Thursday, May 29, 2008

To Hall And Back. PENS WIN

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[ Recap ]

Veterans. Experience. Adam Hall. Mellon Arena.
Those words have turned the Stanley Cup Finals on its head.

Pens fans were antsy after the first two games. People were stunned.
But we all knew what the Mellon Arena meant.
This is what Game One would have looked like in a parallel universe.

Tonight was about punching the bully in the face and stuffing free candy in his mouth.

Daryl Sydor jumped in and got the job done.
Roberts did his job on every line that HCMT decided to put him on.

We all know how good Bing is, but he took his game to another level.

All the talk about officiating, and the Wings had two more power plays than the Pens did.
It didn't matter.

Don't get too high. Don't get too low.
Saturday night, everything is on the line.

God help us all.

:::::::::::::::::: PREGAME :::::::::::::::::::

The Mellon Arena was insane.
[Thanks to Eric H]

At the 5:30 mark, your arm might fall off from the goosebumps.

:: [Going Five Hole] also had the opening.

Jeff Jimmerson gets jobbed by NBC, when they go to a commercial instead of showing the Anthem.

:::::::::::::::::: ANTHEMS :::::::::::::::::::

[Eric H]

[ Dave ]

[ Whistler ]

[ Josh Mc ]

[Johnny P]

[Sarah U.]

[Evan W]


[Andrew P.]

:::::::::::::::::: FIRST PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

So, the ice looks better without any dead animals on it.

Early on, the Pens get the game handed to them on a platter.
The all-important first goal could come on an early power play.

Ryan Malone almost changed the world, but Elroy was where he had to be.
The penalty was killed, and Jordan Staal was headed into the box.
It was there and then that the USS Hall Gill and Tomas Holstrom began their duel.

Looks like a Wrestlemania cover poster.

That penalty was killed, and the game settled down a bit.

After the halfway mark, MAF was called upon to make a big save, when Datsjoke makes a nice move around the USS Hal Gill.
Scuderi ended up getting a piece of it. It didn't matter who stopped it.

Gonchar was headed to the box when the Pens got caught running.
Detroit was all business on the power play, but they couldn't put it home.

A different Pens team came out of that penalty kill.
They were possessed.

They forced Brad Stuart to make a mistake, hurrying a pass to Gretzky.
Elroy gives up a cupcake goal so he can throw his defensemen under the bus.



After that, sticks start flying out of the Wings players hand.
They get whistled on another penalty, and the Pens get another chance.

After the puck jobs around, Hossa's arm gets destroyed as he was about to bury one.
Veteran move, nothing you can do about it. The puck floated to center ice as time expired.


[ Ashlee H. ]

[ Spess ]

:::::::::::::::::: SECOND PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

Sid almost put the Pens up 2-0 with a wrister, but it hit the pipe.
The Pens, for the first time, took it to the Red Wings.
The Wings cleared the zone.

The Pens didn't care.
More cycling, and Kronwall had to job Malone.
The powerplay just looked smooth.
The puck got knocked around to Malkin, and he unleashed wicked slapshot that almost killed Elroy.

Welcome back, Gino.

As Elroy rubbed his balls, the Pens flew back into the zone.
Gonch threw one to the net.
It floated around forever until Bing was on Elroy's doorstep.



You want to talk night and day.
The Mellon Arena ice had already paid dividends. The roar of that old arena. Wow.

Somewhere amidst the Pens dominance in the first half of the second, Crosby gets upended by Kris Draper.
Had to mention it, 'cause it was pretty sweet and it was the only evidence that Draper was actually in Pittsburgh for the game.
It almost mattered.

After some more jobbing with the Pens controlling the game, Hal Gill headed to the box.
That penalty brought with it a nauseating camera angle.

Brooks Orpik saved a goal by handing out some Free Candy to Jiri Hudler and knocking him into the post.


Hudler had nowhere to dive.
The Pens killed off the rest with relative ease.

A Holmstrom dive on a Hal Gill nudge put the Wings back on the PP.
It looked like the Pens would escape yet again.

But wait.
The Concussion went to the net all business and got it past MAF.


The Pens had to get the momentum going, but it didn't help when Kronwall put Hossa in a figure-four leglock.

Jordan Staal got the stick up in Lidstrom's face. Good no-call.

Any momentum the Wings had from the goal disappeared when the Pens jumped back into their 5-on-5 dominance.

MAF weathered a storm at the end of the period.
A war of attrition awaited in the third.


Mr. Mom.
Look at that dude on the left. Unreal.

:::::::::::::::::: THIRD PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

The biggest period since the one your girlfriend didn't get began cautiously.

For fans of the Wings and Pens, this was a big period.
For the casual fan, it was much bigger.

Hockey was finally truly able to be portrayed at its highest level.
Just unreal.

Father Time denies Scott Burnside's requests for an interview as he enters the Arena at Gate 8.

Hossa-Bing-Dupuis continued the even-strength dominance.
Hossa was inches away from going to State Farm. Rex Gildo was warming up.

If Ted Kennedy would have murdered that hooker in the third period, Devorski would have let it go.
Both teams were enjoying the freedom.

And then it came. It's why we wear the wristbands.
It's why we recognize what a 42-year-old warrior brings.

JFK gets blown up, but the Pens get possession, and dump it into the Wings zone.
Andreas Lilja never saw it coming.

Roberts ends his life.
Talbot joins the scrum, and the puck finds it way to Adam Hall.
He hits the side of net on his first try.

Trapped, with no one to pass to, Adam Hall the Magician faked a look at the crease and banked a shot off Osgood's arm into the net. For those who could see the genius of the play, it is another #28 goal that will remain in the mind forever.

A Conn Smythe candidate doesn't let that happen.
Pathetic display.



[ Polish Angel ]

The classy Wings almost took a dump on the momentum when they ventured into the Pens zone right after.
But Tomas Holmstrom can't score a goal unless he's touching another man. Post city.

The next 6-7 minutes was pure insanity.
Brooks Orpik turned in the best shift in the history of the NHL.
Detroit players left the ice with cavities.

[ Thanks to KAT for the heads-up ]

[ Nate B. ]

The bad part about those 7 minutes of insanity was that it came to an end.
Detroit was able to compose themselves, and it showed.

Some cycling, and it was 3-2.

The game started back up again but abruptly stopped when Tomas Holmstrom does the swan into the Pens net.


It was definitely Survivor Blog for the final 6 minutes.
It's what separates a Stanley Cup champion and a joke.

But hold the phone. Malkin gets sent off for hooking.
Horrible call.

You know the routine.
Amidst 17,000 screaming Mellon Arena fanatics, the Pittsburgh Penguins discovered who they were.

Somehow the Pens mustered up the guts to kill the biggest penalty of the season.
Honestly, the intensity cannot be expressed in words. It is nearly overwhelming.

As time ticks down, Jordan Staal and Max Talbot try to take a knee and run out the clock.
Elroy can't get off in time, and the Red Wings don't even set up anything remotely threatening.

[Johnny P]




  • What a hockey game. Great for the NHL.
  • Bing reached another level. Big-time.
  • Rub your eyes, Gino. Wake up some more.
  • Sydor did his job.
  • [Lee P.] = stunned.
  • Pens fans expected this.


dhudzin said...

My first first ever! Wooo!

rich10280 said...

always wanted to says 1st
sc finls thats huge

dhudzin said...

And I have to be up at 6:00. Ominousblog

Augie Zybynski -Editor said...

excellent and funny as usual.

Johnny Wrath said...

Great line with the Ted Kennedy hooker thing.

That i s why I wear the wristband.

If Franzen is a tank, Hudler is a Mini Cooper. Go Pens.

I wondered how Holmstrom would deal with The USS Hal Gill, and as expected, he found himself familiar with the inimitable distraction of shitting in his red pants on the way to the ice.

The mic picked up Mad Max pleading with Maltby to retire. I won't be happier for anyone than him when Lord Stanley comes home.

PittHockey said...

This... is only the beginning

great_white_nwpa said... i've been out of the loop (destroyed by the losses and trout fishing) for a couple of days...pensblog still pulls at my heart strings, though...every chance i get, i come check what is posted......honestly, i got talked into marching in the memorial day ceremony at my town (as the only iraq vet), and imediately came here after game 2 loss *and alot of free beer* to see what the hell was going down.....i love you all like a homosexual brother, damnit

eileenover said...

Those two redheaded Wings fans make me laugh.

great_white_nwpa said...

not saying that i have anything against homosexuals *my younger brother came out of the closet to me about a week ago* which is beyond taboo around these parts....but, honestly, everyone seems to make a little more effort to like and love anyone that is yinz are on THAT

Mr. Plank said...

Huge game. Great win boys.

PittHockey said...
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great_white_nwpa said...

i still need to see tyler kennedy get a goal in these playoffs.....he has been working his ass off way too much to not get a goal yet

PittHockey said...


bbbbrian said...

That Hall goal? Holy shit. It's not like just hitting the goalie is gonna work; you gotta hit him in the right spot to get the puck to bounce hard enough. His celebration said it all. I thought I was playing a videogame when Orpik leveled all those douchebags on that shift, I could hear the arena shaking on my TV.

H.C. Prick said...

Damn, Free Candy and the rest of the defense deserve all the credit in the world. As for the offense... all you have to do is get some shots in on oscrap and he folds like... I dunno, something that folds a lot (it's way too late for analogies).

Julia said...

=] =] =]
the pens stole Detroit's acid they've been taking all series

PittPenguin44 said...

Adam Hall's goal... Lemieux type goal from 92 where he banked it off Belfour for the goal. And yet again, Hasek was on the bench to witness it.

The energy in the Mellon was awesome! Can't wait to get back in there for game 4. Hope the boys can bring the same intesity again and again.


Kat said...

The Shift> Is finally up on youtube. Clutch.

j.s.22 said...

It's safe to say Gary Roberts caused that third goal hands down.

Shame though the media will not show the entire thing including the hit on JFK leading to Gary Roberts destroying that guy and Hall having the GWG.

Also, does anyone else think Ellis Cannon is a douche? He was on DVE this afternoon during the ride home around 5 and he sounded pretty negative about the whole series. Saying Detriot will end it in 5 and bringing up stupid stats. Claiming Detriot will take game 4 and end it in Detriot.

True, that is the reality we have to face but, does it really have to be needed? A Pittsburgh sports guy should have some positive insight on this series.

That's my opinion.

Jimmy Hugs said...

Great Recap. That game was one of the best I've seen. I can honestly say that the hooking penalty on Malkin didn't worry me. I'm not sure why, but I just had a feeling that the Pens were going to win no matter what.

Pens in 4.

Hip said...
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Hip said...

Probably the most exciting hockey game I've seen in ages. This is what I expected of this series.

The boys came up huge and I expected nothing less. But it means nothing if we can't tie things up on Saturday.

Stay the course.

Let's Go Pens.

PS - I hope WWGRD baby has some earplugs. Mellon was out of control!! Just an unreal showing.

dhudzin said...

.... And I'm up. ughhhhhhhh

BlacknGold66 said...

Great recap boys. Bringing your A-game to the table when needed.

That was the first game I got to watch from the comfort of my own home with no distractions since probably Game 4 against Philly. That seemed like it was years ago.

During that 5-7 minute span of non-stop hockey I went from laying back on my couch, to practically standing behind the TV I was so close to it. All the while yelling "Free Candy!"

My neighbors probably can't wait til I move.

If you have the time today, go back and read cblog from the Gameday Post last night. You can see all of the goals as always marked by the usual "WOOOO" and "HOOOOO" comments... but when you get to the comments in regards to "The Shift" it'll put a huge smile on your face.

Let's Go Pens!!!

[Tailgateblog: May 31st, 2008. Do it]

sarah said...

It was cold inside the Mellon last night, but I think I got goosebumps from more than the temperature. Last night is high on my list of top hockey moments. I've never been more proud to not only be a Penguins fan, but from Pittsburgh. The Mellon felt like the roof was going to come off (ha.. no pun intended too bad they don't open it anymore) and outside after the game was a huge party... I love this town :)

geezer said...

That shitty quality film of opening sequence was amazing, we are loud aren't we? Good stuff!

Orpik should be arrested for murder, WOW that sequence of four hits in like 9 seconds was one of the most emotional and powerfil dilplays I have ever witnessed. I feel nothing but joy after an ocean of freakin misery, take that you freakin wing dings!

J.S. said...

game 4 has been moved to 8:00 PM Saturday.

I'm still considering tailgateblog, even with the later time.

BlacknGold66 said...

@J.S.: Game 4 has always been an 8pm start.

SK said...

Loved Osgood reaching around, wondering, "What just hit my butt?" Surprised he didn't flop to the ice and get an interference call out of the deal.

The Malkin penalty was atrocious. The Malkin artillery barrage was great.

USS Hal Gill clearing out the sea lanes in front of 29 was awesome. Too bad the Red Wings put a diver in his path. Maybe I haven't been paying enough attention but I have never seen one guy dive so many times. I thought that maybe I had accidentally switched over to the Olympic trials. The looks on Holmstrom's face were priceless.

Orpik was insane. Loved Crosby getting his goals.

Keep it up! GO PENS!

Stilly said...


I actually said yikes when he hit The Liar with that slapshot. I thought for sure that he was going to score a goal from a slapshot that went THROUGH elroy's head.

Stilly said...

That's actually a great idea for a photoshop. I'll have to remember that for when i get home.

blueline said...

Is it me or did we seem to hit a referee or linesman on every important dump-in or clear?


Dwayne said...

The fiancee and I made it to the lawn last night for our first time there. (Unfortunately, we're saving for a wedding, so 375 a ticket wasn't going to fly for us)

We were to the left of the screen if you were facing it, right next to the dudes who brought Pascal Dupuis the rabbit (had a little jersey and everything). Good times.

I was yelling Free Candy every time Orpik had a great shift or just showed up. I don't know if anyone from TPB/CBlog heard or not. I was hoping *someone* would have gotten the reference, at least.

The crowd was insane after each goal and after Orpik's mass murderathon. It was simply unreal.

I got some pictures and I think I got a video of the crowd going crazy after a goal, but I can't really check until I find my cable for my phone. Lame.

Seriously though: amazing game. Incredible experience. One of the very best of my life.

dogwithshftyeyes said...

adam hall's new name... The Michigan Magician!!!

J.S. said...

really? I thought it was an afternoon game, especially after my supervisor walked in and said that he got a text saying the new time for the game was 8.

Now that I think of it, it wouldn't make sense that games 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 would all be late games, while game 4 would have been an afternoon game.

dying alive said...

I am the walking dead this morning. I didn't get home until after midnight, and by the time the adrenaline had abated enough to allow me to go to sleep, it was well after 2AM. My voice is ridiculously hoarse. I can't wait for Saturday.

An added bonus is that I didn't have any emails waiting for me this morning from my co-workers in our Detroit office. I came in after the holiday weekend to find a couple of mocking emails sent after games 1 & 2. This morning...not a word. So I just sent one to them that said, "Why are you guys so quiet this morning?" In typical Wings fan fashion, I'll bet I get no response.

Colin said...

Random thoughts from the game -

That was probably the best hockey related event in my life.

I sat in front of two Wings fans and the whole time they were stunned at 1) the fact that everyone actually participated in the whiteout 2) we cheer almost non-stop and 3) we cheer after they score to get our team in it. We showed them what an Arena can do.

Seeing Adam Hall's goal celebration brought tears to my eyes.

They also showed the Stanley Cup commercial and the Arena went almost silent watching it.

I thought Fleury was a bit more calm and composed tonight. I think he felt more comfortable dealing with this boards so his stickhandling was more efficent.

Detroit's breakouts are unreal.

Gary Roberts.

The Free Candy rampage was a sight to behold. Nothing like an "OR-PIK!, OR-PIK!, OR-PIK!" chant.

After the game someone leaving the Arena said "wow, that was like three hours of sex" - I agree.

Lets Go Pens said...

Great win last night, but I remain concerned over the throwing of the series. That is why I sent this letter to the FBI Director this morning, let me know what you think:

Dear Director Mueller,

I write to you today in hopes of beginning an investigation into multiple suspected crimes that have been committed in the National Hockey League playoffs and specifically in the Stanley Cup Finals. While professional sports have been plagued with gambling problems since their inception, it is clear that both the National Hockey League and quite possibly underworld gambling kings are trying to throw this series to the Detroit Red Wings. In addition, the Red Wings have committed several crimes on the ice that have not been looked into by the NHL, or by local police authorities.

During the first two games of the series, it was clear that penalty calls were one sided and that several incorrect calls and no calls were made. This includes a diving penalty that was not called against Osgood. Furthermore, Osgood’s actions specifically were taken to incite a riot among Red Wing players and fans. It is clear his intentions were to hurt and possibly kill people on the ice and in the crowd. This is a felony.

In light of this, I decided to take notes during game three. I am a former college hockey referee and as such, have a good knowledge of the game and can tell if a game is being thrown. According to the NHL rulebook, the Wings committed 276 minor penalties last night, 23 major penalties and 4 penalties that should have resulted in ejection from the game. Conversely, the Penguins did not commit a single penalty according to the rulebook. The called penalties were three for the Wings and five for the Penguins, a clear sign that the series is being thrown.

Furthermore, on a goal by Red Wing Johan Franzen, he clearly was both in the crease and trying to hurt the Penguin goalie before shooting the puck. This is a clear violation of the rules and should have seen the goal waived off and a penalty called.

Another example are the hits of Red Wing Kronwall through the playoffs and this series. The hits are delivered in an illegal manner and have no hockey reason for being given. The hits are designed to hurt, maim or kill players and should be prosecuted as such. I urge you to arrest Kronwall immediately, I have packaged video of these hits for your reference.

Finally, in reference to Detroit fans, it is clear that one pulled a fire alarm in a hotel the Penguins stayed at in Detroit. There is a reason why such acts are illegal, any person could fall or be trampled. This also could have been done by gamblers looking to turn a buck by betting on the games.

In closing, I urge you to look at the game tapes I have enclosed and immediately being an investigation into the NHL, Red Wings and referees involved in this series. This is a pressing matter that is far more serious than steroids in baseball or any of the several other investigations the FBI and Justice Department have open. This is about the very sanctity of the game, stopping gambling and stopping the attempted murders that Detroit fans and players are perpetrating day in and day out.

dying alive said...

@ lets go pens - I suggest that you add in something about the octopus murders and cc PETA.

Lets Go Pens said...

Dying Alive- While I certainly understand your point of view here, it is not the FBI's mission to investigate animal cruelty for the most part.

I am more concerned about the crimes committed that could lead to the injury or deaths of humans, as well as the throwing of this series by gambling interest and the Pro Wings NHL junta.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

Now we know how to take 'em down. Let's spread the word.

And PETA has already complained about the Wings' octopus murder tradition. But because PETA manages to sabotage every positive thing they accomplish with incredibly stupid shit (anyone else remember their "don't drink milk, drink beer" campaign on college campuses that pissed MADD off to no end?), no one listened to them.

IwoCPO said...

Great game. Amazing crowd. Agreed on the Orpik of the best I've ever seen.


Wings in 5.

J.J. said...

Alright, I've been here after Wings wins, I definitelyshould be here after a loss. This Wings' fan's perspective

1. I know that when the score is close, the guy who picks the three stars is generally expected to pick somebody of the other team, Franzen was the only logical choice for the Wings, as he was our best player. I don't think I would have been surprised to see MAF get third star, that kid was amazing last night.

2. This was the first game that I noticed Staal, and the first that I noticed Malkin in a positive way. Crosby was amazing, my heart rate climbed 30 beats every time he was near the puck; The Wings did not take away his time and space and he made them pay.

3. This was the Penguins team that you cbloggers had warned us about prior to the series starting. They were fast, they were backchecking, their defense was solid.

4. Excuses for the Wings? I can't think of any that I could defend. We got outplayed. I thought we needed to survive the first ten minutes to deflate the Pens and take over from there. The script of the game went the opposite of my expectations.

5. Maybe it's because this was the first game I saw in HD, but watching the white-out was pretty cool.

6 (and finally). I'm not horribly deflated about this loss. I thought the Wings were pretty solid and the game could have gone either way. The Penguins capitalized on our defensive mistakes (forced by pressure in zone). We get them to stop passing into forwards' feet and we'll be ok.

The brightside that anybody could find is that we just avoided having to hear two day's worth of talk about "the 33-year curse" when the series is 3-0.

IwoCPO said...

"The brightside that anybody could find is that we just avoided having to hear two day's worth of talk about "the 33-year curse" when the series is 3-0."

No shit. That got old quick last round. One more thing: Dr. Turk is welcome back in Game 4, same for anyone else who wants to pop in during the A2Y live blog.

Fleury29 said...

Lee P. is a douche. The Red Wings parade can't be on June 3rd since game six is on June 4th in Pittsburgh. After last night, I highly doubt the Pens are losing game four. Don't count your chickens, moron.

Blueline, it did seem like the refs were in our way a lot of the time. I recall two separate incidents when they kept a play alive for the Red Wings by keeping the puck in the zone. Wonderful.

Staff, best post of the season, hands down. The energy from the game translated into the post.

What a time to be alive.

Dying Alive, you'll let us know what your Detroit friends respond (if they respond) won't you?

jmiller said...

Gary Roberts.

What a game. Even my wife loved it.

I just have to step in here on a little note about the only TPB thing that's ever driven me nuts in a bad way: Can we put an end to "Gino?" Yeah, it was on a stick -- I'm pretty sure that was put there by someone in equipment who didn't know the difference between an actual Italian name and a diminutive derived from an anglicization of Evgeni. Yeah, it's the same damn name, sounds exactly the same and frankly matters about as much as Chris Chelios, but I'd feel the same way if people spelled them "Sidny" and "Mark-Andre."


dying alive said...

@ fleury29 - I will, but they won't. They're the type who don't really want to talk hockey, they just want to rub salt in the wound when their team is dominating. It's mostly good natured, but it's odd behavior.

Speaking of Chris Chelios, here' s a fun fact of the day. The following are prominent members of the Pittsburgh Penguins organization who are younger than Chris Chelios:

Ray Shero, GM
Chuck Fletcher, Assistant GM
Michel Therrien, Head Coach
Mike Yeo, Assistant Coach
Mario Lemieux, Owner
Phil Bourque, Pens Radio analyst
Bob Errey, Pens TV color analyst
Every member of the team

I don't care if he's playing in this series or not, that is funny stuff.

aunt penny said...

@Rags ..... Thanks for the free candy/pinata shop. That was one of the best comments/series of comments last night from the blog. We had a living room full of people yelling free candy and counting the pops!

Off season=shop class for me.

Stoosh said...

Morning After thoughts, dudes...

1. I love the name "The Shift" for Orpik's personal annihilation of the Red Wings. But if we're looking for an alternate name for Orpik's work, I submit the term "Yard Sale". That's what Rob Scuderi called it in a post-game interview with Mike Prisuta. Prisuta ran it on DVE and after Scuderi called it a "yard sale", Prisuta laughed and asked what he meant. Scuderi goes, "Yeah, a yard sale. There were like sticks and helmets and equipment and people everywhere! A yard sale."

2. Randy Baumann clarified that a "yard sale" is a skiing term for what happens to someone when they take a bad spil on the slopes. Stoosh = not a skier.

3. Malkin began feeling the hate last night. You could tell because he unleashed the Fuck You Sandwich slapshot...Ed Olczyk said, "I think that stunned Osgood!"

4. I said it last night...Malkin and Hossa are gonna have huge games in Game Four.

Meeting time...more later.

Yard sale.

Lauren said...

Did anyone else hear Emrick announce the attendance as 17, 123? I'm pretty sure he had some temporary dyslexia there, because there's no way that wasn't a sellout crowd.

Colin said...

@ stoosh -

I am glad someone else caught the "yard sale" comment. Almost spewed coffee all over myself driving to work.

lauren_hbg said...

@ lauren

Funny you noticed that too - isn't full capacity at the Igloo 17,132? I could be wrong, but I thought I was pretty positive.

...I feel like I'm talking to myself, lol.

Colin said...

@ laurens -

They announced at the game that the attendance was 17,132 so it was indeed a standing room only sell out.

captjameson said...

that was fun to watch. NBC might as well have turned off doc and edzo's mics in the third. it was so loud you couldn't hear their commentary on the idiot box. crosby has been the best player for the pens for these 3 games and was the best player on the ice last night. brought some extra nasty with him. with they had filled the rangers ping pongs with helium. i hope they poach orpik, that was a sick shift.

that was an awesome game last night. now it's a series. but i think detroit took their foot off the gas a bit last night. pens need to amp it up more and although gino was better, the pens need more from him. i'd call detroit the CCCP wings if it weren't for all the chicken swedes on the team.

Predsboy18 said...

Perhaps the BEST Finals game in YEARS!!! That 3rd period was UNBELIEVABLE!! Pens showed a TON of guts last night!


Elroy looked like a little kid out there, like he shouldn't be out there!


The guys need the day off today, ready for Game 4!!! Will be cheering here in Nashville with a house full of Pens fans, listen for us!!

Danto85 said...

I give credit to the Pens win to this...

"Work. Weekend. Dress. Golf."

Nuff said.

captjameson said...

BTW, the call on malkin behind the net in the third was legit.
holmstrom is a big fat queer, do da, do da,
'cause takes it in the rear, oh do da day,
oh do da day, oh do da day
so watch your ass when holmstrom's near, oh do da day.

Christina said...

unreal....simply unreal.

don't get too high...don't get too low.....Saturday.

IceCold... said...

knew they could do it, not even a bit surprised, just realived!

DVE had a shout out to pensblog this morning on my way home from work, love it!

tailgateblog, may 31st


dying alive said...

Has anyone else seen this yet?

Detroit Free Press Article

Seriously? And people think that Pittsburghers are homers?

I hope that's an editorial piece and not supposed to pass as professional journalism. Helene sure is fond of the hyperbole - monumentally stupid, utterly owned etc.

Hey Helene - fuck you. Your team lost. Your crowd stinks, no matter whether you think your team was Mellon Arena.

homesprout said...

King Shero...please re-sign Orpik!!

Nice to see Hall get a goal....

GR was a beast as usual....

The Pens adjustments to their breakout were quite noticeable as well....

Sucks that we have to wait until Saturday for Game 4.

Go Pens!!

captjameson said...

@ lets go pens

don't bitch about the offiating, hypocrite. you sound like my ranger blogs from a few weeks back when the pens were beneficiaries of timely bad and questionable calls against the rangers.

42bellyoption said...

Few things:

I was first to criticize Malkin when he was invisible for the first two games of the Stanley Cup Finals. So I am making sure to say that even though he didn't score last night, at least the effort was back - he was all over the ice.

Orpik was unreal. Free candy for everyone.

I wear the wristband because of games like that last night. GR is a freak of nature.

homesprout said...

@ dying alive

Helene St. James = joke

Stoosh said...

Helene St. James's article sounds like it was written for a high school newspaper.

Even John Dellapina is embarrassed by the homerism in that write-up.

dying alive said...

@ captjameson - Not real familiar with sarcasm, are you?

Hip said...

@Stoosh -

Yard sale?

BWAHAHAHAHHA. That is hilarious.
I think we can use that term in general - Orpik's having a yard sale and giving out free candy to everyone who stops by.
But that shift was definitely THE SHIFT.

I agree that Malkin will have a huge game Saturday night. I kept looking for his reaction when Sid scored and you could tell he wanted it. So glad to see that after Madden's running his mouth on XM saying Gino secretly would have rather been at the Worlds.

Left early this morning for Kansas City (blows) but saw lots of fellow Pens fan and lots of Let's Go Pen signs at the airport.
God I love this city.

JYo said...

The NHL might have to raise the salary cap so the Wings can pay their players enough to cover their extra costs if the NHL decides to adopt a similar rule to this new NBA plan.

Hip said...

PS - what is the general consensus here about Ron Cook?

I was very disappointed in his article this morning.

2dwell said...

Great game...when Crosby finally scored, it was like Rocky IV when he finally cuts the big Russain. 'you see, he's not a machine, just a man...'

THE SERIES IS ON. Just what the league needs.

NBC - needs to cut out that terrible camera angle during the power play.


JYo said...

Um, either that lets go pens letter to the FBI is from a Wings fan or someone not very good at sarcasm.

Raybin said...

First thing first.

The other night I went on a rampage screaming about how someone needed to go Todd Bertuzzi on Zetterberg or Datsyuk.

This was, of course, wrong, indefensible, cruel, childish, classless and disgraceful.

This was, in short, CBlog's first encounter with my volcanic temper, which is clearly a very ugly thing. I can only say that I was emotionally exhausted (got engaged over the weekend...obviously I'm extremely happy, but it was draining) and more than half drunk.

I am, in short, a stupid asshole. I embarrassed myself, CBlog and Pens fans in general. And for all of that I most sincerely apologize.

Now then..the game.

Holy Crap.

Sid's first goal...totally a moment worthy of Mario himself.

Gary Roberts was doing everything Gary Roberts does to utter perfection.

Brooks Orpik should be given a medal and a parade for that last shift.

Sykora, Kennedy and Dupuis all quietly played their asses off.

And the USS Hal Gill may have had his best game yet. Absolutely sick on the penalty kill and his abuse of Tomas Holstrom was poetry in motion. Holstrom will see Gill in his nightmares for weeks.

I don't know how I'm going to handle Saturday. The last half of the third period I wanted to curl up into the fetal position and foam at the mouth from the nervous strain.

Lauren said...

@Lauren - You're right about the number. Emrick = joke.

(Tell me your middle name isn't Elizabeth!)

Lets Go Pens said...

Bullshit CaptJameson. The Pens have had the officials against them in every series so far and it continues now. The reason I sent the letter this morning is twofold.

1.) I honestly think that gambling interests have been trying to tilt the playoffs from day one. The Pens have just been better than every team by a long shot. You could see last night that the Wings look like a minor league special ed team out there against the Pens. The refs are the only ones keeping them in it.

2.) The Wings and their fans are low, low to the point of trying to hurt and possibly kill players and Pen fans.

There needs to be an investigation immediately. I personally think the Finals should be forfeited to the Pens, but I'm sure that probably won't happen regardless.

JYo said...

From the Mount St. Helen article:

when Franzen looked like he had a Big Brown stain in his shorts while worrying about receiving Free Candy as he powered his way to the net and sent the puck across the finish line.


JYo said...

Everybody wave to the troll. Hi "lets go pens".

42bellyoption said...

@ hip

The Ron Cook article, like most every one of his articles, was pathetic. I love the jab at the end about how he agrees with Burnside that Mario only uses the media for his own selfish reasons. To even be talking about that this morning is inexcusable. The Penguins are in a dog fight for the Stanley Cup - lets concentrate on talking about that and not on undermining the one man that has made this possible.

Hip said...

@raybin - you're forgiven.

Congratulations on your engagement!

Doppler said...

Orpik on the shift..WOW!

Did anyone else notice on the youtube clip of it the guy wearing the Chiefs jersey?

Something right about that.

Lets Go Pens said...

Sorry jyo, didn't realize caring about your team was trolling. Especially on your own team's blog.

Raybin said...


Thank you so much! on both counts.

Forgot one thing too: Does anyone have a good recipe for crow or humble pie? Becuase I'd like to see Gene Collier and Ron Cook choke some down after their columns yesterday.

Eat it, jokes. I especially expected better from Collier...he's the best they got.

odmE. said...

The Shift = heartattackblog. I'm lucky I made it to work today. Free Candy for everyone.

Helene St. James = joke. That article kind of made me want to throw up all over my desk. I didn't realize that professional journalism meant writing as if you were the kid no one picked for kickball. Speaking of free candy...

Anyway, good to see the boys at home. The arena crowd was beautiful in every way. Solid.

Go Pens.

lauren_hbg said...

@ lauren

Nope, we're not the same person after all. :)

dying alive said...

Congrats raybin!

I have learned not to expect much of the local media when it comes to the Pens. When it comes down to it, most of them are bandwagoners who make their living off of the Steelers, and they almost seem to resent it when another team has any success.

Sooska said...

random n@ -
"The Shift" may earn its place in Penguin yore with "The Save." I heard Scuderi call the shift a "yard sale - guys, stick and helmets all over the ice."

Hall is a stealth bomber that landed on the deck of the USS Hal Gill.

Roberts proved Einstein's Theory of Relativity last night in front of the net- he created a rip in time and space for Hall.

Hossa and Geno are skating hard to every puck. The goals will come. one at a time.

Sid/Steve/Bing lives up to every bit of hype the NHL can bring. and beyond.

Clock management. Staalsy's stall tactics in that last minute were beyond unreal. He looked like Mario out there.

Father Time denies Scott Burnside's requests for an interview The Pensblog buries it. outstanding.

The media in the Burgh is terrible. Last week when the Pens were entering the finals both papers wrote articles about how we are going to lose the team to free agency. bullshit. After this is all done we can read about the free agents for the 100th time-like we don't already know it-but fans don't want to read that stuff now. We want to read about the team, the matchups and the players. They don't even get the full quotes or stories that other media outlets get. If they have the quotes or stories they don't use them. As far as Mario goes, if he agreed to interviews or held press conferences he'd be accused by Cook and Burnside of trying to steal the spotlight from the team.

The Pens are back to believing what we fans have believed all along.

comon'al said...

The against the odds quote putting in adam hall for lemieux was genius

comon'al said...

The against the odds quote putting in adam hall for lemieux was genius

JYo said...

According to the NHL rulebook, the Wings committed 276 minor penalties last night, 23 major penalties and 4 penalties that should have resulted in ejection from the game. Conversely, the Penguins did not commit a single penalty according to the rulebook. The called penalties were three for the Wings and five for the Penguins, a clear sign that the series is being thrown.

Sorry, those are either the words of a Wings fan mocking a Pens fan or someone who is so much of a homer even sarcasm can't save them.

comon'al said...

The against the odds quote putting in adam hall for lemieux was genius

Dan said...

i needed to say it again

captjameson said...

dying alive ~ i understand sarcasm but semantics and verbage aside, LGP is whining and completly out of touch with reality and said him/herself it was a serious note.

LGP ~ youhavegottobekiddingme blog. see a therapist.

Vanessa Day said...

Vanessa= In Detroit yesterday.

Thank Gary I found the game on AM radio on my drive home.

One of the best games I've ever heard/seen.


Sooska said...

@ stoosh - I didn't see your comment until after I posted mine. I am glad you posted the yard sale comment. That whole interview with Scuds was terrific. yard sale. hee :)

JYo said...

Kudos to Daryl Sydor for jumping in after such a long layoff into such an important game and being a solid player. If he was rusty, it did not show.

Adam said...

"For those who could see the genius of the play, it is another #28 goal that will remain in the mind forever."

Is that an "Against the Odds" back to back Stanley Cup tribute DVD reference?

Very high marks for that one!

Sakic19 said...


Commit to the Yard Sale!


Congratulations! Commit to the fiance!

What a game...what a time to be alive...the world seems a better place today...

13 down...3 to go

Vanessa Day said...

One thing I was kind of unhappy about was that they took LeGame out and kept Whitney in... Just don't get it.

I was hoping I'd see Sydor one of these games.


Lets Go Pens said...

Really jyo? The minors come from the clutching and grabbing the Wings have employed throughout. On one play in the corner, Zetterburg tripped Malkin six times on one play, six!

As to the ejections: Franzen running the goalie on the first goal. Cleary running the goalie with intent to injure. Datsjoke with an elbow after the play was dead to try and injure Malone. And Holmstrom diving while very clearly trying to slash Fleury with a skate blade to the neck. He dove into the net and tried to stab our goalie, how can you defend that?

JYo said...

Vanessa, maybe this quote from EN will help a bit:

"Ryan Whitney played like Mark Eaton and led the game with five blocked shots."

Whitney has been solid lately. I also think LeGame is a valuable player to have on the ice, but he was a bit flat in Game 2 and I have complete confidence in HCMT to make the right calls in that regard.

nightmarefox87 said...

good game, but i still feel it'll be wings in 5. wings did what pens couldn't: score in the opposing team's arena

JYo said...

I don't mean to job you if you really are a pens fan lets go pens, but it sounds very very whiny the way you wrote your first couple of posts. I appreciate sarcasm as much as anyone around here, but again, the FBI letter comes off more like a parody of a delusional Pens fan written by a Wings fan.

Raybin said...

@sakic & dying alive

Thank you so much! I'm terribly thrilled by it all. :)

Lets go pens.....weak.

Weak. weak. weak.

Don't Detroit fans have anything better to do, like getting laid off by Ford or GM?

JYo said...

wings did what pens couldn't: score in the opposing team's arena

As long as the Pens win 4 games in the series, I don't give a rats arse who scores where. Obviously the Pens will have to score in the Joe to get the job done, but if they only score one goal there and win that game 1-0, it will be enough. This isn't soccer where away goals are important. The stat that counts is the team that ends up with 4 wins in the series and 16 for the playoffs.

Lets Go Pens said...

I'm not trying to be whiny, but you must admit that this series is being thrown towards the Wings and that the only thing stopping them is the far superior Pens team.

It shouldn't be and is not legal.

Jeffrey Paswick said...

i was happy when ur penguins beat the gay rangers cuz they beat my devils. and now i hope u guys win the stanly cup and i hope that every red wing gets put in a blender and served to hal gill. seacrest out!

J.S. said...

@raybin, don't worry about it. Those things happen from time to time. If anything, it takes a bigger person to admit when they f'ed up.

BTW, congrats on teh engagement.

SK said...

ZOMG. I thought I was listening to Junker and Crow, but I think I'm somehow picking up a Detroit station!

xuscbausp said...

come down from last night's high yet? i'm still trying, my friends.
must win part I: Mission Accomplished
must win part II: Saturday

Read the weirdest thing in the Post just now; Candyland at Toys 'R Us in Times Square is closed until further notice due to all the Free Candy handed out last night.

If that shift didn't just change your life, you refuse to like hockey. Thank you, Candyman.

Bing's pretty good, too. How bout that.

Alive and well. LETS GO PENS!

Sakic19 said...


Your wedding day will feel like the third me...I too felt like curling in the fetal position and frothing...and that was at the altar!...but...when the ceremony is over and the fun of the reception looms I promise you will hear a very loud HOOOOOOOOOOO

Sooska said...

@ raybin- Congratulations! a few days ago cblog discussed the plan for a Pens theme wedding. black and Las Vegas gold. Stanley Cup wedding cake, etc. very cool.

Raybin said...


Much obliged for the kind words....I've had to do this kind of thing before as you might guess. :)


I want Hacksaw to conduct the ceremony.

JYo said...

@raybin, don't worry about it. Those things happen from time to time. If anything, it takes a bigger person to admit when they f'ed up.

BTW, congrats on teh engagement.

I agree with this post 100%. Well said! Again, congrats on "teh" engagement.

WOOOOOOOOOO! (All jobbing aside, I think its funny when people use "teh" whether intentional or not!)

Vanessa Day said...

@ Raybin, Congrats! It will be so much fun!

Also, Right on about the GM/Ford comment... This is why I drive foreign. I don't trust the people of my state to build anything.


Joose said...

Fuck your parade, Detroit.

Hip said...

Yeah, honestly Whit looked solid last night. He played his game and laid it out a few times.

Stilly said...

Congrats Raybin!

Wedding day = blurblog.

Honestly it's all bits and pieces for me. There was a lot of stuff going on.

Stilly said...

I don't know if anyone else felt like this, but I felt a little cheated that I wasn't able to fully take in and appreciate The Shift until after the game. It was so sick, that all I could do was scream FREE CANDY and then stare in utter disbelief. I wish they would've stopped play and gave him the congressional medal of honor.

That third period was some of the best SPORTS action I've ever seen. Period.

Awesome stuff.

Stilly said...

Oh and I was so giddy that the USS Hal Gill was in Holmstrom's stuff all night. Maybe some harassment will keep Holmsjoke's ass from the front of the net.

captjameson said...

@ lets go pens

there is no conspiracy, only zool.

Colin said...

@ rayin -


I thought Whitney was making some smooth passes last night.

captjameson said...

btw, LGPs, you are a troll. you were one of the worst trolls on the nydailynews blogs during the the series with the rangers. you said something nasty about my mom who is a cancer survivor, like your beloved LeMagnefique.

so you can bite my hairy, fleshy ass.

jefe said...

during the free candy giveaway, i remember yelling "shit that guy got crushed!" "oh he fell down too!" "holy shit this is insane!" "ahhhh!"

my buddy is unaware of "free candy" so i just thought it to myself.

finally some playoff hockey ;)

good times.

Jennifer said...

What a great shift by Orpik, late in the game. It was like watching pinball; he was constantly hitting one guy after another.

Spencemo said...

@ Vanessa & Raybin...

I love you guys, really I do. However, having lost my AUTOMOTIVE job here in Ohio due to foreign competition (OK, I didn't technically lose my job...I know where it is and who's doing it), I didn't really appreciate those comments. Besides, Vanessa, depending on the foreign car you drive, it may be built here in Ohio, if it's a Honda, down in Tennessee, if it's a Nissan, Alabama if you go Mercedes or BMW, California if it's a Toyota...or Mexico if it's Nissan or Volkswagen.

Sorry for sounding so bitchy, but that kind of stuff tends to make me a little crabby.

Now, back to hockey...there was more free candy last night than on Halloween. What a great game! I can't wait for Saturday!

BlacknGold66 said...

@Raybizzle: Congrats brother!! I also hope Antietem was a good time (albeit a somber place).

So I just got this email from my roommate in response to me asking if I kept him up last night:

"No dude you were fine. But what were you yelling about candy?"

Vanessa Day said...

@Spencemo... Sorry!!! I think it's bad whenever anyone loses their job to foreign workers, especially if the company builds on a "built in the US" philosophy. Honestly, I just don't think that GM/Ford have the quality of foreign cars, so that's why I don't buy them.

Outsourcing is never good, I wish you luck with your career. I didn't mean to cut anyone down.

Btw, I drive an Audi... which I'm pretty sure is still made in Germany, although on the sticker it said the engine was made in Hungary.

Annnd... I agree Whit had a good game, although he continues to be inconsistent for me.

&hearts (for real)

Whistler said...

I was on the lawn last night (to the left of the screen facing it) and the crowd was amazing. There were a few Pensbloggers out there. You could here the shouts of "FREE CANDY!".

All I'm asking for right now is one more win. That's all. Let's tie up the series and take it from there.

Let's Go Pens!!

debrisslide said...


That video is now the most important thing in my life.

I'm pulling for MAF to get a you-know-what on Saturday. Show Elroy what's what.

Spencemo said...

@ Vanessa - Depending on the model, I think your Audi may be made in Mexico, too, but I could be wrong. If I'm correct, the Audi TT is built on the same platform as the New Beetle, which is built in Mexico. And, I don't have any problem with your buying foreign cars...really. However, the perception of the domestics having a lack of quality isn't as accurate as it used to be. Buick, for example, is consistantly ranked as one of the highest quality vehicles on the road. The Big 3 earned that reputation for years and are slowly turning it around.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

BNG - "No dude you were fine. But what were you yelling about candy?"


Pensgirl said...

The One from the Heart and Against the Odds quotes never get old.

Depending on how things go this summer, one of these may be in order. If not me, then someone needs to have one.

jefe said...

@bng66 -who is spearheading the tailgateblog? will there be a time and place or do we just run around screaming free candy/yard sale to find others?

game 4.

Raybin said...

@jyo, vanessa day, stilly, colin, BNG66

The love and encouragement is appreciated. I'm thrilled, but already becoming aware at planning this thing is something in which I am far out of my depth


Dammit, there aren't supposed to be any Pens fans in the line of fire of my snide comments to Detroit fans.

Seriously, though, I'm sorry for any ruffled feathers. Didn't mean a thing by it.

I'm really tempted to get off an a good old fashioned leftist Eugene Debs style rant here, but I'll just limit myself to saying "Fuck those assholes who took your job"

Raybin said...

I'd also rarely be so foolish as to buy a domestic car these days...not becuase of quality, but because of the high probability that they are being made by American workers. I know that many "domestic" cars are made in Canada and Mexico.

Though the question is basically moot since I'm A) poor and B) wedding planning currently. Someday though I will buy a brand new Subaru (best. cars. ever.) made in the great state of Indiana.

JYo said...

I obviously don't know this field as well as some folks around here, but I think Indiana has a good bit of auto manufacturing as well. Subaru definitely has a lot of industry here and I think a few other companies do as well.

Raybin said...

Further random thought: years from now, if the Pens surge back to win the cup, people will talk about The Shift like they do about The Save .

J.S. said...

@jyo, that surprisingly was an uncorrected typo that went unnoticed. Was trying to keep a serious tone to my post, and still managed to screw up a three letter word.

I've also gotten to appreciate a good use of teh. 99% of the (or that teh) time, if the turns into "teh", I leave it go.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Jefe: I'm still working on Tailgateblog.

What I do need is suggestions from everyone else planning on going.

It doesn't take much to be honest. I'll be there with my girlfriend in our small Ford Focus so anyone that would like to meet nice and early to grab a few good spots would be great.

I'll probably make a sign that us jobbers would understand. It will not say "FREE CANDY" because I don't want to be the one explaining to kids and parents alike what the joke means. :-)

Raybin said...


Sign suggestion:

"Commit to the tailgate"

May be too long though!

RaCHeLeYoS said...

aunt penny - glad you liked the free candy photoshop! first game recap ever that my photoshop showed up. yayyyyyyyyyyyy

Spencemo said...

@ Raybin -
First congrats on the upcoming nuptuals...and a piece of advice: GO TO VEGAS! Every hotel has it's own chapel, and there's a lot less drama than trying to plan a traditional wedding. My husband tried to convince me to do that, but "I just had to have a wedding!" Ugh.

If you'd like to say "fuck you" to those that have my job, you'd have to do it in job is being done in Mexico now. Saltillo, to be exact. What made it worse is, I had to train the person. Niiiiice.

It's very easy to see where your "domestic" car is made...just check your VIN. If it starts with a 1 or 4, it's made in the USA; a 2, it's made in Canada; a 3, comes from Mexico.

JYo said...

@BNG66: How about "+/-" on the sign since we all know it is the be all, end all stat?

Pensgirl said...

BNG, you can do a "FREE CANDY" sign if you just explain it this way: Orpik sees opponents as piƱatas, which exist for the sole purpose of being hit (for free candy). You're right, I wouldn't wanna tell them the real explanation either.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

not to be the one to ruin anything.... but

Saturday's Forecast:
Mostly cloudy. Showers and thunderstorms likely in the morning...then a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs in the mid 70s. West winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.


J.S. said...


chalk another vote for Subaru as the next vehicle. I had a Forester until 2 yrs ago. Loved the thing, but it was starting to nickle/dime me at 90k miles. I ended up buying a Liberty, thinking gas was on the way back down and would continue that way. When I bought it, gas down the road from the dealer was $2.05/gal and cost me maybe $32 to fill up. Now, that same Liberty is killing me at the cost of $64-66 per tank. It's beginning to warm up a little (not so much in the AM though), so I'll start taking my bike to work when possible. 45 mpg > 15 mpg, except in cold, rain, and snow.

Raybin said...


I'm surprised your Subaru started to nickel and dime you that early...mine didn't start until about 100K miles after yours!

Spencemo said...

@j.s. -
vehicleblog con't...

I like Subarus, but there isn't a dealership near me. My next vehicle is probably going to be a used one, so I need to take into consideration where I would get it serviced. Same with VW. I'll probably wind up with a used GM or Nissan, because that's the type of dealership where my hubby works.

Nissans are really good cars, too.

Go Pens! We shall feast on Free Candy!

jefe said...


thats nothing. i tailgated a pens game oh about +/-10 yrs ago.

3 of us. 5 hours. 60 beers. 10 degrees.

we called it ice-gating. and pens won.

better bring an umbrella ;)

RaCHeLeYoS said...

ice-gating? lol. better bring a poncho..... i'm not gonna be the one to get struck by lightning holding my umbrella...

if it thunderstorms, they won't even run the tv.....

The Seeker said...

Anyone else recall when NBC kept replaying and lauding Holmstrom with praises for his "work" in front of our net with Gonch covering him?

Watching it in real time and then in replay, I couldn't figure-out exactly why he was getting all the praise when it was actually Gonchar who was getting the better of the play there.

Gonch was playing mean and nasty, taking no shit from Holmstrom at all, and doing a great job of tying him up.

They should have been talking about how Holmstrom was getting owned by Gonchar.

jefe said...

ah we might need a backupplanblog.

go pens.

stinkyharry said...


WWGRD Baby's mom here. I know what you mean-- the crowd was so loud I was covering his ears! He didn't seem to mind (and actually fell asleep in the 2nd period), but I think I will bring earplugs on Saturday (if they make ones small enough for baby ears)... I bet the crowd will be even more insane.

Vanessa Day said...

@JS... I used to have a liberty. Piece of crap. Seriously.

Subaru's are great. My sis used to have an Impreza. She loved it... then bought a Civic.

@Spencemo-- My vin starts with W. At least it rocks a slightly modified WWGRD bumper sticker from storeblog though...

Raybin said...

@the seeker

I do recall. What a bunch of dicks.

I was so happy to see that, in addition to the USS Hal Gill, Gonch, Scuds and Orpik all got in on the fun of abusing Fatasstrom at one point or another.

Apropos of nothing, tPB staff has it exactly right re: Osgood and Hall's goal. What kind of fool DIVES AWAY FROM THE CREASE when there's a scrum in front of his net?

Spencemo said...

@ Vanessa:

Then your Audi, was indeed, born in Germany. A3? Nice ride. Personally, if I ever hit the lotto, I'll be tooling around the 330 in a Porsche Carerra 4. I'll need the all-wheel drive for the winters. Yeah, that's it...

Stoosh said...

@ Hip -

It's too bad we didn't know you were going to Kansas City beforehand. We could've taken a panoramic view of the Mellon Arena playoff crowd and, LOLcats-style, photoshopped the words "DEAR KC, DIS CUDDA BEN U. SORRY!" Then you could've taped it up on the front doors of the Sprint Center.

Sorry...I still harbor a great deal of animosity for some of the people in KC for the way they went after Pittsburgh as a hockey town when that whole mess was playing out.


They showed a shot of Geno and Talbot getting each other fired up during warm-ups yesterday and Malkin looked absolutely ecstatic to be out there. If he's really tired (which I'm sure he is), he's didn't look it yesterday. Body language says a lot; he was definitely into that game.

I think too many people mistook Malkin's frustration for being tired. He didn't look tired last night. He was all over the place last night. Makes me wonder what game Helene St. Joke was watching, too, when she said Malkin is trying to find new ways of hitting rock bottom. She might have been watching a re-run of Game Two.

He had a frustrating, rough Games One and Two. He got rattled a bit against Philly. He started bouncing back last night and did a lot of little things. It's possibly to contribute without scoring.

I gagged all the way home from work yesterday listening to some of these callers to the talk radio shows - particularly Bendel (who should really just stop talking hockey) - when fans were calling Malkin out, saying he's another headcase like Jagr. One guy called in and played the whole, "I told yinz last year 'dat Malkin wuz nuttin' but anudder Yahhhgr. And all o' yinz told me I wuz crazy."

Whatever, yinzer. Go buy another Bradshaw jersey from Wal-Mart.

The Seeker said...

@ Spencemo

Did you work at Packard Electric?

My Mother-in-Law taught Home Ec at the Lordstown Vocational Center. My Father-in-Law owned a Chevy and a Ford dealership in the Youngstown/Warren area.

You can't really get mad at the foreign's the American corporate HQs around Detroit that are to blame.

I've never forgiven them for taking the decision to build their "American" cars out of foreign steel as opposed to good quality Pittsburgh iron either.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

you know it's going to be a good day when:

1. pens won the night before
2. you wake up to someone winning a car on the price is right
3. it's going to be 75 degrees
4. listening to the backstreet boys puts a smile on your face!


Stilly said...

Geno is returning to studly form. His slapshot was nasty to the point of me worrying about him killing someone.

He also made a SICK pass to someone (can't remember who) who totally whiffed on the one timer.

Pretty soon he's going to score and the dam wall is going to come crashing down.

Spencemo said...

@ Seeker - Yep, for almost 13 years. Actually, my husband went to Gordon D. James for the auto body program. I'm not mad at the foreign job is still being done by Delphi employees...just Mexican ones.

Chevy/Ford dealership? Which one???

odmE. said...

@ Stoosh - "Makes me wonder what game Helene St. Joke was watching, too, when she said Malkin is trying to find new ways of hitting rock bottom. She might have been watching a re-run of Game Two."

I was definitely thinking the same thing. I'm not going back to read that entire article again, but if memory serves me correctly it said something about how Detroit isn't going to lose four more games...riiiight...

To add to vehicleblog, i'm taking my driving exam tomorrow...y'know, now that I'm 22. haha.

Max Power said...

1. I turned my oven on before the game in an attempt to make some baggel bites in order to absorb the pregame happy juice that I drank. The game started and let the oven run waiting til the end o the 1st to consume. I shut the oven off and the 2nd started. We weren't playing as well so I said fuck it and turned the oven on again. Our play picked up. We won. The rest of the games will be watched at my place with the oven on.
2. Bing leveled up like he was in a video game.
3. Hall: #1 pick for bumber pool partner
4. Best goal scorer on the ice: Osgoods ass
5.An arrest warrent was issued by the Michigan State Police in regards to an alleged serial murderer. The warrent lists one Brooks Orpik, aka "Free Candy" for commiting 5 murders in less than 20 seconds.
6. We played our game in our house. Wings fans that though this was over and started grabbing for the brooms: KISS MY FAT BURGH ASS!

Stilly said...

@rachel(e? I never know which is correct)

I had a similar situation, except I woke up to "Free Danish and Orange Juice" day at my apartment complex, and replace any Backstreet Boys song with any song from Live at Folsum. Had to bust that CD out after cashblog the other day.

The Seeker said...

@ spencemo

Yeah, I kinda forgot they just moved their operations to Mexico...that really does suck.

"Chevy/Ford dealership? Which one???"

I'm not sure how old you are since the poor guy came down with Multiple Sclerosis at a fairly young age and sold the dealerships. He was the NE Ohio Dealer Association Pres at one time too. The dealerships were called "Jack Lemke Ford" and later "Jack Lemke Chevy". The building that became Spartan Chevy in Boardman was built by him and then sold to them when the MS hit. If you're too young, I'm sure your Parents would remember him.

Raybin said...

Whatever, yinzer. Go buy another Bradshaw jersey from Wal-Mart.

I love you.

dying alive said...

Eugene Debs
Yay Wobblies!

I had a Liberty for a while. It was OK, but I never really got used to how rough the ride is in a Jeep. Also there was less leg/cargo room than in some of the cars I've had, so it kind of defeated the purpose. I currently own a Chevy, but the best car I have ever owned, bar none, was a Toyota. I plan on driving the car I have until it dies, but when it does I'm getting another Toyota. In the meantime, I will drool over Vespa scooters.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

stilly - it's rachele lol...
like ra-shell.... i don't kno what my parents were thinking.... everyone calls me rachel. my friends do it on purpose. lol. so annoying...

Sooska said...

@ stoosh- I heard Rob Rossi on DVE this morning talking about his conversation with Malkin (the "I'm tired" quote). I was concerned at the time that the stoopids would start on calling him the new Jagr. (Obviously if he's admittedly tired he's also dying alive, etc.)I understand the context but not everyone else does. Rossi said he talks to Malkin a lot and it's always in English. He said Geno, like all Euro players, just answers straight up honestly, the question asked. Answers without spin like North American or media educated Euros do. In that regard he is like Jagr. Their emotions are on their sleeves- if asked, they answer exactly hwo they are feeling. He hasn't learned it is rather naive to be so open. In time he won't answer truthfully. He'll just give bland pat answers like most other pros. Just saying he's tired doesn't mean anything. If anyone is singly him out for Games 1 & 2 he/she has about 19 other guys to point at too.

Katie said...

WOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!!! Sorry I've been absent. Was out of town in a place, believe it or not, has no Gore access. Driving to BW3s to watch the game yesterday and the car next to me was wearing a Wings sweater (I was in my lucky road Pittsburgh Lemieux sweater). We did some friendly jobbing in traffic.

At BW3s, my friends kept trying to engage in conversation, and I remained so focused on the game, that I only had one brew during the game. Sid played his heart out. Man, I feel a change in the wind......

Let's Go Pens!!!!!

dying alive said...

We could've taken a panoramic view of the Mellon Arena playoff crowd and, LOLcats-style, photoshopped the words "DEAR KC, DIS CUDDA BEN U. SORRY!"
Ha. You're not alone in your animosity. I try to look at it from the perspective that they were just hockey fans who wanted a team, but when it's your team that someone is trying to get their grubby meathooks into, it wears on you. There is one particular quote that I read by someone from KC that has stuck with me to this day and still bothers me.

One guy called in and played the whole, "I told yinz last year 'dat Malkin wuz nuttin' but anudder Yahhhgr. And all o' yinz told me I wuz crazy."
Ah, one of those people who secretly hopes that someone will fail so that they can say, "I told you so." Gotta love those fans.

RedWings said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RedWings said...

Well, I've been avoiding this blog today but I figured if I was here while the Wings were winning I better show up when the "bad guys" win.

Congrats to all of you on a solid game by the Pens. That looked like the team and the building that I've been worried about for the past week.

I said here yesterday that the Pens home streak had me concerned and that dang #87 just flat out scares me. And let me at least ask, but does this site have a glossary or definitions page? 'Cause I was guessing "free candy" meant he was handing out hits like they were candy. But after reading a couple of posts above this, that's probably not it. If you don't want to divulge the secret here publicly (especially to a Red Wing fan) just email me.

Which leads me to "the shift". Son-of-a-b, I think I bruised a spleen just watching it. It ticks me off to say that because obviously that's the kind of shift every fan of every team wishes they could brag about, with cool tags like "yard sale". But now you've gone and ruined that for us. Bastards! (Congratulations.)

And now it looks like we've got a series. After the first two games, you lamented "the Pens can play better". After last night, I feel the same way about the Wings. But we all know there is a direct relationship to how well a team plays versus (geez, I hate to even use that word now) how poorly the opposition plays. Let's face it, if one of these teams gets on a roll, it's pretty hard for the other guys to look very good.

I'm guessing Ozzie would like to have #1 and #3 back. Just didn't squeeze the wickets on #1 and NEVER, EVER should he turn his back to the puck behind the net. He knows better than that because Shanahan scored bushels of those when he was with the Wings. I'm thinking he'll face the puck next time.

You can hate him if you want, but Mule's goal was a great piece of work. Going back to when he somehow held the puck in at the blue line to passing to himself off the boards to shrugging off some black shirts and finishing. Admit it, just like the shift, that's a goal you'd like to see any Pen register. (Give me that much, will ya?)

Well, that's about it for now. Looking forward to Saturday (I hate the extra day off. Thanks, Gary. Ass.)

J.S. said...

@vanessa, I'm not exactly a fan of my Liberty. Yeah, it's nice and room so I can keep my gear in back, but it gets awful mileage and I can't figure out why my check engine light keeps popping on. According to the codes I was given, it was an O2 sensor code. Since the tool at Autozone didn't know which sensor was which, I bought both sensors and had them replaced. The light has since gone on and off with no real reason. Also, I've had it randomly shut down at least 2x that I can remember. No power, nothing. It only lasts a second, then the power kicks back on as if nothing ever happened. If I wasn't so far in the hole on it, this thing would have been traded months ago.

Colin said...

@ redwings -

Franzen's goal was unreal. It was one of those plays where as it developed you say "oh sh!t, he's gonna do something nasty" (as a Pens fan at least). Sure enough, he did do something nasty.

J.S. said...

@redwings, I believe that's the origin of the definition, although it took on a whole other meaning when he was photoshopped into a "free candy van". The photoshop was kinda creepy but at the same time hilarious.

J.S. said...

Free candy! photoshop

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

Wish I could find the original "Free Candy" photoshop, but the point is that in Orpik's photo for this season, he looked like a serial killer/child molester, so someone put that picture in the driver's side window of a beat-up van with "Free Candy" on the side of it. That's the origin of that one. And there's an FAQ page linked on the sidebar.

Raybin said...


Can we have more opposing fans like you?

Franzen's goal was nuts. Colin had it right. It was like watching a slow motion trainwreck. I felt like a guy in a movie watching some disaster unfold and screaming "Noooooooooo" with the voice deepened and stretched out as he sits, impotent and despairing.

Stephen said...

When it comes to atmosphere Pens are still minor league

J.S. said...

and when it comes to Buffalo's record this season....

BlacknGold66 said...

@redwings: I started a cblog dictionary awhile ago... but haven't finished it.

Things like "Free Candy" and yelling "STEEEEVE!" when Sid scores is one of the things that makes this site's comments section great.

Someone says something stupid or funny and the rest of us just run with it.

dying alive said...

Oh goody, another Sabres fan to tell us how great their atmosphere is and how they did everything first, from wear helmets to freeze water to make ice. I am constantly reminded why they are my least favorite opposing fan base in the NHL.

Nobody gives a shit about Buffalo. Especially not this year. And if you're going to trash talk, at least learn to link properly. You'll look a lot less foolish.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

Ok Ok soooo for tailgateblog...

Who says the rain has to ruin our fun??
Game 4= Whiteout = Rain = Wet tshirt contest!!!!!!

man...why wasn't this thought of earlier ;)

RedWings said...

j.s. and nathan, thanks for the education and 'teh' picture. I am literally sitting here typing and laughing. That is absolutely hilarious. Thanks to your guys photoshop techniques and senses of humor, I think I'll be checking out this board long after this series is over.

Raybin, great description. That's exactly how I felt each time Sid touched the puck. And congrats on your engagement.

I just laughed again at that picture/story. Kills me. Thanks.

Raybin said...


The atmosphere is probably good for the Sabres on the golf course in Florida.

Sooska said...

@ redwings - welcome and wait til Geno gets going - he will. saturday. hold on to whatever you want to hold on to. you ain't seen nothin yet.

Vanessa Day said...

@Redwings: Thank you for being an exceptional opposing cblogger. I don't know many wings fans like you.

Freecandyblog: My husband is convinced that 44 has hyperthyroidism, and that's why his eyes are like that... who knows, all I know is that he never blinks (or so it seems).

@JS: Yes, the liberty sucks. It's a decent car for just tooling around but the gas mileage sucks for the "small suv" that it is.

JYo said...

I am constantly reminded why they are my least favorite opposing fan base in the NHL.

Really? Worse than the Cryers???

sh0ez said...


I think you copied my comment in the last post. Sad about LeGame being scratched as well as the fact of just calling him LeGame all the time. Hah. I can't even remember the last time I said Letang. Well, before there.

As I said in the previous post, amazing game.

I don't need to repeat what I said. It's all been covered.

"The Shift" tshirtblog? I came up with a quick, simple design.

Saturday. Let's do it. Go Pens.


TheNWChica said...

Congrats Raybin!

After last night, I want to marry Brooksie!

Helene St. James makes me sad to be a sports loving chick.

And I'm not sure if I should worry that when I saw BabyHarry's picture in the post I yelled "Stinky Harry!" lol

odmE. said...

I envy you, redwings, for getting to see the Free Candy photoshop for the first time. I almost choked the first time I saw it...

sh0ez said...

@ redwings

As everyone has been saying, I wish there were more Detroit fans like you.

RedWings said...

Sooska, I'd rather wait 'til October to see Malkin warm up, if you don't mind.

Boy, it just goes to show you how much home ice and the last change means, doesn't it? Z and Dats did a pretty good job of shutting down 87, but when he was allowed to run free at the Mellon, whew! So I really don't want to see Malkin and Hossa and Staal and Sykora join the parade. Like I said, October will be fine for me.

You know something else that bothered me last night. I thought both Brad Stuart and Rafalski had poor games. Man, they were coughing up pucks like they were producing spewtum specimens at the clinic. (I hope you are all done eating lunch.) And in the first period, chasing down a puck on the far boards, I thought Rafalski showed all the speed of a fire hydrant. Hopefully just a bad game for them (hopefully, from my perspective).

But full props to the Pens. They pounced on those mistakes and deposited them. Great counter punching.

Sooska said...

@ redwings - prepare yourself.

@ cblog -here's a story I made the mistake of posting too late in intermission last night and I thought I'd repost. My son is a HUGE Pens fan and he is in Europe on a trip planned months and months ago before playoff dreams began. He is in Paris to be exact. Yesterday he was at the Louvre in the Egyptian Exhibit when he saw a small darkened room off to the side and went in. He said there wasn't much in the room but an empty glass display case. He got an idea and unpacked some of his stuff and took off his LeGame shirt and WWGRD wristband and some other Pens gear and, risking an alarm or guard situation, put it in the case. He got photos and video. THE.LOUVRE.

The Pens are artists on the ice and they were on display at the greatest musuem in the world. A Pensblog Storeblog LeGame shirt on display at the Louvre. Pens at the Louvre. Photos and videos upon return.

dying alive said...

Really? Worse than the Cryers???

Based on in-person experience, yes. As someone who went to nearly every home game this year and has gone regularly to 15+ games a season for a long time, I have never seen more poorly behaved fans in Mellon than those of the Sabres.

Philly fans like to talk trash, which is fine. Leafs fans are rowdy, but most of them are able to control themselves and not cross the line. Sabres fans like to get wasted and start fights, scream profanities, spill beer on kids, and generally act like animals. Apprently it's not just here either, because I've seen threads about it on places like HF Boards.

As far as internet retardery, though, nobody beats the Cryers.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

Other teams' fans have real issues with Sabres fans too. When I went to Raleigh for opening night this year, the folks sitting around me (Hurricanes season ticket holders all, I believe), told me straight up that the only opposing fans they truly couldn't stand were the Sabres fans. I've never had any real experiences with large numbers of Sabres fans, so I really can't say for myself, but I'm willing to bet that if two very different fan bases have problems with them, there's something not quite right with Sabres fans.

Sooska said...

@shOez- a drive-by by Orpik!

Yinz Luv Da Guins said...

What a Game!

RedWings said...

Hey, I want to say thanks to all of you for the warm welcome. I started to list you individually, but then I didn't want to miss someone. So thanks again.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the piss and vinegar on A2Y, but not when it goes personal and pissy in attacking visitors. I won't do that. Unless, of course, it involves the crapalanche.

I really enjoy the homerism and biases of both these boards.

I just laughed again at the "free candy" picture.

Sooska said...

turn the page?


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