Sunday, April 20, 2008

NHL Purgatory

We don't mention things like this unless it's for a worthy cause.
Anyone who has lost a loved one to cancer knows it's as real as it gets.

The Mario Lemieux Foundation is selling some great T-shirts,
with all proceeds going to cancer- and neonatal-research projects,

There are some nice people working for the Foundation,
and we're always glad to help them spread the word.

[ Mario Lemieux Foundation Shirts ]


Huge games took place on Saturday.

A Rangers/Pens dance in Round 2 looked to be inevitable.
But both Eastern Conference games on Saturday veered us away from that destination.

But the Caps won on Saturday, forcing a Game 6 in Tom Hanks on Monday.

Caps: [ Japers' Rink ]
Flyers: [ The 700 Level ]


Somewhere in these playoffs, the Pens may be down 3 games to 2...
and going into the third period down 2-1.

It won't be the best of times.

That's what Boston faced last night in Game 6 on their home ice.
They fought back and tied it at 2.

The Habs scored, and then the Bruins scored two minutes later to tie it up.

With about 4:00 left, the Bruins took the lead.
The Habs answered 11 seconds later to tie it up again.

Marco Sturm for the Bruins put one home with less than 3:00 left
to give the Bruins the lead and punch a ticket for Game 7 up in Montreal.


[ Four Habs Fans ]
[ The Bear Cave ]


1) If the Bruins win Game 7 in Montreal, they are bringing their show to Pittsburgh.

2) If the Habs and Flyers win their series, the Rangers come to town.

3) If the Habs and Capitals win their series, it'll be the NHL's wet dream of Ovechkin/Crosby.


Anti-Penguinites and Anti-Crosbites always allege that the NHL fixes games in whatever way possible to see to it that the Pens excel and Crosby gets widespread attention, drawing in fans.

A lot of those conspiracy theorists come from our nation's capital.

If in fact the conspiracy is a reality, Craps fans will ironically benefit from it,
seeing as how an AO/Bing series is a distinct possibility, if the Caps can win Games 6 and 7.

An Ovechkin/Crosby playoff series will bring more people to the television set
than the series finale of Full House.


:: There are rumors circulating that the Penguins may have to play Games One and Two on the road so that all sportswriters in the Greater Pittsburgh area can touch themselves while analyzing Steeler draft picks.

Stay posted.

:: NHL highlights and games are available on iTunes.
The Winter Classic are belong to us.
Thanks to John B. for that heads-up.

:: [ Matt B. ] put together a blog commemorating his road trip to Ottawa for Game 4.

:: All the recent commercials advertising the release of Cloverfield on DVD
reminded us of this gem, courtesy of [ sh0ey ].

Watch closely at the :30 mark.


:: More fallout from Brodeur/Avery HandshakeGate. [ Barry Melrose Rocks ]

Brodeur shook everyone's hands when he was winning Cups, including his wife's sister's.
But Sean Avery is a worthy challenger of John Edwards for biggest douche in the universe.
So it's a toss-up.

:: Teaserblog -- [ Orland Kurtenblog ] found one of the better all-time NHL commercials.

:: Listen to A.O. closely. [ The700Level ] via [ Japers' Rink ]

:: The janitor guy who twirls the octopus around when someone throws it onto the ice before a Detroit Red Wings home game has been told to knock it off. [ YahooBlogs ]

A big fine of $10,000 will be levied if he does it again.


PETA doesn't want us to wear fur coats or use shampoo,
but do they care when an octopus gets douched onto the ice from the upper level of the Joe?

Yeah, they do.
We dug up this great quote from PETA in a 2002 article. [ ESPN ]

Flinging an octopus is no more acceptable than hurling kittens and puppies,"
said Amy Rhodes, a cruelty case worker for PETA.

All of this makes us think twice about throwing Marty the Chicken onto the ice
the next time we sit in Section F.



The Avs clinched their series with the Wild.
[ Mile High Hockey ] [ Wild Puck Banter ]


The BeeGees have their work cut out for them on Sunday,
with three teams in the West staving off elimination.

3:00 -- NBC

Wings up 3-2

8:00 -- Whatev

Sharks up 3-2

9:00 -- Versus
Stars up 3-2

We all know that playoff scheduling is a minefield.
The NHL and their broadcasting partners don't know how each series will turn out.

But there is no excuse as to why all three games are not televised to the masses.

Put Sharks/Flames at 3:00 on NBC
Wings/Preds and Ducks/Stars team up for a 7:00/9:45 double-header on Versus.


Go Pens

Have A Nice Day


onesizedrummer said...


i am at the point now where i am thinking of shaving the playoff beard just to start a new one for game one just to see if mine would be better than half the kids on the pens.


Raybin said...

Second! Yeehaw! Good God, what am I doing up at this hour?

That Boston/Montreal game was insane. I hope fans in those cities have blood pressure medication and stress coping techniques ready to go Monday night.

If anyone wants a subject to ponder, here's one I've been mulling. The following are a list of those Penguins who will be free agents this summer:

Gary Roberts
Ryan Malone
Marian Hossa
Georges Laraque
Jarkko Ruutu
Adam Hall
Kris Beech
Jeff Taffe
Pascal Dupuis
Mark Eaton
Brooks Orpik
Ty Conklin
Marc Andre Fleury (Restricted)

Who out of that group do you re-sign? Who do let go? Who are your main priorities? What ugly choices will have to be made?

Rainy day funtime exercise!

This site is hardcore. Lots of good links in blogrollblog I find.

coffeytalk said...

in a sweet wet dream of a world, we re-sign all but Beech.

coffeytalk said...

also, happy holidays, c-blog.

Pensblog Staff said...


Jonny V said...

Smoke 'em if u got 'em

threshhold9k said...

Apparently Ray Emery's time in Ottawa is up, according to TSN:

I wonder if Bryan Murray thought about his future in Ottawa as well.

cg said...

The 3rd period of the Bruins/Habs game incredible! I needed the meds and I didn't even care who won.

Someone finish a series already so we can do this! I don't care who it is, lets just get going!!!!!!

stokes said...

I bough the Winer Classic for the iPod a couple of months ago. i don't expect to watch it, but i still own it. It was the best two dollars i've ever spent in my life.

Fleury29 said...

Leave Marty The Chicken alone! What did he ever do to you!

Forgot to mention that Donkey Lips reference yesterday. Solid gold. Still waiting on something about Danny from Hey Dude.

Dr. Turkleton said...


what??? Nasreddine NOT LISTED???

here's my .02¢

•Roberts: sign him to a 'Forsberg-ish' contract: come back in Feb. to warm-up for the playoffs

•Hossa: trade his rights for a #1 pick [like Nashville did with Hartnell & Timonnen]

Eaton,Conklin: offer them they league minimum raise [maybe offer Dupuis a bit more]

•Malone: he'll sign for hometown discount
•Ruutu: have to have 1 'agitator' on the squad
•Orpik: someone will offer bigger $ than the Pens want to spend
•MAF: have to sign, no matter what, before July 1

tPB staff celebrates Hitlers B-Day?....oh, Rastafari neighbor told me 'what's up'.

The Big K said...

It is bullshit that we can watch a hockey team from Nashville play, but the best series of the first round, Calgary Nashville, is not on television.

It sucks.

The Seeker said...

B94 Radio pulled a telephone prank on the Ottawa Senators front office the day of Game 4.

I took the liberty of creating a video for YouTube with their audio:

Pranking the Senators

I used some images submitted by folks here on The Pensblog...hope no one minds that?

Steve In Denver said...

Did anyone see the Tim Thomas interview after the B's Habs game?
He was asked about Phil Kessel's impressive return to the lineup after being scratched, and he got all confused and noided was as if someone, or something (Gary Roberts), had taken control of his thoughts. Or he was stoned.

Mark said...

Someone (DuPuis? MAF?) mentioned on SS on SportsBeat that the boys are calling Sid "Zorro" due his dashing pencil thin moustache.

The Seeker said...

@ steve in denver

He just got through a game playing on PCP....what do ya expect? :-0

GwinTheEskimo said...

maybe we (the royal we) should start throwing kittens on the ice during Pens games. 16 kittens one for each victory. they always land on their feet,right?

Fleury has to be the priority.
then getting Malkin a contract extension, I think keeping malkin here for another 5-10 years might entice the wingers to sign cap friendly incentive laden contracts.

Gary Roberts should take over for Therrien and be a player coach.

I don't really know what I'm talking about.

Steve, favorite Dead piano player?

everybody's building big ships and boats.

Dr. Turkleton said...

the big K....

Come on over!!!! brother lives in Mt. Lebo, he'll give you a lift...

@BNG66 & others in Ohio with Center Ice:

Center Ice looks like it's picking up the NBC game at 300p [DET-NSH] since the Cleveland/Akron NBC station appears to be under contract to show the Indians game & didn't give a sister station the rights to the NHL game...

FijiH2O said...

Priority signing list:

Fleury, Roberts, Malone, Ruutu, Dupuis and Eaton. After those, any one else, other than Beech.

Hall and Taffe are good choices, if the money is available.

I read in the paper this morning about Orpik meeting with his agent recently. More money and conflicts with HCMT are issues to be addressed, but he said they will talk more after the playoffs.

The Seeker said...

Signing Roberts might be a moot point if he decides to retire.

He says he's still up in the air about it.

Hip said...

@i have kasparaitis - my bad. I'm over protective of my hometown team.

All this resigning talk - dudes that's for after the season is over! That cannot be a distraction right now. We will take care of the contributers and the key elements. In Shero We Trust.

Go Pens.

BlacknGold66 said...

I'm about to get all Flyer Hater on tPB Staff.

"Uh, huh huh... uh, hey Derek. Let'th post the 4/20 post at exactly 4:20."

"Ah, heh heh, yeah Adam that's cool! FIRE! FIRE!"


I can smell my own.

Mark said...

@GwinTheEskimo...chinchillas, dammit, CHINCHILLAS!

"...imagine Petr Sykora's distress when his chinchilla ran away from home for five days.[...]Sykora didn't give his chinchilla, P.J., much of a chance after it ran away from his West Orange home. But P.J. was apparently part homing pigeon.

"All the guys have dogs," Sykora said. "I wanted to have a dog, but I have to leave it alone at times. So I got a chinchilla. Last year I forgot to close the door to his cage one day during the summer. He went out of the cage and was gone for five days. I thought I had lost him" But Sykora never lost hope. He kept the door to P.J.'s cage open, as well as his door while he was home."One day he actually came back to his cage," Sykora said. "He was pretty beat up and skinny, but I was excited because I really missed him. I thought he would be dead. He's a great pet. They sleep during the day and they're up at night. I let him wander around the room. It's nice to have someone to play with when you get home. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and he's beside me sleeping."

Just another boy and his Chinchilla.

Asked about his friend's pet, teammate Patrik Elias responded: "The rat? It's like, what, a ferret? It has nice soft fur, but it's a strange pet. He's a strange guy, too."
--Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ)"

BlacknGold66 said...

@Turk: Thanks for the heads up! I'm glad I get to watch the Tribe, but they are on every Sunday but one on NBC until June.

My guess is that Center Ice is giving us Northeast Ohioans this one break because of the amount of Red Wings fans living here. Hopefully they do the same for the Pens fans living here (there's actually a decent amount) if the Pens should play on a Sunday soon.

GwinTheEskimo said...

mark, wow.

Jonny V said...

A Conn Smythe trophy can significantly up the ante on a player's contract. Just sayin'

Sweet blurb about Sykora and his Chinchilla, Mark. I enjoy reading about how weird some of our players are.

Anyone think any of the Pens celebrate the holiday? Talbot gets my vote. That old youtube video (I can't seem to find it) of Colby and Talbot giving a tour of their apartment has me convinced that they rocked the gonch.

Flyer Hater said...

If you let Hossa go then you can easily re-sign the big three of Malone, Orpik, and Ruutu. Then go out in free agency and find Crosby's Petr Sykora. Kristian Huselius is a UFA this summer, he seems like a good fit.

BNG66, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is on today, WOOOO

Raybin said...

Much wisdom with regard to own feelings:

I would find it hard to believe anyone would dispute the contention that the top two priorities are Fleury and Malone. What more needs to be said? Pony up for both of them.

Certainly I would re-sign Hossa if the money is available. But that would be only other perfect conditions which I suspect will not exist. To me, it'd be madness to re-sign Hossa over valuable "glue" players like Laraque and Ruutu, who are integral parts of this team.

I like the idea of trading Hossa's rights for a #1 draft pick.

Hall, Taffe, and Beech: All are decent enough at what they do, and I like Hall and Taffe in particular. Still, I think all three are eminently dispensable, especially if letting them go frees up the money to secure a more important player.

Especially since you've got guys like Connor James, Chris Minard, Nathan Smith and Ryan Stone kicking around and waiting. The rub there is that all but Minard are free agents too. I think among these 7 you keep the ones that bring you the best "value for the dollar" and the rest can be safely discarded.

Pascal Dupuis would seem to be in the same category as the above group, except he really seems to have found a home here in Pittsburgh and in record time. There's many other players in the league with a similar skill set, but there's something about the atmosphere here that's given him an extra kick in his step.

I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say he's playing some of the best--if not the best--hockey of his career right now. He's a smart, cagey player and extremely quick. Granted, he's 31, but there's large advantage to be gained if you can sign him to a two or three year deal.

Much like Dupuis, Ty Conklin is a guy who's found a home here. He's over 30 and will probably never again be the #1 goalie anywhere in the league. That being said, unless he makes unrealistic demands or some other team throws a mountain of cash at him, it's pretty obvious that you sign him and get yourself an extremely dependable, solid back up for the next couple years.

Defense is a thornier problem. When Eaton's healthy, there will be EIGHT defensemen. Eaton's a valuable player, though. How do you let him go? Same goes for Orpik, who's ratcheted his game to new levels this year.

Gonch and Whitney are locked up for the remainder of their contracts. Certain Letang isn't going anywhere. I can't imagine the USS Hal Gill being released, since he's playing at his highest level ever. Scuds and Sydor seem to be the odd men out. Should be an interesting off-season for the Penguin defense.

As for Lord Gary? If he sticks around, I think the idea of a Forsberg-esque contract is a great idea. At the least, anyway.

And he should stick around. Good God, if Chelios can still play at 46, Roberts should be good until 75.

Raybin said...

Two corrections:

Of course I meant "under perfect conditions" and not "other perfect conditions"

And Pascal Dupuis is 28, not 31. Which only strengthens the argument for signing him, really. As to why 31 was put, I can only offer the explanation that I am a tool.

threshhold9k said...

@Johnny V

I think that was Colby and Shane Endicott (*vomit*) if I remember correctly...unless Talbot and Colby lived together at some time. Either way my vote would go to Talbot too.

wilsmith said...

Am I the only one overly excited about the "All Your Base" reference?

Jonny V said...

They Zero Winged us.

wilsmith said...

All Your Base is what 2001-2002 is all about.

michelle said...

MAF, Malone, Ruutu
After that, I like the idea of Hossa for a draft pick. I think the better thing here is to keep lots of glue players, let the one big name go.
I kind of like Dupuis, so I hope he stays around. I agree with everyone else about Conks, too.
I can't imagine the rest making obscene demands.
That's a lot of people, sheesh.

The Seeker said...

From the PG:

Frozen Four here in 2013?

Marty Galosi, Robert Morris associate athletic director for marketing and sales, attended the NCAA Frozen Four last weekend in Denver and came away more positive than ever about the city's bid to play host to that event in 2013 at the Penguins' new arena.

"What I saw has me energized," said Galosi, who went on the fact-finding trip with Jennifer Hawkins, national sales director for sports with VisitPittsburgh.

"You don't see a lot of casual fans. These are hockey fans. They are into it."

Galosi got a strong response when he mentioned Pittsburgh as a possible future site for the championship weekend.

"The Penguins are so popular that the first thing they said was, 'Oh, wow, Pittsburgh,'" he said.

The Penguins are actively supporting the bid, which is being prepared by Robert Morris and VisitPittsburgh. Galosi, along with representatives from host hopefuls St. Louis, Kansas City and Omaha, sat in on planning meetings for the cities that have been awarded the Frozen Four the next four years.

"We have a way to go in the process, but I came out of there saying, 'Hey, if we get this, we can do this,' " Galosi said.

Flyer Hater said...


Because of the Donkey Lips reference in yesterday's post, I'm actually watching old Are You Afraid of the Dark episodes on a boring Sunday.

The Seeker said...

What do die-hard Pens fans do when the team has a lay-off?

This one makes videos!

Another YouTube video featuring Paradox playing the Penguins Theme Song - 'The Boys of Winter'..... rock-style:

Boys Of Winter

Jeff Spicoli said...

happy 420 dudes

Raybin said...

I'm actually watching old Are You Afraid of the Dark episodes on a boring Sunday.


Where do you find those?

Here's something that just occurred to me and I'm too lazy to Google: The SNICK lineup used to have Roundhouse, Ren and Stimpy, Are You Afraid of the Dark? and.......what? What was the fourth SNICK show?

Jonny V said...

Ferguson would kick your ass

BlacknGold66 said...

I always wanted to beat Ferguson's ass.

Now we're just toying with Raybin. Cruel eh?

Jobbing is an art form.

Jonny V said...

During musicblog in the summer, I linked to 30 minutes of opening themes from 80's cartoons.

Here's ten minutes of intros of Nick shows. I don't know why the Wonder Years is at the end, but hell I'll take it.

Vanessa Day said...

Ruutu is my pick for a new contract, obviously. God...what would I do if he left!?!?!


Flyer Hater said...




Raybin said...

Clarissa? Really?

Forgot all about that.

Melissa Joan Hart....oh my.

Jobbing is an art form.

It is. Sometimes you're the jobber and sometimes you're getting jobbed.

Either way, I don't mind being on the receiving end at tPB. It's like getting beat up by Muhammad Ali.

The Big K said...


NBC is not showing the NHL.
Instead I get Jimmy Roberts and golf.


The Seeker said...

I call this complete and total humiliation.

The girl hired to sing the National Anthem first forgets the words, then returns for another attempt, and falls on her ass!

Flyer Hater said...

Legends of the Hidden Temple was the best show of all time.

Kirk Fogg=clutch

Big K,


They did the same thing last year when they decided to cover the horse racing preview showing instead of showing overtime of an EASTERN CONFERENCE FREAKING FINAL game between the Sens and Sabres.

blackngold66 said...

Yeah, Center Ice not coming through on their promise to show the game in the Cleveland market either. I'm showing blackoutblog.

This pleases me ever so slighly cuz I'm sure all of the Wings fans here are shitting the bed.

The Big K said...

Yeah NBC blows.
I find it ironic that ESPN can find time for:

Little League Baseball
Arena football
English soccer
19 Yanks-Sox games a year
NCAA hockey (which is great)

And of course.....
the WNBA!

But no NHL?

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the big K

ESPN > He-Man

They Have the Power.

Dr. Turkleton said...

anyone catch Carrie Milbank on The Hockey Show
I think she's was talking about hockey....but I was too distracted Hockey Poll in the lower left. [Vote for Sid {or Geno}]

the big K, you might have to get parental consent before clicking on the above link....[jk]

Flyer Hater said...

Big K, you forgot about

Women's Billiards
Deer Hunting
Women's Softball

BlacknGold66 said...

Turk = Clutch

wilsmith said...

All That was just damn urban.

Somehow it always comes up in conversation, but does anyone else remember Roundhouse?

wilsmith said...

Oh, and Alex Mack.

crushblog when I was 12. I knew she had potential, then '10 Things I Hate About You' came out and confirmed it.

Dr. Turkleton said...


did the game eventually come on CI?...probably had to wait until the Champions Tour event was over before the feed got switched on...

didn't look like any action was missed...except for the riveting pregame blabber with Mad Mike & Pierre [sarcasma-induced]

[Hossa: Roberts '08]

Flyer Hater said...

Nashville Ice=joke

I've never seen a puck bounce five feet in the air like that, ever. Gotta feel bad for Dan Ellis.

Flyer Hater said...

Watching all those old Nick clips has made me realize how awesome the 90s were.

stokes said...

@ wilsmith: SNICK was the bomb. Easily more dominant than TGIF, even when TGIF was in its prime.

Flyer Hater said...

This is why c-blog is awesome. You can from talking about vintage NHL jerseys one day to talking about classic Nick shows the next. It's amazing to think that Nickelodeon at one point spent time in creating shows instead of putting on mindless cartoons that a 4th grader could produce. I knew a ton of adults at that time that watched Pete and Pete as if their life depended on it.

Raybin said...

Know what else rocked your world?


"Let's go to Mo for the rules! Mo!"

Mike O'Malley = Joke

Moira the Referee? Sweet saccharine Jesus used to flavor iced tea.

And Double Dare.

Marc Summers = Pimp

Raybin said...

YouTube is the greatest thing ever.


I'd pay a million dollars for that series on DVD.

The Big K said...

Thanks FH.

ESPN sucks, I guess is the main point haha.


She fine.

Raybin said...

The funniest scene in animation history

"Did my wife send you?"

"Maybe I should make another mistake...maybe two more."

The payoff is life changing.

Dr. Turkleton said...


or pay just $26.99.....

Raybin said...


I never let messy facts get in the way of fun hyperbole!

Dr. Turkleton said...


carry on.

call the police.

J.S. said...

Big K,

Since they're showing golf in your area, is there a Heater or a Spezza sighting on NBC?

threshhold9k said...

Heatley doesn't golf until mid June. He spends most the spring doing body work on his car.

On a lighter note and kinda on topic...Jason Arnott and the boys should pratices their golf swings as well. 3-0 Detroit, tis a shame I'd rather see Nashville than Detroit advance.

J.S. said...

Raybin, Count Duckula may be unreal, but when you talk big time 80s cartoons, you talk Danger Mouse..

When I see that "Thames" at the beginning, I still think of the intros to Benny Hill (check around 1:20, and look who makes an appearance at the beginning, lolz.)

The Big K said...


I did see a fat guy in a red shirt!
So maybe Murray was there, but not sure!

Jonny V said...

John Kricfalusi is a genius. I owe alot of my sense of humor to him.

Kilted Yak Eve

Larisa Oleynik was one of many Nick crushes. Christine Taylor. Heidi Lucas (Dina from Salute Your Shorts). Ellen from Pete & Pete.

Flyer Hater said...

I wonder why that video showed the intro to the Wonder Years. The Wonder Years was a major hit from ABC and was never on Nick.

Lloyd said...

anyone else notice the easter egg in flashblog? It's an audible one.

J.S. said...


I know he's been mentioned in a few game day threads, but I can't believe we forgot this one during all of the talk of 80s cartoons on Nick.

Dr. Turkleton said...

The Sea of Red is in full force tonight....Nabby makes 2 clutch saves in the 1st minutes....if this game is .5 as entertaining as the MTL-BOS 3rd period was....

just wish it was the Canadian feed instead of these SJ jobbers...who take Home Team Broadcasters to a new height....

johnny said...

Mr. Horse was a legend. How many times have you all answered questions by saying, "Well, Sir. I don't like it."?

Still, the best Mr. Horse was from the Gritty Kitty episode.

Flyer Hater said...

Dr. Turk, Jim Hughson is doing the game for CBC.

Jim Hughson=Gary Roberts of broadcasting

Dr. Turkleton said...


true that.
JH is the best in the bis, IMO...The SJ guys aren't being that bad [yet, it's still early]

how bout them baby pens?

another W this afternoon...5-1, now 3 games to zero v. the Hershey Bears...

pops said...

donkey lips.

i expect this to be made into a rally video for round 2.

do it.

pops said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dappie99 said...

@ turk

Carrie Milbank....all i heard was blah blah blah look at my chest

me = stunned

Kicksave said...

Um. So I just realized that there is a 55 created with the smoke in the main picture.

Jonny V said...

Kinda trippy, huh?


Flyer Hater said...

Flames up 2-0 on the Sharks heading into the third period. Looks like we may have another Game 7 in the first round.

Laura von Awesome said...

@ Seeker:

That poor girl! Lol,I mean I felt bad and all, but she really should have left after forgetting the lyrics.

@ Dappie:

Lol, yeah! I'm a straight chick, yet her chest just screamed 'STARE AT ME!" It was like Lord Roberts had invaded her bosom... :P

... I was reading the Ottawa Sun on my lunch break today, and I saw a picture of a fat guy in a red shirt on a golf course. Cryin Bryan, anyone? lol

DeCeV said...

Lidstrom is not a human being.

Ashley said...

Flyer Hater - not to be a jerk about this, but it's Mark Lee (PBP)and Craig Simpson (colour) on the CBC feed, not Hughson.

Though I do agree that Hughson is the Gary Roberts of broadcasting.

Dr. Turkleton said...

are about 95% of the Flames fans wearing the same thing: the 'RED' Flames jersey?....that HAS to be the highest % of a fanbase wearing the same jersey....that's totally awesome, IMO!!!!!'s not like the Flames gave out RED t-shirts or something....but that they said, "Wear a RED Flames jersey or you won't get in!"

thanks for the update, ashley....I knew FH was full of it!!! [jk]

Ashley said...

Incredible game by the Flames.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Cue up Ring of Fire, here's another series stretched to 7 games.....

Ashley said...

Turk - that sea of red always gives me chills. Un-freakin-real.

jumonvillechick7 said...

So apologies if this has been asked and answered already, but does anyone know if the screen will be up outside the igloo for the next set of games???

stokes said...

@ johnny v:

"Christine Taylor. Heidi Lucas (Dina from Salute Your Shorts)"

Check and Check. Spot on hot babes when you are a 13 yr old boy.

LargeFarva said...

Stu effin Barnes

johnny said...

Holy crap?! First we discover that Stu Barnes is still in the league, then he turns into a Conn Smythe candidate.

wilsmith said...

Mark the calendar, let it be known.

JS dropped a David the Gnome vid.

I always bring it up whenever people talk about cartoons, and no one ever knows what I'm talking about.

Jonny V said...

Funny thing about Christine Taylor, about the same time Hey Dude was on, I was a big fan of the Ben Stiller show. Kinda crazy they ended up getting married.

Wow, it's a good thing Niedermayer and Selanne came out of retirement, eh?

Jonny V said...

And it's almost time to retire the one-day-only-Brad-Pitt-smoking-weed-out-of-a-homemade-honeybear-bong-avatar.

Buh-bye Ducks...

LargeFarva said...

quack quack quack mister duckworth!

stokes said...

Pronger= joke


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