Saturday, March 8, 2008

One thing we always regret is that we never cover the baby Pens.
So when commentor "BlackNGold66" said he would do a recap of the game between the Lake Erie Monsters and Baby Pens. We said sure.


[AHL.Com Scoresheet]

[We] often hear the term "good problem to have" tossed around on cblog.
The Baby Pens facing the Lake Erie Monsters is one of those good problems for me.
Either way, one of my teams wins. But tonight I'm pulling for the Pens.

The Monsters aren't making the playoffs in this, their inaurgural season.

The Baby Pens are.
It's that simple.

Try not to give yourselves heart-attacks by giving the people of Cleveland credit.
C-town was hit with a nastiest storm since that Valentine's Day mess last year.
Inches of snow on the ground by gametime: 6+

Windchill: 20F degrees

Attendance: 3,508

At least 1,000 of those were Penguins/Baby Penguins fans.

Those are solid numbers for any AHL game, let alone one taking place during a blizzard.



In goal:

Baby Pens: John Curry

Monsters: Tyler "Sieve" Weiman

Good news off the bat for the Pens as regular Monsters starter Mike Wall get's the night off.

The guy is the real deal. But unfortunately for him the Avalanche have some dick who won the Hart trophy in goal.

How could you not like a goalie named "Wall"

Optimus Prime helmet = Beast


Right off the bat you could tell that both teams weren't feeling it.

Baby Pens had that look to them that they were just glad to have gotten to the arena alive.

If you had tickets at center ice then you were getting your money's worth. The first five minutes was all played in the neutral zone.

The Baby Pens get a chance after that and get a couple of flimsy shots off.

The Monsters finally got the puck into the offensive zone only to be met consistantly by the Pens defense.

It was a nice change of pace compared to their NHL counterparts. (ooooh, buuuurn!)

Both teams were showing some frustration early on. It was understandable too. Both coaches were using the trap. Something you usually don't see when shots are 2-0 after 7 minutes of play.

Pens D-man Paul Bissonnette (6-3 220 lbs.) and Monsters #1 goon Dale Puritan (6-3 226 lbs.) start jawing at each other but the linesman get in to break it up before any gloves are dropped to the chagrin of the crowd.

That would have been a destructive fight on both ends. Bissonnette's name might be soff, but the man has a jaw like would put Jay Leno to shame.

[Dale Puritan in the off-season]

The Pens change things up a bit and put their top "I've been in the NHL before" line:

Connor James - Nathan Smith - John Fillewitch

Alain Nasreddine - Alex Goligoski

Unfortunately, it didn't work as the neutral-zone trap remains in full effect for both teams.


Suddenly, the Monster's wake up carry the puck into the zone.

Puck goes behind the net to Pens Defenseman Ben Lovejoy who then immediately decides to drop pass it at the goal line to Monster's Forward Dan DaSilva.

DaSilva dishes it in fron of the net to a wide open Chris Stewart.


Monster's have suddenly become scary (durrrrr) and come flying into the zone again.

M's winger Brad Richardson flies in unmolested but get's poked checked beautifully by Curry.

Pens try to carry it into the M's zone but DaSilva douches Lovejoy into the boards with an elbow.

No call.

Monster's come in on another odd-man rush.

T.J. Hensick of the M's put's on moves that would garner him a chance at playing with the big boys in Colorado.

But Curry stones him and the Av's scouts go back to making out with the fat ladies in section 124.

Monsters continue to attack but Alain "Pervert Mustache" Nasreddine puts up a "SOLD" sign in his own crease.

Monsters try to cycle around but Nasre is there to shut it down.

Pass in front to Mitch Love... but he's busy being owned by Nasreddine.

Pens clear, head down the ice and someone screams "PILE ON!!" so everyone on the ice jumps on Monster's goalie Tyler Wieman. (at least that's what I saw from my end of the ice)

6:30 remaining in the 3rd and Nasredine jumps on the ice for his 53rd shift of the first period.

The dude was everywhere.

Pens finally gain the zone as Goligoski gets a pass to Ned Havern who buries it with a wrister.


Pens start owning the neutral zone and come flying in on a 3 on 1 when the ref blows the whistle in attempts to call a penalty on the Pens for too many men.

He actually admits that he made a mistake and gesture's "My bad!" towards the Pens bench.

"Hey, that's MY line!!"

With less than two minutes remaining Ryan Stone flies into the zone with a lead pass from Tim Wallace. Wrist shot... far side.




It's dollar dog night at "The Q" which means that fans like this are crowding the lines at the concession stand:



Connor James begins the period by getting his obligatory douching into the boards.

Monster's try to take up shop in the Pens crease, but again Alain Nasredinne is there to own it.

I'm clearly on the guy's nuts tonight. Maybe it's because it's such a refreshing feeling to see someone in a Pens jersey knocking an opponent to their ass in front of the net.

Ryan Whitney, your thoughts?


Goligoski get's the puck... quick pass to Stone who finds Wallace flying through neutral ice.

Wallace splits the defense and flips the puck past Weiman.


Bisonnette get's mad at my earlier remarks about his name and takes it out on a Monster by hooking him down the the ice.


Ryan Stone reminds us of why the Big Pens called him up so much.

He dominates the entire penalty kill single-handedly killing off 45 seconds while being touched oddly by the Monster's forwards.

The next few minutes went back to snoozeblog as the Pens went back to the trap.

Pens toy around in the M's zone when McLean makes a sick between the legs pass to Goligoski who one-times it past Weiman who never saw the puck.


"Waiting for the call again Ray"

Pens show that they aren't too far from they're NHL counterparts by taking another dumb penalty while holding the lead.


Lovejoy goes off for slashing.

Ryan Stone comes in on the shorthanded chance but get's ... hmmm... um... what's a good word to use here... hmmmm.... "stuffed?", "blocked?", "denied?"


Penalty Killed.

Play get's exciting again as the Baby Pens put on an exact replay of the Florida Panthers 5th goal from Thursday night as all six Penguins on the ice went to grab Dollar Dogs.



2nd Intermission

Tried to get a good shot of one of the Monster's Cheerleaders

This is what happend got:

(btw, say what you want about Cleveland... but that girl in the photo is worth the price of admission alone*)



Monster's come out as if William Wallace gave them a speach during intermission.

It's really hard to root against the team you chear for nearly every home game. But whatev.

Chris Stewart of the Monsters tosses a nasty pass in front but it get's poke-checked out of the crease by Curry.

Both teams start dishing out the hits they forgot to dish out in the first two periods.

DaSilva rocks Engalland into next week.
Bonvie drops uses his walker to slam Corbin into the boards.
Alian Nasredinne gets a lead pass to Connor James who slides it over to Nathan Smith for the slap shot.


The Monsters are clearly pissed off at this point. To say that a they are dissapointed at this point in the season is an understatement.

The next couple of minutes looks like the Royale Rumble as both teams are just demolishing each other into the boards.

Pens get break as Healey is called for kneeing.

Weak call.

Pens power play comes on and forgets what day it is.

Monsters Penalty Kill looks like it's the one on the PP.

"Ooooooh, a PP!"

Pens start thinking about how they are going to be stuck in Ohio for the next three days due to the storm and forget how to run the Power Play.

Brent Kelly of the Monsters carries it into the zone and fires a short-handed goal past Curry.


The goal doesn't matter as their is suddenly less than four minutes remaining in the game.

Old Man Winter strolls in with Father Time hand-in-hand.

Pens get another power play and finally put one home.


The Baby Pens faithful start to crowd the tunnel towards the lockerroom as time runs out.



  • Goligoski 1G 2A
  • Stone 1G 1A
  • Nasredinne 1A 1Crease owned


  • Goligoski and Nasredinne need to keep their cell phones charged at all times
  • Chris Stewart is the real deal
  • I shot video of the Baby Pens walking to the locker-room. I held the camera sideways like a moron. Wasteofgoodfootageblog as the Pens players were all high-fiving and thanking the fans.

*Thanks to the Pensblog for allowing me to do this.

Thanks to you BlackNGold


sh0ez said...

Nice review, bng66. I always make sure to check the scores in the AHL to see how the Baby Pens did. It was sweet seeing a review here.

That Optimus Prime helmet rules.

Charlie in Browns cheerleader outfit = gold.

You should be able to save that video? Just flip the video 90 degrees?

Let's Go Baby Pens!

The Seeker said...

Good recap BnG66!

Is the Quicken Loans Arena just a new name for the arena where the Lumberjacks played near the new baseball field (Jacobs Field)?

Do they still allow skating with the team after the games?

Staff said...

Thanks again guys.

Yes, it's the new name of the arena.

Gund Arena = Quicken Loans Arena
Jacob's Feild = Progressive Field (as of a few weeks ago) -- {vomit}

They still have open skate after most games, but I'm not sure if the players make their way back to the ice.

Jersey Bill said...

Excellent job. Usually fans wouldn't know more than 2 or 3 names from their farm team. It's either a testament to scouting and development or unbelievably shitty injury luck that we know so many baby Pens. Personally, I think it's 65-35 player development.

I thought Kari Lehtonen's Transformers mask (
/VzSuifasInQ/s1600-h/_2001726370072976068gfyCRv_fs.jpg) and (
board/attachments/equipment-forum/10231d1202314482-kari-lehtonens-new-lid-001.jpg) and one more (
board/attachments/equipment-forum/10230d1202314469-kari-lehtonens-new-lid-004.jpg) was, as the kids say, mad beast, but the Optimus Prime is the shit.

Dr. Turkleton said...

solid job bng66

Craps lose in final 5 minutes as Brashear takes 2 stupid penalties: 4 min. high-sticking then 2 min. roughing for suckerpunching a guy after the play....then Big John Erskine takes 2 minute tripping penalty: creating a 5 on 3....
Chara scores...but heres the twist: it remains 5 on 3 due to only 1 of Brash's penalties coming off the board.....what a couple of dummies

let's hope their plane gets in late & the forget to move their clocks ahead 1 hour

Dr. Turkleton said...

sorry that your 'other' team lost
[not really, but I figured I'd try to be 'nice']

stokes said...

Solid BNG66.

I'm not sure if BNG's style is normally like that, or if he's been reading tPB that much, but he could pass for tPB staff on some of those high quality lines.

Nice crush on Whitney.


stokes said...

Oh, and i just watched Game 7 Eastern Conference Semi's against Buffalo.

Seeing who was in the line up for that series, would someone remind me how they didn't win the Stanley Cup?

teamkory said...

I have been reading the PENS BLOG for about a week or so. I love it. I live in Cleveland, so yes I was at the game last night. And how cool to see a review here! Thanks BNG66, your Baby Pens/Pens fans are great! So many Pens/Baby pens supporters out there last night. Thanks agaiN!

sh0ez said...

Kari's helmet is cool. I just think Wall's is cooler because it's actually JUST the helmet. Either way, both are badass.

annie said...

Great to see this! Thanks bng66! I've been dying to see a Baby Pens game. I hope it can be arranged for more of these!

onesizedrummer said...

hey nice review, gotta love that double space idea, makes reports look like you actually put some time into it.

hey great idea BNG66


Hip said...

BNG - solid. I enjoyed this recap immensely.

Dr. Turk - thanks for your feigned kindness ;o) Just vomitblog city today with the Caps. Might have 2 minute minored their way right out of the playoffs. Brash is a fucking joke - dudes supposed to act like a veteran. One thing for sure though, they will be holla pissed tomorrow.

spidermonkey44102 said...

Highlights from last night included:

Weisman=Swiss cheese

Goligoski=3 points


Mike Costa said...

Very Nice Recap. Hands Down, Best Part Was The "I've Been In The NHL Before" line.

Cripplr44 said...

Hossa not back against the Craps

FireFox said...

Solid recap. Just as good as if the PensBlog staff did it themselves.

Watch out PensBlog, I think someone is looking to come up from the minors and take your job.

PensBlog = Mark Recchi
BlackNGold = Tyler Kennedy

:-) Just kidding!

PittCheMBA said...

Great recap!

KJ said...

wall does have a cool helmet, but when i saw him a few wks ago, he seemed to need to spit a lot!

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