Thursday, April 17, 2008

Photoshop Expo/House Cleaning/Your Mom

We have been behind on everything.
So we are trying to catch up.
Thanks to everyone for the Storeblog ideas, photoshops, and basically reading our site.

First things first...

Just an update on the WWGRD shipment.

We have not recieved the wristbands from the company yet.
As soon as we get them, they will be shipped out.


Recent additions to [Storeblog]


To kick off the Expo, here are some of Stephen Slesinski's greatest hits...

in 1024x768 Wallpaper form.

We're working on getting them on shirts.

Jschiff comes through with a sweet mural.


The last thing we want is people thinking we are just about photoshops.


[ Chris Y. ]

[ Doug S. ]

[ Jocelyn and friend, jobbing the window across from the Wyndham Hotel ]

[ John B. ]

[ Lloyd Jones ]

[Angelo G]

[Bob G]




[Chris M]



[Ed S]



[Franklin S]

[Grant H]

[Greg G]




[Jake A]

[James S]

[Jannah J]

[Jeff H]

[Jerry E]

[Jim B]

[Josh B]


[Justin G]

[Kevin D]

[ Ryan C. ]

[ Scotty G. ]

[ Tom ]

[ Rob S. ]

[ Russel S. ]

[ Ryan M. ]

[ Ryan S. ]

[ Pink Phloid ]

[ P.O. ]

[ randy L. ]

[ Paul ]

[ Phil G. ]

[Patrick J. ]

[ Patt S. ]

[ Paul S. ]

[ Nate R. ]

[ Nate B. ]

[ Nick G. ]

[ Pat S. ]

[ Kevin M. ]

[ Kris Pav. ]

[ Malkinian ]

[ Matt T. ]

[ Matt H. ]

[J. Schiff]


[Kyle D.]


[Bill J.]

[ thickANDY]


[David L.]

[Nick Saia]

[ thickANDY]



[ Hutch]

[JK Jost]

[David L.]



[Justin G.]

[ thickANDY]



[Philip G.]

[Steve MacD]

[ paul s.]



[Rob Strong]



[Matt in NC]

[The Seeker]


[Jennie L.]



[A. Toy]



[Justin G.]

[Andrew S.]

[Doug H.]


[Pat S.]


[Paul S.]




[Justin G.]

[Dr. C]

[Dan M.]



[Jay H.]

[Doug S.]



[Justin G.]

[A. Toy]

[Nate B.]



[Jeff H.]

[Josh B.]

[Nate B.]

[black young]

[Dan T.]

[Ricky H.]

[Dr. C]



[Joe A]

Go Pens


Chris said...

Huet was keeping the Caps in the game. Then Ovechkin doesn't clear out Knuble in front and 22 buries it. Heartbreaker for the Caps, here comes some momentum for the Cryers.

Jonny V said...

Oh my Gary, I...I'm first? F-f-f-f-first!!!

"Act like you've been there before"

Jonny V said...

Damn u chris!

KJ said...

beautiful, love the odd creativity everyone has!

Jonny V said...

I laughed so hard at some of those. In fact, I think for the first time in my life that i guffawed. True story.

Pretty good story from Smizik on why none of the games have been in HD. Seems there are special trucks that have to be at site to deliver the feed. And every sports team in the country shares them. So as more teams in the NHL and NBA playoffs get eliminated, that frees up more trucks. So there's another reason for us to keep on winning.

malkinian said...

Phenomenal photoshopping by everybody!!

Let's Go Pens

Bradley said...

the usual suspects pic... if Malkin doesn't already own that suit, someone should buy it for him. totally Russian Pimp.

canaanregulatesblog said...

hahaha johnny v got first-pwn3d.

Pensblog Staff said...




M. said...

Stephen S. needs to start a t-shirt factory. I'm a cheap bastard but those designs are killer. I gotta have one.

stokes said...


canaanregulatesblog said...

mondesi's house > pensblog

...crap, there is no anonymous posting


KJ said...

in that kicking around the ottawa logo pic, is sid sporting yellow crocs? i always wondered who bought that color

Annie said...

Awesome! Thoroghly enjoyable post. I'm getting a 66 Buries It shirt - someone mentioned 66 Buries It thongs in the last post, which I would totally sport as well if storeblog had them. :D

Off-topic: I've been looking through youtube but I haven't found it yet - does anyone know where to find the intro to Game 4 FSN played last night, with the Smashing Pumpkins song "Tonight"? Total goosebumpsblog.

Pensblog Staff said...

Thongs now available.


Annie said...

SWEET! That was quick! Thanks guys!

AndrewS said...

I am honored that one of my photoshops made it on to an expo. This is the second best day of my life, next to the Pens sweeping the homo Sens

Ry said...

Rufio Rufio Ru-fi-oooooooooooooooooo

jackedlobster said...


how about a pensblog charlie "i'll allow it" thong??

Ryan said...

ok I was watching the pope today first hand and all i could think of was wow.... gary roberts looks different in person. Lets go pens, even pope benidict had to admit that the pens were the only team he roots for!!!!

snickerdoodles said...

Love the photoshops. Oh my Gary, I was laughing so hard at some of them, I nearly choked on my Hot Tamales. But all I had to do was think the name Gary Roberts three times (like in Beetlejuice) and the choking spell was ovah!!

I bet Kleenex is making a fortune off of Cryin Brian and the Senators.

Jonny V said...

canaan, I now see it takes sheer skill to be the first post. I was Sens-ed indeed

Outstanding work everyone. A few of my favorites:

The Fleury clutch was awesome because it took me a second to realize what it was.

Jennie L.'s paragraph with all of the players names.

James S., that Malkin art is worthy of hanging on a wall.

M period, I agree that Stephen needs to put them on shirts, but I think there are some legal ends that need tied first. Hopefully things work out because I would buy all of them.

And if i'm ever getting intimate with a girl and I see her wearing a thong with "66 Buries It" written on it, I think I'll propose on the spot.

nikki said...

hahaha wow this is the best study break i've ever taken.
good work everyone, i wish i had skills like this, but sadly im pretty technologically challenged haha

ada520 said...

haha. fleury is clutch. solid stuff people.

GO AO!?!?

God I hate the flyers.

Goldberg05 said...

First time posting on TPB...I'm a Pens fan that happens to live in Baltimore. I have a question for you fellas.......
Does it make me a bad person because I'm hoping for the Crapitals to beat those a$$holes from philly simply so that I can have the opportunity to go to playoff games around here??

I have been rooting against the craps for so long, I feel like I am betraying myself and my team by rooting for them!!

Pensblog Staff said...

no way Goldberg. People everywhere like watching AO play. It's good for the sport if moves on. Sid vs. AO somewhere down the line is 100% good for the NHL.


J.S. said...

goldberg, nah, not at all.

I didn't get a chance to make it to my laptop last night, but since they weren't doing any 'shops of the Heater, can I at least ask if it was wrong to photoshop him into a group shot of The Killers?

Just wondering.

blackngold66 said...

SOLID v. 2.0

Fleury29 said...

The LeTang and You, Me and Dupuis photoshops were unreal but Bill the Gary Roberts as Artie, The Strongest Man In The World was insane.

Photoshop expos are the best way to pass the time while the team rests.

And FourthKnox, Fleury as the clutch pedal? Outstanding work.

Mike Georger said...

one word: pulitzer

sarah said...

Anyone trying to buy tickets at 10 am?

Whistler said...

Solid work with the shopjobs all..

The Sens Army one made me laugh out loud.. Simple and to the point.

Nick Saia get the nod for Lord Roberts "Thy Kingdom Come".


Stanley P. Kachowski said...

"Blogger Pensblog Staff said...

Thongs now available.


4/18/2008 12:44 AM"

When I first read that, I thought you were making fun of Bryan Murray and wondering 'what songs are they talking about?'. Wow.

slush said...

That was almost too much to handle before coffee in the am. Solid work everyone. Absolutely hilarious!

chris e said...

WOW. I am humbled to have my gameday comment in storeblog.

ALL the photoshops rock. My favorites:

The Usual Suspects
Pens Nation Spreading
Fleury in the Pope-mobile
Jennies' letter to Ottawa
Ruutu the magician

Awesome work all!

Nathan said...

Wow, someone actually thought an idea of mine was a good one (the "66 Buries It" thong, since nobody else seems to have submitted a prior claim to it). Me=stunned.

The photoshop expo, that's why I get out of bed in the morning. I salute all of you, who are infinitely more creative than I.

I fear the Caps are done for, which is a shame, but with the rest of the Southeast probably stagnating next year, they'll be back.

Let's go Pens.

Ro' said...

Whoever put together the photoshop with the half-assed Senator mascot with the pink golf bag, that was spectacular. Same with Bing as Goldust, haha. You be hardpressed to find photoshops in the world more well done and entertaining.

Lady Jaye said...

I love the photoshops, but I have to say Stephen S's logos just take the cake for me this morning. They're just amazing. Off the top of my non-awake head this morning, I liked the Invisible Men poster ;)

And goldberg, I'm hoping the caps win just so I can laugh at the Flyers for losing in the first round... that and I'd love a Pens vs Caps series. What a high scoring round that would be.

Mark said...

Three favorite goals, as chosen by Pensbloggers:

1: G. Roberts (series goal #1)
2: R. Malone (#8)
3: J. Staal (#12)

Foreplay during playoff season: laying in bed and reviewing our favorite Pens' goals...

Amber Alert for AO? He really looked bummed when he missed that wide-open net last night...

Are "66 Buries It" thongs available in men's sizes? It's almost beach season!

To re-cap the favorite goals ballot:

Game 1
1 - Roberts' stunning opener
2 - The one that Syk scored
3 - The one that Geno scored
4 - The other one that Roberts scored

Game 2
5 - Gonch's PP goal
6 - Syk's tip-in
7 - Syk's slapshot
8 - Malone's SWEET wraparound
9 - Malone's game-ender

Game 3
10 - Max's 1st playoff goal
11 - Crosby's score 12 sec into the 3rd
12 - Staal's goal, 78 seconds later
13 - Hossa's PP goal

Game 4
14 - Geno's picklestabber
15 - Ruutu's stunning spin-o-rama
16 - Sid's empty netter

eileenover said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eileenover said...

If anyone is sitting in section E18 for the first game, let me know.
I think this is the best day of my life.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

I've been rocking E18 all year.

sarah said...


ticketmaster says "We couldn't find tickets that matched your request." but i only put in 2 tickets for best avaliable at 10 am.. blahh i can't get tickets :(

Vanessa Day said...

Great photoshop extravaganza today.

Loved the one of MAF as "the clutch".

Also, the one by The Seeker gets my vote for being the only person I can think of with an oversize stuffed penguin in their house (but then again, I don't live in the Burgh).

ANNNNND... in the one of Sid crouching over the dead senator with Ruutu and Geno... I just have one question: why does Geno have tits?

Excellent gallery.



Dr. Turkleton said...



seems like you might be one of the few to snatch up seats....

it's nice the pens don't know who their opponent is going to be....that way, enemy fans couldn't bombard ticketmaster to try to become a minimal presence at the Mellon...

on the other hand....

tPB Nation can still try to get away tickets to the: Caps,Devils,Rangers,Bruins when the time comes....can anybody else say 'Roadtripblog'?....I'm betting 'Good Seats Still Available' will be a theme at The Rock for Round 2.

for any other STH out there [stanley p kachowski] I saw on my Penguins account on the Pens website that the charge from Round 1 went thru sometime yesterday...

Ryan said...

WOOOOOOOOOO 3 game 1 tickets in section C!!!!!

Colin said...

Staff -

Is there any thoughts of a WWPBC shirt in a style other than the ringer t? I would be all over that like PBC on Alfie.

Colin said...

Oh, and also, I sadly work in public accounting and we are constantly marking things "PBC" aka "Prepared By Client". However, everytime I type it, I think to myself "PensBlog Charlie".

The Seeker said...

@ vanessa day

The Seeker = stunned

I though our household was the norm, but now my entire world is shattered.

LOL.....Da 'Guin watches every Pens game with us. Once you begin doing that, karma dictates it must always be done.

Da 'Guin also has the power to channel His Holiness Gary's kind of scary at times!

JYo said...

@stoosh: As a kid I wasn't always a fan of the "home" teams (I grew up 2.5 hours from Pittsburgh, but it was the closest professional sports city). I suppose I just wanted to be different.

In hockey, I adopted the Cancuks as my favorite team for some reason, probably a combination of liking the uniforms, using their team in video games, etc. and picking up Bure sealed the deal since he was one of my favorite players. I had a cheap black replica jersey (not personalized) with the skate logo on it and even a Canucks Starter jacket (my dad paid a ton in shipping and some tariff crap to get me that one.)

Anyway, I think I made the transition to being a hard core Pens fan around the same time you describe doing so and largely for the same reasons. They basically destroyed the team that went to the Cup and when the whale tail came into the logo, I was done with them. It probably also had a bit to do with coming into an age where I was starting to appreciate and embrace the area I grew up in and started rooting for the "hometown" teams.

As for the current photoshop extravaganza, all I can say is: WOW! Great work all. My top 5:

Motivational style poster of "Gary Roberts is watching you poop"

Graphical representation of Pens mania taking over the nation

21st century line

Kevin D's "boxer on skates"

Sid the Karate Kid

Sooska said...

@ annie- FSN Smashing Pumpkins video available here from Seth at Empty Netters:

Smashing Pumpkins

@ playoff ticket holders- I am SO jealous.

On my way west on the Turnpike last night I caught WBZ and listened to the Broons-Habs. They recapped Pens Game 4 during their second intermission and the Broons announcers began giggling and laughing when they played Mike Lange's call of Rutuu's goal which ended with "Gerber just lost his liquor license." That's The Mike Lange. Obvious fans.

DeCeV said...

So who else loves that Carey Price got rung up for 5 goals last night? He was looking scary for a little bit. I hope Boston pulls a miracle out of their ass to beat Les Habitants.

Vanessa Day said...

@ The Seeker

Maybe I'm the weird one, but the only stuffed animals in my house are two meerkats I got as a Christmas gift.

I guess this means I need to get a penguin to fit in with the rest of you die-hards, right?



JYo said...

@decev: Even if the Habs win the next game, Price has shown that he is vulnerable. If the Bruins offense can do that to him, imagine how Sid, Geno, and the gang would be able to rattle him. Nice to see indeed.

Pensgirl said...

Goldberg, I'm pulling for the Caps for the exact same reason. It sure looks like their goose is cooked, though.

Dr. Turkleton said...

forgot to say earlier...

tPB Nation & Staff PS'd Out With Their Conks Out with todays post...

my fav = EVERYONE that submitted...with this amount of positive Penguin karma, how can the team lose?

@vanessa day & the seeker

seeker, I bet you're right that a majority of Pens fans [I'd say it's close to 100% of cbloggers] have some sort of stuffed Penguin / Iceberg / plastic Penguin in their house/workspace or both...

Here's my households Penzilla with a few friends...

DeCeV said...


Nice display, but whomever made that Malkin bobblehead has clearly never seen what Malkin looks like in his life.

Hutch said...

I got 3 in the first row of B21 for Game 1. couldn't believe it

Vanessa Day said...

@ Dr.Turk

I guess I'm outnumbered then.... will get a penguin asap.

How About
This One?



mookieproof said...

haha the kent state one is great

Laura von Awesome said...

Oh wow... I've not laughed so hard in my life since the Sens choked in the playoffs. Oh, wait, that was the other night! MWAHAHAHA!

Awesome job, guys! I think I might be ordering a Pensblog Charlie shirt sometime soon... and a WWGRD wristband. Oh, my Gary!

do it... do it NAAAAAAAAOUUUGH!

[go pens]

Stoosh said...

@ Vanessa Day -

Not sure if it was pointed out, but the photoshop of Sid and Co. crouching over the Senators body was actually (and kinda morbidly) a photo from the Kent State shooting incident back in 1970.

Dr. Turkleton said...


your right...whoever did the 07-08 Geno has is closer [more shrek-ish] than the 06-07 model....

@vanessa day

for that $, you might be able to find a real one instead of that Ugandan stuffed version :^O

[Hossa: ♦,♣,♠,vanessa day]

Vanessa Day said...

^^ Stoosh... that's really creepy. I had heard of it, although I wasn't even alive in 1970, so it must have been one of those documentary shows I love.

HMM. I'm forgetting about htat one. But Geno's head is on a woman's body.



Nate said...

i got chills when i saw the photoshop progression of the penguins taking over north america...

1. The Division
2. The Eastern Conference
3. Cup Champs

Lauren said...

So, now the Cryers are giving out black-and-orange "Terrible Towels". I know the towel trend is wide-spread, but really, you're actually going to call them Terrible Towels and NOT give money to the Allegheny Valley School?

Stephen S.: Your photoshop/illustrator skills are stunning. Be my friend.

Lauren said...

P.S., Slap Shot is a free movie on On Demand.

The Seeker said...

Lauren said...

"you're actually going to call them Terrible Towels and NOT give money to the Allegheny Valley School?"

Now THAT really pisses me off!!!

The name Terrible Towel is a Registered Trademark and the entire intellectual concept is copyrighted.

I suppose if they are giving them away, and no money changes hands they can skirt litigation but the entire idea of them doing that shows they have no imagination of their own and just smacks of RIP-OFF.

The Seeker said...

@ Stoosh

Yep...I caught that immediately and it creeped me out on several levels....

- I came close to going to Kent State went I was choosing colleges.

- I was at WVU the day it happened and will never forget that sad day

- I played a lot of hockey at Kent State... and taken my Son to Hockey Camps there

- I've stood on the very spot that picture was taken (although they've now built a fieldhouse over top of the scene.

Dr. Turkleton said...


it wouldn't surprise me if PA folks on the right side of the state stole that name, they wouldn't want to cramp their style...

I mean, with a playoff slogan: Vengeance NOW...what would you expect? [I keep on thinking of Frank Costanza from Seinfeld shouting, "Serenity Now!".

To borrow a quote from Mike Wise of the Washington Post:
The Caps' postseason slogan: "Rock The Red." The Flyers? "Vengeance Now," which comes across as less of a slogan and more of a sequel to Charles Bronson's "Death Wish."


Hip said...

I first tried loading this amazingness on dial-up last night. That was a huge mistake.

J.S: The Usual Suspects. First of all I completely agree with Bradley that Malkin looks like a fucking pimp and am I the only one that consistently dies of laughter every time I see the "Rabies Bing" head shot?

Russel S: Malkin with Jags mullet. Dear Gary.

Paul S: Mario on the drums. Unreal.

Malkinian: Youth Gone Wild. That looks frighteningly legit. JStaal's butt chin seems to fit right in.

The Seeker: I want to give your Penguin a hug. When we were little my parents used to let us build shrines around the TV during the Pens' runs. We had trinkets, posters, foam fingers, newspaper cutouts. I'll try to dig up an old one. Solid stuff.

Jennie L: shit yeah.

Josh B: Errey w/ a TTrain shirt? I completely lost it.

Andrews: please tell me you weren't alive in '91/'92.

Today is my last day of med school. Woooooooooooooooooooo. I'm gonna go ape shit in storeblog as soon as I get some graduation funds in a month.

Pensgirl said...

Congrats, HIP!

Turk, I actually posted a Serenity NOW! youtube link in cblog the other day related to that idiot slogan.

They probably went with "Terrible Towel" specifically to piss people off, especially since Myron just died. When confronted with a decision, that organization will always choose the most vile option.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I can't believe I missed your link!

Serenity Now...Serenity Now...


congrats on it being your last day! how's that saying go: Today is the 1st day of the rest of your life!

tell Dances With Flames Hat:
Go Sharks Go

you should treat yourself to the CGY v. SJ game up in Calgary on Sunday [since you'll be saving $ from any future Caps playoffs games after Saturday.....{jk}]It'll be the closest to Rockin' the Red as you can get [no 'flashing' walking the Red Mile, though ;) ]


The Seeker said...



"especially since Myron just died"

That made me think....which game was it that the Pens honored Myron?

Could it have been a Flyers game and that gave them the idea?


Jawsh said...

Rufio! Rufio! Ru-fi-OOOOOOO!

Stoosh said...

@ Jyo -

The Canucks were my first favorite NHL team. I think part of it might have been those gold jerseys that they wore (not the gold "V" jerseys, but the gold ones with the skate logo) around the late 1980s.

When I was growing up in Erie, we used to get the feed from a CTV station out of London, Ontario on our cable, and we'd occassionally pick up HNIC broadcast; that was the first time I remember seeing the Canucks. For some reason, my favorite player was Petri Skriko.

We'd also pick up Sabres games from time to time on Empire Sports...or whatever it was back in the day. I can remember catching Bure on a Sabres telecast when he was either a rookie or a second-year player, and I couldn't believe how fast he was. Instantly became my favorite player.

The 1994 playoffs were unreal. When Bure scored to beat Calgary in OT of Game Seven of the first round, I woke up my whole family because I was still watching the game. The elbow to Churla during the second round against Dallas was awesome, and then watching them destroy the Leafs four games to one to go to the Cup...holy crap. When Greg Adams buried that shot to beat the Rangers in Game One of the Cup Finals, I jumped out of the chair, forgot the ceiling was low in our basement and put my hand through one of those cement-board ceiling tiles.

Spencemo said...

The MAF "clutch" and MAF in the PopeMobile were great...

I am a Kent State student (regional campus, but still...), and they still shut down all campuses for a while every May 4th. That photoshop was kind of creepy...

Gary Roberts is watching me poop? Even creepier...

dani said...

Is that Rufio from Hook? ha...

"We're not worthy." Nice Wayne's World picture.

Nathan said...

The Pens honored Myron Cope on March 2 against the Thrashers. Cope died on February 27, and the Thrashers game was the first home game afterward.

My knowledge of patent and trademark law is limited at best (I'm a librarian, not a lawyer, but as a government documents librarian, I have to know where to find information on patents and trademarks), but there are 11 live trademarks associated with the Terrible Towel, and since the Allegey Valley School is listed as the trademark owner, they might very well have a legitimate claim against the Flyers if they wanted to pursue it. The Flyers may not be earning money from distribution of the towels themselves, but they are a for-profit enterprise, and the people getting the towels paid admission to the games where the towels were distributed, so the Flyers are making money. Even if there are no grounds for a trademark infringement suit, it's a completely classless thing for the Flyers to do, unless they're planning on donating a share of the profits from these games to the Allegheny Valley School.

Unless they're making the aforementioned donation, I would love to see those fuckers get their asses kicked in a trademark violation suit. Find a trademark lawyer who's a diehard Steelers fan, and they might even be willing to take the case for a reduced fee.

Ashley said...

hip - congrats!

and well done to everyone with a photoshop! I may not be able to see them all, but I know that they all kick ass. Gotta love "I'm with stupid"..haha

canaanregulatesblog said...

where was this mention that they were giving away "terrible towels" ?

caramia said...

Malkin and Sykora as Pete and Pete is perfect!

Any C-bloggers in the Cincinnati area?

I'm moving there for my career next week. After spending the first 6 years of my adult life as a season ticket holder, through the tough times, I get my dream job in the playoffs when they're finally kicking ass. Go figure!

I don't know that Cincinnati is the most Pittsburgh friendly place, but if anyone knows any good places for watching hockey, let me know!

I'll be in my seat in D-21 for every weekend game though!

Sweetcheesus! said...

E-15, hoooooossssssssssaaaaaaaaaa! A friend of mine picked up four tickets and believe me, all will be able to identify this fellow c-blogger.

photoshops = "Clutch"

another favorite of mine was from a mr stinkyharry. Gary Roberts As the Pope! brilliant.

Rockem Sockem Iceburgh words cannot do it justice.

"hossa in the bank" from nate r, makes me feel like dancing.

on a side note, does anybody know when they will release the schedule for when the games are or does it happen as a result of our opponent?


Jaredoflondon said...

anyone else catch the WWGRD? Bracelets and Pensblog getting love on Off the Record?

air five to you dudes.

lauren_hbg said...

these photoshops were great... you all are obviously much more computer-savvy and plain old more creative than I!

The Seeker said...

Cblog Head's Up....

Fleury, Dupuis on Sportsbeat

Stan Savran will have Pascal DuPuis, Marc-Andre Fleury, Bob Errey and Phil Bourque on Sportsbeat on tonight (Friday).

Sportsbeat airs on FSN Pittsburgh from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m..

Other Penguins on the air Friday include:

Jarkko Ruutu on KDKA this evening at 6:40 p.m.

Sergei Gonchar on ESPN Radio with Mark Madden at 5:20 p.m.

Ryan Malone on XM Radio NHL Live, which also airs on the NHL Network daily at 1:40 p.m.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, Mclean had one of the best games for a goaltender in Finals history in that first game on MSG ice.



jackedlobster said...

Did anyone notice the photoshop with flower holding a broom in net and a caption saying he chose to use a broom for the last ten minutes..but the photo has flower in his older yellow pads..not the white one's he uses now?

jackedlobster said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I Have Kasparaitis said...

Oh my goodness, these photoshops are hilarious. I was laughing loudly at all of them and received many evil glances during the time span. I love the Andre Savard photoshop ... Orpik looks even creepier than usual and Letang looks like he wants to be a real boy.

Can the Flyers actually use the Terrible Towel? Isn't the name a copy-right or something or other? I wish I was a lawyer right now and not a high school student and I would sue their asses so hard they would think PBCharlie was around. What wastes of lives that can't come up with something better. Losers. Did you see their helmet/hats, too? Really dumb. I'm still trying to understand their need for vengenance as well.

@Seeker: Thank you very much! I need to fill in my Pens addiction and I am going to watch/listen to all of those! NHLN replays NHL Live at 5 for those like me who were stuck somewhere.

In the Penguins Organization I Trust!

Pensblog Staff said...

Has anyone moused over Rufio in Flashblog with their sound up?


BlacknGold66 said...

Ah, the farting Rufio... a must need in any playoff envoirnment!

Along with Canaan... I too am asking for proof of the Flyer's "Terrible Towel." I can't find anything on it anywhere.

The Big K said...

How much cash will I need to fork over in order to buy the form of Photoshop that will allow me to do what all the fine photoshoppers on here do?



Thanks for the help c-blog.

Nathan said...

On top of calling their giveaway towels "Terrible Towels" (if that is indeed the case), the Flyers wanted to hand out copies of an anti-Flyers column Mike Wise wrote for the Washington Post. The Post found out about this plan (since the word leaked out to the public) and hit the Flyers with a cease-and-desist order to prevent them from distributing copyrighted material to their payinc customers last night. Fair use allows for a personal copy of copyrighted material to be made for personal use. Making 18,000+ copies and distributing them to your paying customers is a pretty blatant violation of fair use.

So do the Flyers employ competent attorneys? Or is the PR staff there just trying to get the team sued and themselves fired?

Pensblog Staff said...

BIG K....

If you are in the pirating mood,
it's free.

We're pretty sure Adobe (the maker of photoshop) polices the internet, looking for breeding grounds of people pirating their software, so we don't want to harbor any pirates here, because Adobe is known for ruining people's lives over it.

But once you find a copy to download, you're free and clear.


sarah said...


I use Paint Shop Pro 7. There are a lot of 30 day trials on the internet. Once your 30 days are up you can change your computer clock back to a date that was in the 30 days and the program still works.

Raybin said...

@Big K

I used a free program that I believe Flyer Hater pointed me to called GIMP and produced the Hossa Sniper movie poster and the Heatloaf album cover. (I'm not very good, so adjust expectations accordingly)

I'll let you Google for the link. Given the name of the program, it'll be like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade...You must choose wisely. :-)

Flyer Hater said...

Adobe=Paulie Walnutz of the Internet.

Don't cross it.

Dr. Turkleton said...

haven't found any 'terrible towel' references either from the seems like laurens post @1148a is where I read about it 1st...but, theres no link to a source.....

Also, it appears from reading various flyers blogs that last nights giveaway was a combo of 'thundersticks' & orange paper flyers helmets...


watching the Pirates / Cubs on Chicagos-WGN....had some B-Hawks sing 'take me out....' & they we saying that some B-Hawks games will be on WGN next year....
so to those that don't buy Center Ice or's a station on most folks basic cable to see some non-Pens games next year....


Flyer Hater said...

Dr. Turk, I'm predicting a Hawks-Pens Cup final in a few years.

Nathan said...

The thing with Hawks games being on WGN, they might not air outside Chicago. Not all of what's broadcast on WGN in Chicago is allowed to be broadcast on the superstation side, and I believe Hawks games are going to fall into that category. Damn shame too, because the Hawks are going to be a very entertaining team very soon.

KJ said...

count me as one who i also missing a penguin in the home, but i do have this:

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I've never been a big fan of the Blackhawks but love hockey too much to let a moment of it slip away if the Pens aren't on. I don't have Center Ice, so hopefully that works out.

So apparently the Sens are Emery-less. Check out, I'm too lazy to even copy and paste.

Keven Veilleux is joining the Baby Pens ... Caputi and now Veilleux, sounds like WBS will be rocking out the minors with them.

Hip said...

Dr. Turk - when are they going to let you out of validating???

J.S. said...

Good Gary K, that is a huge file. How big is that bear?

I have a Penguin sitting on my bedroom tv. He's not moving, since it's been there since the playoffs started.

Dr. Turkleton said...


hahaha...I don't know! It's only been, I think 48 hours since I've tried: 'turk turkleton' with a new email, hopefully soon! [fingers crossed]


good point...forgot about their 'local programing', I hope for those who don't have the NHL pay channels that if they have WGN...the games will be on


that would be a good Final in the next couple years...funny how both teams have come almost full circle in 15+ years....

Nathan said...

"Hello! Well, it's just after eight o'clock, and time for the penguin on top of your television set to explode."

Stoosh said...

Not sure if anyone else mentioned this, but this was passed down today from the "We Feel Your Pain and This Sucks" department.

This hammers home just how lucky we were last year that this worked out. Stern and the NBA owners (save Cuban and Paul Allen) don't give a rat's ass about the Sonics.

Gary Bettman has done a lot of bad or at least questionable things as commissioner of the NHL, but I'll always be grateful to him for stepping up and seeing to it that this Penguins team was kept in Pittsburgh. Fans of opposing teams can say what they want, but short of moving the Pens up to Canada, this team didn't belong anywhere else other than Pittsburgh, and I'm thankful that Bettman at least had the wherewithall to recognize that.

I was a Seahawks fan when that slimeball Ken Behring almost moved them to Oakland in the mid-1990s and I remember seeing how devastated Browns fans were when Modell moved them out. I feel bad for the Sonics fans.

Jonny V said...

Yeah Stoosh, I just saw that today. Stern is a joke. Seattle's owner was accused after buying the team that he never intended on staying there. He denied this and Stern did nothing. Documents recently surfaced proving that he bought the team just to move them, and still Stern did nothing. They're apparently old buddies.

The NBA's emergence as a premier league in the 90's had nothing to do with Stern, and everything to do with Michael Jordan. But the subsequent plummeting in popularity has everything to do with him.

Which is why I've been trumpeting all along not to worry about the NHL. It is making a slow climb in popularity.

I love THIS game.

Dr. Turkleton said...

you guys want to make a BET the NBA will slip below the NHL in popularity in the next 5 years????...

maybe BET & NBA shouldn't be used in the same, Mr. Donaghy?

Savran w/ Bibs & the ol' two-niner on FSN-Pit...talkin' bout team chemistry ....Stan sayin' the guys calling Sid, Zorro cause of his pencil thin 'stache....

Let's Go DEV-ILS!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Just watched/listened to all those.

* Flower was funny ... he called Bing's look greasy.

* Sarge is so humble. I think I love him more and more ... maybe after I get a Bugsy jersey, I'll try to snag his. He is moving up my charts. He complimented everyone he could. Class act.

* Bugsy got cut-off on NHL Live, but I heard a lot. People wanted to hear about his contract, but you know he won't talk a lot about it.

* I think it's really annoying that the reporters ask that stupid question of who the player would like to see play them in the next round. No one's gonna answer that. That's bad karma.

I guess I'll have to wait until tonight when I'll be praying for Nashville to beat up the Red Wings for some hockey.

Flyer Hater said...

Don Barden=Joke

Pennsylvania Politics=corrupt

I can't wait for Jake Wheatley to reclaim his jobber of the week award and blame Mario and the Pens for this.

Annie said...

I can't find the 66 Buries It thongs in storeblog... help! Though I laughed out loud at those maternity shirts - just perfect.

Sooska said...

@ flyer hater - Personally, I am thankful Mario et al aren't party to the corruption that is the PA Gaming Board, etc. with all their incestuous relationships and the mob.
PBC could be running that show.
The PA Gaming board=stunned to find out an eastern pa gaming licensee lied on his application and to the baord about his ties to organized crime. The Pens don't need those kinds of bad associations. For the $169+/- I might get in tax savings-no thank you.

@annie-did you find my link to the Smashing Pumpkins video? read above late morning.

ALSO under miscellaneous 66 THONG

The Seeker said...

@ Flyer Hater

That is par for the course here.

What is the most amazing thing is that PA keeps electing the same bunch of cronies and never seem to learn their lesson. They're just gluttons for punishment.

That entire screw-job that lead to Barden getting that license smelled to high heavens.

Rendell is the Godfather of this family of crooks. Such as how he created a new department through which all casinos had to buy their gaming devices instead of just allowing them to buy direct from the manufacturer. That's just begging for palm padding with cash and only Rendell cronies got on the thing.

Kind of smacks of him giving his former law firm the contract to do the legal work on any Turnpike take-over and over-charging for it.


Annie said...

@ Sooska - Thank you!!! Yes, I did find it but I was actually looking for the clip they played before the game instead of the music video. Thanks anyway though. :)

M. Vanderlasser said...

@nathan...nice Monty Python reference.

I NEVER tire of Python or Gob Bluth references.

In the downtime before conference semi-finals start, I think I'll follow another sporting event. When does that Final Four thing start? The Masters?

eileenover said...

Well the Rangers advanced.

The Big K said...

Thanks to c-blog for the help.
You guys are great.

GIMP won't work on my Mac,
but I'm exploring your options.

Soon, I'll be photoshopping alongside you all!

Pensgirl said...

Does anybody else read the Teacher. Wordsmith. Madman. blog? He writes about hockey from time to time, and while he's always good he absolutely outdid himself today:

Alex Ovechkin was on the ice for 28 minutes of the Capitals' overtime loss to Philly last night. He had two assists on the power play, yes, but the two stats that really stand out are these: he had ten hits, but just one shot on goal. (He also played crappy defense and was on the ice for the Flyers' game-winning goal.) I had no idea that when the Caps gave him that new contract, they were paying him to become Eric Lindros.


Doc Steel said...

Pens 2nd Round Matchup Odds and Scenarios:

New York: 65.6% (If MON and PHI win)
Boston: 25% (If BOS wins)
Washington: 9.4% (If WAS wins)

Flyer Hater said...

That's what happens when you elect the same party to every important political position in the state for upwards of 80 years.

Jonny V said...

Amen to that Flyer Hater. And to quote Forrest Gump, "That's all I got to say 'bout that."

Nick Saia (usa) said...

the staff didn't post this one,
but i'll put my name on it!

gary roberts

BTW I was told to sit down at the dallas game last night by these people 10 rows up from me during a break in play.... pret-ty lame.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

but i did see stu barnes score... omenblog?

The Seeker said...

Flyer Hater said...

That's what happens when you elect the same party to every important political position in the state for upwards of 80 years.


It took a politician from Western PA and another Party to get two brand new stadiums in Pittsburgh....if he'd not have stepped-down to take another position in DC, I think the Pens would have gotten their arena too.

Stoosh said...

@ Pensgirl -

That Ovechkin=Lindros comparison is just awesome. Is there a bigger "gee, thanks...I think" compliment in hockey than being compared with Eric Lindros?

I always wondered what Lindros's legacy would be once he retired, given that he was virtually non-existent since the 2001-02 season (the last time he cracked the 60 and 70-point plateaus). Now we know...a punchline.

Daphne said...


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