Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First things first.

Pitt had a nice run.
But the Panthers unfortunately drew an unbeatable foe in the first round.

[ PittBlather ] is the place to be for your Pitt needs.


If it wasn't for [ NHL Tournament of Logos ],
someone would have killed themselves over this past summer.

The guy over there held a tournament among logos (which Montreal won), and he was the one-stop shop for all the news regarding the new Reebok uniforms going into this season.

He's at it again, getting primed for a goalie-mask tournament.


:: Gonch says shut up about the "Malkin not playing hard when Bing plays" thing. [ Trib ]

We couldn't agree more.
If you sit around worrying about this all day, it might be time to move on.
Debates like this only exist so people like Eddie Pelican and Guy Joke can have jobs.

With that said...

Vintage Smizik:
[ Trade Crosby. JK, LOL ]

:: Mike Brophy from [ The Hockey News ] says he's narrowed his Hart Trophy candidates
to four people: Luongo, Brodeur, Ovechkin, Iginla.

You always hear fans griping that one of their players should get recognition.
But it's truly a shame that Malkin is not even mentioned in most Hart talk.

:: Dave Molinari breaks down all potential first-round playoff opponents. [ PG ]

:: Conkblock tonight. [ Trib ]

:: [ The View From F ]
:: [ BGL Songs ]


Maybe one of the strangest Photoshops all year.
Unreal though.



:: Malkin shrugs off the Richards-skate thing. [ PG ]

"It was so fast. I didn't really have a chance to think about it.
It's a good thing it wasn't something serious, but it's not a big deal for me."

The look on his face after it happened says differently. He wanted to kill him.

:: The Flyers/Crosby rivalry. Nice read. [ Flyers.com ]
-Thanks to everyone who sent this along.



You knew it was coming. [ TSN ]

"I think it's definitely not fair. My opinion is there's obviously two sets of rules."
-- Chris Simon

"Simon's skate drop on the Pittsburgh player was in a totally different context
than Chris Pronger's," Campbell told the Pioneer-Press in an email.

Colin Campbell is just praying that Chris Pronger doesn't do something stupid in the playoffs.

:: Burnside dominates something about suspensions. [ ESPN ]

:: Repeating as Cup champs is a bitch. [ NHL.com ]

:: [ Mirtle the Maniac ] figures out goals-for and goals-against by period for all 30 teams.


Hatcher's done for the year.
Umberger's out a couple weeks. [ TSN ]

Apparently, they're underrated. [ Star-Ledger ]

The Islanders are done.
So they are bringing up prized prospect Kyle Okposo. [ Fanhouse ]

The Panthers are out of their minds.
They're suddenly only 2 points out of 8th in the east.
We even found a Panthers blog. [ Daily Puck ]

Kovy = Beast

Seth over at [ Empty Netters ] found this:

When you workout with sunglasses on, you're a big deal.


We're in the Eastern Conference.
The Western Conference matters for empty season and playoffs previews.

But there's some interesting developments in their playoff race.

Edmonton and Phoenix have been the butt of many of our ignorant jokes.

They're both 5 points out of a playoff spot.
Too bad Phoenix lost to Vancouver last night.

The Blue Jackets and Blackhawks are still in the hunt, 7 points out.



[ 5,000 Mario Lemieux Pics ]
Some are never-before-seen. Unreal.


Hall of Fame pictures:

How sick is the Conn Smythe trophy?

Thanks to Don for sending these in.




J.S. said...

still bowing down to the power of Mario's Laval Voisins jersey.

Flyer Hater said...

Van Hellemond=all business

Ashley said...

Yeah, the New Jersey Devils are clearly underrated. I mean, aren't all conference leaders underrated?

the technician extraordinaire said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
penguinsleafs07 said...

The cases the trophies are in now at the HOF are pretty cool. They aren't displayed like that anymore.

Hip said...

@Glenn - you fucking creepster. Now I'm all freaked out.

Go Pens.

demondg1 said...

Got to be honest guys, I'm really not digging the new circular logos.

The Hall is definitely awe inspiring. A very humbling experience for me.

Orpik does look homicidal in his team photo this year. Nice Job on the PS [Glenn].

I don't know if anybody else is as stunned at the visuals in the new Sid Gatorade commercial. I spent the better part of yesterday figuring out how they did it. I'm borrowing the coloring effect for a site I'm designing at work. It's a real pain in the ass to recreate, but it looks awesome.

Jonny V said...

Obviously thePensblog doesn't care about our spare time. Sonsabitches...

The Big K said...

Reasons this game will be different that the last couple of times we visited MSG

a) Pens are on fire
b) Conks never lost to Rangers this year
c) Hoss, USSHG, Dupuis are here now
d)7 goals over last 2 games. Malik!!! Easy.
e)MSG has been good to Pittsburgh lately- KARMA


slush said...

I am digging the circular logos, very cool!

chris e said...


Might be one of the funniest photoshops I have ever seen. Simple but great.

Korn said...

Still laughing at Orpik's candy van...

Did anyone else see this? Emptynetters linked it yesterday. Outstanding idea IMO and one that I have not heard before. Very original.

How to increase scoring

Jason said...

anybody notice the flyers column has a disclaimer at the bottom stating that the views of the column (offering praise to Crosby) are not those of the Flyers Organization....

thats awesome

malkinian said...

Gary Roberts = #1 overall seed. Automatic byes into championship

Goalie-mask tournament=sick. How bout a throwback vote for Kenny Wregget??


The Seeker said...

The link to The View From F is broken.

Somehow, thepensblog.blogspot.com got added into the link.

The correct link:

The View From F

Doppler said...

penguinsleafs07 said...
The cases the trophies are in now at the HOF are pretty cool. They aren't displayed like that anymore.

REALLY!! You could have fooled me since I was just there last Friday. I'm the one who took those photos.

I guess you haven't been to the hall in awhile.

The Seeker said...

Before we hear anyone whining about Conk being in the net tonight:

[From Post Gazette Sports]

The fact that Ty Conklin stopped 43 of 44 shots Jan. 14 in a 4-1 win against the New York Rangers might have been a good enough reason for Penguins coach Michel Therrien to peg Conklin as the starter tonight.

Or the fact that he is 2-0 lifetime against the Rangers.

But there is another reason.

"This is the fathers' trip, and his dad flew from Alaska to see his son play," Therrien said.

A majority of the players have their fathers on the trip, which started Sunday for a 7-1 win at home against Philadelphia and ends tonight.

Last season, Therrien gave backup goaltender Jocelyn Thibault a start at Phoenix during the dads' trip. He stopped 22 shots in a 7-2 win.

"I think it's important we try to make it a family affair with our team," Therrien said.

Sinops said...

I read that article about increasing scoring. I hate the idea because I have season tickets in F19 and picked those specifically so I would be on the side where the Pens should twice. I am sure others are with me that would hate for this to happen.

The Seeker said...

Far be it from me to show Simon any love, but he has a very valid point about the disparity of meting out suspensions in this league.

Sure...his stomp was in a different context than Pronger's. Huh? Sounds like Johnny Cochran wrote that defense!

Pronger stomped Kesler's leg TWICE.

It's just a tad aromatically repugnant that Pronger's suspension won't leave the Ducks without his services in the Playoffs.

Colin said...

Stay classy Mike Therrien, I like the move with Conks.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

playing musical goalies is just fine, IMO...neither has the pedigree of a Roy or Brodeur or to a lesser extent of a Ward or Turco...to warrant being the true #1 in town. [right now, at least]

I do believe that this is just an audition as to who will start in the playoffs & HCMT probably won't hesitate to replace that starter if he has a bad game or even a bad period for that matter

The MAF/Conk duo just has to play their own simple game. Luckily the Pens don't have to rely heavily on their goalies like in NJ, MIN or VAN because they are so 'offensively challenged'...that if they give up 2+ goals in a game, it might be a struggle to pull out a W

[Hossa: even his autograph is cool]

nu said...

Actually last week was the only time of year at the HOF that they take the other trophies out of the cases- it's a March Break thing.

So you're both right. ;)

Raybin said...

The title of the post is ungodly. Unimprovable by god or man. Except maybe Shakespeare.

Gumby = Greatness

I agree that Malkin's b.s.ing just a bit. He distinctly paused and took a moment to shake himself together. Richards will (or at least should) be destroyed next time.

If the Panthers get in, they'll be the team no one wants to play. On fire.

After reading Thierren's logic, I feel better about Conks playing tonight, despite my bitch in the previous thread. Hell, let Fleury play against Tampa Bay and New Jersey, then put Conklin back in and let him own the Islanders' soul once more.

Raybin said...

@doc turkleton

Fortunately for them, they've got Brodeur, Backstrom, and Luongo. :)

I watched the Minnesota/Colorado game on Versus yesterday. Backstrom is absolutely sick sick sick. Watch him to emerge as an elite goaltender.

If Minnesota could get a Hossa or Sykora type to compliment Gaborik, they'd be deadly.

On the Colorado front, Sakic still has it, but Forsberg is a joke compared to what he once was.

The Seeker said...

@ doc turkleton

Yeah, I have no real problem with it either...many teams only wish they had such problems.

The ONLY thing that worries me (just a little bit) is that Conks might get a bit rusty while he's riding the bench and then no one will appreciate that fact when he does get the call and isn't as sharp as he could be had he played all along.

coffeytalk said...

Woah. Hossa's signature looks like something I would tattoo on my lower back.

Dr. Turkleton said...


loved the Floppa Forsberg 'diving' penalty Mr. McGoo gave him about 10 seconds late...

rehash for those who didnt see it...puck was in the corner...Floppa gets 'tackled' by a MIN d-man with Mr. McGoo standing 2 ft. away...no arm goes up...but the ref out at the blueline calls a penalty on the Wild player & while both players are getting up after the whistle blows, McGoo, [I know it's McGeough] who never raised his arm to indicate he was calling any infraction on the play, decides to give Floppa [Foppa] a diving penalty....initially, I thought maybe he rang him up for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, but it was announced [& in the boxscore] as DIVING

McGoo = joke
Floppa = joke +1

Dr. Turkleton said...


would that then be considered a 'Light the Lamp' Stamp???

coffeytalk said...

oh dr. turkleton...

Raybin said...

would that then be considered a 'Light the Lamp' Stamp???

Funniest thing ever. Or at least today. But really damn funny regardless.

Steve said...

I just got down to Fla for spring break and I can't find a place showin the pens game on tv. I remember you guys talkin about a site showin live games online. Can you tell me where that is and if they are gonna show the rangers game tonight?

Kristen PB said...

Thank you for the nod to Shakespeare...one of the best titles so far.

And finally! Pictorial acknowledgement that Orpik looks like he's got several bodies buried in his basement. And stirs his soup with a mummified femur.

Korn said...


hadn't thought about that, although I'm sure the other half of the arena would be just fine with it. seat issues aside, I can't think of a change in the game that would have such an impact on scoring without fundamentally changing an aspect of the game.

canaanregulatesblog said...

im in love with coffeytalk

just sayin'

coffeytalk said...


Stoosh said...

I'm in love with Canaa...er...umm.....



JYo said...

@steve: here is a link to instructions to get the game on-line


canaanregulatesblog said...

stoosh, go on... finish your statement.

commit to the canaan

Talbie said...


Interesting shout out…

"Commit to the Stoosh"

Raybin said...

im in love with coffeytalk

just sayin'

Is there any fellow who wouldn't say that? (Unless his name is spelled "Daniel Alfredsson"?)

wilsmith said...

coffeytalk said...
oh dr. turkleton...


Coffeytalk, I remember you said you'd be downtown with a green sweatshirt on, I must haved asked about 50 green sweatshirt clad partyers if they were coffey fans. No dice.

Pensgirl said...

Sinops, I thought of that too but figured teams could and probably would just flip all season ticket holders' seats to the other side. They could do a straight-up swap down the same side do or corner-to-corner for a perfect reflection of your old seat. I would expect teams to know they'd have some angry customers if the goalies switched sides, and it's such an easy fix. An automated program to perform the flip would be simple for a programmer to write...prolly an hour's work, maybe two.

Johnny Wrath said...

I workout with sunglasses on.

Flyer Hater said...

The big question is, does he wear his sunglasses at night?

Doug said...

@ pensgirl:

Or instead of going through all that trouble they could just have the teams switch benches.

Pensgirl said...

Doug, the issue is that there's a suggestion to increase scoring by having the goalies switch sides so that the current second period's "long" change would apply in the first and third instead. The second period sees more scoring right now, and the theory is that there's more fatigue from defenses having to skate harder to get back. The expected result is increased scoring in the first and third, meaning overall more scoring.

However, such a change would turn current home-team-shoots-twice zones into home-team-shoots-once zones, upsetting season ticket holders in that zone. Presumably the other side would be fine with this, but one imagines that by and large it's the first-come ticket holders who have the premium "shoot-twice" zone seats, and those would be priority customers. Companies want priority customers to be happy.

There's only one way to appease those fans, and that's to change their seats so that they still see the game from a home-team-shoots-twice zone. Switching benches would simply negate the reason for swapping goalie sides in the first place, and wouldn't help Sinops remain in a Pens-shoot-twice zone.

coffeytalk said...


I was there. For realsies. I stood outside of the William Penn for the parade. And by parade I mean secret street drinking. Then I moved on to Market Square and got into a verbal fight with a Devil's fan. And from there I rode The T to Station Square and stumbled around there for a bit.

me =green sweatshirt

JYo said...

@ Pensgirl: Doug means you wouldn't have to switch goalie ends or fan seats if you simply switched benches for the players because then teams would have long changes in the first and third since they are on the other bench, but nothing else would change. Does that make sense now? That might work in the Igloo, but in many newer arenas, locker rooms come right out to the benches, so the home team facilities lead to the home team bench. In situations like that, I think they would have to switch which net they guard and appease the fans the best they can.

Dr. Turkleton said...

the only things I look at on ESPNs site are hockey stats & to read John Buccigross

Vote Stoosh for Senate?

@pensgirl...i think doug is right....switching the benches would do EXACTLY what the 2nd period currently does [DON'T switch the goalies, though & STH remain happy]: make it longer/tougher for the players to change while in their defensive zones....that would be the EASIEST solution in Mellanby's Plan....
I would like to see some stats that would back up what 'The Rat' Mellanby is trying to say: 3/4 of the time when he's on HNIC, he appears to be drunk [& extremely tan for being in Toronto]

[Hossa: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, Schlameal Schlamazel Hossa Pfeffer Incorporated.....We're gonna do it!!!]

Sinops said...

Most new arenas have the benches connected to the locker rooms. Then they would have to change locker rooms and everything would be totally screwed up.

I dont think Mellanby thought about all of this crap. It is a good idea, though.

I am glad yinz know where I am coming from and don't think I am being a dick for worrying about that.

Doug said...

@ sinops:

I did not take into consideration newer arenas. My point stands for the Mellon though.

stokes said...

I second that Canaan.

Pensgirl said...

Ah, but notice that I was generalizing across all arenas - I said "switch the fans" because I did consider the bench-to-locker-room connection that exists basically everywhere but the Igloo. ;)

We could switch benches in Pgh, but first I'd ask if there are any differences between the two (not that I'm suggesting quarters aren't equal for home and visiting teams...).

I doubt anything would happen before Lemieuxrena is opened anyway, given the pace at which ideas get codified.

stokes said...

@ Pensgirl:

I don't know if you were being facetious or not, but I watched an interesting clip on the visiting team's locker room at the Igloo. They're pretty bad. I've seen high school locker rooms better than the ones that the away teams use. Basically, there's a small room for dressing with no stalls or anything like that. maybe a shelf and a bench. There is also a smaller room connected to the dressing room with some urinals/toilets, and showers, and that's also where the trainer does his thing- tape up guys, massages, etc. Its almost like Guy One is a taking a leak and the Guy Two is getting a massage while watching Guy One take a leak. I think that's why the Senators play so well here.

Either way, it was interesting to watch if you can find it.

Raybin said...

I think that's why the Senators play so well here.

Do you have any idea how much Coca-Cola fired at high velocity out of one's nasal passages burns?!?!?!?

You owe me a new sinus cavity.

Pensgirl said...

Stokes, I typed it in good humor, but it is pretty well known that visitors' areas might be "missing" some things that home team areas have at all levels of sports. My own athletic experiences certainly back that up. So I was kidding, but not really. If that makes any sense.

M. Vanderlasser said...

My Dad's going to the game on Saturday. Does anyone have Michel T's telephone number? I'd like to start in goal.

stokes said...

Pensgirl: I think i catch your drift. But i would hope with all the new arena building going on in the league in the recent past, the visitors locker rooms would at least be somewhat decent. Unlike the Igloo. But mostly, I mentioned that to point out: a) the interesting video and 2) throw in a Senators joke.

Sorry, raybin, my bad.


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