Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fear and Loathing in Pittsburgh

No matter what the Penguins do this offseason,
it is already rightfully being labeled as the busiest offseason in franchise history.

They haven't even made moves yet, and it seems so many people
are just getting completely jammed-up for no reason at all.

Honestly, what the hell is even going on?
It's not as bad as everyone is making it out to be.

As far back as we can remember, fans and the Pittsburgh media alike have been clamoring
for the Pens to get Crosby an established scoring winger.

Well, look where we are at now. We were just in the SCF.
We have first dibs on a top-flight scoring winger in the prime of his career.
Sold. No question. Next.

And we can sign Evgeni Malkin to an extension? Sold.
And we get a huge break by MAF agreeing to go to salary arbitration? Sold.

Ryan Malone is a beast.
He will forever be endeared in our hearts for the grit he showed in the SCF.
But he's not worth $5 million a year.
[Picture+5.<span class=
The other free agent the Pens would like to re-sign is Brooks Orpik.
People will always remember the shift in Game 3 of the SCF.
Is he worth $3-$4mill a year?

Speaking of $4mil/year, can the Pens afford to wait
for Ryan Whitney to play into that salary?

While we're at it, let's put it out there that Gary Roberts isn't worth $2.5 million.
Yea right.

All we can say that if this was a video game, Ryan Whitney would be traded.
Actually, we already did trade him...for boobs.

Sure not everyone can stay. But are we sure?
Is it written in stone somewhere?

The easy thing to do is say it is impossible to keep a core together.
Bottom line, there is a lot more that can go right, than can go wrong.


Watch the news. Read a newspaper.
And you will be blasted with fear.
It's what sells. They like that power trip.

Why tell the story about the dude who stopped on the Parkway to help someone with a flat tire
when you can run a story about how everyday medicine in pharmacies will kill you?

It's no different with sports media.
Pittsburgh writers and talk-show hosts are milking it for all it's(its) worth.
(For all it IS worth? Or for the worth that it possesses?)

A newspaper journalist's job is to sell newspapers.
Never, ever, ever, ever forget that.
So they pen columns about how the Pens will be a train wreck no matter what they do this offseason.
[Picture+3.<span class=
People have this vision of Crosby, Staal, Malkin, Fleury, Whitney, and now Hossa
winning 13 Stanley Cups in a row.

It's not gonna happen.

Other people have visions of the Penguins losing Malkin, losing Staal, and killing off MAF.

It's not gonna happen.

There are 29 other teams that have a chance now.
This is what happens when a salary cap is introduced.
And this is why the NHL will see some big time success.
You look at the NFL, for example, and you see that teams have a solid run for a year or two, then disappear for a year or two to reload.
Or other teams just lose AFC championships games at home all the time.

However, the exceptions to the rule (New England, Indianapolis, Philly for a while)
have exemplary players as their core and endlessly rotate the supporting cast.

As long as Crosby and Malkin themselves as the #1 and #2 centers,
Pittsburgh will be an attractive destination for anyone,
especially those veterans who want one last shot at the Cup.


Rob Rossi started all this fear-mongering
when he said that the Pens are making Hossa their number-one priority.

Ray Shero knows things are going to get out,
but would he really tell as many people as Rob Rossi made it sound?

"....according to several players, agents and team officials who spoke to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on the condition of anonymity."

Okay, maybe that seems legit.

But here is what doesn't make sense.
Rossi said this later in his piece:

"The Penguins' focus on a deal for Hossa should not affect Malkin's possible extension."

Not a day later, a writer for the same newspaper, Joe Starkey, writes this:

"A month ago, Evgeni Malkin was the toast of the town.
Now, you wonder if he's just plain toast. "

So we have two self-proclaimed Penguin insiders...
Two guys that say they know the Penguins locker room...
Two guys that have to sell newspapers.

And we get two different stories from them?

Mark Madden, writing for the [ Beaver County Times ], which if he really wants to reach people, he'd be better served screaming at the top of the Gulf Building, writes this:

"It’s not time to run Malkin out of town just yet, but he does cause some annoyance. He either won’t learn English or too often refuses to use it. Manufactured illness excuses aside, Malkin disappeared during the Stanley Cup final and seemed hard-pressed to match the passion that playing for the sacred chalice created in the rest of the dressing room. He reportedly told management that Sergei Gonchar staying long-term is a condition of him staying long-term and while the Penguins would be nuts to trade Gonchar anyway, Malkin has zero right to make that demand."

Malkin has zero right to make that demand? Come on.
If Crosby makes that demand, no one says a word.

Why are people so willing to throw Malkin under the bus?

Be glad he doesn't want to learn English, as Madden suggests,
because the way the media is completely jobbing him now is an embarrassment.


So, what happens after all this goes down?
Other media outlets and bloggers get wind.

From [ Mirtle ] to [ Puck Daddy ], opinions are offered.

Couple this with TSN's complete obsession with the Penguins,
and you have an avalanche of analysis that could suffocate you.


Last time we checked, the Penguins still have Malkin, Crosby, Staal, and Fleury under contract.
If Hossa signs, he signs.
If he doesn't, then the Pens will get someone else.

The best thing you can do is ignore all this vomit...and focus on the facts.
Ray Shero took this job, knowing full well what he was getting into.

Step back and gain some reality.

This offseason is not going to turn out as bad as everyone has already manufactured it to be.
If it is, it is your fault.


[NHL-draft-logo-<span class=

The host team, the Ottawa Senators, want to move up in the draft. [ Slam! ]
They may even put up a big mural of Alexandre Daigle as inspiration.

More draft stuff:

:: The guys at [ Kurtenblog ] had a draft of the funniest hockey player names.
Marcel Bonin was overlooked.

:: So what are the Capitals asking potential draftees these days? [Japers]

:: [GoingFiveHole] is having a excellent look back on some players getting drafted:

Our favorite thus far:

Was Sundin 12?


They're picking 120th...in the 4th round.
Where have all these draft picks gone?

1st Round Pick:
It went to Atlanta in the Hossa trade.

2nd Round Pick:
It went to Toronto for Hal Gill.
Not all is lost, since the Pens grabbed up the Leafs 5th-round pick in 2009.

3rd Round Pick:
Round 3's pick went to Phoenix with Daniel Carcillo for Big Georges Laraque.

4th Round Pick:
It is 120th overall; second to last in the 4th round.

:: [Faceoff Factor] is your place to be with some candidates on who the Pens might take. And you thought we had no lives.


Daniel Alfredsson, Brian Campbell, Tomas Kaberle, Andrei Markov, Tim Thomas, Kimmo Timonen, Tomas Vokoun, Pavel Datsyuk, Manny Legace, Evgeni Nabokov.

Who are these players?
They are 10 of the 42 players that suited up for this past season's All-Star Game.

Also, they were drafted with the 120th pick or later.
Oh, and Martin St. Louis wasn't even drafted.
But Martin St. Louis is big.



Crosby is coming out with some DVD.
Thanks to [Anthony D] for the heads up:



What 45 year old douche screams "Get in the hole," at the top of their lungs after every shot?

Tiger Woods is a dick



:: "MVP: The Secret Life of Hockey Wives" premieres on SoapNet [ Epic Carnival ]

Charlie is deleting old "Designing On a Dime" episodes to clear up space on his Tivo set

:: If you're like us, you love watching peoples lives get destroyed.

We happened to catch the latest [Intervention] on AE last night.
No other show features more "You=Stunned," moments.
Normally we wouldn't mention it, but apparently the dude on it used to be some big time American cyclist.
He was going to try out for the Olympics, but he made fun of Lance Armstrong, and the next day he lost his try out chance because of it or something.
Then he got addicted to crack cocaine.

So basically it was all Lance Armstrongs fault.

This is what happen when hockey isn't on.


:: With the hiring of Barry Melrose all but announced in Tampa Bay,
the Lightning are pursuing Rick Tocchet for an assistant position. [ Arizona Republic ]
Odds are Tampa Bay is going to look quite different next year.

:: Did the Bruins sign Blake Wheeler? [Bruinsblog]

:: [Melrose Rocks], not happy about how Yashin and his turtleneck might be joining the Islanders again.

:: Oilers draft talk. [Lowetide]
That link was the only way to set up this wicked Kevin Lowe Photoshop:

[Sean L.]


:: Someone jobbed Fedko last night, not sure if they still replay the show at 3:00pm or not on PCNC.
But if they do, could someone tape it?

For the rest of the Summer.
We are putting a hit out on John Fedko.

Prank his show, upload it to YouTube, and at the end of the summer we'll hold a vote on the funniest one.

Winner gets 200 bucks.


Game #7
[pit.<span class=[<span class=
2 - 1
[Whiteout, Our Balls. PENS WIN.]

When you notice that there's 5:00 left and wonder where the period went, stuff gets a little crazy.
The puck squeaks past Fleury and nudges off the post.
Eaton morphs into Fleury again.
The puck comes back around the net, and Eaton does some sort of ninja flop to make a save.





Go Pens


joosh1500 said...


eileenover said...

What a waste of a first comment.

joosh1500 said...

crosby-"I would own you on a pond"
haha classic

Beav said...

Joosh, I'd own you on the surface of your choice

joosh1500 said...

bring it beav

Beav said...

poor choice, what you don't realize is that i'm good from grass to clay to ice.. wimbledon doesn't mean shit to me

jefe penguino said...

hey joosh at least read the post before you comment. that took me forever to read. and it was worth it.

Beav said...

let's just say i love the girls of cblog and i am heading to bed

nu said...

Heh. Here we are.

joosh1500 said...

dude i read it after i was just pumped it was up

jefe penguino said...

the girls of cblog? is there a calendar in the works?

Beav said...

@ jefe

If there was a girls of Cblog calendar, I'd never leave the computer

Annie said...


I wonder what the cblog ratio is of guys to girls... it seems to be pretty even.

jefe penguino said...

haha i had to ask.

i fixed this line in the post:

The best thing you can do is ignore all this vomit...and focus on the PENSBLOG.

joosh1500 said...

good call jefe

megz590 said...

"A newspaper journalist's job is to sell newspapers."

Staff I said the exact thing to my father yesterday after he read Stockey's BS column and began panicking.

They are truly milking this whole free agency business for all its worth. Somehow they expect us to give up a winger who will take bing to unbelievable levels and also get rid of the player who, with the help of conkblock, got us into the playoffs. Makes me sick.

Was it this bad last season? I only began watching this October

nu said...

Okay, carryoverblog:

Hey, so on depressingrelationshipsblog, can we please discuss why Conks, the love of my life, is automatically assumed to be leaving and why we can't trade Sabu instead?

and the fact is that there AREN'T really any starting jobs out there and not that many backup spots, and guys like Huet, Theodore, Ellis, and maybe even Ray freaking Emery are ahead of him.

But the problem is we can't have 3 goalies and Sabu's under contract and not going to WBS. But again, if there's nowhere to trade a solid cheap spot starter, how and WHERE the heck is Conks supposed to sign and get more time and money???

eileenover said...

That's a good question nu. If they don't trade Sabu and keep Conks, they're nuts IMO.

eileenover said...

Ok I really need to sleep now. Goodnight c-blog.

nu said...

Everybody's like "oh, Sabu's only gonna play <15 games; it doesn't matter, save the money" - uh. WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENS AND OUR BACKUP HAS TO BE OUR STARTER AGAIN? (and yeah, having your starter play 65+ games ain't the best strategy when the playoffs come round...)

Not to mention that Conks is so good for MAF, mentoring-wise and competition-wise and Sabu, well, ain't.

I think Conks is really more valuable here than he would be elsewhere and I don't think it'd take more than a few extra $100k to keep him....but a) no one seems to care and b) I'm pretty sure he's going to go, regardless.

G'night, Eileen.

jefe penguino said...

well conks is the UFA, so i guess thats his problem to find somewhere to sign if we dont find a way keep him. he might be wanting a raise on his 500k, and since money is gonna be TIGHT, it doesnt look good for him to stay here i would imagine. sabu is only making 525k and is nhl only. hopefully if hes backup he will develop more this season.

but i would welcome a sabu trade to keep conks if thats what it takes cause i agree with Nu. maybe get a higher draft pick for friday.

brndlynn said...

great post staff! you guys are getting me through this summer.
@ the guys of cblog - i dont see a calendar in your future ;)
re: conkblock
i really think they need to trade sabu - but seriously? who's gonna wanna take him?

jefe penguino said...

so i was gonna go to a draft party at a local bar on friday (in phx, coyotes peter mueller and some other dude will be there. and the mascot, woooo).

they are only doing the first round on friday. the pens should pull some strings to get a first rounder back so i can have something to be there for.

brndlynn said...

well its been fun cbloggers but my nephew just woke up so i gotta feed him and then i get to go to bed. g'nite!

Kat said...

25th? Yeesh. I have to get better at this game.

jefe penguino said...

"..the minor planet that orbits the sun between Mars and Jupiter officially has been named 7835 Myroncope in honor of legendary Steelers broadcaster Myron Cope.." pg

Lang said...

Be glad he doesn't want to learn English, as Madden suggests,
because the way the media is completely jobbing him now is an embarrassment.

Well put.

bbbbrian said...

(God I hope that's spelled right}

1.) Malkin (just barely ahead of)
2.) Fleury (arbitration YESSS!!!)
3.) F. Candy
4.) Hossa

The good Doc Mirtle has a great stat on goal scorer's production after 30 years old. Hossa is HUGE, if we can keep him I will blow a load but I do not think it's anywhere near as important to pay him compared to numbers 1-3 above.

From Mirtle's blog discussing players who have ever scored 50 goals in a season:

"Seventy-eight per cent had their last 40-goal season before turning 31."

"Fifty-seven per cent had their last 30-goal season before turning 31."

"In terms of production and longevity when it comes to 50-goal men, they represent the average.

Average age they last played 60 games in a season: 33.3
Average age they last scored 40 goals in a season: 28.5
Average age they last scored 30 goals in a season: 30.5"

So Hossa's at the age where his play may start to turn down, think about Malone who had 27 goals. That amount he wants seems absurd; granted Hossa has proven more than Malone but I would rather keep Malkin (if you don't think it's obvious why you're a douche), Fleury (damn that post about the trial between Conks and MAF was hilarious but he showed you why he deserved the starting spot), and Free Candy (WAAAYYY WAAAYY WAAYY better than Whitney) than spend the money for Hossa.

Matteo said...

That's as serious and solid as any post is gonna get in the offseason. Well said on everything.

Chubs said...


To be honest, I think its a majority of girls (or at least it seemed that way when "The Picture Incident" happened...not that I'm trying to stir up that pot again.

Women of c-blog calendar...it'd be interesting, that's for sure.

Joose said...

Why am I awake already?

Maybe I can get to work before 9 today.


fleuryous said...

Not trying to be rude or anything,
but I don't believe Malone and Hossa are too far off in age, really.

Maybe a year or so? Less than that, I think.


I love reading Pensblog first thing in the morning...it's literally my coffee.

Good daaaaaaaaaaay.

brndlynn said...

good morning cblog!
@ fleuryous - malone and hossa are less then a year apart. hossa was born in jan 79 and malone in dec of 79.

Fleury29 said...

Be glad he doesn't want to learn English, as Madden suggests,
because the way the media is completely jobbing him now is an embarrassment.

Amen. He struggled in the SCF and we're all just supposed to forget what he did for us in the playoffs up to that point? How he carried the team on his back when MAF and Sid were out? Please. Without Malkin the Pens don't make the playoffs, it's at plain as that.

Raybin said...

All we can say that if this was a video game, Ryan Whitney would be traded.
Actually, we already did trade him...for boobs.

Busy at work already, so more thoughts later, but for now just let me say....oh my god. I will never be the same after reading that.

Dan said...



that washington game was the one where some jobber got the shit kicked out of him on the steps of the national portrait gallery with his pants down. don't mess with 500 pittsburgh fans.

Stilly said...

Great post again gentlemen. All business.

I absoluteley agree on the "revolving supporting cast" opinion. Under a salary cap, you build your team around guys that make others better. Those two guys are Sid and Geno. They are top priority. Then you address the franchise goal tender, which is in the works. Having Gonch tied up on D is good too.

I really think what the Pens lack, is an open ice hitter. The best hitter on the team is probably not coming back. This could be a big problem. Hopefully we can keep BGL for a realistic sum, but losing Orpik would hurt alot. I think he has to be a priority over Hossa.

No that's not as sexy as a goal scoring winger, but it's just as important.

dying alive said...

With freeagencyblog, I wish people would just calm down and wait and see what happens. It's fun to speculate I guess, but there's no sense getting crazy over it. Not that anyone here really has, but some other sites...those people could use a few doses of Ritalin.

Since I missed out on the rest of musicblog yesterday:

how about top three favorite songs you are embarrassed to admit you have on your iPod?

Two Become One by The Spice Girls
Cruel Summer by Bananarama
Time After Time: The Greatest Hits of Cyndi Lauper (entire album)

And Maria, I'll check out Tyler Ramsey. Thanks for the recommendation.

I responded to that poindexter guy (against my better judgement), but I won't respond again. Feel free to respond on my behalf, though, should he respond to my response.

Flyer Hater said...

I can't hear Madden, I only read papers in the Allegheny County.


lauren_hbg said...

I'm so happy someone else loves watching people fall on their face - Intervention is probably in my top three favorite TV shows every, I've literally seen every episode.

Thanks for making me feel un-creepy... :)

Raybin said...

Hey Calgary!

Howzabout an even up trade:

Phaneuf for Whitney.



Vern said...

I am a little skeptical about the "7 years" part of the Hossa deal. He is, as has been mentioned, going to be turning 30 next season.

Also, Madden assuming that Malkin is not trying to learn English is just stupid. How the f does Mark Madden know that? And do you think Malkin wants to have to keep Gonchar around him just to translate to some chick in the Town Tavern that he wants her to give him a BJ?

Dan said...

should i think less of myself for trading fleury for bryzgalov on nhl 08? fleury was god awful......

i'm down for a girls of cblog calendar, only if i can pose.......... (kidding, maybe).

i do have a kick ass camera, i guess i'll volunteer to take pictures.

Stilly said...

Thanks for making the sacrifice and offering to take pics Dan. You're a trooper.

Dan said...

no problem stilly. sometimes you have to take one for the team. i felt it was my turn.

dying alive said...

I'm afraid that you guys will have to count me out of any calendar. My extreme awesomeness prohibits me from being captured on film.

Stilly said...

Yeah I've heard that too much awesome can result in over exposure.

Flyer Hater said...


Colin said...

@ staff -

Nothing like being super frusterated with everyone jobbing the Penguins for the past few weeks. I wanted to comment on every article and call in on every radio show and just blast the losers.

Basically this post summed up how I felt. I could never put it into words though. That is why you guys are a big deal.

@ nu -

I think that Conklin is a key role player. If you looks back on a lot of the good goalies, they had a backup that they wanted and understood. I think Conklin is to Fleury. The problem is, I think the goalie market is saturated right now. I mean Sabu cleared waivers so I just don't know if we could trade him.

Colin said...

* "is that"

Raybin said...

Conks = Ken Wreggett 2K8.

dying alive said...

BTW, has anyone else seen this piece of crap?

Larry Brooks of the NY Post hates the Penguins

Looks like the river of tears is still flowing in NY. We know, Larry, the Rags would have torn through the East and dispatched those meager Wings in four games had they not been cheated out of the Cup by the reffing conspiracy.

Colin said...

Also, I just don't get where people in the media think that MAF is going to command close to or even $5M a year. Maybe I am making stuff up, but I could have sworn I heard that people thought that is what he is going to get.

Goalies who make between $5 and $5.5M next year...

1.) Nabokov
2.) Brodeur
3.) Gigeure

Fleury is knocking on the door ready to bust up that group, but he just isn't there right now. So I don't think he will sniff $5M a year.

colin = not jobbing Fleury

uncleyorgi71 said...

That was a hell of a post. The photo shop of Rocco and Tiger is awesome and the one of Kevin Lowe is unreal. Hands down best website online.

brndlynn said...

well, in larry brooks defense, i'd be perpetually whiney and pissed off if i looked like a giant douche.

Flyer Hater said...

Dying Alive, that article killed my cat

Flyer Hater said...

The Kevin Lowe photoshops never get old.

Colin said...

I would have thought that Marty the Chicken would have made an appearance in this post. The sky is falling on the Penguins right?

Also, has anyone else ever attending the Pens used equipment sale? I was planning on heading down there next week and was curious as to how crowded it would be.

Original Nathan said...

One last thing about Sabourin, he'll be 28 before the season starts. He's about as good as he's probably ever going to get as an NHL-caliber goalie. Every now and then you'll see a goalie have the season of his life at 32, but it's extremely rare.

wilsmith said...


Stoosh said...

I stayed up until about 2:00 AM reading C-blog last night, knowing full well that it was a weekday and I had to be up at 5:30 AM to get ready for work. I think I do this like three nights a week, but I'm perfectly fine with it and strangely enough, I'm not all that tired. Commit to the c-blog.

Then again, it could be caffeinated kick in the ass that I just downed from the coffee machines downstairs. Woooo!

Either way, C-blog is slowly starting to allow me to remember what it was like in college when I wouldn't go to bed until 3:00 every morning.

And it's been said before but it bears repeating...Commit to the lovely ladies of c-blog!

Stoosh said...

Today's post is Exhibit #1A why I come here for Penguins talk and don't rely on what's printed in newspapers.

And I certainly love the irony there, given that most paid journalists spend their time alternating between sensationalizing stories for their paper or radio show and taking jabs at the blogosphere.

luvnmypens said...

Does anyone think that Eaton will be able to be signed for cheaper since he's "injury prone" as my son put it? I seriously hate to see him leave, and seeing your post and remembering that play reminds me of how solid he is.

On another note, I have been a panelist on the NHL face off panel for the past couple of years. Pretty cool stuff. they sent me an email yesterday asking to recruit some peeps for their new one. They are looking for people that attend alot of games. Here's the email...

In the next week the NHL Fan Face Off team will be sending out a survey on NHL game attendance. In order to guarantee that we have a sufficient number of individuals attending games from each NHL team we need your help in recruiting new panelists for the NHL Fan Face Off Panel.

Please have your friends, family, colleagues, etc visit


and click on the join button to see if they qualify to be part of the panel.

Thank you,
The NHL Fan Face Off Team

Like I said, it's pretty cool. they send out maybe 6 surveys a year and they don't take very long to do.

And one last comment for all of the "fear and loathing in Pittsburgh". Just remember who is in charge.

In Shero we trust!!

Bring it home Ray!!

brndlynn said...

sorry - my prev comment was not all that "lady-like". ididot writers like that one just get under my skin. but im calm now ;) stoosh - thanks for staying up with us last night! i now understand the "commit to the stoosh" comments i always see on here.

dying alive said...

I think it's a shame that Eaton has gotten a reputation for being injury prone, since both of his injuries were freak accidents and the fault of other players. People like Havlat or Coliacavo (sp?) are truly injury prone. Poor Mark Eaton is just unlucky as hell.

brndlynn said...


Victor Raison said...

It is unfortunate that journalists enjoy the credibility that they do. Most of them aren't professionals, just salesmen. The college programs they take should be called Current Event Marketing. Which reminds me, I need to stock up on snake oil.

Stilly said...

Wow that douche from the Post is a joke.

Did he even watch the same finals I did? Detroit got all of the calls. The officiating was horrible, but not because they favored the Pens.

Granted he is from NY, and we all know that Giant douche + NY = Trail of tears. It's a proven formula.

Penalty breakdown in the finals:

Det Pit
G1 5 6
G2 8 15
G3 3 5
G4 8 5
G5 6 6
G6 6 4

TOTAL Det - 36
Pit - 41

sexymexyjeffy said...

Beav - "Wimbledon doesn't mean shit to me"



P.O. said...


what jobs does everyone have that they are capable of being up to read a 3am post and then functioning the next day?

do we have alot of servers/bartenders in here?

Ann said...

i don't want to offend anyone who likes golf..but tiger woods is vile. entire stories devoted to his wincing over his knee..

who was it that said someone needed to send ryan malone and gary roberts after him?

since when did having a little aim and a few arm muscles mean you're an athlete?

RedWings said...

Colin said...
...Goalies who make between $5 and $5.5M next year...

1.) Nabokov
2.) Brodeur
3.) Gigeure

Fleury is knocking on the door ready to bust up that group, but he just isn't there right now. So I don't think he will sniff $5M a year.

And don't forget about Mary Turdco. Dallass is laying out $5.7Mil for him. Granted, as a Wing fan I am very biased about him, but I think he is significantly overpaid.

JYo said...

Sorry if any of this has been covered, but this was my reaction to the post:

Ryan Malone is a beast.
He will forever be endeared in our hearts for the grit he showed in the SCF.
But he's not worth $5 million a year.

Reminds me of a guy named Lapointe who Boston severely overpaid for.

Be glad he doesn't want to learn English, as Madden suggests,
because the way the media is completely jobbing him now is an embarrassment.

Reminds me of a guy named Jagr who the media treated in largely the same way before he resorted to the whole "dying alive" business.

This offseason is not going to turn out as bad as everyone has already manufactured it to be.

I have to admit, I have feared the worst in recent weeks, but you are right that we don't know jack right now so we should just let the dust settle. Don't get too high, don't get too low. I guess it applies to the offseason too. Still, isn't it nice that so many media outlets are so interested in the Pens rather than just being an afterthought like before the lockout?

Finally, I like the new picture formats you tried out. Cool stuff.

Joose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stoosh said...

@ Redwings -

$5.7 million for Turco is about $2.0 million too much, IMO.

Never been a big fan of Turco...I think he's one of the more overrated goaltenders in the league.

Colin said...

Lol at redwings use of "Turdco." Very subtle, very nice.

I think Turco is worth about $4M a year. I mean you can't even argue that he is the best puck handler in the league.

Brodeur > Turco at puck handling.

Joose said...

I may be an English Writing major, but I'll be damned if I ever even think about getting into a career in journalism.

I would like to get into advertising, but at least I wouldn't have to pretend that I'm not trying to mess with the minds of people to get them to buy into something. ha

Flyer Hater said...

Go over and check out the Fleury debate at LGP. You'd think we were signing J.S. Aubin to a long-term contract.

Seriously, what more does the guy have to do? He was screwed over by management, in his first full year gets 40 wins (that was a product of the shootouts though, he should only get credit for like 10 of those wins). Then leads his team to the SCF in his second year as starter and would have been the clear Conn Smythe choice if the Pens won.

He sucks.

Colin said...

@ flyer hater -

Don't forget the fact that he has some serious athleticism that you can not teach. In my opinion 99% of the other goalies in the league don't make that save on Mikael in game 5. They just physically can't make their bodies do that.

When Fleury completes his transformation (he is pretty damn close as is) he will be top 5 in the league for years.

Fleury is a game changing goalie. He has the ability to make saves that swing games and change momentum. Guys like that are not dime a dozen.

Stoosh said...


I have yet to watch the whole Will Leitch vs. Buzz Bissinger deal, but I've heard people like Tim Benz pull the anti-blog/anti-message board routine more than once on his respective shows, and this goes back to his ESPN Radio days. You've all probably heard the drill...bloggers and/or message boarders are the thirtysomething guys still living in mom's basement, yada yada yada.

First of all, I'd love for Mr. Benz to get a look at some of our c-bloggers here and then tell me with a straight face that his stereotype holds up.

And second, please keep in mind that Tim Benz is a guy who once got into a discussion about backgrounds with an attractive female guest on his show and tried to impress the girl by claiming - in as cheesy a pick-up line tone as you could get - that he "went to Syracuse University, which was the Harvard of journalism schools." If it was possible for the stench of awkward to leak right through the airwaves, I think it did.

But back to my point...

Namely, the best thing about blogs is that they cut through the bullshit. That's it. Blogs are typically the best representation of the fanbase out there. Not all fans are stats geeks. Not all fans understand the X's and O's strategy. Some people just want to be fans and not be pu through the wringer by all the drama created by an increasingly-negative media.

That's why so many mainstream journalists feel threatened by blogs. Blogs like this have cut through the shit that the mainstream newspapers have been selling and overstocking for years, and I'm not sure the mainstream journalists know how to react.

Ever see Pump Up the Volume? Same concept, despite the horribly dated reference.

And did I just equate the Pensblog with Christian Slater as "Happy Harry Hardon"?

Let's ask Col. Jessup...

You're goddamned right, I did!

Jesse said...


We pride ourselves on having no life. Lives are totally overrated when there's an NHL draft to cover.


Stilly said...

ROFL Jesse.

Nice breakdown. Wish I had the patience to do that kind of research.

dying alive said...

Ever see Pump Up the Volume? Same concept, despite the horribly dated reference.

In the 1980s, no one could touch Christian Slater. Heathers changed my life - though Pump Up the Volume also holds a place of honor on my DVD shelf.

RedWings said...

Colin said...
...When Fleury completes his transformation (he is pretty damn close as is) he will be top 5 in the league for years.

Fleury is a game changing goalie. He has the ability to make saves that swing games and change momentum. Guys like that are not dime a dozen.

100% correct. He impresses me as a franchise goalie. I think 15 year goalie contracts are ridiculous (see Islander, NY) but the longer the Pens lock him up the better it will be for you guys.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

the girls of cblog? is there a calendar in the works?

HAHAHAHA. can we like start choosing the month that we want? because i want january...

uncleyorgi71 said...

The Larry Brooks article has his e-mail at the end of it. I e-mailed him and told him what a waste of life he is and told him that the only reason he has a job is b/c of amazing teams like the PENS. Look at how much hype they have created. Everyone should e-mail that piece of shit and fill his inbox with hate mail. The world would be better had his father used him as a finale of a cheap porno.

uncleyorgi71 said...

The girls of C-Blog Calendar is genius.

Annie said...

Can I call February? That's when my birthday is. ;9

Thank you, Staff, for this reality check. I'm trying to prepare myself for certain players to peace out, and it's obvious we can't have everything, but I'm sure it will all work out in the end. In Shero I Trust.

Joose said...


assoh said...

I think Malkin is learning English. I know this cause he clearly mouthed out the word S*** during the SCF.

don't poke the chinchilla said...

**squeek squeek**


@p.o., I'm nocturnal, so I can read Pensblog all night and sleep all day.

**squeek squeek**

Raybin said...

In my opinion 99% of the other goalies in the league don't make that save on Mikael in game 5.


You know who else can?

Nabokov and Brodeur.

Not coincidentally, they're two of the three making 5 mil a year or more. Fleury's worth it. Pay it.


I'm a huge Marty Turco booster, but I agree he is NOT worth 5.7 million a year. No way.

Raybin said...

I think 15 year goalie contracts are ridiculous (see Islander, NY)


Apropos of nothing, I have to feel sorry for DiPietro. His team is so worthless (Comrie leading scorer at 49 points); it must be hard knowing that if you give up that third goal, chances are good the game is all but lost. That kind of pressure can't be healthy.

nu said...

I'm calling April! My birthday, division-winning time, AND playoffs. :D

Sabu actually didn't clear waivers last time - Vancouver yoinked him off, remember? :P And they wouldn't send him to WBS this year because they were nervous about losing him again.

Hey, he won 10 valuable games as a 3rd stringer, he's money in the shootout, and don't forget he has playoff overtime elimination game experience! XD

And let's not forget. CHEAP.

Git'erdone, Rejean........pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease? Please? Pretty please?

brndlynn said...

I guess I'll go ahead and take July then...

BlacknGold66 said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only person that watches Intervention.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

5/12 months taken already. lol. this calender is gonna be a hot sale. just sayin'

RaCHeLeYoS said...

make that 6/12.

Stilly said...

Ladies of cblog are all business.

Get your camera ready Dan. lol.

Joose said...

Fuckin' right, Stilly.

Let's get this shit going.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

lol stilly..

we don't mess around. let's do this shit!

brndlynn said...

ok - so i know we all said we're not going to pay attention to all the rumors going around so don't kill me for posting this.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

i dont think thats a rumor anymore. eh

Stoosh said...


The guy who covers the Carolina Hurricanes for the Raleigh News & Observer is named Luke DeCock.

Please tell me that's not his real name. And if that is a pen name, was Bob McFuck not available?

wilsmith said...

Whatever happened to the "playoff beards of cblog"?

Raybin said...

And if that is a pen name, was Bob McFuck not available?


I hope Luke named his son Holden.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

It's a cruel, cruel summer
Leaving me here on my own...

damn so addicting. ace of base version is sweet.

wilsmith said...

not hockey related, but Dick Trickle? c'mon

wilsmith said...

man, cruel summer was month long joke at work here. I would play it on my PC just to get a laugh from the room. I'm glad other people appreciate it's gloriousness.

it has since been replaced by Valerie.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

oh dan...just fair warning. i need at least a week to get my cblog picture taken for the calender. i have big ass bruises on each of my knees and a pulled hammy.

that sounds so bad.

nu said...


Still doesn't inspire the amount of teasing 'Wacey Rabbit' does. Seriously - how do you not end up becoming sociopathic and murdering your parents for that?

Victor Raison said...

I used to know a guy named Peter Face.

Victor Raison said...

Peter Fase, rather. Still the same concept.

Annie said...

@ asson - I swear I saw him mouthe "Fuck!" during the SCF before they quickly panned away.

Hehe, I love playing "Read the Player's Lips". It's even more fun when the mics pick them up and you can hear them.


Steiggy: "And we hear Ryan Malone call for interference there..."

Jonny V said...

Larry Brooks looks like James Spader after a week without sleep

brndlynn, you haven't seen stoosh at his finest commitment demanding form until you've seen him lace into a troll.

I think there were three or four of us that showed our playoff beards. Needless to say a Ladies of C-blog calender would be monumentous

Since i couldn't decide yesterday, here's my top threes:

Lounge Act - Nirvana
Fade Into You - Mazzy Star
So Many Tears - 2Pac

Purple - STP
Uptown Saturday Night - Camp Lo
S.C.I.E.N.C.E. - Incubus

Like others said, those would probably change in a month

Name the Pensblog Penguin Bob McFuck

RaCHeLeYoS said...

annie - Bugsy: "FUCKIN' INTERFERENCE!"

Steiggy: "And we hear Ryan Malone call for interference there..."

lol. but ur right. and malkin prob knows every swear word by now, no doubt in my mind.

jonny v - hahaha.

brndlynn said...

jonny v - thats def something i'll b looking forward to.

Jonny V said...

Roberts mulls playing on

Rachele, your right, that does sound bad haha

nu said...

You have to love it when you see MT close-up going "Fucking bullshit!" and all you can do is nod along and go "Yes. Yes, Michel, that is correct." :P

RaCHeLeYoS said...

hmmm how about McLovin'.

JYo said...

went to Syracuse University, which was the Harvard of journalism schools

If he is that good, why didn't he go to Harvard? I hear its the Harvard of Universities! Seriously, if I had a nickel for every time I hear some place call themselves "the Harvard of somethingorother" I'd at least have a buck by now.

BlacknGold66 said...

I still say we just call the Penguin "Dick" since that's such a great line when used properly on this blog.

Annie said...

Jonny V - If there's going to be a Women of Cblog calender, it's only fair that there be one for Men of Cblog and their Playoff Beards, imo. ;)

Stoosh said...

The Blue Jackets, who have vowed to make substantial moves this offseason to fill their litany of holes, would likely pay Malone between $4.5 million and $5.5 million per season over the course of a four- or five-year contract, sources say.

That's pretty much right in line with what a lot of people thought he'd get in terms of max value. And that being the case, I hope Malone enjoys Columbus. With guys like Derrick Brassard, Jakub Voracek and Gilbert Brule up front, it'll be a good fit for him. It'll put Columbus about where we were heading into 2006-07.

I'd love to see him come back, but not at that price.

Sid, Geno and Fleury are franchise-caliber players. If they continue with their current developmental track, it can easily be argued that those guys should never wear another team's jersey unless they want to. If they continue to grow along this track, you keep these guys here at all costs.

A half-step down from those guys are Staal and Hossa, with Letang possibly beginning to inch past Whitney and peak onto this level. Hossa is here because he's older and not quite as entrenched as the Big Three, but he's an elite winger and would be nearly impossible to replace. Letang, I think, will ultimately be a much better all-around defenseman than Whitney, so I'm putting him here based on where I think the two will be two years from now when Gonchar's deal is up. Staal may someday leave because of depth chart issues, but that's no slight to him; it's not his fault that two of the best five players in the league are ahead of him on the depth chart.

The next level down starts the heirarchy of complimentary players, of which Malone would be considered one. Those are the guys who will have to be rotated in and out of the organization with some degree of frequency.

That's what Malone is and what Colby Armstrong and Erik Christensen were. That's what we might also be saying about guys like Ryan Whitney, Petr Sykora, Brooks Orpik, Hal Gill, etc...guys who are talented players...talented enough to make well above the league minimum. But the problem is that they each have some sort of limitation or flaw in their games that prevents them from becoming or being elite or franchise-caliber players.

Those guys are going to come and go...some may hang around longer than others, depending on how finances and roster depth shake out. Some may even be career Penguins; I could see someone like Max Talbot as a career role-player with just one team...kind of like Kris Draper.

At some point, it'll be a lot easier to replace some of those names than it will the franchise players. Maybe you dump Whitney because of issues elsewhere and you have a remaining defensive corps that is ready to take a step forward. Maybe you keep trying to find short-term, lower-cost wingers like Sykora to help supplement the top lines.

This is why I never got the Malkin rumors. If you need to free up space, you can do just as much by creatively managing your complimentary players.

Sorry to break out freeagencyblog again...

Colin said...

I stand corrected by nu in the fact Sabu did not clear waivers.

Annie said...

BNG - hehe, I second that. Maybe my favorite piece of Steven S's artwork is the one where he's wearing the "66 Buries It" speedo and swimming cap, saying, "Whatever. Dicks."

Jonny V said...

Tim Benz goes into mack daddy mode every time there is a female guest on his show. He's a weaselly little fuck.

In the name voting, I think the Dick's have it...

And with the way this blog seems to have spread into the locker room, I think the players are getting to hear the voices of true fans, and not some geritol-taking, fiber-swilling old men bitter at having spent so much time and money in college only to watch people without an agenda come and invade their space. If you don't embrace change, you're doomed to failure. And you look like a whiny piss-head throughout the whole process

Jasper said...

I think he most important players to keep are sid malkin and fleury

I'm not gonna talk about every player on the team, but one guy I rly like and I think has a very bright future ahead of him is Letang, that guy is awesome
also talbot is someone special

I once heard gonch say malkin's english isn't that bad at all, he understands more than you think. it's hard for him to speak it, but then again who can speak fluent russian?

JYo said...

Well put Stoosh, as usual. The part of the article I found kind of intriguing is this:

The Blue Jackets will only trade that pick, Howson has said, for a center who can play with left winger Rick Nash or for a top-pair defenseman with puck-moving skills.

Anyone think a package of Whitney (if they do decide to move him because they need the cap space) and Malone could get that #6 pick plus maybe their second or third rounder? Just a thought...

Stoosh said...

@ Jonny V -

Fade Into You - Mazzy Star


I got into Mazzy Star in high school thanks to a friend of mine who hailed from Huntington Beach, CA and had some familiarity with the group when she lived out there. It was just before "Fade Into You" became a big deal on MTV. She gave me a copy of "She Hangs Brightly" which I believe was Mazzy's first album, and I don't think it left the tape deck of my car for three months.

Mazzy Star's "Blue Flower" is another favorite song of mine.

Stoosh said...

New favorite songs for today...

1. "Creeque Alley" - The Mamas and the Papas

2. "Say Goodbye to Hollywood" - Billy Joel

3. "Island in the Sun" - Weezer

beanfrompa said...


Thank you for being a voice of reason as always...

Beav said...

Good morning... err afternoon cblog

Things to do today: Go to local court house and change name to Bob McFuck.

That is all

RaCHeLeYoS said...

mazzy star kinda sounds like jewel.

dying alive said...

it has since been replaced by Valerie.

The Steve Winwood song? Ha, ew. Every time I hear Valerie I think of Valerie Loves Me by Material Issue. Now there is a glorious song from the 80s.

Jonny V said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flyer Hater said...

Semi-Charmed Life
Take Me Home Tonight

Clutch Songs

dying alive said...

Yay, more Mazzy Star fans! Aside from Fade Into You, my favorite song of theirs would have to be Halah.

Ah, the days of shoegaze.

Jonny V said...

Like Sykora said in an article earlier this year, it took him all of about a minute to decide to take the contract offer from the Pens last year. For every Paul Kariya, who simply chased the money, there are probably 3 or 4 Sykoras who don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

I like Whitney, his playoff beard was the most impressive of the bunch, but he is probably the only upper-tier Penguin I wouldn't mind seeing dealt.

Stoosh, I like you, but you're crazy for apologizing for some of your posts.

Hope Sandoval's voice is unreal

RaCHeLeYoS said...

foreigner - hot blooded

debrisslide said...

Speaking of $4mil/year, can the Pens afford to wait
for Ryan Whitney to play into that salary?


Raybin said...


Talbot as Kris Draper = Solid.

creatively managing your complimentary players.

Absolutely right and brilliantly put. This is what separates good GMs from elite GMs. Shero in building this team has shown he's elite because he's unbelievably great at juggling the complimentary players and plucking the best ones from free agency or the trading block.

So many of the elite teams in pro sports--Patriots, Yankees, Lakers, Red Wings--have that formula. A couple of transcendant franchise players, a few awesome players who might spend the majority or their careers with that team, and then a filling out of the roster with the best available talent in "plug 'n play" fashion, combined finally with consistently strong drafting.

If the Pens aren't there, they will be. And soon.

Flyer Hater said...

Ryan Whitney's contract will look like a bargain in two years. Mark it down, you heard it here first.

Jonny V said...

Groove Theory - Tell Me

You Only Live Once - The Strokes

brndlynn said...

i know most may not agree but i gotta say i think whit will really step up his game this year. i think he'll have more perfomances like game 5 as opposed to the performances that led hcmt to put him at wing.

Jonny V said...

Don't care for the song, but Travis Barker brought something nice to this...

Soulja Boy - Crank That

RaCHeLeYoS said...

soulja boy....hellz yeah

HAHAHA. def busted that out at the bar the other night along with the macarena and the cha cha slide. old people=stunned

Beav said...

Beav=Soulja Beav in Meadville for many drunken karaoke performances of Soulja Boy's finest in the Meadville bars.

TheNWChica said...

Hey Jefe....If you do see PMueller, tell him Amy from Everett says hi. ;)

and you don't want me in the calendar. Blech.

Jonny V said...

Fear and Loathing in Pittsburgh...Hunter S. Thompson has been my Halloween costume for the past four years.

dying alive said...

I have a strange phenomenon that happens to me. Every single time I get into the car - without exception - I can flip through the radio stations and hear one of two songs: Low by Flo Rida (I think that's who sings it - that stupid apple bottom jeans song) or Sweetest Girl by Wyclef Jean. Every blessed time. It actually became a joke between my friend and I when we were going to hockey games this season. This is why I use my iPod 90% of the time when I'm in the car.

Best song to come out of the 1980s: Forever Young by Alphaville. It has since been used in Saturn commercials and that godawful Napoleon Dynamite, which makes me die a little inside. I am all business about the music of the 80s. My iPod is primarily filled with two types of stuff: independent (or independent-ish) music and stuff from the 80s - new wave, pop, and the dreaded hair bands.

BlacknGold66 said...

Gary Roberts just scored against the Sens in Game one.

Listening to the crowd gave me chills.

This game seems like it was a decade ago.

Gotta love the NHL Network.

Jonny V said...

FH, I remember the moaning about Sarge's contract the year of Craig Patrick's spending spree. Whitney's entering the prime years of his career (27-31), and I hope this year was just an aberration, but I do think Letang will be more than capable of filling his shoes at a much cheaper price. But then you have Gonchar probably leaving in 2 years, so we'll have Goligoski and Sneep hopefully ready by then.

But it wasn't Patrick who lavished that contract on Whit, so I believe Shero thought of the ramifications it would have on the payroll. Therefore, in Shero I trust

caramia said...


Do you do your soulja beav at Chippers? My sis is a bartender there, I'll have to tell her to watch out for you/laugh at you.

beanfrompa said...


I love clutch!!!

Original Nathan said...

Top 3 songs for today:

No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature by The Guess Who
Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones
Good Morning Good Morning by The Beatles

Jonny V said...


bbbbrian said...


So I assume you're gonna stop at Tonix (god typing that name makes we want to punch my computer). That place is so great.....OK I can't maintain this level of sarcasm anymore which is saying a lot

Max Power said...


Mark Madden = Fat fuck bullshit artist that lost his job in radio for being that big of a fuck.

Where's he now?
Writing for a Beaver Co. newspaper! Ha! That's what he does now to afford his twinkies. No more be said about him other than waiting for the heart to revolt.

N.Y.C. Sports analyst:
Jokes. Not even worth arguing about them due to unwavering proof that they are like the homeless and aren't people. They should get their fingers out of their pets and just stick to broadway reviews.

Dan Onorato:
Must be stopped. that is all
tPB girls calendar - hell yes.
Second thought no. 12 beauties in PENS gear = My head exlpoding

Beav said...

@ caramia

Haha usually it was Chippers, unfortunately I graduated so it's going to take a visit back next year sometime for the magic to happen again.

Beav said...


I am proud to say that I never set foot inside of Tonix in the four years I was in Meadville. Pretty much just went to Otters Chippers and Mickey's, who doesn't love buying 40s from Mickeys and playing "Beaver 40paws" (Edward 40hands)

JYo said...

tPB girls calendar - hell yes.
Second thought no. 12 beauties in PENS gear = My head exlpoding

What month do the girls in Canaan's profile pic get?

(Warning: This is a joke. If you want to get fired up again, go for it, but I won't listen to it.)

RaCHeLeYoS said...

i think i had a tear come out of my eye watching this video of my favorite song.

caramia said...


If you got out of Meadville.... stay out! Everyone I know gets sucked back in there.

I'm sure with you not bringing your magic to Chippers, it has cut the entertainment value of that place in half


Don't even mention the "T" word again!

Jonny V said...

The only magazine cover Mark Madden would ever make is Heart Attack Digest.

Ahh, the 80's, when MTV knew its' role (the role that it possesses haha)

Max Power said...


Stable Pit & Pub = $ in da bank

Beav said...

@ caramia

Well unfortunately my g/f still has a year left at Allegheny so I will probably be forced to make appearances. Oh well, dollar I.C. Lights at Otter's and dollar long island ice teas on wednesday wooooo

caramia said...


If you were just there for college, you're probably all right. I grew up there and ran out as fast as I could, sadly most of my friends are still there.

Can't beat a $1 long island though!

jefe penguino said...

@nwchica -ill say hello for you, is there a reason peter would remember u/knows u??

the thought i had about the girls of cblog calendar is to have them in PENS gear. anything less would be uncivilized. well, not really.


caramia said...


If it wasn't for Meadville having an awesome high school hockey team in my high school years, I never would be a hockey fan. Meadville is good for something.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

jefe - does pens towels work?


Colin said...

@ caramia -

As someone who took a first hand beat down at the MARC, I can attest to their solid teams.

jefe penguino said...

as long as you can see a penguin somewhere. there is no minimum or maximum amount. hahaa.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

lmao. alrightyyyyyy then

jefe penguino said...

@nwchica -i did research on this thing called the al gore, and i see peter mueller played for everett of the whl. were u his #1 fan?

Joose said...

Fuck you, radio.

Fuck you, offseason.

That's all I wanted to say for now.

Jonny V said...

The girls can wear whatever they choose, as long as it's Penguin themed. Here we are talking about this thing like it'll actually come to fruition. We can't even get a day at the park planned...

I'm eating a grilled chicked sandwich with QS&L Thai r' Cracker sauce on it. If it had a thinner viscosity i swear i'd have this stuff pumped into my veins on an IV

Jonny V said...

The Yankees had to shelve their Wang until September. Been there before...

TheNWChica said...

@jefe: Not his #1 fan, but definitely a fan.

Also, as part of the Tips booster club, we have a committee that makes a scrapbook of the season for each boy; and I was fortunate enough to be able to work on Peter's for the '06-'07 season.

Joose said...

I want a Pensblog meet-up!


caramia said...


The MARC is not only a tough place to play hockey, but a tough place to watch. At times the walls of that place consisted of large sheets of clear plastic.

Thanks to watching hockey there, I was quite prepared for the Winter Classic this year.

bbbbrian said...

Opening night I felt super cool because I was a VIP and got to avoid the two dollar cover

/pats self on back
/not really proud
/will never mention that place here or ever again
/upset I'm from meadville

nu said...

Song contributionblog:

The Warrior by Patty Smyth & Scandal
Refugee Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (is recommending Tom Petty redundant? oh well.)

wilsmith said...

it counts if the penguin is tattoo, right?

did I say that out loud?

The end of the great music conversation.

beards of cblog:
I trimmed the beard the day after the playoffs, but I should have it documented somewhere. The few of you who added me on facebook might have seen that wretched thing that grows on my face, and my incredible ability to look completely disheveled in almost every picture taken.

I've been told that with it, I look 40, and without it, considerably less than my actual age of 24.

When I grew it out when I was 19, I played in a pickup game with my brother who was then 16, and someone watching asked my dad who "that guy and his kid out there were."

so yeah, calendar sounds good.

sh0ez said...

I haven't read if this was posted. I just got home from work. I'm tired as hell. This is one of the places that someone else posted before. They got some rumor updates for those of you who are into that kind of stuff.

Updated Rumors on Malone (Columbus for a 2nd rounder?), Orpik (offer of 5 year 17 mill), Hossa to decide by Draft, Ruutu probably gonna test UFA (BUF and CAR interested) and Hall wants a multi-year deal one way contract.

Enjoy the biggest hyperlink text ever.

nu said...

sh0ez: just remember that TIOPS is the new incarnation of Buzz on the Turd and take it with a margarita of salt.

Joose said...



I have said twice already that that turdball gets his "insider" information from Pierre McGuire.

Joose said...

And who the fuck is "Jarko Ruutu," eh?

That person doesn't even exist. I watched a Ruutu interview on the freaking Penguins site where he said he wants to be on the team that is going to be most likely to win the Stanley Cup, and he sees the Penguins as that team this (past) year and next. Does that mean he is going to stay? Shit. I don't know, but I'm not going to listen to what Mr. Ambiguous says.

jefe penguino said...

@nwchica -mueller is def entertaining. hopefully he steps it up a level this season. they should bring in malone for his line.

i would like to see phoenix/dallas winter classic in alaska. just a thought.

Joose said...

Will Smith

You are not 24.

sh0ez said...

It's the first time I ever posted it. Like I said, I haven't been around. I take everything I see with a grain of salt. No one knows anything but the people themselves. That's obvious. People enjoy that stuff, though. Yikes.

Also, wilsmith has to be 24. He graduated 3(?) years ahead of me.

Max Power said...

I've got a reliable article with a newer interview with Hossa. You all must check this out:

Hossa is going to stay in Pittsburgh>

daismog said...

Looking back on my anonymous comment, I wonder if it's a sign that the Thrashers are going to end up grabbing Bugsy?

On the subject of free agency, I would like to remain optimistic, and just assume best case scenerio until we hear the good news.

Trust in Ray

jefe penguino said...

@max -im convinced.

Joose said...

Shoezpoo - I wasn't trying to sound hostile. :( You are a good man (usually) with good intentions (usually). :)

And Will Smith is 42. He had a typo.

wilsmith said...

joose, I am. =(
I dont know if you thought I was younger or older, but 24 it is.

you want a meet up? I'll meet you at the EnP in Richland in 25. Go.

Music blog: down in a hole - Alice in Chains

I dont know how I forgot that one.

BlacknGold66 said...

He's a lot older than me and almost done with puberty, which is bragable.


RaCHeLeYoS said...

ninjas? lol

Beav said...

It would be fitting if Bugsy goes to Atlanta. I think every former Pen is forced to make one stop in Atlanta in their career.

Pierre MacDouchebag: 66 is in the the best shape of his life, Pens looking to trade him to Atlanta for Armstrong so Sid can laugh again.

Max Power said...

Get to the point man. What about the fucking golf shoes?


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