Monday, April 21, 2008



Game 7 tonight in Montreal is a big deal.

This game could throw the Eastern Conference playoff picture into a tailspin.

what a show
(in semi-honor to the cblog on Sunday)

If the 8th-seeded Bruins can get out of Montreal with a win,
they're coming to Pittsburgh in the second round.

And if there is one hockey city that owns another another in the playoffs,
it is Pittsburgh owning Boston.

The most intriguing part of this whole thing is that the Habs did this to the Bruins in 2004, coming down from 3-1 and winning Game 7 in Boston.

And according to the internet's newest great website, [ ],
this type of format has not happened very often.

The team winning Games 1-2, losing Game 3, winning Game 4, and losing Games 5-6 with Games 1-2 at home, Games 3-4 on the road, Game 5 at home, and Game 6 on the road (Montreal) has the following Game 7 record:

All rounds:
3-2 [.600]

First round:
1-2 [.333]

Montreal is 10-8 all time in Game 7's.
Boston is 9-7.


Up in Montreal, people are quick on the trigger
to compare rookie goalie Carey Price to legend Patrick Roy.

Well, guess what.
In 247 career postseason games, Patrick Roy never surrendered 5 goals in back-to-back games.

Oh wait.
Patrick Roy never even gave up four goals in the third period in back-to-back games.

Carey Price accomplished both feats in Games 5 and 6.

With Game 7 in Montreal, Carey Price is going to be more tense
than the friendship between Melody and Brad from "Hey Dude."

Do it.

We're pulling for the Bruins.

Not because it seems like a favorable matchup for the Pens in Round 2,
but rather because it's always fun to watch people in Montreal jump out of buildings.

The other East series is also in action tonight.
Washington trying to bring the series back to DC for Game 7.


Game 7 blog continues:

With the Sea of Red in full force in the Saddledome,
Calgary forced a Game 7 in San Jose on Tuesday night at 10:00.

[ FiveHoleFanatics ]
[ We Bleed Teal ]


Niklas Lidstrom scored a shorthanded goal on a slapper from center ice.
Sadly, it was the game-winner. Nashville is gone.

What a great showing by Nashville.

Things might have been different if Jason Arnott didn't encur a concussion
when a teammate nailed him during a goal celebration in Game Four.

He's under there somewhere.

...And finally...

The Dallas Stars are moving on. [ The Shootout ]

The Ducks were holding onto a 1-0 lead going into the third period,
trying to rest on their laurels.

Dallas exploded with two goals early in the third, and then it was Survivorblog.
For the last 8 minutes of the game, the crowd was on their feet.
Great atmosphere.

With about 4:00 left, Dallas made it 3-1, sealing the Ducks' fate.

To put a great exclamation point on our hatred for Chris Pronger,
he gets sent to the box for a vicious crosscheck with about 1:30 remaining.

Mike Modano swept the leg with an empty-netter. Game.

[ Battle of California ] = Stunned

[Earl Sleek]

A standing Ovation to Earl Sleek of [ Battle of California ]
for holding the World Championship belt with the class we could only hope to have.


Just the Facts, Ma'am

Ottawa and Anaheim are gone.

The last time both Cup Finals participants from the previous season
got bumped in the first round of the following season:

All the way back in 2005-06.

The 2003-04 Finals pitted the Lightning and the Flames.

In 05-06, the Sens beat the Lightning.
And the Ducks beat the Flames.


[<span class=

We haven't handed it out in a while.
Don Brennan wasn't even worthy of it.

But Wolf Blitzer is.


Courtesy of Shelly Anderson at the Post-Gazette:

Recently, the Penguins star center [Crosby] was mentioned on CNN during, of all things, a political discussion about Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama and the upcoming Pennsylvania presidential primary.

In talking about Clinton, Dick Armey, former House majority leader, told host Wolf Blitzer, "I think if she would get Sidney Crosby to come out strong for her, he could sew up the whole state for her right now. He's probably the most popular person in the entire state."

To which Blitzer replied, "Who's Sidney Crosby? ...
I thought he was talking about Bill Cosby for a second."

To which we reply: "Dude, your name is Wolf."

Here's the video of the incident:
It starts at the 1:40 mark, and the job is dropped around 2:10.

Once again, it's the classic case of someone showing ignorance for ignorance's sake.

It's the syndrome people get when they want to convey the image
that everyone is below them by acting like they don't know a popular figure.

For example, if we said Wolf Blitzer likes women, we would be ignorant to the facts.

We don't know how...
but before summer is out, we will job Wolf Blitzer.


Photo: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

:: Shelly Anderson initially told the world
about that Blitzer crap in her recent [ Penguins Notebook ]

Other good stuff in there:
  • Therrien missed practice due to illness.
  • NCAA Frozen Four may be in Pittsburgh for 2013.
:: Mellon Arena is renting coolers for the ice surface
to negate any problems that will arise as the weather gets warmer. [ PG ]

The guy who is in charge of it all -- his last name is Roberts.
Rest assured.

:: Some beards just won't grow. [ PG ]

:: Thoughts on the extended layoff? [ Yahoo ]

Fleury said, “It’s kind of bad to have to wait for that long,
but I’m sure we’ll be ready for the next series.”

:: Expect Game One to be played Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday night.
NBC will probably want the Pens on Sunday, so whatever that means.

:: The Baby Pens are up 3-0 on Hershey. [ Faceoff Factor ]


Any day now



:: HA, speaking of which, the NHL survived a broadcasting scare on Sunday. [ FanHouse ]

:: Winter Classic is signed, sealed, but... [ Yahooblogs]

G-Dubs over at Yahoo is blogging out of his mind.
He's one of our favorites on the internet.
Yahoo made a great pickup for the playoffs.

:: The Homestead Police is haunted. [ BurghBlog ]


If the blogging road wasn't paved before we got on it, we were gonna have a bumpy time.

Tony from [ The Confluence of the Three Rivers ] was one of our first friends on Al Gore.

Solid human.


The National Aviary has a new Penguin in-house. [ KDKA ]

The 8-week-old African Penguin made its debut on Saturday.

Thanks to [War Penguin] for the heads-up.


B94 pranked the Ottawa Senators front office.

Thanks for [Seeker] for posting it on YouTube.


[Matt W]


[Sam L]

Sam also sent us the file he made for this.
So all you have to do is print it out.

If that doesn't work, we can post the root file as well.
Let us know.


Go Pens


sfc72388 said...

woooo first time first commentor! i will be putting that sign in my car window ASAP! GO PENS!

threshhold9k said...

Hmm there's audio and video of the recordings in Homestead to the left the of the main PG article. Paramornal aside...

Pull for the Caps and Bruins tonight. Hell I'll root for Calgary as well when it comes time.

It figures that New York is pulling for a winter classic...they've got to have everything there....below me NYC. If there's enough money in New York to clear the Yankees pay roll checks than there's enough to fix the damn pipes in Yankee Stadium. Although maybe having it in a baseball stadium could show the country athletes actually doing athletic things for their money. Rather than a baseball game.snore.

Nathan said...

I think any American political candidate would have a tough time getting Sid's support, since he's a Canadian citizen and all. I'm surprised it was the guy from Texas who suggested Sid in the first place, so kudos to him for actually paying attention to Pennsylvania hockey.

Hey, the B's finally got on national TV in the playoffs, and all it took was them forcing a Game 7 against the top team in the Eastern Conference. Looked like there were actually people at Game 6 in Boston, too. Granted, Montreal fans were owning the Warehouse on Causeway (if you've ever been to the TD ShawmutFleetBankNorth "Garden", you'll know what I mean) the way Pens fans own Verizon Center, so much so that Chara was getting booed in his own building whenever he touched the puck. It'd derail what could potentially be the most entertaining Eastern Conference Final in years, but Let's go B's.

mmmk1989 said...


i am driving back from a hike with my friends this weekend, and we see a chicken crossing the road.

of course, the question comes up, why did the chicken cross the road?

the obvious answer: Gary Roberts

J.S. said...

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because Marty told the chicken to cross, that's why.

J.S. said...

or it may have even been Marty the Chicken.

Observationblog: I left my reserve center yesterday, and I see a truck in front of me with WWGRD on back of it in stick on letters. I'm not sure if it came from my center, but being that there's not much traffic on that road any other time, there's a possiblity that it might have. I'm gonna try to post pics of it later. I don't get much of a cell signal at work, but I need to move it from my phone to yahoo to photobucket.

Stoosh said...

What a day for me to miss most of C-blog.


You know how we always make the "Coffee, Meet Monitor" reference? Well, when I read your post from yesterday's C-blog, saw the John Kricfalusi reference and then read "Kilted Yak Eve"...quite literally "coffee met monitor". And I was at work. Dammit.

Ren & Stimpy was sheer brilliance.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Powdered Toast Man (who, if I remember correctly, was extra cool because he actually flew backwards)

Space Madness - my all time favorite

Dead on about Larisa Oleynik and Heidi Lucas as well.

rwarner174 said...

That is why I vote Grand Old Party. They have greater hockey knowledge and they vote against implementation of drink taxes. Who is Sidney Crosby? Wolf is a joke.

Steve In Denver said...

The GR for Prez is in the car window. Another will go right next to the all time classic "Lemieux for President of Earth" that's on my door at work.

That one got a strange look when Governor Ritter came for a visit recently.

@Gwineskimo from yesterday, Brent or Keith, then Pigpen, then Hornsby.

JObbing the Wolf must be done. Need to find out who his arch enemy is and find an "in" with them.

Fleury29 said...

Stoosh, Space Madness is my all-time favorite, also. Before my friend made me watch that episode, I hated Ren and Stimpy because I had only seen bits and pieces. It was that episode that let me see the genius of John K.

Larisa Oleynik... oh yeah! But when you talk solid 90's Nick crushes, you talk Alison Fanelli (Ellen) from The Adventures of Pete and Pete, my all-time favorite television show ever. I just wish they'd hurry up and bring out season three on DVD.

Gary Roberts for president is going on my car and my mom's car... she just doesn't know it yet. My son and I are going on a secret ninja mission today with her spare key while she's at work.

Wolf Blizer? You're gonna job him? C'mon, the Iraqi army couldn't take that guy out. While I think you're 100% in the right to give him the Jake Wheatley Jobber of the Week award, I think trying to job Wolf is like trying to take down a Wordpress server. It ain't gonna happen.


Earl Sleek said...

A standing Ovation to Earl Sleek for holding the World Championship belt with the class we could only hope to have.

Hey, thanks for the pat on the back; I certainly had a lot of fun doing so.

But I have to say, with all due respect: Stay classless, PensBlog. I love it.

Laura von Awesome said...

Wooo! Props to whoever made the Talespin reference! I used to watch that religiously, like I do hockey games now!

DeCeV said...


A-Rod gets injured running to first base. Wastes 20 minutes of Sports Center.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Is that Earl Sleek from Turtle Creek: NoCal / SoCal style?

BoCblog = clutch

DeCeV said...

BoC = on the ropes. What happens if the Sharks lose? I like the blog though.

Dr. Turkleton said...


Sports Center: What's that?....was that 'story' before or after 30 minutes of NFL™ Draft talk?

DeCeV said...


Well it wasn't all in a row. I'd say a little bit before and a little bit after. It was definitely before the Top Ten Dunks (TM) of the day though.

pensfan100 said...

fyi - Wolf Blitzer is from Buffalo...go fig.

Dr. Turkleton said...


ahhh...I can dig that...they want you to stay tuned in to get the scoop from Mel Kiper™ about the 8th best Offensive Tackle coming out of a school that ends in 'STATE'.

How's everyone doing in their Boston Marathon pool??? I have a dark horse:
Abderrahime Bouramdane from Morocco.

J.S. said...

Was this seen in the arod highlights?

johnny said...

With Anaheim eliminated from the playoffs, do you think the time is ripe for Snoop Dogg to start claiming the Penguins again like from the Gin and Juice video?


Tim said...

I was rooting for Boston, until I read this:

J.S. said...

pic of truck with the WWGRD letters, leaving the reserve center

@johnny, would Snoop re-claim the Pens as his team?

fo' shizzle, muh nizzle

Dr. Turkleton said...


this message appeared from The Sports Network when I pulled up their site:

The Sports Network website and other major news sites have been hacked by a political entity from China, and as a result are temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to be back up and running as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Sports Network Management

huh..fancy that....I didn't realize they upgraded from Commodore-64's over there.....

J.S. said...

hacked by a political entity?

Why the hell would a political entity hack a sports site? Sounds like a spoofed IP to me.

wilsmith said...

Dude, JS, that picture was taken in Ebensburg. WWGRD is alive and well in this neck of the woods.

GwinTheEskimo said...

Steve, nice, I'm a pig pen guy, but Brent is probably the most talented. Keith 72-74=solid, then Donna gets a little crazy. then bruce.

I have sticker printer paper. roberts 4 prez will be the first political statement ever to grace my bumper.

I saw a sweet Mulder/Scully '94, Trust No One sticker somewhere.

I heard the new X-Files movie is mostly about the NHL/Pens conspiracy.

The Seeker said...

I believe that under the new election laws in the USA, The Pensblog will now officially become a 527 Political Organization.

Dr. Turkleton said...


in reading some other reports...they thought they were going after cnn's sports site / where The Sports Network is just a feeder to, they kind of got their message out...

Hip said...

I read that PPG article yesterday and already sent off an email to Joke Blitzer.

I think I'm gonna email Obama and tell him if he references Gary Roberts as his vice president nod the next time he's in Pittsburgh he's ensured the entire state... can I get paid for this type of solid intel?

PensBeerGeek said...

Another WWGRD sighting:

Cappelli's Beer and Pop Warehouse in Washington, PA had WWGRD on their arrow board, right underneath Let's Go Pens. I was driving by, so I didn't have time to get a photo (unfortunately).

The Seeker said...

Help cbloggers!....

Can anyone provide me with a link to a site on Gore which would list an active player in the NHL's career penalties?

Specifically, I'd like to find out the exact number of times a player received a penalty for a certain how many time X got sent to the box for tripping.

Any help would be appreciated.

paul said...

How can Wolf Blitzer not know who Crosby is, he's had a playoff beard going for the past 20 years!

Seriously, what a clown. Which is more important, somebody who plays sports for a living but brings cheer to thousands of people or someone who talks about politics even though noone's listening? It is a fact that most people are not effected politically by things they see on television, their close friends/family have a far greater impact. Get a real job, Wolf.

J.S. said...

@pensbeergeek, any chance of getting a photo later? The more posted WWGRD sightings, the better.

WWGRD: getting more popular by the day.

@wilsmith, you are indeed correct. That is Ebensburg. That pic was taken out of my window Sunday afternoon at approximately 4PM. I think I might have an idea who it is though.

Ashley said...

tim - I heard the same thing happened Saturday night in Boston, too. Don't know if it's true, though.

David said...

Melody was hot.

Too bad she married Ben Stiller.

Jonny V said...

"Man, that's the ugliest mouse I've ever seen...and he's beating up on our cheese!"

"They think i'm crazy, but I know is not I who am is I who am mad!..did ya hear 'em...did ya see the crowds?..oh my beloved ice cream I love to lick your creamy center...and your oh-so-nutty, chocolate're not like the others, you like the same things I do...wax paper...boiled football breath...we're not hitchhiking anymore, we're riding!..oh no, I know what you coveted my ice cream bar! can't take it from me now!..i've had this ice cream bar since I was a child!

And who can forget Stinky Wizzleteets "The little critters of nature, they don't know that they're ugly...That's very funny! A fly marrying a bumblebee..."

I don't know if you can call it sad, but all of those quotes were from the top of my head.

If Wolf Blitzer ever ends up being jobbed, I might have to create a mural downtown somewhere as a testament to the greatness that is tPB.

I hate Snoop Dogg

RobbieBrown44 said... it a bad thing that I keep checking the mail for my WWGRD's like a 14 year old boy who's looking for his dad's porn?

Gonna be some darned good hockey on this evening ya'll. Case of Penn is awaiting.

Go B's.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@ the seeker

this probably isn't exactly what you're looking for: but here's the ACTIVE players list for PIM's

haven't been able to find a breakdown of each players penalties, though.... has a feedback option, maybe shoot them your query and & could help or point you in the right direction....

Fleury29 said...

You talk big time election signs, you talk Gary Roberts.

Thanks, TPB!

(And yes, I know I need to clean the car.)

The Seeker said...

@ dr turk

Thanks. You're right though, it's not quite what I need.

I'll tell you what this is about...

I'm just so sick and tired of hearing on message boards the old "Cindy Crosby is a diver" meme that I just wanted the official stats.

PensBeerGeek said...

j.s., it was on my way down to Morgantown for the week, so I'm not going to be able to stop back until Friday afternoon.

Eric K said...

just wondering what the general consensus is on Rob Rossi, the Q&A guy from the Trib Review who is always featured in the articles on

I never really read his Q&A until today, he seems to come off as an arrogant prick to me, just wondering what any1 else, who is more familiar with his work, thinks of him?

DeCeV said...

I just saw a real Vote Conklin sign. It was for a real politician for some local office, but still made my day. If I have time this week I'll take a picture.

Jonny V said...

Eric K, I've seen people here on commentblog have brought up Rossi before a few times, I think u share the general consensus. Dude's a prick

Seeker, by no means do I have an official count, but the diver penalty was brought about after his rookie season (I may be wrong), but I can only recall him getting a diving penalty maybe twice in his career. If that. I've read every Pensblog game recap since they've started this thing, and that would be something they'd make a big deal of mentioning.

DeCeV said...

Wolf blitzer = that chick who pretends to be bad at math to keep up her dumb blonde persona.

Fleury29 said...

DeCeV, the reason you didn't steal the Vote Conklin sign is..?

Stoosh said...

"You'll see futuristic technologies! Thrilling headgear! Spine-tingling toast!"

"I think I'll just relax and let my mind drift. Think...pleasant thoughts. Chicken pot pie...chocolate covered raisins!...GLAAAAAZED HAM!"

(Ren holding up the toothbrush)
"Nooooooow you've done it! YOU...FORCED ME TO USE IT!"


"If'n you ain't the granddaddy of all liars!"

I really think John Kricfalusi was dropping some serious acid when he was writing that show.

coffeytalk said...

Thanks for the GR Prez signs, staff.

looks like someone will be going to kinkos tonight...

Stoosh said...


Two words:

Sven Hoek.

The Seeker said...

@ johnny v

I agree that I can only recall maybe ONE diving penalty ever being assessed against #87...perhaps two?

I could be wrong though and he maybe even never was called for diving at all.

All that diving crap seems to have started when Hatcher elbowed Crosby once and then later in that game butt-ended him in the teeth....neither one resulted in a penalty. When Crosby complained to the Refs about it, he was penalized. This caused Hitchcock to say in the media that Crosby was a diver and whiner. That makes no sense since he didn't draw a penalty against the Flyers and in fact had to go to the hospital after that game to have dental work done!

I think Ted Nolan also said Crosby was a diver once more recently after he scored the game winner in OT after he drew a tripping call...but that was just an extension of the bad rap he'd already gotten as a result of the Hitchcock instigation of the rumor.

wilsmith said...

I have a friend here who is almost 100% certain he's never been assessed a diving penalty.

J.S. said...


If memory is correct, that "Vote Conklin" sign was from two years ago, and I believe it was out around the Altoona area.

The Seeker said...


My Daughter (who posts ocassionally here as Iceburgh) sent me a link to a blog created by Petr Sykora's chinchilla when he played in Anaheim.

It's pretty weird stuff considering that it's written from his pet chinchilla's point of view.....


It is all over now. Until next year.

I saw my daddy's team play last night. I thought at first that they were going to do well. And that they would win. And that I, PJ, would be able to take a dust bath in the Stanley Cup. But then someone who I did not know when we were in New Jersey scored a goal. I felt so bad for Jayess. And I watched my daddy, and Robermayer, and Chister, and Paulkareer, and all of our new friends not be scoring. And the game ended and I watched as Scotty-the-deer-man and Scottermayer and Patchelly and Martybrodie and Danyo and all the people I remember from before we moved skated around with the Cup and I was happy because all of the people who I used to know were happy but also I was very sad. And I saw Jayess's face on the television and I saw all the sad Duck people and it made me want to cry.


JP's Journal

JP's Profile Page

One really strange guy!!

J.S. said...

he's never been called for a diving penalty because he's the league's poster boy


Flyer Hater said...

I can't see Wolf Blitzer because he's in Lou Dobbs's shadow.

The Big K said...


Life changing.
Whoever made that deserves a spot
in the Hall of Fame.

Obama=stunned, but a beast
McCain=stunned and old

Gary Roberts=Almighty

libertygreg87 said...

that Wolf Blitzer crap is exactly what Tony Kornheiser did on PTI a couple weeks back, he acted like he never heard of Alexander Ovechkin. What a joke.

DeCeV said...

Found him.


The Seeker said...

@ wilsmith

Actually I think your friend is right. I've searched all over the Gore and can't find anything but accusations but no actual diving penalties.

You get into these message board arguements, especially with Flyer fans, about it all the time.

I've now begun challenging them to prove it since they are the one's making that accusation, the burden of proof is on them. Not once have any of them been able to prove it with a recap, box score, article, video, or anything.

Pensgirl said...

Seeker, little things like facts do nothing to dissuade conspiracy theorists...they'd just say "that just goes to show the NHL is favoring him." I would say, better than finding actual statistics, just host and post these:



Flyer Hater said...


I wonder who Gary BUTTman would fix the games for if the Penises and Crapitals played in the 2nd round, Golden boy Ovechicken or Cindy Crysby.

/flyers fan

The Seeker said...

I'm sure everyone here remembers Maquire saying Crosby took a dive while doing the color for NBC from between the benches and then being proven wrong when Crosby showed him the tape marks left on his mouthguard.

J.S. said...

If that post would have come from a name like Clark16*, I would have thought that it was 100% authentic.

*Clarke being misspelled as Clark = intentional. Seen it before.

Pensblog Staff said...




Flyer Hater said...

Staff, I think the first atomic bomb was produced faster than this batch of WWGRD? wristbands.



Pensgirl said...

Great! The day I get home to find my door blown off the hinges, I'll just head straight to CVS for the pregnancy test.

Julia said...

I love the old school nick shows from the 90s. I can't wait to get my wrist band.. I keep checking my mailbox at school hoping for a package slip, when it happens it will be a great day, no doubt.

BlacknGold66 said...


There was a Peter Sikora running for judge in our last election in Ohio. Different spelling, but still...

GR posters are going on my lawn tonight. It'll be nice because nobody around here knows who Lord Gary is except for my gf, myself... and my roomate the Sabres fan who is gonna HATE IT!

Jeffrey Paswick said...

pengiuns better beat the rangers cuz they won against martin and my devs! and some rangers need to get dick punched!!!!!!!! sean avery needs a puck shot to the pp!!! dicks!!! go penguins!

Flyer Hater said...

Wow, so there is at least one Devils fan in the world.

Brett said...

holy stuff to read batman!

your strange stat for the day:

Guess who has the most even-strength on ice time averaged per game on our roster? Pick a D and a F.

I would have guessed wrong.

It's Orpik and Hossa.

DeCeV said...

Haha look at Talbot's ice time compared to the other 4th liners. I knew it.

Laura said...

"Penguins left winger Gary Roberts (groin) didn't skate with his teammates during practice Sunday afternoon but is considered available for Game 1 of the upcoming round.

*crosses fingers*

like we didn't know this already... but still. =)

eileenover said...

My Versus says it's playing the Craps/Cryers game. WTF?

The Big K said...

Yeah no Game 7? WTF?

I can't get the GR for Pres to print on 1 paper.


Flyer Hater said...

Guys, the Bruins/Habs game is on Versus. Your guides don't say it because the Cryers/Craps game was originally scheduled because not even Marc Savard's mom thought that the B's would push that series to a 7th game.

eileenover said...

Thank you Flyer Hater.

Ashley said...


I just saw Sam L's "Gary Roberts for President" poster on "Off the Record" on TSN...with the TPB symbol and all.

Ally said...

Ashley - me too!

Probably a bad move, but I just used my foot that I'm supposed to be elevating + icing (possibly a broken bone) to grab my laptop and come on here to see who else saw it!

Ashley said...

Ally - I'm glad that I'm not the only one to see it :)

I'm still waiting for them to read my e-mail on the air. I wanted to know if Landsberg will get a WWGRD wristband and wear it on OTR.

Ally said...

PS -

John McCarthy (some UFC ref?) just picked George St. Pierre (some UFC wrestler dude?) to win versus Gary in a fight.

Ally said...

Michael Landsberg = awesome dude. He and Steve Paiken were buddies back in university, called games at U of T together I think? Steve Paiken wrote "The New Game: How Hockey Saved Itself" which is SUCH a solid book about the lockout. Should be required reading for every hockey fan.

Ally said...

Big K -

Have you tried changing the print layout when you print the graphic? You may have to change it to "landscape" so that it doesn't print like a document (taller than it is wide).

KJ said...

@ JS, ta-da! <~i just wish i knew how to post things as a link. maybe by the grace of gary, someone will help me out or it will come to me in a dream.

as for Wolf, i think he's a robot who lives in the political set of CNN. sometimes people will try to make a joke and it just goes over his head. you'd think with a name like that, he'd have a sense of humor

Laura von Awesome said...

Sweet! I have the other GR for Prez as my desktop BG on my lappy, but I shall have to make a paper copy for my hockey room :P

Ashley said...

ally - yeah, I think St. Pierre just won the UFC thing this past weekend in Montreal. I saw a little clip on SportsCentre. No way in hell he would beat Roberts in a fight. WWGRD? He'd take one look at St. Pierre, who would crumple to the ground in tears.

Hip said...

Caps fans currently studying maps to determine which bridge they'll be visiting in about 30 minutes. Check out their message boards if you want to see some fireworks. Implosionblog.

eileenover said...

Well the Bruins are blowing it.

Sooska said...

Caps seem to be holding their own against the Flyers. so to speak. ;)
I guess the Habs woke up too.

Brian Somlinski?? dejavublog

NHL intermission crew=stunned

Hip said...

Clearly my negative Caps post woke them up. Nice work Hip.

Ally said...

@ kj -

Here's how to create links:

< a href = " WEBSITE ADDRESS " > LINK TEXT < / a >

1. Take out all the spaces except for those between 'a' and 'href',
2. Write in the address of the website or the image you want to link to
3. Fill in what you want the link to appear as on c-blog in the area I've called LINK TEXT
Voila! You have a link. A quick example:

I want to link to the Official Pens Website, and I want the linked text on c-blog to show up as "Greatest Team on Earth":

This is what I would type, minus the spaces:

< a href = " " > Greatest Team on Earth < / a >

And this is what I will get:

Greatest Team on Earth


Hope that helps all the c-bloggers! :)

The Big K said...


Would there be anything better than watching AO topple the Cryers tomorrow? Don't think so!

And the Habs are going nowhere.
Don't take them as a threat.

Jaybird said...

Big K is a genius. Habs = dominance. Sorry to disappoint you but were still here. And don't bullshit on your blog that your wishes for the Bruins to win wasn't for matchup purposes.


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