Sunday, May 25, 2008

Welcome To HockeyTown. PENS LOSE

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The Detroit Red Wings were the league's number-one team for a reason.
Tonight it was on display.

Any questions about who was the favorite to win the series were answered.
But last time we checked, they don't award the Cup after one win.

This was a taste of how the NHL Playoffs are supposed to be.
You're not gonna win every game.
Some games will look like the worst performance you've ever seen.

And more times than not, you're not gonna win Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals on the road.
At least that's what we'll tell ourselves until 8:14PM on Monday.

If you're ready to to give up already, we laugh in your general direction.
Get your mind right.

Embrace the arrogance coming from Detroit fans.
Channel the homicidal thoughts you have towards Tomas Holmstrom.

Its underdogblog from here on out.


:::::::::::::::::: PREGAME :::::::::::::::::::


MAF bites the dust when he leads the Pens out.

[Thanks to Twins S] for the find

That just had to happen so some jerkoff in the newspaper can lead with a sentence like this:

" Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury fell down has he came onto the ice. The Red Wings would knock Fleury down there four more times."

Or you could just read [ Ron Cook's Column ]

Just be glad he got up quickly, avoiding a Little Giants pileup.


Buries It and Yzerman dropped the pucks for the ceremonial faceoff, and it was time.

Mario and Bing: Focused on the task at hand.
Yzerman and Lidstrom: Smiling for the camera.

The penultimate advocate of animal murdering got his 5 seconds of fame.

:::::::::::::::::: ANTHEMS :::::::::::::::::::

[Empty Netters]

[ Cmay and Damay ]

[ Dave S. ]

[ Jonny V. ]

[ Stinky Harry ]
WWGRD Baby's first loss of the season

[Big K]

[Double B]

[Brandon V]

[Cara F]

:::::::::::::::::: FIRST PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

The Pens pressed the action for the first couple shifts.
You look at the clock, and only 50 seconds was gone.

Fleury was called into action later rather than sooner, with a save on Zetterberg.

The camera pans to Detroit Coach Mike Babcock.
He looks like he needs a fix of heroin.
Chill out dude.

BGL wanted to drop with Darren McCarty.
But when you're paying off gambling debts, you can't afford medical bills.

The Red Wings started pressing more and drew a penalty on Letang.
All of a sudden, protecting your goalie is a penalty.
Jiri Hudler gets onto the Oscar ballot.

The even-up call came in short order.
Tomas Jokestrom puts the stick in Orpik's face, 'cause that's what veterans do.

During the 4-on-4, the Wings take their first run at Fleury.
Flopper drops the elbow on MAF, and he loses his mask.

The Red Wings kept coming after the penalties expired, but MAF was making the saves.
Pretty routine saves.

That's about when the Red Wings defensive scheme began taking hold.
The neutral zone became a mosquito net.

We got our first only sense of how many Pens fans were in attendance when ROOOOO was rained down when Ruutu blocked a shot.

Zetterberg, the best defensive forward ever born, gets messed with Hossa on the rush, and it resulted in the Pens heading the other way.
Detroit almost kills themselves when they see Osgood horribly out of position.
But the storm was weathered.

Nicklas Lidstrom heads to the box for hooking Ryan Malone.
Many hockey historians believe it is the first penalty ever called on Lidstrom.
Head Coach Mike Babcock is not happy.
It was time to set up shop for the Pens.

Besides a solid shot early on, the first minute was mud.
The rest of the PP was whatev.

Max Talbot drew another penalty, when some joke tripped him up.
The Pens were all business on the PP, but no dice.




Chris Osgood starts showing up.

Excuse me while I make the easiest save of my life.

And then it happens.
Lidstrom gets the puck, and roofs it on MAF.


Out of the corner of your eye, you see the ref.

Tomas Holmstrom doesn't know the rules.

Mistaking MAF for a 12-year-old boy, he touches him as he skates past.


"If an attacking player initiates any contact with a goalkeeper, other than incidental contact, while the goalkeeper is outside his goal crease, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed."

Head Coach Mike Babcock flips out.

Picture: Mike Babcock's wife beaches herself in protest of the call.
The whale's beaching and eventual death is approved by Red Wing fans.

The Pens head onto the PP for the interference.
We had to score here, since there was gonna be a makeup call on the way.

Kronwall introduced Malone to HockeyTown with a crushing hit.
Midget was there at the other end, helping the Wings kill their third consecutive PP.

Killed X 3

The USS Hal Gill headed to the box for high-sticking at the end of the period.
It wasn't looking good.
Everything was set for the Wings to score a demoralizing last-minute goal.

MAF was up to the task.
Talbot saves a sure goal by getting a piece of a cross-ice pass.
Great end to a great road period.

Aided by three power plays, the Pens headed into the intermission with a 12-11 shot advantage.
They would get 7 shots the rest of the way. Ouch.

:::::::::::::::::: SECOND PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

The Pens survived the rest of that USS Hal Gill penalty with relative ease.
The Wings were headed right back onto the PP when Bing slashes Rafalski's stick.

Somewhere in there, we saw a puck slide across the crossbar in between hitting both posts.

The Pens killed Bing's penalty, too.
The big detriment was Niklas Kronwall not being able to keep the puck in the zone.

If the Red Wings power play was supposed to get legit chances, we had yet to see it.

Malkin-Crosby were together after the PP, which was done in an effort to capitalize on the Wings' top guys going off the ice after the PP.

The Pens got out of PK mode, and the second period finally got interesting.
Both teams started getting their shots in.

Bing propels Pascal Dupuis on a semibreakaway.

Midget was there for a big stop.
It was the last chance the Pens would get in the period, and possibly in the game.

Flopper got a chance when an icing-to-be bounced right to him, but MAF was there.

And for some reason, everything changed.
The Wings went nuts and were in the Pens' zone longer than John C. Holmes.

That led to one of the worse line changes of the season, and the Pens get owned.
Mikael Samuelsson pops in NHL '95 and beats MAF on the wraparound.


The snowball had its chance to get rolling when the Pens headed to the box right after that.

Holmstrom had a solid opportunity on the PP, but he wasn't touching another man, and was thus unsuccessful.
The penalty was eventually killed.

Crosby/Malkin vs. Zetterbeg/Datsyuk came to fruition soon after.
Besides Hank taking a run at Bing fighting for the puck on the boards, nothing happened.

Talbot came in all business to hit Kronjoke, but joke got out of there just in time.

At the end of the period, Malkin was headed to the box for tripping.
No dice as the period came to an end.

The Red Wings would put their defensive gameplan into full force in the third period.

Imagine trying to do your high-school girlfriend in front of her parents.
That's pretty much what the Pens were gonna have to accomplish.

:::::::::::::::::: THIRD PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

The Wings didn't connect on their continued power play, but the blow came soon after.

Mikael Samuelsson drops acid and capitalized on a turnover.

You have to be kidding.

Now you had to ask your girlfriend's parents to get a camera and film it.

Interestingly, that's when the Pens started mounting their best pressure of the game.

But it's the Wings' gameplan to sit back and protect the weasel.
And the icing calls started piling up.

Father Time grudgingly got in his car and drove to the Joe as the period hit the 10:00 mark.
Off a quick face-off, Fiesta Mexicana was all cued up, but he hits the post.

As it got down to the nitty-gritty, the best defenseman in the world takes another penalty.
Last gasp for the Pens.
The puck floats out of the zone, and you see this dude stand up and point.

Picture: Red Wing fan Henry Ford IX tells Kris Draper he'll see him in the shower.

Dan Cleary shuts life down with a shorthanded goal.


MAF was out to lunch.

Ruutu jobs Samuelsson towards the end of the game, and the Wings jump on the PP.
Zetterberg runs it up. 4-0.


After the game a weird sign was seen in the sky...and Detroit's supply of FIJI water ran out.

  • Fail.
  • Another great game for Tyler Kennedy.
  • If you have the prediction the Pens would win in 6, you know they had to lose two games, right?
  • Something bad needs to happen to Kris Draper.
  • Almost done with Versus.
  • If Mikael Samuelsson is going to turn into Gary Valk, we want out now.
  • The Predators won two games. That's all we got.
  • [Hossa]

[ Glenn ]

The Baby Pens advanced to the Finals.
They will play the Chicago Wolves for the Cup.


17 years ago...
May 25, 1991.

Go Pens


I Have Kasparaitis said...

First!!! WOOOOO!!!

Nick Saia (usa) said...

gary roberts, your number shall be called.

dhudzin said...

You know, people were criticizing Therrien for his decision to not play GR, apparently to not twink with his winning lineup. I can understand the dissent. However, I'm starting to see his side, too. HCMT might have figured this first game might be a doozy, and what better way to spark the Pens than have a rabid, pissed off as hell Roberts in for game 2?

Dubs said...

someone needs to take out NiklASS Crondouche with a big open ice hit and set some tone Monday ...

eileenover said...

Our D needs to make sure they keep Holmstrom's ass out of Fleury's face from now on.

debrisslide said...

I was at work during this game and totally upset about it. My friend John text messaged me every time something happened until I could get home to watch the last half of the third. . .and I was near tears.

PENS IN 6. Seriously.

racheleyos said...

i dont even care right now. toodrunktoreadthepostblog but there are 3 games left and i know the pens will pull it out. cause that's what the season was about. i have faith. one lost means nothing.

Scott said...

dubs... thats a job for one person and one person only.


j.s.22 said...

Gary Roberts in for Game 2?

Yes or No?

millvalemauler said...

If anyone is worried at all, dont be. The penguins never got a chance to get together and look like the team they are. passing was off, neutral zone was a mess, we missed a lot of chances. This will not happen in game 2. It will be ours.

and by the way to all the fair-weather fans... quit being dicks. i went to the arena tonight it was nice for the most part, but a bunch of people just dont know hockey which is fine, but dont think you know hockey cos you shopped at dicks sporting goods last friday. i heard someone outside trying to start a here we go steelers chant... and had the mood been not so miserable i believe someone would of put him in the cobra clutch until we win against the patriots.

but on a better note, heres to all you who remember back in the day, even a few years ago... milan kraft was our golden boy... kaspar gave lindros like 3 concussions in one season, even the pre-hedberg days. these finals taste even sweeter.

this was long sorry, had a lot to get off my chest after tonight.

and im very happy mario's charity got a lot of money tonight.

TheNWChica said...

I say YES for Gary on Monday.

And go Spokane tomorrow!

Gronketh comment!

johnny said...

I stand by my call. Pens in 6. Jitters out of the way and we will be all business from here on out.

Fiesta Penguincana takes hold Monday at 8:14.

Also, as a Pitt football fan, I was always sensitive to the punchline of this joke, but it feels good to get to use a permutation of it: Nice of all those Detroit fans to come to the game dressed as empty seats! Douchebags.

racheleyos said...

at least 3 games left*

gary better effing play.

gnite cblog

freddy's mole said...


I really liked this line because that shit bothers me a lot. I can't believe their is a person at Versus that thinks they are doing a good job with the camera work by using that end-zone angle. Like you guys said earlier this season ... hockey isn't boring - use one camera angle during the action.

KJ said...

glad to see i'm not the only who isn't sleeping right now.

amazing how some people are taking this loss. my brother was trying to get me upset about it (he's a jobbing dallas fan) and i kept telling him its just one game and the pens didn't even look like themselves. no worries right now. of course for game 2 i'll have my paper bag to hyperventilate in.

as for gary, mr roberts, c'mon on down, i expect you to play in game 2.

KJ said...

oh yeah, as for the back of the net cam, totally agree. as we've figured out in the chat, its bad luck. we've always done poorly on it and i HATE it!

eileenover said...

Every time they switched to the camera behind the net my friends and I got mad. Good to know others find that annoying. Their camera work in general is just plain awful. Hell Stevie Wonder would be a better camera operator than those jokes. Goodnight.

J.S. said...

that recap was the toughest one to read.

The Dockers ad wasn't shown enough.

hossa-th! (almost sounds like Bryan Murray is saying it)

Jawsh said...


I agree with that way of thinking, HCMT is no dummy and probably knew that if there was a game where the pens might crap the bed it would be the first game, a combination of 1st game in the final, having game 1 on the road, and having forever and a week off since the flyers were vanquished. Its not a bad idea to keep Gary on the shelf so he can break him out for game 2 and use him as a human version of PCP to give to the pens.

That being said, I don't think the score was representative of most of the game.

Give them 4 pps in the first during game 2 and I'd wager you see different results.

8/10 times the fiesta won't pipe it.

The flower has given me no reason to think that he won't bloom so large the rest of the series that he covers the goal.

Osgood will not be unpregnable the entire series.

Bing will do something that makes everyone remember why 66 lets him stay under his roof.

Malkin will lick a frog.

Osgood will get Maloned. And American Syko will get in on the action.

The 4th line will have shifts where Detroit will say, "That was their forth line?!"

The other member of Sidlanta will be the fastest player on the ice. And make everyone wonder if Dupuis directed Hostel.

And Staal will score the biggest goal of the season.

1 game doesn't change a team, we've obsessively watched this team turn from an OK looking tractor trailer into Optimus Prime. We know what the can do, they know what they can do. Keep the faith.

Adrienne said...

Tonight's game was absolutely painful. However, I never once doubted that Detroit would win game 1 for this series.

The pens have the skill, but this was our first game (series) where we didn't have home ice advantage. Especially against a fan base like Detroit... This series is seriously going to be the war of goalies. I think we got games 2-4, Detroit gets 5 and we win game 6.

Mellon Arena was pretty fun for watching the game. 13-some odd thousand to watch it indoors. However, once we started to drop down to 2-0, 3-0 the arena started to clear out. Fuck the bandwagoners, but I can at least thank them for contributing to the franchise in hopes of being able to afford signing on Hossa.

Fuck Detroit. Now it's just a matter of waiting for Monday.

Let's go Pens. <3

J.S. said...

one more camera that needs to go: the one above the penalty boxes. If somebody is bringing the puck up the near boards, DO NOT SWITCH TO THAT ANGLE! IT ADDS NOTHING!!

I'm going back to bed


Jonny V said...

14,000+ at the Igloo, and I couldn't tell from the Jumbotron, but either there were lots of empty red seats at Joe Louis or their fans were rocking Wings away sweaters and red face paint. There was a couple tonight wearing their Detroit jerseys (McCarty and Yzerman) and boy did they get booed. We looked a bit rusty, had a few chances, didn't capitalize, blah blah blah.

Mr. Roberts for game two. With a goal. I'm calling it now.

KJ said...

johnny after they showed that soldier, who's one of the coolest pens fans, they showed some security guards guarding what looked to be a small part of section with about 10 empty seats. don't remember if it was close to the begin or end of a period (bathroom breakers or food hogs), but it was just weird.

sh0ez said...

WWGRD time.

Rough game. Keep the faith.

Detroit is for real.


paul said...

In a 7 game series, if we can win all of them at Mellon, which obviously we have done so far, we only have to win one on the road. Doesn't have to be game one, doesn't have to be game two, doesn't even have to be game five. We only have to win one.

That's what I'm telling myself til Monday, anyway.

VA Beach George said...

It sure sounded like the Detroit Public address guy mispronounced 87's first name when he introduced him to take the fake face-off. It sounded like he called him Steven Crosby or something like that. Anyone else catch it? If so, what's up with that?

Ironed Dockers said...

I won't even try and figure out why today didn't feel Game 1 of the SCF. After 16 years, finally back...and I couldn't even get into the game, I...I..I don't even know what to say.

Bottom line, this is gonna be a series where you'll be seeing and hearing the stat "The team who scores first has gone on to win every game in this series thus far." Get busy scoring first, or get busy dying.

- Not overly concerned at the end of the day, winning Game's 1 & 2 was a pipedream, splitting is a huge luxury, losing both will probably be an effective kick in the junk to get things going.

- In the minority but I like the rear view PP cam. NHL should do that zipline cam the NFL has, that would be a sick angle for PP's, breakaways and the like.

- MAF hasnt been tested all post-season. He finally was, he failed, and there's no reason to expect him to conjure the ability to stand on his head and play lights out for 60 mins.

- I'm sure nerves were a factor. Interested to see if HCMT can properly shift the mood and composure of the team over the course of the off day.

letsgopsu said...

@ rachele

1. If you don't read and respond I'll be pissed.

2. I agree with most of what you said.

@ IHKaspar

I am functioning enough to read what you said. I haven't read the post yet thought. I'll live though. Don't worry. There will be future jobbing. I was worried that the wings would have to much possession, and that's exactly what happened. If anybody is gonna be at the Mellon on Monday, let me know what's going on, I'll be sober tomorrow night unless somebody jobs me. Respond to me. I'll get back eventually. I haven't read the recap yet because I'm too drunk. I hope I don't wanna kill mhyself tomorrow. W/e. I'll figure something out eventually. Whoever is gonna be at the Mellon tomorrow let me know!!!

I wanna meet up with whoever is gonna chill at the Mellon on Monday. Make plans during this post. I'll adhere to them.

Talk to you guys tomorrow afternoon most likely.


letsgopsu said...

Oh yeah, IHKaspar, you got first, badass. I'll see you tomorrow. Seriously. I'm messed up. Get me tomorrow. I'm worried about his series though. If the series is like this second period, we're fucked. We gotta make sure we get this cup.

Let's get the split.

If not, I am so getting this winter classic sweater signed and having Crosby sign it and hanging it in my house. Gotta love connections.


Dr. T.

You'll like this news. I just got hired at Kennywood. I'll get back at you homies tommorow afternoon.

Peace homies.


wilsmith said...

Not worried.

onesizedrummer said...


but more and more it became



letsgopsu said...


jefe said...

It sure sounded like the Detroit Public address guy mispronounced 87's first name when he introduced him to take the fake face-off. It sounded like he called him Steven Crosby or something like that. Anyone else catch it? If so, what's up with that?

yeah someone on the VS postgame mentioned that so i rewound that shit and sure enough that guy said steven crosby. the guy was slurring other words too. what a douche.

debrisslide said...

See, I just came back to this post after (unsuccessfully) trying to sleep and I realized that the main reason I was angry was because it upset the predictions that buddies+I came up with on Friday.

We predicted:
game 1 - narrow win
game 2 - crushing loss
game 3 - crushing win
game 4 - narrow win
game 5 - even-split loss
game 6 - vicious OT win

Now I have to rearrange the whole thing, because obviously it suddenly makes no sense that I even considered it.

I'm new to commenting, btw, so like. . .don't hate me. Hi!

CFA Angels said...

Don't despair, PensNation. It's a long series. No, I didn't like losing 4-0 either, but we're only down 1-9. The Pens will come back with something much better on Monday.

Pensblog Staff said...

New commentors are welcomed with open arms.
Too tired right now to go back and check who said what...

But we were talking about the zip-line cam earlier this season, and the numerous times the puck is lifted into the air wouldn't make that NFL cam feasible.
It would still be sick, though.

Regardless, they could switch to a camera showing two monkeys licking themselves if it brings a guarantee of a goal. Just let us see the replay.

We thought we heard Moses announce Crosby's name wrong, too.
The announcer must be Wolf Blitzer.

No idea what was going on when they put the camera on that security guard. It was a comical end to a very heartwarming story...and a war story that may have hit closest to home for a lot of fortunate Pens fans who don't have loved ones overseas.

We won't bash bandwagoners in posts and stuff, 'cause they're just having a good time and chances are they aren't commenting.
But you gotta think there's some extra leg room on the wagon after last night.

For the Mark Twains in attendance, the recap has been proofread.

Go Pens.
Hacksaw is chomping at the bit.

Stilly said...

Obviously if there are people hyperventilating after a game one loss... on the road... against the best team in the NHL in the regular season... with the best +/- stats in the history of hockey... Then they aren't paying attention, and must not be too knowledgeable about sports in general.

This team will find its stride. They have to. We'll win game two, get this split and head back to Mellon. Like most have predicted, Pens in 6. That means we'll have to lose twice. I guess going up 3-0 in every series isn't happening this year.. haha

xuscbausp said...

funny you mention the bandwagon haha. brought that up in cblog last night. i don't think we're fortunate enough for them to jump off now, though.

monday determines what last night meant. hacksaw, we need you

M. Vanderlasser said...

Solid re-cap, guys.

Do you think that HCMT will change who dresses for Monday based on last night's game?

...and what do you think of HCMT's tendency to fiddle with lines during the game? Does that bring a needed spark or does that dork up the chemistry that the established lines have created?


Augie Zybynski -Editor said...

Screw you Edzo, if your ass was on the bench and that goal was allowed you'd have got so hot your Brylcreme would've made steam.
Hey Versus, you suck so bad I wouldn't be surprised if the entire two minutes of the next Pen's power play is covered by the goal cam in Fleury's net.

Max Talbot. I really like you but you don't need to tell anyone that your team can "play with these guys".....duh, and, if you really did "laugh" at the MAF Youtube fodder falling on his ass in front of two million people debacle, then it's time for some introspection.
That shit was embarrassing, not funny at all, unless you're a Wings fan.

Fleury29 said...

I was watching the game at my aunt-in-law's house and I didn't get to see the third (which I was sort glad about after seeing the 0-4 score.)

I think the Pens loss can be chalked up to nerves and sort of feeling the Red Wings out. It's completely understandable.

Pens'll figure it out, win the next three, lose game five in Detroit and then win game six and The Cup.

Have I mentioned I'll be in Pittsburgh for game six? Possibly in Civic Arena?

The Pens have to lose two so that Fleury29, Boy of Destiny, can witness the Penguins win The Stanley Cup in person. Sucks that it had to be the first game but whatev.

Gary Roberts is going to play with an intensity you have never seen before. This series is going to be great!

dying alive said...

Three points:

1) Agreed on the behind the net camera angles. It's impossible to tell what's going on.

2) What in the holy hell is the obsession with standing up and waving at the TV cameras during play that fans in the Joe seem to have? Every time I see a Detroit home game, those clowns are doing it all game long. STOP IT.

3) Pens in six.

Hip said...

The good:
JS apparently had a solid first date.

The bad:
Bing Crosby was replaced by someone named Steve.

The ugly:
MAF eating a snow cone. Off the ice.

Last night was last night. Over.

Regroup because the party restarts Monday night and you better be ready.

PS - If Max can laugh at MAF and get him to laugh it off too, that's exactly what we need right now.

Hip said...

PPS - BNG it's now occurred to me that if you txted so late, then me txting so early today probably woke you guys up.


sdcsimmons said...

I'd love to see #10 come in too, but the big question is who sits?

Adam Hall? He was our best faceoff guy and wins a lot of those all important ones down in the defensive zone while on the PK.

R2? This might be it. More based on him not having a role on special teams and he wasn't getting much ice time after the second looked like HCMT moved Max up to his spot on the third line a few shifts.

Hip said...

@sdcsimmons - yeah, I was saying the same thing last night. You can't sit Hall at this point - he was solid and his faceoff prowess is huge. Ruuuuutu is the obvious choice.

I am STUNNED by the PPG headline - Samuelsson is an ex-Pen? Honestly, you think Versus could have informed me of that.

Also, a quote from Babcock re: Franzen - "If we keep sending him to doctors, pretty soon we'll find someone who will shut him down for his life." You know what asshole, if that's what needs to happen in order to ensure his quality of life, then that's what needs to happen. There are some things bigger than hockey douchebag.

Lady Jaye said...

It's okay WWGRD baby, we didn't expect you to win all your games.

I am a Pens in 6 person but it still sucks to see them lose. :) I think that was game 1 jitters, and they'll overcome it. They have overcome every loss they've had in the playoffs thus far. There's nothing to show me that they can't.

I wonder how many people tried to band wagon jump off a bridge after last night.

Hip said...

Shit - another PPPS - sorry all.
I won't post anymore for a bit, promise.

Why wasn't the play whistled dead right when MAF lost his helmet? That is utterly disgraceful IMO. You can't have a goalie out there with no helmet.

J.S. said...

I agree with Hip. If MAF was able to laugh it off, then I have no problem with Tal-bot laughing. It's easy to laugh when things go your way, but not everybody has that ability to laugh at something embarrassing, especially if you're the person involved.

Christina said...

like aerosmith said....
"you've got to lose to know how to win"

i said on friday i wouldn't be at all surprised or disappointed if they lost Game 1 - all i'm asking of these first two games is a split.

The Seeker said...

@ va beach george

I heard the PA guy say Steven Crosby too!

Get someone that can READ?

Not only did you hear RUUUUUs from the Pens faithful, but you could definitely hear a Let's Go Pens chant at least once.

Matthew J, said...

I'm surprised.... no mention of the Joke Detroit PA Announcer calling him "Steven Crosby" for the ceremonial puck drop???

Embarrassing for Detroit.

Jimmy Hugs said...

All I have to say can be summed up in a quote from Mad Max:

"This is my flower. I love him."

Ok, I have more to say.

alreadybeensaidamilliontimesblog - The wangs got their game going early and didn't run out of gas as I had hoped. The Pens seemed to feel the pressure and were making sloppy passes and bad decisions with the puck.

jerseyblog - I think I'm sticking with Fleury for game 2, but I might have to go with 66. Thoughts?

barblog - pretty good turnout last night. I only heard 3 or 4 people cheer for the wangs, but most of the bar groaned when they scored. I also met a woman from Johnstown who just happened to be on vacation and wanted to watch the game. Small world.

Good day to you all.

The Seeker said...

Had the Pens buried their excellent chances in the 1st when they should have, this game would have taken a completely different direction...

The Dead Wings would not have been able to go into their protection mode with the lead.

Missed golden opportunities:

Hossa crossbar
Crosby bank shot
Dupuis break
Hossa redirect of Crosby pass

Brett said...

I'm probably alone in this.

But I actually like the behind-the-net wide-angle shot during the powerplay, as long as they keep the shot there the whole time. It kinda gives you a goalie-view of things, and I was able to more appreciate placement of shots, set-up plays and screening timing. That's just me though.

FireFox said...

Gary Roberts needs to be in the lineup for game 2. This isn't because of the obsession we all have for him. This isn't because of WWGRD or how he can count to infinity twice. It is becuase the man will go out and give everything has got in him and then a little more. He will burn himself out and end his career to help the Pens win if he needs to. Hitting was what we were missing yesterday and Gary hits and hits hard. HAVE to play Roberts.


Predsboy18 said...

Rather than calling Osgood "midget" might I recommend Elroy Jetson. Take a look at the two of them side-by-side, and you'd swear they were twins!

Also, No-good would work!

Predsboy18 said...

Oh, by the way, being a Preds fan, I have to see these bastards 8 times a year (and then the Playoffs) and this is the shit they pull. (Thank you Bettman!! ass) they score one, and LOCK IT DOWN. The reason we succeeded in taking 2, was that we forced them to play their own game, rather than succumbing to their trap, the Preds continued to pressure, and it got us 2 W''s. And this from a team that was CLEARLY not as talented as the Wings! Just play their style, cram it back at em, and the Pens will finally break their spirit!


MizzPenz said...

Not worried at all. Kinda thought that was the way last nights game was going to go. Sure would have been nice if it went the other way, but now it's down to business.

They keep repeating the "who wins the Cup if they win the first game" bullshit. Just remember that we lost the first game in '91.

And that was at home.

The Seeker said...

@ predsboy18

We tend to do the same thing with the the lead. Unfortunately, we didn't gain that lead when we should have with all those missed chances early on. Until their first goal, I thought the Pens were doing great.

It's nice to have you here by the way!

Flyer Hater said...

Pens aren't making the playoffs

The Seeker said...

With all this hockey talk, we've forgotten that this is Memorial Day weekend....

Don't forget the thank a veteran or person in uniform for their service to their Country!

We couldn't be enjoying the thrill of being in the SCF if it wasn't for the greatest Americans...those in uniform!

Thanks to ALL servicepeople active and inactive as well as those heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave all!

Predsboy18 said...


Thanks, been along for the ride, and I'm lovin it!

Just keep in mind that yes, this was Game 1, perhaps the Wings "experience" (read: age) was a benefit, and probably the Pens were a bit TOO excited, but even the Preds won 5 against these guys! 3-3-2 in the season, and 2-4 in the playoffs. And all that from a team that was supposed to be at the bottom of the standings! The Pens are a LOT better than the Preds, and will win in 6! Finally the Pens will get to raise the Cup in the Igloo!!


The Seeker said...

Gotta love your style and optimism predsboy!

With the powers vested in me by Gary Roberts, I hereby pronounce you an honorary Pittsburgher / Pens Fan ;-)

(just begin saying "yinz" in place of "ya'll" and you'll fit right in!)

racheleyos said...

fuck the red wings


Jimmy Hugs said...

Best Pittsburgh sports montage ever.

Clicky Thingy

Bing whipping a Terrible Towel around = my favorite

Predsboy18 said...

Ya'll was exorcised from my speech LONG ago! ha ha ha

I'm trying to throw a few yinz's in there. I am already saying "dahn," so I'm on my way there n'at.

I appreciate the honorary title, and hoping to come back up there for the victory parade in a couple weeks. ;)


PaulinMiamiBeach said...

Why wasn't the play whistled dead right when MAF lost his helmet?

I was wondering the same thing. That warrants an instant whistle. I wonder if the rule is something about which team has the puck, like the "net is off" know, if the Pens have the puck and are going up ice with it they don't want to rob them of the offensive opportunity, and the goalie would have time to put his mask back on.

If that's the rule, I don't agree with it - all it takes is a quick turnover at the blue line and a one timer slapshot and the guy is freaking dead.

Sportstunner said...

If the Pens lose Monday, it's a quick series.

I also don't get how anyone can say the Pens had pressure in the 3rd when they got a measley 3 shots and 7 in the final two. Thats not going to win you anything.


The Seeker said...

"I wonder if the rule is something about which team has the puck"

Yep....the moment a Wing would have touched the puck, the play would have been called dead (if Fleury hadn't gotten his mask back on in time and set-up again in the crease).

TheNWChica said...

I facepalmed when Fleur hit the deck hard; but when I watch it again, I have to admit, I laugh my ass off. Poor Fleur...

I hope that Max did talk to him after the game over a couple of beers, give him a hug, and build him back up.

@jawsh: WORD!

And everyone that thought you heard Steven Crosby, yeah...all of us here at CblogChatblog heard that too; so Sid=Bing=Steve and I think I'm going to refer the captain as such from now on. We were also wondering if the Staff might have some Steve shirts to go alongside the Bing ones. lol

Anyway, I'm ready for tomorrow night and really think HCMT should sit Jakke for Lord Gary.

Go Pens! And GO CHIEFS! DO IT!

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

whoa! the rule is the complete opposite of common sense:

When a goalkeeper has lost his helmet and/or face mask and his
team has possession of the puck, the play shall be stopped
immediately to allow the goalkeeper the opportunity to regain his
helmet and/or face mask. When the opposing team has possession of
the puck, play shall only be stopped if there is no immediate and impending scoring opportunity. This stoppage of play must be made
by the Referee.

they'd LET PLAY CONTINUE if there were a scoring opportunity?! wtf kind of arse-backwards rule is that? that's just asking for a guy to end up in the hospital or worse.

letsgopsu said...

I'm looking back at my posts from last night, and I don't even know what I was trying to say. Power hours are fun, lol.

J.J. said...

@ Dying Alive

"2) What in the holy hell is the obsession with standing up and waving at the TV cameras during play that fans in the Joe seem to have? Every time I see a Detroit home game, those clowns are doing it all game long. STOP IT."

That's a pet peeve of mine too, DA. It's not limited only to fans at the JLA though.

That was the most nervous first period I've experienced as a Wings fan in this postseason. The Pens team speed was very impressive, downright scary.

Please don't misunderstand my intentions with the following question. I'm not trying to be a jobber here, but was that the real high trap that the Penguins run? I mean, I know what the trap is supposed to look like, but it did not seem like the Wings were having too many problems moving through it. I will admit that it was effective a few times; I am certainly not used to watching Zetterberg get caught from behind in the neutral zone. However, were the Pens just out of position or what?

racheleyos said...

letsgopsu - what did u drink during your power hour?

letsgopsu said...

@ rachele

Me and 3 other guys killed 4 cases in about an hour and a half last night. Details are fuzzy. I'm pretty sure I was doing the power hour plus drinking my own beer separate from that. All I know is that I did not wanna leave my bed.

Last night was a fun time.

racheleyos said...

lol. that's hilarious.... it was hard for me to keep my buzz last night since my friend who turned 21 was out of control and ended up punching her boyfriend in the mouth. then the pens lost during that. buzzkillblog.

Beav said...

I'm a little disappointed that there has been no Jo(k)e Louis Arena photo shop job yet

coffeytalk said...

the gary roberts bat signal is the greatest thing alive!

we need to make a real one. anyone at cmu feel like messing with some lights. and robots. cmu is run by robots.

yesterday just didn't feel like a great day. i have been so excited for the game all week and i woke up just not feeling it. i was half hungover from gary roberts' birthday then i went to see the new indiana jones movie. MISTAKE.


Gabriel said...

@ Dying Alive

Most people feel that way about the idiots who stand to wave at the camera. It happens in a few arenas like the Joe where the camera angles are lower. But in terms of fan behvaior, what I don't get are the retards who get ice level seats just so they can bang on the glass when the players come close. It's like a monkey attacking its reflection in the mirror. What's the point, other than to say "Hey Lidstrom, look at me, I'm an idiot."

And have to agree with Predsboy on the "midget" reference. It's not that I'm annoyed by it (as a Wings fan), it's just that it's really far more appropriate for Hudler.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Jawsh: American Psycho is one of my fav. movies ... Christian Bale = Beast.

@letsgopsu: Well, it seems as though you made it ... have fun with your hangover, buddy. *laughs* Try drinking a lot of water and orange juice ... also, bread is good... that usually takes away any alcohol-induced issues for me ...

@jimmy hugs: That video is awesome ... I have chills watching that video.

@coffeytalk: How did you like the new Jones movie?

In the Penguins Organization I Trust!

coffeytalk said...


HATED the new Indy movie. HATED IT.

Brandon said...

For anyone that thinks the Mellon is an awful place to watch a game, they likely have never been to Joe Louis Arena. I've been in minor league arenas that were nicer, one narrow concourse, bathrooms smaller than that of a high school gym, the list goes on and on.

That said, almost all Detroit fans were very friendly with all the Pens fans before the game (there were a lot of us, we just happened to be spread out in the upper level.)

There were a few drunks empowered by winning that were yelling at us all at the end of the game. We reminded them that if they actually bought tickets they could be celebrating winning instead of trying to pick fights with Pens fans. That and the fact that the area outside the Joe smelled of worse shit than Andy Dufresne's crawl to freedom, or the Pens power play last night.

It's not over yet.

letsgopsu said...

@ IHKaspar

Don't worry, the hangover has been long gone. I go to Penn State, the first thing I learned there was how to properly nurse a hangover. If you don't figure out how to nurse a hangover there, you go out on Thursday and then you're out of commission for Friday and Saturday. Thanks for the thoughts though. I just hope Monday night isn't a repeat of last night...

PensFanFromWI said...

Looks to me like Yzerman has a mancrush on someone ...


further proof>

Dr. Turkleton said...

I ♥ Steve Yzerman

[sorry Whit, you're #2]

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@coffeytalk: Really? What was so bad about it? Did Shia kill the movie?

@letsgopsu: Yeah, I can job you now that you are out of hangoverblog ...

@PensFanFromWI: It seems as if he doesn't even care about Lidstrom ... "Oh yeah, you're captain of my old team, yeah, good luck and stuff. Hey, Sid, don't let anyone tell you that your mustache isn't great. It works for you ... you were a fan of me, really? Well, Sid, I always kinda liked you ..." Look at the 2nd picture ... 66 kills with the eye contact on that handshake.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Wooo ... I was comment #87, looks like I'm having a good day ...

Dr. Turk: Whit thinks Yzerman is a media whore ...

coffeytalk said...


if i tell you why i hated it, it would ruin the story for you.

avoiding the *spoiler alert*.

but yes, shia LaBlah was annoying as usual, the CGI really bothered me, and I want to erase it from my memory completely.

BlacknGold66 said...

-I basically waited all day to read FH's "The Pens aren't making the playoffs." comment.

-@Hip: Nope, we were actually already up and moving around this morning. Don't ask why because I was dead tired.

-I was over that game as soon as the final horn sounded. There couldn't have been a bigger "Whatev" game for me this post-season minus Philly's one win.

-Seeker: You've hit the nail on the head with every comment today. Especially the Veteran's one. Thank you.

Dr. Turkleton said...


Congrats on the K-Wood hire...

did you get hired by Joe Baron? [I don't even know if he still works there or not, but he is/was the epitome of Kennywood: he knew EVERYONES first & last name from ANY year they worked there...I'd bet if you mentioned my name + Thunderbolt, he could tell you stories without hesitation]

Now, we're talkin' 15 years ago...but the after work parties [either K-Wood sponsored or not] were killer....most nights, we'd just go down to homestead to Chiodo's & drink the night away [Mystery Meat Sandwiches™ & pitchers of whatever on their back porch with all the grape vines...too bad that place is gone], then get up at the crack of dawn the next day to play in the K-Wood softball league before work started [man, how did I survive those times?]

Dude, I have enough stories to tell about that place, that would BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!....maybe if you're not working, and at tailgateblog this Saturday...I can share a few with you...

here's a tip:

If they still have 'Sweeperettes' there....get on their good side - not, I repeat, DO NOT PISS THEM OFF!!!

and if they still allow free access to Sandcastle for K-Wood employees, take advantage of that as well [for all the right & wrong reasons you can think of]

ahhh......Kennywood Memories!!!!!


Colin said...

@ m.vanderlasser -

I can't figure out how I feel about HCMT's line shuffling. First of all I am not a HCMT basher and obviously not an NHL coach, but my gut feeling is that it is a bad thing. You have spent weeks and in some cases months building chemistry with your teammates and then throw it out the window. I understand if you want to get a spark, but I just dont think Syko will instantly fit with Sid and Hoss (and TK on the second line as well). I think if you want a spark, you start rolling your top two / three lines. It is the biggest game of the season and you are going to throw out players who don't know the intricacies of their linemates game?

I don't know, that is just my gut feeling and you know what, next game Sid, Gino and Hoss might be out there and score the GWG and that will prove what I know.

I think it is important to remember something that has been stressed all year long on this blog.

Don't get too high, don't get too low. Make a few adjustments to counter the wings puck possession, cust down on the long cross ice passes and w ewill be fine.

Go Pens!

Hip said...

Roberts to replace BGL.


I Have Kasparaitis said...

Thanks, Coffeytalk. I was going to go see it this week, but I heard a bunch of mixed reviews. I will see it eventually, but I won't spend the money at the movie theater. I liked Indiana Jones and Harrison Ford way too much not to at least see it once ... people make fun of Sid's inability to grow facial hair, but looking at Shia it seems like he has slightly more problems with his ...

Hip said...

new line combos

I like dropping Dupuis, but I hate seeing the Malkin/Malone/Sykora line busted up.

Colin said...

Did anyone know about Detroit's lively boards before the game? I thought the puck was boucning around like crazy and were obviously a factor on Cleary's goal.

racheleyos said...

@hip - im glad to see gary hopefully going in for BGL. Detroit is too quick for him to be playing. The flyers changed their lines in game 4...seemed to work for them that game. but we also looked that bad lol. so it should be interesting if that's what therrien is going to keep for tomorrow.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Hip: I just read that as well.

I actually like the sounds of those lines.

Toss Speady Max up there with Geno and Sykie.

Then you have Malone to work the crease while Sid and Hossa run circles around the rinkz.

Big Staal centering the energy line with Kennedy and Dupuis.

"It's just crazy enough to work."

letsgopsu said...

@ Dr. T

Yeah, it was Joe Baron that hired me.

@ IHKaspar

People don't think about Shia's inability to grow facial hair because they are too busy thinking about his inability to act.

And I was thinking, I wish I could make a montage of my drunken moments to a ridiculous 80s song and post it on youtube for you guys to see. The song would have to be one of the following:

1. "Hungry Like the Wolf" - Duran Duran

2. "Come On Eileen" - Dexy's Midnight Runners


3. "Don't Stop Me Now" - Queen

Now the Queen song could be either 70s or 80s, but I'll consider it 80s without looking it up because it has all of the essential qualities of a ridiculous 80s song.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I'm gonna have to have a talk with both of them!!!!!

I missed a golden opportunity to meet meet my idol:

A couple years after I finished playing hockey at WVU [1988-1991] there was a player on the team that was somehow related to Bryan Trottier [Trotts even did an Owens Corning™ Ad that was on the back of the WVU Program...skating in WVU garb...funny stuff] Trotts invited some WVU players up to the PIT v. DET of my former roommates that was still on the team went up to that game & afterwards they all went into the PIT & DET locker rooms...My old roomie called me up afterwards & told me he was trying to get in touch with me to invite me because he knew how much I'd enjoy meeting Yzerman....but, couldn't reach me. [WHERE WERE DAMN CELL PHONES / GORE BACK THEN!!!!!]...So, I had to hear his stories of how he got to BS with Yzerman & others while they were hanging around waiting to leave the locker room to board the bus....

Maybe I'll try and, see him up in DET tomorrow...

I've been wearing my Yzerman jersey kinda get a reverse-karma thing going!!!!!

Hip said...

@BNG - yeah I thought about it for a few minutes and I do kinda like it. Could be the mixup we need.

We gotta hold the phone until Monday and see what we got.

Go Pens.

NHL Jeff said...

"Roberts to replace BGL." -hip

Exactly waht I was thinking. They need Roberts in there, and BGL, while I love having him as a Pen, just can't skate with these guys.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Hip: HCMT doesn't consult me or I would have told him to keep Chem. line as is, but after I heard his post-game interview, I have just as much faith in him as I did before the puck dropped. Therrien obviously has ideas which usually work, but Therrien knows how to do it ... if he thinks this will spark some goals and better play than by all means juggle away!

@Dr. Turk: Oh man, that would have been awesome ... while I'm "trying to meet" Malone, maybe we can join forces and "try to meet" Yzerman and Bugsy.

@letsgopsu: Nice burn and it wasn't on me ... [smiles]

I Have Kasparaitis said...

News Alert!!

Did anyone go on Empty-netters? They have a picture of a guy wearing a Gary Roberts jersey from the Maple Leafs and he crossed out the #10 and then put a sign the said Detroit in 4 over Roberts name ... that man is going to hell.

Dr. Turkleton said...


those new lines look matter what the lines, their game plan better change a bit or Mario could center Stevens & Jagr & it wouldn't make a difference...

I like that HCMT & staff are being proactive rather than resting on their laurels [like Stevens did in the Philly series until it was too late]

I would also like to see 2 distinct PP units instead of his All-Eggs-In-One-Basket approach [which is fine if down by a goal or two & looking to generate some O]

I think a dump-&-chase should be implemented more with DET stacking 3 across the blueline & their not retreating playing a Paul Coffey style of D...

Dump & beat them to the puck with speed....puck possession, puck possession, puck possession......

[Hossa: did I mention puck possession?]

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Dr. Turk, I think we killed c-blog ...

Here's an inspirational song for yinz and a c-blog favorite ...

Carroll said...

Dr T - memorial cup final starting now. Spokane vs. Kitchener.

Dr. Turkleton said...


thx for the heads up...almost forgot with Indy 500, Pirates & Golf on....

today would be a good day to have picture in picture in picture....

[Hossa: thinking in triplicate for some reason today]

BlacknGold66 said...


I'm officially fired up for Game 2!!

Let's Go Pens!!!

Jonny V said...

Seeker, thanks for remembering the holiday. To those interested, they're having a Memorial weekend war movie-a-thon on AMC.

More thoughts on the game...

As staff pointed out, we haven't played the Wings since early last season. We needed to develop a healthy hate for them, which is pretty much what got us through each series. We burned Ottawa for what they did to us last year in the playoffs. We burned the Rangers amid Sid's a diver we're New York we're supposed to have greatness heaped upon us. We torched Philly, because, well, they're Philly (Exhibit A being Geno's slapshot goal against Biron). Gary will show them what it takes in game two. He's chomping at the bit in the worst way.

Even though the last series only went 5 games, it still had to be emotionally draining.

Jason Bay just won us another game in extra innings. I'm going to miss him when he's gone...

Annie said...

Damn, the schedule said Mario Lemieux's Top Ten Goals were gonna be first.


Thank you IHK - Dream On never fails to give me chills.

And since I think we need a laugh as well, here's some funny things:

Feds tells Shanahan what he really thinks of him
Fake hockey awards show from 1990
Funny sound effects/dubbing
Some bloopers

Now I think I'm going to watch The Magnificent One.

jefe said...

i kinda like the behind the net camera angle sometimes. those shots come right at ya. well, at least dupuis' do since he couldnt hit the net yesterday.

oh this is good my buddy just txtd me a bbq invite at his house tomorrow night. i dont think so!

welcome back, roberts.


go pens.

Jonny V said...

I think they're getting better at following the passing on the behind the net cams, and I think it'd be a sweet angle to see when somebody actually scores a goal.

And almost forgot, take an extra 15 bucks with you when you go to the games at the Igloo and go to Pens Station. I got the 2008 Stanley Cup patch on my jersey last night, they put it on right outside of the shop.

The Pens lost every game 1 en route to the Stanley Cup in 1991.

hattrick16 said...

The Pens Blog is absolutely correct in regards to the behind the net cam during powerplays. I hate it. You can't see anything develop and the camera is so close it has to swivel so much that you can't follow the play. Powerplays and penalty kills are nerve wrecking enough, that stupid camera doesn't help.

I also cannot stand the announcers. If Olcyk knows so much about hockey why isn't he still coaching?

Why doesn't anyone ever call Kronwell for leaping through the air on every open ice hit he makes?!?!?!

Stoosh said...,blog...

Conversation this morning between myself and the lovely Nancy Stoosh as we were heading home from my softball games (8:00 AM):

Nancy Stoosh: I wanna see a movie tonight. Let's go see a movie at the drive-in (Dependable Drive-In in Moon Twp.).

Me: OK...what do you want to see?

Nancy Stoosh: What about that new Indiana Jones movie?

Me: I don't know. I've heard bad things. Coffeytalk from the Pensblog said it sucked.

Nancy Stoosh: OK, then we'll wait for that to hit pay-per-view.

See, Coffeytalk? You're saving us from a bad movie experience tonight. We're either going to see "Narnia" or we're going to sit through "Baby Mama" and then watch "Ironman", which doesn't start until 10:50. I hope to hell I can stay awake.

Shia LeBarf ruined "Transformers", and for a movie that was never intent on winning an Oscar for a script, that's really saying something.

Stoosh said...

I like the new line combos.

They need to do something to get Malkin out of this funk he's in, and maybe bringing Max's speed to that line will help.


Madden was talking about the idea of Max eventually settling in as a top six winger on this team as opposed to a fourth-line center over the next year or so. A lot will depend on what happens in free agency, but with Malone, Dupuis and Hossa all pending free agents, Max may be a fit there. He's got a good scoring touch, and unlike Christensen, he would actually embrace the winger position if HCMT asks him to move there. He already brings the speed and forechecking necessary to play that position in Lord Therrien's system. Just something to keep an eye on this summer.


Love Malone on Sid's line. Still brings the same crash-ability as Dupuis with a little less speed. But Malone can finish. Dooopweee is having a hard time finding the net right now.

How relentless is that third line going to be with Kennedy and Dooopweeee now? Holy crap. Hopefully that opens up space for Staal.

roachai said...

game 2 lines...

Sidney Crosby, Ryan Malone, Marian Hossa

Evgeni Malkin, Max Talbot, Petr Sykora

Jordan Staal, Tyler Kennedy, Pascal Dupuis

Adam Hall, Gary Roberts, Jarkko Ruutu

Carroll said...

@ dr turk - Kit 1 - Spok 1 after first.

Beside 2 nice goals you might have missed the following commercials: Timbit hockey, Gatorade, RBK edge uniform...then Master Card, Bridgestone tire, Mission hockey stick (with Hossa/tucker, and someone else) and then lastly an insurance commercial.

Obviously they do not have many sponsors as the order of the commercials don't even change.

I would take a dockers commercial at this point. I know Steve (I mean Sid) is a former CHL player but enough is enough...thankfully he only has 3 commercials out right now.

Carroll said...

linechangeblog: I like the look of those lines.

Malone already knows how to handle Sid's passes so maybe he'll be able to bury some of them. The other lines have been changed to generate some extra speed. Hoping that these changes work on Monday.

Can't wait for game 2!!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Looks like Franzen's trying to come back and play ... he was cleared by doctors, he better hope they aren't the ones that treated Timonen or he might be playing like shit ...

@carroll: Thanks for the updates! I want Spokane to win ... I was rooting for Kit. last game but then they dominated and I felt bad for Bell. ... chica would be proud.

Dupuis hasn't been looking very strong lately and that won't work for 1st line material ... Bugsy has played frequently with Sid, so they'll connect fine; Bugsy can fit in with practically anyone so they'll be fine. A little weird to have Talbot w/ Sykie and Geno. The way Talbot fights for his team will make him fine for the spot, though.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@stoosh said:

heading home from my softball games (8:00 AM)

HOLY COW!!! [/Phil Rizzuto]

with today's sunrise at 5:55a...

were you playing under the lights to start game 1 or was the 10-run run invoked at some point during said game(s)?...


sounds like a good game so far...every time I flip over from PGA & Sr. Golf...there's a commercial [California Soul?] on OR the male version of Chris Simpson on Sportsnet is interviewing somebody...

probably watch the 3rd period while I clean [you were right about Friday!!!!!]

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Remember the guy who did the Ruutu song? And how Potash said Sid didn't have a song named after him ... wrong ... the same creator of the Ruutu song made Sid the Kid's on fire.

J.S. said...

@ihavekaspar, are you sure that was a Roberts jersey?

click me

KJ said...

i love the sausages commercial

KJ said...

also, if you go to the shanny-feds commercial, on the side is an interview with shanny (i think its the 2nd one and he may be holding a sax) i think that's the one where he talks about craig janney being a great we know why

Carroll said...

dr t/ihk - kit 1-spo 3 start of third period.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@js: Hmm ... let me check ... I don't know ... EN said it was a Roberts jersey and they took the picture with their camera. Maybe they took the picture and assumed it was Roberts ... which is still my fault because I didn't make sure the numbers were correct. My bad. (Doesn't Steen wear that number now?) I think Roberts wore 10 in Calgary, though ... my bad, once more.
Then, why was that guy wearing a crossed out Maple Leafs jersey?

Carroll said...

chica - congratulations! Spokane wins 4-1.

dazzy said...

Ugh, what a game. I was half in the bag by the puck drop, so I missed the Steve Crosby bit. Who pays these people, seriously?

Jawsh: The ok looking tractor trailer into Optimus Prime comment is why I love this place. Giant Alien Robots for the win!

Also, the murderer pic in the recap is solid gold, dudes. I laughed out loud.

And I HOPE that Max and the others were laughing at Fleury/getting Fleury to laugh at himself. Because if you can't laugh off shit like that, the pressure gets pretty intense pretty quickly. This team is all about taking the piss out of each other, that was just more fodder.

Add me to the growing number that is pumped for game two. Let's go Pens!

The Seeker said...

Mr Roberts Sir did wear #7 when he played for the Leafs.

JYo said...

I also like the line changes. I don't think the Wings are a dirty team, so there is no need for BGL's presence on the ice anyway.

I would also like to see 2 distinct PP units instead of his All-Eggs-In-One-Basket approach

I disagree with this. I think a good PP unit should see the first 1:15-1:30 of any PP and a second unit can mop up if there is no scoring. If you split up Malkin and Sid, one of them is off the ice too much. Even if the time is split in half, I think you are limiting each of their PP opportunities too much. If you have a game where you are getting a lot of chances on the PP and need to split things up, then fine, roll two units. However, in most games, those chances aren't going to be coming in hand over fist and each one needs to be taken as if it were the last. I like the idea of throwing everything you have at them in the short period of time where you have the advantage. Anyway, I think they can put out a pretty formidable second unit even with the top unit loaded up.

sexymexyjeffy said...

Holy shit the memorial cup just.....exploded

Canada = stunned

jefe said...

leafs that wore #10

Syl Apps, George Armstrong, John Anderson, Glenn Anderson, Peter Bellefeuille, Bill Berg, Vince Damphousse, George Ferguson, Ron Francis, Aaron Gavey, Butch Keeling, Ted Kennedy, Don Metz, Zdenek Nedved, Eric Pettinger, Joe Primeau, Marian Stasny, Alexander Steen, Garry Valk

lauren_hbg said...


I can't believe you had that conversation with your wife.

Literally, ten minutes before I just entered the world of cblog for the first time since earlier today (after reading coffeytalk's post about Indiana Jones), I just said to my boyfriend, "You know, I'm not so sure we should go see the new Indiana Jones, I heard it wasn't too good."

"Well who told you that?"

"Um, well, I read it on cblog. Coffeytalk said so."

So yes, I agree with you on the power of cblog, stoosh!

racheleyos said...

sooooooo whose goin to the arena tomorrow?

Sooska said...

@jefe-you had to go and invoke the name of Garry Valk didn't you? the devil incarnate. YOI

michelle said...


in the words of my brother:

"Whatever, Detroilet."

FireFox said...

Gary Roberts... *STOMP**STOMP*....*STOMP**STOMP**STOMP*

TheNWChica said...

Okay...this is the last time you're going to hear this from me, but....


Jonny V said...

racheleyos, I went for the atmosphere yesterday, and because I at least wanted to make it into the arena once this year. The crowd was great (I don't have as much beef with the Steelers-jersey wearing crowd as I do with the gangly young guys wearing the 5XL white T-shirts with their baseball caps cocked to the side, an introduction to Vanessa Day is in order) but I think I'll save my next trip down for game five.

Another helpful hint, if you already printed your tickets out, head straight to gate C. The line to get in if you don't print out your tickets is immense.

KJ said...

apparently TNT is VS sister's station. they show some replyas of the baskets, but not fouls. they also have a bad camera angle where they show the bball court from up above. good thing though, they showed a dockers ad earlier!

racheleyos said...

jonny - thank you....i didn't want to have to fight anyone :)

how was the view of the jumbotron?

jefe said...

for those that went, aside from the atmosphere, was the video and sound worth it enough to go into the arena? or would a bar with high def tvs be better?

either way, ill still plan on going inside for game5

letsgopsu said...

@ rachele

I'll be at the Mellon tomorrow.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I just woke up from being passed out since 7:30 and it wasn't even alcohol-induced (insert frowny face)...

I am bored out of my mind ... why can't the Pens play now? I'm pretty sure Sid's ready to go ...

C-blog's moving slow today ... everyone must be doing memorial day related, God bless the troops!

racheleyos said...

letsgopsu - sweet!!! i dont kno what time i'm goin down yet.... i think my friend wanted to leave around 5... i was like uhhh....people were there at noon saturday!!

im guessing c section mid ice for cblog again?

letsgopsu said...

Well, if you feel like finding me tomorrow, I'll be in my winter classic Crosby sweater and a backwards Penn State hat. I'll sit somewhere in C section (even though that's a large area to cover...)

letsgopsu said...

Passed out since 7:30 sober?

What's wrong with you, IHKaspar.

I would job you, but you jobbed yourself well enough just by doing that.

Shame on you.

racheleyos said...

letsgopsu - i'll look for you. i want to try to sit in C but I don't know how that will work out. i haven't decided what i'm wearing yet....too many options.

racheleyos said...

if it wasn't for terminator 3 and titanic being on tv i would have passed out awhile ago too...

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@letsgopsu: I don't know ... I guess it's from all the sleep I lost this school year from doing stupid work that will never be relevant when I do something in real life ... like constructing a map of the Great Gatsby setting ... damn school

Hmm ... sitting in section C with a Crosby jersey, I bet they'll find you instantly! *laughs* Sorry, but it had to been done ... you do realize half the people wear Crosby jersey's to the Mellon, right?

letsgopsu said...

It's a winter classic, so it pops out. Plus the hat. She'll figure it out.

Plus, why would you claim first on the recap of an epic fail and be happy about it? Just wondering...

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@letsgopsu: Because first is first, joke ... it was my first first. (if you want I could probably add the word "first" fifteen more times ...)
And it wasn't an epic fail; it taught us a lesson and comes to serve as an example that if you aren't defensively responsible or allow other teams to play your game, you won't win. We will pick ourselves up. Don't worry about it, jobber.

letsgopsu said...

It was an epic fail. You gotta learn from your epic fails before you can succeed. What we need to hope for is that they took a lesson from that epic fail and play a lot better tomorrow.

And everything about last night was epic fail for me. The early hours of the morning were a different story, but the night was epic fail. (And if you want, I could probably use the phrase "epic fail" fifteen more times...)

jefe said...

any of yinz drinking tonight? sunday funday. less than a week til game4tailgateblog. woo n'at.

letsgopsu said...

@ jefe

No way, after last night, I need a night off.

Especially if I'm gonna drink tomorrow (which I am...)

Jonny V said...

The sound was great in the arena, I'd def. recommend sitting at mid-ice, I was behind the goals and the netting was a pain to try and watch through. Getting down there around 5 should provide enough time for tailgating, they didn't start letting people in until around 7:15.

All you see down there are Sidney jerseys and player t-shirts. I did see a friggin' Ziggy Palffy authentic jersey though. Blew my mind...

I Have Kasparaitis said...

An epic fail would mean that the loss would have been so tramatic that we couldn't rebound from it. I think epic is too strong of a word because it means a complete and utter failure, but we haven't seen the rest of the series.

Well, you are an epic failure, so why are you complaining? If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the front porch. *smiles*

And don't try to job me with the whole repetition deal ... you would have tried jobbing me if I hadn't wrote that ...

letsgopsu said...

I wanted a Talbot jersey, but I found a cheap Sid on ebay and couldn't pass it up.

I'm so buying a Talbot jersey over the summer....

letsgopsu said...

Epic is a good word for that single game. I'm not saying the entire series is an epic fail, but that game sure was. Whatever, agree to disagree.

What can I say, you've become a favorite target (and it's because you can dish it out too. If you just took it, you'd be boring.)


I Have Kasparaitis said...

@jefe: I'm trying to have some tequila, but with my brother home I doubt I will be allowed ... luckily, his friend is distracting him with basketball playing @ 10:25 at night! WOOO!!

@letsgopsu: Agreeing on disagreeing once more ... you are a worthy opponent ...

jefe said...


itd be nice if the caldercup final was on nhlnet.

letsgopsu said...


I don't touch tequila any more. No way. That was a bad night....

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@jefe: Agreed ... I would love to watch some Baby Pens. I wish I lived closer to them ...

@letsgopsu: But tequila is delicious ... I couldn't give up on tequila even if I got sick. Way too good ...

letsgopsu said...

@ IHKaspar

But I found a buddy I like better than Jose. His name is Jack.

racheleyos said...

next movie up: The Life of David Gale.

letsgopsu said...

@ rachele

Good movie.

eileenover said...

I'm watching Throwdown. I love Bobby Flay.

racheleyos said...

letsgopsu - i am obssessed with the movie. i'm surprised it wasn't more popular when it came out....unless it was and i didn't kno about it lol.

eileen - never heard of that!

i was screaming at the tv during titanic today. like, there was plenty of room for jack to survive on that piece of boat too. and not to mention if there wasn't, he still could have found another. there were only 1000 other parts of the boat floating. meh. it's been awhile since I've seen it but it pissed me off. and the fact he didn't have a lifejacket thingy was retarded...

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@letsgopsu: Jack and Jose are really nice guys ... I mean, they are some of my best friends ...

I think I'm going to end up watching anything on the Food Network since my Dad isn't home and I can't have anything he cooks (My Dad should be paid to cook, he is that good, but then, I wouldn't be able to eat a lot of his food if he was pro. because he wouldn't be home ...), the NHLN, or a country music station.

letsgopsu said...

Well, instead of hanging around in movieblog, I'm just gonna head over to Oakland and get myself a Primanti sandwich. I haven't had one of those in FOREVER....

eileenover said...


My mom is the same way. She comes up with new recipes all the time and they're always good. I hope I'm like that someday.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@letsgopsu: *tries to ignore need for Primanti's fix* Damn you!

movieblog: Nothing good is on right now ... I thinking about watching Cool Hand Luke ...

@eileenover: I have the sad disadvantage of having my Mom's cooking skills which mainly consist of picking up the phone and dialing for pizza or making the same exact meal everytime she cooks. Hopefully, my dad will help me make my cooking skills better ...

letsgopsu said...

@ IHKaspar

Wow, I wasn't even trying to make anybody else want a Primanti sandwich. And Cool Hand Luke is awesome.

Walking out the door now.

I'll be back in c-blog later....

Stilly said...

What a horrible couple of days of sports for me. Pens get owned yesterday and today Tony Stewart lost a right front tire while leading two laps from the end. No where but up from here.

On another note, I'll probably be coming to home game two to watch the game on the big screen.

Today's trip through adversity will be a lesson for tomorrow's trip through glory. The time is now men.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@letsgopsu: Probably because I have been craving one for about a month now ... any mention from my friends and I go into a frenzy.

@stilly: You a Stewart fan, too? Mark Martin is my favorite driver but he's basically retired ... I was happy Kahne won because he just makes me feel bad for him with all the bad luck he has had. Unfortunately, his commercials usually reverse my pity for him ...

tempest said...

If he's the penultimate, then who is the ultimate advocate of animal murdering?

...and I liked the behind the angle. I guess it should be used in moderation, but it showed just how fast passes are. The camera-guy did a remarkable job of keeping up.

sexymexyjeffy said...

terrible at hyperlink

but thats spokane breaking the memorial cup durting the celebration


KJ said...

stilly, i feel your pain. my brother and i were watching hoping anyone but kasey (sure he's probably a good guy, but those stalker ads just ruin it). when tony got back to the lead we were happy...til they said "he hit the wall". bummer.

but i'll always remember this race cause of the run away tire going into the collapsable camper. awesomely funny

but at least i can say my nba team won

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Newman is the best actor ever ... I love this movie ... the egg eating contest is one of the funniest scenes and him singing Plastic Jesus is so awesome.

@sexymexyjeffy: I saw that ... I know I was thinking that's a big oops moment ...

Carroll said...

@ sexymexyjeffy - that will never get old!!

sexymexyjeffy said...


ive probably watched it a hundred times in disbelief. almost like i wasn't supposed to see it happen thats what happens when a team from the states wins in canada lol

jefe said...

that video is awesome. their reactions are priceless. comedic performance of the year.

J.S. said...

J.S. has been placed on waivers.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I have to get off now ... good night, my c-bloggers.

BlacknGold66 said...

Great video on PPG.

Watch me, then have fun trying to get to sleep.


letsgopsu said...

Yeah, Kaspar would leave 15 minutes before I can tell her how good Primanti's was. What a jobber.

racheleyos said...

if you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Mr.Poindexter said...

Great site you got here- you guys are to hockey what E is to moviemaking. Gossip.
The guy who slipped and called Sidney "Steve" is a 90 year old man named Bud Lynch. He started announcing Red Wings games in 1949, after he lost an arm in WWII. He was pretty good with the first names of guys like Gordie Howe, Maurice Richard, and Bobby Hull- look them up, some of you more erudite fans here might learn something about the game you seem to have such a deep understanding of.
Oh yeah, Bud Lynch is also in the Hockey Hall of Fame. It's in Toronto. Thats in Canada.

TheNWChica said...

Did you have a point, or did you just want to repeat information we talked about YESTERDAY?

Say bye bye now!

racheleyos said...

do i smell a terd covered in burnt hair or is it just me?

eileenover said...

I smell it too Rachele and it's pretty foul.

TheNWChica said...

Sorry...didn't mean to feed; I have a raging headache and am feeling like kicking someone's ass.

eileenover said...

No problem chica. I could really kick someone's ass as well right now.

racheleyos said...

lol. its ok

eileenover said...

Yes Clueless is on soon. That movie never gets old.

TheNWChica said...

I'm watching Episode VI: Return of the Jedi on Spike.

Always a good choice when you feel crappy; but Clueless is a great movie too.

eileenover said...

Yeah I could use a good laugh right about now.

Jonny V said...

"One thing I will say, if I do get the chance, I won't let my teammates down."

Jonny V said...

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