Thursday, May 8, 2008

Everybody's Waitin' For The Weekend

The only way to start this post off
is with this YouTube that [ G-Dubs ] found.

Thanks for your insight.
Your mom called. The Pop Tarts are done.


The Post-Gazette rocked the world with the artist rendition of the finalized arena design.
[ PG ]




The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

:: Five reasons the Flyers can win the Cup. [ Yahoo ]

With all due respect to our buddy Ross, he's doing this for all the teams.
The Pens' day looks to be Friday.

:: Time is now for Flyers, Hatcher. [ Philly Burbs ]

:: Michael Farber tries to convey the illusion that he's riding the fence.
We're not buying it. [ ]

Farber channels the modern-day Pens/Flyers rivalry
back to the game in Bing's rookie year when Hatcher messed his face up with a high stick.

Most Flyers fans won't tell you how that particular game ended.
Farber touched upon it in his column, but only because he felt he had to:



:: This Fox Sports on MSN series preview gives the Flyers the advantage in terms of forwards,
and then says defense and goaltending is even. [ Fox Sports ]

Apparently the Flyers have more depth at the forward position than the Pens,
with an array of characters chipping in with timely goals.

Playing against Huet's Capitals and Price's Canadiens
would enable even Konstantin Koltsov to score a goal.

Having to play 13 games as compared to the Pens' 9 helps, too. Please.

The author of the piece is Kevin Greenstein.
His own mother's never even heard of him.

:: [ The Philly Inquirer ] throws out a nice little job to the Pens.

Check out this poll:


:: Speaking of The Inquirer,
Columnist Phil Sheridan takes some shots, but then back tracks a little bit. [ Teabagger ]

"Our defining '70s film was Rocky. Pittsburgh had The Deer Hunter, half of which was set in a desolate, violent warscape and the other half of which was set in Vietnam."
Not a bad joke, but he probably stole it from someone.

Their defining '90s film was about AIDS.

Ed Harris and the cast of [ Milk Money ] are not assumed.


:: The Flyers have to beat the refs, too. [ Fox Sports ]

:: A reader at [ The700Level ] sent this in to the boys over there.

All of these articles, and everyone is harping on Crosby this, Crosby that.
It's safe to say that a majority of the Pens' fanbase knows they're honing in on the wrong guy.

[ Joe E. ]



:: [ Doubt About It ] bursts Marty Biron's bubble.
Solid breakdown of statistics.

:: Flyers Suck. [ PSAMP ]
Underrated blog

:: We linked [ Pens Gurus ] a couple days ago.
They're quickly making a name for themselves.
If it was mid-season, we coronate them with a job of some kind.
But not in May.

::[ Empty Netters ] shows how close the Flyers and Pens are.

:: [ Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic ] has been around for a while.
Good guy over there. He takes a look at the BoP.

:: [ Going Five Hole ] is still dominating the internet.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
:: [ The Sidney Crosby Show ] may become its own country.
( Clicking that pic makes it bigger < /redundancy > )

:: The Trib has a good article on the Pens/Flyers rivarly for new players. [Trib]

"I played in Boston when we played Montreal and Toronto, when we played Ottawa," Gill said. "Rivalries are big things. But the conference final is bigger."

[Nate B.]


Since we've yet to see proof of Crosby diving...
(No one can even send us a screenshot of a box score where he got a diving penalty)

...we assume it's the current trend to accuse a top player from an opposing team of diving.

So we're joining the party.
It turns out MIKE RICHARDS has been swimming laps.

What is this?

Get up joke.


Is that him working the refs? No, it can't be.

Greg Louganis called. He wants his moves back.



[ Mirtle ] shows you why he is a big deal.
He breaks down the postseason officiating.

If he were a scientist, his hypothesis would be that the whistles disappear faster than Flyers' owner Ed Snider at a class convention.

We also wanted to thank Mirtle for asking us to take part in his [ Playoffs Q & A ]



[ D. Kroll ]

[ Rick ] edited the "What Would Jesus Do?" Wikipedia article. [ here ]
It looks like it's there to stay.

[ Bill ] -- Washington, PA

[ Brett H. ]

[ Lee Caldwell ]

[ Jim ]

[ John B. ]


Max Talbot was recently on the KISS Freak Show. [ KISS ]


[ Adam V. ] sent us this.
Bid on the lucky Pens french fry on Ebay.

This is a shame.

[ eBay ]


Here is something that we're really pumped about.

Whenever you upload a picture on blogger,
a box pops up that says that you uploaded your crap.

But Wednesday night, there was an extra message in the box
that said "Powered by Picasa Web Albums."

After some research, we soon realized that every pic we've ever uploaded
has been in our Picasa Web Album on Google.

Looking for a photoshop?
Looking for some obscure game pic you remember?

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The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


Tread lightly

Roughly 7,500 pictures have been uploaded in the last two years.

Some of the pictures are never-before-seen,
because they hit the cutting-room floor in some posts.

Other pictures are pics we leave for each other in posts as inside jokes.
So we honestly don't know what's all in there.


And just so it didn't get lost in the quick scroll-down of the post,
here is the official Gary Roberts For President sign.

Big thanks to Sam Liberto for making it.
He should be applauded.
Not us.



And lastly, congrats to the Baby Pens.
They are now up 3-1 against Philly's AHL joke team. [ Face-Off Factor ]

[ Canaan ]


[dr. turkleton]

Go Pens


snickerdoodles said...


Have a Gary Roberts Day!!

Ryan said...

The Picasa albums are fantastic, boys. Just the thing I need to kill time while writing papers...

adam vacancy said...

I just sat up until 428AM going through the picasa album.

The Big K said...

Do it.

FireFox said...

I play a lot of video games so I see "pwned" all the time. I can safely say this is the first time I ever heard anyone actually pronouce it like it is spelled. Not suprisingly, it is a retard Flyers fan that couldn't keep his thoughts together in a paper bag if he had any. Good news for ya dude, when the Penguins score 3 goals or more you get a 1/2 price Supercut. The first one will be available on Friday, dumbass.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Holy hell.

That kid at the top of the post seems like he's channeling the spirit of Kenny Melvin.

Does he even go into the beginning of the sentence knowing how it will end?

geezer said...

The irony, Baby Pens vs Philly Fuckups in AHL. Both playing Friday. Philly getting stomped, nice. An omen perhaps, oh yeah lets stomp the Flyers and put them out of their misery!

J.S. said...

what a post.

I'll be hitting that Picasa album tonight. Work has been getting giving me crap for spending too much time on teh Gore.

lauren_hbg said...

I can't believe I missed the conversations about Topchefblog last night.

I have last night's episode on the DVR so please no one spoil it. :)

ripney66 said...

Pensblog just got another mention on DVE.

SK said...

thepensblog just mentioned on DVE. Called the photoshoppers burnouts. Also gave the URL as

demondg1 said...

You guys gotta add the link to the Picasa gallery in the left navigation.

Antonette said...

Too Much Man will forever be one of my favorite things ever posted on this site.

I'll be spending the night in that album. Not like I have a bio midterm tomorrow or anything.

Hockey > college.

Fleury29 said...

Is that video of Kenny Melvin's Philadelphian cousin?

Picasa album? Holy crap, that's unreal. The amount of domination in one Picasa album is just amazing.

If that comes through the firewall at work today, that ought to kill off boredom for a while.

Sam Liberto=Clutch with that Gary Roberts sign. Outstanding work, sir.

You know what's sad? I just got the Umberger with a "C" joke from yesterday. I thought people were photoshopping his jersey with a captain's "C" on the front and I couldn't figure out why. I suppose if they were posted in C-Blog and I had access to the site from work, I might have figured it out.

That's funny, though.

Today is D-Day, folks, LET'S GO PENS!

DeCeV said...

I can't wait for Flyers fans to come in here and defend Mike Richards. Never mind the fact that he isn't really actually being jobbed.

Big game tonight for Big D. Go Stars.

Is it Friday night yet? Come on now you can't expect me to wait 5 days for Pens games.

Do it already.

DeCeV said...

Oh yeah and stephen s is the greatest artist the world has ever known. He's so god damn clutch it's unbelievable.

pensfan100 said...

Question: Does anyone know the origin of the Pens' theme music (composer/how it came about/etc.)? I remember the original arrangement in the 80s and they brought back several modern versions over the past few years.

Ryan said...

sk - is a valid url. Try it. Val also said the original blogspot address at the end.

DVE guys sounded like they think the pensblog staff makes all the photoshops. Sounded amazed at how fast they come up with them. Oh well. Solid shoutout.

dying alive said...

You have to appreciate the irony of that Philly journalist jobbing Pittsburgh as a violent warscape considering that the first thing you see when you turn on the evening news for the past two days or so is a bunch of Philly cops pulling people out of their cars and gang-beating them in the street. Talk about hilariously bad timing.

dying alive said...

BTW - "Make fun of Philly, we don't care. Your city isn't famous for anything."

Translation: "I know nothing about anything other than cheesesteaks and Rocky statues, and I have no idea what your city is famous for. So I'll just say that it's not famous for anything and hope nobody notices that I have no idea what I'm talking about."

Whistler said...

Some douche at work said to me.. "How can you wear that Penguins stuff when the Flyers are doing so well?!?"


The spirit of Roberts compelled me to kill him on the spot, but I decided no blood before oatmeal.

I told him that I'd rather support global terrorism before I'd support the Flyers.


Jonny V said...

Osama bin Laden loves the Flyers.

Every picture ever on this site is in one place. You fuckers are lucky finals are pretty much over...sonofabitch...That's awesome though...

lauren_hbg said...

@ whistler

I love when people use that line. I said the same thing to someone when they asked who I was rooting for in Flyers/Caps series, my reply was "a terrorist attack on the arena."

Hip said...

@dyling alive - I mentioned that yesterday. Apparently a Philadelphia edumacation isn't worth it's weight in shit.

I'm off to the Mecca today.

Hossa one and all.

Jonny V said...

BnG, I do what I can...Corpsmen up!

To answer the NWchica about the possibility of seeing Stephen S.'s designs on shirts, I don't want to speak for the staff or put words in their mouths, but I think they have to clear a couple of legal hurdles before they can use a Pens likeness. Copywriting something takes some time, and they mentioned before that they're working on making that a reality. Let's all cross our fingers.

Christina said...

i'm waiting until i have time later today to peruse the entire Picasa album, but decided to give myself a teaser over breakfast...and lo and behold, i clicked on the set of pictures that held images from the FIRST photoshop expo - Mark Eaton. good god were some of those brilliant.

FINALLY there's a hockey game on tonight. this week has been torture - no Pens, no other games. I almost watched the Buccos last night...(i keeed, i keeed)

Colin said...

@ Staff -

You guys dominated this post and you guys dominated that interview with Mirtle.

*Stands up and claps*

rwarner174 said...


Actually the 1/2 price hair cut comes during the 2:00 supercut supershot. 3 goals or more gets you 10 dollars off a 50 dollar purchase or more from Dicks Sporting Goods. God I have been to to many penguin games. Your heart was in the right place though.

Jonathan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jonathan said...


Does anyone know where I can score a solid Pens-related ringtone? I just got a new phone and I'm open to suggestions.

Kindly e-mail: jon(dot)miller984(at)gmail(dot)com.

Jonny V said...

I echo colin's sentiments regarding the Mirtle interview. Nice.

And he can be a prick sometimes, but Molinari also has a rapist' wit (thank you Lloyd Christmas) sometimes, the last sentence a thing of beauty:

Here's the take of Flyers chairman Ed Snider on how the Penguins became a contender, as reported by the Delaware County Times:

"I think Freddie's son [general manager Ray Shero] has done a terrific job. But let's face it, you get rewarded for being the worst team in the league, and Pittsburgh has all these great players for being lousy for so many years.

"That much, I don't like so much. I've never been in favor of the draft the way it is in any sport, but I've never been able to change it."

While Snider clearly doesn't care for a draft designed to allow weaker teams to draft quality prospects and become better -- a staple of most major leagues -- he never seemed to mind team-building via free agency and was consistently among the NHL's biggest spenders in the pre-salary cap era.

Whether he got a fair return on the money he invested is a matter of perspective. The Flyers haven't won a Stanley Cup since 1975; the other four teams in the Atlantic Division have combined for 10 since then. Bitch.

I added that last word. You could tell he wanted to put it though

DeCeV said...

Staff: please post that Picasa link on the left hand side of the blog so that I don't lose it and have to sift through previous blog posts to find it.

DeCeV said...


Sorry about the Royals the other night. What an ugly way to go. At least they took the team that is probably going to win it all to 7 games.

Stoosh said...

I will be eternally grateful to the PB staff for finding photographic evidence of Mike Richards and his flopping, whining, crybaby ways.

I once said that I actually enjoyed watching Richards play because he reminded me of Ron Francis a little bit. But then I watched him in the post-season, as he morphed into the very same thing that Flyers fans accuse Crosby of being...namely, exactly what some of those pictures suggest.

There isn't a player who - at one point or another - doesn't look to the refs with a "WTF" look on their face if they think they were jobbed on a call. Saint Ron used to do it. Yzerman used to do it. Joe Sakic does it. Even the best of the best good guys occassionally lose their cool and try to buy a call or question the refs.

For Flyers fans to accuse Sid of doing these things while their own pride and joy is doing them just as often (and he was in those Montreal and Washington series) smacks of hypocrisy and idiocy.

Then again, "hypocrisy" and "idiocy" are probably two pre-requisites that show up on the Official Flyers Fan Application.

And if you think Richards is bad, wait until Scott Hartnell takes a check along the boards, flops to the ice like a rag doll and then lays there motionless for thirty seconds like his back was broken.

PittHockey said...

wearing my WGRD to my finals today.

PittHockey said...

and that's WWGRD, obviously my brain is fried.

canaanregulatesblog said...

Oh yeah and stephen s is the greatest artist the world has ever known. He's so god damn clutch it's unbelievable.

^this just needs to be read again.

stephen s. is leet.

Pensgirl said...

Songblog: Reposting these in case anyone missed 'em last night.


Late at the Igloo

Bonus track (if the phrase "Right wing to Kehoe" means anything to you, you're gonna want this)

Sooska said...

At the end of the DVE morning show they took credit for starting the Gary Roberts stuff. They had played a locker room interview with one of the guys and he said it started in the Pens locker room. I thought it all began here with tPB and cblog. I think they were specifically referring ot he the Gary Roberts/Chuck Norris stuff.
Anyone know the history? just curious...


good thing there is nothing else to talk about.

ripney66 said...

@ pensgirl,

Thanks for the links. Now I have something to listen to while browsing Picasa.


Sooska said...

@ jonathan and all of cblog;

here is an mp3 of Bob Errey yelling GO PENS GO at the end of the final FSNP broadcast last week.

The link takes you to the page that shows you a table of the differences between the premium and free downloads just scroll down a bit, see the gray rectangluar the button that says "FREE" - click it, and it will proceed to the download page. I tried it and it works. The file is not real loud and I made it a double GO PENS GO - GO PENS GO. The download page has a bar to click in the middle of the page to download the file.

Ignore the paypal crap at the bottom-that is for premium membership purchase.

you can then use it to make a ringtone at

If you want the ringtone of Sid laughing and yelling "did he shoo t it into his own net?" go to

The Sidney Crosby Show and search for the March 10 post. It has all the links and instructions you need.

HOUSE14 said...

Has anyone heard anything about Max dressing for Friday?

Sooska said...

@house14- Max tried to skate yesterday and it lasted only a couple of minutes. word is he is out.

HOUSE14 said...

Ah that's poop. Hopefully he's better for the finals then.

The Seeker said...

dying alive said...

BTW - "Make fun of Philly, we don't care. Your city isn't famous for anything."

You added actual punctuation to that knuckledragger's comments by the way.
Evidently his computer was of the Wal Mart variety lacking a CAPS key.

Anyhow, I took the liberty of setting the record straight with that jobber.

They've titled their blog entry "Let The Trash Talking Begin". Yet, when I post a comment or two in a pretty darned respectful manner, they instantly talk of banning me from posting.

I left them last night saying:

"Forgive me for taking your Blog's title a bit too literally!

I thought you guys had a bit thicker skins than that. Better hope your team man's-up a little better."

Vanessa Day said...

I just have to say that this is the best blog/cblog ever. Honestly, it makes me feel good to know that I'm not crazy in this sea of redness here in MI. Maybe I'm just feeling amorous because of the impending game, but this is honestly one of the best NHL seasons ever.

A big standing ovation to Staff, all of the great photoshoppers, and Stephen S...who is amazing.


I love all of you.


Sooska said...

@ seeker- pensgirl posted links to those songs you wanted plus the bonus. it's a real easy download on that site (if you need help ;) just read my long post above this one for directions-my Bob Errey mp3 is on the same site so the directions apply for pensgirl's stuff)

Colin said...

Does anyone else remember Mike Richard's elbowing Carey Price in the head as he skated past during a PK last series? I can't remember what game is was but it is killing me that I can't find it online or anyone who remembers it.

It would have fit in seamlessly with today's post.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Hell's Kitchen>>>Top Chef

actually, I've never seen Top Chef, but, in glancing over their website, [Padma ♥] I may have to check my local listings...

I just like HK for Gordon Ramsays potty mouth & rippin' the 'chefs'.

I would love to see an uncensored version!

ohh, f*** off, you donkey! This Risotto is undercooked! [can't count the number of times I've said that to my wife!]

in Philly, they say 'Richards is cannon' [see definition #3}

I like Cannonball better.

canaan in enemy territory = Crosby jersey on Rocky?

do it.

[Hossa: Shut It Down!!!!!!]

dying alive said...

@ the seeker - I know you're right, but can't help adding punctuation. I can't not punctuate or capitalize appropriately, even on the internet and even when I'm quoting someone else. It's a sickness (and also fairly ironic considering my run-on sentence in my first cblog post today).

dying alive said...

BTW, who is that with the WWGRD wristband in the Pens locker room?


JYo said...

@colin: I remember what you are talking about. I'm not sure if it was an elbow or maybe a closed hand on the end of his stick type of punch to the face, but I saw that too. I don't have a link to footage either though.

Stoosh said...

I have to say, on more than one occassion, I've looked at some of Stephen S.'s Pens work and thought, "THAT would be an awesome tattoo."

Jonny V said...

sooska, the obsession with Gary Roberts started picking up steam shortly after his arrival here, and continued steady into our first round loss. It did not take long for everyone to warm up to his style of play. And c-bloggers themselves can take the credit for taking it from here to the Arena. A friend told a friend told a friend...

Sooska said...

@ jonny- moi=stunned this morning at the comments on DVE about the Gary stuff. Never heard about it there, or anywhere else but HERE, until these different radio stations etc started mentioning tPB late in the season this year.

JYo said...

I may have missed this since I haven't been around C-blog much in the past few days, but I see that Don Cherry is joining ESPN for the conference finals and Cup finals. Regardless of whether or not you like the guy, its great news that ESPN is increasing their coverage of the NHL. Perhaps they will make more of a push to get games back on their network in the near future. That would be great for c-bloggers outside of the FSN-Pitt area.

HOUSE14 said...

Not to undermind the Pensblog store... If you guys really like a photoshop you can save it on your cpu and go to the website that the store is on ( and create your own shirts. I took the "Welcome to Mr. Roberts neighborhood, Bitch" photoshop and put it on a sleeveless shirt so I could show off my sweet ass PENS tatoo.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

maybe I missed something along the way, but which flyers blog has the 'Let The Trash Talking Begin' notation?

lis said...

I think I saw on the news last night here, you know, between all the coverage of the latest police officer getting murdered and then all the police beating up the guys on camera, that they are holding a rally either today or tomorrow near the Rocky statue so no one tries to put a Pens jersey on him. I'm not sure why they think Pens fans are going to be in Philly when the games in Pittsburgh but whatev....

lis said...

For the record, in NO way am I making fun or light of a cop being murdered....It's just a testament of how violent Philly really is!

kmlovespens said...

Wow that kid at the beginning of the post...just wow, i'm actually stunned at his incoherence, "what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

Stoosh said...

@ Lis -

"they are holding a rally either today or tomorrow near the Rocky statue so no one tries to put a Pens jersey on him. I'm not sure why they think Pens fans are going to be in Philly when the games in Pittsburgh but whatev...."

That's nothing but good old typical Flyers fan rationalization for you. There is no explanation for why they so the things they do. It's kind of like watching a two-year old kid entertain himself by repeatedly running straight into a wall.

Back in law school, we had professors who used to preface any analysis of California court cases with a cautionary, "Keep in mind, we're talking about CALIFORNIA law here." I think the same thing applies when trying to explain the actions and thought processes of Flyers fans.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I say SCREW espn & their Holier Than Thou attitude in Bristol, CT.

I don't know who's at fault in the espn/NHL breakup, but there are so many more outlets than BEGGING for espn to let the nhl back on the air [Center Ice, NHL Network, Vs. XM-Radio]

the only thing I miss on espn is Nhl2NIGHT [which has been basically replaced on NHLNet by NHL on the Fly {without the comic relief & Chicken-Parm}]
if somehow Bucci could defect over to NHLNet, the channel may end up being on a 'LOCKED' position.

Sooska said...

@ lis and stoosh- weren't the Phlyers phans concerned because of the good natured antics of a couple of Habs fans who put a Habs jersey on Rocky @2 weeks ago? I think there was a link on tPB ( but it could have been EN) where the guy and a friend videoed themselves.

they also videoed the harassment they got just walking down the street. I think it was the blog 4 Habs Fans or something like that.

I think we should just go in there (lis, whistler are you with me?) and paint him black and gold. and add an 87 on his back just for good measure.

Dan said...

BREAKING NEWS................

someone got a crosby jersey on the rocky statue. i think wtae broke the story. everyone gets to leave work early today because of this!

Sooska said...


jmiller said...

Gracias, folks. Now the trick is to find the right 'tone for my ring.

TheNWChica said...

@johnnyv: Thank you! I just love those drawings so much. :)

Sooska said...


HOUSE14 said...


Excelent Billy Madison quote!

slush said...

@ stoosh

Hubs and I made an agreement that if the Pens went all the way, we would get a Pens tat. Most likely the original Pens logo by Stephen S. It would make a rad tat.

Dr. Turkleton said...

just watched the opening youtube post:

Wayne Campbell + Napoleon Dynamite offspring = THAT KID

I'm not 'down' with all the youngsters hip lingo these days...but does:

'since my batteries died before' = finished spanking it?

Dr. Turkleton said...


A retaliation posting is asking Flyers fans in Pittsburgh to pull a similar prank, putting a jersey on a Pittsburgh landmark, possibly the "Panther statue on Pitt campus."

oooohhhh nooooooo!!!!!!

they wouldn't dare! [/sarcasm]

Dan said...

@ doc - pitt people would only be pissed if it was penn state people who did it. is that seriously all that they can come up with (not that ours was original, but come on).

Sooska said...

@ dr turk- yeah I noticed that. I know OOOOOO right? as a Pitt alum I know I should care but.... *yawns* who cares about Phlyers Phans?

RJUmburglar is from near Pitsburgh article
they actually NAME the street his parents live on.

Sooska said...

@ dan- so right. I once went to PSU and had photos taken while lying on the lion statue. PSU family were outraged. Pitt family loved it. and so it goes.

Dan said...

the mayors (and onorato) made a bet. If the flyers win, ours wears a flyers jersey at a game and drop the puck. and onorato jumps off a bridge. and vice versa if the pens win. only onorato gets pushed off a bridge, because he is a jobber. either way, we win.

@ sooska - the things i wanted to do to that stupid lion the one time i was up there. i was advised not to, and i believe it was the wrong advice.

FireFox said...

@ rwarner174

Oh yeah, I did screw up the promotion. Okay, so his mom can use the Dick's coupon to by a deer rifle and shoot her son in the head. Bonus: She gets to eat the Pop-Tarts. Mmmmm, Brown Cinnamon Sugar.

jtc27 said...

Are you kidding me?! Look at the front page of todays sports section in the Trib. Then look at yesterdays blog about the picture that needs to be run. unreal.


J.S. said...

I believe that a wise man named Stoosh once said "The thing Philly is most famous for is a ficticious athlete", or something along those lines.

Stoosh, if you're around, do you remember if this was your quote, and if it was, how bad did I butcher it?

Sooska said...

GAWDGary even Teacher.Wordsmith Madman is getting in on the smack talk about how stupid Phlyers Phans are, to whit, complete with stats and facts:


Stoosh said...

@ Sooska -

I'm still unable to get over the fact that Philly clings so dearly to the statue of a FICTIONAL MOVIE CHARACTER.

Rocky Balboa is said inspired by Chuck Wepner - a boxer from Bayonne, New Jersey. Balboa's personality and fight style in the series is said to be a tribute to Rocky Marciano, a Brockton, Mass. native.

So there are no direct historical ties to Philly in terms of the inspiration of the Balboa character. I understand Balboa is said to represent the tough, hard-working, blue-collar people of Philly. So was the portrayal of Vince Papale in the movie "Invincible". Papale was a real person and had a movie made about him, but I don't see any plans to unveil a statue of him down at Lincoln Financial Field.

I don't get it. It's a fictional character.

I guess I need to call Cleveland to find out when the statue of Rick Vaughn is going up.

Stoosh said...

@ J.S. -

That was me and the quote was something like that. Closeenoughblog. I think I threw that out at a Flyers fan who was here talking some sort of crap about Pittsburgh.

Sooska said...

cbloggers: if you are going to the games Friday or Sunday be aware that PennDOT plans to close the outbound lanes starting tonight (TH) -- keeping just one lane open -- and then again through the weekend to accommodate weekend construction.

wilsmith said...

anyone ever have those snack wraps from McDs? they're pretty good

The Seeker said...

If Philly has a statue of Rocky, then why doesn't Cleveland have a statue of Disco Duck?

The Seeker said...

Putting that Habs jersey on Rocky by those Habs fans really worked out well for them didn't it?

So now the Cryer phans want to repeat that???

Be my guest guyz!

The Seeker said...

@ Dr Turkelton

The 700 Level from whence the troll came here last evening and made fun of our photoshops (even though they have a PS themselves).

Sooska said...

@ stoosh - not only a fictional character about someone from NJ but portrayed by, arguably, the WORST ACTOR in the world!

Admittedly, many of "our" guys are not native Burghers (Fred Rogers & Arnie are from Latrobe, Mario, Roberto, Jack) or even Americans but at least THEY LIVED! for real.


thegreenseas said...

You should have seen the Philly faithful jump on the Smarty Jones bandwagon a few years ago since the horse was from the Philadelphia area. With hopes of winning the triple crown, the horse failed (what else is new, philly?). They were even going to name a main street after the horse (I'm serious...after a horse). Desperate much? JOKES.

HOUSE14 said...

There shouldn't be that many Filthy fans in town for the game. Its not a reasonable request to ask your probation officer if you can leave the juristiction for a sporting event.

The Seeker said...

RGB certainly did a disappearing act after I exposed that his IP address matched all those other trolls he vehemently denied being.

How pathetic it is to be someone who disses veterans and then takes the time to create other personas that abuse yourself for dissing veterans while writing in a different style?

The Seeker said...

To all those who emailed me MP3s and to those who posted links for them...I thank you one and all Cblog Family!

Fleury29 said...

Oh, Gary Roberts dammit! Until about five minutes ago I thought today was Friday.

Mother pus bucket!

I have to wait another day for Penguins hockey?

Why the Philadelphia do we have to wait so long?

Today isn't D-Day, it's D-Day minus one... shit.

This realization has cast a pall upon my entire day. Plus it means I have one more day of work this week than I thought I did.

Sooska said...

how about this to get ready for the game (from pensblog photoshops)

Ruutu v Phlyers

JYo said...

I don't know who's at fault in the espn/NHL breakup, but there are so many more outlets than BEGGING for espn to let the nhl back on the air [Center Ice, NHL Network, Vs. XM-Radio]

On the whole, I completely agree with the "screw ESPN" notion. The problem is, those types of alternative outlets are not as widely available in general (VS still not available in many areas and some games being blacked out even if you have the channel, NHL Network not widely available, etc.) and they cost extra, which casual fans will not pay for. More exposure via ESPN will only help the NHL on the whole. That is where Butt-man screwed up last time by taking the VS money and being arrogant enough to think more widespread exposure didn't matter. Also, the more games I get on national TV, the better, because I can not justify paying that much for Center Ice.

dying alive said...

Regarding the Pitt Panther, how do you put a jersey on a statue of a quadruped? Is that like the equivalent of when my mom puts those fancy little pink sweaters on her Bichon Frise? I'm a Pitt alum (and current grad student) and I honestly wouldn't give a damn. Just don't hit the Gene Kelly statue. Please. LEAVE GENE ALONE!

@ stoosh-
"I guess I need to call Cleveland to find out when the statue of Rick Vaughn is going up."
Thanks for making me spit out the last of my iced tea, I really needed that caffiene. The interesting thing is that the Flyers probably could be playing in the California penal league.

Stoosh said...

"How pathetic it is to be someone who disses veterans and then takes the time to create other personas that abuse yourself for dissing veterans while writing in a different style?"

Ummm...why even go THAT far?

How pathetic is it that someone would go through the trouble to create different internet personas just for the sake of taking unprovoked shots at people on a blog?

Or going so far as him attempting to ridicule C-bloggers for things they have written in their blogger profiles or websites linked to those profiles?

It takes a special kind of loser to go to that level.

dying alive said...

"The problem is, those types of alternative outlets are not as widely available in general (VS still not available in many areas and some games being blacked out even if you have the channel"

I think I remember reading somewhere that the Detroit area is getting jobbed on a bunch of Wings games. Total bullshit.

Boko Fittleworth said...

What's the story behind the church photo of Mirtle? I don't get it, but I'm pretty sure that's my parents' church in York, PA.

JYo said...

I think I remember reading somewhere that the Detroit area is getting jobbed on a bunch of Wings games. Total bullshit.

I completely agree. Could you imagine being in a market where the tix are too expensive for the real fans to go to the games and you can't watch the team in your own town on TV?

otis said...

For those of you who have the NHL Network or XM radio....Fleury is going to be interviewed at 1:30. Friday can't come fast enough...

Johnny Wrath said...

I keep in touch with a guy I know from Toronto who's at the bottom of a bottle of scotch since Burkie isn't leaving SoCal, and he echos the sentiment that International hockey media would have you believe Sid embellishes every touch, works the refs after every whistle, and throws himself to the ice feverishly, as if he were a Peruvian striker.

What an absolutely outstanding way to market NHL playoffs to the masses. Its' best player is a bitch, and you should buy into the conspiracy that the Refs still give him the calls despite all the diving, and to make matters worse, they're all Canadians and Euros.

I never watch Golf, but apparently Tiger has a beautiful swing, whatever that's all about. Great, still not interested, good story though. Let's tune into typical American sports fan for a second; just finished that article on Tiger:

"OK, lets see, next article is about Hockey. Oh, its that kid, the one from the fitness mag. Huh, is this guy bitter that his hometown team is forced to live in Sid's world, or does he really flail his arms? Ref bias?.. That's too bad, he could have broken the sports/pop barrier, like Beckham or Tom Brady. I think I'm gonna look up pictures of Giselle in swimwear..."

The reason ESPN needs to cover hockey is that they command the market. I'm still shocked the broadcast Soccer, given that they spend the time they aren't broadcasting it demonizing it. Hockey gets what, one minute? Is that supposed to be like "Moving right along, Hockey is, um, still out there. Lets see what this guy with the mullet thinks, then we'll look at some more dunks by wholesome American athletes".

So, like I told my sensationally drunk friend in TO, "When we blow Philly out in 5 and they've come up for air after turtling, I fully expect them to whine about some roughing call in game two, and then look back at their pre-series 77.2% PK and marvel at its' effectiveness". Go pens.

Sooska said...

@ dying alive & jyo - yeah the Blackhawks in Chicago too. Next year they have promised to televise all their games. I guess the fans previously got none on TV, or very few. The old man dies and his son says OK to TV. wow.

dying alive said...

@ sooska - Oh yeah, Wirtz. Hockey fans in Chicago probably had a parade in the streets the day that cheap old bastard kicked off.

BlacknGold66 said...

I'm breaking the rule of posting without catching up on cblog.

Whatev. It's the playoffs.

This post seriously is beyond awesome. This site is HANDS DOWN the easiest way to read all of your Pens news, while still jobbing the other team.

Fox sports = JOKES

JYo said...

@dying alive: That is not far from the truth. Not many people in Chicago shed a tear when they lost their "leader."

FlyerTears said...


Thanks for the heads up. Pleasant surprise this afternoon.

Sooska said...

@ johnny wrath-man of genius. word. I get into work here today in Eastern PA=wasteland and a guy I know walks up and says "Tomorrow night. A big game?"
I say Yep, tomorrow night.
He says "Pens versus Flyers. I just read your star whines and dives all the time"
I say Well, not true, Sir NonhockeyFanwho onlycaresabout footballbaseballandbasketball. He is considered the best player in the world. Flyers fans are jealous and so-called journalists have nothing else to write about. They are lazy and echo other hacks. They don't care to look into it themselves. They write for their masses. Our star is the Captain and has the right to talk to the refs. He gets calls because of how hard he plays and doesn't stop until the play is over which could be, unlike football, a VERY LONG TIME. He does not whine. He IS vocal. He plays. Hard. every single shift. and stands up for himself and his team. He also knows the rules of the game. If that's a bitch I'll keep him. I'll put him up against your bitch any day. OH and BTW I'M A BITCH TOO!
smiling but hardened tone with gesturing involved.
SirNonhockeyfan just meandered away without another word. chickenshit.

BlacknGold66 said...

Ok, still catchingupblog with about 30 more comments to go:

-I believe snoopyjode started WWGRD?

@Turk: I tried on Hell's Kitchen for awhile, but it blows simply for the fact that Ramsey is playing more of a character of himself.

If you want good quality Gordon Ramsey without the craptastic script behind him you should check out "Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare's." The BBC version is usually better than the American version because it's not as toned down.

Stoosh said...

@ Johnny Wrath (1:28 PM) -

Did you ever see the movie "Tombstone"?

There's a part in Tombstone where the town gathers for a theatrical production, and part of the theater involves an actor named Fabian (played by Billy Zane) delivering the St. Crispin's Day speech.

As he completes the speech, one of the lead villains - Curly Bill Brocius (played by Powers Boothe) - stands up, shouts, "That's GRREAATTT!" and begins this applauding enthusiastically while the rest of the cowboys begin applauding, cheering and firing their pistols in the air.

Curly Bill's reaction is the first thing I thought of when I read your post.


Stoosh said...

"Huh, is this guy bitter that his hometown team is forced to live in Sid's world, or does he really flail his arms?"

Again, still stuck on the majesty that was Johnny Wrath's post at 1:28, this is the best and most concise way to describe the anti-Sid sentiment that is even beginning to permeate the mainstream hockey media.

JYo said...

I'd bet dollars to donuts that the Canadian media doesn't mention any diving when Sid is suiting up with a leaf on his uniform.

dying alive said...

@ jyo - WHEN Sid is suiting up with a Leaf on his uniform? Blasphemer!

Even the Onion hates Philly.

TheNWChica said...

@dying alive: One of my really close friends is a life long Hawks fan and she used to say that one thing you would never hear is "Quick! Get help, Bill Wirtz is choking!" lol

and BNG66: If you want good quality Gordon Ramsey without the craptastic script behind him you should check out "Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare's. Don't tell your GF, but I think love you. My favorite one is the one where the mom and two sisters were running the cafe and he made the bitchy sister cry.

Sooska said...

@ dying alive; "#1 in sticky surfaces." hee what an image that congers up!

BlacknGold66 said...

@Stoosh: I'll personally put the Rick Vaughn statue up as soon as "The Indians win the pennant! The Indians win the pennant! OH MY GOD, THE INDIANS WIN THE PENNANT!"

(give me a moment to regroup)

(that part always tears me up inside)

(almost ready)


The Tribe actually had "Rick Vaughn" glasses night last year or the year before at the ballpark to commemorate the re-release of the movie.

I'm still pissed I didn't get to go.

At least I got to go to the Lake Erie Monsters "Free Mullet" night.


Sooska said...

GAWD - make that "conjure" - too quick with the "publish" with my typing skills

BlacknGold66 said...

@Chica: haha! My g/f has a phrase she uses (behind closed doors of course) about any female that compliments me: "I kill da bitch!"

Which is so far from her real personality. Hence the humor.

In regards to the episode you're talking about... is that the one where he has them sit on the swings outside and the "bitchy" sister starts huffing and puffing and walking away?

There was another episode where I believe it was a father/daughter owned place. It was VERY tiny and perhaps located in France. Halfway through the show it was clear that the little anorexic daughter had a drug/drinking problem (which they never mentioned of course... takes away from the point of the show)... but I thought it would have made a good seque to the A&E program "Intervention." (which is also one of my guilty pleasures)

HOUSE14 said...

Is the rally at the courthouse or in market square tomorrow?

Dan said...

the rick vaughn statue got me thinking of ones that pittsburgh needs.

- jean claude van damme, at the top of the igloo.

- diniro or walken from the deer hunter

- john mcclain

- a very nice, large restroom. with a statue of jeff goldblum, watching you poop.

Stoosh said...

@ Dying Alive -

Not sure, but I think Jyo may have meant when Sid suits up for Team Canada. 2010 Olympics, which might cause me to take two straight weeks off of work.

Sid will be captaining Team Canada.

Geno and Ovechkin for Team Russia.

Team USA SHOULD feature the likes of Pat Kane, Peter Mueller, Erik and Jack Johnson, Phil Kessel.

That'll be some sick hockey in 2010.

JYo said...

WHEN Sid is suiting up with a Leaf on his uniform? Blasphemer!
Ummm, you do know what country he is from and hence which national team he plays for, right?

The Seeker said...


While checking out the link to The Onion, I saw this link that came close to making me force liquids out of my nose!

BlacknGold66 said...


I think a naked Robert D. statue should be placed in Cleveland as well since some of the wedding scenes were shot here.

Perhaps in "Rick Vaughn/Disco Duck/9 seconds of Spiderman 3 Park"?

JYo said...

Thanks for pointing that out Seeker. Great article.

Dan said...

@ blackngold - perhaps because it's my friday i am brain dead and can't figure out the Robert D reference. normally i am the king of useless knowledge, this is embarrassing.......

Dan said...

my all time favorite onion article

BlacknGold66 said...

@Dan: In the beginning of "The Deer Hunter" there's that scene at the wedding reception where Robert De Niro's character runs naked through the streets.

BlacknGold66 said...

Since we're on the Onion now.

This is one of my all time favorites.

Stoosh said...

@ BNG66 -

I'm an Indians fan because of my grandfather, who was as much an Indians fan as I am a Pens fan. He went way back to the days of Bob Feller. I was incredibly close with him, despite the fact that for the most part, I've been living in Pittsburgh since 1994 when I started college. I've talked about him before here...he's the one I once compared to the cross between John Wayne and Robert Deniro.

Anyway, I like the Indians almost as much as I like the Pirates, and I'm a Tribe fan because of him.

One of the best things I ever did - back in 1997, me, my dad, my grandfather and three of my uncles went on a bus trip to a game at the Jake. At the time, it was one of the only ways to get tickets because the place was sold out for the year.

We were three rows from the top in the upper deck down the first base line but for all we cared, we were two rows behind the dugout. I had some drunk drop an entire beer on me in the 3rd inning; couldn't have cared less. I remember it like it was yesterday - got to see Manny, Thome, a pre-Buccos Brian Giles...that whole Indians core that made those runs in the mid-1990s. The best was seeing my grandfather's face when we walked out of the concourse and into Jacobs Field. He goes, "Holy shit! This suuuuuure isn't Cleveland Stadium!"

One of my uncles who went on that trip passed away in June of 2002. My grandfather died a little more than a year later (Sept. of 2003). So the memories of that trip mean even more now.

It sounds stupid, but I can't watch Major League without thinking of my grandfather.

Nathan said...

Not only did Chicago fans not shed a tear when Wirtz finally died, they actually booed the moment of silence for him at a Hawks game.

That said, probably the only negative thing hockey-wise about Bill Wirtz dying was that he didn't take Jeremy Jacobs and Harry Sinden with him.

Spencemo said...

WOOO! I'm done with finals, so now I can concentrate on...well, anything else, really.

@ seeker: It's a shame that they don't give the diagram for pulling one's head out of their ass...

I can't wait to check out the Picasa's going to be great!

Dan said...

@ blackngold - ah now i remember. i haven't seen that movie in years. ok so pittsburgh needs a naked deniro statue.

grimsage1330 said...

I am a Caps fan, but I'll be rooting for the Pen's in this series... not because I'm bitter (maybe 20%) but because I seriously hate philly fans. I just hope you guys keep up the tradition of pouring/hitting a Flyer with beer during the series - its always high-larious! Here's hoping you all don't get jobbed by the refs like us.

Nathan said...

This is still my all-time favorite story>

PO said...

nice for out of town fans

Gordie said...

Speaking of star players diving: has anyone seen the high stick on Ribiero in game 6? He went down after he missed the pass for a layup. And then the hook/trip on Marleau? He put his arms out much like Hossa did. Apparently everyone dives. So from now on, every penalty is the result of a dive.

Here's a video with the incidents:

Stars/Sharks game 6

18 seconds in: Ribiero misses a pass. They don't show him going down but it was well after the stick was "near" his head. Not even sure if it hit him from that angle.

36 seconds in: This one is even worse; Marleau clearly embellishes. And Sid is the only diver? Wow.

Go Pens!

Sooska said...

continuing the Rocky theme;

Rocky decisions reversed

Eric K said...

YouTube kid: "Martin Biron will have stopped... 200 shots in the series... probably a little bit over that. He will have stopped 1,000 shots in the series."

Al Gore = stunned that someone misused his internet in such a way. Apparently this kid is assuming that the Pens will average somewhere in the ballpark of 167 shots on goal during each game this series.

"Flyersh over the Penguinsh is shixsh gamesh"

Kid sounds worse that B. Murray.

After the Pens win this series, I propose vast amounts of hate mail be sent to that kid's account.

dying alive said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dying alive said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J.S. said...

bng66, I thought I had the first WWGRD post, although it wasn't here.

I'll see if can find a link for it.

Gordie said...

I don't know if anyone's caught this, but the thrashers site has 3 "experts" making picks all playoffs long. One guy picked the Flyers because "Philly's offense can run with Pittsburgh but the Flyers have better D and goaltending." I'm not so sure this guy is even watching this years playoffs. He must have a tape in of the 2000 playoffs.

Thrashers' picks.

dying alive said...

As far as The Onion stories go, you can't top this one as far as I'm concerned:

Funniest Ever.

J.S. said...

first wwgrd reference?

halfway down, 1st page

paul said...

anyone who picks biron over fleury (about 1 gaa higher) is an asshat. also let's note that biron is the only goalie who has more than 2 GAA (2.72) in the playoffs, while the rest are under 1.8. way to 'rise to the challenge' of the playoffs. douche.

...i just want it to be friday.

BlacknGold66 said...


I remember you talking about your grandfather on here. The world must be missing one helluva man.

In fact, "weird" is about the last word I'd use for you thinking of your grandpa when watching "Major League." That is the sentiment of many an Indians fan when watching that movie. Especially with the shots of old Municipal Stadium.

Anyone that endeured those later years at "the mistake on the lake" (which was first coined for Cleveland Municipal Stadium, not the city itself) and still roots for their Tribe is a good human being in my book.

Did you ever get a chance to go to Muni?

Footlong hotdogs. The birthplace of Stadium Mustard. Wooden seats that literrally made a cracking sound when you slammed them down to "We Will Rock You." Ugh, those were the days.

I've said it before on here... but if you ever make it up to Cleveland we'll go to a game together. I have season tickets and it would be my pleasure.

Oh, and as far as getting tickets in the '90's.

I waited 6 hours in a snow-storm down at the Jake to get tickets to 4 games back in January of 1998. If I didn't get them then... I wasn't going to a game.

Hence the Indians officially retiring the number 455 for the fans consecutive sellouts in that era.

BlacknGold66 said...

@J.S.: I stand corrected. You sire, are the effing man!

Spencemo said...

Hey, this was on Yahoo's front page: there's a Pensblog reference.

Dan said...


Flyer Hater said...


I Have Kasparaitis said...

I heard Talbot has been walking on his foot and he wants to play, but Therrien won't make the call until Friday. I doubt he will play, though, all things considered.

Is it Friday yet? I guess I have the Scrubs finale, Lost, and the Detroit/Star game tonight, but nothing can ever fill the void of Pens withdrawal. I was pretty bad after the end of last season, but I think I'm going to be even worse this time around.

Stoosh said...

BNG66 -

I saw one game at the Muni. I saw the Twins back in the summer of 1991 (the Twins went on to win the Series that year). From our seats looking out at the field, we were about 20 rows up from home plate, and a little bit to the right, just under the edge of the foul ball netting that ran overhead. I remember this because one of the Twins players hit a foul ball back onto the net, it rolled off and my buddy caught it.

I remember that game for a few reasons:

1. The Tribe was bad, but it was the very beginnings of that first Indians run. Baerga, Albert Belle, Alomar, Nagy, Swindell and a very young Jim Thome, who took some swings in that game. I don't think he could've hit a beach ball off a tee that year.

2. There were maybe 10,000 people there, tops. We contemplated leaving our seats, going to the upper deck out by the foul polls and fighting each other for foul balls.

3. Steve Olin pitched in that game, and just 18 months later or so, he was killed in that boat crash.

The Seeker said...

More hilarious Onion (video):

Multiple Stab Wounds May Be Harmful

racheleyos said...

Has anyone seen these pictures of what some of the younger pens would like if they could grow facial grow from kdka? lol....pretty funny! click here

racheleyos said...

wow i screwed that post up...

Nathan said...

This title speaks for itself. This was the article I always keep in mind when I advocate giving a player to a nice farm family, like what the Pens did with their Rex earlier this season.

Fleury29 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BlacknGold66 said...

Alright... I'm gonna go attempt to wait in the line at Papa John's for .23 cent large pizza's. If you guys never see me again on cblog it's because:

1)I'm in jail for being falsely accused of line-cutting.


2)I got my ass kicked by thugs.

Bad idea to make up for marketing mistake


Fleury29 said...

Hey guy, I need some thoughts on a sign I'm gonna make for game 1 Friday.

City of
Since 1983

of Losing
since 1975

Gary Roberts

Round 3

Let me know what you think or if you have any other ideas for me. Thanks.

Whistler said...

Saw this someone on one of the message boards I read. I got so angry I almost through my phone across the room."

Spencemo said...

From what I've heard, the only way to get that .23 pizza is to order it online a head of time and then go get it. The Papa John's down the street from where my husband works had cops directing traffic and over a hundred people in noon.

FakeDannyStag said...

cleveland statues?

parts of "deer hunter" were filmed in cleveland. including the wedding scene which was filmed in the cleveland neighborhood Tremont. so...i guess we could have statues of those actors too.

let's put a pens jersey on the cleveland war memorial next to Key Tower. they're working on it so it has scaffolding around it. the figure is huge though. it would have to be a XXXXXXXXXXXL goalie jersey. maybe an old garth snow jersey would work.

poor carey price and his stupid brokeback mountain mask. can't wait to make fun of biron.

lets go pens!

Pensblog Staff said...

The Picasa link will be added to the link list very shortly.

The Mirtle altar is in reference to a time that we messed up something he said and sacrificed ourselves on the altar.

J.S. -- Noted

And thanks everyone for the props on that Mirtle Q&A.
Unfortunately, given our position, we're gonna be asked to do those every now and then.
And it's pretty unfair to everyone for us to be the voice.

The 700Level's Q&A session over there was probably the longest thing ever written on the internet.

We know just as much about hockey as any other fan does.
But why bore people with statistics and common sense that they already know?


I Have Kasparaitis said...

@fakedannystag: At least Price's helmet shows his musical taste ... Biron's must show his taste in men? Can we get a photoshop of Charlie on his helmet?

Pensblog Staff said...

Oh, and the locker-room pic is from the dude we know down in the locker room.

His name is Dan Kroll.

Here is his Webshots gallery

It has pics from road trips and behind-the-scenes at the Winter Classic.
Cool stuff

BlacknGold66 said...

@Kaspar: Working on that now! Thanks for the idea!

@Spencemo: I'm not going really going anywhere NEAR a Papa John's today. It's like asking to get punched in the face (see: Derian Hatcher)

BlacknGold66 said...

I know it's Thursday... and the game is tomorrow night....

but after that latest link from ac... if anyone complains of having nothing to do/kill the time/etc. they need to get smacked in the mouth.

With a crossbar.

By GR.


FakeDannyStag said...

@ ihavekasparitis

you must really love those gay musical cowboys on price's mask. you defend him every time i make fun of him. way to stand by your men.

yes! charlie on Biron's mask would be amazing. please make it happen.

Spencemo said...

@BNG66 - That's good, because it would probably be a bitch to arrange a collection to raise bail for you if you got into trouble over a large pepperoni...

Pensgirl said...

Johnny Wrath = Stooshified

What an absolutely outstanding way to market NHL playoffs to the masses. Its best player is a bitch, and you should buy into the conspiracy that the Refs still give him the calls despite all the diving, and to make matters worse, they're all Canadians and Euros.

That's what I don't understand. It seems like a lot of NHL followers hold a conspiracy theory about Canadian teams, big market teams, or the stars...they bitch to high heaven about such things nearly every year. And yet they still spend time and money (or their "journalism" careers) on the league and its teams.

So...either they enjoy being full of shit or they're wasting interest on a race they know is fixed. I'm not really sure which is worse.

thegreenseas said...

Trying to think of some good signs...

Losers for

Hip said...

I just read the Q&A with the 700 dude.

Funniest line ever:

Owner Ed Snider is known around here for doing whatever it takes to support an NHL contender, even if we haven't seen a Cup since before I was born.


lauren_hbg said...

@ dr t

FYI, I had to use black posterboard with orange cut-out letters... Apparently Target doesn't believe in carrying orange posterboard.

Should still look pretty sweet though. Look for me!

BlacknGold66 said...

Flyers sign idea:

"No fictional statues to protect. Just championship trophies"

"I was going to right something clever on here... but nobody in Philly can read anyway so..."


I Have Kasparaitis said...

@FakeDannyStag: "Stand By Your Man" = Great Tammy Wynette song, which is country. Yeah, I think George Strait and Garth Brooks are some of the best singers out there, but it doesn't bother me if others don't like them.

@Staff: Thanks for posting that site for pictures ... I'm going to be killing a few hours here, there, and on youtube!

Pensgirl said...

Owner Ed Snider is known around here for doing whatever it takes to support an NHL contender, even if we haven't seen a Cup since before I was born.

So he's a Sid fan after all!

Pensgirl said...

Hip that was a response to your comment by the way, not a parallel post.

Dr. Turkleton said...


let's look around the world of HOT Sports Stories:

NFL: more 'spygate' tapes given to commish

MLB: Clemens alledgely had extra-marital affair with underage girl.

NBA: Karl Malone got a 13-yr. old girl pregnant while he was a Soph. in college.

NHL: Crosby whiner/diver...league wide conspiracy to have Pens win it all.

common thread?: Controversy Sells.

Who wants to report on Sports Stars hobbies or what charities they support?
It's the rubber necking, trashy news thriving, reality tv watching, respect lacking, Society we [unfortunately] live in.

just my .02¢



Orange on Black during a White Out....should be easy to spot you!!!

Stoosh said...

@ Pensgirl -

I'm still in awe of Johnny Wrath's post. That might be one of the best singular posts I've ever read on this site.

To quote Dino Ciccarelli, it "pisses me right off" that the mainstream media has jumped on this conspiracy/Sid-buys-calls bandwagon. I don't care about fans doing it because that kind of baseless crap boils down nothing more than fans of opposing teams being frustrated at the fact that they're all just living in the Penguins' world right now, just as Mr. Wrath said.

But when the mainstream media hops on board. That's nothing more than the product of the media being too big and the mainstream media trying to exploit every angle they can to remain relevant (something they're gradually losing a grip on because blogs are just more fun).

Steroids in baseball and the Spygate scandal have made cynics of us all. While some of those things might be legitimate, it's now reached the point where no one can accomplish anything without SOMEONE trying to tear it down (for instance, wait to see how the media responds the next time someone hits 65 homers in a season).

And as is the case with a media monster like ESPN, all you need to do is plant a tiny little seed of doubt and let people like Kornheiser and that assface Jay Marriotti run with it. Like I said, they exploit every angle because they need to remain relevant.

This is why you get allowing some hack to write an article that basically accuses the officials of throwing the game. Too many "journalists" out there with too much time on their hands, so they're all looking for things to talk about.

racheleyos said...

penguins statue "prank" is gonna be on kdka here shortly. ::chuckles to self::

smitty said...

Sign idea for Fleury 29:


Pensgirl said...

Turk, that wasn't my point. I know controversy sells, that's why "reality" TV does so well. I was talking about the people who actually believe the conspiracy theories and yet pour tons of time, money, and energy into rooting for a team. In other words, they believe their guy has no chance and get all involved anyway.

It's more akin to gambling addicts than spygate or Survivor.

JYo said...

@gordie: What a bunch of jokers. I see some of their "experts" picked the Pens to lose to the Rags and one even picked the Senaturds to knock them off in round one. Of course, predictions are basically worthless, but all of the jobbers at ESPN, CNNSI, and TSN pick the Pens. These Thrasher characters are the first people I have seen pick the Cryers anywhere on Gore.

JYo said...

Gary Roberts

I think that would be an outstanding sign. Another one that would be good is, as inspired by c-blog, "The Pirates have won a championship more recently than the Flyers" or something to that effect.

Hip said...

@pensgirl - Basically I can't wait to repost the shit out of that quote when they fail, again, to win the Cup this year. We're "competitive" ultimately means we're losers. Winners don't compete - they, well, win.

@johnny wrath - MVP of cblog today.

@jonny v - I snorted at the "bitch" part.

@wilsmith - I love you.
Hope the snack was delicious.

erica said...

@ dying alive from this morning

it's me in the locker room. best day ever!

Hip said...

SHIT. I keep forgetting to add that I am finally back home in the Mecca and able to sport my WWGRD bracelet.

Let's just say I put it on and had a, ahem, moment.

coffeytalk said...


* picasa = new time killer. word.

* who cares about a jersey on a statue? seriously, that's a prank? Yipes. Watch M*A*S*H if you want to learn about pranks

* Gary Roberts KO'd Rocky MUST BE DONE. I'd do it but my section of D-23 rarely gets hit with a camera.

* is it friday yet?

* i'm sure i had other point, but they've left me now.

go pens.

racheleyos said...

coffey - i know, they make such a big deal out of the whole situation. who cares, nothing was harmed, nobody was injured...although I wish Flyers fans would do it in return just so Pens fans would burn it and tape it or something. or even wear it and do some last name jobbing on the back. i'm just evil like that though.:D

here's to praying for dry weather tomorrow night to go to the lawn!

racheleyos said...

wow 96.1 really does love the pensblog... came acros that pens logo guy by stephen s. in their photo gallery.

smitty said...

Just finished watching "window licker 22" playoff prognostication video.

What the hell is that?
What the hell was that?

Applecore91 said...

24 hours left until game 1. This wait is taking forever!

Andrew said...

Timonen out for the season.

smitty said...

Sportsbeat thought...

On Pens-Philthy Bungholes series eve,if your gonna interview Martina N.(backwoods hick don't know how to spell last name)the only question you should ask her is...

W W G R D ?

JYo said...

Link to Timonen article.

Wow! Huge blow for the Cryers!

Dr. Turkleton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hip said...

I sincerely feel badly for Timonen. That blows at this point. Especially a freak injury like that.

Best wishing to him.

As for the Flyers, it's just another excuse they can use for when they get trounced.

Jawsh said...

I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, and I'm not sure if anyone cares or not but is Ed Harris's crew assumed, or amused.



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