Saturday, March 1, 2008

GameDay (66) -- Pens @ Sens


Charlie emailed us from Ottawa and said that he met someone and is taking a few weeks off.
He still hasn't recovered from the trade deadline.

Update: this story was in some gossip page in Ottawa:


3:00 PM

Hopefully, this being the 66th game of the season means something.

Brian Murray is back, so the hate just got a little more easy.


Conklin will be in net.

Ryan Whitney is out. [LGP]

Ottawa hasn't won in awhile so you know they are going to come out flying.
Montreal actually overtook them in the standings.


[Rae W.]

Hossa will be back in a week. [ TSN]

Therrien is all pissed off. [PG]

Although his message was team-wide, Therrien seemed to single out Georges Laraque, and toward the end of the session directed the winger to do cross-ice sprints along the center red line.

"We want Georges to move his feet a little better," was the only explanation Therrien gave.

Laraque quietly took a few questions afterward, mostly offering yes or no answers, but indicated the sprints could be a way to make up for low ice time. He has not topped eight minutes the past four games.

"I'm not playing in games, so he gave me extra in practice," said Laraque, who has no points and a plus-minus rating of minus-3 over the past 18 games

BGL might kill someone today.



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The High School outdoor game was a success by all accounts.
MT. Lebo won 2-0 in the charity game. [TRIB]

The Post Gazette was too busy covering Alan Faneca signing with another team to care.

Greg Smith sent us some pics.

Solid stuff.

The game of hockey needs to be celebrated as much as possible.

Save the Sonics. Save World.

This has nothing to do with hockey.

But Bill Simmons brought this to light yesterday. [ESPN]

The Super Sonics are leaving Seattle. We don't really care about the NBA.
But our heart goes out to the people of Seattle.

We all know too much about the thought of losing your team.

People will always bash Gary Bettman, but they shouldn't do it here.
One look at how David Stern is turning a blind eye to this Seattle thing, and it makes you thankful.
At least Gary Bettman helped the Pens stay here.


Two chats for you:

[ Gameday Chat ]

[ Eric H.'s New Chat ]

Give both a spin during the game.


Go Pens


BlacknGold66 said...

I'm looking forward to this game far more than I was looking forward to the game against the B's.

I'm going to have to cancel my date with the g/f to go to the Cleveland Auto Show.

Oh well, it won't be the FIRST time she and I have rearranged our plans around the Pens schedule.

Let's Go Pens!!!

Fleury29 said...

Dammit... that's too early in the morning for Gold Dust... it's not even 7AM here yet.

I'm confused and scared. Charlie, hold me.

Hip said...

Ahhh the Cleveland Auto Show... I took my teen group to that. Good times.

The boys need to rebound tonight. Huge game.

Go Pens.

onesizedrummer said...

Goldbust CLASSIC!!!!


onesizedrummer said...

ok going back to bed Goldbust WTF!

Gold Dust CLASSIC!!!


DeathByEmu said...

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory=Just Plain Wrong

I try to sit down and enjoy my morning coffee..log on and BOOM..see that and snarf Maxwell House all over the keyboard.

I am nervous. The only time the Sens have played like the Eastern Champs in a month remember. BGL best powerbomb some fool.

Things I have never heard asked aloud: "So, when is Beech coming back?"

Loser Chris said...

If the playoffs started now... we'd be hosting Ottawa in the 1st round.

Do it!

Nathan said...

The fact that the league's commissioner actually worked to keep the Pens in Pittsburgh is the key difference between our situation and Seattle's. Bettman may be a complete jackass who's done tremendous damage to the NHL during his tenure as commissioner, but every Penguins fan should always be grateful for his work in getting the arena deal done.

I read every one of those emails Simmons posted yesterday, and I couldn't help but go back to December 20, 2006, and the pain of knowing that one of my childhood teams had one foot out the door for some goddamn hick town that wouldn't support them more than two years. It hurts to see another city having to deal with this, but without the league's active assistance in keeping them in place.

I know that without Bettman's work, I'd be a Sabres fan today. And my heart breaks for the Sonics' fan base.

wilsmith said...

Do it.

I love Sens games, I don't know why. It seems to me the boys always play better in that environment.

Maybe someday that environment will make it's way to the Igloo.

coffeytalk said...

I tend to call BGL The Bumble. He's big and scary, but slow and bumbly. I hope he bumbles the life out of someone tonight.

Go Pens!

Flyer Hater said...

It seems like the last few games we've played in Ottawa have been classics. It only got more intense now that Bryan Murray is back.


The Big K said...

Resiliency is this team's forte. When Sid went down, we came out the next day and beat MTL. Same story when MAF went down. Winblog today. We show the resiliency again and win 4-2.

BGL is going to hurt somebody today that is true.

J.Maxwell said...

At least Bumbles bounce...back.
Let's go Pens!!!

P.S. rumor has it Heatley is out with cold sores and lower back spasms.

justincredibleh said...


Master of the Obvious said...

Why Gold Dust? haha

That website you found is going to spell disaster for us all

canaanregulatesblog said...

goldust has been my facebook profile pic for like 2 weeks...woooo!

coffeytalk said...

yes j.maxwell, you get it!!

pens must win. this is my birthday weekend and that's all i've asked for.

Dr. Turkleton said...

gonna borrow from the NHL Network coach, again:

"We need 100 percent of you guys to give 110%, 100 percent of the time."

plus, hit Alfie early & often...his hippy has a boo-boo, per Rotowire:

Ottawa's captain suffered a hip flexor injury earlier this season which might still be affecting his play.

From Charlie 'visiting' earlier in the year???

whatever the outcome, hope the boys leave OTT without any more injuries


Flyer Hater said...

Dr. if we lose, you'll know why

Ashley said...

hahahaha that 'fake' newspaper article is hilarious. Love it :)

GO Pens!!!

TheNWChica said...

Nathan- As a Seattle area resident and a life long Supes fan, thanks! This isn't the first time that a team from the Emerald City has threatened to leave,(all the rest of them have too); however, this the first time that no one has stepped up to help, and that includes the commissioner. It's pretty much just counting down the days until the end of the season, I fear.

And thanks to the Staff for adding the link to the SportsGuy's article. I may say a lot of nasty things about Count Chocula, but it's usually because of him being a dumbass. Those times are nothing compared to the disgust that I feel about Stern's lack of, for my own lack of better words, giving a shit about the fans here.

Anyway...thanks for letting me rant, thanks for having tPb; and GO PENS!

Stoosh said...

I could only make it about halfway through that Simmons article.

I don't think we all realize just how lucky we were as fans when the arena thing came together the way it did last year. When you really think about all the things that had to fall into place...

What if Howard Baldwin hadn't essentially run the Pens on a credit card, promised deferred money to all those marquee players in the mid-1990s, and banked on the hope that the team would continue to win Cups and sell out games?

What if Lemieux's agents hadn't agreed to take all that deferred money on that last contract he signed before he retired the first time?

What if Lemieux hadn't become so disenchanted with the league that he decided to retre in 1997, well before his time? Had he not retired early, he would've made up all that deferred money as salary...from somewhere...maybe not Pittsburgh.

What if Howard Baldwin had never brought that snake Roger Marino into the ownership group? It was Marino's decision to wage a public war with Lemieux over the money still owed him on that deferred-money deal that ultimately prompted Lemieux to consider buying the team (since that was the only way he was going to make all the money back that was owed to him).

What if Lemieux hadn't been granted the team out of bankruptcy? I'm not sure how many people recall, but a move to Portland or the dissolution of the team seemed like more likely options at the time.

What if Mario had never befriended Ron Burkle? Burkle proved to be the bankroll behind Mario's bid to buy the team out of bankruptcy and would later prove absolutely crucial to the negotiations on Plan B last winter. Without Burkle, this arena never happens.

What if Mayor Murphy and his cronies hadn't stonewalled all attempts by Lemieux to sit down and talk about the arena from the time he took ownership of the team up through the lockout?

What if the slots legislation never passed?

It really was a perfect storm of events that took at least a decade to fall into place. What happened last winter was more the exception. Unfortunately for Sonics fans, what they are going through right now is more the rule. Ownership will always have another city ready to build them a new stadium and welcome them with open arms, tax breaks, etc.

For as lucky as we were to win the Crosby lottery, we were probably 100 times more lucky with the arena situation working out the way it did.

Dr. Turkleton said...

nice, stoosh....

I was thinking of Creeds "What If" as a read your remarks:

I've seen the wicked fruit of your vine
Destroy the man who lacks a strong mind
Human pride sings a vengeful song
Inspired by the times you've been walked on
My stage is shared by many millions
Who lift their hands up high because they feel this
We are one We are strong
The more you hold us down the more we press on

What if you did?
What if you lied?
What if I avenge?
What if eye for an eye?

hyzdufan said...

See you guys in GameDayChat around 3ish. Go Pens!

IceCold... said...

Reading what is happening to Seattle really does hit home for us. Reading the Simmon's article and then everything Stoosh just said took me back to last year.

I remember being obsessed and concerned constantly about what was gonna happen to our Pens. God Bless Mario.

I remember watching the press conference with my then boyfriend who was a hockey player from british columbia. I was sitting next to him and tears were just streaming down face I was so happy. Even he who had only been in the burgh for 2 years was moved by this. probably bc he knows what it is like to a sports fan, and was able to relate the way all of us are now relating to Seattle.

Maybe some people think this is pathetic like in Agnell's quote in the article, but i certainly don't care.

All i could think while i was watching the press conference learning my beloved team would stay for the next 30 years kids are gotta know the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Jersey Bill said...

Gold Dust + Marlena = Best. Entrance. Ever.

Hip said...

BNG - hilarious.

chris e said...

Let's do this shit!

anonBILL said...

Yesterday at work i actually went to the Wiki page for Gold Dust. No lie.


No Whit. No Sid. No Gary. No Hoss. No Eaton. No Hall. No Scuds. No Problem.

Go Pens.

Stoosh said...

Oh joy...Auger is one of the officials tonight.

Ryan Grace said...

Would anyone else be willing to trade Jeff Jimerson for Lyndon Slewidge??

just a thought..

Stoosh said...

NATHAN - That "five stages of losing a team" email (maybe the very first one in the Simmons article) really kind of reminded me of what it was like to sit through that whole process over the last few years.

I can remember talking to my wife about budgeting for the Center Ice package so we could keep watching the Pens in either KC or Vegas.

I remember trying to rationalize the notion of maybe being OK with them moving to Vegas or Winnipeg because I love going to Vegas and I never thought Winnipeg should've lost the Jets in the first place (thank the NHL for letting them leave, along with Hartford and Quebec).

I remember wondering if I could still cheer for THIS team...this group of guys if they went to KC.

I remember wondering how easy it would be to get Blue Jackets tickets. Or Sabres tickets. I remember also thinking maybe I could rekindle my love for the Canucks.

I remember sitting up in F1 for a game in January and wondering what the cost would be to get season tickets for an AHL club.

I remember saying that maybe I should hold on to my copy of NHL '07 because it could be the last one that had the PITTSBURGH Penguins on it.

To be honest with you, I never seriously thought they were going to leave until the talks out-and-out collapsed like a week before the deal was ultimately reached. I remember thinking that if this followed typical negotiation strategy, the Pens would take this right to edge of leaving town (since that was their ace in the hole).

But after that meeting broke down and seeing Mario come out of that building and address the media as if he just left a funeral home, I was really wondering if that was it...if the elected officials had tried to call Burkle's bluff only to realize he wasn't bluffing.

A week later, we had a deal, making the 11:00 PM hour of March 12, 2007 probably my best day ever as a fan of a pro sports team.

Stoosh said...

(cue voice of Lange)


Ain't nothin' like bad Arby's!


Jonathan said...

Malkin to Malone Woooooooooo!!!

Stoosh said...

Sorry to be a noob, but...

Anyone have a link to the GamedayChat website?

BlacknGold66 said...

Click on the NHL.

Then click on the Penguins.

The Seeker said...

Game Day Chat

The Seeker said...

Malkin's our best defenseman right now.

stokes said...

Alfie saw a pile of men and he couldnt resist getting involved.

Flyer Hater said...

Shocking, with Murray behind the bench the Senators decide to start gooning it up again.

I fucking hate that team.

The Seeker said...

Gill or Laraque ought to line-up Shubert and make him into a poster boy for why not to take liberties against our top guys.

ceby22 said...

the sens are cheap shot city. i'm hoping laraque and lapoint cross horns.

TheEnforcer98 said...

The PensBlog ChatBlog

The Seeker said...

No one can complain about us not having any passion in the 1st!

PittHockey said...

great game so far, Gill has improved drastically.

racheleyos said...

gonchar's stupid 4 minute penalty changes the game. mark it down. shit

malkinian said...

Looks like the clock might be getting close to midnight for Ty. I'm not ready to send him away but he is not looking right at all. I'm very disappointed in these performances against potential opponents in the 1st round of the playoffs. Some players on this team need to grow a pair and start handling business.

stokes said...

The Pens are playing with passion and heart, but are playing pretty damn stupid.

Conklin has looked pretty substandard this week, not that the team has looked liked a bunch of superstars lately either.

They really need to get someone parking in front of the net because Gerber is spitting out rebounds and no one is there to bang them home.

This game is still winnable.

Flyer Hater said...

Season's over

pops said...

hal gill.

hal gill.

i just cant construct sentences concerning hal gill.


PittHockey said...


*shakes fist*

Pensblog Staff said...

Tough loss.. good show though

pops said...

yea. gonch had a piss-poor game, but there is NO WAY IN HELL that was a 4 minute penalty. i wish the Mellon crowd had as much effect on the refs calling shit as the douchnozzles in Scotiabank Place.

shit happens. atlanta tomorrow. colby's back.

The Seeker said...

Gill played very well. The penalty on him drawn by Alfie was a DIVE!

Pensblog Staff said...

agreed pops

The Seeker said...

Why do we waste a spot on the team for a BGL if he's not going to do what we got him for?

The Seeker said...

After emotional games like today, we tend to play like girls so I'm worried about tomorrow

DeathByEmu said...

Need to stop the Sens from turning into the Hanson Brothers when we play 'em. HIT THEM BACK for Charlie's sake!!!

Bi-Polar Gonch..bad move. bad bad bad lapse.

Flyer Hater said...

Pens aren't making the playoffs, trade Crosby. He's fully healthy, he just doesn't want to play and get paid for it.

The Seeker said...

I can't really blame Gonchar...should have been even calls on both sides. The Refs are afraid in Ottawa

Eric K said...

@flyer hater: wouldnt be surprised if Hossa waits to return with Crosby, or vice versa.

Gonch couldnt do anything right tonight, Sydor took a beating along the boards all game long.

Malkin is the best player in the league right now, offensively and defensively.
4th goal tonight -> Malkin unassisted = story of the past 2 weeks.


The Seeker said...

So calling-out BGL did nothing

BlacknGold66 said...

Tough loss, but I think the Pens showed a little bit more guts this game than in the past few.

Not sure about the Gonch penalty. 4 minutes? Really? Whatev.

If someone on that team can bounce back from a mistake quickly it's Sarge. Not worried there.

Actually, I think we'll bounce back very well tomorrow as a team and get rolling again.

Let's Go Pens!!!

chris e said...

I totally agree with the BGL comments. Why is he in the lineup if he isnt going to take care of business. This was a perfect game for him to lay the smack down...and nothing.

BlacknGold66 said...

Oh, and I agree... BGL should've destroyed someone. I'm pretty upset about that.

Pensgirl said...

Echoing the sentiments giving Bettman his due credit. He bought an awful lot of goodwill from me taking such a strong stand to keep us here.

Also want to add that Mario & co. aren't given enough credit for paying back all of the bankruptcy creditors (even the unsecured ones). It was that aspect of their proposal that made the bankruptcy judge award them the team in the first place. In following through, they saved some local small businesses from having to close. Bankruptcies almost never end with everybody getting paid back. Neither Mario nor any of his partners had to commit to such a concept, but it was the right thing to do. That's the kind of organization you want to keep in your community.

On Conklin: I've been wondering if Tuesday's major effort just wore him out. It might be smart to give Fleury the next two starts and get Conklin some rest. It's not too much longer before we head back into all-Atlantic-all-the-time hell, and we need both goalies to be sharp.

Damn that shorthander, man.

I haven't seen or heard any updates, but Colby left Atlanta's game today after being hit into the boards from behind. Evidently he was holding his head, but the Boston feed didn't show that. I never saw him come back. Dunno what that means for tomorrow.

Also, ATL put Crusher second in the shootout and he didn't score. That had to have them wincing.

FijiH2O said...

re: ryan grace: We're not trading Jeff Jimmerson for anyone!!!

Conklin needs a rest - he's been riden too long and I think the team has begun to take him for granted. He can't carry their laziness indefinitely. It will be good to see MAF in net tomorrow.

Heatley=deadly Does Mike Lange pay attention to the words that come out of his mouth! LOL

Thank God for Mario, Ron Burkle and on a smaller scale, even Gary Bettman. I would not have supported another hockey team in Pgh.


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