Monday, May 5, 2008

Rangers Photoshops

If you don't know how to work thumbnails, you're probably from Philadelphia.
Thanks to everybody who sent some in.

























Andy B.


Fleury29 said...

Photoshop expos... what a solid way to kill half an hour.

Um, first?

dfw03 said...

STUNNEdqvist is a classic

good job to all

racheleyos said...

is that the cotton candy man's head in the anchorman picture??? lmao.

Cody said...

Yeah, STUNNEdqvist gets my pick as Blue Ribbon of the Photoshop Expo.

Cody said...

Though I must admit, using a demotivator and sticking Jagr in it was a class move.. and I may steal that idea >_>

Angelo said...

Free Candy = Flavor of the week or is it here to stay?

Flyer Hater said...

Could anyone hear the Cotton Candy Guy during the broadcast last night?


Christina said...

amazing work.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Photoshop = Gold.
Blueshirt Bulletin = Stunned.

@Coffeytalk: The Scrubs photoshop made my day. Ryan Malone as Dr. Cox is the best idea ever! Dr. Cox is my favorite character and well you know ... Also, Roberts as the Janitor is supreme ... Scrubs finale is on Thursday and luckily doesn't mess with my Pens schedule. Dr. Turk = Laraque ... Dr. Turk, what do you think?

I think Roberts stole my soul when I clicked on "The Power of Roberts compels you"

I love this blog!

Pensblog Staff said...

free candy is here to stay

in the post below this one is something that will forever be on the internet, unless youtube fails us

Flyer Hater said...

The "Stunnedqvist" photoshop should be hanging in the Louvre

BlacknGold66 said...

Dropping the Gary Roberts Bomb photoshop changed my life.


Zac Wassink said...

haha i love they put up the pic of my holding my jersey in front of the city. too bad the pic is so small, though.

here's a bigger version:

Cody said...

Alright, because I'm shameless, I'll submit my Gary Roberts Demotivator, though I'm not shameless enough to send it to staff directly after ripping off someone else's idea.

Cody said...

Well, somehow, I managed to fuck up copy and paste, RETRY

Dr. Turkleton said...

ragsphotoshopblog = life changing.


dr. turk = LaRock

perfect choice. only choice, actually. ;)

[Hossa: The Undertaker]

Juniper T Castle said...

The Scraps/Scrubs one sooo works. Such awesome talent here. Good job to everyone who made something.

sexymexyjeffy said...

glad to see everyone's enjoying my "stunnedqvist" Photoshop

Juniper T Castle said...

And the Stunnedqvist was awesome as well.

Flyer Hater said...

pfft, this version of c-blog is soff. Come join us down in the season recap version of c-blog with Jason and I.

Matt in N.C. said...

Props to all 'shoppers.


Avery Soap by Jeff H.

Pennsylvania Welcomes You. GR Allows You To Enter by Nathan K.

WonderAvery by Tyler B.

Renney Sucking on Pacifier by Wilsmith

However, though there was no real 'shopping done my favorite was

"The Power of Roberts Compels You"
by Michael F.

I would vote to have that written at the top of the Pensblog page for the rest of the playoffs. Anyone? tPb staff?

KJ said...

goodness, how many chops do you get in a wk?

mmmk1989 said...

not that it really matters, but the ones by Matt K were join, we did the together over the web and he sent em in.

thats teamwork.

Laura von Awesome said...

Wow, these are fucking hilarious! Lol @ Sid and Marian's Excellent Adventures, and Charlie's cameos... He OWNS everything!

My fave was Von Douche... by a long shot :P

Sean said...

what does the free candy mean?

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Dr. Turk: Well, Laraque does rock ...

Angelo gets shot down by Staff (jk.) I think Free Candy has to be one of my favorite nicknames for any player.

@Sean: If you go to the Pens site and look at Brooks Orpik's picture, you'lll see he looks extremely creepy and looks like a child predator. So, someone did a photoshop and put Orpik in a van with free candy written on the side.

racheleyos said...

when i think of the creepy picture of Orpik i think of the ice cream vans that roll around playing disney-like music to reel in the kiddies.....

racheleyos said...

o, photoshop idea just exploded....

Pensgirl said...

Staff, I posted that cheesesteak of suffering at least three times this season, and it took someone else doing it for you to pay attention? That hurts. *sobs like a Ranger fan*

Matt in NC has my favorites - the Malkin tank and the USS chasing the turtle. Awesome.

Kaspar, I agree about Free Candy. When I first saw the original 'shop I was kinda horrified, but that's worn off and now I love thinking of his bone-crushing hits as "candy."

Flyer Hater said...


The Big K said...

I have the cheesesteak widget on my Mac.

Pensgirl said...

Actually, I'm not remotely stunned. I'm whining. Big diff.

Pensgirl said...

Yeah Big K, it's one of my favorite widgets (along with the Shakespearean-era-English insult-hurler). I like to think about how the Pirates have won a championship more recently than the Flyers, and I laugh and laugh and laugh.

Maximus25 said...

Great job as usual everyone. Am I the only one who thinks little debbie briere looks exactly like malcolm in the middle?

Anyway, there was a link sometime in the last couple weeks of all the players contracts & whatnot, if anyone can repost a link or let me know where to find the old one it would be greatly appreciated. It's finals week & i don't have the time to go through 5000 posts.

Go Pens!

coffeytalk said...

thanks IHK!

Dr. Turkleton said...


dr. turk = stunned that pensgirl rejects being stunned.

pensgirl = spurned.

730p for Sunday game & NOT on NBC?

Golf> America's Favorite Mom>Pens v Flyers

jefe said...

the scrubs one was great. that show has ties to pittsburgh. characters dr cox and dr kelso have mentioned it before.
anyway, also liked the sid&marian excellent adventure, avery soap, anything with charlie, and the sawIV photoshop with averys head (cause its mine)

fuck you flyers.

go pens \('>/

Pensblog Staff said...


sorry :(


I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Pensgirl: I know what you mean. The free Candy van kind of scared me at first because it was really creepy, but now I'm in love with the nickname. That being said, I'm staying as far as possible from "free candy" vans unless I see Orpik driving them 'cause I know he's just beating up our opponents. Hmmm... was it really the hit from Hossa that gave Avery the lacerated spleen or was it Orpik driving around in his vehicle of choice?

Jagr isn't going to retire, but he might not stay in NY. Straka may have played his last game, though. If Marty played his last game, I feel bad because I mad fun of him ... I still like Marty deep inside.

coffeytalk said...

ihk: i still like marty deep down inside


KJ said...

wow dr t, i just realized the sans nbc on both saturday & sunday's games this weekend. good news-i get a nap, bad news-come 1pm i'll be switching over to NBC in anticipation and failing

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Coffeytalk: Hahahahahahahaha!!! Oh my goodness, that was perfect!

coffeytalk said...

Scrubs and Pittsburgh:

Dr. Cox has said he is from Pittsburgh. But, he is a diehard red wings fan.

Dr. Kelso played baseball in Altoona, I believe.

There was also a random appearance of a terrible towel in Turk and JD's apartment.

I think if Zach Braff and Andy Samberg had a baby, it would look like Bing.

Flyer Hater said...

Me=stunned that Pensgirl isn't stunned

I need to sleep.

coffeytalk said...

*also Dr. Kelso has talked about being from Monroeville.

The Big K said...

So, the Pens have "Cindy" and "Gena"?
The Flyers have:
Danielle Briqueer
Martina Queeron
Dyke Bitchards
Scotty Upskirt
R.J. Shitburger
AND OF COURSE................

Any other ideas?

wilsmith said...

Turk also has a man-crush on Jerome Bettis.

You're right about Altoona also.

coffeytalk said...

Ah yes!

10 points for you, wilsmith!

Jonny V said...

I envy all of your skills, my favorites:

Sid & Marian's Excellent Adventure

Avery in preschool

Pennsylvania Welcomes You

Jagr in an airport holding baby Avery with a squirrel for a soulpatch. I think just typing that sentence made me stoned.

Promotional code: Sean Avery

Stick a fork in 'em Rangers logo

And Javaspeak's Scrubs. That one is rowdy. By the way, where is he?

And pensgirl, your thorough schooling on the Pens lean years and the current housing situation made my head spin...that kind of logic might be baffling to some, but you hit the nail square on the fucking head.

Jonny V said...

Good lookin' out on the nicknames Big K, we'll have to keep those handy for the next couple weeks.

coffeytalk said...

ha. javaspeak. i get it.

rowdy is currently wearing my gary roberts t-shirt, a pens hat and a wwgrd band.

i'll send a photo in.

Stoosh said...

At the game yesterday, it sounded to me like "Free Candy" is starting to approach USS Hal Gill levels. There were lots of "Free Candy" references being thrown around F-balcony yesterday.

STUNNED-qvist caused me to laugh so loud, I scared the dog. That came right from WishI'dthoughtofitblog.

"Stop Whining, Shut Up..." was incredible.

And I love the Scrubs one, too, Coffeytalk...excellent job on that...especially Malone.

The Roberts submarine ones are classic.

And I love the one of Jagr as the old guy in the chair.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

In the episode after Dr. Cox shows up drunk to the hospital and JD comes in finally to talk to him, he says he snuck into Dr. Cox's house and said he was a Bus fan ... That's one of my favorite episodes!

@BigK: I always call Gagne, Gag-me, but I'm lame so whatev.

Ryan said...


"I like to think about how the Pirates have won a championship more recently than the Flyers, and I laugh and laugh and laugh."

That has to be the greatest slap in the face of all time. As a psu alum who has been in countless pittsburgh vs. philly sports arguments, thank you.

Philly fans = stunned.

Their only comeback is "how's your basektball team doing?" Pathetic.

Pensgirl said...

Aw, thanks Derek. Rest assured mine are crocodile tears...jus' teasing. I'm just sad you haven't been able to enjoy the cheesesteak longer...'tis a beautiful thing. :)

Turk: Spurned - HA! I like it. That's a first...

Coffeytalk: Nice one, Michael Scott. (That's what she said.)

Jonny V said...

Stoosh, it was funny you mentioned Lemieux's playing in Wilkes-Barre that one game in 2001 today, I was about 20 minutes away from winning this. It just got too expensive for me.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

About Gagne: Also, I forgot he hasn't been playing because of that concussion ... wow, I am lame :(

Pensgirl said...

Ryan, I'm glad you liked it. And to the basketball question I'd say "Consistently in the NCAA Tourney. And yours?"

dying alive said...

"I like to think about how the Pirates have won a championship more recently than the Flyers, and I laugh and laugh and laugh."

Wow. I've never thought about it that way. Talk about the insult to end all insults.

I'm pretty sure that they re-took all of the players' pics for the playoffs. Brooks doesn't look creepy anymore. While it's a much better picture, I definitely prefer the Free Candy one.

dying alive said...

Their only comeback is "how's your basektball team doing?"

Big East champs?

Stoosh said...

@ vezonex -

Continuing discussion from the trolling thread below...

Here's the Tyler Wright-Peter Worrell game.

If you scroll all the way down, you can get the AP recap of the game. By their notes, Worrell hit...Jeff Serowik! Good memory on that. I remember Serowik but I vaguely remember him getting hit in that game (I remmeber him also having a cannon for a shot, too).

Everything happened at 16:59 of the second period according to the box score.

I remember that game because I'd just gotten back to Pittsburgh from being in Erie for Christmas. A bunch of us got tickets to the game, sat in Section C right behind one of those Gold Circle luxury boxes (those mini ones that sit up above the concourse entrances), which was empty when the game started. So we asked the usher if we could move down there if it was still empty at the end of the first period. During the first intermission, he gave us the thumbs up, so we commandeered the Gold Circle Seats for the rest of the game.

Ryan said...

phuck those philly phag shirts check em out

coffeytalk said...

dying alive:

i took that stunned ranger fan photo. he was sitting next to me for most of the game. My cousin and I traded seats after each period.

Stoosh said...

@ Pensgirl -

I can do one better than the Pirates.

Pitt Football (FOOBAW!) has won a championship more recently than the Flyers.

And before I incur the wrath of any Pitt fans, the only team I follow more than Pitt football is the Pens. :)

Dr. Turkleton said...


all in good fun!

was the 1st s____d word that came to my head.


wasn't JD a pizza delivery guy in disguise so he could sneak into/crash Dr. Cox's Superbowl Party?

also Dr. Kelso's dad was a doc in Monroeville living near turnip farmers exchanging turnips & hand knitted sweaters for treatment????

I could just be recalling all this from a dream I had once & be totally off base.


please, somebody set me straight before I turn the computer off....

Pensgirl said...

Turk, I totally loved it. That was the perfect word!

Nicholas said...

Hossa nicknamed "The Undertaker" is now here to stay IMO

Stoosh said...


That would be a sweet jersey, but that's a lot of $$. For some reason, that jersey looks awfully dated. Some of the other WB/S jerseys have held up well. That particular design didn't.

Looking at those screen caps of the broadcast of that game, seeing the 9/11/01 thing up there was a little sobering. OK, it was a lot sobering (not that I'm drunk...). I forgot that game was played so closely to 9/11.

jefe said...

alas, only one more scrubs episode.

go pens.

Stoosh said...

@ Coffeytalk -

You guys should've offered Mr. Stunned Ranger Fan some Pens cookies. Or perhaps some Swedish Fish. :D

There was one Rangers fan in F2, but he was sitting way up in the back row. I tried to get a picture of him after Geno's goal, but there was just no discreet way to hold the camera up and turn it almost completely around to get the shot. Plus, he looked a little strung the time Geno scored, he was looking kind of like Jack Nicholson about 3/4 of the way through "The Shining"...capable of either killing someone or jumping off the balcony.

coffeytalk said...

those pens cookies are good luck.

i think that kid knew i was taking a photo of him. i held my phone right up to his stunned face.


TheNWChica said...

No margaritas and no hockey make Chica something something.

J.S. said...

Holy crap, i know exactly where that Welcome to PA sign is. 70W coming into PA from MD

I probably shouldn't admit to defacement, but that little white square in the lower right corner is a Calvin and Hobbes sticker from Eides. Of course, I had nothing to do with it.

Matt in N.C. said...



I like to think about how the Pirates have won a championship more recently than the Flyers, and I laugh and laugh and laugh.


pensgirl=queen of smack!

BlacknGold66 said...

go crazy?

TheNWChica said...

@bng66: Yes! I can't wait until Friday! I know we have the Worlds, but it's not quite the same, ya know? *headdesk*

coffeytalk said...

look who commited

Jawsh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jawsh said...

Mirtle's blog has a poll up on who is gonna take home Stanley. in the cup, not savran.

racheleyos said...

this time of the year....bandwagon fans emerge everywhere..... vomit.

Jonny V said...

Coffey, sweet pic of two c-blog HOF's So now u have Turk and Stoosh, whooo's next?

Doc Turk, u were spot on with your Scrubs storyline recalling. We're a bunch of Scrubs nerds...I love it.

Pensgirl said...

OK now I'm blushing. But since that comment went over so well, I'll post something I said on the Burgh Blog earlier:

Here are some things that have been unleashed on the world since the Flyers last won a Cup:

Saturday Night Live
President Jimmy Carter
Star Wars
a Pittsburgh Pirates championship
four Pittsburgh Steelers championships
Sidney Crosby
two Pittsburgh Penguins championships
“You’ve got mail!” and the rest of the interwebs

coffeytalk said...

I was wondering that myself, jonny v.

I'm easy to find at games. (almost a that's what she said)

wilsmith said...

Okay, unrelatedblog, has anyone here ever watched I'm with Busey?

Busey has been a running joke at work for some reason, and I dug up those shows because my stoner friends in college used to watch it.


I figure I'd ask around, because, as the Busey says, Together Everyone Achieves More.

Jawsh said...

Other things that have happened since Philly won a title...

the McNugget
Microsoft Word
The Israeli hostage crisis
Crack first introduced to the US
Mike Tyson's boxing debut
Nintendo Entertainment System
Calvin and Hobbes
Mir Space Station
Roger Clemens had sex with a minor
The Unabomber
My Two Dads
Doogie Howser M.D.
New Coke

Jonny V said...

IMDB listing

That show was just plain weird. What an idea for a show though. My stoner show of choice in college was Sifl & Olly. Precious Roy was unreal.

I'll have my peepers peeled CT

Dr. Turkleton said...

@johnny v

thanks for the confirmation!....I can recall that silly stuff...but struggle to remember birthdays, [not mine, THAT would be REALLY bad] anniversaries, phone numbers, names....


what's the playoff record with the Ronnie #9 & Jackie O shades? [I guess when I think about it, EVERYONE is UNDEFEATED at the Mellon with WHATEVER they are wearing or NOT wearing...WOOOOOOOO]

BTW, what's up with leaving your seat before the period is over with that suitcase you call a purse????

Stoosh, at least she offered you food + drink....I got: bupkis!!!! [jk]

BlacknGold66 said...

Need help for a cruel photoshop.

How do you take a screenshot?

wilsmith said...

oh and speaking of scrubs, soup nazi is on right now.

wilsmith said...

bng: "prt scr" button when you're looking at what you want the screenshot of.

then go to your photoshop/paint and just Paste your clipboard (ctrl+v).

8 other people have already posted the answer before me.

coffeytalk said...

@ dr. t:

that francis jersey has won every home game so far in round 2.

when did i leave my seat? i don't remember. i did get pretty tanked the game i saw you at and probably had to pee. Don't job my purse! My "suitcases" are beautiful and true!

Also, I offered you food and beer! But you turned it down.

tsk tsk turkleton.

BlacknGold66 said...

Like Stokes once said:

That's why Wilsmith is a big deal.

Speaking of which... I had a killer sub sandwich today. Killer.


wilsmith said...


I love me some sandwiches.

I'm like a sandwich connoisseur of sorts.

Jawsh said...

The subway sandwich of the day?

Jawsh said...

It doesn't look like flyer hater will get to sing turn the page, tonight...

Stoosh said...

Calls, calls, calls...

Calls from the public!

Dr. Turkleton said...


I keeed...I keeed....that's what the [just kidding] was supposed to represent....

I think it was before the 1st period ended...I happened to glance over & saw a large garment bag walking down attached to a Francis #9 jersey.[J.K.]

Going to Game 3.1 ???....My tix this round are for Home Game 1 & far, 2 rounds, 2 games...great for the Pens & lite on the credit card.

Stoosh said...

Commit, version 1.1.

I've got a worse playoff beard than Sid!

1-0 with the new shirt, though! I almost went with the old standby (2005-06 white Crosby jersey), but decided to go with the shirt I'd just picked up the day before.

Also, Coffey, sorry to startle you when I walked up at first. I thought I yelled "COFFEY!" loud enough for you to hear as I was walking over, but I didn't.

coffeytalk said...

Not sure if I'm going to 3.1 yet.

Waiting for the batphone to ring with the go ahead.

coffeytalk said...

It's all good, Stoosh. Glad you came over!

Dr. Turkleton said...


at least it's better than Jags'

-just sayin'

BlacknGold66 said...

Appearantly RGB is hooked on tPB now.

I found this pic of him sporting a PB Charlie tee.

Charlie and Mii

[this is so lame, but I had to do it]

Jonny V said...

wilsmith and his lunch is money in the bank.

"This is Eddie...from guys are suckers! Yeah, sock it to 'em Eddie! Hey Sifl, you're a rotten slouch-backed egg-ass!"..."You know we can see you, right?" "Hey I ain't Eddie..."

A girl with a big purse might save your life one day

Dr. Turkleton said...


that doesn't even need PS'd to be funny....

hair on chin>hair on scalp?

Stoosh said...

@ Coffeytalk -

The Mystery, Alaska reference would've been clutch, too. "They didn't skate the river!"

Likewise, though. It was awesome.

C-blog Luau at Kennywood would be huge.

Stoosh said...




jefe said...

nothing like being in arizona, with a laptop on me, roasting me nuts off, reading about the pens. i cannot wait to visit (or move back!) there next season for a game during winter.

go pens.

racheleyos said...

dubi dubi dooooooooo

wilsmith said...

I live too damn far away from all this cblog meet and greet action.


jefe said...

i think i might risk moving back to the #1 air polluted city just to see the pens more often, haha.

really if it doesnt get better out here for me, ill be back in time for the new arena!

BlacknGold66 said...

@Jefe: I was offered a job with the company I work for out in Arizona. I almost snagged it up (I love AZ), but I'd be too far away from my sports teams... er... {ahem}... family.

Yeah, that's it. Family.

jefe said...

yeah really arizona isnt bad. but i miss my teams mostly and hanging around the town and stadiums. and pizza.

although im getting in to the teams out here, its not quite the same. the dbacks are awesome tho.
cardinals are great for tailgating.
suns are okay since pgh dont have bball, which i dont like much anyway.
and well, i dont need to even speak of the coyotes lol.

Jonny V said...

Jefe, Clairton represent (on what makes Pittsburgh so polluted). I couldn't imagine being away from this place right now. It was hard enough being stationed at Camp Pendleton for the Steelers super bowl run. I had to wake up at 5 AM the monday after they won the big one. Hopefully tPB helps u deal

A Kennywood day would be huuuge. Hopefully the cruise director can work some magic...

jefe said...

hah yeah 4 months after i move here the steelers won that.

anyway i just found TPB towards the end of the season. makes my day. i do watch every game on center ice so at least i have that going for me. i just cant watch them live because of the 3 hour time diff, so i cant go on here til after i eventually watch the game. helps skipping ads tho.

The Seeker said...


James Mirtle has a poll up and the Pens need some votes.

As it stand right now:

Your Stanley Cup pick:

Dallas 10% (18 votes)

Detroit 45% (83 votes)

Philadelphia 6% (11 votes)

Pittsburgh 39% (71 votes)

* Mirtle chose NYR to beat the Pens (joke) and Detroit to win over them in the Cup Finals by the way.

Dr. Turkleton said...


got it up to 85 votes.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

jefe, try grimaldi's for pizza

jefe said...

yeah grimaldis is awesome. but twice the price of what im looking for lol.

go pens.


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