Sunday, March 16, 2008


There is a lot you can say about this game.
But words don't do it justice.

How bad was it?
An actual post on some Flyers message board:

[ Something is Inherently Wrong With This Organization ]

That narrowly beats out this post as post of the day:
[ **** You Stevens ]

It's bittersweet because there's no use rubbing it in.
Fittingly, after the game, NBC switched to golf.



[Kris R]


[Captain Dummy]--------------------------------[Andrew M]

[Allison N]

[James S]

[Eli N]


Early on, the pending Hossa honeymoon was gonna have to wait a while 'cause the Pens get caught with too many men on the ice.

That penalty seemed like it was only a minute long, probably because Evgeni Malkin was on the ice.

MalkinTime wasn't over though, because he comes from behind the net and scores some sort of crazy no-look backhand goal. Then he gives Martin Biron the Razor's Edge to cap it off.

We have no NHL goaltending experience of which to speak.
But what a weak goal to give up.

After the Pens killed off a Ryan Whitney roughing penalty, it was time again for another goal.
Dupuis and Sykora team up.

It was 2-0 that fast.
What a pass by Dupuis.

The Flyers' Riley Cote unleashes a solid hit on Sykora, and Ryan Malone didn't like it.
Malone goes into a gunfight with Riley Cote, but Malone only brought a fly swatter.

It had to be done, though.
If Cote was even somewhat aware his team is in the midst of a playoff race, he lets Malone go to the box.

Somehow, late in the first, the speed of the game jumped up a notch.

What happened next may have led to Mike Richards' death.
He gets faked out by Malkin behind the Pens net.

He actually lifts his skate up in the air on purpose as a last-ditch effort to thwart Malkin.
He wasn't trying to cut his face, but he was throwing his leg back in order to impede him.
The downside is that there's a sharp blade at the end of his leg.

While everyone waited to see what was going to happen, Sykora got a high-sticking penalty.

The Pens killed off the first part of that penalty in the first period.
Remember, Pascal Dupuis is everywhere you want him to be.

And the Pens headed to the locker room, anxious to hear and/or see what Mike Richards did to Malkin.


NBC's Mike Milbury comes out swinging during the intermission, jobbing Colin Campbell's handling of the Chris Pronger situation.

It felt like that whole even-Steven segment with Pierre Maguire was scripted anyway.



The Pens survived a scare early in the second when the Flyers were buzzing, but Mike Knuble knocked the net off.
The penalty was killed, and it was just a waiting game until the Flyers started parading to the penalty box.

Not like the Pens needed power plays.
Ruutu-Talbot-Kennedy refused to be denied in the Flyers zone.

The play no one will think twice about was Talbot knocking the puck maybe 8 inches over to Kennedy while sprawled out on the ice.
Kennedy was able to backhand it top-shelf for a 3-0 lead.

What the hell was Martin Biron doing?
John Stevens sends him to the showers.


Later on, Hossa made pretty much his first appearance of the game, centering an odd-man rush.
Dupuis gets a solid shot off, but the Flyers finally had a goalie.

Some plugger no one's even heard of puts a late hit on Kris Letang on an icing call, well after the whistle, and the Flyers go to the box.
We reiterate -- the Flyers are fighting for a playoff spot.

The Flyers were able to neutralize the Pens PP.
And a couple minutes later, they were able to get one past MAF. 3-1.
What would a Pens/Flyers game be without a Mike Knuble goal?

Maybe the Flyers do care.

Well, maybe not.

Malkin drove to the net later, and Braydon Cobourn was overmatched and was eventually turned around and jobbed his goalie.

Malone tries to drag it around some joke.
It falls off his stick, but Sykora is there to push it to the net.

Malkin with the lay-up.

And then it happened...

Before you could finish thinking about that goal, Gonchar finds Hossa, and Hossa just buries it, and serves the Flyers some fresh hot poop. 5-1.

People wait for moments like that all their lives.
Flyers coach John Stevens calls a timeout after the goal so they can all make out.

The only downside with a blowout-in-progress is that it was against the Flyers, so it was gonna start getting chippy eventually.

It took the Pens having a 5-1 lead for obstruction and holding to start being called.
The Pens jump on a power play to close out the second.

The Pens had something going for the first half of it, but then it was mud.


Cotton candy heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

R. J Jokeburger, who got hurt earlier in the period, gets his injury report:



The third period had the potential to be...

1) Flyers delivering cheap shots.
2) Malkin chasing Ovechkin.

He got his fourth point of the night when he sets up Sykora in the slot. 6-1.

[Andrew M]

Father Time had already come and gone by the time Mike Richards freight-trains Connor James.
Chris Minard jumps on him and gets the job done.
Richards is a coward.

The interesting part of that was Mike Richards getting a game misconduct, along with Minard.
The refs were stopping anything before it began.

The Pens came out of that mess with a power play, but no dice.

And then it happened.
Ray Shero issued a strike against Philadelphia.
The USS Hal Gill moved into position.


After that, you could sit back and enjoy it.
The Pens get a power play late when the refs make it known that the Flyers weren't gonna make this game a joke.

Remember when John Stevens kept putting out his top PP in that 8-2 loss back in December??

Therrien has a smirk on his face as he puts Talbot-Ruutu-Kennedy on the PP.

Malkin and Company jump onto the ice for the second half, to a boisterous cheer from the Mellonites.
The Pens were trying to get Petr Sykora his third goal of the game, because he has never registered a hat trick.
Stunning, but true.
But no dice.

The Flyers bus was already warmed up.


[Ryan M]

  • Malkin: 2G, 2A
  • Sykora: 2G, 2A
  • Hossa: 1G, 1A
  • Gill: 1G, 1 A
  • Dupuis: 3A
  • Malone: 2A
  • MAF: 24 saves.

  • Another convincing win without Sidney Crosby.
  • The Flyers are in big touble.
  • Hacksaw 3-0
  • USS Hal Gill. Big-time player right now.
  • Letang looks like he has played in the NHL for 15 years. Insane.
  • Good times.

For those of you who missed the "History of the Penguins" thing from FSN...

You can download it [Here]
Thanks to poster Hyzdufan on [LGP] for the link.




Mike Georger said...

i had to drive back from charlotte to state college today and was getting game updates from my roommate. i literally teared up when he informed me of a 'go home flyers' chant breaking out. i broke every traffic law in virginia to get home fast so i could see the highlights.

Flyer Hater said...

Coach Jack Reilly for the Hawks in the Mighty Ducks=best sports movie villian ever

Eric P. said...

As soon as I got to my seats, I took a look up at the jumbotron only to see "WWGRD?"

PittHockey said...

I woke up, thought today was going to suck, turned nbc on, and my day was complete.

malkinian said...

"Now Gordon, you miss this shot you're not just letting me down, you're letting your whole team down too." - Jack Reilly inspires youth hockey

Great game today! At least for me the Hossa goal was one of the moments during the season when I jumped outta my chair and yelled, similar to that 2 on 0 goal Geno scored against the Devils earlier in the year that was waved off because of a penalty. Hossa and Dupuis are great 2-way players and the USS Hal Gill has been steady Eddie since his been here. In Shero I Trust.

Let's Go Pens!!

Hip said...

Just wanna give props again to the dudes who came up with USS Hal Gill because that is just genius.

Go Pens.

The Big K said...

All The Right Moves.


As fun as that was, knocking them officially out of the playoffs in the last 2 games will be better.


And Richards is a dick.

KJ said...

what's better than the flys losing? the flys losing looking nothing like the flys!

Flyer Hater said...


Listen closely, the Mellon has gotten into the act!

Eric K said...

All The Right Moves -> 2nd best movie to come out of Johnstown. Maybe the only other movie to ever come out of Johnstown...

How bout Ken the Cotton Candy Man sporting the new Yellow Shirt for the stretch run.

Hip said...

PS - Charlie, you are completely shredded.


Just saying.

Nathan said...

There's nothing like the first sound you hear when you turn the game on being the Pens' goal horn (for Sykora's second of the game). I missed most of this game, but I got home in time to see Gill's goal and enjoy the fact that we splattered the Flyers.

Made my day, that's for damn sure. Four wins to the playoffs. Let's go Pens.

Ashley said...


MadMax said...

From the Cryers message board:
Sallies11: Malkin got F'ed up! Skate to face, nice.

havoc: Richards with a modified version of the super kick

Way to represent Philly A-holes

Fred Jones said...

Great win. Loved every minute of it. Tivo'd it, watched it a second time. I firmly believe Richards had that skate up on Geno on purpose.

I Have Kasparaitis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I Have Kasparaitis said...

Well that was a pretty amazing game. I was hoping for the potential of having the top line all get hat tricks. You know, Sykora and Malkin with a regular hat trick and Malone with the Gordie Howe.

Looked to me like Cote started throwing punches before Malone got the chance to get his gloves off ... but whatev! Malone's skate could play better hockey than Cote.

Hey, nobody's talking about how we win it without BGL? (JK, folks!)

I found myself thinking once again about how much I hate Richards and Cote. Oh Pensblog, we might need to issue an Amber Alert for Captain Jason Smith. I think I saw him once when he decided to complain about his no name friend (possibly Coburn) who tries to hit LeGame after whistle.

I was so excited with Hossa back that at the end of every word I started adding "a." Him and Dupuis are like magic! (Ok, you too Staal)

Shero should be worshipped on a daily basis. He sure knows what he's doing.

I was reading those Flyer fans post, and I got a good laugh. Calling for another coach to be fired? Sounds a little fair weathered down in Philly.

In Malkin I Still (and Will Always) Trust.

norojo said...

1) Carter definitely tried to cut Malkin with his skate there, that should be a suspension
2) Anyone else wanna punch Mike Milbury in the face every time he talks?
3) Dupuis > Hossa?
4) Hal Gill no longer looks like the worst player in the NHL. Not good news, just means Therrien will bench Orpik when Scuds gets back
5) Imagine if Geno starts playing like this when Sid is back
6) Best free agent signing of the past offseason hands down is Syko

Go Pens

The Seeker said...

Here's a really great Crosby - Malkin tribute video.

What makes it even better than the editing and music is the fact that it was created by a Canes fan.

Be sure to click "more..." and see all the details he wrote!

Sidney Crosby And Evgeni Malkin Tribute

PS: What do we do with that 17Kb Torrent file downloaded from the link for the "Under The Lights" program?

I Have Kasparaitis said...

On #2, I'm pretty sure every person who has heard him utter a word wants to deck him.

On #3, I think it's unfair to say Dupuis is better than Hossa when Hossa got kneed in his 1st game for us. Give him time to settle. He and Dupuis got a goal in their first Complete games.

On #4, I love Brooks Orpik, I think he is more consistent than most of our defensemen and plays a very physical and very defensive game, but I don't see him playing for us much longer. Therrien and Company just have some random issues with him, which bothers the hell out of me. If the man plays well, let him play! Imagine when Eaton comes back ... what's gonna happen there?

I know a lot of people are complaining about the score (aka saying we ran up the score.) I thought it was smart because Ottawa came back when we were leading; it makes perfect sense to make sure we end them. Plus, karma's a bitch!

Oh, I forgot to mention ... great photoshop, guys!

In Malkin I Still Trust!

BlacknGold66 said...


I've been downloading that file for the past 30 minutes and I still have plenty of time to go.

You need to use something like uTorrent to download it.

I hope it works.

ConcussionMike said...

after a slow start with some real bad games hal gill is looking like the beast i was hoping he would be.
who leaves when rob s is back?

coffeytalk said...

love love love the photoshop, ashley!

nu said...

Run up the score, shmore. People need to remember this isn't football. How many 5-2, 4-2 games did we lose? It's called just compensation. As even the announcers said, goal differential is a tie-breaker.

Even the Baby Pens won today! (8 in a row; beat the best team in their conference, were briefly first in the division afterwards...)

Just a good 24 hours for sports.

Mike Costa said...

It Took Five Months But Finnaly They Play "MR. KENNEDY!" Whenever Kennedy Scores A Goal. I Was Screaming When They Played It Because I Always Scream "KENNEDY!" Everytime He Touches The Puck. Most People Look At Me Funny :-D

Loser Chris said...

At what point do we start referring to the Hossa trade as the Dupuis trade?

Sakic19 said...

Couple of quick points...I know I may get beaten up, but does anyone else see that this team seems to play better without Crosby, I will never doubt his talent, but when he is in the lineup other players defer to him, and it seems that he is always looking for the perfect play instead of putting the puck on net, he is becoming predictable to oponents as he will seemingly pass up a great shot for a blind pass to someone else who is convered...Dupuis will make everyone forget about their bad feelings towards the's sad to say but he is the player we all hoped Army would be...The USS Hal Gill continues to amaze and impress, he is the big defenseman that this team has lacked for many years...the way he blockades the defensive zone is unparalled...when Scuds returns, Sydor sits...

Sakic19 said...

There is no way Therrien should break up the David/Goliath defensive pairing of The USS Hal Gill and Kris "I'm a P.T. Boat" Letang...shutdown defensive pairing

Steve In Denver said...

Mr Kennedy shout out = gold.

Think about his year...from WBS to scoring huge goals on a friggin lights out team, and getting some public address love?? He's got to be pinching himself on the bench.

The only thing that would have made this day totally complete would have been a Pens KO over anyone from that godforsaken Philthy bench.

Dupuis = a keeper. What a setup on Sykora's goal. EC would have deked, completely not seen Sykora, and fired one high into section E on that play.

BlacknGold66 said...

Random fact of the night:

Pens have outscored their opponents 18-6 in the last two years (3 games) while the player's fathers are "with" the team.

nu said...



Anyone who didn't get it, you weren't alone!

kmlovespens said...

So watching the geno/crosby tribute got me all Stoosh(TM) and I had a "thoughts dudes" moment:

HOW LUCKY ARE WE TO BE PENS FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have the two best players in hockey

Then add in a dash of the HOSS and a pinch of Dupis and a handful of the USS hall Gil and I get all excited.....

Then I start to thinking with all of the excitement of trade deadline acquisitions, and superb play by wbs boys does anyone almost (and I do mean almost) forget the almighty Gary Roberts plays for this team?


J.S. said...


PB Charlie, Cotton Candy Kenny, and Coach Reilly all making appearances and Hossa serving the healthy serving of poop to Coach Stevens more than makes up for my missing of the game.

Flyer Hater said...

Seriously, Dupuis for Armstrong and Christensen would have been a good trade for us if he was the only player involved.

Ashley said...

lol thanks coffeytalk! I suck at photoshop, but I was proud of that one :)

Antonette said...

PensBlog Charlie is ripped.


Kris Letang is a tugboat.

Dwayne said...


That torrent file is what a Bit Torrent client uses to locate the tracker, which tells you who all is currently uploading (and downloading) the file in question.

Use a program like uTorrent (technically, it's a mu, not a u, but I have no desire to look for the greek character that corresponds), or if you want to get crazy about it, try Azureus, especially if you're on a Mac or something. uTorrent is very solid and should do just fine for you. I'm not sure how you add the torrent to uTorrent since you have it on your harddrive, but it's probably as simple as going File->Open or something along those lines. I generally just install, and when I click the download link, it offers me the option to open it in uTorrent. Then let it go about its business.

There were a ton of people uploading, so I got it in no time. Hopefully that works well for you.

- - - - - - -

It has been said before, but I think the defensive pairings of Gonchar-Orpik and Letang-Gill are sensational. I'm not going to include Whitney-Sydor in that, but they've been relatively solid too. If I were grading them, I'd have to say Letang-Gill are the best shut-down defensive pairing on the team, with Gonchar-Orpik a close second, and Whitney-Sydor still a far sight better than Anyone-Melichar / Anyone-Nasreddine. I never in my wildest dreams could have envisioned Gill and Letang working so damn well together. In my opinion, you don't touch that pairing - ever.

Christina said...

agreed, dwayne. legame and gill were impressing the hell outta me yesterday.

i was laughing out loud when i heard the "misssterrr kennnedddyyyy!!!!!" come in over the hey was priceless!!

Robbie Brown said...

I think it is strange that we do seem to play better when Sid is out of the lineup. This is in no way suggesting we are a BETTER team without him, just a strange phenomenon. I do think that if we are going to make a long playoff run, the guys will need to keep their play up at this level even when Sid comes back.

Lady Jaye said...

Was I alone in looking to see who Therrien put out on the ice for that last power play? I wanted to see if he would put out the 'second' or 'third' PP unit mostly because of the comments exchanged from that 8-2 blowout. I was glad to see Kennedy and company out there.

And run up the score, are you kidding? When your team has blown huge leads like that, you have to score to ensure you win. It's not like we were taking runs at their goalie or trying to slash people's faces open with our skates in the process. And how classy was that of Philly fans to enjoy it. I would be mortified if on our players attempted something like that.

Stoosh said...

HIP - Re: "USS Hal Gill"...

We were watching the game yesterday at my mom and dad's house in Erie with my family. Just as I finished mentioning how a goal by the USS Hal Gill would be icing on the cake, the USS Hal Gill delivers. It was so cool we all stopped and looked at each other with this "now THAT was weird" expression on our faces.

Stoosh said...

ASHLEY - Loved the Photoshop, especially the fact that I believe Malone is McLovin.

Stoosh said...

By the way, I'm going back a few posts here...

but it can be pointed out to Junker & Crow that the photo Gary Roberts posed for at the Skates & Plates Dinner is the reason we ask WWGRD...not WWBRD (Ben Roethlisberger) or WWHWD (Hines Ward).



Probably charge a fee for posing for a picture like that.

coffeytalk said...

stoosh, you always have the right things to say.

that's why we commit.

norojo said...



Nathan said...

@norojo: The only problem with punching Mike Milbury in the face is that he's liable to steal your shoe and beat you up with it. I mentioned this on Deadline Day, but there's something really funny about listening to Milbury job someone else (in that case, John Ferguson, Jr.) about being a horrible GM. NBC probably won't want a Rangers-Islanders outdoor game, because we'd be treated to another murder on live TV when a crowd of bitter Islanders fans come out of the stands and beat Milbury to death. Although the sound of 60,000 people chanting "Potvin Sucks" would be entertaining.

The Seeker said...

The video of Richards trying to do a Zednik on Malkin:

Malkin Gets a Skate in the Face

There's NO WAY that wasn't intentional.

Pensgirl said...

For the love of God, I can't believe I have to re-post this.

The team was on a pretty damn good run before Sid got hurt. After exceeding expectations in his absence, they started to tire, blowing two games against Ottawa and losing to traptastic San Jose and (badly) to Boston. Malkin appeared to wear down and his ridiculous points production dropped off before his parents even returned to Russia.

Continuing the same level of play upon Sid's return that we saw in the previous week or two, we won two games of the three he dressed for - games where he had deciding points. Losing Sid again but gaining five days of rest, they dominated two injured-and-struggling teams, including one that had played a game 17 hours earlier, lost in OT, and then traveled.

From Dec. 15, we're 26-10-5. Thirteen wins with Sid, thirteen wins without him.

With him, we probably beat Ottawa at least once. We possibly beat San Jose, and we still lose to Boston. Without him, we still lose to Florida, and possibly to Tampa and even the Caps (who scored the second goal? Who caused the puck to end up on Backstrom's stick?).

This team has not been better without Sid, in play or in outcomes. It's been the same. That's a remarkable testament to their character, and that's all it is.

FijiH2O said...

This is in addition to the pictures of a young Gary Roberts that were posted yesterday - he's even younger here. Can't wait until he's back on the ice!!!!

Sakic19 said...

I would be a fool to say that we are a better team without Crosby...what I am saying is that we are a different team without him, with most players turning it up a notch and not sitting back looking for the perfect play...look at the way Malkin plays with him and without, look at the shots on goal that we have, and look at the intensity we play with...I just don't understand how when he is in the lineup, the team seems to lack that intensity, and I hope nothing changes when he returns

BlacknGold66 said...


Thanks for posting that video.

I think I was too shocked and scared yesterday to watch the replay during the game to get riled up about it.


Mike Richards is a fucking asshole.

otrotirknarf said...

i think this definition could pertain to hockey as well

Stoosh said...

Something else to add to the "With Sid/Without Sid" conundrum...

Let's wait and see how the team plays with Sid AND Hossa in the lineup. That may change everything and get everyone else to play with that same overall intensity.

Sid has really never played much on a line with an elite sniper. Both he and Malkin are playmakers...both players tend to pass first and shoot second (Malkin shoots more, but he's not a shoot-first sniper). I think that explains a lot about this difference in the way the team plays; with Hossa in the lineup with Sid, you'll have one less forward looking to defer back to Sid because Hossa WILL shoot the puck.

With Sykora in the lineup, Malkin has his "shoot first" sniper. Hossa will be the same for Sid, and that's something Sid has never had. Instead of having one line of elite talent to deal with, teams will now have to contend with two lines - each with its own elite playmaker and elite sniper.

The Seeker said...

@ BnG66:

If you compare the Zednik incident with this one, you'll see Jokinen falls over another player like getting his knees chopped out, causing his feet to go in the air.
Richards seems to TRY to raise his one leg up intentionally.
I don't think he wanted to get him in the face or neck, but as was said in the recap, he did it intentionally trying to impede Malkin after getting toasted by him.

PS: Thanks for the help with the Torrent file to both of you that replied. I just finished d/l it.

Pensgirl said...


The first time, yes, they stepped up (especially Malkin), but as I said they started to tucker out before he got back. Those losses to Ottawa, San Jose, and Boston were borne of the same lackluster play that they showed on the southern swing after Sid returned. They'd had a rough schedule and were playing lights-out to try to compensate, and they started to lose that. With Sid or without Sid, it's the fact that they got much-needed rest this week that was the biggest factor in how they played.

They won big because they played struggling teams that didn't show up. In either case, we probably still win but don't get more than 4 if the opponent bothers to put a decent game together.

Teams sometimes do relax when leaders/scorers come back, (see "Lemieux, Mario"), but with good teams that only lasts a few games. If they showed it (and I'm not convinced they did), they weren't really over it by the time he decided to sit again.

From what I can see, Sid's return coincided with a naturally-occurring downturn, and his un-return coincided with fortunate scheduling.

The one thing that would be beneficial, as people have mentioned before, would be to put Sid and Geno on different power play units when they're both playing. Personally, I think the only reason they don't work together is that they both set up on the right side. On opposite sides they'd be more likely to fire into the middle more, making better use of a Malone. Think Mario and Jagr. (I also think when they have been together, Geno's the one who should be the shooter, but since I'm not a coach I can't do anything about that.) But I digress...

Like Stoosh said, having Hossa hopefully will make a difference with that.

But at this point I'm not concerned about anything. This team is resilient in the face of everything that's been thrown its way. They have weaknesses (*cough*shots allowed), but they've dealt with potential obstacles in an admirable way that should make them stronger in the playoffs. They've got the talent and the character to beat anybody, and that's really all you can ask for as a fan.

Jonny V said...

So yinz really think having Crosby and Hossa together might just work out? I'm having reservations about that one. I just don't see a playmaking center and a sniper of a winger working out well together. I mean that's going out on a limb there.

Pensgirl said...

Jonny, I'd be more convinced if Hossa was a tall receiver, but you can't have everything.

Jonny V said...


And Smizik did a column on this subject. Trade Crosby? Just Kidding...

"That being said, no one wants him out of the lineup. Maybe guys kind of sit back [when Crosby plays]. I don't want to say he makes other guys nervous, but they kind of look at him and know he's in the lineup and they don't have to play as hard."

"When he's out of the lineup, everyone tries to be a difference maker," Malone said. "That's what you need when your top guy goes out. There's no reason when he comes back we can't have the same desperation and the same attitude."

I think the general idea is when a team's superstar goes down, the rest of the team takes it upon their shoulders to play better. Any of you familiar with Bill Simmons recognize this as the "Ewing Theory," named for the ugly former center of the New York Knicks.

JYo said...

Not only are the Pens missing a tall WR, but that Flower guy is still in net for some reason. I mean, if the Pens hadn't scored any goals yesterday, they would have lost and it would have been his fault (just ask cripplr). Look how terrible he has been (from the Mr. Kennedy article linked above):

Fleury's start yesterday was his fifth in six games, and his save percentage stands at .947 in those games.

Clearly he shouldn't be playing! Maybe Sid can play goalie when he comes back since the team is better without him skating anyway and then Flower can ride the pine.


Ashley said...

hahaha @ jyo

Yeah, a .947 save percentage is shit. I mean, COME ON, you would think that Fleury could do better than that. My dog could do a better job, and she thinks that rolling over is exercise.

Maybe Shero should trade him to LA this summer for Dan Cloutier. Or just a bag of pucks.

Jonny V said...

Also just wanted to add that I used Limewire to download from the torrent and had no trouble at all. I missed the special on friday night because i was studying the inside of my eyelids. Thank you Adam Hyzdu!

Sakic19 said...

It's great either way with Bing or's just frustrating that sometimes guys don't seem to play to their potential when he is in the lineup, and that could be said even before the injury...

USS Hal Gill=teams best all around defenseman

Pensgirl said...

JYO, you're so right. We NEVER win when Fleury's in net and we don't score!

Ashley, how about a bucket of actual flowers? With terra cotta pads, that thing would be unstoppable. I'm thinking daisies....

JYo said...

Will terra cotta pads make the bucket of flowers look bigger or smaller to opposing shooters? Maybe a simple white bucket would be better...

racheleyos said...

maybe someone has already said this, but when sid is in the line-up, it seems like all the players are trying to constantly force him the puck or just get him the puck in general. without sid, it seems like we play better individually. if you dig what i mean. many times I have thought to myself over this injury stretch that players really have stepped up and when sid returned it seems like those same players fell back. of course, sid wasn't back long enough to really recreate the chemistry that was evident before. we will see what happens!

BlacknGold66 said...

Is it opposite's day on here?

Hal Gill best all-around defenseman???

rwarner174 said...

Were we not a 10 game point streak before crosby got hurt? Anyone that suggests that we are better without Crosby just isn't paying attention. Don't think we had a 10 game point streak without him?

Dani said...


I was hoping someone would post a video on that Malkin-skate-in-face-gate. That's pretty shady that someone would intentionally do that to someone. Campbell had said many times he absolutely hated the panthers, but when Zednik got hurt, most of them were on the brink of tearing up. The whole arena went eerily quiet. What an awful experience. Let’s see if anything happens to Richards though. Does Malkin speak any English yet, teach him “douchebag?”

On a happier note:
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
(ummm… sluggie’s a little hung over on Maple Leafs)

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I think people are just making observations of how strange it is that our stats look better when Sid is gone then we he was here. That being said, we have played more games with Sid, Recchi played during the beginning of the season, we didn't have rhythm for a while, and some other players were not as consistent. Frankly, I find it funny that we have better stats without The Next Great One.

Stoosh, I want to commit but why do you have to diss Hines Ward? I am a Penguins fan and Steelers fan, no matter what season. (Actually, that Monday night game that interfered with the Monday Night Football, I watched more Pens than Steelers)

Richards is a dick. 'Nuff said.

Oh BTW funny photoshop with the top line!

Flyer Hater said...

Conklin in net against the Rangers, round and round we go on Planet Therien.

lis said...

Why does having two goalies that are both playing very good at this point in time piss people off?

We have a problem that others teams can only DREAM about but yet people here aren't satisfied.

I don't want to get into a debate about this because everything that can be said about either goalie getting the #1 spot has been said...blah...blah...blah! Why can't we just ride the wave were riding on and just enjoy it?

Why can't we just keep both goalies fresh and on their toes so we can keep winning, no matter which one is in net???

Ashley said...

pensgirl - oooo daisies would be nice. But since it's spring (kinda) and it's almost Easter, we could add a few tulips in there, and some lilies? I think we could make a very nice arrangement, eh?

But I think I may have to agree with jyo - the terra cotta may be a little too much of a contrast with the ice. Now if you painted the terra cotta white....problem solved.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Second star of the week is Sykora!!

wilsmith said...

I hate the Flyers just much as the next guy, but I find it really hard to believe Richards would do that on purpose. He probably lost it when he whiffed on that check, which is becoming a pretty regular thing for him, but I don't think any decent hockey player, even a Flyer, would throw his blades up at a guys face.

He's a Flyer, but he's still a human, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

anyway, fantastic game to watch.

nu said...

What do you know, the Failyears do have a mascot!

And it's........Briere??


rwarner174 said...


If what you say is true we should trade Crosby or scratch him when he gets back. Which is of course crazy. He is the best player in the NHL and if we happen to lose when he comes back it will be more of a conicdence not a sign on anything.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

No I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying people are talking about the stats when they really don't mean a lot. Sid the Kid is amazing and nothing will change that. I would be the biggest idiot to say that Sid shouldn't play. I just found humor in the situation is all.

Flyer Hater said...

When's the the last time a team has won the Stanley Cup rotating goalies in the playoffs? You'll be searching a long time.

Fleury's the guy and should get the majority of the starts here on out. If we want to make a legit run in the postseason, it'll be backstopped by MAFer

Raybin said...

Speaking as someone who has spent money on Conk-wear, let me say....anyone who thinks we should rotate goalies or make Conklin the starter is an ass of the first order.

Fleury was the #1 goalie when he went down. He's come back, been given a chance to show if he still is, and guess what?....he has.

He's the #1 and should be. I was hoping HCMT would put Conks in against maybe the Lightning or the Islanders, say.

But for the bigtime games against your fellow playoff bound teams? That's the time to go exclusively with your bigtime #1. The Flower.

It seems too much like the goalie carousel, rather than the backup spelling the starter every so often. That sends a bad message to Fleury.

People talk about going with the hot hand, well...Fleury's got it right now. Big time.

I mean.....947 save percentage? Are you kidding me? The man's lights out right now.

Stoosh said...


I'm a fan of the Steelers, too. I probably should've put up a disclaimer after the WWBRD/WWHWD comment that Ben Roethlisberger is one of my favorite Steelers ever.

I was never as excited about a Steelers draft pick as I was about him, mostly because I'd seen him play in college and was thrilled at the prospect of him becoming a true franchise QB here. I enjoy watching him play, but I also laugh my ass off every time the Pensblog staff throws up the INT/turnover references.

As far as Hines goes, he's a great player and he was an incredibly nice guy when I had the chance to meet him (BS'd about football with my cousin and I for 20 minutes during my one trek to Latrobe in 1999).

I just get tired of him talking about the whole disrespect thing. He's turned a bit from a humble asskicker who went out and did his job into a bit of a diva. Most wideouts are like that.

If the disrespect thing is what he uses for motivation, cool. I just get tired of hearing about how no one's ever given him a chance or recognized him for his just gets old after a while. Like Mike Prisuta said, dude was a 3rd-round pick...he was drafted on the first day of the draft. That's a good chance. He was a Super Bowl MVP and he's been to Pro Bowls; he's also got the big contract, so both his peers and his employer have recognized his accomplishments.

I consider myself a Steelers fan, although my Steelers fandom has probably gravitated more towards the casual level since the post-Super Bowl season. The coverage of the team by the local TV networks has been just too over-the-top the last few seasons, and it's made it less fun for me as a fan. I admit...the NFL is less fun for me to watch these days; the players seem more egomaniacal and self-centered then ever (it reminds me of the way the NBA went in the mid-1990s when I lost interest in that), and I think it's overanalyzed to the point that the games are almost anticlimatic. But that's just me.

I just don't take it as seriously as some fans do around Pittsburgh.

Pensgirl said...

Sorry, Ashley. I didn't think to paint them white. Fire me.

Stoosh, I'm with you that the NFL, and particularly local Stillers coverage, sucks the fun out of football. And if there's a reason I do the sports thing, it's the fun. I won't let it happen to my Pens, too. I love 'em too much. Even when they stunk, I saw every game. Now it's reward time. Now we can be joyful. This team is our gift horse, and I refuse to look it in the mouth.

Seriously, people, think of what our biggest worry was one year ago, two years ago. We can actually focus just on hockey now, and I, for one, am as hyped up as a kid on Halloween candy. To worry about Sid, or goaltending, or any of it....well I'm just not there. I'm stuck on "OMG WE'RE GOOD AGAIN!!!" I've gotten exasperated at certain things too, but even that makes me happy, that winning is more than a pipe dream. April means something again, and I'm determined to enjoy the ride there.

Ashley said...

It's okay Pensgirl, I'll let it slide this time. The Pens don't need any fans to be fired :)

Hip said...

@johnny v and pensgirl - by far the funniest one-two comment punch I've read on here. I guffawed.

@stoosh - that's kinda creepy. Can you say something like, "I hope Hip matches in Pittsburgh" this Thursday at approximately noon? Just to cover my bases. Gracias.

Flyer Hater said...

Gotta love yinzers,

someone called into the Madden show and defended James Harrison by saying, "well what if she hit him first"


Ashley said...

Isn't it just a great day? Pens win over the Cryers by a large margin, the playoffs are less than 3 weeks away, Hossa is back and scoring, Crosby will be back by the weekend, the World Championships are a month and a half away, it's starting to get warm outside, it's a 4-day-weekend (woooooo!) and I just got my first choice of internships!!!

overthemoonpositiveblog here

The only thing that would be better is for the Penguins to be playing (and successful) in June.

Hip: Good luck!

I Have Kasparaitis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dr. Turkleton said...

from Craig Custance [really?!?] of the AJC:

Spoke with a disappointed Erik Christensen today, and things don’t look to good for him. Waddell said Christensen has a sprained MCL and he’ll be out at least a week. It’s similar to the knee injury Marian Hossa had right away with Pittsburgh. Obviously, they’re not going to rush Christensen back, since the games are essentially meaningless. He seemed pretty down about it though, especially considering all the playing time he was getting.

sorry, all those Crusher fans out there....

@hip...way to get on those Crosby on the PP 'jobbers' over at Empty Netters [hehehe]

[Hossa: 297 career goals & counting]

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Alright, Stoosh, I'm back to committing.(Stoosh, I don't think anyone can disagree with you for long!) Yeah, Hines has gotten a little over the top, but I expect little out of NFl players. He was my favorite because of his amazing versatility in Georgia. Quarterback, running back, wide receiver ... I wouldn't have been surprised if tried his luck on d.

Did a person actually call in the Madden show saying that about Harrison? Horrible! I like how he plays on the field, but domestic abuse is not something you say that about. I constantly rag on the Bengals and Ravens for having criminals. Harrison has lost some of my respect.

But anyways before I go over the top with my love of sports, let's talk some hockey.

We need Montreal to lose against the Blues, and Malkin needs the Nashville defense to play well. Devils play on Wednesday; I hope they lose miserably.

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

I don't live in Pittsburgh, but I think it's not just the local media, but the entire media as whole that overanalyzes the NFL.

It's the offseason, yet I get overhyped free agents and draft picks crammed down my throat by ESPN for half the day... man fuck that!

I like the Steelers and football, but it's overkill and it will eventually hurt the NFL.

The NHL has the opposite problem. Not enough coverage stateside and people want coverage at this time of year. It's March. I want to hear about hockey right now, but I get more NFL than NHL and that just pisses me off!

I know the Steelers are very popular in Pittsburgh, and I guess they should be, but over-saturation of NFL coverage year round isn't just a Pittsburgh-epidemic. You can't really escape it ANYWHERE!

But right now, I WANT HOCKEY!!! I'll worry about the NFL in September.

Pensgirl said...

Zarley, I live in Baltimore, and despite the Ravens "obsession" here I haven't heard a peep about them lately...people are gearing up for the O's. Which is as it should be. But this weekend, when I'm home, I'm expecting to hear about the Steelers at least once per newscast. I agree that there's a nationwide NFL oversaturation, but it really is so much worse in Pittsburgh. It's actually exhausting.

Ashley - I get to stay General Fanager? Awesome! I promise not to Milbury it up. ;)

Hip - Felt like time to get goofy, glad you appreciated it. I'm still on a Flyer Smackdown high.

Hip said...

@ashley - congratulations!!

@pensgirl - I'm in Bootymore tooooooo. Ravens blow ass chunks. So do the O's. Just brutal. We should carpool on the Penna Turnpike sometime ;o)

@Dr. Turk - honest to Gary if I had know he was going to print that shit I would have tried to not sound like an arrogant idiot. Basically I make no sense. Frick!

Sakic19 said...

Not opposite day to day...when it's all said and done The USS Hal Gill will be considered our best all around defenseman...mark it down.

BlacknGold66 said...


Love your comments in all honesty.

But here's my guys ahead of Gill as of today:

(in no order)

Scuds (out)
Eaton (out)

I'll be the first to admit that I HATED the Gill move on deadline day. And for a brief moment I was glad to see him fail in his first two games.(if only to prove a point... I know... stupid.)

But his recent play has made me a believer. How do you not love a guy who shakes an opponent after a late hit on one of your players?!?!

You can't.

God bless the Gillster!!

Cripplr44 said...

Roberts is down now with a high ankle sprain.

Cripplr44 said...

Will Gill be lined up against Jagr tomorrow?

BlacknGold66 said...

Syko-Malkin-Malone... The Big Three

Stoosh said...

ASHLEY - "First choice of internships" - AWESOME! Many kudos and plaudets to you!!

But what the hell is up with this "four-day weekend"? I shouldn't complain because I still get three days (which is more than what some people get), but it ain't four days, either. :)

j.s.22 said...

Zarley, the media in Pittsburgh talking about The Stillers any chance they can got my turned off from them. I can only take so much until it just becomes crazy.

But don't worry, once the Penguins make the playoffs, every media outlet will jump on the bandwagon of The Penguins.

Jonny V said...

Blackngold, that's one sweet photoshop! In fact it doesn't even look like a photoshop, outstanding job11!

pensgirl and hip, come back soon! And be careful down there in Baltimore, The Wire has scared the ish out of me when it comes to that city.

flyerhater, when I heard that about Harrison, I lost ALL respect for him, I don't care who hit whom first. He's probably our best linebacker, but I really wouldn't care if he were cut by the team. I know if that was my sister, I'd have to restrain myself from hunting him down. There's no excuse in hitting a woman.

zarley zalapski and stoosh, excellent points about the oversaturation of NFL coverage, it's been discussed on the comment blog ad nauseum, and I'll say what I've always said. Popularity goes in cycles, and I think the NHL will be moving up and the NFL will be moving down in the coming years. Remember how popular the NBA was in the 90's? For the last few years it has experienced the lowest ratings in a long time. Our sport will be i ight.

And anyone remember something about the Ducks and Hurricanes title runs? They started with one goalie and relied heavily on the other one to get to the Cup. Therien's keeping them both sharp should the need arise.

Brett said...

100th ;)

Also, it seems NBC has a crush on the Pens.. we've been selected for our 3rd Sunday Game of the Week against the Rangers. Seems odd, no?

canaanregulatesblog said...


i love you brett

Sakic19 said...

Thank your comments too my friend...I think that The USS Hal Gill gives us a presence on defense that we haven't had in a very long time...size. Do you think that Ottawa will be able to pound The USS Hal Gill into the boards like they did against our d-men last year in the playoffs? Gill is the mythical shut down d-man that many said we lacked up until the trade deadline...Gonchar is one of the top three offensive defenseman in the league no question...Letang is also a great offensive player, and he hits better than we could ever dream of, and although his technique is superb, his size could possibly be a detriment in the playoffs...Scuds is great, but he alos is lacking in size, and has no offensive game...Eaton, while a beast in every sense of the imagination, is out, or will be out for an extended time, which is why I did not include him...The USS Hal Gill, is huge, although he moves with the speed of an aircraft carrier, he has crisp passes up ice, shuts down passing lanes, and is a physical presence in the d-zone without taking cheap penalties...he also will step up for teammates as we all saw on Sunday, not to mention his offensive upside...he had I believe 6 or 7 shots on goal, and you can see he knows how the game should be played...get the puck on net, and let the talent do the rest...remember all...there was a reason we traded for him

In Shero We Trust

BlacknGold66 said...

Committing to the Stoosh-esque comment because I'm drunk as hell on Paddy's Day in Cleveland...

1)Seeker: Glad you got to download the Pens History thing. Only sad part of it for me was seeing Gonch all young and sad in his early years when the Pens were owning the Caps(as usual)..[I paused it for my g/f and said "Who is that?" (she's only been a Pens fan for a year), and she said "IS THAT GONCHARRRRR?!(said like a Pirate... cuz that's how we do it)]

2)This team NEEDS Crosby

3)LeTang is quickly becomming my favorite D man behind Gonch. LeSickforhisageandexperienceblog.

4) Speaking of D men... I love Scuds. I got a lot of flack from my sister the season ticket holder last year for liking Scuds and Malone. M'eh.

5)Why is Flyer Hater making so much sense lately? Honestly? Good comments dude. You have regained my respect on cblog. Perhaps it's because you and I are the only jobbers reloading this page 1,294 times a day! :-) Love the "Mr. Kennedy!" haha

5)Cripplr: GR has had the high ankle sprain for awhile.

6)Someone already said it... and I said it a few months ago when people were talking about salary cap and contract and blah blah blah mid-season... but ignore the hype folks. Ignore the "With or Without Crosby" crap. Enjoy the ride. This is awesome!! I think [We] can all agree on that.

7)I'm an ass for questioning the Gill trade and for calling for Therrien's head earlier this year. At least I can admit it right? B'eh.

8)Johnny V: Thanks, it's my favorite Photoshop that I've done this season for the Pens.

9)For "The Nick" in Game Day Chat... Last night at like 3am I woke up and the name of the white cop on the Simpsons came to my head. Eddie!

I have to fart.

Goodnight and sorry for the drunk rant.

Let's Go Pens!!!

Stoosh said...

PENSGIRL - Love the "stuck on 'OMG WE'RE GOOD AGAIN'" comments.

I'm still gearing myself up for what could be down the road here - both in the short-term and in the long-term. We're very lucky with what we have here.

A few years ago, I hoped that by Sid's third year, we'd be pushing for a playoff spot. I never really expected us to be competing for a conference title this quickly, especially with Crosby out of the mix for a quarter of the season.

Over the last couple of games, I've found myself wondering if we're not seeing a preview of how things are going to be for this team over the next few seasons. Philly had no answers for this lineup the other night, and that was without Sid out there. What's going to happen next year if teams have to contend with Sid and Hossa on one line and then Malkin and Sykora on the other (AND still find a way to check a third line with Staal and Kennedy with their 5/6 d-men)? You can check one elite's incredibly difficult to take two elite lines out of the game.

And we haven't even described the two minutes of hell that will be the Pens' powerplays when everyone is healthy.

Think about what Sid and now Malkin have done the last two years - Sid winning the scoring title at 19, being right there again this year when he got hurt, and now seeing Malkin elevate his game to that same level.

What's amazing to me is that these guys are doing what they're doing at their respective ages of 21 and 20. Now keep in mind that most players continue to develop and don't really peak until around age 26 or 27. It makes me wonder what we're going to see over the next three or four years as they really begin to distance themselves from their peers, especially if Shero can continue to make the finances work and allow them each to play alongside some high-level wingers.

Are these five, six or seven-goal games going to be more or less regular occurrences? It's really something to think about.

Sakic19 said...

Good night blackngold...sleep it off:) I will be:)

Sakic19 said...

Stoosh...the last couple of games are only the tip of the iceburg if the pens play to there ability on a consistent basis...what great drafting, trading and development this teamhas done the past few years...and also...The USS Hal Gill is the largest four leaf clover in history...

BlacknGold66 said...


You stalking me dude?

Me, You, Stoosh... meeting next time I get to go to the Burgh.

I love this blog!

Sakic19 said...

Good times:)

BlacknGold66 said...

Seriously dude... what are you doing up this late on a Monday night? Noworktomorrowblog?

Stoosh said...

SAKIC19 & BNG66 - One of the guys I work with is a longtime season ticket holder, going well back into the 1970s. We were discussing the USS Hal Gill today and a few things were mentioned.

1. We were both impressed with how well he handles and moves the puck. He's had maybe three or four really good chances to score since he got here, and that's unusual for a stay-at-home guy. He does some very good things with the puck.

2. We love the Gill-Letang pairing. Letang was never afraid to jump into the play because he's so damn quick, he could usually get back into the play and in good position without much problem (his sense of positioning is incredibe for someone his age). Now you add Gill's size and reach to the equation and it allows Letang to take even more chances in the offensive zone than he did before. Gill's size and reach limit the space that opposing forwards have to operate in the zone on his half of the ice. And I think Letang's mobility and positioning helps prevent the opposition from exploiting the other half of the ice that Gill can't cover.

I've been watching the Pens regularly since about 1995-96, and I've never seen them with a defenseman as mobile as Letang. I love that the kid isn't afraid to jump into the play because he knows he's quick and agile enough to get back into position. As he gains more experience, he's just going to get better and better at reading the plays and knowing when to jump in.

Sakic19 said...


Am I really really drunk, or did something just say boobs, nipples, pens?

BlacknGold66 said...

No, you saw that right.

I guess Blogger is down so they were testing it.

This is what I live for.

Me = Dedicatedblog?


Me = Patheticblog.

At least I'm not alone!

Seriously... if I can get all stalker... We need a HUGE Cblog meeting if I can get back to the Burgh this season. Stokes and I met at the Souper Bowl when I was in town in Feb. Good times.

BTW, I made sure that my Paddy's Day outfit matched my Pens hat... not the other way around.

Sakic19 said...


We are not pathetic, we are dedicated...we are like small USS Hal Gills'...thought that maybe the worm at the bottom of the bottle had gotten to me:)

Spank said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spank said...

Not sure if this has been mentioned, but taking a look at the teams we may face in the playoffs scares me a bit.

Have any of you noticed, we barely have a winning record against any of them?

I'm not trying to say that we're the same team we were earlier in the year, or that we couldn't beat any of these teams in a series, just that we haven't had total success against most of our opponents, and its a cause for concern. I don't want another repeat of last year.

All that said, i think our improvements carry us easily through a round or two.. beyond that, do we really think we've made the strides necessary, trades included?

Ashley said...

Stoosh and Hip: Thanks! I was really excited to hear that I'll be going back to my hometown for internship, especially since I don't get paid for the darn thing.

And Stoosh - about the 4-day weekend: "Easter Monday" is also a holiday for us, kind of like our "Boxing Day" after Christmas. I think the government gives us these extra holidays because we have so few national holidays overall (our last one was New Year's).


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