Friday, May 16, 2008

Sunday. PENS LOSE.


We got the split. Be happy.

The day had come.

You finally had the huge date with the person you have wanted the most.
Everything had finally worked out for you, after weeks, months, and years of getting jobbed.

Maybe she finally broke up with her douche boyfriend.
Maybe he had finally noticed you.

You make dinner reservations, take a shower, shit, shave. Ready to go.
Then your car doesn't start.


Look, we could bitch about Versus not being sure if the Flyers or the 1975 Montreal Canadiens played the Pens in this game.

But everything sucks when you lose in the playoffs.
Pens raise that trophy, and the last thing anyone cares about is Versus turning into the Flyers Television Network.

The Flyers had to win. And they did.
It was a nice little treat for their home fans.

Any team's fans deserve to not have to watch their team get swept on home ice.

The story for the Pens was Jordan Staal, playing with a heavy heart,
nearly bringing them back in the third period.

The Pens were one crazy bounce away from tying things up.
They battled till the final whistle.

Nothing more you could ask for.

In closing, our good friends at [ Doubt About It ] said it best:
"Go to church on Sunday everybody. And get ready to call off work for Monday."

God help us all.

:::::::::::::::::: ANTHEMS :::::::::::::::::::

[Brett H]

Picture: The preserved fat ass corpse of Kate Smith and Lauren Whatev sing a stirring anthem.

A little unknown fact:
Kate Smith's body fat actually lights the Wachovia center.

:::::::::::::::::: FIRST PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

Flyers fans are pumped for the game:

Picture: We'll give you a few guesses to what we are comparing that hole to.
Buzz Bissinger would not approve.

Early, it looked like the Flyers putting all their eggs in one basket was gonna pay off.
But the puck harmlessly went to the corner.

Jordan Staal comes out flying.

It was pretty whatev after that.
You wouldn't know the Flies were desperate.

The Penguins came out with someone different line combos just to throw everyone off.

The Pens ended up getting the first power play of the game when Daniel Briere headed to the box when he no question trips up a Pen.

Of course he cries all the way there.

Little baby
[William O]

At least you knew he was playing.

It took a power play for things to start moving.
Richards ended up with a breakaway but doesn't even hit the net.

Before you knew it, Hossa had his own chance at the other end.
French Toast was up to the task.

Something was coming, you could feel it.
And it was the Flyers who got it.

Palindrome came down the wing and gets a break as the puck deflects off the USS Hal Gill and past MAF.


Huge goal for the Flies.
The Pens tried to get it back quick, but wasn't happening.

Later on, Danny Briere draws a penalty on Gonch.
And he hooked the Flyers up on the other end, too.

He puts home some trash.


We feel like the Versus crew high-fived each other after the goal, but we could never prove it.

The Pens were headed to the box again soon.
Letang goes to the box for of all things, clipping...wiping out a 25-yard run and a first down from Willie Parker.

Is that the first clipping penalty all year?

Versus almost showed the replay.
But it was getting close to Dockers time.

[Dave MCB]

The Flyers start playing "Flyer Hockey," and things started getting rough.
Huge skirmish behind the net.
Hockey Central Update was more important.

Nice tie. Nice colors.
[Thanks to Wyatt]

Too bad COMCAST owns the Versus Network.
COMCAST is headquarted in, you guessed it, Philadelphia.

And if you want to know how stupid Flyers fans are, they boo when a Flyer gets a penalty during a big melee.
Idiots. What do you think is going to happen?

Another commercial from Versus.

Megadeath dude?
No idea what's going on.


This is what we arr talking about:

Thanks to [Big Bob From Kiss 96.1] for sending this in:

After Megadeath dude, Umberger had some trash to pick up, but he missed the wide-open net.
Every save MAF was making couldn't be understated.

Following another whistle, dudes start shoving.
The ref didn't want free candy, and the Pens were on the PK again.

Jeff Carter piled on another goal to make it...


The guy who guards the Prince of Wales Trophy
leaves to go get some prostitutes down in Atlantic City.

Somewhere in the first period, the Versus color-commentary guy rattles off all kind of weird stats about Danny Briere. Anyone catch that?

"Briere has 9 carries out of the corner, 6 passes, 5 chances, 4 shots, 5 hits."
Never even heard that before from anywhere.

Not so much the Pens' worst period of the series as it was the Flyers' best.
Their season was on the line. What'd you expect?

:::::::::::::::::: INTERMISSION :::::::::::::::::::

Keith Jones is a turd.


That is all.

:::::::::::::::::: SECOND PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

The second period starts, but we never really were able to move past the MegaDeath thing.

Scottie Upshall tries to mess with Sykora.
Sykora pops him back, and they both go off.

MAF makes a great save right off the bat during the 4-on-4.

Got to give credit MAF. He was lights-out after the first period.
As time ticks away, it feels like Mike Richards is at your house watching the game.
He was everywhere.

Midway through, Jeff Carter hooks up Malkin.
Powerplayblog is shutdown.

Yawn Yawn Yawn

Versus commentator Darren Elliots rubs himself all over the screen,
and that's it for a boring second period.

:::::::::::::::::: THIRD PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

It looked like we were headed for the Mellon on Sunday,
but early in the third, the Pens got their first bounce of the game.
Staal sneaks one past Toast to make it 3-1

That picture of the dude giving the finger sums up everything.

There is nothing like scoring a goal when you are trailing in the playoffs.
Suddenly, Fleury's saves after giving up the 3 early goals start making sense.

Just get one more goal, at least to make these morons sweat.
That would be great.


Staal's line was on the ice when Father Time entered the building wearing an orange shirt.
Staal lays up in the slot-ish and rips home a one-timer.

[Aaron S.]

Thank you again, MAF, for all those saves.

The pulse of the Wach changes.
But time is on the Flyers' side.

The Pens get a chance, as the puck finds its way to, of all people, Rob Scuderi.
He buries it there, and a statue is built in his name.
He fires a Scud missile, but Toast gets a piece of it, sending it wide.

Things fall under the two-minute mark, and the Pens get a whistle.

Now, normal, intelligent hockey fans will expect a team to call a timeout when they're in the situation the Pens were in.
But the fans boo. Why? Does that make any sense at all?

Off the faceoff, Bing somehow gets the puck, and nearly shoves a cheese steak up everyone's ass.
But no dice.
The Flyers tighten up, and as the puck finds it way to to Lupul's stick for the empty netter, the Prince of Wales Trophy is packed up.

Normally, that would signal game.
But with the Flyers, you have to expect them to throw cheap shots around.

Scottie Upshall takes a meaningless run at Jordan Staal.
But during the skirmish, he either was trash-talking him or seeing if he was okay.
Nobody even knows.
Malone fights Hatcher.

Richards and Crosby get in each other's faces, after Richards slashes Crosby ankle.
Jason Smith steps in so he can touch a man.

If you're ever in a street fight with another gang, there's an unwritten rule that everyone does "one-on-one," meaning that you don't gang up on someone.

All game and all series, the Flyers have pretty much ignored it.
They will all flock to a certain player and try to facewash him and break his neck.
They just don't know how to play hockey.
The Flies are pathetic.

[ Jake ]

  • Shit.
  • 5 Buries It. :(
  • No more talk about Detroit. Get it done first.
  • Yeah, we can' t help it. Versus sucks.
  • That guy with the signs behind MAF needs to pay the ultimate price. How many signs are you going to bring to a game?
  • Writing this recap was like writing about the time you watched your girlfriend get trained by an entire rugby team.
  • [ Bobby Orr ] to play Sunday?
  • Get your mind right.
  • Do it.
  • Anyone blame the young Pens if they were looking ahead for a period? Nope.
  • Just like the Rangers loss, it's good for the Pens to get reminded what it feels like.

Go Pens


slush said...


Woot, thank you early as fuck surgery time... ha!

PittHockey said...

Splitting the away games was the goal.

Mission accomplished.

Now they have to focus and wrap it up.

PittHockey said...

Oh and Staal going into beastmode was admirable.
I only wish the rest of the team followed suit.

Beav said...

yay J. Staal, Flower, Teeks, and Talbot.... booooo rest of team

KJ said...

good luck slush on your surgery. hope the docs weren't drinking last night :)

and to the staff, THANK YOU for bringing up that dope behind the net. seriously, he throws up more signs than hellen keller. i'm not sure if he's sniffing fumes from his marker the whole game or he's at out of work cue card holder.

finally, this long delay til sunday is gonna be looooooooooong

jmagnifico said...

Nice to see Daniel Briere celebrating California allowing gay marriage with his own coming out party one goal in 4 games what a fag

jmagnifico said...

whats up with the versus guys telling us the Cryers went up 3-love and then throwing in the field goal comment, wtf do they even know they are watching hockey?

I didnt care about winning this game after they went up 3-0 since I would rather win this thing at home anyway but when Jordan "My brother is Marc" Staal put us in it I wanted the win to shut up all them bastards out there in Filthy that cant even be called hockey fans


nikki said...

"Jason Smith steps in so he can touch a man"

thank you for making my night! haha
i want sunday noooow

jtp2106 said...

I was watching the Versus feed online and I seriously thought I was getting a Philadelphia local feed. I heard the announcer talk about how Briere was a catalyst for the Flyer's offense and I laughed out loud. The field goal comment was what put it over the top.

xuscbausp said...

the third period ended the flyers season. they now know that the pens own their soul.

we're up 3-1. i is happy

Keep On Malkin in the Free World said...

Beninati and Eliot are pathetic. Say what you will about Steigy and Errey, but at least they occasionally call the fucking game. These two jokes act like their job is to have a 60 minute conversation and occasionally make a comment about what's happening on the ice.

"You know Darren, Daniel Briere was challenged by his coach, and he stepped up tonight. It's so great when -THERE'S A SHOT BY CROSBY!- players pick up their game in the face of adversity."

"That's absolutely right. Briere knew that his team was -great save there by Biron- on the brink of elimination, and he's keeping them alive."

"Darren, as a former goaltender, I'm sure you know how hard it is to -BIG HIT BEHIND THE NET!- play in an elimination game like this, and Marty Beeeeeeeron has sure shown that he isn't giving up."

"That's a great way to put it, Joe. By the way, have I mentioned that your suit is spectacular today?"

"Thanks, Darren. I picked it up last week, and -LUPUL FIRES AND SCOOOOOOOOOOOORES!- had it dry-cleaned at a place right down the street."

"Mike Richards Mike Richards Mike Richards, Joe.

"Mike Richards Mike Richards, Darren. It looks like there's a penalty. We'll tell you what it is eventually, but first let's head back to Bill at HOCKEY CENTRAAAAAAAAL!"

The best part about winning on Sunday will be the fact that we won't have to listen to these hacks again. Do it.

Matt Gajtka said...


Brilliant post. You captured it!

Jimmy Hugs said...

Mike Lange should call the Cup games regardless of who is playing.

Hossa Hossa Hossa

Keep On Malkin in the Free World said...

Thanks, Matt!

Rhonda said...

I am sooooo sick of "let's go back to Hockey Central".. No, let's just stick with the game, how's that for a novel idea? Geesh! Add to the fact they never really have anything to add.

There are two games left going on, they are covering both... any news they have to bring us isn't... uh.. new?

SK said...

I keep hearing one name and I am waiting for this guy to BURY it. That name is Dupuis. He has one goal in this postseason. But I hear him whiffing on shots or missing the net at least twice a game. I know he's way more frustrated about this than I could ever be, but please please please please...put it in the net, Mr. Dupuis!

Also...Versus can DIAF. I am sick of their stupid-ass play by play guys. Oh. Letang is in the box for 'flipping'? Well thanks for letting me know what the fuck was going on there instead of breaking off to watch some fucking Cryers player's friends and family network for the nine thousandth time. These bastards should be doing narrator duty on those PBR bull biographies that Vs. produces. Not playoff hockey.

xuscbausp said...

I said this after game four of the rags series and ill say it again;
if we would have lost game three and won game four, every "expert" would be saying this series is over.

coffeytalk said...

Honestly, it's time to hit Versus with some serious feedback.

E-mail away. Usually I'd say be smart and speak intelligently and refrain from m-fing the whole thing. But at this point, FUCK THAT.

Tell them how to call a fucking game.

Mike Georger said...

comcast owns the flyers, let alone being HQ'd in philly

Russell Lucas said...

The Flyers just really pounded in that first period, so it's tough to fault the Pens much for the loss, and Staal showed why he's awesome.

Still, though, did Malkin make like ten bad passes last night?

Russell Lucas said...

I have to assume all the people ESPN used to hire-- Thorne, Clement, etc.-- have noncompetes that won't let them work for the Outdoor Life Network. I don't care so much about homerism or whatever, but I think they've actually hired the least charismatic people in television today to work their NHL telecasts. It's like there's a huge talent black hole in the booth and at Hockey Central just sucking the life out of the room.

wilsmith said...

Wasn't Dave Mustane kicked out of the band that went on to become one of the greatest acts in rock history?

Christina said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the screenshot of the pink-popped collar wearing douche Flyer fan at the end of the game. I noticed him and absolutely lost it laughing

Sunday. Do It.

lauren_hbg said...

@ christina

The whole bar erupted in laughter when they showed that shot of that gay popped-collar guy - it actually soothed my anger a tad.

God I hate Philadelphia.

dying alive said...

Ha ha, as soon as I saw that guy with the popped pink collar under his t-shirt, I thought, "Most intimidating fans in the NHL my ass."

Did anyone see the guy who brought the "spin like a ballerina" sign for MAF? I guess that's what passes for creativity in Philly. Someone sitting near French Toast next game should bring a sign that says, "Shit the bed like a 90 year old in a convalescent home," since that's what he did the first three games of the series.

I was happy for Staal last night.

Vern said...

Just a suggestion for Photoshoppers, if you paste Charlie's head onto a picture as a new layer, you can use the eraser tool to easily remove the white halo around his head.

Unless of course you have to use Paint or something, in which case you can only make due as best you can.

blackngoldforever904 said...

Tough game. Thought we really looked alright in the third. Staal should not have left the ice at all in the last 5 minutes. The only guy that gave heart the whole game. I see that Bobby Orr and Ray Bourque are gonna be back in for the Cryers on Sunday.

Hey TPB I know its only been 2 and a half bad games but I think its time to launch an Amber Alert for Geno. I know that the Cryers are takin shots everytime they skate by him but thats what the playoffs are all about. Time for Therrien to put it out to the media.

emohdee said...

My dad's a Flyers fan and has been since the '70s. Now I'm gonna have to hear him taunt me all weekend at my graduation.

Win on Sunday, Pens, so I can taunt him for the rest of the year.

Stillson said...

@dying alive

He's the marker huffing guy. He had like 5 different signs and VS showed him every fucking 5 minutes. Guy's a total asshat.

hyzdufan said...

Can you believe that fake-baked asshole with his pink polo popped above his Brierre jersey? I bet Charlie violated his Dockers after the game.

Colin said...

I have a serious comment about Bing. I don't know why, but when he is faced with a one on two, he constantly pulls the same move trying to split the defense with a toe drag type of move. I don't know if his ankle is killing him or what, but that move, just isn't working for him. It is frusterating when he tries to split the defensemen instead of pulling up or even just dumping it in. I think he has to be a bit smarter in those situations.

@ sk - I totally agree with you on Dupuis. Honestly, I think he needs to use a stiffer flex stick, he can't handle sharp passes or one timers. Maybe he is just gripping the stick too tight, but it seems like it is something with his stick. Does HCMT think about throwing someone else on the top line? I don't think so.

As far as the line changing in the first period, I am a big advocate of sticking with what got you this far. In my opinion, the Pens should just roll their four "normal" lines. In penalty filled games like this, your lines get messed up enough.

Pens can not let the Flyers get the best of them. Orpik should have not taken that penalty even if it was totally bogus. Sid should not have been on the ice at the end of the game either, I don't understand that call at all.

The whole game just seemed like the Pens couldn't get it going. All their shots were directly into Biron's chest or glove. I did not think that he played well, but the Pens made him look good.

Last night's game is why Jordan Staal is a big deal.

And finally, don't get too high, don't get too low.

Sorry for the long post, I have been fuming since the game ended mainly fueled by a brutal broadcast and a frusterating game.

Go Pens.

Davy D said...

5 buries it = Sydor or Ulf? Guess either way.
Did anyone else think that Crosby was tripped on that final breakaway when he fell into the net.

Glad Plumberger was quiet so we didn't have to hear about that again.
Won't make this weekend with Philly guests coming quite as fun.

Be fun to win at home.

Fleury29 said...

Solid recap. Painful, but solid.

Looking forward to Sunday.

Whistler said...

here are my thoughts...

*puts on seatbelt*

1. You know this game was bound to happen. We need to finish this at home. I do not want to head back to Philly for a Game 6.

2. During the 1st period Malone was waaaaaay off his game. I was like WTF?

3. They were doing a good job bringing up two guys on the rush. They spent alot more time in the offense zone and were able to crash the net a lot easier.

4. Their D contained us to the outside for most of the game. Everytime we had the puck we were pinned up against the boards.

5. With Coburn coming back you wonder how this will change the face of their game.

6. There is no number 6.

7. Us getting the final line change will help a lot with this stupid DMV line.

8. I couldn't sleep last night. I woke up at 3:30am and woke up in a dreadful panic.

Let's do this on Sunday. I need some sleep.

Pensgirl said...

Every single website run by blogger refused to load for me after the first intermission. WTF??

No worries here. The Pens are not only going to win Sunday, they are going to STOMP. No more playin' around.

Jersey Bill said...

1. Comcast owns the Flyers. Versus is the Flyers Network.

2. No shot of fans at the Mellon or Station Square?

3. Maybe Ronnie James Dio gets Pens fans pumped on Sunday.

4. Nice screen grab of Briere's boyfriend with the pink Izod shirt.

5. Sunday. Finish them.

Brett said...

worst. broadcasting. ever.

mdpensfan said...


I couldn't load anything after the first intermission either! Sooo frustrating.

One good thing about last night's loss is that I get to go to the game on Sunday!! That means another 7 hours plus in the car for me, but if the pens make it past this round, I'm leaving for Europe on the 28th for a cruise after graduation, so this may be the last game I can go to :(

My dad called me at 7:30 AM this morning (I'm still in college for one more week so this is not an acceptable wake up time) and I didn't answer, so he texted me and was like tickets??? He has three season tickets, but he's been buying extra for the games I want to go to... so I called him back and said hell yea, and he texted me back:
We now have 2 KILLER seats in A26 near in the ice Unbelievable! Time to get excited NOW!!!!!!!

So look for me/my dad (geezer) in B32/A26, I'm sure my dad will be wearing his Old N Slow Pens jersey (I wish I was kidding, a gift from his friends for his 50th bday) going crazy.

FireFox said...

It is clear the Verses is biased towards the Flyers. But why is it that they keep showing those great shots of the stunned fans in Philly? After game 3, they were all going to hang themselves. Then after Jordan got 2 goals, they all had that same look like the team was going to fold.

The Flyers damn near lost that game. Had 1 of our forwards not tipped the puck back to a Flyer stick while we had an empty net, we had a read chance of taking it up ice and putting it home. After the 3rd period, they need to know the Pens have the momentum. They played a poor 1st period and an okay 2nd period. They dominated the 3rd but lost it with the empty netter.

Pens have got to wrap this up on Sunday. GO PENS!!!

Lady Jaye said...

Ug, how can the NHL possibly think Vs is a good deal? The games are almost unbearable to watch because of the stooges calling it. Oh well, will be there Sunday so I don't have to listen to them!! Wooo.

Last nights game was a kick in the ovaries; however, much like the Rangers series, getting a split on the road was all I really hoped for. And it happened, so time to move on and lose my voice cheering on Sunday.

Overall, i was impressed with Jordan Staal's heart during the game. I'm sure many of us know what it's like to lose a loved one, and that he could go out and score two goals and play as he did... good kid, good player. I hope he slays them on Sunday as well.

sh0ez said...

Letang shirt = first period = bad.
Gill shirt = second period = Fleury amazing.
Gill shirt + practice jersey = third period = Fleury amazing + offense.


Tough loss, but it's better taking the conference championship at home.

Advantage of last night's game? I'm home for a week, we have Versus on basic cable, my mom has a brand new leather Laz-y-boy and a new 53 inch Sony plasma. Badass.

Sunday. Do it.

JYo said...

Two things from last nights posts:

1) Sooska says: strap 'em on Big Guy! get on down there

...and no one gave her a hard time about it. Come on. At least give a "thats what she said."

2) Someone asked if we go back to Red and Andy on Sunday. I say no. Just because the closer blows one game doesn't mean he isn't the closer any more. Ed Harris gets the job done in game 5.

Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stoosh said...

@ Jyo -

Re: Sooska's "Big Guy" comment...

I can't believe I missed that last night. I think like Eileenover said last night...I was running a bit of angermanagementblog and lost my focus for a little while.

At the very least, we'll give it a belated "Hey now!"

dying alive said...

I don't think any of us should be too upset about the Pens losing last night. A split on the road is what most teams try for, after all. Plus we get to see the Pens come home and win the PoW in front of their own fans.

Stoosh said...


On top of losing last night, I get in to work today, get my initial early-morning paperwork done and then take my quick five-minute break to check the site. And what comes up?

Our firewall screen. Firewalled for "risque and nudity", of all things.

Me = stunned

Talk about a kick in the groinage.

Happy to report, though, that it's now up and running. Not sure what was going on earlier, but I think the USS Hal Gill might have something to do with it.

I have no idea how long this will be up and running, so we'll see; I don't even think USS Hal knows. A call to Livingston Dell might be in order.

JYo said...

I have heard a few people jobbing Dupuis since last night. The guy is doing his job. He is the "banger" on that line. I'd argue he is one of the few guys in the league that can throw his body around and forecheck like he does, but still has the speed to keep up with Sid and Hossa. He is not the guy on that line that is supposed to fill the net. He knows his role and plays it well. Just because he throws a few shots at the net when he gets a chance doesn't mean he should score 2 goals a game.

As for VS, I finally stopped listening. For any of you watching through a DVR, it is very easy to match up the TV feed with Lange and the ol 29er on the Gore. Just pause your TV until the radio feed catches up then start up the video. It takes a little playing around to get the timing exact, but its not hard to get it close enough that it is easy to watch/listen. I know this doesn't help everyone, but it saved my sanity last night and might save at least a few of you.

captjameson said...

seeing the end of that game reminded me how much i hate the flygirls. would like to have seen an arena full of people who looked like they just got caught fucking the neighbor's cat. those fans absolutly deserve to see their team get swept on home ice. buy a porche biron, buy a porche.

matt in dc said...

Let's see, let's see.

I couldn't get on blogger either last night. Not much to add to what's already here, but I will anyway.

What else can you say about Staal?

Malkin does need to wake back up.

But remember, all this loss means is that the Flyers are on pace to win for the second time in Game 8 (if necessary).

Can someone go ask Bill Patrick if Game 8 will be necessary? I'm sure they have the answer on file back at Hockey Central.

Steve In Denver said...

@ everyone, as said earlier, go to VS website & leave nasty feedback.

I've done it twice already....of course, no replies to my comments even though they take your email address.

Fuck the bearded clam in the Philly bar, Fuck the Umbergers, and Fuck the play by play guys calling "clipping", and Fuck all the focus on the sign guy.

It would be sweet to see hundreds of Pens fans waving signs lambasting everything about Philly and VS.

Someone on the glass should put up a nasty anti-VS sign as well. Seriously. Every fan base is bitching about their coverage, it's not just us.

I'd love nothing more than seeing Malkin or BGL doing a post goal glass-jump into a VS & Philly sucks sign.

Matty O said...

No matter who you root for, everyone agrees that VS is horrible. Flyer's fans cant stand Joe Beninati who is the Crapitals play by play guy and does vs. Constantanly talking about the "Great 8"

Can't wait till sunday.

BlacknGold66 said...


@Jyo: Thank you for saying that about Dupuis. It seems that people just have to pick on someone after a loss.

The most frustrating thing about coming on here after a loss is the people pointing fingers.

It's definately not everybody... not even close.

11-2 in the playoffs and we're pointing fingers?

As for the rest of us that aren't wearing tin foil hats...

Great job on keeping it positive.

After all that stuff I just said, there's NOTHING better than coming on here after a loss and hearing the positive attitudes of the majority. While sitting in C-town with nobody else to talk to about the game it's ressuring to have this place to come to. That's the best thing about cblog. We're all ALWAYS thinking about the Pens and most of us here feel like we're part of the team. (which I believe we are)

Yinz are the best.




Sooska said...

@jyo and stoosh- "strap 'em on Big Guy get down there." Yes I did say that when they showed Mario staring down at the ice and posted same last night. I started yelling it at the screen. I cannot believe that out of all Pens Nation I was the only one with that thought, however.

I was lucky the CBC feed on synced with Mike and 29er last night. Even at that the CBC broadcast is far superior to anything Versucks may have. Never thought I'd be happy to listen to the gushing for Doc.

Geno has been taking a beating since Game 2. No Amber Alert necessary. He has done his part and then some. Don't forget he and Staalsy have played every damn game for the Pens this year-the only 2. Staalsy doesn't get the attention Geno does. Others (like Staalsy) can/have/will step up on the scoring. That's what got us here and will get us into the Finals. That is also what captures the big metal prize.

Frankly this series I issued an Amber Alert for Bugsy (except the goal the other night that was frankly a bumblefuck goal. He awoke a the right time and buried it.) Syko was out of sorts big time last night. He's gotta channel that anger to more productive behavior. Bugsy stepped up well at the end.

I take full responsibilty for my part in the loss. I was out watching the game in Phlyer country and we came home at the 2nd intermission. Only then did I put on my Malkin shirt - as the puck dropped for the 3rd. What can I say? Staalsy scored 2x. The power of the shirt can erase 3 goal leads (see Game 1 vs Rags.) However the orange miasma of Phlyers phans is kryptonite to the Power of the Malkin Shirt. What can I say? I will wash off the eastern PA stench in Burgh water and it will be renewed on Sunday. GO PENS

Ronnie said...

Does anyone else keep seeing visions of that jackoff Philly fan with the pink popped collar? He should run into a knife.

JYo said...

It is frusterating when he tries to split the defensemen instead of pulling up or even just dumping it in. I think he has to be a bit smarter in those situations.

I disagree. Few players in the league have the talent to beat two defenders and score. 87 is probably the best in the world at it. Sure, he loses the puck sometimes, but even when that happens, there are four other Penguins behind the play so there is no chance of an odd man rush the other way. Taking the play at the defense is the smart move. It puts pressure on them and even if he doesn't score, he often draws a penalty. Sid is a playmaker, not a pull up and/or dump in kind of player.

JYo said...

Sooska, I wasn't poking fun at your desire to have 66 on the ice, just the phrasing you used to convey the idea. Its still funny.

J.S. said...

Wish I could get down to Mellon for Sunday's game, but it's drillblog for me. Even worse, I'm gonna be outside jobbing around in some meaningless exercise, which means no laptop for me...which means no hooking up the antenna that I specifically bought so I could watch games up there during downtime....err, I mean I bought an antenna so I could keep up with the news and current events.

Good God I hate Philly almost as much as I hate the OLN announce team.

The Seeker said...

I repeat...

If anyone told you before the 1st Playoff game that we could reach the Cup Finals with only ONE loss along the'd have said they were on PCP.

Losing only TWO is freakin' amazing!

A loss could be good for them for the Final round.

And stirring-up Sid & Co at the end was a mistake!

dying alive said...

@ stoosh - Le Magnifique did look like he was in the best shape of his life.

Those of you who don't have tickets for game five but want them, I just got a text alert that they're going on sale at 2PM.

dying alive said...

Edit: my @ stoosh should have been @ sooska. Mea culpa.

Stillson said...


Especially coming back to Mellon. I hope the guys bring those Philly losers some free candy on sunday for their asshattery.

On a seperate note, I hope popped collar guy dies in a fire. Srsly, you're a dick.

Sooska said...

@ jyo - I wasn't offended or anything. Glad you liked it although..nevermind ;)

Sooska said...

@ dying alive. yes he certainly did. I have no doubt he could strap them on and play -heart problem or not. He hasn't lost his French snark either. LOVE IT!

jefe said...

i rarely, if ever, see pens fans in phoenix on a normal day. but yesterday, as i was leaving a bar to go home to watch the game, i caught a couple guys dressed in pens gear. the one wearing a malkin tshirt was russian, and the other guy was originally from philly. kick ass. pens nation is widespread.

on another note. fuck VS. fuck the flies. win at home. do it.

JP said...

Last night I put the game on mute and turned on the radio to hear Mike and Bourquey. The play and commentary didn't exactly match up, but it was a lot better than listening to the clowns on VS.

Mitch said...

I think the fag with the pink, popped collar sums up Filthy fans.

Filth Fans = gay.

I love how the Flyers get a questionable penalty against them all series and it is shown a thousand times with analysis about how the two commentators are whacking each other off. Anytime the Penguins get a questionable penalty called against them they forget about it and don't even say what the penalty was for.

Versus = gay.

Lets end their pathetic team on Sunday! WHOOOOOOO!

lauren_hbg said...

@ sooska

I, too, feel like I had a hand in the loss.

a) For the first game of the playoffs, I wasn't wearing a jersey, just a Pens t-shirt.

b) I missed the first period, because my mom made me feel guilty about not coming to one of my sister's softball games, thus, I was watching a bunch of 9 year olds instead of the men in black and gold.

c) We watched the game at the same bar, with the same people, that we watched Game Four of the Rangers series.

We'll survive though... I'm just hoping they come out with a bang on Sunday and let the Cryers know what's up.

The Seeker said...

I am still a bit pissed about the one Briere goal when he basically bum rushed Fleury from the side.

I thought you had to give the goalie a chance to at least make a play?

He just knocked him sideways so he couldn't make a play and shoved it under him.

If that's legal, then why isn't every team doing that all the time?

JYo said...

Burnside has an article about "will they make it a series or did they just delay the inevitable?" A couple of things from it:

But, surely, it doesn't hurt to get Crosby riled up.

Says who? He usually torches teams that get him fired up. Does Hatcher remember how well knocking his teeth out worked out for him?

One of the popular words uttered in the happy Flyers dressing room was "momentum."

Why would they want to bring up momentum? The Pens completely stole that back in the third period. Basically the Cryers won the first period, things evened out in the second, and the Pens started dominating again in the third.

Stillson said...

Has anyone read any news on the Savior? How's his ammoni.. i mean pneumonia? Is he playing Sunday?

Sooska said...

@ lauren- that's too bad. I feel your pain too. Someone I know quit going out to watch TH night gams at bar with friends due to a couple of losses. It hasn't preventd them but he doesnt feel part of the loss any more.

I hate that we gave the Phlyers any hope though. Igloo Power!

Stillson said...

And has anyone checked to see if mascara boy has a new video? I'm sure him and his gay buddies had a circle jerk after that one.

Sooska said...

@ seeker- exactly- we took back that game in the third. fell short only because of the original hole and the jobbing. expect behind the play jobbing to escalate.

JYo said...

No update from game 4, but rich kid wearing makeup did "prove something."

The Seeker said...

@ jyo

Burnsides does go on to say near the end:

"One of the reasons teams sometimes struggle to seize whatever momentum they've gained from winning that first game with their backs against the wall is the emotional price of that victory.

Staring at a long summer of what-ifs, the Flyers produced an inspired effort. The Penguins' emotional investment in Game 4 was a fraction of that. The Penguins talked about needing to match the Flyers' desperation. Easy to say but hard to do, especially when you're 11-1 in the postseason when the puck drops.

By the time the third period rolled around, it was Pittsburgh forcing the issue and Philadelphia looking more like the Philadelphia of Games 1, 2 and 3. Jordan Staal scored twice and the Penguins outshot the Flyers 13-8 in the third. "

Colin said...

@ jyo -

I totally agree that Sid needs to take the play to the d-men and create oppurtunities and maybe I am using anecdotal evidence, but it seems like when he does split the d-men recently, there is a turnover and the opposition heads the other way. I think Sid excels when he pulls up and looks for options. I mean how many times have we seen that he pulls up and does a spin back hand pass to someone speeding to the net. That all being said, his speed and attacking of the two d does open up space inside their zone which is vital.

I guess I was just concerned because Philly is obviously missing their best puck moving d-men and if we turn the puck over at the blue line, it is less ice they have to cover.


Bumblebeez said...

In total disgust after listening to those shitty Versus announcers. "Flyer cheerleaders" is what they are!
Has anybody else noticed that Keith Jones looks like Mr. Potato Head?

Vanessa Day said...

GREAT post, guys.

Great job on catching the fashion flubs (sorry, shoptalk) by the gay versus announcer and the even more QUEER philly fan who had on a pink popped collar polo under his "Most intimidating fans in the NHL" shirt... NICE. How 2004!

The cryers don't have anything coming back to Mellon.

I was disappointed last night, but winning the series at home would be extra special.



racheleyos said...

phillyfreak is at school, maybe he will record something for us later.

if i had a nickel for every time malkin turned over the puck/made a bad pass last night, i'd have a lot of nickels. lol

luvnmypens said...

@jyo: Last night I was able to pause the dvr to synch with Lang and the ole 29'r. Thank God. But the game before it wouldnt work, the Gore was ahead of the tv. *sigh*

@ Steve in Denver: I also shot off a nasty email to versus last night. No responce. I also wrote the NHL. No responce as of yet. Perhaps we should target Bettman with our emails. Or better yet, his talk show.

The worst part of all this is that should the Pens go on to win the Cup, they will be putting out a DVD of the games and those Aholes calling it. Who is going to want to buy that?

JYo said...

Seeker, I wasn't questioning Burnside at all, I was questioning the Cryers. It was the team that was bringing up momentum, not Burnside. I know they need something to rally around, but the Pens stole that momentum back, so they really have no reason to trumpet any momentum, regardless of how Burnside ends an article.

No problem Colin. I'd imagine its hard for Sid to just ease off the pedal though. I'm not saying its always the smartest play, but when he is doing it, I find it hard to question him. I've seen him do it to 4 defenders before, so I think he can do it to 2 and if it doesn't work in a particular instance, I don't lose faith in him doing it the next time. There are plenty of times pulling up and spinning a pass into the middle of the ice results in a turnover too. Even 66 didn't score every trip down the ice.

JYo said...

the Gore was ahead of the tv

That is bizarre. Are you sure your TV was in "live" mode? Any radio broadcast I've ever heard over the Gore has been fairly significantly delayed (at least 10-15 seconds) and has always been behind "live" TV (different story if you actually get the radio over the airwaves, since that is usually faster than the TV). Hopefully your TV will continue to be ahead in the future, for sanity's sake!

they will be putting out a DVD of the games and those Aholes calling it.

That would suck. I'd imagine they could fairly easily dub Lange and the ol 29er over the video of the games though. If they don't it would be a huge mistake.

matt in dc said...

That's what I was talking about with Malkin. Not pointing fingers in the loss, and I understand that he is getting beat up. But it seems like there have been too many mental mistakes ever since the turnover that led to Richards' SH goal in game 2. Richards had another SH breakaway last night too, though I can't remember who was involved.

On another note, I know I'm new here, but I'll say this anyway and then shut up and leave if such thoughts are not welcome.

I get all the Briere is gay stuff, etc. etc. Charlie is a big joke and we all laugh. Ha ha ha etc. Easy and low humor, but funny up to a point I guess.

And pink popped collar guy deserves his share of the abuse too for being so incredibly lame.

But pink popped collar guy is a faggot who should run into a knife and die? Holy crap. I guess people saying that on here were not the same ones taking pride in the difference between classy Pens' fans and classless "Philthy Cryer" fans.

rwarner174 said...

I'm such a huge megadeth fan. This really hurts :(

JYo said...

But pink popped collar guy is a faggot who should run into a knife and die? Holy crap.

I agree with you Matt. There is no need for this crap. Thanks for bringing that up again. I was going to mention it too, but forgot it while discussing other issues here.

Colin said...

@ jyo -
Solid point on the fact that turnovers occuring from the spin pass. I could see those being even more deadly because opposition might have more bodies back by the time he pulls up. Hopefully becuase of this conversation he scores a trademark one on two goal on Sunday (i.e. last year versus the Rangers and Panthers).

Stillson said...

I'm pretty sure they kidnapped the real Malkin and put Downie in his place for last night's game. So many turnovers. He's a beast though. He'll be a stud again in no time.

MizzPenz said...

Uh it us? or is it you guys? Same bar.. same people. We have to stop seeing each other like that! LOL

The only upside of watching it at a bar was that I wasn't able to hear the play by play all that well.


JYo said...

Funny answer in Molinari's Q&A today:

Q: Does anyone still believe the Penguins tanked the last game of the season so they wouldn't have to play Philadelphia in the first round of the playoffs?

MOLINARI: Haven't heard much discussion of that lately. Might just mean the Penguins have been too terrified to even discuss it.

TheNWChica said...

Good luck Slush!

SK said...

Hmm. I didn't think I was jobbing Dupuis. Maybe I was.

In that case I resolve to end my posts in the following manner:


dazzy said...

Any doctor that allows a player on blood thinners to play hockey should lose his licence and be charged with criminal negligence. Timonen just needs to take one big hit and lights out for him. Even if they take him OFF of the blood thinners, his clotting factor is not going to be near what it should be by game time, and the blood clot is still present.

I don't know why this stood out to me so much, but man, it's a game. An important one, yes, but not one worth dying over.

Anyways. I'll fess up now, it was my fault we lost. I missed most of the first and second because I was at work. *hangs head in shame* However, when I got home, JStaal turned it on and they almost came back.

Sunday can't come any sooner. (Except for the absolutely ridiculous 3:00 game time. Effing NBC.)

Raybin said...

Whatev is the best summation of that whole game.

Damn good recap for a loss!

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Flyers fans? They fucking boo an ICING call, as if the refs were screwing them on that. I'm all for fanatical loyalty, but COME ON.

Then again when your big motto is "Vengeance now" nothing better should be expected.

Vengeance against who? Your team's basic suckassitude the past 33 years?

There is some encouragement at the way the Pens responded to that horror of a first period. Fleury especially shut it down bigtime and that is the best sign of all. I think adversity used to get to him, but no more.

If they hadn't suddenly run a Keystone Cops operation when Fleury came out of the net, who knows what might have happened?

The look on the Flyers fans faces when Staal but the second one behind Biron was some measure of recompense. They could feel the epic collapse coming. Almost.

Jordan Staal, your grandfather would have been really fucking proud of you last night. Sublime.

I said some nasty stuff about Staal the beginning of the year and I realize how stupid and wrong I was. I'm an asshole, what can I say?

What else to say about Versus? I agree with everything.

I think I may be the only person on earth who actually enjoys Mike Emrick, but I think most would agree he looks like Mike Lange next to Beninati.

Chris Simpson is a boiling festering carbuncle on the asshole of humanity.

How about the face of doom Mario was running? Good God. Gary Roberts would have been impressed by that look.

Sunday is going to be epic.

M. Vanderlasser said...

MOE: I just bought this from the Navy. It can flash fry a buffalo in 40 seconds

HOMER: (distressed) 40 seconds? I want it now!

I feel like Homer. Sunday 3pm can't get here fast enough.

Raybin said...

@keep on malkin in the free world

Holy crap. I've never seen a better parody of Versus ever anywhere.

Sadly it's barely a parody.

Mike Richards.

Pensgirl said...

I don't have time to read all the comments right now, but it looks like all of us having Blogger issues last night were in the greater Baltimore-DC corridor. That can't be a coincidence.

Matt Bandi said...

I don't think we should get too caught up in the alleged Philly bias from Versus. What I saw during the first period was a sloppy Pens team and Philly playing like any team should being down 3-0. Somehow we kept being shorthanded after every scrum, and the Flyers took advantage a couple times. What the announcers saw was an inspired Philly team playing good hockey. It's really the same assessment, just slightly different due to perception. It's easy to feel like the broadcasters are against you when you are losing and frustrated, and I certainly felt that way last night. But I don't think it's something we should get bent out of shape about. When we win the next game, it will be irrelevant.

That being said, what an unbelievably bad broadcast Versus produces. I am more astounded every time I watch a game on there. Terrible camera angles during live action, a broadcast crew that has no idea what is happening, cutting away while play is still going on, idiotic announcers, a total lack of interest in penalties, nonexistent replays, graphics all over the screen during live action, idiotic announcers, long useless interviews from Chris Simpson, etc etc etc. Absolutely terrible. You almost have to pull up the box score on the laptop to have any idea what's going on in the game.

Sooska said...

WHOA PittGirl says:
4. I will never understand being as brave as Chad Hermann is being in this post in which he basically calls The Pensblog writers… well, just read this: (LINK BELOW)

Oh. You know I love Chad Hermann. But you also know that I love Gary Roberts and his new cult following. Because it is harmless and it is super fun. Therefore. Minions? Attack.

Don’t worry. He can take it.

Tell him PittGirl sent you and that she too will soon unleash her fists of fury and her awkward karate-chops of wrath on him for calling her a casual, immature, bandwagon-jumping fan.

I mean, Saucy is all, “Oh, no he DI’INT!” She’s taking her earrings out as I type this.

WWGRD? not nearly as much as everyone pretends LINK

Chad Hermann is a communications prof at CMU. As such he is full of himself, God's gift, and relatively humorless. He is, however, an ardent Pens fan season tikcet sand all.

M. Vanderlasser said...

@pensgirl, like you, we were unable to access comments here in Carlisle last night.

TheNWChica said...

I didn't get a chance to deeply read allof the comments, but I don't know if I saw anything about this.

Could the illnesses that have been going around the room have anything to do with what seemed to me a lack of get up and go last night?

Sooska said...

@ chica- could be. Last game Orpik and (Oh I can't recall who else) had flu-like symptoms and of course it has come to light Sid had been sick during the Rags series.) I think Burnisde got it right though. Desepartion trumps a wish for a sweep- human nature to let down, etc.

Raybin said...

There's also some comfort in knowing it's not just the young-ish Pens...Detroit looked suddenly mortal against Dallas in their Game 4.

These things happen.


Carroll said...

chica/sooska - I do think the flu like symptoms have been running rampant through the locker room. It was Orpik and Sykora that was mention the previous game and Sid during the Rags series. Maybe the next few days will help everyone feel better.

chica- I still want kimchee thanks to your comment last night.

chaptershi said...

PLEASE include this in tomorrow's post..and PLEASE don't say how mind-blowingly gay it is..

Matt Gajtka said...


I agree with your sentiments on Emrick. As someone who wants to be in his position one day, I think he's as good as it gets for a network broadcaster. I could go on about his word variety and knowledge of the game, but the real reason I like him is his sheer enthusiasm for hockey.

Whenever they do the intro shot for the broadcast, you can practically see his excitement radiating. That's the same reason Lange rules the roost: they really love it and they're not going to let anything get in the way of the game.

I think the problem I have with Beninati (whom I initially liked) is that his performance comes off as a schtick, like Chris Berman. His voice is just too over the top and contrived, whereas Emrick is loud and scream-y sometimes just because he really is THAT pumped. At least that's how it sounds.

Regarding the VS. color men, including Edzo, it's amazing how much less they see, as compared to guys like Errey and 29er. I never got anyone who complained about Errey because he's enthusiastic, thorough, knowledgable and charismatic. What more could you want?

Raybin said...

@matt g


I could go on about his word variety and knowledge of the game, but the real reason I like him is his sheer enthusiasm for hockey.

Whenever they do the intro shot for the broadcast, you can practically see his excitement radiating. That's the same reason Lange rules the roost: they really love it and they're not going to let anything get in the way of the game.

...Emrick is loud and scream-y sometimes just because he really is THAT pumped.

So good it had to be repeated.

kmitch218 said...

Thankfully NBC now has two games to fill those giant programming holes that would have been left empty if the Pens and Wings swept each of the series.

If Bettman and the league had a clue, these series would have been scheduled so each Game Four was this weekend. Then again, they wouldn't be on Versus if they knew what they were doing.

TheNWChica said...

@carroll: Sorry! I like that too...and with the warm weather we're having this weekend, some napa kimchee would taste good with some mundoo for dinner tonight.

lauren_hbg said...

@ mizzpenz

Well I didn't realize it until we actually lost, it's not like I thought about that as part of my superstitious-ness... so I think it's safe to continue watching games together! LOL

Stillson said...

All this talk of Tai food is giving me heartburn.

Pensgirl said...

I didn't see any signs of the Pens playing a particularly sluggish game last night (not like they did in Rags game 4) that would indicate illness being a factor, I just saw a Philly team that was desperately clawing to stay alive. But 1) we have the better team and 2) we've played 3 fewer games. Come Sunday their effort last night will all be for naught.

Frankly, I think all the cheap shots will have the boys primed and ready for a big ol' stomping. Sunday's gonna be a "Fuck This" game.

Sooska, I like Chad Hermann and I like his blog but twice in the last week he's seemed to equate "young" fans with "bandwagon" fans and he's definitely way off the mark there. He seems to have forgotten the huge role student rushers played filling seats when the team wasn't doing so well. There were plenty of loyal season ticket holders who stuck with them, but the student rush was huge to the point that the Pens took special notice of that segment of the base. I don't think he realized just how significant and die-hard Generation 66 really is.

FakeDannyStag said...

watched the game last night in a bar. the sound was too low to make anything out. not once did i know who got a penalty or what it was for because VS refuses to show players going to the box. i also had no idea what the shots were. no graphics.

dave mustaine? i opened for megadeath once. security told me i wasn't allowed to talk to or even look at dave mustaine back stage. he had a huge hair brush velcrod to the back of his amp. between songs he's go behind his amp and freshen up his mane. figures he's a flyers fan.

Vanessa Day said...

@fakedanny... That is the funniest thing I've ever heard.


Stillson said...


He's a condescending dick from what I've read. While being an all around Pittsburgh homer my entire life, I haven't really gotten into hockey until this season. He can call me bandwagon all he wants, but the fact of the matter is that from here on out, I'm emotionally invested. Just because he thinks WWGRD is lame and bandwagony doesn't mean it is.

Stillson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nathan said...

I've always liked Doc Emrick too. I have Center Ice, and occasionally I'll put a Devils game on at 7 when the Pens start at 7:30 during the regular season for the sole reason of enjoying a bit of Doc's work. The man makes the fucking New Jersey Devils sound exciting, for chrissake, and unless Mike Lange comes back to TV, he's as good as they come working television PBP in the States. Emrick makes any game he's working sound exciting, and when he's working his regular Devils gig, he refuses to let the idiocy that is Chico Resch destroy the quality of the broadcast. I get the feeling he's a bit more hamstrung by NBC/Versus with regards to overshadowing his color guys there, and it ends up hurting the overall quality of work.

There are a precious few hockey announcers that give the impression that they'd be perfectly fine to work games alone and you'd never notice it. The four that really come to mind right offhand are Emrick, Lange, John Forslund (Carolina TV, Versus C team), and Chuck Kaiton (Carolina radio, who does work the games alone -- and nobody's forced a color guy into the booth with him). That to me is the mark of a great play-by-play announcer.

As for Game 5, the Pens just have to be ready to play from the opening faceoff and the Prince of Wales Trophy is theirs. Simple as that.

Matt Gajtka said...


Who is the guy who does the Lightning TV? Whenever I watch the game highlights on, I enjoy hearing his calls.

John Forslund is cool...I like his "THEY SCOOOOORE!" However, I had one complaint of his Versus call this playoff season: he must have said "the puck pinballs around" or some variant about 10 times during the MON-BOS Gm 7. Yes, I'm that big of a broadcasting dork that I notice these things...haha.

Are you from NC, Nathan? You mentioned the Canes radio guy. I just moved from Weirton, WV to Fayetteville, NC to do play-by-play for baseball...I can barely get anybody to talk hockey and we're only an hour from Raleigh!

FakeDannyStag said...

@vanessa day

funny but very true story.

Raybin said...

I am remiss for not showing Forslund some love. Can someone kidnap Benianti in favor of him?

Billy Jaffe > Chris Simpson

Colin said...

Forslund is the mad note of Versus play by play guys.

Nathan said...

Rick Peckham does the Bolts' PBP on TV and he annoys the living shit out of me.

I live in Richmond, VA, but I'll make the trip to Raleigh for a Canes game occasionally. The ticket prices are still cheaper there than in Washington, and it's not a bad drive -- once you're south of Petersburg, it's a whole lot of not much until you hit the Wake County line.

racheleyos said...

well everyone, i am preparing my phillyfreek parody as of right now. :D

Matt Gajtka said...


Haha...about the Peckham thing. Sometimes when you just hear the highlights, you get a different impression than if you listened to the games in their entirety.

That being said, it's a matter of taste and I can't argue with taste!

Keep On Malkin in the Free World said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keep On Malkin in the Free World said...

I've emailed Versus twice complaining about Beninati and recommending more work for John Forslund, and I haven't gotten any response. They claim that they read every message, so maybe if enough people complain, something will happen. I'm not getting my hopes up, though.

[Mike Richards]

Katie said...

While disappointed that we lost, I am confident we will rebound and take the game on Sunday. I thought we let the Flyers dictate the pace of the first period and a half, as well as not truly adjusting to the line switchups. The third period was a total switch. Not going to panic.

@thenwchica -- I need your help. I'm in Seattle tomorrow and Sunday and need suggestions as to where to watch the game. I'm supposed to be going to the Mariners game Sunday afternoon, but that is now off (although, when we beat the Rangers, I went to part of the Yankees game in NYC and watched the second and third periods at a bar, hmmm...)

KJ said...

otherhockeyannouncers=he's a bit of a homer and i don't know his name, but the thrasher's radio guy is hilarious! he makes icing sound like its game 7 of the stanley cup OT one on one. he'll thorne it up by yelling "HE SHOOTS IT TOWARDS THE NET!!" when actually the puck is going towards the net if the net was 50 ft to the left.

as for VS, i do what someone else does on here and just listen to Lange & 029er. It doesn't match up, but i still don't have to listen to morons. plus closed captioning is so much more fun! for sunday i hope gary is over his "ammonia" and that "danny" malkin lights up the "lawyers"!

TheNWChica said...

@katie: Where are you staying? I can find some places for you with that.

TheNWChica said...

IIHFblog: 3 mins into the 2nd...Russia 2, Finland 0

CAN vs. SWE at 2pPDT/5pPDT.

FijiH2O said...

I ordered the Sports Sync radio from Dick's and it arrived in time for last night's game. It is definitely worth the small investment. The price is 39.99. I paid extra for the 3-5 day delivery (the price came to 51.39) and it came in 2. The radio comes with cables to hook up to your sound system. I plugged them directly into my TV, though, and turned the volume level down to 1 - if you mute the volume, you lose all sound. It was nice to have Mike and the Ol' 29er coming out of the TV last night - so much better than those VS jagoffs that we're all apparently sick of!!! Plus, didn't have to listen to those same commercials over nad over nad over again! So, go to Giant Eagle and buy a Dick's gift card to rack up Get Go gas credit; order on line and rack up reward points on your Dick's Score Card; never listen to VS agin!

Go Pens

racheleyos said...

once againt is a joke

Katie said...

@thenwchica -- I'm staying at the Roosevelt Hotel in downtown Seattle. Many thanks.

DeCeV said...

Sorry about the loss. My usual bar for the pens games was too packed because all of the seniors here at PSU are clogging up the bars with bar tours. We went out to the Arena which is away from campus. The pens couldn't handle the tiny TV they were being watched on, that's why we lost.

My bad. Still, $2 nacho night. Mmmmmm.

Bucs May Never Lose Again said...

So when will Therrien give Laraque the signal to go pummel Hatcher? It's so painful to watch Hatcher just have his goonish ways with out on the ice and having to watch Laraque sit idly on the bench. Last time I checked, we didn't pick up Laraque for his goalscoring/skating/backchecking/playmaking/overall hockey performance, but for his extreme badassery. Is it just a ploy to wait until after the last horn when he will finally challenge Hatcher at center ice?

Sooska said...

ticketmaster = versucks

M. Vanderlasser said...

Great news!

Here's another version of the Hossa! video, this one with subtitles and a trippy psychedelic sequence!

Rock on!

coffeytalk said...

steve in denver-

anti-versus signs are a good idea for sunday. those sitting close to the glass, get your poster boards ready!

also, someone should make a FRENCH TOAST sign for Biron.

Johanna Montana said...

When VS was going to show a replay, but instead cut to a commercial was such an odd moment. People get confused a lot there. And they wait like an hr. to show replays and sometimes forget altogether.

Then at one point they paused and said, "listen to the crowd." The crowd is chanting, "Crosby sucks!" VS guys have a belly laugh. I'm not sensitive, it just seemed unprofessional and weird.

I am glad they got over putting on bull riding during games and chess matches during overtimes.

Why didn't the NHL check this channel out before giving them so many freekin' important games?

@ Keep on Malkin, hahaha that is exactly how it is. I'm not even angry as a sports fan, I'm just really really confounded by how a sports channel can be run like this.

[/end] My last and maybe only tPB complaint about VS, because I am going to put all of my energy into writing them a letter or two.

Y'all, Timonen may be back for Sunday!

coffeytalk said...

Maybe even something as simple as everyone print out a sign that just reads "Versucks".

I'd also like a sign done in the goalies ends that just reads: LAME ATTEMPT AT HUMOR.

Philly really had the most uncreative signage.

SK said...

@ Coffeytalk "French Toast"?Yes! Genius!


Raybin said...

Laraque sit idly on the bench

The problem is when you're down by three goals, guys like Laraque tend to sit while the goal scorers go out to catch up. Laraque is to protect leads, not erase deficits.

Besides, Hatcher won't fight him. If memory serves, BGL tried to get him to go in Game 2 with no success. Then he basically called him a pussy and a bully in the papers the next day to try to call him out for game 3, but no dice again.

TheNWChica said...


The Roosevelt is at 1531 7th Ave, so two places really close are Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewry which is at 1333 5th Ave, so two blocks south and two blocks west from you or there is also the FOX Sports Grill at 1522 6th Ave so that is just one block west from the hotel.

Oh, and there is Pacific Place which I'm not sure if you've been there, but there's a Gordon Biersch up on the top floor. They might have the game on there too.

Raybin said...

I'm not sensitive, it just seemed unprofessional and weird.

To me, it went waaaaaaay beyond that.

Remember the guy holding the "Ballerina Twirl" or whatever sign behind Fleury. They were giggling and yucking it up, basically implying that A) Yes, Fleury is a soft touch who probably does dance ballet in his spare time and B) aren't those Flyers funs just the most lovable rascally scamps?

Ugh. Flyers fans are submental knuckle dragging troglodytes by and large. How the few decent ones among them put up with their fellows, I'll never know.

Lutheran Rookie said...

The Kate Smith stuff is way over the top guys. Totally inappropriate and disrespectful.

Raybin said...

Totally inappropriate and disrespectful.

In case you hadn't noticed, that's basically why this blog exists.

C'mon, admit it...the Wachovia Center lighted by Kate Smith's burning fat line was GOLD.

Katie said...

As to why Versus and why didn't the NHL check the channel out -- there were few, if any takers, for a national contract for hockey. The networks (NBC, ABC, CSB, FOX) did not want to commit to more that once a month, once a week, and only after the "real" sporting season (football) was finished. ESPN dumped the NHL because they weren't making money in terms of viewers. Comcast was looking for years to build its own sports channel and challenge the WWL (ESPN), and jumped on the OLN when it was floundering. The NHL was desparate to find a home for hockey, even if it wasn't the greatest. After the lockout season, there were very few traditional media companies willing to pick up and promote what many consider to be a sport that is basically on the same level as soccer in the US when it comes to commercial appeal.

Despite the problems with Versus -- lousy camera work, mediocre to bad announcers, sloppy production -- there have been some positives (although I'm straining my brain to find them). The Penguins were televised somewhat consistently nationally throughout the season which has been great for out-of-state fans who really can't/won't shell out the $200 bucks for Center Ice. And, I must say, the ad campaign for the Stanley Cup Playoffs is actually, from a marketing standpoint, a really brilliant one. My favorite is still "I'm a two minute minor." So while we have some complaints (ok a lot of complaints), at least there is someone on cable showing hockey on a national level. Without it, those living outside the viewing area of the participating teams would be SOL.

Sooska said...

re: the 2nd coming. the doc is a phlyers phan no doubt.


TheNWChica said...

Totally inappropriate and disrespectful. You must be a few more days worth; and I think that you'll understand.

Besides...she's dead and I doubt anyone from her family reads this blog.

wilsmith said...

Someone print out my flyers/VS logo from the recap of the game before this one and take it to the game.

maybe print out 50 of them.

Raybin said...


Lovin' the ad campaign for the Cup. My favorite was the crossbar.

Also, the little "That's how the cup changes everything" vignettes are good...except that everyone with the exception of Zetterberg is out and only Thorton made it to round 2.

Stillson said...

ROFL. I was just reading some trash at the orange crush blog and the only people that post there are people who read tPB. Not even people from Philly read their shit.

Stillson said...

I think someone is a little over-sensitive in regards to Kate Smith. Guess he has a thing for fat chicks who died over 20 years ago. QQ

Katie said...


Oooooo, I forgot about the crossbar. That was a good one, too. I'm looking forward to the next round, because it seems every round, there's a new commercial. It is really, really difficult to come up with an ad campaign that extends over a two month period. The NFL did a decent job when they first came out with the playoff spots with Don Cheadle, but when they moved beyond using Don and expanding to others during later years, it began to fall flat, especially when they sought to extend it to the regular season.

@thenwchica -- thanks for the suggestions. Hopefully, the weather will be nice (that's what I've heard), but not the 90+ degrees they are calling for here in Portland.

Johanna Montana said...

@ Sooska

This is going to sound crazy, but I had a dream that Mario did get on his equipment and got into the game! I think it's because of what you typed last night. Freekin' bizarre.


KJ said...

either the drs in philly are quacks or...yeah, i can't think of any other way to put this.

Dr. Turkleton said...

checking out my emails this afternoon...and I get one from a flyers 'friend' who hasn't said DICK all series until's what he sent.

Once you open the original post, you'll be able to tell on the right hand side, which pic to click to enlarge...

all's I got to say is:

stay classy, philadelphia.

BTW, that sign guy behind the net where the flyers shoot twice has been there forever...I think he's like a 2nd-generation 'flyers sign guy' who used to sit behind the benches years & years ago...

he's kinda like the Pens version of the sign lady that sat near the Pens runway...she usually held cutely phrased signs on a stick and can be seen on alot of the old Pens playoff games from the 90's....I think her daughter sits with her there now with the big inflatable Penguin & am not 100% if her mom brings those signs anymore...

Stoosh said...

Was anyone else just as mystified by the "Spin Like a Ballerina" as I was?

I guess they were making fun of the stuff Fleury does when he skates to the corners during breaks.

And I guess in some sort of alternate universe that classifies as funny, even though it sounds like something one 1st grader would say to another 1st grader when they were picking on each other.

Maybe Sunday, someone needs to do a "CROUCH DOWN LIKE YOU'RE TRYING TO TAKE A CRAP" sign for Biron.

slush said...

Thanks for the well wishes. Surgery went smooth. I am alive and well. First thing I said when I woke up was "Fuck the Flyers". I think they thought I was nuts.

Katie said...

@Stoosh -- coffee coming out of your nose is not fun! I'm going to see if my sister (who just e-mailed to rub it in my face that she got tickets to the game) will take that sign!

Johanna Montana said...

@ Katie: Thanks for the explanation. I knew most of that stuff, but in my mind I still want to believe that there is better for us. Denial, it ain't just a river.

I love the Stanley Cup VS ads, they sure got it right with that.

Raybin said...


Hurrah! Excellent news.

And if there's a better phrase to speak to show one is alive and well, I cannot think of it.

PO said...

i saw that douche with the popped pink collar underneath his orange tshirt and my first thought without blinking was "fag"

my second thought was "who wears a pink polo to a hockey game"

my third thought was "who wears a pink polo"

what a flyers fan

i am disgusted, that is all

TheNWChica said...


Russia over Finland 4-0 Final

Bucs May Never Lose Again said...

@Raybin-Sorry, I meant he should've been out there with twenty seconds left/when the game was over. Instead of having Laraque out there, Therrien sends out big bad Ryan Malone, which Hatcher took total advantage of. How about next time when a game is over (win or lose), instead of sending out CROSBY and/or our other skill players, we send out Ruutu, Laraque, Orpik, Gill, and some stand-in to take the draw, and see if those postgame shenanigans continue.

JYo said...

Anyone outside of Elvis or Eric Cantona who has their collar flipped up draws serious questions of douchebaggery.

Raybin said...

Sorry, I meant he should've been out there with twenty seconds left/when the game was over.

I'm with you there.

Which is double-plus-weird because he had Georges out there in the final minute of Game 3.

jefe said...

its friday. i aint got no job. i aint got shit to do!


go pens.

stokes said...

@ stoosh:

I saw that sign and thought it was really lame. but then, as Fleury was out of his crease, he did the spin right in front of the sign. now, watching as Fleury became the gamer that he is, the "hard ass" that he has become, i wondered if he did that just to egg them on? Kind of like a "bring it on" attitude? Or like a "You're a dope" kind of thing?

Yinz Luv Da Guins said...

Bummer. We'll get 'em on Sunday. Here's our webcast recap of Game 4

Dr. Turkleton said...


the retard is back

it's 4.5 minutes long...but only 20 seconds of material that he just keeps on repeating....

here's what someone left in his comments section:

"Aul weekend taulkin shit...well, guess waat...go croll back in yer holes...we just wupped yer esses...did you guys see Malone get his ess guys think this thing is a jook!...aul week, aul week, sweep sweep...buncha beebees! Penguins sock!

that's funnier than the vid!


JYo said...

Thanks Yinz, awesome stuff. My favorite question from the video:

Which happened more recently, USA bicentennial vs. Flyers last Cup?

Fantastic! Actually the most shocking thing is a few of the Cryers fans actually knew when the bicentennial was! Me = stunned!

Hip said...

@slush - hope everything went as planned with your surgery

@BNH - hope you just destroyed that job interview

@keeponmalkin - what an unreal synopsis of the Versus broadcast. I loled. Especially reminding us of the Briere/adversity shit. The situation was adverse because he had been sitting on his ass the first three games.

Re: the game. Whatev. You guys covered it all.
Sunday we finish this, and I wouldn't be shocked if it was another 7-joke spanking.

PS - I'm a real doctor now. WOOOOOOOO.

TheNWChica said...

Go Dr. Hip! *throws confetti*

JYo said...

I think its funny how proud the kid is that they didn't get swept. Man, the Cryers just proved that they are "teh awesome" since they won one game.

JYo said...

@hip: BNH? What a mistake!

JYo said...

and congrats on being "real"! WOOOOOOOOOOO!

BlacknGold66 said...

@Gip: (hey you called me BNH!)

I dominated that job interview in my black tie and yellow shirt.

That's all I have to say about that.

Congrats on gradumigation!

Stillson said...

I'm watching last night's game on Versucks and it just occurred to me that they played Enter Sandman at the toilet.. er wachovia center, when they had fuckin Dave Mustaine in the house. I love irony.

Pensgirl said...

Guys, she's a doctor now. She's just getting to work on the illegible typing. ;)

racheleyos said...

lol @phillyfreak's new video addition. I honestly tried to mock him earlier with my own version but I couldn't do it. It's impossible to watch yourself pretending to cry without wanting to punch yourself lol. I even poured on the eyeliner and eye shadow. Oh well, I recorded 96.1 like a week or so ago when they were doing a pens contest so I just made a video with pens commentary on the flyers (pens players were asked what they liked about philly and what they least liked) I thought it was pretty funny. I didn't know what video to really use so it's kinda shitty but the audio is great.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Katie (2:36pm):

Granted the NHL had to find a national home on tv quickly... but I think even FX or the USA network would have been better than Versus.

Yes, lots of homes have the channel. But there are TONS of homes that don't. Not-to-mention the cable carriers that charge $5 a month just to have Versus.

Basically, the NHL shit the bed when ESPN backed out. It's that simple. They shit the bed then jumped on the first "nationally" televised channel that would take them.

The problem I have now is that Bettman's group must have signed some pretty grand deal to stick with a channel like Versus for so long.

The NBA is on TNT all the time. But TNT has other programming that people regularly watch.

What the NHL needs to do now is find a way to either A)make Versus more available or B)Find a more nationally recognized & wide spread channel.

Until then... people in out of market cities like myself without the option to get Versus are stuck with Center Ice.

And that just blows.

BlacknGold66 said...

P.S. Before the Blue Jackets were around you could get every Pens game on local tv in Cleveland for $1 a month.

A freaking dollar a month for all the Pens games in an out-of-market town!

Thems were the days.

(I really sound like an old man huh? Damn kids. GET OFF MY LAWN!!!)

JYo said...

I don't know for certain, but I thought VS offered the NHL a lot more money up front than any other carrier was willing to pay. I think the NHL knew it was going to get less exposure, but took the money and ran. Maybe that isn't the whole story, but thats what I remember of it. Anyway, its not just as simple as, go to some other station that is more widely available. The station has to want the NHL too (kind of like BGL can't destroy Hatcher if he keeps wussing out of the fight to begin with.) Coming out of the lockout, the NHL wasn't exactly in a position of strength when it came to bargaining, but VS was willing to overpay to try to get established as a serious network. I think most observers knew it was the best deal the NHL could get monetarily at the time, but it was a bad decision in the long haul, and that was before they knew how much the VS crew would suck.

Dr. Turkleton said...


Conhrats!!!!! At least you won't gave to practice medicine out of the back trunk of your car anymore!!!!!


Katie said...

Versus offered a ton more money than any other outlet. NBC only wanted to air a few games and had no intention of going beyond that commitment. They own USA, so that was never an option. FOX, from my conversations with a muckety-muck in their programming office, sees no use for hockey so FX wasn't an option. They would sooner put soccer on a FOX property than hockey.

Comcast wanted their own national sports channel. We get Versus. It sucks now, but who knows what it will turn into. Plus, I truly believe that one of the Big 4 or even the WWL is closely watching the ratings/marketing of hockey on Versus and think that once this contract is us, you are likely to see a better bid and probably more interesting partnerships for hockey.

Also, I'm totally waiting for the day when there is complete a la cart pricing for cable satellite. I would love to be able to pay only for the channels that I actually watch. Here in Portland we have 16 public access channels that I could totally live without. For those that have no other option that even paying $5 a month it is better than nothing, and a lot cheaper that doling out a couple hundred for Center Ice.

It is what it is.

Katie said...

@blackngold66 --

Also, Comcast really has it out for sports fans in central, western PA, and parts of Ohio, as well as the Baltimore and DC markets. That's because of the Philly connection. Try catching a Pirates/Orioles/Nationals game in Harrisburg when they're playing someone other than the Phillies. Next to impossible.

jefe said...

my cable service (cox) finally added nhl network to our sports package (after the regular season). thats 5 bucks a month for versus, etc. plus i paid for centerice all season, in which 10 games were not seen due to games on nhlnetwork or complete f-ups on the cable company (forced to spend $$ at a bar). oh well. centerice blames cox and cox blames centerice. doesnt matter now, directv for next season, that should solve it. woo.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Katie: But what about those of us who don't have ANY option to watch hockey on Versus?

Our cable carrier is owned by Comcast, yet we still can't get it. $5 a month or not... it's simply not available.

Basically what needs to happen is the NHL needs to be more responsive to their fans needs.

Even with Center Ice it took two and half weeks to get a Sunday game aired during the first two rounds here in Cleveland. That's just out of hand.

If I didn't have a computer & Center Ice I would've seen maybe 3 Pens playoff games this year without having to go to a bar.

It's just frustrating because especially now, in the conference finals... people have to rely on going to bars or watching/listening online.

Whereas in most other major sports you can catch every round of playoff action on channels more readily available.

Jefe has it right.

When I move I'm getting DirectTV!!!

Dr. Turkleton said...

@katie said:

For those that have no other option that even paying $5 a month it is better than nothing, and a lot cheaper that doling out a couple hundred for Center Ice.

don't mean to gang up...but signing up with the 'Early Bird' special is only $149 & Comcast spread the payments over 3 months.

If your out-of-market & want to see the Pens BAD enough...this is the way to go, IMO...

AND I go to .5 the Pens home games & see all the away games on FSN-Pit!!! Can't get enough hockey!!!!

can't wait for those summer months & be able to flip on NHLNet to feed the need.

racheleyos said...

"covergirl called. they want their makeup back." lol....good response to phillyfreak's video.

J.S. said...

re: stabbing popped collar kid and kate smith's ignited fat lines.

there's not much that offends me anymore, so you may be looking for the wrong person for advice on this topic. however, the second you start implementing censorship, the snowball effect kicks in. Eventually, and I've seen it happen on a board that I still frequent, posts and comments are watered down to the point where creativity and opinions are reduced to nothing and all appear as blah blah blah.

Charlie is a homo (technically the resident homo advisor), that kid in a pink shirt should be beat with a bat by every member of the 2007 Pirates (although most of them would probably miss), and the best thing that could happen to that Kate Smith statue is...I won't say what my idea was, although the words "melting", "urinal", "symbolize", "smell", and "Philadelphia" were all in the sentence. At least i wasn't the one who mentioned this (2nd post from bottom.)

Katie said...


I agree with you that it sucks. Big time!

Part of the problem is that the cable carriers and the channel operators have different priorities when it comes to what is offered, even when you have the same corporate entity. (The NFL Network and Big Ten Network debates come to mind). There is no consistency among cable operators across the country.

Comcast is a great example. The offerings on Comcast Pittsburgh, Comcast Philadelphia and Comcast Harrisburg are very, very different. Same goes with Comcast Pennsylvania and Comcast Oregon. When I first lived in Harrisburg, I could pay extra to get FSN Pittsburgh on Comcast. Three years later, FSN isn't even an option on cable even if you want to pay. The only option for Pens games became Center Ice or satellite. Don't even get me started on professional sports teams' rules about defining market areas, either. Ask the vast majority of Steelers' fans in Central PA how they like being a Ravens market.

DirectTV and Dish Network are options for some, but not all. My apartment building specifically prohibits satellite dishes. In highly dense areas, satellite signals can't get through. Like I said, I am waiting for the day when you can get a la cart pricing for cable, satellite, whatever. Why shouldn't you have that option? Sooner or later, I think we will.

I 100% agree that it sucks for those out-of-market fans that have no options.

BlacknGold66 said...

@J.S.: Not only did you just give us one of the best posts ever... but you added a link that made me nearly piss my damn pants.

I was looking at the post with a word that rhymes with shiitake correct?

Oh fuck I can't stop laughing at that. I usually don't laugh out loud at things I read online... but that shit is fucking unreal.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Katie: A la cart cable option is possibly the greatest idea ever.

@J.S.: Dude, seriously. I'm still rubbing the tears out of my eyes after reading the comment on that page. Fucking CLASSIC! Now I'm going to have to tell someone... which will have to be my Dad... and it'll be that awkward moment of silence when I wonder if he knows what that word means.

Katie said...

@Dr. T. - No worries. I was raised on the North Side so I have a pretty thick skin. Plus, if I'm going to start a debate, I have to have the wherewithal to handle opinions contrary to my own and that present a different argument. All part of being a lawyer.

I do pay extra for Center Ice, as well as paying extra for the Comcast "sports tier" in order to get among others Versus, NFL Network, NHL Network, NBA Network, Fox Soccer, Speed, the Golf Channel and some Tennis channel, as well as the FSN Atlantic, Pacific, Midwest, South and Southwest channels. I'm lucky to have those options and honestly believe everyone should have those options.

Dr. Turkleton said...


still trying to figure out how an NBC station could have a local Indians telecast over a National telecast without giving the viewer an option...

don't the Indians has a sports channel they play their games on?

if the Cavs happened to be playing a playoff game on a Sunday on NBC, do you think that station would've given the broadcast rights to another channel / sister station ???

- just wonderin'

Docciavelli said...


I work for the firm that represents the Orioles, and we've had a hell of a fight with Comcast over Mid-Atlantic Sports Network. They really didn't like the fact that there would be competition to Comcast SportsNet in the Baltimore/DC market. In fact, at one point they started playing games with the advertising on Comcast cable systems with the split feeds.

Surprisingly, I heard that my pops and sister were on Versus last night during a break or something. He was the guy with the beard in the Crosby jersey with the mini broom making the sweeping motion. Unlike some Flyers fans, he did not have a pink popped collar.

Katie said...

@blackngold66 -- it's coming sooner rather than later. I think Snarlin' Arlen Specter is pushing for that, too. He's not happy with the NFL for a lot of reasons, one of which is the Sunday Ticket "monopoly".

Katie said...

@docciavelli -- they were on briefly. I think there were the only Pens fans shown the entire broadcast.

MASN suffered the same fate as FSN did in Harrisburg. When I first moved to Harrisburg, for $3.00 extra I got the sports tier, which consisted of MASN and FSN. Comcast pretty much sucks, but it especially does so in markets that are east of the Allegheny Mountains and in the Baltimore-DC area. They want everyone to be Flyers and Phillies fans.

J.S. said...

@bng, that post would include a word that rhymes with shiitake.

(googles shiitake)

Whew, at least it's an edible food and even lowers cholestrol. I had a feeling that word had potential for much, much worse.


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