Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Start Spreadin' The News

Game 7's can change your life.

What an epic battle in Washington D.C.
[ CuseAdelphia ]
[ The700Level ]

All our lives, we have known nothing but hatred for the Flyers and Capitals.
But as hockey fans, you can't help but feel respect for the performances of both teams.

After being deadlocked at 2-2 through regulation, the game went into overtime.
And in vintage Capitals conspiracy fashion, the Caps' Tom Poti got called for a penalty.

That set up Joffrey Lupul:

That kid will never be the same.

[Mike G]

Just another heart-breaking loss for the Caps.


Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

Great find by [ DC Sportsblog ]

-- By the way, did the Washington crowd have any idea this was a Game 7?
No atmosphere.


The off-week is over, and it is set.

Friday night, Mellon Arena:


It seems like the Pens haven't played in months.
But the Rangers will be equally as rested.
So the rust, if there is any, will be on both sides.

What a series it is going to be.

It won't take long for the hatred to start.



Game 7's are about legends.

Jeremy Roenick could have been playing his last game ever.
What does he do?
Scores the game-tying goal and game-winning goal.
Four-point night. [ WeBleedTeal ]

Roenick can do all that.
But he can't open a water bottle:

[Thanks to Phil Q]

For Calgary, Mike Keenan may have blew the game.
He pulled Miikka Kiprusoff after Kipper gave up his fourth goal of the game.

He brings Curtis Joseph into a hostile situation.
Joseph gives up a weak goal, Sharks lead 5-2.

The Flames would score a goal to make it 5-3 in the third.
If Keenan doesn't make that change...

Flames fans have 3 months to ponder.


:: Sergei Gonchar gets snubbed from Norris Trophy consideration. []

They should just rename the award the Nicklas Lidstrom award.

But the other two finalists:
Zdeno Chara and Dion Phaneuf.

Both are solid, Gonchar had just as good of a season.

The real travesty is Gary Robers not even getting named a finalist.

:: Evgeni Malkin gets a nice write-up from SI. []


Sean Leahy asks the important question.

What is growing on Double J's face? [Yahooblogs]


The Finish Line = Joke

They are now selling Mason Crosby shirts that looks a lot like Sidney Crosby's.

Thanks to [Josh B] for the tip.


Jobbing Wolf Blitzer?

Pensblog Charlie found this one.

Apparently our friend Wolf Blitzer has a blog.

The link is down on the right hand of the page.
But he disables the comments after awhile.

But he does post somewhat often.
So if you happen to notice his blog is accepting comments...

Do it.


The wristbands have all been sent.
If you missed the confirmation list, it is the post below this one.

Handling the WWGRD's is in our past now, barring the stray F-up here or there.
It has consumed a lot of our time recently, resulting in lackluster content around here.
It all changes Thursday.


Flashblog is getting a 21st-century upgrade for the second round.
We will be getting second-round predictions from the hockey world.
Bulletin-board material will be in full force starting today, most likely.

If there is another Don Brennan controversy,
may God have mercy on the NYC Media's soul.

Go Pens


dappie99 said...

First comment...LETS GO PENS!

j.s.22 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
j.s.22 said...

April 25: Rangers at Penguins, 7 p.m.

April 27: Rangers at Penguins, 2 p.m.

April 29: Penguins at Rangers, 7 p.m.

May 1: Penguins at Rangers, 7 p.m.

May 4: Rangers at Penguins, 2 p.m.

May 5: Penguins at Rangers, 7 p.m.

May 7: Rangers at Penguins, TBA

BlacknGold66 said...

That schedule BLOWS for me. No Vs. except on the computer. NBC game won't be on cuz of the Indians. Then CI will promise us the game only to black it out.

I swear to Gary if Sunday's game isn't on tv in Northeast Ohio then I'll just start murdering people.

Stokes... I'm coming to your house.

fakepaulsteigerwald said...


Bobby, Danny, and I have carried this team all year long. And 'Steigy', and 'Bibs' are way cooler nicknames than 'Doc' and 'Edzo'.

WWPSD? Slash Edzo's tires in the Mellon Lot. Whoooooo.


fakepaulsteigerwald said...

And as far as Mr. McGuire is concerned...

If your first name is Pierre and your home adress doesn't end in 'Paris, FR'...kill yourself.

Sid doesn't even like you.


Steph said...

The amount of time I spent trying to figure out if I did see that right, and Roenick was indeed trying to drink out of the WRONG END of his water bottle was epic.

I'm not sure what this says about me, but thanks for clearing it up.

Eric K said...

Check out this gem:

"In all fairness, I don't think anyone in Pittsburgh wants me to commit $3 million to a project that would benefit the Penguins at my expense," [Barden] said.

Yes, Don Barden, no one in Pittsburgh want your money to benefit the Penguins....

Finally, Steigy has gone over the edge.

sh0ez said...

I'm sure FSN will pick up the games. It took them a day or two after the first round schedule was released to say anything. After all, Friday night is only a Pirates game. Hah.

Also, a friend who is a Sharks fan sent me a text with "WWJRD?" I was pissed.

And again, for those who have yet to see it: Gary Roberts For President Facebook Group I seem to keep posting that right before a new blog post. Hah.

Hip said...

Wow. I had no idea Malone has such large ass tats all over his shoulders. Hot damn.

Finally saw the Caps highlights on ESPN... gotta say I basically agree with Melrose. Another long summer for DC. But nice to see Ovie out cheering for the fans. You have to like a player like that.

Hip said...

PS - honestly I thought JR was retired. WTF?

Steve In Denver said...

WWJRD just made me vomit.

I have a bunch of friends that are hard core Sharks fans. I hope they never get wind of that.

I have nightmares that the Pens and Sharks meet in the finals, and that crusty old scrot-sack wins game 7 with an OT goal (as redemption for having his legacy in Chicago pwn3d by #66 in that sweet 4 game sweep).

After that video of him sucking on the fat end of the bottle, I don't think he's capable.

So, if you were in charge of the Mellon, how many weight machines would be surrounding Straka's locker?

Justin said...

I gotta say...AO made me change my opinion of him tonight. I thought it was really classy of him to stand out there and wave at the fans after the loss. Whatever we all think of him, at the end of the day this guy is great for the game.

KJ said...

hip if you go to the media events pics and whatnot on the pens page, you can see malone even had fake tattoos in his auctioned off christmas stocking

as for jagr, it looks like he swallowed a chinchilla and the tail is coming out of his mouth or nose. just awful

i usually hate thursdays, just one of those days, but next wk will be a testament to see if i curse it more or less

finally, about time round 2 started. i miss the gdc!

millvalemauler said...

i was hoping the caps would win because i miss playing them in the playoffs every year. but now the chance is still their that we will face the flyers at some point. and hal gill can shut down danny thequeer.

i hope someone jobs avery within the first 5 minutes on friday. i had more class than him playing deck hockey at the boys and girls club.

J.S. said...

Where was the WWJRD sighting?

I'll be the first to answer that: Jere-me Roenick would be a self-centered prick who would look out for himself first. End of discussion.

J.S. said...


Somebody brought this point up at work: if GR got more than 1000 votes, wouldn't he show up on the ballot? I'm sure there's more to it, which is why I'm posting it here.

wilsmith said...

Tailgate Sunday.

Fleury29 said...

Well, the schedule isn't bad for me. I get to see two games if the series goes to five games and three games if it goes to six.

Gary help me if it goes to seven and I have to listen to it at work.

Fleury29=shutdown in the third period if that happens.


dying alive said...

Bring on the Rags and their terribly obnoxious, unfunny fanbase. Wooo!

lauren_hbg said...

I'm incredibly upset about the TV schedule for the games - we don't get Versus, I'm hoping to Gary FSN-P picks up the games.

If not, I'll be sitting in a bar for the next two weeks.

Sooska said...

as for jagr, it looks like he swallowed a chinchilla and the tail is coming out of his mouth or nose. just awful hee hee Syko will be upset.

I heard Errey on DVE this morning- he said 2 games are on FSN. This from the Pens website.
Game 1 Friday, April 25 NY Rangers at Pittsburgh 7 p.m. Versus
Game 2 Sunday, April 27 NY Rangers at Pittsburgh 2 p.m. NBC (WPXI)
Game 3 Tuesday, April 29 Pittsburgh at NY Rangers 7 p.m. FSN Pittsburgh
Game 4 Thursday, May 1 Pittsburgh at NY Rangers 7 p.m. Versus
*Game 5 Sunday, May 4 NY Rangers at Pittsburgh 2 p.m. NBC (WPXI)
*Game 6 Monday, May 5 Pittsburgh at NY Rangers 7 p.m. FSN Pittsburgh
*Game 7 Wednesday, May 7 NY Rangers at Pittsburgh TBD FSN Pittsburgh

DVE crew also talked about GR and the Pensblog and the wristbands. Val Porter wears one. good stuff.

Sooska said...

@ hip and all the women...Here are Malone's shoulders...guys, unless you are Charlie, don't bother.
this is for you

Lady Jaye said...

How lame am I... I'm not going to grandfather's like 86th birthday party for the pens game? Does that make me a bad person?


@justin > I do agree that was a classy move for Ovy. I still like the guy, though. He's an amazing player. There are guys int he league who I just dislike and will never like even if they clap for their fans at the end of a loss (ie. Pronger)

DeCeV said...


My roomate (stars fan) shaved his playoff beard because it was itching too much. I made fun of him of course, so he goes and gets a mohawk instead. Well what happens if the Stars meet that pens in the finals? Mohawk > beard. Of course I had to do the same. Ugh.

JYo said...

@decev: Playoff beard > anything new someone cooks up to make up for it
The playoff beard is tradition and trumps any half hearted attempt to circumvent the practice. Still, props for keeping up with the other superstitious activities on the Pens behalf.

Speaking as someone outside the 'burgh's TV coverage area, I love the TV schedule. Sure the announcers will suck relative to the local guys, but I get to watch the vast majority of the games on TV rather than on a grainy internet feed. Me = excited.

@js: Right on about WWJRD. Perfect answer.

Stoosh said...

@ Erik K -

Re: Barden

David Morehouse's comment further down in that article is dead on...

"'Mr. Barden's deal with the state is his deal with the state,' Penguins President David Morehouse said in a statement. 'We have no direct deal with Mr. Barden on anything. The $3 million was never coming to the Penguins. It was supposed to go to the community.'"


Barden is pissing and moaning because he thought he'd have developmental rights to the land. So for the low, low cost of $3 million, he could've developed the land however he saw fit, as long as - in design, at least - his development held some sort of transparent intrinsic benefit for the community.

That also means he could've made a profit from the land. Why put up such a fuss about this otherwise?

That's really the crux of his argument. It has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the Penguins, other than the fact that the Pens (and their predominantly white fan base) have been portrayed by certain Hill District representatives and organizations as the Galactic Empire throughout this whole process. They're a convenient target for Barden; a target for blame so Barden can curry sympathy among the Hill District reps (which he appears to be getting).

Barden wanted the development rights because he could've put something there that would've allowed him to turn a profit. He doesn't give a flying fornication about the Hill District.

Making the assumption that this $3 million contribution would somehow land in the pockets of the hockey club isn't just a's a drop out of a plane cruising at 40,000 feet.

This guy is an absolute snake.

Colin said...

@Justin -

I totally agree, I love when players clap for the fans. They do it after most European soccer games and I think it is awesome.

Mike Georger said...

im definitely noting that i got a picture posted on here next time i revise my resume

Dr. Turkleton said...


from today's trib:

"I was supposed to get those development rights, which had a substantial economic value to them," Barden said. "But they were given to the Penguins."

He said parking revenues from the Mellon Arena site would have made him $1.5 million a year. Development on the rest of the 28-acre site would have been worth "tens of millions of dollars."

not bad for a $1 million per year for 3 years investment.

Snakes globally are feeling insulted right now, trying to distance themselves from Barden.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@mike gregor


cblog - can be reached at 24.7.365

Jonny V said...

I wish I had a howler monkey. I would train it to throw its' own feces on command, and bring it to Barden's next public appearance. It would be glorious.

RobbieBrown44 said...

Pensbog/WWGRD madness is catching on. B94 morning show mentioned the Pensblog, how WWGRD mania was started there, and about the wrist bands.

The even wrote a WWGRD song. It's cheesy (by design I think), but it gets the point across.

On the right side of the page under latest audio.

Go Pens.

Mark said...

@drt - great PBC/NYR graphic...that's the desktop for round 2.

Whoa, if #17 finds out that Jagr eats chinchillas - look out.

We went to dinner last at a Japanese noodle place where all the menu items are numbered. We had a Gary Roberts, 2 Jordan Staals, a Ryan Malone, and a Petr Sykora.

The Jordan Staals were really good.

They were all out of Hal Gill.


In case you don't know how to pronounce "Gary Roberts", here's the handy pronunciation guide from the Pen's website: "RAW-buhrts, GAIR-ee".

@BNG66, we have Versus, if you want to do a road trip.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Mark: If Harrisburg weren't so far away I'd already be at your house.

So, I'm thinking tailgateblog for Sunday in Pittsburgh. I already spoke to 3 other Pens fans here that would make the trip.

Stoosh said...

I'm too lazy to go back and check, so this may have been mentioned before.

But God bless my sister Heather (a frequent Pensblog visitor) for forwarding this to me.

Pensblog Staff, C-blog, photoshoppers and second-round playoff game attendees, signmakers and hecklers extraordinaire...

In terms of jobbing opportunities, this very well might be Paradise. In fact, it might very well be Paradise, Shangrai-la, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the "Ring of Power", One-Eyed Willie's treasure and the large nacho with extra cheese rolled into one. It doesn't get much more gift-wrapped than the news that Sean Avery wants to be an intern for a fashion magazine.

We all hate Avery for reasons that need little explanation. We all hate the Rangers. That's all been kicked up a notch because it's the playoffs, and this news has upped the proverbial ante.

There need to be "DIVA" chants raining down on Avery from the upper levels of Mellon Arena.

Maybe we need to get the Mellon Arena sound techs to play "Vogue" when Avery gets shuffled off to the penalty box.

Please, please...PLEASE run with this.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Sunday = tailgateblog?
[pushing ALL chips in]

Loser Chris said...

This should be a great series. I honestly think the winner of this series will win the Cup.

That Mason Crosby jersey thing is pretty funny. It reminds me of a time last fall when I wore my Sid jersey-tee to school one day and the guy sitting behind me asked if it was a Mason Crosby shirt. Granted I live in Texas, but still...

Sooska said...

@stoosh- pensgirl had that news about Avery & Vogue yesterday on cblog although I think it might have been a different article. I think it was dr turk who mentioned his Yves St Laurent skates which was revealed in this which I have posted a couple of times. Here it is again in case you missed it before. Dear Sean

DeCeV said...

In reading some posts over at LGP, I'm disturbed to find out that Gary Roberts is not very big over there. There are some followers, yes, but the overwhelming opinion seems to be that he's going to take too many minors to be worth it, and that he'll play about one game in the series. Blasphemy.

AndrewS said...

I was just coming to comment on Avery becoming
an intern.

Is this guy a joke or what? Here's hoping the Mellon Arena faithful absolutely torment this homo Friday night. The photoshopping possibilities are endless for people who are far more creative than I am.

bigradzz88 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bigradzz88 said...

Jagr admitted, "It's not easy playing against your former team; I hate it.

"The booing, the bad energy, it takes something out of you. It affects you, even if you say it doesn't."

-New York Post Article

MizzPenz said...

Maybe we need to get the Mellon Arena sound techs to play "Vogue" when Avery gets shuffled off to the penalty box.

Stoosh, you are a genious. Someone has to know someone who can make this happen. For real!

Dr. Turkleton said...


I would like to take credit for the YSL jobbing, but twasn't me.



paul said...

i wonder if the mellon crowd will boo jagr more than normal, or at all. it is the playoffs, after all. To be fair, I'd boo that weakass beard any day of the week, regardless of whose face it is covering.

also, sean avery. what a worthless piece of scum. i heard he is trying to get an internship at QR magazine for the following summer. (i googled gay magazine and it was one of the first results. lazy insult by me)

Dr. Turkleton said...


Supermodel by RuPaul with Avery 'lowlights' on the big screen?

hell...why not some RuPaul / Avery PS's???

Do it.

BlacknGold66 said...

Agreed... that NYR/Charlie psd is money.

So who's all in for Tailgateblog?

Honestly imagine if a few of us could get down early to the outdoor screen (assuming they do it, which they should), to reserve an area for Cbloggers?!

JYo said...

re: booing Jagr

I'm usually not a proponent of this behavior because I feel he did too much for this franchise to warrant that treatment. However, if he says it bothers him, boo the crap out of him in this series. If it actually does affect his performance, which would help the Pens, lay it on him. Why would he volunteer this info right before the series?

Sooska said...

@ turk - OK then I can't recall who said it but it was a good one.

from same NYPost article
They attack a lot like New Jersey does," said Ranger goalie Henrik Lundqvist. "They like to make long passes to areas of the ice, but I think they probably have more skill."

He's saying the Pens are like the Devils-WHAT? because we can score goals and they can't? I get the passing part but.... he THINKS we probablyhave more skill, does he?

Dr. Turkleton said...


I always picture Lundqvist as the guy who picks fights with Ice Girls

Stoosh said...


J.S. said...

Luca with the lid off!!

blackngoldforever904 said...

So what. They arent going to carry any secound round games on FSN. That will suck. O well listening to Mike Lange wont be so bad.

Raybin said...

I love and appreciate everything Double J did for this team. It's something you can never overlook or forget.

That being said, that man was long gone by the time he left, replaced by a petulant, whiny crybaby. That's the guy I boo, not the legend that was here earlier.

Maybe I'm hard hearted or illogical, but that's how I feel.

Why would Jagr admit that gets to him? I'd be saying "I love it, it fires me up, I wish they'd boo me more" even if it wasn't true.

The USS Hal Gill is licking his chops right now.

Though I wonder if some of the Jagr hate will be diluted towards Avery. You know he'll be at his worst. One wonders if BGL and Lord Gary will make him think twice.

wilsmith said...

So you pittsburgh people don't get Versus? lame-o

you can probably put me in for tailgating.

Gordie said...

remember when all the rags fans jobbed us about the season series. well, ottawa won the series series too. ha. Go Pens!

Dr. Turkleton said...


Vs. is available in Pittsburgh

if you're referring to BNG66...he's in Cleveland: 'the Vs.-free City'

Hip said...

Sooska: thanks for the linadink. That creeps me out. Especially on Bugsy for some reason.

I'll be at tailgateblog Sunday in spirit.

Avery gets his own tshirt out of this mess? I think we're going to need to remake that to more accurately reflect his doucebaggery. I'm thinking starting out with a royal purple shade would be more fitting...

Dr. Turkleton said...

Sid the Kid > The Pittsburgh Kid ???

just heard Spaddy is fighting again [no, not with his girlfriend /wife /cops, but IN THE RING]

isn't about time The Pittsburgh Kid moniker be put to bed since he's 30+ years old & served time.


Hot Pink or Chartreuse, maybe?

[Hossa: IBF Middleweight Champ]

blackngoldforever904 said...

Yeah I dont live in Pittsburgh I live as far east as FSN goes about 30 mins west of Harrisburg. So yeah I deal with a bunch of homo Caps and Flyers fans.

queenofthesky82 said...

I have a very good friend who works intimately with the Rangers franchise. I can't put his name for obvious reasons, but he was able to get me with this video of a conditioning session attended by Double J, Avery, Gomez,Lundquist, and most of the other Rangers to stay sharp for the next series.
IDK, they're looking really loose so we may be in trouble...

ceby22 said...

I emailed jobber blitzer from the form that says comments about "the situation SUCK room with wolf".

I put my real email and phone number just in case some jobber wants to debate. I'll simply answer every question with different forms of saying the name Gary Roberts, like, but not limited to the following.

Gary Roberts.
Superman # 10.
Chuck Norris's Daddy.
Roberts for president.
Lord Gary.
Avery's worst nightmare.
Fedko, Brennan, and Junkers lord and savior.

Raybin said...


We may be in trouble, but it won't be for that. HCMT is putting our guys through similar paces and I have a hard time believing they aren't just as loose.

The Seeker said...

Did yinz guyz catch the video on Empty Netters of the Flyer's Jeff Carter getting beaned with a beer bottle by a Craps fan during an interview immediately after the game last night?:

Direct Hit!

Dr. Turkleton said...


couple inches to Carter's right = head shot!

thanks for the links...

but I was wrong: the files I'm looking to convert are in .mkv

The Seeker said...

Time for all Cbloggers to get over to and vote for the Penguins!.....

Which Round 2 matchup will produce this year's Stanley Cup champion?

Total Votes: 748

Wings vs. Avalanche: 26.47%
Canadiens vs. Flyers: 24.06%
Penguins vs. Rangers: 24.06%
Sharks vs. Stars: 25.40%

The Seeker said...

@ Dr Turk

That sucks!

Whoever created that video MUST have been a Mac user!

To burn that to DVD, you'll need to go thru 2 steps.

1) Convert the MKV file to an AVI

2) Use DVD Santa to burn the AVI to DVD

How to convert MKV?:

- Download and install Virtualdubmod (free)

- Load the MKV file into

- Follow this tutorial


Delete that damed MKV file and get the Winter Classic in a a friendly format to use with DVD Santa. I have it in a Flash Video format! Only problem is that it's 343 Megs.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker...

thanks for the help...
something to try tonight...

the checks in the mail!

queenofthesky82 said...

@ Raybin

Did you check out the link?

Johnny Wrath said...

Avs/Wings is going to be like old times... literally. I wonder if Adam Foote and Joe will make a conference call to Claude Lemieux to see if he'll come play on their second line, or if Darren McCarty can go a few days without consuming an entire jar of paste.

I don't see what the problem is with the Rangers. Shero took care of the details by acquiring Hal Gill to shut Jarogr Jarmr up, and I believe the 55/44 pairing can make Drury's line cry like it was the first day of Kindergarten.

I've always regarded Rangers Hockey as a fashion show on ice, so Avery is a perfect metaphor to represent their obnoxious fans and their appetite for latte and modernist landmarks. Bitches.

Speaking of bitches, I think Ryan Hollweg is going too far with his "I wish I was George Parros" mustache. He's low class, like the Playboy "Women of the Olive Garden" expos'e.

The "Play Like Gary Roberts Today" ps has put my family into an interesting predicament. My ladyfriend went to USC and wants it optimized, printed up, and framed. I'm opting for conversion to oil painting on ecru, as it will match some other pieces I rotate on my "wall of satire oil paintings" collection. Discuss?

XFactor said...

I'm going with the Pens in 7, but it's going to take its toll...if they play the Habs in round 3, it's gonna be rough.

The Seeker said...

@ Dr Turk

That's a LOT of converting and screwing around!

Perhaps if you ask her REAL nicely, Karri (cblogger) would make you a copy of her Winter Classic DVD?

Or...if I can locate a place to upload mine, I could supply you with a download link ?????

Pensgirl said...

Hey Seeker, what's wrong with Mac users? HUH? ;)

Raybin, I've long thought that Jagr may be genuinely bipolar. The gambling (one sign of "mania" is massive spending), the "dying alive," etc., he just really seems to fit the mold.

I also get the impression that he's got a bond here he can't shake. I was shocked to find out he still has a house in the area. I don't know what it is but he seems to really struggle with the prospect of facing the Pens.

Lundqvist'll be great for them, but we'll get by. Pens in 6.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I'll give it a shot & if I've lost my wits in a few days...I'll look for Plan B...

Raybin said...


No I didn' work and YouTube doesn't work here.

I took your statement at face value, but I'm starting to deduce that it was a joke.

Sherlock Holmes = Stunned

Flyer Hater said...

I can't wait until the PENISES get bounced by the Rangers in 4 games. I'll just love seeing the lock on BUTTman's face when his two loverboys Cindy Crysbabybitch and Evgeni Masochist get dominated by a real team. That is unless the refs just give the Pengwhines 5 on 3's every other period. Flyers and Rangers in the ECF, two real hockey teams going at it, that's what I call old time hockey.

Flyer Hater said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Seeker said...

@ Dr Turk

I actually made a copy of the Winter Classic is in ASF format which DVD Santa will burn to DVD!

I'm uploading it now to a free online storage place. When it's finished, I can email you the link to D/L it....provided that email link in your profile works of course?

@ pensgirl

I have nothing against Mac or Apple users...they are good machines. I used to be one in fact. It's just a PITA when a Mac user creates something and decides to save it in a Mac-Only format like that.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

awesome! profile email is legit.

just quickly scrolling thru that tutorial was making my head spin a bit!

RobbieBrown44 said...

I have a hard time believing Double J doesn't like the booing (which for the record, I am against). Seems like he always has at least a goal or two against us here at the Mellon. Personally, when people rag on me, I get pissed and play better. But I'm not JJ, and I don't have Gizmo crawling out of my mouth.

Go Pens.

Sooska said...

@ queen - PRICELESS

LargeFarva said...


send my items 1st class! Got'em and will be fully decked out Friday

thanks for including the extra one; made me feel like a VIP

Pensgirl said...

Seeker, I was teasing. Somebody has to play the role of "haughty Apple user!"

destinyunbound23 said...

@Steve in Denver

That is a great stealie... Where did you find it?


Pensblog Staff said...

pensblog = operated exclusively on macs

stokes said...

I'm in for tailgating.

BNG: it's cool. i got an extra bedroom in the basement. its yours for two weeks.

Flyer Hater said...

And So It Begins

KJ said...

@ lady jaye- i HATE chris pronger, in fact i dislike the guy so much that hate isn't even a strong enough word. guess where he was during the last minutes of the stars~ducks series? that's right in the box for a dumb penalty, what a shock!

@robbiebrown- i agree, something odd about jagr saying the booing affects him. i still like the guy (ask me again after this series), but in the words of bart simpson "i don't want to call you a liar, but...i can't think of anything else".

Sooska said...

@ fh -they are whining already so they have their excuses in line.

C Gally said...

Sometimes, prayers are answered:

Sean Avery will be interning for Vogue.

Dr. Turkleton said...


did that jackhole at Newsday actually get PAID to write that crap?

Remember the name, Arthur Staple: professional douche.

Flyer Hater said...

Dr. Turk, Don Brennan is laughing at that article.

BlacknGold66 said...

Cleveland = City with one bar on the Westside with Versus. Vomit.

lis said...

From that article:

"Malkin is a force too, but when Crosby isn't taking the heat off him, Malkin has wilted at times. Back on March 18, with Crosby still out with a badly sprained ankle, the Rangers manhandled Malkin and Marian Hossa in a 5-2 win."

Is this guy even serious????

Is there another Malkin on the Penguins that I don't know about because the one I know had 106 points this year....a year in which Crosby missed 1/3 of the season!!!!!!!

What a joke!!!!!!!!! This guy is a moron!!!!!!!!

Flyer Hater said...

lis, that is just unbelievable. I understand being a homer but to just say things that aren't even close to the truth is unreal. Remember, he's writing for a major New York newspaper and he's allowed to get away this crap. I wish Joe Starkey would write a 5 page essay on Jagr's playoff "beard".

Dr. Turkleton said...

Syko living in Jagr's house here in the Burgh has AN ANT PROBLEM!!!! [as sound byte is played on the MM show]

There's probably Kit-Kat wrappers & half-eaten Jagr Peanut Butter jars EVERYWHERE !!!!!!

Pensgirl said...

Lis, FH, Malkin may have had one quiet game once in his life. Clearly he's overrated. Truly great players get 7 points in every game.

Turk, I have to laugh about that. C'mon, Sean Avery is the biggest diver in the world. Pot, meet kettle.

But what I always say is play sound hockey and you'll never have to worry about diving. If a guy fakes that you hooked him, that means your stick was in or around his midsection. If he fakes that you tripped him, your stick was in his feet/legs. Etc. But if you're in position you can just play the body or poke-check and nobody will ever be able to pull off a dive against you. Period. Diving is successful against someone who's being outworked, outhustled, and outmaneuvered - in other words, it exploits lazy play. For that reason, I'll never have sympathy for anyone who gets burned by it.

The Seeker said...

Pensblog Staff said...

pensblog = operated exclusively on macs

pensblog = jokes

It's THE Pensblog...remember?

Flyer Hater said...



KJ said...

as a spurs fans i've had to read plenty of articles that talk about the spurs & the refs, and i think that guy stole an article from the sun's newspaper.

but anyway, nice to see the NYR guy is picking an easy boxscore to look at. try to ignore the game on march 16 where malkin had 2G, 2As in a 7-1 win vs the Flys

Kicksave said...

Today = clutch.

I had a shitty day at work. It's raining. It's the middle of finals week.

I get home and I see a little brown envelope laying on my bed. Awesome.

eileenover said...

I was having a pretty shitty day. I hate my job. I realized I had a flat tire leaving work. But then I get home and find that I've received WWGRD ! This is now a very good day.

Stoosh said...

Arthur Staple = Steve Guttenberg????

I never knew Cadet Mahoney went on to write for the New York media.

I wonder if that makes Sean Avery "Sgt. Callahan".

Ashley said...

flyer hater - wow, that article from that NY paper is crazy. Typical team, saying that they are at a disadvantage because the NHL wants and needs Sid to win the Cup.

Not only that, but the Rangers always get the shitty end of the hockey stick:

The Rangers were arguably the better team 16 years ago, but Graves' unintentionally dirty play broke Lemieux's hand and got the Penguins going.

Graves unintentionally slashed Mario's hand so hard that it broke bones?

Oh, and don't you think that if the Rangers were the better team, that they would have had the character, skill, leadership, whatev to plow through adversity and still be on top?

Whatever. Go Pens!

eileenover said...


Sounds like we had the same kind of day.

paul said...

From the article...

"But the Rangers have the edge in experience, on defense and in goal."

yeah that extra series loss by Lundqvist shows he's pretty much raring to go. Nevermind that Fleury outplayed him in the first round to a team that had a far better offense (Devils, plz).

Flyer Hater said...

Ashley, Ron Francis disagrees with the notion but forth by captain douche bag that the Rags were the better team 16 years ago.


Dr. Turkleton said...


also, the Pens have unintentionally won all 3 playoff meetings versus the Rags....


but, can Artie Staple dance?

Pensgirl said...

Ashley, it's clear on replay that Mario mind-controlled that stick himself. He needed a smoke.

Can't wait to see what Gary unintentionally does in this series.

Realhockeyanalysisblog: Be on the lookout for Avery trying to check players into Fleury. The league made it pretty clear last night they're gonna let that go. You know he'll try to exploit it to the max. If I were MT I'd have players "running" Fleur in practice to prepare him, and I'd also tell him to go ahead and be liberal with that stick. Personally, I'd sacrifice a minor or two by him in order to set the tone that coming near him will result in pain. Call it Barrasso Lite.

Kicksave said...

@ eileenover

No kidding.

All is well though, now.

letsgopsu said...

anybody know any places in state college that an u21 student can catch the game on friday.....i hate not having versus....

Sweetcheesus! said...

just for you c-bloggers i know it was mentioned when conklin was up but marc-andre fleury is up against craig anderson over at the below link. there is also a concept design for new jerseys. check it out and vote, just like we do here in pa.

round two warm ups. . . . looks like we may have found a new brennan.

"What Will Gary Roberts Do" to Mrs. Avery?

coffeytalk said...

I am in for Sunday Tailgateblog.

Lets do this for real this time.

Maximus25 said...

@lets go psu

champs or home delivery pizza. I'll prob be at home d

Sooska said...

@ letsgopsu -
As promised sources for hockey online (free). Thanks to all of those you hooked me up with these a couple of weeks ago.

Versus - watch online

possible alternative: and look for Rags2Riches

Hip said...

Unintentionally is the word of the series now.

Gary Roberts might unintentionally rearrange Avery's face.

USS Hal Gill might unintentionally drop anchor on Jagr's ballsac.

Malkamania might unintentionally eat Lunquist for breakfast.

Staalsy might unintentionally bodyslam Gomez like an old pile of sod.

This is fun.

Sooska said...

@ hip -I am unintentionally laughing.

Mike Georger said...

re: state college

i think me and my roommate will hit champs, got burned by pickles last time because they said they dont have the channel anymore

so if you see a fat guy with a huge beard, thats me

Mike Georger said...

also champs is open to U21 people

as long as there isnt some gay ass UFC fight that night and they kick everyone who is watching hockey out

michelle said...

Regarding that Crosby "diver" link
Someone go job Goavery from Hicksville for being a total douche. Do it. I tried already but they keep deleting my comments, ha. I'm "Pittsburgh"

Raybin said...

If y'all hurry, you can see that Newsday's Wikipedia page has a new addition:

A black mark against Newsday came on April 23, 2008 as it published an article from some jobber columnist out to make a name for himself. Amongst other hilarity, this Arthur Staple claimed Sidney Crosby was a diver, the Penguins were favored by NHL officials, and Adam Graves' infamous hit against Mario Lemieux in the 1992 Stanley Cup playoffs was "unintentionally dirty." It is a well known fact that Staple himself has for years slipped through the cracks of the Newsday H.R. department and is unintentionally still employed.

Mr. Staple it should be noted harbors a grudge against the Penguins organization stemming from his flunking out of Gary Roberts University as well as his breakup with a team physician, Dr. P.B. Charlie.

Linky linky

Steve In Denver said...

Stoosh, I'm sending that article and your song ideas along to someone who knows someone.

@DestinyUnbound, I grabbed that stealie from the internet archive and changed the colors.

Last, for now and ever, I will never refer to anything as will now take the form of "that's so Sean Gayvery!"

freddy's mole said...

From that Crosby is a diver article:

"At even strength, the Penguins don't have the consistency top to bottom the Rangers have."

I want to get some of the stuff that Arthur Staple is smoking.

letsgopsu said...

thanks for the help guys. i'll either head out to champs, or (if i'm too lazt and poor to take a bus) just stream it online and eat up all my bandwidth. either way, there is no way i'm missing this game.

i hope i get to gloat in the face of the rangers fan across the hall, he's a cool kid, but still, he's a rangers fan, that's enough of a reason for him to get jobbed.

Hip said...

Can someone please repost the Malkin SI article? I can't find it...

freddy's mole said...


I just read what you guys were talking about for this series. Isn't it going to be blacked out on Versus like it was for the Philly games? I could be wrong but I was expecting the games to be aired on FSN like the first round.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@tPB staff

flashblog = wicked sweet!


It is a well known fact that Staple himself has for years slipped through the cracks of the Newsday H.R. department and is unintentionally still employed.

= solid gold!

Dr. P.B. Charlie placed a close 2nd!

I hope to Gary this assclown has an article tomorrow to mock...

Dare I say he wears this t-shirt to work every now & again?


Malkin article

Flyer Hater said...

Raybin, late edition to wikipedia,

Mr. Staple then caused further embarrassment to the already maligned publication by suing the fashion magazine Vogue for not featuring him in their next issue instead of his ex-lover Sean Avery.

Sooska said...

@ raybin and FH- My GoodGary that is hilarious. (unintentionally no doubt)

wilsmith said...


as well as all those other places, doesn't Damon's out on East College have a lot of TVs.

Champs was always good for it though, they have a ton of long as you dont mind incredibly overpriced food.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@wilsmith said:

'as long as you dont mind incredibly overpriced food.'

WWGRD? = unintentionally BYOG

[Hossa: Bring Your Own Grub]

coffeytalk said...

hahahaha. Justin- That Jobr jersey is amazing!

stokes said...


The greatest day in receiving mail ever. My new hockey bag shows up- one day early- and of course, my WWGRD wristers.

The mailman in my neighborhood has a limp. Or had, i should say. After carrying those wristers around all day, his limp is completely cured.


Hip said...

Dr. Turk - thanks.
Why does every article label him as second to Sid? That kinda irks me. And interesting that he doesn't really like Ovie... gives him a bit of a punk element underneath the shy, good guy facade.

I'm gonna go rewatch his Potash interview like 50 times and create my own personal Malkin fantasy now...

Laura von Awesome said...

"Overchkin Laichs Semin"... I'll never get that outta my head!

PS: Lord Roberts didn't get nominated because it's just assumed that he's already won everything in existence anyway, even awards that don't exist yet :)

...the above exthclueth the Bwyan Muwway awawd fow exthemplary thportthmanthip...joke!


go pens!

Stoosh said...

@ Steve In Denver -

That's friggin' awesome! I won't be at the game Friday night but I will be watching and listening.

And the one good thing about the game being on Versus Friday night is that their mikes pick up tons of arena noise. When Roberts drills Avery so hard he causes Avery to crap himself, you'll hear it.

@ Ashley -

One of life's great can you have an "unintentionally dirty" play? When a play is "dirty", it pretty much implies that there was intent to perform the offending action, doesn't it?

Another one of life's great mysteries - how does someone who can't comprehend that a play cannot be both unintentional and dirty gain employment in the New York media market?

Wait...Larry Brooks and Stan Fischler work in that market as well.


Laura von Awesome said...

@ RobbieBrown44:

That song is EPIC! I downloaded it to itunes because I'm a dork... and Lord Roberts says that you should all do it too...


Stoosh said...

@ Hip -

Two things I'm getting awfully tired of in the national hockey media:

1. This notion that Crosby is a diver and someone who cries to the refs every single time he thinks a penalty against him goes uncalled.

Unfortunately, this has taken on such a life of its own with Crosby's detractors, it'll never go away. I remember hearing the same things when Michael Jordan was playing - the refs always give him the benefit of the doubt (and I was a Knicks fan during Jordan's prime...I remember this stuff very well).

I've said this before...Crosby gets calls because he puts himself directly in position to get calls. He goes right at defensemen, often carrying the puck right at them and engaging them in close quarters. Penalties are bound to happen because few defensemen are able to stop it. And defenseman are trained like offensive tackles in football - if you get beat, do whatever you can to prevent them from getting to the net/QB.

2. This notion that Malkin is playing second fiddle to Crosby and that the two cannot co-exist on the same team.

These national media types drove me INSANE when Crosby was out with their yammering on and on about how the best thing for the Pens was to trade one of the two of them. For some reason, this seemed built on this notion that Malkin cannot co-exist with Crosby and that Malkin will eventually want to lead his own team (thank Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant for this).

My question?


First of all, who says Malkin isn't already a leader of sorts in that locker room?

Second, as Farber states in his article, the presence of one on the roster makes it easier on the other. Teams cannot load up to stop one because the other is there.

How this team is better off without either Crosby or Malkin is beyond me.

The Big K said...


BIG K with a special bulletin.
He has deleted his purelebo84 youtube account.
People hated him too much, except for Seeker!

He has a new account now.
Showing nothing but Pens kicking ass.


140th Comment! yessssssss

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, it's stupid to compare the Crosby and Malkin situation to the Shaq and Kobe situation, Young and Montana situation, etc. like the national media is doing because generally the majority of football, baseball, and basketball superstars are ego maniacal blowhards who have to have the glory all to themselves.

Hockey players seem to be brought up right, Messier and Gretzky did it, Lemieux and Francis (to a lesser extent) did it, and Crosby and Malkin will be able to co-exist.

Dr. Turkleton said...


watching/following the WB/S game????

Caputi dressed [#19] 1 shot thru 3 periods...

3 periods you say?....Minard ties it up with 19 seconds left in regulation 2-2 v. Hershey for the series 'sweep'
[Minard has the other goal, Goligoski has 2 assists]

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, right on, brotha. There are only two reasons to move a superstar if you have two: 1) they hate each other to the point that it's hurting the team, or 2) you can't afford to pay both of them. On the first point, all you have to do is watch Sid and Geno celebrate the other guy's goals to know those two love sharing a team. I suspect for each of them it's the first time they've played with someone, long-term, who's of their own caliber. It's obvious they each enjoy the hell out of seeing what the other guy can do. As for the second point - that's for Shero to worry about, but I don't think it's gonna be a problem.

Hip - I think the Geno/AO thing is really interesting. The way Ovechkin talked about "Malkin's gonna win the Calder next year" when he won it, it seemed like they might be close. I sort of had the impression that they were friendly, if not friends. But then something changed this season. You heard that AO-punching-Malkin's-agent story over the summer, and even though that can have happened completely separate from Geno himself, it may be relevant. In the games in January and in March, it really seemed like there was some personal tension there (I attended all 4 Caps games this year - you could cut the air between them with a knife in those last two). And it sure as hell seemed like AO went out of his way to run Geno early in that March mom, especially, felt like whatever was going on wasn't about just playing tough hockey.

Who knows? But I find it very curious.

Steve In Denver said...

@ stoosh, it's a slim chance, if not completely doubtful, but what the eff, worth a try. Other songs that could be used when that waste of lumpy jizz is sent off? It's raining men, or I'm too sexy??

And I don't necessarily think you have to wait for the game to start for Avery to get drilled...I'd be ok seeing LaRock or Ruuuuuuutuuuu or Our Father, who Art in the Burg Gary Roberts get in his grill during warmups of the first game, just to lay down some rules.

Dr. Turkleton said...

wow...that was a quick OT

Hershey scores 20 seconds in to win 3-2 and prevents WB/S from sweeping the series.

Bacon077 said...

to quote the article listed as today's bulletin board: "...But the Rangers have the edge in experience, on defense and in goal." -- Who on the Rangers defense has more playoff experience than Gonchar? (Rozival? ha!) And didn't Lundquist and Fleury both start their respective playoff careers at the same time? Gotta love the NY media.

RobbieBrown44 said...

So I get home to find my WWGRD's. The delemma was which wrist to wear it on. If I wear it on my right wrist, I'm afraid I'll hurt every persons hand I shake. If I wear it on my left wrist, the same one I wear my watch on, I'm afraid time will stop.

The right hand wins out...that's the one I used to buy my PowerBall ticket.

Go Pens.

PS...Nice work PensBlog on getting the WWGRD's packed and mailed so quickly.

Pensgirl said...

I hardly worship at the altar of Bucci, but considering he's one of the more respected hockey writers out there I think this is worth quoting:

Pittsburgh versus New York
Every sign says to take the Rangers in this series. They have the goalie that everyone would pick first in a game of choosing sides. They have Stanley Cup experience and a good balance of young and old. They have a motivated Jaromir Jagr, who is playing for one more nice contract. ... But I'm going to take the Penguins for two reasons: 1) They are better, and 2) They play like old souls. The Penguins are a responsible team and have been a tighter group longer than any of the other current playoff teams.

Again, JB's not the be-all end-all, but he's a pretty good counter to some random hack who thinks the Rangers are more "consistent."

Sooska said...

@ hip- My guy Malkin is a bad ass man child - pensgirl says he knows he's the shit. that's a good thing. Glad he owned up to not liking Ovie.
According to AO he did not punch Malkin's agent but who knows? I suspect AO likes Geno because he was always second to AO. We get no sense of what goes on in Russia so we don't know. Maybe Geno finds him an insufferable egotist. Maybe they fought over a woman. ;)

Now that Geno has a real chance to get some attention in the NHL playoffs while AO golfs or whatever he does in the summer AO probably doesn't like it. Geno has said he would rather win and have a Cup and if anyone watched AO (I call him Statue of Liberty for the way he played in 5 games) then..well. whatev. He was way off his game and played no D. I would not at this point call him a genuine 2 way player. Who is?? GENO is. SID is. I will take either over AO any day. He can stay buried in hockeyless Crapitaland and wait like Jags did for the rink to fill with Pens and Flyers fans.

Anyone know off hand the number of players on the Pens (PLUS THE FREAKING OWNER) who has a Cup..Roberts, Sydor, Sykora??

The Big K said...

Some girl on WPXI just mispronounced 'PENGUINS'.
Job city?

Jonny V said...

Steve in Denver, "Gayvery" is so simple, yet so perfect for him. And this link is from monday's Letterman, Chris Elliot spent some time with the Rangers, and stay around for the end for an appearance from everyone's favorite.

Flyerhater, casting ALL MLB, NBA, and NFL players with one broad stroke as egomaniacal blowhards is pretty lame. There have been plenty of dynamic duos in all sports. But face facts, unless we sign Malkin this summer to a long, Ovechkin like contract, he will not finish his career here. And will he be an egomaniacal blowhard then?

Avery's already in our heads.

Jonny V said...

Oh, and Wrath, u gotta post pics of your wall of satire oil paintings. I'm intrigued.

Hip said...

@pensgirl: it's definitely interesting to say the least. Ovie was all about Malkin last year and I swear I remember Malkin comlimenting him as well.
I was never sure if the agent story was 100% true or not, but after Ovie psychotically tried to run Geno in the Jan. game (and scarily missed), with the subsequent pushing matchup, it was beyond clear something was up. Then like you said, Ovie ran him again right away in the March game. It's a big deal when the league's leading scorer is more interested in jacking someone than trying to score I think.

Do you think Geno stole his old girlfriend? Then to cover his emotions, Ovie got the new one right away and started the whole txting nonsense to look like he moved on?

I joke.

But I would love to know what the hell is going on.

The Big K said...

USS Beard is life changing.
What a facial hair producer!

Sooska said...

@ hip-you are right about AO being more interested in running Geno than anything else in those games. You take your shots when they present themselves but you don't go looking, It was funny too because Geno ducked away at least twice and basically showed him up.

Hip said...

Hahah, sooska - we were thinking the same thing.

I am seriously obsessed with Malkin. This has been a growing problem since approximately December and it's getting embarrasing. I'm not going to job Ovie because he's a fucking stud, but I'm pretty sure I would drool all over myself if I were ever to meet Geno.

coffeytalk said...

Wow. Avery can't even fake fight in a sketch.

Chris Elliott? Really? Yeesh.

Flyer Hater said...

JonnyV, I used a broader stroke than Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel. Mybadblog.

Jags speaks

Sooska said...

@ hip-wow great minds. He has that ..GAWDGARY I don't know what. bad ass man child, that is all I can continue to say. I LOVE how he plays hockey. not to mention the smile. :)

coffeytalk said...

I had the tv on in the background and Fox's 10:00 news came on. For fans going to Fridays game, t-shirts will be handed out for a white-out. Crosby is excited about it. Also, there was a little interview with Jags and he called The Pens "probably the best team in the league"

eileenover said...


I was really hoping something like this white-out would happen. I love when the Calgary fans have their red, it just brings everyone together. Thanks for posting that, now I'm even more excited than I thought was possible. =]

aunt penny said...

@steve in denver....while your picking up the weight machines for straka how bout some one armed bandits for jags? I could think of some things for avery but.....

so who do you think will be the first to pop avery???

mad max?

I Have Kasparaitis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I Have Kasparaitis said...

My brother and cousin are going to the second game of the this series. Ihatethembothblog. I might get to go to Game Five or Seven, if we play them (you never know.)

@hip: Yeah, Malone has tats all over his arms, shoulders and he has some tats on his legs. They look pretty sweet ... yes, I have pictures 'cause I'm a dork.

I love the Geno/AO conversation here. Malkin definitely stole AO's woman. Look at them. Plus, any American girl is going to fall for Malkin's I can barely speak English but have the cutest accent deal. Heck, I did. That Potash interview, I go "aww" everytime. He's so adorable in that.

Jagr is a beast in playoffs, how well is he going to do against us, though? Our defense is stronger and plus the "best defense is a good offense, and the best offense is a good defense, so we are going to call our defense the offense and our defense the offense." Sorry, I really like those NHL commercials .. they are funnier than their others.

I cannot hide this any longer, I love Roenick, not when he plays us, but I think he is one of my favorite non-Penguin players. Did anyone see him play? Wow. He is beyond the real deal. Sorry for my little Roenick happiness, I don't know why I have always liked him. Please, don't disown me!

bng66: "I swear to Gary if Sunday's game isn't on tv in Northeast Ohio then I'll just start murdering people." Breath in, breath out, slow breaths. Goosefraba! I'm pretty sure I heard on NHL Live that you can e-mil them and they will help you see if you can watch it on tv or the internet. Just breath!

Has any of yins heard anything about FSN? I thought they were going to play this round, too. I guess I'm hoping because Mr. I-Used-To-Coach-This-Team and Going-Into-the-Stands-Man really annoy me. Enough that I can listen to Steiggy.

@Stoosh: I told you he was coming aboard. Now I might actually get to see him play and know why you like him so much. Nice stats, though.

@aunt penny: It depends. What lines out with him, if he messes with Flower and Talbot's out, Talbot. Malone might mess with him to get him out of the way.

I can't wait for the next round. I've been watching basically everything on NHLN and I'm tired of vintage games ... I want to see the new ones!

In the Penguins Organization I Trust!

I Have Kasparaitis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris M said...

Gotta have some photoshops here with this lol.

I'm sure some of you guys saw this already

Sooska said...

@ kaspar -FSNP has Games 3 and 4 -look up thru today's cblog-I posted the TV listing from the Pens web site.

shall we all just have a joint self-uniting with Geno. he doesn't have to know. hell it's better if he doesn't.

Sooska said...

I was wrong about my own post. FSNP has Game 3 and 6 if needed.
Game 1 Friday, April 25 NY Rangers at Pittsburgh 7 p.m. Versus
Game 2 Sunday, April 27 NY Rangers at Pittsburgh 2 p.m. NBC (WPXI)
Game 3 Tuesday, April 29 Pittsburgh at NY Rangers 7 p.m. FSN Pittsburgh
Game 4 Thursday, May 1 Pittsburgh at NY Rangers 7 p.m. Versus
*Game 5 Sunday, May 4 NY Rangers at Pittsburgh 2 p.m. NBC (WPXI)
*Game 6 Monday, May 5 Pittsburgh at NY Rangers 7 p.m. FSN Pittsburgh
*Game 7 Wednesday, May 7 NY Rangers at Pittsburgh TBD FSN Pittsburgh

The Big K said...


Sean "Dirty Money" Avery

Whaddya think?

Of course referring to the black book.

Pensgirl said...

Hip, that hit, the January one, happened right in front of my section. I was watching Geno pretty intently so I only saw AO at the last second - much like Geno himself. I could write a novel about the emotions I went through in that instant. But AO came in like a heat-seeking missle, and I don't think there's any question that had it been someone else with that puck he wouldn't have come in quite so...motivated.

That article on Jagr is interesting...he still has Mario on a pedestal. I'm fascinated by that, because after playing together for so long you'd think some of the awe would wear off. But it's clear that Jagr only became more reverent of Mario with time. Maybe that's part of what's so difficult for him coming back - Pittsburgh isn't just where he played for so long, it's also where he played with his hero.

Jonny V said...

Kasparaitis, it's really OK to like another teams player! No need to apologize. Nothing wrong with not being a homer. And Flyer Hater, the quality of your posts more than makes up for the broad stroke painting. U rock dude.

Jags probably looks back and realizes how good he had it here. He brought us great memories, he left, life goes on.

Holy shnikies Danica Patrick looks outstanding on Letterman.

And a couple of posts ago, someone mentioned that a friend of theirs complained that their playoff beard was too itchy, so they shaved it off. Horrendous. Mine's getting rowdy, but this thing ain't coming off at least till the 17th, my next drill. And Sid's doesn't even look bad, he has a natural chinstrap goin'. At least I hope it's natural...

Johnny Wrath said...

The theme of this series should be "An Inconvenient Truth", as presented by the following articles;

Avery is linked to a drooping whore. Rain "Strike a Pose" chants, Pittsburgh faithful, and Bowie's "Fashion" upon taking what inevitably will be a succession of awful penalties.

Straka is Jarogr's new Kip Miller.

If we had a fantasy draft of both defence cores, I don't think a Ranger would be selected in the top 5. Its really a toss-up between Rob "this is my lane, bitch" Scuderi and Paul "giveaway specialist" Mara.

Rangers hockey is comprised of buying the core away from a formerly successful franchise. Jarogr, Straka, Roszival, and Kasparaitis were supposed to compliment Ward and the other guy they got from Carolina's Cup™ team. Its reminiscent of their 94 "We're all Oilers defectors" mercenary team. A truly bitter shame.

These paintings aren't turning out on film, but I can provide a brief description if desired.

Great job by tPB staff on executing the transaction of wrist bands. Though we payed the money, we're still in your debt.

Ally said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ally said...

Dr. Turk's RuPaul mention got photoshop a-cookin' for me. My e-mail isn't working, so I'll post links to 'em here:

RuSean Avery

Vogue's 9th Cover Man

Annie said...

I have to admit, I really like Ovie. Though he's not as good of an all-around player as Sid or Geno, he's a joy to watch in action.

Did I make a sign that said "MARRY ME OVIE" to bring to the March 8th Caps-Bruins game? Yes. (Was I too chicken to actually bring it to the game? Yes.)

Would I have gone through with it for Sid or Geno? You betcha. My biggest regret is missing the Dec 21 Pens-Bruins game when I could have gone, the one where Sid had his first fight.

j.s.22 said...
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