Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hold Your Tongue. The Big Apple.

We're starting this off the only way we know how.

[-2.<span class=j
Not only will he score. He will BURY it.
The kind of goal we all envisioned back in February.




First things first sort of.
Last year, long-time C-blog member [Adrienne A] got some nice pictures in MSG.

We had to edit the picture, because Charlie was worried about little kids seeing it.
But click [here] to see it.

[Ben] found a nice sign in the crowd outside the Mellon.
Once again Charlie [ edited ]

A more family-oriented sign.
[Phil and Tom Quinn] spotted this in South Park.

[ Matt C. AKA BlackNGold66] snapped this pic up in Cleveland on Monday:

We are all for these KISS signs,
although we've never been too crazy about the question mark.

[ Thanks to Tom and Phil Q. again with the pic ]


[Thanks to JKS]


All quiet on the Penguins Front

:: [ Taking One For The Team ] takes a look at the series.

:: According to [ WhoWins.com ],
teams in the Penguins current position have won 90% of their series.

:: The Pens didn't win in MSG this year. Blah blah blah. [ PG ]

:: Solid Article on Scuds. [ NHL.com ]

[Hutch]----------------[Marcie W]

:: The Rangers have to win. [ Yahoo ]

:: JJ/Crosby Aftermath [ TSN ]

:: A PSA for the Rangers. [ The Confluence ]

::MAF ain't no sucka. [ London Free Press ]



:: Remember this Shanahan crap from Game 2?

The Pens were told the goal would have been disallowed if one went in.
[ Globe and Mail ]

:: Sabu takes home the win over at [ NHLToL ]


Last year, we got panned when we made fun of Marty Straka.
But a year older, a year less wiser.

Being that Straka has turned into a big baby,
it is worth bringing up what our joke about what the weight machine is about.

Don't let Milan Kraft be your spotter. [ PG 2002 ]

The workout, Kraft said, placed an emphasis on exercises to increase leg strength, and had been proceeding normally.

"We were doing the squat, our third or fourth exercise that day," he said. "We were supposed to do eight squats with 300 pounds. Marty did two, and then, on the third one, he went down and was on the way back [to an erect position] when the machine moved and he couldn't hook the bar up."

That sent the bar, which was supporting 300 pounds, slamming off Straka's back.

Luckily, to illustrate what happen, we have a [Jschiff] joint.

Photoshops like that are why we run a blog.


[ CuseAdelphia ]
[ Four Habs Fans ]

Carey Price let in some more weak goals and was eventually pulled.
Bad times up in Montreal.


A few in Cblog said it was gonna take a miracle
for the Habs to erase a 3-0 deficit going into the third.

And it was looking like the miracle was gonna come in the form
of a boneheaded 5-minute boarding penalty on Derian Hatcher.

The Habs capitalized twice on the major penalty, but couldn't finish it off.
Flyers take the 2-1 series lead as Martin Biron has been on acid.

Flyer fans booed the the Canadian anthem.

We're usually against that.
But it was warranted, under the pretense that many fans may had seen this:

Props to [ Fanhouse ] for that video.

[The700level] has more info on the incident.

The Stars are taking a 2-0 series lead back to Dallas.
Dallas is playing unreal hockey.
[ TheShootout ]

Sharks fans go to the way of the prayer. [ WeBleedTeal ]


Speaking of playing unreal hockey, the Pens have been doing just that.

And [ pensfan100 ] knows why.

The bastard pigeon has been the primary crest or on the shoulders
since the Pens won their cup in 1992.

They finished that playoff season on an 11-game winning streak.

Fast-forward blog to 2007-08.
The new RBK Edge uniforms mark the end of the pigeon.

Pens = 6-0 in the playoffs.



The all-time record for comments USED TO BE gameday post is 278.
[ GameDay (80) -- Pens @ Rangers ]

That all changed with 365 comments in the most recent post,


Do it

Go Pens


eileenover said...

First again.

j.s.22 said...

A return of Gary Roberts tonight?

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

Wow, how did it take me this long to realize that the pigeon isn't even on the shoulders of the new jerseys?

Probably because I bought a new jersey LAST year before the Reebok Edge ones came out, and mine still has the fucking pigeon on the shoulders.

FACT: I don't own a single Pens jersey without some incarnation of the pigeon on it.

FACT #2: I need to change that.

FACT #3: Yes, I do believe the word is that on the day of April 29th in the 2008th year of our Lord Gary, Gary himself shall compete in a playoff game in the worlds most famous shithole.

dhudzin said...

I'm going to bed now, and I'm wearing my WWGRD to bed. I'm also going to wear it when I shower tomorrow, and leave it on through the game. Tonight is the perfect time for the return of The Gary. Amen.

Jonny V said...

Eileen...Damn you!!

letsgopsu said...

Did staff not see all the comments on the last post?


Julia said...

I love the new flash at the top, amazing.

Solid post as usual... I too am wearing my WWGRD wrist band to bed and all day tomorrow, I'm so excited for the game.. Dhudzin said it best.

sh0ez said...

zarley - I didn't realize the 'pigeon' wasn't on the EDGE jerseys either. It's alright. Hah. I have several friends who basically flip out every time they see that logo. They have the same superstition as mentioned in this post.

Also, I have yet to remove my WWGRD wristband since receiving it last week.

Pensblog Staff said...


The Big K said...

Lets get this count up.
Go Pens.

chris l. said...

Wow. Nice call Pensfan100 on the bastard pigeon.

oldmanblog: I'm a little late on this, but did anyone else catch Doc Emrick on the Versus feed "waxing historic" about ol' J. Bob "Battleship" Kelly? (Click photo and tell me it's not Ryan Malone's long-lost uncle.) We may need some of that tonight. It should be a god-damned footrace to plow Avery with a nice clean open-ice clock-cleaner. Do it.

Staff, good call on the Hossa guarantee. I'm with ya. The moment he missed that breakaway, that ghostly Volvo mini-excavator image popped into my head. "66 buries it" indeed. Hossa will work it out. He knows the score.


SK said...

Anyone manage to capture the "Rangers Suck" song off of DVE this morning? I need a copy.

k.chap said...

I sent my boyfriend an e-mail whining about having to be at school with papers and projects, instead of home in the burgh watching hockey. His response?

"knock on wood, the Pens will still be playing when you get home. Now buckle down and finish the semester strong, because that's what Gary Roberts would do."

best answer ever!

Joshua said...

Jagr really need to shave that thing already.

Avery tried to hurt Sid:

Was it cheap? Yeah. Intent to injure? I don't know...

Joshua said...


I feel your pain, somewhat. I'm in Pittsburgh at least, but I've been taking law school finals since Thursday. I've been prioritizing hockey, and my performance may suffer, but I get you.

Last one today. Here's hoping this day turns out to be a grand one by 10 PM.

Joshua said...

Interesting tidbit in that article about Avery slashing Sid:

"Penguins coach Michel Therrien said he was well aware of the incident and added, somewhat cryptically, "I'm working on that right now."

Asked if that meant he was going to send a tape to league headquarters, Therrien said no."

Avery better watch his ass.

Russell Lucas said...

I just reread this old Sports Illustrated article where Keenan accused 66 of diving back in 1992: http://vault.sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1003855/index.htm
Funny how things don't change. Losers whine about diving, while winners move on.

Nice catch about the curse of the pigeon.

Russell Lucas said...

Apologies. Better link:

David said...

That pigeon is a wretched curse. I can remember my mom driving me to school back when I was in elementary / middle school [mid 90's] and hearing John Signa on KDKA complaining about how the Penguins haven't won since they went with the pigeon.

Hopefully the Penguins faithful won't have to wait for the yellow / black to come back, too.

letsgopsu said...

Still up and going strong.

Game in 11 hours and counting...

David said...


M. Vanderlasser said...


Hey, does anyone know if BNG66's dad ever got to go from from work earlier this week?

Fleury29 said...

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion, you need to get a new jersey quickly. Unlike other people, I really like the pigeon (or, as I like to call it, hummingbird) logo. I have every jersey it was ever featured on but the skating Penguin is a classic.

You could get anything from a 1977 Home Replica to a 1980's Gold Lemieux Jersey. Chuck Thomas.com has a few skating pengin jerseys but they're expensive. The winter classic jersey and the Dave "The Hammer" Schultz jerseys are good. There's an old white skating penguin jersey for $795 that only has the 1992 Stanley Cup patch. $795? I think not. Besides, I got my Schultz jersey on eBay for about $80 shipped so if you scour eBay you should be able to find a few good Pens jerseys on the cheap.

Good luck to you, sir!

If the Pens win tonight, the series is pretty much over.

There may have been a time when the Pittsburgh Penguins surrendered a 3-0 lead in a series, but not these Pittsburgh Penguins.

I'll be stuck at work, like usual, with no ability to post on The Pensblog C-Blog or Pensblog Chat so I'll post my thoughts up after the game.

Expect this game to be more high-scoring than the last game because if the Rangers don't get people in front of MAF and just throw pucks at him, they're not going to win.

They're going to be desperate and, I'm hoping, that will make them take bad penalties, which we can exploit. I'm also hoping that it will have them pushing for offense from the very start which might open up some opportunities for us for breakaways, odd man rushes, etc.

We'll see, I guess, but one thing is for sure. I've got WWGRD on my wrist, FLEURY 29 on my back and "Let's Go Pens!" in my heart.

letsgopsu said...

I got a winter classic Crosby jersey on ebay a couple of weeks ago for $69.99 after shipping. Great quality. If you want a nice jersey for a good price, you should definitely go with ebay.

TheEnforcer98 said...

The DVE Morning Show "Rangers Suck C*%K"


Thy also have it on their podcast, which can be found on DVE's website

Sooska said...

@ sk - here's a link to dve's pod cast page. "Rangers Suck" is the first on the list. This is different from the old Rangers Suck song from some time ago.

Rangers Suck

SK said...

Thanks for the links!

FakeDannyStag said...

hey BnG66, i saw that bus over by tower city. i thought it was mine for a second.

thankfully sabu is beating price. what's up with that brokeback mountain mask?

Raybin said...


That little article snippet made me grin like the Chesire Cat hopped up on goofballs.

The message has been sent. If Avery steps one inch out of line the rest of the series, he's a dead man. And you know he won't be able to restrain his antics for the home crowd.

Mwahahhaha.......should be fun.

Stoosh said...

@ Chris L -

Re: Ryan Malone's longlost relatives

I can possibly do you one better than Battleship Kelly. I was watching "Mystery, Alaska" this past weekend and "Tree" Lane (played by Kevin Durand) - the big soft-spoken defenseman on the Mystery team - looks like he could be Malone's long-lost brother in this movie. He's on the right in this picture, although it's much more convincing in the movie when he has his helmet on.

queenofthesky82 said...

This Sunday I was in Station Square doing the whole tour thing, and when I started talking about the Pens some little kid starts cheering lets go rangers, and pulls up his t-shirt to show that he has a Rangers shirt under it. I feel like this child is indicative of the majority of the Rangers fans base (which accounts for all the crying and comlaining) for three reasons:

1. He looked like the son in "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" complete with a feathery bowl cut.
2. The T-shirt he was wearing over his rangers one was...(drum roll) A Hannah Montanah "Best of Both Worlds" Tour.
3. When I asked him why he didn't just man up and wear his Rangers T-Shirt in plain view he explained that he had planned on it but when he got to the Steel City he became afraid of all the "mean looking Penguins fans" and didn't want to get beaten up.

Big Market = Joke Fan Base

Stoosh said...

@ Joshua -

I thought Sid was being awfully diplomatic in that write-up, given that the NBC broadcast showed the play in question a few times.

Dirty? Yes. Intent to injure? If this was happening when Sid didn't have the puck, I'd have a hard time arguing anything other than intent to injure.

Kudos to Therrien for handling it this way. While he certainly would've been justified in sending a tape to the league for review, had it resulted in a suspension, it would've done nothing but fuel the "NHL is catering to Crosby" fire.

As someone pointed out in the gameday thread, when Avery was confronted at the end of the game, he was backpedalling faster than Deion Sanders in his prime, so he's shown his true colors. The Pens have really gone out of their way to finish their checks on him, and he's really taken some pretty good shots in this series so far.

And given that he's always a hell of a lot more brave on the MSG ice, I'm sure there are more than a few Pens who will be chomping at the bit to humiliate him in front of his own fans tonight.

Again, I hope this doesn't overshadow the rest of the game. The Pens need to remain focused on winning the game and they've certainly had no problem remaining focused on the overall task at hand to this point. But rest assured, every Pens player is aware of what Avery did the other night with the slash, and I expect them to act on it accordingly.

dying alive said...

Just to get caught up...

Musicblog - Don't Stop Believin' will always and forever make me think of Mario making the arena announcement last year. Screw the Caps, the Pens were using it first. It has my vote for official Pens power ballad. They used Home Sweet Home on the new arena video montage also (as well as on a few random jumbotron spots), so that is also a solid choice.

Karaokeblog - I rarely do karaoke, but if I have a few too many drinks, my weapon of choice is Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard.

U2blog - I saw them live on the Elevation tour and they are hands-down the best live act I've ever seen, and - to quote an overused and cliche message board term - it's not even close. I don't really even listen to them that much anymore but they will always have a place in my heart after that concert. Where the Streets Have No Name is now my favorite song of theirs. Incredible.

I saw Pearl Jam's cover of Wild Horses mentioned. I cannot recommend enough that if you haven't heard The Sundays' cover of that song, do so immediately. Her voice is unreal. Also, I have to disagree with a lot of you guys on the White Stripes. I can't stand them. Just not a fan of their music, and Jack White looks like he smells terrible. I also can't stand Amy Lee/Evanescence. I will go away now.

But not without saying the most important thing of all...let's go Pens!

Jonathanlyle said...

The guy on the left in that pic looks like a young version of Bing, does he not?

Should this movie be investigated more?

dying alive said...

@queenofthesky - I actually lol'ed at the "mean looking Penguins fans" thing. Well shucks, I thought us dirty, toothless hicks looked pretty harmless!

Besides, nobody around here is going to beat up a kid for wearing a rival team shirt. This isn't NYC, Philly, or Boston.

Colin said...


Did anyone else see "classy" Mike Richards throw an elbow to Halak's ear during the third period of the Flyers-Habs game last night? What a loser.

Does anyone else out there think that Carey Price's lack of intensity hurts him more than helps him? Broadcasters love to stroke up because he is "so cool under pressure" but it seems to me that at times his ultra-cool demeanor hurts him (see Umberger's second goal in game 2). Not to mention last night he threw his team under the bus with his body language after the goals. Should the Pens make the East finals (knock on wood) I would love to light him up.

More importantly, this game tonight is going to be all Marian Hossa.

Zac Wassink said...

I'm doin it. Tonight, I enter NYC rocking the Pens jersey. It's gonna be awesome

Jersey Bill said...

After the game on Sunday, a few callers to the Rangers post-game radio show suggested that Fleury should be susupended for instigating a fight in the final "3" minutes of the game. That's what we're dealing with right now. Then a guy with a heavier accent than mine (that's according to all yinz friend's when I was at Pitt) said people are going to bring skirts for "Cindy". So, Avery paints his nails and is getting a summer job at Vogue because, according to his agent, "he loves fashion and it's something he's really good at", but Sid is a pansy?

Again, I'm superstitious and I will begin my assault on NY sports talk after the series.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@dying alive

I caught one of those Classic Games™ on NHLNet a couple months back, it was EDM v. CGY during an early 80's playoff game and whomever the hometeam was, [senior moment time] they would play Don't Stop Believing as their goal song.

OK...its the Rags 1st home playoff game this series. They should play as a desperate team since they're down 2 games to love. Mike Yeo comes into your office, hands you the lineup card with the 20 guys playing tonight....which line do you select to start the game to set the Pens tone????

[Hossa: ♥ the predictionblog]

Jersey Bill said...

Sound familiar?


Excuses are for the weak.

Jonny V said...

If you can wail on the guitar like Jack White does, you can have two sets of ears and a ballsac sprouting from your chin and I wouldn't care.

Avery is a douche. But he isn't stupid. He knows what he's doing, and I hope the Pens don't become preoccupied with him. He's not worth it. As stated before, the best way to stick it to him is to send him on his intern opportunity early.

Fleury, I got my wristband on, my Crosby last year's jersey with the "C" on, and pure loathing (for the Rangers) in my heart.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@jersey bill

they're whining all over the place...on the NHL Live! show yesterday a caller from New York [surprise!] had the whole weekend to stew about the 1st 2 games before calling in to cry.
The caller was saying how the NHL's 'Golden Boy' was getting away with penalties while his Rangers were getting assessed ticky-tack fouls. He was basically in tears saying how could the refs overlook these obvious infractions.

EJ Hradek fired back:
'I guess the refs overlooked Averys stick in Sids face while Sid was laying on the ice....I guess the refs overlooked Avery slashing Sid in the wrist well away from the play going on.....


be careful & watch out for Homo Larry --- the Dancing Rangers fan.

Whistler said...

I'm hoping Lord Roberts brings his game to MSG just to put some fear into the heart of the Rump Rangers.

@ Fluery29 Your words are priceless!!

Joshua said...

Re: The Pigeon

I've been wearing my Malkin Metallurg jersey (his Russian Super League team) and it's been doing really well so far. I have a Crosby jersey from last year, but with a "C" on it. I don't think I've worn that on game day yet. It's got the pigeon logo on the shoulders. I'm sticking with Malkin. I always hated that logo.

@ Stoosh:

When I look at that, I think Avery was definitely trying to hurt him and get into Sid's head. I'm sure he didn't mind the prospect of possibly knocking him out of a game or two. I just don't know if he was really trying to knock Sid out of the series. He's a dirty son of a bitch, and he probably does that kind of thing pretty often. I think if he was really trying to break a bone a la Adam Graves, he would have put more windup into it. It doesn't piss me off any less, one way or another.

JYo said...

Hradek also had this to say:

"There has been a lot of talk about some of the referee's decisions and Sidney Crosby's ability to stay on his skates. If that talk continues, the Rangers will likely be gone by the end of the week. When you're worried about periphery issues, you're not focused on the task at hand."

I'd say he is right on. The Rangers are distracting themselves more than they are affecting Sid or the refs.

Musicblog: For this round and next, I propose using this as a theme for the team:

I suppose we'd need another song for the finals...

Linkblog: for those of you having trouble with links that are too long to fit in the width of the column, just triple click the link to highlight the entire line, even the part you can't see in the column. Then, just copy and paste into the address bar.

Pensgirl said...

I load last night's cblog this morning and holy effing crap people! I was tossin' and turnin' while you all were cbloggin'. But something tells me I still feel more awake than the rest of you.

Catching up:

Canadablog. Gwin/PSU, Toronto's a great city and the HHOF is a must, but you must get yourselves to Nova Scotia. Halifax is incredible, and there's a little town called Windsor that holds claim to being the birthplace of hockey. There's kind of a fight as to where it really started, but a lot of historical evidence indicates that it did, in fact, start there - enough to convince Cooperstown to be its sister city (or, rather, town).

And you won't believe the coast up there. In.Credible.

Pensthemesongblog. Whenever I hear U2's Beautiful Day I think of the Pens because of its being used in the opening-day video. The sentiment of that song not only captures how this team makes you (or at least me) feel, it also hints at Badger's "great day for hockey."

Nick Saia (usa) said...

my morning run:
I went on a morning run around 6:30 on my buddy's route. So I had no idea how long it was gonna be or where to turn etc. and i had a "thepensblog moment"

When my buddy told me we were about halfway through I thought to myself, damn, so this is kind of like going into round 3 and when I finish it will be like wining the stanley cup...

then i thought better of that and decided in my head that, no, in fact this is more like game 3 round 2 because Im gonna have to wake up and do the same thing tomorrow. And this street coming up is game 4....

then my little brain reprimanded itself and i decided this was in fact just the start of the third period and to quit being a pussy and start acting more like our father Roberts.

then my buddy interrupted me and told me to turn left and i thought to myself, thanks Michel T....


then when i was finished I thought to myself, no gary roberts would go work out.... and thats why im not in the nhl.

Joshua said...

I was looking through the archives of the Blueshirt Bulletin and they have stuff going back to the spring of 2005. They were drooling over the thought of Sid playing for the Rangers. They even suggested that the Rangers go out and sign him as s free agent before they negotiated the CBA and reinstated the draft.

Sour grapes, son.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

btw: good morning pens fans... its a beautiful day to win...

Nick Saia (usa) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JYo said...

Good call on the skating Pen too. I was always pissed when they weren't using it. The pigeon and diagonal letter jerseys both suck IMO. No surprise that the skating Pen shows up for the playoffs. Solid.

As for not winning in the regular season in the garden, so what? The Pens were 1-2-1 against Ottawa this season and we know how that turned out. The regular season means absolutely nothing right now.

Joshua said...

As far as music goes, I thought the Pens did a good job with the comic book intro for the jumbotron. Check this bad bitch out:


I love it. I'm not a big fan of the canned heavy metal the teams often use. It's nice to see some surfy psychedelic stuff setting the atmosphere.

dying alive said...

@joshua - I can't get to YouTube at work, but if that's the comic book jumbotron video, the song is Knights of Cydonia by Muse. They're a pretty decent band. If you like that song you should check out more of their stuff.

While we're still discussing music, does anyone know what the last song they play at Mellon during warm-ups is called? They always play the same four songs: The Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World, some other jobber song, a song that I think is by Metallica, and then the one I'm talking about. I can't even give any lyrics because I can never hear them, but I'm hoping someone knows what I'm talking about.

Fleury29 said...


(I know it's early but sorry, I couldn't help myself.)

Laura von Awesome said...

@ Sooska:

Thanks for the link! That song is awesome :)

@ tPB staff:

Now I'm all excited for the Hossa goal... #18 will bury it!

Let's go Pens!

lis said...

Wow!!! I'm finally caught up.

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to the Flyers/Habs game last night and talk about wanting to shoot myself in the head!! My Gary, do I hate the Flyers!

Lets start off with the national anthems...The best part about the whole booing was the fact that before they did them they had the jumbotron show a video of Danny Briere asking the crowd to stand and pay respect to both the Canadian Anthem as well as God Bless America...people still booed. I will admit that it did die down. No one in my section was doing it and there were actually some fans around me yelling at the people booing to shut up. Same with the retarded USA chants.

On the Habs first goal there were still people bitching that it shouldn't have been a goal when they CLEARLY showed the replay on the jumbotron that it was a good goal...kinda the same way they bitched it shouldn't have been interference on Philly in the 3rd as well.

Montreal looked AWFUL through the first two periods. Their powerplay looked pathetic until Hatcher's 5 minute major.

Didn't seem like Philly had any real puck possession but they took advantage of the few chances Montreal gave them.

Biron had some BIG saves. Guys playing good hockey right now.

Saw some Habs fans getting abused. One guy had a hard hat on and was walking up the steps and I saw a Flyers fan knock it off his head. I wasn't close enough to hear if any words were exchanged to prompt it. In the same section, saw another Habs fan talking to a couple Flyers fans and they were shaking each other hands and being very cordial.

And I know you guys will never believe me but I actually found an objective Flyers fan. He plays on my dek hockey team and he was sitting next to us and even he was agreeing with the calls being made by the refs, as well as the call on the reviewed goal, AND he was even embarrassed by the way the Flyers fans were acting. Never thought it was possible.

I'm just so glad I get to watch Pens hockey tonight because I can't stand the f'n Flyers.

GO PENS!!!!!

Laura von Awesome said...

@ lis:

I agree... I totally can't stand Philly. They have the most violent fans in the league! I thought the Ottawa fans were bad... Filthadelphia just takes the cake!



Let's go Pens!

letsgopsu said...

@ pensgirl

Whenever the playoffs started, I made a playlist on my iPod to get me pumped while I was going to and from class. "Beautiful Day" was one of the tracks. I don't know why, but every time i hear that song, I get incredibly pumped. Other songs on it include:

"Bad Company"-Bad Company
"Don't Stop Me Now"-Queen
"B.Y.O.B."-System of a Down
"Where the Streets Have No Name"-U2

and of course

"Don't Stop Believing"-Journey

solid playlist

works every time.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@dying alive

The Good Left Undone by Rise Against???

Laura von Awesome said...

@ PSU:

Solid indeed... But you forgot:

Sevendust "Enemy"
3DG: "Riot"
Bon jovi "Bounce"
the rasmus: "In the shadows"

... Possibly a few more by Queen


dying alive said...

The Pens' lawn crowd is getting clowned by Buffalo fans over at Mirtle's blog. I posted my thoughts but I refuse to actually engage any of the offenders in conversation, since my hatred for Sabres fans eclipses even my hatred for Philly fans. Me + Sabres fans = unhealthy things, so if there is anyone capable of discussing the situation rationally please have at it.


I would say that since Mirtle has been a pretty good friend to tPB in the past, if anyone wants to comment on it we should do it respectfully. He did a pretty nice write up about the lawn and gave a shout-out to the Pensblog as well. Not that I'm the Gore Gestappo or anything, but the guy isn't a douche like the ones at Bullshit Bulletin and there's no reason to job his comments section.

Sounds like a job for Stoosh to me.

letsgopsu said...

@ laura

Not that into heavy metal, but now that I think about it, I should add some Iron Maiden to it.

"Afraid to Shoot Strangers" should work.

And that montage with "Knights of Cydonia" was solid. I actually would have never thought of it for a sports montage, but it works really well.

And it's a fun song to play on Guitar Hero 3...

dying alive said...

@ dr. turk - curse this company firewall! I will check when I get home tonight...thanks!

Laura von Awesome said...

@ PSU:

Iron Man= Lord Gary's theme :P


Zac Wassink said...

Homo Larry...forgot about him, actually. Thanks for the warning. Maybe he'll challenge me to a dance-off on the train.
Bring it, bitch.

coffeytalk said...


I heart Mystery, Alaska. I've watched it a lot this week. It's been on Starz or Encore or whatevs almost every night/early morning when I've gone to bed.

That actor, Kevin Durand is on LOST now and was in 3:10 to Yuma. He does look like a Bugsy brother.

coffeytalk said...

woot. got the 66th comment!

coffeytalk buries it.

Sooska said...

@ jyo - I think that business about the regular season is garbage too. Does this team resemble the regular season team? Only the names on their backs, I think. I am getting flashbacks to 91 when Mario had had enough and decided the Pens needed to change and have everybody play D. Everybody got in on the scoring. They played it any way they needed to in order to win. They lost a few and won it all.

The Badger said: One play, one shift, one period, one game, one series at a time.
08 Pens= Believers.
Don't Stop Believing.
That's church.

Pensgirl said...

PSU, years ago I made a "Pens" CD that opens with the original Boys of Winter and closes with the newer version. It also features songs off of an album that my brother and I bought at the HHOF, Scott Paulsen's great Pens songs from the old DVE morning show (Mario, Late at the Igloo, Shoot the Puck), and stuff the Pens play (or used to) at games (Desire, Rock n' Roll part II). I need to rip that to a playlist and update it.

Hip said...


I am so pumped. My friends are honorary Pens fans for the day. I'm hot springing it up in my Malkin t-shirt. Game is on at 5 here so we even got up EXTRA early to start the excursion so we'd be back in time. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

(If the Pens do not pull it out tonight, I promise to stop watching playoff hockey immediately.)

The Seeker said...

- Amazing how the jokes from Blueskirt Bulletin have disappeared after being humiliated in Game 2 isn't it?

- Another solid post by tPB Staff!

- I'd normally abuse anyone who booed the Canadian National Anthem at a game in the USA. In this case though I'll allow it since the classless Habs fans booed the Star Spangled Banner in Montreal.

- I'll admit to saying that it would take a miracle for the Habs to comeback from a 3-0 deficit going into the 3rd. That miracle came though in the form of Hatcher's completely unwarranted and bonehead boarding call. What a joke Hatcher is...he's just lucky they didn't tie it up.

- THANK YOU so much tPB for keeping us informed about the Shanahan stunt! That's been bothering me since it happened and as I thought it should be, it's unsportsmanlike.

Likewise.... I'm happy to read that at least the league is aware of Avery's slash and the face raking of Sid. Avery's life is on thin ice! In HCMT I trust to make him pay....

Sooska said...

@ hip - my Malkin shirt is 6-0 in the playoffs. I had on a white tee at home on Friday (I was not particpiating in the white-out it was just bad luck.)At 3-0, I took it off and put on Geno and the tide turned.

SK said...

I don't know if I should wear my Lemieux jersey tonight. Is it too old school? Do I need to buy newer gear? Should I just stick with my "PENGUINS" hoodie? This is important. Please let me know.

Pensgirl said...

SK, there is no such thing as "too old-school."

chris l. said...

stoosh @ 8:49 - good catch. He does look like Bugsy.

queen@8:55 - Long story, but I'll be in a different venue in enemy territory tonight (cliff notes: promise to 9 year old daughter + rainout last night = Bucs @ Shea tonight). Dilemma: Pirates jacket or black 90s "PITTSBURGH" sweater (yes, it has the hummingbird). I'm leaning towards a nod to the goings-on at MSG, but I always hated to see Stiller rags at the Igloo and other such cross-discipline displays.

Bucs jacket and Pens hat maybe?

Thoughts cblog? Hmmm.

threshhold9k said...

Oh Nathan Smith:

Makes Staal's underage look like nothing; which it was.

Stoosh said...

@ JonathanLyle -

Re: Mystery, Alaska...

"The guy on the left in that pic looks like a young version of Bing, does he not? Should this movie be investigated more?"

It's a great movie and the parallels with that kid's character don't stop with the fact that yes, he kind of does resemble Sid.

Without giving away too much of the movie, the pantheon of hockey in Mystery, Alaska is getting chosen to play in "The Saturday Game". That character's name is Stevie Weeks, and Stevie Weeks is Mystery, Alaska's up-and-coming hockey phenom, getting his first crack at the Saturday Game.

When you watch the movie, it's scary how much he looks like what Crosby did during Sid's rookie year.

GwinTheEskimo said...

@ johnny V. yes.
@ stoosh, 14 seconds, then the rest of your life.

isn't a photoshop of laraque as virgil the body guard long over due, given hossa's status as the million dollar man?

While I am fully aware of the marketing implications, I never understood why a team would so drastically change their jerseys after winning consecutive cups, especially from a sweet animated penguin to a triangle with a beak.
I don't believe that was 15 years ago. goodness.
I kind of assumed wearing the wrist band at all times was the thing to do. I'd probably lose mine if I took it off.

Colin said...

In regards to what to wear, I think you wear whatever you have been for the past 6 games.

I think Malone is going to make up for his open goal miss last game and bury one tonight.

chris l. said...

@ threshhold9k

Geez, let the boys celebrate. You should hear the stories from my folks about the Steelers at Bruiser's Pub in Greensburg around the end of training camp in the 70s.

failure to disperse? lightenupblog.

e.mirchich said...


Laura von Awesome said...

@ Seeker:

Normally I'd beat the beGary out of anyone who dares to insult my national anthem, though I don't agree with booing other anthems either... But the Philly fans still could have stepped up and been the bigger person, so to speak... The only time I ever semi-laughed at an anthem was when I was watching the Canada/Slovak game on WCH 2004 and the guy who sang their anthem was like 80 years old... it was slow and weird and almost put me straight to sleep!

@ Hip:

I started out as an honourary Pens fan just because I hated the Sens, but I am beginning to realize that, perhaps, somewhere between then and now, I've actually been converted. I need to invest in a black and gold Roberts t-shirt ASAP... I loved him in TO, and I love him now :)

Gary forbid there ever be a Leafs/Pens playoff... I'll be utterly twisted!

... What, no Flyer Hater today?

Pensblog>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Bullshit Bulletin

Let's go Pens!

Stoosh said...

@ Coffeytalk -

"Mystery, Alaska" is second only to "Miracle" as my favorite hockey movie (yes, I like it even better than "Slapshot" and I love "Slapshot").

Tree is hysterical..."I'M A BIG GUY!!!!!"

For some reason, the part where Judge looks up during the Mystery time out and tells the ref to blow it out his ass always cracks me up, too.

I have yet to see 3:10 to Yuma, but Tombstone is a favorite of mine, and I've heard that if you like Tombstone, you'll love 3:10 to Yuma.

The Seeker said...

I left the following post on Mirtle's blog in response to the Buffalo fans bashing our outdoor crowd size at the Mellon:

Just wondering?......

Exactly how big HAVE the crowds outside of HSBC Arena in Buffalo been this playoff season?

Inquiring minds want to know!

GwinTheEskimo said...

@ dying alive
to each their own.

No Quarter

Go Pens.

Sooska said...

@ gwin- After the Cups I think they figured the jersey change woud bring in some extra bucks they wouldn't get otherwise and they were oh so out of money.

SK said...

3:10 to Yuma kicks ass.

The Seeker said...

@ Laura von Awesome

We're basically in agreement except I would allow it just this once and ONLY in the case of the Habs coming to play in Philly.

I thought about taking the high road too...then again, those that booed in Montreal wouldn't be capable of grasping that nuance and wouldn't get any message at all.

Losers such as they are (the booers in MTL) only get it when they are clubbed over the head with it.

SK said...

@stoosh 3:10 to Yuma is great.

BlacknGold66 said...

-Seeing a picture of the Jobber Bus on the internet is cool. Seeing the Jobber bus while driving is dangerous and life threatening.

@M.Vander: No my father didn't get out of work in time. I was at the game with my sister.

Pensgirl said...

Wasn't there a big superstition-related hue and cry about the change to the pigeon logo? Something like "aaack we just won two Cups with this one what are you doing?" And then when we lost to the Isles, it was "You had to go and change the logo!"

Or was that just me?

Dr. Turkleton said...


streaking thru WB/S on a Saturday night/Sunday morning?

Hope he didn't resist like the Banksville Streaker did in the Arby's™ parking lot.

Sounds like a scene from The Office

Wonder what kind of 'Team Discipline' will be handed out to Mr. Smith & Mr. Stone?

dappie99 said...

@ seeker:

buffalo fans = pwned

rwarner174 said...

Tenacious D. I love it Marcie W :)
Scuds is the man.

norojo said...

the jaws music during power plays got me thinking about other cool mellon stuff back in the day. remember this guy:
i know that wasn't the same video they showed on the jumbotron but nostalgic coolness nontheless.

big game tonight, LGP

Pensgirl said...

Also, to echo on whomever brought the news originally, it's great to see Geno gettin' his props even if we know he's not gonna win.

Took James longer than I thought to post it.

GwinTheEskimo said...

yeah, the marketing logic is sound, I just wish they hadn't completely done away with the skating penguin. The real shame is that it was a financial necessity, but, oh well, everything has brought us to where we are now.

Raybin said...

woot. got the 66th comment!

coffeytalk buries it.

Sublime. Laughed out loud!

Gordie said...

malkin is a hart finalist. just great to be nominated.

Gordie said...

malkin is a hart finalist. just great to be nominated.

e.mirchich said...


it was me, but everyone was enthralled in talk of mysetery alaska and 3:10 to yuma. both excellent films though.

karri said...

OK...Pens/Sens 1.3 - TPB Staff: Guaranteed Hossa goal.
Result...Hossa scores the 4th goal of the game, also assists on Talbot's (1st goal of the game) and gets the #1 Star of the game.

Tonight..."Not only will he score. He will BURY it.
The kind of goal we all envisioned back in February. GUARANTEED"

Love it!

C-blog = Freakin' Unreal

Flashblog??? What is this lame computer lacking that makes me unable to see it?

Raybin said...

Re: Crosby whines

Much like patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, charges of being a whiner are the last refuge of a bitter, overmatched fanbase.

LeBron is supposedly a whiner. So was Michael Jordon. Peyton Manning spends so much time whining if you listen to certain people that it's amazing he has any time to play quarterback. I believe people got on Mario's and even Gretzky's case back in the day for the same thing

Add Sid in to that group...what's the common thread? They're all the absolute best at what they do.

Those are the last desperate mudshots flung when the fans of the teams they routinely crush are forced to face the fact that they can't tear down their skills.

Notice that the "Cindy is a whiny diver" charges are generally centered on Flyers, Caps and Rags fans. Not a shock. I'd be interested to see the results of a poll of Wings fans, Canucks fans, Stars fans, etc about Sid.

e.mirchich said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Raybin said...

Malkin got a Hart nomination?! Bitchin'. It's more than well deserved. I thought he'd get bypassed in favor of Joe Thorton.

We all know Ovechdork's getting it, but at least people have given Geno partially his due, which is more than I expected.

BlacknGold66 said...

eat snacky s'mores

Sooska said...

@ pensgirl- You are not wrong. People went ballistic over the new logo -for both karmic and esthetic reasons. They didn't like that Madison Avenue modernization of the logo that won. Fans (and players -29 I know-I recall) felt there would be a mojo change and there was. I think it might have been OK if they had just made it what they called "the mean Penguin" -it was sort of a bulked up scowling version of the skating penguin.

@ gwin- As GoodGary says "To everything a purpose."

Geno Means GOAL

e.mirchich said...


I agree that Ovechkin might be the favorite, but first round exits by Iginla's Flames and Ovechkin's Capitals should help Geno's case.

Dr. Turkleton said...


voting is based on the regular season....

OV has is wrapped up, 'Lidstrom-sytle' - 100%

now, if Geno could have take 150+ more shots, he might have beaten out the new M.V.Me.

Carroll said...

Roberts scratched for game 3.

Way to go Geno!

Raybin said...

@doc turkleton



Geno made his whole team better. So does Sid. What was it, two-thirds or more of his points when he went down were assists?

Come to think of it, that's the strength of this whole team. They feed off each other and improve the whole. It's no surprise Pascal Dupuis and Hal Gill started playing the best hockey of their careers upon arrival.


DAMMIT! Lord Gary down again?!!?!? Say it ain't so!!!!!

I didn't think--or was hoping anyway--his injury was that serious.

Laura von Awesome said...

@ Seeker:

How very true... They're French, so of course they have to cause a scene.

"You stay classy, Montreal!"

e.mirchich said...

@doc turkleton

I know voting is based on the regular season, but I find it hard to ignore the current situation though. Although I suppose the votecasters are consummate professionals in hockey and will be able to entirely ignore the playoffs thus far and vote 100% based on the regular season. I just find it hard to believe that they could put it out of their minds...

Loser Chris said...

According to TSN Gary is healthy and ready to play. HCMT just doesn't want to mess with a lineup that is clicking right now.

Raybin said...

@loser chris

Well, that's good news at least. I just find it hard to believe Roberts wouldn't be an upgrade over Adam Hall. Not to disparage Hall, who had a great game on Sunday, but Gary is Gary as the saying goes.*

*-Note: there may not be an actual saying that goes like this.

Cody said...

@sk - When the Pens REALLY need a win, I pull out the autographed Lemieux Team Canada Jersey. Normally preserved in a box, it has yet to need to make an appearance in this playoff year, hopefully it'll stay that way.

Johnny Wrath said...

Someone said before the series began that the NY media starting the Crosby diving discussion 2 days before game 1 was, indeed, making the excuses nice and early.

It reminds me of the Toronto media in many ways, the main difference being that New Yorkers give most ridiculous stories national traction as opposed to only a few in TO.

For instance: NY says "Lets sign Crosby before the CBA is drafted. The evil powers that be have decided to cap roster salaries, so we need to find new ways to ruin it for everyone else. Besides, everyone wants to play for the Rangers, the proud franchise with such tradition that he'd probably even take a pay cut".

So the story went in Toronto: "There may be a loophole where we can sign Stamkos to a 3 year minor league contract. He'd definitely play in the minors for 3 years for the chance to play for the mighty Leafs, everyone wants to play for the Leafs, and would play for less money in exchange for the distinguishment and tradition".

Teams that never properly rebuild and exist primarily by buying the core away from other teams (NY, Philly, TO bought every '89 flame they could once)- I don't know why they think the NHL owes them anything. Sour grapes indeed.

mdpensfan said...

i almost forgot... friday night when i was at happy hour watching the game, a few of my caps fans friends were at my table, and at first were giving me shit when we were down 3-0, and then once i refused to talk to them anymore, decided to try to make me feel better by saying we just need someone like ovechkin to take us to the next level: someone who's big, who can score and make big hits.

and i said... well he sure didn't guarantee that you made it past the first round, so why would it be any different for us?

they looked at me in shock and then let me watch the game in peace

The Seeker said...

@ karri

Which browser are you using....Internet Explorer or Firefox?

You do have to have Macromedia Flash installed either way.

But then there are a few things you may have to do specific to either one of those browsers for it to work even then.

Sooska said...

@ e. mirchich- the voting was done before the end of the reg season. They announce the "finalists" but in reality they are the top 3 vote getters. It's a tease. Voting has been closed since before April 9 the start of the playoffs.

I agree with you however but that isn't how it works.

Jason said...

@ Queen

...should have thrown in him the river. Quack..Quack..Quack.

The Seeker said...

@ Dr Turkelton

Mail arrived a few minutes ago....


Thnx again!

nbige said...

Roberts Scratched for game 3

Adrienne said...

Haha. Nothing like getting thrown out of MSG. The best was getting one of the locals to take the picture for me :D

I'm SO pumped for tonight. I woke up today and thought I had lost my WWGRD bracelet, but it just tangled up in the other ones I wear. I was about to cry, I haven't taken it off since I got it.

I'm with everyone else, how the hell did I fail to notice the pigeon wasn't on the new jerseys? I feel so out of it now. :(

I'm looking forward to tonights game. I've been SO impatiently waiting for the last two days.

I would love to see Avery get a hole punched through his neck.


Stoosh said...


Re: Mirtle's blog entry.

I'm on it.

dazzy said...


My sister went to high school with Kevin Durand, and I am very ashamed that I didn't notice the resemblance to Bugsy before today. *hangs head*


I doubt he'll win, but really, they couldn't DENY that he is a serious, serious threat. Go Geno!

threshhold9k said...

@ Chris I.

I wasn't condemning our boy from WBS. Haha I'm 21 and have done my fair share not so bright things while hammered; probably many more to come. It was just humorous to read. Police always ruin the good fun of streaking after losing a bet.

BlacknGold66 said...


I can't get flashblog to work either. Actually, the page isn't even showing that anything is missing in that spot either. (like, when previous flashblogs weren't showing up... at least I could scroll over and know something was there.)


Sooska said...

@ stoosh- can you also take on the comment about "what no Nick Lindstrom" for the Hart. Mirtle! puh-leeze

I can't get Flashblog to show up either since the change yesterday. I could not get it at home last night and thought for sure I'd see it here at the office. no dice. home and office both using lastest flash and XP Pro.

coffeytalk said...


Way to rock it over on Mirtle's blog.

BlacknGold66 said...

Sooska: Same here. I'm guessing that flashblog is down right now.

Can anyone confirm that it's up and working after freshly loading the page?

coffeytalk said...

"the Rangers are starting to breathe through their mouths. Their strides are getting shorter. Do not give these guys too much respect! THEY DIDN’T PULL THE DOG SLED, DID THEY? THEY DIDN’T SKATE THE RIVER!"
-Mystery, Alaska

coffeytalk said...


flashblog is working for me. the 'puter I am on is using Firefox.

justincredibleh said...

Malkin a finalist for the Hart Trophy:


chris l. said...

@threshhold9k: miscommunication. "lighten up" was directed at the arresting officers, not you. sorry if it wasn't clear.

yeah, "not so bright things while hammered" is embroidered on my linens.


Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

glad you got them.

I wouldn't mind if I had to send some future ones out to you as well !!!!!

The Seeker said...


I just cleared my cache and reloaded tPB in my browser and find that Flashblog is up and running fine here.

It's tough to say what your problems are without knowing the BROWSER (not the operating system) you are using.

Here would be basic requirements:

Macromedia Shockwave Flash

Java / Javascript permitted

http://metacafe.com permitted

http://imageshack.com permitted

BlacknGold66 said...

Seeker and Coffeytalk = Clutch

Pensgirl said...

"Timothy" already addressed Mirtle's Lidstrom comment quite well actually. Nick's the last person anybody's going to cry about being "missing" from a nomination. And there's no way he deserves the kind of credit the actual nominees do.

While Boudreau was huge in Washington's turnaround and while Conkblock set the stage for Geno's run by getting us firmly out of the hole we'd dug early on, you take either Russian star away and there'd be a dramatic downslide in the two teams' outcomes. And Iginla basically is the Flames.

macedog said...

eileenover, thats weird that youre first when you have nothing to say, not noteworthy. What is noteworthy (and really something we all know) is that Ryan Malone made an awesome end of the season "team" over at http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/feature/?fid=11413. It is called the "All-Monster Team" and basically includes the toughest, grittiest, and yet skilled players on the ice... basically a team player. So Ryan Malone was an easy choice, and what is awesome is how that reflects on the Pittsburgh mentality overall...

Stoosh said...

@ Coffeytalk -

"Nice assist!"

- Mystery, Alaska

Raybin said...

And Iginla basically is the Flames.

True dat....except for Phaneuf. I only say this because I'm a total fanboy. If I had a wear a jersey of a player not on the Pens, it'd be his.

Carry on.

(I know you were speaking offensively, though)

j.s.22 said...

No Roberts

RagTears said...

jagrcryingflashblog = office wondering why i am laughing out loud for no reason

Dr. Turkleton said...


almost 12 hours since you asked the question...you have the answer!

coffeytalk said...


"This is hockey, okay? It's not rocket surgery. If you don't play this game with a lot of heart and a big bag of knuckles, you don't got dinky-doo."

Sooska said...

@ seeker- Thanks for the suggestions.
Since I have no trouble with this flashblog issue before -only since last night- and have checked all of the above at home and office-I am thinking proximity to the Rags must have something to do with it.
rags=computer gremlins


Pensgirl said...

Raybin, I meant more in a "heart and soul" kind of way. Take Phaneuf away and the defense suffers. Take Iginla away and the impact is far greater than just the offense suffering. From what I've seen of their games, which is admittedly limited, he's not just a difference-maker but also the guy that makes everybody else believe in the team. That's huge.

J said...

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coffeytalk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
coffeytalk said...

Stoosh and Coffeytalk do Mystery Alaska

Stoosh said...

@ Pensgirl -

Yeah, Timothy basically hit the nail on the head there. With these MVP things, I think it's natural to look first and say, "Well where would these teams be without these guys", which is what I did in my response. In reality, though, that same argument could qualify for most teams in the league.

Take Modano away from Dallas and where are they? What about forcing Martin St. Louis to carry Tampa on his shoulders?

I hope the presence of Sid doesn't come back to bite Malkin, but I think it might. People will look at the fact that he still had Sid there for half the season, or they'll only approach it - incorrectly, I might add - that Malkin only played at an MVP level when Sid was out (truth be told, Malkin's probably been our best player from start to finish this year).

It might all be a moot point. I think Ovechkin's going to get it and I can't argue with that.

Stoosh said...

@ Coffeytalk -

Crapola. I'm going to have to wait until I get home to see that because I've been Conkblocked by a firewall.

The first time I saw that movie, I had no idea Mike Myers made the cameo where he tapped into his inner Don Cherry. That was awesome. The only things he was missing was Ron Maclean, the six-inch collar and Blue the Dog.

"Throw me a bigger one next time, eh? Biggest one you GOT!"

RagTears said...

I'm sorry, but I cannot stop reading the BS Bulletin. In a weird, ironic way I laugh even harder than I do when reading TPB, which no blog has ever been able to claim before. Its like Dubi has a BS machine, that churns out fresh NY grade BS all day. The delusions are incredibly comical...


Sooska said...

@ stoosh- I think you are right. I seem to recall someone in the media, Old29er, or someone like that saying that Geno was on pace to have an excellent year anyway. I don't have the facts however. I think given their styles of play it is easier to "see" Sid. Geno kind of does things under the radar. Maybe I should put that in the past tense. Most people don't look beyond the superficial.

Any of the 3 would be a credible choice.

MakeGretzkysHeadBleed said...

It's 85 degress here in Texas and I am rocking my Black Crosby jersey, since I have worn it for the last six games, but damn do I wish I had chosen my white t-shirt instead.

Me = sweatingmyballsoff

Cannot wait for tonight's game!


Let's Go Pens!

Sooska said...

Texas in addition to Idaho, hmm? How many states, provinces or countries..hell, continents, are represented here? I'm currently in eastern PA-Lehigh Valley.


chris l. said...


MakeGretzkysHeadBleed said...

I lived in Pittsburgh my whole life, only moved to Texas in the past couple of years (since we drafted Crosby).
Man I wish I was back in the Burgh, but maybe it is good luck for the Pens for me to live in Texas.

I do think I might be the only one who knows what hockey is though. I get some weird looks wearing my jersey down here.

lauren_hbg said...

I'm stuck in the smelly, Flyer fan-infested, streets of Harrisburg.

sooska, Great idea to check out where exactly everyone is c-blogging from.

Flyer Hater said...

Ya know, I would read all the comments in c-blog and the explosion that happened last night but I decided to do some light reading instead by reading King Lear.

I couldn't wear my vintage Lemieux jersey today because it was dirty (had to wash off all of Jagr's tears that came through the TV) and wore my vintage Mike Bossy Islander jersey. I know you might jump down my throat (Charlie might like that) but who tortured the Rags in the playoffs more than the Isles over the past 25 years?

BlacknGold66 said...

Clevelandblog here as if you all didn't already know that.

Sooska said...

@ lauren- well I kind of figured out there we are a scattered bunch but when makegretzky said Texas and I knew hip is in Idaho right now, I thought there may be cbloggers in other unexpected places.

Filthy country for sure. I found out yesterday that I work in the same department with 3 Rangers fans but they aren't very interested in talking.

JYo said...

West Lafayette, IN

The Seeker said...

Born, raised, and still livin' in a burb of Da Burgh here.

I've only lived away from here when I was in college (Cleveland) and post-grad school (Cincinnati).

Flyer Hater said...



The Seeker said...

I put that Rangers Suck %#&! MP3 from DVE into a video using some Photoshops from tPB:

Rangers Suck....

Flyer Hater said...


Eric K said...

Roberts running healthyscratchblog.
Kind of surprising, but not really considering MT has been consistent with the "performance dictates playing time" philosophy all season.
Hall was unreal on the PK in Game 2

I hope the Rangers don't score a goal in the next two games, just so we might be spared from hearing that overly gay chant they do after they score. That puts the Atlanta Braves' "ho-ho-hoohoh" to shame as gayest fan interaction in sports.

Go Pens.

dazzy said...

Rocking the Pens gear from Thunder Bay, Ontario here (yay, go Staals!).

Also, WWGRD? Get me my bracelet just in time for game three. w00t!

lis said...

Phoenixville, PA
(read: Philthadelphia)

i've realized how psycho I am when I want nothing to do with fans from other teams...seriously, I hate all of my friends right now because they are all flyers fans! I mean, we usually bust on each other all season long but I have a true hatred for them so much so that I'm actually asking myself if I can still be friends with them after the playoffs are over!

lauren_hbg said...

@flyer hater

Barf is right.

I actually had a Flyers fan at work tell me he'd root for the Pens if the Flyers weren't in it still. I looked him straight in the face and told him I'd rather shoot my own foot than ever root for the Flyers.

Flyer Hater said...

lauren, that's how you can identify a bandwagon fan. If we lost to the Rangers would I root for them to win the Stanley Cup just because they're a rival? Hell No.

Cody said...

@sooska: You could try deleting all the cache files from flash, and see if reloading works then: http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager07.html

And also, Nevada

fakepaulsteigerwald said...

Hey folks,


Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages: It's the Bibster, Bob Errey, the Bad Ass, P. Steigy, and D-Pot.
LLLLLLLLet's get ready to puck it!!

P.Steigy representin the F-S-N in the N-Y-C. Holler back.

Hope you all are tuning in tonight, it's been way too long, and Bobby, Dan, and I are thrilled to back back on the air tonight. Let's Go Penguins.


Cody said...

@the seeker: Thanks for that, it helped my smile through my "Why the hell did I play grand theft auto until 4 in the morning when I had to get up at 6:30 to go to work?" kinda day.

Matt in N.C. said...

3:46 PM Asheville, N.C.

I'm "dying alive" here at the office waiting for game time.

As someone more famous than I once said on this here blog:

"Let's do this shit!"

Flyer Hater said...

After listening to Joe "Bullseye" Benniatti and Doc "SKKKKKKKKAEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOREEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS" Emric for two games, I'm looking forward to Steiggy.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Clement, Clement hands of Cement on with MM right now...

I'm waiting for a meltdown by one or the other.....


better wear extra makeup for the HD broadcast tonight !!!!!!!!!

Russell Lucas said...

I'm guessing HCMT feels like he's got to reward Hall for his rock-solid defensive work by leaving him in the lineup, and who else could you scratch at this point? Plus, keeping GR back means HCMT has got a move he can make if they drop a game. It's solid reasoning, provided he doesn't piss Gary off.

Sooska said...

statsblog: so far 13 responses, 9 states (PA, OH, CT, IN, TX, NV, NC, MD, ID), 1 province (ONT).

4 in Filthy territory.

I'm just killing time trying to take my mind off the anticipation. WOOO!

@ lauren - Brava!

@cody-thanks-tried that but will look at that support

Geno Means Goal

Dr. Turkleton said...

living within the City of Pittsburgh:

3.93 miles / 10 minutes from my home to Sidney Crosby's office. [per Mapquest™]

TheNWChica said...

I'm up here in the lovely Pacific NW, just NE of Seattle and 4pm can't come fast enough!

give me the brandy said...

Hossa scores tonight. We need another big game from MAF tonight.

(i'm in philly too)

Spencemo said...

Sometimes it's good that I don't have a full time job at the moment...I need the free time just to read c-blog!

coffeytalk buries it = priceless.

geographyblog - warren, oh

musicblog - there's this Bryan Adams tune that I think they used for HNIC for a while called "We're Gonna Win"...I like that one, but then I'm a sucker for Bryan Adams,too.

My stepdaughter in FL was happy to be able to watch the game on Sunday...our phones were smokin' with the texts going back and forth during the 3rd period.

And, because it bears repeating, Avery's a douche.

end rambleblog

Stoosh said...


Castille de Stoosh - Aliquippa, PA by way of Erie, PA.

Carroll said...
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Loser Chris said...


take heart, you're not the only Pens fan here in Texas. And I can relate to the weird looks. I was asked one day while wearing my Crosby shirt if it was a Mason Crosby shirt. Good times.

Where in Texas are you? Are you hoping for a Pens/Stars Final like me?

Carroll said...

Ottawa, Ontario.

KJ said...

texas blogging as well

somewhere in the 3rd period of last night's game one of the VS guys said Briere was flopping. probably one of the few times i smiled even though the flys were winning. and while i def want the Habs to beat the Flys simply cause i hate the Flys with a passion, that Carey Price love is getting to be sickening. He's not Roy, now move on!

jyo: glad to hear someone like hradek say tell it like it is. any team crying and complaining about refs or the other team isn't focusing on what they need to do. even my friend who is a rangers fan was upset the rangers were complaining about a call that's been made all year instead of talking about how they gave up a 3-0 lead. he also said if shanny does't show up in the first 5 minutes of game 2, he won't at all. damn he's good!

as for tonight, like others have said, don't like avery play his games. keep focused and go Pens!

Dr. Turkleton said...

@loser chris said:

Swingers reference ???

Matt said...

South Oaklandblog. Google Maps says "2.9 mi / 7 mins," which makes me the current low bidder.

Joey80 said...

I DO NOT have problem with Adam Hall's performance, when the coaches have called on him, he's showed up played.
What I do have a problem with is scratching Gary Roberts. period. I think that is a stupid move, you got a 40+ year old man who strikes fear in just about every player, even his own, that steps on the ice, and your going to bench him??

If he's ready to go, put him in, HCMT! damn it!

Cody said...

I gotta admit, I was hoping for a Sharks/Pens final, so I only had to drive a couple hours to SJ. Fucking sharks, who told you that a second round roll-over was acceptable?

Matt in N.C. said...


I must disagree. The diagonal letter jersey was one of my favorites.

That was the road jersey in '93 when they went 56-21-7 overall and 24-15-3 on the road.

They were wearing those jerseys when they assaulted the Sharks for something like 10 goals one evening.

Obviously 92-93 ended up being a disappointing season in the end. However I remember tuning into games that year and just expecting them to win, which they did quite a bit.

I guess I just liked the PITTSBURGH emblazoned across the jersey and imagined that it intimidated opponents. I suppose they were more intimidated knowing they had to put up with Lemieux, Jagr, Francis, Stevens and Tochett every night.

Anyway my two cents worth.

I heartily agree with all that hate the pigeon. That jersey sucks.

SK said...

I would like to see Avery's first shift countered with Laraque, Orpik, Talbot, Roberts, Ruutu, and Malone. This will not happen because it would require the Pens to pull their goalie.

I can dream, can't I?

JYo said...

The diagonal letter jersey smacks of absolutely no imagination to me. Its like mailing in the effort on jersey design. It also looks too much like a Rags jersey. I still don't like it, no matter how they performed in it. I almost like it less than the pigeon...almost!

Again, thats a personal preference and I don't expect everyone to agree. In fact, I'm surprised you are the first one to say so Matt.

On a similar note, how does everyone like the Stars jerseys with the numbers on the front? I assume many of you have seen them, especially you folks in TX. Personally, I think they suck too.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Swingers: Jon Favreau & Vince Vaughn are great in this flick.

'I'm gonna make Gretzky's head bleed for Superfan #99 over here.'

Flyer Hater said...

Here I go...

Flyer Hater said...



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