Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We'll Do It Live!

On Sunday, we rejoiced in the bask of the Eastern Conference Championship.
On Monday, we found ourselves in NHL purgatory.

On Tuesday, we're downloading pics of Red Wings to put in photoshops.

[Mr. Plank]

And so, here we are.

The Wings will have home-ice due to their ability
to beat up on the Blues, Blackhawks, and Blue Jackets during the regular season.

Correction: The Red Wings didn't dominate Central Division teams.
Looks like the Wings suck more than we thought.

The Red Wings haven't seen a team like the Penguins.
The Penguins haven't seen a team like the Red Wings.

It is truly going to be a special matchup.
We have all week to break this down, so no need to go nuts yet.

"Penguins aren't in the Finals." -- Chris Osgood.

What did The Sporting News have to say about it back in August 2007 in their season preview?

[-3.<span class=

We'll be bringing the pain in the coming days.
**We have a huge call to arms coming for Game 1 in Joketown.

Speaking of the Cup Finals, KISS FM wants someone to win two tickets to the first home game.
[ Free registration enters you to win ]


What a feeling. Cup Fever.

But there's a quite a few days to drown posts about it.
We still have work to do around here.

First off, let's not forget how far the Pens have come in 4 years.

Here is the Penguins JumboTron intro video from 2003-04.
Look how depressed Lemieux is.

Pensblog buddy Tom tracked down the YouTube
and did some extra research.

Players who are no longer in the NHL:

Dan Focht
Josef Melichar
Martin Strbak
Kelly Buchberger
Rico Fata
Lasse Pirjeta
Mike Eastwood
Landon Wilson
Ric Jackman
Konstantin Koltsov
Aleksey Morozov
Ramzi Abid
Steve McKenna
Sebastien Caron

Players still in the NHL:

Ryan Malone
Brooks Orpik
Marc-Andre Fleury
Matt Bradley
J.S. Aubin
Dick Tarnstrom
Tom Kostopoulos
Michal Rozsival

Players who are still beasts:


Rex Gildo's Fiesta Mexicana is en fuego.

We figured we should get the subtitles to know what the hell he's singing about.

Look at those moves.
Who the hell even makes that YouTube?

All business

We looked up Rex Gildo on Wikipedia, expecting an uplifting article.
Mistake. [ Wikipedia ]

He was basically Germany's Tom Jones in the '60s and '70s.

In 1999, he tried committing suicide by jumping out of the window of his apartment, but he failed.
He spent some time in a coma before passing away.

Posthumously, it was discovered that his secretary, Dave Klingeberg,
was his gay lover for 7 years.

What a downer.


Ringtone Blog

[ Hossa! Text Message ]
[ Hossa! Ringtone ]

Huge props go to [ Jefe ] for clipping the files for everyone.

Imagine getting your phone to scream..."HOSSA-HOSSA-HOSSA"
when your booty call texts you at 2:00 A.M.

That's gold.

iPhone users = Stunned

Becoming a champion during a sleepover at a convent
is more likely than getting the ringtone on your iPhone.

We've tried admirably. We've failed miserably.

If ever the collective brains of Cblog came through, now is the time.


Our Gmail looks like Vietnam right now.
WWGRD Blog will be full throttle on Wednesday.

[Nate B.]

Eyes of the Week Award

The award this week goes to [ Chris B. ] for seeing this error
at the start of the third period on NBC's Game 5 broadcast that seemingly no one else noticed:



We'll be on [ NPR ] at 7:30 this morning, trying to educate people about the Pens.
It is not local, but it's broadcast on Sirius.

We aren't sure whats more shocking:
Someone wanting to talk to us...or us getting up before 8 A.M.


[Link here]



Does anyone know where the Conference Trophy jinx came from?

We did some searching around Gore, and it seems some have touched it, and some have not.
Much like Paris Hilton.

There is no pattern.

66 touched it:

Won in the Finals

Looking throughout the years, it means nothing.

We were going to show pictures of each team and who has touched it and who hasn't.
But no one cares.

Lidstrom almost touched the Campbell Conference Trophy last night.
But then he realized that Golden Girls was on in 10 minutes and left the ice.


:: [Dr. Mirtle] has an absolute must-read about hockey blogging,
featuring Yahoo's [ Puck Daddy ], Greg Wyshynski.

We don't respect many people, not even ourselves.
But when the good doctor and G-Dubs take the stage, we read it and respect it.

If you are a hockey-blogger, you need to take a look.


We kind of miss Phillyfreek93 already:


Who is going to fire the first shot via the internet?


[Nate B.]

Go Pens


HeMoppedHimUpWithARagTypeDevice said...


onesizedrummer said...

holy crap, FINALS BABY!!!!!


Mr. Plank said...

Haha nice Bill O'Riley reference.

You're going to find out that Detroit has one of the most boring teams in the league (total puck possesion game, they eat the clock etc) and that their fans are too busy not showing up to the arena in order to offer much in the way of competitive dialogue. I hope you kick their fucking asses, but they are insane this year.

Best of luck guys.

MacPhisto* said...

Not to get into some mouth-karate, but check the stats, guys.

Detroit was a very pedestrian 17-12-3 against the Central. 10 of those wins came after 1st of March, when we all had the President's wrapped up. Hardly feasting on division results.

Our record against the rest of the league was 37-9-4.

So stop making up this bullstuff and get your facts straight.

Gonna be a heck of a series. Go Wings.

H.C. Prick said...

Are red wing fans recording their vids from bin landin's cave? Anybody want to place bets of if the wed rings can sell out the ole J.L.(what a name for a team, whenever I hear it I'm reminded of that time me and that chick... I'm sure you can figure out the rest.)

- I plan to celebrate Memorial Day by placing a wreath at the grave of Chris Fatsjoke (Cause he's old and fat... get it?).

Mr. Plank said...

Old Man Osgood isn't lying, he's just senile. Gotta feel for the guy.

Jimmy Hugs said...

I wonder how many cheap shots Osbad is going to give Ruutu and how many penalty minutes Ru will get because of it?

Azkar said...

You can add ringtones easily to an iphone if you have it jailbroken...

you have to ftp into the phone while it is on the same wirless network, and then you can find the ringtone directory and upload any mp3 you want

The Big K said...

Can we get a recording of the npr interview?

Steve said...

@azkar - he's right...custom, non-itunes ringtones on the iPhone pretty much require it to be jailbroken. There are apps to make it a bit less daunting than ftp'ing files over, though. There's an app called 'Ringtones', and an app called 'PhoneZap' - both will do the trick to let you convert any of the songs you already have on your iphone to ringtones.

Easy jailbreak option #1: Ziphone
Easy jailbreak option #2: WinPwn

For help on jailbreaking, Google is your friend. GO PENS!!!

paul said...

fine job on npr derek, i particularly enjoyed how "baldwin isn't even fit to own a dairy queen much less a professional sports franchise." a little disappointed they didn't throw out a link (although you'd have to be an idiot to fail at googlesearching...) but as always, the more people know about hockey, the better. especially if its the pens.

iacas said...

You don't even need to jailbreak the iPhone to put the ringtone on. Just save it in the proper format and put it in iTunes.

I've clipped many songs that way myself and put them on.

Russell Lucas said...

That guy's bedsheets are stained because he just read the prediction that the Penguins will win the Cup.

lauren_hbg said...

Does anyone know when tickets go on sale for the home games? I can't find it anywhere.

BlacknGold66 said...


-Bill O'Reilly talking about the Red Wings fan base.

dying alive said...

I missed the npr thing this morning. Please link it up for us if you can!

The general concensus over at HFBoards (where intelligent hockey talk goes to die) is pretty much that the Penguins might as well not bother even showing up, because the Wings are going to destroy them. I'll believe it when I see it. The Wings are a good team to be sure, but there seems to still be this sentiment that the Pens just aren't all that good, because the East might as well be the AHL and nobody plays defense except the Devils. Referring them to the Pens' record against the West this season is futile.

Hopefully Letang is ready to slash some more wheelchair tires this series.

dying alive said...

BTW, nice Golden Girls reference.

I like that show, and I'm not ashamed. Or, well, I'm a little ashamed, but not so much so that I won't admit it.

Bea Arthur ftw.

Whistler said...

I have an iPhone and I didn't need to jailbreak my phone in order to get custom ringtones on it.

1. Use Garageband. Drag the MP3 into Garageband and then there is a send to iTunes as Ringtone.

2. There is an application called iToner. It's slick and works great!

paul said...

i was told tickets go on sale at noon today, at the very least that is when detroit's go on sale.

pensfan100 said...

Anyone else think that this was the Finals everyone wanted in '99 to establish the team of the decade? Anyway, some odd similarities for this series since the last Pens Cup win in '92
-No Pigeon penguin
-Chelios on opposing D
-Hasek as the opposing backup
-Pens captain can't grow a quality playoff beard (but is still a beast)

-Any others?

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

Rico Fata always had that "hardcore alcoholic" look to him. Now that he's not in the league, he has more time to knock back gallon jugs of Jagermeister for brunch.

Pens vs. Wings. This seems to be the one everyone wanted to see. Some people are already saying we have no chance. I call those folks "People that haven't watched very much hockey lately." and/or "retards".

Sooska said...

The NPR interview will likely show up later today or tomorrow on their site www.npr.org (although you will get there with dot com). No doubt you will have to hunt for it (it is sometimes hard to dig thru their site) and probably (and this I know from experience) it will not be available for download from their web site. You can listen but no direct download-you can probably record it as it plays on your computer. A friend of mine was interviewed by NPR and even he couldn't get a copy of his own interview-from them or their web site.

I missed tPB hitting the Big Time too. What a shocker that would have been in LV to turn on the radio and hear ThePensblog. bigtimedisappointmentgblog

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

Detroit's have been on sale Paul.

I've heard from Pens fans that were buying them last week.

lauren_hbg said...

@ zarley & paul

I just checked Ticketmaster and searched for the Red Wings, and it came up that their home games go on sale today at NOON.

When I searched for the Pens, it said nothing was available at the moment.

If anyone hears anything - please post it, I'm gonna try and work my magic for tickets... thanks!

phil said...

post the .mp3 version of the hossa ringtone, and i will make it a ringtone that works for the iphone

dying alive said...

Getting caught up from last cblog blog:

@letsgopsu - agreed about Lidstrom. His English is perfect. I've thought the same thing about Henrik Lundqvist the few times I've heard him speak.

@ stoosh - Dallas Drake sounds like a fake porn star name to me. Not even a real porn star, a fake one, like from Boogie Nights.

HELP!Any cbloggers in the Dayton, OH area? Specifically around Centreville? I will be there for games 1-2 and I will need a place to try to convince my non-hockey watching boyfriend to watch the game. I know there's a BWW not far from there...does that area even get Versus since it's Comcast only? Please say that they do! Otherwise I'm going to need a volunteer to text me constant score updates.

lauren_hbg said...

@ dying alive

Over at Mondesi's House, he has a post running right now of people who are outside the Pittsburgh area looking for somewhere to watch the game(s) - you should post something about the area you're looking for in there, it's worth a shot.

Mike Georger said...

burnside: pens in seven

dying alive said...

@ lauren - thank you, thank you!

paul said...

yeah i checked the red wings' ticketbastard site last night with the same results. and i've been mashing f5 every 10 minutes on the pens' one, i'm having them e-mail me an update but i don't know what kind of window i'll get prior to the sale actually opening, as i may as well just check ticketmaster every 10 minutes instead of my e-mail. at any rate, i'll post here as soon as i find out anything more.

lauren_hbg said...

@ dying alive

No problem. Although I might need a volunteer to text me score updates in the event there is a Game 6 on June 4 - my cousin is graduating high school...starting at 7:30...where she is a student of about 800...and her last name begins with a W.

The funny thing is, their ceremony is being held in the arena where the Hershey Bears play. I'm almost expecting them to run the game on the Jumbotron, or at least the occasional score update.

Stoosh said...

From what I've seen of the Wings this year, there are a few things that worry me.

1. Lidstrom - If this country ever went to DEFCON 5, they could probably just call Lidstrom. This dude could shut down the borders by himself.

2. Zetterberg - I can remember the uproar earlier this year when Mullet Melrose said he thought Zetterberg was the best player in the league at the time - ignoring Ovechkin, a pre-injury Sid and Geno Malkin (who was quietly putting together his world-beating season).

3. Their system. I feel like Herb Brooks looking at the tapes of the Soviet team pre-1980 Olympics and trying to figure out how to stop a system based entirely on speed and efficiency. If you look at the two teams on paper, I'd think we actually have more top-end talent (Sid, Geno, Hossa, Fleury and Gonchar - who is just as good as Lidstrom offensively and maybe two notches down defensively). But Detroit just runs that system so well.


1. Lidstrom can't play 45-50 minutes a night, can he? Detroit's a little weaker on the back end of their defensive depth chart.

2. If Franzen can't play, take his 12 goals out of the equation and the Wings have scored 43 playoff goals. Zetterberg and Datsyuk have 20 of them. They've gotten relatively little from their other forwards. We more than shut down Heatley and Spezza. We contained Jagr, Drury and Gomez for the most part. And we neutralized Briere and Umberger.

3. If there's a team that plays a system as well as Detroit, it's Pittsburgh. Detroit's game is puck possession, but Detroit almost certainly has not seen a team that backchecks and supports the puck as well as the Pens do.

GottaHydrate said...

Here's the link to the npr interview:



Pensblog Staff said...

link for the npr link is up..

That guy's intro was all business


GottaHydrate said...

* I meant next Saturday...

Nathan said...

Barry Melrose is taking Detroit. Kiss of death for the Red Wings.

Pens in 6.

lis said...

I got my tickets through ticketmaster for game 7 in detroit last thursday. they had a presale and someone on here posted the code. i was able to get 4 tickets but they are all single seats spread out over 3 sections. I'm hoping the pens can take care of this in less then 7 because i seriously think i will have a heart attack and die before the game would even start!! i felt sick to my stomach just buying them last week.

Bobby said...

Check out the wikipedia page of the Hossa guy... I edited it for Pens fans....

Dr. Turkleton said...

...and the Pens go from playing against a city that worships a fictitious boxer to one that not only has a REAL boxer, but names their frickin' arena after him....

nice statue, I think?

might be tough to get a Pens jersey on that thing....[house14, here's your mission if you choose to accept it...]


Nicky needs to be hit early & often ...[if that's even possible]
remember when the Pens did that to Raymond Bourque while with the Bruins way back when??? I'm sure the Wings will try to do the same thing to Gonch [like the Sens did successfully in the 06-07 playoffs]

Babcock in not just on a different level but in a different universe compared to Murray, Renney, & esp. Stevens when it comes to coaching / strategy....HCMT + staff better bring their A++ game.


spoon said...

yinz guys left off Straka from the list of people still in the league from that video... n'at

tecmo said...

Question for Cblog,

Any Pensbloggers meet up at any bars in NYC for the games? I've been struggling through the first three rounds, and need a community for the finals. Hit me back in Cblog or through my email (on my profile or website).

Antonette said...

I still blame all of my life's problems on Shane Endicott. What a douche.

jefe said...

that jumbotron player video is funny. now.

April said...


They were talking about the jinx last night on VS at the end of that game. Of course, the one time they say anything of substance and I don't pay attention...

Fleury29 said...

The Pensblog on NPR? I'm stunned.

Those Hossa ringtones are clutch. Mad props to Jefe for those.


maria said...

hey derek, nice work on the bryant park project today. no gary roberts reference? for anyone interested, the podcast version of the show is up now too.

maria said...

ps. you can download it for free

Sooska said...

@ derek- you sounded great! Big Time!

Hip said...

@DR - you're a stud. Unreal interview.

@BNG - you're totally in the epicenter. It's almost making me want to drive up to Cleveland for a game and lay down the law with you.

@nu - Caps fans hate me. I'm ok with it.

lauren_hbg said...

Tickets for the Pens home games go on sale on Ticketmaster TOMORROW AT 10 AM!

lauren_hbg said...

Oops, wanted to post the link.

The Seeker said...

RE: Rex Gildo

In 1999, he tried committing suicide by jumping out of the window of his apartment, but he failed

Wikipedia failed to mention that he lived in a first floor apartment.


Did anyone else catch the score at the top of the screen at the beginning of the 3rd period in last night's DAL vs DET game reading 0-0?

I thought for a moment a new NHL rule was that each team starts back at 0 at the beginning of each period.

paul said...

ahh thanks lauren. for some reason i did not have the pens' nhl site in my smorgasbord of auto-refreshes, only their ticketbastard page.


i think one thing you didn't bring up (perhaps because its been brought up already in mainstream media) is the fleury v. osgood battle. experienced osgood is aging, and fleury is just hitting the very beginning of his prime but has never played on a bigger stage. but at the same time, neither have been tested by offensive power of the team they are now facing.

also, that zetterberg move on the 4th goal was completely unreal. i read on the dallas morning news' website that turco is recovering after a night spent in ICU from the broken ankles he suffered on that play.

Dr. Turkleton said...

The Sporting News COVERS Hockey?...huh, that's news to me!
[NICE '90s Pens logo used in that article, BTW]

I subscribed to TSN back when I was in High School for like a 10-year subscription [seemed like a GREAT deal at the time]

When they called me to renew, many, many years later & I told them to buzz off. They asked me what my favorite sport was: I told them hockey. Here was their reply:
Great News! Mr. Turkleton! Starting next Hockey Season, we'll be expanding our coverage to have the most complete Hockey Section of any National publication!

I could have said my fav sport was curling [which I DO like!, thank you very much!] & I'm sure the same script would have been read to me.

Anyways, he says Hold on, let me get you over to one of our staff members that is putting together this new & improved Hockey Section in our magazine to renew your subscription!
I was like, I said I WASN'T renewing!!!!!
As the kid fumbled the phone/headset to PASS it to his buddy next to him [what a jokeblog] He gets on & I tell him, 'I'm NOT renewing'....he acted as if I told him his dog just died...

Long story LONG, The Sporting News still sucks at hockey coverage [although, I do like their prognostication skills]

BTW, I now get ESPN:The Magazine [not by choice, but from signing up for some ESPN Insider crappola when doing Fantasy Football a couple years ago] and their hockey coverage is WORSE than TSN, which is hard to believe!!!!!

sorry for the rambleblog


JYo said...

Barry Melrose is taking Detroit. Kiss of death for the Red Wings.

Last night on Sports Center he said he is taking the Wings because teams have to lose before they can win, citing the Oilers and Islanders as examples. I'm not going to argue that experience at the highest level doesn't help, but to say you can't win on the first trip is asinine. I wonder if 66 subscribes to that theory.

lauren_hbg said...

@ dr t

We get TSN currently, and I feel your pain. There's like a 15-page spread on how awesome the NBA is, and then there's like two pages on the NHL. I mean, it's the freaking STANLEY CUP FINALS for crying out loud. I just hate how they don't even recognize it as part of the sports world.

Matt Gajtka said...

Derek, great work on the radio show...it's not the easiest thing in the world to talk to two people you can't see and make it sound solid.

Also, it was a Cosmo Kramer moment when they said your last name...not that I thought people actually called you Pensblog Derek in real life. haha

Pens in six to give the fans a chance to enjoy the Cup presentation. By the way, I want to say the last seven Cups have been clinched on home ice.

Let's see:
Anaheim 07 in five
Carolina 06 in seven
Tampa Bay 04 in seven
New Jersey 03 in seven
Detroit 02 in five? kinda foggy
Colorado 01 in seven
New Jersey 00 --> at Dallas on Arnott's OT series winner.

OK, so it's six in a row.


nu said...

hahahaha.....I think the two of the last things I EVER expected to associate with each other would be TPB and NPR...nice job. You sort of missed the 'improbability sense' of "any team could've gotten to draft Sid...and we'd probably be rooting for Columbus if the Pens hadn't..." but hey, if anybody wants to know that, they can learn. ;)

Does anyone else think there might be an X-factor in that the Obsolete Wings can't possibly be as tight with each other and connected as our team?

John said...

Whats up C-blog... Hey guys, lets remember those times in 2004. Lets remember standing in the student rush lines all afternoon worried about getting tickets, and then getting to the front and paying $20 for B level, row A because no one was in the building. Remember the situation with Malkin and not knowing weather or not he would ever wear a Pens sweater. Remember the afternoon lottery for the number one pick in 2004 when it came down to us and Anaheim. What if we didnt win? Would we be cheering for Kansas City? Would there be new building plans? We certainly would not be talking about playing the Wings for the cup. Enjoy the ride Pens nation, but do not take it for granted, thats what Detroit fans do.

Hooks Orpik said...

TPB: Scott Stevens and the Devils are widely credited with starting the tradition of not touching the conference trophy.

It doesn't really seem like touching it would jinx it or be superstitious not to, Stevens was just being all business and only wanted the Stanley Cup and not to show too much happiness in winning a lesser trophy.

ruu kwon do said...

i am going to be in pittsburgh for the first time in YEARS this weekend. where is the best place to watch the pens game at on monday? some bar with a great atmosphere and good beers on tap is what i am banking on.

any help would be appreciated.

"Go Pens!"

sabrejets said...

Dying Alive asked where they might see the Penguins in Dayton. "Versucks" is part of the local cable in Dayton. However, there is also a bar at Stroop and Marshall called Elsa's and they like the Penguins there, but lots of places will have the game.

nu said...


I'm not sure if it's Stevens, because I'm pretty sure they picked it up in 2000....however they'd already won a Cup at that point.

If it dates back to 1995 it might be true because Stevie Y and the Wings were thrilled, celebrated with the Campbell Bowl...and got swept by the NJD.

However he still picked it up the next three times and won. Not touching it is DUMB.

Vern said...

www.myxertones.com may be able to do iPhones.

xuscbausp said...

tix for detroit go on sale in less than 20 minutes.
hey. im just sayin

lauren_hbg said...

@ ruu kwon do

I posted this earlier this morning -- in regards to where to watch games.

Over at Mondesi's House, he has a post running right now of people who are outside the Pittsburgh area looking for somewhere to watch the game(s) - you should post something about the area you're looking for in there, it's worth a shot.

racheleyos said...

yeah tix go on sale tomorrow at 10 am... only 2 per customer.... 1,000 available for each game... so where did the other 2,000 go??? whatev. ticketmaster recommends you go online, but that's a joke. what do i have to do to get tickets? camp out at the box office or ticketmaster location? show them my tatas? lol. jk.

lauren_hbg said...

...there's also people commenting about good bars IN Pittsburgh to watch the game too, it looked like I completely ignored what you were asking for. Check out the link anyways...

Stoosh said...

@ Jyo -

Thank you for reminding me why Melrose hasn't coached at the NHL level in almost 20 years.

What a tool.

This team has as much talent as any team in the league. To get where they are right now, they had to face 1) the defending Eastern Conf. champs, 2) a Vezina trophy finalist and one of the best defensive teams in the league and 3) a hated rival who was playing their best hockey of the season. And they tore through those teams like a hot knife going through a stick of butter.

They lost twice in 14 games. I don't care that Ottawa was fading. I don't care that the Rangers weren't an offensive team. I don't care that Philly was missing players. They lost twice in the fourteen most intense and pressure-packed games they played all year, some of those on the road in three of the toughest places to play.

And we're supposed to throw that all out the window simply because they've never been to this point before?

Does Melrose really believe this crap? A big part of me thinks he does, because this sounds like the ramblings of an ex-coach who still thinks he's behind the bench trying to rationalize why his team lost. Part of me really thinks that Melrose believes this Pens team will be intimidated by having to play games at hockey's highest level, despite everything else they've been through as a team this year.

Again, there's a reason why Melrose hasn't coached since the early 1990s. There's a reason why this guy is pretty much considered a joke by all of his colleagues in the media. And pretty much every time Melrose opens his mouth to say something, he validates both of those.

xuscbausp said...

best bet for tix is online. tickets at the office are going by lottery system

Nathan said...

Melrose was half right with his "You have to lose before you can win" comparisons. The Isles won their first Cup was in their first trip to the Finals. Mentioning the Oilers was correct, as the Isles beat Edmonton in 1983 for their final Cup in the dynasty.

The Devils and Avs each won the Cup in their respective first trips to the Finals as well.

ruu kwon do said...


Thanks, Big Help.

xuscbausp said...

no tix for detroit available. they must know im a pens fan

Spencemo said...

Hello, friends! I'm baaaack from my vacation (what happens in Vegas...). So let me offer my first WOOOOOOOOOOO! of the finals!

nailersfan66 said...

Many times, corporate sponsorship agreements with teams can have tickets written into the contract. It wouldn't surprise me if a big sponsor (i.e. Dick's) had a clause that if the Pens got to the Finals they would receive an allotment of tickets. I would imagine agreements like those are where a big chunk of the extra 1,000 tickets/game went.

letsgopsu said...

That kid in the video is boring enough to be on Hockey Central.

lis said...

i just tried for 1 ticket to game 7 and got through...same with game 2

lis said...

you might have to sit separately but at least you'd be there.

erik said...

the fact that the red wings had a shitty record against a division that almost universally decided to hit the golf course early this year, but dominated the rest of the league, probably means they suck less, not more. and i'd take dan cleary over gary roberts in an intimidating stare-match. good luck though, it would be a shame to waste hossa in his only season with the pens.

Dubs said...

tecmo --

you still around? ... there's a whole meet up thing goin in Manhattan for each game ... I think it's up to 20 or 25 people at this point ... lot's of relocated Burghers there!

lis said...

just think....the detroit trolls might be more entertaining since we didn't play the wings this year. maybe they'll have something original to make fun of us for.

JYo said...

the fact that the red wings had a shitty record against a division that almost universally decided to hit the golf course early this year

Using that as a reason to say a team is good sounds like a real bright idea, eh?

i'd take dan cleary over gary roberts in an intimidating stare-match

Thus driving home the point that you have a lower IQ than a Cryers fan. Well done!

JYo said...

maybe they'll have something original to make fun of us for.

You mean like not selling out our arena, even in the playoffs? Oh wait, wrong team.

JYo said...

Like Mike G. posted earlier, Burnside picks the Pens in 7. I was actually more interested in his perspective of the "best matchup" idea as opposed to his actual breakdown. Perhaps some conspiracy theory driven fans should read his intro:

There is often debate about which Stanley Cup matchup might be best for the greater good of the NHL: big market, small market, Canada, West Coast, East Coast.

There's no right answer (just wrong ones, more often than not), but no matter how you cut it, the 2008 Stanley Cup finals have all the makings of a classic matchup between some of the most skilled players in the game.

Sooska said...

UH OH heads up tPB and cblog: Chad "The Ego" Hermann is at it again over at TWM.

I knew he wouldn't let any responses to his idiocy go unanswered. He enjoys trying to pick people apart, belittle, etc with his rapier wit and his feathered quill. HERE he goes after tPB again:


a taste:Which brings us, then, to Adam Caldwell, the hopelessly immature, intellectually dishonest, marginally literate purveyor of a local Pittsburgh Penguins fan blog.

Dr. Turkleton said...


me = stunned.


scores 2 tix to game 2 in DET.

vanessa day...I'll be in touch...I may have to sleep in a cardboard box outside your boutique.

erik said...

it does, because the teams that had the red wings' number are gone now. i was kidding about the cleary thing, but you're clever with the IQ joke. it's gonna be a great series.

Adam said...

I'm also in NYC and would be interested in a meet-up someplace once I'm back in town for games 3 and 4.

Dubs said...

Erik -

Dan Cleary?? are you serious?

ask Chris Pronger what he thinks about Dan "the Turtle" Cleary


Dubs said...

here's the NYC meet up page ... it's a good group ...


Dr. Turkleton said...

vanessa day....if you reside in Gaylord, MI like your Facebook profile says....I might only be a few miles further away from the Joe here in Pittsburgh, than you are !!!!!!

you're like at the tip of the middle finger of the Michigan 'glove'...further North latitude-wise than Toronto!!!! [ALMOST at Ottawa's level!!!]

Stoosh said...

@ Erik -

"the fact that the red wings had a shitty record against a division that almost universally decided to hit the golf course early this year, but dominated the rest of the league, probably means they suck less, not more."

That's a bit backwards, isn't it?

If they dominated tougher competition from the NW and Pacific Divisions, it certainly doesn't mean they suck less. In fact, I'd be wondering why they didn't dominate the allegedly-inferior Central Division competition the same way they did with the tougher teams from the other two Western Conf. divisions.

I don't know if their record against the NW and Pacific means they "suck less". To me, it means they played down to their competition in games within their own division.

JYo said...

To me, it means they played down to their competition in games within their own division.

I think that is exactly what it means. Hopefully the Wings will buy into this idea that the west is so much better than the east and come out slow. A win or two in Detroit would be huge. Win the first one and guarantee at least a split with a chance to take two on the road to start the series. If the Wings keep playing down to the expected level of the opponent, it could benefit the Pens big time. I think they know what they are up against though, even if their fans don't.

Sooska said...

here is a link to the Detroit Free Press poll on the Finals...who will win... and their genius commenters.


xuscbausp said...

dammit i wish i could go on monday

xuscbausp said...

the wife's little sister graduates the night of game 6.

guess which event ill be attending. ha

Dubs said...

Sooska -

thanks for posting that link ... some of those comments are moronic ... for example, Crosby is overrated? seems unlikely since he's leading the playoff point total ... (or tied now I guess with Zetterbitch)

reading dumb ass posts like that help transition my hatred of all-thing Philthy to a new enemy :)

Sooska said...

@ dubs- I think only one guy (maybe 2) was/were posting. weird.

The Seeker said...


Chris Simon Signs ... In Russia?

Jacob said...

Did anyone else who read the recent Chad Hermann drivel get the image in their mind of some stodgy old Brit with his nose in the air, a pipe in his hand, and a painfully sluggish accent? Although I can't imagine he'd take his hand off of his well-worn Funk & Wagnalls long enough to light a pipe. Reading that nonsense was a bit like reading a manual titled "How to light a cigarette." He really only needed on sentence. "I, Chad Hermann, know more adjectives than you."

Nathan said...

I really appreciate the level of juvenilicity here at Pensblog, and for that reason, it will be difficult for myself, and the rest of the A2Y 19, to wage intarweb warfare with you over the next two weeks.

Anyways, that's the last good thing I say about you until the Finals are over.

Stilly said...

Wow I can't believe I made through Pee Wee Hermann's little hissy fit without vomiting on my keyboard.

I'm not sure I've read something more arrogant and condescending than his most recent little bitch fest.

Hey asshole, it's a hockey blog, not a thesis. If spelling and grammar counted, well by golly you'd be at the head of the class. However, spelling does not count, and your absolute lack of humor and/or substance is indeed astounding.

You can go ahead and take your spot in line between depressed emo kid and bitchy thirteen year old girl in the "No one gives a shit" section of the blogsphere.

Sooska said...

@ jacob - That is the exact image I have had of Chad since I began reading his blog. He writes in purple prose and the adjective "constipated" comes to mind. As a writing prof I had in college would say, "Why use a $2 word when a $10 word will do?

Jacob said...

Of course, he probably has plenty of time on his hands since no one wants to hang out with the guy who constantly corrects your grammar.

"It's lying, not laying!"

Brando said...

Staff - Rex Gildo has a myspace site if you are looking for some more pics. What a wardrobe.

Sooska said...

The Trib is reporting there are tickets available for Games 1 & 2 in Detroit


JYo said...

The Trib is reporting there are tickets available for Games 1 & 2 in Detroit

Shocker! What a fan base!

nu said...

I feel a little sorry for Herr Doktor Professor Hermann. Much as I think he's being more than a tad overblown and pompous, Staff was about as inaccurate in claiming him as a bandwagoner as he was in claiming tpb'ers to be nothing more than GR-worshipping fools.

Being an adult and feeling like the popular kids in school are attacking you again (and that IS what the spirit around here leads to a lot of the time) doesn't get any more fun than it did the first time - and you can pretty clearly see that's what he's trying to express.

letsgopsu said...

I sent Chad Hermann and e-mail. I would post it here for you guys to read, but I expect it to be available to you guys whenever he posts it on his blog and tries to tear it to shreds. That and I expect you guys to let me know if/when that happens because unless it does happen, I plan on never reading at his blog again.

Dubs said...

I get the feeling that Chad Hermann masturbates while staring at himself in the mirror

JYo said...

Staff was about as inaccurate in claiming him as a bandwagoner as he was in claiming tpb'ers to be nothing more than GR-worshipping fools.

I don't know his work well, but I thought someone posted that he didn't mention the Pens all year until the Hossa trade. If that is true, arguing that he is not a bandwagoner holds absolutely no water.

dying alive said...

@ sabrejets - Thanks for the info! I am relieved that Versus is available in Dayton. I never thought I'd be happy to watch Versus, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

@ lis - I doubt they'll be more original. They've already started the "Hossa is a rental, you can't afford to keep him" riff. It's a real shame that you can't get a good troll these days.

@ jacob - Ha, I noticed all of the adjectives as well. He's awfully verbose, no? It's also kind of funny that a prof at CMU who seems to take such pride in being an intellectual would engage in a war of words with a bunch of 20-something sports bloggers.

You mean like not selling out our arena, even in the playoffs? Oh wait, wrong team.
Zing. Pow.

tecmo said...


Killed it! That helps a bunch.

Email me if you end up going to any of those meetups. I can't make Game 1 (possibly not Game 2), but I'll definitely be there for Games 3 on.

Jacob said...

You have to give him some credit though, he did limit his rant to one f-word so he could retain his PG-13 rating for the younguns in the room.

nu said...


yeah, I think that was what Staff claimed originally.

But if you actually go through what the guy was saying...I know, it's hard to pick it out:

Not even after learning that I've been blogging, here on an intentionally all-purpose, general-subject site, about the Pens for four years -- which is, by the way, two years longer than he's been blogging about them on his site.

Not even after learning that -- and reading a couple of stories about how -- I was a season ticket holder even through the lean years, when less than 10,000 people were showing up every night to cheer on the scrappy but still sorry likes of Steve McKenna and Milan Kraft and Konstantin Koltsov, and that Wendy and I followed them obsessively, even to the point of scrounging and chasing down cable access, when we lived in Baltimore, and that I spent as much spending money as I could afford on Pens tickets in the pre-Cup days when I was an undergrad at Duquesne.

Not even after learning that I've been going to Pens' games since he was 3, and that I've loved and rooted for the team since before he was born.

None of that mattered.

People are always, always too quick to snipe and escalate at each other.

Nathan said...

Before the trash talk gets bad, let's talk nice.

To be fair, I don't think there are many people expecting one team to roll over the other in any direction. Yes, you'll read Wings' blogs and see some of us griping about how the media loves Fat-Lips Crosby, but the fact is, anyone playing that card is lying. This is as even as this Cup final could've been, on paper.

Your Pens certainly have an edge with their second line versus the Wings'. If Franzen is not healthy, Babcock will be forced to play Draper's line against Malkin. And as good as Draper has been against great offensive talent in the past, it's still a big mismatch in favor of your club. And Uncle Mike, as we call him, doesn't like playing matchup games. He likes rolling all four. So big advantage to the Pens with the Malkin line.

On the other side of the coin, Detroit has a big advantage with their defense corps. No, Lidstrom won't play 45-50 minutes a night, but if need be he'll play 30+ and will be effective for 99.9% of it. Your D have done a nice job this postseason, but after playing Dallas and Nashville, the Wings should just continue playing their game and have no major difficulties regarding your D.

As for goalkeeping, I think that's an even matchup. Simply because Fleury clearly has more raw talent, I'm willing to give the Pens a slight nod. But the reason I consider this even is because if you look at the other goalkeeping matchups Detroit has had this postseason, they were always up against the more talented keeper. The bottom line is that, despite Osgood not making a ton of spectacular saves like a Turco or Ellis, he's been consistent and performed to the level his team has needed. Yes, this is the best offense he will have seen, but the same is definitely true for Fleury. So again, you give Fleury a nod on talent, Ozzie a nod on experience, and figure they're both going to get their biggest tests yet? Wash.

So, before the shit starts flying too bad between us, there's a take on the series from a Wings fan. I think it's a fair, logical take, and I think I give both teams credit where it's due.

It'll come down to the Pens' ability to exploit the favorable matchup they'll get with Malkin on the ice, and Detroit's ability to take advantage of the Pens' D like they did against the Avs. For the Pens to win, Gonchar will have to meet Lidstrom's level for at least a couple of games, and for Detroit to win, the Filppula/Franzen unit will have to outscore Malkin's line for at least a game or two, as well.

Stilly said...

I don't think the Detroit faithful have factored in the third line matchup. I think Staal's line will give the Wings fits and the Pens' depth at forward will be too much for the Dings.

JYo said...

People are always, always too quick to snipe and escalate at each other.

Do you mean in general or around here? One of the reasons I really like this place is because I think it has much less of that crap than any other site I have ever been on. The staff and c-bloggers stay more levelheaded than most anonymous internet folk. Even if the staff has a view that may or may not be valid, in any one person's opinion, about one particular blogger who seems to be a bit full of himself regardless of his qualifications, I appreciate their perspective on the whole. If someone doesn't like it, don't read it. That is exactly the reason I don't troll on other people's sites. I know I don't agree with them, so what is the point of going there just to make an argument, especially a blog like this that obviously doesn't take itself, or anyone else, very seriously.

dying alive said...

I just read Mr. HermanN's response to Adam. I've read works by Nietzsche that required less effort to complete.

I did, however, find this amusing:

[Pensblog]"All you need to know about our blog is that we could careless about what people like you thing.

[Hermann's response]It is obvious, I thing, that they could also careless about spelling. And diction. And grammar."


Stilly said...

@dying alive

I think he did that on purpose. He was trying to emphasize the spelling error. He's obviously a giant tool.

dying alive said...

@ stilly - Yeah, I missed the "thing" part in the Pensblog's original post. Damn. I guess I'm one of those giant dummies that Mr. Hermann dislikes so much.

Either that, or I don't spend all of my time poised over my laptop with a red pen in hand, looking for every spelling mistake I can find.

But we'll go with the former.

Stilly said...

@dying alive

Join the club. We're all inferior to PeeWee and his thesaurus of death.

Nathan said...

Disagree, Stilly. I certainly understand the ability of Staal and your third line. Detroit has a much better checking line than the Flyers, so if the coaches match line for line, the third line matchup won't favor either side, in my opinion.

Frankly, both teams will have to feel each other out. I don't think Detroit will use the same third line against the Pens that they did against Dallas, especially if Franzen is healthy. If he is, a third line of Draper, Drake, and Cleary will have no problems cancelling out Staal, Rutuu, and Talbot, and vice versa.

dying alive said...

nathan - our third line is Staal, Kennedy, and either Talbot or Ruutu. And with all due respect to the Wings, good luck on any of those three guys you mentioned keeping up with Tyler Kennedy.

Whistler said...

One thing that the Chicken Wings have going them them is two big lug-heads who do pretty much stand in front of the crease and deflect in anythign that moves...

I think they're gonna need some FREE CANDY!

nu said...


You don't think Draper, Drake, and Cleary might get tired a little more easily than Ruutu, Staal, Talbot/Kennedy? :D

And our Mike doesn't particularly like line matching himself...

Stilly said...


Yeah and I hope Orpik dishes some out to Datsuck and Zetterturd.

Pensblog Staff said...

we emailed this dbag... first and foremost I wrote the bad grammar stuff because I am a tool. Adam's grammar is spot on.

Charlie found the story.

chad Herman is a homophobe


Stilly said...

We all know that PeeWee is a giant d-bag. BTW nice job on NPR today. I've always been afraid to listen to NPR for fear of being turned into a hippie.

I'm delighted to inform you all that I listened to the segment this morning and did not turn into a hippie.

Dubs said...

what's up with Chelios? ... I wonder how bad his leg is?? is Andrea Lilly or whoever a good replacement?

Dr. Turkleton said...

any other cbloggers get tickets to either Game 1 or 2 ?????

I just spoke to my buddy who's going up to DET with me & he couldn't believe I lucked out & got 2 tickets to Game 2.
[Section 224, Row 19]...I haven't been able to confirm it, but it appears that's the side the Pens shoot at twice.

[Hossa: fried calamari, anyone?]

Dubs said...

yeah nice spot on NPR! you represented us all well to the high brows ... I thought their intro was a little condescending to sports fans, but what do you expect from NPR ...

dying alive said...

Did anyone else read that guy's blog entry and immediately think of this?

Dan said...

ya the third line matchup isn't being looked at enough. that third line could potentially be what wins us the cup. staal has been absolutely phenomenal in the playoffs thus far. the line has youth and speed and i just don't think the wings 3rd line can match it.

i think nathan gave a fair assessment minus the defense, which he is under rating. they have pretty much shut down teams so far. it will not be easy to do that against the bloody cunnilingus jokes.

Stilly said...

@dr turk

Unfortunately no. I already to tickets to a couple of NASCAR events, so I couldn't justify the expenditure to the wife.

@dying alive

Hilarious. That pretty much captures Pee Wee's essence.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

Fucking name thief. I hope he dies in a fire.

Him and the Red Wings.

Go Pens.

Nathan said...

No, I don't. Draper, despite his age, is a professional, and has shown every time he's been in the playoffs that he will not take a shift off. Further, much like Draper, Kennedy might have speed, but finish is another thing. If speed is a concern, we'll just toss Helm out there on Draper's line and push Drake to the fourth.

The point is that these teams, up front, match up incredibly even until you get to the potential Malkin/Filppula or Malkin/Frazen matchup. That's where you've got a real nice advantage that should result in some success.

Staal's great at killing penalties? Yep, we got a Selke winner that's won three Cups. Kennedy's super fast? Yep, we got another youngin' named Helm that can do that too. You've got a line with Crosby and Hossa? Yep, we've got a line with Datsyuk and Zetterberg.

Not much to separate these teams till you to the Malkin matchup and the defense corps comparison.

Nathan said...

Sorry Candy Man, wasn't intentional... I try to come in here with a little respect and you want to light me on fire. I guess I didn't get into true playoff-series-mode fast enough.

Fair enough, though. You let your guard down...

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

See?! See?! I had prior claim to posting under my own name, and goddammit, I'm an actual honest-to-god Penguins fan. Check IP addresses if you want.

Goddamn trolling name thief. My wish he dies in a fire stands.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@free candy man:
the REAL nathan

I thought there was an Original Nathan on here...that wasn't spewing Red Wings garbage.

Stilly said...


I don't think he wants to light you on fire. He just wants you to die in a burning building, or some other structure that is aflame.

The Seeker said...

@ nathan

I can appreciate you level-headed tone and trying to be unbiased as a fan can.

I actually agree with you on many things you mentioned.

One thing I feel compelled to mention though is your slight tunnel vision on the Pens' defense.

We've got some solid D aside from Gonchar who've got young legs and are very fast. They can move the puck quickly and are excellent with their sticks (hockey that is). Their speed and quickness in moving the puck makes them like trying to nail Jello to the wall when it comes to enormous checks. They're also not to be overlooked in the 'dishing it out' category.

When combined with the relentless backchecking of the forwards on all our lines, puck support, their discipline working within the system, and all around team play....it would be mistake to underestimate them.

I firmly believe they can shut down any team/players, especially if they get any lead at all, IF they bring their 'A' game of course.

Hip said...

Rarely do I feel compelled to email someone my displeasure. But Chad will be receiving a diatribe that will leave him naked and cold, lying in the fetal position, wondering where the fuck his balls went.

I've a lot of psych training and you can see through his douchebaggery so clearly it's not even funny. That is the most immature, defensive rant I've ever had the displeasure of reading.

What a fucking toolbox.

DR - no one gives a shit about grammar here. All that matters is we know what you're preaching, and trust me, we know what you're preaching.

Nathan said...

Dan, I think my assessment was more than fair. The defense corps in the West are much tougher and much deeper, so I don't expect that playing against the Pens' D will be an unexpected or previously unseen challenge for the Detroit forwards. They had a winning record, and their top forwards were productive against defenses like San Jose, Anaheim, Dallas, Nashville, and Calgary.

What will be new, for both these teams, is the offense the opposition features. Neither club has played a team, offensively, as good as the other in the playoffs to this point. That will be very interesting, and hopefully fun to watch.

Stilly said...

Indeed we are a loyal and understanding congregation.

dying alive said...

Fake nathan is actually a breath of fresh air compared to the other riff-raff we've been getting from opponents so far. At least he actually wants to discuss hockey.

Stilly said...

@dying alive

True enough. It's apparent that Detroit fans are a little more well read than Philly fans.

Of course that might be because the Philly fan base is largely illiterate.

Dubs said...

is this a bad time to be sad about this? I am sad ...

Orpik figures to leave for a much different reason. It's not exactly a dressing-room secret that he and coach Michel Therrien don't see eye-to-eye. That's unfortunate because Therrien, though his methods sometimes are harsh, has helped to make Orpik a better player and given him a chance to play for a Cup. Orpik will be a significant loss because he's the Penguins' only defenseman who can throw big checks in open ice.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

I think the hockey media have developed a tunnel vision in general on the Pens' defense. Even before the Pens' collapse in the early part of this decade, the defense was always suspect at best. There were always halfhearted attempts to make it better (e.g. various coaches implementing a "left-wing lock"), but the team never took to it.

Since HCMT took over the team, the Pens have actually made a legitimate commitment to team defense. The deadline deals reinforced that notion, as Dupuis is a solid defensive forward and Hal Gill is the kind of defenseman the Penguins never had in the past, the defenseman who'll destroy people in the crease. Marian Hossa is an underrated two-way player in his own right.

Point is, the Pens are as good a defensive team as most, but their explosive offense and franchise history has led to most people outside the organization to ignore that fact. Three-goal meltdowns against Ottawa aside, the Pens can play a shutdown game when they need to.

Fucking name thief.

Stilly said...

Although I did have a co-worker today toss a Wings puck over my cubicle wall while I was talking Pens with a couple of people.

I haven't informed him of his two minute minor for delay of game yet, but it's coming.

Stilly said...

Don't do this to me dubs. These things need to wait until the offseason.

J.S. said...

I'm sure he'll use this as fodder in his next comment, but whatever. For somebody to waste that much time ranting about one person on a different blog tells me that Chad Hermansen* clearly has an insecurity issue.

I couldn't make it the entire way though that long-winded rant. I won't torture somebody by asking for a Cliff Notes version, but if I would have gone another paragraph, I may have risked getting fired by falling asleep at my computer.

(* - yes, it was intentionally butchered. He sucked as badly as Hermansen sucked in his Bucco days)

Dubs said...

Stilly -

I hear ya! I'm a glutton for punishment ...

JYo said...

Is Draper still as effective as he used to be? Honestly, I don't see many non-Pens games anymore so I can't evaluate that. He turns 37 before the puck drops in the finals, so there is legitimate reason to think he has slowed, even relative to his Selke ways of 4 seasons ago.

Nathan said...

The Seeker (great song, better band),

I appreciate your post. I see what you are saying. I have watched about 20 Pens games this year, 6 or 8 of which were in the playoffs. Which isn't too bad for a non-fan of the team. Anyways, I agree, they are good at moving the puck. However, I think it's fair to say that Detroit's D is the best at this. Lidstrom and Rafalski have been doing it for years. Kronwall was brought up in the system. The culture in Detroit has been to play this style with your D for over 15 years now. You can't say the same for the Pens.

Also, the D corps of Nashville and Dallas are quite good at moving the puck, making good first passes, and avoiding hits from forecheckers. I think the Stars' D compares pretty evenly with the Pens' D, both on talent, depth, and system, for example.

My point is that Detroit has seen and succeeded (quite well) against defenses that play that game already.

Hey, whatever, I'm just glad you're willing to talk hockey without wanting me to burn (at least until Saturday, then I fully expect you to hate me, and would be dissapointed if you didn't). ;)

For the record, "Original Nathan", I meant that I let myself get caught off guard by expecting you to hold back till the series started... foolish of me.

JYo said...

Don't do this to me dubs. These things need to wait until the offseason.

I read that same article earlier today and also choose not to worry about that until the offseason.

JYo said...

I think the Stars' D compares pretty evenly with the Pens' D, both on talent, depth, and system, for example.

My point is that Detroit has seen and succeeded (quite well) against defenses that play that game already.

This stat, the Wings scored two or fewer goals three times in six games versus the Stars, argues that they didn't succeed quite as well as you make it sound.

Nathan said...


Actually, yes, Draper has been stellar this playoff.

He started the year looking like he did during his Selke year, then tweaked his knee. Once he got back, through the rest of the regular season, I'll be the first to say that I thought he lost a step and was on a quick decline.

But since March, he's been back to the form he showed prior to the knee injury, and has been almost as effective as he was in '97, '98, and '02. And his off-ice leadership has clearly been huge for this team to where his slight decline in play since those Cup years isn't worth worrying about.

Maltby and McCarty are the guys that have lost their game a lot. I give Mac full credit for working as hard as he did, not just for hockey, but for his life, but he's slow. The Wings don't need Frazen for the Finals for his goal scoring -- they need him so Mac doesn't have to play.

Maltby, since getting back into the lineup with the Dallas series, has shown something. For a max of seven more games, he'll be as effective as he's ever been (which obviously doesn't score goals, but it gets under your skin and plays a little defense).

Nathan said...

Jyo, while I appreciate you not wishing death upon me, you have to admit, you know damn well that in 3 of the 4 Wing wins in that series, they scored 4+.

Max Power said...

IN RE: That asshole and his Roberts comments.

Haven't I've always been lenient. Trying never to be to strict or rigid with the application of our laws. And in turn, have we not learned to live in relative peace and harmony? And this days trouble is how you repay my leniency! I have no choice... An assult on the ROBERTS' DECIPLES IS THE SAME AS AN ASSULT ON THE ROBERTS HIMSELF!

How many more of these assholes are going to try to get their 15 minutes off of this cup run and at the expense of our beloved PENS. I'm so aggrivated I could stab a hobo.

Lady Jaye said...

@free candy man > lol, I was actually confused at nathan, the Wings fan for a moment

@nobody in general > Mr. Herman (I haven't read his blog because I have more important things to do) seems like he has a problem with taking life too seriously.

Anybody like me feel weird because they don't DESPISE the team we're playing against next round? I don't care for the Wings per say (it all stems to them being the 'big bad Goliath' for years and me wanting to cheer for underdogs) but I don't loathe them like our last 3 opponents... in fact, I do respect their team.

That being said:
Pens in 6.

JYo said...

Thanks for the rundown there pseudo-nathan. I really do appreciate the perspective on the Wings.

you know damn well that in 3 of the 4 Wing wins in that series, they scored 4+.

You assume too much. I did not know that, damn well or otherwise. I saw the stat I pointed out in another article. Anyway, the point stands that Dallas, who you claim has a similar D to the Pens, held them to 2 or fewer goals 3 times. If the Pens similar D can do the same, that is likely (not certain) to be 3 wins since their offense is much more potent than what Dallas has. I highly doubt the Pens can shut down the Wings offense for the entire series, but thinking that they can't do it for 3-4 games is just as big of a mistake.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

Perhaps check c-blog before you start posting and come up with your own name, and you won't have anyone wishing death upon you at all.

Fucking name thief.

Dr. Turkleton said...

nazi-nathan = r*g*b*

BlacknGold66 said...

@Turk: If you have time on your road trip... get off of I-90 and say "hello."

JYo said...

I forgot to mention, that 4+ goal stat is just as likely a reflection of a Stars team that gave up when they got behind as it is a Wings team that just couldn't be kept off the board.

Stilly said...

Yeah the disdain I have for Philly was so intense that, dare I say it, I'm indifferent to Detroit. I'm not above petty name calling (Datsuck, Zetterturd), but I don't loathe them like the Flyers or the Rangers.

Plus the squid tradition is one of the best in sports.


JYo said...

Anybody like me feel weird because they don't DESPISE the team we're playing against next round?

It is a little odd, especially given the teams the Pens had to defeat in these playoffs. It really was 3 teams near the top of everyone's list of teams we would like to see the Pens beat on the way to the Cup. I don't know if any team really qualifies for that list out of the Campbell conference, but I guess its nice to play the best they have this year, even if there is no inherent hate.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

It's really difficult to build up any animosity toward a team you didn't play this season, lost to in spectacularly boring fashion last season, and beat in one of the few bright spots of the season before that. Fucking Bettman and his idiotic schedule idea.

BlacknGold66 said...

Oh ho ho no no no no no!

I HATE the Red Wings.

Mostly because of where I live/grew up where everyone jumped on the bandwagon back in the 90's.

Believe me...

There is no love lost in this series. In fact... if we can oust these bastards then we'll have beaten just about every team I hate with a passion on the way to Lord Stanley.

Christina said...

i have to say, after 2 rounds of Rags and Cryers trolls, it's nice to have some intelligent hockey talk with the competition again!

i'm usually not one for rumo(u)r-mongering, but this would be so damn cool if it happened....

Pens opening the Mellon for Games 1 and 2?

Dubs said...

some reporter in Atlanta mentioned this in an article ... though the pens and detroit didn't play in reg season this year, one pen has some experience destroying the wings ...


also, as far as nonhatredblog goes ... I've always liked watching Detroit because of the talent they've had ... but as soon as that puck drops Saturday, they might as well be the Cryers ...

TheNWChica said...

Hey...did I miss it or did we ever find out what happened to RGB?


TheNWChica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Seeker said...

@ nathan

The Predators seemed to have given the Wings the most trouble IMHO. I equate them to being the Penguins Light...similar, yet not as good, fast, or skilled.

Think of the Pens as the Preds on steroids.

You mention that your D has been doing what they do for years. Don't take this as an offense, but I don't really see how that matters at all? What does matter is how each team's D plays TODAY. Just because our D is precocious doesn't take away from the fact that they are doing it well game in and game out.

dazzy said...

I'm firmly in the camp of indifference to the Red Wings. They will be booed most firmly from Casa Dazzy, but I don't hate them with the fire of a thousand suns like I do the Rags and Philthy.

...what a weird feeling.

JYo said...

also, as far as nonhatredblog goes ... I've always liked watching Detroit because of the talent they've had ... but as soon as that puck drops Saturday, they might as well be the Cryers ...

Well said! Also, that link in your comment reminds me of a certain YouTube phenomenon going on around here. In fact, that score sheet starts exactly the same way as the song!

Stoosh said...

@ Hip -

(This is the psych major in me speaking...) Any chance you could copy me in on that email? :)

I can respect Mr. Hermann's accomplishments and background, but I really should've stopped when I read this...

"...that a little knowledge is an especially dangerous thing when it is in proximity to a keyboard and an internet connection; that context and subtext and fact and truth and reason have now almost entirely passed out of a culture that prefers to celebrate the guttural bleatings of cheap insults and ironic self-congratulation; and that unfettered ignorance has but unfounded narcissism to defeat before it becomes the official currency of our intellectually bankrupt technological age."

In other words, it comes off as nothing more than another elitist prick who seems to the think that his intellect and working knowledge of the language give him some sort of authority by which he can effectively pass some sort of value judgment on the thoughts of others who post on the very same Al Gore that he utilizes to accomplish the same ends.

It's not much different than Buzz Bissinger and anyone else awash in their own self-worth who seem to think the internet would be a better place if you had to pass some sort of intelligence testing to gain the right to post your thoughts on it. Apparently, if you don't meet their standard not just for grammar but also creativity, your thoughts and opinions aren't worthy of sharing the same media that they use to make their thoughts known. (And given Hermann's tirade-bordering-on-obsession with the design of this site, creativity most certainly matters.)

It's amazing he can climb down from his ivory tower long enough to attend Pens games. I wonder how he stomachs the thought of breathing the same air as the "equally idiotic readers" of this website when he's at the Mellon.

Paul said...

"Crosby is overrated? seems unlikely since he's leading the playoff point total"

some will point out Z has 2 extra games...but of course those were losses.

the real telling stats, IMO:

Zetterberg +15
Datsyk +12
Franzen +9

Crosby +6
Hossa +7
Malkin +5

what does that tell you? score 5-on-5 much? defend much? haven't watched the Pens much, so maybe you Pens diehards can tell me why their numbers are so low.

somechic said...

stands up and starts slow clap for stoosh
those were my thoughts exactly

Dan said...

nathan - while not all that familiar with the wings, i'm not talking just our defensemen, i'm talking total team d. i just don't see detroit with the two way players we have. i probably agree that you may have better defensemen, but you are underselling our d. it's tenacious. like the band.

lis said...

since when is +/- "a really telling stat"????

lis said...

maybe it will tell you that we have more balanced scoring...say from the 3rd and 4th lines?

Dr. Turkleton said...


I ventured over to his digi digi digi blog & he hasn't posted since April 30th [Wii accident, perhaps?]

Want to HATE the Red Wings before Saturday?...listen to their broadcast crew & it'll make you BEG for Joe B. & Elliot back...those duo are such HOMERS to the extreme that they must have Little Ceasers™ Pizza crammed so far up their asses, they can't think straight.

Other reasons?

•Draper [broken face]
•Maltby [Downie's older brother]
•Drake [how is this joke still earning a paycheck?]
•McCarty [drunk/druggie gambler]
•Chelios [grumpy old man]
•Holmstrom [sneaky dirty]

all charter members of the 'Asshole' Club.

I can still envision Chelly gooning it up against Larry Murphy [of all people!], during the Stanley Cup Finals v. the Blackhawks.

the whole 'HOCKEYTOWN' entitlement rubs me the wrong way, too...

Hip said...

Top 5 Reasons I hate the Red Wings:

5. Shanahan used to play for them
4. being the "other team" to repeat
3. 1998
2. The "Hockeytown" bullshit
1. Chris Fuckturd Osgood

Stilly said...

I think the point totals are much more telling.

Crosby - 21
Malkin - 19
Hossa - 19

Zetterberg - 21
Datsuck - 19

Not a whole lot of difference there if you ask me.

somechic said...

people are grabbin at straws to say one team is better than the other, and its only tues. how long will this week last!!!

Max Power said...

@ paul

Because more than 3 people score our goals. Obviously you missed all of our playoff games.
Read something.

Paul said...

"since when is +/- "a really telling stat"????"

since we have five players very close in points, with a wide gap in +/-.

jefe said...

so far im a lot more motivated for the WINGS eating contest im in tomorrow.

Paul said...

"I think the point totals are much more telling.

Crosby - 21
Malkin - 19
Hossa - 19

Zetterberg - 21
Datsuck - 19

Not a whole lot of difference there if you ask me."

So why the +/- difference? The only explanation is that Crosby, Malkin, and Hossa are on the ice when Pittsburgh gets scored on. Another explanation could be power play goals, but looking at the stats they don't have enough to make a major difference.

Stilly said...

+/- doesn't count. Points do.

Nuff said.

TheNWChica said...

lol Thanks Doc!

Paul said...

"Because more than 3 people score our goals."

um, what? that has nothing to do with the +/- discrepancy between the Wings' top forwards and the Pens' top forwards. in fact, if other people were scoring (while these three were on the ice) they'd have better +/- than they do.

Dan said...

d'oh i forgot who mention free candy leaving but....... there was a rumor a while ago that despite everything he might even be willing to take a discount because he likes pittsburgh and wants to play for a winner

detroit as hockeytown is bullshit. they don't sell out, and they don't get a 24.1 rating locally. of course, they probably can't monitor stolen t.v.'s...........

Paul said...

"+/- doesn't count. Points do."

so getting scored on (a -) doesn't count?

to have 21 points and be a +5 it basically means that you have to have been on the ice for 16 goals by opponents.

lis said...

You're SERIOUSLY going to base your argument on why Crosby's not overrated based on +/-???

well i did ask for something different from the trolls!

Nathan said...


If that's the case, then Detroit being held to one goal in those other games had as much to do with their poor play in game 5, and the officials (literally) stealing a goal in game 4 as Dallas did. So it does go both ways.


It is important. Certainly, how the team is playing for the next seven games is all that matters. My point is that the Pens' D have hit their stride, in particular, the last 12 games. It's been a culture in Detroit for 15 YEARS. So if one team is more likely to fall off the pace a bit, I think it's fair to say it's the Penguins.

Something I haven't mentioned much yet is Detroit's D. Look at the matchup from that angle. I think Detroit's D is clearly better then yours, and I don't think that's just a Wing fan's view.

That doesn't mean that your D won't emerge in the Finals. It doesn't mean it's not possible that they will rise to the occasion and dominate Detroit's D. But based on history, which is the only thing we have to go on at this point, Detroit has the better defense corps. Obviously, that's why they play the games, though.

An advantage that Detroit has that should be mentioned is faceoff percentage. First in the league versus last in the league for regular season numbers (and first verus 14th for playoff numbers). Detroit plays with the puck, so that's a big deal. If Sid is losing six or seven out of 10 draws to Zetterberg, he's going to have a more difficult time generating offensem, because Detroit will not give the puck back even half as easily as Ottawa, New York, or Philly did.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

"You're SERIOUSLY going to base your argument on why Crosby's not overrated based on +/-??? "

So explain to me how he has 21 points but is only +6. If it's not that he lacks defensive skills, then what is it? I'm seriously asking, since you all watched him all playoffs and I didn't. I'm not trying to bash the guy, just trying to understand the numbers.

Dan said...

+/- is the dumbest stat in all of sports. period.

scott burnside chat on espn.com starting now.


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