Thursday, May 1, 2008

Free Candy

Pens Nation has been on Cloud Dupuis since Game 3's victory.
Stanley Cup chatter is running rampant.

But the road to the Cup is a rough one.
It's as predictable as playing Oregon Trail.

:: Talbot has undisclosed foot injury. [ Fanhouse ]

In the playoffs, you have to have more depth than Baby Jessica's well.
And the Pens have it.

Although a broken foot on Talbot would give our PK a major blow,
the Pens have TWO centers waiting, in Jeff Taffe and Kris Beech.

But most likely, Talbot will sit out Game 4, freeing up a spot for the beast:

HCMT is the one making all those decision.
Scott Burnside at ESPN did a great article on Therrien. [ ESPN ]

:: Speaking of Therrien, he isn't a finalist for coach of the year. [ KK ]

:: The Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame currently has a Crosby exhibit.
Go to [ PSAMP ] for all the info.

:: Ryan Malone gives you a little look inside the the Penguins locker room. [ WTAE ]



There is sometimes a fine line between completely hating a person
and wishing bodily harm on said person.

We would be singing a different tune right now if he had broken Crosby's wrist.

But when news of Sean Avery being hospitalized with a heart attack hit the internet,
we were upset with ourselves that we secretly wished he were dead during the series.

But it turned out the NY Daily News wet the bed. [ Fanhouse ]

It finally came into focus that Avery had a ruptured spleen,
probably as a result of that Hossa hit at the blue line.

Or as a result of getting some free candy:

[Ed Sedlock]-----------[Nicholas S]

The NY Daily News wasn't the only credible news source to botch the details:

[ Gregg F. ]

We're not ones to stomp all over someone's hospital bed.

We hope he never plays hockey again.
But that doesn't mean we don't want him to be healthy for the Vogue internship.

He'll be fine.

:: Wyatt Earp's interesting pregame routine:

[ Jamie K. ]

:: And you gotta check out what [ Blueshirt Bulletin ] is up to.

:: More about this Chris Drury injury.

Putting his arms up in jubilation:



1:15 mark of the highlights on [ TSN ]


Just in case this 3-0 lead has made you lose your competitive edge,
don't ever forget...

New York is the most annoying city in the world.

Our evidence?
Well, just look at some of the following people.

[Thanks to Jason M for these]

These pictures actually make you want to physically assault someone.

But it gets better.



This next picture is an exclusive behind the scences look at Dubi and the staff from [ BlueShirtBulletin ] preparing for a big post.



:: The goals-per-game for the NHL is still solid. [ James Mirtle ]

:: Back before the playoffs started, [ Kukla's Korner ] held a contest for all comers:
Guess the number of total goals that will be scored in the playoffs.

We calculated the numbers of the previous two playoff seasons
and came out with an average of 435 goals and 11 shutouts per playoff season.

Definitely not an exact science right now,
but we're on pace for 413 goals this season and maybe 12-13 shutouts.

:: The drop in goals has to something to do with all these sweeps. [ ]


Philadelphia is on the brink of stunning the Habs. [ CuseAdelphia ]

The Canadiens benched Carey Price. [ FourHabsFans ]
What a mistake. [ All Habs ]

The Bee Gees made an appearance for the Sharks last night.

They stayed alive for one more night, winning 2-1. [ WeBleedTeal ]


It's nearly impossible to not be thinking about the C-word
when your favorite team starts the playoffs 7-0.

The current 16-win, 4-round format has been around since the 1986-87 season.

A handful of teams have gone 16-5 in the second season.
A couple of have gone 16-4.



16-3 record on the way to the C.

One thing no team has done since 1986-87 is sweep the first two rounds.


The only way we'll post pics with people's faces in them
is when someone takes a pic with a Charlie lookalike...or takes these pics:

[ Noelle P. ]

[Dan M]---------------[Cannon]

[Mike C]



Will Leitch, the founder of,
recently went into the Lion's Den on Bob Costas' HBO show Costas Now.

The discussion was about blogging vs. traditional newspaper media.

Sadly, we'll put the language disclaimer up
due to the vulgarities spewed by Buzz Bissinger, the journalist in the video.

Plus, Bob Costas swears, which is awesome.

His words will be [ taken out of context ] and turned into a ringtone.
Which is also awesome.


Old-hat Pittsburgh writers are resting on the laurels.
Pittsburgh newspapers don't realize these journalists can't possible relate to the youthful insurgence in the Penguins fanbase.

Those are the two reasons why this site even exists.

Case in point: We were happier than pigs in shit
when Dejan Kovacevik was the Penguins beat writer for the Post-Gazette.

It was a breath of fresh air. It was a younger voice.
Hell, Mark Madden was a beacon of hope when he had a column.

The only way we know "what's going on" with the Pens is because of newspapers.
We link to newspapers every day.

And as far as credibility and factual accuracy goes,
a newspaper has the author, editor, and maybe a fact-checker.

On the internet, people aren't stupid.
If you aren't bringing facts, people know.

It should be every blogger's goal in life
to have Bob Costas reading their comment sections on a TV show.

What a moment.


[Thanks to Jfronz, click to enlarge.]

Go Pens


dappie99 said...

second but first comment....

welcome back Mr. Roberts. bury someone. mark the grave with a broom.

Pens Nation

PensfanSeoul said...

damn...thought i would be first...would have been the best moment of the month for me....

DeCeV said...


Rotelli's Thursday.

Matthew J, said...

Dappie is in law school. Let him have this, his best moment of the month, before those pesky finals.

DeCeV said...

I laughed out loud when I saw that pbc was stunned.

Raskolnikov said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lloyd said...

...probably the only time in any foreseeable future that i would be in the top 15 posts...

...But i am just too damn tired (and have no voice from the Van Halen Concert) to post anything of value here...

Go Pens

Raskolnikov said...

Bob, my Denny's servers are the best! Except for Jaromir. Instead of putting the plates in the dishwasher, he licks them clean. Says that it helps his badonkadonk.

ada520 said...

Man that bissinger is a douche. 1950 called. They want their insanely conservative, no-funny business attitude back.

Thank god for change. . .

By the way, I'm not 21 but I'm in state college. How's the setup at Rotelli's for watching the game? Might roll over.

Mike Georger said...

the hypocrisy of him calling out leitch for profanity when the first words out of his mouth are 'i think youre full of shit', man thats just awesome. in the words of egon, print is dead. fucking deal with it

ill be at rotellis

jmagnifico said...

Gary Roberts would operate on his own spleen then come out and net a hat trick

letsgopsu said...

The Oregon Trail comment almost made me piss myself.

Where's Rotelli's?

Vern said...

Good to know there's Pens fans in state college nowadays...I had to suffer through the rough times listening to the internet for 4 years

Go Pens

Flyer Hater said...


Why is Mike Tirico even allowed in the room? His radio show gets worse ratings than the final season of Double Dare 2000.

geezer said...

That lockeroom shenanegs video was great. Whitney called out Malone as a "media whore", yikes dude relax! It's just nice to see where they hang. Great stuff!

I will be cleaning up this evening and will be looking for the Pens to do the same. Sweeeeep!!!!!!

SK said...

Tirico (paraphrased but close):

"I didn't know there were two playoff games in the NHL last night. Didn't even know they still played that sport outside of Canada."

Will. Never. Listen. Again.

Fleury29 said...

Thanks for that Malone video. That's good stuff.

I think tonight's game is going to be fun. Will the Bee Gee's make an appearance for the Rangers or will Father Time show up in a Pens uniform? Either way, Double J is sure to be on acid.


lauren_hbg said...

Those pictures of New York's finest men had me cracking up - reminded me of that YouTube clip of "My New Haircut." Please tell me I'm not the only one that's seen that.

My new f'ing haircut

Jonny V said...

I'm pretty much done with "watching" Mike and Mike. They had one of those montages (sp?) showing the week's highlights and not one clip of hockey. I wish the fat one would eat the gay one and choke to death. They get no respek.

Those orange skinned mousse-headed muscle heads are scary. Even worse is the fact that some chicks dig that look. Well, they tell themselves that anyways.

dying alive said...

Oregon Trail reference ftw!

I hope the Pens break out the brooms tonight and sweep the Rags and their smug, humorless fans right onto the golf course. I notice that they don't really seem to have much to say these days. I guess they're all busy listing their game 4 tickets on stubhub.

DeCeV said...

Rotelli's = on Calder way. You know those stores on Calder that are below street level? Like with the Pita Pit and Mike's Video? If you keep walking West past those the first thing you see on street level I believe is Rotelli's.

Sooska said...

Congratulations cbloggers! We have reached 25 states! Half way there!

Geographyblog update

cblog universe in 25 states and 2 provinces. can we go for 50 states?

PA(30+), OH(2),WV, MD(2), IN, NJ, NY, CT,MA,
VA(2),NC, FL, TN, KY, TX(4!!), AZ, CA(2), CO, NV, NM,WA,OR,ID,MT, WY (OK these last 3 were Hip but she was blogging so it counts). The halfway point was reached with "annie," of the Shakespeare-inspired Lord Stanley's Day speech, in MA.

Where are you?

GeographyARTblog-artist unknown downloaded from tPB and I don't know the Creator. GR, maybe?

Spencemo said...

WOW. It was almost musical to hear Costas say douchebag. Speaking of douchebags, that Bissinger sure qualifies. Apparently he has no sense of humor.

Bugsy's trip around the locker room was classic.
"You're a media whore!" = priceless

Pooch said...

Rotelli is the best place to watch pens playoff games, second only to Mellon Arena (ive been to both)

Antonette said...

The Oregon Trail reference brings my back to when you guys were selling Whitney for cattle.
Yes, I've been around The Blog for awhile.

End nostalgiablog.

The Malone video was so quality, just another thing that shows how close and fun our team is. "I've got hair on my chest, those are my tats." Whit's such a goof.

I'm so ready for tonight. Today's looking to be epic- I get free Flight of the Conchord tickets, get to dissect a pig, and then watch the Pens. Hell yeah.

Antonette said...

ALSO, Ohio Pensbloggers:
Anyone near the center of the state? Just curious.
(I'm a displaced Western PA blogger going to school at OSU)

Dan said...

that malone video was solid.

i did not get to watch it yet, it is on my tivo, but i heard bissinger has a rv that says free candy on the side. then orpik punched him in the face then drove it off a cliff.

Ashley said...

damn I hate dial-up...can't see the videos :(

Jagr said after Game 3 that he had a funny feeling about the rest of the series. To steal from Dave Hodge, I will say this: Yeah, I have a funny feeling, too...that the Penguins will win.

I'm cautiously optimistic for a trip to the Finals.

Go Pens!

Ashley said...

sooska - I've been posting from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, if that helps...a couple of Canadian provinces for ya if you don't already have them.

Spencemo said...

No, Antonette, I'm only 15 miles from the PA line...way the hell away from OSU. Although, I am eternally jealous of you for going to OSU...

Loser Chris said...

Game 4 against the Rags... time to break out the Ronnie Franchise jersey!


Hip said...

For like 3.4 seconds I was confused thinking Mike Tirico was the same as John Saunders. That would have been a terrible mistake.

Malkin is so shy it's precious. He needs to study ESL hard core this summer so we can have more exclusives with him. Honestly, I'd love to hear him break down a goal or two with Potash.
Jeff Taffe = hot.
Whit needs to calm down.

NYC pics are just stunning. Is it required that you pose with your lips pursed there? I think my favorite part might be the dorky ass white dude on the far right of the prom pic though. Bwaahaha!

BeeGees reference - solid. In all seriousness, can someone tell me what is wrong with the Sharks? I blame Wilson personally but their issues have to run deeper than that.

You know it's getting bad when you can't sleep while on vacation. Pens excitement is taking over. I'm on hallowed ground and it's Game Day bitches.

Go Pens.

Steve In Denver said...

Every Penguin that Stephen S comes up with is a masterpiece.

This Diver Down one with wwgrd swim floaties??? Good Christ, man.

Go Pens


Gordie said...

was that a kris beech photo on the wall behind taffe? everyone feels welcome here.

there must be alot of Pens fans in State College. Champs was taking reservations for Pens games. none for the Flyers yet.

Someone kept calling me Ovechkin in my roller game last night. I don't really see that as an insult, I like being called one of the best players in the NHL. And I did my best AO impersonation and ripped a 30 foot slapper under the crossbar. All with my WWGRD wristband. Go Pens!

Stoosh said...


1. This place is more informed than probably 85-90% of the mainstream media when it comes to hockey, and I'm not even talking about the X's and O's stuff. I'm talking about having a reasonable working knowledge of the game.

2. Flyer Hater - I've never wanted XM reception as badly in my office as I did yesterday when Tirico made that comment. My God. Look, I know the NHL was a laughingstock because it cancelled its own season. And God knows talking hockey isn't probably anywhere as interesting as talking about steroids in baseball for 300,000,000th time the last five years. And I don't expect ESPN to cater to hockey fans just because. But I would at least expect a network that attempts to legitimize Arena Football and poker as legitimate to at least do better than Tirico's comments (and I won't even approach Michelle Tafoya's tendency to treat every story like it's earth-shattering news. I don't see kids at Toys R' Us getting as excited as she does when she's on the air. Hey Michelle, maybe drink one or two fewer pots of coffee before you go on the air, mmmm'K?).

ESPN lost another listener for his show. I used to leave it on just to leave something on in my office between Junker & Crow and Madden's show. I'd rather listen to the AM polka channel (I'm half-Polish anyway).

3. Mike & Mike used to be ESPN's best syndicated show. Now it's just overproduced garbage, just like pretty much everything ESPN does.

4. Can someone tell me why Shannon Perrine felt compelled to ask Jeff Taffe if he understood football? Shannon, darling...he's from Minnesota, not Jupiter.

Fleury29 said...

Sooska, where's Kansas on that list?

Fleury29 representing Kansas.

lauren_hbg said...

I agree on the Mike & Mike thing... Actually, just this morning, my boyfriend put it on before we left for work, and their main focal point was Golic's ability to eat large quantities of food - how does this relate to sports? To top it off, the guest on the show was "Crazy Legs" Conti, a competitive eater. Come on, we're in the thick of the NHL playoffs, and you're talking about competitive eating. I hate ESPN.

Sooska said...

fleury29 - Thanks- if you told me before I missed it. 26 states! over the hump woooo

Sooska said...

@ ashley- Thanks! 2 more provinces for a total of 4! Home of Sidney Crosby!

DeCeV said...


What color does your team wear? I might have seen your game haha.

Chad said...


Add another pin in the map for NV.

Gonna have to answer a ton of questions today as I wear the WWGRD wristband to work today.

Go Pens.

Dr. Turkleton said...

The 'Company' guy at ESPN Radio I would listen to consistently was:

Todd Wright: Up All Night.

I think he was on from like 10,11-midnight thru 5-6 in the am.

He talked all sports, but seemed to give hockey it's due respect in regards to the other 'big 3'...that's probably why he's no longer employed there.

Scotty Ferrall, now on Howard Stern's Sirius station, is another good one that likes to talk hockey, esp. Pittsburgh since he's from around here and worked here.
I first heard him on KNBR-THE Sports Leader, out in California back in 1995 & before I knew who he was...I KNEW he was from the Burgh with his accent....he has a Myron Cope-ish raspy, smokers voice that once you hear it, you NEVER forget it....

The Seeker said...


Those Rags fans take the term metrosexual to another level!!

The tanning bed industry must be booming there in the Rotting Apple.

JYo said...

Homo Hollweg??? Did he and Larry train at the same academy?

re: "what is wrong with the Sharks?"

For starters, they have zero leadership. Jumbo Joe is a hell of a talent, but he is clueless as a leader. They just seem to have no passion when they get in the playoffs.

Sooska said...

@ chad- Our Western US component is really good! Whoda thunk it?

@ stoosh- #5- I made that same observation yesterday. Taffe does not need a translator. Giving her the benefit of the doubt maybe she was directing Bugsy so she could edit the video so he looked like a "real" reporter.

The whole thing was just great as was the uncut footage of his interview with her. It's a nice peek into their personalities. I think Whit was just jaggin Bugsy.

Jason said...

Anyone else notice all those NY clowns have Jeff Reed haircuts?

@ Sooska:

You have at least 2 in NC now.

The Seeker said...

Just wondering if anyone has seen the full Ryan Malone interview (that video was the "outtakes") on YouTube?

I might also be a bit slow on the uptake but I'm not grasping the relationship of Blueskirt Bulletin being linked to a Billy Ocean - Get Out of My Dreams video in this line:

" And you gotta check out what [ Blueshirt Bulletin ] is up to."

dying alive said...

The guy in the suit coat in the prom pic has to have lost a bet. That's the only explanation that could possibly make any sense.

I have nothing new to add to geographyblog. I'm in the 'Burgh.

dying alive said...

The last post should have read the guy in the PINK suit coat.

Distratcted today.

Sooska said...

@ jason- Thanks y'all!

@ dying alive - You are in Pens Mecca. (Will cblog be bombed now?)

Jason said...

@ sooska:

Haven't adopted the y'all quite yet. There are lots of us displaced Pittsburghers down here...

Jason said...

Those kids are all Jeff Reed love children.

Stoosh said...

@ Tuuuuurrrrrrk -

Agree with you on Todd Wright. He was awesome. Back around 1999-2000, I used to work at a bar/restaurant in Bridgeville, but I lived on Mt. Washington. On nights that I closed the bar, I'd be driving home at 2:30-3:00 AM...he made the 20-25 minutes back to Mt. Washington very bearable.

Scott Ferrall is awesome as well.

blackngoldforever904 said...

Last night Flyers fans boo a Montreal player while laying on the ice after being disemboweled by a Briere slapshot. Then they boo when he manages to get up and skate off!

You stay classy Philadelphia!

I'm tempted to make the 40 min trip to Rotelli's just to hang out with some Pens fans and watch the game. Damn you gas prices!

Colin said...

Speaking of ESPN, I thought Melrose had a solid point about the game tonight. He said "Avery's injury gives them another excuse to lose, and what they really need is an excuse to win."

Tonight is all about Marian Hossa breaking out in a big way.

Eric K said...

never laughed as hard as i did watching the Malone video. classic.

Whits was a little bitch "cmon man, stop, leave me alone, i dont like that stuff" hahaha.

Malkin looked like he had no clue what Bugsy was saying then out of nowhere he just busted out the English. "Big curve, all the time"
"Im a good shooter, but good at passing too, good at everything"
"Sykie just shoots"

Malone: "Sykie shoots, I'll get in front of the net, and you do everything else, right?"

Joshua said...


Sorry you decided to go to law school. I just finished my second year.

My girlfriend is from New Jersey by the shore. Those dudes are all over the place. Every single one of them will have skin cancer soon. It's okay.

I can understand Buzz Bissinger's anger, but he's really getting way too reactionary about the whole thing. There will be good blogs and bad blogs. So what. There's nothing wrong with people having access to the medium. It's not like people don't think "fuck that douchebag" when they read an article. Now they have a means to append their thoughts to the original article. So what?

Joshua said...

Wow. If you google "New Jersey club douchebags" you actually get results that lead to said photographs.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Happy May Day!, May Day!, May Day!, everyone.

[it's #1 on the countdown]

TheNWChica said...

Stephen S is my friggin' colleagues wonder what is so damn funny about 745ish every morning.

And big props to the West! HOOOOOOOO! lol


Mike Georger said...

so what time should i plan on being at rotellis
btw its downstairs in the restaurant, not the upstairs part

dying alive said...

Pretty sure Whitney was probably kidding about the "I don't like that stuff" and calling Malone a media whore. He just won the Pens' media cooperation award this season. If anything, he was probably goofing on himself.

He did look uncomfortable when Malone told him to do the yinzer accent. I'm not sure why - those of us who live here make fun of it more than anyone else ever could. It's horrific.

The Seeker said...

What's with those "sophisticated" New Yorkers anyhow?

You'd think they could grasp that PENGUINS has only ONE "n" in it.

Every time someone tries to call our team The Pens on Blueskirt Bulletin, they instead type PENNS.

Out team is called the Pittsburgh Penguins not the Pittsburgh Pennsylvanians!

Dan said...

@ stoosh - you can go on and listen to any show live. i used to listen to cowherd before it came down to just basketball. (he watched the winter classic, and liked it, whatev that's worth). espn radio is not available through xm online, i've tried that, but you can get it through their own site.

pensfan100 said...

Checking the Pens Q & A on the p-g, someone suggested a "blackout" at the next Pens home game. Molinari responded (correctly) that the puck could be lost in the crowd and make play on the ice difficult. With the complaints about a "whiteout" being pro-away team and unoriginal (see Winnipeg Jets), I have the perfect solution - GOLDOUT!

The Seeker said...

Another joke on Blueskirt Bulletin thinks that the League should review game tape to see if a Penguin speared Avery and suspend the offending player based on the severity of his injury!


Gordie said...

@DeCeV - Orange. vs white. I got a couple penalties in that game. first two I've had all season.

Dan said...

@ pensfan - i was thinking the same thing. white doesn't cut it.

props to geno for the t shirt. i wonder if he understands what it says yet?

Stoosh said...

@ Dan -

I tried to get onto XM via the website and unfortunately was Conkblocked by a firewall. Curses! If I could, I'd have XM 204 (Home Ice) on all the time here at work.

Stoosh said...

Dr. Turk -

I can't get it because of a firewall, but I'm guessing that's a link to Rick Jeanneret's "May Day" call?

One of the best non-Pens calls ever.

lauren_hbg said...

Anyone else see this? Pittsburgh was decided as the "Sootiest" city in America.

Pittsburgh Takes Prize for Sootiest City

Dr. Turkleton said...


you.are.correct, sir.

it's a top 10 list...with the May Day! call being #1....

along with LaLaLaLaLaLaFontaine!!!! & some other goodies.

Todd Wright is now on Sporting News Radio [I just did some investigative googling]...but they want some $$$ to listen to his shows' replays...meh. no thanks.

Just read in a Newsday article:

The injury apparently occurred when Avery, the Rangers' chief instigator, slammed into a Pittsburgh defenseman. self inflicted????....

totally forgot Floppa had the same thing happen to him [his spleen ruptured] and had to be removed during the playoffs back in '01

Gavin said...

FYI, I went to the Van Halen show last night at the Igloo and sure enough, the Cotton Candy guy was in the house. The only problem was he kept screaming "Coke and Water!" and it just didn't have his usual flow, nor energy. Either he was missing his cotton candy or didn't take his usual massive amounts of greenies.

TheNWChica said...

From EmptyNetters:

-Going by the Daily News' standards of journalism, Empty Netters is reporting Mario Lemieux is coming back tonight. He's going to play the left boards. He's in the best shape of his life.


But seriously, I hope that MT rests Max and Scuds and lets Syd and Gary play.

Gordie said...

After watching that newspaper vs blogging video, I have to honestly say that I don't go to blogs for breaking news or game recaps. I go there for the fun and the fact that it is more geared toward younger fans. It's more fun. The swearing and vulgarities in blogs are so general, it doesn't bother me since it's everywhere (and I do mean everywhere). I don't take anything that serious anyway.

People need to calm down and accept fate. Just like capitalism pushed out small town stores in favor of supermarts. It's a new time.

Kyrie said...


You can add IA to geographyblog

Dan said...

@ stoosh

try this link, you can listen to any of their shows live for free.

haven't done html in a while, i tested it, hopefully it works.

Joshua said...

Those dudes look like Oompah Loompahs, that or burn victims.

I love razzing my old lady about her home state. These dudes make it easy.

Dr. Turkleton said...

those boys have tanorexia and should seek help. immediately.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Stoosh: I hate when people still think "lockout" jokes are funny. I had this conversation the other night with someone...

Him - "So, who won the Cup two years ago? Oops. Strike!"

Me - "Carolina Hurricanes."

"And it was a lockout, not a strike."

Him = Stunned.

John said...

I am a Pens from from NYC and in fairness the "guido" pictures you showed are not what Manhattan is about. Those people are probably from Long Island, Staten Island or New Jersey. Real New Yorkers vomit when they enter the manhattan and there are designated places (bridge and tunnel clubs) where they go where no real new yorkers would step foot in. I want the rangers to get destroyed as the next pens fan, but it is not fair to falsely label the city's inhabitants.

BlacknGold66 said...

So I thought I'd throw this out there.

To anyone in the West side of Cleveland reading this (which is probably two people)...

The Winking Lizard in Lakewood was rumored to have a good 20 some Pens fans watching Tuesday's game.

I say rumored because 1) I wasn't there and 2) my friend that was there is a hard-core alcoholic (I wish I were joking) and has a hard time telling the truth.

Either way, I'll be there.

66 "comeback" jersey, dirty yellow hat. Say hello.

Dr. Turkleton said...


watched a show on PBS last night: Carrier. Life on the USS Nimitz

•1st thought: USS Hal Gill
•2nd thought: BNG66

this is the type of reality TV I like to watch....

they were showing these Navy planes trying to land & were bouncing off the deck like a puck at the Mellon during Game 1. Plus, they were doing this AT NIGHT with swells some of the higher ups [sorry, don't know their rank] on board hadn't seen before....
One pilot that had just landed was saying at one point close to landing the deck was above his plane, then the next moment, he was looking down at the crew on the deck....he held his hand out & it was still SHAKING from the experience....

Dan said...

fyi............ Roberts is officially in the lineup!!!!!!!!!!

JYo said...


Fleury is 7-0 with 1.72 goals against average and .940 save percentage in this year's playoffs.

Keep it up new 29er. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Grégoire said...


how about adding a new continent to your list? I'm in France. Well, to be honest, I almost never contribute to cblog, and I'm a habs fan.
But it looks like I could very soon be cheering for the pens in the EC finals...

God that hurts, I hate the flyers.

TheNWChica said...

Bienvenue Grégoire! Comment ça va?

kaaate danielle said...

the kid with "WWGRD?" shaved into his head is in my human development class at SRU!
i died when i first saw his haircut.

tripledeke said...

@ sooska...

1 more for VA

gotta try and catch texas for second place

aunt penny said...

Talbot out, Roberts in...from the PG

Cody said...

So yesterday, after readin 1400 some posts here, I obviously needed to read some more. Over at the PG, there;s the Q&A with Jerry Micco. The question and answer go like this:

michaelg127: Type here Ron Cook had a nice column on Jarko Ruutu last week. It helped me understand why he's such a fan favorite. Here's hoping the Penguins can re-sign him. If he does re-up and the team can't keep Marian Hossa, I suggest the Pens trade for Nashville's Jordin Tootoo and pair him with Jarko. The fans would love cheering for Ruutu and Tootoo.

Jerry Micco: And if the Sharks wanted to rid themselves of Jonathan Cheechoo, you'd have the Cheechoo-Tootoo-Ruutu line. Now that's one for the ages.
They almost called for my favorite "what-if" line I always tell my wife that I want to see play together.

If you take Cheechoo back out of the equation, and then insert Fedor Tyutin, you could have the Ruutu, Tootoo, Fedor Tyutin line, or as I affectionately refer to it as, "The IHOP Line".

Again, with nothing much to bitch about regarding the teams play over the last 4 weeks, this is the kind of hockey commentary I've been reduced to.

tripledeke said...

if anyone watched the malone interview (not the linked one where he interviews ppl, but the one on youtube where he is interviewed), does he say something like "i remember sitting in the stands holding the 'jaws' sign"...if so maybe that is who got the pens to put the fin on the scoreboard (if that isn't what he says then i'm an idiot so forget it)

tecmo said...

Those Rangers fans pictures slayed me. Being from Pittsburgh and having moved to NY (Queens, actually) recently, I gotta say that those dudes are everywhere.

This site kills me

Get Off Our Island

Its so true.

jeff said...

i live in phoenix and the ticker on the local news today said 'minor league hockey player arrested for steaking'. lol slow news day.

Fred Jones said...

@Dr Turk,

Todd Wright was a good listen on ESPN, He was fired because he had a DUI/leaving the scene of an accident issue.


Whistler said...

Stephen S...

Dooood, I'm driving on the PA Turnpike heading to work and I was laughing so hard at your latest piece of work, I almost rear-ended someone (NOT THAT KIND OF REAR-END CHARLIE!!!)

The '66 Buries It' is what made me laugh so hard.

I hope that we don't have the same fate as Dallas did tonight. I'd hate to see us drop a game, especially in NYC. Losing Max is gonna sting in the PK department epecially with the Rags being tough on the PP (DOWN CHARLIE!)

Fleury29 said...

Yeah, those pics are actually from New Jersey... so they're probably Devils fans, if they like hockey at all.

Still funny as hell, though.


Let's Go Pens!

Cody said...

I was thinking that last night, with the gold out.. but then I thought, "What would you call it? A Golden Shower?"

As you can see, I was never really paying attention in Marketing class.

BlacknGold66 said...


Thanks for the thoughts.

I just started watching that show this week. It's like taking a trip down memory lane for me in some regards.

The only real difference is that I was on the USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) which is a conventional carrier as apposed to the Nimitz which is nuclear. HUGE difference when it comes to drinking/shower water, and the galley(aka chow hall, etc.)

But the feelings they express are the same.

Working in high seas during flight operations was nerve-wracking. Your knees felt like they were going to buckle and any given moment.

I can say this now that I'm no longer active duty (see: Enlisted folk hating Officers), but those guys and gals that land planes on an aircraft carrier are as balls to the wall as they come. Jesus.

Then again, everyone on a ship is crazy.

With that rambleblog said... Kudos to everyone out there who can't read this because they are deployed. Whether it be at sea, or in the sandbox.... COME HOME SOON! And thanks to those readers that are in the reserves. I know we have quite a few in here. (Johnny V for one I believe)

JYo said...

From Burnside: "One of the rumors brought to Shanahan's attention? That he revived Avery with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Shanahan suggested Avery put that rumor to rest as quickly as possible."

Reportedly, Shanny would not refute the rumor until he received a phone call. That call was traced to one PB Charlie who was reportedly pissed that Shanny was giving mouth to mouth to another individual.


Sooska said...

@ tripledeke-gotcha in VA now. and yes that is what Bugsy said on his interview -the "jaws" thing.
Actually I think the younger members of the Pens organIzation read tPB and cblog. otherwise I doubt that Steiggy, Bibs, Mike and 29 know about USS Hal Gill, WWGRD, etc. or at least how big it is. no.way. When Steiggy has done a shoutout he has gotten the name close but wrong -don't think that happens if HE actually reads tPB. I toculd be just being in touch with their fan base which they are good at. Jaws PP was very, very popular.

Adam Foote, Stefan Matteau, Bret Hedican. the anatomy line.

Sooska said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FijiH2O said...

@Mizzpenz (1:10 a.m.) - Yes, GR is married and has a young son (4yrs old?), but if he wasn't, you'd have to get past me first:D

@Pensfan100 - I totally agree with the "gold out", but like Cody said, we need a catchy phrase! The white out looked good in person, but when I watched the game at home, I didn't like it. In fact, no one I know liked the look of the white out - they only liked the idea behind it. I would even mind we had to buy our own tshirts, since it colored ts would be more expensive.

@jonny v - your playoff beard is looking good!

Looking forward to seeing Lord Roberts back on the ice tonight. Is Scuderi playing???

I have to go to a b-day party tonight. I thought about blowing it off, but didn't want to risk bad karma. My friend promised to have the game on, but I'm going to record it in case I miss something important.

Go Pens!

Sooska said...

@ gregoire- Bon jour! Merci! Glad to add France! 2 continents for cblog officially! I thought the Habs-Pens CF would have been great. Let's hope the Habs can it it done.

@ kyrie- Iowa! Thanks!

Geno means Goal

thegreenseas said...

maybe call it a "GOLD RUSH"?

Sooska said...

according to a blurb in the Trib Scuds will be playing tonight.

SK said...

@Dr. Turkleton

Carrier is great! I thought it was pretty damn decent of the Black Aces commander to take the refueling flight away from the inexperienced pilot. And then he was the last one to come aboard and he looked damned good doing it. I don't envy those guys landing on a pitching deck at night!

Also liked the Gunnery Sergeant who was taking the Navy to task about the policy of separating senior and junior NCOs.


I'm pretty confident that the Pens will get the sweep tonight.

Cody said...

Yelle, Ott, Satan - The Shout at the Devil line

Cody said...

Well that was certainly better (and much less perverse) than anything I could come up with.

Sweetcheesus! said...

as always a few thoughts.

1: newspapers v.s. blogs, most of the blogs i go to (thepensblog)are essentially the voices of the fans. most of the information we receive today is from major newspapers, instead of b-2 its a link. leitch said it best when he mentioned that they compliment one another. example, mirtle works for the globe, seth over at empty-netters for the post gazette, our old friends brennan and company, etc. especially with a sport like hockey, one that as much as we all love it is hard to follow without blogs. we could go anywhere in the states and still hear who signed what contract "big ben" signed.
Bissinger reminded me of a professor that i had in hiiiiigh school, thats for you bob, Dr malobicky. he went to school for twelve years or whatever it was so that people could call him doctor and not jagoff, yet was still only a high school teacher. its like little man syndrome. Bissinger is that way because he has spent the last twenty yrs or so perfecting his writing, meanwhile guys like the boys here and deadspin are reaching a bigger audience without a masters. sorry if any of you boys have a masters, dont take it personal. mancrush on the staff here.

oregon trail reference - second to none. word. the only thing i would like better is to rock out with a odell lake reference. hopefully we can make it to the lake without drowning. damn game. think i made it to oregon once, hunting was always my favorite.

@annie my mancrushes are tPB staff members, Mr. Brooksy, The USS Hal Gill, and clive owen. . . . maybe i should stop wearing my charlie shirt......

lets kill these bitches, Go Gary Roberts Hes a Hero!


Pensgirl said...

John, you mean like how Rags fans have been calling Pittsburghers inbred toothless illiterates? Lighten up dude, it's a joke.

Back in the day I woulda hurt somebody to get a Reekie Ricci Recchi line. And I'm a huge fan of the Finns - Niinimaa Nieminen Numminen Nurminen Nummelin. I love those Finnish nat'l teams.

BlacknGold66 said...

Stiegy on NHL Live!

TheNWChica said...

Is it 3:30PDT yet!? < /whining>


DeCeV said...



I was one of the douchebags giving your goalie a hard time. We are his room mates haha. Tough loss btw. That white team was pretty good. The Stars lost last night too he was real pissed after that.

Dr. Turkleton said...


last night was the 1st night I got to see it....& I see there are only 2-1 hour episodes left....


Steigy on NHL Live! in studio with Don LaRAGrecca & EJ Hradek...

Don: 'So, Eddie O was just here & he agrees that the series could easily be 3-0 or 2-1 Rangers or 2-1 Penguins if not for the breaks the Pens have gotten.'

Steigy: 'I don't think so.'

Don = Stunned.

Maybe Bing will smell blood in the fiji water & take over tonight, eh?


FijiH2O said...

@thegreenseas - works for me!

@sooska - thanks for the Scuds update!

DeCeV said...


I really do hope that Bing takes over. That would be the perfect end to the Ranger's season. The could take their whining and conspiracy theories all the way to the first hole in that case.

Fleury29 said...

Can you feel it? I can. I can feel it. Tonight we move on to the third round of the playoffs. What will probably be the battle of Pennsylvania.

Penguins vs Flyers.

We may have swept the Senators.
We may sweep the Rangers.
We are not going to sweep the Flyers.

If we play the Flyers I'd worry about the series going to seven games and it will be tough as hell. This is the type of series that will live in NHL playoff lore.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. The Pens have to take care of the Rangers, first.

All those Ranger fans thinking the 2008 Penguins are going to fail like the 1975 Penguins did can go fuck themselves with the business end of a Civil War-era bayonet. It ain't gonna happen.

This team is young. This team is deep. This team is strong and they have pride. Even if they lose tonight, the won't lose game 5.


GwinTheEskimo said...

that bissinger stuff was surreal. perhaps he should lighten up. any valid points he may have had about dumbing down of culture becuase of the internet now substituting for literature, were undermined by his fightned delivery.
I think this blog is intelligent and very self aware, if it matters.

Bissinger would not make it on the oregon trail.

is scuderi out as well?
could we see Sydor tonight?
can't wait to watch roberts play.

no quarter.
Go Pens

Cody said...

@thenwchica: I hear ya, apparently my wife is coming home early to work from home today, so I'm off the hook for picking up the boy today. This all means I actually get to watch pre-game and not have to run through the door to catch the puck drop.


Nathan said...

@Sooska: Not sure if you've counted me yet, but I'm another c-blogger from Virginia.

I can't watch the game tonight, which means another Pens win! Woo!

SK said...

@Dr Turkleton

Full Episodes are available on! Just do a search for 'carrier pbs' on google.


Nathan said...

Oh, and one more thing, that March 9 game against Washington really turned my wife into a hockey fan. I couldn't watch Tuesday night's game, and I was about to call home to get a score update, but when I take out my phone, I see that I have 3 new text messages, all from my wife, and all with game updates. Who knew that all it would take to really turn her into a hockey fan would be a Nicklas Backstrom own-goal with 28 seconds left in regulation?

lauren_hbg said...


I'm so freaking excited for this game tonight I can't even do anything.

Anyone else in the Harrisburg/Camp Hill area, I think there's a bunch of us watching the game at the Brewhouse again.

Kristin said...

For any New York Pens fans: if you want to escape from all the asshole rangers fans come join a great group of Pens fans at Josie Woods for the game. All the details are here:

M. Vanderlasser said...

Any word on who's getting the start tonight? Red and Andy? Ed Harris?

Sooska, you know what to wear, right?

Have you had to explain to someone who doesn't read TBP why you yell "Free Candy!!!" when #44 hits someone?


Me: Yes! Free Candy!!!

Someone: Why'd you say that?

Me: Because Brooks Orpik hit someone.

Someone: Yeah, but why did you yell "Free Candy!"?

Me: Well, there's this really great Penguins blog that does these really funny photoshops and there's one of Brooks Orpik sitting in a old rusty van with "Free Candy" painted on the side.

Someone: Why Brooks Orpik?

Me: Well, he looks kind of creepy in the picture.

Someone: Why's he in a van?

Me: Well, it's a rusty, crappy old van that maybe a creepy person would sit in.

Someone: Why does it say "Free Candy" on the side?

Me: Shut up. We're going to miss Dan Potash getting kissed or Bob Errey's basement waterproofing commercial.

Stanley Cup said...

Brooks Orpik (b. September 26, 1980 in San Francisco, California) is an American ice-hockey defenseman.

Representing the birthplace of "Free Candy"

SF,Ca Bay Area.

Old Fan Here:
Watched Michele Briere play.
Grimaced with Wayne Bianchin Body Surfing accident and breaking neck.

The Seeker said...

@ fleury29

I dunno if I can agree about the Flyers. I really don't think they can hang with us at all.

They could win a game, but I don't think it will be as epic as everyone seems to thinks.

We handled them easily at the end of the season and even in the game we tanked deliberately, we just toyed with them...and they still had a tough time scoring!

They're playing better in the Playoffs, but we are at a whole different level too. They scare me about as much as the Rangers.

jtc27 said...

There is a missing picture in the Drury injury sequence! In the middle picture you can vaguely see Roberts teleporting off the ice after gut punching Drury.

Dr. Turkleton said...



I just noticed that from the link that I originally posted.

Hopefully, after tonight...We'll all have some more free time on our hands for a few days to do some other things....


+1 about the work getting done at work.

the 'soot' thing is kinda misleading, according to the PG article..."The fact of the matter is that the ranking only applies accurately to the Liberty-Clairton area, and Pittsburgh, the rest of the county and the surrounding counties have much better air," Mr. Cole said. "Liberty-Clairton is a unique situation. We have a large source, the coke works, sitting in a river valley, so it's a real challenge. There's no other area of the U.S. like that."

move NOW, jonny v. !!!!!

lis said...

Blowing leads during games as well as series leads (see Capitals, Washington) will eventually catch up to the Flyers!

Unless they change that part of their game, I also believe that a Flyers/Pens series will not be quite as epic as everyone is expecting.

TheNWChica said...

Is there anyone in WA besides me? I would love to meet up with some folks if they're on the west side of the mountains and north of Centralia.


Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

I'm just waiting for that r*g*b douche to make another appearance on cblog...

I think the pens bring out the best & worst in the flyers...watching them against the habs & caps, I kept on thinking: 'Where's their intensity like when they play against the Pens?'

On paper, the Pens should win that series easily [if it comes to that]
weird things happen when you combine:


JYo said...

Seeker beat me to it. I completely agree about the Cryers. In fact, I was much more worried about the Rags than I am about the Cryers, other than a glut of cheap shots that seem almost inevitable. I heard a lot of people saying this series would be epic too. It still could be, but so far, meh.

The Rags looked like a very competent team at the end of the season and Philthy barely squeaked in over some pretty weak competition. As for the playoffs, Philthy played a 3rd seed from a very weak division and is leading a team that overachieved in the regular season and is in over their collective heads in the playoffs with two inexperienced goalies.

Not to take anything for granted, but no team in the east is scary. The teams out west have looked very tough IMO and the action seems to be at 1.5x the speed I have seen in the east, but we'll worry about that when we need to and not before.

Dan said...

People magazine just named their 100 most beautiful people. Gary Roberts occupies spots 1-99. # 100? his dog.

Zac Wassink said...

cannot wait to into the city tonight for the sweep. it's going to be grand

Colin said...

I do fear the Flyers, but I take complete solace in one thing.

Fleury > Biron.

Go Pens.

TheNWChica said...

No love on the list of Most Beautiful for Bing?

Cody said...

@jyo: I agree in part about the Western teams playing at 1.5x speed. They do, but more often than not, it's only in short bursts. I don't know if it's just bias from the Wings of old, but the west always seems slower to me. Being out here, I see a lot of west coast hockey, and it never really does anything for me in the speed sense.

Like I said, it could all just be my perception, but that's been my perception of the west for years. grind... grind... grind...

JYo said...

cody, I think its especially apparent on the PP. Teams on the PK seem to be putting tons of pressure on the puck and teams on the PP seem to move the puck extremely well and quickly. I have probably seen more of the Stars-Sharks series than any other from the west, so perhaps its just that series, but it just seems faster right now.

pensfan100 said...

Update on my earlier post about the Goldout - I have a coworker that has a friend at Ibis Tek, who made the white shirts for Game 1. Apparently the Pens were already on it and wanted gold shirts but they couldn't get 17,000 of them at such short notice. So c'mon Pens and order them for Game 1 of the Conference Finals!

Russell Lucas said...


Jagr sent Wayne Gretzky into retirement at MSG back in 1999 with an OT goal. Tonight "Sidney Diver" returns the favor to JJ in OT at MSG. The Nu Yawk crowd doesn't know whether to boo Crosby or applaud Jagr, so they just leave.

smith said...

Hey Stanley Cup

Wayne Bianchin scored one of the greatest goals in Penguin history on Bernie Parent...entering the Flyer zone at full speed he rifled a slap shot from the right point over Parent's shoulder into the top left corner of the net...hope to see Hossa repeat it in 2008!

wilsmith said...

how the crap can i possibly be expected to catch up on 140 comments when it's not even 3 o'clock yet. unreal. slow down people.

solid update. that's all i've got.

sykie slow.

Cody said...

My general impression of the sharks (being the closest team to me, so the one I've seen most often at the arena) is that when they want to, they are beasts. It was obvious in Game 7 last round with Roenick's command performance. This round, not so much, though the last two games have been some hell-raisers. Overall, though, that western conference brand of shutdown D makes me want to gouge out my eyeballs, and whenever I hear some commentator talk about how the west is going to win the cup this year, I want to punch the TV. Granted, these are guys who, you know, watch hockey for a living, but still, I just can't see a team like Detroit or Dallas stopping the scoring depth the Pens have shown this post-season. They would match up well with Philly, I think, but of the other remaining three teams, I think any of the three have the offensive firepower to beat a western team. But, it's all purely speculation at this point, so let's win one tonight, and focus on what is increasingly looking like the battle for Pennsylvania.

Vern said...

Another Florida representative. Tough to get much hockey down here even with the playoffs. We have to go to the local Steelers bar, which wasn't a bit spot at first, although it's picking up quite a bit there.

Although, one good thing about South Florida is that it is easy to get tickets to the Pens/Panthers games.

BlacknGold66 said...

Less Flyers talk, more talk about the Rangers.

Still have one to go!

Flyer Hater said...

I looked at my WWGRD wristband 5 minutes ago and realized, "We are one f'ing win away from the Wales Conference Final" (I refuse to call it the Eastern Conference)

My wrist=stunned


Turn King Henrik into a court jester.

TheNWChica said...

@FH: I do that too, being out here in Campbell Country.

When I was in EDM and CGY this winter as well as the Garage in VAN last month, it made me a little sad to see the newer banners that came after Count Chocula did away with the division and conference names.

BlacknGold66 said...

Oh yeah, Dubi... I know you are reading this since you made word of every comment I've ever done on the internet in our emails and couldn't keep it professional.

What the USS Hal Gill said to Avery can also be said to you, and I honestly mean this....

You obviously weren't hugged enough as a child. That's why you have so many issues.


We seriously need to take it to the Ranger tonight like's it's nobody's business.


JYo said...

@BNG66: Rangers = teh suck

Break out the brooms!

There is some Rags talk for you!

The Pens need to put one in early again tonight. An early goal could crush their soul and make it a laugher, which would suit me just fine.

Spencemo said...

...sigh I have to work tonight, so I'll miss the game. I will have to make myself an extra special Frappuccino or something to ease the pain...:(

Mike Georger said...

any people going to rotellis, ill be the guy in a black staal shirt with a huge beard and a 22oz yuengling

Sooska said...

@ bng66- isn't the USS HG line to Avery a line from Slapshot?

@ m van der lasser - the shirt is ready. I will NOT forget tonight. Too big.

@ nathan- am pretty sure you are already on my list- don't have it here at work. enough distractions. making a list and checking it twice. santaclausblog

whoever asked about Scuds - check my 12:44 post - Scuds is reportedly IN tonight.

@ cbloggers - thanks for the geographyblog updates - keep em coming.

EmmBee said...


PensfanSeoul said...

I'm already rocking the 7-0 Bob Errey 1992 White sweater with the Stanely Cup Champs patch, The 25th Anniversary patch, and of course, the Badger Bob patch...This needs to be said folks.....

Its a great day for hockey.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Hitfrombehindweg caught walking into MSG this afternoon...

jackedlobster said...

I'm Listening to Metallica's "The Ecstasy of Gold" right now and getting goosebumps!!! I could see the pens taking the ICE under this music! Can't wait for tonight


JYo said...

Thanks for the link emmbee. Funny stuff. Blogs supporting whoever the Pens play in the future can point to this as definitive proof that there is, in fact, a conspiracy against each and every one of them.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Sooska: Yes, not only did USS HG say it to Avery in Game 2, but it was also in Slapshot. Nice catch!

I doubt Uptight Dubi has seen Slapshot though.

Maybe if that prick wasn't such a defensive child I'd give him the benefit of the doubt.

I'll say it again though: at least the guy at had a sense of humor.

Sweetcheesus! said...

waiting for this game is as agonizing as waiting for heinz ketchup. . .

Julia said...

ohh that video is so good, it kind of makes me want to punch ryan whitney in the face, then take geno up on his offer..whatev.

JYo said...

Melrose has a live chat going right now. He had this to say when someone asked if the Devils should go after Hossa:

"But they still want to sign a two-way forward, so I am not sure Hossa would be a great fit for them."

Does he watch hockey any more? Hossa is one of the best two-way players I have seen in the league. He has been far more effective as a two-way player than as a sniper.

Melrose's answer = joke

EmmBee said...

Yep! It's all a conspiracy. Talent and teamwork have nothing to do with our winning ways! Sweep. Sweep. GO PENS!

JYo said...

Melrose did redeem himself a little bit by predicting the Pens and Wings to meet in the finals.

HOUSE14 said...

For anyone who will be outside of the coverage area and who's computer won't allow the streaming video on one of the sites listed... has a "listen to the game" link. Just click on the game and a menu will show up with all games going on. You can just click on the listen tab and the broadcast from 105.9 will start to play. Also, there's a live ticker. It's pretty solid. It will tell you who hit who and at what time. It lets you know who shot the puck and from how far out along with passes. The radio is a little behind the ticker, but if you love the PENS and have no other way of catching the game this is a good failsafe. I travel on business a bunch and I catch the games that I'm away for this way.

If anyone is going to the South Side to catch the game don't be afraid to bring your brooms with you! We did it for the Sens game and it was one hell of a time. Just look for the asshole with the giant foam penguin on his head surronded by drunken asses.


Dr. Turkleton said...


i hope Pappa Pump gets some more time on the PK tonight with max out....

how's bout giving the Geno / Hossa über-PK unit a little more time, eh HCMT?

Flyer Hater said...

That whole Deadspin debate, could you imagine if Adam went on with Costas and they pulled a c-blog comment from Stoosh?

There would be no more sports journalism.

Carroll said...

@emmbee 3:08 - that was funny! Thanks for sharing. It's amazing what other talent/abilities Sid has.

The Seeker said...

@ jyo

The Pens need to put one in early again tonight. An early goal could crush their soul and make it a [*]laugher, which would suit me just fine.

Well.....who's playing tonight?

Gary F'in ROBERTS! He's been stuck in his cage a little too long. The Rags should be afraid...VERY afraid!

* Gary Roberts put the laughter back in manslaughter!

Flyer Hater said...

There are no lesbians, just women that Gary Roberts haven't met yet.

Flyer Hater said...


*hasn't met

What a mistake

The Seeker said...

East vs West ???

The Pens did quite well this season vs Western teams and they were not even at their peak yet.

JYo said...

@Turk: Agreed. The Pens might intentionally take penalties since Geno and Hoss could score shorties at will.

@seeker: "put the laughter back in manslaughter"
One of my favorite lines ever! No better person to apply it to than GR.

Thomas said...

I'm not sure there will be any warm bodies out there for Roberts to smash. Play Taffe, save Roberts for Philly.

The Seeker said...

Online Steaming Update....

If you're thinking of watching this game online at the Rags2Riches / Justin.TV website, be aware that he changed his channel name and URL to:

Name: RichSportsOnline's Channel


Dr. Turkleton said...


no Harvard for you.

Gary Roberts beat the Sun in a staring contest.


yeah. maybe play 5 on 3 most of the game to give the Rags a chance.

JYo said...

WWGRD >>>> Harvard

Stoosh said...

@ Flyer Hater -

Thanks for the compliment! That's awesome.

Could they have gotten a better person to represent the bloggers than Will Leitch? I don't think so.

I'm so behind on my work right now, it's not even funny. But it's Game Four and we've got a chance to sweep the Rangers and move onto the Wales Conf. Final (FN, we need to do whatever we can to make sure that catches on...I completely agree with you on renaming the divisions and conferences).

TheNWChica said...

3 hours!

I just played my Sid/Backstrom ringtone about 5 times to get in the spirit.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh referring to me as FN aka FlyerNation on LGP



Cody said...

Shero on with Bettman on The Hockey Show. While it's not actually loading for me right now, it's trying...

eileenover said...

I don't what to wear for the game. My Malkin shirt and Sid jersey have done well, but I was thinking about breaking out my Sid/Geno young guns shirt autographed by Max, BGL, and Adam Hall. Or maybe I should leave that for the Wales Conference (I'm with you stoosh and fh) Finals. Thoughts?

Flyer Hater said...

Save it for the Wales, Eileen. We still have work to do in the Patrick Division Final.

RobbieBrown44 said...

OK...enough is enough. Work is taking way too long today.

Game 4 > Work Deadlines


Go Pens!

eileenover said...

Will do flyer hater. I feel bad that I haven't worn my Ruutu shirt yet, but I'm not messing with what works. I'm going with Malkin.

The Seeker said...

Paraphrasing Stan Savran (yesterday):

There comes a defining "moment" in almost every 7 game series in sports when one team realizes they simply just can't beat the other team.

That "defining moment" came in Game 3 when the Rangers had tied the game and then watched the Pens easily score another goal.

You could SEE it in their faces and in their body language...they'd just thrown everything they had at the Pens, they'd played as hard as they possibly could, and the Penguins just brushed them aside like an annoying gnat.

Michelle said...

Great post! I love the Orpik photoshops. They crack me up.

Go Pens!

Whistler said...

C'mon.. let's not get ahead of ourselves. The playoffs are done one game at a time. Tomorrow never comes until the work is done.

The Work is playing Game 4. That is what we need to focus on. There are no Flyers.. There is no Campbell Conference. There is only the Rangers and Lord Roberts willing, we'll end up the victors...

RobbieBrown44 said...

Whistler > or = Coach Therrien

Sooska said...

@ seeker- I agree with Stan. Geno had 4 years to tee up. It was over right there. how many shots did he have?

@house14 - it is better to go directly to the 105.9 X web site. I haev to do the follwoing to get it to work - right click their listen live and then click play - you may have to hold the ctrl down to allow pop ups. It is more stable (no buffering or stops) than the nhl portal I have found. same broadcast plus the nhl cuts it off about 5 -10 min after the end. the X stays on for the whole post game if you care.

you can still use the nhl ticker for pbp.

JYo said...

Maybe this should get added to tPB FAQ:

Bashing people for wearing non-Pens gear to playoff games...not OK.

Bashing people for talking about potential matchups if the Pens happen to advance...OK.

Did I miss anything?

Sheesh, lighten up. If the players were on here posting about it, that would be an issue. If antsy fans are on here getting excited about a long playoff run, I don't see the problem. As long as the team stays focused, I'm OK with the fans taking a peek at the rest of the league, no matter what you want to call the conferences and divisions.


Whistler said...

I *Heart* the play by play ticker...

Since I live in Hell (Eastern, PA) and I can't afford Center Ice.. the streaming ticker is my Salvation.

Fun putting the little one to bed and reading her a story with one eye on the ticker and one eye on the story book (iPhones are wonderful things)

Eric K said...

Talbot's out.
Roberts in.
Scuds in.

Malkin nominated for the Pearson.

its all on


HOUSE14 said...

I never thought to use the radio staion's site. Perhaps I drink too much. Plus I always hated how cuts the post game. Thanks.

This is my last post before the game. I'm so excited I think I just peed a little. Slide on your shirts and grab your brooms were in for a fight.

May the Roberts be with you all.

Flyer Hater said...

I can't tell you how happy I am that the old-time division and conference names are catching on in c-blog.

Matt in N.C. said...

I'm now going to open up my streak.
For Christmas my uncle bought me a plain gray hoodie that has "PENGUINS" stitched on the front. It is nothing spectacular, it is not official merchandise, but it is 7-0. I've worn it to watch each game and then worn it to work each day afterward to taunt the two RAGS fans in my office. Unfortunately, there were no SENS fans to ridicule earlier. It hasn't been washed yet (grody? Yes! But you have to respect the streak) and won't be until we go 16-0 to win the CUP or more realistically lose ONE playoff game.

So I'm throwing the Gray Hoodie out there along with the "Prayer" and the Malkin Jersey and all our other icons of victory. I'll be on the couch in N.C. with my broom at the ready.

Biding my time reading c-blog at the office. I have not been able to think about anything but this game all day. So much for productivity.


Matt in N.C.

TheNWChica said...

Hey folks...are we going to have the c-blog chatblog tonight like Wednesday? I thought so, but wanted to see who else was in since I'll be watching at home.

TheNWChica said...

I meant Tuesday...good Gary, the days are blending together. *headdesk*

BlacknGold66 said...

I love everyone's game time/pre-game clothing/rituals, etc.

Mine are my eyeballs and my ears.

My eyeballs are glued to the TV or Computer for every game.

My ears are still 7-0 even after being completely destroyed in Game 1 of this series at the Igloo.

So I'm putting my eyes and ears on for tonight's game.



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