Monday, April 28, 2008

Dive Right In. PENS WIN.


There is no excuses.

Losers whine,
Winners go home and pretend to be Gary Roberts.

What will New York complain about today?

Unfortunately, referees can't "steal" a game from you if you can't even score a goal.

The black cloud surrounding this game was the quick whistle late
when the Rags thought they had the game tied.

In a solid NHL playoff game.
The Pens beat the Rangers at there own game.

But remember. Don't get too high or too low.

You would feel good about the Pens chances if they lost the first two in MSG
and then were coming to the Mellon for Games 3 and 4.

Game Three is make-or-break for the Rangers.
The referees will be intimidated in the Rangers' home rink.
The crowd will be whipped into a frenzy.

It's why home-ice advantage is so vital, and the Pens still have it.

And that's all you could ask for.

:::::::::::::::::: WARMUPS :::::::::::::::::::

According to Pensblog Charlie,
the Rangers were "loose " after playing with some balls before the game.

Sean Avery was in a little discomfort.

:::::::::::::::::: ANTHEMS :::::::::::::::::::

[ Chris F. ]

[ Brad Berk ]

[ Dave S. ]

[ Gregg T. ]

[ R. Richter ]

[ Tristan B. ]

[ Tyler L. ]

:::::::::::::::::: FIRST PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

After 11 commercial breaks, it was time to drop the puck.

The Pens were on the hunt early.
Crosby did some work, and then Staal brought the first stoppage with a sneaky shot on the Queen.

The Rangers got their turn, and they were able to draw a penalty.
Ryan Whitney heads to the box.

The power play gets crushed when the refs somehow saw Scott Gomez interfere with Orpik.
If anything, it was a penalty on Orpik.

The Pens were able to set up on a PP for about 1:20.
Somehow, the Rangers let Hossa get behind them. No dice.

Hossa gets another chance, no dice.
What a great power play for the Pens.

After the game settled down for a while, Ruutu was headed to the box for hooking up Double J.
There were some tense times, but the Pens killed it.
The USS Hal Gill destroyed Double J with a missle attack.

Fedor Tyutin takes Crosby down, and the Pens had a 4-on-3 PP on the way.

It didn't stop Jagr and the Ranger bench from crying.

Asked afterward what he had said to Crosby, Jagr was reluctant to discuss the matter
with reporters and only replied: "Just play hockey."

Crosby was similarly tight-lipped.
"Just ask him," Crosby said. "I wasn't the one talking."

The Rangers got the job done, though
Chris Drury killed the penalty almost by himself.

Ruutu was headed back to the box at the end of the first for putting the elbows up on some joke.
The Pens killed it off with relative ease.

Malkin did some magic at the end, and that was it.
Solid first period.

:::::::::::::::::: INTERMISSION :::::::::::::::::::

For some reason you wind up online, buying 350 dollars worth of Dockers pants online
and booking a flight to San Fransico.

How many times do we have to see that commercial?

:::::::::::::::::: SECOND PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

A highly anticipated second period finally got under way.
Staal got away with a penalty after he made a hockey play with a broken stick.
Just like Avery got away with a vicious slash on Bing at the tail end of the first.

The early stages of the second period was all about the Pens getting shots on Lundqvist from Center Avenue that he handled with ease.

After a lot of back-and-forth hockey, the Pens third line started buzzing on a great shift.
The action went the other way, with MAF stopping Jagr on his doorstep.

As the second period dragged on with the Rangers refusing to play hockey, the lull was broken when Chris Drury heads to the box.

Cue the JAWS theme.

[ JFronz ]

It wouldn't be right to say that the pulse of Pens Nation lies with this site and the commentors.
It would be pretty naive and ignorant.
We all make up a tiny portion of Pens fans, not even 3% of the fanbase.

But someone from the Pens' Department of Game Operation and Video Production is watching.
And we salute them for turning the JAWS PP into a reality again.

All we need now is 17,000 signs with the fin on it.
If it helps, we could print out 20 or something from our computer.

The first unit was just unreal, but couldn't connect.

The second unit jumped on.
And it all started when Petr Sykora tracked down Marc Staal behind the Rangers net to keep the puck alive in the Rags' zone.

After Malkin made a sick move, he got it to Jordan Staal in front.
He makes his brother pay.



[ Tristan B. ]

The intensity picked up after that.
It resulted in a holding penalty on Marian Hossa when Chris Drury dove.

Pathetic display

The Rangers got their chance to get that Staal goal back.
20 seconds of the power play goes out the window in a loose-puck scrum in front of MAF.

The story of that kill was Pascal Dupuis.
He made a huge shot-block and then thwarted a Jagr one-timer in the slot.
What a performance.

And that was gonna be it.

:::::::::::::::::: THIRD PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

You could argue that the rest of the series depended on what this third period was gonna bring.

The Pens were given an early power play when Crosby dove over the glass and the Rags got a delay-of-game penalty.
What a play by Crosby.


The Rangers stifled the top unit, and the second unit was stopped with an offsides call.
A big kill for the Rags.

As the first quarter of the third period disappeared, it became apparent that the Rangers were gonna have to come out of their shell and try to actually score a goal.

It was gonna have to wait, though, because Blair Betts Graves'd Kennedy.
The Pens had another PP on the way.
But the Rangers had all the answers.

The Rangers started pressing after that PK.
And the disturbing trend of the Pens not being able to get possession in their own zone started to annoy you to no end.

But MAF continued his all-business ways.

After a couple icings, the Pens were finally able to change lines.

The game reached 8:00 left, and Father Time was pulled over for speeding on the Parkway.

Father Time showed up in time to see Joe Girardi get whiplash when Sykora's stick gets him in the face.
Yeah, it's a penalty. Could have done without the theatrics, though. Pathetic.

A minute of the PP was gone before you knew it.
Talbot laid his life on the line to block a shot.

And then came the fun part...

The Rangers thought they had a goal, but Crosby blew his whistle from the bench to stop the play.
What a play by Crosby.

Picture: Dubi from [ Blueshirt Bulletin ] begins to gather supplies
so he can make a big post about the tough call.

Renney's tears paid off for the Rags at the end, when the USS Hal Gill sinks Steve Avery.

Gill goes to the box.

So, it was even. The Pens got their "questionable" late PP in game one.
And now here were the Rangers with their own.

It was here amongst 17,000 screaming Mellon Arena fanatics that the Pittsburgh Penguins discovered who they were.

Besides Jagr lurking, there really wasn't much to be nervous about.
Shots were being blocked, the puck stayed to the perimeter.

Renney for some reason decided to wait till there was about 30 seconds left on the penalty to give his team a 2-man advantage by pulling Lundqvist.
Therrien did that with about 2 minutes left in a game earlier this season against Montreal.
Whitney tied it with a goal.

Just as the Hal Gill penalty was expiring, Adam Hall harmlessly gets it out of the zone.

With the USS Hal Gill in its wake, the puck floated down the ice and split the posts. 2-0.

But good God, it wasn't over.
Tom Renney wants Sean Avery to exhibit his bad sportsmanship and sends him out at the end to start some crap.

After some lovetaps on MAF, Fleury gives him the how-do-you-do.
Avery turns at slashes/spears Fleury...right in front of Hal Gill.
Mistake. A big scrum develops.

Check out what Rob Scuderi did.
He turned his back to the scrum and held the fort against the next Ranger to jump in.
Scuderi has been on fire.


  • Did Brendan Shanahan play?
  • We've contacted the Academy to see if Chris Drury and Joe Girardi can be up for nominations.
  • The Pens countered the neutral-zone clog of the Rags with some nice stretch passes.
  • The Penguins themselves shutting the Rangers down for the third period was unreal.
  • Kennedy, Staal, Ruutu, Talbot, Hall = Out of their minds
  • All game pictures courtesy of Getty at [ Yahoo Pictures ] -- Best in the business
  • Tuesday night in MSG. Get busy livin'.

Go Pens


eileenover said...


Chris said...


I guess we can call off the Jordan Stall Amber Alert.

Nicholas said...

This is why The Pensblog is the best in the biz; I made sure to watch Shawshank tonight after a win like that;

Broadway incoming;

Also all the jokes about Croz diving over the glass and such - EPIC; There's no where else to take that talk except make it the joke it is;

Also when Hossa had the breakaway all I could think was money in the bank; SHOOT F*ING HIGH ON KING HENRIK; Not a hard concept...

Zac Wassink said...

i would comment on all the crying going on in the region
but im still too busy celebrating the fact that we're up 2-0.
the rags suck.
their fans suck.
maf>the queen

and sean avery went to 7pm mass tonight to thank god there were two refs there at the end. watch the video replay from cbc. if there weren't boards at the igloo, he'd be backpeddling down I80 right now.

Stanley's Brandy said...

I typed "Avery's career" into and it spat back "refer to the end of the Pens-Rangers Game 2 in the 2008 playoffs"

Seriously, what a little wuss. I mean, no one could survive the USS Hal Gill AND BGL bearing down on em, but at least man up if you're gonna start crap.

freddy's mole said...

I really like how far you guys are taking the accusations of Sid diving. Everyone outside of Pittsburgh is so obsessed with everything he does.

It made me happy that NBC did their best to clear up this whole diving thing. The way Sid went down today when he drew a penalty is something we've all seen plenty of times. He skates on his edges a lot of the time because he has position over the defender. Maybe instead of Jagr telling Sid how to skate he should tell his defenders to either go for the puck or let him skate around them.

Zac Wassink said...

well it's late. time to dive into bed.

eileenover said...

"The Pens were given an early power play when Crosby dove over the glass and the Rags got a delay-of-game penalty.
What a play by Crosby."

I seriously could not stop laughing when i read that. I was saying the exact same thing when that happened. One thing I love about tpb is every game recap is better than the last. Cblog is always great too. Everyone appreciates what others have to say and actually have a sense of humor. Kudos to tpb staff on an amazing post.

By the way, I swear a saw a tear in a Rangers' eye when the game ended. And Jagoff is about to have a nervous breakdown.

dazzy said...

What a play by Crosby

This cleaned my sinuses out with a hearty dose of Pepsi. Thanks!

diabeticsRcooler said...

The ref LITERALLY save Sean Avery's life he was about to be permanently stuck between Laraque and a hard place aka the USS Hal Gill

Goooooood Times

Cody said...

Before the Rags fans get here, let me post this friendly reminder to you: Excuses are like assholes - No matter where you look on the rags bench, you'll find one.

tempest said...

You would feel good about the Pens chances if they lost the first two in MSG...

wtf'ev? i would? who would? there's nothing for the rangers to feel good about. it's not over, but really...

strakasguitar said...

great recap, staff. keep on burning that "midnight oil" like the best of us!

@ tempest:

Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Remember, they still have....errr....the rights to Mark Messier?

mark my words - we will see our first loss of the playoffs to these lassies. And I can't wait to see the Bullshiat Bulletin jobbers that flood into the joint when that happens. More particularly, I'll take great pleasure at tearin' 'em limb from limb with the likes of the c-blog crew at my side.


Does c-blog have an official brand of brewski? I motion for a vote.

strakasguitar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jeff said...

tpb = brilliant!

tempest said...

not saying it's over. we'll hear the history of 0-2 playoff series soon.

it's just that i keep hearing about how it's all going to change in ny...the rangers are ok, they're going home.


oldschoolbehii said...

Crosby embellished the shit out of Dellapina's mom 2nite... unreal performance...

used to love JJ
after an obvious penalty he starts yelling at crosby like he's the fucking 20 year old

rangers = joke

Jonny V said...

Who drinks Pepsi at 2 in the morning?

"With the USS Hal Gill in its wake, the puck floated down the ice and split the posts. 2-0." Awesome description, I thought the same thing when he was chasing it. It said in the PG's recap that he was chasing it to prevent icing. I have no doubt in my mind that he would have launched a Tomahawk missile at it if he had to.

strakasguitar said...

@ tempest:

true nuff. i really think someone needs to photoshop that scene from "godzilla" where matthew broderick, et al. find a hundredthousand monster eggs chillin' out in the season ticket holders' section. if i'm not mistaken, the garden gets annihilated in the end...*grins*

if the pens can turn the tides of history, now is the time. especially since we've managed to outplay these crap-for-brainses thus far.

Augie Zybynski -Editor said...

good stuff as always

Johnny Wrath said...

Pierre: "Hey Edzo, remember when Ruutu boarded Jagr from behind in 2006?"

Edzo: (heh heh) That ollll' Chicago Stadium.

Doc: "Driiiive!!"

Pierre: "The Pens' bench is saying Avery is going to do something stupid and then turtle later.".

Edzo: "Hey, do you think Milbury could fit down in between there with you Pierre?".

Pierre: "Edzo? I boffed your mother last night, friend. Your mother".

Doc: "He squibs one(?)".

Which pretty much sums up today's broadcast.

As for the beer and the commercial;

I prefer Hofbrau Original. Its a Munich import, never a hangover.

I live in San Francisco, and I don't see as much of it as I did in those Dockers™ ads. If any of you watch soccer and are really tired of being offered JoinVIP™ services, this was similar.

Great win today. Steve Avery and his Rags turtled all game, and though Hoss really should have netted 2, we're clearly a better team in every respect. Seriously, Hoss not burying some 3 rebounds was a matter if inches and the puck being in ones' skates.

How big a deal is the whistled-off goal going to be? Will it prompt Shanny to open his mouth, leaving us to try and recall weather he had played in that day's game?

Finally, Marty Straka doesn't get enough credit. He's always wheeling around and making a crisp 45-foot pass at the least likely time, causing everyone to freeze and wait to see if they can somehow confirm that Shanny was indeed in today's game.

What a dick.

Joshua said...

Seriously though, what's wrong with Jagr's face lately? He always has that scowl/grimace thing like he's in pain. Maybe he's dying alive again.

Hip said...

C-blog! Holy shit, I have missed so much!! It took me like three solid hours just to catch up. What a fucking stellar job the staff has been doing with the posts and all of you just completely owning the Rag’s whiners trolling here. Miraculously I had service in Yellowstone and am forever indebted to BNG”stud”66 for keeping me abreast of the situation, but nothing beats being back on tPB. I feel like I’m home (despite still being a good 2000 miles away). Some of you dudes are funny as all hell. And thanks for missing me while I was off the radar. I should have internet at least for the rest of my trip and am hopeful I can catch a game in one of the “bigger” cities…

I am so jacked right now I can’t stand it. Being up 2-0? On the one team I was a bit scared of? Holy shit, I knew we were good but these boys are giving me goosebumps. Unreal. Coming back from a 3 goal deficit? Pulling out a shutout as an encore? Holy fucking shit. This is exciting. I’ve got to see some footage of USS and BGL laying the smacketh down on the douche wears Prada. Dude is going to get FUBARed in game 3, I just feel it. We have got to keep the momentum going though. MSG has been salty to us this year (hehe) and we have to battle through. Gotta get one there.

Karri, I heart you.

Personally, I’m impressed with Staalsy’s playoff beard. Not bad for a toddler.

BTW, I was a bit distracted thinking of all the ex-Pens and pretty boys on the Rags… Completely forgot about a one Brendan Shanahan, my absolute least favorite hockey player by a far. I fucking hate that dude. So typical he was the first to start bitching. What a joke.

Also, what’s up with Ranger trolls and Flyers tools liking the word “pussy” so much? Apparently they don’t get enough in their human lives, so they make up for it on Gore.

PS: Best author ever was Dostoevsky. End of story. (Sorry I’m a huuuuuge lit nerd and was pissed I missed that discussion!)

PPS: Pensgirl- I wrote a high school paper on “The Physics of Hockey.” No lie. Your shit was on point.

PPPS: I swear to Gary, I don’t normally swear this much in real life.

Longest catch up post ever. Woooooooooooooooooo!

DeCeV said...

JJ looks like he's dying alive in the top pic.


tomiglos said...

I just realized that I'm going to miss watching the game on Tuesday because I have baseball tickets. Does anyone know if someone posts the games so that I can stream it when I get home?

Joshua said...

Man I've had about 20 hours of sleep in the past five days and I'm currently working on a rather brutal take-home examination for law school that is due at 10am. I slept three hours Sunday morning and I won't get to sleep to much today because I have one more exam on Tuesday for my evidence class and I gots a shitload of studying to do. I'm kind of punchy right now...

That picture of Renney with the "Clown" caption is killing me. He has to be the smuggest prick I've ever seen. It's killing me though. I can't stop laughing.

Joshua said...


I'm a HUGE Dostoevsky fan. I read "Notes from Underground" in Russian in college. Brothers K is the best book ever. He wasn't an author. He was a philosopher/holy fool that used literature as his medium.

letsgopsu said...

Had to read Crime and Punishment in high school, didn't like it. Like I said before, I'll take Catch 22, Brave New World, and Shakespeare tragedies over just about anything.

Joshua said...


What in the hell are you doing awake right now, you poor bastard?

I want to go to sleep so bad.

I never read Catch-22 or Brave New World. Those are two books that I've always meant to get around to reading but I never have. I don't get to read for pleasure very much while I'm in school. Not entirely true, as I do enjoy some of the stuff I read for class.

Crime and Punishment isn't his best work. A lot of people go on about it. Read the Brothers Karamazov. It's his best book, and it really is up there as the greatest book ever written.

J.S. said...

28 comments before 6? Good Gary, does anybody here sleep?

Zac Wassink said...

It's hard to sleep. All the crying from across the river has kept me awake

Flyer Hater said...


Truer words have never been spoken

Zac Wassink said...

Highlights on youtube.


J.S. said...

Was it the crying from across the river, or was it all of the crying that was forming a new river?

wilsmith said...

huzzah is my halo name.

PittHockey said...

Shannahan did play, he tried to add a Shanahan addendum to the avery rule.

Except they're both worthless.

mdpensfan said...

my dad called me last night from the game with a hoarse voice, and promises to get me tickets to whatever game it is possible for me to go to. he was happy like a 5 year old hopped up on too much sugar (he's 51).

solid post, loved that sid was so busy this game, diving over the glass and playing ref, no wonder he's the best in the league.

FakeDannyStag said...

MAF = 4' x 6'

Fleury29 said...

Welcome back, Hip!

My brother, who doesn't watch that much hockey said something interesting yesterday.

Bro: Jagr, doesn't he have a mullet?
Me: Nah, he used to, though.
Bro: Well, it looks like he has a mullet on his face now.

Jagr. Facial Mullet. Good times.

demondg1 said...

Gotta love Bobby Scuds. Solid D all around. Who turns their back on a fight and plays man on man defense? Bob Sku, that's who.

I think I almost forgot Shanahan was a Ranger. I don't think I've heard his name called once this series.

Dana Heinze is a genius for attaching the whistle to Sid's glove. Good call by Sid to blow the play dead early on that near Rangers goal. Maybe if he's stop whining so damn much, or touching little boys. Blah!

On a side note...
I saw Mike Lange and Potash hanging out at a bar after the game Friday night. You wouldn't believe the number of people that mobbed Lange. For god's sake people, the man is trying to enjoy a beer. Don't be telling him all your hockey memories, asking him to sign a hundred shirts or talk to you nephew on your cell phone. (The lady that did the cell phone thing had me embarrassed to be a human.) Stop swinging on the man's nuts.


And for all that I've defended Jagr the last 7 years, I can't defend his landing strip. What's the deal with that thing? Men should not have landing strips. Especially on their faces. Must be his notorious gambling. He had to have lost a bet to be sporting that thing.

demondg1 said...

And A. Hall played a great game yesterday. Hell, he played a great game even before he chipped in the goal from out in Blawnox.

Loser Chris said...

It's easy to understand why you all missed Shanny during the game considering he spent the entire game parked in MAF's crease and the Rags almost never got near there. I'm sure he'll be plenty visible in the next two games whining to the refs all game long.


Lady Jaye said...

I'm not used to reading this many comments in the morning.

Come on guys, shouldn't you give JJ a break? He is dying alive after all... shouldn't be be calling the ambulance? I get a headache when people question why he gets booed... that comment is exactly why. I loved the guy when he was in Pittsburgh until he got his prima-donna attitude. Whatev.

I am assuming I am not alone at games when: you're sitting there thinking how something would look good in a photoshop or narrating the action in your head with references to people being sunk by the USS Hal Gill, jobbed, etc.

Stoosh said...

Morning After Thoughts, dudes...

1. Mmmmmmmm....McDonald's coffee.

2. Maguire alluded to it on the bench last night, but it's been apparent in each of the two games so far...the Rangers are wearing down as the game goes on. The younger Rangers' defensemen seemed to get more and more overwhelmed with the Pens' attack as the game wore on Friday night and their forwards looked tired. Yesterday, you could see the same sorts of things again as well as it taking a toll on some of the other Rangers players.

3. Avery tends to get a lot more brave on the MSG ice - where his theatrics are much more appreciated given that he's a hell of a lot closer to Broadway. Something tells me, though, that he's gonna to find the going a lot tougher tomorrow night than he did against "da Devil."

4. Kudos to Edzo for the "enough is enough" commentary about the diving and whining accusations. Like he said, every player does it to some degree to sell calls. Girardi tried to sell that high-sticking call on Sykora so badly, I thought he almost broke his own neck. And as I mentioned yesterday, after Avery got knocked down by Gill towards the end of the third, he got up and was whining so badly looking for a call, I thought Sidney Crosby changed teams. (I keeeeeed, I keeeeed! Hey-ohhhhhhhhh!)

5. When was the last time we saw a Pens team visibly frustrate opposing teams like this? Between Ottawa getting knocked completely off their game and now seeing the same things happen with the Rangers - particularly Jagr? Wow. I'm going to wait to see what happens after Game Three, because I've still got too much respect for Jagr, but he seems really riled up and off his game.

6. Not sure if anyone else listens to DVE here in Pittsburgh, but I had them on this morning on the way into tahhhhhn, and Jim Krenn says to Mike Prisuta, "Well, I'lltellyawhat, Mikey, I'm already gettin' fired up for a Pens-Flyers Eastern Conference Final, Mikey!"

I almost drove off the road.

One game at a time!

I'm not even thinking about Game Four, let alone the next series. It's all about Game Three right now. We're up 2-0 right now but everything changes with a Rags win tomorrow night. We win tomorrow night and it might very well break the will of the Rangers going forward.

Keep On Malkin in the Free World said...

Weren't certain "experts" saying before the playoffs that Pittsburgh didn't have enough depth to win?

The Pens have played six games so far. In those six games, each of the following players has scored at least one goal:


Twelve different players scoring in only six games. How many teams can say that?

Go Pens.

Stoosh said...

In regards to the comments in C-blog last night about the greatness of this site and the C-blog community, I had to smile when reading Hip's post this morning.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that sounds like a diehard hockey fan who's been stuck all weekend in Yellowstone National Park during the second round of the playoffs with little access to any updates or discussion, and is just now getting a chance to talk about it...

oh, wait...

um...nevermind. :)

Hip, you're post is what C-blog is all about.

Welcome back!

Lady Jaye said...

Oh boy, last night I logged into just take a peak at Cblog... my jaw almost hit the floor when there were something like 169 comments at that time... I just about passed out at my keyboard trying to read it all. I had to give up on the endeavor and will start again on this thread today. ;-)

Avery is a punk, will always be a punk. At least Ruutu (for as much flack as he catches) will back it up and fight like a man. But anyway, I just hope he doesn't get under the players skin enough for folks to take stupid penalties. I don't think that will happen, but you never know.

dying alive said...

@ Stoosh - the last time the Pens were frustrating opponents this badly, Jagr was a part of it then as well. He was wearing black & gold.

Chelsea said...

did anyone else at the game notice that when it looked like avery was going off the ice for the delay-of-game penalty, the pens in-game video crew people played madonna's 'vogue'. my dad and i lost it. classic--kudos to whoever works for the pens getting the job done

DeCeV said...

I'm glad to see that the insomniacs and the early birds combined today for pretty much seamless 24/7 cblog coverage.

Colin said...

@ Johnny Wrath

Those VIP Communications commercials are the worst.

Adam Hall deserves all the credit in the world for the game he played yesterday. His responsibilies were basically win a d-zone face-off, gain center red, dump it in, and get the f off the ice. But, I am not gonna lie, I really wanted big Hal to get that empty netter.

Also, after seeing a replay, I dont think Fleury got Avery the way he got Lapointe. I think he got Avery more in the rear area if you get my drift.

Being a goalie myself, it gives me chills to see Fleury play and then have Conklin be as excied as he is for Fleury after the game. When we signed Ty I thought to myself "Great another bender like T-bo." But the dude has my utmost respect now.

BlacknGold66 said...

I know "life changing" is said on here all the time...

But I can't stress enough how awesome it was to see Max and Scuds fly in to the scrum... stop... turn around... and block the incoming Rags.

It literally blew my mind. They showed the replay like 3 times on NBC and each time I was equally impressed.

I'm still in awe.

I love this team!!!

geezer said...

Drury diving picture is the best ever!!! Picture of Jargr with head down = everything we need to know!

We can beat these guys! LETS GO PENS!

Jonny V said...

Hip, welcome back! Glad to hear you're safe after nearly running over a buffalo/bison.

BlacknGold66 said...


We had beerblog on here a few weeks back. It basically came down to everyone mentioning the beers that'll get you drunk the fastest/beers that you should only have 2 or 3 of. (i.e. Dogfish Head 120, Le Fin Du Monde, etc.)

Since our Yuengling stash is just about depleted here at Souper Bowl North we've been resorting to whatever we can get.

At the only bar in town with Versus they have a mix called the "Black and Gold."

It's like a black and tan, except Guiness and Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold. It is DELICIOUS!


I know you gave us fair warning about the hottness of the girl in that pic of you... but I still stared at her a bit too long in front of my gf.


Stoosh said...


Just heard Eddy Crow on ESPN Radio 1250 say, "You almost wouldn't mind seeing the Pens lose one of these next two, just for the fun of them coming back to clinch the series on home ice."


I almost wouldn't mind seeing them lose one of these games?

I don't know what kind of alternate universe you live in, Crow, or what kind of mushrooms you have growing in the backyard of your Moon Township home, but I'm sorry pal - you don't leave the friggin' door open for anyone in the playoffs.

I don't care what history says or what kind of odds there are if we go up three games to none. Ask the 2004 Yankees how well having decades of history on their side worked out for them.

This is what happens when sports journalists have too much to talk about.

I'm being realistic here...I certainly don't EXPECT the Pens to win every game of this series. But given our current situation relative to that of the Rangers, I certainly don't think I'd be OK with them losing one just to have the novelty of clinching a series on home ice. They could clinch the series on a rink in the middle of Siberia with no one but polar bears watching for all I care if it meant sweeping this Rangers team that was supposed to give us so much trouble.

The objective part of me says no, the Rangers are too good so I can't expect the Pens to win each game, no matter how much I want them to.

But what I want deep down as a fan doesn't have to be governed by objectivity. If it were really up to me as a fanb and being realistic went out the door, I WANT them to sweep each series. I WANT the Rangers to have absolutely ZERO chance of getting back into this series. I don't just WANT to see a sweep; I WANT to see hockey's metaphoric equivalent of a public evisceration of the f'ing Rangers, and I don't care where it happens as long as it happens.

I see Crow's point, but WTF? If they win tomorrow and they've got a chance to end it, then end it in New York, just like they ended it in Ottawa. We'll all be just fine with being deprived the theater of a series-clinching win happening at Mellon Arena.

Whistler said...

Whew! I'm exhausted reading all this comments this morning.

I'm kinda nervous about tomorrow. But by the Grace of Gary we'll see it through.

lis said...

yeah...c-blog was much easier to catch up on when there were only 50 comments for each post...247 is hard!!!!!!!!!!!!

BlacknGold66 said...

I don't think lis gets the credit she deserves.

She's been here since forever.

Good on ya lis!

Hip said...

Joshua - I took a Dostoevsky class in college and pretty much read it all. Unreal. Letsgopsu, if you don't have time to read all of Brothers K now, just read the Grand Inquisitor chapter. Dude was a fucking genius. If he started a religion, I'd probably be a convert.

Thanks for welcoming me back all! I'm with my two best college friends whom I haven't seen in over a year and we're having an absolute blast (Yellowstone is literally a zoo without fences)... but man I missed my c-blog friends/crush.

My cousin called late night to tell me that they interviewed JStaal at the end of the game and right before he went on, Bugsy gave him some snow to the face. I literally teared up! I love this team!!! And I for one am just happy as hell to hear Hall has been a stud and got the EN. I went to a Wild game when I was interviewing for residencies in the Twin Cities and my friend has a friend who works at the X. She got us old player jerseys to wear for the game and I got Hall’s. Specialplaceinmyheartblog.

And stoosh – Crow said that?? At the very least he could have specified that the Rags win game 4… WTF? They take game three and they are right back in this. I am not in the mood to give punk ass BShan and company any shred of dignity or confidence.

strakasguitar said...

our dear sweet eddie crowe has been slowly spiralling out of orbit since he left the dve morning show...

not that prisuta is, or was, any kind of replacement.


damn sorry I missed that thread. there's another beerbloggin' happening at another message board, and I figured I'd spead the joy :)

personally, I likes me Stone's Russian Imperial Stout. i think anyone who drinks too much of that in one sitting'll have hair growing on the inside.

BlacknGold66 said...


My gf just introduced me to Stone's last week. Good stuff!

DeCeV said...

To be fair, half of what Stone makes will do that to you.

Nate said...

look at avery checking out those girls' asses in that pregame pic. creepy...

Matt in N.C. said...


I wish that USSHG could have given him some more business. I was half hoping he would go UFC on him and throw the knee to the midsection during the scrum.

@ c-blog

Import=Pilsner Urquell brewed in the hometown of JJ. Very Tasty!


strakasguitar said...


the fellow who works/manages Brewski's on the corner of Burrowes and Beaver introduced me to the Russian Stout, and the rest of Stone's products. He's a pretty chill, knowledgeable fellow. i usually go there if I want something new; to Sharkies' for anything else.


what did you have? arrogant bastard is delicious.

Sooska said...

@ stoosh - #2 - You are so right. I have complained for years about the Pens conditioning and this new young bunch seems to be dedicated to it. I said last week that their conditioning would be a big key to this series.
Also, I heard Eddie Crow say that too and I had the same reaction. They won 2 Cups away so why not a round? We don't need any loses just so they can win at home. Ridiculous. These are the same guys who on Friday, when I was back in the Burgh itching for some hockey talk, were running a mock draft with has been players calling in and never mentioned the Pens. I listened long enough to figure out what was going on and turned it off in disgust. COME ON!

@ lady jaye - the photoshop thing. ME TOO! Not only do I now talk cblog, I am thinking in terms of photoshops. I understand even Mike Lange used "no dice."

strakasguitar said...

@ matt

only a matter of time before the fury of the USSHG is unleashed. we saw a little bit of it at the end of the game yesterday, but expect to see more once Avery has the hubris of 15,000 drunken Rags fans egging him on.

IhateVince said...

haha barry melrose kept calling hal gill a sexy beast on

Nate said...


Yeah, his name is D. Hes a really cool guy and usually hooks me and my buddies up when they're supposed to be closed and we didn't get our fill at the bars... highly recommended for beer advice too.

IceCold... said...

so true, stoosh. those guys have waaaay too much time to talk. crow sounds like a freakin idiot.

sweep would be fantastic, but most times my dream world doesn't quite make it into reality. and seeing as it did make it into reality in the last series, fat chance it will this time. when all is said and done at the end of this season, which hopefully isn't for at least another month, there is no way i can be disappointed. our team has displayed so much of what the great teams show. they've fought back, they've fought hard. they've defended and supported one another. they've made it through ridiculous adversity on the ice. players have stepped up when they needed to and maintained an elevated level of play throughout the season and here now in the playoffs. and of course off-ice antics have not been in short supply this playoff season - play the fucking game. period. you wanna whine, take up a desk next to db or arnold.

that first goal at MSG is gonna be huge for the rags. if we can get that first goal it would be HUGE.

oh btw, people can say that ruutu = avery, but they have to be on drugs. seriously, have we ever seen ruutu pull that bullshit at the end of game that avery did? and second, he would not turtle like that EVER.

avery should not even be allowed to drink ruutu's piss. woah, i totally let my loathing avery take over. my apologies.

and hell yeah to Dostoevsky! great reads. also loved the 451 shout out yesterday. by far my favorite book, after the outsiders of course, haha


DeCeV said...

In the spirit of Team America World Police, Ruutu is a dick. Avery is an asshole.

Dr. Turkleton said...


what does Ed Crow, Stoosh & Dr. Turkleton have in common?

all worked for the same company that starts with a P and ends with a C.

I don't know if that's good or bad.

don't know if they showed this on NBC or not:

when the whole Avery-Gill do-si-do was close to winding down...Ruutu was down at the Rangers net collecting the puck [assuming he was getting it for Fleury's SO] ref spotted him skating back towards center ice and waved him off to the pens runway. Ruutu skated over there, looped around & headed towards the pens bench while at the same time that ref was making a b-line towards the benches...I don't even know if Ruutu was out there for that final shift or if he jumped off the bench when time expired!

Kudos to John Barbaro for waiting to announce the 3-stars until Staals interview with Pierre was over...he played a hell of a game & deserved the applause by the fans who stuck around for him to skate out as the #2 star.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Habs at Flyers tonight...

Hope they beat the beGary out of each other.

think Tom Cantstopopolus will be a marked man in the City of Brotherly Douches?


Adrienne said...

Awesome game, but I'm curious if anyone else noticed the retard sitting behind Therrien wearing the Steelers shirt?

In all honesty, I hate the Steelers and always have. People wearing Steelers shit to Pens game during the regular season has always pissed me off, but to wear it to a conference semi-final game? Are you fucking serious?

I hope that guy got killed in traffic last night for that. FUCK.

That aside, awesome game.

I'm curious to see how the Penguins are going to play at MSG with their crowd. I'm sure the Rags fans are more then just slightly hyped for the next two games.

I'm expecting us to win in six, but with how we're playing, I don't see another sweep as out of the picture.


lis said...

thanks bng...I add my two cents on here every once in awhile but most times everyone has already said what I'm thinking...but I still read religiously every day.

On a side note, I will be in attendance tonight for the Flyers/Habs game. Dek hockey sponsor got the team free tix so there was no way I was turning them down! Tom Kostopoulos has been one of my favs since I watched him play in Wilkes-Barre so tonight should be a blood bath. All I can hope for is that both teams beat the snot out of each other.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I noticed several steeler jerseys...

Can't they break down, drop $20 on a Penguin t-shirt or something?

There was a Big Ben jersey in my section...I saw a Wines Hard retro right next to the goal judge where the Pens shoot twice [visible in the Jagr 'dying alive' pic that kicks off todays tPB]

Hey, I love that they are there to cheer on the Pens....but wear freakin' Pens garb to a PLAYOFF GAME !!!!

Raybin said...

75 comments already? C-blog is expanding faster than Avery's ego!

What a game to be at yesterday. Unreal atmopshere.

There's something very special about this team, no matter what happens in the future.

I watched the Versus recap to see the video of Gill and Georges mugging Avery. Unreal. Avery's body language when he realized Gill was coming after him for something more than just a shove was worth diamonds. What a coward.

Contrast that to Colby Armstrong--no large man himself--taking a swing at Gill when he'd had enough of being tormented when Gill was a Leaf. Avery is the biggest joke in the league. He makes Bertuzzi look respectable.

Georges coming over to hold his head down like they were on a schoolyard so Gill could administer the beating was icing on the cake. I'll be interested to see Prissy Boy's attitude come Tuesday.

Fleury and Lundqvist played like acid freaks. I hope people don't get so caught up in the euphoria of a very emotional win that they forget the Queen stopped 30 of 31 shots. The Rangers are never out of it with him in net.

The moral dominance the Pens achieve is something to behold. The sagging body language of the Rags by the end of the game spoke volumes.

Did Shanahan even suit up yesterday?

I noticed Renney scratched Malik and Orr, preferring to focus on firepower rather than physicality. Wonder if he'll do the same next game, given what happened.

Finally, has anyone been watching the Stars/Sharks series. Marty Turco is a Big Deal.

DeCeV said...

I've seen every stars playoff game that's been on. Turco is the man, but it was hilarious last game to watch him try to pull off the Dominator move and throw his entire body at the puck, only to be deked out of his mind for the goal. Dallas had to call a timeout so he could put his jockstrap on.

Raybin said...


That was high quality giggle inducing. Only Hasek and a very few others should even attempt that.

Colin said...

Dallas is for real out West. They are a very fluid team with their mobile defense. Personally, I am a big Brad Richards fan too. I think he plays a great two way game.

Watching the Dallas games, you get the sense that they feel like they can / will win every game. It can't hurt that Morrow is probably one of the biggest acid users in the league.

Loser Chris said...

Speaking of big deals... why hasn't anyone made a mention of the tomahawk slash Avery gave to the USSHG after the linesman had stepped in to save Avery's life? That should be a suspension. Go back and watch the replay, he goes right for Gill's head with a one-handed, overhead swing.

Also, Avery's not checking out a girl in that picture... if you see the uncropped picture, the one to his right is a dude. Can only imagine how betrayed Charlie feels this morning.

GwinTheEskimo said...

Kids and the Hall...
Is it possible to be overconfident and still kind of worried about NY taking two in MSG?
I feel like this is either going to be a sweep or it will go seven. I'm so confused. I had forgotten how it feels to be emotionally invested in a serious playoff run.
The incessant sound of Rangers supporters blaming the PGH fans for the Pens near relocation, is nails on a chalkboard, worse nonsense than the ref blaming or diving accusations.
I think Avery's end of game antics will really fire up the Pens for game 3, and perhaps take the edge off whatever home ice advantage NY thinks will carry over from the regular season.

GwinTheEskimo said...

Kurt Vonegut

Stoosh said...

Need another way to spell "douchebag" other than "S-E-A-N-A-V-E-R-Y"?

How about "L-A-R-R-Y-B-R-O-O-K-S"?

The "Nothing But Crosby" network, eh?

Let's forget for a second the sheer hypocrisy of a writer in the New York market complaining about a team and player being overexposed be the media. Brooks, after all, works in city whose baseball teams - particular the one in the pinstripes - are pretty much two of only ten major league baseball teams that matter anymore, at least according to ESPN.

No, I can distinctly remember sitting in my apartment during the years when the Pens were down, turning on ABC or whoever had the national hockey broadcasts on weekends and was guaranteed to see some combination of the Rangers, Devils, Red Wings, Flyers, Stars or Avs. It was like this every...single...weekend.

But those were the top teams back then - the teams where most of the star power could be found. So when a network has just one broadcast a week on national TV, they sure as hell aren't going to show the Phoenix Coyotes and the Columbus Blue Jackets. Or the Pittsburgh least not when the team stinks and they're mostly devoid of star power.

That's simple television network strategy, Larry. The Pens are on TV because they're chock full of young superstars and they're good. Crosby is visible because he's 1) young, 2) good-looking, 3) charismatic, and 4) good. Marketing 101, clown.

Here's all you need to know about Brooks. Brooks is infamous in NHL media circles for not checking his sources and he's known to be a rumor-monger. There's an inside joke around the league that players, team officials and NHL officials will deliberately misinform him just to see what winds up in print.

Larry Brooks is proof that just because someone pays you a lot of money in a big market to do something, it doesn't automatically make you great at it. And Brooks should know...he covered Eric Lindros for three years.

dying alive said...

Guy Junker had an absolute bitch fit last week when it was implied that people might want to...oh, I don't know...discuss the Pens' playoff game that night rather than drone on ad nauseum for hours speculating about the NFL draft. You can't expect much out of Junker & Crow. As much as I think Madden is a total douchebag, you've got to give it to him, his show is the only one in town worth listening to where hockey is concerned.

@ adrienne - for as many accusations of having "bandwagon" fans as the Pens fanbase seems to get, there are tons of diehards. That said, you can always spot the true front-running bandwagoners by their Steelers gear at the Pens game. They don't own anything Pens, so they just figure that any old black & gold will do. I was surprised those yinzers in the Steelers shirts could tear themselves away from day two of the draft long enough to even go to the Pens game. I actually saw someone yesterday in a Pirates shirt. It made me sad and want to puke at the same time.

Laura von Awesome said...


YES! The Pens are dicks, the Rags are assholes... and DICKS FUCK ASSHOLES!

Lol, thanks for the laugh!

...Is the next game tomorrow or Wed. night? I need to plan my life around it, so I need to find out asap :)

Gary bless you all :P

dappie99 said...

was anyone nervous when they saw avery slash bings left wrist ala Adam Graves!!!

and does anyone even miss sydor right now? yesterday was a defensive clinic....solid effort all around


somechic said...

We've all experienced that nail biting, on the edge of your seat bit when straka and jj are coming down the ice (regardless of how much animosity you have for them). But let him banter with crosby everytime hes on the ice, all that says to me is that his head isn't in the right place. And his play echoes that. It goes for everybody on the team and anybody else the pens might face. Lets keep the diving and conspiracy theories around. There workin in our favor!

Stoosh said...

@ Hip -

The Malone facewash of Staal during the interview was golden. Staal was being interviewed by Lucky Pierre when it happened, so the entire nation got a view of it. Even Maguire was laughing about it.

It's yet another reason why this team is so enjoyable to watch and why I think we're all going to look back so fondly on this group ten or twenty years down the road, outside of what they accomplish on the ice.

It seeemed to start in 2005-06 when Therrien took over and they started bringing up the young guys like Whitney, Talbot and Armstrong. It continued through last year when Shero officially handed the keys of the franchise to the young players, and the older players just seem to get sucked right into it.

It's funny, too, because apparently Dupuis and Gill have just fit right into the group as well. Gill said something in an interview about three weeks ago that he's never had as much fun playing hockey as he is now, and it's because the group is so close and so loose. Dupuis did the whole "Max Talbot's #1 Fan" thing on Fan Appreciation Night, and when he scored Friday night, Crosby practically ran him over in the celebration.

You've got players reacting to each goal scored as if it was the first goal they've ever scored in their lives (Sid with Dupuis and Malkin pretty much tackling Sykora on Friday night, for instance). Hall's reaction last night was priceless. You've got players acknowledging the fans after goals are scored. And as Jonny V pointed out, even Conklin looks like he's ready to jump out of his skin when he comes out to congradulate Fleury.

The best thing about this team is that they're feeding off the fans and they're making the fans a part of this ride as well. I've never seen a team like this before - they're enjoying every single part of this, and I don't get the sense that it's going to change any time soon.

Raybin said...

I really want to slap the crap out of people wearing Steelers gear to Pens games. Seriously, WTF? Just wear something else.

On the other side of the street, I saw a guy wearing a Tarnstrom jersey yesterday. There's a dude who's hung in there through tough times.

strakasguitar said...

tarnstrom? wooooo

Still looking for someone with a Dave Roche jersey. Or a Garry Valk jersey, so I can steal it and burn it.

Raybin said...

If is still making Winter Classic custom jerseys and I can ever justify spending the money, I'm getting a Michel Briere jersey made.

Raybin said...

Hmm, they don't seem to be that I can find. Curses!

JYo said...

@raybin: There has been talk of the Pens using that jersey as a third jersey as soon as next year, so there is still hope. Start saving your money and by the time you have enough, you may have the opportunity to get what you want.

RagTears said...

I can't believe how much whining goes on in NY. While reading the bullshit bulletin today, I couldn't help but think of myself as Cartman, licking the tears off of Dubi's face. HAHA.

Jay H said...

I nominate for recap of the season. I laughed a good amount reading this one.

Go Pens!

PensFanFromWI said...

So I was at the NCAA Qtr finals (in Wisc) and a guy approaches me, hands me a Pens pin (guess he'd never seen a Pens jersey there before!?) and introduces himself as Jay, a scout for the Pens. (had to look him up - it was Jay Heinbuck, Director .. hey, I don't know the Pens front office, sorry).

So we chat some about the Pens depth and how they've had to use it this year. Told him I try to keep up locally by a website that has sharp humor and hockey talk. He asked what site and had me repeat it a few times - not sure if he was humoring me, or if it was the 'ritas I had pre-game - anyway ...

Gave tPB a shout-out; hope I represented. I'm not an autograph-seeker or picture-taker, not that kind of fan. I'm also not superstitious (a CPA - just the facts for me), BUT I did dig that Pens pin out of my purse (no, I'm not a dude .. not that there would be anything wrong with that..), and I put the pin on before the 2nd period of the 2nd to last Flyers game of the season, and again when they were down 3-0 in game 1 this round, and again for the last 4 mins of PK this last game .... just sayin'.


MizzPenz said...

Just back to work this morning after a whirlwind trip to my favorite city in the world. Saw my first playoff game Friday night, followed by my 2nd one on Sunday. 2 for 2 record works for me!

The white out on friday was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen at a Pens game as far as fan participation is concerned. Many tears of joy were shed, and not just by us wimmin folk. Saw a few misty eyes from the men around me as well. When the PA system cut out and you could hear the crowd singing the Anthem, my heart skipped a beat. Maybe they should try doing that on purpose sometime A LA Edmonton. That just freaking gave me the chills.

Had to admit I was feeling pretty shakey at the end of the first, but I'll try not to be so pessimistic the next time. Funny to see the SHOCKER guys there again!

Couldn't wait for the Sunday game. Had to take a day off on Saturday to recover from Friday so that I could drink again on Sunday. Tough life.

Sunday Anthem: Guy in front of me wouldn't stand up. I was getting pissed, then figured maybe he couldn't stand. Felt guilty. Took him about 2 periods before he finally got into it and finally stood up to cheer. 2 Ranger fans in front of him started getting chippy and I swear they were going to go. Turns out that Lazy Anthem Guy flung a nacho at the Ranger guy. Good times.

After the game we hung out in the upper lot with some other loyal Harrisburg Pens Fans and then headed down the hill by the players entrance. Stood around long enough to see Sykora, Malkin, Jordie, Bugsy, The Flower and the Almighty himself. Acted like a doofus and took pics with my cell phone. I swear when Sykora came out my eyes welled up again, only to turn and see my tough fiance guy well up as well.

God I love this team!

Sooska said...

@ stoosh- your camaraderieblog is exhibited here


@gwin: Tilgore Trout, Amanita Buntline, chronosynclastic infundubulum

I love that this team has decided to play however they need to play in order to win. Want to run & gun with us? Sure, why not. Want to play it tight. Sure, why not? Want a slug fest? Go ahead, make my day.

Jonny V said...

Even if you don't own any Pens gear, wear a white shirt or white sweater. I lost count of the number of Steelers jerseys I saw at the Pirate game on saturday.

Someone finally uploaded the USSHG/BNG goodness on youtube.

As long as we get 16 wins this postseason, I don't care how many games we play. Like flyer hater said, that first loss it's gonna be suicide watch.

M. Vanderlasser said...

LOVED the game yesterday...interesting to hear people transition from "Ruuuuuuuuuu!!!" for Jarkko to "Boooooooooooooo!!!" for Jagr.

Face mullet! That's great.

Hey, IF all goes well, Mr. Avery will start his intership at Vogue next Monday morning.

Could I be happier for Jordan Staal and MAF? I think not.

Adam Hall = Scoring Machine

Hey, had good beers/food before the game yesterday at "Red Ring" (I think?) near Duquesne. The beer (mmmm...Sam Adams) was cold AND wet!

Thanks, Potash.

paul said...

re: conditioning

Renney was throwing the kitchen sink at us in the third period, straka jagr and everyone else who they thought might be able to get one past fleury (DENIED) were pulling double shifts. it must feel pretty bad to pull out all the stops and not be able to even score one goal.

that said, i think things will be different at MSG, although after these 2 games its hard not to be confident.

The Seeker said...

@ Raybin

Hey, Dr Turkelton has a line on real on-ice jerseys (Winter Classic too) and the $ doesn't break the bank either!

I'd email it to you myself but there's no email link in your profile.

Don't post it here though...shoot me one and I can relay the info to you.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Yeah, it may be my imagination, but the Pens seem to do really well late in the game...

Mike Kadar = Conditioning God?

wilsmith said...

A couple weeks ago people were saying how cool it was when they went to the Pirates game and saw a bunch of Pens jerseys.

I don't understand.

If I went to the Pens and wore a Steeler shirt, would it make me less of a fan of the Penguins? I don't think so.

That rant is getting old.

Flyer Hater said...

Rags are done. You could just see the look on their faces when Adam "Ron Francis" Hall scored the EN goal to ice the game. It didn't seem like a team that was going to go back home and win 2 straight.

Pens sweep the Rangers, people start comparing this team to the 1978 Canadiens.

Flyer Hater said...

wilsmith, when did Pirates season start?

The Seeker said...

Reposted in case anyone missed it:

That Rags2Riches-Justin.TV guy changed his channel to another name and URL now:

Richsportsonline's Channel

snickerdoodles said...

Good Gary!
After checking out the BS Bulletin, I think a few definitions could be linked to them in a dictionary.
Delusional: The BS Bulletin
Psychotic: The BS Bulletin
Whine: you know who!
Asinine: see above!
Pathetic: one guess!!

I though up a slogan for them.

The BlueShirt Bulletin:
All Whining. All The Time.

Free box of kleenex to the next 20 Whiner, er Ranger fans to subscribe.

dappie99 said...

at the 3:15 mark watch rozival on the left punch drury...haha


jtc27 said...

Wow look at comments on that poor excuse for a Rangers blog. Some joke is still saying Rangers in 6! haha. They go on in the blog about "not to beat a dead horse with the officiating.." and then what do they do, but beat a dead horse about the officiating.

Jordan Staal will have a huge night tommorow.

jtc27 said...

@ Stoosh

Nicely put about the commradery!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Nice post, guys. And was that a record posting on c-blog yesterday, if so congrats. If not we are failures ... (JK) Ohh, and it's nice to see people coming out and posting who usually don't!

I haven't heard anything about Jobr's career going into Russia lately ... probably cause everyone's too busy blaming Sid for their losses. Is he actually going to Russia where he will get more money or what?

Welcome back, Hip. We missed you!

@Dr. Turk: I have so many Pens shirts it's not even funny. My cousin didn't tell me that and he wore a Clemente jersey. I told him he could of wore my Luc Robitaille jersey and he seemed upset that he didn't wear one. He's from Denver, so I'll let it slide. The Pens are his favorite team, though!

@Stoosh: Our team has to be one of the closest if not the closest in the NHL. It seems everyone is happy for one another no matter what which makes me like my favorite team even more.

In the Penguins Organization I Trust!

letsgopsu said...

@ joshua

Don't worry, i went to sleep pretty much right after that post, and I just recently woke up (thank Gary my first class was cancelled).

My first class was @2:30

magnaat said...

Gotta love it. We went from watching Rico Fata and Ramses Abid try to figure out which way is up to having a serious shot at multiple cups.

Commit to the Charlie.

Steve Haber said...

talbot looks like tom hanks from cast away with his playoff beard

The Big K said...

Again, all we hear from the hockey world is waaaawaaawaaaa when it comes to the Pens.
They didn't deserve the win yesterday?
What about the 5 shot edge?
What about the fact that they missed 3 empty nets?

And now they come back at Sid with the diving.

When does it end?

You don't beat the Rangers by accident 2 games in a row, and I think it's time that Rags, Cryers, Sens, and other fans stop wallowing in pity at the fact that Crosby is not on their team, and get over the fact that the Pens are better than their teams.

Really they all lower themselves.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Staal scoring is in the's Frozen Moment ... he kinda looks like a pirate

letsgopsu said...

@ stoosh

That comment about the camaraderie was great.

*stands up and begins slow clap*

Stoosh said...

@ Flyer Hater -

In a mood for some laughs?

Ed Bouchette + a few yinzers + Steelers Draft Q&A = Pure Solid Gold.

You can almost taste Bouchette's disdain for his audience in this thing.

Russell Lucas said...

"A couple weeks ago people were saying how cool it was when they went to the Pirates game and saw a bunch of Pens jerseys.

I don't understand.

If I went to the Pens and wore a Steeler shirt, would it make me less of a fan of the Penguins? I don't think so.

That rant is getting old."

wil, I think the difference is that if you wear a Penguin shirt to a Pirate game now, it's like you're referencing the team's playoff run while watching a really crappy baseball team. In contrast, wearing a Steelers jersey to a Pens game now is pointless because they're not in season, unless you count the unbelievable hype accorded to that recitation of names they hold in New York.

There's nothing wrong with time-appropriate cross-referencing by Pittsburgh sports teams, like Sid waving a Terrible Towel, or that awesome KDKA commercial from 1991 where Bobby Bonilla and Bubby Brister (in uniform, no less) did the "Let's Go Pens" chant during the run to the Finals.

Russell Lucas said...

And while the Georges & Hal double team was awesome, my favorite part of that whole thing is that while every publication, announcer and opposing coach points out that Fleury's not battle-tested, the guy has developed an edge the last few weeks and now he gives groinjabs to morons who crowd the crease. Gotta love that.

justincredibleh said...

I hate to put a damper on our owning of the Rags but this doesn't look so great...

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, here's his last entry in the chat transcript,

Ed Bouchette: Thanks to all. It's been fun. We'll have to do this again sometime. September, maybe?


Whenever you have to do something that Shelly Anderson does regularly, you're in trouble.

stokes said...

If you need any proof that the hockey gods are with us in these 2008 Stanley Cup play offs, look no further than Adam Hall's goal. Sure the Pens missed some wide open nets or should have otherwise had about 5 more goals yesterday, but that goal Hall scored was complete luck.

Thank you, Hockey Gods.

Flyer Hater said...

Flyers Fans=obsessed

I just find it funny that on the day where they have a huge playoff game at home against the 2nd best team in the conference, and they have a 10 page thread on Sidney Crosby.

The WAAAAMBULANCE is running up and down the eastern seaboard.

JYo said...

From the Stiller chat:

"Well, you can always try kicking the running back in the leg so he runs a 4.6, thus making the wide receiver faster."

Such insight! Can we get this guy to cover the Pens...

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Flyer Hater: That's worse than pathetic ... I don't think that there is an actual term for it because that is so low. Haha!

@Stokes: That has to be one of my favorite all-time goals. That was just amazing.

wilsmith said...

Flyer Hater, care to share a password? =D

I believe it though, I used to check that site out until they began requiring a login. They're obsessive, I don't know if it's comical or scary.

BlacknGold66 said...

I saw something in downtown Cleveland about an hour ago that nearly made me drive off the road.

I took a picture and sent it to the Staff.

My God.

marcetta said...

I was just Googling pictures of Hal Gill for a photoshop and I came across the Pensblog recap for the March 31, 2007 game. The Pensblog insulted Hal Gill, then a Maple Leaf, by picturing his wife as a giant whale of woman eating a cake while naked. ha ha ha. The irony just made me laugh.

DeCeV said...

Damnit BNG now I won't be able to sleep tonight.

marcetta said...

I also found an extremely pathetic message board that debates whether Rob Scuderi is married and if anyone would date him. The really amazing part is that people had actually posted on it.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Mizzpenz: I felt the same way during the anthem. I actually couldn't hear myself singing it (which is good, cuz I can't sing) because of all of the others singing around me.


J.S. said...

@marcetta, I saw that site a few months ago and I believe TPB posted a link for it.

After googling "would you date Scuderi" (no quotes), it was the first link.

click meeeee!!!!OnE!!!1!1

Even after seeing site for the 3rd, 4th, or maybe FIF time: me=stunned.

The Big K said...

Adam, it's not you, it's a Pens' fan with the same name who thought the only way he could "infiltrate" our site was by pretending to be a Ranger fan. Then the fool went back to his own site and crowed about how he fooled us -- meanwhile, reasonable people who root for the Pens were already posting freely from their point of view. So don't take it personally -- it was not you, it was the stupid troll. Don't worry, I can tell the difference between the two.

Posted by: Dubi | April 28, 2008 at 05:21 PM


Cody said...

@I Have Kasparaitis: Anything considered too low to be named can easily be called an 'Avery'

Pensgirl said...

Holy shit, spend a day running from meeting to meeting and come back to nearly a buck-fitty in comments!

Hip, I was a competitive gymnast growing up. I know a little something about 1) being in Crosby-like conditioning and 2) what it looks and feels like to be clawing for your balance. My little thesis/rant stemmed from personal experience. Also, your paper must have been awesome.

I'm firmly in the "wear gear of the team/sport you're watching" camp. If you don't have gear for that team/sport, don't wear anybody's gear. There is a time for Steeler gear, and it ain't 7pm in the Igloo.

Stoosh, about the sheer awesomeness of one Hal Gill: I don't know about you, but I had no idea about this guy until he got here. Hooo, I hated him, and I thought he must be be a horrific asshole. First he wooed me with his on-ice play (he's a brick [danaNAAna] house!), and then he closed the deal yesterday. When McGuire related what ol' Hal said to Avery, I said to myself, "Pensgirl," I said, "the U.S.S. Harold Priestley Gill the Motherfuckin' Third is your new hockey boyfriend." I totally love him.

I Have Kasparaitis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Cody: Ha, good point! I might use that more often ...

@Flyer Hater: Remember our discussion about my poor grammar with "unconsistent" and "inconsistent" pertaining to the fact it would make a difference between a CCAC and Harvard resume? Well, David Morehouse went to both ... I don't think that actually proves anything for me, though ... I think it just proves someone can be intelligent enough to attend Harvard can actually attend CCAC ... Me = Lame.

Pensgirl said...

Apparently I thought Gill to "be" such a horrific asshole he "be'd" it twice. Mah bad.

michelle said...

@ stoosh

Your post about the team and the fans gets you right in the heart like a power-rock ballad over a sports montage. That's some serious Rudy speech.

And you're right, every last word is true. This team is PENSATIONAL! (Ooohh sorry it's been a long day. In between hockey days I get cranky).

Stanley's Brandy said...

Rags fans are so funny. I was reading the Bullshit Bulletin comments, and Dubi, instead of actually manning up(no balls i guess) and facing the theatrics from his own team yesterday, just comments about how many posts people sent in, like talking about diving was a silly thing to talk about.

I think I can sum up every Rangers' fans recap from every game here:
If the Rangers win - HOLY SHIT THIS TEAM IS SO UBER GOOD!!!!!

racheleyos said...

marcetta- yes the entire forum is pathetic of players' "girlfriends" or wannabe girlfriends. i seriously never wanted to throw up so much in my life!! yes, don't doubt me I would love to meet some of the pens considering they are my age haha, but i'm not gonna sit on a forum and talk about it... some people need to get a life. but if that's what they want to do, i'm not gonna judge.

Stanley's Brandy said...

I'm also tired of Pierre McGuire's flip-flopping. Second intermission of the Det-Nash game 6 he commented that he didn't think the Pens had what it took to withstand the mighty forechecking and cycling of the Rangers.

Not much earlier in the season he commented that the Pens were the best cyclers in the league and that no team had the defense to really stop it completely. Then before the NBC game, he says "My Pittsburgh Penguins" like he's been behind them all the time.

If you're a Pierre fan, I'm sorry, but I don't like the guy and think he's still pissed Hossa didn't go to Montreal.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Pensgirl: You wouldn't have liked the guys who sat behind me then. They dissed your "new hockey boyfriend" as well as Scuds, Hossa, and Bugsy. They were just obnoxious about him and Hossa, too. Stupid fools.

BTW, BNG66 is a tease. Can you not tell us anything about what you saw?

SK said...

That pic of SS Drury doing a crash dive is excellent!

Joshua said...

I'm trying to get a dialog going with that Dubi dude. I want to use my superior rhetorical and argumentation skills to show him what a hypocritical douchebag he is.

The new Blueshirt Bulletin complaint:

The call on Drury that led to the Staal goal on the PP was weak.


I did find some blog with really cool Rangers fans. They were talking about how they're tired of all the complaining from the Rangers and certain fans. They laid the blame for the loss at the feet of the Rangers. I can really respect a fan that looks at his own team when they lose for the reasons why.

Pensgirl said...

Kaspar, I'd have told them that if they complain about ONE fucking thing at a home playoff game when other people's teams are golfing, I would shove their programs so hard up their asses that they'd have to have sinus surgery to remove them.

But had I been there Gill wouldn't be my new hockey boyfriend because I wouldn't have heard what he said. (I don't know why I say "new" as there are no "old." I only had regular favorites. Now I have a favorite and a boyfriend, and they're different. Whoops!)

Joshua said...


Were they Pens fans? I don't understand how anybody that likes the Pens could complain about Gill right now. In my opinion, he's been as big of a difference maker, if not more so, than the other trade-deadline acquisitions. He's really solidified our D-unit and our PK.

paul said...

If USS HG doesn't throw down on HMS (Her Majesty's Ship) Avery within the first 5 minutes of game 3, i'll be pretty bummed. I think it's funny how desperate the BSBulletin is. The most recent article I read was where they ask a former Ranger and current pro-Ranger blogger what his stance was on the calls in game 1 and 2. Hold on while I go ask Mario what he thought about them. Seriously, what a bunch of homers.

Matt said...

I had high blood pressure until I stated wearing my WWGRD bracelet, now its 124/65. Absolutly amazing.

Flyer Hater said...

Our Crowd>>>>Flyers Crowd

Maybe Mr. Feeny is in the stands tonight and has threatened everyone there will detention if they get too loud.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Yeah, they were Pens fans. I'm assuming they were drunk and basically blind. I didn't understand it either, I kept looking back and shaking my head at them.

Look what I found of Avery and spearing. He picked on Brendan Witt, which is stupid. I hate Witt but come on you're an idiot if you spear him.

dying alive said...

Anybody watching the Habs/Flyers game? Carey Price has the dumbest hair I've ever seen. And please tell me those douches aren't chanting "USA!" during the scrum. They must be confused and think that they're at the Olympics or something.

Just something I've been thinking about - does anyone else think that aside from Briere and Timmonen, the Philadelphia roster sounds like the local chapter of the plumber's union? I mean we've got Jason Smith, Jeff Carter, Vinnie Prospal, Steve Downie, R.J. Umberger, Mike Richards, Mike Knuble, Scottie Upshall, etc. Can we get a Hakan Loob? Or maybe even a Tuomo Ruutu?

That puck bunny website is hilarious and pathetic. Though I have to say - and this will be my first and last puck bunny comment ever - I do love Bobby Scuds. Pretty sure he does have a lovely wife and a baby, though. Sorry, hockey hags.

Flyer Hater said...

Dying Alive, I actually think that Montreal has more American-born players than Filthadelphia.

chris e said...

People, can we please RELAX about what people are wearing to the Pens games? I understand that Steelers gear isn't the best thing to be wearing but is it really the worst thing possible? Is it not still supporting the Black and Gold? Isn't it better than someone who wears absolutely nothing related to Pittsburg? I'm sick of people bitching and moaning about seeing Steelers may not all be Steelers fans but they ARE still the Black and Gold. Let's relax here people....

My 2 cents.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Dying Alive: What do you expect from the Flyers? They are probably complaining that the Price dived. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

Oh and there's a nice article about Scuds on the Pens and NHL site. Very solid.

Flyer Hater said...

Just received my vintage 1984 Islander Mike Bossy jersey and my WWGRD? wristband in the mail. All in the same today.

My mailman=stunned

Flyer Hater said...

I wrote,

All in the same today

What a mistake.

Chubs said...

@chris e-

totally with you- i've never been a steelers fan, but in a city where all the teams have the same colors, that's gonna happen. Now, if it was somewhere like Cleveland and people wore Browns gear to a Cavs game...might not look so good. I tend to think anything's fair game as long as it's not the opposing teams color(s).

Stanley's Brandy said...

@ chris e

Personally, my problem is, it's the playoffs, if you are lucky enough to be able to go to a game, I think you can probably drop $15-$20 on a Pens shirt.

Not saying you gotta bust out the Tommy B jersey or deck yourself out in Pens gear, but at least drop a few bills on a simple t-shirt.

I'd expect the same out of anyone going to a Steeler playoff game who didnt have Steeler's gear. (or heaven forbid if the Pirates make it ever again)

Stoosh said...

@ Dying Alive - They don't like Tuomo Ruutu's and Hakan Loobs in Philly because they're European and most Flyers fans still operate under the archiac notions that all Euros = soffffffff.

Except Forsberg. They loved Forsberg for couple months that he actively wore that uniform.

xocharmedchildox said...

So i play girls lacrosse for my high school and we had a game today. Our player missed a wide open net and i must of thought outloud or something because my friend next to me went "what do you mean 66 buries it?" Hahah is this a sign that I read tpb way to much haha?

I just figured id share that with you all on c-blog.

chris e said...

Maybe they spent all their money to get to the game. The point is, if you want to wear Penguins gear wear it. If you dont have any, and you want to wear Steelers gear, do it. BLACK AND GOLD IS BLACK AND GOLD. Come on, we are ALL Pens fans here, do we really need to be getting upset with each other? I just don't get it....

I Have Kasparaitis said...

"All in the same today"

Faulkner buries it. (Joking)

The Seeker said...

Upshall just scored, 1-0 Flyers in the 2nd

dying alive said...

@ stoosh - ah yes! I forgot about the "Euroqueer" thing. That explains it.

@ chris e - I don't get upset with people who wear Steelers gear to the games. I would never actually say anything or make a big deal about it. But I'm not going to lie, on the inside I'm rolling my eyes. Right or wrong, it's just a personal pet peeve of mine. I'm not a Steelers hater or anything, I just think it's bizarre, and maybe I do have a bit of an inferiority complex as a Pens fan because the Steelers will always be #1 in this city regardless of what the Pens do. I actually like the Steelers, it's just something that has always bugged me.

The Big K said...


Can't blame you.
This blog and porn= why the internet exists.

JYo said...

I don't give a rats arse what the people are wearing to the game as long as they are rooting for the Pens. That said, I can see how some people feel the team is being disrespected when local radio shows are holding mock drafts on the same day the Pens have a huge playoff game. Also, people that can afford tix on the glass can afford a $15 shirt. Whatev. This shows how well the playoffs have gone so far when this is all we have to bicker about.

xocharmedchildox, that is out-frickin-standing. Perfect reaction. By the way, there is no such thing as reading tPB too much.

Matt said...

Some where, just a second ago, a Rangers fan accused Sidney Crosby of diving during the Philly/Montreal game.

jackedlobster said...

How about Hossa with the playoff best 5.8 shots/game. He's definitely had the best chances out of everyone to score!


xocharmedchildox said...

JYo- Hahah i guess thats true. Its the first thing i check when i come home from school and the last thing i check before my computer gets turned off.

Joshua said...

Did anybody see Mike Richards turn to the refs and ask for a call after Price jabbed him?

What a whiner.

Joshua said...

I'm starting to get fed up with Hossa's inability to score goals. He's so solid in every aspect of the game, but he has to bury that breakaway. He had another chance on a power play in the 3d that would have put the game away early in the period. He has to start scoring more goals. He could easily have six or seven at this point.

Then again, Lundqvist has been stellar.

chris e said...

Saw it. Now it has me wondering...who do I want to see win? I hate Philly but wouldnt it be nice to play them with home ice?

JYo said...

Careful Chris E, the futureblog police will crack down on you for looking past the present series! I have the same personal quandary though. Would I rather see the Cryers lose because its funny or have them win in the case that, Garry willing, we get out of this round, we would have home ice. I think I'd take home ice. I think the Habs are better than the Cryers anyway, so if they can pull off the upset, its prolly better.

Patrick Roy says he'll sick his son on the next moron that compares Cary Price to him.

BlacknGold66 said...

What you wear to the game doesn't mean jack shit.

I for instance have to spend a FORTUNE to make it down to games (gas, tolls, etc.). So back in the day when I was very broke I wore my Pirates hat and whatever other Pittsburgh stuff I had available. Not to mention that Pittsburgh is the only place a native Clevelander gets to wear that shit without getting spit on.

JYo said...

Also, it would be great for us to sweep and have the other one go 7 grueling games, regardless who wins.

chris e said...

Thanks to everyone that has backed me about the Pens/Stillers gear. I was starting to think I was the only one who didnt give a shit. Go Pittsburgh!!

Dr. Turkleton said...

joshua said:

Then again, Lundqvist has been stellar.

Not that the Rags can be any further down than 2 games to none. But Queen Henrik gives them Hope that he can keep them in any game & possibly steal a win or 2.

If your referring to Pappa Pumps one-timer from the high-slot, Lundy make an incredible toe save. He just needs to keep on shooting the puck, like he has been...


marcetta said...

This figures..... the Pirates have been giving their fans the finger for 16 years:

Gorzo gives the finger

Flyer Hater said...

Carey Price is looking more and more like a reincarnation of Jocelyn Thibault and not St. Patrick.

Anyway, Roy couldn't hear all the comparisons between Carey Pricejoke and himself because he's got 2 stanley cup rings plugging each of his ears.

Pens/Flyers ECF?


The Seeker said...

Wow....Habs are on the ropes!

3-0 end of 2

Price is imploding.

Gonna take a miracle to pull this one out for the Habs on enemy ice.

JYo said...

Don't worry seeker, the NHL has put the call in to the refs to job the Cryers in the third least if they blow the lead, we know why. Perhaps they are just letting Philthy get a lead in the series before the league jobs the series away from them? We'll see what the league has in store for them, but be sure that both Philthy and NY will only lose at the hands of the league and its refs.

DeCeV said...

Oh my god.

f-blog just exploded my mind. Thank you staff. Thank you. I'll never stop laughing.

stokes said...

I also use "66 buries it" countless times a day. as someone stated on here earlier, its funny to think of something, be it during a broadcast or whatever, and then see that same thought on the recap or Cblog. The weird thing is, my buddies and i have been using "66 buries it" since before we started reading tPB. That's the power of Mario.

I know what BNG saw today!

I must get it out: if it weren't for him playing the Pens, i would feel bad for Jagr. I was mad when he left, but have since learn to appreciate his skill and overlook the way he left the team. When the Pens weren't in the playoffs, i would root for the Rags simply for Jagr. So, while i'm glad the Pens are winning, i do feel bad for him. He's an unreal talent and i would have liked to have seen him win another Cup. And not to go all Charlie on here, but in that picture, his thighs are as big as my friggin' head.

As for MAF: i think it seems like the media likes to portray him as a happy-go-lucky, always smiling candy-ass who doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He didn't get to where he is by being a candy-ass. And now, he's the one starting shit, and getting away with it. I'm sure that Gayvery was running his mouth, but MAF smacked the shit out of him and Gayvery had to react. I would love to hear MAF bust out some "motherfucker" in that Francophone accent he's got. i would probably die laughing.



Pensblog Staff said...

It's safe to assume everyone just refreshes the comment page.

But there's a new flashblog.

we're catching cup on comments now

Flyer Hater said...

Stokes, there were many things that I hated about Barrasso, like the incredibly soft goals he gave up in crunch time. But I loved how he didn't take shit from anyone, goalies aren't breed like that anymore. I said this yesterday, if Avery had "love-tapped" Barrasso on the back of the leg, Tommy would have "loved-tapped" Gayvery back and he'd be getting his face put back together today.

somechic said...

The canadiens make a comeback...haha

somechic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sooska said...

who called the 3rd period ref job on the Filthys? wow! does that trump Sid's dive call?


JYo said...

Best. Flashblog. Ever!!! Hilarious.

Dr. Turkleton said...


did you catch MAF & Mad Max on the Jumbo before they out to open the game in their Golden Cloud of Smoke???
it looked like Max was chest bumping/shoulder bumping MAF at the front of the line then went down to some other players to do the same....
Then all hell broke loose with MAF sprinting out the runway with Mad Max on his ass!!!!!

I always laugh at Skyo coming out as if he just crossed the Sahara to put on his skates to play a little shinny.....

Kevin Hatchers baby brother might end up costing the Cryers the game.....hahahahaha...what a facial-tick buffoon!!!!

Go Habs Go!

stokes said...

Flyer Hater: That's because Barrasso was a ....


I don't think MAF was trying to go all Jason Voorhees on Gayvery or anything, but i agree that Tommy would have killed him.

I really doubt that incident will carry over to Game 3. If they try it, i think the Pens will be able to be disciplined enough to deal with it until the Rags realize it isn't working.

@ Dr. turk: I DID notice that! Both observations. Mad Max looked like a pinball and Syko looked like my grandma. Did he use a walker to get across the ice?

I think that Cblog has almost turned into without the douches.

PittHockey said...


mdpensfan said...

i check three things everyday:
thepensblog, my email, and facebook. in that order. my friends all make fun of me b/c i'm a sorority girl college senior that reads hockey blogs, but i don't even care.

it keeps me smiling after losses, and rolling on the floor laughing after wins, and gives me tons to talk about with my family. i got my dad hooked on this blog, and usually the first thing he says when i talk to him after a game is "did you read pensblog?" although sometimes he tries to be sly and use the humor as his own, which my brother and i promptly call him out on.


is it tuesday yet?

Dr. Turkleton said...


jobbing the dad.
good stuff.



Lloyd said...

turn the page bitches


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