Friday, March 28, 2008

Et Tu, Ruutu? PENS WIN.


It seems like just yesterday the Islanders were dancing around after Al Albour came out of retirement to coach them to a win over the Pens.


What do these pictures have in common?
They both will be dead before you know it.

--End Flashback--

Funny how things worked out.

Despite several assassination attempts on Marian Hossa, the Penguins finally beat Wade Dubielewicz, thanks to a virtuoso three-point performance by Jarkko Ruutu.

It is a shame the Hossa injury scares will be the main concern.
(Hossa is day-to-day and should be fine.)

Jarrko Ruutu, BGL, and Max Talbot played as good as a line could play.

Ruutu for Mayor.



-- 412 --

-- Vinnie --------- Zlancia --

-- captain dummy ---------- Jannah J --

-- Carrie --

-- Mark M --



Right off the top of the broadcast we get hit by a "Steel City Line" graphic.
What a disaster.

The Islanders injury woes have been documented already.
But another wrinkle for them, is that they are trying to get their farm team into the playoffs.

They have been sending players back and forth in the attempt.
Included in those players is backup goalie Joey McDonald.

With McDonald down, the Islanders turned to some joke named Mike Mole,
who plays for their ECHL team.

So what happens two minutes into the game?
Dubielewicz gets ran over.
If Ted Nolan could feel, he would have been worried.
But Dubes gets up.

Tonight was about Hossa-Crosby-Dupuis. They gOt some things going.
Crosby and Hossa seem to have a good connection.
But this isn't a dating show, so who even knows what that means.

Crosby starts right where he left off and draws a penalty.

Lord Therrien responds by putting out four forwards on the powerplay.
It had to be done.
The powerplay doesn't get anything going, but at one point, it will.
And your balls will fall off.

Right after the powerplay, Ruutu and BGL come out.
They job around with Talbot for awhile.

Talbot goes to the bench for a change, and Maklin flies in, but gets knocked off the puck.
Ruutu and BGL follow up. Ruutu gets the puck to him.
BGL runs some solid interference.
Malkin roofs it. 1-0

All seems to be going well.
Ryan Whitney gets a chance on a nice setup from JFK, but can't finish.
The Islanders then come out of nowhere.
The puck gets batted around at center ice.
Josef Vasicek get the puck and turns into Mike Bossy.
He sneaks one past MAF.

The goal stunned the world and gave the Islanders life.
With under a minute to play, the Isles go nuts.
Josef Vasicek goes nuts again. He makes a great pass to Bill Guerin.
But MAF stands tall as time expires.

[SteelCity 8771]



It didn't start out well for Marian Hossa, and it would get worse.
Ted Nolan apparently put a price on Hossa's head to start the second.

[Josh B]

Less than a minute into the second, some dude tries to job him.
Hossa punches him in the face and gets a penalty.

The Pens kill it.
Nothing really goes on, until Ruutu takes a roughing penalty.
Fox Sports refuses to show it or say what happened.
Good times.

Towards the end of the kill, the Pens spring Hossa on a breakaway,
but the puck bounces on him.

Bing gets on and does a special move where he flips the puck over a defender.
He walks in on Dubie, but no dice.

66 buries it.
Maybe if they would have shown the replay 26 more times,
history may have changed and he would've buried it.

And then it happened.....

Hossa was flying down the ice, and some A-hole hip checks him. His knees go flying in the air.
All you see is Sykora go nuts and drop the gloves.
What a stand-up guy Sykora is.

FSN actually shows the replay, and the suicide-prevention hotline prepares for an influx of calls.
To make matters worse, Hossa goes straight to the locker room.


The ensuing powerplay means nothing.
But thankfully as we come back from a commercial, Hoss is sitting on the bench.
As the focus returns to the game, the Isles get away with a too many men on the ice call.

[Sarah L]

The Pens wouldn't be as lucky, as they, too, get called for t0o many men.
Lord Therrien makes Ryan Whiteny serve it because he hates his face.

And then it was the Jarkko Ruutu Show. He hustled to a puck and walked in on a partial breakaway. He made a slight little move on Dubie, and then went around the net and stuffed a hugggggggeeeeeee goal home.


What can't you say about Ruutu?
The last two weeks he has been everywhere.

[Kevin S.]

The rest of the second dragged on.
So sick of the Islanders.



[Mark M]




In the third period it was clear that the Islanders number-one goal was to injure someone.
Four minutes in, they got what they wanted.
Sean Bergenheim nails Hossa from behind.

It is hard to say if it was on purpose or not.
Either way it looked like it hurt.
Hossa was dazed and confused as he skated to the locker room.

All hell broke loose as Hossa lay face down. Orpik was trying to kill someone.

**Bergenheim leaves the ice.
We applaud the fans for not throwing anything at him as he walked through the tunnel.
We would have.

Father Time arrives just in time.

The USS Hal Gill breaks up a pass. Ruutu flips it to BGL.
A rare breakaway for BGL, and he buries it.


After that goal, the Penguins nearly break the game wide open as Malkin gets rejected by Dubie.

The rest of the third period was either spent on worrying about Hossa, or plotting ways to kick Ted Nolan in the balls.

Either way the message had been sent.
Fleury closed the door late.

Finally done with the Isles.

[Christopher M]

  • Malkin: 1G
  • BGL: 1G
  • Ruutu: 1G, 2A

  • Hossa is fine.
  • The USS Hal Gil is a beast.
  • One bright spot for the Isles -- Kyle Okposo is going to be a really good player.
  • Magic number for the division is now 4 or 5. We don't know what the tiebreaker is.


jackedlobster said...

Good game tonight...Kinda what I expected, I didn't expect Hossa and Crosby both to have two hat tricks like some of the hype suggested they would..they did good on the cycle and provided eachother with solid chances..Looking forward to the playoffs!

was anyone else annoyed with Steigy's voice tonight? must have a cold or trying to be French?

letsgopsu said...

one problem with the post, Bergenheim didn't get tossed. he just went to the locker room because he got his hand cut in a fight with Orpik. he came back in the game later on.

he should have been tossed though. i mean, even if it appeared accidental, BGL's hit on Paetsch (sp?) appeared accidental and he got tossed...

just sayin

Flyer Hater said...

When Petr freaking Sykora fights, you know your team is doing something really dirty.

strakasguitar said...

what a dirty m-f'in hit on hossa in the third. dude coulda been seriously hurt.

but we whupped em, and it was purty.

i've got the ruutu jersey in the mail.

caramia said...

Last night was opposite night. Ruutu and Laraque were scoring threats and Sykora was dropping the gloves. Crazy!


BGL 1G, 1A

strakasguitar said...

and I couldn't hear Steiggy last night, the bar was too crowded...:(

Nathan said...

I guess Steigy lost his copy of Doc Emrick's pronounciation guide, because he kept pronouncing the silent K in Okposo's last name. It was driving me crazy. Apparently the radio guys got it right, though. I don't remember if Errey was getting right.

I believe the magic number is 4. The Devils can max out at 101 points and 47 wins, and if the Pens finish tied with them, Pittsburgh owns the head-to-head tiebreaker. The Rangers can max out at 101 points as well, but only at 45 wins, so basically the Pens getting to 101 with one more win would trump the Rangers as well. The first division title in a decade is in sight. If the Pens do take it, here's hoping this playoff run goes better than their attempt at a playoff run that season (dispatched in the first round by 7 seed Montreal).

Starry Night said...

I made the mistake of going around the dial last night and got stuck on the John Fedko show for a total of 30 secs. In that time he tore the pens down!

He made it seem like they have no right being in the playoffs or anything!!!!!!!!

Sad sad show when a Pittsburgh sports personality is not even giving this team a chance?

Also...he said Lord Terrein was a joke because (and yes here it come)

If this was "FOOTBALL" and a coach made some one switch positions...... blah blah blah.....

Sorry this just got me very upset last night for those 30 secs I saw!!

Wasted 30 secs of my ear drums!!!!

geezer said...

Why is Fedcraps name mentioned yet again on this a hockey blog? Pens fans do not ever mention that worthless, no nothing about hockey, piece of warm turds name here again. He knows nothing about hockey and wouldn't know what to do with a hockey stick if it came with instructions. He is what the Pens are not, LOSER.

ConcussMike said...

is there a lottery for playoff tickets? if so that sucks for all those people who waited a year outside to get theirs.

Hooks Orpik said...

Pensblog--First tiebraker is points earned head to head. Do to overtime craziness, the Pens took 9 out of 16 points against the Devils, the Devils only got 8 out 16 from the Pens.

Advantage: Pittsburgh

sonofatruckload said...

take a look at this article on espn where some douche picks the player best at each individual skill

somehow malkin gets a mention as "best skater"??? apparantly dude has not watched a pens game before, cause malkin has to randomly fall down at least 5x every game.

dying alive said...

So glad to be done with the Islanders. I'm sick of looking at those clowns. Bring on Puff Nuts and the Rangers!

Best of luck to those of you trying to get playoff tickets today. I believe that I did hear they're doing a lottery system, so you'd probably be better off just trying to get them online.

Korn said...

I'm thrilled that the Isles aren't making the playoffs. Four to seven consective games watching them? I might have to pass. Snoozeblog.

The hit on Hossa in the third was far from dirty. Incidental contact, you could tell the guy didn't know he was there. Glad he's going to be ok.


Mark said...

For today only...Let's go, Buffalo!

Pens - Rangers re-match on Sunday...drool...

Wow, Ruutu is earning points at a 200+ per year pace. That's pretty good.

Thanks, Potash.

Maybe Fake Paul S. will post some news about what's up with his voice.


sonofatruckload said...

btw fleury in the 9 games he has started since coming back from his injury:

.953 save percentage
1.33 GAA

good lord

lis said...

F my directtv for deciding to freeze last night and not tape the game. Only got to see the last 10 minutes of the game and by that point everything had already happened.

malkinian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
malkinian said...

Thank Roberts Hossa is gonna be fine. Great to see Sykora drop em and Ruutu show some emotion & fistpump after the goal since he's usually all business.

nu said...

How was that possibly an accidental elbow to the head? I don't care if it's two guys going backwards, what reason does your elbow have to be up there? ?

And they may not have been throwing him out of the game, but they still had to cover the walkway.

Is there any chance they'll suspend Bergenheim for this?

wilsmith said...

That was an accident. Take off the homer glasses. Just because his elbow was somewhere near Hossa when they hit each other doesn't mean he elbowed him. His arms were tucked in as he tried to avoid him, they just ran into each other. It happens all the time.

Get over it.

The ~D said...

Did anyone notice how BGL purposely slammed the glass extremely close to Martinek after his goal? Martinek had to get out of the way...and he got the eff out of there in a hurry haha.

Jeffry said...

what the fuck

wilsmith said...


that was the best part of the night!

The Seeker said...

I noticed that too the~d.

Props to Sydor too for dropping the gloves against a much bigger/younger guy. That was gutsy.

Jeffry said...

1 effing ticket. in F, come on.

sonofatruckload said...

1 ticket in B here!!!!!!!!

definitely wanted at least 2 but whatev

Kristen PB said...

There must have been something screwy with the ice around the nets last night. I counted three Malone topples and one Orpik swoon, all while skating around the nets. It was either the ice or they've caught the Malkin falling-down fungus. Maybe it's easily spread in a locker athlete's foot.

Memorable Errey quote of hte night? "He's looking out the Mole hole!"

Stoosh said...

Thoughts, dudes...

1. I know it's Ted Nolan's job to win games and all that crap. Whatever. I still hate the godforsaken trap. Hockey went through a 15-20 year cycle that began in the late 1970 and continued through 1995-96 where MOST teams actually tried to outscore their opposition. I can't wait for that cycle to come back around again, and I'm hoping this Pens team will be one of the teams to help lead that charge.

2. I've always had a lot of respect for the Canadiens franchise and their tradition. But sorry, Montreal. Tonight I'm a Sabres fan. Not sure if I can bring myself to cheer for the Flyers, though.

3. Almost seems as if we're destined to play the Flyers in the first round of the playoffs. We were second and they were seventh just a day or two ago. We moved up to first and they moved down to eighth. How great would a Pens-Flyers first round be? I might very well be catatonic if that happens.

4. I personally love the fact that Sykora jumped in there last night and got chippy. Don't get me wrong...I don't want my skill players throwing punches on a regular basis, but this team from top to bottom is playing with an edge that will serve them very well in the postseason, especially against teams like Philly, Ottawa and Boston.

5. Fleury = As I said about Malkin when Sid first got hurt, it's a damn travesty that he can't carry this team.

And yes, the sarcasm meter is cranked to 11 for that one.

Ryan said...

how the hell are no tickets available at 10:01 other than 1 single F ticket??


Lauren said...

I'm highly upset about the ticket situation also - I sat here and WAITED for that MFing clock to turn to 10:00 am and I got jack shit.
So I turn to eBay, and see a bunch of tickets going for like a million dollars each.


Jeffry said...

i got 2 total tickets. one in F one in C. seems weird that there werent 2 tickets available at all.

J.S. said...

I had three tickets in D, but how did the tickets go from $60 (listed on the Pens site as 60 for round one) to $85 + Slavemaster fee. I kinda feel jobbed. No, I do feel jobbed.

For $94, I'll be buying a case of Dogfish, a case of hefe, a few pizzas and bringing over a few friends to watch and still have money in the pocket.

PO said...

my fingers are sore from hitting refresh on my browser so many times

no tickets = watchthegameatthebarorthrowapartyatmyhouseblog

DeCeV said...

The magic number is technically 5 because the devils could theoretically beat us in games won.

That said, it's a lot easier than that to clinch. If we win two games, then we clinch against the devils. Also if we win one and they lose one. If we win ONE of our games against the rangers, we clinch over them.

I hope to Roberts that Hossa is indeed ok. Lets go Pens!

Doug said...


I have a friend who works for a Western Conference team. His department is having a Q & A with Bettman today at three. He came to me for questions. I gave him a couple and now I come to you, fellow cbloggers.

Post anything you want to ask Bettman and I will pass it along.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I feel bad for those peeps out there who weren't able to get tickets...just hope that the same situation didn't happen like before & brokers got their filthy hands on them....
Did anyone ever say how many tickets were going on sale?...with the STH waitinglist at 1000+, it's tough to say how many general tickets for the playoffs were being made available.

J.S. said...

2k were made available to the public for each game.

Lauren said...

@ j.s.

I thought the same thing - but I went back and checked the Pens site again, and now there's an asterisk* next to the pricing, saying, oh wait, that's only for STH, f you.

...or something like that.

homesprout said...

I think the Pens may have a new #1 scoring line of Ruutu/Talbot/Laraque! :-D

The team just doesn't seem to play as well when 7 D-men are in the lineup...even if one of them is playing wing.

I think we might be looking at a 1st rd. series against the Caps...although it would be kind of amusing if they finished one point out of the playoffs.

rwarner174 said...

Tiebreakers from

1. The greater number of games won.

2. The greater number of points earned in games between the tied clubs. If two clubs are tied, and have not played an equal number of home games against each other, points earned in the first game played in the city that had the extra game shall not be included. If more than two clubs are tied, the higher percentage of available points earned in games among those clubs, and not including any "odd" games, shall be used to determine the standing.

3. Goal differential

Note: that head to head is not the #1 tiebreaker, its Wins. For some reason a lot of people think its head to head.

Brett said...

I just looked at the prices for the Mellon playoff games, and you guys are really blessed.

Devils REGULAR season lower level tickets - 200 dollars

So pay the lil' extra money the Pens ask for playoff tickets. you're STILL paying half as much as I would be here in Dirty Jerz for a REGULAR season game.

DeCeV said...


Thanks for that lol. I've been fighting the good fight for a while now.

Because we just had 7 games in 12 days, waiting until Sunday to play the Rags is going to seem like an eternity. Luckily the weekend is almost here to take the brunt of the wait.

What day do playoff games tend to start? Last year I think we played about 2 or 3 days after our last game. Is that the norm? I can't remember.

FijiH2O said...

Ruutu the player of the game!

Syko going psycho!

BGL getting a goal!

The stars are definitely aligning:D

Someone take the target of of Hossa's back!

The $60 ticket price for D listed on the web site applied to season ticket holders only.

Dr. Turkleton said...


hope that we play a team that slides into the playoffs: PHI or BOS...not one carrying momentum that got them a 7th or 8th seed like BUF or WSH

•goal 1: secure 1st or 2nd overall
•goal 2: root for Craps & Cryers to miss playoffs? Why?: because they're the Craps & Cryers

Dr. Turkleton said...


last year, for the Pens, the playoffs started on a Wednesday, then Saturday,Sunday....

they'll go thru this same B.S. schedule this year too, probably for the almighty $ that is: Television.

Brett said...

Our old buddy Ross over at yahoo sports is spouting more shit.

We should let everybody play in the playoffs

My opinion- a lot of people out there think the regular season is long and boring as it is. And now you're going to make it even less appealing to the general public, as teams could potentially clinch a playoff berth in like..January? great idea. ..

dying alive said...


The playoffs start on 4/9. So assuming that the Pens get home ice advantage, the first two games at Mellon should be either Wednesday the 9th and Friday the 11th, or Thursday the 10th and Saturday the 12th.

DeCeV said...

Well that reminds everyone about why we job him so much. McKeon also thinks that his mom should expand his allowance.

The ~D said...

j.s. - I have a case of dogfish 120 minute ready to go for the playoffs...oh yeah. Took me 3 years to find one of those. I had 2 tickets in A ready to go and then tried to jump back and get 3. Big mistake...ended up with squat. Oh well, pens in HD works too.

jmagnifico said...

Jarko in flashblog anytime soon?

J.S. said...

Ahhh, yeah, the 120 IPA, or as one friend called it "the six pack in a bottle". I was thinking more along the lines of a 60 or maybe even a 90, depending on the price.

I have a three year old bottle of 120 Min that I might be cracking soon.

Mark said...

I think Flower is working at Ticketmaster today because I got shut out - many many shots but no tickets.

@ the ~d - be careful with that DFH 120 min IPA - we got ahold of some at the shore a few years ago, drank it like it was "regular" beer, and ended up naked, lying in a ditch, and covered in (what we hope was) our own filth.

Playoff tailgate at the Igloo?

J.S. said...


Holy Gary, you were doing 120 as if it were a bottle of Miller Lite? That's insane.

Another one that'll sneak up on you (and it's a personal favorite) is La Fin du Monde. 9%, but there's very little alcohol in the aftertaste. 3 or 4 will usually put you down for the count.

coffeytalk said...

I didn't even try to get playoff tickets. I may get lucky and score one off of my season ticket holding family members. But regardless, see you all in the lot for some supreme tailgatingblog!

Dr. Turkleton said...

EJ Hradek is sporting a Lemieux vintage Yellow sweater on NHL Live on TV right now...getting some Penguin love up in NYC...

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, rooting against the Devils isn't rooting for the Flyers! The fact that the Flyers would have to win for the Devils to lose is just "every silver lining has a cloud."

Mostly, I'm just rooting for an end in regulation.

BlacknGold66 said...

Beerblog first:

La Fin Du Monde(The End of the World) is aply named. That shit will knock you cold.

Great Lakes Brewing up here has "Blackout Stout" named after the 2003 Northeast blackout. But it fits as that too will knock you on your arse.

Tailgate blog:

I didn't get tickets... but if everyone tailgates for one of the weekend games then my g/f and I are driving down for the night. We need a break from C-town. What better way to spend it then getting sloshed with some cbloggers during a Pens game! At the very least... Stokes, we'll meet you at the Souper Bowl.

Let's Go Pens!!!

BlacknGold66 said...

Whomever "Chris from PA" is that just called NHL live needs to get his head checked.

"Pens get all the attention. Why not Ovechkin?" is basically what he just said.

And here I was waiting for a Gary Roberts job.

Dr. Turkleton said...


he had to be a capsfan, he was stumbling over his words worse that Backstrom around his own net...Crosby getting 'phantom' assists - please

those capsfans are more into conspiracy theories than Oliver Stone [hip, being the 1 exception]

Go onto their boards & theirs usually a thread started about Sid or has Crosby in the discussion

caliplayr21 said...

badically, the Rangers series will decide the division. A pens win and devils loss in reg eliminates them from the division (we have the PTS in the series tie breaker. 4-3-1.)

The Rangers are a little more difficult. we are 2-3-1 against them. 6 to 5pts. If we win Sunday, we go 7 to 6. 8 pts up with 4 games left for them. They'd have to win out (including a win against us in reg), and the Pens lose out to win the title.

Basically, all we have to do is win 1 game verse the Rangers and 1 more remaining. (or lose in OT in one of the Rangers games as well as beating them in reg).

A win and OT loss against the Rangers puts us 7 pts up with 3 games left for them. A win and loss puts us 6 pts up. This home and home will decide alot. But we are in the drivers seat.

DeCeV said...


Sorry, I feel like the division police, but people consistently get this wrong. If we win one more game then the Rangers can't possibly hold a tiebreaker over us. If we beat the Rangers in regulation once, us > them. Games won > series points.

Michael said...

Malkin - Syko - Malone line nickname:

Chem 101.
Professor Malkin
Sykora the Scientist
Malone (??)

They're best at their chemistry, so it's kind of a literal name. And they'll school you.

If it's been said before, sorry.

sonofatruckload said...

obviously malone is the lab TA sobek

DeCeV said...

Malone is the janitor a la Good Will Hunting.

Wow I need to get back to work and off of c-blog.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

PBStaff, I agree with yins about Bergenheim, but I saw they put up a tent so he could walk through it without being hit.

About Hoss: That last hit just made me mad. It didn't look intentional, but I don't trust anyone in this division. Crosby was even going after people, and I was screaming for him not to (I get overly protective of him and Malkin, don't ask, I'm weird), and Orrpik got a bruiser on his eye. Now get a photo of that and put it in the Free Candy Photoshop and he will look even creepier.

Who gave McKeon his job? Were the people at yahoo drinking when he came in for an interview with his resume written by his mother?

@michael: No love for Malone?

Depressedblog. I didn't get to go to a game this season (except one preseason, where Bugsy didn't play but I called Letang gettting play time!) and no playoff tickets. Well, at least my team made playoffs.

In Malkin (and Malone) I Still Trust!

The ~D said...

All the Unibroue beers are personal fav is the Trois Pistoles. The Point Brugge cafe in Oakland has a 5 course beer dinner on April 7th. All 5 beers are from Unibroue and, I believe, all are on tap. I think it's $75 per person...the point is worth checking out. They have awesome Mussels.

Mark, trust me...I know the danger of the 120.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Oh stupid me!

Congrats to Sarge for 900 games!! No mention of this Pensblog Staff?

Oh, and everyone's gonna get excited ... someone's expected to return soon!!! Kris Beech ... hahahaha!! I don't think I'm going to see him play unless half the team dies and that includes the Baby Pens. *I'm sorry everyone I had to do it. Gary Roberts is probably gonna hurt me now.*

The ~D said...

Sorry, not's in Shadyside.

justincredibleh said...

i got 3 tickets in c14. I think the trick was going for 1 ticket or 3 tickets.

danielleia said...

How does it feel to be in 1st? I forgot.

Possible Pittsburgh prospect. Thought I’d throw it your way in case there’s interest.

J.S. said...

5 Unibroue beers, all on tap?

I think I just filled the cup.

M. Vanderlasser said...

@I Have Kasparaitis (and anyone else who is interested), I have an extra tickee to Wednesday's game vs. Philly - it would be great to sell it to a Pensblogger, as long as you aren't a tool, like BNG66 (kidding!)

@The ~D - we need a public awareness ad campaign to warn Americans about the dangers of DFH 120m IPA.

Any official news aboot Hoss?

Thanks, Potash.

DeCeV said...

All I found

BlacknGold66 said...

So I'm a tool... big whoop!

I know everything said on here is with a grain of salt. But this is from the heart:

I HIGHLY recommend someone getting his extra ticket. I went to last Saturday's game on a whim with M. Vanderlasser and his wife(we were complete strangers before the game) and had a BLAST!

So if you're looking to go to a game... and want to go with two extremely nice, normal, die-hard Pens fans... you couldn't find a better pair.

On another personal note...

I've had two "meetings" with cbloggers so far (Stokes at Souper Bowl, M.Vander at the game) and they both went very well. We can all job each other on here left and right but when it comes down to it I truly believe that we are all one in the same. Just a bunch of normal people who share the same passion for the Pens.

You can't get that in many places these days. Cherish it now while the Pens are in action. 'Cuz come summer time we might not be as eager to do these types of things (unless we can HOPEFULLY do a cblog get-together before a certain parade).

Sorry for the rant.

The Seeker said...


There are two Gary Roberts 4' x 6' vinyl street banners being auctioned (proceeds go to Cystic Fibrosis) on the NHL website under Penguins Auctions right now.

The auction ends at 3:00 PM today.

Present bids are $150 and $175 (bids in $10.00 increments)

I wanted to place a bid myself, however the website times-out and gives me a "server error - contact the administrator" every time I try to register as a bidder.

Maybe someone here that's interested will have better luck with their website?...I gave up.

Stoosh said...

BNG66 - Not sure if you were around C-blog much last summer, but this place doesn't lose much steam at all during the summer. It was still very much a fun place to be for discussion about the Pens and all sorts of other stuff.

The Seeker said...


If you couldn't get playoff tickets, don't despair....

Last year I got shutout from getting any myself the day they went on sale.

But, if you try Ticketmaster the evening before each game, there are always tickets available somehow at the last minute which didn't show up before.

I was told it's due to companies that have blocks of tickets having last minute cancellations allowing seats to be freed-up.

We were able to get excellent seats (2) that way and didn't even have to pay more than the regular season price for them!

jefre82 said...

near flashback for fleury when he tried to hit the empty net and almost banked it off orpik or someone into his own net. only funny cause we were up 2.

go pens!

M. Vanderlasser said...

@DeCeV - thanks for the Hossa link - that news is Hossome.

@bng66 - thanks for the kind words and thanks for not mentioning Mrs. VdL's Penguins-induced Tourette's Syndrome...

But most of all, thanks, Potash.

Stoosh said...

I'm with some of the rest of you on this. I'd love to go to a playoff game or eight - I was at both of the Pens-Flyers games in 1997 when we all thought Mario had played his last game (not a dry eye in the house when he got that goal at the end). But I just can't swing it.

So I'm really hoping to be able to help organize some postseason C-blog tailgate parties...get everyone together beforehand at one of the Mellon lots or something, tailgate up until gametime and then we'll find a downtown establishment to invade or something like that. I think that would be a blast, especially now that the weather is getting nicer.

Flyer Hater said...

Rooting for the Sabres and Flyers in the same night.

I need a shower.

Dr. Turkleton said...

another skate to the throat last night in Tampa v. Caps
Boyle's one lucky guy....seems like lot's of freak plays happening more this year than any other year I can remember.
Dupuis has to thank his lucky visor/helmet last night as well, when Orpik was clearing the puck during a PK, he shot it 20 feet away right into Dupuis mush it looked like, but the sound was clearly off of Dupuis visor/helmet.

The Seeker said...

This was in the Tibune Review:

Taffe benched

Penguins coach Michel Therrien has been critical of defenseman Ryan Whitney's play ... so he benched Jeff Taffe.

Therrien moved Whitney to left wing in an effort light a fire under him. With the return of Sidney Crosby, however, Taffe was the odd man out.

He (taffe) scored five goals and 12 points and won 73 of 151 (48.3 percent) of his faceoffs for a team that is last in the NHL with an average of 46.1 percent.

Eric K said...

duno if anyone caught this little gem from the Trib:


Eric K said...

well obviously that link isnt gonna work, anyways, it's the article about Kris Beech being close to returning to "game condition"

what else can you do but laugh?

MizzPenz said...

Not sure how to do this, but here's the story. We are season tix holders for E30 but couldn't make it to the game last night as we live in Harrisburg. So we went to a local watering hole that always has the Pens on for us. There was a guy there that was sporting Flyers gear that was a total douche and I convinced him to let me take his picture. My fiance swears that he thought he looked like Charlie, and I'll admit he was a bit gay with both ears pierced and talked with a lisp. Anyhoo... I took his picture right when BGL scored and soon after he learned that his Flyer Fags were losing.

I'm really slow with the whole blog thing and I don't really know how to post a pic. So basically, how do I send you guys this picture? Sorry...I'll admit I'm schtoopid.

Love your blog and waste WAY too much time at work reading it!


PS. By the way, do any of you go to the Souper Bowl before the games? We are always there. We have to drive 3 hours to get to every game, but it's worth it

stokes said...

Cbloggers who tailgate: Let's make this happen.

Mizzpens: Myself or my brother are there before every game, in the back 2nd floor by the door.


Eric P. said...

Darryl Sydor will not die.

Ryan said...

Forgot to mention it earlier...

I can't believe the staff didn't make an NHL '93 reference about Ruutu's wraparound. Or that nobody made a photoshop for it. Oh well.

Dr. Turkleton said...

are the guys filling in for MM any relation to Big Bob & Mikey???

discussing the whole 12-71-17 name that line thing...

can they do some real hockey talk, please????

Nathan said...

@ BNG on meeting other c-bloggers. My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting hip and chris e at the Washington game on March 9. Ended up having dinner with Chris and his fiancee afterward too. They're all very nice people and I hope to meet up with them again at future games. It's nice meeting other Pens fans at road games because there's the added bonus that if shit starts going down, someone would have your back.

wilsmith said...

You know I'm in for a tailgate. I'm an hour and a half from the city so a weekend game is preferred, but I'll do anything.
Tailgating is one of my favorite things. I'm only two years removed from college and me and some friends bought an RV just for tailgating.

Oh, and black and gold cornole, anyone?

Everyone I know that called about tickets today got them. That's pretty loaded stat though since it was only one person. He called from 9 till 10 and finally got a rep at 9:55 that he made stay on the line until they sold him tickets at 10.

jackedlobster said...

Did anyone notice that little kid hitting the glass behind malkin with 5min left in the third?? he was making the most evil faces as he hit the glass..kinda looked like he was stabbing him with an invisible knife?? just wondering if anyone else noticed that

BlacknGold66 said...


I noticed that as well. The kid seemed pissed that Malkin wasn't turning around to acknowledge him.

Good times.


I was around on here last summer (different name). I just meant that meeting up during the Summer won't be as fun as it would during the season/post-season.

So who's in charge of the tailgate? I'd be all over planning it if I didn't live 2.5 hours away.

But keep me posted, cbloggers. (bah-dum, ching!)

ianaba said...

Dunno if anybody caught this or not, but Bob Errey dropped the f-bomb in French Canadian.

He read Michel Therrien's lips out loud when he said "tabernac" at the refs, which basically can mean "ah fuck" in french-canadian.

MizzPenz said...


That's pretty much where we hang out before every game. Wednesday night, last home game, we'll be there.

Tailgating? We're in!!!!

MizzPenz said...


That's pretty much where we hang out before every game. Wednesday night, last home game, we'll be there.

Tailgating? We're in!!!!

Flyer Hater said...

Go Flyers.


Jonny V said...

Stokes, BnG, bigwilliestyle, and whomever else wants to tailgate, if it's this weekend's Rangers game or a playoff game, i'm in. I have drill next weekend and work monday and wednesday. A playoff tailgate would be huge.

Yinz talking about Dogfish Head got me curious, and I found this video. He chugs one. "I'm trippin' my balls off..."

Stoosh said...

JONNY V - Father Spoon - the guy in the youtube clip you linked - is one of my best friends from high school, and I'm being 100% serious.

He and one of his other friends run a beer-review website called "Should I Drink That?"

Here's the link to his site.

He's also a Pens season ticket holder up in F2.

Flyer Hater said...

Devils have an offensive explosion by scoring 2 goals in one period. Watch out 84 Oilers, your records could be in jeopardy.

Stoosh said...

Furthering the beer discussion, I've got a case of Railbender Ale in the fridge getting chilly right now. Railbender hails from Erie Brewing Co. in Erie, PA...which, of course, just so happens to be the town from which yours truly hails as well.

If you've never had the Railbender, I'd highly recommend it. Stay away from the Mad Anthony's Pale Ale,'s like drinking carbonated Formula 44D.

BlacknGold66 said...


I've had that their Railbender here in Cleveland actually. Good stuff. My Uncle lives on the far Eastern part of Ohio so he travels to Erie now and again. Usually he brings back a seasonal ale from Erie Brew. I'm requesting you bring some to Cleveland for a Tribe game this summer. I'll treat you to a few Great Lakes if you've never had one.

@Flyer Hater

I'm watching the Cryers/Debbies on Center Ice and have vommitted on myself seven times already rooting for the Flyers. How about you? What's your self-vomit tally? Ugh.

Jonny V said...

Stoosh, small world, eh? I actually found the youtube link from his website, his was like the third link down on a google search.

Some quality beer from the west coast are Anchor Steam (San Francisco)and Rogue Dead Guy ale (Portland, Oregon). I had the former when I was stationed in Cali, and they serve the latter down at Fatheads in the southside.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Johnny V

Anchor Steam huh? A true Sailor you are my friend.

Where were you stationed in Cali? I was in NAS Lemoore during the "Great Guinness Fuck-up" as we call it. Someone at the Mini- MiniMart priced Guiness 12 packs at $5 a piece! My buddy and I bought them out of course. YARGH!

All of this talk of booze has me heading to the bar in a bit. WOOO!

Eric K said...

c-bloggers, im doin a very very modified recap of the season because i have the shits and nothing better to do on a friday night. probly do a bunch of games tonight, some whenever, more whenever else. check out my profile, Experiencing the Evolution is where you wanna go, if any1's interested.

coffeytalk said...

I'll be at Sunday's game. D-23, redish hair, Ruutu jersey.

Not sure how early I'll be there to tailgate. These 12:30 games kill me. Especially since I'll be going to an 80s prom Saturday night. Hopefully I'll wake up in time to drink through the hangover and straighten the crimped hair.

Flyer Hater said...

God do I hate Buffalo. A worthless city with a worthless hockey team that will never win a championship.

They have a 2 goal lead over Montreal in late stages of the third period and blow it. What a fucking disgrace.

Flyer Hater said...


Let's just say this, when Knuble scored for the Flyers to tie the game up late in regulation I did a fist pump with my right hand. Shortly thereafter, I considered cutting it off.

wilsmith said...

wooo, I KRamered my way into tickets for sunday.

I will try and be there for any pregame souper bowl activities, stokes.

I won't be back to check the c-blog until later tomorrow night since I'm going to the state finals high school games... but if you're planning anything (other than sitting in the back of the bowl) leave some details and I'll be there with bells on.

Doc Steel said...

Seeing as how The PensBlog are less than 400 views away from 1,000,000 hits, I figure congratulations are in order.

stokes said...

Does looking at tPB like 20 times a day count as a hit every time?
More importantly, does that make me a loser?

Wilsmith, i am not going on sunday, but will be there for Weds-hello mizzpens- but i think that a weekend play off game tailgate would seriously be killer. I don't even know if i would attend the game if i knew i could hang with Cbloggers all game.

That dude chugging beer is probably my new hero.

I don't mean to brag at all here, seriously, i just want to provide a testament of the power of WWGRD. I wore my WWGRD t shirt to my play off games tonight down at the ol' RMU Neville Island complex. Yeah, i totally channeled GR and killed both games tonight. WWGRD? Score with 3.6 seconds left to win the game.

I may never take this shirt off, ever.

letsgopsu said...

@ stokes

don't worry, i check tPB at least 20 times a day, you are not alone

and a tailgte would be sick, too bad im at penn state right now, but if the pens go far enough in the playoffs that theres a tailgate when im back in pittsburgh i would definately want to go, i just started reading tPB about a month ago and it has actually changed my outlook on life

Jeffry said...

do yourself a favor and look for Oscar Blues Dale's Pale ale(6.5abv) or even better Gordon's Double IPA(8.7abv could there be a better playoff beer?)

Jeffry said...

OsKar not OsCar!

santosh said...

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