Saturday, March 1, 2008

What Doesn't Kill You. PENS LOSE

5 - 4


Okay, the Pens have survived the injuries.


The Pens have defied all the experts and propelled themselves to the top of the Eastern Conference amidst all of these injuries.

This game means nothing other than the Senators winning the season series 3-1.
If at least Crosby is playing, it's a different story. Let alone if Hossa's playing.

Basically, if you're the Senators, you can't be pleased with this win.



With a lineup thinner than post-apsirin blood, the Pens took the ice.

They start things off with their top line, and what seemed like was gonna be their only line for the game.

Not even 30 seconds in, it was time to get taken behind the shed.
Big power play for the Sens.

Probably the most annoying thing during that power play was Paul Steigerwald pronouncing Meszaros (Ma-zar-rose) as Mettzarose.

Thankfully, the Pens killed it off.

Both teams started getting chances after that.
The Pens' best came with Ryan Malone trying to bury a one-timer.

Something happens, and Ty Conklin has to make a big stop on Mike Fisher on an impromptu breakaway.

Mike Fisher got his rebound back, but then Malkin took it from him, and the Pens were off the races.
Malkin to Sykora to Malkin to Malone.



Hal Gill made up for a couple solid plays earlier in the game with a holding penalty.
Sens PP again.
And another big kill.

Some back and forth crap led to the Sens top line dominating in the Pens zone.
Ruutu finally gets it out of there with an icing call.
Thankfully, it was right after the 14:00 mark, which meant it was time for a commercial and a breather for the guys on the ice.

Malkin and Company jump on the ice after the faceoff, but it didn't matter.
Wade Redden and the shot from the point. Deflection. 1-1.

Senator Nation rejoices.

--Will Smith--

It didn't stop there.
The Pens vomit all over themselves, turning the puck over.
Danny Alfredsson does a jig and puts it top shelf. 2-1.


And then it felt like the 2007 playoffs.
Sens fans cheering, Sens players crushing everyone.

It was time to fight back, and it was maybe Maxime Tal-butt with one second left.
He takes on Verjoke.

Chris Philips decides to crosscheck Malone.
Malkin comes in and totally douches him from behind. Could have been a scary hit.
Philips hits Malkin back, and then Malone jumps in.
And then it was a Royal Rumble.


After all that crap gets settled, Ruutu puts on an apron and gets in Martin Lapointe's kitchen.
Lapointe has never played an NHL game before and takes a stupid penalty.

Give it up to the refs for not letting that go.
They took control of the game there.

Nothing was expected on the pending power play for the Pens.
Staal parks his Buick in front of Gerber.

Sykora unleashes one.

The only other goal this season that made you stand up cheer in a rage of joy and fury was that goal against the Devils earlier this season that got called back for that too-many-men penalty.

Give the assist to Jarkko Ruutu.



The second period started up, and it felt like the animosity from the first period had disappeared.

Martin Lapointe takes another stupid penalty early on.

Somewhere, some fan screamed SHOOT! when Gonch had the puck at the blue line.
Alfredsson blocks it, and it was go time.

For some reason, Conklin doesn't come out and beat Alfredsson to the puck.
Top shelf. 3-2.

--Matt T.--

After that goal, the Malkin and Malone penalties were up.
The power play just couldn't seem to put it home.

The big surprise on that power play was Alex Goligoski being on the point.
Twice, he demonstrates the patience of Job ( first time ever that it's ever been pronouced JOBE here ).

The second time, he unleashes a shot as Lapointe gets back into the play.
Loose puck. Bugsyblog. 3-3.
Just another huge goal.

Martin LaMistake takes yet another penalty when he puts the stick into Sydor's face.
The Senators kill it while crushing everyone.

The Pens keep working, though, and get rewarded with another power play.
Again, the Sens stifle it.

After some more jobbing, the Pens draw another penalty with hard work.

Picture: Some joke stunned because he didn't know hooking was a penalty.
Get in the box and shut the feck up.

But if you've been watching hockey more than a week, you know the tide was going to turn back to the Sens getting power plays.
Had to score here.

The Pens get some solid chances, with Goligoski showing up with a good shot in the slot.
Not converting there was just bad news.

And then it happened....

Alfredsson throws Gonch into the boards. Another scary play.
Gonch fights back, but gets a 4-minute penalty for crosschecking after hitting Alfredsson in the head.
Did that warrant a double-minor?
Gonchar shows his dark side, which is good enough for us to swallow a 4-minute penalty.

Everyone will be on Gonchar. Yeah, maybe he shouldn't have done that.
But imagine some jerkoff coming up from behind you at work and trying to run you into the coffee pot.

LaJoke shoots one from the wing.
The rebound hits Sydor.

Own goal. 4-3.

Well, the tide had officially turned when Heatley parked himself in a soft spot in the Pens PK and one-times a bullet past Conklin. 5-3.

The shot could've been arrested for speeding.

We'd throw Gonchar under the bus, but we don't want Hal Gill quarterbacking the power play.

Towards the end of the period, Hal Gill makes his presence known in front of the Pens net, knocking down Dany Heatley and then jobbing Spezza along the boards.
Good to see.



Job City.

Before you knew it, there were (was) 10 minutes left.
Father Time makes an appearance.

It got worse when Hal Gill goes to the box for holding.
It didn't help matters when Daniel Alfredsson gets nominated for an Oscar.
If Daniel Alfredsson got lodged under the Ottawa bus, would anyone care?
What a little weasel.

The Senators were impervious to getting penalties called against them on that ensuing power play.
Solid PK for the Pens.

Just as you were reaching for the panic button, Malkin pulls up on a rush and just decimates Gerber with a slapper.

After that, the Sens were scared.
Their complacency for the entirety of the third period became a big deal.

It wasn't heart-stopping action at the end of the third, but it was enough to make your heart stop, if that makes any sense.

The Pens pull Conk and get a faceoff in the Sens zone after a faceoff.
Timeout City.

Mike Fischer was actually tackling Penguins. But that's how they roll in Ottawa.
Solid effort, but no dice.


  • Malkin: 1G, 2A
  • Malone: 2G
  • Sykora: 1G,1A

  • The Ottawa Senators are gonna score goals.
  • The Pens stood up to the physical play, but you also got to know when to shift it into more offensive-minded play while the other team is still head-hunting.
  • Everything is almost moot until the Pens get healthy. Injuries are starting to catch up.
  • Hal Gill was better.
  • Phil Bourque said "Shit" on the radio. He meant "Shift". Good times.



The Seeker said...

OMG....don't tell anyone that I'm FIRST!

Great recap staff & excellent PSs for some jobber to try and steal too.

chris e said...


Big game tomorrow.

Let's do this shit!

The Seeker said...

Points Race Update:

Malkin lead AO 87 - 83 before the Washington -vs- Toronto game.

At the end of period 1, AO has one point scoring the Craps only goal so far.

The Big K said...

It ain't all bad. Geno is 3 up at the moment on AO...

Flyer Hater said...

This post presents way too much optimism. Trade Gonchar, get Orpik at the point. Malkin sucks, he takes periods off, soft euro. Pens are moving to Quebec.

wilsmith said...


Jonny V said...

I like how Talbot sensed the way we were getting dominated early in the game and said fuck it. Surprised BGL wasn't out there more. Or maybe i'm not.

Solid game, we're outmanned, nothing more to say.

Ryan said...

You guys used "impervious" in this post.


Raybin said...

andom thoughts:

-Gill is gonna work out great.

-For the good of the team and the game of hockey, please send Sydor to Wilkes Barre. Or Wheeling. Or the sun.

-Why hasn't BGL fought in a what feels like decades? Is HCMT
restraining him? And if so, why?

-Does Daniel Alfredsson remind anyone else of a weasel? Or, for that matter, a pedophile?

-If Fleury has a 40-save shutout performance tomorrow afternoon, does Conklin lose his starting job?

-Been reading for a few weeks, but this is my first post. Nice place
y'all got. Hope I don't butcher the lingo whilst I learn it.

Ashley said...

the big k - We won't get first seed in the conference tomorrow if we win against Atlanta. New Jersey and Montreal are playing right now. If the Devils win, they'll be one point ahead of us. If the Habs win, we'll be tied for points, but Montreal will have a game in hand.

However, the sky is definitely not falling. No need for Elmo to hang himself.

Crosby and Hossa are coming back soon.

Life is still good.

pops said...

First of all, dont get me wrong, I would love for Malkin to win the scoring title BUT

hear me out

he is gonna want biiiiiiiig numbers after this, which he entirely deserves, but that could be bad news bears in the future.

The good thing is, (and this applies to Hossa too) you need some biiiiig testes to want more money per year than Sid's making...

but im getting ahead of myself. thats future crap. Devils lose.

The Seeker said...

So he Habs beat the Devils which I suppose is the better scenario. We could still overtake the Devils and win our conference while being tied with Montreal.

The Craps lose to the Leafs, but AO gets a goal and an assist for 2 points.

Ashley said...

pops - I totally get what you're saying. Personally, I don't believe that anyone should make more money than Sid. I know that Malkin is good...scary good...but there's something about Sid that makes him better in my mind. I also look at what he does off the ice for the team.

Dr. Turkleton said...


nice Alfie line...I wish someone would just rack him & put him out of his misery...

hope Ryan Smyth is ok....he just got checked into the turnbuckle where the end of the bench meets the glass...helmet flew off in a violent hit by jack johnson of the Kings...had to be taken off by stretcher w/ neck brace & all

March comes in like a sheep [good for PB Charlie & the Sens, bad for the Pens]
As long as they go out like a Lion [ain't that the Sens mascot???]

@Flyer Hater...We couldn't put the Cat in the Hat, that's why we lost !!!!

**Smyth Update on TSN**
he was up & walking & taken to a hospital for observation

Stoosh said...

Let's not forget something here as far as the salaries go...


Think of how it felt when it hit home that after the 2000-01 season, the team HAD to either 1) trade Jagr to preserve the Kovy-Lang-Straka-Kasparaits core for at least one more season or 2) keep Jagr and lose at least two of the other four guys right away.

Think of how it felt to watch Bobby Lang sign with the Craps on the very first day of free agency after the 2001-02 season and know that we had absolutely zero chance of competing him.

How it felt when we had to deal Kovalev in that 2002-03 season for a lesser deal because ownership told CP to force the team getting Kovy to take Mike Wilson and Janne Laukkanen off our hands as well.

Think of how it felt when the last stake was driven home early on in 2003-04 and Marty Straka was shipped out to LA for Martin Strbak (who wasn't half-bad, really) and some Russian prospect named Sergei Anshakov we've never heard from since.

This is the reality of the cap era - we're not going to be able to keep EVERYBODY down the road. There are going to be some tough decisions that have to be made, and maybe someday Marc-Andre Fleury moves along. Or maybe Ryan Whitney doesn't play his entire career as a Penguin.

This team is in a different spot than Tampa. We've got pieces of the core already in place that are going to prevent this from becoming a "Big Three" situation. We've got Whitney locked up long-term. We're getting contributions from kids like Letang, Kennedy, Goligoski...players who are just getting into their rookie deals. We've got reinforcements that'll be hitting Wilkes-Barre from the junior ranks next year.

It's about signing a central core long term and filling in the spots around them with different-tier talents. Shero will make it work. It might take some tough decisions down the road, but it'll work.

Just remember, it's a hell of a lot better than anything we used to have.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, you really need to stop spewing propaganda to all of us of c-bloggers. We're smart people, the season is over and our worlds are crashing down. Don't ever distract us from that point sir.


Flyer Hater said...

Our next 4 games are all against opponents from the Junior A division in the East. We should be racking up the points in fairly short order.

PittHockey said...

in slightly more positive news,

Army won, clinched there conference.

key to victory was Pensblog Charlie's brother playing for sacred heart

The Big K said...

Funny stat of the day...
tied for 1st in the conference. it's so tight.
we forget that after we lose 1 game, but we could still easily take the top seed.

mizzdzpen said...

F the Sens.

Sold my tix to tomorrows game so that I could attend a friends baby shower. This baby better be worth it. Heh. Would have cried before the game anyway.

Cope. RIP. Sir, you are, were, and always will be Pittsburgh at it's best.

Hip said...

Malkin up on AO by two now... anyone else really want them to go at it next weekend? I'd trade highlight reel goals by each to see them throw down. I just think it would be fun.

Caps game blew.

Nice to see multicultural Charlie today.

Gotta stop the bleeding tomorrow. Go Pens.

The Rube said...

We need more fedko pranks!!!!!!!!!

Jebus the XIV said...

Listened to the post-game and someone called in with this gem:

"Do the refs take pity on Alfredsson because he's a ginger?"

Totally made up for anything that happened during the game.

IceCold... said...

Stoosh, i appreciate your perspective and effort to take the whine out of c-blog.

Quingo77 said...

Why the hell would we want to get rid of Sydor?

I've seen some dumb thing things on here but that is like Pensblog Charlie being face down ass up with Alfredson on top.

If the last 2 games have shown us anything it is this: We have had a ton of injuries but surprisingly our offensive depth has shown through. The jobbers from the AHL have done quite well.

However, now we have injuries at the Blueline and the lack of depth back there has definately surfaced. Conklin has been great with a healthy blueline. Take a few pieces out and he gives up 10 in 2 games.

Crosby and Hossa and roberts will be nice, but bring back scuds and whitney now

Stoosh said...

FLYER HATER - Oh, shit. Oooops, my bad. Let me try this again...

(cue Yinzer accent)

'Dat Malkin...he sucks...yaknow, Rawbee Brahn wuz a bettr playr 'den him. He can't lead the team like Meh-ree-oh used ta do.

'Dat Gawn-char...he's a waste 'o money, too. If it wuzuptame, I'd ship his ass back to Siberia, yaknowwudImean?

We'll never win anudder shooooo-aht again, yaknow, cuz dey gave up dat Chrishtchensen kid or whatever.

And my buddy Yosh from dahn the Elks Lawdge...he werks part-tahm dahnn the'rena, yaknow...cleanin' the restrooms n'at. He tooold me that the lawkerroom has a fracture in it the size of PNCPowrk, because yaknow...Colby ain't der to hold it tahhgether.

An' tahtawpitallawfff, dat Conklin...he's playin' like he belowngs in'a "D" league dahn the Ice Castle.

Deez guys suck. When's Stiller camp start?


How was that?

M. Vanderlasser said...

Sergei Gonchar, no borscht for you!

What is the Pens' record since Ma and Pa Malkin left town?


Matt Gajtka said...

Great job (not Job) on the post, boys. Easily one of your most eloquent, creative and intelligent, despite the loss.

I had a strange feeling of calm after this one. Not so much anger as "we'll see how this team looks when we actually get somewhat healthy." Excuse? Maybe, but it's the truth, too.

Goligoski held his own. Sydor = overthehillblog. Malkin continues to keep his level a step above the rest.



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