Monday, May 19, 2008

[ Recap ]

Perhaps it would have been better for the Flyers to lose Game 4 at home,
clawing for the survival of their playoff lives.

But, no, they had to force Game 5, thinking this was actually a series.
And they get embarrassed 6-0.

The road traveled is littered with achievements
that are as valuable as the ultimate prize.

And this why the humiliation of the Philadelphia Flyers en route to winning the Wales Conference Trophy makes everything so much sweeter.

[ Matt K. ]

Bottle it up; the feeling we all have on this glorious Monday.

After all the dark years the franchise went through...
After people buying Konstantin Koltsov jerseys...

The Penguins are on the doorstep of something
that NHL players spend their entire career trying to attain; fans, hoping to see.

This doesn't (and won't) happen every season.
Teams don't do this all the time.

Teams don't gel at the right time and tear through their Conference with a 12-2 record.
It just doesn't happen.

This was the road less-traveled. Now it is traveled.
But an unknown and completely different kind of monster awaits the Pens in the near future.

If you aren't as ecstatic as other Pens fans about winning the conference, join the club.
There are bigger fish and possibly other sea creatures to fry.

Monday, May 19, 2008.
All is great in Pens Nation.

[Devin W]

Detroit @ Dallas -- 8:00 PM -- Tonight

Enjoy it.

:::::::::::::::::: ANTHEMS :::::::::::::::::::

This will give you chills:

Thanks to [ N. Zapadka] for the recording.

[Joey L.]

[ Anukul from C5)]

[Double B]

[Scotty D]

[Nicholas E]

[ Mark & Kathy L. ]

[ Bobbi Jam ]

[ Bob B. ]

[ Derek D. ]

[ Gregg T. ]

[ Chris F. ]

:::::::::::::::: FIRST PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

It was back and forth early on, whatev.
The intensity was actually overwhelming.

With energy that even Consol would be proud of, Talbot-Laraque-Hall draw a penalty.
Mike Knuble makes an appearance, going to the box.

About 12 seconds later, the puck was in.
It hits Malone's skate and gets past Toast.

Hold the phone. Go to the War Room.


[ Chris F. ]

MAF was tested after the goal, making saves on weird caroms and one-timers.

But play refused to die. There was about 5 minutes of nonstop play after that.
Both teams committing turnovers.
Kimmo Timonen doesn't know what's going on.
No way he should have played.

After a commercial break, the Pens started dominating.
Crosby was nasty. Hossa was stealing wallets and cellphones.

After a line change, the Pens dump it, and Malone goes in after it.
Marty Biron tries to bait Malone into checking him, but Malone eases up.
Biron loses his stick in the process.

But losing your stick has nothing to do with not knowing where the puck is.
Malkin grabs the puck after Hatcher whacks it away from Malone, and 71 puts it home.


The Flyers felt hosed on the "no-call" on the Malone/Biron thing, so they figured they could blatantly do it to MAF on the other side and not get called.

Hartnell jobs MAF, and the Pens hit the power play again.

The Pens could smell blood on the PP, but no dice.
The Flyers had finally woken up.

After some jobbing around, something that's been a long time comin' finally happened.
Jarkko Ruutu demolishes Jason Smith.
No one is sure what Jason Smith even does.

Derian Hatcher shows how big a wuss he is and doesn't drop the gloves with BGL.
Such a shame.
But it's a good thing. The Flies are better when Hatcher isn't on the ice.

At the tail end of the first, the Cries had a chance to eliminate a lot of the Pens momentum that built up during the period when Whits goes to the box for hooking.

The Pens kill it, and it was the loudest the Arena can be.

Picture: In a return appearance,
Derian Hatcher's wife throws up after realizing he was a -2 for the period.

:::::::::::::::::: INTERMISSION :::::::::::::::::::

[Double B]

[ Bob B. ]

[ James S. ]

:::::::::::::::::: SECOND PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

If you weren't listening to Lange and 29'er, you were stunned when the second period started.
Malone was in the box for high sticking.

It was gonna be all Flyers, too.
They didn't connect on the PP, but their best chances came afterwards.

MAF was in a zone. No other explanation.
He made saves that in retrospect turned out to be the closest the Flies would get.

The Pens had weathered the storm, if you will.
And we will.

Pretty much the death blow came close to halfway through the second.
Crosby goes to Hossa School and pickpockets Richards, the best player in the NHL.

The Pens go back, jobber deflections.
Crosby blind pass to Hossa.
One-Timer. BURRRRRRRIED. And the towels fly.

[ Wilsmith ]

[ J Schiff ]


The Flyers got another chance on the PP a little after that.
Somehow, the Flyers had the man-advantage after the Malkin/Umberger melee.

And wow. It took 6 seconds for the Flyers to shoot themselves in the foot...
or should we say, the ankle?

Kimmo Timonen trips up Staal. Stupid play.

During the 4-on-4, Little Danielle Briere visits the Candy Shop.


Poor baby.
Orpik led the rush the other way like Paul Coffey, but no dice.

Everything was 5-on-5 again, but Malkin draws a penalty.
Now even the fans could smell blood.

What was it, 20 seconds, before Gonch wristed it to the net?


Scottie Upshall had a chance out of nowhere on a little breakaway, but the Pens got back to it and messed with him.
What a play by Scuds.

The second period was waning, and Jordan Staal added one more blow.

We can only hope this kid from Thursday night was facedown in a pack of men by then.


[ Lacey ]
"Stunned" wasn't even the word at that point.

The Flyers came back and looked like they got the doughnut off the board.
Somebody did something wrong.
No goal.
The poor Flyers got screwed again.


:::::::::::::::::: INTERMISSION :::::::::::::::::::

According to legend floating around in section D23,
WWGRD Baby is 13-0 this season.


[Thanks to Kathy and Mark L.]

:::::::::::::::::: THIRD PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

Let's go to Versus for a bio on Debby Briere:


Flyers officials were also seen searching for Danny.
So it was Amber Alert time.


The third period started, and you knew the Flyers were going to be headhunting.
Or maybe they had learned something from seeing first-hand how an actual hockey team plays.

The Pens looked like the team down 5-0.
Their forecheck was insane.

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

Hossa and Dupuis come into the zone.
Hossa wrists it to the net.

[ Doug L. ]


[Derek D]


Even though Dupuis later got credit for the goal,
huge props to the Penguins for playing this song:

You'd be hard-pressed to find a harder-working, more in-touch group
than the Game Operations & Presentation folks working with the Penguins.

Kudos to you all.

The next couple minutes consisted of the Pens continuing their dominance.

[Derek D]

Father Time was bangin' some chick and didn't even bother showing up.
He's made 90-some appearances this season.
He was allowed to have a game off., hey, hey...goodbye.

This is from the game.
Listen to that crowd:

[Thanks to Gaylord Focker] for this.

Scuderi has gotten great chances throughout these playoffs.
He almost became his own country with a slapper, but hit the pipe.

It looked like the Pens had 10 guys on the ice compared to the Flyers 2.

The best chance all game for the Flyers came on a little 2-on-1.
Jeff Carter gets completely robbed by MAF.

That was with 5 or 6 minutes left.
The Flyers were playing for pride by then.

Late in the game, Adam Hall gets sent to the box for being an unreal role player.
Every clear of the puck was met with insanity.

Talbot lays his life on the line and clears the puck.
Maybe it was so his buddy MAF held onto the shutout.
Maybe it was the adrenaline of going to the Cup Finals.
But the cheers it received from the Mellon is why we're hockey fans.

Thanks to [Gaylord Focker] again for this:

The Flyers curl back into their zone and shoot themselves.

Game. Set. Finals.

[ BnG66 ]

PhillyFreek93 = Stunned




[ Tom M. ]

[Ryan D]

Let's face it. The Flyers had a tremendous playoff season.

They beat Washington in what was easily the most entertaining series in the East.
They surprised Montreal and the hockey world in Round Two.

But when you get to the Eastern Conference Finals,
you can't sneak up on teams anymore.

Injuries start plaguing your roster and your weaknesses have become common knowledge.

You'd be in denial if you said you wouldn't want Mike Richards on your team.
What a hockey player.

We'll never know how games 1-3 would have turned out if Kimmo Timonen was in the lineup.
We joked around, ribbing Flyers fans on how much they praise him.

Timonen isn't Bobby Orr. But he was the Flyers' Bobby Orr.

But 30 years from now, when we look back on the 2008 ECF,
no one will mention Kimmo Timonen.

Where was big R.J. Jokeburger?
Where was Darlene Briere?

[Nate B.]


There's really nothing to say.

We're not gonna grandstand and shower the Pens with appreciation.
That is being done everywhere you look today.

We said it up top: What we're seeing doesn't happen every year.

We sat down and buckled up when these playoffs started,
talking about 3-OT games and being down 3 games to 1 in a series.

Through three rounds, we've seen nothing of the sort.

But a different monster altogether awaits in the Cup Finals.

And despite what has happened in the first three rounds,
we still gotta say buckle up.



4 Goals, 5 Assists

[ BnG66 ]

Hossa's performance in this series is exactly what was envisioned
by Ray Shero and the Pens brass in late February.

The MVP could have gone to Bing, since he is still atop the playoff scoring race.

But the tiebreaker between Bing and Hossa
was the Game 3 goal that pretty much ended the series.



Do it.

We got photoshops on the way Monday evening.

Go Pens


Jawsh said...


BlacknGold66 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jawsh said...

/\ That was my first first you guys....I wish I could get excited about it, but I can't because after this afternoon I don't think my mind can get excited for a few days at least.

Hossa's nail in the coffin goal was literally one of the few moments in my life when I was so pumped I didn't know what else to do but jump up and down and pump my fist like I was turning into Nintendo64 kid.

roachai said...

pensblog charlie was in attendance at 5-fest

Carroll said...

jawsh comes out of nowhere to get first. I was hoping letsgopsu would get it.

I was heading to bed but I guess I'll be up for a while now, thanks staff!!

Pensblog Staff said...


what a feeling

Jawsh said...

One last comment before sleep.

If someone came up to me today and said you can have the flyers' 18,44, and 48 in exchange for the pens' 18,44, and 48...I wouldn't hesitate to tell them to stick it in their 19th hole.

PittHockey said...


letsgopsu said...

My prediction in the last cblog was right, this post was life changing. I would go as far as saying the best recap I've seen since I started reading tPB.

@ carroll

I'll probably never get first because I always read the post and watch the videos before I comment on any post. Now it's time to see if I can download Fiesta Mexicana on limewire.


Gio said...

Wow, today was the stuff legends are made of, and the post today simply adds to it. I'm never disappointed.

I'm so pumped for the finals. Part of me wants Detroit to show up tonight so we can get this show on the road sooner, but really I think I'd much prefer to see them struggle a bit more and potentially lose this series.


And by the way, Fiesta Mexicana needs to be a ringtone asap.

BlacknGold66 said...

I should've been asleep HOURS ago.

I usually don't drool over tPB Staff's nobs over a recap but this line:

This one fucking line...

There are bigger fish and possibly other sea creatures to fry.

FUCK! What a line.

And Bing shining his shoes a la Shawshank (remember the post before the season started... Christ)

Finally... Gaylord Focker... your second video has/had me in tears.

I have so much more to say about the importance/significance that this blog, and the Pens, and cblog have meant to me in what has been a very rough year...

...but I'll save that until we get these last four wins.

One last step boys and girls.

We're all in this together.


nu said...

hahaha, thanks staff, I am going to play the Flashdance theme now...

I seriously think my favorite part of the game might just have been hearing the crowd chanting "Flyers Suck! FLYERS SUCK!! FLYERS SUCK!!!"

It wasn't an auditory hallucination, was it? (Speaking of which, did anybody get vid of Fiesta Hossacana being played today? It didn't quite come through on the airwaves. Nice working of the connections with the sound guys at Mellon.)

Julia said...

Pens are going to the cup whhhat?
life changing?

& I totally saw Charlie at fivefest too

freddy's mole said...

such an amazing feeling...

put on your dancing shoes...sid and staal are about to get underages out of a silver chalice

Joose said...

It's times like these I'm glad I'm an insomniac.

nu said...

Forgot to post this. Stolen from over at LGP.

Cody said...

Just fucking awesome. We've been waiting a decade and a half for this chance again, and here it is. Now words describe how, as a fan of the game of hockey, and more importantly a fan of the penguins for the last 20 years, these trips feel. Glad to finally have a real interest in who wins the cup this year, it should be a roller coaster of emotions (one which thankfully hasn't been necessary in these playoffs).

Colin said...

Totally unreal. Let's enjoy this.

Four more wins.

Do it.

Beav said...

I'm in love with this team... but is it too gay to say that my man-crush for Hossa is off the charts?

James Mirtle said...

The best part? My shirt should be here by the finals.

Jebus the XIV said...

So roughly 9 hours after the fact, I can finally absorb all of what transpired. (Had to rush off from the arena after the game to get to work.) Wow. Just wow. I can't even really put it into words. I don't even know what time it was in the 2nd period, but I do remember just sitting there with a goofy smile on my face.

@ nu: No. That was no auditory malfunction. That was a pretty decent 'Flyers Suck!' chant going on.

@ beav: To quote referee Mills Lane, "I'll allow it!"

Dubs said...

Your post about Hossa is dead on ... phenomenal series ... offensively, of course, but also, I don't think I've ever seen a player backcheck like he does ... he literally was stealing cell phones and wallets every game ...

at this point, i don't care who we play ... I feel like we're an unstoppable force right now (as the irritating itch of 1993 burns somewhere in the dark recesses of my brain) ... seriously though, everything is clicking, and you're right, that's a friggin' rare thing indeed, to have so many players understand their roles and execute them 100% every game ... it just doesn't happen ... I feel lucky to have seen my team win two cups already and on the verge of another one ...

letsgopsu said...

@ beav

My man crush for Hossa is approaching the levels of my man crush for Mad Max. And Max has been my favorite Pen for the past two seasons.


Is trimming legal? The itchiness has finally reached an intolerable level. Plus, I need to get a summer job, and I can't have an out of control beard for interviews, can I?

Beav said...

as much as I like to stick to tradition, I had to trim my playoff beard for graduation a week ago... The Pens seemed to do just fine without it. Glad to see my Hossa man-crush is approved. Damn you Rex Gildo for the catchy tune. Damn you Hossa, you not only backchecked my wallet and my cell phone, but my heart as well

IceCold... said...

best birthday gift ever!!


nuthinhere said...

The last time the Pens were in the Cup, I was in my early 20's & stationed in the UK. It was a bit hard to keep up with the Pens when all I had to rely on for sports info was the BBC. This Pens team is gonna be hard to beat. Real hard. Its going to be fun!! Hell of a job with this site. Damn entertaining read!

snickerdoodles said...

Just had to get one more shout out before I go to bed.


PittHockey said...

anyone have mike lange's audio from the game?

paul said...

hossa has absolutely perfected the 'ill just push your blade up a bit and sneak the puck out from behind you' maneuver, and also has taught it to sid.

also, where are all those people that said martin biron has 'stepped up to the challenge of the playoffs'? 76% save percentage? id be ashamed of that even if i was the goalie that got torched by daniel negreneau in that completely absurd poker commerical.

final point: what a breath of fresh air to have an NBC telecast. I never thought I would say that.


Raybin said...

Y'all touched on this already, but I already had this stuff rattling around in my head yesterday and wrote some of it out, so if it makes me a copy cat, so be it...

I was there.

Years from now, I'll be able to tell people I was at this game. This was the game I imagined when I walked through that old gate, but never really thought I'd get.

What I saw was a franchise begin the the dawn of a glorious new spring after so many years of dark cold winter.

The Penguins history is one long tale of woe, disappointment, heartache, disaster and outright tragedy.

The team was born into a town that wasn't familiar with hockey and was slow to learn.

Its first years were spent getting kicked, cuffed, hustled and knocked down.

In 1969, it was granted the privilege of drafting what may have been the best pure hockey talent in a generation. Michel Briere showed only an oh-so-brief flash of what he was capable of before he was taken too soon from the hockey world, his fans, his team and his family.

1974 brought Pierre LaRouche, a dynamite young player of limitless potential. Like so many young Penguins in the future, however, he just never quite worked out after a first two seasons that any player not named "Mario" or "Wayne" would envy. Another opportunity lost, LaRouche was in the wind after three and a half seasons.

1975 saw one of the two most epic collapses in playoff history when the Islanders came roaring back to win a playoff series after being down 3-0. This has not happened since and only had happened once before.

The years after only got worse, with the team being constantly plagued by cash flow problems and a dearth of true superstar talent. General manager Baz Bastien was killed in an accident.

Perhaps the story that best sums up the Penguins early years is the incredible pathos of the tale of its live Penguin mascot dying of pneumonia.

Even after the rise of Super Mario and an increasingly talented club, the franchise itself was always skating one or two steps ahead of bankruptcy. Badger Bob, who helped it live the dream at last, was, like Michel Briere, ripped from the city and fans after too brief an acquaintance.

Even Mario Lemieux, perhaps the greatest talent to ever strap on skates, brought heartache and frustration via his constant battles with his back, with his fight against Hodgkin's disease and early (first) retirement.

The post-Cup 90's were a lot of great hockey and almost-but-not-quite tales of bridesmaid hockey clubs. The Goal That Shall Not Be Spoken Of and the indelible and unforgettable image of that puck trickling slowly five-hole on Tom Barrasso against Florida in 1996 come to mind.

After 2000, well....we know the story. Dick Tarnstrom. Shane Endicott. Jiri Slegr.

Sidney Crosby came, but with it the seeming surety of the team's removal to Kansas City or some other godforsaken place.

If you'd told me after the Toronto game I attended early in the season (the one that pretty much got Recchi bounced from Pittsburgh for good) that I'd be at the game that saw Sidney Crosby carefully avoid the Prince of Wales trophy, I'd have laughed at you.

But it happened.

Whatever is to come against Detroit or against Dallas...whatever further tragedies may befall the franchise....yesterday afternoon, Sunday May 18, 2008, I was privileged to witness a Penguins team complete with superstars, role-players, a dominating goalie, plenty of cashflow, 17,000+ screaming fans, a new beautiful arena and fulfillment of potential.

At long last. This entire franchise has earned it.

Go Pens.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Best game re-cap, ever.

I want to echo the positive sentiments of those who posted yesterday; this is a great corner of the Gore. The content is absolutely first-rate and it is really fun to be part of this Pens community. If it wasn’t for you guys, we’d have to enjoy this team lonely and alone, in our squalid home.

Wow. Okay. On Saturday, when Malone said that the Pens were due for a big game, he wasn’t kidding, eh?

Until yesterday, my fondest sports memory was being in the stands at the 1987 Fiesta Bowl when Penn State beat Miami for the National Championship. That changed at 5:41 pm EDT yesterday.

…and we’re not done yet!

We noticed the Hossa! Hossa! Hossa! Hossa! On the jumbotron, but it was so damn loud in the Igloo that we couldn’t hear the song. And that’s a shame, because I love me some Rex Guildo.

On the way home from the game, we were listening to the postgame player press conferences and Mrs. VdL said, “You know, I’m proud of these guys because they won, but even more proud because they don’t do anything to embarrass the team.”

Me: Yeah, but if one of the payers was to do something to embarrass the team, who would it be?

Mrs. VdL (after thinking for 0.00001 sec.): Max.


We genuflected at Sidney’s Knob on the way to Pittsburgh yesterday.

Popeyesblog: the newly-remodeled rest stop on the Turnpike near Sideling Hill has a Popeye’s – YES!

@Dr. T, it was nice meeting you yesterday – I still owe you that beer!

@nwchica, I keep forgetting to ask you; are you anywhere near Linden, WA? We have good friends (transplanted Pennsylvanians) there…

On to the Finals!!! Gravy fries and tequila por todos!!!

This is probably the last thing I’ll be able to type for a while; I think I’ve developed a nasty case of Towel Elbow. Still, that’s better than Towel Lung.

onesizedrummer said...

just one sip, is all i need


Raybin said...

Okay, more game related thoughts.

Has tPB staff ever been happier to type a recap?

Mike Knuble. Without exaggeration, I'd forgotten he was even on the ice for the entire series until that penalty.

Clutch is the word for this team. People who had knocks against them for disappearing when the playoff chips are down: MAF, Geno, The Hossassain....well, they done shut up the haters, ain't they?

That crowd was RELENTLESS. "Maaaaarty, maaaaaaaarty" led into "GO HOME FLYERS!" led into "Na na na na, hey hey goodbye." There aren't words to describe it. I can't imagine there was a Flyer player who didn't want to hide under the bench.

After Malkin's goal, I saw Biron whining at the refs for no reason and then getting to that scuffle with Malone....I turned to my mother, called my girlfriend and texted my friends "Biron's rattled. He's not in control of his emotions."

Any goalie that would collapse like that after only being down 2-0 is what we always knew Biron to be: a fourth-rate backup curtain jerker.

I think he put too much pressure on himself...clearly, he wasn't going to get any help from his teammates.

What worthless teammates. Hartnell, Briere, Knuble...I hope they think about how useless they are on the golf course.

Orpik is a maniac. His special mission throughout the series was to torment Dany Briere and he was superlative. Whenever Orpik was on the ice, he was sure to be abusing the China Doll.

My girlfriend had taped the game and I watched some of the highlights. Thank you NBC for flying in Emrick and Edzo.

I actually felt a (very) little for Mike Richards during that interview. First, he and Jeff Carter were the only Flyers who played like they gave a damn for all five games. Second, what the hell kind of dick maneuver was that NBC joke pulling asking Richards to handicap the team that had just humiliated him? I would've cheered if he'd given him an atomic wedgie.

The one advantage to having Benijoke and Elidick calling that game would've been to have them eat their words about Timmonen Christ. So much for his skills.

Sidney Crosby. Every bit the player they tell you he is and more. Joe Sakic in his heyday never brought up the whole team to the level Sid does.

Raybin said...

Oh yeah, Bugsy...what a story. Helping the hometown team advance to the Cup Finals in front of the hometown fans.

Somewhere, Crusher and Army are still drowning their sorrows in a bottle.

Raybin said...

I'm truly sorry to be so damn long winded, but I still haven't come down from the high yet.

Death, misery and misfortune have stalked this franchise for nearly 50 years like some hellish jungle cat.

This city too has taken more than its fair share of terribly hard knocks.

Even if the Cup doesn't come back to Pittsburgh this year, this moment lets you know that it will before too many more have passed.

I would also be remiss if I did not mention that Coffeytalk's people are some of the best people. For letting me crash tailgateblog like I did, they deserve diamonds.

There needs to be a CBlog wide tailgateblog for the first game in Pittsburgh. Everyone. No excuses. Bring beer and humor.

Russell Lucas said...

Malone's performance yesterday was legendary. Whether Biron thought he could play that puck or whether he was trying to draw a penalty, it was a stupid move and so when Malone's against the boards trying to play the puck and pinning Biron's stick against the boards with his body, there's no way the ref can call that. Biron's already in no man's land so he has to give up and go back to the net stickless.

Also, when Sid pickpocketed Richards and sent it back the other way, leading to Hossa's one-timer, it was more than just great backchecking. Some Penguin had made a bad bank pass out of the zone that went right to Richards's stick when the rest of the Penguins had started the other way. If SId doesn't sneak in and steal that puck Richards has a fantastic scoring chance.

Realy, the heartbreaks of '89, '97 and '00 against that team are totally healed up now.

bbakersmith said...

3 things noticable at the game...

It was obvioius (and possibly a classy move) that for most of the 3rd period the flyers stopped the cheap shots and late checks.

The second intermission was an in house celebration. I've never seen a happier group of fans. Back slapping was evident everywhere.

The "HOSSA" cheer was a great addition, and a deserved nod to Pensblog, but 90% of the fans had no clue what it was.

Anupam said...

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geezer said...

What a game, what a night, and what a team! I had my old and slow jersy on at the game and what can I say. The Pens dominated from start to finish turning the game into one giant party/celebration.

The atmosphere was so happy and boistrous. I think it was because it was evident when we went up 3-0 there was no way Philly was comming back! So the last half of the game was a giant freakin party!!!

After the game as we made our way past Milano's I slapped high fives all the way with fans honking horns and screaming. I must of slapped 200 hands, easy. Wow. These are the Stanley Cup FINALS and we are in them! Wow. I'm surprised I slept at all last night. I am so pumped it is crazy! Cup crazy!!!

Sooska said...

What a fantastic game and an amAzing team. That game was bubbling just beneath the surface and erupted cause this group of individuals had had enough of the shit.

@ raybin- over the weekend you mentioned a blast from the past: Beasley Reese. He always, always called the Steeler games when things weren't going so well (we got the dregs) and was an abomination if there ever was one. Old Sneezely is THE worst sportscaster in the history of the world. He is a reporter and weekend sports anchor for the Philthy CBS affilliate. I almost died when I discovered this upon arrival here in this eastern hell last year. When we ret'd to eastern PA las night around 11;15 PM we tuned in just in time to see ole Queasley snarl, "Well the Penguins routed the Flyers." One highlight and he was on to the Phillies. Who cares, Philthadelphia? We click the remote to find another sportscast to revel in. The Fox affiliate's weekend sports anchor says THIS gem:
The Penguins played a bad knock-knock joke on the Flyers with the Penguins behind the door.
Flyers: knock knock
Penguins: Who's there?
Flyers:The Flyers.
Pens: (anchor yells) The Flyers WHO?

me=laughing no love for their city's team. no love at all.
Boo frickin' HOO

malkinian said...

I got up this morning & ran to my computer to read this post like it was X-mas morning 1990 & I knew my supersoaker 1000 was waiting for me under the tree

Raybin said...


Oh man. Not only do you suffer in the east, but you suffer with The Beez. A thousand sympathies.

I see he hasn't honed his craft any. Who does he have pictures of to keep getting work?

Love the Philly sportscasters crapping on their own team! Perfect.

Captain Dummy said...

NOTHING makes me happier than the "hossa" song!!!

blueline said...

Would I be an asshole for calling out the kid in one of the first photos for incorrectly spelling MAF's last name?

Someone's gotta pull this kid aside and tell him, "In the playoffs, we fucking spell-check at Mellon Arena."

Still, the little jobber's heart's in the right place.

Gaylord Focker was a beast. Great stuff.

Sooska said...

@ raybin- I literally was STUNNED to see him (Beasley) on the air down there. I will NOT watch but we made it a point to revel in their "misery," which was more aon the order of kicking when already down and out. Unlike what happens in the Burgh, the Philly stations just stabbed them in the back.

I think the whining from Richards continued with the "we had to play the number 3 seed, the number 1 seed and then the number 2 seed." again I say BOO frickin HOO. The #3 seed was a team that was only 3 because the won the weakest division and should have been 8th or worse. WAH

FakeDannyStag said...

i missed half of the game because the cleveland NBC broadcast had an indians game on. i've never hated baseball that much in my life. the time between pitches was painful. thanks to my mom in baldwin for filling me in on the first 3 goals.


Sooska said...

to all you guys + theNWchica who asked about my avatar- since we won the series I have changed it back to the pic of Geno kissing his stick.

I heard that is the Wings close it out tonight Game 1 will be saturday. If the Starts force game 7 on Wednesday the finals won't begin until some time net week. The Pens will be going CRAZY by the time the puck drops agian.

Todd said...

To PhillyFreak93, et al:

Who are these people that talk to their computers? I mean, really? Every single video blog that I've watched -- hockey related or not -- makes me feel uncomfortable.

Just because you have the capacity and ability to "talk" to millions of people via the Internet doesn't mean you SHOULD do it. Jesus, go read a book.

That is all. Let's go Pens!

BlacknGold66 said...

@fakedanny: Longest end to a Tribe game I've EVER seen!

The Seeker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DeCeV said...

I was really hoping we were going to chase Biron but I guess it wasn't happening no matter what. Now Biron is going to get pissed off and demand to be traded to the Avalanche and win them a Stanley Cup. Or not. Whatever.

Go Pens! I realize that the players can't be excited about the POW trophy but I can.


The Seeker said...

Congratulations to the Penguins first and foremost...yinz ROCK!

We as mere fans can only thank you for giving s such a great season and hope we lived up to our part...being the extra attacker on the ice for you.

Calling Game 5 a stellar performance only proves we are all jokes when it come to thinking-up more superlative adjectives to describe it.

I'm humbled to have a PS used in such a historic post (thanks tPB).

Why is it that I never get tired and laugh so hard when I see a fat lady spewing chunks on a park bench? Sheesh.... Hatcher is a such an embarrassment!

On the Penguin's website, Fleury is presently in the lead for the series MVP. I wish we could vote for the entire team. With a 6 goal lead, watching this team pulling out all the stops and diving to clear pucks to preserve MAF's shutout is the reason this team is SO freakin' tight and all deserve to be MVPs. That's the kind of stuff legends are made of!

@ James Mirtle....

Love your insights and your blog, but how did you ever doubt this team? I guess it only proves everyone (but Gary Roberts) is human.

Lastly...while Hossa and Dupuis were just what Dr Shero ordered I still want to thank Colby, Crusher, and especially Conks for their major contributions to getting us here. Oh and the missing link on this team was almost psychically filled by Shero's acquisition of Hall Gill. The guy's a genius!

I leave you with this image to copy and use to adorn your websites, blogs, or anywhere you want to use it.

Pittsburgh Penguins = NHL Eastern Conference Champions!

Dan said...

i enjoyed this for about 5 minutes. 4 more wins out of the next 7 games, or it all means nothing. i loved how focused the team is. they all shared the same attitude about it. even cherry was shaking in his pajama coat on sportscenter about the pens.

i can't believe i'm saying this either. give upshaw some credit for showing some class with gronk in game 4. i've never seen anything like that before. kudos.

p.s. upshaw is still gay.

Raybin said...

Man, the thoughts just keep coming in heaps....

I forget who it was, but how about when that Flyer almost had that breakaway? The USS Hal Gill came with speed I didn't think his engines had and got body position on him and then Scuds came from the other angle and stole the puck like he was Marian Hossa.

If Scuds had got the Chili goal, I think I could've died happy right there.

Talbot diving to clear that puck to preserve the shutout is why this team is a big deal. The game was in the bag and still they sacrifice for each other.

BGL's decision not to fight Hatcher was his best of the season. A goal or the simple emotional boost of a fight could have easily gotten them back into it at that point.

Jordan Staal is not of this earth. Domination.

lauren_hbg said...

@ sooska

Where'd you find that Finals schedule? I'm wondering how accurate that is, I'm just hoping everything is all wrapped up before June 10, we leave for North Carolina that day, and I'd prefer to be in PA for the whole series!

lis said...

The last possible date for game 7 is June 9th so no worries

lauren_hbg said...

ahh wonderful - thanks lis!

lauren_hbg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JYo said...

First things first: WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Moving on...

Is trimming legal?

According to the ol 29er it is. Someone asked that same question on one of those Q&A segments that airs during intermissions and he gave the OK for a trim, just not a full removal.


That line is begging to be on a shirt in storeblog.

Why is it that I never get tired and laugh so hard when I see a fat lady spewing chunks on a park bench?

I actually did not know Hatcher was married to Acid Queen. I guess you learn something new every day. Well, I'm done for the day.

Whistler said...

Giving this over 6 hours to sink in I think I'm ready to share with you my thoughts..

Heeeeere we go..

1. Woooooooooooooooooooo. It's not a thought, but Whatta feeling..

2. Gave the 4 year old a Hershey Kiss for every goal the Pens scored. There were ONLY 6 in the bag. Omenblog.

3. Listened to the Philly Sports radio station (only to hear them whine) and our pal Mister Jones was on there. I was on hold to talk to them because I wanted to ask him what he thought the score could have been if Orr, I mean Timonen wasn't in the lineup.

4. My friend and I dubbed Kimonen, "NUMBY". Everytime he touched the puck well texted that to each other..

5. That picture of Max and IceBurgh is why I'm proud to be a Mascot. Always good to get some lovin' from the guys when things are good.

6. There is NO number six.

7. I have gone gentle on Criers fans in this area. They're aleady drowning in their sea of feces. It's nice to watch them going down for the count.

8. We haven't seen the last of them. They have a good core of guys. If we can resign who we need to resign, the battle is FAR from over.

9. What time is the press conference? Aren't they handing Timonen the Noble Peace Prize today?

This has been a wonderful experience to share with you all. It's a nice harbor to be in especially when you live in Hell (Eastern, PA). All you Hell-area cbloggers. Stand tall..

JYo said...

BGL's decision not to fight Hatcher was his best of the season.

I think that was Hatcher's decision. BGL was ready to rumble and had his gloves half way off. I think HCMT would have been fine with BGL sending that message.

Where'd you find that Finals schedule?

I am wondering that too Lauren. NBC was advertising their game 3 telecast next Sunday. Even if the Wings won tonight, it would have to be game 1 on Wednesday and 2 on Friday to have 3 on Sunday, unless they did back to back games. Maybe I got the date wrong and they meant the Sunday after that, but I can't imagine they would take that much of a break. I think the schedule will largely depend on the outcome of tonight's game, but I don't know if they have a set amount of time between series.

justincredibleh said...

fiesta fiesta mexicanaaaaaa

JYo said...

We haven't seen the last of them. They have a good core of guys. If we can resign who we need to resign, the battle is FAR from over.

I'm all for giving respect when its due, but that might be a bit much. Beyond Richards and Carter, and perhaps Coburn, they don't have much. They were more than fortunate to get this far in the playoffs. The Craps really aren't much of a team beyond OV and were spent by the time the playoffs started because they had to play on acid for two weeks straight just to get there where it still took the Cryers 7 games to advance. Would we even be talking about the core of the Cryers if they had lost that game 7? Then, the Habs were exposed as the overachievers they were and their soff goalie did nothing to help.

The Cryers do not have a playoff caliber goalie and don't have the kind of supporting players around Richards and Carter that can do any damage. I would not be surprised if they don't make it out of the first round the next few years, or even miss the playoffs now and then. Quite honestly, I thought the Rags were the scariest team for the Pens to face in the east, and when they manhandled them so easily, I figured this series would be 4-5 games.

Lady Jaye said...

I'm still speechless this morning.

@m. vanderlass > YOu had to mention gravy fries. I still want bacon and cheddar fries after last night's cblog debate :-(

@raybin > The Marty chants cracked me up because they started so early in the game. Ah life is good.

@Gaylord Focker > You = The Man. Thanks for immortalizing the last minute of the game. It was unreal being there through it, and it is unreal watching it again.

@folks in general > Did anybody else have empty seats around them? I had 2 in front of me that were always filled up in F. I really was amazed that there were any empty seats in the mellon. Not that it mattered much, the crowd noise was deafening.

And jyo beat me to it. The old 29er confirmed that trimming is okay with the playoff beards. I am personally impressed at the playoff beards that Pens fans are sporting.

I've got my ticket from the game perched up at the top of my cube at work (I'm afraid my kids will get it at home because nothing I own is sacred) and I have my lucky rally towel on the wall.

Can't wait for the next game... can't wait. I kind of want Dallas to win because I just want home ice advantage ;-)

lauren_hbg said...

So when do we find out when tickets will go on sale for the home games? I checked the Pens website, but I could be blind and not seeing it.

Raybin said...

@lady jaye

It was hilarious and awesome. I think the whole crowd recognized what I said earlier: Biron was freaking out and having a meltdown already and it was time to jump on him. His Achilles heel has always been his mental fragility.

Brett said...



I think you can still stream the last game's audio on the Pens site..

.. But I've audio-recorded every single game this year (and last year). Unfortunately i don't have a FTP anymore, but if there's another way, I'll gladly send game 5 to you.

Hip said...

@mdpensfan (from last night)- your words mean so much to me and I thank you. I make no apologies for the fact I basically grew up in two cities and happen to love hockey. It is what it is. And many congrats on your graduation. UMD is a stud school.

@BNG - unreal photoshop. That shit looks real. You dominate that interview today good sir.

@wilsmith - seriously, I know it’s coming, and I still die laughing every time I see the freaking beach ball.

@icecold - happy belated dude.

@raybin - I need to get tissues before I read your posts from now on. And you talk as much as you want to buddy, you just keep going. I eat it right up.

I’m moving to the Mecca and the boys are going to the big show. Holy shit. My heart might explode.

Lady Jaye said...

lauren > I swear they said this morning they're online already, but I think they must mean all the scalpers ;) I'd imagine they wouldn't go on sale until we know who we're playing and when. Didn't that happen last time.

Oh @hip from last night > I knew you were the guilty culprit! I just didn't trust my memory.

odmE. said...

Needs to be said: WWGRD baby was phenomenal.

I'll admit it - I gave Jordan Staal a hard time during the regular season...(not that I think he didn't play well, but I'm sure cblog gets where I'm coming from). I'm thrilled to say how much I've enjoyed watching him in the playoffs. He's just been unreal and I don't even know what else to say. Maybe he didn't get a huge number of points, but we all know that isn't nearly the most important thing.

Solid. Go Pens.

Lady Jaye said...

@raybin > Oh, I think you're right about that. EVERYBODY could see he was on the verge of a meltdown. I almost felt sorry for the guy... almost... then I remembered who he was and the team we were playing and I didn't feel bad at all.

@kid with the Flyers "why not us" shirt (or whatever it says), that is priceless. He's a future Jobber of the Week.

dying alive said...

That baby from D23 kicks ass. The Pens haven't lost a game at home since he started attending, including the one where his mom WENT INTO LABOR. Now that is a true fan.

Did anyone else feel terrible for Kennedy when he hit the post in the third period? The guy has been a monster throughout the entire playoffs, but he can't buy himself a goal.

One million dollars for someone who can put together a Fiesta Mexicana ringtone.

Raybin, your first post should be engraved on a plaque and hung outside the new arena.

Last night I dreamed of trophies and Popeye's Chicken. I think I spend too much time in c-blog.

lis said...

nbc was advertising game 3 not because it was going to be next weekend but because versus has the rights to games 1 & 2. my best guess is that if the other series ends tonight, our starts on saturday, if dallas takes it to 7, then we would start monday.

btw, detroit has already had a presale to finals tickets last week so yes, the scalpers definitely have grabbed up their fair share i'm sure.

and is a GREAT day living in eastern pa today!!!


dying alive said...

@Raybin - how hilarious was it when Jarkko purposely sought out Biron after the first period when the teams were skating to the locker rooms? Marty's hissy fit was epic. Talk about having no poker face whatsoever. More to love about MAF.

Pensgirl said...

Even if we lose the SCF and Hossa leaves, the trade will have been worth it in the way he's brought his backchecking skillz to the team. Not that our guys were defensively lazy, but now you see Sid sneaking in pulling off the Hossa Play, and that only makes any line of his more dangerous.

I live for those Wilsmith beach ball photoshops.

Raybin, great history but I wouldn't exactly say the city was unfamiliar with hockey when the Pens were created. Pgh, in the early 1900s, was one of the first places where players were paid, and Canadians came here to learn about the artificial ice techniques used at Duquesne Gardens. The way I've heard it told, people loved the AHL Hornets and were pissed that the NHL was pushing them aside. That, and the bad decisions early management made (drafting old instead of young in the expansion, for example) that led to having poor teams is what made the Pens slow to draw. But I wouldn't change a thing; it's all brought us to where we are today.

My favorite thing about this team is that every single player on it deserves to be someone's favorite. They've all been pulling their weight; they've all been chipping in.

That said, if I had to give out a team MVP for the whole playoffs right now I'd give it to Fleury. With a shutout in each series and only two periods where he looked shaky at all, he's been consistently solid. We've seen huge games and huge series from other players, but he's been the steady hand. I'm gonna knock on wood right now, but only because I'm superstitious. I have full faith he can keep it up.

SexyChubbs said...

Seriously...I am getting nothing done at work today because of this site and last night!

What a great day! I am so glad we get to bask in this feeling until the other series is over.

As discussed last night, I don't care who wins the other series. I just want them to drop the puck on the Finals, regardless of the opponent.

Pensgirl said...

Oh, and with Hossa dubbed series MVP, dare I say this series was a thrashing?

Lady Jaye said...

@pensgirl > that is an awful joke. But I laughed ;)

Stoosh said...

I'm going to go a step further on the Flyers.

We had to listen to a bunch of shit from their fans that we built our team because we "tanked for five years". The general premise is that our ownership and management did things the wrong way because they forced the fans to sit through five or six bad seasons in order to accumulate a good draft position. In contrast, their management did things the right way by going the free agency/trade route, which allowed them to turn their fortunes around in a year.

That's all well and good.

But did anyone who watched this series get the sense that these Flyers look like they were willing to go to battle for each other? Did these Flyers look to have the same sort of camaraderie and unified focus that the Pens have?

I think you need to look only at the complete lack of intensity and urgency the Flyers came out with yesterday for proof of that. I can count on one hand the times the Pens came out this season with an intensity level that low. The Flyers did that two, maybe three times THIS SERIES.

The only time the Flyers seemed to play with any understanding of what this series meant was Game Four, when they were already down three games to none and facing utter humiliation on their home ice.

After finding something that seemed to work for them in Game Four, I completely expected them to come out flying yesterday, with a chance to throw it back in the Pens' face in front of all the Pens fans and make it a series. I was stunned - yes, STUNNED - when I saw how little urgency Philly played with yesterday.

To me, it's the product of a team built with a bunch of mercenaries.

Jason Smith was supposed to be this "follow my example" leader, and he was all over us in those early-season matchups. Any coincidence that he's been invisible since about the time Mike Richards got his extension? That certainly meshes with the rumors that started flying in Philly about a fractured locker room back around the time Philly went through that losing streak.

What about Hartnell, who was supposed to be this great character guy?

What about Briere, who wanted to be paid like a franchise player?

Or Lupul, who couldn't WAIT to get out of the pressure-cooker in Edmonton. Now I see why.

How many times were these guys inspiring their teammates to play better or elevate their games?

Only Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, Randy Jones and Steve Downie were drafted and developed by the Flyers. R.J. Umberger and Ryan Parent were drafted by other teams but didn't suit up for an NHL game until they were acquired by Philly. Knuble and Hatcher have been there since 05-06, so maybe we can throw them in there. The rest all came via trade or free agency.

Think that had any sort of an impact when times got tough? Sure looked that way to me. There was a world of difference between the Pens and Flyers in that regard.

I'll say that much about Richards and Carter - at least they appeared to give a damn. Same with Upshall, who's been a leader going back to his junior days. But the rest of that Flyers team looked like a bunch of guys playing for themselves and that was it.

dying alive said...

Speaking of favorite players, I'm going to start the Rob Scuderi fan club. Who's with me?

Rob Scuderi for Secretary of State.

Dubs said...

Stoosh -

Only Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, Randy Jones and Steve Downie were drafted and developed by the Flyers.

Steve Downie is supposed to be one of the Flyers hot young prospects, a dominating player who helps teams win championships ...

if he represents the future of the flyers ... well then, what else needs to be said?

Whistler said...

Scuds should be Secretary of Department of the Interior. He was in the middle doing his job.

dying alive said...

@ whistler - I'll go with that. Facebook, here I come (assuming I don't get lazy).

Christina said...

amazing, amazing post. good god i can't even handle the thought of this. Cup Finals.

I missed the first and third periods yesterday.....first because of college graduation and third because of a downed tree, and by extension Comcast crapping out. But from listening to Lange and the Ol' 29er in the third, it just sounded like unreal performances all around, by the team and fans alike.

And I can't shake the feeling this morning that I'm privy to a special set of emotions that feels so fleeting and rare. Who knows what we're witnessing, and when it will come again. I'm savoring every moment.

lis said...

i've watched rob scuderi since i had season tickets in wilkes-barre and wondered why he wasn't in pittburgh when all of the other guys were getting a shot....he's done everything that's been asked of him and he plays the same way in pittsburgh as he did in w-b.

i sincerely hope the people that bitched about him the past few years are eating their words now because he's been as solid as they get....and i think i would have cried if his shot went in yesterday instead of shanking off the post!!

he is by far one of my most favorite players on the team because he's truly earned being in the position he's goes back to stoosh talking about drafting and developing players correctly...and bobby scud's has earned his dues!

lis said...

or paid his dues....whatev

Flyer Hater said...

Pens MVP=Derian Hatcher and Steve Downie

One morning, sometime this week probably after your dog owned your life by peeing on your shoe, you're going to realize that we're in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Vanessa Day said...

I don't think that game could have been more perfect. I was literally crying by goal #6. Stunned.

What was even better was the shutout by the Almighty MAF and his insane goaltending. Beautiful.

I am riding high today and going to have a fabulous day even though I'm at work and it's freezing here in MI. It's all golden today for Pens fans everywhere.


lis said...

and for every moron who talks about the pens tanking seasons to get good draft picks make sure you point out the guys like letang, kennedy, scuderi, malone, and talbot who were all taken from the 3 round to the 8th!!!

The Seeker said...

Wayne Gretzky needed four NHL seasons. Mario Lemieux required seven. But Sidney Crosby was swifter than both No. 99 and No. 66.

The Pittsburgh Penguins' sensational 20-year-old captain has steered his team to a Stanley Cup final in only his third season.

— Tim Wharnsby, The Globe and Mail

Lady Jaye said...

@lis > that further shows that the Pens know how to develop players right. Great points!

I suppose I should get some more work done. I have been terribly unproductive during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Raybin said...

@hip & dying alive

Thank you so much. I bask in appreciation. :)


Really? I did not know the Hornets were that popular. I learn something every day! Thanks!

Raybin said...


Awesome expose' of the Flyers mercenary spirit and lack of cohesion.

This year, they came as close as a team can in the salary cap era to trying to buy themselves a Cup.

I revise my opinion and say that in addition to Richards and Carter, Randy Jones tried his best, but was simply overmatched.

Next season is going to be a big watershed year for that team to see if this business plan will work out. Back to the cellar or the playoffs?

This was the team that accused US of mortgaging our future for Marian Hossa. Hah.

The Seeker said...

Pensgirl is correct.

Pittsburgh had the first indoor ice rink thanks to Westinghouse inventing the refrigeration system used to freeze the ice.

Pittsburgh also had the very first paid professional ice hockey club.

The Hornets WERE a big deal! They won 3 Calder Cups and were reigning champs when the Pens NHL franchise was formed in 1967.

I can recall going to see them at the Civic Arena with my Dad.

TheNWChica said...

I'm still all giddy this morning, but I did get a good night's sleep. Whoooo!

@M. Vanderlasser: Is that just your handle, or are you part of the Orange and blue family too? I am about 90 mins south of Lynden, which is right below the border. In fact sometime we go through Lynden to go get to one of the smaller border crossing. It's so pretty up there.

Raybin said...

@the seeker

That shows how shaky I am on hockey history pre-Pens.

Man. Now I feel like a joke.

lauren_hbg said...

@ lady jaye

I haven't gotten more than a few hours of work done each day since the playoffs started either.

I think someone actually compared Pensblog/cblog to crack... It's like I need my fix before I can do anything! haha

Pensgirl said...

Seeker, I always wondered why, as happened in other places, the powers that be didn't just try to get the Hornets turned into an NHL team. Not that it bothers me - again, we wouldn't be where we are today if the team history was any different. Watching that FSN Pens history show, I commented to my mom how awful the Michele Briere accident was, and she looked at me and said "But if he hadn't died we never would have gotten Mario." You don't think about the reverberations that far out, but she's so right.

Raybin, you're not a joke. I didn't know much of anything about Pittsburgh hockey's history either until I read this great article someone linked for me one day. I still have it bookmarked on my computer at home...I'll post the link tonight. Really cool read.

(I also remember reading a great article somewhere about the black leagues in Canada and how it was there that things like the slapshot were invented. I gotta find that to bookmark it too, great look at an overlooked part of the game's history.)

Pensgirl said...

Wait, I found the Pittsburgh hockey article. Believe it or not, it was written by Ed Bouchette.

lis said...

I get aggravated when people say we tanked and it’s no wonder we have all these great players on our team. We got Sid out of pure luck…a 6% chance in a lottery. Fans from other teams want to use that as a way to cut down our team…that’s like saying to someone who won the Powerball that “you’re only rich because you won the lottery!” That may be true but it doesn’t make him any less rich!

Yes, Crosby and Malkin were easy decisions, taking a goalie 1st overall is not something that automatically makes a better team, NO ONE expected Staal to make this team out of training camp last year. If anything, he was expected to maybe help Wilkes-Barre in the playoffs after his junior team lost (similar to Caputi and Jeffrey this year). My point is, just because you pick early doesn’t automatically get you the cup. Look at how many busts there have been.

Having been a season ticket holder in Wilkes-Barre before I moved to HELL, I’m so proud to see so many of “our” guys make it to the big show….up to and including the head coach and Mike Yeo. Jesus, my friend used to baby sit Mike Yeo’s kids for him when he played for W-B/S!!

To break it down, 4 of our 6 current starters on defense started in Wilkes-Barre (Letang, Orpik, Scuderi, and Whitney), all 3 goalies played in Wilkes-Barre (Fleury, Conklin, and Sabourin), Talbot, Kennedy, Taffe, Beech (to a certain degree) all played in W-B. We’ve had Nasraddine and Goligoski fill in for us on the blue line this year, Chris Minard, Connor James, Ryan Stone, Jonathan Filewich, and Tim Brent suit up on forward. And don’t forget Army and Crusher came up through W-B as well.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that Wilkes-Barre’s still in the playoffs this year? They have two rookie goaltenders that have held their own while Conklin was up here taking the NHL by storm. The top scorers on that team came in at 33rd and 53rd in the league but yet the team still figured out a way to win their division. That’s great balance and great teamwork! And that’s great drafting and using your minor league team exactly the way it should be used!!! Credit it due to both Ray Shero and Craig Patrick and the scouts for getting the right mix of players together to get the job done! I’m not only hoping for a Stanley Cup this year but also a Calder Cup because these teams deserve it!


sorry for being so long winded

nu said...


*patpat*, my friend; it changes lives....

and I quote Lionel "Big Train" Conacher from over there, (aka Canada's INSANE best-multi-sport athlete of the first half of the 20th century, aka the guy they named the "best male athlete" award they gave to Sid, and....oh yeah, he played hockey here too...)

"This here's a real hockey town for sure. The boys up north think they're in heaven after they get here."

MIKE LANGE FROM YESTERDAY!: And the Flyers can go fish....ALL. SUMMER. LONG!!!


J.S. said...

and j.s. makes 100!!

Flyer Hater said...

c-blog has been epic today.

Sooska said...

@whistler -yes it is a great day for hockey in HELL! no jobber Phlyers phnas today. Another coworker who is also a western PA transplant peeked his head into my office on Friday after the loss and said he bet a coworker Phlyer's phan on Sunday's game a hoagie for lunch for today. I said "Joe, you should bet a keg and a party. Pens are going to win BIG. They have had enough of the shit from the Phlyers." Joe told me this morning all he emailed the Phlyer loser was "no peppers on the hoagie."

JYo said...

taking a goalie 1st overall is not something that automatically makes a better team

Didn't they trade up to get that #1 overall pick too? Brass balls type of move there. The competence of the Pens front office, both current and under CP, must not be overlooked.

I have seen a few people mention Knuble now and some people seem surprised that he didn't show up in this series. Am I missing something? Has he ever been good? He basically made a name for himself in Boston because he happened to be on a line with Thornton and Murray so he stood in front of the net and let the puck bounce off of him to score a bunch of goals. I have never known him to carry a line, let alone a team. IMO, he is one of the most overrated players in the NHL.

Raybin said...

@pensgirl and nu

I was getting worried, because I didn't know how I was going to waste time and dodge work this afternoon. Those links are the answer.

JYo said...

and j.s. makes 102!!

Fixed! At least according to the count on my page.

Dubs said...

penguinshistoryblog -

i've often wondered what it must have been like to watch Michele Briere play for his one season in the NHL ... everything I've ever read about him talks about him being a phenomenal skater with phantom elusiveness ... so sad ...

J.S. said...

why hasn't my pic changed?

J.S. said...

nevermind, it changed.


Stoosh said...

@ Lis -

"point out the guys like letang, kennedy, scuderi, malone, and talbot who were all taken from the 3 round to the 8th!!!"

Awesome! Thank you SO MUCH for mentioning that. I've heard it said that if they re-did that 2005 draft, he'd have been a top ten pick. Incredible foresight by CP's staff taking that kid in what was their final draft for the Pens.

stinkyharry said...

So, the baby woke up at 4 am, and, as usual, I was reading tPB while feeding him. (I can't tell you how grateful I am that this blog gets updated in the middle of the night. THANK YOU.) Reading... reading... awesome recap... hey wait, that's my baby!

His name is Harry. Hence my screenname, as he is often stinky. But he's also pretty lucky-- with yesterday's game he's actually now 14-0. According to my husband, that is. I think his record should actually be 15-0-- I'm counting the game where I was in labor. But I won't nitpick. (The Igloo's closer to Magee than our house is, so that worked out well.)

Harry's been really good so far at the Igloo. He loves giving high-fives, and I'd say he cries less than Danny Briere.

Thank you, Kathy and Mark L. for taking the picture and to tPB staff for posting it. That game was amazing and I can't believe Harry's in the recap! D23 rocks.

JYo said...

I'd say he cries less than Danny Briere.


justincredibleh said...


must have listened to that song at least 25 times today.

Colin said...

@ jyo -

The Florida Panthers traded the 1st pick (Marc-Andre Fleury) and 73rd pick (Daniel Carcillo) to the Pittsburgh Penguins for the 3rd pick (Nathan Horton), the 55th pick (Stefan Meyer) and Mikael Samuelsson.

Mikael Samuelsson was a hot prospect at the time and obvisouly turned out to be pretty solid as he play big minuted with Detroit. Certainly a risky trade. Taking a goalie number 1 overall is a big risk. Perfect example, think of Luongo. He took years before he blossomed in FLA after NYI spent a top 5 pick on him.

Colin said...

* "plays big minutes" *

racheleyos said...

flyer fan's facebook status:
"at least it didn't take us 5 years to get better...."

this is what I hate about philly. they can't take a loss and shut the puck up. they have to run their mouths and find some comment/stat to try to make themselves look better. ha joke.

so my response was:
"nice status..... and oh, you know what's really funny, is the fact that you blocked me on AIM...HAHAHAHAHA...I guess you were afraid of a pens fan giving you shit. that's too bad....hope your boys have fun golfing. and oh, it doesn't take us 5 years to get good again.... if I remember correctly we lost first round of playoffs last year, now were in the stanley cup.... hmmm I guess that's getting better over a year."

suck it.

The Seeker said...

@ pensgirl

If I remember correctly, Jack Riley's (or someone's?) wife came up with the name Penguins. The reasoning was that a name beginning with "P" would be good like the Pittsburgh Pirates AND because they played in an igloo-shaped arena (which was also state-of-the-art back then being the first and only retractable dome in the world).

My Dad used to take me to Hornets games at the Civic Arena. I recall a playoff game versus the Hersey Bears especially. My Dad used to say: "it ain't a hockey game until there's blood on the ice". No one wore helmets and goalies faced shots without any face masks at all. I think it was Badger Bob who was the first goalie to wear a face mask of any type when he was a goalie for the Bruins too.

homesprout said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JYo said...

Thanks for the details Colin. I thought it was a pretty risky move, but obviously one that is paying off big time.

homesprout said...

French Toast sucks!! I thought he was supposed to be the best goaltender in the playoffs!? :-D

I don't know if anyone is aware of this or not, but Kimmo Timonen played yesterday....just sayin'

The Flyers and their fans should be thanking the Pens that they "tanked" the last game of the regular season. Otherwise, the Flyers would have been out in the 1st round instead!!

What a great game to watch. I'm sure it was quite the experience to be there in person.

I'm disappointed that VS has games 1&2 of the Finals. Let's hope they don't fluck it up too bad....

Go Pens!!

nu said...

@ seeker:

The fun part of is that they have something with the logo designer after everyone got over "Are you serious?! You can't name a hockey team the PENGUINS..." and he's like, "How am I supposed to make a penguin intimidating? They're small, slow, and awkward..."

...I didn't think Badger ever played. Are you thinking of EJ? :D

I think I like my hockey without blood on the ice.

But nah, the first goalie to actually protect the brains he used to come up with the idea was definitely either Jacques Plante or Clint Benedict.

dying alive said...

@ stinkyharry - Harry is awesome. My friend and I noticed that you had a different little girl with you yesterday and were like, "OMG, WHERE IS THE BABY? He has to be here!"

Colin said...

Does anyone know if these shirts are available for purchase?

Sids Shirt>

Dr. Turkleton said...

colin said:

Mikael Samuelsson was a hot prospect at the time

are you sure you're not getting him confused with Johannes Salmonsson?, the Pens 2nd round pick [31st overall] who's been nothing short of a bust in his stint in the WHL [hey, thenwchia, what did you do to this kid?]& back home in Sweden....

I always considered Mikael [5th round pick] a journeyman of sorts who's had a few good seasons with Detroit.....

That whole CP trade up was surreal to me....I was walking the corridors of the Gaylord Fokker Entertainment Complex when some dude comes up to me & says 'Patrick traded up to get the #1?' this was about an hour before the start of the draft & I didn't know this guy from Conway Twitty.
Then the draft is about to begin & Bettman steps to the mike & announces 'We have a trade' & proceeds to rattle off the particulars...

me = stunned.

I have some pics at home somewhere I'll have to scan & put on flickr/facebook....I just looked at them recently & that 1st round has produced a lot of STUDS so far...
[I actually got to party with Ryan Suter's Mom at a bar/restaurant across the street, but that's another story for another time! [{pics included}]

Pensgirl said...

Seeker, I didn't mean the name (I knew that story), I meant the franchise itself. It would have been a lot easier to just bring the Hornets franchise from the AHL to the NHL rather than starting from scratch. Teams have jumped between leagues in the past; I've always been curious about why that didn't happen in this case.

Sooska said...

@ seeker- nu is correct. It was EJ, not the Badger.

The Seeker said...

@ nu bad. It was EJ.

He talks about the gaolie mask stuff in that video "Under the Lights - History of the Penguins".

Stoosh said...

@ Lis -

The "Pens tanked for five years" crap is a convenient crutch started by a media that refused to look at history, and it's adhered to by a know-nothing fanbase that can't distinguish between building a real team and running a franchise on NHL '08. After all, "If it's in the game, it's in the game", right?

Remember Ed Snider's ridiculous comments at the beginning of the series about his opposition to the way the NHL Draft works. THAT'S why the Flyers will be staring Year #34 Since Last Cup in the face when they take the ice next October. They did a nice job rebuilding their team, but they loaded it up with complimentary players.

Even their younger acquisitions weren't impact players. Lupul is a complimentary winger - he's Michael Ryder or a poor man's Thomas Vanek. Upshall is a role player. Coburn may top out as a decent #2 defenseman or maybe an excellent #3 guy. Parent will be a good #3-4 defenseman. Kukkonen is a #5-6 d-man.

What else do they have?

Timonen is good, but he's not getting younger.

Biron is a loose cannon who gets rattled too easily.

Hartnell - another loose cannon - is eating up $4 million in cap room per year for the next five years and they got 43 points out of him this season; only 7 points in 17 playoff games.

Hatcher and Smith are old. Smith's a UFA who probably won't be back.

Knuble is a poor man's Bill Guerin, also getting up in age.

Briere is a systems player in entirely the wrong system.

Kapanen's done.

Gagne might never be healthy again.

To make matters worse, they might not be able to afford to keep Jeff Carter (who earned himself a nice payday during the playoffs) or R.J. Umberger (ditto - and trust me, his agent will milk his Montreal series for all it's worth). Those are two guys they really need to consider keeping. And they won't get an impact pick in this year's draft, either.

Truth be told, they'd have been better off in the long run doing what the Pens and Blackhawks did, and loading up on earlier draft picks. The Hawks are going to win a Cup before the Flyers will.

Nathan said...

On the bright side, even though it's Versus carrying Games 1 and 2 of the Finals, it'll be Doc Emrick and Edzo (or whoever Doc's color guy is these days) working the games. No more B Team announcers giving the Flyers blowjobs over the air.

I'm sure the Flyers organization appreciated said blowjobs, but come on, the jizz on the announcers' chins was really unbecoming.

Stanley Cup Finals. And it's the first time I'll actually be able to watch the Pens in the Finals (living in Virginia, blah blah blah, I've told the story before).

Let's go Pens.

Johnny Wrath said...

·5-6 days ago, I think, was when the soliloquy first appeared presenting the supposed superiority of only finishing last one season. I don't know who is responsible, but I'm willing to blame Tim Panaccio. He's just dreggy.

·This theory doesn't take into account that adding 1-2 impact players to a team that doesn't draft well results in The Washington Capitals™, where you rarely have to worry about the entire first line.

·I believe he also published a story about us "mortgaging our future" and thereby Philly "being deeper" in their system than we are... shortly before we eliminated them from the AHL Playoffs.

·I hate it when teams NY Rangers™ it. Nashville having an ownership crisis? Green light to acquire most of their nucleus. Getting Coburn was sheer luck, retrospective of Beauchemin in the Fedorov deal.

·Finally, I'm guessing its for the benefit of the Flyer fan that the GM bought the other half of the team, so that they wouldn't suffer the embarrassment of being laughingstock on more than 2 fronts.

·All the sneers, slights, and effronteries toward us will be much funnier when said fans will have Briere dolls on a noose, malicious cheers for French Toast when he makes the 14th save on 19 shots, et cetera.

·"I'll tickle your catastrophe". -Henry IV, p. ii (Gary Roberts). Go Pens.

Colin said...

@ Turk -

Maybe I was just personally excited to trade for Mikael Samuelsson. I am pretty sure he plays the point on Detroit's second PP and plays on a solid line with Cleary and Filppula.

Whistler said...

does anyone want the file of the Mike Lange call at the end of the game? I have it on MP3.

Who is the one that wanted to do a cblog indie mix tape exchange? I'm all in..

Is this week gonna drag or what?!?!?

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been suffering from a lack of work production due to the playoffs..

whodeewhat said...


In case it really hasn't sunk in yet, this did it for me:

For those of you wanting to keep your Pens jersey official for this year, you're gonna need THIS!

Stoosh said...

@ Colin -

Mikael Samuelsson was one of the Fab Four (Samuelsson, Fata, Bouchard, Lintner) acquired by the Pens from the Rangers in the Kovy deal in Feb. of 2003. He was already 26 when he was acquired by the Pens, so he was just kind of hitting the age where you'd expect guys to contribute.

He was dealt to Florida in the Fleury deal and then wound up in Detroit when Florida let him go before the lockout.

He's made a nice career for himself in Detroit, but I don't recall people being terribly upset when we let him go. He was probably a fringe prospect for the Rangers when we got him.

nu said...

Personally I like thinking of them as the "Failyears" rather than the Cryers. But it might be a little too subtle, I guess.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I agree that he become a good 2nd/3rd liner in the past 3 years --- but I disagree with 'hot prospect' when his best year up until signing with Detroit [his 5th team in 5 NHL seasons] was in the AHL with the Kentucky Thoroughblades [hahaha, LOVE that name]

J.S. said...

colin, I think that's the sacrifice shirt they've been wearing under their jerseys.

Stoosh said...

@ Dr. Turk -

I remember the Fleury deal like it was yesterday. I was going out to pick up some pre-draft breakfast when Jim Colony broke the news of the deal on ESPN Radio and I damn near drove off the road.

I had absolutely no idea what the Pens were going to do heading into that draft. I personally was hoping for Nate Horton because I thought he could step in immediately and make an impact, and we didn't have anyone in the system like him.

I remember cringing a little when the trade happened because the goalie was such a risk, but as soon as I saw the draft footage of Fleury, I smiled. I couldn't believe how quick and effortless he was.

And I remember the first time I saw him live. I was sitting in F1, so he was right in front of us for two periods. I remember saying it then and I still stick to it - the only goaltender I've ever seen with quicker reflexes in person was Patrick Roy.

In terms of "the way he just looked", that's exactly who he reminded me of. When I first saw Roy in person, I was amazed at how he saw shots most other goalies wouldn't see, or how he seemed to get to a spot to make a save before the shooter even got the puck off his stick. I saw the same sort of characteristics in Fleury's game.

letsgopsu said...

If it wasn't for cblog, this would be the longest week of my life.

Instead, it's just top 5.

Raybin said...


Surely you can't be serious....Carey Price is the next Patrick Roy, dontchaknow.

May I drop sarcasmblog and just say that I'm SO glad that little bubble finally burst. Huet can hold his head higher about his playoff performance than can Price, despite not advancing past the first round.

Colin said...

Sounds like I was personally hyping Sameulsson trying to rationalize the Kovy trade.

Lady Jaye said...

Harry's been really good so far at the Igloo. He loves giving high-fives, and I'd say he cries less than Danny Briere.

@stinkyharry > this is the quote of the day for me

PittHockey said...

@ brett:
thanks for the heads up, I never noticed they had audio highlights on the site.

Raybin said...

Also, stoosh, great rundown on why the Flyers may be in a whole heap of trouble next year.

Briere wanted a chance to carry his own line and instead got exposed. Hah!

Nashville is better off without Hartnell and their defense still looked pretty damn solid this year without Timonen.

You know what Nashville is a team on its way up? For much the same reason Chicago is and, as has been pointed out, the Pens already are: Home grown players.

Bold prediction: The Cup will go to Nashville before Philadelphia.

And Chicago...Kane, Toews...if they draft well this year and can get themselves a franchise goalie....oh my. Look out below.

TheNWChica said...

Am I bad to be rooting for Detroit just so we can start the Finals sooner?

letsgopsu said...

@ chica

I'll allow it.

The Seeker said...

When Cryer phans bring up the tanking of past Penguin seasons and that crap about how great their turnaround was from last year, I just mention that they deliberately tanked their last season.

Since the NHL moved out of the Original Six era in 1967, only the 1986-87 Detroit Red Wings have made it to the conference finals after being the worst team in the league the season before.

How did it happen? Well, part of the answer lies in the fact that the Flyers might not have been quite as terrible as they seemed a year ago. "Maybe it tells you our team last year was better than what we finished," said winger R.J. Umberger, a playoff terror this spring with nine goals.

What's forgotten, after all, is this was a 101-point team in 2005-06, the first season after the lockout. The drop-off from there -- 55 points -- was actually greater than the improvement this season, 39 points.

The Flyers ended up with a league-worst record because that was their intent; or, at least, there was an organizational willingness to absorb the big hit, to gut the club if it meant repositioning it for the future.


PittHockey said...

I'm rooting for dallas.

North Stars nostalgia

Dr. Turkleton said...


I had those same initial 'bad' feelings when he was drafted & up until these playoffs have had some serious doubts if he could step up to be a #1 with consistency...I'm sure Brodeur won't be looking over his shoulder anytime soon at his records being broken by MAF, but he's definitely made a statement in a contract year [coincidence?]

In regards to have those negative vibes when MAF was selected:
Craig Hillier Syndrome? albeit a MUCH HIGHER pick & GREATER expectations with a 1/#1 v. a 1/#23

hindsight is 20/20 [clicheblog] but I'll ALWAYS remember who the Pens could've taken instead of Hillier, who was selected next with the 24th pick: DANIEL BRIERE.

Steve In Denver said...

Stinky Harry is battling Will Malone for MVB of the 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs....both undefeated at the Igloo. Maybe someday they'll be on a line together putting a knife in the hearts of the Flyers once more??

@ Stoosh - "The Hawks are going to win a cup before the Flyers do."
I have a feeling we'll see that comment dug up a few years from now and re-posted. It better not be at the expense of the Pens in a game 7, though.

Wow, how do you control your excitement while waiting for the finals? The team just won the conference, but you really can't celebrate....yet. How can you be productive at work? Emotionally and psychologically invested at home?? Is there a drug for this?
Huey Lewis probably knows.

I fly into Pgh this Sat for a week. There won't be a fuel surcharge for passengers on my flight....just hook those engines up to my adrenal gland. WOOOOOOOO

JYo said...

Am I bad to be rooting for Detroit just so we can start the Finals sooner?

As much as I'd like to see the finals ASAP, I'd rather the team gets some time off, especially if there really is some flu-like ailment going around the locker room. I'm rooting for game 7. After that, I don't care who you root for. I guess it would be nice to have home ice, but either team would be tough, so whatev.

TheNWChica said...

@letsgopsu: Why thank you! :)

@jyo: True true...I'm just so excited, I forgot about all the boys in sickbay.

Sooska said...

Also, the Flyers punctuated 25 years of 4-sport Philthydelphia having its 25 x 4 = 100 losing seasons without a championship. This was also the lament of the talking heads last night on the Philthy sports shows. The Pens provided the centennial celebration!

lauren_hbg said...

I'm with you on that one, jyo. I'm hoping that flu bug or whatever is floating around the team is far gone by the time we face whatever Western team it ends up being. Personally, I'm rooting for Dallas (along with many other Pens fans I'm sure) for the home ice. I think we've proved that playing at the Igloo is pretty beneficial.

Dr. Turkleton said...

I'm rooting for Dallas for selfish reasons:

I have tix for home games #2 & #4...if it's DET, there's no possibility of a home game #4, so then I only go to Game 4 of the series [the Cup 'could' be in the building!]

if it's DAL then it's Game 2 & Game 7* [I don't know if I could handle a Game 7, at the Mellon, every skating stride would be scrutinized to the n'th degree {maybe I'd just sell them & get a few bucks in return!!!}]

[Hossa: * If Necessary]

letsgopsu said...

Was just looking at some draft history, and the Pens haven't made a crappy first round choice (not including 2007 that is, nobody knows what is going on with Esposito) since 1999. Now that's how to build a team.

Johnny Wrath said...

When Chicago got their first-ever #1 Draft pick, I was thinking "Heh, thats good. We're going to sweep them in the finals again in 3 years"... until they selected what appears to be some sort of giant Fraggle.

Brando said...

Could anybody actually understand a single word MAF said in his on-ice interview after the game? I have no idea what he said...but I'd listen to him talk about anything all day. What a great accent.


- The PG needs to start posting podcasts of MAF reading the newspaper.

- Sally Wiggin gets the day off...MAF to sit in on evening news. Yinzers everywhere collectively realize that they've been pronouncing Guy Junker's name wrong all this time.

- Jeff Jimmerson eats nachos in the luxury box while MAF sings the National Anthem. We think.

KJ said...

raybin bringing up baz after a series where we beat a goalie who won the bastien memorial trophy, very nice (of course we have a baz winner as well in dany). but def agree with you that he lost his composure early. whenever a goalie is looking behind him on an easy shot, bad omen

as for flys fans saying the pens needed all those draft picks and blah blah blah, just remind them there is so much more. the flys have had teams before that looked like they may do something, but in the end failed because they didn't seem to care about the most important thing, each other. if they don't believe you, ask them to name their max talbot, their jarkko ruutu, their brooks orpik. the guys who were never drafted in the first round, but make so much difference. then tell them to kiss your ass and that the next year they always talk about, is never coming.

nbc was a priceless ass, not only were they jobbing mike richards(i guess is who it was, i was too busy laughing) after the game, but notice over the announcer's right shoulder that shiny piece of metal? right in his face.

finally, if TK does not score a goal before whatever happens is all said and done, something is just not right with the world.

dying alive said...

Here's something I've never understood; nothing against the Blackhawks because I don't have any animosity toward that team whatsoever, but why do we get accused of tanking to get Crosby, Malkin, Fleury et. al. and nobody never says anything about the slam-dunk picks Chicago has had the past few years? We get the finger pointing and accusations of being filthy tankers, but everyone thinks it's just awesome that the Hawks have been able to get Kane and Toews because they're going to revitalize that franchise (which I agree with). Is it snobbery because they're original six and the Pens are not? Is it because of how much their fans suffered under Wirtz? Is there less disdain toward them because they're in the western conference and get less press? Or is it just a matter of time before they start having success and people start pointing fingers in their direction? For that matter, how about the Kings? When's the last time they didn't draft in the top ten? Yet they are legitimately bad year in and year out while they stockpile talent, and the Pens tank? It's an irritating double standard.

For the record, I don't think any of the teams I mentioned are tanking. I just used those two because they're the two best examples.

Go Dallas, at least take it to game seven.

lis said...

I too noticed the trophy is the background of Richards' interview. That was great!!!!!!

Steve In Denver said...

Hossa MVP Omenblog?
Rex Gildo is wearing a vegas gold jacket over a Winter Classic powder blue shirt in the video for Fiesta Mexicana.


KJ said...

and before i get my free candy taken away from me, take out brooks' name on the first rounder part and add someone like kennedy since i guess orpik was 18thish overall. damn mondays

letsgopsu said...

@ kj

I thought about correcting you, but then lazyblog set in.

Glad you corrected yourself. Getting corrected by somebody else sucks.

nu said...

There's a reason Whit made MAF be 'our new goalie, Jean Girard' at the pre-season STH event and say
"you might be fast, Ricky Bobby, but I'm faster!'.... :P

LCS Hockey: "He jumps around like a monkey and talks like he's Pepe Le Pew. How can you not love this kid?"

As for LA and the 'Hawks, I think "1 Finals in 40 years and never having won a Stanley Cup" and "1 Finals in 47 years and a longer Cup Drought than Toronto" is just way too long to be accused of tanking and just passes over into the realm of "suck". Though it brings up a question - what's more of a legitimate effort? Making the playoffs year after year after year like Chicago or Boston or St. Louis, or actually winning it all more than once every generation, come what may in between? (though I don't think any franchise can claim the dramatic contrasts of the Pens...)

Sooska said...

@ dying alive- I am guessing it's the big city thing-no one pays attention to Pittsburgh unless we are winning then they can accuse of us all kinds of stuff or constantly hammer at the bad economy or whatev. whatev. Steelers don't desrve the super Bowl, Pens tank ...blah blah. jealousy. We win. End of discussion.

Mike Lange said it beautifully last night: the team is the city and thy city is the team. Anyone have THAT speech recorded?

KJ said...

letsgopsu, being corrected by other sucks, but figuring it out yourself and not knowing how you could be so brain dead is worse. even as i typed it i knew it was wrong. i mean i remember him getting drafted, his BC days, and all the stories of him being named after herb brooks. i guess i can chalk it up to it being monday, the heat getting to me, or better yet, just thinking that he's going to the finals.

Sooska said...

well it's not "thy" city it's "the" city. I didn't say that all too well but basically if it isn't happening in NYC or LA or Chicago and in hockey Toronto or Montreal you can forget about it. Even the O6 is more important. Anyone else is still the new kid on the block. We need more Pittsburghers to make it in the national media.

JYo said...

if TK does not score a goal before whatever happens is all said and done, something is just not right with the world.

I think a lot of C-bloggers feel this way, but I bet there is one person that does not: TK himself. That is what makes him the player he is (and this applies to other Pens too.) He'll give his all for the team and not give a lick if he gets any of the glory.

Regarding the Pens getting jobbed for "tanking," I think you folks are right that other teams get a pass because of their lack of success and the Pens get attacked out of jealousy. Any time there is a good team, people will look for a way to put them down. Do you think there would have been such an uproar over "Spygate" if it was a 6-10 team that got caught rather than a Super Bowl champion? I contend the issue would have died in two weeks if that were the case. Granted that was actually an issue of breaking the rules, but you get the point.

re: playoffs every year with no titles vs. titles and droughts

I don't know if one is more "legit" than others, but I'll take the good with the bad over being constantly mediocre any day. Just ask fans in Boston how much they like being in the playoffs every year, but not having any real shot at the Cup. That sucks IMO. Its nice to stay competitive all the time, but without a title, its pointless.

Pensgirl said...

Brando, it always takes me a sec to adjust to Fleur's (priceless) accent...his English isn't just spoken with a French accent, it sounds like he's actually still speaking French. I don't think I've ever run across someone else like that. It never fails to crack me up.

JYo said...

Careful what you wish for Sooska. If Pittsburgh gets known for the wonderful place it is rather than being mislabeled by people who have never been there as some dirty steel town, etc., then you'll get some of those jobbers from Philthy, NYC, etc. moving in because its nicer and cheaper than the holes they currently inhabit. Is that what you want? Just let them keep thinking they're better and keep them out of the haven that is da burgh.

letsgopsu said...

@ Pensgirl

During Fleury's interview, I looked over to my dad and said, "I know he's speaking English, but it sure sounds like he's speaking French to me."

Johnny Wrath said...

Was this the first year that the draft lottery went exactly in order according to the %?

If these assholes were really on to something, that there was an NHL conspiracy to give certain teams an advantage, LA would definately have won that draft lottery. Luc was there!

Is tanking the same at St. Louis-ing? That's when you trade-then-re-sign and acquire high picks for a decade. It wasn't exactly a salary dump, it was a calculated con.

I can't get too worked up, though, since the tension in my life is completely gone now that its been a good month since I've had to watch New Jersey play.

dying alive said...

@ nu & sooska - what you guys said probably plays into it. I don't even know why I care, but lately the tanking accusations have been rubbing me the wrong way. People act like we won two cups and then the team immediately went into the basement to lurk there year after year to stockpile talent and it's just not true. We won two Cups, and the team the following year that didn't win was probably even better than the ones that did. We then had a pretty nice playoff streak going - was it eleven straight years? Then the team fell on financial problems (NOT because of lack of fans, thank you very much) and there were some lean years. Big names were traded. Even a couple of years that they didn't make the playoffs, they still seemed like contenders. Sid's rookie year they brought in as much talent as they could afford, but it just didn't pan out. There were really only like two or three years when the team outright stunk, IIRC. I dunno, Stoosh is better at these "we didn't tank" speeches than I am. But when I see this ignorance not only from the fans, but perpetuated by the media in some of these cities, it chaps my ass a bit.

But hey, I guess it's just sour grapes by a bunch of teams that can't buy themselves championships anymore in the salary cap era (and Philly has even been inept at doing that for the past 34 years). Now they actually have to learn to draft and develop their own players instead of just swooping in and stealing players in their primes from other teams.

So the Pens are tankers. Sid is a whiner and a yapper. Malkin is a lazy floater. Hossa disappears in the playoffs. Whitney is soff. Our team is built of euroqueers. Our goalie is a bust who doesn't show up in the big games. Our coach is a dolt who will never lead a team to success. We mortgaged our future by trading for Hossa. Our fans suck, the ten or fifteen of them that actually exist. Our arena is a dump. Our team should be called the Kansas City Penguins. But guess what? They're going to the Stanley Cup finals. So all of the crying rival fans, all of the whining rival players, all of the ref conspiracy theorists and all of the "Pens tanked!" finger pointers can fuck off and enjoy the off-season.

Stoosh said...

@ Dying Alive -

People who accuse the Pens of tanking conveniently forget that the team's budgets were all set by the bankruptcy court so that the team could meet its LEGAL obligation of paying off all of its creditors in full, which was a stipulation of the Lemieux Group getting ownership of the team (in fact, it very well may have been THE REASON the Lemieux Group got the team).

I often wondered why the Blackhawks escaped so much criticism for doing what they did, especially since they had more resources at their disposal than did the Pens. Under Wirtz, the Blackhawks were basically the NHL's equivalent of the Pirates. Ownership patently refused to spend money and made ridiculously frugal decisions, driving away most of the fanbase in the process.

Given the way Rocky Wirtz wasted absolutely no time making changes after Bill Wirtz passed away, it tells me the fans weren't the only ones who thought of Bill Wirtz as an awful owner (an please, in no way is that an indictment of Wirtz as a person).

I've always appreciated John Buccigross for saying that flat-out stinking for a couple of years is the best way to build a team. NHL teams need to get whatever they can out of their younger players because the younger players are the ones who provide the most bang for the relative buck.

Younger franchise players like Sid, Malkin, Staal, Fleury, AO, Richards, etc. will be locked up under long-term deals and money won't be an issue for many of them. Teams that want to be successful will also need to draft well and get early contributions from their kids, much the same way the Pens have this year. I think what you'll find is that most teams that drop huge $$ on UFAs will seldom ever get equal return on their investment.

Dr. Turkleton said...

is there anything better than winning the Wales Conference Championship Trophy™, followed by: anticipating Flyers Photoshop Expoblog sometime this evening ???? quote Old Milwaukee, 'It doesn't get any better than this!'

@dying alive

The Columbus Blue Jackets have been tanking from Day 1 of there existence, right?


Whistler said...

Did anyone read "Empty Netters".

Best line of the whole thing.....

"Standard Text Messaging Rates Don't Apply to Gary Roberts."

letsgopsu said...

I just checked the orange crush blog.

They still haven't recapped the game yet.

Am I the only person who finds that absolutely hilarious?

JYo said...

I usually check it out too Whistler.

I liked this picture and this text: "Gary Roberts 1, Pneumonia 0."

Dan said...

stupid question but............

has anyone seen any of the reebok hats that are normally one size fits all anywhere in actual sizes. i know they make them. i happen to have a large head. it is a cruel world for big people.

Whistler said...


OMG.. that picture is a riot..

nice find..

jefe said...

i officially have the hossa song video and mp3 on my ipod. now to make a ringtone. haha. hossa my gary this is rockin.

Sooska said...

Mark Madden said there is breaking news from the NHL: Derian Hatcher will miss the first half of next season with damaged ovaries. (as a woman i take offense, but as a hockey fan that's funny).

BlacknGold66 said...

@Colin (and j.s.): The Sacrafice shirts are white with "SACRAFICE" in English across the front.

@letsgopsu: I left theorangecrushblog a comment yesterday. They sounded pretty defeated and probably won't be updating the site anymore. At least that's what I gathered.

@Nu: I sent this photoshop in to the Staff last night. I'm glad I'm not the only one who would've got the joke.

I also have crappy video of Fluery saying that at the event, but I'll have to dig it up.

"Keep chopping at that tree boys."

Sooska said...

@ dying alive- we really didn't lurk near the bottom fo ryears -it was only 4-after the Cups we lurked near the top for years, made the playoffs and went to the conference finals. it's preception that is wrong.

dying alive said...

@ dr. turk - I actually feel empathy for the Jackets fan base (which a lot of people call non-existent, but from what I've heard they're doing relatively well for a new-ish team). I hope they make the playoffs soon. I think it'll happen next year.

Seriously, does anyone have the ability to make a ringtone of that Hossa thing? I can't use that myxer site or whatever it is. It's not compatible with my phone for some reason. :(

TheNWChica said...

@bng66: I should see if I still have a video of Flower from a couple of years ago that was so funny; and would make a funny ringtone.

It was a game where he almost scored on his own net; and when they were down interviewing him he was all
"Awww sheet...oops, I cahn't zay sheet." and the Sheets were sorta bleeped.

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, that WAS the reason the Lemieux Group got the team. The bankruptcy judge said so flat-out. He was impressed that the group not only said they wanted to pay everybody back - a rarity at best in bankruptcies - but that they actually devised a concrete plan to do so. And he was very sharp that he was holding them to it. Without that piece of their bid, the organization probably would have ceased to exist.

He's got to be pleased with his decision today.

Dan said...

@ dying alive - where can i get an mp3 of it? what carrier do you have? it's possible..........

Dr. Turkleton said...

@dying alive

I feel bad for them as well [there Arena District is FANtastic!]...Doug MacLean never really got the franchise to that next level...I'm sure if those folks there ever get a chance to experience Playoff Hockey, they'll be back.

jefe said...

i made my ringtone. if you have verizon, you can email it to your phone and save it as a ringtone. i dont know about other carriers.

Sooska said...

@ dying alive- I can access my email from my Motorola phone on AT&T. I email it to myslef and go online on the phone and download it. BING! ringtone!

Whistler said...

Does someone need helping making an MP3?

You can download Audacity and record the sounds.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Whistler: Yes, I need help.

I have MP3's out the ying-yang, but I have no idea how to make it small enough to make into a ringtone.

@Gip: Interview was given two minutes for delay of game. Tomorrow afternoon at 1pm is the new time. I'll keep you updated!

jefe said...

@bng66 -if you already have the mp3, audacity is fun to use.

i made 4 snippets for ringtones so far lol.

i ripped the video off of youtube, converted it to ipod video, converted that to mp3, and i used audacity to make a short and sweet HOSSA, HOSSA, HOSSA, HEY HEY!

BlacknGold66 said...


Audacity is the shiznit.

It can't be said enough how awesome Cblog is.


Whistler said...

I guess it depends on what type of phone you have..

My iPhone and my 8525 both can use Mp3's as ringtones.. Well, the iPhone is like 1 or 2 more steps, but you get the point..

TheNWChica said...

Can we turn it?

TheNWChica said...

Yes we can!


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