Sunday, March 9, 2008

GameDay (70) -- Pens @ Craps


Nothing else to say here.

Every game is important.
But now everything is a little more important.

The Bruins stunned the Caps on Saturday.
Pens can give their season the elbow off the top rope with a victory.

The Pens haven't been at their best lately.
But whatev.

And today they will be without the services of Marian Hossa. [PG]

"He's not ready. He's getting closer," coach Michel Therrien said after practice yesterday at Incredible Ice before the team flew north.

MAF will be in net.

Amongst the many side stories...

AO vs Malkin.

[Burgh 66]


The latest on the points race from [Dr. Mirtle]
Mirtle's chart is based on the fact that if you get to 90-95 points your team is in.
The records below indicate what record the team will have to finish with to get into the playoffs.

The east is beyond tighter than your cheapest relative.
It almost seems like every East team of importance won on Saturday.



Today is Daylight Savings.
So turn your shit ahead one hour.
You can thank Ben Franklin.



Only one thing left to do now.



dave said...

To all displaced Pens fans going tomorrow, BRING THE TOWELS!

We have historically outdrawn Caps fans in DC and would like to keep it going. LETS GO PENS!!!

blackngold66 said...

Can't wait for this game!


Pens @ 12:30

Couldn't ask for anything more.

(if the cable goes out I'm gonna shit)

Let's Go Pens!!!

BlacknGold66 said...


Thanks again to the Pensblog for letting me do that Baby Pens post.

Answers to some questions on that post's cblog:

1)No, my writing style is different than the Pensblog writing style. I just molded it to their form. It works better for hockey. They do a helluva a job here. Hard work, no doubt.

2)Pensblog=Kris Letang
BnG66=Kris Beech

3)@teamkory -- I'm a huge Monsters fan. Hit me up on here if you want to meet at a game. I try to go to all of them.

4)I couldn't get over how bad Nasredinne looked with that ridiculous mustache.

5)Mike Wall spits on the ice more than Jim Thome grabs his junk. Indians fans, you know what I'm talking about.

Sorryfortherantblog. Really hated doing that just now.

Not to suck up to the Staff... but you really have no idea how much effort they put into these posts. Fucking exhausting!!

enough of me...

Let's Go Pens!!!

Hooks Orpik said...

Things Hacksaw Jim Douggan hates....Lying ass FAT bitches (Kayla Posney) HEYOOOO!!!

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

Fucking daylight savings! I got to the bar at 1:30, and they kicked us out 15 minutes later! (I live in Florida, you can USUALLY drink til 3 here).

The Zalapster came home to find James Harrison in jail and Marian Hossa unavailable for tomorrow.

The Zalapster is not pleased.

GwinTheEskimo said...

anyone else hear the rumor about ovechkin fighting Malkin's agent over the summer?

Ry said...

No Hossa No Roberts make Homer do something something.

Taibouni said...

Hi there! :D hope you like it :)

Hip said...

gwintheeskimo - yeah, that's an urban legend.

Should be a fucking rockin' game.

Let's Go.

Ashley said...

Big game today, especially if we want the Pens to stay close to the Devils. In the standings that is, not the Charlie kind of close...

GO Pens!!

Ryan said...

Dave said: "To all displaced Pens fans going tomorrow, BRING THE TOWELS!"

Dear Roberts I hope you aren't referring to terrible towels...

Stephen said...

Um, fly North? To DC from Washington? What the fuck?

Stephen said...

Yeah, I'm stupid too. I meant from Pittsburgh to DC . . .

chris e said...

Let's do this shit!

nu said...

For good luck.

Go to Mirtle.

Look at the right hand side.

Scroll down.

Across from the part where Conkblog's nominated for the Masterton.

Yes, that is who you think it is in the middle of the paper.

TBA = "start measuring in glacial time".

Flyer Hater said...

Great decision to start MAF and that's not sarcasm.

schmuffinnips11 said...

bbbbbbbbbbI'll be there. Get f*&%^in fired up!


Dr. Turkleton said...

@ stephen

I think they stayed in F-L-eh? for the last couple of days...let's look for the tans...

@ hip
now I have Craps peeps on their boards linking me up to imau2fan...I'll probably be banned soon...esp. if the pens win today


need to hear fakeboberrey & fakesteigy for their pregame analysis

.5 hour pregame show on WPXI-NBC here in PIT....if it's a local show, probably 1st 10 minutes being devoted to Stillers James Harrison bitch slappin' his woman

tightstandingsblog: can't believe Flithy is only 5 points behind us sitting in 8th....luckily the Slugs are 4 points behind them treading water in 9th...

[Hossa: 2-hour delay]

BlacknGold66 said...


Go crazy??

PensKitty said...

@ blackngold66. Loved the recap. yourownbabypensblogblog??

I'm a little late on that, but I was without the Gore for a few days. good to be back.


Sakic19 said...

Huge game...statement game...hopefully this is where we right the ship and not sink it...Let's Go Pens!

Flyer Hater said...

If you want a good laugh, watch the pregame show on NBC with Bill Phillips. I would rather listen to Michael Irvin talk about hockey than this douche.

Dave said...

Is anyone keeping track of Hacksaw's record? I don't think it's perfect anymore. 2-1? 3-1?

TheNWChica said...


Loved the recap! I perked up a little more when I read Mike Wall's name as well as Mitch Love; as I'm in Everett and a huge Silvertips fan.


Maybe you can give a shout to Lover and Mike some night...tell them hi from one of their fans in Everett. :)


stokes said...

"i'm John Fedko, and I'm a joke."

Ry said...

My NBC channels are showing the Pitt game.

Me = Stunned

Koz said...

Obvious no-call on Ovechkin boarding Malkin in the first period. Total BS.

I appreciate his energy and aggressive playing style, but that was flat-out cheap.

Too bad McGuire and Olczyk were too busy being terrible to call it out.

Dave said...

Take a shot every time that the NBC announcers use the term leading goal scorer. You'll be unconscious by the second intermission.

Flyer Hater said...

Memo to Yeo: Get Crosby and Malkin off the same PP unit. They're both playmakers and are constantly looking to set each other up. When HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSA's back, the top two units should be.


Sydor-Melted Butter

P.S. Ryan Whitney is just awful right now.

Dani said...

Benny-Springing ahead got my team nowhere!

May it bring bad luck to OvenChicken. I'm watching NBC because of my 25.5" snow stormed house. Or... no Sabres.

Dani said...

and Dave...

"Leading goal scorer" NBC is better than "he just had a baby" Versus. Maybe.

odmE. said...

Sooo did anyone else catch the announcer call Ruutu "Tuomo"?

NBC = joke.

JasonShelly said...

how about a couple of bullshit calls the other way to even it up, ref?

Flyer Hater said...

Well, our PowerPlay has officially reverted back to suck mode.

Flyer Hater said...




Flyer Hater said...

This league will always be a joke because of the officiating. Gill cleared the net, i.e. did his job and they called a penalty. Then Orpik SHOULDERS Backwoman and he looks like he has whiplash.

racheleyos said...

semin all over our faces again

that line never fails lol

Flyer Hater said...

Pens better be getting a 5 on 3 at some point in this game.

Doc Steel said...

Who was on the ice for those goals?

First WAS goal:
Malone, Sykora, Malkin, Letang

Second WAS goal:
Staal, Malone, Letang

Only one defenseman for each goal, and it was Kris Letang.

MT = Master strategist

Steve In Denver said...

If the Pens are going to continue to take bad penalties, I wish they would do it with an exclamation point....stun someone, or get the Craps riled up and retaliating.

Big third period....I hope we come out flying.

Good recap bng66!

osheak234 said...

Therrien got "jobbed" on the too many men call, according to the announcers.

stokes said...

Kill yourself, Backstrom.

Koz said...


Doc Steel said...

Crosby: "AAAAAAAAA! Did he put that in his own net?"

Dupuis nods head

Backstrom = Joke

jaos said...

wow, just wow.

racheleyos said...

crosby yelling in excitement "backstrom put in his own net" = priceless.

we always have an offensive explosion towards the end of the game. i wish we could play 60 minutes like that.

Brett said...


Chris said...

Big win by the Pens, epic fail by the Caps. It's always nice to put your rivals down.

BlacknGold66 said...

GREAT 3rd period by the Pens!

Finally looked like they SHOULD look out there.


Backstrom... feel for ya buddy... but only for a second. Go cry in your beer on the golf course.

Let's Go Pens!!!

stokes said...

Anyone gonna job Fleury today? His defense was much better, but he made big saves when he had to.

WHAT A GAME TO WATCH! Washington played as good a game as they could. IF, and that's a big if, if the Pens would show up and play a full game, they would have handily beaten that team, evidenced by the third period. Huet also made some outstanding stops.

My heart would stop if i had to deal with a 7 game series against the Caps.

The best part of watching that game was, besides Kolzig and Gonch, none of those players were involved in the 90's epic rivalries, but yet, that game was every bit as vicious as those series. Awesome.

Steve In Denver said...

I knew Backstrom was a good playmaker/set up guy, but wow can he finish too!

Ashley said...

"Did he put it in his own net? HE PUT IT IN HIS OWN NET!!"

Definitely the quote of the game.

And did you guys see just about every Capital collapse to the ice after that Backstrom, I mean Crosby goal? That goal just may have been the final nail in the coffin for the Capitals' season.

Dr. Turkleton said...


great TEAM effort

give up 2 PP goals & noting else

MAF was a rock

have to get a picture of OV laying on the ice after Nicky Backs puts in that nice goal....

[Hossa 03.12.08]

BlacknGold66 said...

Refs totally blew the call at the end of the game btw.

Pens had too many men on the ice.

Malone - Crosby - Dupuis - Backstrom

Gill - Gonchar

How do you miss that?? Fucking weak ass non-call. Christ... the Pens had four forwards and they missed it.


Flyer Hater said...


Eric K said...

still stunned at that finish. it's about time another team's defenseman puts one in his own net.

im tired of fabricating why Ryan Whitney is not a good defenseman, FUCK HIM, its sickening to watch him and think that he's signed for what 6 years? vomitblog. more turnovers than a breakfast buffet.

the only good thing ive heard emrick and Edjoke say all year was at the end of this game when they said "this game should have a bringing together effect on the Penguins team." i agree, when you get a win after battling hard for 60 minutes it has to do wonders for your team morale.

fuck Hossa, i dont even care anymore, sick of hearing about him. come back, dont come back, whatever. we're 1 pt off the conference leader without him.


Ry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ry said...

And that's why they're the Craps.


Flyer Hater said...

Lange's call on the Backstrom GW was classicLange.

homesprout said...

If I had a vote, I would give it to Backstrom for the Calder. Best goal of the season!!

Anyone see the lady knitting in the front row to the right of Huet in the 3rd period!?

Go Pens!!

michelle said...

@ Ashley, I couldn't agree more

I bought a new DVR just for pens games and I made good use of it to re-watch that whole thing and Sid's absolutely gleeful yell. Quote of the game, for sure.

It also is a good summary of the craps today.

lis said...

Everyone has been so busy talking about the Hossa trade that we've forgotten all about the other one we made.....BACKSTROM!!!! Do you think we'll be able to re-sign him in the off season???

Nick Saia (usa) said...

backstrom may have been the pens best pickup at the dealine...

dave said...

It's like that nail-in-the-coffin goal from one of the playoff series where a jagr pass from the corner bounced off calle johansson's skate and past kolzig for a gamewinning goal

j.s.22 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
j.s.22 said...

Do not worry, Yahoo is once again on top of things when it comes to scores and who the Penguins beat:

Penguins 4
Coyotes 2

Flyer Hater said...

Caps Own goal

LOL @ Sid.

"Did he shoot that in his own net?? He shot that in his own net!"

hoth49 said...

Anyone else enjoy the fact that Craps fans constantly whine about the conspiracy, that the Kid gets extra points. Then the Backstrom play today, which basically kills the Craps playoff chances. Gotta love irony.

Neil said...

Somebody call the FCC! Backstrom just jobbed himself on national TV

michelle said...

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. . .or your own goal

michelle said...

@flyer hater
Thanks for the youtube link, freaking glorious!

stokes said...

To borrow from "The Pensblog Up All Night:" He Would Have Been Killed If It Were Soccer.

In fact, Backstrom wouldn't have made it out of the stadium if it were Columbia.

bbbbrian said...

well I'm not sure how there can be any shittalking/conspiracy after that game but I'm sure there will be. Can't wait to see the Craps boards. What a game, Philly should be fun next week.


racheleyos said...

dupis nodding in the replay makes me play it over and over. hahaha.

racheleyos said...

*dupuis sorry my bad lol don't kill me fellow fans

Stoosh said...

FLYER HATER - Kudos and plaudets to you sir, for putting that link up and helping out those of us who missed the goal.

Unbelievable win.

What I love more than anything else is hearing the crowd. Some of that I'm sure was a Pens crowd going crazy, but it was that same sound the crowd in the RCA Dome made when Mike Vanderjagt missed the field goal against the Steelers in the AFC Championship a few years ago.

If you ever wondered what 15,000 people going from cheering to shrieking in horror sounds like, that's pretty much it.

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh - at the game, it was a beautiful sound. The collective roar of all the Pens fans and the disbelief of all the Caps fans. I've never heard a more fantastic combination.

During a 3rd period PK, the arena went totally quiet and then my dad yelled "LET'S GO PENS" at the top of his voice. I'm confident the whole arena heard him, but did anybody pick it up through the broadcast?

Yesterday, I figured the most wonderful, special play that would happen right in front of my section this year was the Malkin takeout of Ovechkin from the January game. How do you top that?

Turns out, the answer is "with the Caps' heralded rookie scoring on his own team with 27 seconds left in the game."

And my mom was even dressed for the occasion in her "you=stunned" shirt. Little did she know how perfect that shirt would be for this game when she put it on.

Seems to me there were more of us there than the last couple games in DC. My section was mostly a Pens section.

Uploading pics now...

Hip said...

A few things:

Whit spends more time whining about non-calls than doing anything worthwhile in terms of D.
MAF = solid.
I like Dupuis on Sid's line actually... (now that I've finally gotten to see it, I agree there's some chemistry).

Ovie played a really poor game today. He did not deserve the second star.
Semin did.
Laich is making a career of picking up the trash.
I feel for Backs. Brutal rookie mistake. But he's a hell of a player.

nathan and chris e = solid dudes. Nice to meet you both.

Stoosh said...

More thoughts...

1. The best part about that goal? That would be the fact that it gets credited to Crosby and that it came against the team whose fans are pretty much responsible for starting the "Secondary Sid" theory.

2. No bitching about Fleury. The second goal he allowed was probably a bit soft, but he faced 33 shots in the first two periods and kept the team in it long enough for them to have a chance to win it in the end. Solid performance by him all around.

3. Caps are six points back of Philly for 8th, eight points back of Boston for 7th and nine back of the Rangers for 6th. They're also two points back of the Sabres for 9th. Each of those teams also has a game in hand on the Caps. With only 12 games left to play, that leaves the Caps 24 points for the taking. That's a lot of ground to make up and quite a few teams to hurdle.

4. I can't wait to see what these power play units are going to be like when Hossa gets on the ice.

Stoosh said...

Pensgirl - I feel bad for Backstrom; it's a lot easier to do what he did today than people think. But I feel only a little bit bad for him because:

1. it's the Caps and I love seeing their fans drive themselves catatonic over Crosby, and

2. we needed a game like this to get the ball rolling a bit again.

After Wednesday's game against the Sabres, we only have one game against a non-divisional foe and that's the 20th when we host Tampa.

What was the Pens/Caps fan ratio like at the arena?

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, any sympathy I may have had for Backstrom was negated when the Caps-fan ahole behind me (who was acting like he invented hockey) said to his buddy, "They don't use Crosby on the PK because he's not responsible enough...."


The ratio wasn't quite half-and-half, but it was close.

Cripplr44 said...

MAF is still a JOKE. You pull Conklin after 3 goals in Boston and MAF gives up his usual "2" goals a game. You Pull MAF in Florida and Conklin gives up 1 goal, and you decide to go with the guy with a 2.85 GAA. MAF hasn't earned it, he has been babied and carried into the starting job. I'll take the win against the Craps, but wait till Weds. MAF starts it will be his usual circus act. See you there.


Nathan said...

It was about 50/50 in the arena today. Although the Caps fans started leaving after Staal's empty-netter like the scoreboard was on fire, so when Ovechkin got announced as #2 star it was met by a hearty round of boos from the Pittsburgh faithful.

Cripplr44 said...

Correction 2.82 GAA. And not to mention Conklin is #1 in SV%. Fleury one good game, one lucky game, one horrible game, as consistent as it gets!

Let MAF EARN the job.

Flyer Hater said...

Cripplr is approaching Skippy in level of douchebagedness

Cripplr44 said...

WTF is a Skippy?

stokes said...

With the offensive power that the Pens have, letting in 'only' two goals should be enough to let the Pens win every night.

Stoosh: I really thought that the second goal was a really great effort by Semin and he just put a well placed shot by MAF.

Cripplr44 said...

They got lucky they scored on themselves and the Pens were able to cash in on the empty net goal

Flyer Hater said...

Sergei Gonchar is playing like he's on acid right now. It seems like he's out there the entire game these days. He seems to do a really good job against Ovechkin 1 on 1 and he had at least 5 golden scoring chances in the 3rd to basically win the game. Him and Brooks Orpik are a real solid defensive tandem.

Criplr, yeah we got lucky. It wasn't like we pinned the Craps in their own zone for the last 10 minutes of regulation and Crosby owned the puck for about 2 minutes before Backstrom put it in the Washington net. Joke.

Hip said...

stokes, I agree with you. stoosh, Semin is just unreal on the goal line when he wants to be. MAF isn't the first goalie he's made look silly by walking the puck in and rifling a shot up high. There's really not much time to react when he's that close. And his wrister is fucking sick.

Doc Steel said...

Lines when Hossa and Roberts are back?

Malone - Malkin - Sykora
Dupuis - Crosby - Hossa
Taffe - Staal - Kennedy
Ruutu - Talbot - Roberts

Cripplr44 said...

Flyer Hater... First off it's Cripplr with 2 p's and secondly if you dominate for 10 minutes and own the puck and NOT score there is an issue. Pretty luck that it happened, considering that you had the puck for 10 minutes and owned it for 2 and couldn't score.

Dave said...

Jim Duggan deserves first star of the night and there is no denying that fact. He's always there right when you need him.


onesizedrummer said...

oh dear god someone spelled you name wrong


Hip said...

PS Dr. Turk - don't get banninated from the Caps boards. I'd die without you.

fierst78 said...

MAF had a decent game, his rebound control is terrible. Him and whitney, in my opinion are not playing very well right now, not what one should expect from two first round picks who have had time in the NHL and make bad mistakes. Letang is a rookie, and doesn't make all the mistakes that whitney does. does anyone else notice that whitney has no interest in playing defense. about fleury, he has been babied through his career, and everyone likes him cuz he has a cool name, i don't feel that he can you can depend on him to steal you a game in a big time.


Stoosh said...

CRIPPLR44 - Most teams go into each game knowing they're going to have to score at least three goals to win. You want us to turn into the Devils and try to win every game 2-1? Fleury played a good game. It's OK to admit it once in a while.

And what the hell, did Fleury steal your girlfriend or something? Your dislike for him is bordering on irrational. Fact: The kid just turned 23 years old a few months ago...he's still incredibly young in terms of the developmental curve that pretty much every goaltender follows.

When Luongo was just a few months past his 23rd birthday, he was just beginning the 2002-03 season and just coming off the 2001-02 campaign. 2001-02 was the first season of his career in which he played more than 50 games - 58, to be exact. That made 2001-02 season was basically his first as a #1 goaltender. He finished that season with a 2.77 GAA and a save percentage of .915.

Fleury turned 21 halfway through his first season in which he played 50 NHL games. He turned 22 halfway through his first season as an undisputed starter. He was well on his way to s second such season when injuries derailed him. He's still young. He's going to be inconsistent.

Consider this, then. Luongo has generally been considered an elite goaltender since about the 2003-04 season. Despite all his talents and consistencies (career 2.58 GAA, .920 save percentage, 38 shutouts in 476 career games), he's taken his team to the playoffs just once (twice IF the Canucks make it this year), and he's got only 12 career playoff games to his credit. He'll be 29 in April. Elite goaltender; twelve career playoff games. Anyone writing him off in Vancouver?

I speak for no one else here, crippler44, but myself when I say your contrarian act is getting tired.

Quite frankly, you seem like the type who will watch the Pens dominate an opponent 8-0 win and then bitch incessantly about the two power play chances the Pens didn't convert.

You want to act like a Steelers fan and be a wet blanket on what was a fairly solid win, cool. Go start your own blog and do it there. Want to be contrarian just for the sake of being contrarian, cool. Take the trolling act somewhere else.

And since I can already see the obligatory "well, this is just your average everyday Penguins admiration society, so no one here will be critical" crap response coming, I'll offer this much.

There isn't another community of fans that you will encounter that is more objective, more realistic, more down-to-earth and carries a better sense of perspective on their team than does this one that exists in C-blog. That's especially the case on the internet, where overreaction and contrarianism tend to rule the day. The fans here are better than most of the fans I encounter at the games - you might know some of them. They're the ones who can't deal with the fact that a goalie gets beat once in a while. They can't comprehend that the team playing opposite the Pens are paid professionals at the game's highest level as well, and they're fighting for a playoff spot just like our team is. They're the fans who seem to think buying a ticket entitles them to see a Crosby hat trick and a win.

No one here gets too high after a win; no one gets too low after a loss. We know what and when to criticize but we don't overreact.

If you can't handle it, I refer once again to my friend Jack Nicholson...

"Go sell crazy someplace else. We're all stocked up here."

C-blog, sorry for the rant.


Dr. Turkleton said...


haha...i'm trying not too...reached the '100 post' mark, i'm a 'Member'....yeah !!!!!!!

vezonex said...

That wasn't Niklas Backstrom. That was Gary Roberts in disguise.

The Seeker said...

The Ducks just beat Montreal (3-1) to help the Pens out.

Dani said...


Your photoshop skills continue to amaze me.

Stoosh said...

FIERST78 - Fleury has a lot of elements of his game that need work, but most goaltenders do at his age. I hate to use the age thing as a cop-out, but MOST goaltenders typically do not refine those elements of their games until later in their careers. Fleury just turned 23; he's incredibly young. Goalies who are called on to do what he is doing at his age are the exceptions, not the rule.

We saw over the second half of last season what Fleury is capable of when he gets hot.

Consider this...

Goaltender A
146 NHL games, 75 wins, five shutouts, 3.02 GAA, and a save percentage of .896.

Goaltender B
163 NHL games, 68 wins, ten shutouts, 3.06 GAA, .902 save percentage.

Goaltender A is Cam Ward.

Goaltender B is Fleury.

I don't hear Carolina fans complaining about Cam Ward.

coffeytalk said...

cheers to you, stoosh!

Hip said...

holy shit - can I get a hallelujah up in here?

preach on brother stoosh, preach on!

Nick said...

The only reason I like Marc-Andre Fleury is because he has a cool name, Fierst78. I guess making 36 saves in front of a national television audience vs. one of your biggest rivals isn't stealing a game. He kept the Pens in it until the last minute of the 3rd period.

I personally like MAF because his save percentage is .928 over his last 14 NHL games, and his record is 6-3-1 over that time span. One of those losses was that disgusting Rangers game where all 4 Ranger goals were scored by d-men.

Back at the beginning of this season, people were calling for Dany Sabourin to start over Fleury. Now it's Conklin. The recurring theme amongst Pittsburgh media personalities and fans alike is that we need to start someone other than Marc Andre Fleury. Stoosh's numbers concering Luongo and Fleury vs. Cam Ward sum it up.

He's never going to be any good unless we give him the chance to be our number 1 goalie over a consistent period of time. He's proven last season, and this season over his recent stretch of games in the NHL that he can be the goaltender to take this team into the postseason. Let it happen.

Stoosh said...

NICK - Get out of here with that kind of logic. You've got it all wrong.

Fleury didn't come in here and win a Cup as a rookie like Patrick Roy did. Hell, he didn't even win the Vezina as a rookie like Barrasso did.

He'll never be anything more than Philippe DeRouville. He sucks. Trade him.

Stoosh said...

NICK - Forgot to mention I was just kidding...just in case.

J.S. said...

I'm almost convinced Milbury reads TPB after he said that Therrien got jobbed over something. Outside of a wwe/f broadcast, I don't think I've heard the word 'jobbed' used nationally. I will admit to using it regularly at work.

If Milbury would have mentioned AO giving Backstrom The Razor's Edge after the last goal, that would have been 100% proof that he reads.

Jawsh said...

but in all fairness guys, he does have a cool name...

wilsmith said...

Stoosh, you forgot one important fact.

Bears eat beets. Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.

stokes said...

Funny, I thought that Cripplr was spelled M-E-L-V-I-N.

Stoosh, once again, thanks for spreading the truth and doing it logically and rationally.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

A Philippe DeRouville reference?

Stoosh wins, as usual.

I'm speechless.

Seriously. I still can't believe it.

Johnny Wrath said...

Well. What can I possibly add?

First, that was the own goal of the millennium. Clinical finish.

I've never seen checking penalized like this before. Its as though the refs think we can score our way out of terrible 5-on-3s. Oh wait, we did. Go Pens.

Whats with trying to knee Geno? Who the hell was that dude, anyway? That happens every time I watch a SE division team (Darche, Mathieu). If one player sells buildings out, and one should be in the ECHL, nobody should be kneeing.

We're going to need to score an extra goal every game if we keep losing face offs like that.

What exactly does Staalsy need to do to score a goal when the net is occupied? Voodoo? Poor bastard.

Asshole = Mike Milbury. I guess nobody told him Geno and AO are good friends before he went to the dramatic details about who was who's enemy, and something "must be going on". Fools.

Right, if BGL gets 4:29 of ice time, there needs to be some blunt trauma to those asses who decided to run Sid. Period. I watched Chris Pronger, no stranger to a fight, get elbowed in a broken jaw earlier in the week. George Parros jumped on the ice, boarded the guy, and caused him to turtle in front of the home crowd. Turtle.

I've seen Pronger take the ice and literally bloody a jobber in St. Louis after they decided to run Demitra. I need to see that same sense of enthusiasm for protecting our guys if both BGL and Ruutu expect a contract renewal. Hell, if Taffe jumped on the ice and went after some of those asses, I would be satisfied. get playoff about it.

Two points, fuck New Jersey.

-JW, EN, GoL.

dappie99 said...

sick game...

Lets Go Pens!

nuff said

Nick Saia (usa) said...

but i think Georges tried to tear it up today.

Sometimes I think the season takes its toll on the biggest guys quicker...

It just seemed like he made some solid checks today and seemed pretty fast for his size. (haha Id like to see a race between him and USS HG though...) oh, and when he tried to grab that puck out of the air and fell on his ass i got a good chuckle.

anyway like i have mentioned before I went to ASU for the past 4 years, and recently moved to Texas.
But while i was there i made a habit of watching games in the worst NHL market possible. So I got used to watching Laraque. You may have seen this clip before as it was pretty popular on a national level, but i love it... 1) cause he was mic'd and very casual about the fight. and 2) Panger (phx's color guy) brings me back...

laraque fight

Nick Saia (usa) said...


j.s.22 said...

I love how Ruutu said to Semin and Ovugly to keep their heads up...they are next. One at a time.

Ashley said...

stoosh - I know of someone who could use your words of wisdom to knock the 'Fleury sucks' attitude out of him.

Stoosh said...

ASHLEY - Thanks! I'm just guessing here, but I'm figuring Mr. Fleury Sucks is still sore about the bad bounce goal in the World Juniors. At the very least, that's probably where the animosity with Fleury starts.

Am I right?

Hey, like I said, I'm not trying to make any illusions that Fleury is the second coming of Patrick Roy. The first time I ever saw MAF in person, that's specifically who he reminded me of in terms of his other-worldly reflexes, but MAF has a long way to go to reach anything close to Roy status.

The way MAF was handled in 2003-04 did absolutely nothing for his development. Playing on four separate teams (Pens, Canadian WJC squad, Cape Breton, WB/S) probably hurt him more than it helped him because at every stop, he had to adjust to new teammates, new coaches, new opponents, new styles of play at each level (a game in the "Q" is nothing like a game in the NHL, which is nothing like a game in the AHL).

For a position like goaltender that relies so heavily on communication and also being able to settle into a rhythm, being shuffled around the way he was ultimately did nothing for him. Those would be tough adjustments for anyone to make.

He's going to be fine. I'd like to see the team sign him to about a three-year deal and see where he goes from here. At the end of that deal, they'll have a much better idea of what they have with him.


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