Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Shine A Light

There is a scene in Mighty Ducks,
right before the Hawks and Ducks faceoff in the district finals.

It is about five minutes into this clip. [ Mighty Ducks ]

Both teams standing at center ice, just staring at each other.
That's what this series is about.

Two teams, two fanbases, with nothing but complete contempt for each other.

Why any major newspaper hasn't run a picture of Stevens and Therrien like this is beyond us.
This needs to be photoshopped.

[ sh0ez ] -- [ Dave P. ]

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These Penguins are strangers to the NHL playoffs.
Let's face it.

But fans have been around long enough
to remember the emotions that the Stanley Cup Playoffs bring.

But never before have Penguin fans been more sure of a victory.
It has nothing to do with a rivalry or hatred.

Come on. Just look at these two teams.


This isn't the first round anymore.
There is no being cautiously optimistic anymore.

Don't buy into the notion that these are the Broad Street Bullies.
Don't fall for Flyers fans telling you their team is awesome this year.

It took them till the last week of the season to even get into the playoffs.

Their reward was to play the Washington Capitals in the first round.
They were an ill-conceived A.O. shot/pass from being eliminated in seven games.

Then they played the most vulnerable team this side of the Ottawa Senators in the second round.
Helen Keller could have scored on Montreal's Carey Price, oh, and his backup, too. Please.

If you're looking through orange-and-black glasses, you're probably wetting yourself in excitement of being in the Eastern Conference Finals, mostly because you never thought you'd be here...or because you just wet yourself.

Yes, the Flyers won huge games on the road.
They won two games in Canada.

So did the Pens.

Yes, Biron is a man.
It's a tough call, though.

We could give you endless paragraphs of analysis,
but it would all come down to one simple thing.

Is Martin Biron going to stop this Penguin team from getting to the Cup Finals?

Martin Biron is the goalie standing between the Penguins and the Cup Finals.

If you aren't excited about this series, that's the only thing you gotta know.
The best part is that deep down inside, Flyers fans know it, too.

But they'll never admit it.


If this year's playoff mantra started with retribution with the Senators,
it comes up again here.

The Penguins have never beat the Flyers in the playoffs.
Previous teams, previous sins must be atoned for.



[ Jason M. ]

Uh-oh, the Flyers have some players up there in the playoff scoring race.
Yeah, that tends to happen when you're forced to play more games than everyone else.

[ sh0ez ]

DANIEL BRIERE is their top scorer; all 5'2" of him.
If this series turns into alley fight like the Flyers want the Pens to believe,
Daniel Briere will be lying dead somewhere.

We're still trying to figure out if RJ UMBERGER even played in the first round against the Caps.
But look out, the Flyers ran into a horrible goaltender and Umberger put some pucks home.


The remaining players to actually care about are JEFF CARTER and MIKE RICHARDS.


Let's start with their weakest cog, which is DERIAN HATCHER.
He is 300 years old, and last time we checked, he is still related to Kevin Hatcher.

Whether it's getting beaten to loose pucks or taking really stupid penalties,
Hatcher is worthless.

Arguably, their strongest link is JASON SMITH.


[ Dave P. ]

You would think Ed Rendell and Luke Ravenstahl will have a friendly wager going for this series.
But it all hinges on that murder Rendell is trying to cover up.

:: If we hear one more person talk about Ryan Malone vs. RJ Umberger,
we don't even know.

We refuse to link anything about it.

:: Here are the Pens/Flyers series storylines. [ Sean's Ramblings ]

:: [ The Pens Gurus ] did a solid job of previewing the series.

:: [ PSAMP ] tracks Bing's playoff beard.

:: Maybe one of the most depressing links of all time until something new is posted.
[ Battle of PA ]

:: CONKS IS UP AGAIN. [ NHL Tournament of Masks ]

:: First [ Mirtle ] stabs us in the heart by picking the Rangers in six.

And now GDUBS from [ Yahoo ] has gone all Rob Rossi/Mark Madden on everyone
and says the jury is still out on the Hossa trade.

Picture: Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang and Greg head out for some dinner.

We'd post a lengthy response, but we can't type with these knives in our backs anymore.
We did try to reach Angelo Esposito for comment, but he was getting cut by some team.

Whats next?
[ Barry Melrose Rocks ] calling Charlie straight?


This picture was in the Game 5 recap:

The award can be given out endearingly, and this is one of those times.
What a jobber.

Speaking of jobbers...

[ Michael P. ] got a pic of a futuristic Jobber Tour Bus.




[ Raco and Mike ] spotted this at the Clarion Mall like two week ago.
For the first time, we should all be pretty offended.
If that says WWGRD instead of WWSGD, we buy the shirt. Case closed.

[ Alison P. ] spotted this magazine at the Hard Rock in Station Square.

[ sh0ez ]

[ Julia Tabita ]


We went through about 400 e-mails on Monday afternoon,
and we think we got every photoshop into the limelight.

As proof that we pick photoshops randomly to put in recaps and shit,
this PS deserved to be in every recap but got no love.

We were beside ourselves when we realized that we completely missed it.

[ Jeff H. ]

Speaking of making out with our Gmail inbox,
we went back to find the undisputed original photoshop we ever received.

[ Tom Quinn ]


And this just looks cool.
[ Eyeless Feesh ]


It's going to be pretty bad in there for a while.


Go Pens


jackedlobster said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jackedlobster said...

It's a privilege to be number 1

eileenover said...

I can't keep up with all these posts.

Jonny V said...

Three days away, yet yinz already have me pumped.

Time stands still at faceoff friday.

Jonny V said...

Seeker, it's up to 150 votes for us. Ohhh, we were only supposed to vote once?!


Dr. Turkleton said...

@jonny v...

I voted early & often.....

Angelo said...

Anyone want to make odds as to how soon a flood watch will be put out for Filthadelphia to deal with the tears of the fans/media? Ottawa and New York both had flood warnings by the time game 1 in each series was over.

eileenover said...

If anyone is watching True Life right now, that guy wearing high heels is what I imagine every Cryers fan looks like.

blufftalk said...


Benjamin said...

Does anyone know if they will have the big screen up for fridays game?

eileenover said...

I'm sure they will Benjamin.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I think the big screen is a fixture until the Pens are done....

wonder if the Flyers fans are getting excited about the series yet?

[Hossa: Priceless!]

Hip said...

I'm back home on my lovely mac and I see Charlie smiling at me next to the URL.


I've waited a long time for this moment.

Cheesesteak of Suffering is solid jobbing. I chuckled. That shit seriously NEVER gets old. Wake me when Phili matters for more than just a fucking bell.

Fellow c-bloggers - times could get rough ahead, but hold down the fort.
Down here, it's our time. It's our time down here. Stay focused. Goonies never say die.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Welcome Back, hipster!

Benjamin said...

Good, Ive been at PSU, and I cant wait to get back and catch a game on the big screen. Anyone know how it is with cops and beer and stuff? I read earlier people were sneaking it in with big gulps

Hip said...

PS - for the ladies

I chuckled

jefe said...

i cannot wait til game 1 and to TGRIF! (im sure thats been already coined right? haha)

go pens.

eileenover said...

Haha I love it hip.

Julia said...

I cannot wait until Friday,
and if I get tickets to a game in Philly I'm not afraid to reschedule my surgery
playoff hockey>all other aspects of life.

& cal u...wooo!

sh0ez said...

I did the Photoshop as requested by them.

Therrien vs. Stevens

sh0ez said...

Also, kudos to Julia Tabita for getting another picture of one of my Roberts for President signs on the CALU campus. Or at least, I think that's CALU. Amazing.

sh0ez said...


I should read the comments before mine. Hi Julia! Awesome picture! Hah.

millvalemauler said...

first off PB great job on the therrien/stevens mighty ducks idea, and shoez even better job on making it.

no team has pissed off our savior gary roberts amen, than the flyers, or at least while he has been a penguin. so you know he will convert at least 7 flyers to robertsism.

biron will be picked apart.

hatcher might win the Avery ruptured spleen award given by a penguin of his choice.

reason #76 i love the penguins - all it takes is a simple PB comment about the pens to make me fall in love with a girl

Andrew S said...

alright, i've looked everywhere so i'm either blind or an idiot, but, does anybody remember what post the original 'gary roberts for president' file was in? or better yet, does anybody have it? in the style of the great sh0ez, i'm lookin to litter slippery rock's campus with them. any help would be worthy of a pat on the behind from charlie himself.

Sean said...

Thanks for the link!

The Big K said...

I'll take point on this one.

Flyer Hater said...

Does anyone think Joke Stevens and Therrien duel in a heated battle of three posts before game 1.

By far the best movie of all time.

Ben said...

The Flyers strongest D is definitely not Jason Smith, he's at like minus 4 right now.

It's Randy Jones, Timonen, or Coburn.

Fleury29 said...

When I woke up this morning I could feel it. A nervous energy... I haven't felt like this since 1996. I didn't feel like this in 2001, this is different.

We should have won in 1996 (actually, we would have won if it weren't for an NHL conspiracy to take a new team to the Stanley Cup finals to increase its exposure... or maybe we would have won if Tom Barrasso could have stopped that Fitzgerald shot... but blaming the NHL conspiracy for losing is the "in" thing to do right now, right?)

We are going to beat the Flyers and play for the Stanley Cup.

Biron? Whatev. Everyone thought Lundqvist was awesome, too and we beat him consistently.

MAF is the best goalie out of the original 16 teams that started the playoffs but apparently no one else can see that.

The Penguins have the offense and the goaltending and, for the first time in a long time, the defense. They have the belief, they will not be denied.

This year The Cup comes back to Pittsburgh!

ask jay said...

i heard eaton could come back this series, whats the truth

dogwithshftyeyes said...

r j cumberger


By the way, just to correct the picture posted of me, my wife and my father in law, my friend penguinhater should be in the place of my father in law, seeing that my father in law doesn’t watch hockey and wouldn’t know a Flyer from a Penguin (unless of course, he saw them play, then of which he would recognize Sidney Fagsby and his entourage, and hate them as much as the rest of the world)
It is amazing still that the comments about “oh way to make things personal” from the mighty penguins fans escalated to pictures of family. That’s understandable, however, as I would be scared shitless too if I were a pens fan (ugghhh, shivers at the thought) Just like in court, there is always a last ditch effort at pushing focus from the accused to another in the light that they are about to get ass raped.
I would also, being a college football fan (GO DAWGS!), compare the Pens fans to the Virginia Tech Hokie fans. Obnoxious, dirty, cheating, whining pussies that get their kicks from jeers at legitimate fans, while sucking it up on the field. Virginia Tech Hokies are the Pittsburgh Penguins of college football.
You can have all the “stars” you want on a team, but when a team’s success or failure lies on one or two decent players that are hailed the Supermen of the NHL, then you are not a team. 2 guys make goals, the rest acts as interested in playing hockey as Michael Jackson in a hot 20 yr old female. This is what makes up the Pens? Give me the Flyers, any day. When the worst insults the pens can come up with are spelling errors and grammar issues, and “ie” at the end of someone’s name (for God sakes people) instead of stats and how good or bad a player is, then it is safe to say they are grasping at straws. I mean, Flyers spelled with a “Ph” and Filthy spelled with a “Ph” in the same sentence is SO insulting. And whatever the hell the inside joke “let’s start the bus” is, I agree…crank it and drive your loser ass home because (since everyone like equations on this blog):
Fagsby+Magic Milkball= 2 fag schoolboys with hockey sticks
(don’t leave them alone together! Talk about “Philthy”.)
I will give the Pens one thing. I have said it before and I’ll say it again. It has the most fitting mascot in sports history…the only creature in the world who’s soul purpose is to slide around on ice on it’s belly….GO FAGSBY! HE SLIDES……HE’S SAFE! PENALTY ON THE FLYERS!
God knows that’s the only way the Pens can win a few: shitty high school drop-out refs and those that are the “nursing home superstar” top picks.

Arlow said...

R J Cumberger....priceless.

Arlow said...

I just scored on Carey Price again.

Fred Jones said...

@andrew s

the Gary Roberts for President jpg is posted in April archive between Sens series and Rags series.

I am not bright enough to figure out how to link it.


Matt Gajtka said...

Holy hell...Don Cherry is coming to ESPN for the conference finals.

Gary save us.

Jonny V said...

U knock us for the knocks on your city's name and the "-ie" thing. Yet the best you can come up with is Sidney Fagsby and Magic Milkball. I bet your synapses had to put in overtime on that one. Outstanding mental effort.

andrew s,here u go

Welcome back Hip

Fred Jones said...

Thanks jonny v

Jeff said...

I'm sending this link to all the idiot Flyers fans here in H-burg that think their team stands a chance. When I told them Pens in 3 they were already crying about the preferential treatment Crosby's going to get. ExcuseToLoseBlog.

mmmk1989 said...

tPB cheesesteak says 9107 days, mine is at 9115. weird.

thanks for posting a link to it though.

i also got that one that tells you the date with the player sweaters.


The Girl With a Voice! said...

I am so excited, yet at the same time nervous about this series! I grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania, and was a fan of all things Philly related (Phillies, Flyers) until I moved out to Pittsburgh for college. Now I've seen the error of my ways and can't stand either team. I hope the Penguins win just so I can call all my Flyer loving friends back at home and brag to them that their team is not the best in the world. Far from it!

Let's go PENS!!!

sexymexyjeffy said...

it's blow j cumslurper

i went to school with that prick. GO PENS


Colin said...

Has anyone else noticed that a majority of Briere's goals in the playoffs have been lay-ups from the back door? It kills me that teams don't notice that play. Pens can't let them get those easy goals this series.

It seems like that is there go to play on the PP and I would assume HCMT is all over that.

Only Flyer players that worry me a bit is Umberger (just for the fact that it seemed like over 75% of his goals in the regular season were scored against the Pen) and Coyburn (he has got a good mix of size and speed and may match up well with Malkin).

Stoosh said...

@ theorangeandtheblack -

You said...
"You can have all the “stars” you want on a team, but when a team’s success or failure lies on one or two decent players that are hailed the Supermen of the NHL, then you are not a team. 2 guys make goals, the rest acts as interested in playing hockey as Michael Jackson in a hot 20 yr old female. This is what makes up the Pens?"

Do you the foggiest f'ing clue what you're talking about? I love the fiction section as much as anyone but I find FACTS much more useful when trying to make an argument.

FACT: The Pens have dressed nineteen skaters in nine playoff games. 18 of them have at least one point in the playoffs. That's 95% of the roster contributing directly to the scoreboard.

FACT: The Flyers have dressed 22 skaters over 12 playoff games. Twenty Flyers have at least one point. That's only 91% of the roster contributing to the scoreboard for the Flyers.

More fun with numbers:

By "two decent players", I assume you mean Crosby and Malkin, so let's look at goals.

FACT: The Flyers, by contrast, have scored 43 goals in the playoffs. Umberger has 9 and Briere has 8. Their 17 goals accounts for 40% of the Flyers' goal production these playoffs.

FACT: FACT: The Pens have scored 31 goals in the playoffs. Malkin has 6; Crosby has two. They've accounted for only 26% of the team's goal production. Even if I compare apples to apples and looked at the Pens two leading goal-scorers - Malkin with six and Hossa with five - they still only account for 35% of the Pens' goals in the playoffs.

Last time I checked, 35% and 26% is less than 40%.

So again, remind me...how are tahe Pens the more top-heavy team?

You keep setting them up and I'll keep knocking 'em down, Bucco.

sexymexyjeffy said...

also a little bit of "haha" for the fans, if you go to the burger king on rte 286 in plum boro, Rj umburger's Plum ice hockey jersey is hanging out in the back, and is locate right next to the mens room.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Step 1. RJ UmBerger

Step 2. meets 'Free Candy'

Step 3. RJ UmConscious

[thanks to the Devils for the PS, Sabres Campbell (at the time) for the KO]


Jonny V said...


Stoosh said...

@ Theorangeandtheblack -

In regards to the rest of your post, I'm not going to say much more than what Jonny V said above. He did an excellent job pointing out the irony of you coming here whining about the anti-Flyers insults we've been throwing around (picking on the city, picking on Upshall's first name, etc.), and then all you come with is nothing more than fifth-grade name-calling ("Sidney Fagsby", eg? Wow, did you come up with that all on your own?).

I said yesterday that if Flyers fans wanted to debate hockey for hockey's sake, fire away. All of you did nothing but resort to...well, let's see...the juvenile name-calling, the personal attacks against C-bloggers, and repeating the same tired old conspiracy theories about the Pens having the refs in their back pockets. Those were all hysterical the first 100,000 times you brought them.

I said yesterday that Flyers fans were incapable of making actual hockey arguments because most of you don't understand the game or you're incapable of presenting an argument that doesn't at some point degenerate into elementary name-calling or repeating the same tired old conspiracy theories. Why? Because most of you don't know anything else. It's like I said yesterday, the Sens and Rangers fans who showed up to talk shit at least ATTEMPTED to talk hockey.

It's obviously a lot easier for you to just keep on going back to the same old well - the one that has your Sidney jokes and your conspiracy theories - rather than try to make a real argument. Then again, I guess when your getting your ass whipped in an argument, the best defense mechanism is plugging your ears and repeating "la-la-la-la-la". See my post above as proof.

Your post above did absolutely nothing to change my mind. Thanks so much for proving my point.

racheleyos said...

benjamin - if you get to read this, you're not allowed to have bottles or any type of alcohol present on the lawn however they wont know if u got it mixed or have it in a different non-alcoholic bottle....but there are lots of families and little kids around, and they will make an announcement before the game about not being allowed to be drinking there. there are cops that are around for the game.

wilsmith said...

Stoosh delivers.

(thats all I have time to say right now)

lauren_hbg said...

@ jeff

I live in Hbg too - do you normally frequent a particular bar to watch games? We're always looking for more Pens fans - it seems to be quite Flyer-infested here.


While Stoosh is still having an orgasm over hearing himself talk (go ahead and tell me 30 pages of stats that make you feel pretty, and I'll tell you what a vagina feels like)

take a look at this article from someone with decent common sense:


PO said...

has anyone ever seen the commercial where the guy is interviewing but he has the stain that is talking over him making everything he says inaudible? what a great commercial...anyway, thats how i feel when i flyers fan comes on here and gives a dissertation of how queer our team/city/fans are... im reading it, but it sounds retarted and its not making any sense at all

Eric K said...

tix for game 1 seriously just sold out in under 3 minutes

PO said...

i couldnt even score 1 standing room only ticket... unreal

PO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

@ po: I know it's hard to understand...it's hard, I know, obnoxiousness and ignorance do not make a good combo (Pens everywhere prove that). However, as David Spade put it:

put letters together and they make words, words together make sentences, take tylenol for any headaches, and mydol for any cramps.


dogwithshftyeyes said...

rim job cumberger

Dr. Turkleton said...

Comparing a Professional HOCKEY Team to a College FOOTBALL Team? Really??

I compare the Flyers & their fans to the morning dump I took.

What's the saying, 'Don't let FACTS get in the way of a good argument.'

Here's a few:

• Pittsburgh ranks 1st in the playoffs with a 1.89 GAA Philadelphia ranks 10th with a 2.83 GAA.

• Pittsburgh ranks 2nd in the playoffs with an 89.5% penalty killing success rate. Philadelphia ranks 12th at 77.2%.

• Pittsburgh ranks 5th in the playoffs with 28.6 shots on goal against per game. Philadelphia ranks 12th with 32.9 shots on goal against per game.

[Hossa: Charlie Now]

Jonny V said...

The just-concluded series with Montreal, which swept the Flyers in four regular-season meetings, proved the Stanley Cup tournament has little to do with the 82 games that precede it.

What's the over/under on how many Flyer fans do indeed bring the season series up?

OAB, wasn't Philly voted to have the ugliest people in the nation? Yes, tell us about your vagina you felt. And you have got to meet Jeffrey Passwick, I have a feeling you two would have so much in common

PO said...

a flyers fan and a david spade fan... wow...


lauren_hbg said...


I got tickets for Friday's game! It'll be my first playoff game ever... I think I might shed a tear or two.

Mike Georger said...

section C29, row SRO, seat 3

thats right

PO said...

i was resigned to the fact i was going to have to roll solo to this game if i was going to get a ticket but i couldnt even get 1 standing room only ticket... unreal

Mike Georger said...

my card is tied to north carolina even though i live in state college now, so i had to get my roommate to get my ticket, he said he got on at 9:58 on his computer, so probably right at the second they opened up.

PO said...

i guess ive been lucky that i have gone to the first game of both the previous series but i didnt want to break the chain and mess with karma... 2 series 2 game ones 2 wins

whodeewhat said...

Did somebody just quote David Spade?


Stoosh said...

@ theorangeandtheblack -

Again, thanks for making my point. In the face of statistics that deflate your argument, you resort to...personal insults! Again, this is all too easy.

The article you posted was a good one, but for the most part, it sounded like Phil Sheridan - a good writer - trying to convince himself the Flyers have a chance in this series (which they do if the right bounces happen). It probably could double as John Stevens's motivational pregame speech prior to Game One.

Of course, it's based mostly on the obligatory dig at the Pens "tanking" the last game. That's funny to me because if the Pens were really tanking, there's no way Malkin, Gonchar, Whitney, Letang, Hossa and Sykora would've played either. NFL teams who clinch a playoff spot before the end of the regular season sit their stars in Week 16 (and sometimes Week 15) games all the time; no one ever accuses them of tanking.

And it's interesting that Sheriden doesn't talk much about the thoughts expressed in the postgame fallout that NEITHER team looked very interested in winning that game, either. Don't forget, the Flyers had also clinched heading into that game as well, and they didn't exactly try to set the world on fire in that game.

And you have Sheridan writing about the Pens and their alleged deep-down fear of the Flyers - not because he knows what they're thinking. Nope, it's because he extrapolates the whole "tanking" idea into some proof that they were afraid of meeting the Flyers.

This team beat the Flyers three out of the last four times they played them. They dictated the physical play in both the Ottawa series and the Rangers series. They took Sean Avery - who had made such a name for himself as a pest against the Devils and has an established reputation as a cheapshot artist - and they made him absolutely invisible in the series. I'm not in the locker room so I have no idea as to the psyche of the Penguins, but the way they've played throughout this playoff series has done little to make me think they're afraid of anyone. I'm sure they have a healthy respect and awareness for the way the Flyers play the game and the animosity between the two franchises. It's entirely disingenuous to call that fear.

Got any thoughts that are your own?

Or should I just wait for another round of personal insults?

lauren_hbg said...

@ po

I understand what you're saying... I'm actually thinking the opposite of that - I haven't been to any playoff games, I'm almost afraid to mess with the streak.

But maybe since you HAVE been to the game ones, and I HAVEN'T, it cancels out, right?


Brett said...


cheers, thanks for stopping by. Please, allow the other folks here a bit of leeway, as they have no idea how to treat a flyers fan that has a brain.

Honestly, we've never run into one.

Your article that you linked talks about how a 'seed' has been planted in the Pens players' minds. A seed of doubt about their ability to beat the Flyers, due to their 'tanking' of the final regular season game.

The media thinks that. Some fans may think that. But I don't believe the players do. The Pens know they can beat any team out there. that's the confidence they have. The reason they would allegedly 'tank' the final game in order to pick up Ottawa in the 1st round? easy. Retribution for last year. It's not about avoiding the flyers. It's about drawing Ottawa.

PO said...

stoosh and theorangeandtheblack should be on a meet the press type show with John Carroll University Alumni Tim Russert hosting


PO said...

@ lauren

if you're worried id be more than willing to take those tix off your hands....

racheleyos said...

it's not even worth trying to log onto ticketmaster to get tickets anymore.... i couldn't get anything today... last time only ticketexchange worked for me. :( going on ebay and paying almost double the price for the seat isn't even an option. this is rude.

SK said...

Wondering if Flyers fans will be happier going out in the third round rather than the first. If the Pens did tank that last game it seems like they did the Flyers a favor.

The Seeker said...

It's pretty obvious that the Cryer Troll's knowledge of the game of hockey ENDS at the last line on their Talking Points Memo.

dying alive said...

@ hip - Goonies reference ftw!

If the Pens tanked the last game of the season, then they really have nothing to worry about in this series. The Flyers *still* barely could muster up enough to beat them.

Stoosh said...

@ Hip -

*Stoosh = stunned by the Goonies quote*

In light of that (sheer awesomeness), during the pregame intros they played on Sunday, they projected the words "THIS IS OUR TIME" onto the ice.

Without missing a beat, my buddy delivers the "This is our time...our time down here," and I follow with, "That'll be all over the minute we got up Troy's bucket!"

Welcome back from Big Sky country!

And Philly matters for more than just a bell. They have a statue. It's of a fictional boxer, but it's still a statue.

The Seeker said...

theorangeandtheblack says:

take a look at this article from someone with decent common sense:

Then you follow the link and the first line of the first paragraph says:

The smart money says the Flyers don't have much chance to beat the Pittsburgh Penguins and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals.

So you say this guy has "decent common sense" (whatever that means?)......I suppose in English you're saying he knows what he's talking about.

And what does this all-knowing journalist say?.....

....That all the SMART people are picking the Penguins!

Dr. Turkleton said...

anyone come across a Blueskirt-ish Flyers blog???


PO said...

speaking of common sense... shoot over to craigslist and check out the outrageous prices being asked for tickets... i saw a standing room only ticket listed for $200.. thats a shame

The Seeker said...

I don't know...I'm not a Flyer kind of guy, but I wonder if these guys have "decent common sense"?

Dr. Turkleton said...

Found One:


seems like she got into it with folks from Four Habs Fans, so......

Right off the bat, there's errors in her lead 'story'...
if you want to beat us, bench Cindy

then goes on to miss-label which games crosby was IN & OUT during the series....


jtc27 said...

@ racheleyos

Much agreed. It is such a joke trying to get tickets on ticketmaster. Something is seriously not right there.

The Seeker said...

Philly is miserable

Published:Feb 12, 2008 12:00 AM
By Teresa Masterson

Already named the ugliest city in the country, Philadelphia has now been dubbed the fifth most miserable city in the U.S. What’s next? The most constipated? Oh wait, some yogurt company already gave us that one.

“Misery is defined as a state of great unhappiness and emotional distress,” says Forbes magazine. Philadelphia is led only by four other American cities (Detroit, Mich.; Flint, Mich.; Stockton, Calif. and New York City) in this classification, says the financial magazine that loves to make lists.

Named the ugliest and most unfriendly city in the country last fall by CNN and Travel and Leisure magazine, and also earning the title of fattest city by Men’s Health magazine several years ago, I suppose it’s just logical that Philadelphia is miserable. After all, how can ugly, fat, bitchy people not be miserable?

To measure the “Misery Index and Score,” Forbes looked at unemployment rates, personal tax rates, commute times, weather, crime and “that toxic waste dump in your backyard.”

Forbes used their formula on the 150 largest metropolitan cities in the U.S.

Forbes mentions that Charlotte, N.C. coming in as the ninth most miserable city was their “biggest surprise.” Philly being fifth must not have been a surprise. In fact, it must have been such a no-brainer that Forbes doesn’t even expand or discuss its reasons for Philly’s misery in its article. It’s just a given that we're all on suicide watch.

Well done, Philadelphia. At least we're winning at something.

Vanessa Day said...

WOW. Amazing rebuttal by Stoosh on the queer flyers fan. He must dream all night of names like that for his whackfodder.


lis said...


will they still do the video outside if it's raining?

The Seeker said...

Your mama's so ugly -- she's from Philly

Published:Oct 23, 2007 12:22 PM
By Teresa Masterson

Just in case 24 years without a sports championship; a mayor who camps out for iPhone's and a sanitation department that can't quite keep the garbage in the truck doesn't have you depressed, here's a pick-me-up Philly: America says you're mean and ugly.

Oh, Philly.

As if you didn’t already have an unnecessary inferiority complex about yourself, the people of America have deemed you the most unattractive city in the country.

Ooooooh, that one hurts.

But they don’t stop there. They pile it on, stating that Philadelphia is the “least stylish, least active, least friendly and least worldly according to the 'America's Favorite Cities' survey by Travel & Leisure magazine and CNN Headline News."

To cement these statements, MSNBC is kind enough to include a picture of a group of Eagles fans dressed in layered jerseys like abominable snowmen in their article. It’s a hot pic, really.

Fort Worth, Texas beat you out Philly! Are you kidding me? Step it up. You can’t allow people to say that a bunch of Texans are supposedly hotter than the hipsters on South Street… Well, maybe the hipsters aren’t the best example.

But don’t worry, Philly. In a vain attempt to apply a salve to your wounded and apparently obese souls, MSNBC.com includes a beautiful slideshow showcasing the city’s skyline, architecture, and historic features. It’s as if they’re saying, “Look, look! It’s not that bad!” Curiously enough, there isn't one person in this slideshow.

Even worse, senior editor Amy Farley states that this doesn’t mean people in Philadelphia are ugly. Thanks, Amy.

"We were asking people to vote on attractiveness, not unattractiveness. Travel & Leisure editors believe there are a lot of attractive people in Philadelphia," she said.

So, ah, I guess that means you’re not repulsive per se: just a little homely. Wow, that’s almost worse than saying Philadelphians are ugly. It’s like patting the fat girl on the head and telling her she’s got a pretty face.

No more Farley. Just stop talking.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Found Two:

Flyers Goal Scored By

not too bad.

combo of facts + delusions of grandeur.

jefe said...

if the pens wanted to lose that last game, they didnt tell malkin, considering he got a diving penalty with 2 minutes to go in that game. obviously a last ditch effort to get a pp and tie it up. probably not the best thing to bring up but that shows at least he wanted to win lol.

Vanessa Day said...

@ Seeker

C'MON!!! Are you saying Sly Stallone is ugly?

mmmk1989 said...

is the picture of hartnell scoring on who ever pretended to be a goalie for the habs that game a photoshop? some of the people look a little weird, for lack of a better word.

there is no credit, so im gonna assume its real, and those people just look really stupid

Stoosh said...

@ Vanessa Day -

Whackfodder. I love it! Acutally, they make it very easy.

It's a good cylical argument, but it proves nothing but ignorance on their own part. Case in point:

If I respond to his post with the same juvenile insults, I'm stooping to his level.

I respond to theorangeandtheblack's post by presenting FACTS that clearly refute his argument. Rather than him arguing back with facts, I instead get accused of being a vain, self-loving, long-winded stats geek.

(He's right about the long-winded stats geek part, but I'm also willing to admit it.)

Even more funny was his response to po a little further down.

"@ po: I know it's hard to understand...it's hard, I know, obnoxiousness and ignorance do not make a good combo (Pens everywhere prove that)."

We're the ignorant ones? He's the one who completely ignored the facts I presented and responded with a weak attack on the way I post FACTS and then throws a couple of weak-ass insults my way.

Maybe theorangeandtheblack needs a lesson in the root of the word "ignorance". Pot, meet kettle?

geezer said...

Anybody think up some clever name for this series? I've seen Keystone Klassic[hate it], Quaker Qwagmire, Orange Barrel Series, Pennsylvainia Poundfest. I dunno I can't think of anymore, anybody else got something? How about Pennsylvainia Pow Wow? Throw me a bone people, help me out here!

jtc27 said...

There is no way that the pens threw the last game. They are not actors.

True, they definitly didnt put forth their best effort as a team but that is only because they didnt care who they played.

The Flyers havae played to of the weaker teams in the playoffs. There is no way the Caps, or I should say AO was going to beat them they are just not there yet. And Montreal was one of the most overrated teams going into the playoffs(ie. they almost lost to Boston..)

Sorry the Filthalphians are in for a rude awakening!

J.S. said...

Quoting David Spade? Wow.

Easily the worst SNL cast member from the 90s, with that no-talent jobber Jay Mohr running a very close 2nd.

Vanessa Day said...

@ Stoosh... Thanks, I actually just came up with that word out of nowhere!

I love the posts from trolls who think they know everything. He's probably 15 or something.

As for the upcoming craziness on Friday, it's almost too much to handle. I cannot wait to see the Pens outsmart philly when they start getting pissed and taking bad penalties.

BlacknGold66 said...

No way... Jay Mohr was the worst. At least David Spade "attempted" to bring something to the table.

jtc27 said...

@ geezer

I don't know what it should be called. But it will be remembered as the Keystone Massacre.

BlacknGold66 said...

I'm still convinced that theorangeandtheblack, rgb, and penguinhater are all the same person.

Can you guys (meaning those mentioned) proove otherwise?

I can understand why they are upset.

I would be too if THIS GUY!!! was my head coach.

Hip said...


Stop it.

Facts mean nothing to trolls. Neither does pointing out their personal inconsistencies. They have no lives, and the only meaning they can find is coming here and insisting they have girlfriends whom they sleep with every night.

We don't have to detail how deep our team is to morons. We don't have to explain to them that they are immature losers. We don't have to defend our jobbing. We don't have to rationalize anything here.

We know what's really up.

Plain and simple, we know we're better. We cheer for a better team, a better city, we are better fans, we are funnier, and we have Gary Roberts. And we certainly don't have to stoop to insisting we have sex just to prove it.

I love the hockey analysis here - I love reading about how good this team is, how close they are and how this year is something special, no matter what happens in the end. I love that everything about this blog makes me laugh so hard I'll be wearing Depends at the age of 35. I love all of you cbloggers, who each have your own flair and personality. We all contribute in our own little ways. I love that. We have nothing to prove here. We are what we are and we are the best.

And you know what? I'm single bitches.

And yes, it's that time of month. (/end rant)

The Seeker said...

I have to respectfully disagree that the Pens didn't intentionally tank the final season game.

They couldn't make it too obvious of course, but it was pretty obvious to most.

I recall twice seeing Gonchar not even attempt to stop a puck from coming out of the offensive zone where both were certain to lead to breakaways.

Malkin's "dive" wasn't actually a dive at all, but just one of those falls he takes randomly....he only had someone actually touch him that time.

And near the end of the game, down by a goal....HCMT sends out a first PP unit consisting of Laraque, Roberts, and Kennedy???

Stoosh said...

@ Vanessa Day -

Do I have permission to use "whackfodder" in the future? That's just an awesome term.

The Flyers came within an Alexander Ovechkin brain fart away from gagging away what was a three-games-to-one lead in Game Seven against the Caps. The Caps were able to take them to seven games because they played a fast and physical style.

The Pens proved against Ottawa and New York that they can play the same way, but they bring a hell of a lot more talent to the table...talent that can create more chances off of forced turnovers.

Philly was sloppy with the puck against the Caps and not much better against Montreal. This Pens team has been incredibly effective at forcing turnovers in the neutral zone and turning those into quick scoring opportunities. If Philly is going to be as sloppy with the puck as they were against Washington, they're in trouble.

Oh, and their penalty kill blows. Att 77.2%, they're far and away the worst of any team still left (DET = 85.4, DAL = 85.7 and PGH = 89.5). But I'm sure some Flyers fan will argue that's only because the refs hate Philly and love the Pens. Apparently, the refs have a role in how well teams kill penalties.

wilsmith said...

and now Hip delivers.

everyone's makin the duhliveries.

Adrienne said...

I love it already. However, having to wait until Friday... I'm already going through playoff withdrawal. This is going to be the longest week ever. :(

Vanessa Day said...

@ Stoosh... OF COURSE (just give credit where it's due)!


Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

sorry. but I have to disagree with you.

Especially since Laraque had 0:00 of PP time & Kennedy was a scratch.

I sure the coaching staff mentioned to 'not poke the bear' & risk injury when there was really nothing to gain.

If they wanted to officially tank?
•start Sabo, NOT MAF
•don't give Gonch 29+ minutes of ice time
•don't let Geno be the leading minute muncher amongst forwards for both teams...

'Tanking the Game' has conveniently fit into the results that have the Pens up to the Wales Conference Finals™....

If anything, the Flyers should be thanking the Pens as it's gotten them to the ECF instead of being bounced in the 1st round.

The Seeker said...

Heads Up!

You all DO realize that the USA faces-off vs Canada today at the WHC I hope.

Stoosh said...

@ Hip -

WOW. :)

Thanks for smacking me back into my senses, and I mean that with all sincerity.

You're 100% right. It's a waste of time to try to rationalize with people who aren't rational.

Crosby could win Stanley Cups, sweep every award for which he's ever eligible, win every scoring title and break all of Gretzky's records and it won't change the fact to Flyers fans, he'll always be a whining crybaby of a diver who only succeeded because he was the NHL's meal ticket. The NHL gives him points he didn't earn and they allowed him to play under a different set of rules.

The Pens could win Cups for the next fifteen years or twenty years, and to them, it only happened because Bettman's lips are firmly sewn to Lemieux's ass and the NHL fixed games, drafts and trades to make it happen.

Even the most bitter of rivals can occassionally admit when the other team is just legitimately better (case in point...I've heard even the most staunch Steelers fans admit that the Browns are going to be a tough team to beat this coming year).

Most Philly fans can't do it, and most of them won't ever do it.

Again, thanks for righting the ship and restoring order.


Dr. Turkleton said...

i meant Sabu, starting Chris Sabo would have REALLY shown the Pens were tanking....

PenguinHater said...


I know theorangeandtheblack - we went to college together. I also went to college with greghartnettjr, a Pens fan who posted in yesterday's combox. I don't know RGB. But anyways, we're definitely not the same person. I'd never make fun of someone's service to our country, and to respond to something that was said yesterday, I wouldn't boo the Canadian anthem either. In fact, I make a point to sing along with it every time it's played at the Wach, even if drunken loons are booing it around me. God bless Canada/America!

Thanks for the kind email, btw. I can't wait for the series to start!


Vanessa Day said...

It's nice to see at least one philly fan who is diplomatic.


Dan said...

theorangeandblack lost all credibility comparing us to virginia tech. it doesn't even make sense! using your descriptions it actually depicts a flyers fan. ugh the douchetry we will have to endure here.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Don Cherry to be on ESPN....[/yawn]

so....the hockey coverage will go from 30 seconds to 1 minute ????

now THERE'S the guy who represents hockey well & will surely increase the popularity of hockey in the States 10-fold.

how will his segment go:
•Praises the US Military [not poking fun, I'm just sayin']
•rips Melrose / compares 'Sports Coats' & Ties [Melrose cackles in the background]
•calls Sid, "The Golden Boy"
•preaches the outlawing of no-touch-icing & the instigator rule

Maybe he's grown on me like fungus of da foot...but too many 'Coaches Corners' will do that too you.

Anyone remember when he did a game or 2 down in the Burgh when he was on 'strike'???

I think he was on KBL with Stan....

Vanessa Day said...

^^ I do love Don Cherry's clothes though. HOT.


Mike Georger said...

so im thinking of getting into town around three for the game, anyone down for some pregame boozing near the arena?

alternatively, anyone down for some in game boozing in the SRO section?

Sooska said...

@ dr turk- yeah I think the Don Cherry did do a game or 2 with Stan. Do you recall when Mike Laneg and Steve Blass did a summer of Pirate games when I used to care (that was a laughfest.)

@ geezer- I am busy trying to catch up and laughing at the trolls' insanity, irrationality, but to answer your question about the name of the Battleo of Pennsylvania I suggest by way of Mike Prisuta; Gettysburg 2 (The trailer goes- the Orginal was North v South- the new is East v West. Fans know the Original Pickett's Charge! 2008 will show you Roberts' Dishing out Hell. The Orignal gave us Devil's Den and Seminary Ridge. 2008 brings you Syko Damage, and the Sid and Geno Phantasmagorium ) taht's the best I can do on real short notice with a lost morning behind me.
you get the idea. line em up and GO!

The Seeker said...

@ Dr Turk

Give an "old guy" a break on the whole memory retention thing!

I'm must be wrong on the actual personnel involved, but I am POSITIVE (because I recall saying it when I saw it) that on their final PP, HCMT sent in a first PP unit that made no sense at all if you are desperate for a goal (which they normally would have been if they weren't tanking it).

I even mentioned that PP unit in the game day post here in Cblog...laughingly. I seem to recall Ashley replying that she thought the same thing.


@ blackngold66:

I am backing penguinhater, not the same person, def would not sink as low as downing a veteran, Nor boo the Canadian national anthem...I have family members that are Canadian (live in Newfoundland). I have a blast on here, but things have to be kept a little civil...personal jabs, ok, but leave the country out of it. This stuff should be all in good fun. Bottom line, this is going to be two heavy hitting teams bringing Hell on ice. It's going to be an intense playoff.

Spencemo said...

I sincerely don't know what I'm going to do when I'm in Vegas next week. May have to take the laptop with me just to keep up with C-Blog.

@ Hip:
I almost spewed coffee all over my keyboard at that website. "I'd hit it!" Bah! I don't have any respect for any woman who uses the term "squee!". Blerg.

C'mon Friday...

Pensgirl said...

Spencemo, that site is for shits and giggles. If you poke around over there you'll find that Margee really has a good knowledge of and love for sports. I wouldn't quite call the site "satire," but it is written with a big ol' wink.

Pensgirl said...

OK, stats lovers, here's one for you.

Mirtle has a post on the "Real-Time Scoring Stats" (hits, blocked shots, etc.) of the four remaining teams. Interestingly, the Pens have the lowest number of both giveaways and takeaways.

First: anyone know what does and doesn't "officially" count as a giveaway or takeaway? For example, do blocked shots leading to rushes in the other direction count as takeaways? I know what I'd call a turnover when I'm watching, but I'm just not familiar with what qualifies in these less-heralded stats.

Second, what are people's theories/impressions/thoughts on the Pens having the lowest number in both categories? I have my own theory but I don't want to color the discussion. I'm just curious as to what everyone else would get out of these numbers.

Jonny V said...


Hip, that was awesome. I've always found that those proclaiming their sexual prowess either are lying or have the heebiejeebies or they piss fire, and when people do it on message boards? Yeah, uhh...a 200 GB hard drive full of porn doesn't count, pod'na.

Stoosh, consider this your training i guess. You're in the freezer, beating on dead hunks of meat. In this case, those dead hunks of meat are orangeandblack and r*g*b*. You're just getting your technique and timing down. Nothing to apologize about. It's entertaining reading.

Hip said...

@spencemo - she's a friend of a friend. Her site is hilarious IMO. Trust me, she uses "squee" mockingly.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

hahaha....my memories not that good either...I just looked up the box score for the game [habit from fantasy hockey league stuff]

if they DID tank that game, they did a pretty good job of not making it seem that they were tanking, IMO.

not to beat an Eight Belles [sorry], only 2 HITS credited in that game: Adam Hall & Syko [probably doubled his yearly output]: the Flyers had 12.

Credited Giveaways: Pens-4, Flyers-11
Credited Blocked Shots: Pens-12, Flyers-16

maybe Oliver Stone could be summoned...[where's HE been, BTW?]


I remember Lange in the KBL booth...that might've been KBL's 1st year on the air...

Do you recall some of the Pens games on PPV? I think it was back in '86 or '87???....I remember as a somewhat newly licensed-to-drive kid, going out to Greensburg [can't remember the Cable Co.] to pick up a 'Box' [different from the 'Cable Box' that you'd slide over to 'A' or 'B' to turn on HBO™ & stuff] that my Dad had ordered to watch some of the games.
Man, how times have changed in 20 years.

Spencemo said...

Pensgirl, Hip..

OK, I'll give her another chance. I'll admit, I react too quickly sometimes, but I trust your opinions. I'll give her another look...

Jonny V said...

And when I think of Don Cherry, the first thing i think is...Snappy dresser. He's like Elton John and Rod Roddy's more flamboyant brother.

jefe said...

as long as the giveaways are low thats fine with me. we'll always get that puck back in other ways.

Sooska said...

@dr turk - I do recall the switch from free games to PPV and the uproar KBL caused. I also remember having to fork over some bucks ($40 or some such outrageous sum) to watch the games with the special cable box. It lasted just a couple of years I think until FSN took over the games and they were all free again. Some games were only on radio. The games were also simulcast on TV and radio with Mike and Steiggy. Frankly since Mike was ( is) so good I neevr understood the Pgh sports media obsession with having 2 different broadcast teams. It gave us what we have today... to which I respond blergh.

Spencemo said...

OK...Margee is my new hero.
The interview with Sean Avery's spleen = priceless.

Andrew S said...

jonny v-

amazing. thanks

The Seeker said...

@ Dr Turk

To me it was almost painfully obvious they were tanking it being careful not to look too obvious.....

They used the game like a practice scrimmage warm-up for the Play Offs. I also think they started Fleury wanting him to play HIS best only for the karma (you can't tell a goalie to ease-up) and the practice.

Both Don Cherry and Bryan Murray certainly thought it was obvious as well.

FlyersFan777 said...

Im Loving the back and forth roust-a-bout....GO FLYERS!

Id like to hop back on here after the Flyers win the Eastern Conference, and see what the conversations are. HAHAHA

My wife gives the Pens 3 games, I give them 1. We shall see....

Stoosh said...

@ Pensgirl -

I'm curious about the takeaway/giveaway numbers being so low.

I can understand the giveaways being low. I believe a giveaway is a puck-carrier being stripped of the puck or an interception of a pass. If that's correct, our transition game helps negate that because the puck support is always there. That, and Whitney's only been getting 18 minutes a night (sorry, couldn't resist!). :)

I don't believe takeaways can result in blocked shots. I think takeaways only come as a result of stripping a puck carrier of the puck or intercepting a pass. If that's the case, I'm a little surprised that the Pens' takeaway totals are that low, because I've never seen a Pens team this good at backchecking and picking the pockets of opposing puck carriers, especially in the zone.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I think it's tough to use/put much emphasis on those stats,[I'm guilty of using 'them' in an earlier post & they're using all 16 teams] because:

•limited number of games
•extremely limited opponents per team [2 to this point]

how different would the Pens stats be if they faced, NJ & Washington in the 1st 2 rounds & played 12 or 13 games instead of 9.

3 kinds of lies:


if Gary had his way...Lange & Steigy would do PxP & Color on both Radio & TV together...then on the 7th day, Gary could rest.

@johnny v

Cherry's Pit ?!?!?!?!

FlyersFan777 said...

Im Loving the back and forth roust-a-bout....GO FLYERS!

Id like to hop back on here after the Flyers win the Eastern Conference, and see what the conversations are. HAHAHA

My wife gives the Pens 3 games, I give them 1. We shall see....

FlyersFan777 said...

And Gary Roberts??? Come ON! Might as well bring back Chris Reeves, he could score more goals for ya.

FlyersFan777 said...

By The Way, RIP Chris...

Dr. Turkleton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheNWChica said...


After 1...
10.38 1 - 0 EQ 61. AFINOGENOV, Maxim (37. GREBESHKOV, Denis, 47. RADULOV, Alexander)

Dr. Turkleton said...

thought that flyerfan777 was related to 'j', but there's no link into how I can MAKE extra money....

sorry, had to delete my original retort


FlyersFan777 said...

@ theorangeandtheblack:

Loved the commentary...take it a little easy on em tho chief, they don't know any better.

Just wait for the game and let it prove our point for us!


BlacknGold66 said...

I can't say this for any of the other Flyers fans that post on here.

But penguinhater seems ok in my book judging from a surprise and actually very sincere email he sent me yesterday.

As for other Flyers fans like RGB in his PB Charlie t-shirt.... that's a whole different story.

Thanks for the emails penguinhater. Go Pens!!!

Dan said...

@ flyersfan so you are saying the flyers are only gonna win 1 game? that sounds about right. after all, you're leading scorer is almost legally a midget.

FlyersFan777 said...

@ dan:

Maybe you skipped the grade where they teach you how to read and write, but I said I give the PENS one game. If you want me to type slower,

j u s t t e l l m e.

Stoosh said...


I think this tanking thing was mostly a product of the media, but whatever.

Do I think they tanked? No, because tanked is a strong word.

Do I think they took their foot off the gas at the end? Yes. I think both teams did, as I mentioned before. Neither team seemed to want to bust their asses that game. There was very little intensity on either side...it was more like, "Let's just get this over with and move on."

The Flyers media thinks the Pens tanked because the Pens feared getting the Flyers in the first round. Just my opinion, but I don't think that was the case at all.

Benching Crosby was a smart move. There was no sense putting him out there in a largely meaningless game in an already-hostile environment against a team that has taken shots at him before. The overall big picture came into play here. Home ice throughout the playoffs would've been nice, but only if Montreal would've made it to the ECFs as well. That's since been rendered moot because we have home ice anyway.

I think the Pens wanted Ottawa; that doesn't mean they were afraid of Philly. They wanted Ottawa for a couple of reasons. First, retribution from last year. Second, Ottawa was playing some asstastic hockey at the end of the season and I can't necessarily fault a team for wanting an easier road in the playoffs. The playoffs are tough enough as it is. No one expected a Pens' sweep...not even the Pgh media. Most fans here said Pens in five or six.

Not that it matters anymore anyway. The Pens are where they are on their own merits. They demolished the defending Eastern Conference finalists, making two of their elite players (Heatley and Spezza) non-factors in the process. They beat a Vezina Trophy candidate and one of the tougher overall defensive teams in hockey to the tune of 15 goals over five games, twice putting five goals on the board.

FlyersFan777 said...

There is much I can say about your leading scorer, but I think you already know the truth about Crosby, and others such as theorangeandtheblack and RGB don't mind reminding you. So I wont bother.

Nathan said...

Flyers fans do realize the Pens have Gary Roberts around for reasons other than his goal-scoring prowess, right? It's along the lines of why the Flyers gave Mike Richards that 12-year deal and why he's going to get the C when Jason Smith goes away.

There's a reason Gary Roberts got an A on his sweater at the start of the season, even though he'd been a Penguin for all of 24 games, playoffs included. And it wasn't the 9 goals and 17 points he rang up. And there was a reason why there weren't the calls for Roberts' ouster early this season the way everyone wanted Mark Recchi gone; Roberts was still bringing stuff to the table, even if it wasn't registering on the scoresheet, while Rex was a corpse on skates. And Roberts is still bringing stuff to the table in the playoffs, even though he hasn't potted any goals since Game 1 against Ottawa.

Point is, if I'm HCMT, I'm sending Roberts out there for 10-12 minutes a game, and I keep sending him out regardless of whether he scores another point the rest of the playoffs.

Pens in 6 absolutely brutal games. Hope there's something left for the Finals.

FlyersFan777 said...

@ stoosh:

Yea, bench crosby....we wouldn't want him getting frazzled or beat up in a HOCKEY game, now would we? Looks like he picked the wrong profession.

The Seeker said...

@ Dr Turk

That Flyers.Femme chick is a good friend of Acid Queen!

Seriously: HLOG {Hockey's Ladies of Greatness}

FlyersFan777 said...


FijiH2O said...

Just got caught up on the past couple days. Kudos to all of the photo shop wizards!

Was at the game Sunday afternoon. Stoosh, I think it was you who mentioned not wanting to leave the Igloo when the game was over. Neither did I! I could barely walk, anyway. My legs were shaking so bad that I couldn't even squat in the ladies room! The cardiac kids were making cardiac patients out of their fans! We actually hung around until the last of the players left the parking lot.

@Hip: Would I hit MAF? No. He's definitley a cutie, but too young. I could listen to him talk all day long, though:) That is a good a site - I've checked it out in the past.

@Vanessa: I'm stealing "whackfodder" :)))

Can't wait for Friday. I'm going to watch Sunday's game tonight - I love my DVR!


Dr. Turkleton said...

please enlighten us flyersfan777...please tell us the TRUTH about Crosby...there HAS to be something your other flyer-buds missed or didn't emphasize enough that I haven't gotten 'IT' yet...I will keep hitting F5 until I see your reply...

do it.

The Seeker said...

The Flyers Talking Points Memo evidently got FAXed to a couple more trolls.

Too bad there's nothing original to at least humor us with.

FlyersFan777 said...

U got nothin better to do today than hit f5? Wait, let me guess....high school drop out, who can't get a job doing anything other than hitting a single key on the keyboard?

By the way, wasn't pickin a fight to begin with. Any moron with one eye and half sense knows that crosby is an over rated Jackass! OOOOOOo let's not say that too loud, he might hear me and cry!

FlyersFan777 said...

nothing better than a chorus of Flyer fans screaming CROSBY SUCKS! in unison....and oh his tears....

FlyersFan777 said...

by the way, DOC...i think i mentioned to the orangeandtheblack that there was no need to vocalize anymore crosby knocks, that you guys get the picture...whether u admit it or not...

so read a little further next time chief.

canaanregulatesblog said...


"By the way, wasn't pickin a fight to begin with."

Koz said...

re: the last regular season game

The Pens didn't pull out all the stops, but they didn't tank the game either.

It was a 2-0 loss. It's not like they were intentionally missing the net or Fleury was impersonating a matador. All comments here about rest, et al. are accurate. Every NFL playoff team does it in Week 17.

There's nothing more to say about it.

coffeytalk said...

Seems i always walk into c-blog when it's a war zone.

Too bad our opponents are only fitted for water balloons.

Hip- glad you're back and making me laugh!

lis said...


Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

at least Flyer.Femme went back & corrected her 'errors' about the season series....

so far, she's ok in my book with her old NHL divisions/conferences under her name....

I'll be civil when away from 'homebase' unlike some others who've invaded cblog

[glances at signature on tPB pact]

I'm sorry flyersfan777 if I took your comments out of context and you weren't trying to 'stir up' anything.
I'm sure, as a flyers-fan, you have more insight on Crosby than myself [I can't speak for everyone on cblog] and I'll use your & your fellow mates analysis of Sid the Kid as gospel from here on out.

[Hossa: Gary Bless America]

FlyersFan777 said...

@ lis:

wake up! The Pens "roaring" always puts me to sleep too!

Pensgirl said...

I think people aren't quite understanding why I brought up the turnovers, so let me clarify. First of all, I'm not trying to say the stat is important. I don't follow stats because I largely think they're not important. But this just interested me from an academic perspective; there's a limited number of ways that a team's possession of the puck can end - goals, turnovers, and whistles. If our games are low in turnovers, then what are they high in? Stoppages? Goals? One-sided play?

I'm not really interested in someone counting stoppages or anything that concrete, just - when you've watched our game and then another game, have you noticed "flow" differences? Have you noticed dominating puck possession? Are you actually getting a sense of less back-and-forth, as those numbers suggest exists, or has it been invisible?

I'm really just looking for a little discussion, not to make a judgment on anything, just 'cause we've got three days to kill and it seemed like an interesting tidbit to talk about.

The Seeker said...

"i think i mentioned to the orangeandtheblack"


You mean you mentioned something to yourself don't you?

That's called reminding one's self.

Matching IP addresses don't lie.

coffeytalk said...

"i think i mentioned to the orangeandtheblack that there was no need to vocalize anymore crosby knocks..."

seems that even you didn't take your own advice.


BlacknGold66 said...

Flyerfan777 = RGB

FlyersFan777 said...

what you and my "fellow mates" should understand is that, PENS can roar all they want, I'm just saying the Flyers are taking the Eastern Conference. And I shall be here to witness the agonizing comments of the defeated waddling birds.

Stoosh said...

It's like listening to skipping CD.

Or perhaps one of those little dogs with a Napoleon complex that barks for an hour at everything that walks with a half-mile of the house. Only it doesn't really bark...it kinda "yips".

coffeytalk said...

oh seeker! I love you.

FlyersFan777 said...

sure, another flyers fan enters a blog, and he MUST be the same person posting ALL of the flyers support comments. Stay in School.

canaanregulatesblog said...

flyersfan777 doesn't know what an IP address is.


coffeytalk said...

Are these comments made to scare us? Are we to fall and cower as we behold all of this evidence you give us about how awesome and divine The Flyers truly are and that the Penguins are scum?

Get real. All that you are doing is proving more and more how softheaded you sound.

FlyersFan777 said...

@ blackngold66:

I read earlier posts (yesterday) and I am not RGB. I do not agree with downing Veterans. My grandfather was there, and I support our troops wholeheartedly.

Flyer Hater said...

theorangeandtheblack's writing style kind of reminds me of Charles Manson.

Stoosh said...

@ Pensgirl -

I agree on the stats and that's why - contrary to some of my posts - I try not to look that way too often or put too much stock in them. Numbers can be manipulated to prove your argument. The numbers work against the Pens as often as they work for them.

It's especially in hockey, which is too often dictated by the flow of the game, emotion and momentum.

I love watching this Pens team because they do such a good job possessing the puck. How many times has this team put on a puck possession clinic in the opposing zone? They don't just do it on Sid's line or Malkin's line, either. Staal's line and the fourth line are about as good, despite the fact that they do it in a completely different, more simplified way than do the top two lines.

And I've never seen a Pens team that's backchecked as well as this one. Hossa has been a monster and he could have a field day with some of the Flyers d-men (Hatcher, Kukkonen and even Timmonen...I'm looking in your direction).

Flyer Hater said...

Does FlyersFan777 have a job?

Spencemo said...

@ stoosh...

The nice thing about those little dogs is that they fly pretty far when you drop kick them.

J.S. said...

but if you compare resumes away from SNL, Jay Mohr at least was notable in Jerry Maguire, which I guess was a hit. Not my favorite movie, but that's another discussion for another time.

what was Spade notable for in the 90s? Just Shoot Me. Somebody, please do, or least put a halt on his acting career.

Dr. Turkleton said...


didn't mean to imply that you're sitting on pins & needles over the stats...
I think they are very subjective in nature, dependent mostly upon:
•who's building your playing in
•who's actually keeping track

I think that's why the NHL a few years ago stopped tabulating 'HITS' as a statistical category that was being used by players/agents in arbitration cases. But, the NEW NHL has started keeping them again.

Is there a definition in the NHL Rulebook of what constitutes a HIT, GIVEAWAY,TAKEAWAY ???

coffeytalk said...

David Spade makes me want to rip my skin off.

wilsmith said...

I love how the Flyers fans say "Flyers are winning this series,blah blah blah". They're not even giving opinions, they're just stating what they think is fact.

Do they even know there's another team? One probably better in just about every facet of the game?

I mean, I think the Pens should/will win, but I'm not going to jump out there say it's fact. No wonder Philly people are so miserable, they're constantly being proven wrong and having their little false-sense of reality shattered.

ps. this place needs to sloooowwww down. 20 comments used to be too much to keep up with.

FlyersFan777 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Seeker said...

@ flyersfan

sure, another flyers fan enters a blog, and he MUST be the same person posting ALL of the flyers support comments. Stay in School.

Believe me...you don't have a clue what I have done for a living all my adult life.

You also have no clue about how much information I actually COULD expose about you if I were so inclined to take the time.

PO said...

jay mohr and david spade are like the flyers' blueline - washed up has-beens who are struggling to collect a paycheck (ie. jason smith, kevin hatcher's brother, et all)

Stoosh said...

@ J.S. -

Mohr does a very good Walken impression as well. Not quite as good as Kevin Pollack, but still very good.

You can never go wrong with a good Walken impression.


coffeytalk said...

oooh. armed security officer at a dump.

ladies, who wants him first!?

Flyer Hater said...


coffeytalk said...

aw, he deleted his job comment.

PO said...

armed security officer aka mall guard with a flash light

what kind of 401k does that come with??

Spencemo said...

Eh, I'm already married, coffeytalk...you can have him!


Stoosh said...

@ Coffeytalk -

Only a Flyers fan would quote the genius who gave us "Joe Dirt" and "The Benchwarmers". I thought Pittsburgh was supposed to be the redneck town.

Luckily, Spade made friends with Rob Schneider and they keep doing films together. At least that way, Spade only has to hear half the "how the hell does this guy keep finding work" questions.

Spade and Schneider - probably the two worst cast members from the worst era in SNL history.

Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
coffeytalk said...

So anywho, enough trash talk.

Staff, I see your shining faces in that photo of Price failing to be a goaltender.

Nice one. Also, thanks for the post with all of the game re-caps. I spent most of last night re-reading them. Oh another day runnign on 3 hours of sleep...

Spencemo said...

@ Stoosh:
"You can do eeet!" = best line uttered by Schnieder (in every Adam Sandler movie)...

Dr. Turkleton said...

isn't/wasn't Spade on that show with Puddy? [THE DEVILS!!!!!]

coffeytalk said...

According to IMDB, David Spade is cuurently working on a film called Hollywood & Wine.

Sounds like another winner! Watch out Academy.

jefe said...

i dont have a job at the moment. im gonna do a tryout with the pens next camp though lol.

jefe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, I basically made the original comment because when I saw the turnover totals I said to myself, quote, "Huh." [h/t Dave Barry] And then I thought - well taking that at face value, if we're neither giving the puck away nor taking it away much, what is happening?

My impression is that other games have had more quick, up-down-up-down short bursts, while our games have been more us-us-us-them-them sustained attacks. It's not something I was paying much attention to in real time, it wasn't a huge difference, but seeing the stats kind of brought it to the surface. I'm just curious if anyone else had that same sense, or something totally different. Just an idle curiosity.

dying alive said...

Trolling on the internet is the epitome of epic failure at life.

"Any moron with one eye and half sense knows that crosby is an over rated Jackass!"
Exactly. Thanks, Ben Klingston.

And WRT MAF, I'd hit it. Just sayin'.


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