Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Battle With Broomsticks

Before any feelings of over-confidence take over your being,
Just think -- next week at this time, we could still be looking at a Game 7.

We'd say the Ottawa crowd will be in a frenzy tonight.
But after this opening ceremony on Monday, who even knows.

If you need that to get your fans pumped up for a playoff game.
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[Secondary assist to C-BLOG]

Sens Nation, thoughts on the series?

[ Five For Smiting ]

He has erected a tombstone on his site, depicting the end of the Senators season.
We simply refuse to post the pic on here till the series is over.

[ Sens Fan In Toronto ]

This piece of SFIT is honorably accepting defeat.
We like this guy. He jobbed, we jobbed, he jobbed back.
He took cblog domination like a man.

[ Scarlett Ice ]

All you gotta know is they've made a Roberts pillow to take out their angst.


[Nate B]




One of the worst scribes since the writers of "Caroline in the City" is graciously accepting defeat.

Dark time in television history

The only thing that reminds him of this devastating of a loss
was when the Old Country Buffet near his house went out of business.

In professional fashion, he had to take some shots at Pittsburgh. [ Ottawa Sun ]

There are now 300 people (Pitts-Burgers?) and counting who won't be putting Cheapseats on their Christmas card list. Of all the X-rated (and mostly pointless) hate e-mails we've received from STEALtown, one (yes, just one) struck us as semi-clever. "Gary Roberts doesn't wear a watch," stated Whateverhisnamewas. "He decides what time it is."


After three days of photoshop e-mails for us personally,
Don Brennan responded Tuesday when we sent [ Dave P.'s ] classic with the subject "It's Been Real".

The response was something along the lines of wondering why we wasted time opening our laptop to do that, and he questioned our creativity.

We responded by wondering if the Sens might dress him for Game 4.


And here is possibly the last round of Don Brennan e-mail chains.


Hey Don,

I keep forgetting that that behind most sports journalists there are
the same angsty high school kids who tried to be the loudest and most
opinionated, only so that he can emphasize the point that they are loud
and opinionated. It's a way of attracting people by making an edgy
scene. There are a lot of gimmicks like this, but not too many,
because more and more people are learning how to get people to read
their stuff without them.

Are you fulfilling a dream of being on tsn or espn by making yourself
the story? Even self-absorbed bloggers have more finesse when they are
clearly being attention whores, but you have no shame in thinking
that your "in-your-face" journalistic whatever deserves as much
airtime as things that are actually news or commentary on the news.

Also, I imagine that most professional hockey players, including most
of the Senators, would rather win by playing the game rather than
hacking down every accomplished player in their way. I'm sure some
of the Sens read the Sun, and I'm sure they realize how little you
understand about hockey.

Go Pens.

Lot of people like my stuff Pete

Thanks for trying.


[ J. KNOX ]

"And what about the Pittsburgh scribbler who accused me of being "desperate for a column" when I wrote the Crosby stuff? What does that make him, writing about me? Oh wait, what does that say about me telling you about him writing about me?"

The Pittsburgh writer penning about your suggested 'strategy' is just like any other journalist reporting on a civilian action that borders on the line of what society considers acceptable - be it a crime, or other outrageous act.

Don't try to compare your actions and their actions as similar.

you don't understand humor huh?

thats okay, a lot of people got it ....


[ FLEURY29 ]

Mr. Brennan,

"Crosby's got a bad RIGHT ankle? How will it stand up to a two-hander?
The Senators have to find out."

Seriously, you're a joke. "Stirring the pot," is one thing,
but to openly call for someone to be injured, that's bush league.

Here's something you may want to read
since you've obviously forgotten anything you've ever learned concerning ethics:

Next time you think about writing something as ridiculous as that,
why not ask yourself, "What would Gary Roberts do?"

He'd 2-hand somebody. he's a warrior


[ JARED E. ]

Ok, I really don't care too much about your opinions going into game three or any other game, but did you know Gary Roberts keeps his eyes open when he sneezes?

riveting ....

thanks for reading




thanks for the intelligent email ...

have a great day Forest


Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 18:15:13 -0400

if only i could say the same about your writing


Mr. Brennan,

I quote, "Crosby's got a bad RIGHT ankle? How will it stand up to a
two-hander? The Senators have to find out."

I'm sorry to see that a journalist of your caliber has lowered your
standards to those of the journalists from FILTHadelphia. I'm confident
that the Penguins chose to play Ottawa, not because of the filthy way the
Flyers play, but because of your excellent reputation as a journalist.

I'm hoping to see a little more class in your next article, jerk.
Good luck.

gee i sure do hope I lived up to your expectations



Gary Roberts uses pepper spray to spice up his steaks!!!




We can't shake the feeling we missed one.
It'll get preferential treatment in GameDay if we are reminded of it.

GameDay will be getting a late start on Wednesday night.


When your team is up 3-0, you're all smiles.
But you have to acknowledge the possibility of a comeback.

And that was what happened back in 1975
when the Pens had a 3-0 lead on the New York Islanders.

[ Penguins Playoff Killers ]

Chico Resch dropped acid before Game 4 and was unreal the rest of the way.

[ ] acknowledges this 3-0 comeback as the greatest ever.
BUT they determined it before the 2004 Red Sox/Yankees series happened.

The Pens were on their way to an ANNIHILATION,
meaning the Islanders had yet to even lead in a game going into Game 4.

Starting with Game 4, the Isles turned the tables,
ANNIHILATING the Pens over the course of their 4 straight wins to close out the series.


We dug up an article from 1975,
before Game 7 of the Islanders/Pens series.

The NY Times takes jobbers like us into account,
not letting us simply copy and paste the text to the masses.

Basically it was sickening.


The following links need no intro.

The DVE Morning Show is all business.
They have tons of great songs and soundbytes for the playoffs. [DVE]

Some of our favorites:

[Not In The USSR]
[Gary Roberts Piano Man]

If some of those don't get you jacked, nothing will.


The company has confirmed that the WWGRD's are in production.


[] has a great look-a-like feature with players in the NHL and other famous people::


No. Half of the country doesn't even know who the "celebrity" is.




Speaking of A.O...

Philly wins 6-3. [700 Level]
Score was a lot closer than it appeared.
Mike Richards was awarded a suspect penalty shot to put the game out of reach.

Boston is in trouble.
The Habs take a 3-1 series lead. [Four Habs Fan]

The AV's are tough to put away. They win 5-1. [ Mile High Hockey ]

The Ducks pull a 4-2 win out. [ Battle Of California ]

Maybe the game of the night.
Joe Thornton wins it with under ten seconds to play. [We Bleed Teal]

How funny is this little kid who does everything Miikka Kiprusoff does?

Picture: The little kid who does everything Don Brennan does.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan strained a vocal chord Tuesday and will not be dressing for Game Four.

[Nate B.]

[Brandon F.]

[Kyle D.]


[A. Toy]

[paul s.]


[Ben D.]


[paul s.]







[Scott D.]

[Justin G.]


[nate b.]

[Justin G.]

[Matt N.]


[Justin McC.]

[nate b.]


[nate b.]

[nate b.]



[nate b.]



[Hahn and McKee]

and finally...


PittHockey said...

Stephen S = Awesome

onesizedrummer said...

bring out the broom and bring out Ric Flair for the sweep


SoulRandyG said...

Hockey Night In Pittsburgh

Soul Merchants

Grégoire said...

The little kid imitating Brennan = gold

By the way, honestly, I think brennan deserves (just) a little bit of credit for at least taking the time to answer every job mail he's receiving.

sarah said...

Who here is going to watch the game at the arena tonight?

strakasguitar said...

I nearly pissed myself laughing at some of those photoshops. Now I can't think of Bryan Murray in anything else but a sequined butterfly suit. I say clicheblog is now officially in play.

At times like this, when you've let your dislike of, even hatred for, a team like the Senators boil over into distorted rage and misguided enthusiasm (hell, I had NO CHOICE but to root for them in the Cup finals last year, especially cause I ain't cheerin' for any squad graced with the filthy fingerprints of dear Uncle Walt. Not to mention that Chris Pronger = total d-bagblog), I rest easy knowing that somewhere in the smarmy expanses of Ontario, SOMEONE thought pulling the local streetcorner alcoholic in and dressing him up in a Halloween costume before sending him out on the ice to mumble incoherently in front of an arenafulla disappointment was the best idea since nucular weaponry.

what is the status of Zeu....err, Gary Roberts tonight? I gotta go photograph some stuff, so I'll miss the game. :(

keep up the great jobbin', gents...GOPENS

J.S. said...

Not me. Test riding a bike after work, and heading to a friend's house to watch the game afterwards.

sonofatruckload said...

a good number of those 'shops are life changing

Lauren said...

I'm literally LOL'ing here at my desk at those photoshops - keep 'em coming!

I hope they can pull off the sweep tonight... LET'S GO PENS!!

Stoosh said...


1. The Bryan Murray-Lee Harvey Oswald.

2. The Gary Roberts statue by Nate B.

3. And finally...the Prohibition photoshop. Not only is Robocop in the background just aces, but PLEASE tell me that's Sgt. Al Powell from Die Hard on the right. That made my morning.

Fleury29 said...

There are only two ways tonight could go.

The Pens can dominate, win and sweep the Senators or...

The Pens can rest on their laurels, come out, play lackluster and lose or, Ottawa, with their backs to the wall could find cohesion and win, even if the Pens play well.

I don't think the Senators are that good and I think the Penguins want this more than anything. I say, Nailinthecoffinblog.

Sens done in 4, they are not the 1975 Islanders. Gerber is not Resch, we've seen the best Gerber has to offer and it's not enough.

If the Pens sweep the Sens, I'm seriously buying a yellow broom and paying to mail it to the Ottawa Sun c/o Don Brennan.


mmmk1989 said...

i love the bryan murray/jake ruby photoshop. awesome.


DeCeV said...

My life is yet again changed by the photoshops, expecially Ms. Henderson's 4th grade class. Gerber = sieve. It's kind of funny that it seems like he's played great a couple of those games ( especially Game 2) and he has slightly more than a 4 GAA. I guess I'm just not used to the Pens throwing so many pucks at the net.

Stoosh said...

Continuing conversation from yesterday...

BIG K - The "grandpa of C-blog" comment had me in stitches, but I'm just 32. If I were a professional hockey player, I'd be the veteran guy that people might try to acquire at the deadline for depth or maybe scoring help (unless I was Chris Chelios...then I'd just be scratching the surface of my prime). If I were a Major League ballplayer, I could shoot myself full of HGH and tack another 10 years onto my career. If I were an NFL player, I'd, nevermind. I wouldn't be an NFL player.

JONNY V - Agreed on Jenna Von Oy. Yowsa! I grew up in a house with three sisters and she was the only reason I'd watch that show when my sisters had it on.

PAUL - Hopefully you catch this. I grew up in Millcreek just south of the airport, not too far from West 26th and Colonial Avenue. I went to Cathedral Prep for high school but lived in McDowell's school district (my cousins and my youngest sister went to McDowell).

I'm a huge Otters fan, and I hope they get their act together. I heard some rumors when I was up there Saturday that because of the lease situation on the arena, the team may be in danger of moving after next season. I hope that's not true. The team needs a new building. I'm not sure renovations to the Civic Center/Tullio Center/whatever are going to cut it because structurally, the place is still mostly the same as it was when I was going to Panthers games 18 years ago. Same seats; same narrow concourses; same lack of amenities.

Colin said...

I bet that little kids arm gets tired taking his mask off everytime Kipper does.

Hopefully there isn't some poor little kid in Chicago that has to imitate Khabibulin's twitches.

Lady Jaye said...

The Pensblog logo today = wow. Stephen S does some solid work.

I can't pull out a broom until the third period... I don't want to make this jinxblog. I know it is unlikely the Sens will storm back with 4 wins in a row, but I also know that statistics/records/whatever are meant to be defied and broken. Don't put the nail in the coffin until 00:00 is on the clock and the Pens have another in the W column.

patrick f. said...

Pretty funny skit about Gary Roberts on DVE...

Gary Roberts Movies

Vinnie said...

The Pens were on their way to an ANNIHILATION,
meaning the Islanders had yet to even lead in a game going into Game 4.

Starting with Game 4, the Isles turned the tables,
ANNIHILATING the Pens over the course of their 4 straight wins to close out the series.

So, I guess what you're saying is that I shouldn't shave just yet. I have to because I'm going to a wedding but don't want to because I haven't shaved before, during, or after any of the first three games.

Gimme a win tonight, my face is itching like a m'fer.

Ev0luTioN said...

Hilarious Photoshop about the true definition of a 'Senator'. My friends and I were debating during the game over whether the front office of the Sens was trying to pull a fast one over on the entire league, or if they really thought a senator was similar to Russell Crowe.

IceCold... said...

rumor has it the Pope is on his way to the burgh to receive a blessing from Gary Roberts.

Jocelyn said...

Does anyone know about watching the games on Yahoo? Do they show every game? I can't get out to a bar tonight to watch it...

Raybin said...

No time to post yesterday or today, but I just had to take time out to say the Old Gill photoshop is life changing to an old Simpsons dork like me.

The Seeker said...

@ Jocelyn

I believe they will be showing tonight's game.

There's also:

wilsmith said...

Anyoing going down to the big screen tonight?

I will likely be there

J.S. said...

stoosh, you're the grandpa of c-blog? what does that make me?

(I'll be 35 in June)

Stoosh said...

Random thoughts, dudes...

1. Reason #1454423 why ESPN irritates me: In the last segment of the Mike & Mike show this morning, Mike Greenberg spent twenty minutes talking about the Matt Walsh/Patriots Spygate thing. It's the beginning of baseball season. The NBA playoffs are right around the corner. The NHL playoffs are in full swing (and yes, I know if you ask anyone not named "Buccigross" at ESPN about the NHL, you get a blank stare). Why are we talking about fucking Spygate? Did the simple release of the NFL schedule make this remotely relevant again, and gave ESPN a chance to dig it back up? Annoying.

2. In the event that Ottawhine is put out of their misery tonight, how sweet would it be for the Pens to make sure the last thing they do on their way out the door of ScotiaJoke is to autograph that mural in big, black permanent marker? I know the Pens are too classy for something like that, but still...

3. Anyone ever notice that Petr Sykora always looks a bit drunk when he does an interview?

4. Does Keith Jones's head have its own gravitational pull?

5. Mygenerationblog...Does the dismissal of Scott Weiland from Velvet Revolver and the 10,000th shuffling of Axl's Guns N' Roses lineup set the stage for a possible Guns N' Roses reunion?

6. Bucci's latest column on made me feel old. Jagr's going on 37 and Marty Straka is going on 36. Thirty-six!

The Seeker said...

Post Gazette snippet:

OTTAWA -- Gary Roberts, dealing with a sore groin, and Ryan Malone, who has administered and absorbed considerable punishment in the Penguins' first-round playoff series against Ottawa, sat out the team's practice at Scotiabank Place yesterday.

Coach Michel Therrien said he expects Malone to be in the lineup when the Penguins and Senators meet in Game 4 tonight.

"It's more maintenance than anything, so he should be there," Therrien said.

He declined to speculate on whether Roberts, who is listed as day to day, will be in uniform tonight.

Circumstances suggest Roberts almost certainly will sit out his second game in a row. He is, after all, a 41-year-old with an injury that benefits greatly from rest, and the Penguins are in the position to close out the series and give him the better part of another week to prepare for Round 2.

The Seeker said...

Post Gazette snippet 2:

Even if the Penguins finish off Ottawa tonight, it might be awhile before they know who they will face in the second round.

The possibilities:

• Washington, if the Capitals defeat Philadelphia and Montreal eliminates Boston.

• The New York Rangers-New Jersey series winner, if the Flyers beat Washington and the Canadiens defeat the Bruins.

• Boston, if the Bruins upset Montreal.

There are no scenarios in which the Penguins could face Montreal or Philadelphia in Round 2.

Carroll said...


I like point #2, too bad the Pens wouldn't stoop that low. It would be hilarious!

I have a feeling that mural will be repainted after this series anyway.

Can't wait for the game tonight. GO PENS GO!! Missed Charlie on Monday really hoping to see him tonight! Trying to decide if I should bring my broom with me...

Colin said...

Malone needs to be healthy for this team to do well. If he is ailing, they should sit him down tonight.

rich10280 said...

Crosby as Indiana Jones......................Best Photoshop Ever

Tony said...

Who watched the Caps game last night? Talk about a soft team... If a team ran over MAF like the Flyers ran over Huet in the past two games, the ice would run red with blood.

Fleury29 said...

April 16, 2008
ScotiaJoke Place fills with hate

Sitting at my desk at work
I'll be thinking, "Don Brennan's a jerk"

Fleury standing tall in net
Game one shutout, who could forget?

BGL will be on the case
Dropping science in Spezza's face

Gary Roberts, will he play?
He's man enough to make Burt Reynolds gay

Game Day Chat pulled up on screen
Yahoo! sports allows the game to be seen

The ol' Two-Niner and Mike Lange
Bryan Murray can thuck my wang

Game four starts with a big hit
Chris E says, "Let's do this shit!"

End of game, Senators weeping
The Pittsburgh Penguins did the sweeping

Dr. Turkleton said...

wow...photoshop-arama today....

GREAT JOB by all the jobees

I'm feel bad for db [just a bit]...he's like that wounded bug you see crawling on the're about to stomp on it to end it's misery...but you take pity & just gently squish it to hear the exoskeleton crackle & pop under your shoe.....


I checked on comcast's onDemand™ Pens TV 'channel', but they didn't have any games listed [yet] just a bunch of pre/post game stuff

actual age: 38
wife tells me 'you act like' age: 15

for those who are Mike Myers fans & like's his new movie trailer:

The Love Guru

If there's hockey involved, it can't be that bad, right? [Unless it's Slapshot II, which I took a vow to NEVER,EVER set my eyes upon]

I've given up on ESPN for the most part. SportsCenter specifically...NHLNet,Center Ice, Vs. FSN-Pit fill all my hockey 'needs'...The only things I watch on the 4-letter network are: any time WVU plays, Steelers Football, Golf & Poker & whenever the Pirates make an appearance [hahahaha]

[Hossa: the Pope™ must have thought the Pens & Gary Roberts were playing the Caps or NYR/NJD in the 1st round & was too late to change his schedule]

dying alive said...

"The little kid who does everything Don Brennan does."

Jesus. That is the closest I have ever come in my adult life to wetting myself.

No way the Pens ease up tonight. Sweepblog.

The Seeker said...

From Empty Netters:

Penguins-Senators Series Stats

     SENS / PENS

Goals: 4   13

Goals/Game: 1.33   4.33

Shots: 90 127

Shots/Game: 30  42.3

Penalty Min.: 75  59

Pen Min/Game: 25  20

PP Goals: 1  5

PP Attempts: 11  19

PP %: 9.1%  26.3%

Faceoff Wins: 103  86

Faceoff %: 54.5% 45.5%

Play/Lead: 4m,28s  1h,52m,23s

Dr. Turkleton said...

borrowing this info from EN:

for the stats geek that I am....this site seems to have EVERYTHING [haven't found the kitchen sink...yet]

JYo said...

Nice work Fleury29. Regarding Chris E says, "Let's do this shit!" I mentioned it in the storeblog post a while back, but that should be on a shirt. It could be a design that looks like a post (i.e. the "C-blog hall of famer" style). I'm not sure what time and date stamp would be used, perhaps the first time he posted it, or just wait and see how this whole playoff thing goes and if we win our last game (you know what that means) use that stamp. Just a thought.

Along the storeblog lines, maybe a "66 buries it" shirt would be nice too.

Regarding SJ-Calgary, it was quite a comeback, but I'd have to say SJ dominated the game even though I didn't watch it. The stat that makes me think that? Shots 32-10 in favor of SJ. No one deserves to win a game when they can only get 10 freakin' shots on goal at home in the playoffs.

As for tonight, I say rest Malone and GR. The Pens can likely win without them and they can always come back if, Gary forbid, there is a game 5 at home.

As for Whitney, I sincerely apologize for jobbing him yesterday. HCMT thinks he is playing well overall, so who am I to question him? Just some jobber, thats who. I hope he can pick up his game even more because we'll likely need solid work from him to make a serious run at the Cup, but if HCMT is happy with him right now, thats good enough for me.

The Seeker said...

How badly does Bryan Murray want to win this game tonight?

Well...his JOB may depend on it!

Even with a win, his job may well be in jeopardy.....

He fired the coach and took the reigns supposedly to straighten out their problems. That didn't happen. Every move he's made since taking control has fizzled. He didn't cure the goalie problem. He didn't do well with contracts. His trades sucked. His non-trades hurt them.

He could try to blame this series on injuries, but that's no excuse for them going South in the regular season so drastically.

The ax may fall!

JYo said...

I see coffeytalk already proposed the "66 buries it" T-shit in the storeblog comments. My apologies for not checking there first. It just seems there isn't much chatter there, so I figured I'd put it in a more prominent place.

JYo said...

re: "He fired the coach and took the reigns supposedly to straighten out their problems."

Bryan Murray is no Lou Lamoriello!

Lauren said...

The Gerber 'losing his liquor license' photoshop is perfect.

The Seeker said...


The Penguins are the ONLY team that is undefeated so far in the Playoffs.

A record very much worth keeping in tact.

Dr. Turkleton said...

wow...db's column is actually readable today....

no pot shots at Pittsburgh or Burghers & there may have been a sprinkling of humble pie in there as well....

Loser Chris said...

No way Malone sits tonight. When you have a chance to finish a team off you do it. None of this, "well we can just beat them in Game 5 if we lose tonight" nonsense.

The difference between championship teams and pretenders is that championship teams finish off their opponents when they get the chance.

paul said...

@stoosh (8:41)

hah, I wish I could express how much of a bonerbiter it is to hear you went to prep. I wish I was above hating the ol' ramblers now that I'm no longer in high school, but alas... anyway I grew up near 38th & Zuck, roughly and I went to McDowell. If you weren't so fucking old I would try to name some people I know in your neighborhood for some smallworldblog. (just jobbing)

i can only add to the general sentiment that stephen s seriously holds that shit down. heroic.

13 wins and falling!

The Seeker said...

@ dr turk:

I finally realized what I kept thinking was kind of weird about Brennan's picture....

His double chin reminds one of a pair of testicles hanging down below something...he really is a dickhead.

JYo said...

"The difference between championship teams and pretenders is that championship teams finish off their opponents when they get the chance."

Another difference is teams that can stay healthy have a much better chance to win in later rounds. I'd rather take my chance without Malone tonight and let him get healthy for future games, whether they are in this series or ones down the line.

MizzPenz said...

Even the guy in my office who knows absofreakinglutely nothing about hockey saw the video of the Senator before their game trying to get them pumped up. His response? "uhh...ummm... that's kinda... uh... GAY"


sonofatruckload said...

dont have to know anything about hockey to know when something is gay

DeCeV said...


If we do our job tonight, which has a better change of happening with Bugsy in the lineup, he can sit on his ass until at least Apr. 23. Time to finish this thing. Do it.

BlacknGold66 said...

I must say that I love the "Murray/Oswald" photoshop as well. It's like my Paul Ranger photoshop from when Sid got hurt after being tangled up with him. It was displayed in tPB 2008 photoshop expo. "Great minds, etc...." eh? :-)

I'm hosting "SouperBowl North"(as I call it) up here in C-town tonight. Yuengling (imported from Virginia). Chicken Wings. Me and my other local Pens fans. Ms. BNG66 providing snacks...

I can't wait for this game!!!!!!!

BlacknGold66 said...

"Stoosh is the grandpa of cblog."

I've said it again, and I'll say it before...

I want to adopt The Big K as my little brother.

But that wouldn't be fair to everyone else in here that I'm sure wants to do the same.

Vanessa Day said...

Can't wait for tonight!

I keep watching the maintenance men at my store walk around with their brooms, and ask myself whether they realize what could happen tonight. No, they don't. I live in Michigan and am about the only one excited about the Pens, It's so hard to live in the shadow of "hockeytown".

I will be clutching a broomstick.



Spencemo said...

This blog is part of the reason I get out of bed in the morning. Fantastic photoshop expo today... top shelf.

Feeing frisky, I broke out the Kevin Stevens authentic jersey today...


J.S. said...

I think I might switch up the gameday tradition and wear the Talbot jersey instead of the Roberts jersey.

Talbot deserves to be rewarded for his goal in game three.

Sooska said...

2 dr turk -thanks for the link to the db column. I have this to say.

he writes, quoting Murray and referring to Alfie: Bryan Murray, who has been coaching for about 35 years, admitted he couldn't remember a player performing a similar act of selflessness to suit up for a game.

Dear db and Cryin Bryan:
With regard to an act of selflessness, how about a young French Canadian Penguin who had his last radiation treatment for cancer and flew to Philly, played a hockey game, and scored a goal and an assist? How selfless is THAT? cancer v. knee. Way to allow your precious C to jeopardize his knee recovery.

Love, Sooska

Raybin said...

His double chin reminds one of a pair of testicles hanging down below something

Don Brennan: The Peter Griffin of the sports world


Zing! Sooska: 1,000,000
Brennan/Bryan: 0

Nathan said...

Apologies if someone else already posted this idea earlier:

Forget about a "66 buries it" t-shirt, how about a "66 buries it" thong?

Let's go Pens! Keep up that streak of winning when I can't watch the game.

Stoosh said...

@ Paul -

Erieblog! I love it!

38th and Zuck area - I grew up going to Our Lady of Peace for church and grade school, so that was pretty much my old stomping grounds. Head down 38th Street a little bit towards the city and you'll run into two of my old favorites in Erie to get some grub and grog - McGarry's Oakwood Cafe and Andy's Pub. In fact, my last weekend out in Erie before moving to Pittsburgh for good in August of 1998 involved me stumbling out of Andy's Pub after having done four shots of Bacardi 151 and several beers.

Don't sweat the Cathedral Prep thing, dude. I played football there in the early 1990s and I'm proud of the school, but only to a point. I keep in touch with precisely two people that I went to high school with and that's it. I have a lot of friends and relatives who went to McDowell. My cousins both played for Joe Sanford in the mid-late 1980s and Ron Rudler was an absolute class act when he coached there.

One thing I could never figure out about Prep - there were a bunch of guys in my class who went way-y-y out of their way to make sure everyone knew they were the cool guys in school. There were no girls in our school, so who they hell were they all trying to impress? In that respect, Prep = joke.

Incidentally, you can probably find most of those same guys. They're either the guy who's been working the door at Sherlock's or the Plymouth for the last, oh, ten years, or they're the lifers down at Calamari's still talking about their glory days of getting our heads kicked in by Cardinal Mooney and Austintown Fitch.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I think Murray has had 'All Things Penguins' removed from that portion of his tiny pea brain....

Dateline: Apr 4-18, 1942:
The Detroit Red Wings storm out to a 3 games to zero lead in the Stanley Cup™ Finals v. the Leafs...Toronto comes back and wins 4 straight.....

33 years later.....

Dateline: Apr 13-26, 1975
The Pittsburgh Penguins storm out to a 3 games to zero lead in the Quarter-Finals v. the Islanders...New York comes back and wins 4 straight....

33 years later.....

Dateline: Apr 9-Present, 2008
The Pittsburgh Penguins storm out to a 3 games to zero lead in the Quarter-Finals v. the Seantors...Ottawa comes back in game 4, after 'The Spartan' Train-Wreck, and lays an egg....losing the series 4 games to none....thus breaking the '33' streak & leaving the legend of '33' to those fine folks at Rolling Rock™ in, Newark, NJ.

[Hossa: likes to drink Šariš]

Fleury29 said...

Ha! "66 buries it" thong. Classic.

Enjoy your Yeungling, BnG66, we can't get it in Kansas... only Iron City. Blegch!

The Seeker said...

@ Jocelyn (9:40 AM)

The game tonight WILL be streamed online at Yahoo

FijiH2O said...

Sooska dishes out a double burn - you go girl!

ceby22 said...

Gary Roberts built the total home gym for Chuck Norris.



Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, you'll like this: In college I had the distinct pleasure of taking a class with Nikki Giovanni (fitting to bring her up today, actually). The subject of high school came up, and she said (to a class at least half-full of people who very much fit this description), "If you had a great time in high school, if you just looooooved it, you peaked too early. You're 20, 22 years old, and your life has already turned downhill. The rest of you - you're still climbing." I probably didn't get it verbatim, but you get the point.

Dr. Turkleton said...

wow...those canucks up north are crazy!!!!

In this article, a Sens 'fan' suggests the Pens will THROW GAME 4 for economic reasons.....I think superfan 'Doug Grove' doesn't exist & is the pseudonym of the writer...

I just saw a FLASH Ad that appeared embedded in that article, but it was for an Oreck™ vacuum cleaner, cause I can't get it to appear again! [keep getting Ford™ & some business school ad]...

however, that girl in the pic can come back to the 'Burgh....

Stoosh said...

Heard this on the radio this morning...

Since the 1990-91, the Pens have played 18 playoff games where a Pens win would eliminate the opposing team.

They've won 14 of those 18 games, including eight for eight during the two Cup-winning seasons.

Now I know as well as anyone that anything Ron Francis, Jaromir Jagr, Tom Barrasso and Mario Lemieux did on the ice sixteen or seventeen years ago has absolutely zero impact on what Crosby and Co. do tonight. But it's a nice thing to think about.

Jocelyn said...

@ The Seeker -
Thanks for your help!

BlacknGold66 said...


I feel your pain brother. We had Yuenglingblog on here a few weeks ago (don't remember if you were a part of it) and were discussing where you can and can't get it.

We can't get it in Cleveland, but a good friend of mine who just finished his stint with the Army recently came home from his base in Virginia with 9 cases of it. So we got lucky. Supply is running low though. I'll have to drive to PA sometime soon to re-stock!

BlacknGold66 said...

P.S. Fluery29: Your poem is money. The "Chris E" part was gold!

Mark said...

Did you'uns hear Steigy's Stanley Cup prediction last night? I'd type if here but I don't want to jinx anything.

Will the "Free Candy" van be at the Pittsburgh Auto show this weekend?

@ BNG66, your TV lineup for tonight:

6:00 Reba
6:30 Andy Griffith
7:00 Walker, Texas Ranger
8:00 Obama/Clinton debate
10:00 Georgia Rule (Jane Fonda AND Lindsey Lohan!)

I'm going to buy more computers so that I have more desktops to display all of these SWEEEEET photoshops...LOVE G. Roberts high above Rio!

@vanessa, do you think that there would be a good market for "66 Buries It" undergarments at your store?

Greg said...

Hey does anyone know if you can drink at the outdoor screen by Mellon? I'm guessing the official answer is no, but I was hoping they were just ignoring it. If anyone has gone and knows, let me know!

Ashley said...

I wasn't able to see most of the photoshops, but that Summer's Eve one with Chris Neil had me laughing so hard I cried. Gotta love it when that happens.

And in case this wasn't said in yesterday's c-blog (it wouldn't open for me):
Last night on TSN's OTR, Gary Green said that Gary Roberts would definitely win in a fight between Roberts and Norris. Also, the show's "quirky fact" was how fans text Gary Roberts messages that are shown on the jumbotron at Mellon Arena, stuff like "Guns don't kill people, Gary Roberts kills people."

Reminded me of all of you guys...

A win tonight will give the guys time to rest up for round 2. Go Pens!


lauren_hbg said...


I laughed equally as hard at the Summer's Eve PS, I even showed all the girls I work with, it was hysterical.

@fluery 29

That poem was awesome - great job.


I would totally sport the "66 buries it" thong, that was a great idea!

JYo said...

I agree with not-taking-things-for-granted-blog, but before everyone freaks out thinking about past 3-0 series leads that have evaporated, here is a little positive spin from TSN:

"The overall record of teams with a 3-0 series lead in the three major sports is 260-3."

Sooska said...

psychologyblog: When I watch a game, mostly hockey and football with some Pitt bb thrown in, I read a team's body language and facial expressions. It makes it real easy to see who is going to win and lose. The Pens have no doubts - 9192blog. The Sens have packed it in and they would have to call in Dr. Lucy Van Pelt to motivate them to win a game. That'll be 5 cents please.

Ev0luTioN said...

Might have missed it above or through my daily scan of,, and Anyone know the status of Scary Gary for tonight? Would like to see him get back, not sure if the groin is ready to roll or not.

chris l. said...

Wow. I learned a lot today.

I am older than Dr. Turk.

Other people have Yuengling withdrawal (mine is so bad that I salve it with 2-year-old Iron City Alumi-bottles, strictly rationed).

And I am helpless in the face of another outstanding tPB pshop-xpose - forever sentenced to be the teary-eyed laughing idiot in the glass-walled office.

Not to rag on any cblogger of the other opinion (and thanks for the eye-opening reality-check stat jyo), but I'm with loser chris on the sitting/injury debate. We're up 3-0; rest when you're dead. I suspect there are some headgames being played by HCMT with this, but nailing the coffin shut tonight is an iron-clad calling card to the rest of the league. It bears repeating: we are the only team in the East up 3-0. Sitting someone when you're at 2-0 is a different situation altogether. Drive a spike through the heart tonight and THEN rest a week. You'll have heads scratching in Montreal, and nerves tingling along the Delaware, Potomac, both sides of the Hudson, and even the Charles.


Sooska said...

@ stoosh et al
Speaking of the things that are really, really important. (from the PG)
Aviary now has its own Penguin named Sidney
Wednesday, April 16, 2008
A second penguin named Sidney is vying for the media spotlight.

While Sidney Crosby has fans cheering during the hockey playoffs, a fuzzy baby bird made his media debut today and will make meet the public on Saturday at the National Aviary on the North Side.

This Sidney is an African penguin. He was hatched on Feb. 21 at the Erie Zoo and arrived in Pittsburgh about four weeks ago.

Flyer Hater said...

Evolution, you don't know the status of Gary Roberts, Gary Roberts knows the status of you and all of us.

Anyone catch Ovechkin's dive last night?

Has anyone ever see Crosby do anything close to that?


Jonny V said...

Spence! where u been?!

Vanessa, I was in Cali last year, and I think I was the only person in a 100 mile radius excited for the NHL playoffs. Feels kind of like when your in class or something and a funny part from a movie pops in your head and you start laughing and people are looking at you like you're weird. But you don't care. It feels good to laugh.

J.S., u have Talbot as your avatar and your not even rockin his jersey? That deserves a Gob "Come On!!"

Sooska, that's the first thing that popped in my head...Cancer can kill you. Knee ligaments are a dime a dozen. It isn't even hip to blow an ACL anymore, everyone's doing it...

Fleury, that poem needs put to music.

Chris I./Loser Chris, my sentiments exactly. The NHL playoffs are world renowned as being the hardest playoffs in any sport. It is grueling to say the least. Alfredson was supposed to be out 2-4 weeks. How many games did Lemieux miss after having his wrist slashed by that douchebag Graves? The winners of the Stanley Cup are the guys that play their asses off, patch up whatever ails them as best they can, and, to quote Jesse Ventura from The Predator, "Ain't got time to bleed..."

Stoosh, i've linked this before in the past, don't know if you were around then. Jenna Von Oy

Bringing back the Billie Madison quotes from a week ago. "Want to touch the heiny..."

The Seeker said...

greg said...

Hey does anyone know if you can drink at the outdoor screen by Mellon?

From what I've been told by those that have done it, you just need to keep things under control and not be totally blatant about it (ie: don't wave bottles or cans in cop's faces and/or put it into a non-descript container).

Spencemo said...

Well, jonny v, for a while I was working two jobs along with my 15 credit hours this semester...I've been busy...

Any love for the rest of the SVC, like my alma mater Warren G. Harding? Our lifers are usually down at the Buena Vista...awesome chicken (Uncle Nick's Greek Fried, to be exact)...

J.S. said...

the guy across from my desk is trying to convince this one girl to name her son Garyroberts (all one word)

The Seeker said...

@ Spencemo

Are you talking about Warren G. Harding HS in Warren, Ohio?

My Wife's family was from Howland Twp and she graduated from Howland HS just outside of Warren.

Pensgirl said...

Warning: clicking this link will lead to racing hearts, repeated fist pumps, and wiiiiiiiiiide smiles.

(P.S. I saw it at Going Five Hole, so thanks to Sean for posting it)

(P.P.S. The Hives are the absolute perfect choice at the point where they were used. And now that I think about it, Geno gives a smidge of Howlin' Pelle...more than he does for that jobber SI picked, anyway. I think it's in the swagger.)

JYo said...

Not to job anyone or really even argue the point, but just consider the other side of the play/sit argument.

Remember a few weeks ago when 87 came back from an ankle injury and re-aggravated it and consequently missed even more time? In a very winnable game 4 when, as sooska points out (your nickel is in the mail...), the other team is basically demoralized, do you want to risk the health of two key players for the long term just so you can win in 4 instead of 5 games?

I completely understand the sentiment of wanting to quash the rebellion before it begins, no guarantee of winning game 5 if you lose game 4, etc., but there is also good reason to be cautious with banged up players at this point.

In the case of Malone, it sounds like he is just banged up a bit and can probably play through the pain without doing any long term damage.

With GR, it sounds like rest would do him good and pushing it could cause more damage. Remember, not only is he a physical force, he is also all knowing, so if he decides its best to sit, who is anyone to argue, let alone continue to live if they do argue???

Anyway, I guess I trust the players, HCMT, and the training staff to make the right decisions in regards to tonights game as well as the longer term health of the players involved.

J.S. said...

@jonny v, I was rockin' the GR jersey for the post season, minus game 2.

Since it's signed and I knew there was rain in the forecast on Friday, I chose to give it the night off.

Talbot will still get the start tonight with me, chicka-choo-choo.

Darien said...

As the trivia host said last night at the bar: "Na na na na, Na na na na, Hey hey hey, goodbye!"

Darien said...

As the trivia host said last night at the bar: "Na na na na, Na na na na, Hey hey hey, goodbye!"

Brando said...

Heard on XM Home Ice that Roberts IS out again tonight.

They were probably afraid Gary would have ripped the heart out of Russell Crowe if he ever saw him dressed like that again. Gary doesn't let that shit fly.

Lion said...

Nothing like a vibrant PhotoChop community.

Can anyone tell me, how in the world has nobody yet made a number 10 Pens jersey with "Dread Pirate" for the name? I ordered mine today. Maybe I just missed it and this has already been done. It just fits so well, even beyond the name. A mythology rivaled only by the reality.

Stoosh said...

@ Sooska - Hopefully they haven't been raising baby penguin Sidney on Lake Erie water. Then again, it's probably cleaner than the rivers here.

@ Jonny V - Thanks to a firewall, I'm going to have to wait until later to offer up my thoughts on the Jenna Von Oy link.

@ Spencemo - We never played Warren G. Harding when I was in high school, thank God, because I think we might have caught them when Korey Stringer was there.

We played teams in Ohio a lot because we got kicked out of our league after my freshman year. Beginning in my junior year, we ended up playing an independent schedule against what felt like most of Ohio - Cardinal Mooney, Austintown Fitch, Cleveland St. Ed's, Middletown, Dayton Dunbar. My senior year we got smoked by Mooney and Fitch.

Stoosh said...


That was a 100%, Grade A, certified "F*CK, I wish I thought of that" moment.


Pensgirl said...

Lion, my brother started calling him the "Dread Penguin" pretty much as soon as we traded for him. I'm not sure why nobody else went is perfect (except that Dread Penguin says "As I wish.").

Laura said...

"Unless you live on the moon, you know that the Senators will probably go up in smoke tonight or no later than the weekend"

that was in an article i read today.. it's funny, every article i have read today seems to say nearly the same exact thing...(*knocks on wood*)
Go Pens.

chris e said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flyer Hater said...


2:25 mark, that's why the phrase "66 Buries It" exists.

Lady Jaye said...

@sooska Thanks for that tidbit, I was planning on going to the aviary this weekend with my kids. You = psychic. Any other fortune seeing for today?

chris e said...


chris e = stunned to be included in the poem/song/limerick


chris e = stunned to be thought of for a shirt in storeblog

stokes said...

There's some play or something going on at the Benedum dahntahn at the end of April. something like, Gary Roberts Superstar? Anybody hear of this?

chris l. said...

@jyo: We agree that if the player himself says he can't hack it tonight, you have to respect that.

Other than that, you present a reasonable, prudent argument. But Lord Stanley does not favor the reasonable and prudent.

win tonight = 1 week of rest
loss tonight = momentum shift?
you said = "already demoralized"

To me, these weigh in favor of skating tonight if it's at all possible, and getting the sweep.

Just my thoughts, but given the choice between aggression and passivity, you can guess my choice.

(@chris e - good catch lol.)


Dillon said...

I'll be down at the arena to watch. I called the Pens and they say no alcohol but Aramark will be serving food!


chris l. said...

Geez - they're killing Hossa on this "up 3-0 so early" thing, huh? Clearly he meant "up three games." Give the guy a break.

Howevah, too bad you can't use images in Storeblog. A shirt with his face and "Up 3-0 so early?" would be sweet.

GwinTheEskimo said...

its a C. O. N. SPIRACY!

wilsmith said...

I had something important to say but I forgot. So I'm going to say "pretend I said something thoughtful and important"

Anyway, Six? Holy shit!
I was probably like 10 when Blossom was cool, but I deff. remember Six.

Ev0luTioN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ev0luTioN said...

About the Ovechkin dive..

Yes, he dove. Lets face it, though. The caps were in a pretty desperate stage at that point, and the dove served its purpose and got the penalty. Got to give him credit for that. Besides, I'd MUCH rather see the Caps win than the Flyers. They're one of those teams who 'thugs it up' and somehow manages to always make it a series. So, so annoying.

Oh, and here's to hoping for an early Pens goal. I think that'll definitely crush any morale the Sens have left.

JYo said...

@ wilsmith: Good point. How does one become so (how should I say it?)...thoughtful?

@chris e: I remember days here where people would almost have a conniption when you would cut it close on the declaration in a game day post. I even remember a day when someone impersonated you. My friend, that sort of performance deserves a T-shirt. Respect!

@ FH: Thanks for the link to that video. Its awesome. Too bad the video quality is a bit off, but the point comes through loud and clear. Belfour = stunned!

coffeytalk said...

No time to read c-blog but just wanted to say I am headed down to the arena for bigscreenblog if anyone else is going. Look for the redhead in the Ruutu jersey with a batman blanket and you've found coffeytalk!



Pensblog Staff said...

If anyone wants the inside scoop, we usually start jobbing GameDay around 3:00, but we're starting it at 5:00.

We're aiming for 6:30-ish, so tell Chris E. to hold off till then.


Flyer Hater said...

Jyo, could you imagine if thepensblog was around during the cup runs?

Don Beaufre, Chris Terreri, and Andy Moog would have committed suicide.

Spencemo said...

Yes, Seeker, that Warren G. Harding...Howland HS is only about 10 minutes (with traffic) from Harding...

Korey Stringer graduated 2 years behind me...I'm friends with his older brother, Kevin...what a great guy...

KJ said...

@ stoosh: sure the nhl playoffs are in high gear and the 1st round has been amazing, and sure the nba playoffs are right around the corner and other than 1-8 on both sides nothing is really set up yet, but gosh forbid mike & mike or any other espn show talk about anything but ass kissing their favorite teams. was watching M&M yesterday myself and all they could talk about was the NFL draft and their picks. i love the nfl myself, but geez, zzzfest on the draft crap.

oh and thanks for bringing up the ages of jagr & straka. while i'm not as old as they are or some of the rest of the cblog, i do feel a bit older since i remember them getting drafted. i'm gonna feel horrible the days those guys retire

finally, as for AO's dive, i think its hilarious. needed or not, its great that all those other people who talk about him being so much better than crosby cause he doesn't need to do those things may have to look the other way now. and i think that was about the only time last night i heard AO's name. sure he got the GW in game 1, but when do the caps put out an amber alert for him?

KJ said...

oh yeah forgot 2 things:

kid acting like he's kipper, its interesting how if the person is under 10 its cute, but if they're over 10 its called stalking.

and the senators sen dude, i love the faces on some of the players. check out the guys who are looking up hoping they don't break out in laughter. i can hear the intermission coach's talk now: "we'rth being embarrasthed by our play, the refths, and our of thucking logo. boyths, leths justh go home"

The Big K said...

See you all in an hour and ten for gameday jobbing!


The broom Penguins= top notch,

Way to step it up at playoff time, staff.

pensblog jeff said...

I'm going to the mellon tonight. I'll probably rock my fake Crosby Canada jersey with the unearned 'C' on it that I got in korea. Anyone feel free to catch me there!


The Big K said...


That video was life changing.

queenofthesky82 said...

Does anyone know where I can find the opener they played on the jumbotron in game two?
Also, anyone who's been checking out the lawn scene: are pets allowed?

Stoosh said...

KJ -

I used to love...and I mean LOVE watching the NFL Draft. I don't know why...maybe it's because I'm a bigger fan of college football than I am pro football, and I've always enjoyed seeing where some of the names I recognize are going to play on Sundays (if they're going at all).

But just like so many other things, it's soooooooo overdone, overexposed and overanalyzed, it makes me sick. Everyone and their brother's brother does a mock draft, and most of these media outlets now do like fifteen versions. (And please, media outlets, releasing the 2009 mock draft as soon as the final pick in the 2008 Draft is made is not cool or edgy or cute. It was funny the first time Kiper did it like eight or nine years ago. So just stop.)

All the suspense out of it has been taken out because of Pompadour Kiper - he spends half the time before picks yammering on about who the next team is going to pick. He's right most of the time, but MAYBE I DON'T WANT TO KNOW, MEL! That's like going to a movie and halfway through, having some asshat tell you how the whole thing ends.

One other thing I've noticed that's starting to drive me insane - the analysts seem to be using more and more draft jargon every year simply because they can. It's like they're all trying to out-do each other and I can see Kiper, Mayock and whoever else is employed by the networks getting their little draft jargon hard-ons as the draft moves on.

I don't want to hear how much burst a player has because they're all fast. I don't care how long an offensive lineman's arms are. I don't want to hear about their wingspan because he's a left tackle, not a damned airplane. I sure as hell couldn't care less about how well a defensive back can flip his hips; that makes it sound like they need a paramedic or an audition for a porno.

Most of these guys are going to be out of the league in two or three years anyway.

Not to be critical...

Flyer Hater said...


Roger Goddell=stunned

J.S. said...

count me in as another one who can't stand Mike and Mike. I had a few weeks of Sirius downtime a few months back, and since our local stations suck I thought I'd give em a chance. Now I haven't listened to them for the better part of a year, and with good reason as you'll see, but if I were to turn them on tomorrow morning, the majority of these topics (if not all) will be discussed: the Patriots, Tom Brady hooking up with Gisele, Lebron, something about the Yankees, more of something about the Red Sox, $20 Gammons gushing about Schilling, skinny Mike being a homo....err, metrosexual, skinny Mike not being able to play any sports, fat (or formerly fat) Mike's past NFL career, fat Mike's Nutrisystem commercial, blah blah blah about one's kids, the Yankees, Buster Olney, wash...rinse....repeat. Since we're coming up on draft day soon, you can probably mix in a Mel Kiper appearance too.

Eventually, my antenna for my Sirius did arrive and a few months later I ended up taking a better position with zero road time and better $, so hearing them at this point really isn't an option. Thank Gary!

Get those two jokes off the radio, and take that no-talent jobber Colin Cowherd with them. Listening to Cowherd for about 10 seconds is about as much fun as getting a root canal without Novocaine.

Hip said...


@icecold - "rumor has it the Pope is on his way to the burgh to receive a blessing from Gary Roberts." That was some funny shit.

@stoosh - my cousin and I job Sykora all the time for his interviews. He always looks wasted and like he wants to make out with Potash or whoever. I find it hilarious. Dude has an unreal shit eating grin.

@johnny v - definitely struggling out here in Big Sky, but someone has to bring the Pens love to the masses. Was at a pow-wow this morning and swear Gary Roberts made a cameo during the Warrior Dance.

@BGN66 - tell your gf not to worry, my love is purely platonic. I'm solid tonight (cousin is all set to go) but might need a spot start over the weekend if this isn't over.

Plus - do I go to the gym, or tool around the library and catch some GDC? WWGRD? Be ruthless at the gym. Hip? I'll probably sit my ass here and say hello to you peeps.

J.S. said...

queen, there was a double at game 2 walking around with two great danes and didn't get any trouble from anybody.

Pensgirl said...

Queen, go here, launch the player, and the jumbotron features are under "Penguins Insider." If it's anywhere, it'll be there.

J.S. said...

double, I meant couple.


KJ said...

stoosh- and they have to say flip his hips with that "UGH" afterwards. creep-py!

but you def hit the nail on the head. of course it probably doesn't help their cause when the 3 biggest dopes who turned espn from sports into entertainment, kiper, berman, and booyah stuart scott, are all sharing a stage trying to out do each other in attention whoring.

Laura von Awesome said...

Haha! I made my very own WWGRD bracelet and wore it at work... I sent a picture of it to tPB on my lunch break, so hopefully they got it ok. Plus, the Sens fans got my "broom-dance"... lol!

Q: What do the store I work at and the Sens have in common?"

A: They'll both be swept by 10 pm tonight! HAHAHAHA!

Oh, and for those who missed my email to Douchebag last night:

subject: :)

Gary Roberts doesn't get injured. Injured gets Gary Roberts.


I'll be watching tonight :D:D:D

frank said...

I'm watching Penguins Rewind. They just showed Talbot's goal. I love the quick shot FSN showed of the Penguin's fan with the old jersey on celebrating the goal. He's like shooting guns in the air or something. Solid celebration.

adam vacancy said...


go pens!


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