Monday, March 31, 2008

The More Things Change. PENS WIN

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10 years ago, if someone would have told you that you would be booing Jaromir Jagr in a Ranger Mellon Arena....

First of all, you would say, Mellon What?
Then you would have vomit in your mouth.

Four weeks ago, if someone would have told you Marc-Andre Fleury would be in net and playing out of his mind, you'd be stunned. [Except Loser Chris]

Bottom line:
Things changed.
Things always change.

The Pens are a win away from winning the Atlantic.
Winning out clinches the top seed.
The playoffs begin in 9 days.

God help us all.



WPXI's pregame made you wish you were emo.
Rich Walsh comes in, wishing it was a Steeler game.

Actual quote while talking with Pierre McGuire:
"Yeah, I'm in the locker room all the time with these guys, and they talk about home-ice advantage. How important is it, Pierre?"

That is the ultimate case of someone trying to act bigger than the sport.
Why not just ask "How important is home-ice advantage?"


You don't hear Dan Potash saying stuff like that.



[Alison]-----------------[Tristian B]

[Dustin]---------------[Greg N]

[Double B]

[No name]--------------------[Matt J]




The best thing about games on NBC, and it's something we will be used to in the coming weeks, is the plethora of microphones near ice level.
Someone pulls up on an offensive rush, and the screeching from the skates makes your cat run into a wall.

You yourself wanted to run into a wall when the Rangers capitalized on an early powerplay.
The dreaded shot from the point resulted in a rebound scramble, and Dubinsky banged it home. 1-0.


The Penguins have still not boxed Dubinsky out.

On the next shift, Hossa made a move in the neutral zone that should be a proper noun.
Crosby and Dupuis almost hooked up for a goal, but no dice.

Finally, after a couple of weeks of the Nation waiting, a semblance of playoff physical play appeared when the Pens forwards started checking everything that moved.

There were so many hits, Casey Kasem stopped by to make a top 40 list.


What teams will have to realize is that the bottom two lines will muck it up, and out of nowhere, the pace will change when Crosby or Malkin jump on.
And that's what happened for the Pens first goal.

Instead of dumping it in, Orpik calmly carries it through the neutral zone and gets it to Hossa, who jobs it Sid.
Sid does his business, gets it to Dupuis.
It hits his skate and lands on Hossa's stick. No questions asked.

[Jschiff, Esq.]

We're used to Erik Christensen getting that shot and breaking a pane of glass behind the net.

Things got better when Petr Prucha went to the box for roughing.
A new wrinkle in the NHL is that you have to explain every penalty to Brendan Shanahan.

What a baby

The Harlem Globetrotters come on for the power play.

It was just a mud power play.
They don't want to be cute, so they just blast it from the point when there's four Rangers below the dots. It was cleared every time.

Everyone's heart stopped when Crosby went Mach 8 into the Rangers zone to beat out an icing call.
He gets down to the puck and has a hamburger before Rozsival can get there, but it's still an icing.
Sid shows his dismay with a bellowing, WHAT!!!!????!?!? MYEYEARRGGGHHH!!

Bing jamming on the brakes like that means the high-ankle sprain is long gone.

NBC eventually showed the icing.
Maybe one of the worst calls in sports history.

P.S. -- Let the head referee that's right there call it.
His head isn't moving and his vision isn't distorted, as compared to the linesman who's frantically trying to get back there.

Gonchar hit Malone with a great headman pass later, and it resulted in a penalty.

Crosby tried flying into the zone and gets slashed.
That's been a penalty for about 200 years.

No one can hear the whistle blow from all the whining from Brendan Shanajoke.

A delectable 5-on-3 PP ensued.
And once you saw Malkin cocking his stick at the right point, you knew it was just a matter of time.

After Bing almost put one home on the doorstep, it was Malkin Time again.
Unreal laser from the point.

[Ryan C]

Don't slash Sidney Crosby.

Bing may have played the final 7 minutes of that first period.
MAF made some key saves to end the first.



The Phantom of the Mellon made an appearance early in the second when Hossa got sent off for hooking.
That penalty was killed with relative ease.
Did Sean Avery even play in this game?

The stars aligned after the kill, literally, when Malkin, Bing, and Hossa found themselves on the ice at the same time.

Kennedy took a jobber penalty, and the Pens had to go on the kill again.
This was just karma evening things up from that two-man advantage in the first.
The PK unit gets ready.

A scare or two later, Kennedy was out of the box.
Big saves by MAF there.

Even after two Penguin penalty kills, the Rangers still had the momentum.
But that momentum dissipates when you can't beat a goaltender who is red hot.

Malkin had a rush towards the end of his shift, but he had just worked a 20-hour shift tarring the roof of the license-plate factory and was dead tired.

And then the lightning we missed so much for the past two months appeared when Crosby absolutely flew through the neutral zone, with Dupuis KEEPING PACE.
No dice though.

Things were going swimmingly after that.
And then Malkin got jobbed behind the Rangers net.
Dubinsky got his skate up in Malkin's face.
Malkin knew something was wrong immediately.

He had gotten cut in the face, but he stayed behind in the Rangers zone while play went on.
It wasn't pretty.
The refs don't blow the whistle because they are mad at Malkin for missing the awards ceremony last summer.

Bing's line came on and wreaked havoc.
Sydor eventually drew a penalty.

Sickeningly, and it was done with humor, NBC had to remind you when they came back from commercial to change your Gillette razor blades.
100% classless.

Next thing you know, NBC will broadcast a game where the Capitals are fighting for their playoff lives, and it will be sponsored by AIDS research.

At the tail end of the period, Jordan Staal gets the job done and draws a penalty.

Most of the power play disappears with no sign of offense.
Everyone is stunned about Malkin and can't get anything going.
Things get a little feisty, so the Pens have to bring in the van.

Side-note blog

[Donnie S.] sent this in.

Apparently this is a van on the campus of CMU:



As the third period is about to start,
We get a live update on the "Zurich Open," so that some A-hole in a country club somewhere can watch Lee Trevino sink a putt.

At the start of the third, we see Malkin smiling back on the ice.
Dubinsky came over and expressed his concern.
But then the puck dropped.

The Pens survived an early-period scare when Rozsival feathered it through the crease, but it ended up doing nothing.

Sidney Crosby got high sticked by Pedro Gomez.
He threw his head back, but that is what most people do when they get hit in the face.

We guess some people didn't think so...


If you want to get really mad,
meet our new enemy.

[Thanks to Josh R for finding this]

John writes for the Blueshirts Blog.
In his latest blog, titled Jagr Failed Pens Acting Class...

He blast Sidney Crosby.
Okay whatev.

But then he says this:

But even more mystifying is how Jaromir Jagr could have begun his career in Pittsburgh, developed into a superstar here and never learned the diving and face-clutching and horrified equipment shedding that has been part and parcel of Pens hockey ever since Mario Lemieux decided to shame the league into enforcing its obstruction penalties by embarrassing all officials who didn’t do so.


Rather than have a rebuttal for this Ranger fanboy,
we'll just say this:

He has a comments section.
Go have a fun time.


The powerplay didn't result in anything.

After some jobbing, Father Time was trying to find his car keys.
Around that same time, Marty Straka heads to the penalty box.
A weight machine falls on him and he doesn't return for the rest of the game.

A potentially game-changing power play was on the way.

The story of the power play was the Pens finally getting a shot.
A second later, that was upstaged by a surreal save by Lundqvist.
The power play was gone again.

With 6:30 left, it was still tense times because the Rangers were one sick pass and shot away from tying this game up.

And a test of mettle came when Kris Letang takes his first penalty since the 8th-grade picnic.

It was here among 17,000 screaming Mellon Arena fanatics that the Pittsburgh Penguins found out who they were.

The power play was here and gone.
And there was 3:00 left.

After some scares, there was one minute left.
Why the Rangers didn't take a time-out there, no one knows.

But it was moot.
A demoralizing final nail into the coffin makes it 3-1.

Hossa worked down deep and got it back to the point, which was open all game.
Scuderi does his job, gets it to the net.
Lundqvist wanted to move the puck along, but he couldn't grasp the puck.
No one froze it, and Talbot snuck in to put it home.

Ranger fans =Stunned

The Rangers take a penalty right after that.


  • Malkin: 1G
  • Hossa: 1G
  • Bing: 2A
  • MAF: 26 saves

  • Really give it up for Ryan Whitney. Most people would purposely not try at the forward position to show it's not their forte. Whitney is doing the job.
  • The USS Hal Gill was solid, despite HCMT breaking up the Gill/Letang pairing.
  • The Rangers are annoying.
  • Pierre McGuire needs to get hit by a puck.
  • Pens can win the divsion Monday night.
  • First place in East.
  • Pens are undefeated in the Mellon in March.
  • NBC's audio is unreal.
  • Hossa.


sh0ez said...

Great post as always.

Good game. Nice being atop the East. Let's clinch the division tomorrow night. Let's go Pens!

P.S. I noticed they obviously took away our NBC game vs. the Flyers next Sunday. Hah. People would've compained about Crosby getting 5 NBC games anyways.

Mike Georger said...

pierre using the on ice interview after the game with sid to ask if he thought staying in first place was important = incredible journalism

nbc is so so so terrible. they may have gotten worse after firing hull, at least then his drunk as was fun to laugh at

also sid yelling over at pierre telling him off for claiming he embellished, thats just fucking epic

Dave said...

anyone else notice the hidden Big Bird in flashblog?

DeCeV said...

Homework kept me up late enough to see the new post. While we're talking about flashblog...

The Pens are going to ride the Flower into the playoffs. It's time for TPB to do the same. Thanks Conklin, but its Fleury time now.

pinkphloid54 said...

excellent post, although mike lange did use the 'so many hits this could be the top 40' line today during the game as well.

totally agreed on shanahan being a bitch. also, when did nbc decide to slob on his knob so hard? i remember the last time we played the rangers on a sunday they had interview shit with him during segues as well. maybe they were too lazy to get new footage?

has anyone pondered the remote possibility of being able to eliminate 2 atlantic division contenders from the playoffs if we win out? my raging postseason boner can hardly comprehend it.


Mr. Plank said...

thought you guys might like this.

J.S. said...

VERSUS again?


No Gore at the J.S residence either means I'll be out for the game or out for a beer or five and try to convince a bartender to put the game on.

Lloyd said...

i wondered what was hidden in flashblog...

and can anyone assist me with sopcast... i wasn't able to get a stream on tuesday night and will likely need it in late april/early may?

geezer said...

First of all I like the way the Pens responded in the first period to the Ranger hits guessed it...hitting back! Secondly is Talbot money or what? He earned that goal by playing his ass off.

Leraque hit in first period rocked someones world. Sweet!

MAF solid. Malkin needs to run his own power play minus Sid. Too much passing. Need to put a knife in the Rangers(or a skate to the heart mr Dubinski) tonight.

Fleury29 said...

Four weeks ago, if someone would have told you Marc-Andre Fleury would be in net and playing out of his mind, you'd be stunned. [Except Loser Chris]

A-hem... I'll just let this one go because I haven't been commenting a lot lately.

Solid post tonight. Hard to not start getting excited when the playoffs are just over a week away and the Pens are playing so well.

Shanahan is a joke but not as much of a joke as Blue Shirts Blog. I know people think Sid takes dives but I'd like to see John Dellapina take a stick to the face and what his reaction is.

You know how I know he's a joke? Because he said this, "...the hard-working and utterly honest men who referee NHL games..."


Ashley said...

"Pierre McGuire needs to get hit by a puck"

Last year, McGuire got hit in the head with a stick and sported a nice red welt for a good week, week and a half.

So NBC isn't showing the PIT/PHI game next Sunday, eh? I hope TSN airs it...

Loser Chris said...

A) I'm not one to say I told you so, but...

B) Makli-Tron = life changing

C) This team is soooo much better than last year. I think the Rangers are the only team in the East who could take us out in the playoffs.

Kristen PB said...

Slowly, very slowly, the Pgh media is being forced to take notice of the Penguins. It's rather amusing to listen to them try to give some cogent analysis when you KNOW they are seething inside and are just dying for football season to hurry up and get here.

Walsh did everything but yack on his own shoes at having to cover hockey from within the Mellon Arena. He was cringing the whole time, and probably knocked over a bunch of little old ladies in his rush to get out of there.

And speaking of false accusations...apparently Sid showed Pierre M. the tape stuck in his teeth to prove that he had, in fact, been hit. He should have followed up with the accusation that Pierre has embellished his skill at being a broadcaster.

I would rather listen to no commentary than endure one more game of stupid comments, high-pitched giggling, meaningless and unnecessary interviews with coaches DURING PLAY, and Emrick's weird grammar.

And, worst of all was the tactless way the razor ad was handled. I know the timing of it all stunk, but Malkin could have been seriously injured. Show some decency.

sonofatruckload said...

well folks with the playoffs nearly upon us i think there needs to be some sort of concentrated signblog effort for games 1/2.

i am thinking about using the big plotters at work to print out a giant malkinface

Christina said...

bing flying around yesterday was great to see. i particularly enjoyed how he came out ready to kill after malkin took that skate to the face.

oh and pierre on nbc = douche. i love the guy as a hockey analyst, but when he's playing the "edgy" guy like nbc wants, he just becomes an ass. good for sid for calling him out.

an Atlantic Division title would be so so nice....get it done tonight boys!

Jeff said...

NBC is only allowed to show one team three times. This was the Pens third game so that's why they're not picking up the Flyers game. NBC's audio is great but their HD feed blows. DoubleVisionBlog.

How scary will this team be once the PP starts rolling?

Mark said...

Great post!

I have a feeling that the "time to bring in the van" line is going to stick.

Tonight's rematch should be fun.

DeCeV said...


Definitely. I had to watch the game in Standard Def because the HD feed was unbearable. It would go for 20 seconds and then freeze for five, go for 20 freeze for 5. Unbearable.

Stoosh said...


1. I'm normally a Pierre Maguire fan...I think he's a decent broadcaster and he brings some decent insight to the game. He's certainly got his opinions, but for the most part, he's solid. And I like what he brings to the broadcast when he's down at ice level.

But I could've really done without his commentary on his dialogue with Crosby after the high stick. He said something to the effect of, "Guys, Crosby just headed to the bench and he asked me if I said he embellished the high stick. I said, 'Yes, you embellished it.'"

Wow, Pierre. Kudos to you for showing the kid up on national television. Maybe someone from NBC should've filled you in that it wasn't an editorial, no one really cared what you thought anyway, and all that mattered was that the ref thought it was a high-sticking.

At least Maguire apologized for it later and said he was wrong. Moral of the story: Stick to calling the game next time, K?

2. I'll at least applaud WPXI for giving the hockey pregame thing a shot. But having Fedko on there is kind of like asking Mark Madden to host a Pirates pre-game show (for those who don't know, 95% of the baseball talk on Madden's show involves him insulting the Pirates). I didn't see yesterday's, so I'm not sure if Fedko was on, but I've seen him on before. But Fedko really needs to stick to kissing the Steelers' collective ass and drooling over high school chicks.

3. I haven't read Dellapina's article yet, mostly because I didn't want to choke on my breakfast. But I love hearing someone whose franchise wrote the book for pre-lockout salary mismanagement comment on anything regarding the way hockey is run.

Maybe Little John is still upset that despite Adam Graves's best efforts, the Pens still bounced them from the playoffs that year. Maybe he's still sore that for the last seven years before the lockout, the Rangers had more resources to work with than any team in the league, but they managed to miss the playoffs every time. Or maybe Little John just realized that while we have Crosby and Malkin to build around for the next, oh, decade, the Rangers have Scott Gomez. Good luck with that.

What a chump.

diggler said...

what is with brooks orpik in the 'free candy' van. it's hilarious, but someone needs to explain it to me.

DeCeV said...


Someone must have just recognized the creepiness of Brooksie's photo this year. I mean look at that face.

jimmymo32 said...

any idea when games 1 and 2 will be???

Mark said...

@diggler, in the van, Brooks' photo is modern day creepy.

Outside of the van, it really reminds me of a creepy Civil War-era soldier portrait:

Pvt. Brooks Orpik, soldier in the 44th Pennsylvania Infantry. Served with distinction at the Battle of Mellon Arena, the Skirmish at Wachovia Center, and the Siege of Madison Square Garden.

Hospitalized with malaria, cholera, diptheria, whooping cough, and general malaise after the Assault on Prudential Center.

norojo said...

Good win, let's hope we don't have an MSG meltdown again so we can lock up the Atlantic.
Hate be negative after a game like this, but is anyone else worried about the PP? We didn't even get the puck on net for crying out loud.
Also, what's gonna be the solution to the 7 defensemen issue in the playoffs? Right now theyre all playing well but I think we need 4 full lines come playoff time. I know he's popular in c-blog, but I think The U.S.S is too slow for playoff hockey (see his first period penalty)

Christina said...

@ norojo

Personally, I think this team needs the USS Hal Gill in the playoffs. He's the best this team has at boxing guys out in the crease, and that could be invaluable in the playoffs when jobber garbage goals decide games. I'm ok with his *ahem* lack of speed, as long as he stays partnered with the 'tang. They cover for each other well, I think. (sidenote - did HCMT break them up intentionally, or did it just evolve that way b/c of all the special teams play that was happening yesterday?)

dying alive said...

Awesome game yesterday. Great atmosphere at Mellon.

That NY blog is a joke, as are the comments by the Rangers fans beneath it. Just as the Caps fans do, they resort to bashing The Burgh when they don't have a leg to stand on as far as bashing our team. I don't know, call me crazy, but I like living in a city where I don't have to take a plane, two trains and a bus to get to work in under two hours. I also like being able to walk around my neighborhood after dark without getting stabbed in the face for my iPod. But different strokes, I guess.

Dr. Turkleton said...

kristen pb said:

Slowly, very slowly, the Pgh media is being forced to take notice of the Penguins.

In other words: jumping on the bandwagon as if the Pens are the new 'it' girl in town. Once the Pens season is over, the coverage will fade faster than Rick Walsh's career.

@dying alive

you'd think with all those peeps getting killed & arrested by Ricky Schroeder & Co. in NYPD Blue & the police sergeant in Striking Distance who went on to bigger & better things as a detective in Law & Order, NYC would be pretty close to 'crime free' by now, eh?

excellent recap, tPB staff.....

dying alive said...

@ dr. turkelton -

Don't forget that the sergeant in Striking Distance cleaned up Pittsburgh first. So yeah, you'd think so.

I don't know, I've just never been a fan of NYC. It's overcrowded, overpriced, and overdirty. The people make Philadelphians look polite. It's a great place in terms of culture and I can't imagine ever being bored there, but it's pretty much last on the list of places I'd ever want to live.

pinkphloid54 said...


I agree that I am worried about the powerplay. however, i think that will come once they get some kinks worked out, although 1/7 with a 5-on-3 are devils pp numbers and more than a bit frightening.

but i think that uss' skating ability (ie, how it looks like he's going through molasses) is almost a benefit: he's not going to try a gonchar, whitney, or letang play that requires him to pinch down to keep a puck in, which is why i think he is great when paired with one of those D-men (clearly not whitney, and i think letang certainly a lot more than gonchar). he also, i think, has a bit more offensive awareness than an orpik or scuderi, while not giving up too much on them defensively. i think he's a pretty good balance, which is nice to not have to throw a liability out there on a D-line. he did get burned on that one play, but i give him the benefit of the doubt on that one, unless it becomes a habit.

all that said, i hope that uss and letang are back together tonight. gonchar and orpik seemed to be working well together also, although i dont know how wild i am about sydor-scuderi. you can't have 3 perfect D lines i suppose.

Lady Jaye said...

@actingido (carrying on comments from previous days post) That's right F4 C&D rock ;) I only asked about the user because he was super polite and happy. Some ushers look really miserable and cranky ;) My b/f pointed out that he looked like mike costa's profile pic. So I had to ask if it was him, of course.

patrick f. said...

-"Around that same time, Marty Straka heads to the penalty box.
A weight machine falls on him and he doesn't return for the rest of the game."

And that is why i come here everyday


Bobby Steels said...

Absolutely love the site, and have been reading since you started up. Believe it or not, it is tough to find hockey coverage in Clemson, SC.

Maybe it's just that time of year, but you guys have really been stepping it up. Always good, but this recap was on another level. I definitely laughed out loud a few times even though I'm in a computer lab on campus where a bunch of people are actually trying to get work done. Don't they know its playoff time??

letsgopsu said...

This should be the defensive pairings.

They were working very well together before Scuderi's finger exploded. Put them back together.

The only time I don't hear myself complaining about Whitney's play in his own end is when he is paired with Orpik. They have good chemistry together.

No explanation needed.

Plus, these pairings let us get another forward in the lineup. Anybody else think that Jeff Taffe is solid?

FireFox said...

I can't believe how disconnected from reality that the Rangers fans and their guy that runs that blog are. NBC clearly showed how Crosby got hit in the face and how Pierre appologized. Yet he blogs that it didn't happen that way. Then the Rangers fans go on to say that Crosby faked the mark on his mouth guard. Not only is that just a stupid comment, what would it accomplish if he did? The Rangers blog also whined about how Gonchar didn't get a penalty on the play to Jagr. Well maybe that was because he tied up his stick and not the player. That is a legal and good defensive play last time I checked. But if I am wrong and he did hold him, so what? Refs blow calls all the time. Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose. Occasionally it affects the outcome of the game. A single game. Never does it sway the affect of the entire season.

Rangers fans, the Pens are in first for a reason. They EARNED it.

Dr. Turkleton said...


agreed. 110%

Also, in addition to getting Taffe into the top 12 skating forwards, I'd like to somehow get Beech in there [hating to break up the 37-25-27 trio, but Big Georges might haveta sit]...for the MAIN purpose of winning faceoffs:

FO W 142
FO L 128
FO % 52.6

now, I don't know if his wrist injury will/does effect his faceoff abilities...but, compared to the other Centers [by FO W rank]:

Crosby: 547-W 520-L 51.3%
Taffe: 73-W 78-L 48.3%
Talbot: 221-W 269-L 45.1%
Staal: 487-W 667-L 42.2%
Malkin: 333-W 523-L 38.9%

he could be the Pens' Ronnie Francish-type guy who could win a defensive zone draw when needed.....

offtopicblog: are the Pirates out of contention yet?

FireFox said...

Ok, I officially hate Pittsburgh media. Just go to the front page of the Post Gazette site. In the sports section they FIRST have "Tomlin confident in Steelers' chances" complete a picture of Tomlin. SECOND they have "Penguins are back in first place" with no picture.

Nothing new here, I know. But this town is so fucking gay for the Steelers it is rediculous. They arn't playing, the arn't training, it isn't even draft time. THERE IS NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT!!!! Except if the coach says that he likes there chances. Well there is a fucking breakthrough headline there. Oh and by the way, the Penguins are first in the conference and can lock a division title with a win tonight. Meh, nothing special. Jackasses. Shit like this really makes me not even want to watch Steelers games.

letsgopsu said...

Why are they scratching Letang instead of Sydor?

Dr. Turkleton said...

speaking of the PG....

just read that Whitney will be back on D w/ Sydor...with LeGame being scratched...

Taffe will be back in the lineup tonight...

quote from HCMT:
"He's part of our top six (defensemen)," Therrien said. "I wanted to see how he was going to react, and I liked his attitude yesterday. I liked the way he played (during a 3-1 victory against the Rangers). It was time to give him a shot."

& MAF to start in goal

homesprout said...

No Letang!? Wow...that's fuk'd up!! Maybe they are scratching him because he's a right handed shot!? O_o

I figured Conks would be in net because a goaltender for this team just can't play in back to back nights. haha

Go Pens!!

The Seeker said...

In the first Rangers fan = stunned photo, there's a guy with an old Jagr Pens sweater!

Me = stunned

I personally don't care one way or the other about people booing him, but he most definitely and officially is now THE ENEMY.

J.S. said...

posting this just to see how many johnstown c-bloggers are in here:

PBCharlie > Chicken Charlie


Lady Jaye said...

legame scratched? me = stunned

He was the last D man I thought would be scratched. But I also can't answer you who SHOULD be scratched because they all do their thing.... mostly.

jackedlobster said...

the one thing I hate most about games on NBC, besides Pierre McGuire is the fact that the never show any replays..for instance the Hossa move early in the game would have been shown atleast 5 times on FSN

Lady Jaye said...

Oh > Did anybody sign up to be an extra in the movie shoot tomorrow? My b/f is doing it. You should organize a contingent of pensblog fans to show up and sit together ;) Would be trouble :)

Mark said...

I Love all of the Jobbing goin on in that crap of a blog in NY. Bunch of Rags fans crying and making fun of Pittsburgh. Most of the comments section is taken over by pens fans.

Anyone else think that HCMT should give the Conkblock the start tonight and give MAF a rest? he shouldnt let Conklin get cold goin into the playoffs, in case MAF goes down.

Kristen PB said...

If a Steelers' dog craps on the lawn, the Pgh media will swarm to cover the event just to find a way to avoid talking about the Penguins.

Of course, baseball season is nearly upon us, so they'll be able to hide behind that until football starts up.

My husband is of the opinion that hockey is too complicated for some people to grasp (like the folks who panic with, "Where's the goalie?" on a delayed penalty). Maybe that's the case, but I think the football sickness is also a bit of mob mentality, the need to belong to a group, and the inability to identify with anything but the majority. (Existentialists, call your offices...)

I have been to Pens games in which "Here We Go Steelers" spontaneously erupts. WTF, Pittsburgh?

Pensgirl said...

Kristin, I have long responded to people who try to put down hockey by saying soemthing along the lines of "I understand what you're saying. With the speed, and the size of the puck, and the changing on the fly, and the behind-the-play action, you just have to be extra-sharp, mentally, to follow the sport." That usually shuts 'em up right good. (Insert smirk here)

Speaking of smirking...

Firefox, I have it on good authority from someone who can read Sid's thoughts that before the game, he hatched the plot to draw a phantom high stick. It went down like this:

"Self," he said (he always starts off by saying "self" when he's plotting chicanery), "you're gonna fake a high stick today. And you're gonna mind-control the player who takes the call, to make sure it looks like you got hit in the mouth. Of course Pierre McGuire's gonna try and call you out on the embellishment. So, self, what you're gonna do is take this here sharpie to the bench and draw black marks on your mouthguard, and then confront him. It's a perfect plan."

In other words: don't get mad, get snarky. All you can do with morons like that is laugh and marvel that they can figure out where the computer's power button is to write such nonsense.

The fact is, they would have nothing to write about if their team just maintained better positioning. Never mind that Sid didn't dive there - he can't dive if his oppenents aren't giving him the opportunity. If you don't raise your stick, he can't make it look like he got hit in the face. The surefire cure to diving: play better hockey!

Ashley said...

haha pensgirl that was awesome :)

pinkphloid54 said...

i don't care how hard whitney played on the left wing, putting him back with sydor seems to me like a mistake (wasn't the game the holes in their D was exposed the 5-2 against the rangers?)

maybe therrien doesn't want letang to burn out before the playoffs? ...ok, so that's a stretch.

Pensgirl said...

Thanks Ashley...all I can do is cringe at my typo!

But I'm in a good mood (though the Letang scratching has dulled it somewhat), and that means making fun of morons.

rwarner174 said...

A couple things.

Does anyone think Whitney playing the wing is a salery justification move? I mean yeah Whitney is a great offensive defenseman, but we already have two of those with Gonchar and Letang. Thing is Gonchar and Letang bring a decent defensive game with them, Whitney this year has not. I say either put him back on D and let him sink or swim. Either that or scratch him and play Taffe.

Anyone getting sick of Stall playing on the power play. I counted 4 times in the last two games he tried to go through everyone on the powerplay and got picked. Dude, its 5 on 4, camp up and setup. Crosby does this sometimes, but he is that good I would let it go because he can beat 3 guys and score.

Also, on the penalty kill, we need someone out there to win faceoffs. Stall is around 35%, just isn't cutting it. I mean Stall should definilty be out there because he is our best penality killer, but maybe he shouldn't be taking the faceoffs.

Somehow we continue to win despite the faceoff problems we are having. I guess we are just more talented then the other teams thankfully.

Oh well, all these complaints are moot, we are in first place so I guess change nothing but just my two cents.

GwinTheEskimo said...

on the other hand, the poor media coverage in town makes pensblog even more valuable to fans.

Bacon077 said...

my thanks to the person who texted "uss hal gil" to the jumbotron

John said...

A Chicken Charlie reference? Seriously? Me=Stunned.

I used to see him all the time at the War Memorial while watching my high school's hockey team get slapped around.

That being said, PBCharlie > Chicken Charlie without a doubt. They're in totally different leagues.

Go Pens!

Dr. Turkleton said...

sorry, but just have to laugh at America's Pastime:

•4 current games scheduled to be 'playing' right now
•3 are in a rain delay

maybe MLB can team up with the NHL & have a Winter Classic Weekend next year, if they start their season just a couple weeks earlier.


Kristen PB said...

pensgirl: Niiiiice.

But that sentence could be a bit much for some football fanatics. Well, at least too much to follow without wetting his/her collar with drool. I may have to condense it for those who want to try to compare football over hockey.

bluzdude said...

Best. Retort. Ever.
Am hurriedly writing that down for later use.

You don't know how many times, here in hockey-challenged Baltimore, I hear, "I just don't get hockey."

Morons... These are the people that NASCAR was invented for.

wilsmith said...

chicken charlie is tops in his league.

PBCharlie is just somewhere totally different.

alan said...

You're an idiot.

Sidney the Buttfucker said...

Sidney Crosby takes it in the pooper!

fatkicker11 said...

At what point does MAF replace Conks in the player stats section in the upper left corner?

Pensgirl said...

Bluz, I'm a Bawlmer resident myself, so I very much understand.

Kristin, if I'm feeling particularly blunt I just go with, "Yeah, hockey fans are really smart."

(Although, there are obvious exceptions. But we should just applaud those people for hunting-and-pecking their way to full sentences. Maybe tomorrow they can work their way up to feeding themselves!)

Chris_Tamer said...

be prepared, the rangers douche wrote another article for them to complain of the comments links the penblog to the influx of pens fans who ruined their lives....they'll be here soon enough

Ashley said...

chris - looks like they have already started their little 'invasion'

Brett said...

What a mess with that NY post. Couldn't resist adding my voice to the crowed over there..

But to more important things, like winning the division and conference.

Magic number is 2 (one win) or three (three OT losses) for the Atlantic Division title.

Magic number is 5 for the Conference title. Montreal plays Ottawa, Buffalo and Toronto in their final 3. What are the chances they run the table. Pretty good imo.

stokes said...

IF the Pens win tonight, that is the difference in this team vs. two weeks ago. Showing the killer instinct needed to finish a team when you have them on the ropes is a must-have skill and the Pens winning tonight would go a long way towards demonstrating that they possess that killer instinct and will be a very difficult team to play in the play offs.

As for MAF, i also figured (or a least hoped) that he would come back and play well. But this well? Holy balls.

Mike Georger said...

i guess theyre sending a message to letang. something along the lines of 'youve played great, have exceeded expectations, are clutch as hell, and shockingly good defensively; but you lose out to someone who tanked after they got paid, sorry bout it'

Flyer Hater said...

Letang scratched, me=stunned

dying alive said...

I can't believe I just saw the word "chicanery" used in cblog. Solid stuff.

Lady Jaye said...

flyer hater, I think we're in the majority with that feeling.

Ricks1883 said...

Firefox- hey man, i feel your pain. The pittsburgh media blows.

For less than 5% of the entire year, i could give a rat's ass about the steelers. (if the steelers play 18 times in a season, that equates to 4.935% of an entire year- astounding when you think about it...)

yet anytime one of the steelers 4th string, fumble-recovery team players has to wipe his ass more than three times in the off-season, we have to have a sports page cover story with a picture of the soiled TP.

But having the best players in hockey lead their team against many odds to the brink of a divisional title for the first time in over a decade brings us only a stock logo-picture and a half-hearted attempt at conveying the situation.

This goes for all outlets- Post gazette, trib, all 3 news stations, FSN...gag me with a fuckin spoon.

Go Pens

jackedlobster said...

How do you text a message to the jumbotron?

jimmymo32 said...

the pens are 28-10-6 w/ Jeff taffe

they are 19-15-2 without him...

yeah lets bench him

Pensgirl said...

Jacked, there's a number they flash when you're at games to text to the jumbotron...I can't recall offhand if it's the same 32623 they use for other text services.

Flyer Hater said...

Fleury contiues to run vezinablog tonight and we win 2-1.

Sid with the GW in OT


coffeytalk said...


you are welcome. that's the first time i got a text through to the jumbotron.

michelle said...

Wow, I hate Rangers fans. My bf just told the blogger to take Sean Avery's $500.00 and go buy some class.


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