Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wade Dubielewicz. PENS LOSE

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If this game was NHL '95 for Sega Genesis,
you would have accidentally bumped your Genesis hoping for a reset.

You can look for answers.
But games like this are better off buried away somewhere and forgotten about it.

As Michel Therrien said after the game:

"It was an emotional game last game. Maybe that was one of the reasons why we were flat. It's unacceptable. Excuses are for losers."



--Sean from [Going Five Hole]--

--Jeff H--




Right out of the gates the Islanders junior varsity team comes out flying.
The first shot on Conkblock nearly goes in.
Not a good sign.

The Pens have had a well documented problem with injuries this year.
But the Islanders are destroyed.
They hoped to get Mike Comrie back, but he had the flu.
Rumor has it, he is still heartbroken.

The Pens were able to match the Isles energy in the early moments.
Some good action for about two minutes.
Some dude from the Isles high sticks someone.

We're not sure, but as the Versus broadcast had the camera on Michel Therrien, he dropped seven F Bombs in Ted Nolan's general direction.

Powerplayblog for that high stick.
Ryan Whitney forgets he plays defense.
He crosses to the blue line, crosses the left circle, goes behind the net.
The Isles steal the puck with ease and get it up to Richard Park.

Park winds up.

Richard Park drinks his own pee.

Giving up a shorthanded goal for the first goal of the game is never good.
But it turned out OK, as seconds later the second powerplay unit struck.
Dubielewicz made his only mistake of the night.
Petr Sykora's shot is nasty.


But hold the phone.

The ref didn't see the puck go in, because he was picking his balls.
He wastes a long-distance call to the War Room. It's a goal.


After that, things get rough.
Talbot blows some joke up, and a little scrum develops.

[Kyle Jackson]

The Islanders continue to pepper Conk.
They get a 19-on-1 with Scuds as the only guy back.
Conk stands his ground with a nice kicksave.

The Isles get a powerplay after Ruutu takes a penalty.
The Pens kill it and escape to the locker room.


We have to admit -- the Versus broadcast wasn't too bad.
Brian Engblom was decent.
But the sideline reporter guy was a mess.
He over-extended several interviews while play was going on.
Dan Potash doesn't make those mistakes.


As the second period gets going, it becomes clear that the Islanders want to win for some reason.
Bill Guerin hits the post.
Moments later he doesn't make the same mistake again.
He gets a pass from some guy who was probably playing at Bill's Dek Hockey last week.

Top shelf.


Despite the game being 2-1, it felt 7-1.
The Islanders shutdown everything.
They got a powerplay after Sykora slashed someone.

The Isles waste no time. They sink the USS Hal Gill.
The Pens looked bewildered on the penalty kill.
Guerin gets another solid shot on net.
Sean Bergenheim puts a rebound home. 3-1

The Refs feel bad for the Pens later on in the period and give them a powerplay.
But it didn't matter.

Three shots in the second period.



You need to know one thing about the third period.

[321 Lincoln]


  • Joke
  • Wade Dubielewicz owns our life. He shut the door in the third.
  • Scuds was back, not bad, all things considered.
  • Don't blast Conklin, we wouldn't be here without him.
  • Dupuis = MVP?
  • The USS Hal Gill will sail again.
  • Seven defensemen? Hmmmmmm...
  • If you think this game is disappointing, just wait. There will be some coming up that will hurt much worse.
  • Crosby told versus he is out tomorrow.
  • Biggest game of the season coming up.
  • Boobs.

One final note about the Nassau Coliseum.
We always make fun of it.
But if you like looking at pictures, the ones taken at the Nassau Coliseum are the best, hands down.
Check them out.

[Yahoo Pictures]




Eric K said...

Well The Pens went over to Jersey.............................

Kevin said...

come on, the one time when we WANT you to beat us and you let this happen. bunch of jerks!

BlacknGold66 said...

I'm drunk... (Love ya Stokes!!)

The only thing worse than waiting for a Pensblog post(other than losing) is reading the Gameday Post's hate/demise/loathing/etc. that goes on during a loss.

Sure it's not quite LGP style "giveupness" (is that a word? whatev, I'm drunk), but it makes me vomit. Maybe that's because I'm from a town that's used to losing.

I still love the Conks. Sabu would never garner his own t-shirts (see:Dec-Jan)

I didn't expect a win tonight against a bunch of AHLer's trying to make a name for themselves the night before the Pens play the Debbies.

Am I pissed and upset(and drunk 'cuz of the Pens)?... sure.

But "whatev". Beating the teams that matter when it matters most is all that matters.

But if tonight doesn't matter, then nothing else matters when you want things to matter....

"Now let's play some hockey!"

Drunk BNG66 doing his best NHL Network Coach impression.

I need to go to bed.

Let's Go Pens!!!

BlacknGold66 said...

PS: If those photos from the Garbage Dump in Long Island don't give you a hard-on, then you better share the same genitalia as Hip. Cuz that shit is money.

---Seriously going to bed now.

(this comment has a good chance of getting deleted! This is why I don't drink)

stokes said...

Bill's Dek Hockey reference.

The only thing that's a bigger joke than BIll's Dek Hockey is the score last night.

Flyer Hater said...

When BNG66 is drunk, c-blog=stunned

How many backup/curtain-jerking goaltenders have shut down the Pens over the years? It seems like we own DiPietro and Brodeur but can't get anything going against Dubbbieieieiwuwoiuwibz.


Vinnie said...

"He over-extended several interviews while play was going on."

I think the only interview Bob Har(d)wood did live was the Crosby piece, the one that seemed to take up most of the period.

I thought they were all live until later in the game when I realized it was impossible for the interviews to take place with an on-ice player with the puck in play. Most of those interviews were taped during the TV time out and run immediately after recording.


See ya Thursday.

sonofatruckload said...

the bill's dek hockey reference made getting up today worth it

PittHockey said...

except for the overhead shots, the nassau photographer is trash.

this can easily be seen in that players in the background of the photos are underexposed, suggesting he is a noob who had to use synced flashes.


PittHockey said...

and this one just made me laugh

chris e said...

I would like to know our record when dressing 7 defensemen....I dont think it is too good.


Go Pens!

Stoosh said...

KEVIN - It was as frustrating for Pens fans as it probably was for Isles fans who want to see them get the lottery pick. Not to worry, though...even with the win last night, you guys still have claim to the 5th lottery spot with 75 points, and that's a two-point advantage over Columbus's 77 points.

Maybe we'll be more accomodating to each other's respective causes on Thursday night.

tecmo said...

Bill's Golfland ≥ Bill's Dek Hockey

wilsmith said...

How come when the Pens blow out the Devils 7-1 it's a sign this is the best team in the East and everyone should be shaking?

But when they lose to a far inferior team, the general attitude is "eh, whatev", and there's no concern, it's meaningless.

What happens when teams are preparing for just one opponent (like in the playoffs) and they pick up the tape of the games against teams like the B's, and really start gameplanning?

I hope there was just something fluky too it, but losing badly to a team you should beat badly is just wrong.

That said, don't get too high when you're high, or too down when you're down. I'm trying to keep that middle ground because I know this team is better than last night, but they're not going to be as consistently good as they were Saturday night.

Dr. Turkleton said...

vinnie said:

See ya Thursday.

I know you're probably in the Union with Mikey & Big Bob...but those 2 jack-holes fit somewhere between Carrot Top & contracting syphilis when it comes to Comic Relief.

Some folks need to curb their enthusiasm when it comes to pens wins v. losses.


The Pens are not like our Sisters on the North Shore who have 16 games to prove their worth where 1 game out of their season [6.25%] is crucial when it comes to a W or L. Whereas during an NHL season, 1 bad game does not spoil the year. Now, if the boys strung together 5.125 of bad games together, that would be equal to that 1 the Stillers blew on a Sunday afternoon in the mud...er, field[turf].

So no need to worry, Negative-Nancys. Besides, all you youngins will start getting ulcers before the years out & you'll be laid up in a hospital bed, listening to the playoffs on a radio like Dennis Hopper's Shooter character from Hoosiers

[Hossa: carrying on the Legeacy of the #18 sweater on the Penguins {sarcasmblog}: George Konik, Wally Boyer, Lowell MacDonald, Ross Lonsberry, Kevin McClelland, Tom Roulston, Craig Simpson, Jimmy Mann, Mark Recchi, Richard Zemlak, Jeff Daniels, Ken Priestley, Francois Leroux, Garry Valk, Patrick Lebeau, Ryan Savoia, Josef Beranek, Sean Donovan, Steve Webb, Eric Boguniecki, Dominic Moore, Adam Hall]

Eric K said...

Dominic Moore won faceoffs.

and, well, i guess thats really about it. but he still won faceoffs.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

side note: i tried to throw some money on the game last night online. Apparently it didn't go through... It was a stroke of luck and the only good thing about the loss last night for me.

Mike Costa said...

Hope The Islanders Enjoy Their Win Tonight. I Also Hope They Enjoy Watching Us In The Playoffs.

norojo said...

From what I saw of this game, I don't know if we've played worse all season. I know we wouldn't even be in the playoffs without Conk, but when was the last time he won a game? Did you see him lean away to give Guerin a wide open target? As much as I've come to love the guy, if Fleury went down there's no way I'd feel confident turnin to him in the playoffs. I think Sabu should get a start to steal the backup slot. Dupuis needs to get back, who would have thought he'd mean so much? Crosby, you're killing me, get healthy.

The Seeker said...

Flyer Hater said...

How many backup/curtain-jerking goaltenders have shut down the Pens over the years?

We make it pretty damned easy for them when we only have 3 shots on goal in an entire period! This from a team that survives on it's talented offense.

I thought we owned them pretty well in the 1st, and it would only be a matter of time and patience before the floodgates opened.

Ahhhhh...but coach Yeo thought we needed to cut-back the physical stuff after the first. That's when our game went down the toilet. Hmmmmm???

...and they still don't seem to see the value in winning more face-offs.

j.s.22 said...

Let's say Fleury did not get hurt this season. How do you think the Penguins would have done?

I say they would have done decent if only Fleury got his rebounds under control.

The Seeker said...

wilsmith said...

How come when the Pens blow out the Devils 7-1 it's a sign this is the best team in the East and everyone should be shaking?

Personally, after that game I really wanted to think....OK, they've found their MOJO. They see the rest of the schedule and are really UP for taking it to the house going into the Playoffs.

when they lose to a far inferior team, the general attitude is "eh, whatev", and there's no concern, it's meaningless.

Not me....I just realized that my balloon mentioned above was just burst.

What happens when teams are preparing for just one opponent (like in the playoffs) and they pick up the tape of the games against teams like the B's, and really start gameplanning?

Dude...I've been having nightmares about just that ever SINCE that Boston game!

You are 100% correct. Unless someone comes-up with a way to break through that strategy against us, we're in trouble.

Stoosh said...

WILSMITH - I think a lot of us seem to dismiss the asstastic outings like last night because the 7-1 games seem more representative of what this team is capable of when they play hard.

Not saying we're should be scoring seven goals a game. I just think the games like what we saw recently against the Flyers, the "Devil" and such are more accurate showings of the true talent levels of this team.

Unfortunately, any team - no matter how talented - is capable of having a few absolute stinkers in terms of effort, and we get what we saw last night. When some of us - myself included - get dismissive over games like that, I think it's simply because you tend to have maybe six or seven of those snoozefest games a year.

It doesn't excuse the performance last night...I'm hoping it was just "one of those games".

The Pens should've buried that Islanders team, no doubt. But keep in mind that we watched for an entire 82-game season in 2003-04 what the Isles fans had to watch from their team last night. And for as outclassed talent-wise as that 03-04 team was, they still won 23 of 82 games.

Sakic19 said...

I wonder what happens if we play tonight the way we did last night? Is it then panic time, do we wonder if this team can get up for the playoffs? 1st place is a hell of a lot nicer than 4th. Where is the Mighty Hossa that was brought in to score goals? I have never seen so much excitement about a player being brought in, and this guy can only score the fourth or fifth goal in a beatdown. I think people are starting to understand why Dupuis and THE USS Hal Gill are the best tread deadline pickups we have had.

Sakic19 said...

If Gary Roberts retires...fire Yeo and hire him as an assistant...at least he knows to never stop being physical...that line last night made me sick to my stomach...Could Yeo also be to blame for not practicing face-offs...the man may have great ties, but I am wondering if he can coach

Sweetcheesus! said...

just wanted to mention a few things.

firstly as long as we get back on track i am down for the tailgating, we could all wear name tags with our online persona! pardon me for missing elementary school or AA meetings.

secondly, conk is still solid even though breakaways now kind of scare me with him. it seems that our d is used to him picking up their slack and are never around to help the dude out.

finally i would like to know what the hell is the deal with us passing entirely too much. most of the pp just seemed like we're trying to be the harlem globetrotters of the nhl. wtfblog? the last couple of pps seemed like we were getting so many chances. dubs pulled our underwear down and laughed.

final thoughts. i really was distraught over vs. mentioning the steel city line, but was thinking maybe the centennial line. add up the numbers 71+17+12=100. obviously we cant call them the century line, that would be blasphemous. perhaps even "tats and gats" malone is all tatted up, geno and syko are both snipers.

hb dupis! May the u.s.s. Hall Gill Sail again!

wilsmith said...

The night after the 7-1 wins I said to myself "well, can't take much from this game."

I get the same feeling from last night. I know the more level-headed are with me, in that games like Saturday and Monday are not entirely representative of any of the three teams involed. I don't think anyone actually believes the Pens are 7-1 better than the Devils, or that the Islanders can play that solid every night.

Stoosh you're right in saying that 7-1 represents what the Pens can bring when they play all out, but it also shows how bad a team can play on an off night -- like the Pens Monday. I'm not trying to be negative about last night, I'm wondering why, for many, last night was a fluke loss, but Saturday was a dominating victory. The Devils sucked on Saturday, but that's not the Devils we'll see tonight. The Pens sucked last night, but that's also not the team we'll see tonight, hopefully.

Monday night was just like last Friday for Devils fans, and tonight is their chance to redeem themselves for Saturday night. That sounded confusing, but the Pens are right in the same spot the Devils were when they last met: A huge game after a more than disappointing loss.

Of all the recent games, the 7 goal nights and the stupid loss to the Islanders, tonight should be the game that tells you the most about the Pens. There's no doubt the Devils will be ready, and it's (over-used sports movie cliche warning) gut-check time for the Pens.

Every game from here out is the most important game of the season.

My message wasn't "the sky is falling we lost to a crap team later in the season wah wah wah", but more a "keep a level head when it comes to both wins and losses".

JYo said...

Wow, holy overreactionblog! (This doesn't apply to everyone, but there are plenty of people it does apply to.) One day the Pens are the best thing since sliced bread and now they are locked in to a first round playoff exit. Calm down, one game in a long season, etc. The team will be fine. Last night was the classic letdown game. Coming off a big win and going in to another big game against the team they are fighting for the division title. The players can say they won't overlook the game all they want, but no team is immune to a bad game at the end of the season against a weaker opponent. Get over it and move on. This game has zero bearing on the playoffs other than the final seed based on point totals. Its nice to have a high seed, but its far from essential to be a top seed. Plenty of lower seeds have won the Cup and you have to beat everyone in your path to get there.

It would be great to have momentum going in to the playoffs, but is it critical? I don't know. I have seen teams finish off the regular season strong only to fall flat on their face in the playoffs and vice versa. I think these guys know how to play at a high level and will do so in the playoffs. Sometimes you can't just "turn it on", but as long as they come out hard in the playoffs they'll be fine regardless of what happened in one game against the Islanders. I remember a few weeks ago when the team was in a funk a lot of people turned all doom and gloom too. I'm pretty confident they'll still make the playoffs, then its a new season.

Enough about Hossa not filling the net too. He has been outstanding so far in every phase of the game. He's creating plays, doing an outstanding job backchecking, etc. His goals will come. I agree that Gill and Dupuis have been nice pickups, but they aren't going to carry a team to the Cup. Will they help? Absolutely. Hossa is still the real prize of the trades and his goal scoring ability is what can steal some games in the playoffs. So he hasn't scored 3 goals a game since getting here...big deal. He is a proven goal scorer with the ability to score a ton of goals to go along with his very complete game all over the ice. He is a stud and its evident even before he goes on any sort of scoring rampage.

"Q" said...

Lord Therrien was definitely caught in the act early in the 1st period yesterday. It appeared to be directed at Nolan to me.

Although no self-respecting Penguins fan could have been pleased with last night's performance, its not the end of our season.


To hell with the Devils. (hehe)

Lets Go Pens.

wilsmith said...

jyo, I'm trying to say the exact same thing you said.

You just did it more bluntly and, for the most part, better.

Stoosh said...

SAKIC19 - I'd like to see Hossa bury a few more shots, but he's playing well and getting his chances. He was acquired to play on a line with Sid, so I'm willing to reserve any judgment here on how he does until Sid gets back and they have some time on their own line and on their own powerplay unit. He's been playing mostly with Staal as his center, and if there's one thing Staal is not at this point, it's a good setup guy.

He should be fine. He'll shoot when Sid gets the puck, and he's got a proven reputation as a decent sniper at this level. That's what we needed to get in order to rotate those two elite-level lines and make both powerplays living hell for opposing PK units.

We just need Sid to get back, and that shouldn't be much longer down the road.

M. Vanderlasser said...

"...listening to the playoffs on a radio like Dennis Hopper's Shooter character from Hoosiers."

Or even better, like Dennis Hopper's Frank Booth character from Blue Velvet.


P.S. Yay, there's a new DuPuis on the planet! I hope fatherhood agrees with P. DuPuis like it does with R. Malone.

Stoosh said...

JYO & WILSMITH - Completely agree with everything you both said.

We're going to have to beat good teams to get to the Grail, and if nothing else, we've proven this year to be a team capable of elevating its game - sometimes to otherworldly levels - when the competition and situations demand it. This team, for the most part, has taken a very businesslike, efficient approach to its games this year...it's got an entirely different approach this year than it did last year at this time. The overall focus seems to be there.

Jyo, momentum is a great thing to have, but it's not critical to success. If it were on the team level, then we should've won a Cup in 1992-93 in four-game sweeps of each series. You can't really have much more momentum than that team had heading into the playoffs, having gone unbeaten in its last 18 reg. season games. We all know how that ended.

The place where it can really help is goaltender. How many teams have hopped on the backs of hot goaltenders in the playoffs and made noise in the playoffs, even going to the Cup Finals as a result? Carolina in 05-06. The Flames in 2003-04. The Devils. The Panthers in 1996. The Canucks in 1994. Goaltending is the greatest of equalizers in the postseason. And Fleury is playing well right now, so that's encouraging.

Flyer Hater said...

I seriously wonder how some Penguin fans are going to deal with tough losses in the postseason. If you get this upset about a loss to the Islanders in the regular season, how are you gonna handle a Double OT loss in game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals?

wilsmith said...

Depends on what happened in games 1,2 and 3.


yeah, I used a smilie.

The Seeker said...

I'm not flushing them down the toilet either, I'm always optimistic.

But as was mentioned in prior posts, the way to beat the Pens has been exposed in a couple games. Those game tapes will be studied by our playoff opponents....bank on it.

Even if the great games show they have the talent to dominate, doesn't it bother anyone that other teams like NYR & Habs are capable of making a strong push in the final games of the regular season?

We ought to be capable of being more consistent and motivated with all that talent.

I love this team and wish more than anything they'll do well....but along with that, it's only natural to worry.

Flyer Hater said...

wilsmith, woooooooo

Dr. Turkleton said...

flyer hater said:

I seriously wonder how some Penguin fans are going to deal with tough losses in the postseason.

Totally agree with you, FH

on the 'Volek Scale' of Penguin losses: the one last night has little to no significance in the grand scheme of things....sure, it would have been nice to pick up 2 points from a non-playoff team, but it isn't the end of the world.

tonights game is a different matter: battle for 1st in division & can clinch division tiebreaker [if tied with NJ in W & PTS at the end of the season] with a regulation W.

Can't believe after tonight, there are only 5 games left.[12 more days of regular season hockey]

stokes said...

In regards to the "blueprint" of beating the Pens, i think you can try to shut them down, but they are making it easier for oppoising teams when they come out stink up the joint like they have against Boston, NYI, Rangers, etc. I think it comes down to the Pens not showing up. The Pens will beat themselves most nights.

Also, I've said it before, but i think the Pens have some kind of "Steeleritis" where they are capable and willing to play up or down to a team's level.

I'm not worried. Losses suck but they happen.

Tonight the Pens will compete and compete hard.

Sakic19 said...

Stoosh I agree with you that Hossa was picked up to play with Sid, but alot of players could score alot of goals with Sid...

JYO-we have other players who set up plays and backcheck, Talbot, Kennedy, players who we might not have to pay 7 million a year for come contract time...Hossa was brought here to score goals, with or without Crosby, and there is nothing in Hossa's resume yet that says he can bring this team the cup...this is not an "overreaction"...this is an observation...this team has a nasty habbit of playing to the level of the competition, and if that inconsistency carries over into the playoffs the Pens are in trouble...yes, if we win tonight many will forget about Mondays crap, but with a 1 or 2 seed on the line more should be expected of the Pens...having to play a seventh game in Montreal, or Jersey will bring back memories of these "off nights", where we all said oh well, that loss to the Islanders was meaningless...


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