Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mascot Gone Wild

Found this on [PenguinsThatFly] via [Going Five Hole]
Pretty funny stuff.
The Tampa Bay mascot jobs people on the beach.

Happy Easter


I Have Kasparaitis said...

Happy Easter everyone!!

Looks like I am the only loser on the blog today ...

Good news for our Easter celebration ...
Sid the Kid may return as soon as ... Monday? (Sorry, I am lame and have yet to master hyperlink on anything but powerpoint)

MT is still having the cloud of mystery on who is playing left wing. Maybe Roberts will come out of no where and play!! WWGRD, Surprise the universe with a return.

coffeytalk said...

Is Orpik inside that costume?

The Big K said...

Thanks Pensblog Staff for reading Penguins That Fly.
Best hear it from the experts. Thanks again.

John said...

Why is Big Bird drawing the letter H in the lower right corner of the flash bar schedule?

chris said...

haha that is an awesome video. i was crackin up haha

go pens

Pensblog Staff said...

Why is Big Bird drawing the letter H in the lower right corner of the flash bar schedule?

Because Big bird is a beast.

Jonny V said...

Happy Easter, peeps.

Saw an episode of Average Joes today, and Paul Coffey was on. He was a beast. The Joes scored on Dan Majerle, made it past Christian Okoye, but couldn't do dick against Coffey.

And like John said, what's with the subliminals?

Pensblog Staff said...


Could someone give us the ways on how to make hyperlinks and all that other funky shit you can do in c-blog.
We need it for FAQ and I am too lazy to figure it out :)


Pensblog Staff said...

Big K...

Your a beast man. If we were 13 we'd be doing the same thing your doing.
Rock on

Korn said...

RE: PittsburghLive link in first post.

Craig Patrick has attended the Penguins last two home games? WTF?

Jonny V said...

Staff, I sent it to your gmail since i don't know how to post it where it wouldn't automatically try to make it a hyperlink.

Pensblog Staff said...

Thanks Johnny

The Big K said...

Hearing from the best blog in the world calling me a beast..........
me= humbled. I have fun with it.
May Gary Roberts Bless You.
Go Pens

Flyer Hater said...

Derek=less computer skills than my great grandmother.


Pensblog Staff said...

hahha its true.

I am the Joe Melichar of the HTML world.

Flyer Hater said...

Except, Joe Melichar got paid for being incompetent.


FijiH2O said...

The Easter Bunny came early to the Igloo...

The family has been fed and I'm on my third glass of wine (Little Penguin Shiraz from Australia) and thought I'd come check out what everyone had to say about last night.

The Igloo was an awesome place to be last night. I can hardly wait for the playoffs:) MT wanted loud and he certainly got it. It was insanity on and off the ice!!!

I think I pulled a Steigy jinx last night. Right before the Devils got their shorthanded goal, I was thinking to myself that the turnovers on the power play have got to stop - then BAM! Mea culpa. In my defense, at least I didn't say it out loud, unlike Steigy. Part 2 on Tuesday should be interesting. What are the chances of chasing uncledaddy from the goal again?

i have kasparaitis-
You're not the only one who thinks Gary Roberts would be great with Sid and Hossa. For the past couple weeks, that is something I've been hearing a lot at the games. It could be good! But to be honest, I just want him back on the ice where he belongs.

Malkin, Malone, Sykora, Ruutu, Dupuis, Hossa, Gill, MAF, etc...the words just aren't there to describe the Pens right now.

Oh well, I need another glass of wine and I have to get dessert ready.

Go Pens

Adrienne said...

LOL. That video is awesome.

Happy zombie jesus day people

stokes said...


I felt like the anti-Steiggy jinxer. I called a few things like the short handed goal (except the Debbies got theirs first) and a goal in the first 5 minutes. I definitely got lucky last night.

Clever name, BTW.

That video IS sweet. i like when he falls Stevens-style right on his face and i particularly like when he falls on that kid.

Blackngold66 said...

The obligatory Easter showing of The Sound of Music is on right now. I swear that the guy that plays "Rolfe" and Jason Blake are the same person.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Wow, the Easter Bunny sure sh@t all over the Devils, eh?

Blackngold66, great times last night. Mrs. VdL apologizes for clawing your arm during the slow roll of the puck behind MAF...she was pretty wasted.

Still have a spare ticket to the home finale on 4/2...

Hey, Sid didn't play last night, did he?


The Big K said...

Question to anybody who knows:
How do I get Photoshop?
Is it available in stores?
Any helpful links?
Thank you.

blackngold66 said...

Big K: Photoshop is available in stores but it's very expensive.


Lady Jaye said...

the big k > Are you a student or know one? You could get it at Academic Superstore online for a reasonable discount. You just have to send them proof of student status (or if you happen to be a teacher or know a teacher, they have to prove they're employed for a school.) I got mine a teacher discount. Yay!

Somebody I work with purchased a copy through - I can't verify how legit they are; however, we've had no problems with the software in the office.

Flyer Hater said...

Great way to kill time on a boring Easter Sunday is to pop in a few games from the 10 best Penguin games DVD set. Just got done watching Pens-Sabres. What a move by Hlinka to put Jagr on the wing with Lang and Straka.

Lady Jaye said...

Me = dork. I just looked at your profile age big k. Definitely try the gimp, its free unless you do want to shell out several hundred to a thousand bucks for photoshop. :)

racheleyos said...

lol that video is hilarious, but if that mascot 1. fell on me 2. kicked sand at me or 3. chased me in any way i would prob have to kick its ass.

The Big K said...

Alright thanks for the advice.
Sadly, GIMP won't work on the Mac I use,
so that's too bad.

But again, thanks to all of you who gave me advice.

stokes said...

Check it out! They featured Hal Gill in the funny papers today!

USS Hal Gill

Go Pens.

Pensgirl said...

Fiji/Stokes - I was on an anti-jinx too, so Fiji that makes two of us to counter you. Basically everything I said, from "we need a shorty" to "how 'bout we have a six-goal third?" came true (we did get six, technically).

I don't know which Devils D-man made me happier - Greene or Martin. Nice to see an opponent do the Chernobyl.

In the last cblog, people were trying to come up with another name for the Malone-Malkin-Sykora line. I've been calling it the Glasnost line, but I don't know how many people here would even know that reference.

The Big K said...

The line of Sykora, Bugsy, Geno has its name-
"The Steel City Line".

Shouldn't the line of Sid, Hossa, and probly Dupuis also get its own name. I assume it will be Dupuis with Hoss and Sid, but I am not 100 percent sure.

Here it is:
"The Ducrossa Line"


pensblog jeff said...

Hey, GIMP works fine on the mac. I use it for all my photoshops. If you need help or something, let me know.

Jonny V said...

Not a bad effort...Ducrossa. We'll have to see if Dupuis does indeed end up on the line. Talbot and Roberts both will get looks I'm sure.

Malkin played for Metallurg Magnitogorsk, and Sykora played for them during the lockout. Malone is from the Steel City. Perhaps something with metal and steel. I don't know... I tried linking their names but only came up with Mal(one)-Kor-Kin. And that just sounds like a mexican dish to me.

The Seeker said...

To create a hyperlink:

<a href="URL">desired displayed text typed here</a>

-The URL is where you place the full link to the

-It MUST have the quotation marks on each side of it

-The desired displayed text can be anything you HERE, CLICKY, or an actual name of the page.

To make BOLD text:


To make italicized text:


Steve In Denver said...

In a sick twist, it's revealed that Don Vito is inside that mascot outfit.

Dr. Turkleton said...

HCMT will end up changing up the lines due to someone getting hurt/cold quicker than he changes his undies after eating Wendy's chili with Mellon Arena jalapeƱos. [been there, done that]

The line combos are endless when Crosby & Roberts return....

@the big k

don't you have a Geometry Test or Civics Exam to prepare for? or is your 1st name Doogie....just kidding, little man.


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