Monday, May 12, 2008

Jobbin' Ain't Easy

Thanks to everyone who sent the pics in.

Just imagine how Buffalo Sabres fans felt back in 1999
when they were jobbed in OT of Game 6 in the Stanley Cup Finals.


Opinions differ on whether or not the War Room got the call correct.

We'd call them and ask for an interpretation,
but we're too busy being 2 wins away from the Stanley Cup Finals.

This definitely should not divide Pens Nation.


But this was not the only jobbery going on the world of hockey.

[ Empty Netters ] found this.
Team USA got jobbed in a game against Finland at Worlds.

Watch the puck.
It goes in through the side of the net.
And it counted.

Finland uses the goal to spark a 2-goal comeback and goes on to win 3-2.


Props go to Mike B. for the F Balcony pic, as well as whoever made the sign in the first place.

Go Pens


LargeFarva said...


From Hawaii.

Go Pens

paul said...

the way i see it, the no-goal is like the richards shortie: it sucked at the time, but with a W as the result, I'll save my bitching til when we need it.

Joose said...

Who's going to the Mellon tomorrow for the game?! I'll be there with sh0ez!

(I've said it before, but more people should come. I most likely will be sporting a "Jarkko Ruutu for Vice President" sign)

Lady Jaye said...

Bah, I'm too slow to get first.

Wow, now that would suck to have the puck go through the side of the net... do they not have slow motion?

Pensblog Staff said...

We'll be going down for the game Tuesday

Colin said...

Team USA deserved to lose that game, Robert Esche was their goalie.

Just a (former) Flyer being a Flyer.

JYo said...

Philthy got away with one just like that in a series against Buffalo a few years back.

A slapshot by John LeClair from the left faceoff circle appeared to go in between the post and a perfectly-positioned Hasek, but replays showed the puck travelled through an opening at the side of the net.

Amazingly, series supervisor John D'Amico and video replay judge Mike Condon reviewed the goal from two camera angles, and deemed it legit.

However, angles from TV cameras which the NHL did not have access to, clearly showed the puck entering from outside the post.

D'Amico admitted afterwards that the goal should not have counted.

"We can't review what we can't see," D'Amico said.

Amazing how similar that old event is to the Pens and Team USA events of the past couple of days. I guess the NHL has had a long standing conspiracy of trying to help the Cryers!

vezonex said...

I remember a game against the Rags in '91 where some nobody (Kris King? Joe Kocur?) shot the puck off the side of the net and play continued. Then they went back and looked at it to see if it had gone through the net, even though the way it bounced was completely counterintuitive to any shot that would have gone through it. They found no hole in the netting, and replays were inconclusive, yet Terry Gregson ruled a goal anyways. The Pens lost that game, and I think that may have even been the winner.

Before that game, I had never heard of Terry Gregson. The above moment is the reason I've hated his guts ever since.

Mr. Plank said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr. Plank said...

Crosby should have had a goal, but the Pens won.

The biggest travesty is that goal on Team USA. What a fucking joke.

Oh and I believe Don Cherry said, "The [Pittsburgh] goal line looks like it was painted in 1992." I have to agree with that assertion.

Turns out old people are good for something eh?

Sooska said...

@ vezonex- wow I remember that too now that you bring it up. How does that happen?

as far as Sarge's goal karma has a way of evening things out.

lisening to MM on the internets. some Comcast Phlyers jobber was on with him crying about the officiating. puh-uh-uh-leez! so tired. *yawns*

Dr. Turkleton said...

I'm not arguing the Goal / No Goal call...
•It was called No Goal on the ice. •The War Room did what's right under the rules & the whole Indisputable Evidence thing.

Now, here's a possible additional way to verify those all important goals across the line [esp. in the Playoffs, when 1 goal can swing a game or series in a blink of an eye]

Place cameras/lenses on or in the goal, right behind each post, where the padding is cut out....I've illustrated that idea HERE
borrowing tPB pic from todays post.

Those 2 views would be like the NFL goal line view they have. It would help out for situations that a goalie or player is covering/blocking the puck on/over the goal line, that the overhead camera & camera on the back goal bar cannot pick up....

I think with today's technology & with the NHL the 1st to use the video replay system of any of the 4 major sports....they should have the best/most camera OPTIONS, as well...

Of course, those additional 2 cameras could get blocked by skates, sticks, bodies, etc...on the ice as well, but it would just be another view(s) to help the NHL get the correct call instead of having a team wondering 'what could have been' over a disputed/overturned goal call due to a lack of Indisputable Evidence.

Eric P. said...

How didn't the NHL war room have that angle? It's the NHL? Whatever.

Btw I just ordered a WWGRD t-shirt, and a you=stunned T-shirt from storeblog.

The Seeker said...

Empty Netters has a link to an article saying that the Flyers picked-up Malkin's broken stick last night and took it to their people to measure it for an illegal curve.

If he's using an illegal blade (?), then expect them to call for a measurement in an upcoming game.

Dr. Turkleton said...


thanks for the 'post updated' info!

don't know if this is a superstition or not...

When warmups are over, Geno is the last one out he's shooting his final pucks into the net at close range, a trainer/equipment guy is walking over from the Pens bench towards the Pens runway...Geno shoots the puck ~180 feet down the ice & the guy stops it with his foot, about 5 feet from the runaway opening...he then gives Geno a little butt-tap as he exits the ice...

I've noticed this since playoff game 1.1 & may have been going on during the regular season, as well...

when there's a game 3.5 or 4.?, I'll get photo evidence....


The Seeker said...

@ dr turkelton

Actually, the technology exists today to easily embed a senor into the puck with corresponding sensors at the rear-inside edge of the goal posts that would make any disputes over crossing the goal line moot.

Even if the puck is completely gloved and invisible to a camera, the sensor would pick it up.

You'd still need cameras and the War Room to review other disputes like high stick goals or kicking motions...but at least that one question would never have to even be asked in the future.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Wow, I have been trying to read through the posts that I didn't get to read this weekend ... So hard when a new post started, Staff. (Stops and realized my addiction to the Pens is worse than I thought. I'm addicted to the Pensblog as well. Shrugs and continues to c-blog it.)

jyo predicts the future ... When talking about I Heart Huckabee "The leading character might be Max Talbot. Coincidence? I doubt it. Max is going to have a big game tonight." 5:28 5/11/08. Jyo, can you predict the powerball numbers ... I need some extra cash.

@Homesprout on getting Engblom's "hair": Find roadkill. Proceed to run over it until the fur on the dead animal is falling off. Remove fur. Wash on low
rinse cycle. Apply to head.

On Osgood and Riberio: I want them both suspended. It would be fair and having them fined by an undisclosed amount of money is stupid. How much money do they make? This reminds me of the Pronger situation ... the NHL didn't want to do any harm to the teams so they aren't going to man up and suspend them like they should. StillHatingOsgoodBlog.

I watched Indiana Jones Triology and Saving Private Ryan before the Pens game. Both = Clutch.

On Ruutu: I'm pretty sure now that Ruutu has made a name for himself as a pest, he can only draw a certain amount of penalties and he automatically gets blamed for anything that happens near him. I guess as a fan I gotta live through it. BTW, Versus dropped the ball on spelling Ruutu's name. It has 2 k's not one, retards.

@m. vanderlasser: Thanks for the Bugsy pictures, but if I print them out, my friend will probably call me an official stalker. Dupuis kinda reminds me of Ben Stiller, Savard looks like he's going to meet the Corleone's, and whenever Gonchar and Malkin wear suits together the 1st thing in my mind is Russian Mafia.

On Yahoo and the Caption Blunders: I threw up reading that a) Sid was on the Flyers and b) that we had Hatcher. If (a) didn't kill ya, (b) did. And how hard is it to actually look at the picture you're writing the caption for? One look and I see 87 is not 68. BTW what joke labeled Sid as Jagr? The jobber should be fired.

I would be angry about Sid's non-goal more if we lost. I understand why they didn't call it, so whatev.

Versus should blow up ... Apparently the one guy thought that Jordon (or Eric ... whatever Cherry thinks) dove on the cross-check by Hatcher. Your an ass. You don't know how many times I wanted to kill them. Simpson should be fired. Who interviews people in the middle of a game? I don't care about a Braves pitcher. If I did, I would be watching ESPN where they cover more MLB and spelling bees than they even consider looking at the NHL. Also, Versus is so far up Umberger's ass that he couldn't get a shot on net.

Bugsy has been a beast with checks and hitting. I can't wait until he kills Hatcher. (I love Bugsy, and Hatcher is one of my least fav. players ever.) Also, Malone better stay here or heads will roll.

On Free Candy: @Sooska: War Heads, yes!! When his van plowed Briere into Flower, I was kinda upset but was laughing. He was pretending he didn't do anything. Orrpik's thoughts on pulling that penalty "Like stealing candy from a baby." *Note Orpik doesn't steal candy from babies, unless they are on the Flyers payroll*

I'm sorry this is so long ... I missed yins!

In the Penguins Organization I Trust!

Sooska said...

@ dr turk- I love hearing about the players superstitions. I know Mario always wanted to be last onto and off of the ice - not sure if that was a superstition or what. I have had discussions about this and have concluded that Sid is mildly OCD. I may amend the "mildly" if I hear anything else that smacks of Monk-type behavior like the railroad track-feet lift-glasstouch.

TheNWChica said...

Re: superstitions...

I know that my junior boys have some things like Geno and Sid do during warmups. My d-boy friend always stands in the middle and feeds pucks; and his best friend who is a forward is always, always the very last one off after a slapshot from the blueline. There are others, but those are the ones I can think of at the moment.

FireFox said...

I knew that damn thing was a goal. Still, it was hardly worth bitching about because we won anyway. It just goes to show that Philly did in fact lose by 3 and not 2 last night. I hope their confidence rests on only letting in 3 goals with a goalie in the net. I do understand why the war romm called it the way they did. In fact, earlier in the season we got a favorable no-goal call because MAF covered it before it could be seen even though it was obvious that it was over the line. The game isn't perfect... just as damn close to perfect as Gary Roberts wants it to be.

JYo said...

@IHK: If I could predict the powerball, things would change. I don't know if I'd be on The Pensblog more or less though. It might be more because I wouldn't be working and would have more free time, but then again, I'm on here all the time at work, so it might be less if I wasn't trapped by a computer all day. I guess I'll have to settle for the "moral victory" of predicting Maxie's big game.

M. Vanderlasser said...

@Dr T...we've watched Geno do his warm-up gig since the beginning of this season (not sure about last year). We've never seen him NOT do it this year - even at the game in DC.

Does anyone know why, during warm-ups, Malone is the puck retrieval boy?

@ihavekasp...printing out pictures of someone doesn't make you a stalker. Breaking into their house and stealing personal items to build a shrine does.

Okay, one more:

Lucille: Buster. Thank God you're back. There's no shame in being a coward.
Buster: A coward? I'm not a coward. Would I coward have THIS?
[holds out a stuffed seal]
Lucille: What the hell is that?
Buster: These are my awards, Mother. From Army. The seal is for marksmanship and the gorilla is for sand racing.

Ashley said...

colin - actually, I watched that USA-FIN game yesterday and Robert Esche was the reason why the Finns didn't win by 5 goals...he made some incredibly amazing saves, including one in the final minutes of the 2nd period to keep the score 2-0 for the Americans.

The US didn't deserve to win that game, however, because the team in front of Esche completely lost it after that Finnish goal was allowed to stand. They were undisciplined, turned over the puck, and just couldn't get back in the game.

Now they get a chance to redeem themselves in the quarter-finals on Wednesday, where the US gets a rematch against Finland.

ada520 said...

hey staff, briere's salary is actually 10 mil this season according to that just makes it even more of an embarassment that he can make zero impact on a game this series. what the heck does he do exactly except stuff in rebounds on the power play?

Sweetcheesus! said...

During the remainder of this series i think tPB staff should do the jobber of the day. . . how could anyone not love orpik? in my own thoughts he is one of the smartest defenseman in the league, but then again i am fairly biased. i too love free candy. rather than posting in the game recap i will share my thoughts here about the game and post.

staff, one of the best posts i have read all year, hands down my favorite part "Max Talbot was there to (b)eat French Toast." very clever. second favorite the photoshop of french toast getting "hossa'd" hilarious.

misc. worst telecast i have ever seen, glavine? really? seriously it seems that they're announcers get worse each game and are 100% biased against the pens. conspiracy theorists of the world shut the f*ck up. last nights game was just further proof that there is no damn conspiracy. the no goal, the bad calls, and getting the game winner from tal-bot not sid or gino.

briere is a woman, orpik is a monster. go pens! lets get charlie back!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Whoa (said like Joey Lawrence)! How much did I write? I must have been on the same acid Tyler was on beating Upshall up ... I'm sorry people, you don't have to read that all ...

@jyo: Darn, I was hoping for some big cash so I could go to college or not have a job. I guess I'll have to go find a back-up plan to you winning money for me. Apparently jyo ≈ money.

I have been on PensTV and I have never been happier to hear Steiggy's voice. So sad, but entirely true.

@M. Vanderlasser: *laughs* Yeah, like I'd build a shrine of stuff stolen from his house *nervous laugh* Why are you looking at me like that? (JK ... or am I? But seriously Jk)

Sooska said...

@ m vanderlasser:
Tobias Fünke: So what are your plans for this evening?
Bob Loblaw: I thought that maybe I would stay in and work on my law blog.
Tobias Fünke: Ah, yes. The "Bob Loblaw Law Blog". You, sir, are a mouthful.

Sooska said...

@ sweetcheesus --please do NOT call briere a woman! we woman take issue with that description.

FijiH2O said...

The Sport Sync radio that robbiebrown44 mentioned earlier cannot be purchased at Dick's Sporting Goods Stores - available online only. I called this afternoon and the guy started laughing. Said I was about the 13th person who called and he doesn't know why people think they carry the radios. When I told him that Dick's carries them online, he said that stores don't carry half of what is available online. I checked Best Buy and Radio Shack, but they don't carry the radio, either. :(

Pensgirl - my voice is still cracking! How's yours??? I'm going to have some hot tea with lemon and whiskey:D

Vanessa - the g/f site is great. Thanks for the link.

Sooska - love the "Candy Man" for Brooks. My seats are down by the end where he went for "icing". I'm like WTF when he just stood there looking at the puck. He made me laugh! I haven't heard the "Toast" song in so long, now I can't get it out of my head. I haven't had a chance to check out the Steeler Fan, yet, but it's on my list of things to do.

Colin said...

@ seeker -

Has anyone been called for an illegal stick since the NHL increased the curve limit to 1/2 inch? For his stick to be illegal, that would have to be a heck of a curve.

@ ashley -

I used to love Robert Esche, he was the background on my computer in high school and then I saw him at the Mellon in a game he wasn't starting for the Flyers and he blew me off for an autograph. Maybe I should give up my bitterness.

The Big K said...

So what about the Crosby loving NHL?

Stoosh said...


During my 8th grade year when I played football, I had to wear the same pair of socks for every game. Our uniforms were predominantly baby blue with white helmets, white numbers with navy blue outline. I had this pair of socks that had two blue stripes and one silver stripe. We went 7-2 and I didn't wear them during our two losses.

In high school, I had to put all my equipment on one set at a time and I had to do the left one first (left knee pad when in the pants before right; left shoe went on before the right; buckled the left shoulder pad strap before the right). And since this was roughly ten years before Under Armour, I used to have to wear the same Guns N' Roses shirt underneath my jersey. I drove to the fieldhouse the same way before every game. And on the bus ride from our fieldhouse to our stadium, I never sat, even when I was a senior.

Didn't do any good. We were 3-6 my senior year and most of us seniors hardly played because of some political crap that went on with a few parents and our coach.

The Seeker said...

@ colin

You're asking the wrong guy that memory retention is a sieve like Biron's netminding.

I have my own name as my computer's desktop background now for fear I'll forget that some morning.

I know Jagr's looked like a banana in that series!

The Seeker said...

"printing out pictures of someone doesn't make you a stalker. Breaking into their house and stealing personal items to build a shrine does."


[packing my bags and heading for the train station]

The Seeker said...

Am I the ONLY one who thinks it's weird that Coach Steven and Michel Therrien went out to dinner together on Saturday night?

From what I've read, they have a long history of feuds...I honestly thought they hated one another.

Colin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Colin said...

@ seeker -

My apologies, the NHL changed the curve limit to 3/4ths of an inch from 1/2 of an inch.

Malkin's Curve on eBay

I don't think that is 3/4ths of an inch, but what do I know.

BlacknGold66 said...


@Stoosh: Asdrubal Cabrera just turned an unassisted triple play for the Tribe. Thought you'd like to know!

Sooska said...

@ seeker- wasn't that a joke about HCMT and Stevens? I cannot conceive of that at all.

@ colin and seeker- The allowable curve is now 3/4 inch up from 1/2.
here is an article from the Trib about the players sticks.

stick work

Sooska said...

colin- I missed your post before I put mine up

KJ said...

according to yahoo, coburn is doubtful for game 3. his eye was swollen shut and on the flight home he threw up, which means, he'll play game 3.

also from the yahoo article, briere says he's never considered himself a superstar. must make the flys happy they're playing a jobber $10mil. he also claims the pens have had some cheap shots, hilarious

Cody said...

@sooska: That's the way I read it also. It sounded like sarcasm, the whole dinner with HCMT, thing.

Yinz Luv Da Guins said...

For those who haven't seen our Penguins post-game show, here's a Game 2 Recap

Dr. Turkleton said...

King Shero doesn't tolerate illegal sticks

from an article dated 12.06.2007

Heinze said. "Last year when (Malkin) came on board, his curves were a little illegal, and immediately, we had to work with him, and that was hard because European players are used to that huge curve, and they can handle the puck like that."



Sooska said...

@ dr turk- you and I are reading and posting the same stuff.

Dr. Turkleton said...


my bad...

I saw 'Stick Work' & thought it was a guide to eating Chinese Food property by HCMT & Stephens, & didn't open the link....


good to see your jedi mind tricks are working between HCDT & his 1st line center, though.

Fred Jones said...

I heard on XM NHL this afternoon that Steve Yzerman stated last year that they should measure the diameter of the puck, and then paint a second goal line that distance behind the real goal line. Then if you ever see any part of a puck touch the second line, you know it is entirely over the first and real goal line.
I thought this idea was pretty good, it could sort out a couple of goals a year when the goalie's glove obsures the camera.

Thankfully the pens didn't need that one yesterday.

patrick f. said...


I do the same thing...left skate first, then right, and so on. Don't know where i got it from, but i still do it today outside of hockey...left pant leg, sock, shoe. it's actually kind of freaky now that i think about it!

Dr. Turkleton said...


while not posting double linkys with sooska....

From the Pens that were in the lineup last game, here are the guys who are sponsored & their 'note' on

Crosby: Need Pittsburgh Penguins playoff tickets? [tired of dealing with those scary scalpers? At your tickets are never sold out. Locally owned out of Plum Borough we have been trusted by Yinzer's and Yapper's for nearly 10 years. Let's Go Pens!] - nice to see the Umberger family staying busy.

Hossa: House of Payne [Hoooosa owns you goldmyers] - TBS show & Big Poppa Pump?, it could work.

Malkin: Going Five Hole [owning Marty Biron already] - true dat!

Ruutu: Ruutu & The Pens Stink [Go Flyers!!!! WOOOOO] - looks like $ well spent.

Talbot: The Sidney Crosby Show [All the news, analysis, and useless information about Sidney Crosby that you could ever want!] - Guess the peeps at The Max Talbot Show got blocked out.

Roberts: the Pensblog [WWGRD] - 'nuff said

Laraque: The Battle of Alberta [takes & trash talking from both sides of the NHL's best rivalry] - whatev.

Orpik: the Pensblog [Free Candy] - Warheads - Extreme Sour

Fleury: Jimmy Jazz & Tic Tac Toe Hockey [blogging machine never breaks] - the is a CAPS blog!!! doesn't make much sense, BUT it IS a CAPS blog.

Dubs said...

I wish Dallas would get their s**t together and win one of these games ... I don't like the idea of an unchallenged red wings team going into the final series ...

that was totally a goal last night and that counters all the BS from the philthy crowd about a conspiracy ... bunch of drunken orange morons

The Seeker said...

I need more sleep!

Am I alone in watching the entire game an hour after the final horn sounds?

I bet not..LOL

But I'm not catching subtle things like sarcasm and the stick stuff, which I'm normally pretty good at.

I plead playoff run fever for it all!

Dr. Turkleton said...

@fred jones

I see Stevie Y's & your point...but if the glove is covering the puck 'over' the goal line, how could one see the puck is 'touching' that 2nd line????....

is like playing the shell game, but

shell = goalie glove
flea = puck

I bet a goalie could have his glove over the puck & it could be:

•totally NOT over the line
•anywhere on the line
•totally OVER the line

aren't there a few goalies in cblog that could confirm or refute this???

Stoosh said...

@ BNG66 -

Every time I see Cabrera's name, I think of that Bill Simmons article from the playoffs; Simmons spent about three paragraphs discussing the fact that his wife thought Cabrera's first name - Asdrubal - was funny. And ESPN pays this guy significant sums of money.

Hindsight is 20/20, but some people here in BuccoLand that still care about these things are kind of wishing Huntington would've pulled the trigger on that Bay deal with Cleveland. I know they need to deal Bay for prospects, but given what Cliff Lee has done this year, I wouldn't be complaining. Speaking of which...

What the hell is Cliff Lee on this year? 39 strikeouts to just two walks? I'm not even sure Gary Roberts could do that.

Thought you'd like this too...

My cousin is a professional artist based out of Erie whose primary focus is commissioned work for pro athletes. A few years back, he got in with the Indians organization and did some promotional work for the Lake County and Akron teams. This was the promotional litho they gave away for Fausto Carmona after he moved up from Lake County.

Nate said...

the teammates banner is sick...

im also pretty pumped that the Me You and Dupuis picture i photoshopped and sent to PB got blown up and put up next to it- SICK

The Seeker said...

@ patrick f

I used to be similarly possessed with superstition demons when it came to putting on my hockey gear in the locker room.

Then one night I realized that I'd forgotten to pick up my skates where I used to get them sharpened.

There was no other choice than to talk the rink manager into unlocking the door and letting me wear a pair of those crappy rental skates (they were RED too!). Although I was embarrassed as hell, I got a goal in that game!

I never worried about that stuff again (when it came to myself although I still do for the Pens).

I Have Kasparaitis said...

FurtherSuperstitionblog: The reason I'm not here gameday is because of my superstition with technology and play-time. It goes back to my superstition with my martial arts. No computers on testing day, no computers on Pens game.

I hope Dallas doesn't mess this game up ... I need Detroit to lose.

Chubs said...

It's nice to see Charlie's only ~100 friends from freedom (and somewhat weird seeing half of cblog's regulars on his wall)

aaaand a shortie for Zetterberg...

blufftalk said...

 nbsp;The people fixing the playoffs for the Pens must obviously also be fixing the world championships against Team USA.  nbsp;Obviously.

Stoosh said...

Dallas = Stunned

The Seeker said...


Get over to and vote for MAF in their poll question.

Which goaltender has performed the best thus far in the Conference Finals?

Total Votes: 1085

Martin Biron (PHI): 22.03%
Marc-Andre Fleury (PIT): 31.34%
Chris Osgood (DET): 31.06%
Marty Turco (DAL): 15.58%

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Dallas is worse than stunned. Dallas = Pretending to Play. (maybe they are part of the conspiracy to let Detroit make it to the Stanley Cup. They needed the Sharks to lose 'cause it would mess up everything ... did you ever notice that conspiracies are never that great?)

@Seeker: I'm pretty sure I'm about half of Flower's percent ...

The Seeker said...

Dr Turkelton

"aren't there a few goalies in cblog that could confirm or refute this???"

I was never a goalie, but my Son started out as one. I used to help him work new gloves in.

You don't need to be one to know that goalie gloves are huge and I agree with you....they could easily cover the entire puck and both lines as well.

jefe said...

voted. its a close one.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I'm calling it a night, folks. Hopefully, Dallas doesn't hangs themselves like Elmo and try to end the misery. I want this series to drag on as long as humanly possible. Maybe Gary Roberts will convince Dallas to play with a Herb Brooks or Stoosh-esque speech.

eileenover said...

stoosh and coffeytalk, I sent you both friend requests on facebook and you better accept them. So how was everyone's night?

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

I hear by trade, myself. I'm sure a flattened glove on the ice is probably only a few inches away from the back of the net...I was waiting to hear some freaky stats from a 'tender: like the inside dimensions have a max of 18.325 in., and from tip to cuff can be no more than 22.875 in. [TOTALLY just made those #'s up for effect]...

rocked the vote.....for biron [hahahahaha, yeah, right!]

Colin said...

@ Dr. Turk -

I have played goalie all my life (nothing professional) but I agree with what you are saying. One of the tricks they teach you is that anytime there is a puck anywhere near the goal line, cover it up and pull it out of the net. The maximum diameter of an NHL goalie catch glove is 45 inches and the puck is 3 inches wide. Therefore there is plenty of room to confirm all three of your bulletpoints.

Some goalies (including myself) use a dark catcher to hide the color of the puck when you are trying to cover it.

I imagine the best way would be a camera at ice level installed in the posts. Heck, why not go crazy and install camera from under the ice. Doesn't the MLB have a camera installed in the dirt by home plate for the All-Star game?

DeCeV said...

The second line past the goal line wouldn't even work all the time. What if the puck is on edge and horizontal, which almost happened yesterday.

That's a goal. Go Pens.

Fleury29 said...

I agree with Paul, we won the game, it was a shitty no goal call but whatev. No point in getting bent out of shape about it.

Moving on.

I support the Roberts/Ruutu '08 campaign.

Ordered the Gary Roberts for president t-shirts this morning. Can't wait for them to get here. Depending on the timing for the finals, I may be wearing it outside of Civic Arena to watch games 3 & 4 on the big screen (the finals are probably going to coincide with my family reunion and I'll be back in PA.)

I've already told them:

Stanley Cup>Family.

Pensgirl said...

Fiji, my voice is what you'd call "husky" right now. I have a feeling it will be for another day or so. In addition to the game I spent about 8 hours round-trip in the car chit-chatting with Matt. And again, totally utterly completely worth it.

Sid is absolutely OCD to some degree (I know, 'cuz, takes one to know one). I think it's cute (funny-cute, not adorable-cute) that he calls it "routine." No sweetie, it's superstition.

Aiight, I need to be sleeping. Nytol!

Lloyd said...

i cant be the first one to notice this...

Flyers coach:

DethKlok manager:

Steve In Denver said...

If the Pens needed that goal at the time, Roberts would have used his mental powers to push the puck to the back of the net.

During this particular point in time, he was focused on more important things, like making sure Franzen's injury was progressing properly, just like he did to Timonen, Avery, Volchenkov, Alfredsson, Spezza, Coburn, etc.


TheNWChica said...

Roberts/Ruutu sounds dandy to would we venture to pick the rest of the President's cabinet, like Secretary of State and such?

Dr. Turkleton said...


thanks for the info...I remember you specifically talking about being a goalie/goalie issues & was hoping you'd chime in with your between the pipes knowledge [gives Wayne's World™ We're not Worthy! salute]

DeCeV said...

Orpik is the Surgeon general. Free candy may cause concussions and broken bones, spirits.
Gill is the commander of the Navy. Laraque runs the department of Homeland Security. Talbot runs the department of superstars.

TheNWChica said...

@decev: Maybe Bing as the Secretary of State since the position seems to be one that takes large amounts of patience and diplomacy.

Dr. Turkleton said...

don't get defensive because you many find this offensive....

Secretary of offensive Defense: Ryan Whitney.

[sorry to throw my fav under the bus, but when in Rome?]

[Hossa: Chairman of the Board of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve. He's MONEY...whether Burying It or being a pickpocket]

Pensgirl said...

OK, I lied, one more post.

Secretary of the Interior: Fleury.

TheNWChica said... is Tuesday yet?

Darien said...

Ok, the Pens have this series in 4 or 5 games which has us looking to Detroit as the clear cut winners of the West (3-0 in the Dallas series with Datsyuk scoring a hat trick tonight). Frankly, Detroit scares me. Thoughts?

Dr. Turkleton said...



TheNWChica said...

But I have to wait another 3 hours. *frownyface* lol

Dr. Turkleton said...


did you create that profile pic or was it 'borrowed' intact?

[nice to see Whitney in there!!!!]

sh0ez said...

Like Joose said, we will be in attendance tomorrow. I will be wearing my Gill shirt as well as a Titans visor with a Pacman design on it. I won't be too hard to spot. I'll probably have a sign of sorts, too. Word. Come say hi!

jefe said...

so i was bored and reading/commenting the recaps of games ive attended the last couple seasons. all 2 of them. then i went back even further..

pensblog-november 26, 2006:
"Spector's Hockey says Shero is looking at Pascal Dupuis .... umm no thanks, we have enough players not scoring right now."

not that hes scoring now, but hes solid nonetheless.

haha, i found that funny, since it was like their first post.


TheNWChica said...

@the doc: I borrowed it. I don't have a lot of talent with PS.

Zac Wassink said...

just played the cryers in nhl 2k7 season on xbox
they were up 3-0 with 12 to play.
scored five goals in the remaining time to win. dupuis, staal, hossa, and malone twice.

im just sayin

Pensblog Staff said...

jefe > pensblog

Pensblog Staff said...

hahaha Jefe...

Us =Stunned

Dr. Turkleton said...


were there any 'phantom calls' by the refs in the 3rd to give the Pens the W? I'd heard there were some Easter Eggs in there to play NHL Conspiracy: Pens Win the Cup™: EVERY YEAR.

BTW, don't know your age or your situation, but....

Hope you don't have someone in your household accidentally spill coffee INTO your Xbox 360....rendering it useless & become enraged with your wife that you are still in withdrawal 2 months after the fact & are stuck playing original Xbox, which is like going from driving an Audi R8 to driving a Yugo, too lazy to call Microsoft to find out how to ship it back after getting the Red Ring of Death...hopefully, the 3+ seasons I completed, is somehow still functional on the Xbox 360 detachable hard drive so that I don't have to end up in jail with cblogs house14. [/early Tues. morning rant]

Raybin said...

Just sent the Facebook request to save Charlie.

Cblog > Tom Hanks.

Zac Wassink said...

they actually had one more pp than i did, not to mention a penalty shot on one of the most bogus penalties ive seen in the game haha. maf shut it down, though, which began the comeback.

my fiancee normally keeps away when anything hockey related is going on in the room haha. she knows that


Raybin said...

This Facebook thing is fun.

I wrote "Conkblock! Beast." on the wall of the Official Ty Conklin Fan Club group, apparently run by his cousin or whatever. Hope they pass that one on.

Call me a traitor, but I also HAD to join a group called "Dion Phaneuf wrecks kids" Unreal.

TheNWChica said...

I sent a Facebook request too!

BlacknGold66 said...

Raybin with obscure politics/entertainment reference.


@Turk: You realize that before I get married I'm counting on you to tell me EXACTLY what to expect.

jefe said...

sorry to call you out on that hahaha.
anyway, the only game i went to this season was vs the devils, the game right before the big turnaround against ottawa (6-5 shootout)..
the other recent one was 12/5/07, against florida, where crosby split the defense and flew forward for that highlight reel game tying goal.. but both losses. oh well.

Raybin said...


There's an official Jeff Jimerson fan club.

Someone start one for John Barbero STAT!

eileenover said...

My comment didn't even show up on cblog facebookblog. Today really just sucks.

jefe said...

oops i meant 12/5/06 for that florida game..
oh and i just remembered i saw the 7-2 blowout in phoenix. when i say i just remembered, i mean, i was so plastered that game, i just NOW remembered i even went. great game with another insane crosby goal. yes im living in the past, just waiting for the future (game 3.3)

jefe said...

might as well.. 100.

TheNWChica said...

Meh...I'm 3 hours behind most of y'all and my eyelids are slamming shut. However, when I wake up it will be Tuesday!

18 hours and 33 minutes! Whoooo!

Night all!

BlacknGold66 said...

Stupid annoying commercial making me hungry.

"5....5 dollar..... 5 dollar footlooooong."


Tuesday is going to go by sooo slowly.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

well, i will be watching our game closely tomorrow, then i will be watching the dallas detroit game the next day with just slightly less effort to detail. Its good to be back from AZ... i watched last game in the airport after i landed. it was midway through the first and i watched the rest of the game at the pizza hut in the terminal without moving... i think people started talking about how weird i was, but i was at an airport... no better place to act a fool.

peace in your crease biron...

eileenover said...

Thanks bng, now I'm hungry. I think I'll eat some of my mom's amazing bread pudding with amaretto sauce. Oh Gary is it good.

Joose said...

I'm halfway through my Ruutu for Pres. sign. This shit better get me on TV. hahaha

Dr. Turkleton said...



I didn't mean to paint such a grim pic of the ol' ball & was an accident, really. She set her coffee on the entertainment center right above the tv w/ Xbox360 on top of that...went to pick up her mug, & a mini Niagara Falls [our fav spot to travel, BTW] ran right into the xbox.....

a couple days later, I went to play Call of Duty started up, froze & the Red Ring appeared....

she felt so bad when I told her what happened she wanted to run out to Best Buy to purchase me a new one on the spot!!!!

I told her don't worry [while biting my lower lip almost completely off], I'll send it back or something...

that was 2 months ago. thank Gary the boys are on a run & have turned my attention to more 'important' matters.

the key to this next part is: NEVER 'SAY' THESE ACTUAL WORDS TO HER: 'You Owe Me One'....just file that away in your memory that can be used at a later time for many,many different things [wink,wink]

Ah, we'll have to tell tales at tSB or a tailgateblog someday [that's right!, you've already met the girl last week at the Souper Bowl!!!!!!]

Funny how getting sick on Sunday has leapfrogged into calling into work in a few hours to burn a sick day [wonder if the Pens had anything to do with THAT as well]

Dr. Turkleton said...

@BNG66 said:

"5....5 dollar..... 5 dollar footlooooong."


that is too fuckin' ironic/hilarious/cbloggerific

I was telling/humming/singing poorly that $5 footlong thing at/to my wife tonight after din-din....she said she'd rather drop the Lincoln on some Quiznos, instead [I couldn't argue with that]

you're lucky you don't have Vs...I swear they've only run 5 different commercials during the last 2 rounds of the playoffs: this flyers blog actually does a nice rundown of them in 05.11.08's post

BlacknGold66 said...

Turk I completely forgot that I already met your wife(who is appearantly about 16 years your junior... way to go!) at tSB doing shots and " actin a fool!" haha!

My gf knows the rule about liquids/food/lotions etc. around my computer. If that bad boy were to go down I'd be ruined.

She also knows that my Pens hat is considered to be more holy than the Grail itself. She just found out two days ago that the hat is only 1.5 years old (it's FILTHY and looks like it's 15 years old). But she still gives it the respect a man's inanimate best friend needs.

That saying, "Behind every successful man is a wise woman" is so damn true.

paul said...

@nick saia:

i watched game 2 against the senators in an airport in chicago, and a guy got off the plane and saw my malkin shirt and me staring at my laptop and asked me the score. it made me feel slightly vindicated.

@dr. turkleton:

that mike's hard lemonade commercial was worth a chuckle from me the first time I saw it. the next 45 times, not so much. also, can we please go into how not hard you have to be to drink mike's hard lemonade? i mean seriously, unless you're at a sorority mixer or a prom after party, you need to man up and drink a beer (smithwick's or sam adams come to mind...) or even some hard cider for garysakes! its shameful to winos and lushes everywhere.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Turk: I do the same thing when I want Subway.

She's also become quit good at ignoring me when I repeatedly say "Steak?!" in my Homer Simpson voice.

I'm pretty good at driving her banana's.

Mmmmmm, banana's.

ghenygator08 said...

"we stay hard in a world that's gone soft?" more like we make pussy drinks so you can try and knock up 17 year olds

Dr. Turkleton said...

ONLY 16 years my junior??? hmmmmmm...
how slutty-looking was she again? [jk]

nah, besides the xbox fiasco [& not really that big a deal in the grand scheme of things]...she's a keeper...[unless my hockey memorabilia / card collections become 'missing' or burned up...THEN we have a MAJOR problem!]

becoming good friends 1st is one of the keys...

then, we lived together for a couple years before we made it 'official'.

the whole living-together thing is sometimes still frowned upon in some circles....but we both figured: if we can't make this work while we're NOT married....what the hell will change once we say our 'I Do's' ???....

Kinda like if we were able to test drive/keep a car for a week or two before you write out that check for the down payment.

eileenover said...

New post everyone.


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