big box retail stores. And even if the game makers churn out one last 2009 version of NHL, Madden and NCAA Football, those versions will basically be roster updates and that's it. Hell, Madden hasn't changed at all on the PS2 since Madden '06.

I deliberately stayed away from actually playing NHL '08 on any of the next-gen systems because I was afraid of triggering an impulse buy when I knew I couldn't really afford it (we've spent most of the last eight or nine months sinking money into our house and some other stuff).

demondg1 said...


I've been playing NHL 08 nearly every day since it came out late last summer. It's seriously the best hockey game I've ever played. Maybe even the best game I've ever played, period.

I highly recommend it.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Stoosh: I'll still stand witness to the conversation you and your wife had in regards to getting a new game system.

Stoosh said...

@ DemonDG1 -

OK, so I played it like twice. I got it as an early Christmas present (like October-early) for my nephews last year for their XBox 360 and I played a few games on there.

But I didn't see enough of all the bells and whistles to fall in love with it (the create-a-team thing seemed so much better on the next-gen systems than it did on my PS2). But I heard a ton about it.

Just when you think these gaming companies can't do much more with these games, they roll out better and better features. I can still remember how amazed I was the first time I played Madden on a PS1 and it actually looked like you were playing at Three Rivers or Lambeau Field.

snickerdoodles said...

I say post a pic of this hockey fans Holy Grail: Sid in shorts!!

I voted for the stick raise cause I like it. Photos of guys holding their sticks are fine with me.

As for lowly peons (or anyone) licking the Cup: eeeeewwwwwwwww! Like was mentioned earlier by lady jaye if I remember correctly...Germs! Everyone's hands and only Lord Gary knows what else have been all over it. ICKY! That would be like going into a grocery store and licking the shopping cart. Yuk!!! One of those Red Wings could have been spooning with poor Stanley for all we know. Get the Lysol, quick!!!

Dan said...

butters from south park

could be a huge rookie for us this year, just saying.

captain pittsburgh and bing picture was the way to go.

demondg1 said...

With NHL 07 and 08, it wasn't so much about the features as it was about the control. The deke stick is the greatest thing to hit video game hockey since the fat guy little guy combo on NES Ice Hockey.

NHL 09 will be even better since you can use the analog stick to control your defenders stick. I pray they fix the chant to "Let's Go Pens" from "Go Pens Go". That's always pissed me off.

BlacknGold66 said...

Licking the Cup is like licking the sidewalk or shopping cart... licking a stripper's pole.

Yes... it's THAT nasty.


Dr. Turkleton said...

I apologize, the seeker.

I guess:

my interpretation = wrong.
the seeker knows how players' feel/think = right.

Let the record show, I stand corrected.

sorry firefox have to do it:

firefox said:
it's called the Price of Whales trophy.
sounds like something you'd find at a Japanese fish district.

BTW that = epic fail.

firefox, just to say, I'm the KING of typos, and I'm just funning need for a curse-laden response.

[Hossa: 21:11]

Colin said...

To me, this hurts more than any other pic

TheNWChica said...


These are from when Bing launched his clothes line this summer.

#1 #2

The Seeker said...

@ Dr Turk

You know me....just some good-natured jobbing! ;-)

BTW...I DO know how the players feel though. The Seeker knows everything.

dying alive said...

We weren't given an option to vote last year so I don't really think it's a comparable situation, but I hated looking at that picture all summer last year, too.

Also, I hate hockey video games. There, I said it.

snickerdoodles said...

thanks for the links. Sid has more hair on his legs than he grew on his face. Maybe hairy legs should be the playoff tradition. After the game every player has to show them legs! Now I better get back to work.

BlacknGold66 said...

Fuck me in the ear Colin.

That hurts.

Dan said...

we all know if given the opportunity you would lick the cup. germs will die eventually.

Colin said...

@ bng66 -

That one does it for me. Worse than any other pic out there. I have that one saved to the desktop so I have to see it everyday. I turn my head when I power up the CPU.

Katie said...

Pictures of people licking pretty much anything, except maybe ice cream cones, basically gross me out. Not quite sure why anyone would want to lick the Cup. Maybe a nice quick "peck" on the bowl or a hug, perhaps. Maybe it's an age-difference thing. Public displays of tongue were basically frowned upon when I was growing up.

Congrats to Steve! Well-deserved signing. Your pics are always top-notch.

Stilly said...

@dying alive

You don't like hockey games??? I'll bet you've never played NHLPA '93. What an awesome game.

Colin said...

Anyone know if Steven S's stuff made it to streblog? I thought it was supposed to be up sometime soon. Maybe I am just and idiot and am making stuff up, who knows.

Colin said...

^ storeblog

me = joke

J.S. said...


You're right, you are only guessing becuase you don't know shit.

Dude, what's with the hate? He gave an opinion, and you're gonna berate him for doing so?

Not approved by this c-blogger

Dr. Turkleton said...

the seeker,

I know...I know...

I should have capped my 'rant' with a dose of sarcasma...

BTW, I'll have another package going out your way soon...


did you attend any games during the Philly series????....inquiring minds want to know...

[Hossa: 21:11]

dying alive said...

we all know if given the opportunity you would lick the cup. germs will die eventually.
Never. And I'm dead serious. It's not just the germs, but imagining what it would taste like...I'm getting nauseated just thinking about it.

@ stilly - I don't really like any sports games. I guess it's the female side of me, because I do play some games (including a certain online MMORPG that is too embarrassing to name). Mike Tyson's Punch Out was rad when I was a kid, but that's about it.

meecrofilm said...


It's not the germs that bother me. It just seems really disrespectful to just, lick something, like you would a popsicle, that many people put their whole careers just to be able to get a chance to touch the thing and raise it above their head.

-And forgot to mention it earlier, but the Duck Hunt line = money in the BANK.

Mat said...

Hey Pensblog, love you guys!! I wanted to say that this is kind of a tough vote between "Malkin stunned" and "stick raise". Beyond the pictures, you're asking people to choose a "tough" or "happy" ending pic. That's going to sway the vote a lot - lots of people want to see something happy every time they check up on the team. I understand that. But until the Pens win the Cup - and a single, shining picture ends every post for months - we should be reminded that we fell short. That said, we should also be proud of the year.
My point: can't we have both? When I first saw this post, I was excited because it really seemed to sum up the end of the year - devastating that we lost so close, but proud of a great accomplishment as well (3rd SCF in 43 years). Why not keep both up? The stick raise as a nod to the year and the Malkin stunned pain to drive us farther for the next? That's my call. If the vote is close enough - and it's pretty close now - I think that's plenty justification for it.
Oh, and don't forget to take it easy this summer and recharge. You guys are the last word and I (and friends) read every day - make sure you rest up! The offseason prepares you for the long haul of the next... take it easy over there!


Stilly said...

@dying alive

I actually don't care that much for sports games. I absoultely loathe Madden and the NCAA series. I like hockey games though. They don't piss me off nearly as much.

My favorite video game of all time is Metal Gear Solid.. and I really like the whole MGS series. If you give me a choice.. I'll pick a first person shooter over a sports game any day of the week.

JYo said...

If Staff and c-blog thinks that the stick raise is lame and Geno is way too sad, which it is; maybe we can find a different picture.

That is why I liked the Geno on Ice pic. It symbolizes the loss without being so depressing and still shows how much the team accomplished. It felt like a middle ground to me. If I had to pick depressing vs. stick raise, I'll take depressing. Its not that I'm in to that sort of thing, I just feel if you are complacent in any way with what happened this year, you don't have the desire to get over that one remaining hump.

@Stoosh, good point about the small number of important restricted FAs. I supposed MAF is the only one where a big offer would be a problem right now. I think some of the things I had seen assume Malkin and Staal will get big offers in the future, but Shero will likely keep them off the market too. Still, even if UFAs get big offers, it still puts Shero in a bind if they aren't willing to play here for significantly less and then they don't even get draft picks in return.

The deke stick is the greatest thing to hit video game hockey since the fat guy little guy combo on NES Ice Hockey.

I haven't played any games recently so I can't comment on that, but how long until the Wii has a hockey stick attachment and maybe even boards to jump over when you come off the bench?

Dr. Turkleton said...

stilly said:

I'll pick a first person shooter over a sports game any day of the week.

I was playing COD4 when the Red Ring of Death struck.

Also, 3.5 seasons of NHL08 dynasty mode had BETTER work from the detachable HD once I ever get off my lazy Franzen & call Microsoft to send it back.

Anyone know of the turnaround time from sending the 360 back to getting a new [refurb] one?

Victor Raison said...

The MGS series are tight. I can hardly wait until MGS4 comes out later this month.

dying alive said...

@ stilly - I also hate first person shooters, ha. For one thing, I'm just not into guns (I know, I know, it's not a REAL gun). For another, I am teeeerrible at them. Like, can't get past the first stage awful. I don't know if I have bad hand-eye coordination or what.

I like puzzle games and task-oriented games. Nerd alert.

Dr. Turkleton said...

smo said:

or call to go back on the ice during a line change (yes, you will sit on the bench when your line is between shifts)"

- a video game where we now sit on the bench. Unreal.

maybe there will be a Keenan/Kovalev Mode where you NEVER come off the ice.

Victor Raison said...

The God of War games are also some of the best, along with MGS.

Pensgirl said...

I haven't played a video game in ages but the fat guy/little guy selection in "Ice Hockey" was fantastic. That game was so frustratingly stupid but for some reason you just couldn't get enough of it. You could do the same move a thousand times and have a thousand different outcomes. Passes that shouldn't go anywhere near the net would be goals, hits that should have landed perfectly would have you lose a fight. The only predictable thing about it was the fat guys would be slow as hell and the skinny guys would be fast. I have no idea why my brother and I enjoyed playing that so much, but we did. We played it until our NES stopped loading games.

Stilly said...


I've been working my way toward getting a PS3 specifically because of that game. If they hadn't come out with Guns of the Patriots for PS3.. I'd probably wait a couple more years.

As a result of Konami forcing me to buy a PS3, I've decided to make getting a new HD TV a priority with the wifey. Once we have HD, she'll want bluray movies (she's a movie buff) and THEN I can make the argument to get a PS3 to play them. I'm taking the wrap around approach to a PS3.

@dying alive

When I see people don't like guns.. I find that what they really don't like is the violence. If violence isn't your cup of tea.. then it is harder to get into a shooting game.

Loser Chris said...

Dr. Turk,

I just got the red ring of death about a month ago. You'll be fine with the whole hard drive thing, but...

consider yourself warned.

JYo said...

I also hate first person shooters... I am teeeerrible at them. Like, can't get past the first stage awful.

Are you saying you can't get past the first level of Duck Hunt!?!

Stilly said...

ROFL at jyo

SICKburn. Love the use of new material.

Colin said...

I am suprised no one has voted for Blades of Steel as best hockey video game.

Sweet things about Blades of Steel:

*The warm-up song and pre-game skate around the rink.

*You could fight each other by smashing into the other play three times. Sometimes resulting in a penalty shot.

*Sick sound effects.

*The intermission video game.

*The shoot outs if the game was tied.

Great game. Probably up there with Buries It as the reason I started playing hockey.

meecrofilm said...


how long until the Wii has a hockey stick attachment and maybe even boards to jump over when you come off the bench?

Haha, not soon enough. That's hilarious.

And as shooters go, as far as I'm concerned they peaked during the N64 days with Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. I just haven't been able to get into them every since.

I play more sports games now. I find the Winning Eleven soccer series to be very enjoyable, and I still get mileage out of NHL 95 (I used to play NHL 2000 as well, but alas, nevermore). I hate the Madden series. Something just feels "off" when playing those games.

Julia said...

in case anyone cares about Hasek..
but probably not

dying alive said...

@ stilly - I don't have a problem with violence, it's weird. I can watch horror movies or play games like Silent Hill all day long. I just hate first person shooters and guns.

@ jyo - Duck Hunt might be the only exception.

Colin said...

Anyone out there enjoy FIFA? I am a huge fan of the FIFA series.

Stilly said...


Have you ever played Half-Life or Counter-Strike? Best FPS ever. Most of the console games I play are actually third person shooter (CoD4, MGS, GTA, etc...), but hands down CS owns Goldeneye (which I knew you were going to say as soon as I saw N64. Best game for that console)

Victor Raison said...


That seems like a good strategy to me. Back in the day, the DVD player was a big justification for getting the PS2. But yeah, I didn't want to get a PS3 right away either, until they announced Guns of the Patriots. So now I have a decision to make. Gas to get to work for a week, or a PS3. It's these types of life decisions that necessitate motivational speakers.

Stephen S. said...

@ Colin
I believe stuff will be up soon... the guys may be concentrating on getting the season recap up first. I'll see if I can't lend a hand on the storeblog stuff.

Stilly said...

@dying alive

I'm going to stay away from the "why does it matter if its guns or chainsaws" question for now. The last thing I want is to get into a political debate with a bunch of people I enjoy. That's always a way to go from friend to not friends very quickly.

My wife over the weekend asked for Spyro the dragon and a couple of the Crash Bandicoot games for PlayStation. Both are really fun throwbacks if you're tired of cutting edge graphics and realism.. haha.

Mr. Plank said...

Hey guys I was browsing the interwebs and thought youd guys find this interesting:

Bimbo bashes the Burgh'

by the way....

nhl 08 = best game ever
nhl 09 = sign me up for a three months supply of "oops i crapped my pants." that game is going to be unreal.

Colin said...

@ steven s. -

Ah yes, the year end recap. Seeing as they just said how daunting of a task it is in today's post, I should have remember, but I didn't.

Stilly said...

@mr. plank

Solid reference with the Oops I crapped my pants. I can't remember if it was Mad TV or SNL (they run together for me at this point), but a hilarious skit none the less.

Stilly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheNWChica said...

I could eat that burger; then I'd beat the crap out of that chick being an irritating wuss.

Mr. Plank said...

@ stilly: haha thanks man, im 97% sure it is snl.

god i cant wait for nhl 09.

Stilly said...


What burger are you talking about? I missed something didn't I.

Stilly said...

Nevermind. I'm an idiot. I didn't click the linky.

sirimanni said...

watching pierce was almost as bad as watching any point of a soccer game when 2 players come remotely close to touching each other. apparently the key is to cover your face and turn from side to side in case you are laughing at your embarrassing display. that being said i still love to watch soccer

Stilly said...

What an ignorant slut. She can come to Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield and we'll go head to head on the two pound burger. I'll beat her Pittsburgh bashing ass.

Pensgirl said...

Mr. Plank, it says more about her that she hates Pittsburgh than it says about the city. I mean, if you hate that you're pretty much worthless as a judge of anything.

I'm sure your team's greatest captain ever ;) would be happy to show you around if you ever wanted to visit!

Mr. Plank said...

@ Pensgirl: Haha dont even get me started on that farce of poll I have running right now. Eggonmyfaceblog. You're really pushing my buttons the wrong way ma'am ;)

@ Stilly: Here's the Oops I Crapped My Pants link. So funny.

Dr. Turkleton said...

if anyone has a spare minute or's the:
Evolution of NES Hockey
NHL 94 intro
NHL 95 intro
NHL 96 intro
NHL 97 intro
NHL 98 intro
NHL 99 intro
NHL 00 intro
NHL 01 intro
NHL 02 intro
NHL 03 intro:IT'S IN THE GAME intros
NHL 04 intro:IT'S IN THE GAME intros
NHL 05 intro
NHL 06 intro
NHL 07 intro

I think the phrase, 'You've come a long way, baby' would qualify as the understatement of the year.

My fav in from NHL 99...I wish they'd go back to actual hilites/intro instead of CG stuff...

@loser chris

ouch. I've heard some nasty stories when it comes to sending them back...mine is a shot in the dark since my wife broke it...and by broke it, she accidentally spilled coffee that got into it.

So, if there's any problems with the 'new' one or they won't fix the old one, I already have on reserved at Christina-Mart on lay-a-way.

xuscbausp said...

i just got back to NJ to find that hacksaw is gone AND there's a picnic??


wilsmith said...

Who are you people to tell someone else what a picture represents to them?

just because you voted stick raise doesn't make you a pussy.

i voted for the stick raise because the malkin photo is just a crappy photo.

penstone410 said...

huge FIFA fan too! had a "oops i crapped my pants" with FIFA 08 =)

while watching that vid of Pierce, i thought the same thing. it looked just like every other soccer "dive" and just made me crack up!

somechic said...

Duck hunt reference=solid

Stilly said...


No NHLPA '93????

Come on there was broken glass and blood and a SWEET scoring glitch. It's the game that all NHL games came from.

xuscbausp said...

while its not a video game, im actually watching uefa euro right now. come on NED; get the upset over italy

Pensgirl said...

Mr. Plank if it makes you feel better my sole involvement is the gentle jobbing I gave you above - I did not actually participate in the skewing of your results.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@wilsmith: Thank you ... vote for what you want up ... by the time people check c-blog, they already voted ... what's the point of trying to convince a person who voted? And why are we arguing over this anyways?

I am horrible at most video games ... so horrible that my cousin makes me play Halo, so he can have more kills ... I'm not to bad when I get into a vehicle, though ... Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is probably the only game I can play well that isn't a sport ...

I hope that bitch chokes on the hamburger ... dissing Pittsburgh ... what an ass ...

Pierce is a joke ... I can't watch basketball for this reason ... whiny boys who can't take anything without rolling on the ground for 10 minutes ... grow a pair ...

Dan said...

can't wait for ms. lander to be fat, washed up, and obscure.

Dr. Turkleton said...


i couldn't find an 'intro' so I said: Fudge It.'s a commercial:


Stilly said...

I guess i'm an arrogant asshole Wilsmith.

I suppose I should hedge all of my statements with "This is how I perceive you feel when... and then make a statement.

Wouldn't want to make any obvious generalizations. I feel like I'm back in intercultural communications class.

Stilly said...


I said that to my wife when we were watching sportscenter. I hate watching basketball. What pisses me off is that the friggin NBA has a deal with ESPN and ABC and hockey is stuck on Versucks.

Pierce must've needed a diaper change or maybe he needed to powder his thighs. All I know is that the losers who think Pierce is tough for "playing through it" need to get a life. That little dive and dramatic show was weaksauce.

xuscbausp said...

nhlpa93 was amazing.
randomblog: i still dont know how to do the links in cblog. whoops.

Stilly said...

Hahaha thanks Dr. Turk

That game was the best. Whenever someone got hurt and bled, it looked like someone shot them in the face. I love that game.

Stilly said...

@IHK and colin

I'm thoroughly disappointed with France. They played to a goaless draw today against Romania. If I were a flyers fan, i'd make it sound like he was Pele and blame the loss on losing him... I really hope that they can pull it together and beat Netherlands outright. Because they're going to have their hands full with the Italians.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@stilly: I know ... it's ridiculous ... I can't even consider basketball a real sport because they train themselves to dive and be babies, while hockey players are tough ...

I hate Versus with a passion ... It would be nice to watch a hockey game with people who are actually intelligent ... I love when Doc Emerick kept telling us that in OT 1 goal wins it ... duh!

Oh the Italians are a handful ... they are such a strong team ... what was France even doing?

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Italy get your heads on straight!! You are playing the Netherlands!!!

dying alive said...

@ stilly - It's actually not really a political debate. I have a friend who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound and another who was shot to death, so I don't care for guns. It's pretty much as simple as that - personal experience. I was a little vague with my reasoning up front, but I tend to not like to get into political discussions or "guns don't kill people, people kill people" discussions about them either because it is a sensitive topic for me. But since you mentioned not wanting to get political, I will share my reasoning.

As for that woman bashing the Burgh...I'll refrain from giving my opinion on Texas since we have some cbloggers who live there. Let's just say I'm a northerner all the way and leave it at that.

And I can't believe that I'm the only one here who is nerdy enough to play (or at least, be willing to admit to playing) World of Warcraft.

Mr. Plank said...

@ Pensgirl: Its actually pretty funny to look at considering Errey only played a season and a half with us and didnt do anything exceptional. His vote total is bigger than Carnie Wilson before she got lipo.

Thanks for your self control though. Much appreciated.

Stilly said...

@dying alive

Sorry to hear about your experiences. You didn't have to explain yourself to me.. or anyone else for that matter.

I actually never got into WarCraft because i'm afraid it would've engulfed me. I've heard it called WarCrack and with my propensity for video game addiction.. I didn't want to risk it.. haha.

Mr. Plank said...

@ xuscb...:

< a href="url of whatever youre linking" >text you want that url to be linked to < /a >

NOTES: No spaces between the < a etc.

I only did that for the explanation, it should all look like one long run on sentence.

ex. yadayadayadayadayadayada

hope that helps

Stilly said...


Oh shit! Netherlans are up 2-0. I can't believe that Italy and France are going to be at the bottom of that group. Just totally lame.

dying alive said...

@ stilly - I can see how someone with an addictive personality could get hooked on WoW. It is very immersive and it doesn't really have an ending, you could probably go on playing the same character forever. I just have too many other things going on in my life between work, relationship, family, dogs, friends, hockey, etc. for it to really become a problem for me. I like it, but not that much. As with just about everything else in my life aside from the really important stuff, I also seem to have a short attention span with it so it's rare for me to play for more than two hours at a stretch.

Most of my characters have names that reference the Pens in some way.

Colin said...

@ stilly & ihk -

Netherlands up 2-0?

Me = Stunned.

I bet Italy will get at least one back, Netherlands back line is soff.

As far as France goes, I think they need to play Evra at left back and get more creative in midfield. Maybe play Nasri or Diarra. They have great strikers but nothing creative in the middle of the park.

Stilly said...

@dying alive

Yeah I'm streaky when I play video games. Take Guitar Hero for example. I got GHII last June and played it pretty heavily for about 4 months. I probably have played it 5 or 6 times since. Same deal with GHIII. I'll play something for 4 hours a day for a while, then I won't pick it up for a year or two.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@colin: I'm stunned right now ... Luca Toni isn't looking right, which obviously upsets me ...

Colin said...

@ ihk -

I am at work reading it on ESPN is a direct quote..."The Italians looked stunned."

Are they really missing Cannavaro?

Max Power said...

Hockey vs Basketball

Basketball: you make contact with someone and they get 2 free shots on net.

Hockey: You skate in and risk getting murdered. If illegal contact is made you still have to get the biscut passed the goalie.


Basketball: you can only commit so many fouls before being ejected from the game.

Hockey: Feel free to commit as many fouls as you like.

Basketball: you get in a fight and you are kicked out of the game

Hockey: you get in a fight and spend 2, 5 or 10 minutes in the box. You may be kicked out but only if you were a cheap dick about it

Real Life: you get in a fight and you spend 2, 5 or 10 years in jail.

I ask you now which is a sport of men? Besides modern basketball was created by a Catholic Priest for his female stundents as a way to increase their physical fitness. No offense meant ladies.

xuscbausp said...


Stilly said...

Wow both Zambrotta and Toni have yellows. They better be careful. I can't believe that Holland has so many shots.

I'm trying to make a duck hunt reference for Zambrotta and Materazzi.. but I just can't come up with a good'un.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I don't think they are really missing him ... the one goal seemed kinda lucky and a lot of skill because Sneijder elevated himself enough to kick it over the goaltender who moved so he could block the shot ... I think Luca Toni isn't playing his game right now, he got a yellow card and Zambrotta is usually one of my fav. but he got one too ... I'm just mad ... the Dutch are definitely bringing it. They are playing defensively well ...

xuscbausp said...

and thanks mr. plank

TheNWChica said...

2-0??? GO BIG ORANGE! says the little Dutch girl. ;)

Stilly said...


France brings back Zidane to take out Materazzi in their group stage meeting.

xuscbausp said...

thenwchica: hellz yes!! living in hoboken, it's all italians and im making them quite upset with my loud cheering hahaha.

Colin said...

There is no doubt the Dutch can attack. They basically play a 4-2-4. I think they will give up a goal or two in the second half though.

Stilly said...


I doubt the Italian will see an inch of space. If I'm Holland, I play a 6-3-1 and play defense and counter-attack all day.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@chica: 2-0? Anger sets in with this little Italian girl ...

@Stilly: Ha, that would be interesting to say the least ... I would pay to watch them fight ... *laughs*

meecrofilm said...

Nice. I want Holland to take the whole thing.

Can't believe Ruud missed that 1-on-1 with buffon.

66 buries it.

regarding FPSs, it's not so much thata the games aren't quality. I know they are. But I've never felt comfortable using the dual-joystick setup for FPSs. It just feels unnatural to me.. like i don't have total control over it. The joysticks in general for the PS and Xbox I've never felt fully comfortable. I always use the D-pad for Winning Eleven.
That's why I could never really get past the N64 for FPS. I liked the c-button setup for secondary movement. I just physically can't use the new controller setup.

Stilly said...

I think I might be the only person in the US who is rooting for France. It feels awesome.. haha.

Stilly said...
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Colin said...

@ stilly -

I agree that they should shut the game down, but we will have to see how well attacking players like Kuyt, Ruud, Sneijder, and Van der Vaart.

Van der Saar will be tough to beat though.

TheNWChica said...

Tis true Kaspar, and they're at the 48th minute of the match too.

xuscbausp said...


meecrofilm said...

Wow, Van der Saar lookin like Marty Biron on that free kick being so far off the near post..

stokes said...

Krista Lander = Choke on vomit.

Yoda for Motivational Picture Starter next year. Yoda can will the Pens to victory, for he has been a Jedi Master for over 900 years.

J.S. said...

what's weird is Pittsburgh-hater looks like somebody I went to high school with, except that she's 8 yrs younger. In her defense, she does like the Penguins and hates the Wings.

I can't defend her any further though.

xuscbausp said...

hey toni:


J.S. said...

(waaaaay up c-blog, re: Hasek)

to hell with him, he probably took a dive at his presser and complained to somebody that it wasn't called.

Good riddance Dominator, don't hurt anybody in any inline leagues this year. Dick.

Colin said...

Cassano is coming on, YES.

xuscbausp said...


Colin said...

Oh man.

Italy = Stunned

debrisslide said...

@ max - Basketball is the only sport I was ever capable of being good at. I played in grade school and I was badass at defense--one of the best on the team. The fact that I'm ridiculously unathletic and female should say something about that. . .

And I don't understand why people are always randomly coming out and saying that they hate Pittsburgh. Well, I've heard it on two occasions--from that actress that was filming The Mysteries of Pittsburgh here (which will probably suck--Michael Chabon will not be pleased) and this lady. Maybe I'm just insensitive to the bashing of other cities, but it seems weird.

Max Power said...

@ j.s.

I too rejoiced by hating.

xuscbausp said...

so true.
Hoboken=Stunned. HA-HAW

meecrofilm said...

Wowww. what an exciting game.

Huge save by Van der Saar, and then another counter.

Gio is a great offensive-defenseman. The only two times he's decided to come up and lead the attack have both resulted in goals.

The Seeker said...

My 2nd Amendment bumperstickers:

"Protect Your Right To Bare Arms - Where Short Sleeves"

"Protect Your Right To Arm Bears"

The Seeker said...

She can hate Pittsburgh all she wants, I hate anyone ever named Krista

Max Power said...

@ the seeker

Good god man. You can't arm the bears! They already break in to your shit. Imagine if they were armed? No picnic basket would be safe and I suspect there would be a shortage of honey too. In that regard I am for gun control.

Katie said...

@debrisslide -- Mysteries actually received good reviews and a very good reception at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this Spring, so I'm hopeful it does ok once released. It's not being released with the hopes of being a blockbuster, but it may sneak up and do well. Also, I heard that a lot of the great response was due to the cinematography and that notwithstanding the story taking place in Pittsburgh, that it really shows the Pittsburgh beautifully.

I really wish when people say they hate Pittsburgh that they would give some explanation. At least Sienna Miller stated her reasons (even if they were stupid). My guess is that this tv newsperson probably applied for a job in Pittsburgh and didn't get it.

xuscbausp said...

off to taunt italian fans in north jersey. 3-0! WOOOOOOOO

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@xuscbausp: We are no longer on speaking (more like writing) terms ... no one makes fun of Luca Toni ... I love him, he's awesome ... he's my 2nd fav. Italian next to the crazy Gattuso ... Gattuso is a beast ... possibly the Gary Roberts of Italian soccer ...

Don't worry the Dutch aren't gonna win anything else ... their defense is usually poor and Italy is a straight up better team ... like the announcers said don't ever count Italy out ...

Soccer almost gets me as crazy as hockey does ... wow, I should take a breather ... I get way too excited ...

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@xuscbausp: I should have probably said I was kidding w/ you but I can't think through allergies ...

Pensgirl said...

Everybody hear the news about the HNIC song being purchased by TSN's owner (if not, visit Dr. Mirtle)? I'm thinking that'd be like 48 Hours purchasing the "tick-tick-tick" sound used by 60 Minutes. That'll be bizarre for people to hear it used for a different show after so long, even if it is about the same subject.

Pensgirl said...

Katie, like I said, if someone hates Pittsburgh it says a lot more about them than it does about the city. There's no such thing as a perfect place but seriously, what's to hate? The museums? No wait, the teams. Or the universities. The symphony! Wait, I know...the rivers. Those damn blasted rivers, with all the "having to cross them!" What bullshit that is!

JYo said...

Stilly, are you from the Clearfield area? Denny's is the first place I thought of when I saw that article, but you beat me to it.

Katie said...

@pensgirl -- I totally hear ya (and agree). The whole having to cross a river thing bugs me to no end. Here in Portland, I hear the same things from people as to why they won't go to certain events or do thing -- "wah, it's too much trouble to cross the river" and "the bridges are a pain". Although in Portland, sometimes the bridges are a pain because there are three in a row that are drawbridges and that can be a hassle sometimes, but still....the benefits of living in a river area so outweigh the negatives.

The Seeker said...

I'm sort of 1/2 serious about arming bears.

I'm not a big fan of hunting even though I fully support people's right to do it and to own guns.

I also know in a macabre way, it's supposed to "help" the deer from starving to death, etc.

I personally just couldn't look at a deer in the scope of a rifle and pull the trigger. Why not just take a camera and snap a picture instead? If you get a good picture, everyone knows you could have shot the poor defenseless thing.

It seems kind of unfair that the deer aren't armed and stalking people. Maybe if they mined the woods to level the playing field a bit???

FireFox said...

Okay. Lemme back down a few notches and just put it this way about the season ending pic and this is all I will say on it.

If we pic the Malkin pic, we see it everyday, get a little angry, get a little fired up, get a little taste for blood right? But is anyone here playing for the team? It's motivational for sure, but it is motivating the wrong people. The reminder really doesn't serve a purpose because no matter what we do, it will not change the outcome of the game save some really loud support at home games.

Stick that picture in the players lockers when they come back for the summer and I am sure they will be motivated. But again, you know they don't need the motivation.

So happy pic or sad pic, they really don't make a difference either way. Maybe no pic at all is the best option. But I am at the whatev stage of the debate now.

meecrofilm said...

@ i h k

Gattuso IS Super Mario. Like, seriously. If Gattuso was in a videogame he'd be bouncin off turtle shells and cleanin pipes with his taller, younger brother, (Gian)Luigi. Seriously though, they do look eerily alike.

The Seeker said...

My friend from Montreal that came to Pittsburgh for Game 6 absolutely LOVED the city. He also loved the Mellon Arena and thought it would be a sad day to see it torn down.

Montreal is also a beautiful "river" city, so that meant something to hear him say that. If you've never been there, then you need to's the closest thing to being in Europe without leaving North America.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@meecrofilm: They do look eerily alike ... But Gattuso is more fit and doesn't walk around in a plumber's outfit ... or so I think ... *laughs* Ha, that is funny, though.

I just think Gattuso is an amazing soccer player. He makes a lot of smart passes and laughs when people fall ... I was laughing during this game after he made a Dutch kid fall down and he just smiled at the ref ...

Dan said...

d'oh how could i forget dirty harry for tpb to sign? the only man who is possibly scarier than gary roberts!

wilsmith said...



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