Sunday, April 27, 2008

GameDay (2.2) -- Rags @ Pens


Game One had more bad bounces than when Sean Avery's mom jumps on a trampoline.

Both teams benefited from it while neither played their best game of the season.
The last thing the Rags want is to go down 2-0 right out of the gates.

Telling you the Rangers have to win this game would insult your intelligence.


Here are links where displaced Pens fans can watch games online.
[ Credit goes to the community that is C-blog ]

We've actually lucked out for this playoff series.
A dependable outlet to see a game is at [ ]

He is a Rangers fan, and it's already guaranteed that the game will be there tonight.
There is a live chat during the game right beside the embedded video.
As mentioned in Cblog, don't do anything that will get you banned.

Other sources:

[ ] -- Very highly regarded

[ MyP2P ]
[ Sports Talk World ]
[ Yahoo NHL ]
[ Hockey Webcasts ]

[ Pensblog Chatblog ]


[ J. Boyle ]

Blueshirt Bulletin has stuck their nose up at us for incorporating photoshops into posts.
But look what we found on their subscription page:


[ Subscribe ]
You can subscribe to 70 issues for the low price of $30.
What a ripoff.

[ Bulletin ]

[ Wilsmith ]

Our refusal not to talk about this ridiculous Crosby-diving stuff still stands firm.
It's such a waste of everyone's time.

But we will talk about the Rangers diving,
because that point will be conveniently ignored as the Crosby stuff gets all the attention.

Shanahan is an expert. Jagr's done his fair share.

And Sean Avery is no stranger to doing the triple:

But then again...
we found footage that proves Crosby is a diver:


It looks like we're not the only blog out there who's had a run-in with the Bulletin.

[ Four Habs Fans ] made a list of 10 things they hate about the Rangers,
which Bulletin didn't like and provided a long-winded rebuttal.

[ Here ] is the chain of all the posts regarding the issue.

Apparently, we recently had a cup of the tea with the Bulletin. [ Four Habs Fans ]



[ Post-Gazette ]

Therrien listed him as "day-to-day,"
and responded, "We'll see," when asked if he expects Roberts to dress today.

Roberts was out of sight when the locker room was opened to reporters after practice
and thus offered no update on his status.


Wilkes-Barre sealed the deal in their first round series with Hershey.
Eric P. came through with a solid [ YouTube ]


Here's the Pens intro for Game One.
[ Matt C. ] with the footage.

A couple people asked for this screenshot

[ ] is running all cylinders.
Ringtones of Mike Lange goal calls there.


Avalanche d-man Cody Mcleod is indifferent to octojokes. [DetriotFreePress]

In case you missed it...

He took the octopus that Wings fans throw on the ice, picked it up,
taunted the Red Wings with it, and chucked it down the runway behind Colorado's bench.

We tried to find a video of it.
But nothing yet.


First off, God came down and gave us all a sign that something special is happening.

We were out jobbing the town on Saturday night
and saw something that shook us to our very core:

Look familiar?

If you're new around these parts, whenever we go to a site to job someone,
we take this bus, the Jobber Tour Bus.

We stood there mystified for two minutes before realizing we should take a picture.


Hacksaw was simply out of gas following the Game One victory.
Rather than run him on fumes, we're turning to a proven home-ice performer for Game Two.

Salvation lies within the Mellon.

Go Pens


Pensblog Staff said...



PittHockey said...

USS Hal Gill: Splash one RAG.

Flyer Hater said...

Get busy livin or get busy dying.


mmmk1989 said...

It's a Great Day for Hockey


Colin said...

I think the Pens come out gunning and don't look back. I think Fleury will rebound and play well and I think the Talbot line will control the play for period of time like it did in the Ottawa series.

Days like today with playoff hockey are what life is all about.

Fleury29 said...

It's on!

I'm off to watch the game.


JYo said...

Lookin for another home ice victory.

Lets Go Pens!

Colin said...

I think Hossa puts another one in through someone's skate. Just a hunch.

angelicscars1652 said...



BlacknGold66 said...

That video by Matt C. is the fucking bomb.

I love that guy.

He is my fucking hero.

.......wait.... that's me... shit.



Whistler said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As we prepare for the upcoming game, let us pray..

Our Roberts, who art in Pittsburgh, Gary be thy name.
The Playoffs come, The cup be won,
to Pittsburgh in the Arena called Mellon.

Give us this day our daily Pensblog
and forgive us our reporters as we job those who job against us
And lead us not into Philly, But deliver us from the Rangers,
For thine is the Crosby, and the Malkin, and the Fleury for ever and ever.


Now, LET'S GO PENS!!!!

Joshua said...


Pensgirl said...

Whistler down, Chris E to go.

chris e said...

Let's do this shit!

J.S. said...

live footage of the jobber tour bus in action = life-changing


BlacknGold66 said...

BLACKOUTBLOG on Center Ice......


Jawsh said...

channelsurfing is so clutch

Flyer Hater said...

Who is the skank on NBC?

You know Emrick hit that.


Jawsh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jawsh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nick Saia (usa) said...


Dale said...

Man, NBC broadcasts SUCK.

angelicscars1652 said...


Jawsh said...


Jawsh said...

game on!

Pensgirl said...

AUGH! 66 fucking buries that!

JYo said...

Breakaway...66 buries it!

Dale said...

I love Hossa, and understand he brings much more to the table than what you see on scoresheet, but he's got to start finishing on some of these breakaways.

JYo said...

Completely agree dale. Initially I thought the team might try to find a way to sign him, but if he doesn't bury more opportunities, they won't, and shouldn't, pay that much money for a very solid all around player that isn't performing as a top sniper. He still has time to make a big splash, but he needs to score more.

JYo said...

Nice DIVE Straka! No one even there!

Jawsh said...

Smirk like he dives assholes, everytime u throw him down will take the PP

Pensgirl said...

Wow, I had no idea that we should expect Sid to defy the laws of physics to stay up. This series is really learnin' me. *eyeroll*

Pensgirl said...

I really wish someone would have taken a cue from the "Cryin' Bryan" sign and made one that said "Weeping Tom."

dhudzin said...

That's an even-up call if I've ever seen one.

Jawsh said...

USS Gill just sent some warning shots to Jagoff

dhudzin said...

I wish they would shut the fuck up about the diving in the telecast. Eureka.

Flyer Hater said...

Fleury looks solid.

JYo said...

Nice slash by Avery, with no call.

Speaking of the douchenozzle, how funny is it that Shanny's skills have degraded so far that he is basically an expensive Avery that is nothing more than a pest at this point. Apparently the league was just kidding about calling the blatant interference on the goalie when any given Rags player stands in front of the goalie and waves his hands and/or stick in his face so he can't see. Jokes.

j.s.22 said...

What did Gill say to Avery? Pierre said something but I didn't hear it.

The Big K said...

I guess that was a dive too, when Sid got thrown to the ice with a hand around his neck?

Bullshit Bulletin will be all over it!

USS flattening JJ like a pancake was satisfying.

NOW, just finish the plays, and we'll be all good.

Stoosh said...

Maguire reported during the broadcast that Gill said something to Avery after Avery started yapping at Crosby. Anyone hear what he said? I couldn't quite make out what Pierre reported.

USS Hal Gill provideth the smackdown.

Flyer Hater said...

Here are some reactions to the Crosby penalty from Flyer fans,

I ****ing hope someone murders Crosby.

It's unreal the calls Crosby draws. The NHL should be embarassed.

there is the first Crosby dive....holy crap even JAGR says he is diving...THAT's saying something...Jagr has been known for being a diving ***** for YEARS

good lord Sally is a diving machine...

he's being exposed right now on national TV

And they are not saying much about it, well on tsn anyway.. They still want to suck his dick...

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, Gill said to Avery, "I don't think your mommy held you enough as a baby"

Pensgirl said...

JS, I believe he said "You just weren't hugged enough as a child." It was hard to tell over the crowd noise.

Guys behind the Pens' bench in Steeler and Pirate shirts = Jokes

The Big K said...

This morning, I had 2 goals vs. TJ in spring league JV game, and get a load of this:

A kid slashes the back of my leg, and I slash him back like I want to fight. Then, he leaps up into the air and lands on his stomach for a dive. It didn't get called, cause it's spring league, but THAT was the biggest dive I've ever seen.

The Big K said...


He said:

"Somebody didn't love you enough when you were little"

eileenover said...

Well Larry Brooks actually replied to me-

Great player...marginal penalty on Straka...and I spent approximately 625 words in Saturday's paper on the topic of the Rangers' horrid play in Game 1...Thanks for the note.


I'm so sick of New York journalists and New Yorkers in general. Oh well, the Pens look better today and that's all I care about right now. LET'S GO PENS !

racheleyos said...

i actually enjoyed the announcers talking about how crosby DID NOT DIVE on that play in the first period.... suck it ranger fans....and players, for that manner. when a player establishes body position for the puck and the opposing player takes their free hand and pushes you down when you are going low to the net, that's a penalty. amen.

bluzdude said...

In the "Duh Department"...

The Pens really need to start burying their chances. They've had some great opportunities, but precious little to show for it.

Other than stellar goaltending, that is.

Go Pens.

Stoosh said...

@ Flyer Hater -

Nice to see Philly fans are still so preoccupied with Crosby.

And their comments about Jagr being a diver go to show just how uninformed they are.

There are some fans that are just never, ever going to be convinced, no matter how much evidence exists to the contrary and no matter how many well-respected hockey people say it's not the case.

When hockey people who have been around the game all their lives and are some of the most well-respected names in the business say he doesn't dive, it's not because they know what they're talking about. It's because the NHL gestapo is paying them off, telling them to say it and/or possibly threatening their jobs...or I'm sure even their lives.

When the Pens win, it's because the refs let them all but get away with murder, or because the league fixes games.

We're never going to win with some of these fans because for them, it's a lot easier to put the tinfoil hat on and claim conspiracy than admit one of their rival teams and rival players is superior to anything they've got.

Stoosh said...

And I love the USS Hal Gill, by the way.

DeCeV said...

NBC = jokes

DeCeV said...

BTW the video game crosby diving video is so amazingly hilarious.

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, for you:

Rags Fan (way in the corner - it's small)

Flyers Fan (wait a sec after it loads)

Jawsh said...

Hal Gill = Good Ol' Mr. Wilson

JYo said...

Finally! 11 Buries it!!!

Pensgirl said...


JYo said...

Drury is a DIVER!!!! Conspiracy by the league!!!

Mr. Plank said...

What hands flashed by Staal. I bet he gives a mean handjob (*Avery's ears perk up).

Pensgirl said...

Totally Jyo. Just because he was forcibly hauled down doesn't mean he should have fallen. What, he succumbed to gravity? That's lame and pathetic. He's a good player, so he should never fall even if someone cuts a hole through the ice from below.

Pensgirl said...

Are we serious? Emrick can't tell the difference between Sid and Ruuuuuu?

bluzdude said...

At least Staalsy's goal got me to stop obssessing about Malone's whiff at the goalmouth.

Now, here's to hoping they keep up the pressure and not turn things into a 20-minute penalty kill.

Flyer Hater said...

That save on Jagr by MAF earlier in the 2nd period was Barrasso-esque. If there was one thing that Tommy knew how to do, it was winning by one. Yeah, he'd give up 6 goals some nights, but we'd score seven. And when we scored 1, he'd give up none. I'm starting to see that in Fleury.

Joshua said...

Jagr looks good. I'm actually worried about him when he's carrying the puck. The Jagr/Dubinsky/Straka line was really killing us early on.

If we can hold on and maybe get another goal in the next 5-10 minutes, the Rangers will start pressing and we might be able to catch them wide open and put it away.

DeCeV said...

I think Malone accidentally had his controls changed before the game. He changed the deke and the shoot buttons. What a mistake.

DeCeV said...

Also, firefox doesn't know that deke is a word? Come on now.

Pensgirl said...

Decev, HA! Here I just thought he was being a tease, but I like your answer better.

j.s.22 said...

I'm going to go with "You just weren't hugged enough as a child."

Joshua said...

Well since we're talking about diving...

Drury totally wiped out anything anyone could say about the Penalty on Sid. Drury was against the boards and stationary. Crosby was leaning and the pressure was to his shoulder out over his center of gravity.

Pensgirl said...

JS, woooo! What do I win? ;)

RobbieBrown44 said...

The Crosby/videogame YouTube is life changing.

Staal > Rags PK.


Go Pens!

Stoosh said...

@ Pensgirl -

I like the .gif files...absolutely dead-on.

Twenty more minutes of good hockey...I'd love to see us a few more past Lundqvist here.

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, I can't take credit for them...I pulled them off a vbulletin message board. But I will take credit for recognizing their application here.

Obviously as long as we stay up I'll be happy, but I think the best way to win might be to just maintain status quo. That may not be so good for our hearts, but it would be a huge statement.

Jawsh said...

Move it or lose it, father time.

JYo said...

Kennedy is a DIVER! I know it wasn't perceptible to the human eye, but he clearly dove to get the slash call. This is the PLAYOFFS! You are allowed to slash in the 3rd period! Conspiracy!!!

Ev0luTioN said...

Kennedy so dove.

Pensgirl said...

That's twice now Emrick has called Sid "Ruutu." Really, we've got over a minute left on a PP and you think Ruu is out there?

JYo said...

Agreed Pensgirl. Its pretty ridiculous.

Good timing on the commercial break. Get that heat out of the hot kitchen.

Pensblog Staff said...

father time

dhudzin said...

I guess Jagr is allowed to run around crosschecking people in the 3rd period with under 10 minutes left.

JYo said...

Bring on the cryin...

JYo said...

Avery runs the goalie and Gill takes the penalty. Who is this conspiracy against again???

eileenover said...

These calls are so ticky-tacky.

j.s.22 said...


RobbieBrown44 said...

Bullet #1 = Dodged.

USS Gill call = Even up call by refs.

Strap it up boys...gonna be a fun 2:22.

Go Pens!

Ev0luTioN said...


JYo said...

Game!!! 2-0 lead! Suck it cry babies!!! You got the calls at the end and still couldn't win. Whats the excuse today???


thanks so much for putting up the sites to find the game online. I haven't seen a pens game since january, and i watched it on channelsurfing... amazing!

Pensgirl said...


I have made sounds today I wasn't aware human vocal cords were capable of! (The neighborhood dogs are barking...)

dhudzin said...


Jonny V said...

Ten more wins

JYo said...

I wish BGL had a chance to go at it with Turtle 16. He would have destroyed him and perhaps put him out for the remainder of the season, which should be about 2 more games.

Pensgirl said...

I don't like this mele, but I do like that Fleury is continuing to use that stick against guys in his crease. I saw him do it on the PK when Syko was in the box too.

Jawsh said...

Where I wouldn't want to be?

On the business end of a BGL/USS sandwich

Matt in N.C. said...


Rags Fans= SUCK IT!

That is all my backwards ass country fuck mind can come up with.

The Big K said...


Here comes the whining.
Just ignore it Pens fans.

dhudzin said...

Oh my god... that end scrum was the funniest shit I have ever seen. Gill and Laraque bearing down on Avery... HAHAHAHAHA. And then Scuderi and Talbot playing offensive linemen to the pile. Wow, awesome.

Pensgirl said...

How many of Jordan's goals this season have been game-tying or GW? I know people have been upset that his overall points have gone down, but the kid has been nothing short of clutch.

racheleyos said...

Fleury really loves ball tapping the opponent from behind...HAHAHAHAHA. what an instigator. loves it

The Big K said...

USS doing EXACTLY what he had to do.
That's what he was brought here for.
BGL, Talbot doing it too.

Way to go Pens!

RobbieBrown44 said...

Love the energy at the end. Fleury is the nut, vagina tap on Madonna. I think he pooped himself when the USS Gill dropped the gloves.

Up 2-0. Loving life.

My first roller game tonight with the WWGRD on. Excitedblog.

Flyer Hater said...

USS Hal Gill=beast

Fleury=turning into Tom Barrasso

Avery=likes Jagr's mangina

The Seeker said...

The refs were trying to throw the game to the Rags with those questionable penalties in the last 5:30 of the game.

It's obviously a conspiracy by Bettman.


Ev0luTioN said...

SO, who's excited to hear Rags fans cry about the ref losing sight of the puck?

hashmoney said...

is it just me or does NBC need to fix their white balance on their cameras

Go Pens


BlacknGold66 said...

I called it before the series.

I said that if Avery tried starting anything with MAF that he'd get a stick to the nuts.

Avery starts shit with 3 seconds left.

MAF puts the stick up his ass.


The Seeker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PittHockey said...

best empty net goal of the year

bluzdude said...

Did you see the look in Gill's eyes when he threw off the gloves? It said, "Oh, I am going to f'n KILL you..."

eileenover said...

Gary Roberts sighting behind Stan !

Flyer Hater said...

If Sean Avery did that to Tom Barrasso in the middle of his prime, Avery would have been scheduling re-constructive knee surgery next week.

Punk got lucky

Ev0luTioN said...

I'll tell you what, Lundqvist played an unreal game. Pens are going to have to keep the shot totals up.

Pensgirl said...

I rewound the internet broadcast to listen to Mike and Phil call the end of the game - Phil just said the whole end-of-game thing started because Avery speared Fleury in the stomach. The replay NBC showed at that point was from behind so I saw he did something, but couldn't tell what. That's why Fleury whacked him later, not just being in the crease.

Again, I'm totally down with Fleur making use of that stick. The best message to send is that that big nasty goalie stick will be bringin' the pain if you want to mess with him. And it seems like he's calm, not mad, when he's doing it...just sayin' "fuck with me and meet Mr. Goalie Stick."

Pensgirl said...

FH, you got that right. The way Fleury uses his stick is a butterfly kiss compared to what Tommy woulda done.

Blazephr said...

Here to take my lumps. Pens won it fair n' square. And that's the way it should be.

And the quick whistle... ref lost sight. He without a doubt needs to blow it dead. Had it been in reverse, I'd want them to blow it dead for The King also.

We'll see what happens back @ The Garden. Not such an easy place for visiting teams to play. Hopefully The Garden ice is up to the task. Series is long from over.


Jason said...

Tyler Kennedy used to look like Chief Wiggim from The Simpsons, (credit to Empty Netters) but now with his playoff "beard" he looks more like Apu.

The USS and Laraque would have disemboweled Avery if the ref didn't step in.

Love it.

vezonex said...

Pensgirl, I was thinking the exact same thing about Jordan. I had a feeling before the playoffs that he was going to score some super-important goals.

Did anybody else notice how they originally credited the first assist on the "Seth" goal to USS Hal Gill? Did they not see him jump out of the box well after the puck was rolling up ice toward the net?

That's how long his reach is. He's still involved in the play, getting his stick on the puck all the way from the box!

The assist has since been given to Scuderi (how's about it Scuds? Two assists in two games!), but...come on!

Kennedy was awesome today. I noticed him every time he was out there.

adam vacancy said...

fedko said steve avery...joke

Blazephr said...

What started it was Avery giving Andre a few love taps behind the legs as Andre went to play the puck behind the net.

I have a feeling game 3 is going to be nasty right from opening face-off. I think George got a 3rd man in (game misconduct).Another game misconduct he can be suspended for 1 game.


BlacknGold66 said...

When they showed the replay of the scrum at the end my gf and I were DYING laughing at how Max and Scuds flew in, turned around, and blocked the rush from the Rags.

THAT is exactly why I love this team.

They are a TEAM in all sense of the word.

Stoosh said...

@ blazephr (Paul) -

Kudos to you, sir, for your objectivity. I'll do the same...

This series is not over by any means. The Garden has been a tough place for the Pens this year. Lundqvist looked awfully sharp today; the Pens had some gift-wrapped chances that they need to capitalize on if they want to win Game Three. And with the way this game ended, Avery (who thrives on home ice) will be up to his tricks in Game Three.

Rangers will be playing some desperate hockey Tuesday night and it should be a hostile environment. The Pens will need to be ready.

BlacknGold66 said...

BTW, cblog is gonna blow up today. I can feel it.

I'm thinking it'll hit an all time high in number of comments.

Do it!

Flyer Hater said...

Thanks blazephr for giving us permission to celebrate the win because we won it fair and square.


Pensgirl said...

Vez, Scuds has 3 points in the playoffs (he had 5 in 71 games in the regular season). A half-point per game! Hows about that? Gill and Letang are the only skaters left without one. Gotta fix that.

J.S. said...

the Roberts jersey = 5-0 in the post season.


Jawsh said...

"Thanks blazephr for giving us permission to celebrate the win because we won it fair and square.


-That is why FH is in my starting lineup for the C-blog allstar team.

Fleury29 said...

For Rangers fans, deal with it.

The rule is if the ref loses sight of the puck, he blows the whistle. He lost sight of the puck, he blew the whistle, then the puck went in.

End of story.

How awesome was Fleury? Made a few clutch saves.

Great game.

Good times.

Flyer Hater said...


Scuderi>Hossa when it comes to scoring in the playoffs.

sonofatruckload said...

lol @ nbc calling hal gill sykora

vezonex said...


You won't take many lumps around here with an attitude like that. Thank you for being so stand up about it, and accepting defeat honestly and graciously. That's the way of a true hockey fan.

You're right, this series is far from over. The Pens still have to show they can win in MSG, which they haven't done yet this year. Now is as good a time as any.

adam vacancy said...

fedko called uss hal gill sykora...joke

wpxi = joke

Stoosh said...

@ Pensgirl -

Jordan Staal now has five goals in 11 playoff games. And in an environment like the playoffs where little things matter so much, Staal does the little things very well. For every playoff game this kid plays, I get happier and happier that Shero never made the Jack Johnson deal.

And hey, just as the Pens exposed the myth that was Steve Downie during the season, the myth that is Sean Avery is slowly being brought to light. He whacks Fleury two or three times in the legs and then acts surprised when Fleury retaliates. On top of that, he engages him not by being a man and throwing a punch at Fleury. No, he stands three feet away and jabs at his with his stick. I'd call Avery a weasel, but a weasel just walked in and smacked me in the back of the head for even thinking of associating the words "Avery" and "weasel."

vezonex said...

When LeGame finally gets on the board, it's going to be HUGE! Like OT huge.

DeCeV said...

I don't know if anyone remembers this, but TPB staff predicted in a late regular season post that Staal would have a life changing goal sometime down the stretch. Well there it was. Count it.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, Jordan Staal is going to be this generation's Gary Roberts.

Mart it down.

somechic said...

At the quick whistle, no goal Mike Lange says "no dice"........nice

Laura von Awesome said...

@ Pensgirl:

No worries... USS and Tugboat will get theirs eventually... For now, if they keep the Rags off the scoreboard, that's all we need them to do :) A point apiece would be nice, though!

If Douche Avery continues what he's up to, MAF will make sure that neither one ever has children... Morons shouldn't breed!


Stoosh said...

@ decev -

Something tells me Staal isn't done yet, either. Seriously, this kid is a beast in the postseason.

@ Flyer Hater -

The scary thing about Staal is that he's already listed at 6'4", 220. Imagine what he's going to be like once he fills out a bit. He's only 19. If he adds another 15-20 pounds over the next few years, we're talking about someone who could be just as difficult to move off the puck as Laraque, but with All-Star caliber skill.

Stoosh said...


I don't have to remind anyone here that the series isn't over, but just to throw this out there, saw some interesting stuff in the recap...

"When Crosby went down again in the first period to draw another penalty, Rangers captain Jaromir Jagr - the former Penguins star - could be seen yelling at Crosby, 'Stand up!'"

Obviously, this was part of the discussion shown in the top photo.

"So far, it's the much younger Penguins who are standing up to the pressure of the playoffs, winning their first six playoff games, something no other team in Pittsburgh franchise history has done."


"Staal played a key role on Pittsburgh's penalty-killing unit, which fought off all six Rangers power plays. New York is 1-for-9 in the series."

0-for-6 on the power play? I suppose that's Crosby's fault, somehow.

"The Rangers last came back from a 2-0 playoff deficit in 1996, winning the final four of a first-round series against Montreal."

Game Three = HUGE

letsgopsu said...

After the game, I walk out of my dorm room for some reason or another (who even cares) wearing my winter classic Crosby jersey. The kid (who is from NY) that lives next to me sees me there and simply says, "Fuck you." I said nothing.

I love Ranger fans.

Jawsh said...

What blows my mind about rangers fans is the fact that they insist there is the conspiracy to get bing to the next round. Sure that would be great and all...but you really think people would risk their careers, not to mention a giant anti-trust suit, for something like that when the alternative is...oh, i dunno....the largest market in the nation advancing to the next round?

Whistler said...


Hard to work baseball and check game. Supposed to be entertaining crowds when all I can think of is the game.

Great comments by all.

I'm sporting the powder blue deep in Flyers territory.

The prayer is 6-0. Can it hold up to MSG? We'll find out soon enough.

norojo said...

What a game, i sat right behind steigy so i got to see the game live and get play by play somewhat. let's get a split in NY and we'll be golden.

Flyer Hater said...

Memo to MAF: if you want to hurt Avery, between his legs is the last place to try. There's nothing there.

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, about Jordan filling out...growth spurts are notorious for causing some physical awkwardness and lack of coordination, and I've often wondered if the trouble he's had finding his hands this year haven't been a sign of such a growth spurt. My brother didn't get to his full height/size until he was 21 or so.

The thing is, you look at Jordan now and he looks like he already did fill's so easy to forget he's just 19 and that he might not be done growing. There might come a day where it's hard to tell him apart from Gill if they're both still on the team.

Laura von Awesome said...

@ Flyer Hater:

So very true... However, we can't take chances, since idiots like Sean Douchebag shouldn't breed anyway.

Gary forbid there's ever a Leafs/Pens playoff series... My allegiances will be SOOOOO split!

Flyer Hater said...

laura, I don't think you have to worry about the Leafs making the playoffs any time soon...

The Big K said...

Flyer Hater-
Rock on man.
You keep impressing us with these posts.
I liked Jagr until this series.

Can we go have a c-blog jobbing on BullshitB.

The Big K said...

These posts today are some of the best
I have ever seen in c-blog.

Way to go.

Flyer Hater said...

the big k, Bullshit Bulletin is running gestapoblog and moderates every comments so jobbing would be fruitless.

DeCeV said...

Say what you want to about Ryan Whitney but his beard is carrying us through the playoffs.

Also, Flyer hater is becoming a clutch playoff performer. He really brought his A game today.

Laura von Awesome said...

@ Flyer Hater:

Prob. not, as sad as that is... But hey, I'm only 21, so I can still hope for a Cup in my lifetime... :)

In the meantime...

Go Pens!

homesprout said...

Could you imagine the beatdown that would have ensued if the linesman wasn't there at the end of the game!?

Laraque and Gill vs. Avery


eileenover said...


I agree with you about Whitney. He looked really solid today.

The Big K said...


Avery momentarily disappeared.
He would have died, if USS and BGL wanted it.

The Big K said...

@flyer hater.

I see that.
I tried earlier today, and my comments did not make it on. I pulled out the WWGRD package on them, and they were big pussies and kept it off.


Flyer Hater said...

Decev, I don't consider myself a clutch playoff performer until the first loss when i'll have to persuade most of the people here from not joining Elmo on the Smithfield Street Bridge.

Joshua said...


Stall might bulk up a little more. I don't think he's going to get much taller based on his genetics. I hadn't thought about his decline in offense that way, but it's definitely plausible. He looked a little awkward and uncomfortable with the puck earlier this season. I think it's because he's taking the team more seriously and paying more attention to his defensive responsibilities. If he reaches his potential, he's going to be scary. He'll be like an offensively gifted John Madden.

Speaking of growth, wait until Malkin puts on 15-20 lbs of muscle in the next few years. He's gonna be impossible to get off the puck.

stokes said...

although i said it in jest and also in passing, i'm still going to claim that i called a MAFer shout out.

what a solid effort all around. With out the King in net, that game is ugly. Oh, and hitting the net once in a while would help; actually both teams could stand some target practice, eh?

Split in NY and i think they'll be sitting pretty.


KJ said...

i think instead of blaming the refs and looking for anything to complain about with crosby, ranger fans need to look at jagr's face in the final minutes of the game. that dude is tired. up 3-0 to lose in the first game and in this game drury, gomez, and shanny are basically nonexistant even though they had 6 pps. just like Ottawa, the only thing keeping this from being 2 blowout wins is the work of Hank in net.

of course on the other side, only thing from keeping this who knows what is MAF! even when he has no clue where it is he looks like he's ready for it. hope this continues cause they'll need it at MSG

finally, i usually don't like VS coverage, but at least they can follow the puck better than the blind monkey that is the NBC cameraman

Joshua said...

One of my buddies that listened to the radio feed said that Borque was suggesting Avery would be suspended for spearing MAF. I didn't see a replay of anything that severe, but it would be sweet if Avery was out. The Rangers fans would cry and the Rangers themselves are supposedly really soft physically when Avery is out.

KJ said...

oh yeah, gotta love avery's face and how he started to turtle when USS Gill was coming down on him. did he seriously think at the end of the game that was a good idea? did he not read the signs at the airport and the streets and realize he's in pittsburgh and unlike nj, we have guys who will do something about it

DeCeV said...

162 comments before 7? We could go for the world record. What is the record now?

Jawsh said...

I'm not sure what the record is...

but 66 thinks we should bury it.

Joshua said...

The good news is MAF was back on his game today. The last time we played in MSG it was a playoff atmosphere. We could have won that game. The Rangers are going to be really desperate, but with how chippy this series is getting it's a fine line between desperate and undisciplined.

WPXI couldn't get anything right. They also said that the Rangers are 0 for 9 on the power play.

The Seeker said...

We all saw what a complete coward Avery is with those antics with 3 seconds left.

But, what about Shanahan waving his stick in the air in front of Fleury?

Sure, this time his back was towards MAF but Ruutu was warned to stop in game one at a face-off circle on a foward.

So why wasn't a penalty called? They've been warned once in the NJ series. Ruutu was warned once too.

Shouldn't the 2nd infraction result in a penalty?

I don't think it's just low-class BS that disrepects the game.

homesprout said...


WPXI employs Rich Walsh and John Fedko so you shouldn't be suprised!


Flyer Hater said...

jawsh, mondesi's house buries it...

The Seeker said...

Rangers coach Tom Renney didn't have a problem with the call on the Rangers' "non-goal."

Renney said, "I thought the whistle had blown before I saw any kind of indication of a goal. To me it seemed like a good call. I thought it was an accurate call."

The Seeker said...

Blazhomo said...

I think George got a 3rd man in (game misconduct)

Of course that's not even possible...

Involved were
(1) Hal Gill
(2) Georges Laraque

Where's the third MAN?

Flyer Hater said...

the seeker, blazehomo just likes to talk about men

Ryan said...

Weird. No Rags fans in here today.

What a win.

JYo said...

Good call on no other MAN being around Seeker.

Seriously though, there is no indication of any penalties at the end of the game in the box scores. I was actually wondering if anything would come of it, but it doesn't look like it so far.

Jonny V said...

The C-blog was stout the last two days. I enjoyed seeing everyone defend this place, and also seeing the literary favorites of some of yinz (and props to the mentioner of To Kill A Mockingbird, I still own the VHS copy of the movie and two copies of the book)

I agree on the Staal -still-filling-out theory. I just read somewhere that last year, Lebron James was experiencing back pains, and it turned out that he grew another inch. If Jordy continues playing like he has, there will be nothing to worry about. And I suppose the silver lining to his diminished offensive output is that will make him a tad bit easier to sign long term.

And in this week's ESPN magazine, there was an interesting article about Shattuck-St. Mary's, a school in Minnesota that is a powerhouse. Sid attended for one year, as well as Conklin and Malone. It's a good read. And there's also a funny anecdote about Crosby's short-lived baseball career.

dying alive said...

What a game! Once again, I have no voice.

I was a little concerned that the people sitting in the Igloo seats would be swept away by the river of tears that flowed from the Rags bench after Tyutin got a penalty for knocking Crosby down, but fortunately everything turned out OK. Happy to report that there were no fatalities, aside from the dead animal that Jagr is parading around hanging from his chin.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Is it time for Game 3 yet?????

Just got in from Game / Nephew's Post-Game B-Day party [Happy Birthday Matt! wait, he can't read....he just turned 3]

Hope that they showed the jawing going on between Jagr & Crosby on TV and wish Sid was mik'd up to hear that conversation....
my buddy said, 'that won't faze Sid, that only gets him fired up.'
Sid cannot/will not be intimidated by anyone / anytime / anywhere.
He THRIVES on that stuff like it was oxygen.

I thought overall it was a good game...but they went into the 'prevent' defense a bit too early, IMO

Renney = weenie for calling a TO with 17 seconds to go...a guess you play until the final whistle but, was he trying to:
A) score a goal for momentum going into game 3? OR
B) devise a plan to stir up shit at the end of the game going into game 3?
-My vote is for B.

Marc Staal appears to be on the way to becoming a Bad Ass d-man [OR he may already be there!]

Our Staal was a Gronk amongst boys today...if he develops into a 20+ goal scorer, shut down center in the mold of a Keith Primeau, the Pens will be solid down the middle for the next decade.

Highlight of the Day:

Crashing coffeytalks tailgate!
...not really 'crashing', but more of a social visit...
I searched the East Lot for a Ronnie Francis #9 jersey...spotted one & walked up to her with a question:
'do you know where I could get an appletini around here?' her fellow 'gaters gave me a look like, 'What did he just say?'...but coffeytalk proclaimed, 'DR. TURK!!!!!'...good stuff!!!!
it was nice to meet/chat with a fellow cblogger & we all should get together for a tailgateblog before this magical ride ends this year! [hopefully, in June!!!]

@the seeker
my wife DIDNT mail out program program #2 will be included :)

you'll be getting #1 & #2 as well....


[Hossa: only 46.25 hours till game 3!]

Ev0luTioN said...

Yea, the beef I have with the crying Rags fans over the loss of sight call is that similar calls of that nature are made ALL THE TIME during regular season. Granted, the puck generally trickles into the corner or something post-whistle, but its still the same exact circumstances and no one cries about it. Get over it, it was the right call. Every, including your coach, agrees. Lets go Pens!

Joshua said...

No Rangers fans is a good thing. Remember after we lost the last game at MSG? We got flooded with a lot of the following:

"That's RIGHT we won and we should have won yesturday but U got the Cindy dive calls. U suck were winnin the cup and U will be out cause yur big goale will suck then and U will loose yur prize akwazishun and say goodby 2 malkin cause hell be gone to a REEL TEEM."


"how duz it feel havin yur blog taken over huh? Pissburg sux u dum rednecks go tuch yur sistor."

I've never liked the Rangers but I never really had too much of a problem with their fans. They might be worse than Flyers fans.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Hey, just came back from my first Pens playoff game and celebrations afterward! WOOOOOO!!

The Pensblog is spreading people. Someone was handing out "WWGRD?" signs for Kiss (I snatched that out of her hands quicker than Avery headed for the hills from Hal Gill.) Someone who got interviewed on WXPI said "WWGRD"

Malone had the best hit of the night. Not only did he send a Ranger into his bench but a ref, priceless ...

Crowd was intense! I was screaming pretty loud ... I can't wait still for an Avery hooking call.

@Dr. Turk: I didn't see you! I sat in E15 with a priest and my brother who kept shushing me for screaming things like "Go home, fake-bake," "RUUUU," "Gronk and Roll," "Free Candy," and other such things. He though can boo Jagr. I dislike going to games with someone who thinks he can do whatever he wants and I have to be quiet. Such a jobber. Also, your nephew can't read at the age of 3 ... Gary Roberts could read, speak, and walk from birth.

The scrum at the end was hilarious. Gill, Bugsy, BGL, and company all went in there and were going after people.

Marc Staal was really annoying. He pretends like he can fight but you know because he's a Staal, his fighting skills are nothing.

Jagr was trying to job Free Candy and Ruutu. I got angry and was ready to flip out. Ruutu wants a piece of him, but Gill took care of him for now.

In the Penguins Organization I Trust!

The Big K said...

Knockoff of Fleury 29

Sean Avery likes to hit on prostitutes.
Sean Avery drags his teams into the chutes.

Sean Avery likes to pose for Vogue.
He is the NHL's biggest rogue.

Sean Avery scores a few goals, yes.
He's a son of a bitch you must confess.

Sean Avery likes to hit from behind.
But his testicles, you will not find.

He has no balls.
But he falls.

He spears the goalie.
Then gets squashed like a rollie pollie.

Sean Avery likes the black book.
Sean Avery likes to hook (in more than one way)

Sean Avery likes men.
Since I don't know when.

Sean Avery is a dick.
Sean Avery is a prick.

Ha look at me I rhyme.
If Sean died, I'd be fine!

eileenover said...

Haha, very nice big k.

PensfanSeoul said...

Taken from The BullshitB....This is amazing....

"But the referee blew a quick whistle even as the loose puck was in the process of squirting through Fleury's legs and over the goal line. Technically, the referee did what he was supposed to do in whistling the play dead once he lost sight of the puck. But he made a bad call in losing sight of it while it was still alive."

This happens EVERY GAME, but maybe if Ranger fans saw a game other than when their team is "rly good", they would know the rules a little better. The Rags squandered 6 PP chances, with very few scoring opportunities. Even the TV guys said the Rags had dead legs at the end of the game. The Rags simply got HANDLED today. If the penguins maintain this intensity, they are going to be a VERY tough team to beat.

Go Pens.

Lloyd said...


Other than that... their post wasn't bad.

Now their blog design... that's bad

Dr. Turkleton said...


sorry I missed you....but I had a fellow cblogger sense that you were close by! [or that could've been heartburn from too much pregame Battleship™ hoagie]


A team is not in trouble in the series until they lose a game at home.

While driving thru Mt. Lebo tonight at the intersection of Cochran Rd. & Cedar Blvd. my wife says, 'Look! it says Crosby Blvd. !!!'

me = stunned vandalism still up OR locals like the Penguin Spirit!

letsgopsu said...

I posted on the bullshit bulletin with a logical argument on the no goal and got no response. I guess the Rags fans were just to confused by my logic to understand what I was saying....

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@letsgopsu: I posted yesterday and not only did they not post my most recent but they deleted the one that made it. Do they really have to censor others so they sound intelligent? It's not worth it anymore. At least on Flyer sites I get chewed out, not blocked out ... Rangers sites = lame.

PensfanSeoul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jawsh said...

In the goalie mask tourny, Dany is up by just a hair more than 100 votes with the poll closing tomorrow. Like P-Diddy says, vote or die.

PensfanSeoul said...

@lloyd - I know it wasnt too bad, but that one line, for all its ridiculousness (is that a word?) has set me off. So this was what I attempted to post in response...I doubt they will post it, but whatev, I feel better after typing it all out....

"And I quote:
"But the referee blew a quick whistle even as the loose puck was in the process of squirting through Fleury's legs and over the goal line. Technically, the referee did what he was supposed to do in whistling the play dead once he lost sight of the puck. But he made a bad call in losing sight of it while it was still alive."

Lets re-read that and break it down point by point shall we?

The referee blew a quick whistle - lets stop there for now. I agree with this point, but there were at least three bodies in front of Fluery, and the MAF'er was in his butterfly bent over the area where the puck was. At this point, you are running the risk of injury to defensemen who may have dropped to block the shot, and the goalie, who is also in a potentially unprotected position. If the ref loses sight of the puck AT ALL it is his responsibility to blow the whistle.

even as the loose puck was in the process of squirting through Fleury's legs and over the goal line - again...the puck did disapear underneath MAF for some time. Even on the TV replay, in slow motion, there is a small window where the puck disapears from view....even on the goal camera from behind MAF before it trickles out. Remember, the referee has to make a decision to blow his whistle and then blow it...this could take up to .5 seconds, and that is just an estimation on my part. So the whistle is blown, but INTENT to blow the whistle was while the puck was out of sight, even on the TV replay.

Technically, the referee did what he was supposed to do in whistling the play dead once he lost sight of the puck. - Technically? No, this is the RULE. That means the ref did EXACTLY what he was supposed to do. Not "well, TECHNICALLY..."

But he made a bad call in losing sight of it while it was still alive. - uhhhh....what? Seriously? that doesnt even really make sense honestly. I'm sure that next time he will try a little harder. You know, there are some damn fine women in Pittsburgh, and some damn fine women hockey fans in pittsburgh at that....Perhaps one of them caught his eye, and that was why he lost it.

The man was doing his job, and doing according to the rules. It was the right call and that happens all the time. Your team got outplayed by the Penguins defense. "

Lloyd said...

i doubt that is going to get posted...

The Big K said...


I have, in the past two days, run across the 87 speed limit sign, Bower Gill Rd. Crosby (cedar) boulevard, and Dupuis whatever it was I don't know.

Ev0luTioN said...

So, question to ponder..

Do you think GR is aware of the hype that Pittsburgh officially has for him? He being the rugged, quiet type, I haven't really heard him mention or acknowledge the whole "WWGRD" slogan. Anyone know if hes commented on it at any point and what his thoughts were?

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Yeah, likelihood of that getting posted is the chance I have to marrying Malkin or Sidney ... It drives me nuts over there, so I don't look, take losing like a man (even though I'm a woman and they have members of there team who dress like women and Avery.) You don't even have to say anything "mean" towards others and they won't post it. If you want to do anything, infiltrate like Adam. I think someone saw I post over here so they automatically thought, no. Screw them, Pensblog for life!!

@Ev0lution: I heard some people saying Roberts thought it was funny but nothing else. I'm sure all that attention on him must feel weird considering he is such a quiet man.

J.S. said...

Somebody mentioned that he knows of the WWGRD wristbands and that he laughed.

If anybody else knows more, please post.

Flyer Hater said...

ev0lution, did Gandhi acknowledge that he was a big deal when he turned down coupons for Apple bee's?

No, the great ones just know.

The Seeker said...

There was one dude on Blueskirt Bulletin who I seriously wondered if he even watched the same game as the rest of us.

He was complaining that in two successive games now the Pens have gotten late Power Plays.

Huh? 1, I can see.

Today? Ummm....the Pens were shorthanded twice in the last 5:30 .

How can you possibly have watched the game and posted that?

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

the power of watching the game thru red, white & blue glasses....

how I wish I was able to STILL chant:


as Archie & Edith sang: Those were the days!!!!!

The Seeker said...

Yes, I have seen in games before when a goal has been disallowed in similar circumstances even without the whistle being blown during the play.

If the Ref says he meant to blow the whistle but couldn't get it to his mouth in time, his word stands and the goal is disallowed.

BTW...the TV behind the net replay was just about the same point of view as the Ref had behind the net.

Flyer Hater said...

Dr. Turk, I really wouldn't be surprised in 40 years if we are chanting


Flyer Hater said...

Turn the...


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