Thursday, March 13, 2008

Don't Stop Believin'

Yea everyone knows.

But still.....

March 13, 2007

Thanks again 66


tecmo said...

So sick

Eric K said...

the announcer says "His legacy is secure" referring to Mario after making this announcement. If Mario's legacy wasn't secure after a career which consisted of: 1723 career points, only player to score a goal every way possible in a game, 13 NHL records, 11 team records, 3 Hart's, 6 Art Ross's, 4 Pearson's, coming out of retirement, beating Hodgkin's diseas, and a HOF induction, then i don't know when it would have ever been secure.
Thank you VERSUS announcers for yet another great insight into professional sports.

Still, this was a top 2 day of my life.

The Seeker said...

Nathan Paetsch is out indefinitely with a concussion, leaving the Buffalo Sabres' depleted defense down a third player in the midst of their final playoff push.

Paetsch will miss "a pretty good period of time," coach Lindy Ruff said Thursday, a day after Paetsch was leveled by a vicious elbow from Pittsburgh's Georges Laraque


Didn't Paetsch return later in the game? I could be wrong but I thought he did.

So then someone let him return to the ice with a concussion???

Hip said...

Thank Gary that game was carried nationally. I skipped a post-exam class party to watch that shit I was so excited. Wore my Kansas City is for Jagoffs shirt too.

Concussions are no joke - it's a disgrace when teams let their players back in after one and even worse when announcers make it out like the player has guts or something. Who was that college bball player earlier this year? The brain is not to be fucked with.

Dr. Turkleton said...


according to the Time On Ice chart from the game on took 7 shifts with the last one being in the 2nd period that resulted in a penalty [LarRock drawing the 5+gm]

maybe it was 36 [Kaleta, who had 3 shifts in the 3rd] you saw out there not Paetschs 38

The Seeker said...

So who do we want to win tonight?

Ottawa -vs- Montreal

If Montreal wins, they take-over 1st place clearly with 89 pts to our 87.

If Ottawa wins, it's a three-way points tie with the Pens remaining in 1st due to games played.

New Jersey -vs- Minnesota

If New Jersey wins, they'd be one point ahead of the Pens with an equal number of games played. Plus, they'd be ahead of Ottawa... even if Ottawa beats Montreal.

Therefore, the best scenario for the Pens would be a NJ and Montreal loss.

wilsmith said...

This announcement was the best "2 day early birthday present" ever. I seriously ALMOST cried. ALMOST.

Right now I'm listening to Madden for the first time, his voice and the way he talks is almost unbearable. Someone pin down what it is for me.

hip - what would it take to get that KC shirt off of you?

The Seeker said...

Thanks Doc.

I could have sworn that I heard Steiggy mention his name later in the game.

In fact, knowing Steiggy, he probably did...he's good at mixing-up player's names.

Haven't heard anything about Laraque being suspended yet but I'd be very surprised if he doesn't get at least one game.

Flyer Hater said...

I was lucky enough to get tickets to that game last year by pure coincidence. Ordered the tickets online back in December and thought it would just be some jobber game against Buffalo on a weekday.

The standing ovation for Mario could have lasted for 3 hours.

Hip said...

wilsmith - under no circumstances dude, unless you got me drunk and took advantage of me. But that's about as likely as the Caps making the playoffs (ooooooh what what?). I'm still busted up I didn't buy the "Malkin likes Kennywood" and "Crosby's a Yinzer" ones too. What are the chances storeblog can discuss getting the rights to recreate those? Classic!!

How is BGL gonna go down and Pronger's smug ass gets nothing?

wilsmith said...

Thanks for the tip.

but you bought it?! I figured you just made it!

Dr. Turkleton said...


•Let's Go Wild!!!! [the team, not the action]
• I'm pulling for MTL at this point...I just don't like OTT. when Alfie gets healthy...they might surge at the end so may as well try to get as much distance between the Pens & them as possible, while Price up in MTL might choke [although, he's looked pretty calm, cool & collected, so far]down the stretch as these games get more & more important
• just no 3 point games to help both OTT & MTL out

though no issue with the Pens, I'm gonna watch DAL v. DET which should be a good ol Western Conf. battle

anyone with Center Ice catch the Ovech-Kam with it's own channel last night??? I'm sure hip has it TiVo'd....[hehehe]

[Hossa -na in the High-est!!!]

mizzdz said...

Every year, on opening day at home, the jumbotron plays some video to get the fans all fired up for the season and it consists of highlights from the previous year, with the promise of what's to come for the new season. And every single year I cry and sit back and watch my fiance's eyes well up with tears, as if he's afraid someone will see him.

But when Mario made that announcement, there was no shame. There were grown men with tears streaming down their cheeks, and so what.

Love this team.

Hip said...


The website has expired though. The Malkin and Crosby ones still work though and I think are funny as hell. I wish I was that creative.

Ryan said...


BlacknGold66 said...

Cried then.

Crying now.

Don't care who knows.

Let's Go Pens!!!

The Big K said...

Damnit you just made me cry.

BGL is suspended. Good. Useless.

And with guys getting back, forget him.

So long Georges.

Dani said...


Nathan was soooo not back on the ice. He's done for a a little bit...long bit. heh. Eat the Flyers. What IS a flyer anyways?

chris e said...

Will - I have a Kansas City is for Jagoffs t-shirt. Mine is too small for me so unless you wear a medium it won't fit you.

jill said...

I was at that game as a Sabres fan, but it was still awesome. I'm thrilled that the Pens are staying right where they belong.

I went to college in PGH and even though I'll always be a Sabres fan at heart, I'm always pretty thrilled when something good happens for the Pens.

I love your blog, can't tell you enough.

stokes said...

Dani: A flyer is a fancy name for a douchebag.

Wilsmith: Not that we've mentioned it all, but i can't meet up on sunday because of work. Sure it sucks, but my paycheck won't next week.

I wept like a 4 year girl who lost her Barbie that night.

FakeDannyStag said...

i would have cried but was too busy rockin' out to my Kingdom Come in my headphones.

Flyer Hater said...

Hey NHL, can you suspend BGL for the rest of the season? It would do us a huge favor. I can't wait to get his 1 million+ dollar contract off the pucks next year and replace him on the fourth line with a guy like Stone who is way cheaper and way more serviceable.

blackngold66 said...

BGL will surprise us by coming through in the clutch sometime before the season's over I'm sure.

Actually, I'm more than sure...

I'm HIV positive.

(dude, fuckin' weak)

Dr. Turkleton said...

today is another anniversary of sorts, Dateline: Boston March 13, 1955....the beginning of what is known as The Richard Riot

J.S. said...

no shame here, I lost a tear or few watching the replay of the announcement

wilsmith said...

Anyone going to be roaming the south side on saturday?

ALL DAY, saturday?

Flyer Hater said...

Yeah, BlacknGold66, I'm sure Laraque will be a key cog in our race towards Lord Stanley's Cup. If I had to choose potential Conn Smythe candidates

1. Malkin
2. Crosby
3. Laraque

Because remember how much Laraque stepped his game up last year against Ottawa? Oh wait, he refused to fight in game one and was benched for the rest of the series because his dead ass was too slow. Joke.

Debbies win in a shootout, vomit.

The Seeker said...

Well, half of it worked-out OK....

Ottawa shutout Montreal 3-0

But New Jersey beat Minnesota 4-3 in a shootout (not that that part matters).

New Jersey back on top.

BlacknGold66 said...

Wait, did Flyer Hater just talk smack?

Oh Christ. And here I was just looking for a lame excuse to use the "HIV positive" joke from South Park.


Phil said...

laraque gets suspended 3 games for hitting a guy that was concussed the night before with the lightest elbow possible.

pronger gets no suspension for stomping on someone elses leg like simon did to ruutu.

sure makes sense

wilsmith said...

phil - any video of that pronger business out there? I was looking for it earlier

Brett said...

The Duckies went from one of my favorite teams for the last few seasons to a great big bullseye for my anger after they let that shit happen with Teemu and Neidermeyer. This Pronger thing just adds to it.

Hip said...


I hope that can come up- sorry I have no clue how to embed links and shit.

The first stomp looks like he's just trying to get his foot out. The second one looks like he decided to get one more cheap shot in. Pronger's a dirty ass player and this is just more proof.

JYo said...

"A flyer is a fancy name for a douchebag."
That needs to be on a T-shirt. Brilliant!

As for BGL, his play on the ice has not been up to par, but his presence alone makes other teams think twice before pulling any stunts with the big guns. I wouldn't mind keeping him around after this year, especially when playing teams like the, Cryers. That said, he is purely a regular season player. Goons are mostly worthless in the playoffs. If one game gets out of hand, he may need to dress for the next playoff game, but otherwise, he should be riding the pine, this year and any other year he is around for the playoffs.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@hip & others who want to know

How To Embed Links & Sh*t

*hip's words not mine [haha hossa]

[Hossa: Fiesta Mexicana!!!! ]

Nothing better than German Music, lyrics about Mexico & 'HOSSA,HOSSA,HOSSA....OLE!!!!!'

coffeytalk said...


will totally be down in market square for the parade-err um street drinking. Most likely will end up in the southside. I'll be sporting the st. pat's day pens hoodie!

Dani said...

Stokes:isn't that French or something? Maybe... noun?

Jill:whoa, whoa. I'm the lone Sabre fan on Pensblog here. Don't be trying to take over my job. ha.

Ovechkin got like $100 for his hit on Briere from behind... while he was going to the bench! WTF is THAT? They're excuse... he's not known for being physical. Really?

Mike said...

such a great night!


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