Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lost City of Atlantic. PENS WIN.


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Years from now.....

You'll walk into the new arena, and you'll see a 2007-2008 Atlantic Division banner hanging from the rafters.

Maybe you'll think about how the team was in the basement and under .500 in early November of '07.
Maybe you'll vomit when you think about the team
being left for dead after Crosby got hurt in January '08.

The banner will stand out, like a relic from a simpler time.
It will hang next to the accomplishments of some good teams and some good times.

Tonight, when that clock on that old worn out scoreboard hit all zeros...

We'd like to think the last thing that went through the other Atlantic division teams heads.... was to wonder how in the hell did the 2007-2008 Pittsburgh Penguins get the best of them.

Enjoy it now.

[Dr. Turkleton]



[Joey L]---------------[demondg1]


[Doube R]---------------[Matt]

[Pete]--------------------[Stephen S]

[Bobby R.]------------------[Melissa D.]

[Chelsea N]



For the first couple minutes, this game was trying to trick you into thinking it wasn't a big deal.
There was some intensity lacking, but that didn't last long.

A hit or two into the game, BGL and Riley Cote drop the gloves.
BGL knocks his helmet into Heinz Field.

The story of the first period was the Flyers taking cheap shots at Crosby.
No complaints. Just telling it like it is.
Crosby just better get used to it.

Things were getting scrappy, and then the Flyers jumped on the board first.
A solid play all the way around, with Scott Hartnell licking the stamp. 1-0.

But that's not all Hartnell licks.

The physical play caught up with the Flyers right after that goal.
Jeff Carter headed to the box after a skirmish.

With one of the weirdest-looking goals of the season, the Pens tied it up. 1-1.
Gonch with a big goal.

Marty Biron thought this was a pre-season game.

It was short-lived, as the Flyers made the Pens pay when Hal Gill blew someone out of the water, and got a penalty. 2-1.
Just as Jeff Carter and Flyers are about to go out and celebrate the big goal...

...Orpik and Lupul danced.

The roughing-up of Bing continued, with him and some Swedish guy no one cares about going off for roughing.

The first period came to an end, with the Flyers playing like they want to be in the playoffs.



Early in the second, the camera shot heard 'round the world was fired.

Pensblog Charlie shirt right behind the the Flyers bench.
WWPCD. Unreal.

[412]-----------[Marc S]

[Trevin S.]

Thanks to everyone who let us know about this.
We spoke to the guy after the game over email.
He doesn't wish to be named.

Needless to say, he is a beast.

The first big deal that happened in the second period was Sergei Gonchar leveling Scott Hartnell.

[Angelo G]

Hartnell can't control his emotions and decides to run Gonchar, but he gets knobbed by Gonchar's stick and winds up with a bloody nose.

Charlie's chin finds its way onto Getty Images.
For the first time in his life, Hartnell didn't appreciate getting a knob in his face.

Crosby and Malkin started causing trouble, and shit got real.

Scott Hartnell, whose boyfriend probably broke up with him before the game, decides to assist in putting his team deep in a hole, just how he likes it.

We complained during the Ranger game about a post-whistle skirmish resulting in us being down two men.
We get karmalized from that when some joke and Hartnell both went off.

There's never been any other powerplay in Penguin history that you wanted them to score on more.
It didn't take long.
Crosby put the world behind a one-timer and tied the game 2-2.

66 buries it.

Probably not even a minute later, Orpik was gonna play the puck and knew Hartnell was coming full-steam.
Orpik lets up and eventually finds himself on the ice.

He covered the puck up with his glove, so there's a good call for delay of game.
But Hartnell decides to put his stick in there, piss off Orpik, and eventually drop the gloves.
Scott Hartnell was officially out of control.
Hopefully he has that much energy when is golfing early this year:


As that 4-on-4 dwindled, Hal Gill took a penalty.
Whatever. Gotta kill it. And they did.

The next time Bing was on the ice, he carried the mail into the Flyers zone.

[Paul S]

He drew a ticky-tacky hooking penalty, but kudos to the refs for keeping the calls even on both sides.

The Pens didn't capitalize on that one, but never fear.
Ryan Whitney came through.

He led a rush into the Flyers zone, pulled up, and threw it to open space for Malkin.

Malkin found himself in the H.O.V. lane coming down the left wing and put it five-hole to give the Pens a 3-2 lead.

Picture: Malkin not disappearing when Crosby is in the lineup.

Marty Biron's legs were spread further than a sloot in college.
What was he doing?

Ruutu made his first agitating appearance of the night soon after, taking Danny Briere off with him.
We'd say it was a good tradeoff, but the Flyers are actually better without Briere on the ice.

[Paul S]

That 4-on-4 dissipated, with Malkin getting slashed and garbaged in the process.

As the period was coming to an end, BGL headed to the box.
The third period was shaping up to be life-changing.


COTTEN CANDY heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

[Jason W]



Here it was.
After all the things we have been through. 20 minutes away from the division title.
But if you have been around, you know nothing is easy.

As the third period began, the Flyers had maybe their biggest powerplay of the season.

But just off port, the USS Hal Gill rolled in.

His work in killing the rest of that BGL penalty was a masterpiece.
Simply put, the Flyers were not going to score.

If you thought the coast was clear, you were high.
Hossa headed to the box soon after.
Weak call, but that's life.

The penalty kill is out of its mind.
If you weren't a believer in Fleury before...
The saves he made in the third period should help that.

After the kill it was the Pens turn when Malone got douched going to the net.
That power play went away.

After the kill, there was more tomfoolery after the play,
prompting referee Dan Marouelli to scream, "COME ON, DAMN IT! MYYERRAGGH!"

Mike Richards came flying down the ice. He passes to Lupul.
Fleury tows Lupuls car.

After a Gonchar penalty was killed, Father Time snuck up on the Flyers.
5:30 left in the game.

The Flyers playoff hopes got smaller as Mike Knuble was forced to hook Bing on his way to the net with under 3:00 left.

There was a lot of questions about if the Penguins can have that killer instinct.
That was answered.
Hossa gets the puck to Gonch.
Gonch throws it to the right of the goal.

Crosby deflects a puck into the net between his legs. Just nasty.


As the Flyers pull Biron so he can make out with John Stevens, the Flyers pathetically tried to score a goal, with the Mellon faithful chanting GO HOME FLYERS.


  • Bing: 2G, 1A
  • Gonch: 1G, 2A
  • Hossa: 2A
  • MAF: 27 Saves

  • Hartnell = Mistake.
  • We got pretty overwhelmed with e-mails coming in, photoshops, anthems, etc. In a perfect world, we're Hiro Nakamura and can freeze time.
  • There will be no room for error for Philly on Sunday.
  • Did Marty Biron know there was a game?
  • They may actually have to play hockey to get in the playoffs.
  • Adam Hall was good in his return.
  • First division title since 1998
  • Bloodbath on Sunday.
  • Ryan Whitney played a strong game.
  • Hossa


Following the game, the Pens partook in the annual "shirts off their back" celebration.
The highlight was Crosby giving his sticks to people in the crowd and then specifically spotting a little girl and going out of his way to get the stick to her.
The other highlight was a Gary Roberts sighting.

[War Penguin]

But the event will never be complete in our eyes
until Dan Potash gives his suit jacket to a fan.


Division Champs.

Go Pens


nikki said...

that picture of geno at the end is the funniest thing i've ever seen.
especially cause when i first saw the original picture that's exactly how i pictured it!
hahahaha awesome work

pensblog jeff said...

thanks :)

Benjamin said...

long time reader, first time poster here. what can i say, pensblog charlie compelled me!

i was watching the comcrap broadcast of the game (only thing i get here) and it was very early in the game when they first cut to that serial killer looking bum of a coach john stevens.

and then i saw it, the shirt that changed our lives. right behind botard "coach" stevens, there is the dood wearing the WWPCD shirt.

i think my neighbors thought that i was having a psychotic breakdown because i was laughing so hard i almost peed myself.

the guy with that shirt is money. sums up everything right there.

if you're reading this man, you sir are a rock star!


WWPCD? just like the penguins and all the rest of us in pens nation he'd take a big ass shit in the flyers cereal.

between the shirt and sid's otherworldly inhuman deflection (amongst other things), it was life changing. one of the best games of the year.

once again, yet another fanfrickintastic recap guys. well done as always.

suck it flyers, suck it long, and suck it hard. you're clownshoes!

hahaha!!! good times!

Brandon said...

just noticed who one of the Seamen on the USS Hal Gill is.

Excellent work.

Jebus the XIV said...

All I have to say is if Montreal loses just one game out of their last two, that clinches the conference for the Pens.

Going to be an interesting couple of days here. I say if Montreal does lose either Thursday or Saturday, start some back-ups. Give some guys some rest. If the conference is on the line, keep everyone in. Besides, it may be good to ride the momentum into the playoffs.

Jebus, I'm excited as hell. The question is, who would you rather see in the first round of the playoffs? Boston, Philly, or Washington?


Benjamin said...

which team would i like to see the pens club over the head like a baby seal in the first round, the craps or the cryers? that's like asking an ottawa senator which teammate he prefers to fondle in the shower. they feel like they win either way.

personally, i would find it amusing to watch the pens beat the flyers in the last two (critical) games of the regular season and then sweep them in the first round.

that's the kind thing that'd crush an organization. and make me laugh forever at every dumbass flyers fan i encounter for years to come.

then again, dropping the people's elbow on the craps would be good times, too.

it'd be a no lose situation for the pens to kick either of their asses.

playing the b-ruins in the first round just wouldn't have the same fun factor so that's a non-starter amongst the three choices.

keep it up pens!

PittHockey said...

not trying to undercut storeblog at all, so feel free to delete this:

Was surfing around the Gore and found this

PittHockey said...

jebus: I want boston for the sole fact that I'll be able to go to 2 games.

Fred Jones said...

To PENSBLOG staff: Great season of posting guys!

Seeing WWPCD was priceless last night.

My preference is the Pens eliminate the Cryers on Sunday, and sweep the Crapitals in the first round, it's the best of both worlds.

FireFox said...

Could the first appearance of Pensblog Charlie on TV be anymore appropriate? One of the biggest games of the season against the team we hate the most. And right at the point they show the leader of the homo flyers, so does homo Charlie. Me thinks he was taking the the whole team for the team. Long live Charlie!


BlacknGold66 said...

PLEASE someone sopcast this game!

I need to see more than just the highlights.

TheEnforcer98 said...

Staff - The ps of Briere crying is mine. Honest mistake on your side.

Also, Some jobber on Hockey's Future posted my PS of Terminator Gary. If you're reading this, Either credit the work to the creator/website. Or don't post it at all. (I'll allow you guys to flame him if you want to)

Guess I'm gonna have to start copyrighting my work.

That is all,

~Eric H.

Fleury29 said...

"My preference is the Pens eliminate the Cryers on Sunday, and sweep the Crapitals in the first round, it's the best of both worlds."
-Fred Jones

I must concur. If the Pens eliminate the Flyers, it would be sweet, sweet justice and the figurative business end of a Civil War-era bayonet, to paraphrase the almighty Stoosh.

Embarrassing the Capitals would be fun and probably easier than beating the Flyers, honestly.

After that it gets scary as hell. We may end up #1 in the East but never forget how hard fought the conference was this year.

The playoffs are going to be intense.


J.S. said...

somebody used my Gary Roberts church glass, but at least they had the courtesy to credit this site.

Antonette said...

By the grace of Roberts/Eaton/all that is holy, I was able to stream the TSN feed of this game into my humble dorm room in this hockey black hole 3 hours away from the city (Columbus).

I love the Al Gore.

The last photoshop is the most excellent thing I have ever seen in my life.

Also, PBC FTW.

My Letang jersey gets here i two days. Solid.

Playoffs, motherfuckers.

Matteo said...

Am I the only one that saw shades of Mario on Crosby's deflection goal at the end?

Check out the goal around the :53 mark.

geezer said...

Great stuff, thanks. Great atmosphere at the arena last night, very intense. Got to say that the Malkin goal was unbelievable. It was one of those Philly hd a great scoring chance and Malkin had been on the ice for probably two minutes and bam! He smacked it home! Fleury was robbing them blind with some flashey glove robbers. A ton of action and the best game I can remember in a long time and I'm pretty darn old!

sonofatruckload said...

pitthockey - solid website

just ordered a russified geno71 shirt and a black and gold ovechkin is a douchbag as well

chris e said...

"For the first time in his life, Hartnell didn't appreciate getting a knob in his face."

Probably the funniest thing I have ever read.

Atlantic Division Champs!

Christina said...

"66 buries it."

Gold. Absolute gold. I fell off my chair laughing.

Bing was a monster last night, all around. It was great to see.

Life changing post for a life changing night - great work guys!!

JBurdeezy said...

did anyone catch Errey in pre-game saying "Gary Roberts is a scary individual"? I want that as my ringtone.

strakasguitar said...

drink up folks. it's been an incredible ride thus far.

Rhonda said...

That game rocked, you knew it was gonna be a slugfest from the get go... but what matters most.. WE WON! :)

All those years sticking with my team are now paying off in spades... Gawd isn't it great to be a Pens fan? :)

give me the brandy said...

playoff tickets for the first round at still available at, just a heads up. if the flyers somehow make it they'll probably be playing the pens, if they end up playing the canadiens you can just sell the tickets to some crazy canadiens fan.

Lady Jaye said...

Wow reading the Pensblog recap of the game is almost as fun as watching the game. The photoshop of Malkin with the guitar made me lol at work. Spot on.

rwarner174 said...

There are so many potential first round opponents for the pens. Gotta wait till the last puck is dropped I guess. It could Boston, Philly, Ottawa, Washington, or even Carolina. Buffalo is about as likely as lighting striking twice in the same place.

Eric K said...

great post.

i dont think you start backups on Sunday. For one thing, Fleury is on an unbelievable roll lately, so he deserves the chance to keep it going.
Secondly, MT hates the Flyers as much as the next Pittsburgher, that shit-eating grin on his face at the end of the game was priceless, so he is gonna want to give his team the absolute best chance to beat their asses again that he can.

Hopefully by "do you start backups" you guys were talking about the goalies, and not just backup players i.e. WB/S guys.

Loser Chris said...

People can talk all they want about the West being a better conference, but who wants to face the Pens in the playoffs right now? Especially when we have a hot goalie with only 1 (yes, as in O-N-E!) regulation loss in his last 19 starts.

The division title is nice, but we've only just begun!


Pensgirl said...

Novelblog on this comment, but can't help it, so much to say...

Fantastic recap. Echoing Christina - "66 buries it" made my day. Nothing like belly-laughing on the metro.

Malkin guitar and Briere-baby photoshops are gol...actually, they're too awesome to just be gold. They're platinum.

Finally found a video that shows The Deflection at a decent angle, although brilliant ESPN throws a graphic up that kind of obscures it. But it at least gives a better idea of the goal for those who couldn't see the game. The video timer counts backwards - game highlights start at 0:30 left.

Gene Collier = Beast:

Not five minutes after he was rightly presented the Edward J. DeBartolo Community Service Award in an earnest pregame ceremony, Penguins forward Georges Laraque was spotted performing the perceptually vital public service known as punching the nearest Flyer in the head.


And finally...I was just sent this from a Philly article:

Tempers flared in the second period. Hartnell took the butt end of Gonchar's stick to the face, with no call. It set Hartnell off for several shifts and he accrued back-to-back minors, giving Pittsburgh a five-on-three advantage.

"Someone jumped on me, they were whacking away at our goalie, and you have to be able to protect your goalie in this league," Hartnell said. "I was just trying to push my way out and it put us down two men."

It wasn't 48 hours earlier that the Penguins got burned because of the exact same thing. But you didn't hear a single guy whining about that after the game. Not one. They put the loss on themselves. And that is why we won the division and the Flyers haven't clinched the playoffs.

Chris said...

Anybody stay after to watch the jersey giveaway see what Dupuis had written on his back after he gave his jersey away? Said Number 1 Talbot fan. Hilarious.

Dr. Turkleton said...

now with the Atlantic Title safe in the Pens back's on to bigger & better things...

am I figuring this out correctly?:

if the Slugs defeat the Habs tonight [in regulation, with no OT points for les canadiens], MTL will remain stuck on 100 points with only 1 game remaining...the best the Habs could do is TIE the Pens in points, IF they won their 82nd game...but that would only give the Habs 46 W's to the Pens existing 47 W's...meaning:

The Pens could sew up the Eastern Conference Title with a Slug W [in regulation] tonight ???

If this is true, then.....

BUF-FA-LO !!!!


Either Democrat Party candidate could've had some free tv time last night if they attended the game. What would be better then showing your mug on tv during a Pens-Flyers contest seen virtually across the entire state...isn't Pens owner, Ron Burkle tight with the Clintons???

[Hossa: For President]

Marcetta said...

That picture of HCMT smiling has to be a photoshop. The man does not smile. ha ha.

dappie99 said...

funny thing someone sent me, thought i'd share as Pittsburghers just hate the Pats:

"I just got back from San Diego and I was with both of my brothers at the Oceanside Harbor eating lunch. My oldest brother comes back to the table and tells us we each owe him $50. He saw Junior Seau at the bar and paid the cocktail waitress to give him 18 beers and one empty shot glass. We paid him"
. -- Casey, Bend, Ore.


norojo said...

2) The Philly Syndrome strikes again as Briere and Hartnell go from skilled wingers to total douche bags
3) Right call by scratching Sydor. He's done well for us this year but he's the guy to sit in the playoffs
4) Hall looked solid. Who does Roberts replace? I'm guessing Kennedy although I'm not sure Gary's gonna be able to keep up with playoff hockey after being out so long
5) Anyone else notice that Ruutu gets penalties for absolutely nothing? He got punched in the face by Briere and still gets put in the box
6) F*ck Direct TV; apparently it's legal for them to buy the national rights to the game so Center Ice was black out. Thank god for Lange and the old 29er
7) Lose Habs Lose

R*G*B* said...

even if Crosby wins the Stanley Cup, I'll never respect him.

The only people who like Sidney Crosby are the Penguins fans and the PR dept of the NHL.

He's hated... hated... hated... around the league.

Even I enjoyed watching the Penguins win with Malkin at the forefront, but that feeling disappeared when 87 returned.

Stop rooting for a player who's treated like an endangered species on a nightly basis.

I love all the homophobic comments about the Flyers in the post too...

I can't wait for the day Sid comes out.

Hip said...

Hossa all - I've missed tPB and C-blog like crazy. Almost as much as I've missed actually watching hockey. Fortunately I get cell phone coverage out here so my cousin has been keeping me abreast of the happenings.

Go Pens!

dying alive said...

r*g*b* - thanks for stopping by. Hope your team ends up with some great tee times very soon, I'm crossing my fingers for you guys. WRT your advice to "stop rooting for" about no? Though I'm sure he's absolutely devastated by the fact that you'll never respect him.

And as far as calling Pensblog out on the homophobic comments, I'll assume that it's your first time here. This is pretty much non-PC blog. Nobody here is actually a homophobe any more than they are a Steelersphobe, so don't bother pointing fingers.

Anyway, the game last night was awesome. Very intense atmosphere, almost play-off like at times - particularly when Gonchar douched Hartnell twice. The first time was bewilderment ("was that GONCHAR?") and the second was utter hilarity.

Ironic and amusing to see the Philly media and players whining about how dirty the Pens were last night. Cry me a river, goon squad.

Dillon said...

"Also, you gotta feel bad for whomever plays the Penguins in any round of the playoffs. I have watched the last 10 games they played. The refs are definitely on a roll to make sure these guys get every advantage they can … and every call.

Sunday’s game against the Rangers was terrible and transparent, but tonight’s game takes the cake as far as bad calls. I still think the Flyers would have lost regardless of the officiating, but Bettman and his league-office ass monkeys are no doubt rooting for Mario, his hair gel, and his little kid, Sid."

What a joke.

Dr. Turkleton said...

here's what r*g*b* is about from their blog:
We are the tickle in your underpants when you go down a large hill. We are the who when you ask, "Who's there?" We are in the walls, the power lines, and your head. We are everywhere. The Past is not the past. Not yet. You will pay.

Talk about coming out of the closet...+ you've got 1/2 of the Rainbow Flag as your name!!!!!

They must not know what happened to John Dellapina, eh?

HEY Hip....have you seen any Buffalo and where they roam ???

sonofatruckload said...

an easy way to stop all those confounded penalties the refs just GIVE to sid: STOP DOUCHING HIM IN THE FACE WITH YOUR STICK, ETC

Hip said...

Dr. Turk - no buffalo but a shit load of antelope. At least I think that's what they are...

rwarner174 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
R*G*B* said...

Goon squad... goon squad.

You employ the biggest goon in all the laaaand. Le' Rock.

And his role on this team is pointless. Who needs a bodyguard when you have the NHL refs in your pocket.

And isn't the tee time thing the most over-used cliche in all of pensblog bitchdem. You should know the best places to get tee time... with the experience of being first in line the last couple of seasons.

Its just like a fairweather fan to be all blue bird on my shoulder the ONE year there team is actually doing well.

Face it... Face it... Face it.

The dude from Washington is the real deal. He has the quiet respect of everyone in the league. Your boy is just that... a boy.

tecmo said...

RGB - and you have...?



...oh yeah, an unproven kid who got a ridiculous contract for no reason.

Stop being jealous.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I guess Hart-less, who tried taking Sid's head off [no penalty] after the play was over & skated sheepishly behind his cryer mates, as if he just robbed a Wawa, is overlooked by yuns on the other side of the state, eh?

Where's all their talk of 'Sweeping the Series' ????

karma bitches, karma

this Pens fan, who had just been golfing at a nearby muni course rolls up in his Escalade near Wachovia Center where a bum in a Flyers jersey is hanging around...
"That's a nice ride, got any spare change?", the bum bellows. Reaching into his pocket to see what he's got, the Pens fan pulls out some golf tees.
The bum inquires, "What's those?"...the Pens fan replies, "They're tees for my balls.".....which the bum quickly responds, "Man!!!..those people at Cadallac think of EVERYTHING!!!!"


vezonex said...

excellent win last night! though there were things i noticed that i don't think anyone else did...

1) Fleury got robbed of an assist on Geno's goal. he made a save, Geno picked it up, passes to Whit, back to Geno, goal. nobody else, Flyers or Pens, touched the puck on that sequence. Flower deserved the second assist, but of course, the officials screwed it up.

2) the dude who got Legame's jersey gave him his shirt in exchange, and Kris actually took it with him. that was awesome.

3) you gotta feel for the kid who got Kris Beech's jersey.

4) just Lupul? whatever happened to "Palindrome"?

danielleia said...

I was shocked when I came home last night and found my mother had watched an entire Penguin/Flyer game and even recorded it. CHEERING for Crosby-whom she hates ("he's too perfect, there must be something wrong")-and booing Biron. Shocked!

Nice rock star Malkin.

The Seeker said...

Thank you RBG for making your pathetic appearance known here.

The best part about commentblog is reading the whining of Cryers fans living up to our expectations of them.

You didn't let us down!

DeCeV said...

Maybe try to stop crosby without hooking him into the cage every time he goes to the net. That would also work. Also we enjoy having a team player here instead of one that takes 500 shots on goal and overextends his shifts.

Let's go Buffalo.
(to the tune of Shout for those who haven't been to Buffalo)

Dr. Turkleton said...


Oh, give me a home, where the buffalo roam, and the deer and the antelope play... man, I can't carry a tune to save my life!

hope everything is going ok for you & you better not be wearin' RED tonight !!! [just kidding]

The Seeker said...

A goon isn't defined as a guy that will square-off and fight you toe to toe in a fair fight like Laraque does.

A goon is a guy like Hartnell who sneaks up only from behind and deliberately intends to injure another player after the play's been whistled dead and then slinks off and hides behind his teammates.

Either way you look at it....the Cryers LOSE.


J.S. said...

Refs in the pocket? Are you crazy? The Pens had six power plays while the Flyers had five. If you are that worked up over one more power play, than I suggest that you consider looking into another sport. Chess perhaps?

The difference was that the Pens were busy scoring power play goals, while little Danny Briere and the rest of the Flyers were busy trying to figure out how to score with little boys.

Sweetcheesus! said...

not too much to bring to the table today, but my occasional thoughts. . .

"For the first time in his life, Hartnell didn't appreciate getting a knob in his face."


"Marty Biron's legs were spread farther than slut in college."

or my buddys g/f. haha.

two of my favorite lines this year. as always a magnificent post, but a better game.

as far as the upcoming game. i think we should ride the hot hand. its worked for us all season long and i am not putting my boy conks out or SABU. they have been there when we've needed them and we will more than likely need to call upon them again.

secondly, my friends and i made a prediction early after our first round exit last year that the pens would win the division this year. so to my fellow comrades, its miller time.

lastly, i just wanted to say that the uss hal gill, hoooooosssssssa, and mr. dupuis. are all tits. in shero we trust.

go pens! WWPBCD?

dying alive said...

Fairweather fan. Isn't *that* just the typical cry of Flyers fans any time they encounter a Pens fan? True, though, I've only been watching since 1988. I missed out on like 21 years of the franchise existence. I'm a fairweather fan and I didn't even know it.

Maybe if I try and write really weird and out there and use lots of repetitive phrases and ellipses, people will think I'm interesting...interesting...interesting. Or

Or not.

Anyway, onto things that actually matter. I have not felt this confident about a Pens team since the Cup era. Last year they made the playoffs, but you just kind of had this nagging feeling that they weren't going to make a deep run. That feeling is absent this season.

It's a good time to be a Pens fan.

Pensgirl said...

Dani, I'm not surprised to hear about your mom. I've seen a number of stories where people say they didn't like Sid (mostly out of not really ever watching him play, and therefore having no idea what they were missing) and then did 180s watching him against the Flyers. He hates them as much as we Pens fans do - maybe more - and in the vast majority of cases he's ratcheted up his game against them. People get sucked in by the show he puts on - you can feel through the TV how much he needs to beat them, and if there's one thing people understand it's that kind of hatred for a rival. It's his passion for the game that I "love" most about him, so to me it's entirely understandable that the extra passion he has for beating the Flyers would convert people. Good on your mom for letting go and enjoying watching him...I hope it's a permanent change for her.

Lady Jaye said...

*rolls eyes* Any other team would wet their pants if they had Sidney Crosby on their team. And if they say otherwise, they're lying to themselves.

As far as penalties go, Flyers had 12 last night if I counted right. The Pens had 11. OMG, it's conspiracy! The Pens got called for one less penalty! Please, the Pens get screwed on penalties as much as the next club. People are just looking for a reason to bash the team even if there is no evidence to the matter.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but here:

This page says that the Penguins have the 8th most penalty minutes in the league? So if I am right in how I'm reading that table, does that mean that the Pens definitely do not have the refs in their pocket because wouldn't they be at the bottom of that list? Wouldn't you want to say the Red Wings have the refs in their pockets because they only have 917 minutes?

Raybin said...

Man, i hate coming into C-blog late!

Fleury is a demon. Has anyone mentioned that before?

I love physical, smash mouth, rough-and-tumble play (Not the Senators defintion of those terms, by the way), but the Flyers go out there deliberately to injure people. One of 10,000 reasons why I hate them so.

I asked last night and I reiterate since there's some Cryers fans hanging around: WHy do you ignore the first rule of Crosby--don't piss him off. He's better than any 4 of your players.

I love how people whine and cry about Crosby, when the best they got is that he's protected by the league. Which is horseshit, as anyone who watches an entire season of Penguins hockey can tell you. If he draws a lot of penalties, it's because of dicks who go out there to delivery cheapshots trying to hurt him. He takes his lumps like a man.

And you'd all jack off to a poster of him every night (twice on gamedays) if he was on your team. So go blow Daniel Alfredsson.

The penalties on Ruutu for no real reason that I can see are getting a little out of hand. A lot, actually.

USS Hal Gill = Mancrush


AdamG said...

@ r*g*b and other miscellaneous whiny bitches:

stats from last night's game

Powerplays: PIT 6, PHI 5
Penalty Minutes: PIT 28, PHI 30
Time on PP: PIT 7:14, PHI 9:36

Season stats:

Total PP Opportunities: PIT 370 (4th in NHL), PHI 377 (3rd in NHL
PP Opportunities in PIT/PHI season series: PIT 31, PHI 43

Looks like the refs/NHL have definitely been looking out for the Pens best interests this season, the conspiracy runs deep! *end sarcasm*

Flyer and Ranger fans are alike, when you don't win all you want to do is make excuses and blame the NHL for playing favorites. Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, when your team loses a game that it was because they actually got outplayed or just flat out lost to a better team?
Flyer fans=Joke.

Raybin said...

Oh yeah, I've been reading since early February and this is probably the best recap yet. Bravo, Pensblog staff. The Hartnell cracks are legendary.

In Gary We Trust.

R*G*B* said...

I just want to thank all the Pens fans for helping me learn how to count.

I wasn't aware how close the Flyers were to getting the same amount of Power Plays as the Penguins. But now I know...

I really think the penalty quantity isn't as important as the situation in which the penalty was called. 5 on 3 at that point of the game, the Flyers up 2-1... was a joke. In any other game or with any other group of teams... you even up roughing penalties... and play it 4 on 3. Cause I'm not a "homer" and I can admit that Coburn pulled down Malkin.

I completely admit to Hartnell hi-sticking Crosby in the early going... I saw the replay. Okay, give him a 2 minute power play. But RJ Umberger and Hartnell were gashed. Blood... a sign that something hit them in the face (insert more homophobic comments here). Like a stick. You not only got away with not serving two minutes each for those, you didn't have to serve 4 minutes for blood. That's 8 minutes of power play time (which didn't fare extremely well for the Flyers) that we didn't have.

Who knows? Different outcome.

Any team would wet their pants if they could have Crosby? Not our team. He doesn't fit. The epitome of a Philadelphia Flyer is Mike Richards. Mike Richards is a man. He'll fight. He'll take off his helmet which has a visor on it. And you all know that. And we have him for 12 years. I have NO problem with that. Ask around the league and see who gets more respect for showing up to the rink. Richards or Crosby.

Crosby is known around the league. He has the reputation. And the dislike for him will grow... and grow... and grow.

Personally, I'd rather Malkin raise the cup over his head first. But I don't live in Pittsburgh.

Thank God.

Raybin said...

Crosby is known around the league. He has the reputation.

For being the best? Yes he does.

And he's no media creation, but earned in full measure. Anyone who says different is A) a liar or B) twisted by rank jealousy.

And speaking of jealousy...

And the dislike for him will grow... and grow... and grow.

It tends to provoke this reaction.

Personally, I'd rather Malkin raise the cup over his head first.

If they win this season, he should.

But I don't live in Pittsburgh.

Thank God.


Tell me again, which city was named the most livable in America and is consistently on the rise? And which one is a decrepit urban hellhole whose shithead population strut around like bantam roosters in rut because they suffer from a massive inferiority complext because the greatest city on the planet is only a few hours north?

The answers are Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. I'll let you decide which question each answers.

(And if you don't live in Philly, the point still stands)

Joshua said...


Be careful buying Malkin stuff in Russian. I've seen a lot of bad merchandise out there with his name spelled wrong, jerseys for teams that he never played for (if it says CCCP--that's Russian for USSR--on it it's wrong...Malkin was about 5 when the Soviet Union collapsed and though he was probably good then too it's hard to make the Soviet national team at 5). I read Russian and I know a good deal about Russian hockey, so if you want me to look over anything before you buy it let me know. Ditto for anyone else that wants to buy some Malkin stuff.

The Seeker said...

We thank god you don't live here in Pittsburgh too don't fit.

We're winners here.

demondg1 said...

"But the event will never be complete in our eyes
until Dan Potash gives his suit jacket to a fan."

It's funny you say that. I saw Potash at the North Park Lounge and he was not wearing the suit jacket.

Pensblog Staff said...

We've never understood why implying someone is homosexual is considered as being homophobic.

The word itself would mean we have a fear of homosexuals or homosexuality.

If you're afraid of something, you're not going to talk about it.

i.e. -- You're not gonna talk about playing the Pens in the playoffs because you're scared

Joshua said...

Hey Flyer fan, we got the same 5-on-3 treatment against the Rangers the other night so I don't want to hear it. The hooking call on Hossa was bullshit. Hartnell not getting called for ripping Crosby's helmet off and giving him a brief face-wash in the first was another one in your favor. You can keep whining about the officiating and insulting Pittsburgh all you want, but nobody cares.

I love all this crap about the league favoring us. I'm so glad that we don't have to worry about losing in the playoffs because the league is going to hand us the cup. Give me a fucking break.

Maybe if the Flyers weren't such goons they wouldn't get penalized so much.

You want to talk about reputations? When you have a reputation as a goon more calls go against you. Ask Ruutu. There have been some ridiculous calls against him and non-calls when people hacked him this season. It's because of his reputation.

And you would love having Crosby on your team. Don't lie. You look stupid.

Pensgirl said...

Yeah, Sid's peers look down on him so much that they gave him the Pearson in his second year.


sonofatruckload said...

@ joshua

thanks for the concern, but i was talking about the t-shirt found on the website posted by pitthockey earlier today.

i also bought a shirt that says "ovechkin is russian for douchebag" just in case we end up playing the caps.

since you're fluent you can probably confirm that ovechkin is inded russian for douchebag

also never even thought about getting a russian malkin jersey, but it is a really good idea.

R*G*B* said...

Heeeeey Jealousy... hey jealousy...

I have nothing to be jealous about. I have a player who isn't as supremely skilled as Crosby in Mike Richards... who plays the game the way its meant to be played.

Gretzky didn't get checked... cause he didn't check anyone else. He wasn't getting into scrums in front of the net... cause he was behind the net.

I respect Gretzky... there's a reason he's called the Great One.

I don't repsect Crosby because he hurt his leg and his team by not paying attention to the oncoming boards a few weeks ago. He was too busy looking in the refs direction to see why he wasn't receiving a power play.

That moment should be bronzed, like Crosby's baby shoes... and placed on a mantle for all to see. It epitomizes who he is as a hockey player.

Oh, Rutuutuutoo got that penalty called against him because he ALSO has a reputation. He's slime just like Sean Avery. So when they get hooked, they go for diving... whether it was legitimate or not.

Lady Jaye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
thegreenseas said...

rgb, you've got a nice murder rate going on where you live. You're lucky you aren't dead yet...but hey, I guess that shit hole is where you belong and where you want to be.

Lady Jaye said...

So the Flyers organization would have traded Crosby if they would have won the first overall pick that year since he doesn't "fit in"?

R*G*B* said...

Hey Pensblog staff,

I just did a wikipedia search on homophobia.

And what do you know, a screen capture of some amateur Pensblog Photoshop work came up.

Along with definitions of the word and other useful knowledge.

Jay Leno just apologized to the gay community the other day for a much milder comment than the ones you wrote in this post.

I'm pretty sure there are alot of gay players in the NHL. I'm sure the Flyers might have one or two... or more...

I'm just not sure how that affects how I, as a heterosexual male... views their ability to play the game of hockey.

Are NHL scouts inquiring about this in their interview process...?

sonofatruckload said...

rbg = no sense of humor whatsoever

malkinian said...

"The epitome of a Philadelphia Flyer is Mike Richards....and we have him for 12 years." - That's your problem

And as far as having more respect than Crosby around the league, who votes on the Lester B. Pearson trophy???

I pray that we play our big guns on Sunday & beat the hell outta them because I can see Philthbags flooding C-blog like the Rags bragging about winning the season series

Jonny V said...

dappie, awesome story. I would have loved to see Seau's face.

Malkin's rockin' out with his conk out.

R*G*B* said...

I think the Flyers coaching staff would have molded him into a classic, traditional NHL player.

One that plays with honor and isn't looking for handouts.

I already told you, look at Mike Richards. He's the example I'll use on what a Flyer is. He plays the game the way its meant to be played.

Crosby is young. There's still time for him to change.

malkinian said...

"I don't respect Crosby because he hurt his leg and his team by not paying attention to the oncoming boards a few weeks ago. He was too busy looking in the refs direction to see why he wasn't receiving a power play."

Are you actually believing yourself when you type this stuff???

DeCeV said...

Flyers = 20 Ruutus and Averys.

You guys also forgot when Hartnell jobbed Orpik in the face and then they pushed each other, getting matching minors. Hartnell dropped the gloves, Brooksie didn't. But then again, I'm probably wrong because I have the refs in my pocket.

FijiH2O said...

regarding Blufftalk's post @ 9:27 last night about his friend being laid out in a Roberts jersery: Do you think Gary has any idea how awesome and inspiring he is???? He doesn't come across as someone with a huge ego, so probably not. The Ranger fans were making fun of the us, because we refer to players by the first names, but the Penguin players have always been the least pretentious of all the sports players in Pgh. Could you even imagine someone requesting to be laid out in a Briere, Shanahan or Ovechkin jersey???? Never happen.

Great game last night! The PP is clicking:DD Can hardly wait for part 2 on Sunday. Hopefully, Gary will be on the ice to kick some Cryer ass! I say we knock them all the way out of the playoffs!!!

Geno rockstar = priceless

lis said...

I think I'm pretty numb to the whole Crosby discussion anymore. I'm so over hearing other fans bash and diss him that it doesn't even phase me.

Hell, if I was a fan of another team I'd probably be sick and tired of hearing about him as well...but then common sense would kick in and I'd realize that it's the media that makes a big deal of him and be pissed at them instead.

All I know is that I can't wait to see how many people are lined up to jump off the Ben Franklin and Walt Whitman after the Devils game Friday and then the Pens game Sunday....cuz I'll be going to both!!!!!!

Couldn't pass up free tickets to Friday's game...even if it was the Flyers and the boring Devils it's still hockey!!

Joshua said...

I got a Malkin Metallurg jersey a while ago. I'm was so psyched we finally got a stud Russian.

Mike Richards definitely plays Flyers hockey the way it was meant to be played, i.e. getting abused by Malkin. What a tough player that Richards is, getting beat so bad he had no choice but to recklessly throw his skate up and almost slice Malkin's face open.

RGB, we got Malkin too. He's the "real deal" and he's got the respect of everyone in the league. He's on the same level as Ovechkin. It don't matter what you or anyone else thinks of Crosby. We don't need him to validate our team.

Larry said...

I think the river of Philthadelphia tears just merged with the Mon.

4 rivers?

In all sports, you hate the best. I hate Tom Brady. I hated MJ. I will always hate A-Rod, Jeter and the Yankees.

Crosby hate is the same now as Mario hate was back when. When you look across the state, and see a much better team (In Football and hockey), a much more viable city to make a home in, and all of those championships, one can easily determine that you Philly guys just have a Napoleon complex.

You called Laraque a goon. Because of one cheap shot on Downie, probably. If there is anyone in the NHL (besides Scott Hartnell) who deserves to have his lunch handed to him, it's Downie. THE biggest goon in the East.

Laraque is more than servicable as a 4th line winger. He does a great job of controlling the puck down low, and gives that "Oh Shit!" factor any time he touches the ice.

In closing, here's to Mr. Roberts (I will not anger him by using his first name, as he may see it as disrespectful) tuning up Scotty Cheap Shotty on Sunday.

R*G*B* said...

Are those the refs in your pocket... or are you happy to see me...?

Crap... was that homophobic...?

The only penalty I complain about in that game is the 5 on 3. You don't give a team a 5 on 3 when they all were equally involved in the scrum. Hartnell went after Crosby... cause he was involving himself in things AFTER the whistle. And Hartnell was accosted by two Penguins after that. Its just a law of averages. You even up the penalties or at the most, give the Pens a 4 on 3, which Crosby would have scored on anyway. But 5 on 3's just don't make sense in what happened there.

I have a sense of humor... believe me. But crap comments in this "well written post" alluded to the fact that BirdDog likes to blow guys just puts me back in the high school cafeteria. Is that what this blog has set out to recreate...? Maybe I missed the theme.

I've watched the Youtube video of crosby "hitting the wall" a million times. I'm suprised the NHL supplied force field didn't protect him from that high ankle sprain.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@ rgb

steigy even mentioned that Booby Clarke complimented him on how good the Pens are / are the favorites in the East with their star players.

Then again, Clarke was probably drunk [with guy-pal Holmgren] & on a senility scale of 1 to 10: he's an 11+.

Mike Richards = Cannon fodder

Joshua said...


"Hey Jealousy"...wasn't that a song by some really gay band?

When Flyers fans talk about "gay Cindy" this and "buttfucker" that do you get this huffy about it?

Nick Saia (usa) said...

stop responding to rgb.

blackngold66 said...

The biggest difference between c-bloggers and fans/trolls of other teams is that when the Pens lose we put the blame on our players shoulders not the refs.

Hell, lots of us on here have actually blamed ourselves for a loss. (Feb. 13 against the Bruins was entirely my fault)

That's why I love this place.

Joshua said...

Is anybody else relieved that we are guaranteed to win the Stanley Cup because we have the refs in our corner?

SHHEEEIIIITT! I'm gonna start celebrating now!

Colin said...


Dude, unless you are an NHL'er, you probably can't support your statement that Richards receives more respect that Crosby. However, the fact that Crosby won the Pearson, it some pretty concrete evidence.

If Mike Richards is the epitome of the Philadelphia Flyers, then the Philadelphia Flyers are the epitome of a team that don't have a bright future.

If you think that Flyer organization would mold Crosby into a "classic, traditional NHL player," why didn't we see a change in Briere's game this year? Briere plays a perimeter game and complains when the game gets physical.

My suggestion would be to quit worrying about the penalties dished out to the Penguins and start worrying about an organization that has placed it's futures on the shoulders on a soft, unproven perimeter player, and average capitan who has a limited skill set and a goaltender who can't crack the top 15 in save percentage and wins or the top 25 in goals against average.

Just a thought.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I THOUGHT that was your fault.

Now, because of that, we're sitting in 8th place with 2 games to play, hoping that we don't fall out of the playoffs to the Capitals on our tails...

Oh wait, wrong team.

Dillon said...


Relax. I'm a Pens, was just posting it here so everyone can hate the Flyers together.

That's why it's in quotes and that's why the link is there.

DeCeV said...

Feels weird saying this but... lets go Devils tomorrow. Woo boring trap.

dying alive said...

Why are we even arguing about anything today? The Pens just won the Atlantic division for the first time in a decade. And even better, we're guaranteed a Stanley Cup due to the vast web of conspiracy that is the National Hockey League.


tecmo said...

Very Simply:

If Mike Richards > Sidney Crosby, then why did Sid have 2 more goals than Richards in a game the Pens wanted to win, and a game the Flyers needed to win?

Richards - 0 goals, 0 assists in 4 shots and 24:29 ice time (tops on team)

Crosby - 2 goals, 1 assist on 6 shots in only 20:17 of ice time.

Please tell me that Richards is better/means more to a team/plays the right way/doesn't bitch

Colin said...

On a lighter note, two things:

-On the DVE morning show with with Mike Prisuta, he had an interview with Gonchar, and someone in the backgrounded dropped a "WOOOOOOOOOOOOO." It was classic

-Anyone at the game: My father did the introduction of the starting lineups since John Barbaro was on the ice. Anyone notice / how did it sound?

Raybin said...

@dying alive


Maybe the only good thing about not winning the Cup this year would be proof that there is no conspiracy on behalf of Pens and people might shut up about it.

Actually, no it wouldn't. Logic and facts have no effect on these people.

C'mon, NHL front office, don't let us down now! You wouldn't want those pictures to get leaked would you? Yeah, those ones. Yes, we still have them.

That's what I thought.

The Cup's in the bag!

The Seeker said...

When Hockey News polled all NHL players:

- Crosby was voted the player they most would like to have on their own team

- Crosby was voted the player they said they feared most playing against

...for a guy that RBG claims is just so hated, then why does he sell the most jerseys and other NHL merchandise by such a huge margin?

As was stated in tPB game recap, when the Pens played the Rangers they had TWO guys go to the box creating a 5 -on- 3 in a similar post-whistle scrum around the net. The Rangers scored. But NO ONE here cried about it.

snickerdoodles said...

"I've watched the Youtube video of crosby "hitting the wall" a million times. I'm suprised the NHL supplied force field didn't protect him from that high ankle sprain."

Quoting rgb.

You hate Sid, but you watched him hit the wall a million times? That's a lot of viewings for some guy you supposedly hate. Seems to me the only thing the NHL force field needs to protect Sid from is lovesick guys like you. Did you also have a million dreams of taking care of Sids ankle?

dying alive said...

@colin - I noticed right away. I said to my friend, "Whoa! Where's Barbaro?" Near panic mode. Solid job by your dad, though.

Pensgirl said...

Guys, don't bother.

People who claim to love a sport and then hate the people who are the best at it have to sit in their own pools of drool. As I alluded to earlier, when people shut their yaps and actually just watch Sid play, they become fans. If someone doesn't want to see what he brings to the game, that's their problem.

Ovechkin gets the same shit, only in his case it's that people whine that he overcelebrates goals, as if there's such a thing (aside from taunting, which isn't so much overcelebrating as just being an asshole). People will make up any flimsy-ass excuse for their hatred of a star. It doesn't matter how much evidence contrary to their hatred exists in the world - people keep their blinders on because they want to.

It's like the Caps fan behind me on 3/9 who said to his buddy that the Pens don't use Sid on the PK because he's not defensively responsible. We all know that's patently false and easily disprovable (in fact he was backchecking in that very game, and we all know the PK minutes he was pulling before he got hurt). I could have spouted off his PK minutes and shown hours of video of him backchecking, and the guy would just accuse the league of conspiracies and accuse me of doctoring the videos. With people like that, facts are never enough to convince them.

But look, all they're doing is pissing all over what could have been their own good time just appreciating the immense skill of Sid, or AO, or whatever star they decided to hate. Personally, I sure as shit don't want to see AO doing anything remotely noteworthy in a game against the Pens, and I naturally want Geno to go nuts on Sunday and get that damn scoring title. But if AO scores a goal from his back tonight I'm not going to act like it wasn't cool. Some of us can root against a player and still appreciate him. It's called "not being a fucking sourpuss."

But as much as the fucking sourpusses refuse to be convinced of any alternative, so too they fail to convince any rational person of their point of view. Conspiracy theorists don't have much of a track record for persuading anybody of anything.

Besides which, nothing anyone says changes that Sid won the Pearson as a 19YO, or that he has the #1 selling jersey in the game, or that he gets far and away the most all-star votes. We're not sitting on a secret here, and people who enjoy the game of hockey see him for what he is: its best, hardest-working, and most impassioned player. You can't sourpuss the truth out of that.

Mike Costa said...

Where Chelsea Took That Picture Where I Was Last Night With Standing Room Only Tickets. Last Night Was Unreal. Makes Me Glad To Be A Pens Fans :-D

Sooska said...


Our boys can READ and ADD.
The knuckledragger who lurks here embodies the stupidity of the Filthy fans and players. I can't quit laughing at THIS:
Posted on Thu, Apr. 3, 2008

Flyers focused on hockey, not math
Philadelphia Daily News

PITTSBURGH - Flyers winger Mike Knuble was busy preparing a game stick and chatting with defenseman Jaroslav Modry when the fact that the Flyers had a chance to clinch a playoff spot last night was brought to his attention.
"What do you mean?" Knuble asked.

The answer took him by surprise: If the Carolina Hurricanes lost to Tampa in regulation and the Flyers beat Pittsburgh, then the Flyers would be in.

Carolina has held the lead in the Southeast Division for most of the season and as a result has been comfortably in third in the Eastern Conference standings, while Washington has been chasing the eighth-seeded Flyers and Bruins.

"I didn't know that," Knuble said. "All of our attention has been on Washington. The whole Carolina situation, they've been riding in the three spot."

You would think that a team desperate to get into the playoffs after finishing last in the league last season would be aware of the possibilities coming into a big game. But Knuble said the Flyers have been focused on how they have been playing and have not been looking at the standings.

"Guys really don't mention these kinds of things," he said. "Guys just watch TV and you hear about things, but I'm surprised that there has not been a lot of banter with the situation we're in."

It was something that some of the players knew, including R.J. Umberger, who returned to the lineup last night and who attended Ohio State, a rival of Knuble's University of Michigan.

"I was aware of it," he said. "I kind of figured it out by myself. It's that Ohio State education compared to Michigan."

Coach John Stevens said he was not going to let the Flyers take the ice before informing them himself.

"Most people didn't know," he said."They've [Carolina] been nestled in the three seed and now they are there with everybody else. But we're about to have a little meeting here. We'll follow up on that. But to me, it's about us. If we don't win and we don't get points, we aren't getting in. The focus has been on us, and I mean that sincerely." *

*permission to be stunned*

DeCeV said...

pensgirl = Stoosh on Stoosh's day off

Brett said...

@ r*g*b

you might have forgotten, this is an internet blog.

This is not Jay Leno.

This is not ESPN (thank god).

This is not even the Trib online.

This is an internet blog. So sorry we aren't living up to some literary standard you have in place.

But let me tell you something - I've read on countless other blogs in which they explicitly wish for harm to come to players. They genuinely want to see players injured or die.

So please, refrain from questioning the "Theme" of The Pensblog. Sure, we might have a picture of a flyer poledancing, but at least at the end of the day wee realize everybody is human.

Dr. Turkleton said...

a couple quotes from a philly fish-wrap:

Late in the game, center Danny Briere took a left knee-on-knee hit from Jarkko Ruutu.

"I tried to go inside, and he stuck his leg out there," Briere said. "I didn't realize it was him coming. Everyone knows he's one of the dirtiest players in the league. If I would have had time to look and see it was him, I would have protected myself better."

And they say Crosby is a whiner.

The Flyers went into the game needing a victory and a Carolina loss in regulation against Tampa Bay to clinch a playoff berth.

"I didn't know that," winger Mike Knuble said before the game, adding that most of the team didn't know it, either. It didn't matter: Carolina won, 6-2.

Wow. Just Wow. How do you not know what's on the line before you step out on the ice. Insane.

@sooska...i just saw your post when I 'previewed' mine....funny stuff

Pensgirl said...

Decev, that is a lovely and wonderful compliment, and I thank you dearly for it.

Brett: Amen, brotha.

Sooska said...


How can those guys not be prepared when their playoffs are hanging in the balance?

works for me. *collapses laughing*

Pensblog Staff said...

It really doesn't matter.
The highlight of this recap was Charlie.

Charlie, by the way, is a real homosexual male that we brought onto the staff to okay stuff that we say, in terms of homosexuality.

Homosexuality isn't a race.
It isn't a religion.
It isn't a nationality.
It is a choice of lifestyle.

And since we've made fun ourselves from day for one for spending a lot of time running a blog (lifestyle choice), we truly don't see what the big deal is.

The homophobia thing is such an easy thing to criticize.
Not only do we have a writer is homosexual, but one of my best friends is gay, too.

Besides, since Charlie stepped in, we've really cut down on the homosexual jokes.
We realized they could be offensive.

But, see, nobody cares if a Flyer fan is offended.


meloveblogs said...

Hey guys, just started reading...what does the WWPCD stand for?

Sooska said...

Dear Pensblog: If you trussed up any gay guy and threw him into a pack of rabid Filthy fans you would see what homophobia really is. That guy was more offended by so-called homophobia than he was about anything anyone was saying about the Flyers. Whywas he here anyway-to UPSET us? WE. WON. Are Filthy fans known for their erudite society, enlightened discourse, and nuanced thoughts on complex subjects of great social import?


MizzPenz said...

I'm convinced that either 1) r*g*b is Mike Richards or 2) He's Richard's boyfriend

Flyer Hater said...

I really love when these Flyer or Ranger fanboys come on here and talk about how Crosby is universally hated around the league like it's a bad thing. Scotty Bowman once said, every boo on the road is actually a cheer. The fact that our two biggest rivals hate Crosby with an unhealthy passion and bitch and moan about him constantly is aweseome. Keep it up KGB or RGB, whatever the fuck your name is.

RGB=Dumped by Pensblog Charlie

Dr. Turkleton said...


ever watch Parking Wars on A&E???

talk about your overview of the city that Fast Eddie Rendell built...

Lady Jaye said...

melovesblogs > it means What Would Pensblog Charlie Do?

pensgirl > I was thinking the same thing as decev when I was reading your post. That is the Stoosh post of the day. Well said.

R*G*B* said...

I never said Richards > than Crosby.

Skill-wise, its not even close. Crosby is teh AWSOMES.

But I admire Richards more. And I admire Gyno (sp?) more. And I admire Ovechkin more.

I'm sure my admiration will turn into another gay joke.

I'm glad you threw Charlie a bone by giving him a job... as some sort of gayfirmative action...? I'm glad you "toned" down the gay jokes on his behalf.

I have a friend at work who acciddently called his gay friend a c*cksucker... cause that's what guys do to one another right...? and he felt awful.

As far as jumping off various Philly related bridges when the Flyers are eliminated this weekend, I'm mentally prepared. Going from the worst team in hockey to a playoff contender or a team that just misses the playoffs seems like progress to me.

blackngold66 said...

Ok... The Feb. 14th loss against Carolina was also my fault.

I couldn't keep it a secret anymore.

Sooska said...

@turk Work is interfering with my post game celebration on cblog. No, I haven't seen that show -looks typical though. Pensfamily has had the recent misfortune of having to move from the Burgh to the hole (and I mean that with all sincerity) that is Eastern PA because of a job change. Bilingual grocery stores, local 11 pm news entirely in Spanish (English at 10 pm), crime, filth, myriad and indescribably grating accents; Filthy, NJ, Lehigh Valley, etc. Burghers - you dont KNOW how GOOD you have it! I thought I was a fanatic in Pittsburgh. You should see me now that I'm not there. LETS GO PENS!!

Nathan said...

I tell you, Ovechkin is the reason why I'm going to get an 11-game package to the Caps next season and probably root for them in the 9 non-Penguins games that I go to. Ovechkin is an amazing player, and I'd take him in Pittsburgh in a heartbeat.

The most intelligent thread on the forum was the one entitled "Something in inherently wrong with this franchise." I see a lot of organizational parallels between the Flyers and the Bruins; the Flyers don't have the penny-pinching owner that the B's do, but keeping a fossil like Bobby Clarke and his love of the thuggery that won the Flyers the Cup in the mid-70s around will keep the Flyers from ever being relevant, just like the Bruins keeping Harry Sinden around far too long went a long way in destroying Boston as a hockey town. Something is inherently wrong with the Flyers' fanbase too when they'd rather have Mike Richards instead of the best player in the world.

Philadelphia Flyers fans: Waiting 'til next year since 1976.

Flyer Hater said...

RGB is a fag.

See it's not a gay joke, it's just stating a fact.

Blackngold66 said...

Feb. 23rd... You guessed it... My fault.

nikki said...

im sure people have already commented on this.
but if people hate sid so much why did he get the most votes for the all-star game?
that's what i thought, good try there bud

R*G*B* said...

Bob Clarke isn't the GM of the Flyers anymore.

Sid is the highest SKILLED player in the league.

Of course he would have the most votes for the All-star game.

There's no contact in that game (unless you're J.R.) so its right up Sid's alley.

Flyer Hater said...

Gimme a break, Bobby Clarke will always be the GM of the Flyers

Sooska said...

whyisabouttheflyersblog? thisisthepensblogblog!

Did anyone see the post game Gonchar interview where he said he and Sid have worked on that deflection after practice and he was not surprised of its success? It's on Pens TV.

R*G*B* said...

I'd wait till AFTER the cup finals to talk trash on opposing GM's.

That way we'll know if the HOSSA experiment was a bust or not.

Sooska said...

edited for content

tecmo said...

Its not just the HOSSA experiment. Look at what guys like Dupuis and Gill are already giving us. Hossa was added to push us to the finals, but the other guys are also here to make the team better. I'd say its already worked out.

ha-mace said...

'nuff said:

The Seeker said...

Cyers fans keeping it classy as usual:

"wait till sunday thats all i have to say .. even if we lose sunday there will be very hurt pittsburgh players I guarantee that 1. Pittsburgh better sit out there baby stars cause philly is going to put them in the hospital .. that a guarantee .. at this point all i want to see is hurt pens players sunday an i will be happy til next season .. blood blood and more blood sunday .. sunday the pens dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

Naaa.....they're not a team and town full of goons at all.

R*G*B* said...

I didn't realize that Flyers players actually took the time to comment on crappy blogs...

cause you are insinuating that a player wrote those comments about death and blood and violence.

If we lose to the Devils and Penguins... I doubt there'll be any sort of trouble. Who wants to start the season suspended.

Don't worry guys... everything is going to be alright. Its in the bag.

The Seeker said...

@ ha mace:

Philly is miserable, says Forbes

Named the ugliest and most unfriendly city in the country last fall by CNN and Travel and Leisure magazine, and also earning the title of fattest city by Men’s Health magazine several years ago, I suppose it’s just logical that Philadelphia is miserable. After all, how can ugly, fat, bitchy people not be miserable?

Worst Places -
America's Most Miserable Cities

Kurt Badenhausen 01.30.08

Imagine living in a city with the country's highest rate for violent crime per capita and the second-highest unemployment rate. As an added kicker you need more Superfund dollars allocated to your city to clean up contaminated toxic waste sites than just about any other metro. Meet Philthydelphia!

The Seeker said...

"cause you are insinuating that a player wrote those comments about death and blood and violence."

Really? Did you attend school in Philly or something?

Quoting myself above:

Cyers fans keeping it classy as usual

Looks pretty clear to me that I said FANS.

R*G*B* said...

Cyers fans... I think you meant Cryers.

I just wasn't aware that we had an outcome on how bloody a game was. If that was the case... look out.

The Seeker said...

More "education" for the Knuckledragging Neaderthal Cyer Fans:

Inside Hollywood At Mellon Arena

Apr 2, 2008, 4:17 PM EDT

For a couple days, Hollywood took over Mellon Arena.

The Dreamworks SKG studio crew is in Pittsburgh filming its newest romantic comedy, “She’s Out of My League” in Pittsburgh. Its first stop was Mellon Arena.

Dr. Turkleton said...


Just to add to your enlightening post :

Crosby has probably been the most scrutinized hockey player of modern times [since the invention of Gore]. He's been covered by every media outlet, especially the Canadian Media, on a level bordering on Truman Burbank in The Truman Show.

And I can understand why.

• He's a Canadian playing 'Canada's Game'
• Although not from the Canadian Hockey Epicenter, known as 'Toronto', his main language is English. Adding to his repertoire, he also can speak French, as a result of wanting to learn the language while playing in the 'Q'.
•His flare for the dramatic speaks for itself. Though not a pure goal scorer, his hockey sense and creativity is on a level that few have or had while playing in the NHL.

This is why no player since The Great One has come close to living up to the hype [Lindros-included]

Mario had come the closest. But, with him hailing from all French, all the time: Quebec Province, that was strike No. 1.
When he boycotted the World Junior's back in '84: that was strike No. 2.
When Mario teamed with Gretz in the '87 Canada Cup for the 'Goal Heard Around The World', that started the 180ยบ turn of Canadians view of Mario. It steamrolled from there to winning Stanley Cups, Olympic Gold & saving a franchise.

Turning to modern-day marvel Alex Ovechkin...he's in the same media-boat as Mario was. He's NOT Candaian.
The Canadian Media warm-up is starting to become more evident when Crosby was out and Alex was busy filling the net. With OV's increasing knowledge of the English language and his vivacity for the game, he is winning over fans outside of DC at a steadying rate.
What will it take for him to reach or surpass Crosby's level of media attention??? It'll probably take winning a Cup before Crosby and for Sid to go on a downward spiral in terms of play & point production. Until that ever happens, Crosby will remain the media darling that he is [deservingly so] and Ovechkin will play 2nd fiddle throughout his career.

What NFOS [Not Fans Of Sid] don't realize is that Crosby...DIDN'T BRING ALL THIS ATTENTION ONTO is fueled by the Media. If these folks feel cheated by his coverage, they should move to Russia, where I'm sure the roles would be reversed and maybe even to a higher degree [when you add Malkin into the mix]

Just my .02¢ on a boring day off


Flyer Hater said...

RGB, can't you go and hang out with your kind?

The Seeker said...

"Cyers fans... I think you meant Cryers."

Ya....good call. At least you KNOW your position in life.

The Seeker said...

How's that Briere experiment doing?

Hmmm....a Minus -22 ???

How long are you stuck with that expensive chump again?

rwarner174 said...

Want to see something funny:

Dillon, I am sorry about the missunderstanding. Please don't kill yourself.

Whistler said...


You talk about being original?!? The next time I hear another Flyers fan crying over the refs, I'm gonna go Roberts all over your scrawny little butt!

Get a life. I'm not gonna use a tee-time joke, because the Flyers are too stupid to understand the sport of golf.

Cote likes MMA and Briere touches homeless people in the privates during the off-season. The rest of the team can go join a cult and hopefully they'll all drink the Kool-Aid

Mark said...

Hey, Seth posted this over at Empty Netters:

"By the way, we can't believe we haven't brought this up until now, but Debbie Flaherty from Day Automotive Group is easy on the eyes."

I think that Seth has been watching too much FSN.

Now, the lady who gives Colby the keys in the A&L Motors commercial, that's another story.

Hellloooooo, Betty!


Nathan said...

If the Flyers ever want to progress as an organization, they need to thank Bobby Clarke for the Stanley Cups in the 70s and then keep him as far the fuck away from the team as possible. Anybody in the GM role is going to be limited by the presence of Bobby Clarke within the Flyers' organization. Signing Briere could've been a sign that the Flyers were looking to move in a new direction, but with the mindset that heaps praise upon second-tier players like Richards and no-talent coward thugs like Downie (just skate away, Stevie. That mean Mr. Ruutu can't hurt you anymore) stemming from Clarke and his fellow travelers, the Flyers will never improve to a Cup-winning franchise.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Flyer guy who has no life and comes on our site, I have a friend who is gay and comes on this website and laughs his head off ... if a gay guy isn't offended by this, you shouldn't be. "I have a player who isn't as supremely skilled as Crosby in Mike Richards" You just said Bing was a better player. Okay. And you Richards plays how you are suppose to ... what does that mean? Punch guys with cancer in the face? Aim for the head in all hits? Plus, how is a guy who is so active in the community a goon? I read to little children but really I'm an ass. What?

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Flyers = Stunned. (not unusual)

Bugsy = Player's Player ... yeah! MVP = Malkin, duh.

One of the kids in my grade, I'm kinda friends with him, got Tyler Kennedy's jersey. I basically interrogated him about Kennedy. He said he was very nice and down to earth.

@erik k: "Sykora with one of the weakest sticks in a game all year. you gotta put that 1 home." I thought so at first, but then I saw a flyer put his stick down and blocked the shot.

Sarge = Gold. He barely ever shows emotion, never shows weakness, and keeps Malkin happy. Gonch knows all and says it like it is. He gives credit where credit is due, and I hope people realize that he shouldn't go. Plus, when he destroyed Hartnell twice, I laughed.

Hartnell is a dick. Hitting Bing like that is beyond uncalled for, but Sid took it and slaughtered some ... what the hell are they exactly? (I think has to be do with the god Mercury, but I think the Flyers drink mercury.)

I have nicknamed Gill, Gillson. Don't ask, I am random. So, if I call him that just don't question it. Anywho, he played very solid D. Plus, he is supposed to be a great guy outside of hockey.

No mention of Orrpik? It literally looked like Orpik just started shaking Lupal like nuts and choked him to death. Orpik = Darth Vader?

Am I the only sick person who laughs at the A&L Motors commercial because of Talbot's line? I feel bad for laughing, but it is kind of humorous.

How many face-offs did we win? It looked like Hall practiced his, but I’m thinking we should work on that still.

Bugsy taking that hit like a man is the reason why I love him so much. Luckily, payback was served (not by him, though.)

Sid was fierce. I'm glad he got pissed off or we would have to separate the other top line. Bugsy watched over him in the beginning of the year and took it a little too serious. He was practically down people’s throats when they even glanced at Sid. Well, I'm not saying that was bad, but it’s good that Sid is protecting himself. Plus, he’s a sweetheart! Did yins see him give a stick to that little girl? And he stayed out later to sign people’s stuff.

In All the Pens I Trust!

Michael said...

shortly after the game, a college friend of mine (and long time flyers fan) posted this....lets all take the time to blast him!

"Ya know, I am not one to complain when it comes to officiating in hockey games, granted I was a referee for about 5 years and in the end I would like to believe the worthy team wins and all is equal in the end. However, tonight the game was taken away from the Flyers due to horrendous officiating. Early in the 2nd period with the Flyers up 2-1, Sergei Gonchar blatantly cross checked Scott Hartnell, which went uncalled. Shortly there after, Hartnell hits Sidney Crosby with an apparent charge and Crosby comes back swing and punchin Hartnell in the back of the head, but wouldnt you know it, Crosby doesnt get a penalty...see where this is going? I can get out the rule book if you want me to... George Laraque punched a Flyer lightly in the back of the head and got a penlty, Crosby punched Hartnell several times in the back of the head and got nothing, fair? I think not.... and with another penalty already called 5 on 3 pens score tied 2-2. The game was over at that point. To make things worse, with 3 minutes to go in the game, Mike Knuble puts his stick into Crosby's chest, refs arm goes up, game over. The referee from center ice makes the call, yet on replay u clearly see Crosby holding the stick to his chest with his free arm.... it has become apparent to me that this is Sidney Crosby's NHL, he flops and get calls, he holds sticks and get calls, and punches players and gets away with it. In both situations I agree with the Flyers penalty, but you have to take Crosby too. The final score may read 4-2, but last i checked its usually 5 on 5, not 7 on 5... enjoy this win Pittsburgh, thank the referees for your garbage win. The better team tonight DID NOT WIN "

Nathan said...

Anybody else catch Empty Netters' "Bobby Clarke is probably somewhere not wearing pants." shot in the part about the scrum with 9:11 left in the first? That's exactly what I've been talking about. Without the disturbing images of Bobby Clarke.

Quingo77 said...

Pittsburgh just added another ship to their fleet. First the U.S.S. Hal Gill, now the U.S.S. Atlantic

Question for more informed peeps due to location. I live in VA Beach and therefore get my news online and watch games through the Center Ice Package, today on the Melrose line he said he did a radio interview in Pitts and was surprised at how much people in Pitts are against Terrien? Is that true? If so what about? Just curious, maybe the commentators should do a blog on him and this situation if one actually does exist

stokes said...

@ Mark: Debbie Flaherty is a super hot cougar. Absolutely. She could take me home any night of the week.

johnny said...

The Flyers are jokes. For a bunch of goons I love how they are their fans are whining like a bunch of nancy boys.

Atlantic Division champs, baby.

Michelle said...

I loved the picture of Malkin with the guitar. Crosby also looks pretty cool as a mailman. :)

All I have to say about last night's game is that the Flyers are animals. I hope they miss the playoffs.

Pensblog rocks!
Go Pens!

snickerdoodles said...

Oh boy, these Pflyer Pfans are making my afternoon! Michael's college friend get out your cryin towel!!!
"Sergie Gonchar blatantly cross checked Scott Hartnell (sob!!Whine!)"
"Hartnell hits Sidney, Sid hits back and Sid does not get a penalty! (Sob!!Sob!!Sob!!) I can get the rule book out if you want me to!" Get it out. What's the rule book supposed to do? Make the Pflyers act like they got some sense?
"Mike Knuble puts a stick into Crosby's chest, the ref makes the call, but on the replay you can see Crosby holding the stick to his chest! (Sob!!Whine!!Sobby Sob Whiney Sob Whine!!)
This is Sidney Crosby's NHL! The better team tonight did not win!
College friend stomps off to console himself with milk and cookies. And play with his Philly Pflyers action figures. Oops, I mean dolls.

R*G*B* said...

I don't recall giving up any of our future... to get Briere.

I think he was a free agent.


I have Kasparitus wrote this:

Flyer guy who has no life and comes on our site, I have a friend who is gay and comes on this website and laughs his head off ... if a gay guy isn't offended by this, you shouldn't be. "I have a player who isn't as supremely skilled as Crosby in Mike Richards" You just said Bing was a better player. Okay. And you Richards plays how you are suppose to ... what does that mean? Punch guys with cancer in the face? Aim for the head in all hits? Plus, how is a guy who is so active in the community a goon? I read to little children but really I'm an ass. What?

Can someone translate.

Oh, and Kaspar is one of my favorite players. He has all the qualities I look for in dirt balls. Like ending the career's of players and laughing about it on the bench. HAI FIVE-AH.

You know what... he sorta reminds me of Crosby... what with playing the agitator and then ducking into the turtle shell, or calling the refs to airlift him out of a scrum... or having 10 players jump in front of him.

What has Crosby done besides win a scoring title or two...? I mean.. he's unproven as Mike Richards... right?

I mean, is that a wrong statement...?

So he can deflect goals thru his legs and make Matthew Barnaby faces when he gets hit in a scrum. Wait till he wins a playoff series with out big brother Malkin helping him along. Wait till he hoists the Cup to crown him.

I already stated before, even then... unless he changes the way he plays the game AFTER the whistle...

I just don't care for him.

I'm out... I'm gonna go live my life like you guys keep telling me to.

And work on my next Sidney Crosby masterpiece to show on digidigidigi.

Eric K said...

apparently Flyer fans also think that a butt-end is a "blatant crosscheck".

it's too bad that Malkin's unreal performance this season will most likely be overshadowed by OVugly scoring 60+ goals and winning the scoring title.
watching Geno play last season, you knew he was gonna be great, but I'll admit, I didn't think he'd be this great this soon. granted, the circumstances this season threw him into the position to be THE MAN for this team, and honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.
Imagine if Sid doesnt get hurt this year and this continue on, Malkin maybe scoring 40 goals, 90 points, Pens still make the playoffs, but Pittsburgh is still known as "Crosby's team." Don't get me wrong, I'm not jobbing Sid by any means, i'm just saying that his injury had a positive effect in that Malkin has emerged as a true superstar in this league, something that may not have come as quickly if he was consistenly playing in Sid's shadow.
Maybe i'm way off base, maybe Malkin would still be challenging for the Art Ross even if Sid hadnt got hurt. Point is, when the injury happened, it looked real freakin gloomy for the rest of the year, but Malkin emerged as a true superstar, and along with the resiliency and dedication of his teammates, led this team to the top of the conference.
Sorry for the book, it's just great to be a Pens fan right now, and a privilege to be able to watch the 2 best players in the world on the ice together every game.
Go Pens.

DontBooJagr said...

Regardless of whether or not Crosby should have went to the box with Hartnell, the important thing to note is that while Philadelphia is fighting for its playoff lives, their players would rather take a self-gratifying "run" at an opposing player instead of showing self control and doing what is best for the team. Yes, Hartnell had some well deserved rage due to taking a butt end to the face without a penalty. But the only reason he was in that splinter-tasting situation is because he lost his cool from being hit by Gonchar seconds earlier, and decided to take a self-gratifying "run" at Gonchar that you could see coming from the blue line in.

Maybe the Pens got some more call last night, maybe they didn't. That can be said about every game. But when there are only 2 other games left to play and you are clinging on the 8th seed, show some self restraint! Don't put your team in a position where the refs have to make a decision.

Eric K said...

and i just dont get these fans from other teams....

Sid is only good because "Big Brother Malkin" carries him....

Malkin is only good because he plays with Crosby....

Why can't they just give the guys credit for BOTH being great players. Yes they are on the same team, that just makes them even better. Sid was still one of the top players in the league his rookie season, WITHOUT Malkin. Malkin is chasing for the scoring title and SHOULD BE and MVP candidate, playing in almost 30 games WITHOUT Sid.

No one said Mario only led the Pens to consecutive Cups because he had Jagr to back him, or vice versa. Great players playing together make each other BETTER players.

Just because Briere and Richards can't even lead their team to a secure playoff spot before the last game of the season, don't job guys that you can not sit there and say are not great players.

Nathan said...

Look, I'm a straight man, but a card-carrying member of the HRC (Human Rights Campaign if you want to look it up -- website is I've been reading this site for over a year now, and I've yet to see anything in it that I've thought was blatantly anti-gay. The insults are aimed at opposing teams and their fan bases (PB staff, feel free to correct that if I'm off base in my assessment), and when those people get upset, I'd say mission accomplished. I'd probably quit coming to this site if it crossed the line with me, but it hasn't yet.

I believe the guys here when they say they're not homophobic. They also know the power that certain words and images hold in today's society and use them extremely skillfully as a means to insult the people they're looking to insult. Calling Senators fans gay isn't gay bashing. It's Senator fan bashing. There's a big difference, and people like our new friend RBG seem to have missed it entirely.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

i have a crush on pensgirl

J.S. said...

What has Crosby done? Hmmm, youngest NHL player to score 100 pts in a season, a Pearson trophy, a Hart Trophy, a Ross Trophy, and although missing 1/3 of the season, he has the highest points per game average of ANY player in the legaue. Oh wait, and he doesn't turn 21 until the first week of August.

Does that suffice?

I Have Kasparaitis said...

rgb: Kasparitus? You diss other people for misspelling and can't take the proper time to insult me or him properly. Good job. First of all, Kaspar is known for his antics and was fun to watch. He was first the hockey player (besides Lemieux) that I liked. I was 6 when he came onto our team and thought his hip-check was the most awesome thing in the world. Kaspar doesn't hide. Sure, he wants to get under your skin but that was a part of his responsibilty. But he has taken more than one punch and has had his fair share of black eyes. Kaspar knew his job and took his defensive work seriously. The hip-check is his signature and was perfected by him. I can't think of anyone who had his ability to pull those. Just because I made my name cutsie and dedicated to my first fav. player means nothing. He is in Russia now (where Jagr wants to be ... they are Best friends.) To go that far with Crosby is beyond idiotic. Do you watch hockey, or do you pretend to at the bar? Sid is not an agitator just an extremely talented goal scorer and playmaker. An unproven Richards? Please, Sid's been playing for how long, has boosted the Pens team up so well, and is humble. Richards was picked in what '03? And Crosby in '05 and he is supremely better than Richards at everything than being a jerk.

And really "Airlift?" Because when he went after Lasse Kukkonen, it looked more like they had to rip Bing off of him,then protect Sid as you say. But whatever, I make observations while you just talk and talk.

You aren't worth talking to anymore. I'm done with this pathetic arguing. I came to defend Sid, Kaspar, and myself. Go ahead post again. I don't give a damn. Just go back to the Flyers sites and pray you make playoffs. I'll be hoping the Caps (cringe) takeover your spot.

Good day.

iheartthepens said...

read this everyday, but am normally too lazy to post in c-blog....

but, my favorite part of this c-blog, so far, is that people are still responding to RGB's silliness...all the while BNG66 is blaming himself for pretty much every Pens loss since Feb 14th...which by the way i drove from pgh to raleigh for and suffered through 3 periods of badness!

BNG66 you owe me some money!!!

coffeytalk said...

who's mike richards?

coffeytalk said...


blackngold66 said...

Pre-season loss against Buffalo...

yup... me.

I'm totally sorry for that one.

iheartthepens said...

also seeing as wear are the Atlantic Division Champs, shouldn't we be using this c-blog to celebrate the Pens and most of all celebrate CHARLIE and his awesomeness...

iheartthepens said...

so help me Gary, BNG66, you are really bumming me out...if the first home loss against philly was your fault, i'm going to start taking it personally. every loss i've witnessed first hand, you've been to blame!

The Seeker said...

RGB actually abused someone for a typo or misspelling something?

What a JOKE.

Here's a quote from just ONE of his own spellingtypo errors:

"Crosby is teh AWSOMES."

Way to add being a hypocrite to your douchebaggedness!

coffeytalk said...

Dr. Turkleton-

Ridiculous photoshop! I want that as a poster for above my bed.

Pensblog Jeff:

I wish there was a Geno Guitar Hero. Then maybe I'd finally play that damn game.

good work, gentlemen.

slap me silly sidney said...

"Scott Hartnell, whose boyfriend probably broke up with him before the game, decides to assist in putting his team deep in a hole, just how he likes it."

Probably the funniest line I've ever read on here. Just the most solid recap.

original hockey ho said...

the photoshop of Malkin rocking out is one of my favoites EVER! fucking hysterical. it looks too perfect.

and as soon as I saw the WWPCD shirt on the air, I might have peed a little... so, yeah... that anonymous dude's a beast.

danielleia said...

pensgirl/jane/dr turk:

I hope it's a permanent change as well. I'll let you know if I catch her again. Then I'll know for sure he has some sort of unknown power. I've tried to explain that Sidney is a player that anyone can like (i.e. at the Winter Classic, there were many Sabre fans wearing his jersey).

As for my comment, I only meant it to be nonchalant, I didn't think it would turn into a war zone (see RGB). You'd be lying if you say you wouldn't want him on your team. Big lies.

Now, excuse me while I watch my team die and/or keep going like possessed energizer bunnies.

original hockey ho said...

oh! and how much would it really cost to do the WWGRD bracelets again? I'm pretty sure enough of us on here would be willing to chip in to make it happen.

Nathan said...

Score alert: Washington defeats Tampa Bay 4-1 to move back into a tie with Carolina in the Southeast Division and into a tie with Boston in the top 8 of the conference. Boston holds the 7th spot because they have a game in hand on the Caps.

And Philadelphia is currently 9th.

shmiegaldahote said...

penguins suck the refs are just blowin crosby all playoffs. maybe if the nhl stopped blowin smoke up crosbys ass we could see some real hockey and not all this bullshit! i mean are they ever going to throw that pussy out of a faceoff for turning before the puck is dropped! ridiculous! and after every play hes sittin down havin a conversation with the ref! didnt he already take them out to dinner before the game? christ!


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