Thursday, March 20, 2008

A March To Madness

Yeah, the NCAA tournament starts.
Solid sports day.
But come 7:38pm, who cares.

We know it's late.
But for those interested...

We created a bracket at [Yahoo]

Name: 172786
Password: mario

Winner gets their choice:
One of our 4 remaining WWGRD wristbands or like 20 bucks.



Ryan Whitney handing out turnovers.
[Josh B]

:: Lord Therrien is like whatev. Maybe the Rangers game was OK. [Trib]

The Rangers are now officially on fire.
They picked up two huge points after beating the Devils for the sixth time of the season last night.
[Interchangeable Parts]

Chris Drury got a big contract and has been a little above mud this season.

But when you win big faceoffs, and score game-tying goals late in March,
you're worth every penny.

( also see: the exact opposite of Dan Briere )

That picture is what it's about.

What an atmosphere at this game.


:: Crosby is still out until at least next week. [PG]

:Mr. Kennnnedy [Trib]


:: Soild article about the Penguins Dads. []

:: [PSAMP] has a good piece about Gary Roberts.



Mario had aftershave?

[Thanks to J.S for the tip]

We did some some brief research and can't seem to find out any more details.
Anyone know?


From two nights ago...
Vesa Toskala with the biggest mistake of his life:

Brutal. Leafs won, though.

Speaking of Brutal.
The Lightning let Buffalo score six third-period goals.

Commit to the joke.
Captials get steamrolled by the Blackhawks.
[Japers Rink]

Picture: A retired Jason Voorhees acknowledges the crowd before the game.


:: The Eastern Conference Playoff celebrity rankings. [Barry Melrose Rocks]

If you can compare the Toronto Maple Leafs to Screech, you did something.
The picture is in the top-ten Internet pictures right now.

:: [Mirtle M.D.] takes a look back in the time machine to the pre-season predictions.

:: ECHL. Stunned. [AOL Fanhouse]


We got this picture from an anonymous source a few days ago.

The question is, how do we get a spirit award?




J.S. said...

That Spirit Award fetches four figures on eBay, and I'd be the FIRST to bid on it.

Jonny V said...

I think you have to wave your pom poms at him or something. Or give him spirit fingers.

Moose Knuckle '08 baby

demondg1 said...

Regarding the Toskala goal...
I'll be honest, It's happened to me before.

And if you're guessing it's the worst feeling in the world, you would be correct.

Stoosh said...

Gonna be REALLY interesting to see how the Lightning come out in tonight's game.

In case anyone didn't see the highlights of the game last night, Tampa was leading Buffalo 4-1 with just 15 minutes left in the game.

Pominville scored at 5:03 to make it 4-2. Hecht scored 16 seconds after that to make in 4-3 and the floodgates were opened. Three minutes later, Vanek tied it and would then add add two more goals over the next six or seven minutes to make it 6-4, Buffalo. Hecht then added the empty netter to make it 7-4.

Unfortunately for the Pens, we're probably getting Mike Smith in net tonight as Karri Ramo was responsible for gagging away last night's game.

But the good news is that Focker and I are in Section F1.

Hip said...

match day - wish me luck!

TK was all annoyed about the Mr. Kennedy thing just a week ago, but now he realizes it's his ticket to fame. Or something like that.

Go Pens!

lis said...

Anyone catch the hit in the Minnesota/Sharks game last night? Torey Mitchell gave the Wild's Kurtis Foster a push into the boards going for an icing (a little reminiscent of Cheechoo's push of Eaton into the boards last year except Foster broke his leg instead of his hand). As soon as he did it, Mitchell leaned over to check on Foster to see if he was o.k. You could completely tell that he didn't mean to do it and felt bad.

They had to splint his leg and strap him onto a backboard. When they lifted him up onto the stretcher, Jeremy Roenick was helping to lift and he was shaking his hand. I thought it was a pretty classy move by Roenick.

In the end, Mitchell only got a 2 minute for tripping!?!?!?

Lady Jaye said...

Hehe, my high school won the Spirit Award when I was there... in band... in the flag line, i swear... Geez, that was 11 years ago. Time flies.

Anywhoo. B-ball brackets. I know nothing about any team so I think I'll do it just to be random and see how I do. lol I haven't followed basketball since I was ten and it was the only sport my grade school offered.

But back to hockey! Wish I was going to the game tonight, but I sold the tix to pay for some of the first round of playoffs ;) I hope it is a good outing for the team going into a nasty schedule in the home stretch.

Heh, my day is also now complete that a Saved By the Bell reference has been used.

caramia said...

hip- Good luck on match day!

My best friend and I are praying she matches in Pittsburgh, since we have season tickets together.

I hope you're not as stressed out as she is.

J.S. said...

I have absolutely no knowledge of college bball except that Pittsburgh is forfeiting to Gary Roberts. I think that's what was posted the other day. With that being said, i stand the best chance to win.

Team name: Your mom goes to college

Flyer Hater said...

Why not just have Crosby make his return against New Jersey on Tuesday instead of Monday against the Rick Dipietroless and haven't won a game since December Islanders? We had our freaking Junior A lineup in their last time and beat them convincingly.

Sinops said...

lady jaye,
Glad to see you are going to be buying the playoff package. I also sold my tix for tonite.sin

FijiH2O said...

I don't know squat about basketball, but I'd love to have a WWGRD bracelet. What are the chances of being able to buy one????

chris e said...

Am I the only one that doesn't understand what 'match day' is?

Dave said...


Apparently once players leave the Flyers they become likeable again.

JYo said...

I'm with fiji, any chance there will be another round of WWGRD bracelet orders?

@chris e: Its the day when med students find out where they go for their residency and thus where they will live for the next few years.

chris e said...

Ahh, thanks jyo.

Hip really cannot go wrong then, anywhere is better than Baltimore.

Dave said...

The 5 million would be nice but what I'm really going after is the bracelet.

norojo said...

staff, make sure Jim Duggan shows up before the game tonight, he cost us the rangers game by not making an appearance. hoooooo

RobbieBrown44 said...

The Witney/Tunover photoshop is life altering.


Lady Jaye said...

sinops > When it came time to push the button to say we weren't going to get them, none of us could do it! We don't really have the $$, but we know we'd be beyond PO-ed if we were at home. Now... my only prayer is that my tickets don't fall on April 11 or april 12. It's my sister's wedding! She'd kill us if half her wedding party suddenly didn't show up.

danielleia said...


Sorry, I'm still pumped from yesterday. Seriously, six goals in the third? You can SO beat Tampa today.

Chris Druuuuurrrraaahhhyyyy is a beast this time of year. It's the only known time robot is seen smiling.

JYo said...

I agree danielleia, his performance level around this time of year is why Drury is a big deal.

Flyer Hater said...

Buffalo still won't make the playoffs.


Brett said...

I saw the injury in the Sharks/Wild game. It was sick. They kept showing him while they were trying to move him, etc and he was in a lot of pain, screaming and stuff. really bad stuff. Read this morning that his femur was fractured.

I filled out an NCAA tourney bracket at work today because pretty much everybody does.

I just picked teams which names sound cool.

Go Villanova!

Stoosh said...

@ Daniella, Dani, other resident Sabres fans...

I'm assuming Daniella's "Chris Druuuuurrrraaahhhyyyy" comment is a reference to Rick Jeanneret's call from the Sabres-Rangers playoffs series last year. I absolutely love Jeanneret because 1) I grew up in Erie so I'm used to him ("MAYDAY!!! MAYDAY!!!" - another one of my all-time favorites) and 2) I love announcers who don't have a problem getting that pumped up on the air, as long as it's natural and not forced. Give me Rick Jeanneret, Mike Lange, Greg Brown (Pirates) over someone like Joe Buck any day of the week.

But I've listened over and over to the Drury goal call from the Rangers series, and for the life of me, I can't understand what the hell Jeanneret is saying. After yelling "SCOOOOOOORRRRRRE," he seems to stumble over Drury's name for a second...did he get choked up or did he do it on purpose? Just wondering, because I can't tell at all.

Dr. Turkleton said...


Good Luck today


maybe TB is going to try their best '83-'84 Pens impersonation & leave Kari 'don't call me Takko' Ramo between the pipes for tonight...

I'll be looking for some rowdiness coming from yuns in F1 from across the way in E18...


that hit was U.G.L.Y. -- I'm sure Don Cherry will show it on Coaches Corner & make a plea for marshmallow boards or STOP signs on NHL'ers backs or something.

[Hossa: population of Hossa, Finland : approx. 60]

Sinops said...

lady jaye,
Hope the dates work out for you. We also don't really have the cash, but you never know how many chances we will have to make a serious run at the cup. I couldn't live with myself if I missed out on something special.

I am sure we are not the only people in that boat.

Nailer News said...

Toskala = Buckner

Dave said...

You might say the consequences of Toskala's screw up were a little different from the consequences of Buckner's.

I would assume that TB will be putting in Smith for tonight's game, so I'm gonna go ahead and say that we aren't going to be getting 6 goals in the third. Jesus.

danielleia said...

flyer hater:

I'm not exactly sure what "sieve" is, but from the context, I'm pretty sure it's not good. Boo. However, nothing is killing my mood today [big win + expensive transfer school acceptance + scholarship = on fire, not meaning STD's]. Miller is not as good in the shootout department this year [shrugs] but he's still good.

Put your $ where your mouth is baby :*

Stoosh: WOOOOO!

This is Dani, just name change. I like to mix it up a little. But, RJ not Umberger is... full on crazy, thats why he rocks (We don't know what he's saying either... just roll with it). Plus, he KNOWS the game and ALL the players which is always helpful when play-by-playing. Add humor and actually announcing, you get your formula for good times (See: not NBC/VS).

I'm done wooing.

coffeytalk said...

I'll be at the Igloo tonight. Section D-23. I've missed the past few home games so I am pumped. I'm the red-ish head in the Ruutu jersey.

Flyer Hater said...

I was going to watch the NCAA tournament, HOWEVA, it's almost playoff time. It's time to pop in Pens vs Caps 96 4OT. Wooo

coffeytalk said...

Great photo of all the dads. BUT which one is Pappa Roberts!?

DeCeV said...


I think I found him

btw I've finally made a blogger account. I've been posting as dave.

Lady Jaye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lady Jaye said...

Hrm, I only got to fill out half my brackets. Guess I was too slow!

M. Vanderlasser said...

My wife and I ended up with an extra ticket for Saturday's game vs. NJ and for the 4/2 home finale vs. Philly.

If you're interested, e-mail me at We'd rather sell to a pensblogger than to a scalper.

Your first beer in on us.

Dr. Turkleton said...



but, I'd like to know...which Penguin is the son of Kenny Rogers?

coffeytalk said...

you are my hero decev.

coffeytalk said...

Add Cedrick Wison to the James Harrison jokes. Steelers let him go. Seriously guys, quit punching your ladies in the face. Morons...

coffeytalk said...


Antonette said...

Fuckin' A, going to the game tonight (only game on break, second this year, sucks going to college out of state). Looking forward to seeing the 29th place team that TB really is,not the somewhereinthemiddleofthepackonagoodnight team that they seem to be when we play them.

Also planning on spending too much money at Pens Station and getting to hear Jeff Jimerson (if it's some skinny blonde bitch from a 'Burgh high school, I'm flipping shit) and hear good ol' Cotton Candy Man.

FijiH2O said...

Too cool - great job!

Flyer Hater said...

My bracket already=joke

stokes said...

If you want to drink beer before the game tonight, Cbloggers, a bunch of people i know are going to the Souper Bowl. We're always up for more people, so if you're interested, we'll be in the back by the door.

Pensgirl said...

That Sabres rally was insane. Anybody catch the Vanek goal where he batted it out of midair? Nice work...though to be fair he looked like he was goofin' in practice what with the utter lack of defense anywhere near him.

Dani, of course we can beat Tampa's just a question of which version of the Pens shows up, Sunday's or Tuesday's.

Lady Jaye said...

decev = awesome

Dr. Turkleton said...


at the 'RESERVED' table????...I sat up on the 'stage' last week vs. the Slugs

getting my grub on at Cafè Euro tonight, though...maybe next time

[Hossa: out to break the 'Nings 7 game win streak v. the Pens in the Igloo]

stokes said...

dr. turkleton: yeah, dude, that's us. next time you're there and you see the blue hat, be sure to say hey.

Hip said...

Thanks all :o) As chris e said, anywhere is really an upgrade for me, but it's now official: UPMC here I come!!!!

Go Pens.

chris e said...

Congrats Hip!

JYo said...

Congrats Hip, UPMC is outstanding and of course even better given the location! You planning any sort of specialty?

Hip said...

Family Medicine at St. Margaret's. Gaaaaaaaah I'm so excited!!

BlacknGold66 said...

Way to go Hip!

No we just need two points from those pesky Bolts tonight and it'll be a good day eh?

danielleia said...

I happen to watch the puck when he tapped it in. It was LITERALLY floating in midair waiting for him.

Question For Hockey Geniuses:
If you have the "most goals in the league," how the HELL does that not make you in first place?! Stats are gay. Yes, they like other stats, don't judge.

Stoosh said...

HIP - If you remember me eerily predicting the USS Hal Gill goal against Philly, I forgot to put something up earlier about your fortunes on match day. Glad to see my super-psychic abilities were not needed.

Stoosh said...

STOKES - I'm going to try to make it down before the game. I work just outside of the Liberty Tunnels and I'm meeting a friend of mine (C-blogger Gaylord Focker) down at the arena. He's not going to be there until 6:30 or 7:00, so I may try and to stop by and get some dinner (and beer, I might have to twist my arm on that one).

What time are you going to be there?

stokes said...

Hip, that's awesome!

i, too, was confused by what Match Day was, and i have a question: how does that work? did you have an idea that you were coming to Pittsburgh or did you hope and pray and pray and hope?

stokes said...

i am getting picked up at 5. i live in dormont, so we'll probably be there about 520-530. and we leave the Souper Bowl about 710-715. do stop by.

J.S. said...

Flyerhater, guess who's doing their best Toronto impression in this year's bracket? Me. Only one in the Job City bracket who is 6 of 8.

Team "Your mom goes to college" = epicfailz!!1!!ones

Bonus points to Dustin Diamond for not going with the typical Pacman video game pose. When you talk underrated video games of the 80s, you talk Mr. Do. Many a dollar and weekend lost in grade school due to Mr. Do.


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