Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ray Shero says Marian Hossa will test free agency [ Trib ] [ TSN ]

"I've talked to him and his agent (Ritch Winter) lots, and we look to be his first choice," Shero said. "But he's gonna go to July 1 just to make sure, and we'll see what that brings both of us. We've made a very fair contract offer. From Marian's standpoint, he wants to be sure. He knows the risks involved (in testing free agency), and so do we."

Shero is comfortable with the offer he extended.

Hossa will still be the Penguins top priority come July 1,
and Penguins remain on top of Hossa's list.

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Flyer Hater said...


Flyer Hater said...


smitty said...

damn it flyer hater , you have to read the entire post

JKraus said...

Tough call for Shero: Do you reach back to hold onto Ryan Malone now, or do you hang it all out there hoping that Hossa who won't sign with you now will sign with you then.


Flyer Hater said...

Smitty, I did.


debrisslide said...

I didn't even notice that Rossi wrote that. Funny!

Flyer Hater said...

Here are the lines I'd like to see next year...


Naslund, Satan, and Stillman can probably all be had for around the 9 million dollar range. Those are two very solid scoring lines and as long as you have Crosby and Malkin, you're fine.

threshhold9k said...

They do give a phone number where he (Rossi) can be reached. Just a thought. Although it's probably isn't him just some automated feedback line.

Malone won't be worth the money we'll have to match when he gets offers on July 1st. Hossa will probably net somewhere around 8 mil, not worth it at all. The money is better spent on people like Naslund or Satan, like Flyer hater pointed out.

July 1st please hurray up.

blufftalk said...


threshhold9k said...

yes...hurray is faster than hurry.

Quingo77 said...

No way in hell this needs Stillman or Satan.........

Naslund would be okay if he was cheap.

Losing Hossa not the end of the world, losing Malone not the end of the world..........losing both may be the end of the world

smitty said...

If Malone & Hossa sign elsewhere,then resigning Orpik is a good bet?

Mike Georger said...

anyone else think he may be looking for more years than we are willing to give? i dont want to pay a 36 year old 7 million dollars and i doubt shero does either

Sakic19 said...

All we heard from Ho$$a when he was in Pittsburgh south was how it wasn't about the money...he wanted to be on a winning team, etc.

We will see on the first if he is full of shit or not...

We hear about the Canadiens and Rangers being interested, these teams have a double edged sword...if he goes to Montreal, Ho$$a will be taxed to death, if he goes to New York, I hope he remembers the shit the media in Ottawa gave him, because it will only increase...

He has a chance to play with someone who can make him a legend, and a sure-fire Hall of Famer...will he trade that oppurtunity for an extra million a year?

jefe penguino said...

well fuck

stokes said...

Given Hossa's previous comments about not signing for the most money he can get in exchange for playing on a contender, i would think that his list of acceptable teams would be short.

Example: If Columbus or LA would offer him $8.5 mil/season, do you really think that he'd take that offer just to grab an extra million or do you think he'd stick around to play with this team for $7 mil?

Or do you think he'd go to the Rangers or Wings, for example, for less that market value because they may be seen as contenders?

I think Hossa stays put.

Fuck Ritch Winter. Dick.

Kat said...

Wow, exactly not the thing I want to see this morning...errm, afternoon.

debrisslide said...

He has a chance to play with someone who can make him a legend, and a sure-fire Hall of Famer...will he trade that oppurtunity for an extra million a year?

I think there's still a chance Hossa can be a long-term Penguin. I am not Hossa, nor am I Shero, nor am I Hossa's agent. . .so I seriously doubt I know all of the pros and cons about Hossa signing longterm with the Penguins. Only the players know what they want for sure and it isn't in their best interest to spill their hearts out to the media. But from our perspective, it looks like a pretty sweet deal for him, doesn't it? It's obvious that he is considering it so that's the best we can hope for.

Katie said...

This is why I don't really pay attention until July 1. Anything can happen in an instant. I have faith in King Shero. It will all work out the way it is supposed to in the end.

Enjoy your weekend, folks. I got stuck having to come into the office. Sucks, but at least I could read today's post.

Chubs said...

wooo Van Nistelrooy...1-1

Can't wait til next week and all these rumors can start fizzling out.

rick said...

Bottom line: when someone says it's not about the money, it's usually about the money.

Frankly, it's almost always about the money.

J.S. said...

today hasn't been the best of days, then I get to hear that HossaHossaHossa is gonna test free agency.


John said...

so I'm not the only one watching soccer. Russia had numerous chances to put them away, but much like Malkin in the SCF, they choked. I wish the US was good at this sport.

Sakic19 said...

Just an opinion

If the Million Dollar Man wants to go to the Rags or another team for an extra mil a year...let him go...I just hope he has been working on his golf game in the Carribean...he's going to be able to play early for the next 7 or 8 years...

nikki said...

sign malone. that is all.

Steve In Denver said...

Maybe the Pens need to throw some dockers into the deal??

Sakic19 said...

What about the new coldplay album?...definetly sweetens the pot

nikki said...

duuuude coldplay is UNREAL

Sakic19 said...

What if we threw in a Frank Vincent autographed Get Your Shinebox tee-shirt?...I hear he sells them on his website...

Kat said...

@ steve in denver,

LOL. Maybe case of Heiniken too?

From the last post, I can't believe BabyStaal actually went in the second round. I expected him to go much later. If anyone runs into any draft pictures of him, send 'em my way will ya? Yahoo is useless.

Jared said...

I think Hossa and Malone are gone for sure now. It would be nice to keep Malone, but not at $5 mil/year. It would be great to get Nazzy back though.

Jared said...

I was hoping we could swing something to bring in Lil Staal.

wilsmith said...

do not panic.

shero probably said "just go see what the ridiculous offers are, so we can laugh at them together."

and imagine how annoying CBJ broadcasts are going to be if RJ and Malone end up on the same team.

jimmy-pop6996 said...

F Hossa and Malone. Just go for Naslund and Huselius.

Flyer Hater said...

The worst thing the Pens could do is vastly overpay for a 50 point winger in Malone.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I think Hossa's looking for a deal possibly in Boston, but if nothing comes up he'll come back to us ...

Why is everyone going crazy here? Malone and Hossa are testing free-agency, not selling their souls to Eric Lindros ... let's take a breather and still remember they're still with us for now and we are a winning team. Ditching us means ditching a chance at the Cup, which would be destroying their chance at acheiving their dream. They all want money, but they all want to win.

Sorry, my Holland-loving c-bloggers, but I'm glad Russia won ... If Spain wins (Blah ...), I still have a team I really like to root for, and if Italy does (*knocks on wood*), they have an easier chance to win ...

floridapens said...

lines i want
sykora/malkin/MALONE...yes sign

these lines can be paid for and achieve in a high level...
hell just mix em up diff same guys=solid squad

jefe penguino said...

i say crosby needs at least one winger that can be signed to several years to gain some longer term cup chemistry, like hossa. straka and naslund, as nice as it would be to have them, wont last that long.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@floridapens: I like Malone coming back (but that's obvious for me), but no Talbot?

I'm iffy on Straka and Satan ...

Also, I want a stable winger for Crosby ... every year him getting a winger is going to be a bit annoying. We need someone that has chemistry with him and can provide the goals from all of Sid's passing skills. I believe Malone could even start on the top-line if we sign him (*knocks on wood*) because he has the hands, in front of the net abilities, and power forward presence. But maybe I talk him up too much.

PittHockey said...

Ho$$a hahaha

floridapens said...

wait did i leave ..yes sorry max
try it again
sykora/malkin/malone...maybe talbot
minard/hall..and many other options here
one way or another,if hossa goes we can retain malone and add 2-3 solid skaters who can add more offence to our third and forth lines

Flyer Hater said...

Satan on 3rd line?

floridapens said...

and now if we lose malone and hossa
because of hossa
thats all on shero
i never felt like the hossa thing was ever gonna be long term
it was what it was a move for the cup
and no one should be mad about it
but just trying to retain hossa so shero can save face is silly
and satan and straka are at that point in their careers that we can get them for value...poor satan is rotting on the island
he'd be sick on any of our top three lines
check the youtube vid of him smoking fleury last season

Flyer Hater said...

FloridaPens, put the crackpipe down.

KJ said...

and this is why i'd hate to be a GM. of course in the end no matter who leaves (as long as they're not core) i'm OK since someone else will always be willing to fill their spot and take on the role.

KJ said...

ps staal as a yote is a bit exciting if he hits the AHL soon. i could finally say i've seen a staal

floridapens said...

flyerhater lol
ok he could be on alot of diff lines as well as top..he plays solid two ways
and my major point is those guys are there and can be had on the cheap
and that fantasy line up i posted would be just nasty to play against
and the same price as keeping a hossa
and hell what are hossa #'s gonna look like 4 years down the road
while we're paying him stupid money
and getting nothing but declining returns

Brett said...

I'm waiting for the picture of Dawson crying...

floridapens said...

brett thats funny as shit

Stilly said...


If Hossa and Malone go... Orpik stays... Wooooo FREE CANDY!

Kicksave said...

People who race to be first = lame

floridapens said...

stilly if hossa and malone go why not get orpik signed and make an offer to campbell...
god i could hear the backs breaking now lmao
free candy for everyone

AmericanHero269 said...

Well, this is unfortunate. You know there's gonna be guys throwing ridiculous dollar amounts at this guy. If he's having trouble producing with Kovalchuk, imagine him with Nash or Drury. Frankly, this is what Shero didn't want. I have no idea about the dollars involved, I just know that it would be better if even for 6 million, to stay with the Pens.

Reminds me of that episode of South Park.

"Today is a tragic day in the life of Britney Spears. Because people have been stealing so much music, Britney Spears can no longer afford a triple luxury private jet. Instead, she tragically has to settle for a double luxury private jet. I hope you're proud of what you've done to her you bastards."

Marian HOOOOOOO$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$AAAAA

Rich Winters, if you ever read this, thank you for making the game more about a business.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@kj: Jared Staal worries me ... I automatically have affection for him considering he's Gronk's little brother, but he doesn't like putting the effort in. I'm hoping being under a certain coach there will give his some motivation. I think he just thought he was gonna be handed everything to him because of how all 3 of his older brothers play. That isn't a smart pick if he plays like that ...

Stilly said...


Jordan > Eric > Marc > Jared

Nuff Said.

Flyer Hater said...

People who bitch about others saying first=Lamer

KJ said...

ihk- i haven't seen or really heard much about jared except for around here. but yeah, if he expects to just be a pro cause of his brothers, maybe wayne can introduce him to his brothers keith & brent.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@stilly: That's actually how I have them ranked in my mind as in playing skills. But I don't have to see Jared as much as Marc, so I might end liking him more. Hard to compare a defensemen to forwards ... poor Marc, oh well, you play for the Rangers ...

wilsmith said...

who wants satan on this team? honestly.

floridapens said...

i do...he would be a solid value
pick up

Jasper said...

I'm curious to see what will happen, I ain't even gonna speculate

jefe penguino said...

satan on roberts line? worlds would collide.

floridapens said...


i'll stand by it solid value pick up ...who may now be a real option if hossa backs his money filled bags

Carroll said...

ihk/kj - Jared had the most body fat %of all prospects at the combine.

Plus there has been alot of backlash because he is a Staal and does not compare well against his brothers.

Maybe one day the Staals can be competing against each other in the SCF rather then just on the way to get to the SCF.

As far as when he got picked he went earlier then I had expected (49), he was ranked around 57.

floridapens said...

one last look and i'll stop this is a guy the pens could get cheap
think about it

TheNWChica said...

@kat: I'm still looking for pictures of babyStaal from yesterday, but here is one from the combine. ;)

Yay for Free Candy!

And I still think this might be a good thing that Penguicana is declaring FA. Maybe it's a ploy like MAF and arbitration...get the jackals the fuck off his back for a while and let him think about things.

Kat said...

@ stilly and ihk,

As far as Staalblog goes, that sounds about right. Although I think I might actually like Marc the most. *ducks* I just want to kidnap him away from the Rangers and drop him on the doorstep of a team that isn't so vile.

eileenover said...

I don't want anyone with the name Satan on my team. I don't care if he's good, that's just creepy.

Kat said...

@ chica, Thanks!

J.S. said...

Trying to keep my self entertained since what was supposed to be my date tonight ditched me, or at least it's looking that way. Whatev. Without sounding too much like Charlie, I hate chicks.

I must be easily amused if I'm laughing at stuff like this

J.S. said...

@eileen, I'm waiting for the 1,000,001 jokes about Satan going to the Devils after July 1st. Somebody, probably even a NJ beat writer, is gonna crack that joke, and the rest of teh world is gonna either groan or yawn.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I have never really been a fan of Satan, and I don't think his game is going anywhere but down. I rather not see him on the team, especially if it's only for a year.

What was with the littlest Staal (who is basically my age) not showing up on the rest of the Draft days?

@kat: I like Marc, but I cannot consider him my favorite. I have to stick with Gronk. I have always liked Eric, so he beats out Marc.

@j.s.: Sorry about that, dude.

eileenover said...


Haha it's only natural that he should play for them.

floridapens said...

come on we're not 10 yrs old are we?
and its not your team...its the team you root for woooo00!!!
solid players are solid players and if his name was I.P.freely,
I.C.weiner or adolf hizzler
and he helped the pens win the cup
i'd buy that jersey
nothing creepy about the guy at all

eileenover said...


From what I've seen, I don't think he's anything spectacular. And I don't think he's creepy, the name just creeps me out.

jefe penguino said...

all i know is that if hossa doesnt sign with us, that frees up money to get a couple sykora+ bargain types. whatev.

my friend wants to go golfing. lame. its been years. and how fun can it be in 110 heat.

floridapens = satan's brother

i dont think we want any what would satan do slogans going around haha.

Kat said...

@ihk: I'm not sure where the Marc love comes from. Maybe it's because he's the quieter, never-been-imprisoned one. Maybe it's because he belongs to a goofy Fake Rock Band. Maybe it's because he plays defense. The world may never know. Gronk is most definitely a very close second though, because he's the Gronk.

And Jared didn't even show up for the rest of the draft days? Wha?

floridapens said...

i have kaspa....yeah people could think that but its really where he is come on the islanders will make anyone on their squad look that much worse...its hard to gage him from recent outting...and i have to agree with you that his nubers declined with the islanders
but thats more of the team he's on then him...
look at hossas # post season befor the pens stint ...and dear god look at that +/- he had awful
and not reflective of his real play

floridapens said...

my point guys is he is one of the highest rated prospects out there
after hossa as an unrestricted free agent
hossa may have really put the screws to the pens
in costing them malone as well
and NOO
floridapens does not=satans brother
;)or maybe it does
does jefe=hossa jersey buyer?
yes the bargans are out there
just like bringing back straka and nasland
any of this stuff may happen

eileenover said...

I don't see Straka coming back.

floridapens said...

eileenover who knows i heard some blabber about him wanting to come back...once again that cup starts calling guys at that point in their career
so if he comes cheep
another super value pick up
and most everone knows straka can play a solid two way game
hell sign him for a year or two
it would not hurt the team

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@floridapens: I know Satan is a solid forward but I'm not sure he would fit properly. He's 34 years old, which isn't bad but you know he isn't long-term, how much is he making right now? I think $5.2 million, which we can't afford. I just want wingers who are gonna be more long-term. We can't go looking every year or every other year for Sid to have a producing winger. Not only is it annoying but it hurts other players' salaries and doesn't let Sid adjust. I really can't think of anybody right now, though ... I can probably come up with a few later, but my headache will not leave.

On Straka: I have loved Straka ... he was one of my favorite Pens as a child, but he's getting up there, too; he's 36. Also up there and hasn't been performing his best hockey. When you play with Jagr and some of the other talented players on the Rangers, I expect a bit more. He's probably past his prime now ... I think his prime was when he was with us, but I'm a bit biased.

We need players who are gonna stay for a while and not have 1 or 2 year contracts because that just hurts the team. Not only does it hurt salaries, but chemistry on and off the ice.

jefe penguino said...

@floridapens -haaaaah.

no but i do own a straka jersey. hes always welcome back as far as im concerned.

@eileen -dont ruin my dreams of a straka return!

eileenover said...

Sorry jefe haha.

floridapens said...

i have kaspa...yep solid resoning on all your points..
the problem being blessed
with the guys we have
crosby malkin stall
3 stud centers
but they are gonna cost us out the wazzooo
so getting the long term winger is allways gonna leave holes deeper on the other lines
and we just gotta have depth at those levels to go to the finals and win
so im just looking at it like well
we have caputi and minard both huge upsides and may be long term
wings your talking about
kennedy may yet develop into that guy as well
but for now short 1-3 year contracts for value
is what i think the pens may be looking at for a real return to the cup
as of now i dont see really many more guys i would bring in
other than the guys i brought up
cause they'd be longer term guys
and i think we have a lil buffer time with guys like caputi and minard and kennedy
in two years they may all be solid wing options for sid
im not trying to ruffel feathers its just a philosophy
and pens fans may have to take a hard look at these guys if hossa and malone are gone

dhudzin said...

BRY-AN ROL-STON *clap clap clap clap clap*

floridapens said...

looks like malkin is pulling strings and brought another player from the magneticmoutain to the pens...
a goalie...maybe malkin knows something we dont
interesting 5th round pick
and since im not sold on curry
might be a great pick up

dhudzin said...

JYo said...

If Spain wins (Blah ...), I still have a team I really like to root for, and if Italy does (*knocks on wood*), they have an easier chance to win ...

Russia dominated that game for the most part and deserved to win. I don't know that they are the "easier" opponent for Italy or Spain. Ever since that first game bomb against Spain, they have been on fire. If the trend of group winners going down, you should be happy with the game tomorrow.

As for FAblog, whatev. Who knows WTF will happen. I'd like to see Hossa and Orpik back, but like others, I trust Shero to do whats best. Malone almost certainly will get paid more than he is worth IMO, so I'm not holding out much hope for him.

I don't know about all these older wingers either. For every Syko type signing that works out you have a Palffy type signing that sounds good at the time, but goes over like a fart in church. I suppose we'll have to see what happens and go from there.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@floridapens: Oh, no, I'm not offend, I was just bringing up some points. I think they are talented hockey players (of course, they are they play in the NHL ... that excludes Avery and a few others ...) I understand what you're saying. But I just want someone solid for Sid. He can't have different players every year or he's not gonna produce as well. I agree with you on a lot of your points, but I'm just thinking of the future in respects to the first line. [Stoosh]Caputi is great, but I'd give him sometime down in WBS to improve a bit more. Minard, I like him, but I see him as a 4th or 3rd liner. TK just needs to focus on his scoring skills and he's fine.

Malone's not gone yet everyone! WOOOO!!! That is what is keeping me happy lately as well as this ...
Gary Roberts Knobbing It Mainly, I love his voice ...

floridapens said...

dhudzin....ohh my god that was funny as shit
how do you do that to a goalie?lmao!!!
im guessing you like rolston

jefe penguino said...

from tPB FAQ:

How do I make hyperlinks in Commentorblog?

* Enter this code:

>a href="pageYOUARElinking.html">text you want people to click>*/a*

Change the ">" at the beginning to "<"
Then in place of the asterisks at the end, use "<" and ">" in that order.

(you can always 'preview' your post to make sure the link works.)


jefe penguino said...

im guessing whatever shero does will not reflect anything anybody has thought of, but will still work. and that will be awesome.

dazzy said...

@ Kat, NWChica, and anybody else asking about Baby!Staal...

Our local paper had a little article about it yesterday, and Jared didn't go. He figured there'd be no way he'd go in the first two rounds, and he didn't want to sit in the audience just to beat himself up when he wasn't picked.

Bet he was surprised to see he went so fast.

As for comparison to his brothers, their dad has said he's got the best natural skill out of all of them, but doesn't work as hard as his brothers.

Kat said...

@ dazzy, Thanks for the info! Interesting to hear.

TheNWChica said...

Poor BabyStaal... *pets*

I know that one of our boys that got drafted last year wasn't there either; but that was because that was a total surprise pick in the 6th round.

dhudzin said...

Absolutely floridapens. He hurts goalies with his slapshots (Luongo), makes them duck out of the way (Giguere), scores short-handed goals left and right, will fight on occasion, and is just all-around gritty North American player. I think he would fit really well with Malkin and Sykora since Sykoras not necessarily known for his speed and Rolston can drive the net and lead the rush with Geno.

Unrelated, where in FL are you from floridapens? I'm in Tampa for the summer. I'm running out for a late dinner, but I'll check back later!

wilsmith said...

don't post shootout clips as evidence as how good a player is.

And this link is for js. best mashup EVER.

Jay Zeezer

floridapens said...

dhudzin...good point, solid and at 34 years of age..still has legs left for a run at the cup
we'll see how this all plays out ohh and im the other end of I-4 redneck riviera
home of the daytona 500 and land of nothing spells lovin like kissin your cousin LMAO!!!
really im north of daytona in ormond right off the water sooo sweet!
i get over there for all the games
andreychuks after the pens last win was a blast
for people who dont know, pens fans
are just about the home team at the tampa games
its awsome

floridapens said...

wilsmith it goes on and on check his no look pass or game winner with less than a second to play or anything he did in buffalo
dont be mad cause i brought him up
its just a valid point im trying to make about value for money and not keeping hossa and now maybe even losing hossa and malone....
so guys like satan straka nasland
and yes rolston
may be real options..if the pens still wanna make another run at the cup next season
what would you prepose?
here is the link to unresticted free agents

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@jyo: I can go on explaining the fact that Russia's good but not as good as Spain or Italy, but that would take too long. I like Russia but I don't see them beating either of those teams, despite proving themselves worthy of making it this far ...

Plus, Toni's now sporting a Sidstache ... but it isn't as patetic ...

I need hockey so much that during the soccer game today, I yelled at Igor Akinfeev and said Flower could wipe him up after he let one go in ... Is there anything on NHLN?

fierst78 said...

rolston would be a pick up of the ages

the wild would be retarded to let him go

dhudzin said...

The Wild want him back, but I read somewhere that the negotiations weren't going too well. He made $2.4 mil last season and will command a raise, but even if he somehow got up to $3.5, it's still a bargain compared to Malone.

That's cool floridapens. Too bad I'm only down here for the summer or I'd definitely be going to some games. Seen Stamkos?

fleuryous said...

Straka coming back=awkwardblog. haha

Hossa had better stay, if he knows what's best for him. I don't mean that in a threatening way, but look how phenomenal he was on Crosby's line. Sheesh.

And I pray to Gary every night that Orpik is resigned. I love that man...well, both of them. haha

Only a little over one week until this shit goes doooown.

Eeeeeeeeeew, hypertensionblog.

KJ said...

brian rolston is cool cause he has the same birthday as i do, though i'm a bit younger.

as for satan, someone at the AHL rampage games wears his jersey. at first i just thought it was a halloween thing since that's the first time i saw it, but nope, he wears it pretty frequently. guess he's just one of those people who has to wear a hockey jersey to a hockey game

Dan said...

turns out money is pretty important, and winning is not. for the time being:

hossa = dick

although the more i think about it the less i want to sign him to that contract. i think it would be money better spent elsewhere for how old he is.

no hossa = bring back captain pittsburgh

Flyer Hater said...



eileenover said...

floridapens you're way too sensitive.

KJ said...

fleurous glad you put you don't mean it as a threat cause that's how i read it, but i thought it was funny

and before i forget, i hate ESPN even more after this wk. the other day on the bottom line they had the Malkin going to Russia rumour and today the Hossa thing, however even though yesterday was the draft, no updates on any other trades. not like i should expect anything from them, they were one of the last to hear their crush tiger was out for the rest of the season. leader in sports my backside

eileenover said...

The diving Olympic trials are tomorrow. I bet Osgood is excited.

Megz590 said...

Okay I'm feeling two major emotions after reading this headline. Shock and a little bit of anger. Don't go on the record saying you'll take less if your going to just leave anyways. Don't make an entire city, whos fallin in love with you throughout the playoffs, think your staying, then boot right out the door.

I mean, any team who offers hossa 8.5-9 million is absolutely insane. Hossa getting Crosby money, when Crosby is the one setting him up, making him look good? Unreal. If he wants to go, go.

Last thought, do we now have room for Malone and Orpik? Or is Malone gonna be too pissed we (management) picked Hossa over him.

Dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dhudzin said...

@ eileen


Stoosh said...

@ Floridapens -

and now if we lose malone and hossa
because of hossa
thats all on shero

With all due respect, I couldn't disagree with you more. In fact, this comment illustrates the problem with relying too heavily on unrestrcited free agency.

Shero has to assign a particular dollar value to both Hossa and Malone within the context of the rest of the roster. But Shero also has to view Hossa and Malone as independent of each other. Why? Because they're two different types of unrestricted free agents.

Everyone knew going all the way back to the preseason that Hossa was going to be the top pending UFA this summer. The minute we acquired him, everyone knew this exact scenario - Hossa testing the July 1 waters - was a realistic possibility.

Malone, on the other hand, emerged as a top UFA target thanks largely to a good second half and solid playoff run. He's going to be one of those players who benefits from being one of the top names in free agency - a player who uses a big second half to boost his value, possibly even doubling what it was at Christmastime.

If Shero overcompensates for possibly losing Hossa by getting into a bidding war for Ryan Malone and ultimately paying him in excess of $4.5 or $5.0 million a year, THAT would be a huge mistake - something that might handcuff the Pens for a handful of seasons down the road.

Ryan Malone is going to get an offer for at least $4.5-5.0 million on the free agent market, maybe more. I hate to say this, but Ryan Malone is not worth that kind of money to the Pens, and you don't give it to him simply because you might lose the bigger target.

and no one should be mad about it
but just trying to retain hossa so shero can save face is silly

In the same respect, trying to retain Malone given what Malone could potentially be offered just to save face for possibly losing Hossa = just as silly, if not even more.

Dan said...

oh ya and this malkin thing..... he won't go back cause he'll get paid in rupels. and all he could buy is addiums shoes and clothing and sorny electronics and mitsubiaka vehicles. the money is worthless there. plus there's that whole communism thing...... STALINBLOG

i keep forgetting shit.

anyone else find it ironic that hossa waits till after the first round is over to say he's gonna test the waters? dick. let's face it, he is a great support player (if not the greatest) but doesn't exactly shine on his own. he's like 30, wants a 7 year deal when he will be on the decline. you will have to front load that contract for when you want to trade him in a few years if it's going to be a big contract, or no one will take him. maybe this is for the best. dick.

dhudzin said...

Hal Gill Knobhockey


Stoosh said...


What the FUCK happened up near Sharon, PA tonight around 7:00 or 7:30 PM?

I was driving back from Erie this evening and I usually head down I-79 and then go west on I-80 until I reach Sharon. At that point, I pick up Route 60 and head south.

The entire time on I-80, I'm heading east towards this absolutely monster-looking thunderstorm. About a mile away from the Route 60 junction, the winds pick up to the point that I can see the trees on the side of the freeway bending over to the point that the tops of these things were almost touching the ground. Debris is flying through the air, blowing across the road. The sky was darker than all hell, and even worse, in the moments before it started raining, the clouds were incredibly low and I could see some of them slowly rotating.

I get on the ramp to pick up Route 60 south and almost got blown off the damned thing. As soon as I merge onto Route 60, all hell breaks loose. It's raining like absolute crazy and I can see full-size tree branches blowing through the air and across the road. I could feel the car shaking from the wind, and I know I probably should've pulled off on the side of the road, but I had no idea what was behind me. I continued down to about the Pulaski exit, finally pulled off to the side and waited a couple of minutes.

So does anyone know what happened? I didn't see a funnel cloud, but I've been through microbursts before and this seemed a lot more concentrated and powerful than a microburst.

Flyer Hater said...

In Shero We Trust


eileenover said...


I don't know what happened, but that would've scare the living hell out of me.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Hossa wasn't gonna be traded for any draft picks or anything of the kind so it wouldn't have mattered if he announced this before or after the Draft.

But I want Malone to stay so bad that I'd give him every cent I had and kiss Ovechkin ... yeah, I said Ovechkin and I basically hate him ... sure, he' talented but that doesn't make me like him.

@Stoosh: Before play-offs, Bugsy insider said he was worth anywhere between $3.7 to 4 million ... who had to have upped the price through play-off performance.

Kat said...

I didn't see this posted anywhere, but here's a solid King Shero vid.

Shero Video Interview About Hossa

The Big K said...

OK, so we know that Marian Hossa is LIKELY gone. Not for sure, and we'd hope he's not, but it could be time to discuss the best steps forward now, and ways to turn this initial bitchslap, into something positive. So here I go-

This gives the Pens room to sign long term guys like Malkin, Staal, and Fleury.
Maybe extend contracts to the likes of Petr Sykora or Sergei Gonchar.

This gives the Pens room to go after any number of quality second tier wingers, who can be made into 30 goal scorers on lines with the best passers in the NHL, Crosby and Malkin. Don't believe me? RYAN MALONE. Those two words should make you. Still don't? WARREN YOUNG. I rest my case with this- Hagman, Brunette, NASLUND, Fedetenko, Jagr, Straka, Avery, STILLMAN, Huselius, Vrbata, and Ryder are all names that come to mind there.

There is still a hope that Marian stays, but if not, the world will go on.

The Pens are still the class of the East.

And one last thing. Marian, sir, if you are reading this, just remember that in May of 2009, the Penguins will be playing in the Stanley Cup Finals, and you have a chance to join them there, or if you so please, you can be back in Slovakia watching the Pens hoist the Cup without you, as you prepare for another failing campaign with the Boston Bruins.

Just think about it.

BlacknGold66 said...

I sincerely hope that none of you (all-of-a-sudden) Hossa-Haters work at a suicide prevention hotline center.

Hossa will sign with the Pens.


Flyer Hater said...

BNG, Hossa's gone.

floridapens said...

stoosh...hey ok dont agree thats fine ..colby and erik and esposito
and that draft pick are gone
for a three month ride...
i think that has a huge influence on what shero did...that and hossa verbally promting him that he'd like to stay
so now hossa backs away from a deal shero felt good about
and didnt malone want to give a home town discount at first as well?i think he did
so him getting put on the backburner goes back to shero, putting hossa as the top free agent to sign...
come on malone has to look out for his future too...
so its not like malone was
making it impossible for a deal to get done...shero was just not interested
he was focused on what ?
i say its the i gotta get something out this for all those guys i gave up...and get no cup either
too much attention to hossa
and for what price? he was getting paid 6 million so it must have been higher...and he says no
i'll wait and see
when behind all this hossa crap is malkin saying i like it as a pen and will take less than crosby
and would even refuse being the highest paid player in the world
what ever that works out to in rubels
malone is a homegrown solid power forward who has 4 years down as a pro this last year being his best and he gave everything in the STF
another favorite on the team just like colby...
shero cant just keep crapping on these guys for the likes of hossa
and he has...colby and malone will
be casualties of shero calls

Stoosh said...

@ Floridapens -

Love your suggestion on Rolston. Even if we keep Malone - and for the record, I think Shero definitely goes back and makes him another offer - I'd love to see Rolston here.

Satan's track record scares me. Immensely talented player, but he's gone from 35 to 27 to 16 goals and 66 to 59 to 41 points over the last three seasons. The dropoffs from 2006-07 to 2007-08 would worry me more. His goal production dropped almost in half and his point production dropped by like 33%.

I'd almost rather go after Ryder, Huselius or maybe even Vyborny.

By the way, my company built a mausoleum over at Volusia Memorial Park (off North Nova Road) in Ormond Beach about three or four years ago. We also did buildings in Deland, Deltona, Sanford and Orange City.

We also have a plant in Apopka, which I believe is only about an hour or so from you. I'm supposed to head down there within the next year for a plant visit and I wanted to try to coordinate it with a Tampa game if I could. I'll have to see.

Tampa-sports related...I was a huge Mike Alstott to see a Bucs game in person, even though A-Train hung 'em up.

floridapens said...

why cant his calls be questioned? we are not the borg we are not one

jefe penguino said...

floridapens got stooshed.

@big k -indeed!

im not deleting my hossa ringtones just yet..but my finger is on the trigger..

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@floridapens: Okay ... let's talk here ... I love Army, Crusher, and I was really happy when we selected Esposito. But realize that these players are not as fantastic as Hossa. Plus, they were part of a deal involving both Dupuis and Hossa. Army will remain a 3rd or 4th liner without Sid, Crusher needs to develop more as a center and bring a physical presence. Esposito is a young guy, and he needed to develop, he wasn't playing as well as expected, and so when needed to seal the deal. The Draft pick wasn't that important as well ... I'd like it but ehh, we'll be fine because we have a lot of developing youth. I think the deal was a smart one by Shero. Hossa played better than expected and was a talented forward. Shero was smart making the move to get him and Dupuis. If we kept Army and Crusher, we might not have produced the same amount of goals and would have been complaining about Shero not making any big deals to insure our success. Taking Hossa meant he wanted the Cup now, keeping Crusher and Army meant he wanted to develop us into a stronger team with potential. Sorry, I love them, but Hossa and Dupuis FTW. Hossa is allowed to look for money as much as Malone is. He is probably advised by his agent to do so and so he did. It is just as much of a business to him as it is a game that he loves. He has to look out for his best interests sometimes. Yinz know how much I love Malone so when I say this you understand ... Hossa has just as much right to look at other places as Malone, whether or not Shero gives him a nice offer.

Malone isn't just important at playing because he's a favorite but because he can perform in places where our there players haven't and he means a bit more in the locker room than Colby (Gary bless his soul ...)]

debrisslide said...

And one last thing. Marian, sir, if you are reading this, just remember that in May of 2009, the Penguins will be playing in the Stanley Cup Finals, and you have a chance to join them there, or if you so please, you can be back in Slovakia watching the Pens hoist the Cup without you, as you prepare for another failing campaign with the Boston Bruins.

Just think about it.

Big K, you rock my world. Hossa should be intimidated.

Kat said...

Is it too late to commit to the stoosh?

rick said...

Marian, just be honest: it was always all about the money. Just like it is with most Europeans.

floridapens said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
floridapens said...

stoosh that sounds great ...we roll out of here in a small pack of pens fans...its tight
we do a lil drinking at channel side beforehand so getting a solid pens mob would be kool
if your gonna hit tampa up
i'll hit you up about plans from down here
all the work you do is deff in my neck of the woods...i pass near the memorial garden going to work
and thats tight you get to spend some time down here
though apopka is god
and any excursion you get away from there has gotta be good

BlacknGold66 said...

FH, Pens aren't making the playoffs.


Flyer Hater said...

FloridaHomo, when you write in comprehensible sentences, i'll respond to you in a serious manner.

Flyer Hater said...



Jasper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
smitty said...


I was checking news reports(ch2 pitt & ch27 youngstown) they just say severe t-storms w/high winds,dime size hail& heavy rains.

Didn't say anything about any funnel clouds or micro bursts.

So that means it probably was a tornado or micro burst.

floridapens said...

flyerhater... yawnnn
you alot more funny on tv then in person

everything i said was in english
so come again?

Dan said...

and i thought i was the only mike alstott fan out there (he would've been a steeler had we not traded for the bus). he was my favorite player.

can't bash the hossa deal - gave up 2 easily replaceable players, 1 prospect who's stock was falling fast (from what i heard) and a late first rounder for one of the best wings in the league. easy decision if you ask me.

as much as i love malone, could you really justify even a 4 mil a year contract?

floridapens said...

i have kaspa...yep i agree its was a kick in the nuts to lose colby
maybe not as much on the ice as that it was just colby
he was easy to love
and now malone and bugsy
being gone as well is just irking me...both players loved by teammates and fans and now both gone
for a 3 month stint guy who sweet talked everyone into thinking he was actually really enamored by the pens and would work hard to stay for less
like i said before it was the right move then...
it was the move shero made that no one should be mad win a cup this year
but never did anyone i know as well as myself think this was going any futher than the STF's
and now we could lose malone
and if we cant win or even should win a bid for malone...the pens are deff noy winning a bidding war for hossa
my point is we should have put pre hossa players we really wanted to keep first...and then if hossa
thaught a cup was more important than the money
we could start talking
cause we've allready lost enough for him in the first place

Stoosh said...

@ Floridapens -

hey ok dont agree thats fine ..colby and erik and esposito
and that draft pick are gone
for a three month ride...

The reason this myth that we gave up a ton continues to be perpetuated is because we gave up a player whose biggest claims to fame were being a fan favorite and Crosby's buddy.

Shero replaced Armstrong with a better, faster and more relentless forechecker in Dupuis, who could easily be brought back. If not, there are players in the system who can step in like Ryan Stone or Luca Caputi if he's ready. The Colby we traded wasn't playing the same game as the 2005-06 Colby Armstrong, and that's the one this team needed him to be more often than not.

Christensen was NEVER going to work out here. He's the center equivalent of Andy Hilbert - a skilled player who needs to be on the top two lines to contribute because he's incapable of playing a lower role. EC was never going to crack the top two lines as a center here because of Crosby and Malkin. He was worthless on the third and fourth lines as a center because he's not disciplined enough to play that role, especially not as well as Staal and Talbot do. And he either couldn't play wing or didn't want to, or both.

Esposito MIGHT translate into a great player, but I have to be concerned about a player whose stock has now fallen significantly for two straight seasons. I saw him in camp and couldn't believe how fast he was and how good his hands were. But he gets knocked off the puck very, very easily and I'm not sure he's able to change that. I'm also not sure of his motivation.

And are we seriously fretting over what amounted to the 30th pick in the draft?

It was a smart deal by Shero in that he traded from positions of depth and strength within the organization and that it gave the Pens two elite lines to rotate with a very good third line.

i think that has a huge influence on what shero did...that and hossa verbally promting him that he'd like to stay
so now hossa backs away from a deal shero felt good about

By all accounts it was a fair offer, but Hossa just wants to see if he can do better. It's his right. Shero can only offer so much because every signing he ultimately makes has a trickle-down effect on the rest of the roster.

and didnt malone want to give a home town discount at first as well?i think he did
so him getting put on the backburner goes back to shero, putting hossa as the top free agent to sign...

How do we know Shero didn't try to extend Malone and was rebuffed because Malone knew he was going UFA? And let's not forget that heading into this season, Malone had one good year (03-04) followed by two wildly inconsistent seasons in which he mostly underachieved and was twice threatened very publicly with being put on the trading block.

come on malone has to look out for his future too...
so its not like malone was
making it impossible for a deal to get done...shero was just not interested

I don't blame Malone for looking out for himself, but that street runs both ways. The Pens have to be respectful of their budget because if they sign Malone to too much money, it impacts their abilities to keep guys like Staal, Letang, maybe even Fleury, Crosby or Malkin down the road.

he was focused on what ?
i say its the i gotta get something out this for all those guys i gave up...and get no cup either

Come on.

He made a move to make the team better for the Cup run. There was no guarantee that the Hossa deal was going to bring the Pens the Cup.

Crikey, they won the fucking Eastern Conference and they came two wins away from the Cup. What more could you have possibly asked? That crap sounds like some punk-ass frontrunning bandwagonner, which I'm hoping you're not.

too much attention to hossa
and for what price? he was getting paid 6 million so it must have been higher...and he says no
i'll wait and see
when behind all this hossa crap is malkin saying i like it as a pen and will take less than crosby
and would even refuse being the highest paid player in the world
what ever that works out to in rubels

Again, what do you want Shero to do? There's a cap. He can't break the bank for everyone, especially not with Crosby already under contract and Malkin and Fleury getting there. Hossa said he'd consider taking less than what he could get on the market to play for a winner, but never put a figure on how much less. You've got to start somewhere. By all accounts, this is a starting point for the Pens that they can easily come back to once they're made aware of what other offers Hossa receives.

floridapens said...

damn sorry for the misspells

Dan 2 said...

The whole "He tells us we look to be his first choice, but I believe he's going to go to July 1 just to make sure" just irks the hell out of me.

Only bad can happen when playing with fire...

a) Hossa leaves and the Pens are caught with their pants around their ankles
b) Pens look elsewhere, can't live up to the offer anymore- and we are left to wonder what if
c) Hossa signs with the Pens and I curse him out for making me hit the refresh button every 5 minutes on all of those so-called journalistic sites

floridapens said...

no stoosh i hear everything your saying...and of course its not all on shero,but its the ugly part of the game and someone makes those calls in this case it is him
and he does hold the fate of malone
i may be wrong but i do believe from everything malone had said in the past he wanted to come back and at a discount
and as far as me being a banwagonner...stoosh
come on
just cause im not gonna back all the calls that management makes does not me any less of a fan
on any level

Stoosh said...

@ Eileen -

I don't know what happened, but that would've scare the living hell out of me.

I didn't know if this thing made it's way to your neck of the woods, because it looked to be heading southeast down from I-80.

But, yeah, I was pretty much terrified.

Stilly said...

Hossa = Goner

I'm resigned to it. The real winner in this development is one Brooks Orpik. With Hossa "testing" free agency, that really opens the door wide for Free Candy.

I also think if there is an obvious lack of a "scoring touch" winger at the start of the season HCMT will have to get creative. Remember the Pens were winning before Hossa came. They will win without him.

Stilly said...

Hometown discount = 500,000 less than market value. ~4.5 - 5.0 for Malone. Still too much for the Pens. Gotta look within the scope of the roster. Can't afford to over pay for a role player.

floridapens said...

i think what dan just says goes to me being pissed
it is shero playing chicken with hossa in this game...and if we lose anymore for a guy, who in the ends screws us...whose fault is that?is it hossa ?
we all knew we could hardly pay him in the first place
and did we really think he would stay for less than a boat load of cash?did shero?

eileenover said...

Chill out floridapens.

Stilly said...

Yeah.. what Eileen said.

floridapens said...


eileenover said...


We had some storms out here, but nothing even close to that.

Carroll said...

new post up.

Stoosh said...

@ Floridapens -

Not calling you a bandwagonner at all. I'm just saying that it sounded like something a bandwagon fan might was the same stuff that I heard on some of the local talk shows here when the trade went down.

I remember a ton of people calling in to the radio shows and seemingly expecting Shero to guarantee that the Hossa deal would get them a Cup or it wouldn't be worth it. There's no deal that could be made that would guarantee a Cup, yet I was blown away at how many people refused to acknowledge that.

For reasons I outlined above, I actually didn't like the Hossa deal at first. I hated the fact that Army was part of the deal because he was a favorite player of mine. But once all the things that Hossa could've potentially brought to the team sunk in, I was thrilled to death that the deal was made.

If he doesn't sign, whatever. I still won't feel it was a bad got us to the Cup Finals and we lost because we ran into a great team. And if he leaves, we allocate the money elsewhere.

Or better yet, if Shero is insistent on finding a long-term solution for that wing, perhaps the best way to avoid these free agency issues is to make a deal for a young winger who fits in with our younger core and could easily project to be an elite-level winger...I'm talking about maybe someone like Alexander Radulov or something like that. It might cost us a solid player - maybe even someone like Staal - but Radulov or said Young Winger could just be plugged right into the long-term core.

floridapens said...

chill out!!??! now im just about ready to block "the hossa move" as a myspace friend LMAO!!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@floridapens: I think you might have misinterpreted what I wrote. I said I love Army, but my love wasn't going to make us a better team as well as the others in the deal. Hossa and Dupuis are better players, let's face it. I want Hossa and Dupuis over, which I thought I clarified.

Now that might be the case with Malone but I'm not thinking about it that much. Malone and Army are different players. Amry left for good reason and you can't chain Malone forever (or at least I haven't found a way yet ... *evil smile*)

I'm not saying Shero's right or wrong but I give him the benefit of the doubt. The man knows what he's doing, and if he feels that Hossa should be first on our list, then he is.

Who said Hossa was leaving us? His agent advised him to look at the market, not buy with the next person in line. He is allowed to look aand so is Malone. They may stay, they may not, but in the end, we still have our core.

*Isn't that sad that I'm saying this out of all people ... *

floridapens said...

i 100% ditto these thaughts

I actually didn't like the Hossa deal at first. I hated the fact that Army was part of the deal because he was a favorite player of mine. But once all the things that Hossa could've potentially brought to the team sunk in, I was thrilled to death that the deal was made.

If he doesn't sign, whatever. I still won't feel it was a bad got us to the Cup Finals and we lost because we ran into a great team. And if he leaves, we allocate the money elsewhere.

ya know your game stoosh
im just aimming my ire at shero now ...and i know its not his fault but damn it he is the lightning rod...and will get it worse from the press than me
im crossing my fingers and praying to gary all goes down well

Carroll said...

@ihk - it sounds like you are using your head more than your heart this week.

I was worried about you last week after your "rant".

I think everyone just has to wait and see what happens as we don't know what "games" the players or organization are playing with each other behind close doors.

Canada Day (July 1st) can't get here soon enough!!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@carroll: I don't know how long it's going to last ... I just got tired of people getting mad about Hossa because he has every right to do so ...

I called it rant so you can and you don't need to use the quotation marks *smiles*

But if something happens to Malone, no doubt, I will cry and I don't cry a lot either ...

jefe penguino said...

@ihk -we are very proud of you.

but if you ever want to do another rantsoicandrinkallnightblog thats okay too.

floridapens said...

i have kaspa...yep the trade was huge and hurt at first but in the end was more important to the cup for that move retrospect
im happy even though we didnt get the cup...everypen fan i know said
were in for atough post season...and it is kinda
malkin who is my personal favorite player...seems to be making the right moves
and i love him even more for that
its just malone with the broken nose still blocking shots putting it all out there...and not doing more to secure a guy like that
i dont get it?
yes everyone says hossa hossa hossa
then that song kicks in and yeah its all good but the chemisry
between malone sykora and malkin was unreal
hard to duplicate
my friends and i called it the "malsykalone"
and that very well might have been what that storm burst was stoosh lol
im sorry all im just bummed about this nonsence today

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@jefe: I'll work on it ... do you have any specific days because I'm sure I could go more insane than I already am and do a rant before July 1st ... it's called talent, people *laughs*

@floridapens: You have no idea how big of a Malone's fan I have been since he came here ... I talk him up more than his agent does *laughs* I know my boy, maybe I'm just coming into terms with reality now, but I have been singlehandedly driving up his stock (okay, I'm exaggerating work with me)especially when he was trade bait. I am the last person that wants him gone ... I will probably resort to something insane if he goes ... don't worry about it.

jefe penguino said...

@ihk -whenever you deem fit. i will drink anyday anytime..

and if by some gary-cle malone resigns, i just may pick up a pittsburgh native jersey..

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@jefe: If he does sign *knocks on wood and repeatedly prays to God and asks Gary Roberts for help* I will be first in line for a jersey ... I will cry tears of joy and a few comments will be filled with my happiness ...

If not, I might die ... *laughs* Okay, that was drastic, but I will be in an unhappy place ...

jefe penguino said...

its going to be a long 10 days........

july 1st.

John said...

I think that signing Hossa is a 2-edge sword. Great the first 3 to 4 years while is still in his prime, but when his production begins to declind in his mid-30's, you can be stuck with a very expensive player. This could occur at the same time you top 4 players, malkin, crosby, stall and fluery will be just entering their prime and need to be resigned.


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