Thursday, June 5, 2008


Mellon Arena public-address announcer John Barbero
said earlier this year that his dream was to announce a Stanley Cup Championship.


There's nothing to be ashamed of.
This is a young Pens team.

We're along for the ride for the many playoff runs to come.
Those words sting you more than seeing Chris Osgood holding the Cup.
But it's true.

Make no mistake though; the Stanley Cup champion is never a fluke.

And this year is no different.
The Red Wings deserved to win the Stanley Cup. They were simply better.

The feeling you had when that clock went all zeros has already started to dissipate.
By next week it will fade some more.

Pretty soon, you'll look up and it will be July.
Kevin Lowe will overpay for someone.
You'll blink your eyes and it will be September.
Training camp will bring season previews.
The first week of October, it will all begin again.

But having to see shots of the Wings holding the Cup on Mellon ice during Versus' broadcasts next season as the Pens steam towards the Finals again is not something we're looking forward to.

It will haunt us.
It will taunt us.

But so be it.
It will serve as a reminder of what was and what could have been.

We'll wait all our lives for that Game 7 on Saturday night in Detroit, Michigan, that will never come.

The End.

:::::::::::::::::: ANTHEMS :::::::::::::::::::

Jeff Jimmerson got jobbed again.

NBC hates America.

[ Dave ]

[ Tim D. ]

[ Mike O. ]

[ Scott D. ]

[ Brad Berk ]

[Mikey from Kiss FM]

[Alex B]

:::::::::::::::::: FIRST PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

The Wings came out all business.
Franzen jobs MAF.

But the Pens got the best chance early on.
Sykora gets a hurried shot off, and Elroy made the stop.

Sydor gets caught with a stick in Maltby.
And it costs the Pens.

The Pens couldn't get it out, and Rafalski puts it home.


The Pens kept up the energy.
After some jobbing, the Pens got their own PP.

Gonchar gets balled early on the PP.
Bush League play.
The Pens get a huge 5-on-3.

The trigger was Malkin at the point. No dice.
Gonchar with a shot/pass to Bing. No dice.
Huge kill for the Wings.

After a commercial, Adam Hall gets the stick up into Lidstrom.
The Pens luck out and only get 2:00.

As big as the 5-on-3 PP was, this PK was twice as big.
The Pens get it done.

After some jobbing and Hossa getting kneed, the Wings iced the puck.
No dice for the rest of the period.

:::::::::::::::::: COTTON CANDY HEEEEEEEEE :::::::::::::::::::

[ 2675 ]

[ Jason M. ]

:::::::::::::::::: SECOND PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

Fast-moving recap. Less painful.

The Pens stretched the Wings and got an abbreviated 2-on-1...sorta.
Malone gets jobbed, and the Pens jump on the PP.

The Pens couldn't get it done.
It didn't help when Crosby went off with an injury.

There was a bunch of nothing going on for most of the second.
Bing eventually came back from whatever messed him up.

Bad News Bears was on its way.
A harmless entry into the zone for the Red Wings...a shot...a bounce...a goal.


It was 2-0.
The Wings were halfway to the Cup.
Not good times.

In the second half of the period, the Pens woke up.
They start generating some great chances.

They get rewarded with a PP.
Anticipation of power plays have disappeared.

Something else that has "disappeared"...appeared.
Frustration mounted early on the PP.
But there was Malkin.


The momentum from the goal was murdered with Roberts going off for a high stick.
But then again, the momentum could double with a big kill.
And they did it.

The Pens were buzzing at the end of the period, but no dice.
It was sad to see the period end. The Pens were on the hunt.

:::::::::::::::::: THIRD PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

Give it up for the Pens.
They came out all systems go in the third.
The hope was still there.

It pretty much went out the window when Zetterberg flew down the wing and got a shot off.
You waited for a whistle. Nothing.
You heard shrieks.
And you see the ref point.

We'll see that puck crossing the line for the rest of our lives

There are many times that you wish you were in the Mellon Arena.
That probably wasn't on the list.

NHL personnel start the celebration process.
Dark times.

The Red Wings wouldn't even let the Pens get any chances.
Father Time was there.

There 8:00 left. Life didn't make sense.

If you want to know why the Wings won the Cup, look at how they suffocated and outworked a desperate Pens team in the third period.

The Pens were given a PP late.
Almost 'cause the refs felt bad.

MAF pulled. 6-on-4.
#55 softly wristed it to the net. It looked familiar. 3-2

There was life.
Before you knew it, the puck was being dropped again.
MAF was out of the net.

Yeah, this was it.

Heart attack City, as Bing almost buries it.
Not this year.





Henrik Zetterberg is the real deal.
What a performance.
He didn't come off the ice in the third period; and all series, for that matter.


Nicklas Lidstrom the first European captain to hoist the cup.
There is a chance you might be driving to work today and Lidstrom blocks your car.



This Wings fan gets tossed out of the Mellon as the Wings hoist the Cup.
What a mistake.

[ Thanks to Greg N. for capturing the video ]



We heard the tales that sailors told; about the Red Wings they encountered on the high seas.
And you have to give credit where credit is due.

A team doesn't win the Cup by mistake.
They know the game. They know the rules.

The best part of their game is the support they get in the defensive zone.
Any time a puck was loose, a Red Wings player was on it, and it was gone.

The other frustrating facet of their game was their ability to keep the puck in the Pens zone.
Failed opportunities by the Pens to get the puck out are too much to count.


The Year of the High Ankle Sprain
That would have been our crutch if the Pens were ousted in the first or second round.

But Michel Therrien got the Pens to battle through the season.
Malkin emerged to become something other-worldly.
Ty Conklin is part of the reason we weren't typing this heartbreaking text in early April.

The Pens' run through the Eastern Conference in the playoffs was something to behold.
They were a bullet train.

But they were derailed when the bracket got whittled down.
It sucks. No two ways about it.

In the coming weeks,
our talk will be dominated by free agency and Ray Shero.

But that means nothing today.



Brian Rafalski and Nicklas Lidstrom

When they were on the ice, nothing was going on.


And now we must present Bill from [ Abel to Yzerman ]
with the Bloggers World Championship Belt.

Unlike most uptight bloggers [ i.e. Acid Queen, Bullshit Bulletin, Chad PeeWee ],
Bill played along with us and has been a great sport.

Bill is what hockey blogging is all about.

We asked the current holder of the belt,
Earl Sleek of Anaheim's [ Battle of California ], to step forward.

Earl, if you'll please:

"Well, what do you know? I guess you can win a cup without Pronger elbows. Kudos, Chief."
-- Earl Sleek.

Thanks, Earl.

Congrats to Bill and all Wings bloggers.
Enjoy it.

[Picture+1.<span class=


And that is it.
You wake up this morning, and you don't even know what's going on.

No more anthem pics.
No more photoshops.
No more pics of the Cotton Candy guy.

Chris E. may post a LET'S DO THIS SHIT!
20 minutes before the start of the 2008 Entry Draft.

Stephen S. can focus his attention on sick artwork he'll actually get paid to make.
C-blog can actually get someone work done.

On the brighter side of things, this frees up time to job John Fedko and Rich Walsh.
It frees up time to take care of business you've been avoiding.
Frees up time to spend with the girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse that stood by you on this run.

Hang around during the summer. We'll be here.
Don't think for a second that Gary Roberts' campaign for presidency ends today.

If not, we'll see you when training camp starts.


Last summer, after every post, we had a picture to remind us
how the heartbreak felt after the Ottawa series.

This picture served as that reminder.

Get used to these...

Tough times.
But the ride was worth the fall.

Quoting Whitney Houston twice in our 102nd and last recap of the season.

Drop the puck.

Go Pens.


Pensblog Staff said...



--DR & AC

PittHockey said...

In Shero we trust.

Now, back to my vodka. :(

Dr. Turkleton said...

so close, yet so far away.

[Hossa? 08-09]

Mr. Plank said...

And the Pensblog goes out with class. Quality job and jobs, the Pens had a hell of a run.

See you in The Finals next year.

Kristen said...


it's a bittersweet symphony...

sooo...when's October?

Ryan said...

Dear Pensblog,

Thanks for being around. Seriously, you are going to hear this from a lot of people, but you made this year's playoffs a hell of a lot of fun for everyone involved.

It was an honor to share the Winter Classic with you guys, and in the end I hope you are all left with only good memories of that day and eventualy, this season.

One of these days you'll get to Mexico. Andy's waiting for us all.

pterals said...

Thanks Pensblog, for a wild ride.

Thanks Penguins, for taking us this far.

I look forward to many more. These guys are good. Not the best, not this year, but very, very good.

Dylan said...

Hopefully we'll have many updates over the offseason, because I'm going to seriously miss constantly refreshing to get new posts.

Great work guys!

We're young; let's get that cup back.

Mike Georger said...

thanks to the staff

thanks to the cblog

thanks to the chatblog and the people who stay up til right now after loses (we're still going damnit)

thanks to the boys for a great season

im spent. in the words of the immortal (exception being heroin) jerry garcia, what a long strange trip its been

Rochelle said...

its so sad to see this season end. i hope we can keep most of the team. till next yrs.

thanx pensblog ... this is goin' to be a LONG summer.

Rochelle said...

someone needs to bury gary's jersey in the new building so that it will have a strong foundation. ;)

VooX said...

You guys should be proud... the best NHL photoshops around and lots of fanatics. a great run by a fun team to watch... now that we are no longer squared off in the playoffs I will resume cheering and watching your squad on Center Ice.

Don't take the trash talk personal, I only brought some because that's how you roll over here.

A2Y has a Pensblog appreciation thread now...

Thanks for a great final guys... you broke my heart in triple O/T, but was the best game I've ever seen otherwise.

Gary Roberts for President.

Kate said...

thanks, guys, for all the great work during the season. it's been one hell of a ride, and wouldn't have been complete without tPB.

go pens.

Annie said...

Thank YOU Staff. You are amazing on so many levels.

Since I think my post in the last thread was probably one of the last, here it is again:

If I had to pick two words to describe this team and this series - Hope and Sacrifice. We never fucking gave up. We were there until the last half a second. Tonight just wasn't our night.

I cried when the final horn sounded. I made myself watch them award the Conn Smythe and raise the Cup on our ice. I might sound like a glutton for punishment, but I wanted to remember how awful it was to witness that, and to see our team brought to their knees as they watched it too. My heart, body, and soul just ached for them. But I wanted to remember so I could experience the absolute euphoria and joy we will all feel even more when we do win it all.

Just think of this. Ten years from now, the members of this Wings will be old, retired, and jaded. Meanwhile, the members of this Pens team will be in their late 20s to 30s (except for GR, who we all know is immortal), or experienced veterans offering guidance to the players of tomorrow. They'll still be in the prime of their careers, and multi-Cup winners. There is still so much more to come for this team.

And I have a lot of admiration for the fans at the Mellon tonight. Chanting "Let's Go Pens" after this whole saga ended, and chanting "Fleury" when they were awarding the Conn Smythe. That wouldn't have happened if the Wings had won at the Joe. Instead, they lifted their Cup to a silent, half-empty arena, and celebrated in probably the shittiest locker room in the league.

Nu @ 11:02 - You said it. I'm so infinitely grateful to this team.

eileenover - Can we have a c-blog meet up soon? Seriously. I need to meet you guys.

I second that. It's lonely out here in MA. I'm coming to Pittsburgh for a game or three next season, and we need a get-together. For now, facebook me!

And, like debrisslide, I'm saving up to see them whenever they come to Bahston. And sabrejets, I'm not sure ALL of the Bruins think they're the center of the universe. I think that's just Mike Milbury. ;)

Damn, I just want to cuddle everyone on the team right now. I'm so very very proud of them all.

PS - is there any way to catch that Buries It interview online?

Charles said...

Listen folks,

Even in my darkest days.

Even Tuesday, after G5-OOOT.

You and A2Y are the only blogs that are necessary daily viewing - win or crushing, crushing loss.

Wings fan though I may be, I have much love for the Pens for to other reason than that you blog for them.

I'd have much more satisfaction if we'd beaten the Flyers, Rangers, or Jokeicanes.

You guys stunned me personally and delivered the best game I've ever seen on Monday night.

I'm ecstatic right now, and I hope you all have the opportunity in the future to feel the way I feel right now.



Lifes said...

Unreal season. If someone told you on that first Friday October night when Jeff Hamiliton scored to give the Canes a 4-0 lead that they would be playing game six of the Stanley cup some 9 months later, you would laugh at them.

This was the best season since the 91 cup when we beat Minnesota.

Matty said...

Besides the not hoisting the Cup, this season was a blast. Just when the Pens got knocked down with injuries, they were right back on their feet. Awesome stuff, it was fun.

The Emo Cow said...

that malkin picture is utterly disgusting.

H.C. Prick said...

Seriously, after the Ottawa loss in 2007, who here wouldn't have traded half of their reproductive organs to be two wins from the cup this year?
I'll be spending the next five months defending MAF with nothing but my fists and boyish good looks. If the Pens get even half of the bounces Detriot got we're touching ourselves to the fact of a game 7 right now.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to take a hammer to Mike Cockbab's chin.

nuthinhere said...


Thats about the only thing I can think to say about Game 6.


Thanks Pensblog staff for entertaining me while I'm at work in the wee hours of the morning (midshift). Great site, glad I stumbled onto it.

PittHockey said...

annie, I'm adding you.

I'll be back in beantown in the fall.
We need to get a penguins group to crash td gardens

Jonny V said...

Can'tsleepblog...I had to see what the Staff would post, and it exceeded all expectations. I'm buying you guys a round of drinks sometime. Eff it, make it drinks on me all night...

Thank you Stoosh for making committing to you a natural reaction after reading any of your posts.

Thank you Big K for giving us a glimpse of what us older c-bloggers felt when we witnessed the back-to-backs when we were younger. You got the gift kid.

Thank you BlacknGold and Sakic19 for allowing us to help you deal with the adversity that life throws at you. You are both an inspiration, God bless yinz. And BnG, glad we got the chance to meet, you and your lady are quality people.

Thank you to the female c-bloggers (Coffeytalk, Eileenover, Racheleyos, NWChica, IHaveKasparaitis, Pensgirl, Hip, Sooska, LadyJaye, VanessaDay, Carroll and any others i missed) for smashing the puck-bunny stereotype. Your passion and knowledge of the game was contagious, spread the gospel! To paraphrase David Wooderson, "I love them (c-blog) redheads!"

Whistler for the gameday Gary's prayers

TheSeeker for regaling us of tales pre-Lemieux era, you rock, man

Chris E. for the "Let's do this shit's!"

Doc Turkleton, for the Scrubs references and keeping us on our toes with your humorous outlook on life and all things Penguin.

Shoez, keep the Pens LOL's coming, we're gonna need 'em for awhile.

Raybin, your posts were always on point and made me laugh.

Annie, it was poetic that we were there until the last half second. No Red Wing empty-net goal. No us chasing their players around for the puck until the final horn sounded. This year's team is burned in my memory, and I have the staff and all of you c-bloggers to thank for that.

To all I didn't mention, I apologize

This year was only the beginning. I see a majority of a ring of the Stanley Cup with "Pittsburgh Penguins" etched on it.

Just sayin'

ada520 said...

Okay so we lost, i hate myself right now, but the GM in me loves the off-season almost as much as the other seasons or maybe I'm just lying to myself so i dont cry.

But here is my decision making process for the pens roster, player by player(and i'm not ray shero but i have won stanley cups in like every NHL video game going back to NHL '94):

Fleury- resign(estimate: 6 yrs, 42 mil), thinking $7 mil. range
Malkin- resign(estimate: 6 yrs, 55 mil.), no effect on next year's cap
Staal- resign(estimate: 5 yrs, 27 mil.), same deal
Laraque- release, listen i love the guy but where was he in the finals. he wasn't there because he can't skate. 1.2 mil. is a lot for a guy who can't skate
Ruutu- resign, more than serviceable for cheap and an amazing pest
Hall- resign, personally like him a lot and he can kill penalties
Kris Beech- release, can we get michal sivek back instead?
Dupuis- on the fence, wouldn't offer a whole lot more than a mil.
Taffe- resign, like the scoring touch at times but questionable intensity at times IMO.
Mark Eaton- release, injury prone is an understatement and in a tight cap situation that the pens will have battling for a Cup, there is little room for error
Gary Roberts- release, there is an end of the road for every player and it is time, sorry. i'd offer no more than a million but once again another injury prone player

With that cleared away, then in my opinion the big decision comes in:

Either A) Keep Malone and Orpik or B) Keep Hossa

Well, I take C) sign Orpik(estimated:4 yrs, 18 mil), and sign another $3-4 mil. winger for Crosby from Free Agency

Markus Nasland, Miro Satan

Also I'd phase Goligoski in as the 7th defenseman, sign Conks and fill in the 4th line with Wilkesbarre scrappers.

That makes about 45 million with plenty of room for a deadline deal if needed.

And if you guys are still depressed, just take comfort in the fact that we finally no longer owe Andre Roy money.

Tim said...

Ugh. The worst part is that there's no more games. No more of this team. Obviously there will be more Pittsburgh Penguins, but, as has been pointed out numerous times, this group of guys is no more.

I think it would've hurt less to go seven games. Because then, no matter what happened, that would be it. No wondering what was going to happen in Game 8 or whatever. Instead, we will always be left to wonder what will happen in Game 7, should it ever come.

I've been following sports, Pittsburgh sports, since I was a small child. I love the Steelers, love the Pirates, but my first love was and always will be the Penguins. As much of a taboo as it is to say now, Ol' Double J was my icon growing up, ever since the days of NHL 95 on the Super Nintendo, when I mistakenly pronounced the "J"s in his name.

After all those years, to be able to be a part of something as magical and memorable as this past season has truly been an amazing experience. I feel fortunate to say that I got to see this team live (I live in Florida, so its tough), got to see the raw skill of Crosby, Malkin, and the like-- including Ty Conklin (shame on Pens fans if his contributions this season are ever forgotten).

Does this loss hurt? Yeah. A lot. But in a way, I feel good about it. This is my team. This is our team. It's amazing how we all can feel so connected to a group of people who most of us will never even meet. But it doesn't matter. Not to us, and not, I would imagine, to the players, who feel our support night in and night out, without being able to consistently put our faces with our cheers.

Special thanks to the Pensblog staff. I can't describe how much this site and the community surrounding it enhanced my enjoyment of the season. Although I didn't post often in the comments, I genuinely felt like I was a part of something. A part of this community. And as someone transplanted so far away from Pittsburgh, and having limited access to see regular season games on TV, It made me feel close to the team, and close to home. I often felt that I didn't need to see the games, because the recaps put me right there--Not just like in a shitty AP recap either. But in a way that really told the story of the game.

As any Steelers fan will attest, the victories are sweet, but it's the sorrows that really make sports special. It's what brings us together, to know that even though we couldn't be much more miserable than we are right now, there are countless others who feel just the same way.

But one day, those sorrows will be replaced by triumphs. And on that day, all of us who are here now feeling sad, dejected, and generally like we might vomit, will come together, both literally and figuratively, and know that it was worth it.

No doubt, Penguins fans, that day is coming.

It's been a hell of a ride. Go Pens.

ada520 said...

p.s. great season, you guys are funny as hell

KJ said...

before my words get lost in the jumble of thursday morning coffee drinkers, i too want to say thanks to the blog. usually i have to bother js with updates and what's going on, but you guys make it easier and give him something else to do (photochops!).

and thank you for showing the way to the chatblog. my only regret was not being in there sooner. its a blast being able to stay in there with some great fans.

it hasn't sunk in fully yet, but i can't wait til next year...seriously, its 100 degrees outside, fall cannot come soon enough!

meecrofilm said...

Well fuck me in the beard..

I just can't believe it's all over.

When the game ended I was just full of rage. Now i'm just depressed and impotent.

But we will be back. Sid and Geno will be absolute fucking beasts next year, no doubt. Hossa NEEDS to come back. Shero -- do it.

Staff, just like this young Pens team, how quickly you have come from the dark, damp, depths of Al Gore's Blogosphere into hockey blogging greatness in just a short time. Just as the Pens soon will lift the cup, so to will you earn the right to possess the Bloggers World Championship Belt.

Hell of a post to close out the season. That's why pensblog is a big deal, and I expected nothing less.

In 4 short months, it'll all start over again. God help us all. Can't freakin wait.


And c-blog rollerhockey game = make it happen.

I'm off to bed for a restless night.

In Shero we trust.

Beav said...

@ Staff

Thanks for the memories (even if the last one isn't so great)

So happy that I stumbled on over to tPb and cant wait to start it all over again in October

RaCHeLeYoS said...

i didnt read the post yet

cause if i do ill start gettin all emotional and cry.

and its after 4 am.

and im drunk

and i caught this

"@jonny v
Thanks! But this:
Rachele, say we win the Cup in the future, hypothetically speaking, what road will you be running naked down?
is so clutch it could help shift a '68 Corvette. I about snorted coffee out my nose."

lol...thanks. snorted beer out of my nose!!!!

Megz590 said...

Well that was truly heartbreaking. I swear I thought I saw that puck cross the blue line in the final seconds off Sid's shot. What a shame to lose on such a crappy goal, trickling in off Zetterberg's shot.
What a playoff run. What a season. Our boy's have completely grown up this year. I hope the pensblog is around this summer to update on the trades and free agency.

And one more time..


Kat said...

I know I didn't post too much, as I'm fairly new to the hockey world and I lurked for a long time before I decided to post but I have to say it was a pleasure hearing what you guys have to say on a daily basis. You all are a fine representation of PensNation and this blog is the best in the business. I'll definitely be around more next season.

And as if on cue, California Souuuulllll...thanks NBC, I can't get away even when watching Conan.

debrisslide said...

The Pens have a knack for signing lovable guys. I don't care who we get as long as they're lovable and can get shit done.


SteelPensBucs said...

This sucks right now, but the Oilers went through this before their great run. They got swept by the Islanders in 1983. They beat the same Islanders the next season. Maybe the Pens will beat the Wings in the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals.

This team is a blast to watch. Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Malone, Orpik, Fleury. Fans of other teams might say that the Penguins only got some of these players because they were bad for several seasons. Well, if you are going to miss the playoffs, you might as well get in the best position to improve.

I have not commented very often, but have read the posts and comments whenever possible. This is a great site, because it is not only run well by the staff, but the contributors are instrumental in creating a funny for receiving hockey news.

Now I need to get myself back to Pittsburgh from my exile in New England. I don't care about Boston or New York teams.


SteelPensBucs said...

Sorry, I meant to type "way" between "funny" and "to".

Jawsh said...


That picture of Hossa is why I want him back.

That picture of Malkin is why I shudder at the thought of people wanting to trade him.

the fact that pensblog staff called first is why i'll be here all summer.

meecrofilm said...


~Sorry. It had to be said one more time.


Hopefully they'll be a Hossa signing in the next couple weeks to cheer me up.

Let's Go Pens

The Great Wall of Fleury said...

I have been following this blog since the middle of the season, and just now registered to post.

Pensblog, I cannot thank you enough for making this season one of the best to deal with. Especially during the playoffs. Days between games felt like years to me, but your post shaved off a few seconds. I just hope the posts between now and preseason help me.

The Pens have so much heart and dedication. It will only get stronger. I love this team. '09...'09.

Stoosh said...

Would've posted last night after the game ended, but a big part of me couldn't find the words. Truthfully, I still can't, but that's fine because everyone else has done such a fine job here echoing anything I'd want to say anyway.

It's been an absolutely amazing ride this season and I'm so glad I stumbled upon this place maybe 18 months ago or whenever it was...I guess it was towards the end of the 2006-07 season, right around the time the arena deal was done. Being able to share this season with all of you has been sheer awesomeness.

It's amazing how you can come to be a part of a community like this and have it turn almost into a second family. For me, it started simply because I'm one of only a handful of Pens fans where I work, and most of them aren't really within my age bracket. So I found this place chock full of Pens fans who see the game the same way I do and love talking hockey as much as I do. It took about 10 seconds for me to get hooked.

For all the right or wrong reasons, this team is a huge part of my life and because it's nice to have a place like this full of people like all of you to talk hockey and life with, this place has also become a big part of my life. I might, hell, you guys gave me my own t-shirt.

I have friends from long before I found my way here who are becoming regular readers and who know the inside jokes. Hell, my family back in Erie even reads the site, and they know most of the jokes. My wife Christine has fallen in love with this site, the jokes, the much so that both of us are looking forward to taking part in as many c-blogger get-togethers as we can make.

Speaking of which, Eileen made the comment later in the gameday thread that we need to have some c-blog get-togethers. That will most definitely happen this summer.

There needs to be a C-blog day or two at Kennywood. I've got some thoughts on trying to put something together like that...C-blog Luau at Kennywood, maybe? :)

I'd be up for any c-blog pickup hockey games, whether they be ice, dek or roller. I need to finish getting some equipment for the ice/roller games, but I can probably make that happen. So please consider me for anything that anyone would try to put together.

Back to bed for a little bit of extra sleep before work.

But thanks again, fellow c-bloggers for making this the best hockey season I've ever watched.

See ya in a few hours.

Stoosh said...

Hey voox -

You are a class act with that post, just like your team.

I said at the beginning of this series that whoever won would clearly deserve it.

You guys definitely deserve it. What a team the Wings absolute machine.

The jobbing back and forth was fun. If anything got personal, I was borne of frustration of being forced to sit back and just watch and not be able to do anything about it. I didn't take any of it to heart and I'm glad you guys didn't either.

Let's do it again in a few months, eh? Shortest offseason in pro sports is another reason to love hockey.

Congradulations again!

PittHockey said...

I'm in the process of committing to the stoosh.

Grégoire said...

From a habs fan, great season guys. The pens and this blog were the reason why I was still excited about the playoffs this year after my habs were out.

Detroit was probably the better team, but you can be proud of your guys, they never gave up. Everyone who follows hockey knows this team will be a cup contender for the next few seasons. You are not Ottawa, you'll definitely get another shot at it very soon.

I just hope Montreal will give you a rough ride next year! ;-)

shawnawwwesome said...

Unlike Hill, I'm not ready to concede. Let's play Game 7 and see what happens.

Yeah, okay. But that last chance by Sid actually took some of the sting out of it. Looking forward to more of this next season.

Raybin said...

@voox & charles

Thanks, fellas. If you see "redwings" tell him he rules the earth too.

@tPB staff


We'll wait all our lives for that Game 7 on Saturday night in Detroit Michigan that will never come.

and this

No more anthem pics.
No more photoshops.
No more pics of the Cotton Candy guy.

kicked me in the balls so hard, I think I'm going to have to have a tonsilectomy performed to get them out.

Why does this always happen to Pens?

Barrasso...Florida...1996. That's all you could think. Why why WHY?

The curtain was falling on Barrasso at the time, though. MAF can only get better.

How exciting was it to see him become the elite goalie everyone knew he could be since he was that grinning 18 year old on the draft day podium? He is now The Franchise as much as Sid.

What can be said about Ty Conklin? Unbelievable. His named deserved to be etched on that Cup for this year and I hope he'll stick around for two or three years to try to help us realize the dream.

Think about if someone had told you Conklin's story at the beginning of the season.

They will never forget his name in Buffalo either after his back-to-back brown acid inspired performances on December 29th and the Winter Classic.

Maybe the best summation of this season is this: as a memento, I will always have that #35 T-shirt. Yes, that's right....during the 2007-2008 NHL season, I paid 25 bucks for a shirt featuring the backup goaltender. And liked it.

My favorite people in hockey are the goaltenders. And these two gave me everything I could ever want as a fan.

Evgeni Malkin. Holy crap. From being looked on by much of the hockey world as a sort of a junior grade Ilya Kovalchuk to an ass-kicking, name taking, king hell center, second in points and serious contender for MVP.

I remember attending the Pens/Leafs game in the fall. You know the one, Mark Recchi's performance got him shown the door a week later?

Little did I suspect that the big, doofy, lumbering defenseman in the blue and white would become one of my favorite players.

It's indicative of the atmosphere working in the Pittsburgh locker right now that the USS Hal Gill, after being frankly despised in Toronto, can come here and play the best hockey of his career and probably earn himself another two or three years past the one left on his contract.

Memories I'll never forget I witnessed live: Conkblock City during the game where Gary hurt his leg....being right behind the net and watching Ryan Malone's wraparound goal unfold during Game 2 against Ottawa...standing and cheering as the time ticked down against Philly and the Pens won the East.

Surreal. Chills. Goosebumps.

I'll tell you what maybe the biggest acquisition for me is though....the Pensblog and CBloggers.

What can I say about you guys?

I remember first coming here in February and absolutely busting a gut open laughing. I knew this would be the kind of place I'd love. To the Staff: You deserve every bit of notoriety this blog has brought you and I hope it continues.


I've never met a group of sports fans so insightful, witty, friendly and generally non-assholish. It's been said, but needs repeated: The women who inhabit this place can only be described by adjectives that haven't been invented yet. All other female sports fans should slink away in shame.

For whatever bizarre, disturbing and frankly mystifying reasons, some of you seem to find me amusing and insightful on occasion. What ever deep-seeded personal hell each of you suffer from that causes this to occur, I dunno. But I'm glad it does. :) Any place that lets me pontificate at lengths which should be illegal and exercise what passes for wit is a place full of patience beyond the sublime.

This place is more like Cheers than any other Internet community I've ever been a part of. You walk in and it's "NOOOOORRRRRM!"

What a season, folks.

I'll be here during the summer. I'm not hard to find.

I better see all of you.

Take us out, Papa Bear:

Sometimes the light's all shinin' on me;
Other times, I can barely see.
Lately it occurs to me ...
What a long, strange trip it's been.

What a long,

mmmk1989 said...

thank you pens. one hell of a season.

thank you pensblog and cblog. you guys and girls are the best.

and if anyone sees a MAF t-shirt, you know, the one with the logo on front and name on the back, dont buy it please, i want to get it when i come down later this summer.

yinz are the best

Ryan said...

Thank you Pens, and thank you staff. What an amazing ride this season was.

Sometimes you have to lose before you win. We'll be back.

In Shero I trust.


Harry Lips said...

Big Al from Detroit here. It was a great series and I have to say that the Penguins were a worthy opponent. Remember, even though losing sucks, your players will remember this feeling for a long time and will never want to allow it to happen again. You have a young and talented team with nothing to be ashamed of. I know nothing is for certain but I do expect the cup to make Pittsburg home sometime soon (unless the Wings have anything to say about it). GO WINGS!

MizzPenz said...

Thank you Staff and thank you CBloggers.

It has been an honor and a privilege.

gpclay said...

great job, men Thanks to the tPB staff for your insane dedication to this wonderful team...

looks like i picked the wrong night to stop sniffing glue...

dying alive said...

I said earlier in the playoffs that I really didn't care if the Pens won or lost, and that's still true, but my heart hurt last night for our guys. You could see how disappointed they were. I remember Hossa in particular, just kind of skating over to the boards and sitting there staring blankly off into space.

I also said earlier this series that Cup or no Cup, I'd take our guys over theirs any day of the week and twice on Sunday, and I'll say it again now that it actually means something.

Thank you Penguins, for giving us a great season of entertaining hockey. And thank you Pensblog & cbloggers, for making it fun to talk about.

dying alive said...

Also, as I was walking in to work this morning the guy in the cubicle behind me (also a Pens fan) popped his head up and said, "Oh well, at least we can look forward to the Pirates."

We immediately started looking for scissors or other sharp objects to cut ourselves with.

yermammy3 said...

you didn't almost have it all. you got demolished. lucky you even won the overtime game.

WINGS 2008 Stanley Cup Champs!

Take care LOSERS! See you next year.


Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

Hell of a great season. Now's the time for Shero to earn his salary.

For the classy Wings fans who have been in here of late, congratulations. You've represented your team so well, and you deserve to savor this win for a long, long time.

For anyone who's coming trolling today, I hope once your pathetic excuse for a life ends, you get to spend eternity getting raped by the devil (or the Devils, that'd work too).

October can't get here fast enough.

Colin said...

Congratulations to the Red Wings. Phenominal team with some unreal players.

Many thanks to staff for everything you guys do. It makes life a bit easier to read this blog on a daily basis.

Thanks to all the cbloggers out there. This is a great thing to be a part of.

Finally, thank you Pittsburgh Penguins. You make life better. I love you all and it is a privlege to watch you play.

Go Pens!

Dan said...

wow was the weather fitting this morning.

you could see it on these guys faces. they want to come back. their job isn't done. it can be done. if shero puts some effort into it, it can be done. orpik stated in february or march he would take a discount. hopefully bugsy and hossa will. god i want to start a campaign to get them to resign bugsy.

i'm sure everyone knows this site but if not

trade sydor
i'm willing to sacrifice scuds if it's gonna get us something to help. i've never been big on him.
goligoski will be ready
goodbye eaton
hopefully they don't throw a ton of money at fleury just yet. 4-5 million.
wwgrd? he might call it a career.
hall needs to be resigned, and it won't be for that much
rutuu or laraque, i think we will have to make a choice. i choose rutuu.
beech is gone.
taffe can be resigned.
i think dupuis depends on hossa. whatev.
obviously we have some restricteds we have to work on. staal, geno, kennedy and talbot to name a few. i think this can be done if everyone is willing to take a little less to win. maybe i am being too optimistic. i need something to do that with right now though.

Dan said...

yermammy - have fun giving blowjobs for crack.

redwings - congrats, thanks for bringing some class here from the dark side.

Sooska said...

Mario said it for everyone:

"It's tough. Once you get there, you expect to win. I would love to be in their shoes to be able to come back the next year and have a chance at playing and play for the Stanley Cup.

"They're young, they're 19 , 20 , 21 years old. They have their whole life ahead of them, and this should be the best time of their lives.

"This was a great experience. It's disappointing, but we'll be back."

GottaHydrate said...

A long, strange ride indeed...

I woke up this morning and my brother (a Wings fan) was wearing a Detroit t-shirt... I felt like punching him. But then he'd have punched me back, and I've been hit hard enough the past few hours...

Now I'm just praying as hard as I can that Malkin wins the Hart and the draft is fruitful... go pens.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

Remember how non-existent Malkin was in last year's playoffs against Ottawa? This year, he ran out of gas three rounds later. Give him another year of conditioning, and he'll be a major factor in the Cup Finals.

As much as I'd like to see Hossa re-signed, if Shero doesn't have a deal pretty close to in place by the draft, he really should look into moving Hossa's rights for a high first-round pick. I really think Chicago might be willing to make a deal there, since they're probably one durable scorer and one competent goalie away from getting into the playoffs.

threshhold9k said...

'Instead, they lifted their Cup to a silent, half-empty arena, and celebrated in probably the shittiest locker room in the league.'

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Haha.

The only thing I have to say to Wings fans is have fun with Chicago next season and the future. They will be the Pens of the West.

I was unable to watch or listen to the game. I read this on CNN international this morning 'Detroit Red Wings claim NHL's Stanley Cup.' Probably one of the most cruel and concise sentences I've ever read. I don't know what hurt worse, losing in game 6 of this years SCF or cheering for the Devils to beat Ottawa in round two last year.

As for Gary Roberts:
Old soldiers never die they just fade away.

J.J. said...

Credit to the Penguins and the cbloggers on here who support them. I came into this series not knowing much about them or anything about you; I've been pleasantly surprised and occasionally amazed on both ends.

Admittedly, after game 2, I was making a mental note of all of the Western Conference teams I thought could take the Penguins; a stupid mistake on my part. The Penguins showed heart, they showed skill, they showed they belonged in the Finals. By the final horn of last night's game, my mental list was down to only one team.

I have a feeling the Penguins faithful are going to get the opportunity to see the Stanley Cup raised in the Mellon Arena (or its replacement) again, and by a great young kid who reminds all of us Red Wings fans of a great young kid who used to captain our squad for a long time.

I look forward to more posting here next season; most of that posting will be as a newfound Penguins fan. Call me bandwagon if you want, all fans of all teams who aren't lucky enough to be born into it have to jump on the bandwagon at some point. I will root for these penguins every step of the way (unless, of course, those steps are through Detroit)

Fred Jones said...

As it has been said already,

Thank you Pensblog staff!

Hossa!! (I hope)

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

Well, it was fun if nothing else.

We'll be back. This isn't some team of washed up vets that stumbled to the finals by accident. We're still loaded with young guys that (scary thought) haven't even peaked yet.

We proved that we have the most talent in the East this year, now it's time to work on getting over the hump.

Congratulations to the Red Wings who are truly one of the great franchises in all of sports.

But this is far from the end for the Pens. There's unfinished business that I'm sure Shero and Co. have begun taking care of already.

God I look wierd without my beard today.

And fuck it, I'm not going to class this morning. I think I'll call my mom and go to breakfast instead, God knows I've virtually ignored the poor woman since these playoffs started.

Dan said...

@ free candy - he's a ufa, i'm pretty sure that can't be done.

Robert Ullman said...

Great job all season, PensBlog. Just phenomenal. Classy too that you managed to be so gracious in defeat...a skill I don't possess. Even now I'm thinking about going to my local Little Ceasar's and taking a shit on the bathroom floor (course, they'd just turn around and put it on a pizza...).

homesprout said...

The Wings deserved to win the Cup. They outplayed the Pens for large stretches of the series.

They play suffocating defense and have such a phenomenal puck possession game. It almost seemed as if they had 6 skaters on the ice all the time.

I hope this experience in the Cup Finals is enough to encourage everyone to take a little less than market value to keep the team together. King Shero has a lot of work to do!

Thanks to TPB Staff and fellow c-bloggers. It's been great to enjoy the season with you all.

Fred Jones said...

I watched the MVP and Cup presentations last night after the game--too numb to turn TV off. The Red Wings played better throughout the series, no doubt, and they deserved to win.

But then McGuire interviews that douche bag Osgood, asks him something about going from back up goalie to winning the Cup, Instead of showing any kind of class like you would expect from almost any other goalie in that situation who would have said something like "I credit my Defense to limiting the number of shots I faced, etc"

Osgood says it was because of HIS hard work, HIS perserverance, HIS heart is bigger than most people think, blah blah blah. What a self righteous ass.

Colin said...

Last night, as the clock hit zero, it was surreal. The season was over, just like that. And yeah, I felt bad because we lost, but I think I felt so bad because I can't imagine what they put into the season. What did I do? I watched the games on TV, rooted my brains out and had some great experiences.

What did they do? Took pucks to the faces, sprained their high ankles, broke bones and put their life on the line. I think that is why as the clock went to 0.00, and our season was over, I found myself screaming louder than I ever have in my life.

I love everyone on that team. From number 2 to 87. Thanks again.

We will be better because of this.

Mike said...

Thank you for everything guys. You have made a constant reader out of me, and have been a special addition to an unforgettable year of hockey.

-Mike [Tranquility Lost]

Sam's dog said...

An hour and a half late to work and still drunk. I had to celebrate our loss with wings fans, they would have done the same for me, they are stand up hockey fans. Thank you Lord Stanley for game 5, the greatest hockey game I've ever watched. Thanks to the pensblog for making being a pens fan so much fun. I know I've only just popped my head in hear, but like the Pens, we all know we'll be back.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

I think it can be done before the start of free agency on July 1. I seem to recall that the Predators sent two pending UFAs (Hartnell and Timonen, I think) to the Flyers at the draft to get back the first-round pick they sent to Philly in the Forsberg deal.

JYo said...

Thanks for a great season staff and C-bloggers. What a ride. There is no way I would have felt so connected to this team from here in western Indiana without this blog. WOOOOOO!

Back to your regularly scheduled jobbing:

On the brighter side of things, this frees up time...

For the animal hating Wings to watch horse murder on Saturday afternoon.

We need to get a penguins group to crash td gardens

Fleet Centah, you'll nevah be the Gahden!

Steve In Denver said...

World class blog.
World class bloggers.

Rochelle - great idea...I hope the pens bury a few key jerseys as the foundation to the new arena.

I hope there is one more Fiesta Penguinicana...some sort of rally or something so that the fans can say thanks publicly and vice versa.
Master Shero could tug at players heart strings to maybe stick around (Hossa, Bugsy?).

Have a great day folks.

Joe said...

Hell of a run, Great job guys. Its been a pleasure.

Gavin said...

Much love to the pensblog for their passion and good humor and to our beloved Pens for an amazing run. It is going to be one long summer, but I can't wait to see what happens next. The savvy and intelligence of Ray Shero will be on full display starting today. LET'S GO PENS!

hag65 said...

Great year again Pensblog. You guys still rule the blogosphere.

This all reminded me of when the 'Canes got beat by Detroit and the trap in the finals, very similar. It lights the fires, Big-Daddy.

My Canes won, and you will too. You are in better shape than we were.

Good season Pens...

Christina said...

Pensblog staff, fellow Cbloggers, you guys are champs. It's been a pleasure sharing this season with you.

King Shero. Do it.

RedWings said...


An incredible ride, that I can not belive is over. I have such respect and fear of your Penguin team. There is no question multiple Cups will be coming to Pittsburgh.

I've really got to thank and compliment tPB staff and this posting community for the class you've brought to this series. A tremendous Game Six recap followed by sincere blogging "fandom" at its best. Very tastefully done Pensblog community. You are to be commended.

As is your Eastern Conference Championship team. I must describe the Penguins in that fashion because it just seems right to refer to them as champions. Your team, is what makes this 2008 Stanley Cup victory sooo impressive and sweet to Detroit. This wasn't some four game sweep over a team that was "just happy to be there". This was an incredibly hard fought, balanced series, which in the end had one Conference Champion a little better than the other Conference Champion.

I know how much it hurts to watch the other guys skate with the Cup. In a previous thread I commented how I would rather not make it to the finals than lose the finals because that pain is so much different. So I truly do feel for you guys today. But I also know, as does the rest of the hockey world, that Pittsburgh's day is coming. Now it will be that much sweeter for all of you.

Until then, we Wing fans get to enjoy the final satisfaction that compares to nothing else. Thanks to all of you for making this such a wonderful moment.

PO said...

did zetterberg, rafalski, and lindstrom ever leave the ice in the third period?? those three guys were dominant in their defensive zone.. absolute clinic... they make a journeyman like Elroy look like Patrick Roy... absolutely unreal defensive clinic by them... but just wait, in a few years Jordan Stall will win about 5 straight Selke's... that kid was one of our top 3 last night for sure.. just wait untill he's 25 and fills out, he'll be Gill's size with speed and skill... seriously (for all the guys here atleast) think about when you were 19 and how slender you were or when you hit that last growth spirt at 20 and grew another inch... that kid is going to be something real special, just like Bing and Geno... keep those three and the cap wont be an issue, players with skills like Hossa will call US asking for a contract (like Sykie did last summer)

PO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dan said...

freecandy - good call you are right. hopefully they can get something done, if not, i'd try to get something out of it.

Christina said...

@ voox, redwings

Congrats on the Cup, and a big thank you for being all class throughout the series. Red Wings definitely deserved to win, they knew exactly how to beat their opponent and went out and accomplished it. This dejected Pens fan can only hope that Crosby, Malkin, Staal et al learned leaps and bounds about what your team taught.

Don't be strangers, it's great to have non-Pens fan perspective in Cblog.

PO said...

someone needs to give me a spelling clinic...

Staal -not stall

thats three in two days, im slipping

Adrienne said...

It hurts way too much to be awake this morning.

Last night's game was closed out with the epic moment of my entire family screaming, "NOOOOOOO" in unison as the puck crossed the crease twice without going in.


17 weeks until next season.

don't poke the chinchilla said...

**squeek squeek sigh**

How big do you have to be to go on those rides at Kennywood?

JYo said...

wwgrd? he might call it a career

That is probably the saddest part of it all. This was likely his last go at it and it would have been awesome for him to go out on top.

Call me bandwagon if you want, all fans of all teams who aren't lucky enough to be born into it have to jump on the bandwagon at some point.

I won't call you that. I wish more people appreciated that sentiment. Not everyone is born and raised in a city with a team to love. Sometimes you move, sometimes you get exposed to a team like the Pens, etc. Thanks for being a classy opposition fan and welcome aboard, even if the Pens are only your second favorite team.

Max Power said...


We fought hard. We did our best. It was a great run and an incredible season. Last night my tattoo cried. When I woke this morning randomly placed on my living room floor next to an empty bottle of scotch it finally hit me. We lost and I possibly broke my hand. Possibly explaining the random holes in my wall. Much thanks to the tPB staff. Work won't be the same without the posts to get me through the gate. For now its time to crawl in to a bottle and curse the Buckos.

JYo said...

keep those three and the cap wont be an issue

I completely agree. To me, the Pens have to keep Bing, Geno, Staal, and MAF for the very long term and build around that. They will almost certainly lose some people that we will hate to see go, but King Shero will fill in the gaps and keep the Pens at the top. He is one of the best GMs out there in the same way this is one of the best blogs and blogging communities out there. What an experience everything associated with this team is. Here is hoping it stays this way for the next dozen years or so!

PO said...


exaclty what i was thinking... think about it for a second from a hockey stand point... youre an UFA (Hossa, Malone, Orpik, etc), you have tasted bits and pieces of success... you can make X amount playing somewhere that MIGHT someday be a winner in a marginal hockey market... or you can make a shade less than X, play in a brand new arena two years from now, and you can play with greatest player on the planet 1A and greatest player on the planet 1B (who are combined younger than Gary Roberts) and infront of greatest goalie on the planet under 25... OH and by the way, the owner of your team is Mario fucking Lemuiex, the greatest player ever.

who wouldnt want that??

M. Vanderlasser said...

If Charlie had come to me when I was trudging home in a daze after Sid did his ankle against Tampa Bay and said "if you spend the night with me, I'll ensure that the Pens make the Stanley Cup Final", I would have said "where's the ball gag, let's do this sh*t".

Fortunately it didn't come to that.

Last night hurt but wow, what a ride it has been. Unreal. I can't wait to see what unfolds in the off season and I'm already counting down the days until the puck drops on the 08-09 season.

Dr. T and bng66 and Josh, it was great to meet you. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon.

Thanks, pensblog staff, for the wonderful job you guys do with this blog. I salute thee. (Rises from chair and applauds)

If there are any cyclists in PBland and you want to do any road, mountain, or 'cross riding in the Carlisle area this summer, please give me a shout.

Mark -

Thanks, Potash.

Mitch said...

Thanks for the awesome blog. Keep it up.

Can't wait for next year.

At least the wait is only four months compared to the usual six month wait we've grown accustomed to over the last several years!

dying alive said...

Want to know what my favorite thing is about tPB? Even with a loss of this magnitude, we don't all turn emo and jump ship. We don't start rumors about Malkin trades. We don't call for the heads of players for making mistakes. We don't call the entire season a failure because they lost in game six of the SCF. We don't act like this Cup was ours all along, and it was only through sheer ineptitude that they let it slip away. We acknowledge the skill of our opponent. We don't act like this season - and this Cup run - was all about us and we don't act like we're owed something by the guys on the ice. In general, we are able to maintain some perspective and appreciate our players and what they accomplished this year. Looking around at some of the other Pens sites on the Gore, it seems to make us unique.

Victor Raison said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Great season, both for the Penguins and tPB. I must say, I was turned on to this site rather late in the season, but I've been a daily reader since. As far as hockey goes, I'm a relative newbie. I'm a lifelong Steelers fan who was re-introduced to hockey by my roomates at the good old U of P at J-town the year before Crosby was grabbed up by the Pens, and honestly, I was a little surprised when I realized this morning that I am looking forward more to the next drop of the puck than the first coin toss. This season has been a hell of a ride, and there were many moments that stood out. However, I must say that one stood out to me. I ask you to turn to the Book of Talbot in the New Penguins Testament, Chapter 19, Verse 25. That, I think, is the moment that this team started to truly believe. Maybe I'll be proven wrong, but that is a moment that we, as fans of the Penguins and the sport of hockey, are going to look back on in the future and tell our children and grandchildren about when they ask us if we know any legends. As much as I am disappointed that the season is over, I'm that much more excited about what is to come.

JYo said...

I hear ya po. I just hope some FAs feel the same way. Even without any significant discounts though, I think a solid lineup up the middle and stud goalie can carry the team a long way, even if some of the other pieces change and aren't the top players in the league like a Hossa type guy.

JYo said...

@dying alive: So you're saying we're not the proverbial "yinzers"?

dying alive said...

@ jyo - Yes, to put it much more succinctly - we're not yinzer fans.

Vanessa Day said...

@ Colin, Your words echoed my thoughts/feelings/actions exactly.

Thanks SO MUCH to tPB Staff, fellow Cbloggers, and Wings Jobbers for the entertainment and new friends. I &hearts you all.

Gary, that was sad.

My eyes welled up with tears for them, especially Max Talbot. It was so heartbreaking to see all of them sprawled over the ice.

Why do I have to live here and see this bullshit for the next fucking year? Every bar, every Applebees, every 1999 Ford Taurus with their wings bumper stickers and jerseys. Every fat hillbilly woman who can't fit into 'real' clothes wearing her Zetterberg jersey to cover her fat ass.

Good Gary, help me.

ALL I have to say to all of those assholes is :::: NEXT YEAR, BITCHES. Next Year.

Please, Ray Shero...Keep the team somewhat intact. I'm lobbying for Ruu.


The Seeker said...

Thank you for just being YOU tPB Staffers, all Cbloggers, and all the photoshoppers who contributed.

I really do think the Photoshoppers here deserve some type of NHL Cup of their own....NO blog can take that title away from yinz!

What a family we have here!.... Just Amazing!

I'll say it again-

Three years ago, this team was at the bottom of the heap.
Two years ago, this team was at the bottom of the East.
Last year, we weren't sure we'd have a new arena deal or even a team to root for.
This year we EARNED a shot at the hockey world's biggest prize and came close only to be beaten by a team that no one can be ashamed of losing to. No one can say we didn't have the heart and didn't deserve to be called the Champs of the East.

How many times did the "experts" count us out? How many times did we prove them all wrong?

Of course, one more time would have made the fairy tale complete, but there's no shame in losing this one.

Again...thank you tPB for being here!

wilsmith said...

Regarding the Cblog get together:

Sign up for the South Side Open!
Wear your storeblog gear.

Some of us did it last year and it was awesome. Well worth it.

Do it.

Don't navigate away from the Pens shops page or your place of work will ban you from the internets.

type photoshop.

wilsmith said...

I guess I deleted the password part.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

There is a chance you might be driving to work today and Lidstrom blocks your car.


I've gotta say, now that it's over, this is one helluva well written blog. the sarcasm and humor are on par with A2Y.

congratulations to the Penguins for putting on a great series when many didn't think it would turn out that way after 2 games.

it seems, as usual, it was a war of attrition. if in some alternate universe both teams could play every game 100% without fatigue or injury, I think we'd be looking at a wild game 7 on Saturday.

oh, and that alternate universe would have to include proper officials who don't have shit in their eyes or whatever it is that ails those morons.

don't fret, Pens fans. I know where you are right now. you're where we were in 1995. and 1996. your 1997 will come.

I envy you for that, for it was one of the most memorable times of my life. the excitement of the first one is unmatched by the rest.

sure I liked seeing the Wings win, but I was so drained from game 5 it just felt anti-climactic last night.

anyway, have a great summer and see you next year.

Kara said...

Hey Pens fans,

Just wanted to stop by and say that your guys played some great final games and an amazing post-season overall. I really enjoyed watching the Pens play, right up until the Wings had to face them.

free candy man, I totally agree with you about Malkin. I have to say, I've been disgusted with some of the shit he's gotten over the past couple weeks, and I'm prospecitvely annoyed at the MSM obsessing over this series the next time he's in the Finals. Whatever problems he had, I don't expect to see a repeat.

threshhold9k, I think you're right about the Blackhawks. I also think that the Pens better get ready to face the Caps in the playoffs next year.

Thanks to Pensblog for excellent commentary and brilliant photoshops, and to the Pens fans here for loving hockey and having a clue. After the Predators, the Avalanche, and the Stars, it was a relief to finally have some intelligent, knowledgeable fans on the other side.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

someone needs to bury gary's jersey in the new building so that it will have a strong foundation. ;)

I'd say they should bury GARY in the new building, but then it would crumble by about December.

JYo said...

I really do think the Photoshoppers here deserve some type of NHL Cup of their own.

Will this work?

Diesel said...

Facebook Group for Shero

Good Luck Shero!


Thank you for a great year.

PO said...

in the coming days i foresee a story about malkin having a broken rib or something of the nature... rumors have been circulating that he has been wearing some type of compression vest underneath his regular equipment... wouldnt be a shock to find out hes been hurt all along, not dogging it and turning into the next Jagr like the media is insisting

AmericanHero269 said...

Thank you everyone for the wonderful season.

All of you guys who post here, thank you. You are just as big a part of the team as the players, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for you guys. And of course the Pensblog staff, you guys are wonderful in your posts, whether it be an awesome photoshop of Bryan Murray having homosexual relations or putting a loss into a feeling we all share(vomit).

We as a hockey fans, are not enemies but friends, and it's great to see some guys who route for other franchises come out and show their support for opposing fans. It's an exciting and yet uncertain time for us right now, but now we can reflect on everything we learned about our guys this year, and maybe even prepare for October.

It's bitter sweet for me, because I have to go over to London from September until Christmas and won't be able to watch games or likely post on here often or even read the posts. You guys need to promise to keep the fort held down.

Remember, Do not lose the hope that helped get us here in the dark years.

RedWings said...

The Seeker said...
Thank you for just being YOU tPB Staffers, all Cbloggers, and all the photoshoppers who contributed.

I really do think the Photoshoppers here deserve some type of NHL Cup of their own....NO blog can take that title away from yinz!

I'll second that. No one is better.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

Osgood says it was because of HIS hard work, HIS perserverance, HIS heart is bigger than most people think, blah blah blah. What a self righteous ass.

you'd have to really know what he was like when he played for the Wings a decade ago, and keep in mind his stint in hockey purgatory (St Louis) only to come back and STILL sit behind Hasek for a couple years to understand. everything he said is correct. he is a totally different, and far better, goalie now. that can only be because of his own hard work.

The Seeker said...

How 'bout another very apt cliche'?......

What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger

Colin said...

@ po -

Just some rumors (just want to stress that) about injuries I have heard.

Bing - Ribs and groin
Geno - Should and ribs
Sykora - Hand or finger

runningfox said...

the grape vines says:

malkin is already signed and the team is waiting to make a public announcement.

alex said...

If there was ever such a thing as a six-game sweep, this was it.

J.S. said...

was holding off as long as possible since this game left a bitter taste in my mouth (go ahead, queue the CSI joke), but I guess I can't hold off from posting forever.

I'm not so much mad about the game, just disappointed. The goal that "won" the game was a goal that you'll never see again on a highlight show outside of Detroit. I think if they would have won on a 2 on 1 break or a hard slap from the point, the loss would be a little easier to take. However, I guess I should give the Wings their props. It was a race to 4 games, and they won. Nick Lidstrom blocked me on the way to work twice this morning. What a player.

More importantly, Adam, Derek....what the hell, I'll include Charlie too: an excellent job (not to be confused with another type of job). I showed up late to the party last season, but since then, there hasn't been a day where I haven't shown up here. The growth of WWGRD, the USS Hal Gill, hearing Sid say "What would Gary Roberts do?" and Ruutu mentioning Orpik handing out free candy can all be traced back to this place. Even stepping away from here, I catch myself using "stunned" and "jobbed" maybe a little too much. That is why Pensblog is, and will continue to be, a big deal. Adam, Derek, and Charlie....come get your bloggers' cup.

Re: Redwings fans. First, I gotta thank redwings for stopping by. It's bloggers like this that make it hard to root against the other team. Voox, who I'll admit irritated me at every single post, was at least cool enough to admit that it was all in the name of jobbing. If that's the case, that's good enough for me. Mammy? Meh, whatev. Stay classy.

I guess I can finally shave off the playoff beard. The 2007-08 season is officially over, but that doesn't mean I'm going away. I'll still be in here watching the countdown til next season.

Thanks again everybody.

canaanregulatesblog said...


PO said...

@ colin

i wouldnt be surprised if Bing needed a week in a hospital bed to recover.. that kid was balls to the walls ever since he got back from the ankle (which is def. not fully healed if you have ever even tweaked your ankle you know that)

as far as Sykie goes i heard that about his finger/hand and then i caught a glimpse of him on the bench and he had some type of taped up brace contraption on his pinky finger that ran down to his wrist, so something is definately up there... how nice is it though that we have Sykie (a 30 goal scorer) locked up for next year at 2.5 mil. what a steal

odmE. said...

Dear Pensblog Staff:

Kudos to a great season of recapping, jobbing, and general malarkey. It was wonderful and I'm so happy I found the site, and that "job" has become a part of my daily vocabulary.


I pop up every now and then but I mostly just read's been wonderful to read your commentaries and hear your insights about all things hockey and whatever else. You all seem like a bunch with whom (propergrammarblog) I would love to have drinks. Kudos to you all, and I will continue to read what's here through the offseason and hopefully post more so I join the party.

Red Wings Fans:

Congrats! It was a thrilling SCF and Detroit is a mind boggling team to watch...all series I found myself saying "How the hell do they still have the puck?!" You have a solid team and you all deserved the win. And thanks for the jobbing. ;)

Danto85 said...

Not only did the Pens season come to an end... but my girlfriend broke up with me last night a few hours after the game. Heartbreak x5000.

Welcome to single life and off season life.

At least I know the Pens will be back... they ALWAYS come back!

GO Pens!

Vanessa Day said...

@Danto... That sucks. Oh well, out with the old, in with the new [season].


Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

The official attendance at last night's Pirates game: 9,392, meaning that the Pens probably outdrew the Pirates in real attendance somewhere along the lines of 3 or 4 to 1. Who would've ever thought three years ago that the Pens would pass the Pirates to become a very solid #2 team in Pittsburgh?

Baseball all-star game voting is still going on, there's still time to keep writing Gary Roberts in to the NL all-star team.

15 days to the NHL draft. 26 days to the start of Free Agency. In Shero we trust, because we've got a GM with balls.

Let's go Pens!

Dan said...

danto - damn.

PO said...


if the 85 in your name is a reflection of the year you were born then you are young enough to bounce back strong and old enough to go to a bar and pick up some nice skeezer to take your frustrations out on... might i suggest Jimmy D's on a Fri/Sat night... when i was your age that is were all the early-mid 20s trash was around 1am looking for a good time.

after you get that out of your system id recommend waiting until the next pens season because you dont want to have a girlfriend who doesnt like hockey (trust me on that one)

The Seeker said...

@ Colin

There's no doubt at all in my mind that Malkin and Sid (probably others too) were playing through injuries.

But, when even my knowledgeable friends in Montreal notice that Sid's skating style and ability to change direction had changed, you can bank on it.

Malkin's was much more evident to the untrained eye.

That's not said as a whine at all, it's just a part of hockey.

But it does make (especially Sid's performance) despite the injury that much more gutsy.

dying alive said...

the grape vines says:

malkin is already signed and the team is waiting to make a public announcement.

That would go a long way toward lessening the sting.

MaryOfDoom said...

I don't know what else I can add to the discussion, except that this has been some of the most fun following hockey that I've ever had.

I can't wait to see what the Pens will have in store for us next year. And I can't wait to feel the Pensblog magic, once again.

Stilly said...

Great season, great playoffs. Sydor said last night that these young boys became men in the playoffs. I really believe that. they have been forged in the fires of the Stanley Cup Finals, and the pain that comes with coming up short. This team will be hungry next year.

Congratulations Detroit. All jobbing aside, I couldn't imagine a bigger test in the Finals. The Wings are awesomely balanced. They're disciplined on defense, and can flat out attack on offense. They were the class of the NHL this season.

Congratulations to the jobbers at A2Y. I checked that blog everyday after my morning wade through cblog, and I will continue to do so. I hope we meet again in the Finals next year, but with different results.

Thank you thePensblog. I can't describe how great this season was with you guys at the keyboard. I'll be here all through the summer, count on it. If you guys had a donation page, I'd donate to help offset any costs this site creates. Keep up the phenomenal job(bing).

Finally, thanks cblog and chatblog. It's rare to find a bunch of people who are as knowledgable about hockey, and sports in general.. and at the same time are class acts. I hope I get an oppritunity to get out of Harrisburg and up the turnpike to meet some of you. This might not mean much coming from a new guy, but you all added so much more to this NHL season than I could ever thank you for.

Colin said...

@ seeker & po -

Hopefully it didn't come off as I was making excuses. I am just in awe that those guys can play through that stuff. All those guys are beasts.

Dan said...


i hope that little diddly on geno is correct. god i don't wanna be at work today........

Mike said...

@ Danto - I nailed your girlfriend last night after she dumped you, and wiped up the overflow with a Pens jersey!

The Seeker said...

@ danto

There's boatloads of more appreciative chicks in the sea buddy!

Look at it as a blessing to find out now instead of later!

I can sort of commiserate with your pain...

After taking the proverbial knee to the crotch of losing the game last night, I had a cop perform the coupe de grace by nabbing me for speeding (7 stinkin' miles over? Come-On dude!) simply because my mind was still on the game.

Nothing like kicking a guy when he's down, eh?

wilsmith said...

yeah, if anyone tried to click that link I laid out, the pw is photoshop.

The Seeker said...

@ colin

Nope...nowhere did I mean to imply you were whining.

PO said...


no excuses needed for this crew... just taking a look at Rutuu and Malone's faces are enough to know the type of pain these guys grunt through... if it were baseball and someone got hit in the face by a linedrive they'd have been on the DL for 4 weeks, but in hockey they stitch it up and are back out there 20 min later... thats why it is such a better sport to watch and enjoy

penstone410 said...

much like a few others here.. an hour late to work this morning and no one said anything of it..

thank you pens
thank you pensblog
thank you c-bloggers

i stumbled upon tPB mid-season and wished i had sooner. though i never commented, i felt i had to at this point..

i thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts but moreso what all you veteran c-bloggers have to say, i truly adore you, complete strangers and all

i guess you could call me a "born-again" pens fan. i still remember watching the 91-92 cup euphoria and i was only 5 years old. i kind of lost touch with the pens til the past few seasons and know there is so much more to come.

nothing was like the gut wretching feeling of watching the MVP and cup presentations. fred jones said it best: "too numb to turn the TV off"

i'm a sucker for real men showing emotion.. they cut to pens interviews and that is when i burst into tears. i don't know what's keeping me from crying again while posting this..

don't know how i'll make it through the summer.. probably only through this blog and you guys.

is it october yet?

eyebleaf said...

congratulations on one hell of a season. and your blog is dope. see you in october.

Dan said...

whyshynski took a nice jab at us on the deadspin boards

"The Pens coaching staff needs to spend the summer understanding that it's more important to figure out how to use your personnel on the power play than it is to devise new and exciting ways to whine about obstruction.

Seriously, the happiest guy in the world right now should be Sidney Crosby, because his little girl coach just stole the World's Greatest Whiner award right from under his tears.

Good series, with one absolutely fucking classic. God, I miss being able to say fucking when I talk hockey.

Werd, MYFO. Werd to yo muthas."

is it too late to job?

uncleyorgi71 said...

Does anyone have a credible source for the GENO rumors or know where they started? That would ease this terrible pain that I feel greatly.


Your g/f sucks. But nothing else matters besides the PENS. Don't worry about it.


The Seeker said...

@ wilsmith (& all PSers)

Me = not worthy!

I can hack, I can crack programs, I can write programming code, I can job DSL, Cable, dial-up, HTML, & handle any networking.

But I never learned Photoshop.

If there's a plus to having an off-season at all, it'll be to master the art of Photoshopping!

I envy those that can.

Stoosh said...

Morning After Thoughts, dudes...

1. I hate the fact that I have to wait another four months to another "Morning After Thoughts, Dudes..." writeup. Grrrrrr. Thank God hockey has one of the shortest offseasons in pro sports.

2. Have it on very, very good authority that Malkin has been playing with severely bruised ribs since Game One of the Philly series. Basically, it was the Richards hit right before he cooked up the Fuck You Sandwich.

3. I hate to start lookingaheadblog this early, but what the hell. Am I the only one who really, really thinks Hossa is going to be back next year? Moreso, I think Hossa wants to come back next year. I think if King Shero presents him with a very fair market offer, he's back.

4. Maybe I'm just looking too much into it...but I see that picture of Hossa sitting up against the bench and something tells me he's wearing that #18 Pens jersey in October.

5. Maybe this is all a little easier to take knowing that this is still just the beginning of what should be an amazing run for the Pens. If Sid, Malkin, Staal and Fleury are the central core - let's call them the Untouchables - it's comforting to know that the old man of the bunch is Fleury, and he's just 23.

I'd hate to be a fan of another team in the league who watched what the Pens did in the playoffs and know that these four guys are going to be here for a long, long time.

J.S. said...

dan, jobbing doesn't have an offseason.

You can put that in quotes, write a dash, and put my name after it, as Mitch Hedberg would say. ;)

JYo said...

Even stepping away from here, I catch myself using "stunned" and "jobbed" maybe a little too much.

I often utter "what a mistake" and just yesterday my wife said, "Why do you say that so much?" The Pensblog is consuming us all, and that is not a bad thing IMO. I wish more of the people I knew outside of this realm were more like C-bloggers.

Lady Jaye said...

I am going to need to go into detox or something before I start shaking from hockey withdraw in about two weeks.

Paul Nichols said...

To all the Pens Fans - it was a helluva run. And I was right when I called the Pens in the Finals after the trade for Hossa. At least.

Fluery in Game 5 was the most amazing display of the playoffs, in my opinion. Wow.

Sure, it hurts, but as a Caps fan, I'd take a kick in the balls to get as far as you guys did.

Soon, though, very soon, we'll have an Eastern Conference Finals match up that will be like nothing the league has seen.

Looking at the Pens & Caps - how can they not own the league for the next ten years?

When we're all a bunch of old geezers and Ovie and Sid have long retired, we'll tell our grandkids about watching those guys....

Stephen S. said...

Getting paid for my work? Now THAT is a novel idea(LOL)!!! Seriously though, It's been a blast... and the feelings of sadness have already given way to pride in all that was accomplished this year and the hope for the future to come.

Well, i'm going to give myself a couple weeks to recoup and then i'm starting in on stuff for next season. Oh yes, there is much to be done and I have a feeling this off-season will be over before we know it!

Jimmy Hugs said...

I died last night. I will be reborn when the Pens retake the ice later this year.

For now, its golfing in my new Penguins Golf hat, because that's what you do when you are dead.

Thank you Staff for a great blog. I found this place in January and have been hooked since.

Thank you cbloggers for all of the great comments, photoshops, links, and general tom foolery. You guys are a pretty darn nice group of people. I look forward to getting to know you guys better over the coming seasons.


Brandon said...

What can I say...when I stumbled upon this gem I couldn't help but laugh. I didn't realize that I would set this thing as my homepage to make sure I didn't miss anything. I even got my dad into checkin it every morning before work. Good Shit this year guys. I hope Shero doesn't go and be like the Pirates and throw a good thing under the bus.

How many days is it till opening day?



Dan said...

stoosh - i saw it on hossa's face too. all of them really, but you could tell some of these free agent guys had the i want another shot look on their faces. and no one took it harder than malone. he was the last one to even bother to take off his uniform. if anyone will be back for sure, i'd put my money on him.

j.s. - i think that was the 11th commandment moses lost. or whoever came down with them. not thinking clearly right now.

The Seeker said...

@ stoosh

No...I've always thought that Hossa would stay even before the play-offs began.

I don't really see any present player actually wanting to leave even if they're offered a little more cash elsewhere.

I don't really see where any changes need to be made. Before the Finals, even the experts said it was nearly impossible to find a flaw.

I firmly believe that the experience gained is all that would make a difference between losing in 6 and winning it next season. And that experience needed applies to HCMT as well.

PS: Time to change the avatar...I didn't realize animated gifs wouldn't work with

Jersey Bill said...

@ stoosh
Right back at you about Hossa. He and MAF were all guts this series. With under a second left, Hossa was still balls out. I guess there'll be no more questions about disappearing in the playoffs. That pic of Hossa, sitting dejected, is the one that will stay with me.

If we played any other team out west, we lift the Cup. I have never seen such stifling defense night in and night out. That coupled with so many chances that just didn't pan out.

I am more than thrilled with this season, but losing the prize is never fun. Heads-up, young team, yada-yada-yada. Never be happy with being close. Thanks, staff. Great job.

Stilly said...

@lasy jaye

I fully intend to throw myself into NASCAR to fill the time. I've got tickets to Pocono in August as a start. That should hold me over until Fall aka The Most Wonderful Time of The Sports Year:

MLB Playoffs

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

I certainly wouldn't mind seeing the Pens and Caps becoming the two powerhouses in the Eastern Conference. That's one hell of a great rivalry, and it's now two exceedingly entertaining teams to boot.

Hard part for me is deciding the other 9 teams to go see the Caps play against next season. I tell you, if I lived in Fredericksburg instead of Richmond, I'd be getting season tickets in Washington, but it's just too damn far to go 41 times. Eleven games works just right for me.

Jay said...

First, thanks to Pensblog for the sheer joy you've brought to the season, in addition to the joy we got from the guys...

One negative note - all the idiots, yinzers (the set that is stupid), morons and people who's first game was last night who booed the Red Wings last night, shame on you.

Respect the game, respect the best team in the NHL, there is no reason to boo them, they beat us, they are the best team. You make the entire city seem classless when you do something so self-righteous as that.

Who would have thought, on Nov 21, when we were 8-11-02 that this is when and how we'd end the year.

Go Pens

Michael said...

i have a question for you guys, hopefully it doesn't come out all dick like, its not meant to be.

If you had a choice between the pens winning game 5 and the wings coming back to mellon to win, or the wings winning game 5 at home, which would you choose?

i'm just curious. i think if the situation was reversed, and the pens won, i'd rather watch the pens win at joe louis so i could at least be there to see the cup. and to boo bettman. assuming i could afford the tickets anyway, which i can't.

Dan said...

jay - they booed bettman cause he's a piece of shit. they also booed osgood, who is officially the biggest diver in the game after these playoffs.

time to decide what kind of ticket package to get for next year. and i should probably start saving too.

The Seeker said...

*Nicklas Lidstrom the first European captain to hoist the cup.

Actually, that's not 100% accurate.

There was some Russian guy back in the 30's or 40's (can't recall his name or the year) who was the first European Captain to lift the Cup. He, however left Russia and was trained primarily in Canada.

So Zettergerg was the 1st European trained Captain to hoist the Cup.

*Does anyone know what the Wings fan that got escorted from the game in that video actually did to deserve to get arrested?

Joose said...

I wish I would have jumped into the Pensblog earlier in the season, but the cliche "better late than never" easily applies here. (Thank Gary I had a blogging class for the Fall semester, or I would still probably not know of this internet gem. Yes, that's right...a blogging class.)

I am already excited for the next season to get moving. I know I'll end up back here all of the time throwing my sarcasm around quite frequently in the off season. Good times shall be had. I refuse to not keep in touch with my new internet friends during the next few months. haha



Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

I'd have taken the scenario exactly as it played out. I was ready for the end after Game 4, and to get even to Game 6 was a major bonus. Plus, there's a bit of schadenfreude there in knowing that the Pens ruined the Game 5 party in Detroit in spectacular fashion. The Game 5 win was really telling about this Pens team in that they weren't just going to fold the tents and let the Wings celebrate, but they were going to battle to the very end, even though the Pens were clearly the inferior team in this series. The Pens managed to bring one last game to their fans, and even though the result wasn't what we'd hoped, the fans in attendance got to see a Cup presentation in Pittsburgh for the first time ever.

The Seeker said...

@ michael

I wouldn't change anything at all.

Game 5 was one for the annals of hockey glory forever.

dan said:

they booed bettman cause he's a piece of shit.

He may well be, but that's not a good way to thank the guy that worked hard to help keep the Pens in Pittsburgh. I will always appreciate what he did for us in that regard.

they also booed osgood, who is officially the biggest diver in the game after these playoffs.

I'd agree he was a diver in THIS series. What made his diving so pathetic was that the Wings didn't need any of that shit to win.

I'd have to hand the Diving Award to Upshall of the Cryers though for being hit with two diving calls in the post season.

sh0ez said...

Thank you everyone. Pensblog has made this season quite exciting. Not that it wasn't already. I met some great people. The Pens were amazing this year. Simply incredible.

Now what do we have left? Waiting to see who gets to stay. In Ray Shero I trust. In the Pens I trust.

I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here all summer. Cblog 4 lyfe. Hah.


J.J. said...

From a Wings fan's perspective, I think that, for the most part, the fans in the Mellon Arena handled themselves very well. I can understand that they booed Osgood because they didn't like him; I wouldn't like him if the roles were reversed. Nobody should ever question booing Bettman, that man is terrible. The few boos that came when Zetterberg lifted the Conn Smythe actually sounded respectful, not derisive.

The Pens faithful cheered their team for a great cup run (which was the second time in these playoffs after a series that we Wings fans got to hear a crowd chant "Let's go Penguins!") They cheered and clapped when Lidstrom lifted the cup. I think they handled themselves quite well.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

Now it's time to watch the Pirates...


I Have Kasparaitis said...

You guys are making me cry ... stop! I don't cry a lot ...

@po: Didn't you predict Malkin scoring? At least something went that way ...

@Stoosh: I still commit!

I love yinz all ... I really can't put it into words. Thanks, Pensblog Staff, it has been great this season ...

About Mark Eaton: I'm a bit worried about him. I don't think he's injury prone (like someone previously mentioned), but that people injure him because he's talented. He got the slew-foot in Boston. How will we keep all these defensemen?

I'm begging Bugsy take less money and stay. You have been my favorite ... I was without one for a while when Kaspar left (I always loved Lemieux, though), and you came along and I found my new favorite. I plead to you ... you have been my fav. through thick and thin. When you were trade bait, I was the one saying that would be stupid and then look at this season, your best season. And look at all the friends you have, it will never be the same if you leave. You are a Pittsburgh boy at heart even if you live in Minnesota. Come back home, Buddy, and give us a chance for the Cup in your homeburgh.

Free Candy, I remember when you first joined our team. A bit shaky at times but still I loved ya. You were one of my favorites because you hit anyone and I have always been a fan of defense. Please, come back next season. I don't think I can live w/o Free Candy.

Hossa, you have a shot for the Cup here ... the best shot. It shouldn't be about money, Buddy, if you want Stanley (not Charlie's buddy.) Come back, I know you like it here ... my insider said you have adapted here since your trade.

@michael: Sorry, I would want to win at home and celebrate with my fans ... Not in Joe Louis ...

In the Penguins Organization I Still Trust!

debrisslide said...

Just woke up. I think the loss has finally hit me. I cried kinda hard when I read that note that the Detroit fan wrote to WPXI. Pathetic?


Picture on the Pens page? this
Wings page? Countdown to their parade and begging people to attend it.

So, I still believe that Pittsburgh has the best fans and the team in the NHL that is most grateful and appreciative of its fans. I believe we have the most class. Still think it's goofy to watch 'em roll out in SUVs and sign autographs, but I guess if I had a huge contract I'd look pretty sharp, too. What an awesome bunch of guys we have.

Dan said...

they have a blogging class at upg now?

J.S. said...

@jyo, it's definitely not a bad thing. I've even had it rub off on a few other people to the point where they were talking about "getting jobbed at work".

Another phrase popularized here that I never used until I regularly started frequenting this place: all business.

For example: Officer John, all business with teh pen and clipboard, writing me a my own driveway
pic here

The Seeker said...

they have a blogging class at upg now?

LOL....I guess things have changed on campus since I attended Whats-A-Matter-U back in pre-historic times?

Dan said...

seeker - bettman's one of those damned if you do damned if you don't. he did do a lot to keep the pens in pittsburgh. i also think mario may have held him at gunpoint to do so (i may or may not be exaggerating). on a whole though, he is really borderline destroying the league through over expansion/poor locations, a really bad t.v. deal that gives them next to no exposure, and officiating, just to name a few. the worst commissioner in sports is either him or bud selig, my friends and i never did settle that debate.

The Seeker said...

@ debrisslide

I'd STILL love to see Pittsburgh hold a parade or a rally for the Penguins!

I wish there was a way to get either the city or the Pens front offices to organize one.

You just know fans would turn out by the thousands for it.

Dan said...

haha i haven't been out of that joint two years now and it seems to have changed a lot already. ah how i miss sleeping on the couches in the library.

The Seeker said...

@ dan

No doubt I agree with everything you said.

Well, maybe not about the Mario and gunplay part.

I think him working to keep the Pens in Pittsburgh was also a self-serving thing for him. He couldn't afford to also have THAT on his resume written on toilet paper.

That being said though....the ONE place that shouldn't boo him is Pittsburgh. Diss the guy behind the scenes if need be, but Pittsburgh fans owe him that much not to do it publicly.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@j.s.: I'm pretty sure I use any form of job more than I should ... I often find myself saying "Free Candy = Gold." and things like that ... also, I sing Rex Gildo a lot (I got bonus in German class before it ended because he speaks German! WOOO!)

Some Inspiration:
Dream On

Maya Angelou: "Still I Rise"

"You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are you beset with gloom?
'Cause I walk like I've got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I'll rise."

wilsmith said...

Well, make sure you all stick around through the summer.

think of all the great memes that came out of last summer and all the weird stuff that went on here.

PO said...

i have a feeling that quite a few "LETS GO PENS" chants will break out during blow out Pirates games this year

PO said...
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I Have Kasparaitis said...

Do yinz think it's time for me to change my picture? I have grown to love it that I'm not sure I should ...

BTW Is anyone having trouble getting on Facebook? My Profile won't show and it's ticking me off ... was Facebook created by a Flyer fan or the devil ... I need it now ... almost as much as the Pensblog.

xuscbausp said...

this is the first time ive been online since yesterday morning.


congrats to the red wings. they deserved it. im not going to write a long post because its all been said. I want to thank Pensblog, though, for giving me a new favorite website. im just sad i found this during the first round of the playoffs and not earlier. ill be around this off-season.

and thanks again to all cbloggers for welcoming me in. youre all amazing.

lets go pens.

Stilly said...

Prediction: The Pirates get hot after the break and finish above .500 for the first time in 16 years.

On a related note, my new Buccos hat arrived via DHL today. sweetblog.

Dr. Turkleton said...

What better way to overcome the punch to the gut that ended 13.5 hours ago, than to turn focus and potential additions to my man-crush family: Jason Botterill & Ray Shero.

IF there is anyway possible to crunch the numbers to sign the key UFA's , RFA-MAF and all-the-while keeping space reserved to sign Malkin & Staal next year...

It might be MORE impressive than the Pens coming back to win the Cup™ after being down 2-0 & 3-1 in the series.

[Hossa: 25 days to sign, 15 days to trade his rights before Draft '08]

Lauren said...

Fuck I love this team. And this blog.

I'll be back in the Pittsburgh area (and away from Philly, thank Gary) for about a week starting on June 13th...If any cbloggers want to come drown their sorrows in coffee with me and some friends at the Beehive on the South Side on the evening of the 15th, I would be ecstatic to meet some of you guys.

Keep in touch!

J.S. said...

Facebook created by a Flyer fan or the devil

I thought they were one and the same.

Meh, to hell with 'em both.

Joose said...

That's right. Pitt-Greensburg (We are no longer allowed to refer to it as UPG since President Smith moved in, because outsiders don't know WTF a UPG is. I still call it by its original name, though.) now offers the course, "Blogging: Journalism's Next Big Wave." Don't let the title fool you. It was a time consuming class. Wander over to my blog, "The Joose," and you will see. haha I enjoyed it, though. We each had to pick a blog to "study," and one of my classmates chose The Pensblog. I picked Daily Kos, and my brain almost exploded.

So, after I went to game 5 vs. the Rangers, I was browsing random Penguins shit on the internet, and I thought....hmmm... I should starting reading that Pensblog I remember hearing about. Why not? It was a random, spur-of-the-moment decision, and it was a damn good one!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@stilly: Ha ... we can always hope, but the triangle's gotta be balanced ... 1 team plays really well (Pens), 2nd team plays average (Steelers), and 3rd team doesn't understand the term of winning (pirates) ... I still love them all. *hugs*

@Dr. Turk: If that happened, I would definitely be worshipping him ... Do IT, Shero!!!

Wow, way too emotional after a loss ... I need to get my head on straight ... *Gary Roberts tells me to chill* Okay, I'm good for now ...

@js: Probably ... explains the Broad Street Bullies deal ... sold their souls to win the Stanley Cup...

Dan said...

kasper - facebook is working for me. what a slow day at work today too. ugh.

Pensgirl said...

J.J., you would not remotely be a bandwagon fan. To me, jumping on a bandwagon is pretending to be a fan to look cool but not actually caring. If you'll be happy to see us win, then that makes you a real fan, no matter how you got here.

Patty Lafontaine made me love the Sabres, and I still have a soft spot for them. They're not my native team, they're not my first team, I'll never cheer them instead of the Pens, but I like to see them do well, and I think that makes me a genuine fan of theirs, if not a die-hard. I don't see anything different in what you're saying.

Considering how many hockey fans love to hate good teams and good players, it's a welcome perspective for you to say you've been won over. I'm glad that you see what I see when you look at my team. I'm glad you find them compelling...I do too. ;)

Sure, we here root for the Pens no matter what, but we believe this particular incarnation is special, and worth extra attention and admiration and even adoration. So we'd be awfully hypocritical to jump on you for seeing it too.

Po, on your points after "think about it for a second from a hockey stand point...," I completely agree. I said over on the Burgh Blog that ironically, this loss could actually be our best chance of keeping our free agents, if the loss ignited in them a burning to win NEXT YEAR and they believe staying here is their best shot at that.

I also said that if I was the agent for any of them, I'd tell them to take a one or two year deal here because any of those guys as a Cup winner would make an even bigger payday.

Obviously we can't predict what's going to happen, but crazily I think we have a better shot at any of them now than we would have had we won. We'll see.

Carroll said...

@ihk - my facebook is working fine. Maybe you did somthing wrong, pissed off the wrong person...

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Dan: I can get to everything but my profile page ... what did I do wrong? I hate today ...

@carroll: Who could I have angered? I'm pretty nice to everyone ... I haven't trashed talked any Flyers fans or other teams ... no one hates me at my school (who is good with computers) ... what devil did this?!

Stoosh said...

I'm too lazy and braindead right now to check out and work the numbers to see how it's possible to bring Big Poppa Pump back into the fold for next year.

And I understand that at some point, they have to get down to brass tacks, put emotion at least somewhat out of the equation and make a decision that makes good business sense for the team. And the same goes for Hossa.


Mario sure as hell sounded like he wanted Hossa to come back in his post-game interviews last night. And Mario is, um...the boss. So we'll see. I'm feeling pretty optimistic about this.

Even moreso, there's this...

I'm looking at the pending list of free agent wingers out there and these are the best names I'm seeing in terms of what we'd want playing alongside Sid...

Michael Ryder
Miroslav Satan
David Vyborny
Brian Rolston
Pavol Demitra
Ladislav Nagy
Kristian Huselius

Rolston, Vyborny and Huselius intrigue me a bit because they're talented players, but a marked step down from Hossa. The rest? Satan is going downhill faster than Lindsey Lohan's movie career. Nagy is a career underachiever. Demitra is always hurt, and Ryder's one-dimensional.

Nevertheless, all these guys are probably going to command in the $4-5 million a year range because they're the best of a relatively thin crop of free agent wingers.

So if you're going to possibly pay Michael Ryder $4 million a year to be a 70-point player alongside Sid, wouldn't it almost make sense to try to pony up a bit extra and keep the elite guy like Hossa, and maybe get a guy who is going to pot 110 points AND make Sid better as well?

It'll all depend on what Hossa wants. If he wants a Danny Briere-type deal, he probably won't be back. But I'm hoping he considers the possibility of making $8.5 or $9 million a year over the next seven years on some craptastic team versus making $7 million a year on the Pens and having a legitimate shot at the Cup over the next four or five years.

Joose said...

Facebook: Let's be internet friends!

I'm cool.

TheNWChica said...

12 or so hours later and I'm still a bit down but I had a dream last night with Steve in it that made me sort of happy. No, you perverts, not that kind of dream.

I was driving in downtown Everett, and there was this construction crew on one of the major streets. I look up and holding the sign was Steve. Couldn't tell what the sign said, but I'm sure it was good. :)

Oh, and unless you have a strong stomach, don't watch the clip of him in the locker room. I want to cry with him.

And one last Steve fashion blog...The suit was a charcoal grey pinstripe with a lavendar shirt and tie. Looked very nice with his coloring. I said last night, it's been a wonderful ride with you guys and I'm gonna be around in the off season. And if any yinz are in the Seattle/Portland/Vancouver area, ping me and maybe we can raise a pint to our boys.

Carroll said...

ihk - I can see your profile. You and Vanessa love your RUUUUU.

Joose said...

I had a dream that I went to some dive restaurant, and Steve and Lemieux were there together. When I walked outside, they were standing next to some parked cars talking, and I thought Steve was a fan at first. I don't know who I was with, but I said them, "Should we go over and talk to them?" and then I woke up. haha That's an exciting dream, eh?

Vanessa Day said...

@Caroll, Yes... I made that bumper sticker (the RUUUUU one) this morning. Gary (God), I wish my husband looked like him.


Docciavelli said...


Guys and gals, I enjoyed finally joining the cblog fam during the playoffs after casually checking out pensblog during the reg. season.

Will definintely keep checking during the summer, and you can bet I'll be here in October full force.

One of these days, I might just get a photoshopblog posted. Maybe.

Flyers suck.

Dan said...

ihk - i'm not linked up with anyone on fb here to tell you otherwise, but everything was working for me

TheNWChica said...

I want to get to Facebook, but I'm Conkblocked by the firewall. Bah!

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, I'm not sure we have any real shot at Hossa (or maybe Bugsy) for more than a 3 year deal, but I am optimistic that something short-term can happen. And I'd take it.

Joose said...

haha Vanessa, when I marry Ruu, I'll let you look at him a couple of hours a week.

Marcus T said...

I am bitter, I want Fluery dead for allowing that Jiri Hudler goal in game 4 and the Zetterberg goal last night, I want dead that defenseman that stood beside Fluery thinking the play was dead on that Zetterberg goal. I want dead all Red Wing players, and fans. I am upset.

However, I look back on watching all those late 90's Pens playoff teams that never won a title, but provided many hours of entertainment with great joy. So, hopefully, in 3 years or so I can look back and appreciate what a fun ride this series was, and the dominating performance we put on against the Eastern Conference. Hell, to cheer myself up I just think about game 5 and I smile. Knowing that someday I will appreciate this year, its already making me start to appreciate what a fun ride it was, and I am becoming slightly less hostile.

Enjoy the good; drink a lot to help forget the bad.

JYo said...

Meh, to hell with 'em both.

Aren't the Cryers and the devil both there already? Sure, one is "hell on earth," but don't burden me with the details.

JYo said...


JYo said...



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