Saturday, March 29, 2008

OMG You Killed Hossa, You Bastards

[Jason G]

:: Hossa is going to be fine, but it just seemed like a good title for the post,
see above. [PG]

"Marian appears to be OK," general manager
Ray Shero said. "Knock on wood."

*Given the collective erection Pens fans have going into the playoffs, that should be easy.*

You have a better chance of finding out secrets from Area 51
than you do of knowing what's wrong with Hossa.

:: Around 4,400 Penguin playoff tickets sold out in about 11 minutes today. []

85% were sold on line.

You're welcome

Also from [], the Islanders game last night was second most-watched Penguins in FSN history.

The list:

1. Dec. 27, 2000 vs. Toronto, 15.9

2. March 27, 2008 vs. NY Islanders, 10.7

3. March 18, 2007 vs. Ottawa, 9.7

4. January 23, 1997 vs. Colorado, 9.4????????

5. January 10, 2008 at Tampa Bay 9.28

Why in the hell was that Colorado game in 97 a big deal?

Thinking about it now, is that number for the Islanders game big because of Home Ice and the NHL packages around the country?



[Steve P]

[On the Islanders Beat] has a solid peace on the Islanders rebuilding plan.
Other than that, the Islanders suck.


Happy trails:

Mick McGeough

He is retiring at the end of the season. [National Post]

"He's kind of like the villain in All-Star Wrestling. The kind of guy the fans love to hate," said Edmonton coach Craig MacTavish, who was once fined $ 10,000 for describing McGeough's work as " spastic" and " retarded."

One of the things thats unites all hockey fans is the chances are Mick McGeough screwed all of our teams at one point or another.

See the [Fire Mick McGeough] petition for that.



Buffalo pretty much blew their whole season.[DieByTheBlade]
They blow a two-goal lead for the second time in a week. And lose in OT.


Speaking of jokes, the Devils finally won. [Interchangeable Parts]
Mike Knuble tied if for the Flyers late, so both teams get a point.



The Sharks clinched the Pacific Division with a win over the Ducks.[Battle of California]



In other interesting [Battle Of California] news.

Check out what someone left in a year old comments sections about Brad May.

"I'm a lawyer in Phoenix trying to collect a judgment my client obtained against the 'gutless puke of a thug' Brad May when May, drunk, punched my client, a uniformed sheriff's deputy, at a Scottsdale, Arizona nightclub, in 2002.

May is dodging the judgment (only about $30,000), and claims to be a resident of Canada. Does anybody know if he actually lives in Anaheim? Does he still do his golf tournament in Phoenix? Any information on May's "residency" would be most appreciated.

Dan Treon"

We won't rest until one day Edgar Synder joins c-blog



:: We missed the Dr. Visit last night. But Mirtle had a good time in Pittsburgh. [Mirtle]

Kudos to Seth at [Empty Netters] for playing host to Mirtle.

*Just a note, Seth is not black nor does he look like Morgan Freeman.


:: Is Double J heading to Russia? Yeah that might be a distracting. [BlueShirtBlulletin]


:: ESPN and the NHL might be done for good. [Fanhouse]

:: Rob Ray hates fans. [Going Five Hole]


The USS Hal Gill sails on.

[Greg V]

Go Pens


PittHockey said...

If anything, it looks like ESPN is ready to take the NHL back.

They're going to be covering the NCAA Hockey tournament, and Buccigross, who is the only hockey correspondent who knows what he' doing, is shifting to play-by-play.

Oh and the sabres are worthless.

stokes said...

Well, that didnt take long. When i checked the site this morning, i was visitor 1,000,206. Way to go, Staff. Apparently, this website is a big deal.

Lady Jaye said...

USS Hal Gill at the point... wow. That made me chuckle. Good job :)

Randy said...

Going on a tangent to the heavily promoted "Steel City Line"...It does have a nice ring to it...has anyone considered spreading it around as the "Steel Cities Line" ? which might be more fitting...

Nathan said...

I think the fact that the Avs were defending champions in 1996-97 might have had something to do with boosting the ratings for that game.

And with Rob Ray, what would you do if some guy came out of the stands and tried to start shit with your bench? Tie Domi would've done the same thing to that fat jackass that fell into his lap in the penalty box in Philadelphia if the linesman hadn't been there to break it up immediately. Point is, you don't know exactly what a fan is going to do when he comes out of the stands, so you'd act to neutralize the situation as quickly as possible. And since it's professional athletes vs. regular chumps, neutralizing the situation usually involves the regular chump getting his ass kicked. Remember when in consecutive seasons fans came out of the stands at Comiskey Park and attacked a Royals coach (year 1) and an umpire (year 2)? In both cases, the fans got their asses kicked by multiple players.

And watch the clip again. Ray's not the only Sabres player throwing punches at the guy. The player to the left of Ray (Colin Patterson, who was a teammate of Gary Roberts in Calgary -- thanks also got some shots in before the cops dragged the jackass away.

Stoosh said...

If there's any way we can get the NHL to convince Brad Watson, Stephane Auger, Paul Devorski, Kerry Fraser, Eric Furlatt, Dave Jackson, Dennis LaRue and Don Van Massenhoven to take an early retirement package along with McGeough, I'd be all over that. Auger seems to have some sort of agenda against Crosby, and the rest of them make McGeough seem competent by comparison.

Apparently, we weren't the only ones disgusted with the "Steel City Line". Ken Laird and Chris Mack filled in for Madden yesterday and spent most of the entire show coming up with a new name for the line.

Continuing some discussion from yesterday...

COFFEYTALK - Here's to hoping you put some pics up of this 80's prom thing you're going to tonight. For someone who spent his middle school and high school days with the likes of Guns N' Roses, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Poison, The Fat Boys, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Public Enemy and the very early days of grunge and gangsta rap, an event like that would be absolutely priceless.

JONNY V & BNG66 - Anchor Steam beer brought back some very good memories. First time I ever had the Anchor Steam beer was ten years ago this coming 1998 during my first trip ever to Myrtle Beach. We bought it at a grocery store because you can do that down there. Pretty much every night we were there, a few of us would grab an Anchor Steam or three, head down to the beach at about 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, and just sit out on the beach, bullshit and drink. Good stuff.

Dr. Turkleton said...


at least you didnt have far to go when you had to 'break the seal'

the whole ref retiring thing: 1/2 could go, IMO...but, I'd be afraid to see what the replacements would be like...I'm kinda glad the refs have 'personality' and are not robots being controlled by Uncle Gary from a Commander Center in NYC. I'm sure that you'd agree with me that hockey has to be the toughest to ref of the 4 Majors, [yes, I'm not ESPN & ranking it somewhere below Team Cheerleading] with the constant motion & quick decision making these fellas go thru.

How many will be booing Jags tomorrow in what might be his last game in Pittsburgh?

I'm guessing 50%.

Even though I'm not going, I'd be part of the 50% that would stand & cheer, why?

• I've gotten over the whole 'Dying Alive' thing...get over it. These same people are still upset their 10th grade 'steady' dumped them for the Star QB.

• He was a big part [not the biggest, mind you] of the 2 Cup teams while being a Rook & 2nd year player. No, he didn't carry the team, but review those Stanley Cup Playoff DVD's & Jags will be scoring Big Goals in Big Situations.

• He was Malkin before Malkin. When #66 went down [and went down, often] This was the guy who stepped up to fill the scoring void left by Mario.

•11 seasons as a Penguin:
NHL All-Rookie Team - 91
NHL 1st All-Star Team - 95,96,98,99,00,01
NHL 2nd All-Star Team - 97
Art Ross Trophy - 95,98,99,00,01
Lester B. Pearson Award - 99,00
Hart Trophy - 99
All-Star Games - 92,93,96,98,99,00
Penguins Scoring Leader - 94,95,98,99,00,01
Stanley Cup - 91,92

Maybe I'm just part of the Gen-X generation that's getting up there in age & more 'soff' along the way:
But I'd thank him for his 11 years in the Burgh & not use his final season here of bitching/moaning as the palette to paint his entire career while wearing the Skating Penguin.

[Hossa: he's Headstrong, by Trapt]

coffeytalk said...

Will do, Stoosh. I may even have to change into my 1989 Pens tee I wore as a child. It fits....if I hold my breath in...

Andrew said...


I got banned from LGP because I decided to go into a lot of threads and post a one word reply.

How awesome is that?

pensfan100 said...

Hey, I sent you guys off an email, but for the rest of the c-bloggers, here's why that Jan. 1997 game was a big deal. That was during Lalime's win streak to start a career and the 'burgh was caught up in it. I remember being there and having Paul Devorski screw the Pens over, leading to an OT loss and ending his streak. I've hated #10 in stripes ever since. GO PENS!

Messier11 said...

Hal Gill will go down as the greatest deadline acquisition in club history. All aboard!

Flyer Hater said...

Agreed about all the refs you just mentioned Stoosh. Incompetence Personified. HOWEVA, of the old guard in NHL officiating,


Nathan said...

Gill's going to have a long way to go if he wants to surpass the Ron Francis/Ulf Samuelsson deal. But hey, if he does, so much the better, because that'll mean some Stanley Cup championships I can appreciate.

As a clarification matter, I'm very much of an age (I'll be 27 in August -- I share my birthday with Sidney Crosby) where I would be able to remember championships in 1991 and 1992 (I certainly remember Barry Bonds destroying my childhood), but growing up in Virginia and no national TV coverage for hockey, the Pens may as well have won those titles in 1930 and 31 and on Mars. So basically the Pens' next Cup will be the first one for me. My wife has asked me what I'll do when it happens, and I honestly cannot answer her question; I've seen the Steelers win a title, and I've given up on the Pirates ever mattering before I die, but the Penguins would be the big one for me. And I really have no idea how I'm going to react when Gary Bettman calls Sid over to come get the Cup.

Nathan said...

I'll probably end up looking like Thomas Hill when Christian Laettner beat Kentucky. He's the Duke player with his hands on his head sobbing uncontrollably during the celebration. Watch it on YouTube sometime, Thomas Hill is #12 for Duke. I have a sneaking suspicion that's going to be me when the Pens win it all.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Man, oh, man, why can't the Flyers do anything right!?! I was hoping for a Devils loss, but, no, they dragged it into SO. Oh, Flyers fans still want Richards instead of Sid? Well, at least he doesn't blow it at the end! If you aren't going to win, don't take the 1 pt.

Sabres, how could you! I was rooting for you. (Eww) I had to root against Kovi, and that hurts deep down inside. Ashamedblog.

At least Sharks won ... (watched that last night.) I hate the Ducks, so watching them lose was quite enjoyable. Niedermayer, although talented, is really annoying. Parros isn't talented and has a really dumb looking mustache.

Nice photoshop, Jason. And very disturbing photoshop, Andy. I almost threw up when I saw that.

@Dr. Turkelton: Hope everything's going okay with Carla now. I haven't seen you post anything about the Village People and USS Hal Gill. Anyways, I agree with you on JJ. I have had some anger with him for a while, but I've gotten over considering what he's done for us in the past. Sure, I was mad as hell when he did what he did, but whatev, I got to remember the great scoring mullet-filled times.

Did anyone see on the NHLN the greatest goal scorers of the 90's? I missed the top 4 and I was wondering who they picked. I saw Recchi early ... oh, the times he actually played well ...

Sorry for the long post.


In Malkin (and Malone) I Still Trust!

Bryan said...

have anyone ever seen roberts' training facilities site? There's a sick video on youtube with it as well. life changing.

i mean, just look at this shot

never before has a picture begged for a charlie photoshop.

The Seeker said...

Today is the Pennsylvania Cup High School State Championships at the Cambria County War Memorial Arena in Johnstown, PA.

Pine-Richland (Class AAA), Latrobe (Class AA) and Quaker Valley (Class A) will play the winners of the Eastern Pennsylvania Flyers Cup in their respective classifications.

Troy Loney's two Sons (Reed and Ty) play for Pine-Richland who by the way are undefeated this season. They'll face LaSalle from the East.

They won the State Championship the last two years in Class AA, but moved up to AAA this year.

Latrobe (22-3) will play Conestoga (22-5-1). This is their first visit to the State Championships.

The Quaker Valley Quakers (23-2), are looking for their second title in the past three seasons & will play West Chester East (19-7).

Let's root for a Western PA. SWEEP of those Flyers Cup Champs!

Flyer Hater said...

I Have, the top two were Jagr and Hull

edn5002 said...

Was the '97 Colorado game the one that ended Lalime's streak?

Stoosh said...

COFFEYTALK - I'm waiting for the day when I can fit into stuff I wore in my younger days. I went ice skating last weekend with my two nephews and that hammered two points home bigtime:

1. I miss being out on ice about 1000 times more than I thought I did, and

2. I'm 1000 times more out of shape than I thought I was.

Diet + exercise commenced the other night. OUCH. Hopefully this pays dividends.

Stoosh said...

Dr. T - I'm the same way with Jagr. I can understand people being upset with the way he left and everything, but Jagr's always kind of moved to the beat of a different drummer, so it didn't surprise me. He wanted out and CP obliged. He really hasn't been much the same player since he left.

For me, I became a Pens diehard through what was really the Jagr era. I started following the Pens at a level most would call "religiously" around the 1995-96 season, so I never really had the attachment to Mario that most had. Francis was my favorite player, but Jagr was right there as well. And during that run from the 1997-98 season through Mario's comeback in the 2000-01 season, Jags was far and away the best skater in the game (I'd even put him above Forsberg).

It sucked when he left, but it was either lose Jags or lose some combination of Kovy, Lang, Straka and Kasparaitis right away. And Jags's departure helped make the case for the need for the lockout, which ultimately landed us here.

I don't harbor any animosity toward Jagr other than the fact that he now plays for the Rangers. And other than the Flyers, there isn't a franchise I hate more than the Rangers.

Stoosh said...

NATHAN - Awesome post at 11:53.

I'm in the same boat. I was a Canucks fan when I grew up and while I liked the Pens, the Cup teams meant a lot less to me than they did to most people here. So their next Cup will essentially be my first as a Pens fan.

I'm trying not to think about how I would react if they won a Cup because I'm superstitious. I'll be honest...I got more than a little teared-up when the Steelers won the Super Bowl a couple of years ago, particularly when they showed Cowher. That was really the first time a major-league pro team that I cheered for won a title while I considered them my favorite team.

But even when my Steelers fanhood was at its peak, it pales in comparison to how much I love the Pens.

So if they win a Cup, I'm really not sure what I'm capable of. I'm fully prepared to find myself crying like a baby for the better part of six or seven hours.

Dr. Turkleton said...

BOS up 2-0 on OTT....almost .5 thru the 2nd period....


Nothing better than getting Caps fans in an uproar + seeing Charlie's Angels lose is an added bonus, as well.

stokes said...

When the Pens win The Cup, i'll be weeping like 5 year old who just lost his puppy.

The Big K said...

Ryan Miller= overrated

pensfan100 said... that gary roberts workout pic, is that mats sundin spotting him?

Dr. Turkleton said...

Stanley Cup memories:

During the 1st Cup run, I was taking summer classes down at WVU & I can just remember how crazy each series grew in importance. The most vivid memory was watching the clinching game at my house on campus with about 10 others and celebrating with bottles of champagne [which I still have signed by all those who attended]...with the final game being a blowout, it just made it that more enjoyable & a feeling of 'relief'& OMG, the Pens are going to be Stanley Cup Champions!!!! from about the middle of the game on...
during the 2nd Cup run, I was working at Kennywood...having to listen to the most of the games while on evening breaks & watch the replays on tape when I got home.
I just remember the day after sweeping the Hawks, going into the park the next morning, Kennywood already had Stanley Cup Champions t-shirts they were going to be selling...That's went the whole Back 2 Back craziness hit me.

I hope those on here that haven't gone thru this [yet!] can have that experience...cause there's nothing better, more climactic than going thru the emotional highs & lows, each game, each round, all the way to that magical win #16.

I have goosebumps just thinking about the past & hoping for the best this year!!!

Flyer Hater said...

When the Pens win the cup, I think i'll just stare at the TV in awe with tears of joy and excitement streaming down my face.

I've gone through so much with this franchise. The heartbreaking playoff losses, the dark ages, the bad trades, and all the times we can so close (hello David Volek and Tom Fitzgerald.)

It's going to be the best day of my life.

malkinian said...

It's weird seeing how things change when I played Quaker Valley had years where they didn't even qualify for the playoffs & I think they were on the verge of losing their team & now they're winning the WPIHL and then playing for the state title...

...and I sound like my father & I'm only 22. For the love of 66

jackedlobster said...

Congrats to thepensblog staff for over 1 million hits...Nicely done! Perez Hilton would be happy

Jonny V said...

Blackngold, I was stationed at Camp Pendleton for Marine Field Med School, and after that I was at the Naval Hospital at Twentynine Palms. A truly desolate place, but I went to a couple of hockey games in Anaheim, including the game we lost to them. The Honda Center is a pretty decent facility, it was nice to not see cement everywhere you looked. And the fans around me were nice and seemed pretty knowledgeable about the game, and had mostly good things to say about the Pens. But yeah, 29Palms sucks.

Nathan, Thomas Hill started my hatred of Duke, I decided to follow Kentucky that year (back in the day everyone liked Michigan, UNC, UNLV, Georgetown or Duke) and I wanted to stand out from the pack. I really didn't have anger at Laettner's shot until they showed Thomas Hill, blubbering and crying like a child told that no, you can't have dessert until you finish your peas n' carrots, and I don't care if we sit here all night, i'll send this cake to the poor kids in China, cause they eat everything on their plates...wait, what the hell was I talking about?

80's night sounds like the Gary Roberts of prom night themes. Go all out in this one Coffeytalk, do us proud!

Turkleton, huge move with the signing of the champagne (or as Christopher Walken calls it, Sham pag nuh). I will steal your idea and spread it to the masses. My cup run memories are a little fuzzy, yet still positive. I still remember taking out lots of frustrations at the Bucs those years. Friggin' Stan Belinda. Glenn Braggs climbing the fence to rob Carmelo Martinez of a 2 run homer. Zane Smith was a beast.

Oh, and check out today. It's all black.

malkinian said...

I hear ya flyer hater, I can't even imagine what my reaction will be. I remember being 6 when we beat the Stars for the 1st & my mom waking me up to tell me we won, even the relatively calm streets of bloomfield were going insane.

I was in at the Gary Valk game & I remember how sick I felt when it happened, I'm just waiting to see what it feels like to be on the other side of the spectrum.

The Big K said...

If the Pens win, even though I am 13,
I will buy all Pensblog a beer and drink myself to drunkness.

I'm watching the OTT BOS game, and Krejci just made it 4-0 Boston.

Ottawa is a joke.

Jonny V said...

Staff, congratulation on the million mark. In all seriousness, you've brought a lot of people together and made us laugh countless times. Keep up the great work!

Flyer Hater said...

Pensblog reaches 1,000,000 hits, I think 500,000 of them are mine.


Somewhere Gore is smiling.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Sens lose, again. Wow, they are tanking it ... I remember not too long ago when everyone was calling them the best in the East. (Well, not here...)

Congrats on getting over a million hits, PBStaff. I don't think I could survive without your posts!

coffeytalk said...

just wanted the 37th comment.


coffeytalk said...

an 80s prom note:

I bought Jem earings today and they are outrageous, truly truly outrageous...

KJ said...

i too was hoping somehow buffalo would frog jump philly, but at least this time we won't have to hear sabres complain about how they lost and it was someone else's fault. i mean you lose briere & drury, but don't pick up any more real O, you throw in Miller for more games than he can mentally play, and then you have no options for when the same players as always get injured. it was in your lap and you threw up on yourselves, good job

anyway, on to better talk, when the pens won the 91 & 92 Cups i was just able to sit & stare at the tv with a big dumb grin on my face. considering its what i've done whenever my team wins the big games, i guess that'll be my plan

finally as for jagr, not living in pittsburgh, i never got that upset at his "dying alive" thing. i mean, if i lived in another country i may be bummed out too. i guess i also let it go simply cause i would've been dying alive had the pens not had him. like someone else said, he was the team for quite some time. and considering he was the first pen i saw drafted and make a difference, i'll admit when he retires i'm gonna feel sad...and old!!!

alas, screw JJ tomorrow, Go Pens!!!

Flyer Hater said...


sonofatruckload said...

well folks i am putting my ticket to home game 1 up for sale. a friend of mine managed to get 2 tickets and i'd rather do that than go alone obviously. i thought about putting it up on ebay, but it seems like it's going to end up being a pain in the ass, and i'd rather sell it to somebody here.

the seat is in B6. anyone interested should send me an email at

malkinian said...

Hossa's playing tomorrow, cue Ace Ventura when he remembers the new england clam chowder password....YESSSSSS!!!

Phil said...

you guys might like this.
Sean Avery is the next Eliot Spitzer?

JYo said...

Hilarious stuff coffeytalk, my wife had to come back the hallway to see what I was laughing about and she busted up too when I showed her your post. My question is, are the earrings holograms??? Sorry, couldn't resist! Have fun!

JYo said...

Re: Avery

I guess Rangers can't afford the same quality companionship that the mayor gets, eh?

JYo said...

One more thing, anyone else notice a mention of a current Pen at the 3:26 mark of the Mick McGeough jobbing the Oilers vid? Reference=Syko. At the end of the clip, the announcers mention that the Oilers fans=stunned...with good reason. What a joke of a ref.

dying alive said...

I kind of wish people would stop booing Jags, although I suspect that deep down he kind of enjoys it. I think the boo-ers fall into two categories: either those who were around during the Cup years and were betrayed by his "dying alive" crap, and those with incredibly short memories who don't know what he did for this team.

I personally kind of like the guy, or at least appreciate what he did for the Pens. My name is only because I find that phrase funny as hell.

The Seeker said...

Well, Western PA didn't fair so well at the PA Cup State HS Hockey Championships today:

Class A:
Quaker Valley 2 - West Chester East 3

QV lead most of the game only to allow 2 goals late in the 3rd for the loss.

Class AA:
Latrobe defeated Conestoga 3-2...Latrobe win s State Championship!

Class AAA:
LaSalle completely destroyed Pine-Richland, 9-1

Dr. Turkleton said...

Koivu & Streit out for the Habs v. the Leafs tonight[possibly longer]....bout time some of these other teams at the top start losing some man-games to injures like the Pens.


thanks for the results on the PA HS hockey championships....

LJ said...

Since I teach for Greater Latrobe School District, I ventured over for the Latrobe victory today. It was a fun game. Glad we could do our part to represent Western PA!

Pensgirl said...

Cup run nostalgia and a Jem mention? Awesome.

I was 13 for the first Cup win. I had only discovered hockey in February, after I had to give up competing in gymnastics and was no longer in the gym six days a week. So I was a shiny-new Pens fan for that playoff run. I just remember how excruciatingly long Game 6 was once it was clear we were going to win - which was pretty early. You guys think you're gonna go nuts? Try being a teenaged girl when your team wins the Cup. Emotional roller coasters don't get much higher than that!

Didn't get to go to the rally that year, but I was at the one in Three Rivers in '92. What a party...I can still see Trottier sliding on the wet tarp, Cup in hand. Nobody on that team had won the thing more than he had, and still he was the most excited about it.

To me the whole Jagr thing boiled down to too many Pittsburghers being too fucking sensitive. He never took a slap at the city with that dying alive comment - it was just an emotionally-volatile, easily-depressed individual perceiving that he was under great pressure in his current situation. Real or imagined, he was in a bad spot and needed a fresh start. It sucks, but there's nothing wrong about it. And besides which, we never could have held onto him anyway. Even if he would have done anything to stay in Pgh, the union would never have allowed him to sign a contract low enough to actually do it. Ultimately, I've felt that everyone who boos him does greater insult to the city than he ever did...we're supposed to be above that nonsense.

ada520 said...

agree with nathan on the avs game thing. i was just a little guy in 1997 and from what i remember everyone and their mother were on the avalanche's dick in the late 90's. guess thats what happens when you win the cup in your first year of existence.

Eric P. said...

How big of a joke is Jackman? He considers himself a heavyweight and he fights Sydor. Ha.

ada520 said...

and yes before anyone hates on referees in the nhl they should try to do it themselves. i tried refing a intramural floor hockey game and it was like impossible. disregarding the obvious shape and skating skill to be one, you have to be insanely concentrated at all times. it sucks really bad.

and if anyone can do a photoshop or something dealing with kerry fraser's gayass hair itd be great.

letsgopsu said...

I'm watching the UCLA Xavier game, and I think I just heard one of the announcers mention Crosby....

Nick Saia (usa) said...

you heard right letsgopsu... brought a smile to my face...

Flyer Hater said...

Habs and Flyers both losing heading into the 3rd.

meeshmeesh17 said...

montreal lost...hooray!!!

heeeey pensblog ~ remember that sick photoshop of isaac mendes painting the pens with the cup?? any chance you guys can put that into a post so i can save it?

Flyer Hater said...

Habs lose,


Flyers/Isles headed to a shootout.

Mike Georger said...

man. obama is speaking here tomorrow at 1:30. but i really dont want to miss the game.


I Have Kasparaitis said...

YEs, the Habs lose!!!! We need to win on Sunday more than ever! (Duh)

@ Mike Georger: Looks like you've got to make a smart decision ... but really, Pens or Obama? The Penguins are the Penguins.

Flyer Hater said...

Mike, if you choose Obama over the Pens, you shouldn't be allowed back here.

Mike Georger said...

bill clinton spoke here thursday and i skipped that too because of the game. politics aside it would be cool to see the potential next president speak. but theres going to be thousands of people there and id have to get there at like eleven

letsgopsu said...

@ mike georger

It is a tough call, I'm still up in the air over it, I mean, if it was a playoff game there is no way I would go to Obama, but it is a pretty important game for the standings....

Actually, now that I think about it, I don't think I'm going to the Obama rally.

Mike Georger said...

apparently 5k people got actual tickets so theyre guaranteed to get in, i think its going to be like thursday when there were hundreds of people waiting in line who didnt get in

letsgopsu said...

I mean, it is on Old Main lawn, so even if you don't have a ticket you can just get there early and sit on a part of the lawn that isn't roped off or anything, it isn't like it is at Rec where they can only let a certain amount of people inside...

Mike Georger said...

how many people can fit on the lawn though?

fuck it. theres a liverpool game on at eleven that is absurdly important too, i think im just going to have to stay at home on this one.

KJ said...

mike stay home! i mean unless some really crazy crap happens, they'll be speaking at other things for the rest of their lives

Jonny V said...

Pensgirl, my sentiments exactyl concerning Jagr. He also had his gambling problem at the time as I recall. And the booing of him to me is pure ignorance. But it's a free country.

Eric K said...

OVugly with 2 more points tonight. damn.

how's this for luck...somehow a guy my dad went to college with who is an attorney for some firm in the Burgh calls him this morning..
Guy:"John, what are you doing tomorrow"
Dad:"Watchin the Pens game on TV, why?"
Guy:"You wanna watch it from row K in the Igloo seats?"
Dad:"Hell yes."

thankfully the guy had 3 xtra tickets so my me and my gf are tagging along. i cant describe my reaction when he told me.

if any1's interested, i started recapping the season. Games 1-30 are up, link is in my profile.

I'm guessing Hossa is going to be possesed tomorrow.

Go Pens

Brett said...

Ah.. Obama on the steps of Old Main.. what a sight :)

Is Avery still with Elisha Cuthbert?

If I had Elisha Cuthbert, I don't think I'd be able to even look at other women.

Kicksave said...

I'm going to disagree.

Edgar Snyder = Philly

Anything Philly is NOT a beast.

nikki said...

apparently cuthbert is with dion phaneuf now.
speaking of the flames, mcgeough just screwed them over, so i guess he really does fuck over EVERY team

johnny said...

Man, Penguins mania running wild, Pitt Spring game coming up, and even a gratuitous Liverpool F.C. reference?


Then again it's going to be in the low 80's in North Florida this week, so I guess I can roll with it.


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