Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Then We Will Fight In The Thade

Good morning.

In a few hours, Penguins fans from here will join others from around the world.
And you will be watching the largest NHL battle in the history of the Penguins.

"Penguins." -- That word should have new meaning for all of us today.

We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore.
We will be united in our common interests.

Perhaps it's fate that today is just some jobber day in April,
and you will once again be fighting for our right to play on...
not just from Brian Murray, Dany Heatley, and gay Senator fans...

but from elimination.

We are fighting for our right to live. To exist. And should we win the series, Penguin nation will declare in one voice: "We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive!"

Let's kick the tires and light the fires big daddy.


First things first.

After "professional" writer Don Brennan penned these words:

"Crosby's got a bad RIGHT ankle? How will it stand up to a two-hander?
The Senators have to find out."

The gloves have been off.
And they will remain off.

Thankfully [Kraftster] found a picture of Don Brennan.

If Pittsburgh journalists have any guts,
they will catch this clown walking across the press box with his head down.


Since professionals have shown they can stoop to new lows,
we figured we could revert to old lows.

If you're easily offended, we apologize.
If you're from Ottawa, you've finally learned how to read.

[Jason M]

We got to do what we got to do.

[Dr. Turkleton ]


Link City

:: Scott Morrison's picks to win the series. [CBC]

::"He's got a lot of experience. If he thinks that's going to motivate his team, good for him," Therrien said. [ESPN]

:: Scott Burnside expects greats things for the Penguins. [ESPN]

::Empty Netters Playoff preview is up and solid as usual. [Empty Netters]

::Faceoff Factor is revamped for the playoff, they go balls to the wall on their playoff preview. [Faceoff Factor]

:: The Lightning won the lottery if anyone even cares.
[Going FiveHole] has a still shot-by-shot of Mike Bossy being stunned.


Goosebumps part 1:


Thufferin Thuccotath, Brian Murray just won't shut up. [TSN]

[Will Smith]


Playoff Previews

[ CBC ]
[ TSN 1 ] [ TSN 2 ] [ TSN 3 ]

[ Sportsnet 1 ] [ Sportsnet 2 ] [ Sportsnet 3 ]
[ ]

[ ESPN 1 ] [ ESPN 2 ] [ ESPN 3 ] [ ESPN 4 ]
[ Yahoo 1 ] [ Yahoo 2 ] [ Yahoo 3 ]


Goosebumps part 2


Oh hey, look everyone.
Don Cherry doesn't think the Pens are going to win. [CBC]



Goosebumps part 3
What the NHL playoffs are about:


The hardest-working man in Pittsburgh:

[Jon O]-----------[Peffer]

You know he will be in playoff form tonight.


Bob Smizik calls Bryan Murray a child predator. [PG]

Just kidding, but that would be awesome.



Goosebumps part 4:



[Charlie dancing the night away in Ottawa ]


And finally...

If you're like us, you couldn't sleep.

Raise it up:

Go Pens

Holy crap


zms5014 said...

It starts tonight and ends with Lord Stanley...LETS GO PENS

Nick Saia (usa) said...

i cant sleep

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

Count me among the insomniacs.

It all started when I talked to my Rangers fan friend. He's one of those idiots that things that his team is going to win it all every year no matter what. He's also a huge New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys fan. Translation: He never has a fucking clue what he's talking about.

The Pittsburgh Penguins 2008 Playoff Revenge Tour begins tonight at Mellon Arena. Crosby on lead guitar, Malkin on Bass, Fleury on drums, Hossa on vocals... and Gary Roberts as that crazy dude in the pit that nobody has the balls to go within 10 feet of.

Now I'm going to mainline Jagermeister directly into my veins so I can actually fall asleep.

matt said...

havent slept in days my friends

stokes said...

holy crap is right.

J.S. said...

When you talk big time playoff performers, you talk Kenny the Cotton Candy Guy.

What a player.

PittHockey said...


Flyer Hater said...


Someone needs to start running ambienblog.

Mr. Plank said...

Not trying to be a dick, but Cherry actually is picking you guys.

"But I'm still picking Pittsburgh," said Cherry.


Pens in 6.

pinkphloid54 said...

you're not the dick. don cherry is.

count me in on insomniablog.

Mike said...

Pens blog got mentioned on the DVE Morning Show today!

Christina said...

yeah sleeping last night didn't happen for me either.

playoffs. 12 hours.

Joey80 said...

One should expect the roof to peel right off the igloo tonight. I really hope this happens, as apposed to your typical yinzer showing up and telling you to sit down cause they can't see the ice on the commercial break.

stand up and cheer! this is it, its time! if you happen to run into one of these "yinzers" kill them with the volume of your voice!!

sorry for the rant, i just have that feeling that some these homo's are gonna be zombies tonight.


Souper Bowl=Wasted

demondg1 said...

I was able to scoop some kick ass center ice seats on ticket master yesterday.

Pens fans, now is the time to unite. Let them hear us in Ottawa. Let them hear us in Montreal. Let them hear us in Philadelphia. Let them hear us in Washington. Tonight, we do our part. We blow the roof off of that arena.

I encourage everybody to be at their seats for pregame warm ups screaming "Lets go Pens". At the opening faceoff, we need to be as loud as ever.

Believe in the Evolution.
Let's Go Pens!

Kicksave said...

I'm honored that my photoshop is the go-to picture for Don Cherry.

Jonny V said...

A beautiful day

Mike said...

"We are all Canuc"...ahh fuck it.

Go blood sport!

Sooska said...

The Penguin with the 2X4 was the perfect start to the day.


Fleury29 said...

It's go time. Great post, tons of info.

Don Brennan is unreal. Who openly suggests something like that? Is he Chris Pronger is disguise?


PO said...

so you're telling me i shouldnt wear my roethlisberger jersey tonight???

Ashley said...

sooska and stoosh -

thanks for the suggestions in the previous post. I do believe that my black sharpie will be making an appearance very soon :)

Go Pens!!

All c-bloggers must wear Pens gear today. I got my Crosby jersey all ready...and have fun at the game guys!

(and not to nitpick, but I do believe that Cherry picked Pittsburgh to win...he just doesn't think that Ottawa will roll over and die)

Sooska said...

@ ashley - you're welcome! have fun with the graffiti ;)

My Malkin jersey is ready. So is my You=Stunned teeshirt which I will wear postgame to "honor" the Thenators.

Dwayne said...


I also heard the TBP (yes, redundant, I know) on DVE this morning. They spoke of TBP in glowing terms and said you guys were hilarious, as well as all the community photoshops.

You're quickly becoming an ensconced Pittsburgh institution, Staff!

J.S. said...

@kicksave, in my opinion, that's gotta be a top 5 Hall Of Fame pic on here.

Hooks Orpik said...

I find I'm so excited I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head.

geezer said...

OK, I'm excited. I think that Whitney will be a pivotal guy. We need him to be confident and more physical. I'm not worried about anything else. Bring your A voices fans. No sitting on your hands and yawning, this is it. I want Lets Go Pens cheers LOUD and often. This is a young team and we can help. Bring signs, get tatooed with Pens logos, whatever is your thing. We are in this together. Ottawa is the enemy and this is not just another game.
Lets go Pens!!!!!Lets go Pens!!! Lets go Pens!!!!

Loser Chris said...

Add one more to the insomniac list. Actually add two, my 20-month-old son couldn't sleep last night either. His playoff beard is coming in nice too. Pens in 5!


DeCeV said...

Looks like work is going to unproductive today. Penguins with the 2x4 = unreal. I assume that Hacksaw will be making an appearance in the Gameday post?

To everyone going to Mellon today: I hate you. Cheer loud. Go Pens.

malkinian said...

"Tonight, we are the greatest hockey team in the world." - Herb Brooks

Let's Do It Guys

Let's Go Pens

Stoosh said...

You know it's a big game when you quote President Tom Whitmore. It doesn't get much bigger than that.

And while we're on the Independence Day kick, I'm sure every time Dany Heatley gets in his car, he quotes David Levinson...

"Must go faster! Must go faster!"

Colin said...

Today is what life is all about.

Everyone take care of their game day rituals / superstitions and let's do this.

Let's go Pens.

Brett said...

Pensblog, you've brought me new awesome stuff to read every morning, which is more than i can say for or the official Pens site. In addition, it's much better than anything they have.

You sirs, are the best.

ANYONE at the game better be cheering loudly and proudly the entire time tonight, some of us aren't lucky enough to score tix!

Raybin said...

Put the brandy in the fridge, Lord Stanley. We're gonna want it cold.

The Independence Day speech is better for a high than crack mixed with crystal meth.

Still seems surreal the the playoffs with all these expectations will start today. Won't sink in until the drop of the puck.

Ottawa's gonna try and come out and make this game 1 a repeat of last year's. Here's a guess that Gary or BGL drop the gloves in the first 5 or 10 minutes.

Miles Davis will slap you said...

good post Bill Pullman, go pens.

Dr. Turkleton said...

the Pens might be #2 seeds, but tPB staff churns out posts like a #1

I can see why Cherry gets jobbed today:
•he flip-flops more in that article than Charlie did at the Sens hotel last night
•There's no way DC just comes right out & declares the Pens the winner in round 1. [Not with Jammy Jagr & The Golden Boy thoughts still in his head]
•With Ottawa being the closest Canadian 'hometown' team to his beloved Ta-Ranna, he has to give them a 'chance', eh?


& you quote a Burgher to boot....

as for me:
I've picked a helluva day to quit drinkin'

Glad the series starts TODAY & we're not waiting around until Friday like the Caps & Flyers to get this going...[I wanted the Pens to start Game 1 at 5:29p Sunday when that final horn sounded in Filthadelphia.]

Is This The Year ???

[Hossa: You're not the man, you're not Big Poppa Pump, you're not the Big Bad Booty Daddy, you're not Freakzilla!!!]

homesprout said...

That jib/jab thing is funny as

Don Brennan = Douchebag

Dany Heatley gets away with murder, on and off the ice!!

If the Sens decide to goon it up Flyers style, I sincerely hope Laraque and Co. respond with the fury of 10,000 suns!! haha

Go Pens!!

Lady Jaye said...

Oooo I can barely focus at work today! (Which is why I'm commenting in c-blog) I'm so excited to be going to the game tonight, I can't wait. I'm pretty sure I will have no voice tomorrow because I will be a loud fan, everybody better be a loud fan.

Mark said...

I seriously enjoy this blog and I'm seriously going to get nothing done today, I just keep looking at the clock.

More content about Brian Murray's freakish whale boy nephew, please.

< 9 hours.

Rock the Igloo tonight, Pens fans!

Thanks, Potash.

Ashley said...

lady jaye: "Oooo I can barely focus at work today!"

I can hardly focus to study for my biochem exam. Glycolysis, TCA, enzyme kinetics... who the fuck cares? THE PENS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!


Sooska said...

@ ashley: all you need to know is this:

Malkin+Sykora+Malone= chemistry

According to Pensgirl, Sid is a living electron.

Gary Roberts is fissionable material

hyjynxok said...

Time Warner = Joke.

I never thought I'd say this, but thank Badger for Vs! At least I can be sure I'm recording the Pens opener tonight cuz its on there...
my center ice channels are not showing the nyr-njd or min-col games, just blank channels with mlb extra innings written blasphemously on there... =(

They assure me that the games will be on even though I cant see them or set them to record. Good times!
Hope nobody else is having the same trouble as me. They recommended I set the blank mlb extra innings slots to record and I'll pick up the other games.
Hopefully they get this figured out no later than Friday AM before I go to work, so I can safely have the Pens game set... argh!

Cant wait to get DirecTV this summer, the NHL Network, and FSN Pittsburgh all the time for the extra Pens specials... woot

GCFB said...

Hey you gotta watch out for those purse swingers Heatley and Spezza.

It would be great to see Brooks Orpik bring the cup home to Buffalo. (Then sign with the Sabres)

I hate the Senators, sweep them please.

Kristen PB said...

Can a person OD on adrenaline just by watching YouTube clips? I am so freaking excited right now, I can't stand it!

Tonight is what it's all about. Tonight is the start of the uphill climb, the next page of Penguins history. These are the games when your guts drop out of you one minute and your head explodes the next. It's not for the faint of heart...or stomach.

The Arena needs to be bloody LOUD excuses! If you are at the game tonight, you should have no voice left tomorrow morning.


PO said...

where is the big pregame bar by the arena tonight? is it souper bowl?

jackson9p said...

staff.. wheres the pic of the guys at the igloo with the sign about heatley's car..i thought for sure that would make an appearance in the post. that one never gets old

LJ said...

At the game last Wed I got the cotton candy guy's autograph! I'll have to send a pic of it in. Can't wait for tonight! There is no hope of working today...

Lauren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DeCeV said...

My roomates and I just lost a 3 game series to Ottawa in the playoffs last night in 2K8 =(. Damn you Bill Guerin (fantasy draft).

TheNWChica said...

I wish I could meet up with you guys tonight, but know that there will be much cheering and no work getting done here in the NW corner of the country as well. :)


Dr. Turkleton said...

reminder to those fellow peeps going tonight:




Having another quasi-Senior Moment:

Do they still do player introductions [like at the All-Star game] for both teams since this is game 1 ???? or just the Home Team [Ottawa would do theirs in game 3???] or is it just in the Stanley Cup™ Finals ???

I'm losing it...too many playoff series to recall, too many brain cells on vacation...

I'm getting pumped just to see the Playoff Video the Pens, hopefully, have put together to play before the game starts....

@BNG66....hope you're feeling better today than yesterday...maybe the playoff adrenaline surge will ease the pain a bit...

Let's Go Pens !!!!!

[Hossa: it's cloudy out, rainy...but, like jonny v said, 'IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY!']

Ryan said...

I know somebody else already said this, but holy crap is right.


Starry Night said...

I can't believe no one from C-Blog took this offer!!!

O.K. Ladies and gentlemen....... I have one ticket available to Wed. Apr.9th game ......

it is in C-11 Row J seat 11

Got it for $144 ...... and I am not asking more not here to make money!!! Just want the ticket to be used by real pens fans!!!

I am an E-4 season ticket holder!!! But my friend can;t go so he asked me in short notice to get rid of this ticket!!

my e-mail is:

make me an offer and if its descent it is yours!!!!!!!!!

I will be at the game and will personally hand you the ticket around 5:30 - 6:00pm
Only one ticket!

I will be on my compt till 4:30pm

then I will leave for the game if you want it e-mail me

Ryan said...

Oh and yea, add another to the list of insomniacs last night...

hyjynxok said...


James said...

This is were dreams are made real boys.

Bleeding Black and Gold

"King Leonidas AKA HCMT : This is where we hold them! This is where we fight! This is where they die!
Captain AKA BING : Earn these shields, boys!
[Spartans cheer AKA PENS]
King Leonidas AKA HCMT : Remember this day, men, for it will be yours for all time.

Johnny Wrath said...

If you are a Penguin reading this forum, hello Mr. Orpik. Blow them out tonight for our pal, BnG66. I hope you and Jarkko see a lot of Mr. Spezza and his arm candy, Dany.

Here are a few chants I believe will make Ottawa wish the season was already over, all are in the 4 syllable "lets go ___ ___" format;

"You kept Redden".

"Gary Owns You".

"Coach Sylvester".

I suppose you can also give them the "Shut up Murray".

You know, I've been trying to come up with some sort of chant regarding Dany and designated drivers. There has to be something better than boo-ing him when he takes the ice.

I know. Give him a "Where's Your Handbag?".

Oh, and Orps - give that crossdresser Vermette a "Konstantinov on Claude Lemieux". It'll make for great threads on the Sens message boards.

hyjynxok said...

On my Xbox 360, I piloted the Pens to a 16-0 record in the playoffs, sweeping the Sharks in the finals.
Crosby won the Conn Smythe, but guess who was #2 in scoring? GARY ROBERTS.


Sooska said...

@ johnny wrath-you bon vivant, you! how about some texts to the jumbotron?

Sooska said...

just got a text from the Pens:

PENS ALERT: No Tickets? Join other Pens fans 4 FSN broadcast of Games 1 & 2 on GIANT 12X16 Screen outside Mellon Arena Gate 3!

Dr. Turkleton said...


when i saw '32623'....

my heart stopped for a sec....

I was thinking some very negative thoughts that had the letters 'S' & 'C' involved....

WHEW !!!!!!!!!

Sooska said...

@ dr turk - I had the SAME thought. Paranoia reigns.

I just has a thought - no video of Adam Graves for the occasion?

johnny said...

Penguins mania will be running wild in Tallahassee this evening, brothers and sisters! I also managed to convert two Sabres fans to the Pens bandwagon for what I hope will be an extended playoffs run.

j.s.22 said...

Yea, just yesterday or Monday Poppin' Cherry picked the Penguins to win.

Malone Malkin Sykora
Dupuis Crosby Hossa
Ruutu Staal Kennedy
Roberts Talbot Laraque

Sydor scratched.

letsgopsu said...

Wow, I am so pumped I may just have to skip my classes and repeatedly kick the Senators' asses on NHL '08 until gametime.

Blackngold66 said...

I'm writing this flat on my back in bed with my g/f's iPod touch.

I've been able to read cblog for the past two days using the iPod and I can honestly say that you cbloggers have been keeping me motivated and entertained.

The pain in my neck, back, and head especially are unbearable. But no pain meds were given as they won't help.

The only cure is time, fluids...

and lights-out Penguins hockey.

Thanks for the support. I'll be back on my feet soon.

If anyone knows where I can get a sopcast of the game (I don't get Versus and clearly can't make it to a bar to watch) please let me know.

Until then...



Ashley said...

sooska - living electron, eh? So that means Sid has incredible energy and is lightning fast as he zooms from end to end and scores a goal, right?

Ashley said...

BNG66 - I hope you get well soon! Tonight's game should take all the pain away :)

Go Pens!!!

Sooska said...

@ ashley - exactamundo! Pretty good one, eh?

@ bng66- hope you get rid of that real soon. It sounds perfectly miserable. A win tonight goes a long way to healing what ails you, Praise Gary! I am going to try because they stream the games live (I am not in the Burgh though - I am in Cryer territory with no Vs, no CI, no nothin'.)

Brett said...

@ starry night

I wish i could take that ticket off your hands .. but I'm currently living about 20 minutes from the Prudential Center and it's simply not possible with my work schedule to make it to Pittsburgh on a Wednesday night :( :( :( :( ARGH

Oh, did you guys hear that Devils playoff tickets are being sold at a LOWER PRICE than regular season tickets? I think I'm gonna go to

Sooska said...

@ brett- they can't even sell PLAYOFF tickets? WAIT even Rags fans aren't buying them?

AmericanHero269 said...

This is what it's all about.

Here's where it all comes out, where we see if the Hossa deal really helped, where we see if Bing's ankle can hold up, and if Malkin can keep pace, and Fleury can hold up, and the defense can keep steady.

If there were ever a time I was drunk without alcohol, this would the time. Euphoria is now, playoff hockey has come to Pittsburgh, now let's see if we can come to the playoffs.

Go pens.

Oh, and Bryan Murray is an assbite.

PensBeerGeek said...

blackngold66, have you tried more cowbell?? :D

I can't wait for tonight. One more class, a couple beers and dinner down at the local brewery, and then it's game time!

Let's Go Pens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathan said...

"You loose?"
"Yes sir! You got your victory dance?"

Ottawa-Pittsburgh and San Jose-Calgary are on Versus tonight. New Jersey-New York is on NHL01 and Minnesota-Colorado is on NHL02 for those of you with Center Ice.

Time to start crushing souls and destroying childhoods in Ottawa. Let's go Pens.

letsgopsu said...

I just got a great idea for a video...if only I could make it.

It is the baptism seen from The Godfather, with HCMT as Micheal Corleone, Bing, Geno, and Hossa as the killers, and the targets Brian Murray, Dany Heatly, and Daniel Alfredsson (I don't care that he's hurt, it should still be him). That would make an awesome video!

And now I turn on the TV and the end of Rudy is on!1 I might have a pulmonary embolism before the puck hits the ice.

sonofatruckload said...


ive constructed a WWGRD sign on poster board, but i have a huge amount of space left that i dont know what to do with

any idears?

Eric P. said...

Can't wait to see Roberts out there tonight. He's going to get into it with Neil.

thegreenseas said...

@sonofa - print out a huge picture of Scary Gary's face and stick it on there.

sonofatruckload said...

lol not a bad idea

not sure i want to melt a company printer in the process though

Mark said...

"Go home, Juice Boys!!!"?

< 5 hours.

With extra space on your sign, sonofa... how about "Get Well, BNG66"?

Jeff J. to sing both anthems tonight?

Ashley said...

if I'm THIS excited right now, I can't imagine how excited Crosby and the boys are....

sonofa: how about "Pensblog Charlie loves Dany Heatley"?

Dr. Turkleton said...


Gary 3:16

Flyer Hater said...

BNG66=Gary Roberts of c-blog

Get well man.

Sooska said...

@ dr turk - OMGary!!! I am laughing so hard but can't laugh out loud-it's killing me! I send cinnamon buns @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

AdamG said...

I haven't read all of the comments so maybe this is repetitive, but I just noticed that the Pens have released a few more tickets at the very last minute. head to the Pens homepage if interested

Stoosh said...

It's four hours from faceoff and I'm nervous as all hell.

I've always believed that you can sometimes tell when a team is having one of those special seasons. When the Steelers won the Super Bowl a couple of years ago, they had to win their last four games to get into the playoffs, plus get help from like four other teams. Then they made an unprecedented run through the playoffs, winning each of their three games on the road just to get to the Super Bowl. You could tell it was their year; everything just fell into place.

So last night, this commercial comes on the NHL Network promoting the playoffs, and during the commercial, there's a panning, wide-angle shot of a few empty arenas - Mellon Arena among them. And I just got this image in my head of that place filled to capacity with screaming fans as the team carries the Cup around the ice, and what it would be like to watch that.

And then it hit me that...holy hell, this Pens team has got a real shot at this. Think about the way things have transpired. This team dealt with injuries that cripped other teams and not only did it not phase the Pens, they actually played better in the face of the adversity. Fleury has been a monster in net, and this team can win a multitude of different ways.

This season just feels different than any I've ever watched as this team enters the playoffs tonight.

I've never been in this spot as a hockey fan. I've never been a diehard fan of a hockey team that's gone into the playoffs as a bonafide Cup contender. I grew up a Canucks fan, so I wasn't a huge Pens fan when they won the Cups. When the Canucks went to the Cup in '94, they entered the playoffs as the seventh seed. In 1995-96, when we were the odds-on favorite to beat the Panthers for the East, the Pens were just starting to grow on me. And we were the sixth seed in 2000-01 when we eventually lost to NJ.

So this is entirely new for me as a fan and I'm trying not to get too far ahead of myself. One game at a time...but seeing that commercial last night, I just have to wonder if this is one of those years...that maybe we're watching the start of something that will prove to be very special over the next couple of games.

And maybe it all starts tonight.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, unreal post.

However, if Ottawa scores the first goal, people are waiting in line at the Smithfield Street Bridge and the others who don't off themselves will be calling for Wregget to replace Fleury.

Lady Jaye said...

@ashley Get any studying done yet? :) Did I get any work done? Very little.

@bng66 Get well, man. You'll be in our thoughts and we'll start a Lets Go Pens chant in your honor.

@life in general - GO PENS

(Hell yes, I'm all excited and anxious for the clock to strike 5ish so I can GO HOME and get my crew... *cough* b/f, mom and brother... and go to the game!)

Sooska said...

@ stoosh - just you wait. You had to be here to believe it! I get tears in my eyes thinking about 91 & 92. The Igloo will be rocking like it hasn't in 16/17 years.

Pens History 101-

no panicking - its karma.

PittHockey said...

all hail stoosh

Ashley said...

lady jaye - um..I made a poster of metabolism..but that's as far as I got. :)

stoosh - I understand what you're saying. I wasn't a hockey fan at all when the Pens won the Cup in the early 90s, so the idea that we might, perhaps, maybe get to that point again is getting me nervous/excited/everything.

To everyone who's going to the game tonight, I just wanna...stick my tongue out at you. Um, yeah...HAVE FUN!!! Make us c-bloggers proud!

letsgopsu said...

@ stoosh

I was reading that post while listening to "Don't Stop Believing"


I don't know if it was the post, the song, or a combination of them both, but all of a sudden, I believed. Before, I still had bad memories from last years playoffs. That moment made me believe.

7 PM can't come soon enough...

PensBeerGeek said...

No matter what happens, it's important to realize that this game is in Pittsburgh and not in Kansas City, so at least there will be another day.

(Last year would have been extremely painful if the Sens series was the last Pens game in Pittsburgh)

Whistler said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As we prepare for the upcoming game, let us pray..

Our Roberts, who art in Pittsburgh
Gary be thy name.
The Playoffs come,
The cup be won, to Pittsburgh in the Arena called Mellon.
Give us this day our daily Pensblog
and forgive us our reporters as we job those who job against us
And lead us not into Philly,
But deliver us from Ottawa,
For thine is the Crosby, and the Malkin, and the Fluery for ever and ever.


Now, LET'S GO PENS!!!!

Pensgirl said...

Ashley, on the electron thing...I was watching Sid early in the season, just isolating him sort of in a visual vacuum, and two things hit me: 1) He's so frenetic. I've never seen anybody at any level in any sport give as much as he does. I don't even understand how a person has that much energy (he must defy physics and just create it). 2) He plays on instinct, not on conscious thought. He's not a decision-action-decision-action player, he's an action-action-action player. He just sort of goes. It was then that I thought of electrons.

Stoosh, this is the commercial that got me. When it cuts to the action...that hit. I was happened right in front of my section. Seeing it in the commercial this morning, my eyes welled up. This wasn't hitting me (pun intended) for the first time, but it was hitting me again: this team...they've got the elusive "it." They've so got it.

But as this demonstrates..."it" is just an opportunity. Doesn't mean jack if they don't seize it (carpe playoffs). But if they do....

Hip said...

Had a patient teach me to say Let's Go Pens in native Blackfoot today. Yes, I feel badass.

I think some PS of Shelly Anderson jack slapping Don Brennan are in order.

Hossa is going to come up huge this series.

I want to vomit for missing this. Just brutal.

kmlovespens said...

OK c-bloggers I need some advice, my brother and I are displaced (texas) pens fans and he has charged me with picking the game 1 beer tonight. Since we can't drink any Iron, and all Canadian beers seem out for obvious reasons, I need a good karma beer for tonight.


Sinops said...

just over three hours til they drop the puck. I got the shakes.


Sinops said...

whistler, that was awesome.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Yeungling? Straub? Penn Pilsner?

As mentioned in previous posts, stay away from the DFA 120 min IPA.

Hey, < 2 hours until FSP's pre-game coverage starts...

Amen, Whistler.

Michelle said...

Love the Chris Hansen photoshop!
Great post!
Go Pens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric K said...

I heard thPB on DVE this morning also, good stuff. First Steigy, now DVE, next John Fedko.

I think Fleury is gonna be key in this series. He definitley is playing under the microscope, trying to prove that he is coming-of-age as a goaltender and that he can win the big games--and what's bigger than the playoffs?

2 hours 57 minutes...

Eric K said...

whistler- i might catch myself reciting that in church on sunday...unreal.

Marcetta said...

About to leave for the game..... GO PENS!

marcetta said...

Instead of showing the game on a big screen outside Mellon Arena, they should just broadcast the game on the big screen at PNC Park. At least that would get people to the Pirates' game.

Sooska said...

@ whistler - I am speaking in tongues....

KJ said...

i took myself away from my corner where i've been rocking back and forth since sunday long enough to get ready for tonight:

pens gear-check
paper bag-damn right!

i'm def ready!

stokes said...

This is my favorite time of the year. When the Steelers go on a long playoff drive, its a big deal, but its also driven by the media. When the Pens go deep into the play offs, there's a general buzz around town that has legitimate grassroots beginnings. And with every win, that buzz gets louder and louder and louder.

I have plenty of memories of watching Penguin play off hockey. The first Cup run, my dad would set up the TV out on the front porch and the whole neighborhood would be on our front porch cheering and yelling, even if it were a school night. One of my all time favorite memories was going to the Igloo when the Leafs eliminated the Pens in 6 games. I can't remember what year. I had a splitting headache, but it was such a great atmosphere(until they lost). Scott and Jim were broadcasting live outside the Igloo, which they were prone to do back then. The whole night was the epitome of how big a buzz is generated by the Pens being in the playoffs.

I want to say i have no expectations for this team, having been burnt so many times in the past. But i am cautiously optimistic about this team. Yes, they should win this round. They should actually beat them to a bloody pulp. Will they? well, anything can happen. One game at a time and it starts tonight.




BNG: Good to hear from you man! Sid's gonna score a HT for you tonight. Get well man, and soon!

PS- what has a higher attendence? The broadcast outside the Igloo, or the Pirate game?

Whistler said...

Leaving for game now..

Taking the powder blues with me baby...

Section b-1 here I come..

The Seeker said...

The Pens in general have lots of motvation...

Hossa shaking-off his post season rep
Fleury showing he can do it
Malone free agency
Roberts being Roberts
Crosby being Crosby
Malkin being Malkin
Everyone getting revenge for last season

No pep talks needed by HCMT - all he needs to do is outcoach a home game with last line change advantage.

They KNOW what to expect this year.

What else is there? Opening an supersized can of WHOOP ASS on some Thenatorth!

What you are about to witness this Great Day For Hockey in Da Burgh is:


Flyer Hater said...



Stoosh said...


I've got to check out those Youtube clips when I get home (damn firewall here at work).

Good take on Sid the Electron as well.

Ashley said...

Vandalizing school property does the heart good...

The Seeker said...

The Ottawa Citizen article about pressure linked at the top of tPB says all the pressure is on Therrien as his job "almost assuredly" rides on him winning this series.

I disagree with that....Therrien has a solid contract through the end of next season. Sure, he could still be fired, but they'd then still have to pay resign all these players under the salary cap. They couldn't afford to pay another HC at the same time.

The Seeker said...

Anyone happen to catch the FSN Sports program last night about the Pens?

Savran, Errey, Steigy, and the Ole 29er were on talking about the Playoffs.

When the question was asked if Roberts would dress for game one the unanimous answer was:

Who's got the guts to tell Gary Roberts he's not dressing?

SHOCK & AWE baby!

Pensgirl said...


1) VS commercial opens with empty rink, shows seats, goal light, Wings octopus, champagne, then cuts to action...puck drops, then the Malkin-Ovechkin hit.

2) A t-shirt that just says "18-1." ;)

Stoosh said...

PENSGIRL - Got the "18-1" picture...for some reason, I thought it was a Youtube link. And "18-1" still makes me laugh. Very hard.

I think I know which Versus commercial you're talking about. I'll check it out when I get home. And if it's that same one, yep...the room might get a little dusty.

Stoosh said...

ASHLEY - Please tell me that 10 years from now, someone is going to look under that desk and wonder,

"What the hell is a 'Stoosh'?"

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, holy crap!

1. "#1 Hockey Blog on the Internet"

2. Ashley = in Halifax.

In ten years, somebody's gonna go "Holy fuck, I got the Cblog Room!"

Stoosh said...


I'm sorry. I probably deserve a Sherwood to the ankle - a la the suggestion from that Brennan jagoff - for failing to recognize and consider the infamy that is this site when it came to the graffiti on Ashley's desk.

It won't happen again. :)

By the way, that was the commercial I thought it was. Excellent!

teamkory said...

I have to watch it on CBC... and hear Cherry say how the Sens are going to beat the Pens...

Fleury29 said...

You talk badass, you talk Gary Fucking Roberts.

41 years old, second game back from a broken leg, 2 goals in the playoffs.

He's not human, folks.

Let's Go Pens

braunychick said...

I'm from Philly, so I'm a fucking Flyers fan(insert all the hate comments here), but I LOOOOOVE coming to this site...the shit is funny, hands down, and even with all the hatred for the Flyers you's have I don't even ever get mad(that's what a rivalry is for afterall), but I DO get mad @ the Heatley jabs. Not b/c of Heatley, necessarily, but b/c of Dan Snyder. THE MAN DIED PPL! You wanna make fun of Murray's lisp, fine, you wanna take endless jabs at Spezza? HAVE AT IT! Call me crazy, old fashioned, a douche bag, WHATEVER, but if we can't have some respect for anyone else can we at least show some respect for the dead? RIP D.S.!!!!!


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