Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chris Osgood Sucks

It took a year for Game Two to come around.
And now we're a quick workday away from Game Three.


The phrase "must-win game" is always thrown around liberally.
Your coach is on the hot seat while your team has lost 4 straight.
15 games left in the season, and you're playing the team you're battling for the final playoff spot.

But then you get to the playoffs, and you're quickly down 2-0 in a series.
Tonight is the must-win game's little brother.

A win, by whatever means necessary, completely changes the series.


:: The Pens were jobbed by some punks at their hotel Monday morning.
[ LA Times ] [ PG ]

A fire alarm went off at the Penguins' hotel around 1:30 a.m. yesterday.
Although it proved to be a false alarm, that didn't prevent the players from being awakened.

It was not immediately clear whether the incident was a prank,
something the Penguins deal with fairly often on the road.

"That's one that we've gone through before," center Sidney Crosby said.
"I'm sure it's just a coincidence."

The real kicker: About a half-hour after the alarm sounded, there was a hotel-wide announcement that it had been a false alarm, awakening anyone who had managed to get back to sleep.

"It was kind of annoying," forward Tyler Kennedy said. "I just stayed in bed.
Worse comes to worse, I'd just jump out the window."

Teammate Ryan Malone laughed it off. "I hear Pittsburgh is having trouble with that too,
in the hotels there," he said, "so I hope Detroit doesn't get the same thing."

Renaissance Hotel
107 6th Street
Pittsburgh, PA, 15222

Don't do anything stupid.
We are not advocates of chicanery.

Here's the address again.

Renaissance Hotel
107 6th Street
Pittsburgh, PA, 15222


Pittsburgh Sports Insider is back in the saddle again. [ KDKA ]
Sydor is dressing for Game 3 and a stunning line change may be in the works.

Let the speculation begin. But this had to be done.
The wouldas and shouldas are becoming dids.

You need Scuds for the PK.
Letang can move the puck and has led an offensive rush on a few occasions.

Gonchar - Gold
Orpik - Silver
Whitney - Bronze
USS Hal Gill - Beast

Tough call for the Lord


:: Hey, kettle, "lastest" is almost a word. [ Yahoo ]

:: Questioning the legitimacy of Elroy winning the Conn Smythe. [ Mirtle ]
Again, it's why he's the doctor.

[<span class=
Where's Gino?


The pressure of this series is taking its toll on everyone.
And what we don't need?

[ THIS ]

Scott Burnside is more than irked the Mario Lemieux hasn't made himself available to the press during the Stanley Cup Finals.

"But let's not paint this with any other brush than what it deserves. The only reason Lemieux isn't making himself available during these finals is because there's nothing in it for him.

And that's more than a little sad."
-Scott Burnside


He wants Mario Lemieux to have a bigger presence in the Stanley Cup Finals.
Why? So he can do a fluff piece on Sidney Crosby living at Lemieux's house?

As much as we hate to admit it,
Buries It is not the face of the franchise to a new generation of sports fans.

Kids growing up now will think of Michael Jordan when the Bulls are mentioned,
because the Bulls have nothing else.

But when the Penguins are mentioned, Sidney Crosby is the name being recognized.
Let Lemieux enjoy his new job and retirement how he sees fit.

To suggest that Lemieux does things when it only benefits him...
wouldn't that mean he would want his face all over these Finals?

A person can only benefit from national press coverage, right?

You can't have it both ways, Scott.
Show some respect. Lemieux is the reason you even have a job.


Mark Madden is officially no more. [ PG ]
Bob Smizik buried him with what can only be characterized as a job.


:: The question is, what has Gary Roberts done before? [ AOL Fanhouse ]

"I looked at it (yesterday), and it's obvious he tried to skate back into the play and decided to go down," Roberts said. "He obviously embellished it. If my glove got in his face, by no means was it a punch that could knock a guy down like that. He shouldn't be playing if he falls down that easily."

[Ed H.]


:: One of our newer friends on the internet, [ Mrs. Monongahela ], found this:

:: Fox has a gallery of celebrities with the Cup. [ via Puck Daddy ]
Can an inanimate object get AIDS?

Also from G-Dubs:


:: [ Yinz Luv 'Da Guins ]

:: [ Tournament of Masks ]

:: [ The Blog of Burgher Jon ]
-- Thanks to a Google search --


[ Wings Parade ]

[ Jerry S. ]

If we didn't sit around for an hour hating Scott Burnside, the post would have been longer.

Go Pens


Tim said...

First? No way.

KJ said...

i found geno!!!...well, in the picture at least. here's to hoping i see him again in some hours from now.

meecrofilm said...

3rd woot.


Beav said...

it's okay Staff, we're all under a little stress these days

Pensblog Staff said...

fixed, and we just orwell'ed our comment.

Go Pens

Joose said...

That article about Lemieux made me want to scoop my eyes out with plastic spoons and fling them across the room.

The Messier video cracks me up. When that part came on last night, my cousin and I just looked at each other with confusion all over our faces. We didn't even say a word.

P.S. I think you guys meant "inanimate object." haha

Joose said...

Oh, you guys beat me to it.

Joose said...

Geez. Where the shit did the Messier video go? haha My first comment should just be completely disregarded, I guess.

Allison said...

Oh, common, you've gotta put the Mess video back up. Please?

Jimmy Hugs said...

Good morning cblog. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to job when jobbing is necessary, to cheer when appropriate, and to find those Bon Jovi girls and hand deliver them to Free Candy. He will reward you with a body check.

Go Pens!

Joose said...


Allison said...

thanks joose.
and i just realized it's back in the post too.

Matt Gajtka said...

I'm pretty pissed about the Madden firing...downloading his podcast was one of the ways I stayed in touch with the 'Burgh.

Win it for MM?? Why not.


Vanessa Day said...

Eeeeh.... I hate Michigan.

Why am I up this early? After two days without the internets at work, I had some catching up to do.

Let's Go Gens (PLEASE!!!)


Johnny P. said...

Wow, that sucks about Madden, I've been wondering why his show wasn't on. I remember listening to the show when he said the Kennedy (Kennedy) assassination comment. It was nothing big. The best part about Madden was how much hockey he talked on a network that was obviously anti-hockey.

Welcome home boys... lets get one tonight!

Crush the Octapie

Mr. Plank said...

where the hell is gino? i cant find him anywhere in the pic. its bugging the hell out of me. anybody have an answer?

KJ said...


check out the cotton candy man, he's in a dark jacket, jeans, and a hat

hope that helps and hope i didn't ruin it for anyone who are still looking :)

J.S. said...

I kept looking to see if Kenny (Cottoncandyeeeeere!) was hanging out around the cotton candy booth.

Have I mentioned that we have a guy at work that's almost a deadringer for Kenny?

dying alive said...

Did Therrien sleep with Ross McKeon's daughter or something?

Burnside is ridiculous. Ask any Pens fan if they think that Mario only looks out for himself.

Hip said...

Burnside will be hearing from me.


mary said...

the DVE Morning Show just had a skit on with "Mario" calling in to complain about the burnside article. Hopefully they post it later for everyone to check out..

Fleury29 said...

Tonight, I think the Penguins come out and stun the Red Wings with a couple of early, quick goals. Then, the Wings game plan is going to change a bit since they'll be behind, the Pens will capitalize on a few more opportunities.

I'm thinking goals from Geno, Hossa and Crosby with a few more sprinkled in. Say, 5-3 Pittsburgh?

And I'm getting sort of sick of everyone assuming that Detroit is going to win The Cup. They've won 2 games so far, not 4. When you're up by 3 games, you can start to get a little cocky but not 2. Too many things can happen in a 7 game series.

When the Pens win tonight, the Wings will only be up by a game. After Saturday, the series will be tied. After we win two games, do we get to start planning a parade?

Dan said...

pardon the interruption decided to talk hockey (ugh) and mikey wilbon jobbed us because of the hits to the head. i guess whitney hit franzjoke too. now he is cheering for the homos. never watch that show again, anyone.

Spencemo said...

OK, I found Gino, now Where the F is Waldo???

Sorry, couldn't help it...

I usually save this one for college football season, being a Buckeyes fan and all, but...

Don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan,
Whole state of Michigan,
Whole state of Michigan,
Don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan, cause I'm from O-HI-O...
I'm from Ohio--O-H!
I'm from Ohio--I-O!
Don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan, cause I'm from O-HI-OOOOOOOO...


dying alive said...

Since I missed the end of musicblog yesterday...

@ colin - Good call on OK Computer. Definitely one of my top five albums of all time.

I am listening to My Morning Jacket. It keeps me from killing everyone I encounter in the morning. <3

Lady Jaye said...

@mary > the funniest part of the skit was when Mario was talking about Val and the pizza picture thing at the games.

BTW, why have only the annoying Mike & Mike guys been doing in game stuff it seems... all the playoff games I've been to had them and they make me want to stab myself in the ear with a fork. I want Val or Vinnie! I suppose I'm just unlucky that way.

Regarding MM... I can't believe he was fired for that. He says insane stuff all the time. Sure I can see why people are offended... but if you don't want to be offended, you shouldn't listen to his show. Much like Howard Stern. Don't like it, don't listen. I flip back and forth between Madden and music. I'm sure Madden will be just fine. With the ratings he has, somebody is going to pick him up.

And I found Geno! Free Candy! Maybe we'll find Geno scoring a goal tonight at the Mellon, too.

Go Penguins!!

KJ said...

dan, pti is never my first, second, or even last resort for hockey anyway. i think its only included because its happening in the world of sports, not cause they have a clue. which i guess you could say for most of espn huh?

norojo said...

i hate the wings but fuck off all you michigan haters, GO PENS and GO BLUE

Pensgirl said...

If Mario only looked out for Mario, he'd have suited up for the Rangers instead of deferring his salary to stay here, not to mention everything he's done as a result of that decision. He's not available because the Pens don't need him to be.

Besides, the Burnsides of the world didn't give a shit about him when he played; what's the damn difference now?

queenofthesky82 said...

Maybe, Mr. Burnside, Lemieux was too busy raising 70,000 for his outstanding charity during this playoff series than to court media favor.

P.S. My tour company drives by the Renaissance upwards of 6 times a day and I'm thinking that today instead of our usual boat "Dahntahn Dottie" the Wings will quake in fear as the re-named USS Hal Gill rolls by.

dying alive said...

Maybe, Mr. Burnside, Lemieux was too busy raising 70,000 for his outstanding charity during this playoff series than to court media favor.

Wow, good point. I hadn't even thought of that. Someone needs to remind Mr. Burnside of this, as well as the other millions Mario has raised for charity.

Dan said...

@ kj - i don't watch pti for hockey believe me. i usually watch it because there are usually a few valid points made on the show. i will watch it no more though.

@ dying - good call with the mmj, can't wait for the new album. hopefully they come back to town and get a bigger crowd than they had at mr. smalls.

good riddance madden, you were nothing but a jobber. i forgot to say that before.

KJ said...

don't worry dan, i know what you mean. usually i scan the side to see if they'll be talking about anything i care about and that they know something about. usually these days i only care about the interviews though

Dan said...

ya kj, and it's usually 75% nba garbage, so i immediately change the channel.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Okay, Pens! Let's turn this thang around, starting tonight!


Colin said...

Man, I am getting crushed at work this week. What a horrible time to get crushed. Hopefully it will make the day go by faster.

I am focusing all of my enegery today on being positive. I think we will see Sid step up in a big way tonight. I have all the faith in the world in Sid and this team to get the job done tonight.

Go Pens.

Predsboy18 said...


Burside already has PLENTY of enemies here in Nashville, I'm glad to see he's burning his bridges in yet another city!!

To elaborate, Burnside was the first to break the national story about Balsillie trying to buy the Preds, he took it on as his baby. Then when the sale fell through, he whined and cried because HIS story didn't come out the way he wanted, and that there wouldn't be another team in Canada. Cry me a river.

Burnside=ESPN jagoff

Messier apparently needs to lay off whatever he's taking! If you had a goalie doing analysis, that wouldn't happen!

As for Madden, never heard his show, but it's a damn shame that someone that actually LIKES hockey is pulled off the air at th best time of the year. Sure the comment was dumb, but oh well. People say dumb things sometimes. Congrats Smizik, sounds like he got what he wanted! I only WISH we had a hockey fan on radio around here this time of year!

SO ready for tonight's game! I'm ready to hang out with some friends, one of whom's daughter is a HUGE fan of Adam Hall from his Prds days.


Tonight, the red Wings will be playing in their light flow days uniforms!

homesprout said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dr. Turkleton said...


and not by the Pens play on the ice, but by some of the Pens 'fans' in the stands at the Joe....

if anyone who's reading this sat in section 225 on Monday, you sure gave Pittsburgh & it's fans a black eye, IMO...

I don't know if it was the 'pack mentality', too much alcohol or just low IQ that brought out the worst in these 20-30 peeps...[what's the saying: It just takes 1 bad apple to spoil the bunch]

It all started when they came up to their seats & one of the 1st things I noticed were terrible towels & someone yelling, "YOU'RE IN STILLER COUNTRY NOW !!!!!"...oh Gary, I thought.
When they actually GOT to their seats, we all had white DET towels on the back of each seat...they proceeded to toss, launch, whip these towels down the section, hitting innocent fans who were just minding their own business...
Then, the National Anthem....on Memorial Day....these 'fans' made Maple Leaves & Slugs fans at the Mellon look like Angels in comparison...Just.Plain.Rude. You would have thought they could have been civil & show a bit of respect for 3 minutes, but I was wrong...
I didn't pay much attention to them during the game as I figured I'd come to watch hockey instead of idiots in the stands...but the RW fans in my section made a habit of turning their heads 90º to their left to see the craptastic Pens 'fans' in action...there were 2 DET fans' families with young children in my row alone that left after the 2nd period because of what was taking place...I tried to apologize as much as I could to those DET peeps around me [which they were actually pretty cool, 2 girls from Windsor right behind me: 1 DET fan, 1 lifelong Pens fan...we had good hockey talk between periods]
The best part is that these Pens 'fans' start leaving with 5 minutes to go...all the while, flipping people off & giving the ol' jack-off motion right before they disappear from sight...

oh well...I hope they were from Canada or locals from DET, because if they were from PIT: they should have their Pens fans licenses revoked!!!!

anyway...overall, I had a BLAST!!!!
[expect for the L]...I hope the Pens execs were taking notes of the concourse there as it is wall-to-wall Detroit Red Wings hockey history....EVERYWHERE!!!!

When they played a clip from Billy Madison when he was drunk & saw the Penguin....I almost lost it!!!!!...their puck stoppage music & entertainment is 2nd to none! [they have an über-HOT girl asking hockey questions between periods and stuff: the Pens have Mikey & Big Bob...(ugh)]

they announced & showed Kid Rock in attendance:

Life = Complete [/sarcasma]

Made a healthy donation yesterday to the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino [that's where the Pens were staying when the fire alarm went off...good or bad idea to be staying at a casino????] then went over to Hockeytown™ & Comerica Park....

Anyways, I've rambled enough for now...time to focus on the boys getting back in this thing!!!!!!

[Hossa: It's too damn hot for a penguin to be just walkin' around. I gotta send you back to the South Pole!]

homesprout said...

According to PSI, Sydor is back in the lineup and possibly a new line change for Gino!?

Linky Link

Stoosh said...


ESPN Radio 1250 station management opened the Junker & Crow show today with a statement about Madden's dismissal. Whatever rumors were still floating that this might not have been a permanent dismissal were pretty much just put to rest. He's gone from the station.

There will be contact information available on the ESPN Radio 1250, and I believe he even said he's leaving his direct phone line on the website for people to call.

Junker, jokingly: "You're a brave man."

GwinTheEskimo said...

I can't wait to read what Smizik has to say about the Pirates, in the tomorrow's PG, boy they are really committed to changing the culture of losing. Is it sports journalism to write about a radio personality?
I wonder where Madden will turn up?
The Pens are unreal at home, it's not the best of 3, it's a best of seven series.

GwinTheEskimo said...

@dying alive, I like "The Bends"

jefe said...

@Turk -sounds fun. for the most part. i dont take too kindly to them types around here either. always seem to sit by that at any event i go to.

its a hockey night in pittsburgh!!!

go pens.

Joe said...

I'm in Maryland, but i read the postgazette daily. What's going on with Bob Smizik? I read thepensblog and post gazette just so i don't have to hear about how bad the pens played the first 2 games, but not Smizik is saying we don't have a chance. Someone who knows someone should get him fired.

I'm feeling good about these next 2 games!


RedWings said...

Hey, thanks to you guys for putting up the Messier clip. Friggin' hilarious. When I watched that at the time, I thought, "Holy crap, they need to subtitle this guy".

What are your thoughts on the reffing tonight? I think both teams/cities/fan bases think the first two games sucked. And with the way game 2 ended, do you think tonight's zebras will call it extremely tight in the beginning? You know, the first scrum after a whistle, single a guy out and send him off to send a message to both teams?

If they do, expect the Pens to get that all important first PP. And that's got nothing to do with the NHL/Officials/MSM wanting the Pens to win. It's just easier for the refs to send a visiting team player to the box to send a message to both benches. That could be critical for the Pens to score first and play with the lead.

There's no doubt whatsoever that getting the lead is key to winning playoff games. It's harder than crap to come from behind. Didn't you guys come back from a 3-0 deficit a week or two ago? Pretty impressive, and something for your lockerroom to remember.

Likewise, the Wings wizzed away a couple of leads against the Preds in round 1. I'm hoping they learned the lesson then, that leads are too hard to come by and you've got to keep the foot on the accelerator.

dying alive said...

It all started when they came up to their seats & one of the 1st things I noticed were terrible towels & someone yelling, "YOU'RE IN STILLER COUNTRY NOW !!!!!"...

Well, that explains a great deal of it. They're not real Pens fans, they're Stiller yinzers who hopped on the bandwagon. Disclaimer: I'm not saying that you can't be both, because I am.

I must be alone in thinking that the music in Detroit is absolute garbage. Seriously, who plays "I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone" after a goal is scored, even if the person who scored it is named Cleary? I've never claimed to be anything other than a music snob, though, so it probably is just me.

@ gwintheeskimo - Also a good one! I'm kinda lukewarm on In Rainbows so far. I didn't like it at first but it's starting to grow on me a bit.

BlacknGold66 said...

Staff keeps bringin' it. Gotta love that.

I'll finally be able to watch tonight's game in the comfort of my own home. (Where I'm undefeated since... wow... I don't even know how long)


dying alive said...

I think it's too early to comment on the reffing tonight. I just hope that if Osgood starts up with his antics again, he gets nailed this time. That was a sad display at the end of the last game.

BlacknGold66 said...

@redwings: Yes, we came back from 3-0 against the Rangers in game one of that series to win 5-4 and IMO, deflate them for the remainder of the series.

@Dying Alive: Completely agree about the music. Granted, I trust Dr. Turk, but the non-stop dance/techno crap you can hear through the TV is just garbage.

The series changed at the end of Game 2 though when the fools decided to play "Cotton Eyed Joe."

It's all Pens from here.

Dr. Turkleton said...

dying alive:

I Like Big Butts - Holmstrom Goal
Hold Me, Hold Me - Pens Holding Penalty
Living on a Prayer "We're half way there" - after the game was over

I was waiting for the Billy Joel: One,Two...One,Two,Three,Four after a fourth goal like they played during Game 1.....

I chalk it up to being clever, than good music, I guess...

I DO like the techno/dance music they play...probably for Team Euro [or Team Eruo as the PS stated]

1 of the trivia Q's asked: can you name 4 of the 7 Swedes on the team?

Joe said...

I agree about Osgood, I don't know what c-blogs been saying lately, but the NHL was so excited to have a Red Wings/ Pens series. It was supposed to give the league the kick it need to get more viewership. If I was a casual fan watching hockey, it would make me sick to watch him dive and it actually result in a penalty to the Pens.

My hope is the Refs come out, call Osgood for unsportsmanlike, and then put their whistles in their pockets for the rest of the game.

Colin said...

@ guintheeskimo & dying alive -

I saw Radiohead right after "hail to the theif" came out. It was the best concert of my life.

It is probably the most obvious statement that will be made in cblog today, but I think it would be paramount for the Pens to score first. I think after going two games without a goal, it might become more of a mental block than anything else.

Go Pens.

dying alive said...

@ dr. turk - Just a difference of opinion, I guess. I think they're a little too literal with their selections.

One place I do kind of like the music, surprisingly, is NJ. Lots of organ, and the organist plays Rock Lobster. You can't beat that.

RedWings said...

@ dr. turkleton:

"1 of the trivia Q's asked: can you name 4 of the 7 Swedes on the team?"

That's a "gimme" for me, so I'll let one of you take it.

(Note: They've also got a hot prospect defenseman coming up, from Sweden.)

Dr. Turkleton said...


hahaha...I didn't even read your post before I 'published' mine....

too funny...

they did play Kid Rock for the Kid Rock w/o Pam Anderson shot [he had a Detroit Pistons hat on & was with a smokin' brunette, though]...he was smack dab behind the net where DET shot twice / zamboni door

My buddy & I were on KDKA with John Shumway at 500p...we were just walking around & they waved us over with about 6 other pens' fans....we started a Let's Go Pens cheer & this Wings fan comes over and starts jumping up & down in the background...He tells my buddy to 'Put me in a headlock' & my buddy does so & 'fake' beats him up...I proceeded to give this guy a few 'fake' head shots/noogies...while the ruckus seemed to distract Shumway & afterwards asked 'What was going on back there?' & the camera guy says 'It was funny!'

My friend, 5 seconds later, starts getting all these texts 'Are you in DET?'....My wife taped it from On Demand™ & that was the 1st thing we watched when we got back here....

Max Power said...

Slow day at work again. Atleast I get to spend it on cblog. Anyone else so wound up they think they're going to vomit?

Dr. Turkleton said...


I'd hope you'd know it!!!!

As did the guy answering at the Joe & ended up getting all the Q's right to win all the prizes + an Osgood autographed jersey....

Is Ericsson the prospect you're talking about????...I'm surprised Fabian didn't sign with you guys as it's slowly becoming the Swedish Nat'l Team there.

Dan said...

can we call the redwings the swedish bikini team yet?

odmE. said...

@ redwings: i was innocently reading your post and the zebra thing made me laugh out loud. At work. Although I didn't knock anything liquid over, which was a definite bonus. Thanks for that.

Line changes, blah blah blah (though I am glad to see Sydor). I think the Pens are going to be on fire tonight. The Mellon is going to be loud, they're on their own ice, and they know how much support they have here.

Solid hockey tonight. Can't wait.

Go Pens.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Turk: Well it looks like we'll have to cancel that trip to the "rave" next time I'm in town.

Alright cbloggers, hold down the fort. I'm going to a Noon Indians game and I'm gonna have the hardest time on Earth concentrating on baseball.

Hopefully the White Sox catcher doesn't get shot in the chest (TWICE!) when any Indians go near him. Right Mr. Osgood?! (Dick)

johnny said...

@matt gajtka

Totally agree with you on the Madden call. Streaming his show or listening to his podcasts made home seem closer.

Karma being the tart that she is, I am now more convinced than ever that the Pens win the Cup. The irony is that none of the jobbers in the local media will have any idea how to cover it.

I hear that Fedko is planning on riding around a helicopter to hang out with 17 year olds as a way to celebrate.

I also missed musicblog, but OK Computer is the tops and Radiohead put on the two greatest concerts I have seen in my life.

Pen-gu-ins, Oh! Pen-gu-ins We Love You! [Liverpool FC shoutout for Mr. Madden and Ruutu.]

Max Power said...

Army's going to be in town for the game tonight.

RedWings said...

@ dr. turk:

Yes, Ericsson is the kid. Good size, but still needs seasoning. I'm a season ticket holder of the Grand Rapids Griffins (Wings top affiliate) so I've watched him develope over the past couple of seasons. Lots of upside potential for the kid, but he needs at least another year in GR, IMO.

@ dan:

"can we call the redwings the swedish bikini team yet?"

Whoa, if that doesn't make a little throw up come up in your mouth. Geez, I love my Wings, but there's not one of 'em I want to see in a bikini. :)

@ odme.

I'm glad you didn't suffer any "collateral damage" at work. I dumped a half a cup of coffee yesterday and wiped out my cell phone and a buttload of workpapers.

I'll tell you guys, I'm really nervous about tonight. I keep staring at the Pens unblemished 8-0 home record and I worry A LOT about this thing going back to Detroit 2-2.

I kinda hope your guys pay a little too much attention to Ozzie and Mule. I figure the more the Pens want to mix things up, the less damage Syd, Malkin, Hossa, Sykora, et al can do to us.

Hope we get a good game tonight.

Joe said...

@max power

where you getting that info?

Pensgirl said...

Redwings, how much damage do you think Darryl Sydor can do? Or did you mean Sid? ;)

Cblog, my mom reported this morning that Alby Oxenrider told Shero to have the Pens come out in the blue jerseys to really get the crowd extra fired-up. Shero agreed it would be energizing but demurred that they'd be fined. Alby, I guess, shot back with "So what?"

I think that's a great idea.

JP said...

True story, Army will be at the Mellon -- part of the intermission broadcast for tonight!

Pensgirl said...

Legame's the odd man out.

Dan said...

@ pensgirl and jp - both are true. alby said that on dve and i forget who said that about army on dve. off to the renaissance hotel to slip some teamosil in their water......


you must see wilco live (pearl jam too). it will change your life. radiohead is now on my list after seeing their special on music hd.

king leonidas needs to give the speech for tonight. "tonight, we dine in hell!"

Dan said...

sydor for letang, ugh.

Bucs May Never Lose Again said...

Sydor for Scuderi. My God, Scuderi is not even an NHL-caliber player. I can handle Letang's rookie mistakes because he's a hard worker and one of the building blocks for the future of this team (plus, he leads some offensive rushes); although Gill has been immensely disappointing and is a huge liability with the puck, he still hasn't been as much of a wrecking crew as Scuderi.

Fleury29 said...


Down in Smokytown, in Pennsylvania
In Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh,
We have a hockey team we're all proud of,
Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh
She stand a mighty Igloo 'neath her colors bright,
Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh,
When forth she goes to battle 'gainst a stubborn foe
This song will upward go:

Hail to Pitt! Hail to Pitt! every loyal son,
Hail to Pitt! Hail to Pitt! 'til the victory is won,
The Gold and Black shall wave forever
On high, through fair and stormy weather,
We'll sing her praises far and wide
Until the end of time;
Hoop-hurray! Hoop-hurray for dear old hockey,
Give her a grand old Alleghenee-genac-genac-genac
We'll wave and cheer for many a year
And sing her songs out loud and clear,
For our hockey team.

When the grand old days of hockey come around,
In Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh,
Her rooters at the 'loo will make an awful sound,
For Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh,
Down across the ice her mighty line moves on,
For Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh,
They'll sweep the foe before them 'til the goal is won
Then you'll hear them shout:

Hail to Pitt! Hail to Pitt! every loyal son,
Hail to Pitt! Hail to Pitt! 'til the victory is won,
The Gold and Black shall wave forever
On high, through fair and stormy weather,
We'll sing her praises far and wide
Until the end of time;
Hoop-hurray! Hoop-hurray for dear old hockey,
Give her a grand old Alleghenee-genac-genac-genac
We'll wave and cheer for many a year
And sing her songs out loud and clear,
For our hockey team.

Fleury29 said...


Old Pittsburgh's Glory
Won't be trampled on today by any foe, foe, foe!
For Pittsburgh's Glory,
We fight you square, we'll play you fair in any game you know.
And when the sun sets,
You'll hear our good old dong of victory...

Oh, when the Penguin screams you know the battle's just begun.
And if you don't look he's bound to get you on the run.
For Pittsburgh's Glory,
and the honor of our hockey team!

Fleury29 said...


Let's go Pitt! We're set for victory,
So lend a hand, strike up the band!
Let's go Pitt, we're making history
We're never nice out on the ice.The Red Wings hate, we're on our skates
The puck is in the net.
It may be rough the going tough
But always fighting fair so...

Fight on for dear old Pittsburgh
And for the glory of the game
Show our worthy foe that the Penguins' on the go
Pitt must win today! Rah! Rah! Rah!

Cheer loyal sons of Pittsburgh
Cheer on to victory and fame
For the Black and Gold shall conquer as of old
So fight, Pitt, fight!

Da da da da da-da Fight, Pitt, fight!
Da da da da da-da Fight, Pitt, fight!

dying alive said...

Admittedly I'm a Scuderi cheerleader, but I don't see how he's been that bad. Also, they need him for the PK.

I'm not surprised it's Letang. Not because he's played any more poorly than anyone else, but because he's a rookie. Obviously they weren't going to sit Gonchar or Orpik, and say what you will about Whitney, but he's the best passer that the Pens have on D. Gill and Scuds are needed for the PK. That leaves Legame as odd man out by process of elimination, I guess.

xuscbausp said...


PO said...

chris osgood is such a faggot

that is all

Stilly said...

You know what's annoying? Working with Wings fans.

I come back from a three hour meeting and there's a Red Wings puck on my keyboard, my Pens magnet has been turned upside down on my cabinet, and worst of all.. my Gary Roberts for President sign was turned backwards.

May Gary's retribution be swift and fierce for this disrespect.

Joe said...

I thought scuds would be out based on the fact that he left the ice for a little in game 2, thought maybe there was a lingering injury.

I've seen a lot of mistakes by Whitney throughout the entire playoffs. Bad penalties, some bad passes, just not being able to handle the puck.

I'm a fan of putting Sydor in the lineup, he's won the cup before. We need some experience right now.

J.S. said...

ugh, why is Redwings posting here? He's actually having conversation with us and not insulting us like a bunch of third graders?

just kidding, RW. I actually wish there were more posters like you from visiting sites.

JYo said...

the NHL was so excited to have a Red Wings/ Pens series. It was supposed to give the league the kick it need to get more viewership.

I know the NHL wanted it, but I'm not sure why. Detroit certainly has good players, but they are especially good because of their system, which makes watching their games kind of boring as soon as they score a goal. Why would the NHL want to showcase that? PSI has a better worded version of that perspective.

I missed icecreamblog last night, so I'll weigh in now. For my money, there is no better ice cream than teaberry. It sucks though, because I have yet to find it anywhere outside of central PA.

@letsgopsu: You mentioned the creamery last night, which is an outstanding place for ice cream, but you have to get out to Meyer Dairy towards Boalsburg. Their ice cream is outstanding and they have the best chocolate milk I have every tasted.

Whistler said...

Malkin on Wing?

I hope not. That's not what he does best.

Well, right now, I guess we are all wondering where his "does best" went.

I hope the Russian mob isn't holding his parents hostage and making him play crappy on purpose.

JYo said...

re: Army in the Mellon. PSI has that covered as well:

Colby Armstrong is headed back to Pittsburgh.

The former Pittsburgh Penguins forward and current Atlanta Thrasher makes his return to Mellon Arena as part of the Hockeycentral Panel prior to Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

John said...

anyone from nyc watching the game at a bar?

Stilly said...


Where'd you hear Geno would be on the wing?

Carroll said...

Sydor paired with Whitney.

Whistler said...

Some comment on the PSI thingy.. I'm praying it isn't true.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

"I looked at it (yesterday), and it's obvious he tried to skate back into the play and decided to go down," Roberts said.

he also said he hit him in the face with his shoulder.

funny, his shoulder looks a lot like a gloved fist.

maybe Gary should lay off the hallucinogens.

JYo said...

Someone posted this on PSI's comments. I have no idea if they are true or speculative, but I don't think it sounds bad:

Malkin - Crosby - Hossa

Sykora - Staal - Malone

Roberts - Talbot - Kennedy

Ruutu - Hall - Dupuis

It would make two very good top lines and very solid 3rd and 4th lines. I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of different combos used during the game by HCMT until something starts working.

odmE. said...

Though I'm admittedly bummed that Letang's the scratch, I'm still happy to see Sydor in the line up tonight. I'm sure those kind of shuffles are tough decisions to make, I mean, there really is SO much that everyone on the team can bring to the game. Yeah, Detroit's got their system working to a T, but every player on this team is top notch.

Not that you all didn't know that. Hah.

Pensgirl said...

I don't mind the general concept of Staal being bumped to second-line center 'cause his lines have been creating more energy and getting more chances than anybody else, but I have to wonder if he can keep that up with Skyora and Malone on his wing. I love the kid but it was a function of the unit as a whole, not just his centering it. Bugsy's not fast and Syko seems just as off his game as Geno.

Eh, but I guess if the issue is all mental then maybe it'll help to have Jordan spark the other two more. I guess all we can do is wait and see.

odmE. said...

@ jyo:

Ruutu - Hall - Dupuis sounds like a solid line combination. Good match of speed and...well, force, i guess is the word for which i'm looking.

Fleury29 said...

O Flower of Pittsburgh
When will we see,
Your like again,
That stood in goal for,
The black and gold again,
And stood against them,
Proud Red Wings Army,
And sent them homeward,
Tae think again.

The scoreboard's bare now,
The Igloos' ice lies thick and still,
A team that is lost now,
Which those so dearly held,
And stood against them,
Proud Red Wings Army,
And sent them homeward,
Tae think again.

Those games are past now,
And in the past
They must remain,
But we can still rise now,
And be Pens nation again,
That stood against them
Proud Red Wings Army,
And send them homeward,
Tae think again.

O Flower of Pittsburgh
When will we see,
Your like again,
That stood in goal for,
The black and gold again,
And stood against them,
Proud Red Wings Army,
And sent them homeward,
Tae think again.

Fleury29 said...

Que the bagpipes. Tonight, this night, we fight.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

I must be alone in thinking that the music in Detroit is absolute garbage. Seriously, who plays "I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone" after a goal is scored, even if the person who scored it is named Cleary?

as someone else pointed out, they try to be clever. the lyrics of the clip usually apply to whatever the situation is on the ice.

oh, and as for the do know that that genre of music came from Detroit right?

Max Power said...


My office is in the Gulf Tower. I'm approximately 4 blocks away from the hotel that the Dings are in. Some chaos perhaps?

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

it would make me sick to watch him dive and it actually result in a penalty to the Pens.

you guys are such homers.

dive or not, SYKORA MADE CONTACT WITH HIM. that is a penalty, and combined with the other cheapshots the Pens were throwing left and right, was pretty pathetic. especially since Roberts tried to do the same thing less than a minute before.

how you people can completely ignore your own team's cheap antics, and complain about guys diving, is beyond me.

Joe said...


I'm not saying it's the best matchup for people who enjoy watching the game. But unless the East could have fought for the Stanley Cup and had the Pens vs. A.O. and the Caps, I can't see any other way the NHL would want this to go down from a marketing point of view.

As much as Rags/Flyers/Sens fans think this could have been set up, the NHL didn't set up the Cup finals. But what they can do is force the refs to watch for certain things, like diving. i think watching goalies dive would cause a first time viewer, or the casual fan to be turned off.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

I'm surprised Fabian didn't sign with you guys as it's slowly becoming the Swedish Nat'l Team there.

we're pretty sure Ken Holland went after Brunnstrom to make that whole thing dramatic, putting up a smokescreen while he signed Ville Leino.

J.S. said...


I'd be willing to say that techno originated in the late 70s with Kraftwerk. The techno from Detroit is more of a different type or subgenre of techno.

The Seeker said...

"dive or not, SYKORA MADE CONTACT WITH HIM. that is a penalty"

In the same way Ribeiro made contact with Osgood just skating by him.

He threw his OWN arm out there deliberately... either to slow Syko or to draw that penalty.

If a player is supposed to be able to control his stick, then certainly Osgood can control his arm.

Sykora never pulls that kind of stuff and he couldn't possibly avoid it when and arm suddenly is thrust in his path.

You say "dive or not, it's still a penalty"? Well, in many diving situations, they still call the other penalty as well as the dive. You admit it was embellished, so admit he was the cause of the whole thing.

Thats not a whine, it had nothing to do with the outcome of the game...which is why diving there is so pathetically sad.

Joose said...

8 hours to go....

This day would be moving slowly enough without having to sit here at work. The anticipation is building, but the clock is barely moving.

J.S. said...

Paul, I don't think anybody is arguing the penalty. Did Sykora make contact? Yes. Did Osgood go down quicker than JFK on a parade route? Yes.

If he wouldn't have embellished it, this discussion wouldn't be taking place.

Pensgirl said...

Fleury29 you've inspired me (well you and Dylan Thomas).

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Winners should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Wise men see the end and know dark is trite,
Because their sticks had caused no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last skate by, seeing their plight
Their lack of energy has been a blight,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and snagged the puck in flight,
Or learn, too late, they missed it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near play, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could miss false falls and wrong men indict,
Rage, rage against their trying for the night.

And you, my Penguins, there on the wire tight,
Curse, bless me now with your fierce goals, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage to reach the Lord's Cup ever bright.

racheleyos said...

go home trolls
clap clap clap

Johnny H said...

Penguin fans,

Mark Madden was a big force in keeping the Pens in Pittsburgh. Don't ever forget that. Bozo (Smizik) is a tool. I hope he chokes on vomit.

Party of Ruutu said...

Why does it take two days to discuss the same thing with the same troll? No mas.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

I'd be willing to say that techno originated in the late 70s with Kraftwerk. The techno from Detroit is more of a different type or subgenre of techno.

Kraftwerk was electronic, but not techno. so I guess you could say that the Detroit techno was a subgenre of electronic music. anyway, there's a lot of it still in Detroit...likely why it's played at the Joe.

odmE. said...

I'm with you, Party of Ruutu.

There are probably more pressing things at hand, not the least of which is why the eff I'm at work when it's such a gorgeous Pittsburgh day...

TheNWChica said...

The Hockey Song, Pens style...

Hello out there! Lange's on the air,
It's Hockey Night tonight;
Tension grows, the whistle blows,
And the puck goes down the ice.
Ozzie jumps, and the players bump,
And the fans all go insane;
Someone roars, "Geno scores!"
At the good old hockey game.

Oh! The good old hockey game,
Is the best game you can name;
And the best game you can name,
Is the good old Hockey game!

[spoken] "Second period...."
Where players dash with skates a-flash,
The Red Wings trail behind;
But they grab the puck and go bursting up,
And they're down across the line.
They storm the crease like bumble bees,
They travel like a burning flame;
We see them slide the puck inside,
It's a one-one hockey game.

Oh! The good old hockey game,
Is the best game you can name;
And the best game you can name,
Is the good old Hockey game!

[spoken] Third period! Third game in the playoffs, too!"
Oh, take me where the hockey players
Face-off down the rink;
And the Gatorade cup are all filled up,
For the boys who win the drink.
Now the final flick of a hockey stick,
And the one gigantic scream:
"The puck is in" - The Penguins win
The good old hockey game!

Oh! The good old hockey game,
Is the best game you can name;
And the best game you can name,
Is the good old Hockey game!

Joose said...

Pensgirl, that was beautiful. Now, you have inspired me to deplete some of my boredom by doing something similar. haha I don't know with what yet, though.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

Why does it take two days to discuss the same thing with the same troll?

I don't know. look in the mirror for the answer. after all, it was posters here who are continuing to whine about it.

Michael said...

Just an FYI if your interested, The Detroit Free Press sent a reporter to buy an octopus from Wholey's. Here's the article link:

I had to break it down since it wouldn't fit right. I know we're smart enough to bring it up.

Brandon said...

I feel that a fire Smizik campaign is in order. I already dispatched an email asking Smizik what topics he is going to have to write about now that Madden is off the airwaves.

Even if you disliked Mark Madden, he has been a supporter and promoter of the Penguins organization in good times and bad. Sure, everyone's talking about them now, but it took getting to the cup finals for anyone in the local media to even recognize they were in the playoffs.

1/9/06 - No More Bull Shit


Dr. Turkleton said...


just saw some youtube of Ville Leino...if can bring that game he plays to the NHL....then, your European scout needs to be in the top 3 in the franchises' payroll...

I see he wears #89....he did look like Comrie with his stickwork & he seems to already know how to use the international hand gesture for FU! as he got tossed from a game [OR that's what got him tossed]

J.S. said...

I guess you could say that the Detroit techno was a subgenre of electronic music. anyway, there's a lot of it still in Detroit...likely why it's played at the Joe.

No argument there.

FakeDannyStag said...

do you remember opening face off to a Slayer song a few months ago? it was on NBC at the igloo. that was surreal and probably made NHL history. from what i could tell from the tv detroits music was awfull. i have center ice and no arena comes as close to my musical tastes than mellon.


Joose said...

I think it's funny that the Red Wings fans whine so much about the Penguins fans whining. Fuckin' weirdos.

Dan said...

@ fakedanny - slayer - reign in blood. sometimes played after/during fights, or during faceoffs. it should open every playoff game at home. it's clutch.

xuscbausp said...

the question is:
when we win tonight, will the Pens be "alive and swell??"

Nick Saia (usa) said...

i fucked detroit's daughter... and she's an avs fan.

Joose said...

Fugazi's "Waiting Room" was played at game 5 of the Rangers series. I was happy when I heard it, because that song rules.

J.S. said...

dan, they've been running a lot of stuff from the Guitar Hero 3 soundtrack at the games. From the soundtrack I've heard Dragonforce, Slayer (which still has me surprised, if you start reading through the lyrics), The Fall Of Troy, AFI, and Matchbook Romance. I only imagine there's been more than that played, but it's hard to tell with Errey and Steigy talking and the low arena audio.

Stoosh said...

One more and then I'm done beating this dead horse.

Was it REALLY an interference penalty when Sykora made contact with Osgood? That was the call on the ice.

Let's go to the rulebook.

Rule 56.2 - Interference states in part...

"A minor penalty shall be imposed on a player or goalkeeper who interferes with or impedes the progress of an opponent who is not in possession of the puck...a minor penalty shall be imposed on an attacking player who DELIBERATELY checks a defensive player, including the goalkeeper, who is not in possession of the puck."

The operative words there are deliberately checks", which implies the intent to not just come into contact with the opposing player, but to effectively knock him out of the play.

Let's have some more fun with this.

Rule 64- Diving/Embellishment states in part...

"Any player or goalkeeper who blatantly dives, embellishes a fall or reaction, or who feigns an injury shall be penalized with a minor penalty...

A goalkeeper who deliberately initiates contact with an attacking player other than to establish position in the crease, or who otherwise acts to create the appearance of other than incidental contact with an attacking player, is subject to the assessment of a minor penalty for diving/embellishment."

Was Osgood in the crease when it happened?

Take a look at this picture here.

Unless Osgood defied the laws of physics and was propelled through the actual netting, it's quite difficult to argue that he was in his crease when the contact occurred because it's a little hard to explain how he wound up sprawled across the back of the net.

So if that's not embellishment or diving by the letter of the rule, I don't know what is.

Now, it's all neither here nor there. The call wouldn't have helped the Pens. But since C-bloggers seem to be getting slammed for being unabashed homers, I figured it'd be best to go to the actual rulebook and show that maybe we're all not that far off base here.

dying alive said...

as someone else pointed out, they try to be clever. the lyrics of the clip usually apply to whatever the situation is on the ice.

oh, and as for the do know that that genre of music came from Detroit right?

*Try* to be clever is the operative word. Maybe it's just me, but I find it about as clever as a sledgehammer to the face. I guess I just enjoy things that are more subtle.

I assume that the techno comment wasn't directed at me, because I didn't say a word about techno music.

Did Osgood go down quicker than JFK on a parade route?

Dear god, I hope Smizik doesn't see that statement.

Luke said...

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Calls aren't going our way .

Penguins = Joke

Joe said...

Good call stoosh, and i'm not trying to dwell on this call. I know there's a rule against diving, and i think it should be enforced much more than it is right now. Plain and simple, diving is bad for the game. And any Detroit fan should agree with that.

J.S. said...

joose, I remember that. I was in mid-conversation and completely forgot what was I saying just to mention to a friend that Mellon was playing Waiting Room.

Max Power said...

@ stoosh

You just dropped an atomic STF on the trolls.

Well Done!

J.S. said...

C'mon Luke, you gotta do better than that. Short repetitive posts like that bore me and make me wa...a...nn..nna.....zzzzzz...z..z..zzzz......huh, what?

Party of Ruutu said...

stoosh- That photo is awesome. I laughed out loud at that lady on the right.



Max Power said...

Forgot the U. Goddamnit.


Fleury29 said...


JYo said...

PSI update on lines (not from a commenter this time):

Here's the way things will look at the start of the game:

1st Line: Hossa - Crosby - Dupuis

2nd Line: Sykora - Malkin - Malone

3rd Line: Ruutu - Staal - Kennedy

4th Line: Hall - Talbot - Roberts

Dan said...

@ joose - i thought i heard fugazi on tv! everyone (my sister, mom & dad) looked at me like i was retarded when i said that. they've really stepped up musically for the playoffs.

@ j.s. - i haven't picked up on the guitar hero theme but that's interesting. i know the lyrics to that slayer song, that was what i listened to before football games in high school. they will never play here comes the pain.

dying alive said...

So who else is going to be at the game tonight and where are you sitting? I will be in D23.

No time for tailgateblog, though. :(

Party of Ruutu said...

Yahoo staff waited all week to put up the caption "Igloo-sive!"


Joose said...

j.s., I mentioned it to my cousin, but she had no idea what the hell I was talking about and didn't say anything. So, I just enjoyed it by myself. I was quite surprised to hear it, but it kind of made me feel proud to hear something somewhat underground at a Pens game. It was odd and fantastic all at once.

dying alive said...

Mellon Arena = Fugazi
Joe Louis = Bon Jovi

If nothing else, we're totally winning the battle of cool arena music. Let's go Pens in-game entertainment staff! WOOOOOO! ;)

Brett said...


the zoo called, you're due back by 6.

Stoosh said...


I post from time to time over at the message boards at Sports Frog.

One of the guys there asked me to pass this on to everyone here. Please check out the WWGRD song he has on here...

Gunpowder Jones - WWGRD

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

who otherwise acts to create the appearance of other than incidental contact with an attacking player

the contact was not incidental. Sykora deliberately ran into him. he could have easily avoided him. in fact, if you watch it with an honest eye, Osgood tried to get out of the way by moving to his right toward the net and away from the boards.

Whistler said...

"JFK on a parade route!"

LOL!! There's a photoshop idea in the making....

Pray to Gary that my ticket for tonight's game comes through..

racheleyos said...

ive heard prayer of the refugee by rise against at the arena a couple of times.

tryin to make it out to the lawn tonight. anyone else gonna be out there?

Dr. Turkleton said...

@dying alive

I think you have to open your mind a bit...

JBJ-Living on a Prayer We're half way there.... 2 out of 4 wins for the Cup? ironyblog??????

+, isn't that song kinda like a cult-classic where the peeps sing, LIVING ON A PRAYER...when the volume's turned down????

kinda like Neil Diamonds: SWEEEEET CAROLINE...bum,bum,bummmmmmmm....
[performing at the Mellon: Aug. 18,2008]

JYo said...

A couple random facts from EN:

Why do they call it "Hockeytown" again? The Pistons playoff game drew better ratings than Game 2 of the Stanley Cup final.

Three teams have failed to win a Stanley Cup final despite commanding a 2-0 lead in the series. Two of them hailed from Detroit.

dying alive said...

@ dr. turk - Oh, I totally get the references, I just don't think that they're clever. Again, it may just be me.

TheNWChica said...

Is it 4:15 so I can go home yet????

dying alive said...

And lest I come off as a total snob, I grew up on Bon Jovi. I honestly can still enjoy them from time to time.

I guess here's what I'm getting at: the music at Joe Louis is, to me, the equivalent of the music director jumping up and down yelling, "Look how clever I am! See how the lyrics match what's happening on the ice?" As I said before, tend to prefer things that are more subtle...a shiv to the kidney as opposed to a shotgun blast to the face.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

Three teams have failed to win a Stanley Cup final despite commanding a 2-0 lead in the series.

what years?


Of the 31 teams to win the first two games of the finals at home, 30 have captured the Cup.

Max Power said...

@ dickinmiami

Are you done bitching yet? We get it you disagree. We also get the fact that you're so lonely that you crave attention. Are you really going to ride this horse to death? I think you should be on Someone there might actually take the time to care if you jump rope, piss or die.

Joose said...

Paul doesn't seem to realize that a series consists of more than one game, and a game consists of more than one 4 second event. It happens, I guess.

FakeDannyStag said...

@ Dan

what cuaght me by suprise was that it wasn't "reign in blood". it was a song from "south of heaven".

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

and a game consists of more than one 4 second event.

I'm the one who doesn't realize that? why is it about the only thing Pens fans seem to be interested in talking about from the game, then?

self-awareness is apparently not the strong suit of a Pens fan.

Joe said...

c-blog, sorry for bringing that play back up earlier, i didn't know d-bags like this would take it so out of context.

I'm saying it ONE MORE time. I have never said sykora didn't hit him. Osgood EMBELISHED the call, which as stoosh pointed out, is a penalty.

It was bad for the pens, but in my opinion, it was worse for the NHL to allow this to go on.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@dying alive

I hear ya...I don't want to seem pushy in my views either....

I guess just hearing Sir Mixalot & wondering WTF are they playing that for????...then, *POP* Holmstrom enters my brain...even though I didn't see him score that goal until the replay...just brings a little chuckle to me....

RedWings said...

Wow, just got back from my second grade daughter's playground duty. Holy crap! I hope the Wings and Pens get along better than that. No blood, but a log of charging and roughing. No diving, though.

Pensgirl, yeah, I meant #87. He worries me. A lot!

And turk, I think PaulinMiami answered the Fabian question for ya. The consensus around these parts is that Holland and Co. helped fuel the Brunnstorm fire so they could get Leino under the radar. That's what happened anyway, and now we have to see if either one actually makes an NHL impact.

And thanks, j.s. I try not to be a rude visitor 'cause I don't really enjoy the personal attacks. But I love the "insulting" photoshopping and nicknames. That poop's funny.

I also agree with the above poster who noted "even Detroit fans" would agree that diving is bad for the game. Hell yes it is. I don't care if it's my goalie, your forward or someone else's defenseman. Diving sucks and cheapens the game.

Since the NHL started protecting goalies by calling virtually any contact outside the crease, it's gotten worse. It seems all goalies "exaggerate" any incidental contact nowadays because the refs frequently reward them with a PP. So they all seem to play it up.

I know we can't start running goalies, but if they are going to play the puck like a third defenseman then it seems to me you ought to be able to at least check 'em a little.

Oh, and one final thought... If you had to watch all 100 Red Wing games this year, I don't think you'd find their system boring. It was wide open, up and down the ice offense with some amazing skating and stickwork. Then, Buttman's playoff's come around and the rules change and so does the game.

Now, instead of pushing for more offense, the tendency is to sit back on the two or three goal lead. Chip it out, chip it deep. Change lines. Not real electric.

But you might notice when the game is close, you'll see the Wings put on a wicked forecheck and back check designed to force neutral zone turnovers and generate offense. That may feel like a boring trap to you, but it's designed to turn the puck over and lead to creative odd man rushes. When it's on, it's a thing of beauty. That puck possession "keep away" game. Which of course, sucks for the opposition.

But you guys know because you've seen your offense stifle the hell out of the opposition all year, too. It's a lot of fun when it's working your way, but a burning, itching hemorrhoid when it's working against you.

Anywho, sorry for being so long winded. Somebody put up some more photoshopped pictures, eh

Hip said...

Those fortunate enough to head to the game better bring it. We gotta get up for the boys tonight.

The stars are aligning. My horoscope told me so.

Let's Go Pens.

FijiH2O said...

fleury 29, pensgirl, nwchica - great inspiration for tonight...hope it helps:D

My Lemieux Foundation license plate arrived yesterday - good omen!

I'm wearing the exact same outfit that I wore to the white out vs the Rangers - good mojo! I'll be in D25.

Bob Smizak is not greater than Gary Roberts. He was not soley responsible for MM being fired. But, I think someone needs to return the favor and question his journalism skills. Like him or not, MM is a rare commodity in the Pgh. sports media - he actually knows hockey!


dhudzin said...

Pens WILL win tonight. LETS GO PENS!!

Joose said...

Paul, do you see me bringing it up every time I come on here? I don't think so. I was engaged in a lovely conversation about arena music. Like I said before..... the trolls are whining about Pittsburgh fans whining and blah blah. Wander back to your cave until after tonight's game.

racheleyos said...

Aright i'm just gonna throw this out there...

PAUL - SHUT THE F*&$k UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

let the best team effing win the cup in the end. just stfu!

Joose said...

I'm going to send in a request to have "Sweet Dreams" by La Bouche and "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics to be played tonight at the Mellon. I think those would be some super great jammies to get the blood pumping.

Stoosh said...


I think I get it...

Pens fans are apparently not allowed to express opinions that happen to be in favor of the Pens on a Pens website. If we do so - even if we present evidence to back it up - we're told that we're ignorant homers who only see things through black-and-gold colored glasses.

But it's perfectly fine for Red Wings fans to come here, stick solely to their own opinions that happen to be tilted in support of the Red Wings' cause. If Pens fans ask them to try to argue things objectively with them or ask them to look at things objectively, Pens fans are often told that they are the ones who aren't seeing things objectively.

It's a cyclical sort of thing that doesn't make much sense to me and kind of smacks of a double-standard, but I think that's how it works in their minds.

debrisslide said...

I'm not even really going to read any of this--looks like pure vomitblog to me.

Leaving now to go up to Pittsburgh and have a great day. I'll be outside the arena tonight cheering everyone on. Respect the WHITEOUT and enjoy the fucking hockey game, dammit.

Dan said...

@ fakedannystag - i missed that one, i never heard that song played. that is intriguing to say the least that they venture out like that. i know they played reign in blood a few times, but that's it.

all cbloggers - just ignore paul, i have more intelligent conversations with my dog, who doesn't dive for the record.

racheleyos said...

i would request saliva "click click boom"

the thing is, they never play the good part of the gets caught off when play starts.

Joose said...

P.S. I was being sarcastic about "Sweet Dreams," but I secretly think those songs are fucking incredible.

racheleyos said...

joose - i like that song lol.

paulinmiamibeach said...

I can't help it. I have mind of a goldfish and the penis of a rat. To top things of my delayed abandonment issues cause me to crave attention through any outlet available. To top the list off my raging cowardice won't even permit me to kill myself. I'm helpless

dying alive said...

@ joose - I'm with you on the Eurythmics version of Sweet Dreams. Annie Lennox is unreal.

Stilly said...

Not sure if anyone has said this, but it's bugging me.

The Slayer song is "Raining Blood"

The album it comes from is "Reign in Blood"

Stoosh said...

@ Redwings -

Just so you know, I'm clearly exempting you from my comments above.

Thank you for coming here and being objective, and also acknowledging that many of us are trying to do the same while still understanding that 1) this is a Pens-centric website run by fans 2) who desperately want to see their team get back into this and are frustrated because this Finals series has been an epic nightmare so far. It's especially worse when all we can do is sit back and watch it happen.

It's a little tougher for us all to be objective because we've hoped all year for our team to get to this point. You watch your team finally arrive here at the top of the mountain and know only one team is coming back down with the Cup. And it's tough for anyone to admit when they've been getting beaten at this last stage, even if it's by a deserving team.

I hope I speak for the rest of C-blog when I say your honesty and objectivity is sincerely appreciated.

RedWings said...

I don't have to defend Paul because Lord knows he's more than capable of defending himself.

But it looks to me like he's softened his tone a little and he's making two points.

Yes, Ozzie embellished. And yes, Sykora made contact.

Regardless of what the rules specifically state, in the current NHL, you'd better make every possible effort to avoid contact with the goalie behind the net. Petr brushed Osgood, Osgood being a dues paying member of the goalies union behaves in a manner that serves to, oh, shall we say, "inflate" the seriousness of the contact, and dutifully up goes the arm of the local striped shirt.

I'm guessing that call was made more because of the point in the game and how it had deteriorated over the past half a dozen minutes.

Either way, Sykora has got to be smarter than to take a chance especially given the current situation. IF he makes every effort to avoid the contact and IF then Osgood still goes down like a cheap whore, then maybe you've got more of an argument. But in today's NHL, the refs basically give the goalies a free pass making their way back to the crease. And Osgood was heading back to the crease, so Sykora's got to be on double secret probation and avoid all contact. I mean, that's just the way the refs have been calling that for the last dozen years or so.

The Seeker said...

"I don't know. look in the mirror for the answer. after all, it was posters here who are continuing to whine about it."

What a dick!

I merely responded to YOUR inaccurate comment that we're homers over that incident. Other than calling us homers, I couldn't care less about it.

That being said....the truth is that I would've said the same thing if that incident were in a game between two other teams completely.

We all talked here during your Dallas series about the Ribeiro/Osgood incident too...that wasn't whining or being homers was it?

Joose said...

Now that I think about it.....if we go with the idea of the music matching what is going on during the game, the Eurythmics' version of "Sweet Dreams" would be perfect... "Hold your head up. Movin' on. Keep your head up. Movin' on."

The whole song strangely fits, but I won't go any further so my nerd status remains low key for now.

racheleyos said...

they played this slayer song at the arena???? interesting.... lol....well the part where there is no singing and it sounds like a tstorm with drums and guitar is pretty cool.

odmE. said...

So if we're requesting songs, I'm throwing Iron Maiden's "The Wickerman" out there.

Solid jam.

And yes, Annie Lenox DOES rule.

Brando said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wilsmith said...

I heard Boy Sets Fire at the Igloo once. thought that was kind of strange

dying alive said...

Mellon plays a lot of lesser known and/or indie bands - relatively speaking, of course. I have heard Silversun Pickups mroe than a few times (dating back to before Lazy Eye caught on). I hear Muse a lot - and not just Knights of Cydonia. During last year's playoffs I heard Istanbul (Not Constantinople) by They Might Be Giants and I nearly jumped over the glass.

I'm not positive, but I also think I heard Coheed & Cambria once during pre-game.

Colin said...

Help -

I have worn the same outfit for every Pens game this playoffs tan retro t and jeans. Well, I just got tickets for the game tonight and obviously my retro t isn't white so...

Do I wear the tan retro t that has gotten us this far?


Should I wear my white Hossa t to go along with the whiteout?

Thanks cblog.

Dan said...

@ stilly - thank you, i have seen it referred to as both. i just stuck with one of them.

Brando said...

Chris Osgood look-alike alert.

Chris Osgood = Ricky Schroeder.


RedWings said...

Stoosh, thank you for the kind words. I value your opinion because I know exactly where you guys are coming from. I remember our "embarrassment" in 1995 when the damn devils swepts us. Oh, man, I gotta say, I would much, MUCH rather NOT make it to the SC finals than to get there and lose. That feeling is the worst.

What sucks is, you get the two most deserving teams in the finals, and one goes home a loser. That is what feels like BS. Both teams have had great seasons and are just as deserving but there's only one Cup, and the rest of the world seems to treat the vanquished like they've got leprosy.

That's why I'd rather not make the finals if you can't win. Because you can have a 50 win, 11O point season and still be treated like the TB Lightning. (Sorry Lightning fans, but you did come in 30th.)

racheleyos said...

coheed and cambria - welcome home.
or some chevelle - well enough alone (that song is just badass)

jefe said...

oh, and as for the do know that that genre of music came from Detroit right?

yet another reason to hate detroit.

i say play PUNK during ALL breaks in play, intermissions, before/after game, during offseason, etc.

fast music for a fast game.

wow only +/-5 hours to go!

Vern said...

I disagree there. I'd rather lose in the finals than not make it at all. For example, losing all of those AFCC championship games sucked way more to this Steelers fan than losing to the Cowboys in '95.

RedWings said...

Brando said...
Chris Osgood look-alike alert.

Chris Osgood = Ricky Schroeder.


Now THAT's funny, I don't care who you are. I'm not even getting verklempt.

And Paul, your self analysis cracked my up. If you'd have only worked a fart reference in there I'd have blown Coke all over my monitor. Thanks for the grins.

And get help. :)

Joose said...

They can play as much Coheed as they want as long as it doesn't involve any of those horrific screeching vocals from that rat singer of theirs. They play one small part of one of their songs quite frequently, and it is actually very fitting. That's enough, though.

RedWings said...

@ vern:

I think this is one of those "to each, his own" things.

My wife is from Buffalo, so we've seen how the Bills were treated after four straight trips to the big dance, but coming home without the bouquet. Not to mention the Sabres SC loss to Dallass (Sorry for the name calling, I don't like them.)

The Seeker said...

The longest goalless streaks in best-of-seven Stanley Cup Finals series:

Team | Year | Time

Red Wings | 1945 | 188:35

Ducks | 2003 | 143:39

(Pens are at 120:00)

* The HC of that 2003 Ducks team was Mike Babcock

* The 2003 Ducks still forced a Game 7.

J.S. said...

I remember the first song that Mellon played that really caught my attention was "21st Century Digital Boy" by Bad Religion, and that was easily 5-6 ago, possibly even longer than that.

[J.S.: checks back to an earlier place in the thread to make sure he didn't make the Reign In/Raining Blood mistake]

Max Power said...

I know its cheesey as hell music but there's a couple AWK songs that make for good pump up music

Vern said...

Redwings, I think that's cool. You won't find too many Dallas fans in these parts.

jefe said...

foxboro hot tubs = new greenday side project. just an fyi.

osgood = SWANNER

Dr. Turkleton said...

@rachel said:

ive heard prayer of the refugee by rise against at the arena a couple of times.

I haven't heard that one there from Rise Against, but I know that
The Good Left Undone
has been played during warmups....


white tee over tan tee

have fun tonight!!!

Dr. Turkleton said...

bad linky:
The Good Left Undone

racheleyos said...

dr. T - yea I heard prayer of the refugee during warmups towards the end of the season. they pretty much play all the songs from guitar hero soundtracks lol.

Sooska said...



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