Wednesday, May 14, 2008

All Aboard. PENS WIN.

[ Cory M. ]


The next time we watch the Penguins, the Prince of Wales Trophy will be in the building.
Let that set it in for a minute, and it will take your breath away.

It was a total team effort,
but the performances of the USS Hal Gill and Marian Hossa cannot be overlooked.

Gill was nothing short of spectacular, and Hossa was just beastly.

Game 3 was why Shero went and got Hossa.
Game 3 is why Shero addressed the need for a presence on the blue line.

Short of winning the Cup, raising the Prince of Wales Trophy on Philadelphia ice
would be one of the more memorable moments not only in Penguin history, but Pittsburgh sports history, and possibly in the history of mankind.

God help us all on Thursday night.

The Pens are one win away from spit-shining their shoes.

And we're not into jinxing anything,
but to hear Mike Lange utter those words again, we don't even know.

:::::::::::::::::: ANTHEMS :::::::::::::::::::

[Team eMaint]

:::::::::::::::::: FIRST PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

No one thought the game was going to start because it takes the Flyers anthem girl 40 minutes to sing a song.
Start the game.
Jeff Jimmerson would have had that knocked out in about a 1 minute.

The game gets started, and Orpik was in the best shape of his life, jobbing some joke into the boards.

[ Jonathan M]

Normally in the NHL playoffs, you expect the home team to come out in a storm.
In Philly's case, it was a storm to the box.

Derian Hatcher forgets about the new NHL and takes a dumb penalty three minutes in.

The ensuing power play was mud and a half to start off,
but finally, the Pens set up shop.
After some unreal passing, the Whitney play™ takes effect.
The puck hits off Jason Smith.

Kimmo Timonen would have bloc-- ehh, not worth it anymore.

Stunned -- part 1 of many


Huge goal.
The air in the Wach emptied out faster than the Hindenburg.

And then it was the Flyers turn. It felt like they were gonna knock one home. No dice.

The puck comes to Bing, and he harmlessly shoots ahead to Hossa.
Hossa glides through the neutral zone.

When he gets to the blue line,
he makes a move on Jeff Carter that has its own [ MySpace Page ].

He then makes another move, doesn't succumb to PassToCrosbyitis,
uses a Flyer as a screen and just burrrrrrrrries it.


People in the world's biggest indoor toilet were stunned.


[Charm Child]

The Flyers' backs were to the wall.
MAF was sharp, getting the job done.
Mike Knuble misses a wide-open net, because he is a hack.


The Flyers finally generate some offense, and there is a weird pile-up in the Pens zone.
The next thing you see is the puck go over the glass, and that isn't good for anyone.

No one knows what's going on, Versus decides they better to go to a commercial.
And by commercial, we mean that friggin Dockers commercial.

[Will Smith]

Back from commercial.
The Flyers television network informs us that Mr. Kennedy is in the box.

[Jonathan M]

It was Kennedy's only mistake of the playoffs possibly.

All set for a big powerplay, the Pens get one good clear.
And then the whistle blows.

And a ghost appears.

[Jonathan M---unreal]

Little Debbie takes a dumb-ass hooking penalty.
What a mistake.

And then the next few minutes was the BassMaster Classic.

Hooks were everywhere <----------- lame. Before Cryer nation had time to complain about Briere's penalty, Hossa gets called for one. The USS Hal Gil and first mate Scuds kill it off, but the Flyers built some momentum. RJ Umberger picks up the trash in front of MAF.

Right after that goal, the Pens were buzzing, and Ryan Malone goes to the box for a hook.
We almost saw a replay of the penalty, but Versus heads to commercial because we all need some Dockers.

Here's your chance, Philly.
Momentum is all you. Get back into the series.
It was killed. Some jobbin' around, and that was it for the first.

:::::::::::::::::: SECOND PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

Whatever the first period had, the second period didn't.
The checking was tight. Philly was somehow overcoming all the injuries.

The story of the second period was Upjoke going around, being an ass.

He sticks the knee out of Malkin. Classless.

ruff ruff ruff

Briere also got in on the action with some slashes.

[Mike F.]

You could feel the Flyers poised to strike, but the ice wasn't tilted.
Hard to explain.

They got rejuvenated when Tom Jones dives to break up a 3-on-1 that was brewing.
At least he's shown up this series.

Gotta give it up to French Toast. He was keeping the Flyers in the hunt.
A Pens power play was sandwiched in between Hartnell trying to kill everyone.

Another player who's shown up for the Flies this series is Mike Richards.
And everyone expected him to.

As the second period was humping towards the tail end,
Richards gets a semi-breakaway with Gonch on his heels.

Richards, instead of trying to get a shot off, just seems to wait for Gonchar to take him down.
Wasn't gonna happen.

Gonch dives, waits for the precise moment, and makes the most nonchalant poke check you will ever see.
Richards puts on the goggles, hoping for a call.

No dice

Everyone in the Western Hemisphere except for Flyer fans take a moment to respect the great defensive play.
Richards whines about it. He has to grow up.

Michel Therrien & Co. look at the clock, assess the situation, and move to DEFCON 3, otherwise known as Shutdown City.

:::::::::::::::::: INTERMISSION :::::::::::::::::::

[Andy B]


:::::::::::::::::: THIRD PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

Versus did its first good thing of the series in the third.
They interviewed King Shero.
He was smiling for everyone in Pens Nation.

It was gut-check time for the Flyers in the third.
Their season had one foot out the door already.

Father Time strolled into the Wach with about 11:00 minutes to play,
so he was there to witness the backbreaker.

And yet again, it was all started by PFC Downie.
Malkin Richards-esquely picks off a horrible Downie pass right inside the Pens' blue line.
And they were off to the races.

The puck gets loose. It looks like the odd-man rush went for naught.
But wait.

Sykora finds the loose puck and backhands it to the net.
Pittsburgh's own Ryan Malone drops the leg.

[Will Smith]


[Ryan S]

Steve Downie, frustrated about being a horrible hockey player and ruining his team's season,
takes a run at Petr Sykora.

He had time to get back into the play, but instead takes a needless run at a player.

The rest of the game was all about slowly watching the Pens eat away at the Flyers.
MAF goes on a lunch break for the rest of the game.
Jordan Staal just wants it a little more.

The USS Hal Gill caps off arguably his best performance in a Pens uniform by sending Marian Hossa down the wing to bury the EN.




[Tim D.]

Yeah they aren't that good.
They are just better than the Flyers.

Suck it.


Stop your life.
Go over to [ TSN ] and check out all the Ruutu/Downie stuff in the game highlights.
You don't see these things on Versus.

  • Who wears #48 for the Flyers?
  • 3 periods away.
  • A first period full of penalties, hardly nothing the rest of the way.
  • The Flyers have been in every game. Stop making excuses.
  • Jordan Staal was special tonight.
  • Bill McCreary seems pretty annoying.
  • 3 periods away.
  • 66 Buries it,
  • MAF 25-3 since November or something crazy like that.
  • Our Gmail looks like South Philly, so if we missed an e-mail, we are sorry.
  • Hossa
  • 3 periods.
  • Hello to everyone we met down at the screen.
Can't wait to see what this teabagger has to say:

derrr derrr derrrr derrr

Could it be better than this?

25 year old moron - Watch more free videos



[ Charlie's Facebook ]

Thank you, everyone.

At 1:45 PM Tuesday, [ The Orange Crush ] held up their end of the bargain
and released Charlie when he received his 1,000th friend.

Special thanks goes to Damon Clayton for being the 1,000th friend.

Charlie is groggy from the ordeal and needs a day or two.


Go Pens


Steve In Denver said...



Augie Zybynski -Editor said...

Dearest Mother,
I now know how the noble Oates felt when he left the tent for the last time. Though I must confess that my sentiments lay with Captain Scott; why bother getting up at all?
As you doubtless know the lads and myself lost a third consecutive match last night.
Once again, the best player at his position in the entire league, the Finn Timmonen, was unable to play, a problem compounded when our league's second best player at his position was unable to go as well.
The latter, a game hardy lad, wanted very badly to participate but the Doctor's insisted that he sit out, and that proved a mortal wound. If only either or both could have carried on the results would undoubtedly be much, much different.
As it stands now Mother, there is a likely chance that I will be back by your side as early as Saturday. Isn't Saturday the commencement of the Whist tournament at the club? Do enter us, I think it a safe bet.
I miss you Mother and give our noble terrier Lance a pat for me.
Your loving son,

Joose said...

What a win. What a win. Sweepity sweep?

haha I need sleep.

eileenover said...

Augie those letters are hilarious.

KJ said...

actually the dockers ad didn't come in until it was 3-1, but def in the 3rd period. us in the blog were looking for it since we now consider it good luck.

when the pens scored and VS didn't show the lawn, i was a bit bummed, but they def made up for it with shots of all those orange seats about to cry. speaking of, what are those girls in the oshea pic doing? one looks like she's yawning and the other looks passed out, and considering how quiet that arena was, i guess i can understand how that could happen.

finally, glad to see charlie free, esp in time for game 4.

millvalemauler said...

that dude talkin about how people shouldnt leave him comments on his page. So glad none of the pens fans has sunk to that level of embarassing our whole city.

Phily booing sykora.... despicable, class-less city. Its a shame people like that exsist. leaves no hope for the future and its obvious darwinism forgot about phily.

worst fans in sports. wonder what excuses are in store for tonights game...

Over-rated? ....leave that in the back of your mind for a little motivation the next time you see someone if a flyers jersey. im not condoning violence. but just remember over-rated. and we are all band-wagon fans. I'm 19 i remember cheering for the pens in 10 B.C.

Brooms on sale 2 for the price of tears from phily.

Jay H said...


There's nothing else to do but laugh at that teabagger at the end.

Reasons why I hate Philadelphia: their fans boo Sykora when he's hurt. Cobourn gets a standing ovation when he skates off of the ice.

Sweeptown coming up Thursday.

snickerdoodles said...

What a win.
What a night!
Dare I dream of a sweep???

Frank said...

Rumor has it that guy on the razor scooter complained to the refs that Gonch tripped him too.

Benjamin said...

You know what I can't get enough of? The mike's hard lemonade commercials. It gets better every time I watch it. So good.

letsgopsu said...

When Versus showed that one girl, I really was hoping she would start crying on camera. That's the only thing that could've made this night better.

ghenygator08 said...

haha that girl crying through her little cryers logo facepaint would have been the cherry on top. I'd say go home Cryers, but they are hopefully there to stay after thursday... Let's Go Pens!

dhudzin said...

M. Night Jobyamalan

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

11th!!! WOOHOOO!!!

What? You didn't hear that 11th is the new 1st? Get with the times.

Pensblog has officially become part of Pittsburgh culture. It's wierd. Oh yeah, I was also informed by someone that I don't know well enough to know if they're full of crap or not that the "Yinz love da' guins" guy from yesterday's post is on MTV2, is that true?

I'm getting really exciting. Winning divisions and making playoffs in sports is nice and all, but it doesn't start to sink in that your team rules until you actually see them receive a trophy of some sort. That could happen soon.

The question is, will Sid pick up the Prince of Whales Trophy (if we win the series)? Or, will he be superstitious and refuse to touch the fucking thing?

Most players go the superstitious route, but I believe I recall Super Mario saying "Fuck it, I'm Mario Lemieux" and grabbing the thing and taking off with it when the Pens won the conference twice in the early-90s. Didn't seem to hurt them too much in the Stanley Cup Finals (possibly because, as I mentioned before, he was Mario Fucking Lemieux).

And finally, if FritoWill is reading tonight (or tomorrow) I thought I'd throw this in for him about the 1993 scoring race:

Pat Lafontaine = still stunned!

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

BTW, I can't type right (hence me saying "I'm getting really exciting" instead of "excited")

And I wound up being 14th, not 11th.

Kristen said...

that douchebag flyers fan makes me even more proud to be from the 'burgh. Thursday can't come soon enough

Ryan said...

Versus has officially killed soul. Holy God that commercial...

paul said...

Fine showing tonight. Hilarious letter, augie. Any mention of whist gets a chuckle out of me.

Also, I'm sure this was addressed in gameday cblog, but holy christmas, could versus have their hands down the knickers of R.J. Umberger any more than they do currently? When he scored I thought it was his tenth goal of the game instead of the lone tally for the cryers.

I also think we can all agree Gonchar's poke-check-of-the-century is what we were all hoping for on the richards shortie in game 2. note that because of that play, it was 4-1 instead of 4-2 like the other games :D

Final thought: the pens are playing better than when i won the cup on nhl 08. and i don't play on a very hard setting (it crushes my videogaming ego)

Mr. Plank said...


Cody said...

@letsgopsu: I swear if they would have kept the camera on her for another 15 seconds, we'd have seen the tears. She was starting to tear up right as they cut out.

As for Steve Downie, I'd like to take this moment to apologize to Mr. Downie for my photoshop of him diving after the Laraque hit he took earlier this year. Steve hs proven his worth by being the best Pens player this conference final. Glad to see he decided to show up to give us some great momentum goals this series. Good on you Mr. Downie! (I still maintain that even Greg Louganis thought that dive was gay)

Shiro is a hero. No, I didn't mean that to rhyme, but whatev. Nice shout-out to Patrick there, Ray.

As for the dickweeds with the diving signs, they figured they had to use it at that very moment, as it was becoming obvious that their tears were going to make the marker run soon.

I'm as superstitious as the next guy, and I know it won't happen, but I'd love the boys to win the Price of Whales trophy on Thursday and actually lift it on Philly ice. That'd be a nice 'Fuck you' to the deserving Philly fans.

If the trend continues for this round, Hossa has my vote for series MVP.

gray33 said...

I think my favorite part of the broadcast besides the huge win was at the end when VS showed the pens leaving the ice and Big George and the others looked at the toast fans flipping them off. What did they do....skated right over the glass in front of them and celebrated. It was great.

paul said...


i totally loved that too, i think i heard malone give a big WOOOOO as well.

KJ said...

ps, in the posts yesterday someone was wondering what song they had on in the lockerroom before they went out for practice. sorry i'm lagging on it, but it sounds like eminem-drug ballad

macedog said...

steve in denver... just saying "first" is retarded. try contributing something constructive. so what do you guys think is better... winning in philly or having another game in pittsburgh that is good for the economy and would allow us to win the conference on home ice? also, Pensblog guys: remember when you had the fleury v conklin trial? could you please feed the egos(sp?) of those of us who served as advocates for maf? i know it will disappoint the majority of people because they chose conklin, but justice demands it. university park remains insane for every game with pens fans outnumbering flyers fans 3 to 2... and not because of sheer numbers but because flyers fans are afraid to show their faces at the bar

Ironed Dockers said...

It's going to hit everyone at a different a different a different way...

But this team is going to do something that hasn't been done in 16 years. I don't think its even hit me yet. This is nuts.

Joshua said...

Some people in Philly think Steve Downie is the next Bobby Clarke. Seriously.

War Penguin said...

I don't know about y'all, but I'm having a really hard time not looking ahead to the Red Wings and being nervous.

That said, last night was awesome, and I love that the Pens are one game away from squashing the Flyers.

The Big K said...

I'm going down to the screen for Game 4.
Hope to catch you there.

Nathan said...

Anyone else waiting for Downie to score an own-goal in Game 4 and rip off his Flyers jersey to reveal a Pens one underneath?

I can't watch Game 4 or Game 5 (if necessary), so the next game I watch better be Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Christina said...

i really feel like there's only one thing to say this morning.....


osheak234 said...

anyone else notice the WWGRD signs from the outdoor screen on the WTAE news? Someone should screenshot those for the blog, I would but can't find them anywhere.

kj - The first stunned pic was taken outside the Mellon, not the Wachovia "Barn" (Versus should stop saying that)

Captain Dummy said...

hossa's move was so sick, i want to be friends with it! haha!

could definitely be one of your top 5 posts of all time!

well done guys!!!

lauren_hbg said...

So did anyone else notice that the "orange out" resembled a bunch of empty seats? It looked like an arena full of seat-backs.

dappie99 said...

the teabagger philly fan kid with the youtube video....reminds me of the little boy eddie munster from the munsters old school black and white tv series :-P haha..tool

thursday is huge....amazingly huge!
can't wait!!!

Lets Go Pens!!!

dying alive said...

I seriously could not stop staring at that "Why Us?" photoshop. I saw pictures of Hurricane Katrina victims who looked less devastated. I love it.

The Strangers With Candy photoshop has made my entire life complete.

Typical Flyers fans, booing a player while he's injured on the ice. And they wonder why everyone thinks that their city and their team are full of classless thugs? One of their players takes a cheap shot, and their fans boo the injured player. Stay classy Philadelphia, you repulsive scumbags. After Coburn took the puck to the eye that turned him into Frankenstein (jesus, did anyone see that shot of him in the press box?), Pens fans respectfully clapped for him when he got up off the ice and skated to the locker room. And there is the primary difference between the two cities: this one is inhabited by actual human beings. Keep on winning awards for fattest city, most miserable city, ugliest city, and so on, Philly. Because your hockey team sure isn't winning anything this year.

Seeing those turds crying in the stands at the end of the game was the cherry on top of a big, heaping Fuck You Sundae. Boo that, mouthbreathers.

dying alive said...

BTW, I think I need to create a facebook tonight so that I can join all of these awesome Pens groups. Would everyone mind doing me a tiny favor and posting links to their pages in this thread, so that I don't have to sort through thousands of posts to find them? Help a girl out!

Pensgirl said...

Mud and a half. Mal0wned. Strangers with Free Candy. Hossa's move with its own myspace page.

That's why this is my first stop every day.

Zarley, Sid might just be the most superstitious person the world has ever known. If he touched the Wales trophy I'd pass out from shock.

Korn said...

I can't say I ever really noticed the Dockers commercial. Thanks. Now it will probably grate on me for the rest of the playoffs.

A Pens-Red Wings series will be monumental. You can argue that it would pit the two best teams from each conference against each other. No cinderella stories here. Both with high-powered offense, strong defense and solid goaltending. A series for the ages.

sh0ez said...

Had a fun time watching it outside, though we couldn't hear any of the audio really. Good times, good times.

Hossa is a beast. Gill is a defensive machine.

Thursday. Let's do it.

Current Facebook groups:
-- Gary Roberts For President
-- Jarkko Ruutu for Vice President
-- USS Hal Gill for Secretary of Defense

Antonette said...

I'm split on what to do with the Wales trophy. Part of me says FUCK IT like Mario and just grope the thing like a 15 year old boy at his first dance and then part of me says NO TRADITION.

I think I'm going with the FUCK IT side if we (knock on wood) get it in Philly and then the NO TRADITION side if it's in the 'Burgh.

How classless do yinz think that the Cryers fans will be during the award presentation (once again, knock on wood)?

Mal0ned made my morning.

Sooska said...

@ dying alive- good idea- I joined yesterday but it took them like 12 hrs to send the confirming email and I ahve no idea what I am doing.

@fleury29-if you are around I sent you an email regarding problems with the new improved

@pensgirl - I agree Sid won't breathe the same air as that trophy. Nor Staalsy. He said he hardly looked at the Cup when bro Eric ( yeah they're brothers! *gasps*) brought it home last year.

I lOVED the MalOwned PS. LOL


Michael said...

I really want to buy some khaki's or move to San Francisco right now. I'm not really sure why.

Hossa move was, indeed, sick and I will be friending it on MySpace as soon as I get out of work and the stupid IT barrier.

Coburn looked pretty ragged with the 50 stitches (surprised there wasn't a screen shot) but otherwise didn't look too affected by it. If he comes back for Thursday's game, it will definitely be interesting. Probably not enough for the Flyers to win, but maybe some of their fans will stop whining.

Every time VS showed a shot of the crowd all I could think about it "STUNNED". Thank you Pensblog for infecting my mind.

Fleury29 said...



(Anyone know where my original post went? It wasn't too filthy, was it?)

Jonathan said...

Sweet holy crap, I get three Pshops in one post? Word.

What a game. After my wife barely spoke to me after the Rags series, she's starting to get into it now. The snide Crosby comments have all but stopped and she even got a laugh out of French Toast.

Beninati made some comment about Hossa and Bing starting to develop some serious chemistry. It was the only smart thing he's said all season (he calls Craps games for Comcast, so I'm very familiar with his sucking). Those two are playing games with defenders lately, just skating around and passing through whatever they want. It's a beautiful, sublime dance that keeps creating chances.

18 buried it.

Geno, I thought, played a pretty solid game. Stevens (or the players themselves) clearly decided to make Demolition their focus, not You, Me & Dupuis, so although Geno's been able to make some things happened, he's had a hard time keeping the puck. Which is fine. Scoring 12 goals in three games tends to lessen any criticism of the offense.

Anyone else think Staal's a virtual must-extend? The offense isn't there, and might never come all the way back, but he's going to bring home Selke trophies like they're naming it after him. The whole team forechecks with glorious gusto, but Staal just shuts it down.

WWGRD? Let Adam Hall back into the lineup to win some big faceoffs. Well, played, Mr. Roberts.

Well played, Penguins.

Jonathan said...

May I also add that Mall0wned brought warm feelings to my heart? What a Pshop.

Jonathan said...

BTW, (three posts in a row? trite) this is in today's P-G:

Flyers: Shocked, and still with no answers
Wednesday, May 14, 2008
By Shelly Anderson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

PHILADELPHIA -- The Philadelphia Flyers are stunned.

Raybin said...

If Marian Hossa ever suffers a career ending injury, he can always make a living selling whatever new brand of crack he's taking. That has to be some seriously good shit.

Dany Briere is the biggest joke in Philadelphia and that covers a LOT of territory.

It's interesting to see how Philly ran over two teams that suck at clearing out the net, but when you match them up against a team with Gill, Orpik and Scuds they can't compete.

This game has to be so crushing to Philly fans. Whether they admit or not (and they won't) they have NO excuses. The refs swallowed their whistles after the first period. This was a straight up hockey game and their team got outclasssed in every facet of the game.

They can whine and cry about Kimmo and Coburn all they want. Did we whine when MAF and Crosby went down? No. Conks and Geno and an amazing team effort launched us to the #2 seed when people predicted the outright death of our playoff chances.

To any Cryers fans reading this:







No excuses

That interview with Ray Shero is the first thing Versus has done right. He's rocking it Craig Patrick circa 1991 style. I have no fears that he'll know exactly who to sign and who to let go in the offseason. Should be quite a ride.

domski43 said...

excusadelphia in a nutshell...ceremony before the game for a fallen police officer who was shot by a philadelphian....the place is a true philly fashion i must find someone to blame, i blame it on rendell (jerkoff)

Christina said...

@ raybin

"It's interesting to see how Philly ran over two teams that suck at clearing out the net, but when you match them up against a team with Gill, Orpik and Scuds they can't compete."

i love how, not even a year ago, if you said the Pens would be amazing at clearing their net, people would have thought you were smoking some of the Hill's finest. absolutely brilliant turnaround, IMO.

Raybin said...

Random thought: Now that their backs are truly against the wall, will any Flyer finally accept BGL's challenge to throw down in an attempt to fire up/inspire their teammates, whatever personal injury may be involved?

wilsmith said...


that's all I've got.

lis said...

o.k. here goes:

Philly fans are a bunch of assholes! I hope to Gary we sweep on Thursday because every one of those 20,000 bastards deserve to see the Pens win that trophy.

Let me start out by saying I've gone to Pens games in Philly for a few years and have never had a problem. I don't run my mouth, I don't really talk to people, I just watch the game and cheer on my team. I do not say anything derogatory about the flyers what-so-ever. Last night was a whole new animal.

1. I was there with my sister and my boyfriend as well as the rest of my dek hockey team (who are all Flyers fans). We got booed up to our seats, which I expected, and was completely cool with the jobbing going on around us.

2. We had two things thrown at us before we were even up 2-0.

3. Some bitch up behind us somewhere ran her mouth the whole entire god damn game. "I could kick her ass" "There just a bunch of whores" "Blah blah blah blah blah" The entire game! I have no idea what she even looked like or how far up behind us she was sitting because I never looked behind me once. I never opened my mouth. WATCH THE FUCKING GAME ALREADY!!!!!! How could she be watching the game when all she was doing was running her mouth about two girls who NEVER even once looked in her direction?

3. Right before the start of the second period some dickhead needs to get down our aisle and we stand to let him through. He gets in front of my boyfriend and tells him to move out of the way and then proceeds to punch him in the nuts. My boyfriends reaction? Pushed him into the empty row in front of us on his ass! Now I'm not one for violence but this guy did not have seats in our aisle, he was just looking to start shit and I think the guy thought my boyfriend (who is NOT a small guy) wouldn't push back. Needless to say, they both got thrown out. My b/f eventually made it back into the arena for most of the 3rd (thanks to the ushers at the front door) but he was told to just go wait at the bar until he could meet up with us.

4. Things seem to calm down until the third period when some assholes up behind us start throwing shit, however, because their aim is horrible they are instead hitting the flyers fans in front of us (a husband and wife and then another couple with their 10 year old son). At one point the two rows in front of us were standing up yelling at the idiots behind us for throwing shit (all the while my sister and I are silently watching the game)

it's was the most retarded thing i've ever seen in my entire life. After the empty netter, most of the fairweather fans left behind us and we didn't have any problems leaving...of course we were walking with my hockey team which had on all their flyers stuff.

a part of me wanted to wake up this morning and see on the news the rocky statue was painted black and gold but then my senses kicked in and i realized that i'm better than that.

sorry for any typos...i'm all riled up still!


Raybin said...

I know I'm running toomanydamnpostsblog here, but I just had another thought:

Remember those Cryer fans holding the "9.0" and "9.5" signs after Malkin was tripped?

While it can be written off as and maybe possibly even is general "Har har look at us aren't we so fucking clever" jackassery, I think it bespeaks a deeper level of delusion that approaches outright mental illness.

It's getting to the point with these Philly assholes (and probably Rags fans as well) that NO Penguin whoever he is can fall to the ice under ANY circumstances whatsoever without it being a "dive."

It's both infuriating and pathetic. I guess you gotta do what you can to shield your fan pride when your team is exposed as overrated jokes, though.

What really burns my biscuits about it, though, is the extent to which it can and even already has percolated through the sports media and into "conventional wisdom"

I will say this to the Versus guys at least: Kudos for going out of your way to show why Gonchar's play to stop the Richards breakaway was amazing hockey and not illegal.

Sooska said...

@ fleury29 - you are welcome! your original post was last night on the game day cblog.

Sooska said...

@ lis- wow - that was some experience. Good thing we won. Are you going on TH too?

Anyone hear how house14 fared?

lis said...

oh yeah...and scottie upshall is the biggest diver/embellisher i've ever seen. he tried to buy at least 3 calls during the first period alone. flyers fans have no room to talk about players who do that shit.

Raybin said...


That's just awful, but not surprising. If you go next season, though, you won't be able to hear them with all the Pens trophies in your ears! :)

Upshall, Richards and Hartnell could be on the goddammn U.S. Olympic team in Beijing this summer for diving.

I especially hate Hartnell's little trick of "Get checked hard into the boards, go down like you've been shot, roll around clutching your head (or lie like you've been cold-cocked), draw the penalty, then get up and skate away like nothing ever happened."

A Flyer fan would tell you that's just smart hockey though. Dumbass jagoffs.

lauren_hbg said...

@ lis

Wow, that was some experience.

I've also been to a few games in Philly this year, and there was always some minor jobbing, but nothing as harsh as your time last night.

Sorry to hear about all your troubles!

FijiH2O said...

Lis - glad you made it out alive! How quiet did it get in there after the 3rd goal? It seemed as if you could hear a pin drop. I came this close to feeling sorry for the flyer fans, but then I came to my senses.

Our players, fans and city are classy. I'm glad i don't live in flyer country!

Keep on goin' Pens!!!!

Steve In Denver said...

Macedog, people do the "first" thing every post. It's a joke. Lighten up. It's actually the first first I've done here, especially with the ridiculous amount of traffic that's come up in the last 2 months.

I made one of the last comments on the prior post and noticed the staff threw out a shiny, new recap.

xuscbausp said...


I love it.

60 minutes. Can game four some soon enough? Nope.

Sooska said...

PensBob and I had some fun here in hell=eastern PA after the game last night ( full recap at clblog last night). The Phlyers experts (that incld Al Morganti and 3 other jobbers) post game was hilarious. The best was at the end after I had finished posting. Chris "bundy" Therien showed a hit Hartnell made on Orpik behind the net- he finished his check but seriously, as cblog commented at the time, The Candyman took no notice-no reaction -none-nada- and he turned and headed up the ice. It was perfect and all Bundy could do was gush about what a fine hit blah blah yada yada. It has come to that-loving their hits that made no difference- went unnoticed hy the player being hit. yeah that's a Winner.

Hip said...

Alright all... thoughts on the game.

1. Ortiz is overrated.
2. Mani is a joke.
3. Gary Roberts made a spot start in right field for the O's and made a game saving catch. Roberts = All Star. I voted.

Ok, so sounds like the Pens played solid as expected last night. I sat at Camden near my Flyers fan friend. We both knew. I wasn't nervous in the least and he didn't even crack a hint of a smile when I said RJ had scored. He literally just rolled his eyes.

Apparently he gets it, unlike the rest of Phili fans. Raybin is right: the delusions of grandeur bespeak a serious mental condition inflicting the entire city. Maybe after he drops the puck in a Pens jersey next year, Nutjob can work on increasing the psych services offered in his city.

Also - Gill plays the game of his life the very day I create an awesome Facebook page for him. Coincidence? I think not.

One more game.


PS - any Red Sox fans, I'm just jobbing. If you root for the O's you take what you can get (Bucco fans know what I'm talking about).

Lady Jaye said...

Sixty fourth!

(just had to do it macedog)

Jonathan said...

Stanley Cup tickets in Detroit go on sale at noon today. Let's fill those empty seats up there with Pens fans.

Lady Jaye said...

@lis > Your experience leaves me speechless. I have always wanted to go see every NHL arena in the country eventually... but there are some places I don't want to go to based on stories like that. People like that also are going to die of heart attacks because they get worked up over a game! I would never in a million years abuse a fan of another team in the Mellon. Of course, I rib my b/f for being a Detroit fan, but that's different.

@augie you = awesome

@life in general > Woooooo.

Lloyd said...

Vs. has become so bad with commercials that all of us in pensblogChatBlog are calling out the next commercials. I may start taking bets and giving odds out after each break.

Hip said...

@macedog - calm down. "First" is all you need to contribute if you're posting first.

As for "where?" to win. Nothing is ever guaranteed. You play to win every game, I don't care if you're in Siberia in front of two fans.

I move to Pittsburgh in a week and own (1) small bookshelf and (1) TV. The economy will be just fine when I start to furnish my fricking apartment.

And re: Whalestrophyblog. Sid won't go near it. But it would be badass to see Geno grab that shit and run with it.

give me the brandy said...

i was at the game too, just went by myself in my Lemieux jersey. nothing too bad happened to me personally. luckily the guys sitting next to me were cool and pretty much just left me alone. did see some almost fights and a couple of flyers fans in my section were just out of control and harrasing this older pens fans couple, i think they actually ended up leaving after the 2nd period because they were so fed up. i was also sitting in the very last row which helps i think cause you can stand up and cheer and no one can throw stuff at you without you seeing them.

Sooska said...

@ hip - TOTALLY GENO on the Wales Conference trophy. Our bad ass man child bucks the trends ( no playoff beard for instance.) I say Geno holds it high and smiles like a butcher's dog.

give me the brandy said...

during the first period, even when the flyers went down 2-0, the place was really loud. once the second started it was quiet. after malone scored it was pretty much dead the rest of the game

dying alive said...

@ lis - Sorry you had such a bad experience. Not surprising that Flyers fans acted that way, though. Their on-ice product matches what they've got in the stands - losers who's only joy in life is gooning it up. And they have the nerve to say that the Pens have a joke of a franchise? The fact that they've got Bobby Clarke sitting up on high in the Wach tells you everything you need to know about how those knuckledraggers like their hockey.

Raybin said...


Speaking of that awesome "All Aboard the USS Hal Gill" Facebook group....

Fleet Admiral?

Me = Stunned.

TheNWChica said...

I have to say that if the PoW trophy gets lifted, it's not going to be by Bing. With all the other weird things he does...he's not going any closer to that thing than he has to.

But then I'm still a little irritated at Trevor Linden for not only lifting the Campbell bowl in '94, but knocking the lid off. omenblog!

HOUSE14 said...


that is all

Brett said...

Geno would totally lift that sh!t to the ceiling should we win it.

like others said, sad and disturbing, but not surprising. Sorry to hear about your night.

manicmadman87 said...

how's this for a jobbing by dave molinari in his recap of Game 3

"Unfortunately for Philadelphia, once the game began, it again had to rely on a defense corps that, with Kimmo Timonen and Braydon Coburn injured, has puck skills and mobility rivaling those of [Kate] Smith. In her later years"


Kevin said...

The "orange out" to me looked like inmate-work-release night at the rink. Which, given the Flyers' performance, would be accurate.

Hip said...

Raybin - gotta give credit where credit's due.

It was your idea.

You're an awesome Admiral. Keep up the good work. It's an honor and a privilege to serve under you.

(And Jenna's my little cous and I promised her I'd make her an officer too.)

destinyunbound23 said...

Nice how Versus wasted their time by making Briere the player to watch. What a waste for whoever was in charge of that. I only noticed him when he took that penalty in the first. For as much as people are complaining about the Dockers commercial, in ten years when you hear that song that lingers in your ear, from sunrise to sunset, all you will think about is the Pens playoff run from this year... So you might as well do what I did and get the song on your Itunes.


Sooska said...

wow is house14 jobbing cblog?

M. Vanderlasser said...

@lis: "it's was the most retarded thing i've ever seen in my entire life." - maybe, but have you been watching Downie in this series?


"Why not us" seems like a pretty lame slogan to fire up the fan base.

I don't like the idea of all those women with jet packs going up my nose if I use Edge shave gel. Do they stay in there? Do they come out when you sneeze? Do they stay in your nose or do they roam around in your body with their jet packs?

Cool that they used Lange audio at TSN.

Stan Savran did a good pre-game show; the Philly hockey writers that he interviewed picked the Pens to win.

Hossa's first goal? I still hyperventilate when I think about it (or maybe it's the jet pack women; I can't tell.)

Sooska said...

@ kevin
"inmate release night" > empty seats LMAO and how appropriate as well.

I said last night I thought it looked like empty seats in there with the orange-out.

Hip said...


WHY NOT US? Because you suck.

BACK WITH A VENGENCE! You were never there to begin with.


HOUSE14 said...

@ sooska

nope. head still ringing from trauma. that line basically summed up my trip to the 7th circle of hell.

HOUSE14 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flyer Hater said...

Bob Errey after the game on the NHLN,

"When Briere and Staal are out there, well Jordan is the man and Daniel is just a little boy. Maybe the Flyers should try and sign Staal to a 10 million dollar contract"

Whistler said...

Wow! Where do I start here?!? I still have a major headache from last night.

1. I told someone at work that the score would be 4-1. I honestly thought that the crowd would give the Criers a boost of energy. I wanted a game 3 win badly, but wasn't sure what team would show up knowing our situation during the regular season. Stupid me forgot that this isn't the regular season. This isn't the team that went winless at MSG. This team is a team on a mission from Gary.

2. There were many times during the game where I didn't feel like we deserved to win. Philly was doing a good job later on in the game at putting two guys in front of toast and not allowing things to generate down low. Our play was sloppy and lackadasical. Someone reported that Free Candy and someone else may be playing with Flu like symptoms. Is this true. I hope not!!

3. Hatcher was guilt of raping Malkin on multiple occasions. He was all over him like a cockroach in a texas trailer park.

4. Hossa and Gill. What else can you say about these two.

5. Jose Cuervo Black. At the end of the game I was feeling no pain whatsoever. I think everyone in the neighborhood knew who I was cheering for.

6. There is NO number 6.

7. Never say "Cumberger" in front of a 4 year old. They're parrots. Parrots that will use the word over and over for the next 10 minutes. I think I wet myself from laughing so hard.

Now, I must get back to work. This is Whistler, member of the Eastern PA cblog association, reporting from Hell itself signing off.


Steve In Denver said...

The PoW Trophy is not the goal, and it shouldn't be touched.

Some other suggestions:
1. Send Ruutu out to give it a solid two-hander across the ice.
2. Call up Colby and send him out to accept it as a friendly gesture.
3. Have the lady from the Day Chevrolet commercial drive off with it in the back of her minivan
4. Have MM accept it, and then trade it for a cheesesteak at center ice

Matt Bandi said...

Did anyone watch that Flyer fan's (Phillyfreek93)YouTube video from after Game 1? He almost breaks down into tears several times. Makes me almost feel sorry for him.

The Seeker said...

So the jokes at the Waccko Center wouldn't turn the lights on for the Pens morning skate, then you see shots of Mario & Co NOT sitting in a luxury box. ZERO class on the Cryers part.

I sincerely hope that Downie Soft plays in game 4, but it doesn't sound like he will from Stevens press conference. Should he take the ice though, he's got a target painted on his sweater after that cheap late hit on Sykora.

We'll probably see Cote who'll get his head ripped off like those Rock-em Sock-em Robots when he tries to motivate his team fighting Laraque. Bank on that one.

I had a similar experience once Lis, but it was at the last Steeler - Browns game in Cleveland's old Muni Stadium. My Son was only 10 at the time and needed to go to the restroom during half-time. Some drunk Brown's fan started pushing a 10 year old kid! He left me no choice but to stomp his nads with my combat boots. Luckily, when they came to throw me out for fighting, other BROWNS fans told Security the true story about what the guy did to deserve the beating he received and we were allowed to stay....they arrested the drunk guy.

Matty O said...

Congrats to the pens for sucking for the last 10 years and having consistent top 5 picks that were complete layups. They somehow manage to overcome all that to field a elite team.

That and the complete luck to have every team they face have brutal injuries.

Oh, and you fraud fans never supported the team when it sucked. Example (

hmmm, only averaged 90% capacity despite one of the smaller arenas. Frauds.

Carroll said...

@ Whistler -

2. ... Someone reported that Free Candy and someone else may be playing with Flu like symptoms. Is this true. I hope not!!

CBC said that before the game last night. It was Orpik/Sykora and said the flu bug was roaming through the Pens locker room. Last week they said Sid had the flu. Who knows...

Don't poke the chinchilla said...

I'm going to gnaw Steve Downie's nads off.

Sooska said...

@ house14- I hope you are OK and someday will tell us, if you want to, what happened to you. At least we won, huh?

lis said...

matty o....YAWN!!!!!!!!!!

go do something schedule your tee time!

Matty O said...


I'll be busy following my Red Wings(a real organization who doesn't tank for years to field a competitive team).

Chubs said...

@house 14-

It's been said before, but I'm glad you're on our side. Feel better, man.

Sooska said...

WOOO Filthy fans, matty o. do we care? no. *yawns* LOVE how they know about our team, fans and city. yep. know it ALL. including how to lose.

IMO Stevens made it pretty clear Downie is probably not playing on TH. I bet we get Cote who will try to job anyone he can on the ice.

J.S. said...

from the comment section:

"Did you know that the Flyers are missing Coburn, Timonen, 32 Norris Trophy winners, Superman, Batman, Hulk Hogan, Mike Tyson, and the love-child of Gretzky and Lemieux from their line-up?"


The Seeker said...

@ matty o

I hope you realize you've got quite a gay name.

You aren't going to score here with that lame logic.

Sure...we could BUY a whole new team, but instead we did it the hard way, the right way. We paid our dues with bad teams and built a good one through the draft and our minors.

We overcame injuries and adversity.

We EARNED where we are today.

So go SUCK IT.

Max Power said...

Uh oh. Sounds like matty o missed nap time. Hey matty, why don't you change your tampon while I run to the closet and dig out my broom.


Dr. Turkleton said...


do I envision a trip to IKEA™ in your future?

no comments for matty o. maybe if his squad can win a game or even look slightly competitive, it'd be worth it to have a 'discussion'.

at least k*g*b* knows when he's beat & had stayed graciously away.

The Seeker said...

@ matty o (the gay sounding dude)

"I'll be busy following my Red Wings'

You and the other 200 Wings fans that actually show up for a game?

Please don't talk to us about fan support when your Wings can't even sell-out PLAYOFF games!

Sooska said...

love this quote from MAF:
"I felt useless," Fleury said after facing only 18 shots - one of the finer defensive efforts in franchise playoff history. Trib

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

matty o = flyers fan who doesn't have the balls to admit he's a flyers fan / then jumps on the bandwagon of the team that will be playing the team that CRUSHED his wet dreams.

I mean...c'mon. how many Pens fans do ya think are hoppin' over to Red Wings blogs to talk shit? [at least not until 10:30p-ish at the earliest!]

[Housea14: welcome back to Mecca {eh, hip?}]

Dr. Turkleton said...


10:30p-ish THURSDAY....

The Seeker said...

@ Dr Turkelton

Yeah...I noticed that too.

Already jumped ship from that joke of a team they call the "Broad Street Bullies" before it's even over.

Ironically, he talks about fan support in the process.

matty o = matty 0

Flyer Hater said...

What would be better than winning the Wales Conference Final on Flyer ice in the last game of a sweep?

(besides the cup)

oldschoolbehii said...

going to game 4 in Philly


I will try and get their for an anthemn pick... no promises though

tickets are cheap as balls on stubhub

Sooska said...

@ seeker and HCDT- sure we aren't dealing with one of many of rgb's personas? Junker and Crow running Jagoff of the Week. nominationsblog?

racheleyos said...

"Vs. has become so bad with commercials that all of us in pensblogChatBlog are calling out the next commercials"

hahaha so true!! at least I haven't seen the "there must have been a typo commerical" in a few days.

that video of that kid bitching is hilarious...i couldn't watch the whole thing without wanting to kick his ass, for everything he said didn't make any sense, neither was it true. joke.

FakeDannyStag said...

i thought Biron played a great impression of Carey Price in the 1st period. including wearing gay mask.

Max Power said...

Cryers game 4 = Cryers regular season no composure with a side of stupid penalties.


Dr. Phil should do a special on Filthadelphia.

Yinz Luv Da Guins said...

I was in Philly last night and there was some major talking going on. Here's some of the highlights of Philly's brightest:

Game 3, Yinz Luv Da Guins

The Seeker said...

@ sooska

Could be?....they don't have much in the imagination department, that is for sure!

What's with the obsession with names ending in "y" and "ie"?

It's like they are all Scottie, Matty, Danny, Buffy, etc...

Nice names...IF you happen to be a dog that is.

dying alive said...

Oh goody, we're already getting the boring, arrogant Wings fans.

HILARIOUS that anyone from Detroit would be pointing fingers about attendance issues, considering they can't even fill the Joe for the conference finals.

Sooska said...

@ dying- matty o is probably a Phlyers phan who is pulling an rgb on us, and, in fact, may actually BE rgb. His "o" is his aluminum foil hat. see here

Phlyers Phan #1

Sooska said...

and as far as the Wings fans go read "the" Mitch Albom here (published in the PG over last weekend):

Wings Fans Don't Show

BlacknGold66 said...


@wilsmith: Something I posted yesterday: We share a brain

dying alive said...

@ sooska - Probably. Hell, if I were a Flyers fan I wouldn't be admitting to it right now either. Come to think of it...I'd never admit to it. Ever.

Sorry if this has already been posted in the millions of links and cblog posts, but it's worth mentioning again: <3 Conklin.

Anyone who thinks that ANY Pens fan has forgotten what Conklin did here this season has no idea what they're talking about.

The last two paragraphs made me happy. I mean, I'd love it if he got an opportunity to start somewhere, but selfishly I really hope he's back with the Pens next year.

Max Power said...

You guys need to check this video out. Go on to youtube and type Pittsburgh 1985 in the search bar. Its a little choppy but you'll have that when you take something off of betamax and putting it on the net. Tis a sweet find

Nathan said...

@ Seeker: If you were watching the Versus broadcast last night, there was a point in the 3rd (I think. Might've been the 2nd) when the ice mics picked up one of the Pens yelling "Maxy! Maxy!" to Talbot.

Steve In Denver said...

Matty O making an appearance at the Philly zoo to help the Flyers gain a psychological advantage for game 4:

Sooska said...

OMGary - Just watched the post game from Pens TV and the scene with the Pens leaving the ice after the win and those Phlyers phans actually going after them. BGL laughing and jumping at the glass. Ruutu laughing. Staalsy laughing. If BGL actully went after them, they'd die from fright and be glad it wasn't GR looking at them. jokes. what a putrid expample.

lis said...

oh yeah...forgot about this part...the last few seconds of the game Ryan Whitney was banging his stick off the glass at a bunch of Flyers fans standing there running their mouths. Once the horn blew at the end of the game I could hear him "WOOOOOOO" as he skated over to congratulate Fleury on his win.

These guys must love playing in Philly!!!

jaos said...

Why didn't versus have a feed setup from a Pittsburgh bar for all of our goals?

lis said...

Because Versucks!

JYo said...

Why didn't versus have a feed setup from a Pittsburgh bar for all of our goals?

I don't understand your question. How would that help the Cryers and their fans feel better about themselves?

babyxjay17 said...

I seriously love this blog,
it is so funny, and so true.
hahaha keep up the good work! [:


dying alive said...

They don't show Pittsburgh fans because it's on Versus, which is owned by Comcast, which is owned by Ed Snider, who owns the Flyers.

Hey, wait a minute...does this mean that all of the Philly fans who are pissed about Vs. sucking up to the Pens should really be mad at the owner of their own team? Hilarious.

The Seeker said...

The Cryers #1 priority now?...

Don't get swept at home!

"Flyers' goal: Don't get swept by Penguins"

"Realistically, this series is done.

A team coming back from a 3-0 series deficit has happened only twice in NHL history - Toronto in 1942 and the New York Islanders in 1975.

The way that Pittsburgh has outplayed them, the Flyers don't figure to become the third.

That makes the goal for Game 4 tomorrow night simple.

Don't get swept.

Don't make Flyers fans have to watch the team from Eastern Pennsylvania celebrate moving on to the finals on Philadelphia ice.

It's won't be the Stanley Cup that Flyers fans desperately crave, but at least it will be something."


jefe said...

i wonder how i will waste the day away waiting for the next game.. sleep? eat? look for a job? nah. ill setup my ps2 and play some nhl07.

SamIAm said...

I just wanted to say that this is by far the BEST Pens blog!! I have been reading for a couple months now and it makes me happy to live in Pittsburgh and see so many fans love this sport as much as I do.

Philly sucks and I hope the Pens can shut the crowd up again on Thursday!

Gh0st said...

Hartnell from

"It's frustrating to me that they've already picked the final, it's going to be Detroit and Pittsburgh, even before the series started.

"That's what ticks me off and gets our blood boiling a little bit. We just have to go out there and play like we've got something to prove."

WOW. Too bad Richards and Toast are the only ones actually playing with something to prove.

KJ said...

@oshea, i noticed after i posted that the pic was taken outside. but they still need to look like they're paying attention ;)

lis~sorry your trip was a tough one. in the early 90s when my brother was in the navy, he and some friends drove to philly for an eagles game. he put on his navy hat and his cowboys jersey and expected the worst. he got beer poured on him and was called names ("the guy who shouted asshole acted like he made up the word"). i can understand them standing up for their team, but some of that behavior is just pathetic as is the way the city just seems to accept it.

speaking up, "why not us?", my rangers fan friend and i both agreed that's the most desperate sports rallying cry ever, esp when it doesn't rally anything.

mattyo, if the games this year don't convince you of the wings "fan base", the 80s are calling.

finally, sooska, gotta love how happy the pens were after the game. i love how they don't really let anything get under their skin, esp the little things.

Hip said...

@sooska - I just watched the wrap too.

Some thoughts:

USS Hal Gill is at least 8 feet tall.
JStaal is like 7'9".
Geno = blissfully ignorant during the pregame skate with all those posters in the background.
You know during the singing stuff TK was like, "WTF. I want to bring the pain."
Ruuuuuutu probably has the best shit eating grin ever.
Talbot and Fleury exemplify what I love about male bonding.
Hossa looked like he should have left the post game presser on a Harley.

And while we're nominating people for US Govt positions, I think we can all agree Sid = Secretary of State. What a fucking diplomat.

BlacknGold66 said...



Mini Call to Arms if you would.

Does anyone have a passcode for MS Office (i.e. MS Word 2003)? I figured I'd come to my online family for help.

I've been having trouble relocating mine (bought my computer just before I moved home from Japan so who knows where it is)


Sorry to break the thread.


dying alive said...

@ hip - ha ha, that made me laugh, too. Make a bunch of signs ridiculing the guy who can't read English. What a bunch of tards.

The Seeker said...

@ BnG66

I think I have a serial key for that version at home, but I won't be there until after 5 PM to check for sure.

I'll email you then and let you know.

Sooska said...

@ hip - I think my fav was the Ruutu laughing at the "I smell (picture of a cat)" which BTW i brought up last night how the hell do the Phlyers allow that? how classy are they? moi=STUNNEd but I should not be.

@dying alive- I think they CAN read English-maybe not Geno but surely everyone else can, but the picture of the cat-no translation necesary.

@seeker -It won't be the Stanley Cup that Flyers fans desperately crave, but at least it will be something." are they kidding? I have NO words. none. Cup >>>>>>>to >>>>>>something

The Seeker said...

Hey where are yinz watching those game wrap-ups that show BGL, Staal, Ruutu, et al laughing at the Flyers fans?

The Seeker said...

The funny part about the following quote?:

"Don't make Flyers fans have to watch the team from Eastern Pennsylvania celebrate moving on to the finals on Philadelphia ice."

The author doesn't know East from West!!!


dying alive said...

@ sooska - Yeah, I'm sure that the rest of them can read English. I was more addressing the ones specifically about Geno, though the number of Crosby signs were probably far greater. That fanbase's obsession with him is unreal.

Max Power said...


From reliable sources... Aparently Mad Max lives in the South Side on 15th St. by the old funeral home.

Carroll said...

@ seeker:

Last nights wrap up video at 9:20 min on video is the end of game where they were laughing at fans. But the signs are shown during the warmup portion of the video.

The Seeker said...

Thanks Carroll

I didn't look down there on the Pens page!

What's up with their website anyhow?

Their other portions of the page all all still stuck on Game 2??

Carroll said...

Seeker just refresh the Pens homepage and it will be fine, it will reload with todays info. Then you can re-set your bookmark as it changed during the playoffs.

patdais07 said...

The thing that maybe pisses me off about the cryers fans the most is that they wont admit that they are losing these games because they are being outplayed by a much better team then themselves. All i see in every one of there blogs is excuse after excuse.

Come on take the losses like men, but then again no flyers fan is really a man so it makes sense.

GO PENS!!!!!11

JYo said...

Looks like the Cryers are getting desperate and will shake up their lines. The article also says they will likely scratch Downie and play Patrick Thoresen. My favorite part is:

Meanwhile, injured defenseman Braydon Coburn practiced and could play tonight.

Has anyone heard if he will suit up for the Wings or the Stars? I'm just wondering who he will play for tonight.

The Seeker said...

@ Carroll

I did refresh the Pens page twice and I still get old info???

The URL I'm trying is:

matt in dc said...

Coburn playing will just open up a whole new round of excuses about what it would be like if he were playing with a whole face to his credit.

Like the excuses about Hatcher playing on one leg or being too old to play so much. If Hatcher is no good anymore, then why is he on your team exactly? (Other than to be massively intimidating by dodging BGL or crying to the refs.)

Robets is 42. Chelios is 83. If Hatcher is too old at 36 to be any good, well Boo Hoo.

I just went back and watched Phillyfreek93's pre-series masterpiece. For some reason, I get the most schadenfreude out of watching the cocky b.s. that came out before the epic beatdown commenced.

I wanted to cut this 15-year-old kid some slack (since 93 is obviously either the year he was born or his IQ), but when he labels Crosby a joke because "yeah, you're good, but you're a [word that PB Charlie wouldn't approve of], [naughty word for private parts]" -- well, he just hanged himself from his own slack as far as I'm concerned.

Of course, he "know[s] for a fact" that Crosby can't stand playing in Philadelphia, even though Sid lights them up in their bulding.

The question I most want to ask him is how his boy Lupul is doing, backing up Phillyfreek93's prediction of a huge series from the Lup-er.

Sooska said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Whistler said...

You wonder what kind of difference will Danielle and Richards make on one line? Do you think it'll help space things out better for them?

Sooska said...

@ seeker - your link should be fine. are you using a wayback machine?


Dr. Turkleton said...

@matt in dc

watching that kid reminded me of a character someone would create while playing with one of these.

+1 for it being called: Hairy Gary!

haven't checked to see if his Game 3 'recap' is up...but it might involve seeing his feet dangling [elmo style]...

TheNWChica said...

For all of those Geno fans...not sure why he isn't dressed.

lauren_hbg said...

@ nwchica

O - M - G. Where on earth did you find that?

JYo said...

Turk, Here is the game 3 recap. His usual brilliant self. Funny stuff.

jefe said...

its hairy geno..

i get chills of embarrassment watching that idiot flyer fan.

i luv da guins!

Sooska said...

@chica - WTH? that is just wrong on many levels.

JYo said...

i get chills of embarrassment watching that idiot flyer fan.

I think the funniest part is how even he isn't convinced of his own persona of trying to be a hard core fan. I wonder what suburb that kid lives in with his rich parents. He wouldn't last a day in that city. How awesome would it be if there were a picture somewhere on the Gore of him being one of the stunned fans after the game?

Lloyd said...


Try pressing the Ctrl-F5 button to ignore the cache'd version of the site and refresh the page.

(Works in IE, not sure about others)

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

Little known fact that nobody ever wants to bring up:

The Penguins only sucked for 4 years. I've heard this figure exaggerated several places, but it was only 4 bad seasons. 01-02, 02-03, 03-04, and 05-06. Four. That's the normal length for a rebuilding project in pro sports. Luckily for us, there happened to be awesome players available at the top of the draft most of those seasons!

Another thing, wasn't getting Sid completely luck, as opposed to draft positioning due to a bad record? It was the draft after the lockout, so seeing as though no season had been played, the draft lottery wasn't weighted as heavily towards the worst teams as it had usually been.

Anyways, while we're on the subject I'm trying to think of examples of guys that touched the conference trophies.

Super Mario did it, as I mentioned before, twice and went on to win the Stanley Cup twice after those in 01 and 02.

I remember Iginla grabbing it after the Flames won the West in 04. Didn't work out as well for him though.

Any other examples?

Hip said...

Chelios is 83.

BWAHAHAHHAHA. That was hilarious.

@nwchica - what the hell. Ohmigod ohmigod.

Sooska said...

@zarley - As you know, the thing is these morons said we Tanked (fav new buzzword) those few bad seasons in order to get good draft picks, ignoring the reality that, despite Cups, the ownership mortgaged the future, had ot sell off the stars and it had nothing whatever to do with the fan base.

Dr. Turkleton said...

thx to Ryan S's PS & house14's last profile pic to help create my NEW pic [for the time being]

Have had the craving for an authentic -style Philly cheesesteak [those peeps that have had one in Philly, know what I'm talking about]

does anyone have a suggestion of where to get one that close in style/taste in PGH? [Peppi's perhaps or Triangle Bar & Grill {I've had their Battleship™ but never their cheesesteak}]

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Sid's Supersitutions: After our first play-off victory, Sid used a microphone with a red-wire in the press conference. He now refuses to talk at the press conference without a red-wire microphone. He has actually waited for people to get him a red-wire microphone.

I still don't understand why there wasn't a penalty on Downie for cheap-shotting Sykie after the play. I want someone to toss 'em down with that dipshit.

Malone should be the Secretary of Treasury because he's money. Gonchar is the Secretary of Veteran Affairs or Housing. Hossa or Dupuis can be the Secretary of Commerce (get it, trade, uhh never mind.)

@Lis: Sorry about that ... people can be such asses.

I thought I saw Georges flick off some people but my mom said I was seeing things ... she thinks Laraque is "a very nice boy." I keep telling her she isn't that old and he isn't Staal's age.

BTW: Condolences to Staal family.

@Chica: I named that Geno picture after a Lange quote he said about Kaspar "he's darn near naked out there." Kaspar lost his glove and stick during a play ...

In the Penguins Organization I Trust!

Fred Jones said...

does phillyfreek93 wear eye liner and wax his eye brows?

JYo said...

@zarley: Great point. I think I saw a breakdown of the bad years before (it might have been on C-blog) and even a couple of those years could have been better if not for injuries to star players. Anyway, even with the bad years, everyone outside of the 'burgh wants to think those top picks are the only players that were drafted. As Empty Netters pointed out, that certainly isn't the case. This nugget came from their post pointing out that Shero praised CP on laying the groundwork for the current team:

Yeah, choosing Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin wasn't tough. We could've done that. But Patrick and his regime picked Maxime Talbot, Rob Scuderi, Ryan Malone, Tyler Kennedy, Kris Letang and others.

Not only did the Pens get good players at the top of the draft, but they drafted well later in the draft too. That is exactly how teams are supposed to rebuild in every pro sports league around. The draft is supposed to give the weaker teams the first shot at getting the best players coming in to their league and teams with good management can take advantage of that. I don't see how that is a negative thing at all. Only teams with crap scouting have to go buy the best players in free agency every year that other teams developed. If teams like Philthy, NYR, Detroit, etc. hadn't been buying all the players in the league and making it impossible for small market teams to compete, the Pens may not have had such a good chance to get the best incoming players before the salary cap came into play.

Cody said...

@jyo: He's going to suit up tonight for Philly. Don't you know how long it takes to put on hockey gear? Now, try that with one eye. He'll get that last elbow pad on with just enough time to make the warmup skate on Thursday.

JYo said...

My bad, thanks for the clarification Cody.

JYo said...

AHLblog: Baby Pens host Game 1 of the AHL Eastern Conference Finals tonight against the Portland Pirates. Lets Go Baby Pens!

lis said...

Not only do they go up against the Portland Pirates but they go up against former Penguin J.S. Aubin....yes, the same J.S. Aubin from the famed Ryan Miller Ampted commercial!

Lady Jaye said...

@kevin > awwww your inmate comment is so much better than the empty seats comment I've been using since last round ;) Damn it, I suck at life. Arg.

@max power > stalker much? j/k

HOUSE14 said...

@ the dr


JYo said...

@Lis: You mean JS Aumin, pronounced Oh Man, as in, "Oh Man (or Aumin) I just gave up another goal! At least, that is what my friends and I called him when he played for the Pens.

Max Power said...

@ lady

No, but my physcotic ex-girlfriend is. That's how I know its a reliable source. She's probably sitting in her car out front of his house right now. She's a very dedicated stalker. I'm pretty sure Jeff Reed has a restraining order against her.

TheNWChica said...


@sooska: Why is that wrong?

@hip: Is that good or bad?

@kaspar: I love that!

MakeGretzkysHeadBleed said...

I think Yinz Love Da Guins is frickin brilliant. I want to make the intro my ringtone.

What a game. My best friend is a cryers fan. After Hossa's goal, I sent him a text message "Why Not Us? In 4."

His response "whatev."
Isn't that a response of 14 year old girl on myspace (No disrespect to all you 14 year old girl myspace users intended)

@ matty 0

Pens home attendance in 2007-2008 - 100.7% Pens away attendence 105.5% (yeah Pens Nation)

Detroit home - 94.2%

JYo said...

Will the Cryers resort to an aerial attack?

BlacknGold66 said...

I've watched that Gonchar poke-check play at least 20 times now.

I still can't get over it.


racheleyos said...

I love laraque on pens tv when he threw himself up against the glass at those retarded flyer fans....go home already. and staal and ruutu and some others were just laughing as they walked by... i love this team.

Sooska said...

@ chica- I am not sure why it is wrong. That was just my first reaction to it.

jefe said...

there is a webcast link to watch the wilkesbarre game at, anyone know does that actually work?

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

So, we basically have the four "dark years" (once again, there were only four years, our track record over the last 20 as a whole is about as good as any team in the NHL's) to thank for the team we have now.

I remember probably during the 03-04 season wanting to slit my wrists as I watched Ramzi Abid take the ice. Little did we know that things were going to change soon and fast.

Yeah, my beef is with people that act like the Penguins have been terrible since 1993 or something. It was only 4 bad years, that came while we were rebuilding, and that probably never would have happened if the NHL had never let their financial situation get so out of hand.

We weren't the only team going bankrupt during that time period, however we were the only one of those teams stuck in an anitiquated arena so we were pretty much screwed on all fronts and that's why we almost had to leave.

It had nothing to do with fan support or how bad of a hockey market Pittsburgh is.

If I may go on a (not-so) brief rant on my theory of attendance in small-market cites:

See, how you can tell the difference between a good market and a bad market is not how many people come when the team outright sucks. In mid-sized towns such as Pittsburgh, if the team is godawfull (and I mean bottom of the barrel with zero hope), you obviously won't have as many fans attend games. However, whenever the team was at least half decent (I'm not even talking phenominal, just merely watchable, like us in the late-90s), attendance is/was very good. Unlike here in Tampa where I attended a half-empty game 2 months before they won a Stanley Cup! THAT is a sign of a bad hockey market.

It's not like in the larger cities where even if your team blows, you can still coral up 18,000 people from somewhere on most nights. In smaller cities that are somewhat sports savy (and I consider Pittsburgh to be among the most sports-savy, smaller cities along with towns like Cleveland, Buffalo, etc) the relationship between team and fan has to be more balanced. The team can't give the fan nothing and expect something in return (see: Pirates, Pittsburgh). Doesn't mean the fans apathetic, they care and follow the team, but they're not going to always be willing to shell out the dough (and it does get expensive) for nothing in return.

Ok, sorry I took everyone's time up with that.

And oh yeah, no other examples of someone besides Iginla and Mario grabbing their conferece trophies?

TheNWChica said...

@sooska: I think my first reaction was wrong too. lol


I Have Kasparaitis said...

@jyo: Ha! That means he has no idea what to do ... an aerial attack? Some one has been hitting the juice. He must have been trying to drink away his problems with his team sucking it ...

Hip said...

@nwchica - I'm not sure myself. It's like a train wreck: I just can't stop looking at that picture.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I thought you'd get a kick out of it.

eileenover said...

I think my favorite part of that video is Georges asking Cryers fans how much money they make hahaha.

The Seeker said...

@ Dr Turkleton

Know anyone with kids in grade school?

Most grade schools have this thing to raise money selling food items through a program called Red Apple.

In their catalogue, you can order Philly cheesesteaks that are exactly like the type you can get in Philly. In the kit is frozen thin sliced steak and little packets of seasoning. All you add is the bun and cheese.

The Big K said...

I have big news all,
but I'm not going to say it yet.
We have to finish this first.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Jefe: You have to pay to watch the Baby Pens from that site.

@Big K: I have a feeling that someone has tickets to something that we aren't going to talk about til after we finish off Philly. Yesno?

TheNWChica said...

@hip: Hee hee hee!


JYo said...

Honestly Turk, I've never found one outside that crap city that comes anywhere close to the real deal. A lot of places claim to have good ones, but none of them ever stand up. That is one thing (the only thing?) that Philthy knows how to do right. Unfortunately, you may have to put your life into your own hands and go into the war zone if you want the real thing.

Katie said...


Something so wrong, but also right. My first reaction was "wow, look at those legs." I'm a leg/butt girl so I was focusing on the musculature of the thighs and notsomuch the rest. Those are some long legs. I wouldn't onject to teaching him English.

oldschoolbehii said...

intent to injure = 5 minute major

i would like to know what downie's cheap shot on sykora would be other than an intent to injure...

the puck was already in the net, sykora was looking the other way and completely defenseless... bullshit

in my opinion it was a far more dangerous play than the lovetaps exchanged between osgood and ribiero

eileenover said...

I'm still thinking about that picture of Jordan yesterday. Those are some damn fine legs. Nice butt too.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

I'll have my wife ask at her work...where I work, no one is allowed to solicit anything [Girl Scout Cookies, Avon, Band-subs...etc.]
I HATE going to Wal-Mart...BUT I do make an exception to pick up every once in awhile a frozen cheese steak kit like you comes with frozen chopped steak, onions, cheese & buns & aren't half bad.

This lady my wife works with is a DIE-HARD Brodeur/NJ fan...after the Pens eliminated the Sens in round 1, she bought my wife & I a Battleship™ sub [she lives near Kennywood & stopped in Swissvale to pick one up on the way to work]....did the same after round 2....maybe if all goes well, I'll get to try a cheesesteak from there compliments of her in a few days!!!


I hear ya...I've only had a couple when in Philly [it wasn't even Pat's or Geno's which they say aren't even that good, the peeps that I was with out there took me to some sub shop in a strip mall & it was like I'd died & gone to hoagie heaven]...but once you've eaten the real-deal...all the others don't live up to expectations.


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