Thursday, April 24, 2008

No Sleep Till Manhattan

Tues. 10/23 -- PENS WIN 1-0. [ Recap ]
Thurs. 11.08 -- PENS LOSE 4-2. [ Recap ]
Sat. 11.17 -- PENS LOSE 4-3. [ Recap ]
Tues. 12.18 -- PENS LOSE 4-0. [ Recap ]
Mon. 1.14 -- PENS WIN 4-1. [ Recap ]
Tues. 3.18 -- PENS LOSE 5-2. [ Recap ]
Sun. 3.30 -- PENS WIN 3-1. [ Recap ]
Mon. 3.31 -- PENS LOSE 2-1. [ Recap ]

Are appearances deceiving?

The Pens were 3-0-1 at the Mellon this year.
They were 0-4 at MSG.

With both teams possessing some nice firepower,
it's gonna come down to the goalies.

Speaking of which,
Lundqvist found a spot on [ ESPN's ] second-round preview goalie montage.

MAF = Pissed



The Pens will be giving out white t-shirts for Friday's game, with the aim for a whiteout.
[ ]

If you still want to wear a jersey, wear your white one.
Or don't. Whatev.


DonBrennan v2.0

Arthur Staple

This guy isn't calling for a Ranger to injure a Penguin, so he's still all right.
He's just spewing his nonsense, like any other human.

If the Pens have had a little too long of a layoff...
if you're having trouble getting up for this series...

This will get you going.

If the Rangers were convinced that Marty Brodeur loved to flop when they skated by his crease, they should be absolutely certain that Crosby will whine to the refs every time he's bodied off a puck or otherwise interrupted.

At even strength, the Penguins don't have the consistency top to bottom the Rangers have.

Long-range history is not so kind, and Rangers fans, who have bad memories always accessible, can recall 1992, when Adam Graves slashed Mario Lemeiux in Game 2 of that conference semifinal and things went downhill soon after.

The Rangers were arguably the better team 16 years ago,
but Graves'
unintentionally dirty play broke Lemieux's hand and got the Penguins going.

Unintentional? Are we splitting hairs about something that happened 16 years ago?

Let's go to the videotape:

At the 1:34 mark is the guy who roars defiantly into the air in angst.
Easily one of our top 10 favorite Penguin fans of all time.

Subsequently, Ron Francis's performance in Game 4 of that series is prayed to in 14 countries.

Speaking of Rangers/Pens playoff history:
The Penguins are 12-3 all-time against the Rangers in the playoffs.



MAF is currently facing Craig Anderson in the Tournament of Goalie Masks.
He already has it in the bag, but you can still go [ here ] to vote.

Speaking of that great website,
it is always taking user-submitted concepts for NHL uniforms:


And just when you thought a collection of pixels couldn't entice you to jump out of a window:


Here are the results from the first-round playoff predictions.

7 - 1

6 - 2

6 - 2

6 - 2

5 - 3

5 - 3

4 - 4

4 - 4


Banksville Express Printing Company:

[ Sarah L. ]

Who did you vote for?

[ Shall remain anonymous ]


Look, we come across as dicks to other fans and shit that read stuff here.
There's no questioning that. And that's fine with us.

But one thing we are proud of is the good people we have been able to talk to from other blogs and the community we are a part of.

So usually, we like to have some good-natured fun with other teams.

But even we were stunned at the response we got from [ Blueshirt Bulletin ]
when we asked them if they wanted to do a little cross-linking and such for the series.

We think it is in bad taste to release e-mails between people.
We never do. We know everyone trusts us with their information.

But this is the playoffs.

"...Blueshirt Bulletin is a print publication first and foremost, with the online site designed to promote and augment the magazine. The magazine's top writer is John Dellapina, who has been covering hockey for the New York Daily News for nearly two decades. John also happens to be a good friend of mine and the person who mentored me through the Rangers' dressing room and taught me how to be a reporter. So considering the way you treated him on your blog a few weeks ago, I guess you know what my answer is.."

Pensblog = Stunned
A simple NO would have been fine.

The fact that he admits another man mentored him through a dressing
Who even talks about that stuff? Big deal, you saw Mark Messier's unmentionables.

Who hasn't?

And quite frankly, we don't want to deal with people that use the word "augment," anyway.
Or use seizure-inducing bright red and bright blue as the background on their blog.

And what did we ever do to John Dellapina?

Oh yeah. That. Oops.


The adventures of the Pink Ranger

Sean Avery is going to intern with VOGUE over the summer. [ ABCNEWS ]

"He is ridiculously obsessed with fashion," Avery's publicist Nicole Chabot told "He loves it more than anything in the world. It's something he has always wanted to do."

[Thanks to everyone who sent this story in.]

We'd make a classless joke, but really
what even can be said at this point?


The only way Sean Avery is even a difference in this series
is if the Pens make him out to be one.


You stay classy, Washington:

Thanks to [ Empty Netters ] for the find.


Now here is the part where we steal all of Greg Wyshynski's stuff. [ Yahoo NHL Expert Blog ]
If you haven't checked that out yet, you're missing out on life.

Patrick Roy's son is a singer.

And not just any singer.
He is like Nick Lachey, but only about 1,000 times more homoerotic.

Just check out his [ MySpace ]
Just be prepared to get blasted with perhaps the worst song of all time.

Even that Tom dude took this guy off his friends' list.

But it gets worse...

...and worse...

Celine Dion is helping him get his CD out. [ Canucks and Beyond ]

Listening to the song "Just Too Far Away," is he from Brooklyn?
Before it is all said and done, this may be the most important hockey issue in 2008.

But, hey, at least the girls who wear weird bathing suits like it:

That girl's about to be on the business end of something no one wants to talk about.


Speaking of morons that can't sing:

No idea what is even going on.
You won't spend a stranger two minutes of your day.

[Thanks to CrosbyFreak for the heads up]


:: Snoop over at the [ The Sidney Crosby Show ] is backing a good cause.

:: A.O didn't waste anytime. [ The 700 Level ]

[Thanks to Jay for the heads up]

:: The Blackhawks have two Calder finalists. [ Face-off Factor ]

:: Evgeni Malkin's audio diary. [ DVE ]

:: WWGRD song. [ B94 ]

:: Solid photohop thread over at [ LGP ]

[ DelPen = Beast ]


:: Double J and the Pens. [ Trib ]

:: Pens signed prospect Luca Caputi. [ PG ]

He is sick.

[Thanks to Eric P.]




7:00 ( Not on Versus )


Go Pens

P.S. Blog..... Happy Birthday to Pensblog Adam


KJ said...

messier is a cool guy, but he needs to keep his hands off little boys/midgets

good to see patty is producing spawn that look just as weird as he ever did.

considering i got jobbed cause i had my cell phone on while in line to vote, awesome pic to whoever was out doing their civic duty!

finally, happy birthday adam!

Team Atwood said...

hahaha averys an assclown/metro. i hope gary roberts pisses excellence all over his wardrobe

strakasguitar said...

happy b-day to adam! may yer drunks be as numerous as petr sykora's goals in the playoffs.

can't wait to see g-rob in jagr's face for, say, the whole series. i'm gonna go out on a limb and say the man sets the tone for this one in the first game. regardless of whether or not we win.

and i'd rather have a loss in this series sooner, rather than's easier to ignore such things during a grueling stretch of final projects


The Big K said...

Caputi IS sick and will be a 40 goal scorer.

Team Atwood said...

Anyone know if they will be showing games 1 and 2 outside of Melon Arena?

CC_5052 said...

anyone else thinks its funny the longest story on hockey espn has shown in ages is about a team golfing?

at least it was something hockey related on a day with no games. thats a positive i guess


Fleury29 said...

I'd like an early loss, too. I mean, it's going to happen eventually. They need to get their first one done with and out of the way early and deal with it.

They also basically need to ignore Avery as much as possible. I mean, I still want BGL to kick his ass right off the bat but after that, if they can marginalize him, he won't be an issue.

Happy Birthday, Pensblog Adam!

marcetta said...

New flashblog = bad ass

Happy Birthday, Adam!

CC_5052 said...

oh yea, Happy Birthday Pensblog Adam

Blazephr said...

Why on earth would a classy blog like The Blueshirt Bulletin want to be affiliated with this trash you call a blog?

The retarded photo shopping really dumbs it down. There’s a little too much Perez Hilton going on here along with the lack of intuitive hockey analysis. This site puts all the Pens fans in a bad light. I'd like to think there are some REAL Pens hockey fans out there who don't subscribe to the garbage spewed on here.

Is there a better Pens blog where we can read real hockey reports? I'd like to know because I'd like to read hockey related blogs from a real Pens fan's perspective. This is just trash.

Good luck to your Pens. Hope to see a great series between both teams.

nailersfan66 said...


Dale said...

Had to smile at blazephr spewing retardation like a lawn sprinkler and then closing with a "classy" remark. Go back to tennis clown.

Happy birthday Pensblog Adam.

Raybin said...

Happy B-Day Pensblog Adam!

DelPen is a beast, but I'm bitter...I was thinking I was going to be hilariously clever and do a Pretty Woman/Avery photoshop!

Wouldn't have been as good though. Superb!

Thanks to flyer hater for the assist in jobbing Newsday's wikipedia page yesterday. I wish someone there had a damn sense of humor and would let these things stay up more than an hour.

Staple will envy Don Brennan by the time we're done with him.

Stoosh said...

@ Blazephr -

While the smarmy tone of your post certainly merits a less polite response, I'm guessing you just haven't been here that long to see the forest through the trees.

If you're hear for in-depth analysis, you're barking up the wrong tree. Sure, we could do dead-serious, formulaic, run-of-the-mill hockey talk, and ocassionally you find that in Pensblog or in the comments, aka C-blog. But doing that and just that would make the Pensblog and C-blog just another dead-serious, formulaic, run-of-the-mill blog on the Al Gore.

In other words, we'd be just like Blueshirt Bulletin.

Where's the fun in that?

No one here takes themselves too seriously. There's plenty of hockey talk going on if you look around. It just doesn't always involve incessanrly looking at rosters, depth charts, stats, whatever.

If that's your cup of tea and you want to stick around, cool. We've got plenty of fans here from other teams that don't get all riled up when we take occassional jabs at their team (given that this is, you know, a PENGUINS-centric site run by Pens fans).

If you can't deal, my suggestion is to try the message boards over at It's a solid discussion where I used to post fairly regularly and still do to some point. One thing that drove me away from the Pens talk there is that it got to be too much "I'm right and you're wrong" bickering. But if that's what you want, there you go.

Blazephr said...

Just pointing out how low-rent this site is. I have nothing against The Pens or it's fans.

Blazephr said...

@ Stoosh



Hip said...

Happy Birthday Adam - April bdays rock.

For the record cc_5052, that Ovie video is from after his rookie year. Two years ago.

I was watching the WhiteOut video last night (hilarious btw) and can someone confirm for me whether MAF says "Get your ass there" at the end of his speal? I was dying.

Korn said...

In a head to head matchup, fun loses to blazephr. Some people take life way too seriously.

Pens in 6.

BlacknGold66 said...

The playoff "beard" on the Penguin at the top is ill.

Don't feed the trolls people. Honestly.

Pensblog Adam is wondering what's left to look after birthday 24.

The answer in short = nothing.


dying alive said...

Like I said, the invasion of the unfunny, obnoxious Rangers fans.

The Pensblog has never made the claim that this is a site for hardcore hockey talk. In fact, they've actually said numerous times that if anyone relies on them for up-to-date information, they're a joke. This site is about fun, jobbing, talking about the Pens, and posting in cblog. How about making sure you know what you're talking about before you start insulting people?

If you don't like this site, use Gore to find another one. Simple as that. No need to passive-aggressively job the site behind the guise of just wanting good hockey talk and magnanimous good luck statements.

As far as being low-rent, that's pretty laughable. YOU may not like the content, but quite a lot of people do. The blog gets mentioned on local radio shows and the Pens broadcasters have referred to it on air. Even some of the players themselves and members of the Pens organization obviously read it, based on things they've said in interviews.

Of course, I could have just ditto'ed Stoosh and been done with it.

More importantly, happy birthday Pensblog Adam!

dying alive said...

@ hip - it does kind of sound like it!

I was dying at Max Talbot. Does he actually introduce himself as "Here's Max Talbot..." If so, bravo. If not, I misunderstood because of his Quebecois accent and am a culturally insensitive jerk.

Dr. Turkleton said...

heres a REAL news story:

Staple marries a 'girl' named: Crosby

•maybe this is why he's unintentionally jobbing Sidney
•maybe he's approaching 10 years of wedded bliss & expressing his true love for his wife thru his column
•maybe he's been divorced for 9+ years. reason?: FRAUD.
•maybe he has kids who skate and want to be like Sidney Crosby instead of Staple's boyhood idol: figure skater, Brian Boitano.
•maybe she's at the bottom of the Hudson after touching Avery's privates.

Adam = 1 year older

canaanregulatesblog said...

happy birthday, douchenozzle!

queenofthesky82 said...

Two things:

First of all, does anybody else think A.O. golfs like Happy Gilmore?

Secondly, WTF Sean Avery? As a girl I of course have interesting in things other than hockey, fashion included, but everyone knows that you shouldn't love anything more than hockey. I mean that seriously.

Stoosh said...

Not to rip apart a fairly objective post on Blueshirt Bulletin (aside from the obligatory "Sidney Darling/Sid's got the NHL in his back pocket" jabs...face it, Rags'd be all over him if he was a Ranger), but I had to laugh at this...

"Here's how this series really shapes up in our eyes: Yes, the Pens appear stacked up front, their defense is underrated, and their young goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury, seems to be emerging at last."

Fleury seems to be "emerging at last", eh?

Maybe the Blueshirt Bulletin can point out to me that last time a 23-year old goaltender was considered a late-bloomer in the modern NHL. Because unless his name is "Patrick Roy", you really won't find one.

Fleury's actually AHEAD of or progressing along with the developmental curve set by his peers - guys like Luongo, DiPietro, Lehtonen, Turco, Kiprusoff, Giguere, Nabokov and yes, even Brodeur.

Take a look at any of these guys - with the POSSIBLE exception of Brodeur - and tell me what they were doing at age 23 that's any different than what Fleury's doing.

And if the only goaltender we can really say Fleury comparatively hasn't lived up to at this point of his is Martin F'ing Brodeur, is that really a bad thing?

BlacknGold66 said...


I used the word "douchenozzle" on someone yesterday and my gf said that I made it up.

Now I have proof.

If Canaan says it... you know it's real. (feel free to trademark that)

Flyer Hater said...

Adam's birthday should be a national holiday, people's lives would end without thepensblog every morning.

Ranger fans are the biggest bunch of douche bags on Earth. They're just upset that with the advent of a salary cap where you can't buy your way to a Stanley Cup (not that they had much success anyway when they weren't stealing all of Edmonton's players from the 1980s) that the center of the hockey universe isn't around Madison Square Garden anymore. He's just upset that the Rangers have only won one Stanley Cup in nearly 70 years with all the resources in the world. He's just upset that we have absolutely owned the Rags throughout our history in the postseason

You want some serious hockeytalk, blowhard?


Penguins D>>>>>>Rangers D

Thepensblog>>>>>>>>>blueshirt bulletin

Now go climb back under your rock in that hellhole you call a city and try not to get shot before the drop of the puck Friday Night.

dying alive said...

Stoosh, I would actually throw Barrasso in there too. Didn't he win the Vezina his rookie year? Not that Tommy B. was anywhere near Roy in terms of talent, but I'd say he emerged as an elite goaltender ahead of schedule also.

wilsmith said...

Not sure I really need to say anything now.


marcetta said...

I am relatively surprised by the lack of Staal vs Staal coverage surrounding this series. Maybe Staal hysteria has finally worn off.

wallflower said...

@ Stoosh re: rec'ing LGP.

Blazephr is going to be very disappointed once migrating over to LGP considering several of the "low-rent" photoshops in this post are from the thread over there.

Not hating, Blazephr, just helping to protect your delicate sensibilities.

dying alive said...

Don't feel too bad for Blazephr, s/he is posting the link for this "low-rent" blog over on The Blueshirt Blog.

I'm sure it was done with the best of intetions, though. You know, not hating on the Pens or their fans.

Hip said...

@dying alive: that was the other thing I was wetting my pants about. "Here's Max Talbot"? Looked like he forgot his name there for a second. He has solid acting chops - I expected a bit more from him!! Sid was predictably boring, but at this point that's almost a comfort. I would have loved to see Geno just scream "WhiteOut!" or something simple too. They need to get him involved more.

paul said...

is there a link somewhere to the whiteout video that i missed? i did a basic youtube search but failed at the interweb.

wallflower said...

@ dying alive
That's because Blazephr is classy. It's most definitely not a "low-rent" attempt at trying to get Rangers fans to spam c-blog; they are just trying to teach all their fellow Rangers fans what constitutes a good Penguins blog and what doesn't.

Carroll said...

white out video:

Sooska said...

HBd Adam!
@blazephr- You are very A-list aren't you? I bet you are an intern at Vogue.

I love it when fans of other teams come over here and think we care about their opinions. That's like a guy who marries a hooker with a heart of gold and wants to turn her into Mother Teresa. Accept reality, shut up, and move on. We don't care what you have say. And if I may take liberties with an all-time top 10 movie: We fart in your general direction.

Flyer Hater said...

The classy blazephr is already trolling over at LGP.

paul said...

thanks for the link carroll, that video was so melodramatic that i couldn't help but get PUMPED for tomorrow night.

Sooska said...

GoodGARY! The Pens HAVE to beat the Rags. Crosby on Broadway yadayada What a backwater Pittsburgh is..blah blah Pensblog is a slum...WAAA What smug and sanctimonious assholes. My tolerance is at an all time low and things haven't even gotten rolling.

Stoosh said...

@ Hip -

"I would have loved to see Geno just scream "WhiteOut!" or something simple too."

The mental image of that just caused me to laugh out loud and scare the ever-living crap out of three people walking past my office. Goodtimingblog!

How hysterical would that have been?

See, this is why they need to hire the Pensblog and C-bloggers to run the promotional stuff over there.

marcetta said...

The White Out is a really dumb ass idea..... considering it is the Rangers who will be wearing white and white isn't even one of the Pens' colors. I like the whole "everyone wear the same color" unity thing..... but why not black considering it is one of the Pens' colors and they will actually be wearing it.

GwinTheEskimo said...

I still don't know why the home team doesn't wear white anymore, it still confuses me for the first instant when I turn on a game adn I think "wow, a lot of Pens fans in Philly tonight", then I realize...

when I want "real" hockey analysis I read stoosh's comments.

the worst response a villain can get is silence, or Gary Roberts.

Who is this Sean Avery guy? does he play hockey? I've been a hardcore NHL fan since the 90's and I've never heard of him. Is he the Rangers mascot?

The Seeker said...

Blazephr is just searching for an unbiased, honest, non-homerish, dedicated, and serious hockey site because quite obviously there is no such thing for those of the Rag's persuasion.

Let us know if you ever find one Blazephr...we want to job them!

GwinTheEskimo said...

Happy Birthday.

nice beastie boys reference, thank you for your all the time you put into this blog.

The Seeker said...

Did that ultra-intellectual hockey knowledgebase just call PARIS Hilton "Perez Hilton"??

Sooska said...

@ stoosh and hip - yeah that would have been great but there is one thing I know from personal experience-the Pens marketing geniuses are an amateurish bunch. They are very yinzer in outlook.

geez I'd pay to see Geno yell like that. they missed the boat on that big time because they have no sense of humor.

Pensgirl said...

I love how people with zero creativity try to troll and think they're cleverly disguising themselves as "serious." Newsflash: you're not fooling anybody - your "asshole" sign is on and bright. Unless you're just so stupid you've never heard of newspapers.

More importantly, Happy Birthday Adam! Party like it's 1991, buddy.

(Seeker, I think he meant the gossip monger, not the trashy heiress. But they're equally inaccurate so whatev.)

Stoosh, I always picture Geno busting through a wall and saying "IT's GENO TIME!" a la Janet Reno's surprise appearance on SNL. I searched high and low for a screencap that moment to try my hand at 'shopping it - unfortunately I only found one and it's too miniscule to use.

Stoosh said...

@ Dying Alive -

I was going to mention Barrasso as well and should've because that would've only strengthened my point.

I've always argued that the calls for concern over Fleury's future with the team were extremely shortsighted. He's way too young, even now at age 23. It's like questioning the long-term potential of a starting pitcher at age 20.

I remember hearing questions about Fleury's potential after the 2004-05 season. It was the lockout season and what was really Fleury's first full pro season, which he spent entirely in Wilkes-Barre. He had some ups and downs (2.52 GAA, .901 save percentage and five shutouts), but then the team bowed out in four games of the AHL playoffs and everyone flipped out. That was the first time I really researched the way other marquee goaltenders developed, because I thought it was ridiculous that people were writing him off at age 19-20.

What it comes down to is this.
Compare Fleury's development to:

1. other goaltenders of his pedigree (especially guys drafted in the very early first round like DiPietro, Lehtonen, Luongo)

2. goaltenders who emerged as franchise-caliber players (Turco, Giguere, Kipper, Ryan Miller) and

3. the icons (Brodeur, Hasek, Roy, Barrasso) see he's not behind the curve. When you look at what many of these guys were doing at his age, he's right there with all those names. In some cases, he's well ahead of many of them.

The only real exceptions are Roy, Brodeur (who won his first Cup just as he turned 23) and Barrasso.

So basically, the only goaltenders who really accomplished significantly more at his age are a complete historical anomaly (Barrasso, who won the Vezina at age 18) and two of the best goaltenders of all time.

If there's something wrong with that, I'd love to know what it is. That's kind of like saying the best Sidney Crosby will ever be is the new generation's equivalent of Steve Yzerman.

give me the brandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Seeker said...

The whiteout idea is to fool the media into thinking the Igloo has been invaded by Raggers and our attendance is so low that we don't deserve an NHL franchise.

That way when Jagr touches the puck, the entire world will think Rags fans are booing him.

Just think how demoralizing that would be to him.

give me the brandy said...

solid article

The Seeker said...

@ pensgirl

I've never heard of such a person - probably because I don't READ gossip columns.

The fact that he used this person as a reference shows he obviously does enjoy such garbage.

Stoosh said...


In regards to my last post, yes, I'm well aware of the fact that I have no life.

I really don't expect anyone to research that crap, either.

Sooska said...

@ stoosh - I have no life, live in a vacuum with no pop culture exposure except for what other opele tell me but even I know who Perez Hilton is. payattentioblog!

Sooska said...


make that "people" and "payattentionblog"

CC_5052 said...


really? wow. my bad. i didnt think his english was that good his rookie year, at least for a russian

Cody said...

Aside from the jobbing of Rags fans, I have to say that the habs rap video actually frightens me. I saw the link for it somewhere yesterday, but never clicked it. Now, I almost wished I hadn't done so today. I'm not sure what frightens me more - a) Someone made a rap video for the habs or b) there are french-canadian rappers.

I'm leaning toward b)...

Sooska said...

@ cody- I was in Paris Fr in 1999. On one station they showed music videos that included a French rapper. His backup "band" was a string quartet. It was compelling and awesomely bad. We could not turn away.

GARY ROBERTS update from the PG:

Gary Roberts got a chance to test his injured groin in a full practice for the first time yesterday.

Pensgirl said...

Sooska, talk about payattentionblog - you meant Seeker, not Stoosh.

Seeker - consider it a blissful ignorance. I don't read the gossip stuff either but basically everyone in my office does. My understanding of it is that Perez gets nasty and personal.

homesprout said... least we haven't heard from that assclown who bragged about how much better the Rags GAA was compared to the Pens during the regular season.

Sooska said...

@ stoosh- my apologies
@ seeker then.

@ pensgirl- you know me ;)

BTW Why has Sykora decided not to job Jags over the ants in his house? He actually said "not during the playoffs" hello? It's the perfect time to bring up the ants I think.

J.S. said...

blazephr, shouldn't you be reading vogue?

@kj, firstblog again? don't you ever sleep ;)

Stoosh said...

@ Sooska -

It's cool.

dying alive said...

@ cody - the only Canadian rapper I remember is Snow. Informer was the shit at the 8th grade dance when no one knew what good music really was.

wilsmith said...

Wow, Snow. Just wow.

me lick ya boom boom now?

Oh, and Perez Hilton, c'mon. Who DOESNT Know what that is?

Steele said...

Some more "fun" with Blueshirt Bulletin...

Over at "Four Habs Fans", the writers decided to post a fluff piece entitled "Ten Things I Hate About... The Rangers". It wasn't particularly funny or outrageous, but who doesn't like taking a few cheap (and harmless) potshots?

Naturally, Rangers fans started whining. Blueshirt Bulletin's response, however, was full of factual errors, illogical arguments, and opinion masquerading as "fact". Four Habs responded and took them to task, although I believe the preferred term is "bitch-slapped".

Just in case Blueshirt Bulletin starts to get riled up, remember the source.

Lady Jaye said...

But white is in our logo :) lol

I don't see what the big deal is. Don't wear a white tshirt if you don't want to. :) I will have a hard time NOT wearing my new blue jersey. yay

Wouldn't a black out make the arena look empty? I thought it was funny when I turned on the Flyers game and saw a bunch of orange... I thought their seats were empty. Then I realized it was people in orange shirts.

Steele said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dr. Turkleton said...

hope no one preordered that Avery-tee...Bettman puts his foot down & says: NO!

Probably just another example of the league's Penguin luv & wanting to produce more Crosby & Malkin tees, instead.

Production of the Avery summer sundress is still under consideration.

Mr. Plank said...

i think that ovy hole in one was two years ago, but im not sure.

happy b-day adam!

Flyer Hater said...

Well, Well, Well, all the PengWHINES fans are out in full force today on the PENISblog. WHAAAA, it's nice to know that a respected writer has finally figured out that BUTTman will doing anything to get this Penises to the cup finals so he can fellate his lover Cindy Crysbaby. The Rangers are better than Shitsburgh, and I can't wait to face them in the East Finals. Two real hockey markets finally going head to head. BUTTman must be crying.

strakasguitar said...

@ dr. t:

will he be modelling that during his internship, good sir?

so, i had the great misfortune to find out this week that the roomie is a rags fan. the tension in the air is all tingly...or maybe that's just the smell of my dirty laundry.

anywho, the next week and a half promises to be a load of fun. any ideas for dirty pranks, c-blog?

The Seeker said...

@ blazephr

Although Gary Roberts may not love you, please rest assured in the knowledge that Jesus does love you (as well as those three New York City street gangbangers that are tearing your Mom to shreds as I type this).

Flyer Hater said...

Stephen S has officially taken over the world.

Hopefully that Penguin will look like Lanny McDonald before the year is over.

Nathan said...

The White-Out is legitimately Winnipeg's idea, anyway, so the only team that should get to use it in the NHL playoffs should be the Coyotes. I have no problem with the single-color crowd effect, but for the love of God, pick a color other than white -- perhaps a team color -- like gold/yellow. That'd be an interesting effect, everyone wearing shirts in the color of the mid-80s Sunday jerseys/MAF's original pads.

Nitpickblog: The seats in Wachovia Center are brown, not orange.

Happy birthday, Adam.

canaanregulatesblog said...

@ BnG66

"I used the word "douchenozzle" on someone yesterday and my gf said that I made it up.

Now I have proof.

If Canaan says it... you know it's real. (feel free to trademark that)"

thanks, broseph.

you shall, from this day on, make reference to urbandictionary for all of your slang needs regarding 'alleged' made up words.

The Seeker said...

wilsmith said....

Oh, and Perez Hilton, c'mon. Who DOESNT Know what that is?

Well, me for one! I flip right past all those entertainment channels on TV and stopped buying/reading anything in actual hardcopy print years ago!

If it weren't for jokes on the Gore about her, I wouldn't even know who Paris Hilton was.

From the sounds of it, I'm not missing anything except that guy's lame attempt at jobbing tPB as a result.

PittHockey said...

my wristband was in the mailbox today.
me = stunned

RUZ said...

Happy Birthday, Bro!

snickerdoodles said...

In your post, you mention two real hockey markets finally going head to head. Everyone knows Pittsburgh is one of the real hockey markets you were talking about, but you didn't bother to mention the other. So who were you talking about? Dallas? San Jose? Nashville? Detroit?

Flyer Hater said...

One of my friends asked me about the WWGRD wristband I had on today. He said, "I sure hope you're not comparing a hockey player to Jesus Christ." I said, "Of course not, I wouldn't want to offend Gary Roberts in that way."

My friend=stunned

Dr. Turkleton said...

man, that jonathan roy is one cocky, but messed up kid...wonder where he got that from? [/slow patrick roy wink]

@the seeker : Merci Beaucoup!!!

The Seeker said...

@ FH

Since I'm on a roll today....who is Lanny McDonald? Is that Ronald's brother?

Pensgirl said...

Seeker, here's the lowdown on McDonald.

wilsmith said...

don't worry, seeker, you're not missing much.

Lanny McDonald

The Seeker said...

Hahaha...I should have put a [/joke]
in my last post.

I figured everyone would catch on to that one...Ronald's Brother I figured was a dead give-away!

roachai said... is hillarious you can make some pretty good wwgrd signs

Cody said...

My wife claims that I'm the only person in the whole world who still knows all the words to Informer.. it's not my fault my brain has the unfortunate ability to remember lyrics from the one MC Sham and the One Daddy Snow... shit, I should shut up now...

I know they exist... my wife has done quite a bit of archeology work in France, and it still scares me, but it scares me more when it's a French-Canadian. It's not like we're talking some white guy with street cred from Detroit... we're talking some dude from Montreal who can't get enough bean curds and gravy on his french fries...

And after further review, I think the thing that scares me the most about it is that the guy could probably pass for Charlie's brother. Perhaps this explains why Charlie likes to do the things he does to the Sens... you know how much Habs fans like to screw with Sens fans.

Stoosh said...

@ Cody/Dying Alive/Wilsmith -

Re: Bad Late 1980s/Early 1990s Rap

I was flipping stations on the radio and as timing would have it, ended up catching "Ice, Ice Baby" just as it started. Talk about timewarpblog...this is one of those songs that instantly brings you back to those 8th/9th grade dances, Starter jackets and Hypercolor shirts.

Anyway, I couldn't help but listen the whole way through the song, and I have absolutely no idea why that ever was a hit. I know that came out right in that two or three-year transition era for a lot of different musical genres (this was just before the advent of grunge and gangsta rap), but were we really THAT starved for something different in those days?

Cody said...

A message from Jesus to Sean Avery

Cody said...

I have an XM radio in my car, and my presets being what they are, I hear a lot of songs from the 80s and 90s that make me go, "what the hell were we thinking?" Sadly, I think I know all of the words to Ice, Ice, Baby, also. You'd think I could have used my brain to solve something useful like global warming, but instead, I can answer people in Walmart debating over who sings Sultans of Swing. Mom would be so proud.

Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em.

dying alive said...

@ Stoosh - I had a Starter jacket! It was a teal Charlotte Hornets. I have never cared about or even watched an NBA game in my life, but I wore that thing constantly. I also had an entire Hypercolor outfit - t-shirt and shorts (I'm female, which makes it not quite as bad...but still pretty bad).

I was afraid I was going to have Informer stuck in my head all day, but fortunately when I went out to lunch I caught Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince on WAMO's lunchtime throwback or whatever it's called. Now there is a early 90s song I still enjoy. Solid.

KJ said...

@js you should know by now i never get sleep!!!...ok that's a lie, but lately not much. it feels like i got kicked in the back by an ass, and for once i don't mean sean avery. however, usually, i hate beyond hate thursdays, but guess what i got today?! hopefully by the grace of gary this wristband will cure me like a southern baptist preacher hitting me over the head!

Lloyd said...

FYI since gamedaychat is still down.

game-time chatting will take place here at PensBlogChat:

Pensblog Staff said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.

Here's a present I made for myself.


Flyer Hater said...

Habs/Flyers not on Versus?

Great decision.


Sooska said...

@ cody- you win- the mention of that Canadian hog slop did it. At least the real French eat well.

Sooska said...

OMGary Adam- Malkinmania! gotta get me one. Happy Birthday to YOU!

J.S. said...

Informer = under-rated classic of the 90s. I asked on another board where MC Shan is these days, and actually got an answer. Think they said he's a producer or something like that.

About 2 yrs ago, I found an old hypercolor shirt from HS. Surprisingly (and especially surprising since I've added some size in the last 17 yrs from working out.....ok, and not working out), it still fit me and the colors still changed. Mine went from blue to red. But being that I've moved 2x since then, who knows where it is. Since I'm spending some time this weekend getting rid of old clothes (lack of closet space in this place), I may run across it. I'd consider this but I'm not sure if that's a 90s large or early 2000s large. Two totally different animals I think. Who knows, it's still cheap enough that I may take a crack at it.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Happy birthday, Adam.

Blazephr, I hope that was a joke. Because that is what you are if you believe the stuff you just wrote. So what they make fun of other teams and players? Don't you? I'm pretty sure they actually have real information hidden within all their hilarious jokes. If I wanted to get straight up info. I go to the Pens site, and I watch all the games so I know what happened. The Pensblog is entertaining. Shush! By the way mental retardation happens every 32 seconds.

@Marcetta: They were doing stuff on the Staal earlier, like right before playoffs. That's when they thought the Canes were a seal deal. HA!

The Whiteout video is funny because Whitney has to be one of the worst readers ever while speaking. The Geno idea sounds amazing. Gary Roberts looks fierce there.

@Sooska: Thanks for the heads up about FSn listing!

I just listened to Jonathan Roy's songs. Hahahaha. I'm not sure I can take him seriously anymore. He just lost the tough guy image he had from the fight to Justin Timberlake. Hahaha!

The AO golfing video is hilarious! Oh my goodness, he looks horrible golfing.

In the Penguins Organization I Trust!

Cody said...

Try for the Flyers/Habs game. They have it listed on the front page, so it's probably a lock. Luckily, I have center ice, so I don't have to watch the Wings/Avs (Though I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time with the previous channel button on my remote, to catch highlights).

To the confession end, I also think I owned a hypercolor shirt at some point in my life. Well, I take that back, I know I owned one, just not when. I think it was orange/blue. I also owned a kick-ass Pens starter jacket, which I thought was a unique thing, considering I live in Nevada. Then one day, I ran into another dude who had one, as well... from that day on, we were damn good friends. He managed to down the poseur factor though, since he now lives in Pittsburgh.

Ah well, I'll sport the WWGRD shirt to work tomorrow, just to field the inevitable questions of "What does WWGRD mean?" At which point I can show them a picture of Gary and watch them implode.

ogre39666 said...

Living on Long Island NY, I can attest to Newsday being a joke. They hardly ever cover hockey, except for half page recaps of games, but when they do, you can be sure it's garbage.

Flyer Hater said...

I know where to get the game online Cody, but thanks anyway. I just think it's stupid that the Avs/Dead Wings game is on National TV over the Flyers/Habs game. The Flyers/Habs game is a lot more interesting.

michelle said...

confluence of the three rivers blog put it nicely: ". . .I predicted the Rangers fans would start their whining as soon as things started to go downhill for them.

Well, it turns out that the Rangers fans didn’t even have to do it, the collective blowhards known as the New York media did it for them, and they didn’t even wait until Game One."

Blowhards. . haha. FTW

Nice post today guys and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!

Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stoosh said...

@ Dying Alive -

I never had any Hypercolor clothing, but I did get a Seahawks Starter jacket. I also seem to remember having a bunch of stuff around 1988-89 that was either flourescent or floral-printed. I also had a denim jacket that had probably ten or twelve Guns N' Roses buttons on it.

Around 1991, I think my entire warddrobe shifted to flannel shirts.

"Summertime" was a great fact, I've got it on the ITunes at home.

KJ said... <~the wristband is so strong, it took down my dog.

and yeah, i think VS should show flys~habs as well. the only reason they're showing avs~wings is cause they think this is because they're still living in the roy~yzerman past.

wilsmith said...


you forgot zubaz pants.

dying alive:

I dont know what it was, but I also have never cared about the NBA, yet I still had a Hornets jacket.

Pensgirl said...

Cody, I think my Pens Starter jacket is still hanging in my closet at my parents' house. There's a chance it might still fit, actually. Maybe I should start kickin' it old school...that jacket would look pretty fly with my Stevens jersey. :P

BlacknGold66 said...

I had to get a Blogger account because the Open ID way has been fucking up for two weeks. Bummer.


I wanted a Pens one for YEARS, but wasn't allowed for fear of getting shot. And I grew up in a good neighborhood. [Insert Cleveland joke here]

Cody said...


Do you also have a pair of Oakley Blades somewhere? Those, combined with some major Perm/Frizzing action and you could come out in the totally Pre-cup uniform.

stokes said...

wilsmith, Don't forget Skidz.

Don't poke the chinchilla said...

*squeak* *squeak*

17! 17!

*squeak* *squeak*

BlacknGold66 said...

Ah, so with a Blogger account you can delete old posts.

This bastard cblog also loads faster.

Me = Behindthetimesblog

Hip said...

@stoosh: for someone with no life, you really know how to turn me on...

Your hockey analysis is sexxy.

BlacknGold66 said...

We really need to get you back to civilization Hip.


Laura von Awesome said...

Happy bday Adam :) Hope it's kinky and full of homoerotic innuendos from Charlie :P

Pensgirl said...

Sorry Cody, I can bring the frizz (though, no thanks) but no Oakleys. Wraparounds and Pensgirl do not mix. The Artie jersey makes it to all my games though. Some things never go out of style.

I Have Kasparaitis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pensblog Staff said...

hahahah already taken care of laura

Dr. Turkleton said...

FLASHBLOG just scared the SHIT out of me & the cat!!!!!!!
[Tis the shizzle, though!]

who are we rooting for in this other Eastern series?

I'm picking the Habs....

What's with U2 & the Habs?...seems like all their pregame & goal music is from the Irish rockers [not that I'm complaining, cause they're my fav, anyways]

The PA guy announces to show some respect and dignity during the National Anthems...Wow! [maybe the Please Don't Riot, PSA will come during the 3rd period]

[Hossa: don't flick your bic]

jimmymo32 said...

i wouldnt mind watching the habs and the flyers game tonight.. any idea where i could see it online?

Flyer Hater said...


BlacknGold66 said...

As if I weren't pumped up enough... now a Pens text alert.

So who's meeting up with me outside Gate 3?!?!?!?!!

Dr. Turkleton said...


For Game 1?

I'll meet you. I'll be the one in the white t-shirt & Penguin hat.

Laura von Awesome said...

@ Staff... I hope my next birthday can be anywhere near as orgasmic as Adam's :P Maybe Charlie can visit me in Ottawa, and we can go to the gay bar :D

... If I were American, I would so vote for Lord Gary in the upcoming elections. Maybe when ours come round, I'll vote Gary Roberts for PM! Can someone make that a poster?

&& a random afterthought... I saw a cute little poodle named Sid [read: Bing]... A sign, perhaps, that Sid is going to piss on Sean Douchebag in the playoffs? Maybe!

Marian Hossa equals LOVE!

Dr. Turkleton said...

Where did the FLASHBLOG sounds effects go?....I wanted to F with the cat a bit more.....unless, the first time the sound & scary Gary blew out the speakers.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Dirk Turk: Ditto!

(fuckin' guy)

BlacknGold66 said...

Turk: Hidden Charlie in flashblog is enough to freak out cats and humans alike.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I was wonderin' if you were an imposter BNG66...even though you talked about changing login methods....

but, now I know it's THE BNG66:

Nothing beats the ORIGINAL!

I'll be there for game 2 & hopefully tailgateblog?????

Dr. Turkleton said...

just 'clicked' on Easter Egg Charlie !!!!!!


Is he in Ranger Blue Face????

2-nil, Cryers

cdubbs29 said...


Dr. Turkleton said...

Charlie in FLASHBLOG kinda reminds me of this guy a bit....

Flyer Hater said...

The New and improved version of flashblog is why this site is a big deal.



BlacknGold66 said...

I just read a bunch of posts at Blueshirt Bulletin.

Way to suck the fun out of sports you fucking "High Brow" assholes.

"Mmyes Chet, I WILL be heading to the Hamptons this weekend after watching the ice hockey game."


And just because I can on this site without having the Blueshirt comment Nazi get on me....


Dr. Turkleton said...


me likes how tPB staff aptly named it The Bullshit Bulletin in the Bulletin Board Material section....

BlacknGold66 said...

Turk: Agreed.

For some reason ever time I think of that blog I picture this guy" running it.

If I'm on the right path I better be careful... cuz he could be THIS GUY!

PittHockey said...

holy flashblog awesomeness.

Gary bless it.

PittHockey said...

I had a starter running jacket (pigeon logo edition)

does that count?

Flyer Hater said...

Here come the Flyer fans crying conspiracy because that goal was awarded to Kovy.

Julia said...

My whole dorm building knew I got my wwgrd wrist band, you have no idea how exciting it was to open my tiny mailbox and have a package in it =]

and happy birthday pensblog adam

andd i love the playoff thing at the top

Ev0luTioN said...

Heya guys,

Anyone know if the Flyers/Canadiens game is streaming online anywhere? Would like to watch both at the same time and its not being broadcast in State College. :-\

Flyer Hater said...

evolution, look at my post from 7:26 P.M.

Ev0luTioN said...

You're my hero, FH. Thanks.

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Adam!

Reporter: So, how are you different from Sean Avery?

Ruutu: Well, he does stuff that no one else does. That says a lot.

Reporter: Like Vanity Fair

Ruutu: That's for girls.


snickerdoodles said...

Happy Birthday, Adam!
Party like Gary Roberts!

BlacknGold66 said...


(what?! c'mon! with adam's bday the guy was getting no love)

Ev0luTioN said...

..nice glove, Price.. *sigh*

Flyer Hater said...

Believe it or not, I'm actually rooting for the Flyers in this series. There would be nothing better (hoping we get past the Rangers of course) than knocking the Filthy Flyers out of the postseason in the ECF. That would just be glorious. Plus, it would ensure that we'd have home ice advantage throughout the Eastern Conference playoffs.

wilsmith said...

I really don't have a whole lot to contribute, because most anything that would qualify as a quality contribution has already been contributed.

All I know is that I'm watching The Office and Pam just hit Meredith in the face with a football. She's still perfect though. Pam. Not Meredith.

Ev0luTioN said...

Yea, FH.. I would REALLY love to knock the Flyers off. I don't know, though. They always "thug it up" and make it a series. Good chance, though. I still think Canadiens are overrated, and it appears Price is back to struggling in the 3rd period.

Pensgirl said...

Staff, Charlie's really on the move isn't he? Nice. (And I'm not talking about flashblog.)

Flyer Hater said...

Mike Richards, the greatest leader since George Washington at Valley Forge takes a stupid penalty with under under a minute left in regulation and Kovy ties it up with a hell of a shot with less than 30 seconds left in regulation, going to OT.


Ashley said...

not only does Richards take a dumb penalty that allows the Habs to force OT, but he gets a nice little beer shower while in the box, courtesy of a fan behind him.

GottaHydrate said...

...I live in Quebec City and they did an article about Jonathan Roy's music a couple of days ago in the newspaper... it was on PAGE 2! He's ridiculous... and BTW apparently that girl is his Girlfriend...

Happy Bday!

Flyer Hater said...

You know for all the Flyer fans bitching about Crosby's diving and whining, I don't know a player in hockey that whines more than Mike Richards. He blatantly trips Kovalev and looks like he's about to have a nervous breakdown crying to the official. Flyers won't win a game in this series now, this was their chance and they blew it, just like they've been blowing it every year since 1975.

Hip said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wilsmith said...

FH, I followed the links and watched the game but it kept leaving the game for stupid clips I didnt want to see, llike Mess' guarantee. I figured it was to cover the commercials, but it never came back.

Saw the final, pissed myself with joy, sponged up the piss, then went back to make sure some jackass flyer took a penalty that allowed the goal to happen just so i could hear the whining. Pissed myself with joy again when I saw it was Richards.

Yeah, I do a lot of pissing.

Any video of it out yet? The final seconds of the game, that is, not the pissing. But if anyone wants a video of that, let me know. I've got it.

Just kidding

But seriously. I've got it.

The Big K said...

Does anyone realize what homers the Rags fans are?

First, Douche Staple with his column.
The Blueshirt Bulletin.

And get this.....
some clown Rangers commenter on picks the Rags in 4, but Dreger and Mackenzie like the Pens in easy fashion.

Who would you rather believe than an angry, disgruntled losing NYR fan after all?

New Yorkers are known to be homers, but come on.

BlacknGold66 said...

If Wilsmith and a few others didn't post here I wouldn't get my daily humor.

Wilsmith = Cblog HOFer

Pensgirl said...

Big K, Rags in FOUR? What, did that person just wake up from a nap he started in 2003?

Pens = Not Worried

Pensblog Staff said...

thank you again for all the birthday wishes.



BlacknGold66 said...

Adam = DouchNOZZLE

Derek = Mylove4evahblog!


(seriously, this is what happens when BNG66 doesn't get to watch the Pens. I've gone all Flyer Hater in so many ways*)

(*meaning jobbing the Staff that he loves, yet still not on acid with sick Kah-nowledge and funny posts.)


Laura von Awesome said...

@ Gwin:

Sean Avery= Resident douchebag of the Rags [and new spokesperson for]... He is best known for being a pest and jobbing the other teams' best players.

@ Stoosh:

I agree... I mean, helloooooo, Leafs fan here, though I've adopted the Pens and their fans as my surrogate team... That might sound odd, but you have to remember that Lord Gary once played for TML, and that Sid/MAF are from my home country [Canada represent :P], not to mention the fact that Marian Hossa equals LOVE!

One might call me a Pens' fans' fan... Hence me worshipping the web-pages that Pensblog Charlie graces with his presence... :P So idiots like that Rags fan can stuff Don Brennan's balls down his throat...

"Stay classy, New York!"

Go Pens!

Cody said...

Meh, I tried to engage the blushirt folks to see if I could understand their reasoning for boycotting us, and did so without getting insulting, sorry...

I do find it amusing that the one dude actually refuses to use the name of the site here, while all of those around him do. It shows a real visceral hatred for a little photoshop, which in and of itself is amusing.

To regress back to non-uppity standard, I still think Sean Avery is a dickburger.

stokes said...

I agree with BNG66. Wilsmith, and if i may, johnny v are stellar posters on here usually because their posts are so off-the-wall. i can dig it.

While it is still April 24, Happy Bday Pensblog Adam. The man, the myth, the legend (but still not GR- no offense).

coffeytalk said...

man, i've missed so much on the gore today. Finally got all caught up with tPB and c-blog. I've been itchy all day for it.

So it looks like tickets fell into my hands for tomorrow. Just placed an order to be picked up at Staples tomorrow for an 18x24 Gary Roberts for President sign.

Had to be done.

Pensblog Staff said...

hhahahah thanks blackngold


Ally said...

coffeytalk -

that's 18 x 24 in feet, right? I'm a Canadian, therefore the only imperial measurement I'm ever sure about is Farenheit, and sometimes inches :\

*salutes coffeytalk's awesomeness*

Ally said...

Waiiiiit a minute, scratch that. An 18 foot poster would be like two Yao Ming's. Silly me!

Jawsh said...

So I got a yellow package in the mail today, in my haste to discover the contents I gave myself a paper cut. Inside the package was my WWGRD band. I put it on and needless to say, the paper cut has long since healed.

coffeytalk said...

If Staples could make an 18x24 foot poster of Gary Roberts, I think their store would crumble to the ground.

I hope whoever does the print job tomorrow understands the importance of it all.

Laura von Awesome said...

@ coffeytalk:

I think I'll go and burn down the Staples down the street from my place... As in have them make my very own GR for Prez sign that's at least the size of a jumbo jet... That would probably set all of Ottawa on fire... :)

Gio said...

So I was looking at Blueshirt bulletin earlier and was struck with a need to comment there. Not necessarily in defense of the pensblog, but moreso because of an egregious comment by one "ThisYearsModel" who claimed that there should only be about 6000 pens fans because that was the rough estimate of people at the games pre-lockout, and all the fans now are just fair-weather or bandwagon.

Of course I called BS and responded, and then to continue the discussion I brought up the pensblog as well. I come back a few hours later to find that my comment had been deleted because "We have a standard here at Blueshirt Bulletin that when we disagree with what someone says, we tell everyone why we disagree with them, and in the process we don't call them ridiculous or lame or any other name. Since I don't have time to edit every post that is made, I delete those that do not adhere to this standard, regardless of who made it. I have no problem with what you wrote about fair-weather fans -- I even agree with much of it. So feel free to re-post it without the personal remarks and it will stand."

While I did use the words lame and ridiculous...they were not directed at the poster (at least I really don't recall they were) but at his opinion pretty much.

So just a bit ago I responded again, wording my response better this time so as not to insult anyone I suppose.

Interesting is all I can say about this ordeal.

demondg1 said...

Dudes should not have landing strips.


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