Saturday, May 10, 2008

Without A Trace

We are stunned here at The Pensblog.
Charlie has been missing since late Friday night.
He hasn't responded to texts or calls.

Late Saturday night, an internet terrorist group may have claimed his kidnapping.
They pointed us to the direction of the [ The Orange Crush ].

Nothing yet though.


To continue the tradition of kicking off posts with idiotic Flyers fans,
it looks like this video comes from some turds at a radio station.

If you don't want to watch the video,
they are actually kiss each other's asses.

No Joke. Who does that?
[ Hickey ]

They disabled the embedding option at YouTube.
For obvious reasons.

-- Thanks to everyone who sent that in --


Staying with the Flyers, their media had to cry about something.

:: If you want to see home-team bias and a writer trying to make out with their team,
look no further than Tim Pinocchio or something at the Philly Inquirer.
[ Article ]

No word yet if Geppetto touched this Philadelphia Pinocchio where he pees as well.

The guy makes it sound like Malkin wasn't even hit on his slapper goal
and just decided to hang out at the Flyer's blue line while on the PK.

Oh, and of course, the absence of Kimmo Timonen is what let it all happen.

That's so sad.
Pinocchio used the term "cherry-picker" just to show he knows hockey.
Okay, thanks.

At least no one is a diver like Mike Richards.



But thankfully, we found someone else
who took the cake in terms of idiotic writing.

Brian Cazenueve over at [ ] will actually
make you grab toilet paper and wipe your computer monitor.

Our high-school yearbook called. It wants its sweater back.
Thanks to [ BBG ]for the pic.
  • First off, he says the Flyers played even with/better than the Pens for the first two periods of Game One. No idea what game he was watching.
  • He has to remind you that the Flyers are undermanned in this series. The built-in excuse is cropping up in every column. It's nauseating.
  • He says Evgeni Malkin is emerging as the Pens' (and the league's) best player, but then says the Flyers had a reasonable chance to win because they kept Crosby in check.
  • Does keeping Crosby in check matter when the Pens' (and the league's) best player completely destroys you? Stupid.


-- Thanks to everyone who sent that link along.

[ Matt M. ]


Leftover STUNNED pics

[Tom M]----------------- [C. Heath]

And that might actually be Daniel Briere himself.



Talbot is all systems go for tonight.
But HCMT will have the final call. [PG]

"If Therrien asks me to sit down for Game 2 because we won the last game, hey, I'll be more than happy to do it because we're winning," Talbot said. "That's what matters in the playoffs."

That is solid.

[ Canaan--remix ]

Speaking of solid:
Great read on on Lord Therrien's life as a single dad. [ PG ]

No word yet if Mark Madden will have a radio show on Monday to blast Therrien as a parent.

:: 5 Reasons the Pens can win the Cup. [ Yahoo ]
Thank you, Ross.

:: [ PSAMP ] loves the Rocky Statue degradation.
But he doesn't want us to stop there.

[ Richard E. ] says consider it done:

Wallpaper from [ Kimberly ]


Al Gore approves these links:

:: Living in the California Bay Area? [ craigslist ]

:: [ The North End Zone ]

:: [ Atom Bomb Bikini ] with the girlies fighting.


[ Gary Roberts For President ]

[adam bell]


[Casa De Frito Will]


[ Doug Butchy]



[Mike H]


[Tom M]

[Elly from NPI]

[Mark L]
What a suit

Look at the water. Look at Roberts drinkin' the water.

[Matt H]

[ Bill's Golf Land]


[ Kevin C. ]


You want to talk about conspiracies,
talk about the Detroit Red Wings.

No team gets away with more crap than they do.

What you may not see in this clip is Osgood throwing the butt-end of his stick into Ribeiro's face as Ribeiro swoops behind the net.

Osgood started it all with a Bush League play.

After watching that, you are probably reaching for a towel,
trying to dry yourself off from Osgood's dive.

It is a shame Ribeiro's stick didn't hit Kris Draper in the face.
What an annoying jerkoff.

Ribeiro will most likely get suspended.
But hopefully not.

The Red Wings still won 2-1. [ Andrew's Stars Page ]

When you look at this pic, you have to decide whether his left arm is raised or not.
Judging by the fabric around his underarm it is.

But still. Jesus. Your team just scored.


We added the election shirts into [ Storeblog ].

We had to alter them and take off the Pens logo and the Stanley Cup.
We'd rather not be running infringement blog during the playoffs.

Powder blue-ish out?

[ Kory A. ]

[ Rich Reig ] found this huge mess-up on

[ The Sidney Crosby Show ] breaks down the mistake as well.


Seen entering the Mellon Arena already:

Go Moms


BlacknGold66 said...

FIRST things I thought of this morning was the Pens.

Then mom.

Sorry mom.

Happy Mother's Day Mom's of cblog!

dalmavs41413338 said...

Second? Does that me the first loser? Like the city of Philadelphia?

TheNWChica said...'s finally Sunday.

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and all the cblog moms and thank you Pens for having an evening game so I can cook her Sunday dinner.

And I love Max and I need to go to bed.

Night all! 14 and a half hours! Whooo!

BlacknGold66 said...

Damn, typoblog on my first post.

Cblog question: The Orange Crush.

Pensblog ripoffblog?


Prank by tPB staff?


Steph said...

The worst part about that Wings end-game debacle wasn't the crap Osgood pulled, or the crap Ribeiro pulled, but the crap people around me at the Joe started throwing on the ice. Douchebags. Really classy, guys. Really.

Meanwhile, go Pens. Maybe we'll play you in the finals? I'll have to stop speaking to Elly for a while.

Crap am I jinxing it? No jinxing. None.

onesizedrummer said...

ok mom, you have exactly until 7 pm tonight to get your just due and love and support from me.

After that shut up and let me cheer on the pens.


Mr. Plank said...

Pensblog ripoffblog?


Prank by tPB staff?

HAHA wow. That never occurred to me, nice theory.


Augie Zybynski -Editor said...

Dear Mother,
Forthwith mother I'd like to wish you a wonderful Mother's day. By Jove, but it's hard to believe that one full year has passed since our splendid holiday at cozy Plynthwymn on Thames.
As you well may know dear mother I shan't be visiting this year as I'm playing hockey in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
Oh mother it's dreadful place, really. The locals are quaint, backward and predictably provincial. Why, the servants don't even know the correct placement of a shrimp fork. Imagine?!
As you well know,I had a match on Friday evening. Of course my play was exemplary. In fact mother, my hardy mates played well enough to be victorious by more than a few but the opposition- -I shan't say their name- rallied dumb luck and poor gamesmanship to tally the first point.
Why it was as if our handsome terrier Lance found the fox already tethered to a tree. I tell you mother, there is no fair play in this God awful place.
Nevertheless, all is well as we will no doubt exercise our ordained dominance when we meet the foe for round two.
By the way mother, I do wish you'd follow through and forward Dr. Darflapple's recommendation to Coach Steven's.
I do so need a proper setee during the match in order to fully maximize my potential. Oh, but the bench I have to wait out my respite is hard as Aunt Madeline's Easter cookies. I'm sorry to despair so, but it is most important.
Until we meet again dearest mother
I beg, hold me in your thoughts as I do you.
Your son,

Augie Zybynski -Editor said...

Dear Mother,
I am dreadfully sorry should this be of nuisance to you. In my haste I omitted mention as to the whereabouts of my last will and testament.
No need to worry mother, but there is the tiniest chance that an uncouth barbarian on the opposing team named Roberts (no relation to Sir Prescott and Lady Eloise)who, because of his beastly practices, could very well behead me.
Not to worry mother dear, he is but a mere commoner and should we scrape on the battlefield I've no doubt that I shall emerge the victorious gallant.
However mother, better safe than sorry so do be a dear and wire jolly Uncle Pim as to my will's whereabouts.
Ta Ta my darling,

letsgopsu said...

All I know is that if Ribeiro gets suspended, Osgood better get the same exact penalty (or harsher) for starting it all.


The NHL wants the Red Wings to win it all!!

(Nah, still sounds stupid...)

The Big K said...

What's funny is that Charlie Therrien is one of my best friends. He actually got me tickets to a game this year. Good man.

Orange Crush Staff said...


Sorry to ruin your hopes and dreams, but we are indeed just a ripoff blog.

Whistler said...

Hacksaw better be on his game tonight. We all know what happened the last time.

I'm with the g/f's family today. All I know is that come 7:30pm tonight all niceness to the possible future in-laws is out the window...

Christina said...

i'm quite happy that my mom is awesome and will be thrilled to follow up dinner with the Pens game...makes my day just that much easier!

The Penguins Experience said...

My Dancing Mumble made the page as the banner image!


Go Pens!

Stoosh said...

TIm Pinnachio, you're a better writer than that. I know you need to pander to the great unwashed in Philly - which would pretty much be 99.4% of that entire fan base - but still. Ignoring the fact that in the ten seconds before he got the pass from Gonchar, Malkin had gotten himself lit up behind the net and was on his way back into the play when Prospal gagged the puck away to Gonch? That would be like Bob Smizik or Ron Cook saying the defensive back just happened to be in the right place at the right time on Roethlisberger's latest "pick six" and ignoring the fact that Roethlisberger just made a bad throw.

If there's one thing Malkin isn't, it's Pavel Bure. You want to talk cherry picking?

@ Augie Zybinski - Editor

Sheer awesomeness! Words can't express how funny those were.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Slapped up some Pens stalker photos here

I hope my Mom doesn't hear that Chalie is missing; that will ruin her day.

Tobias Fünke: [as Mrs. Featherbottom] O-kay, who'd like a banger in the mouth?
Tobias Fünke: Right, I forgot, here in the States, you call it a *sausage* in the mouth.
Michael: We just call it a sausage.

Let's Go Pens!!!

Thanks, Potash.

M. Vanderlasser said...

(Charlie) - sorry aboot that.

slush said...

Heard whoever was the noontime DJ on the X call Biron, French Toast, saying how much he loved thepensblog. good times.

Happy Moms Day! Nothing better than ending it with a game. Oh yeah.

pingviini said...

Did anyone happen to catch this blunder?

Oh, Yahoo! sports..


Antonette said...

AHAHAHA the instrumental music room is from my former high school. Major huge props to the band director. That was excellent to wake up to.

As soon as I get ink, expect some Ohio State to be over taken by the wonder than is Gary Roberts.

Sooska said...

Yahoo is incredibull. The only things they are good for is the TV stream (which is over now that Vs is doing al the games) and the photo galleries (w/o captions.), that has a lot of good photos too, always captions Sid as "Sydney" - at least Yahoo got his name right. I am wondering who captions when the 87 is clearly visible. Are they recalling we had a star who was 68 at one time -just can't recall who it was exactly? Love the mix up on the teams though -that is a good one. I guess everyone saw the correction on the photo of Richards colliding with "Sydor #5."

We also should all recall that when we played the Caps on March 9 (Backstrom own goal game) Yahoo had us playing the Coyotes (I think that is who it was) for days in a headline.

From one mother to all other mothers in cblog and elsewhere, Happy Mother's Day, and a special thanks to the mothers of Geno, Sid and MAF.

Vanessa Day said...

Seriously... I hate the wings.


kohlerblows said...

sorry i don't post here regularly, but if you have 7-8 seconds, please vote stephanie karr for worlds biggest pittsburgh pirate fan! voting ends today, as per link above...its much appreciated


Pensgirl said...

First of all, I can't believe there was an Emily Litella reference in cblog last night. And this morning Mrs. Featherbottom. Solid.

The caption screw-ups originate with Getty, Presswire, etc., not CBS/Yahoo/etc.. The mistakes are present at every news outlet site. Getty issued a correction on the picture that labeled Gonch as Sydor, but I never saw a correction for Sid #68. Whatev.

If turning the puck over and letting Sid cross unimpeded right in front of the net to score is "keeping him in check," then I hope they keep him in check all series. Christ.

Love all the shrines.

Happy Mother's Day! I know all my mom wants is a big, fat WIN.

Chubs said...


I've been wondering the same thing since the Crush came on the radar.


Davy D said...

All along US-40 in Somerset County there are black and gold campaign signs that say Roberts for Representative. Didn't get a pic 'cause 1. I didn't have a camera and 2. was going about 90 down the hill.
Just sayin'
Go Pens!

dying alive said...

m vanderlasser - Nice Arrested Development references. Greatest show in the history of television.

Is it 7:38PM yet? Who will be at the game tonight? I will be there again in my usual seats, in D23. I finally saw coffeytalk and we exchanged waves, after sitting fifteen feet from each other probably all season long.

It'll be interesting to see what kind of asshattery the Flyers resort to on the ice tonight, since they obviously have no answer to both Sid's line and Malkin's line.

Antonette said...

Also I am now the future owner of a GR for Prez button. (Hey, all I can afford in college)

Happy Mothers Day, Pensblog.

Hip said...

@BNG and chubs - that was my suspicion all along too. And when I read Fleurebounds I was convinced. Honestly, no one in Phili is that funny.

@Moms (especially those who have gotten up at 5am to drive to a hockey practice) - you rock.

@Steph - are you sure you were at the Joe? Or was it Verizon Center?

@dying alive - it's going to get ugly really quickly tonight. Flyers have no other recourse.

In related news I'll be watching the game with a Flyers fan tonight. He's actually butt ass smart and a nice guy. So clearly he's not actually from Phili. I'll just answer your obvious question now.

Vinnie said...

Osgood crumpled like a pinata at a kid's b-day party in that video. Embellishblog.

FakeDannyStag said...

@BNG66 @ all Clevelanders

are you planning on watching the game at the Winking Lizard in Lakewood tonight?

if so i will gather my troops.

PO said...

**TOCB is not a direct copy of any well known hockey blogs... we swear.

sounds fishy to me

Joose said...

That Red Wings "fan" chomping on the wiener is clearly not raising his arm in the air. It is the arm of the person sitting next to him. You can see where the lame logo of his shirt gets cut off by his meaty, side-dwelling arm. What a fart.

Front row Red Wings tickets: $400
Cheap, ugly jersey: $150
Yummy Wiener: $8
Watching your shitty team score a goal: "Wait. My team scored a goal? Let me finish my hot dog first."

stokes said...

IF Staff is pranking tPB faithful, it has to be one of the best pranks EEEEEVVVVEEEERRRRR!!!!!

At first, watching the replay, i thought maybe Osgood got the wind knocked out of him. The overhead view clears debunks that and it is obvious that Osgood has sand in his vag.

sh0ez said...

Happy Mom's Day!

Orangecrushblog would be the best prank of all time.

Thanks for posting the link to the Facebook group. If anyone wants to become an officer as a Rep. of a certain school/area, message me!

Let's Go Pens!


wilsmith said...

Whoever is running the yahoo captions is probably a bitter Rangers fan.

Indiana Jones marathon on USA. This should get me through the day.

BlacknGold66 said...

Indiana Jones on USA?!

Wilsmith = clutch

Any suggestions for lunch?

otrotirknarf said...

Sorry I was feeling lazy and didn't read through all the comments so if I am repeating someones sentiments, I apologize,

I would like to know what the conversation is like between someone trying to fake an injury (Chris Osgood) and the trainer/medical staff person. Do you think Osgood just says tells the person he is faking it, or legitmitely acts hurt?

otrotirknarf said...

take the word "says" out of the comment

slush said...

Drinking Game: Everytime they mention Timonen is out, or that Umberger is from Pitt, we drink.

Who's in?

Colin said...

Catchupblog -

On Friday I saw a white t-shirt with "Free Candy" on the front and "44" on the back (both in sharpie) near section E32.


Vanessa Day said...

@M. Vanderlasser... Excellent stalker photos. I like that a lot of them drive the Cayenne. I have been scoping them out as my next car for a while.

@ Sh0ez, Love the group, I just joined... can I be the Michigan rep?

Redwingsweinerpicblog: Trust me, this is what 99% of Michiganders look like in real life. Complete with food in mouth.


TheNWChica said...


Latvia is ahead of Norway 3-1 in the 2nd; and the Swiss and the Danes are warming up in the bullpen.

Why is the USA game at 12:30 here? Don't they know I'm going to be knee deep in mashed potatoes? So fucking rude...go PMueller!

Anyway...only 6 hours and 42 mins!

Hip said...

@Clevelanders!! I want to come to the Winking Lizard!!
Boo. Hiss.

I like this joose chick. I like her a lot. She's funny.

@otrotirknarf - any medical person with even a brain the size of your average Phili fan would realize Osgood was faking that immediately. They just run out to massage his vulva and waste some time.

I just got the best text ever from my old (Cleveland) roommate Mike:
"A brimful of asha on the 45... Go Pens!!

And he's not even a Pens fan, he just knows I am. That might become my new mantra of this series.


TheNWChica said...

And I almost forgot...thanks Sh0ez! I'll get some flyers printed tonight and get out and about in Everett/Seattle!

TheNWChica said...

@Vanessa: Where is Bay Harbor? My BF is in Lansing.

Lady Jaye said...

Do sports pages have editors anymore? If you're a hockey writer, how do you not know that Sidney Crosby is not 68?

Happy Mother's Day to any Cblogging moms like me. I hope they youngin's let you read some cblog today. Now... gotta go try to convince mine to take a nap.

FakeDannyStag said...

@BNG66 & clevelanders

WINKING LIZARD LAKEWOOD for the game tonight?

Vanessa Day said...

@theNWchica... Bay Harbor is in the city of Petoskey, about 3.5 hours north of Lansing.

Does your bf go to MSU?

Colin said...

Happy Mother's Day to all.

Ribero / Osgood just turned themselves into jokes. They both look like total idiots if you ask me. For Ribero, how do you think it is cool to swing your stick. And as for Osgood, hey, idiot, you have taken 90+ mph slappers off your chest and not felt it. I am sure that didn't hurt.

That being said Tablot and Downie are in tonight per TSN. I am feeling a big game from Staal tonight.

Go Pens.

TheNWChica said...

@Vanessa: No...she went to Western MI. She's actually from Lansing.

BlacknGold66 said...

@fakedanny: It's still up in the air. I may have to do the Mom thing tonight and watch it at their house. If not, I'll be at the Lizard.

Ms. BNG66 and I will most likely be there for Tuesday's game. Let me know what your plans are.


TheNWChica said...

I guess I should have said best friend, not Boyfriend. ;)

Vanessa Day said...

@TheNWChica... LOL!

My sis went to Western as well.

JYo said...

BNG66 (and others), tPB pulling a prank is the first thought I had about that blog when we were first referred there. I only read one post, didn't reply, and haven't gone back. It seems too fishy. If it weren't a prank, it wouldn't be worth the time to go there anyway.

Ribeiro getting suspended would be a huge blow to Dallas. He has been one of their best players when I have watched them. I think Montreal mad a mistake letting him go.

Regarding that series, I don't care who wins, I just want it to go 7 games. I don't feel the hate for Detroit that a lot of people here seem to have. Either team will represent their conference well in the finals and Gary willing the Pens make it there, I don't know that either opponent is more desirable than the other. If you make the Cup finals, you are playing pretty darn well in the playoffs.

Hacksaw better be on his game tonight. We all know what happened the last time.

It was a mistake using Hacksaw in the closer role. Ed Harris is the closer. Hacksaw knows his role and can bring the thunder.

As for any thuggery the Cryers bring tonight, I welcome it. They can take bad penalties and the Pens will bury them on the PP. They stayed as disciplined as they possibly could in game 1 and it didn't work out. If they start roughing things up and taking penalties, it will be a blowout in favor of the Pens. This team will not be intimidated.

Lets Go Pens!

sh0ez said...


Yes. Done.


You're welcome!

The Indiana Jones Trilogy on USA is what got me through yesterday. I need something else to watch today!

Joose said...

haha Thanks, Hip. I call it like I see it.

This day is going to drag like crazy. At this time last Sunday I was on my way to the Mellon Arena to watch the Pens annihilate the Rangers. Oh, to be there again tonight....

Sh0ez and I are going to be outside at the Mellon on Tuesday to watch the Penguins' third victory. More people from here should come.

Hip said...

Do you know why I fucking love this blog?

Because I think of Ed Harris and Hacksaw as real fucking people.

And when jyo says Hacksaw knows his role, I picture a HCMT/Geno type meeting where expectations have been detailed by tPB staff and Hooooo is on board.

Love it.

Now I have to drive back to Baltimore.


Back in the Mecca in a week in a half - FOR GOOD!

coffeytalk said...

87 is the Loneliest Number

Even Slate is talking about the Pens.

BlacknGold66 said...

Moogoram... Shoogarum, Mogarum Shugarum




Vanessa Day said...

@sh0ez... WOO HOO. Awesome!


Vanessa Day said...

@ CoffeyTalk... Great article link.

I thought it was hilarious that the author referenced "FoxTrax"... I remember those days!

Thank Gary for HD.


lauren_hbg said...

@ colin

The guy that had the FREE CANDY t-shirt on was my boyfriend - it was actually amazing how many people came up to him and asked what kind of candy he had.

Thank Gary someone actually saw him that knew what he was talking about... He was in F30 actually, but was wondering around to find me in my crappy E4 seats, under the overhang where I couldn't see shit.

kohlerblows said...

couple of pens fans including myself will be at PJ Whelihans in Blue Bell, PA for the game if any pittsburgh transplants are interested. also, derian hatchers a bitch.

Pensblog Staff said...

Hey, guys, the author of The Orange Crush Blog is a Flyers fan who has been reading our site for a while.

We like it because he's a worthy adversary to get into a jobbing match with.

Especially with the news and pics about to break Sunday or Monday, we just want everyone to know that the author over there is into doing whatever it takes to make this blogging war more entertaining and crap.

This comment will self-destruct at 3:30

lis said...

any bars with a big screen tv near the tv?

lis said...

yeah...i meant near the arena!

michelle said...

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms. The proudest mom of all is mother Russia. (Thanks, Malkin!)

The drunk girl screaming 66 buries it out the window downtown on Friday? that was me.

coffeytalk said...

headin' out for mother's day late lunch then off to the arena!

goodmothersdaything: i bought my mom a sykora jersey tee for ma's day andleft it for her before friday's game. she got home from work sometime after 7:30 and opened it. As she put it on SYKO SCORES!!!

She figured out how to text me to let me know. Awesome.

Dying alive- i usually stand at the bottom of the stairs before it's time to sit between intermissions. See yah there!



BlacknGold66 said...

Talbot is playing according to the world wide leader in garbage (ESPN)

BlacknGold66 said...

They kidnapped Charlie!!!

The Orange Crush are/is a bunch of terrorist bastards.

GIMME BACK MY (gay...... not that there's anything wrong with that) SON!

TheNWChica said...


Latvia 4 - Norway 1
Martin Gerber and Der Schweiz 7 - Jannik Hansen and the Danes 1

TheNWChica said...

Sorry...Not that it matters, but the Danes have 2; and the Americans are up against Finland in about 20 mins.

Copp01 said...

Did anyone see Osgood's interview on NHL network after the game? He was acting like he had no clue about his stick hitting Ribeiro as he skated past the net.

I think the powder-blue-out would be sweet. It would truely look like an igloo!


sh0ez said...

Who else became a fan of Ed Harris on Facebook? You all should.

homesprout said...

Hmm...Indiana Jones Trilogy was on USA yesterday too...and in HD haha

The only interesting part of the Stars/Wings series so far was the Ribiero/Osgood incident after the game last night.

Would anyone at the Mellon survive if Gary Roberts had a hat trick tonight!?

Go Pens!!

FakeDannyStag said...


it's on at the winking lizard in lakewood tonight.
mother's day interfered but i've rounded up a few of my troops to cheer the pens on.

i'll be wearing a WWGRD shirt and i'm sporting a sad attempt at a playoff beard.

hope to see you there.

TheNWChica said...

I just made a Flower-like sister got called into work; so my mom suggested that we move lunch to dinner. So I said, well, if you don't mind the game on in the background. It's the Penguins, it's the Conference finals and it starts at 4:30.

We're having lunch and my sister eats when she gets done. :) Hopefully they'll be gone before face off; otherwise I'll be joining yinz when we're done.

Stoosh said...

@ Hip -

Loved the Cornershop reference. "Brimful of Asha" was a standard on the radio show I did when I was in college. Great song!

New "get fired up/get drunk on grog" song - I give C-blog...Korpiklaani's "Wooden Pints"...

Words don't do that video justice, especially Violin Guy.

jefe said...

the orange crush. almost too much effort to put in for a prank. but when they posted those 2 videos of crosby 'diving', i was sure its tpb. i wont tell anyone though. either way, more time for me to kill..

go pens.

stokes said...

To paraphrase the great Beavis and Butt-head, from the video posted on The Orange Crush:

Danny Briere doesn't score because he's not manly enough.

Stoosh said...

This is what I call a good day.

McDonalds coffee and a sausage McMuffin sandwich with egg for breakfast.

Sat around the house for a few hours. Went to my two scheduled softball games at 1:00 on Neville Island. Got caught in some sort of freezing rain/thunderstorm. Games got cancelled because of lightning. Team is sponsored by Wings, Suds & Spuds in Moon Twp., so we all went up to the restaurant for lunch. Got some quality wings and split a few pitchers, so now I'm home enjoying the last few remnants of my chicken wing and beer buzz (I didn't drive...don't worry).


I'm leaving for the Mellon in about an hour or so for the game for a Flyers stompfest.

Oh, and the NCAA lacrosse tournament is on ESPN-U. God bless you, DirecTV.

dying alive said...

@homesprout - Haven't you heard? Gary Roberts has never had a hat trick because it's impossible to trick Gary Roberts. (I take no credit for that, tho I can't remember where I heard it).

@Coffeytalk - see you there!

I can't believe there's been a Brimful of Asha reference. The Pensblog mix exchange needs to become a reality or my life will be incomplete.

Fleury29 said...

WWGRD Wristband - $5.00
Marc-Andre Fleury Jersey - $189.99
Watching the Eastern Conference Finals, Game 2 with your mother on mother's day - priceless

Dying Alive, consider the mix exchange started.

Everyone who wants to participate in the mix exchange e-mail me at the address in my profile with your user name, name, e-mail address and which format you would prefer (CD or tape) and we'll get this going.

Don't expect much in the way of actual progress until after the Pens win The Stanley Cup but it's such a good idea, we just had to do it.


Fleury29 said...

Oh, and use the subject : TPB Mix Exchange, so I'll know what the e-mail is about.

smitty said...

The Pensblog asks the question " Who does this?" Pertaining to the [hickey] video.


A bunch of sub-human,ass sucking flyer fans!

What the hell would these pimples on the ass of humanity do for a klondike bar?

Their mommies must be real proud!

J.S. said...

few comments before gametime, when you talk gheyness, you gotta talk philly radio promotions. I skimmed the video since I knew I didn't need to see the whole thing, but were the winners BROTHERS? That thing was so gay that Charlie probably even blushed.

@random person at Mount Aloysius who attended graduation and sat on the right hand side about 5 rows up: your USS Hal Gill and "knowing what Gary Roberts would do" comments did not go unnoticed. If you would have made a 180, there was a WWGRD wristband within a foot of you.

@BNG66: to this day, "gimme back my son!" remains funny and has potential to turn around the worse of days.

@Ribiero: I'm not a fan of Osgood and will admit that Osgood dropped quicker than JFK in the Zapruder film, but Ribiero is a piece of crap. I would wish for the both of them to get suspended, but I'll admit that I want to see Dallas in the Finals. If Dallas hopes to have any chance of winning, they'll need him in their lineup.

@Kohlerblows: not to go hateblog on you, but popping in to pimp somebody in some random poll = not cool. If it were somebody in the usual c-blog community, I'd probably consider it. I'd also have to ask why they'd want to be labeled a Pirates fan, but that's another discussion for another time.

[WWGRD: Ruin the Flyers night with 2 points and a 2-0 series lead]


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