Saturday, March 8, 2008

Up All Night

Yeah, so instead of making one big post, we are going to break things down into little post after little post.


Because there is nothing else to do.

Next up:

Andre Roy gets owned.


annie said...

good work Cote.

BTdubs, this is coffeytalk. Just didn't feel like re-signing in.

jackson9p said...

andre roy is a waste

Eric K said...

Roy = stunned

stokes said...

Stokes= stunned

because Cote actually won a fight

The Seeker said...

This was actually their 2nd fight in that game....Roy pwned Cote in the first one.

Hip said...

Hahah Cote just drops him. Was it before or after this that Roy made the throat slitting motion?

Stoosh said...

HIP - The second fight was before the throat-slitting motion. It was after the second fight when the Philly jumbotron operator kept playing the clip of Roy getting blasted, and that's apparently what set him off.

Seth at Empty Netters has the link to the Roy flipout...

Here's the link to the Roy meltdown. Scroll down in his March 8th entry.


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