Sunday, March 23, 2008

Demolished. PENS WIN.


Everyone knew this was the biggest game of the season thus far.
The only question is, did the Devils know?

At the end of one period, no one would have suspected a 7-1 runaway.

The Penguins, for the first time in a while (and maybe the season),
are atop the Atlantic Division without the Devils having that pesky "game in hand".

Things will be different on Tuesday in New Jersey.
There will be fewer fans and the Devils won't let this happen again.

-- anonbill --



Dave in F29 -- Matt Betush

Bng66 (21697) -- Robert Regan

Captain Dummy-----Jason W

--Jimi Smail--


Finally, after waiting all day, the puck dropped.
The Mellons made their presence known off the opening faceoff.
It was officially a playoff atmosphere.

And then it happened.
Nobody cares how it happened.

Hossa got away with a hold on the backcheck, then led a rush back up ice.
He jobs in and gets off to Dupuis, what, Ruutu, who throws into the slot.
Some turd knocks into his own net past Brodeur. 1-0.


Chris Minard was the first Pens forward to throw his body around.
BGL was next. He was on a rampage in the Devils end.

-- Cory Allen --

After some jobbing, Gonchar threw the puck off the glass into the Devils zone.
Apparently, the Devils can interfere with Jordan Staal trying to wipe out the icing.
See no-call on Hossa above.

A caveat of the USS Hal Gill became apparent when John Madden was able to beat to a loose puck into the Pens zone.
After a scare, Jay Pandolfo headed to the box for trying to sink the The USS Hal Gill.

The Pens were able to set up shop and cause some headaches.
But there was a bigger headache coming.

On the PK, Madden and Gionta went nuts.
Madden got it over to Gionta, who knocked it out of mid-air and past MAF. 1-1.
What a play.

The Pens regrouped and started getting pressure.
They got rewarded when Colin White decides to rough up Talbot after the whistle.
That powerplay went to the wayside, as well.

As the first period came to a close, it was time for the Devils to get a power play.
Ruutu goes to the box for holding.
The powerplay was here and gone.

The Pens got a couple more decent shots on Brodeur before the period ended.


[ Bob Errey Blog ] got a mention during the first.
Sounded like the boys like it.



Just before the period starts, we see Dan Rooney in the press box with Big Ben.
No women were within 50 feet of that press box.

Jarkko Ruutu had taken an unsportsmanlike at the end of the first when he was trying to start some crap.
The Pens were behind the 8-ball, but they survived the PP, helped by the puck dancing on the Pens goalline.

How does that puck not go in?

After some more jobbing, Orpik lures some dude into the corner.

He eats his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

Ty Conklin joined the play-by-play from the dungeon.

There are good penalties and bad penalties.
Dupuis took a bad penalty that send the Devils on their PP in a row.
But it didn't matter 'cause Zack Parise went to the box for messing with MAF.

During the ensuing 4-on-4, Jordan Staal made some kind of move that made you throw up, but he hit the pipe.

After a brief Pens PP, there was already 9:00 left in the second.
End-to-end hockey for while, but the boring Devils style kicks in.

Jordan Staal woke everyone up when he took a penalty.
Without that happening, the next goal doesn't happen.

Dupuis and Malone headed down on a relaxed shorthanded 2-on-1.
Dupuis had more patience than the Mercy Hospital.
The Devils d-man puts down his stick to block the shot rather than the pass, and Malone had an easy layup. 2-1.

--Lindsay J--

Just a huge goal.
The Pens killed off the rest of the penalty in a swell of balls as the second period ended.
The Mellon faithful start chanting Marty-Marty-Marty.

Kennedy had an unreal try with a minute left, Martin Brodeur makes a save.
And some joke in sitting in section E sits down, after realizing he doesn't have Stanley Cup rings, Vezina Trophies, etc.



Matt Betush --Jimi Smail



Early in the third, Jordan Staal continued his dominance when he ended up with an impromptu breakaway.
He gets hooked, and the puck, Brodeur, and a d-man go into the net.
People wanted a penalty shot, people wanted a goal.
No dice.
However, the pens get a powerplay.

And things have a funny way of happening.
Gonchar got the puck at the point and floated one to the net.
Malone deflects it past Brodeur, who acted like he was shot when he got nudged by Malkin.

But hold the phone.
Was Malone's stick above the crossbar?

This is a busy weekend for Jesus Christ, but he still had time to give the word from the War Room.


Soon after, Malkin got jobbed by John Madden away from the play.
The Nation watched as Geno was slow to get up.

--Jimi Smail--

He got the wind knocked out of him.
Thank God.

And then right after that, the Rascal was allowed to stand on the Devils goal line for a hour and just fired one at Brodeur.
It deflects in. 4-1.


Devils Fans= Stunned

--Jason W--

Chants of M-A-R-R-R-R-R-TY......M-A-R-R-R-R-R-R-TY rained down onto the Mellon Ice.
The same joke in section E stands up after realizing he didn't cheat on his wife with her sister.

In a weird move, the Devils swap goalies after the next whistle.

Brodeur = Stunned.

-- Jason Murray --

The Pens were given another power play, and you could see Father Time putting his jacket on.

Father Time ended up just texting the Devils instead of showing up, when he saw that Malkin put one through the wickets to get his 100th point of the season. 5-1.

After some more crap, Malkin scored again, which was pretty much one nail too many into the Devils coffin, conveyed with a photoshop by a man named --Hoffin.--

He stole the puck from a Devil and just came out in front and buried it. 6-1.

He knows it.

It was gonna get ugly.
And it happened what Pat Zajak tells Gonchar to buy a vowel when he boards him.
The Pens come to the rescue.

A five-minute power play resulted.
Malkin might as well have carried a tee around, since everyone was setting him up for his hat trick, but it never came.

The 5-minute major was gone.

And that was it. The Devils had been crushed.

Oh, wait. Malkin to Sykora. 7-1.

And then it was over.



  • Malkin: 2G, 1A
  • Hossa: 3A
  • Malone: 2G
  • Sykora: 1G, 2A
  • Dupuis: 1G, 1A
  • MAF: 24 Saves
  • That's 25 goals in the last four home games.
  • Sidney Crosby did not play in any of those.
  • It would lose its novelty, but talking to Conks in the dungeon is pretty solid.
  • You can see why the Devils are beasts. They bank on Marty and wait for their chances.
  • Pens held the Devils to five shots in the third period.
  • Hossa is sick.
  • Dupuis has played ten games as a Penguin. He has scored in seven of them.
  • Did Devils coach Brett Sutter throw up on the bench?
  • Duggan 4-0. Might be his last appearance of the regular season.



Julia said...

25 goals in the last four home games

holyshitblog, amazing.

The Emo Cow said...

we've scored 7 goals in 3 of the last 5 games. damn.

coffeytalk said...

I love you. All of you.

coffeytalk said...

fyi, me and a few friends drank lucky numberr 77 dollars worth of pitchers of miller light during the game. I win.

Ry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ry said...

What a solid effort tonight, just outstanding. A Game like this one is why you enjoy watching hockey. I can't wait for the playoffs to get here after tonight's game.

Also is that Christian Bale as Jesus? Jesus + Patrick Bateman + Bruce Wayne/Batman = Beast of an actor.

letsgopsu said...

that orpik photoshop just completed my night

PittHockey said...

my malk photoshop must be waiting :o

Hip said...

Really wish I could have seen this game... just a fucking beat down. No one wants to play the boys right now. No one.

Go Pens.

DarkStar said...

Wow, what a game. Great atmosphere. Definitely agree with hip- when this team is on, they are scary good.

The conversation with Conklin was fine at first, but two periods of it? I started to feel bad for the guy... definitely got the impression he was getting bored after about 5 minutes. Although his reaction to the puck rolling across the goal mouth was priceless.

Go Pens.

Nathan said...

First chance to clinch a playoff spot comes tomorrow night on the Island. Go Pens.

Quingo77 said...

I say start a chant for Dupuis everytime he does something incredible or touches the puck at home, similar to what we chant for Ruutu. The man has been unreal. He is that that powerful, speedy, skilled 3rd line guy we have not found in a Kolstov, Christensen, Fata, Bougeneki, etc.

Very impressed with him. Any ideas from the commentators or all of you?

Lets get something started on here and see how much power this website really has.

odmE. said...

Dupuis. Seriously.

And the Orpik/Hannibal Lecter photoshop was unbelievable.

Joshua said...

Dupuis is solid. If we can resign him in the off-season and we get a good contribution out of Hossa in the playoffs, the trade was well worth it.

I mean, honestly, Dupuis on the ice is worth way more than Christensen straight up. The same goes for Colby too, except Colby is such a great guy. None of the idiot analysts ever talk about Dupuis being involved in the trade and when you get right down to it, he is a huge part of what we got.

The Big K said...

Dupuis and Hossa are just a huge step up from Army and Christensen. I know there are age issues, but Hossa and Dupuis have as many points in the last 4 games then Army and Crusher did all year, it seems like. Dupuis is one of the fastest guys on the team, and Hossa just dominates newbies when he has the puck on his tape. And MAF is on fire. And Ruutu is on fire. And Dupuis is on fire. And Gonchar is on fire. And Hossa is on fire. And Sykora is on fire. And Geno is on fire. And Bugsy is on fire.

Chris Minard is a beast.

Ryan said...

fyi, me and a few friends drank lucky numberr 77 dollars worth of pitchers of miller light during the game. I win. - coffeytalk


What a game.

cg said...

Only one thing can be said:


Oh yeah, and Happy Easter!

Stoosh said...


In 49 games with the Pens this year, Erik Christensen had 9 goals, 11 assists, 20 points. Nine goals. Twenty points. And that was playing at least a decent portion of that time on a wing with the best set-up guy in hockey.

In 11 games with the Pens since the trade was made, Pascal Dupuis has 2 goals, 9 assists, 11 points.

I love Pierre "Erik Christensen's gonna be a 30-goal scorer in this league" Maguire as much as anyone, but Lucky Pierre needs to realize that...

1. At Christensen's pace prior to being traded, he would've been a 15-goal scorer. Maybe that changes once Hotlanta gives him his own line next year. But I'm not holding my breath.

2. He might have scored 30 if they counted his shootout goals. But they don't.

Every game I watch Dupuis, I love this deal more and more. I wasn't a huge EC fan, but I liked him and I wanted him to do well. One thing that always struck me, though, is that most of the time, dude just looked like he didn't enjoy playing hockey. Dupuis has really thrown himself into his role here, and he's the perfect blend of speed, skill and grit that can be a huge help to the top two centers. Plus he really seems to enjoy being here.

Jonny V said...

quingo77, u need to do read the previous posts if you doubt the power of this blog.

Dupuis is no Tony Tanti.

Flyer Hater said...

Does anyone miss Colby Armstrong anymore?

Hossa is sick. He's the only on the ice that can even come close to matching Malkin's skill level. On the You, Me, & Dupuis goal he controlled the puck on the half-wall for about 45 seconds in the face of 2 Devils before the puck came down to the goalline to Pascal.

Can you imagine Sid and Hossa together controlling the puck in the opposition's zone for about 2 minutes every time they're out there? I fear no team in the Eastern Conference, teams in the Eastern Conference fear us.


wilsmith said...

As great as games like this are, they don't tell you anything about the playoffs.

DeCeV said...

Watch out for Hacksaw in the bracket to make a comeback. That WWGRD bracelet is mine.

Now what would be great is if Ovechkin, who just got 60 goals and we are all happy and impressed, would stop scoring so damn much so that Malkin could catch him.

stokes said...

I actually sat in F29 last night they are not bad seats at all. Lotsa fun up there.

On the shorty, you've got to give credit to Malone for digging that puck out on the half boards and lugging it up ice. That was the catalyst of the goal. And ring him up for a couple more thousand dollars after tonight while you're at it.

Staff, great post, yet again. One of the best parts of a great post is the sweet-ass set-up used to show a 'Shop. Its like watching a great comedian setting up his joke and then killing it. You, Staff, have that power.

So, uh, who are these Penguins and what happened to the old ones? this is AMAZING.

Joshua said...

I think Christensen will be decent in Atlanta. He needs to be a top-two center. I think his head wasn't in it. Pierre is fine and all but what he doesn't seem to get is that there was no place on this team for Christensen. He just didn't fit here.

I don't know about what this game tells us, but I can't shake the feeling that the Pens would have lost this game last year. We didn't play well down the stretch, especially in games that meant something. I'm starting to think the Pens will be able to play come April. We're better on the back-end. We're more physical. They're getting pucks on net instead of always looking for the perfect setup. If it wasn't for a couple of big saves by Brodeur, that game would have been 5-1 heading into the 2d intermission.

Joshua said...

You have to give Orpik credit for that short-handed goal too. He got his stick on the puck and gave Malone a chance to get the puck out and up. Orpik has been huge lately, especially on the penalty kill.

chris l. said...

"There has never been
Such a victory of good
Over the Devil(s)."

Happy Easter.

Been away for a while. Busy times. Hope to read dozens of posts and cblog later this week. Gut feeling right now? (a) Love every aspect of the trade deadline deals; (b) don't book any tee times in May.

Solid, solid effort last night. Malkin has definitely found his "Lemieux Switch."


Joshua said...

And how many 7-goal games has Hacksaw had lately? It probably wouldn't be too hard to get a "U-S-A" chant going at the Arena, though for all the wrong reasons.

stokes said...

My normal seats are in E16. I sat in F29 last night. While it makes perfect sense, i still couldn't believe how much LOUDER the goal horn was when comparing the two locations. I'm glad i got to hear it as much as i did last night!

BlacknGold66 said...

I went to the game with cblogger "Mr. Vanderlasser" and his wife last night on a whim.

He posted about having an extra ticket the other day and I jumped on it knowing I had a free ride down with my sisters.

What a trip! Not only were he and his wife a blast to sit with (and extremely nice people) but if you look at the Nat. Athem photos I was sitting on the red line!! Holyshitblog!

Still can't believe we chased Marty! Alright... time to watch the dvr of the game.

Thanks again Mr. Vanderlasser!!!


Pensblog Staff said...

Big K,

Your blog is amazing man.

blufftalk said...


I Have Kasparaitis said...

@ Flyer hater: I personally don't miss Armstrong anymore due to my focus on Bugsy and the Steel City Line, play-offs, how amazing the guys we got from trade deadline are, how angry I am at Ovie for not sucking so Malkin can claim victory over all, and my anger at Montreal for playing so well. (Oh, Kovie, I still love you, but stop!) My one friend, however, is still a bit sore and bitter over the trade. I try not to mention how amazing Hossa and Dupuis are or I get the death glare and feel a million imaginary knives in my back. Let's say I haven't talked to her in a while ...

Sean said...

The Steel-City line (whatev) is experiencing the same benefit the Islanders/Oilers in the 80's and the pens in the early 90's had: defenders are making the unforgivable hockey mistake of watching what's happening instead of playing your position. With Hossa's talent for puck possession and slowing the play down, can you imagine what our top two lines can do to opponents' defensive depth?

Unreal post. I finally understood the free candy photoshop....

coffeytalk said...

A few games back, Steigy asked for thoughts and suggestions on what the Malone-Malkin-Sykora libe should be called. He said we'd call it The Steel City Line for now.

We can do better than that. Steel City Line is pretty lame.

nu said...

I've been thinking about the "Syklone" line for days, but I haven't figured out how to fit Geno in...and "Steel Cyclone" sounds too much like something at Kennywood. Awesome as it would probably be to ride.

...actually, if you take the "line" part out, "The Steel Cyclone" doesn't sound so bad by itself.

But I'm open to improvement suggestions here.

Quingo77 said...

Johnny V

I don't doubt the power of the pens blog, I want to put it to good work. Everytime Dupuis steps onto the ice he has really impressed me and added a different demention to the team.

For the steel city line, how about a combination of that team in Russia that Geno and Syko played for and Pittsburgh for Malone? Someone out there much more creative than I should be able to think of something.

Maybe when Dupuis gets on the score sheet everyone in the building should chant "You, Me, Dupuis" ?!?! Just a thought.

Also someone above said HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOssa .... that wouldn't be too bad for him either.

I think the more we make those 2 guys feel welcomed here the better chance we have of them resigning with Pittsburgh or, and this a big stretch, taking less money to stay here.

Just a thought and hope.

Matthew J, said...

Taking it from LGP:

The C-Note Line

71 + 12 + 17 = 100

WYMANT said...

Hey, who sent the pic of that crazy Mellon arena cotton candy guy? He scares me! Really.


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