Friday, February 29, 2008

Sum Of All Fears. PENS LOSE.

5 - 1



If you were in rehab for a Meth addiction...

You would have relapsed by the third goal scored, been at your local drug dealer by middle of the second when you heard Hossa got hurt, and had a fully operational lab going with five minutes to play in the third.

But Hossa isn't hurt that bad.
Crosby is still coming back.
Gary Roberts is alive.

And yeah, that knot in our stomach will be there until Hossa's back in action.
But at least John Leclair didn't hit him.



-- Alison --


--Patrick F.--



If you thought Hossa was gonna come out and dominate, you have to remember not to confuse him with another Penguin legend with a first name starting with "Mari-"

He got a good shot off early, and Tim Thomas was screened but somehow got a piece of it.

Getting a first look at Pascal Dupuis, you vomit on your mom because you think you're seeing Rico Fata out there.

Laughy Taffe gets a breakaway. But Tim Thomas is so fat, Taffe is stunned.

And you just know that somewhere on some message board someone was cursing Ray Shero and the trade when Marco Sturm deflects some jobber shot past Conk.


By the time Sturm came into the Pens zone and beat Conk straight up, it was the worst trade in the history of professional sports.


Marc Savard went to make out with himself in the penalty box.
Power play.

Nothing doing on that travesty, and the period came to a close.



Just as it was in the first period, the second began very charlie.
The Bruins unleash the dreaded shot from the point. It deflects in.

When the playoffs come around, every shot from the point takes at least 20 minutes off your life.

You may have known what was coming next. You may not have.
But some Pens fans turned to their spouse or life partner and said, "Bring him in."

And you probably also knew that Hossa and Malkin were gonna get teamed up.
But they were gonna have to penetrate Boston's stifling trap.

After some crap, the Pens got a golden opportunity when Zdeno Chara goes to the box.

It took the top unit about an hour to get into the zone, but they finally did.

The Pens get their best chance up to that point of the game when a Jeff Taffe rebound turns into a Tim Thomas fumble.

The Bruins keep it out.

Somewhere during the second, another Bruin makes another cheap play to injure a Penguin.
First, it was Marco Sturm on Mark Eaton back in the day.
And this time, it was Glen Murray kneeing Marian Hossa.

The Giant Gonzalez comes out of the box and finds himself in a 2-on-1, but he's more awkward than when your uncle flirts with your mom.
Ryan Whitney gets called for some phantom hooking call.


The Pens kill it off.

It would have been nice if the Pens could get something on the board before the end of the second.
As you're thinking that, Letang gets lambasted into the boards.
The puck goes in front.




All that really mattered in the third was the pending prognosis from Dr. Quinn Medicine Poopstain.

She relays the news to Dan Potash:


Nothing else mattered by that time.
The Pens just had to go through the motions.

Talbot jobs some dude from behind, and Chara doesn't like it.
Hal Gill makes his presence known.

Somehow, the Pens get a power play out of that crap.
It gets killed.

Right after the power play, Dupuis gets to the slot and gets one past Tim Thomas 4-1..
Does Dupuis look like like Uncle Jesse from Full House?

[Adam V]

It got ugly after that, with Thomas punching Malkin in the head while he was trying to poke a loose puck home.

There was a 4-on-4 late in the game. Nobody cares.

That Lucic turd finally drops the glove with someone.
He chooses Jarkko Ruutu.

Ruutu hangs in there. Solid fight.
And you gotta like Lucic going into the dressing room afterward, high-fiving the fans.

Practicing for his job next season as ground crew at a county airport. Joke.

The Bruins get a power play out of it.
Shot from the point. Care. 5-1.

Malkin gets interfered with, gets pissed, trips someone.
Sykora shoots the puck at Thomas after the whistle.
Thomas gets to the puck and shoots it at Syko.

The Bruins end the game on the power play, as the clock mercifully goes to all zeroes.


  • Sykora, Malkin, Letang, Dupuis, Gill: -3

  • We're not dicks, but where's Maxime Talbot?
  • You can say it -- you miss Rob Scuderi.
  • Is Boston good? We can't tell.
  • Could be a long weekend.
  • MAF?
  • [The Hoss photoshop--Chris E--]



sh0ez said...

Everyone will obviously call out Shero on this, but you gotta give things like this some time. They just started with the team yesterday and there is obviously a lack of chemistry too. Give it another game or two (later for Hossa) and things will start working okay.

I missed most of the 3rd, but it didn't seem I missed much. From what I saw of the new guys, Hossa takes a lot of shots and had some nice oppurtunities. But Boston stepped up. He looked decent though. I can't even imagine the line with him and Crosby. Should rule. Dupuis got a nice goal that at least got us out of there with out a shutout. He looked decent. Give him a game or two, he should be good, I think. Gill looked pretty good to me. He seems to have a good blocking skill. Nothing like we had with Eaton, but we definitely need something like that and I think Gill has it. I was impressed from what I saw.

Overall, I think the new guys look good. Give it time, it will come together.

Conk was depressing but you will have that. Some garbage goals it seemed. Oh well. Gave MAF a chance. He didn't seem too bad for just playing his first NHL game in over 2 months. Give him time too.

Everything will work out. I have faith. I know all of you have faith. I think if we come out with 2 points this weekend, we will be fine. Atlanta game will be awkward. I think we should definitely try to start that JAWS PP during that game. Staff, what do you think? Maybe not a good idea with all the Terrible Towels? I dunno. Heh. Either way, I think I will be there rushing with a few friends.

Tough loss. Bright future.

Let's Go Pens.

sh0ez said...

Damn, I thought I would have been at least the second comment with how long it took me to type that. This was an early review! Good post by the way. Dr. Quinn reference ruled.

J.S. said...

Lucic, act like you've been there before and stop swaying your arms like a house DJ trying to hype the crowd.

Besides, that jobber only "won" by a decision.

Lucic = joke.

PittHockey said...

I just watched Lost.

It made everything better.

next game, Pens are ready.

PittHockey said...

Lucic was a joke, but he's a fan fav in Beantown.

PittHockey said...

Boston's.. good, but not great.

They're trying to make the playoffs. Kind of where we were last year.

Hooks Orpik said...

Lucic is 19 years old and is a straight up monster....Whatev

The only good news about this game is it's over. 1 night out of a long season of 82 games.

**For the Photoshop wizards out there, I got an idea you. I'd make it myself but my skills with Photoshop are more awkward than PB Charlie sealing the deal with a woman.

Anyways, get a You, Me and Dupree movie poster. Hossa's face ought to fit well over Owen Wilson and his blond hair. Pascal Dupuis matches up on the jobber that's Johnny Drama's brother. I have no idea who to replace Kate Hudson with, so that's all on you....."You, Me and Dupuis", get it? Somebody make it happen.

Crucial stretch starting Saturday with 4 games (in 4 different cities) in 6 nights. In Geno we trust.

Finally the magic number is almost back....Yesssss!

sh0ez said...

Your Photoshop idea already happened hooks orpik. Check out the end of the Islanders game recap. =]

Hooks Orpik said...

sh0ez, aww crap i thought i was onto something original. my b.

BlacknGold66 said...

Saying that Gill looked "good" or even "decent" is a stretch. Nobody on our D looked good last night so I'm not calling him out, just making a point. Conks & The Flower were hung out to dry for the most part.

But, alas we'll bounce back.

Losses at this point of the season always seem worse than they really are. Points in all but 3 games in Feb. right?

I'll take that.

Let's Go Pens!!!

Fred Jones said...

They didn't look ready to play, or had no pep or energy.

And why is it that everytime another team steps up and attacks us it's "well they have more to play for" or "their fighting to get into the playoffs". That shouldn't mean that the Pens should just go through the motions, does it?

stokes said...

Lucic is a joke. What a baby, he wouldn't drop the gloves with BGL. And never let go of Ruutu's hand. Is he Charlie's new BF?
He also gets my vote for Ugliest NHLer Award. What an ugly human.

I liked when Malkin went after Thomas and whoever else was in there. it seemed like he was at football practice and used Thomas as the sled.

Anyone calling Shero out already is also a joke. I don't think i can take you seriously if you are calling RS out after one game. And i can't wait for someone to job MAF. First game back, and both goals were garbage goals. the D never showed up last night for either goalie.


Flyer Hater said...

Gill was trash and to say otherwise probably means you didn't watch the game.

Whatev, with Hossa. I'm so sick and tired of fucking injuries on this team, it seems like this season is cursed and we can't do anything about it.


FireFox said...

Hossa injured = Double kick to the balls.

EvgeniMerlin said...

Pitt Hockey I think we had the exact same night. Went to the game, was getting jobbed by the people behind me all evening, went home watched an unreal Lost and felt way better. That game sucked they looked flat.

Ashley said...

Okay, so that guy who stole the photoshops took our stuff down, but he left this message:

Haydi sildik aykırı topluluk sizi

Does anyone know what that means?????

M. Vanderlasser said...


I think it says something like, Hey, slide over here for a big potluck" or something like that.

3pm tomorrow can't get here fast enough to put last night's gruesome game in the rearview mirror.

PittHockey said...

wait, I figured it out.

Pens threw the game last night to help the B's attempt to job ottawa.

Ryan said...

Oh my.

The Copperfield picture.

me = stunned.

Kristen PB said...

Aww...Army and Crusher. It's like a "first day of school" picture. Best of luck, guys.

I agree that NO ONE should be questioning the trades at this point. The likelihood that a newly-rearranged team can immediately be spectacular is very small. And Hossa is out for what, a week? It's not time for panic mode yet.

Lucic is such a joke. Ruutu could take a sledgehammer to the skull and keep his feet. So, uh, Lucic? You may have landed more punches (including some cheap-ass shots to the ribs), but you didn't "win" the fight. So shut up. Putz.

Not BigRickPSU said...

Man, that game was a swift kick in the junk. Without a doubt one of the worst all year in that the Pens stunk, Hossa got hurt, Boston runs a gawd awful trap, and Malkin got zero points. Ouch.

I'll say it if no one else wants to, but I think Lucic is a freaking beast. He was crushing people all night long. Hit after hard hit. He was always on the puck and always skating 100 mph. He played clean, he played hard, and he played passionate. (And he's only 19 too I believe.) I'm not ashamed to say I like the way he played and I loved the fight and his reaction to it. When hockey players show emotion like that, its awesome. If he was a Penguin and did that at the Mellon; and then high-fived everyone on the way to the locker room, we would have went nuts.

Lucic = not a joke at all IMO.

Jeff said...

The appearance of David Copperfield is the only thing that could make me feel better about this game. Luckily I missed most of it and they can only get better right? The last four games have been rough. Where's Bing?

Christina said...

i suppose that we should have seen a Hossa injury coming from a mile away, what with the way this year has gone.

just imagine though....Bing, GR and Hossa all practicing together, gearing up for 3 big returns...if Southpointe explodes in the upcoming days, you'll know why.

yessss the return of David Copperfield made this day a little better....DO IT.

Lady Jaye said...

Can't really job Shero for the trade. It's not his fault that Hossa got injured. It's just the horrible luck we've been having with the injury bug. Not saying it wasn't a kick in the ovaries.

sonofatruckload said...

lol hossa has missed like 6 games in 10 nhl seasons prior to this


not that he will be missing a ton of games, but still. you have to wonder what the hockey gods are thinking here

Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stoosh said...

Anyone questioning the decision by Shero to make those trades simply because Hossa got hurt last night needs to be subject to whatever comes of a visit from Uncle Gary Roberts. I'm sure half the board is in line for ass-whippings, then.

It's the peak of lunacy to criticize Shero for making the trades simply because Hossa dinged up his knee last night.

I miss Army and EC as much as anyone, but to suggest from an on-ice talent standpoint that we'd be better off not having made the trade? Wow. Me = stunned.

Here's a hypothetical. Think back to that 2000-01 season and imagine we didn't have Kovalev. Assume that we wanted to acquire Kovalev at the deadline because it would've given us two deadly top lines, but to do so would cost the Penguins Barnaby (the closest thing I can come up with on that team to a fan-favorite grinder) and Hrdina (the talented but frustrating prospect at center).

Would anyone NOT make that deal in a heartbeat?


I hope maybe someday the organization has an opportunity to bring Armstrong back. But this is about the bigger picture here. We had a slow start to the season and we've dealt with injuries that would've crippled just about any other team (see Flyers, Philadelphia). Despite all that, this is an Eastern Conference race that's wide open and the Pens are right in the middle of it.

So can anyone envision a situation where it would've made more sense to make that deal that screams "we're going for the Cup this year"? Short of this team putting together a season down the road that rivals the 131-point Red Wings of 1995-96 or the 132-point Canadiens of 1976-77, I can't.

The team simply soldiers on for five or six more games until both he and Sid get back. We were going to have to wait until Sid got back to see what Hossa could really do anyway. And if everyone remembers back to when Sid got hurt, we weren't counting on him being back until early-to-mid March anyway. Rightonscheduleblog.

So Hossa and Sid will be back within two weeks, perhaps just one for Hossa. We play six games between now and then. Four of them are against the, Southeast Division. One is against Buffalo and Ryan Miller, who we've owned all year. And the other is against Ottawa, who has less chemistry right now than a Guns N' Roses reunion.

We're going to be fine.

Kristen PB said...

Lucic's overall performance has nothing to do with his status as joker.

Handing out checks is the impersonal part of the game: you crunch a guy and skate away. But being ready to go toe-to-toe with a guy who's trying to knock your lights out is a whole different breed of toughness. Lucic wasn't ready to step up, so he didn't earn the right to act the tough guy after the fight. That's the joker part.

I would be embarrassed if one of our guys had to be goaded into fighting in that situation.

bluemartin82 said...

So Lucic is a crowd favorite in Boston, huh? The kind of guy who hands out highfives to the crowd, huh? I think we used to have someone like that in Pittsburgh... "used to" being the operative phrase.

PO said...

@ bluemartin82 and everyone else still hung up on not having armstrong/christensen anymore

wipe your vagina, shut up, and get over it.. they are gone and are not coming back...

Sweetcheesus! said...

asside from a less than inspired performance, last nights game showed me a bit of hope. yes hossa kinda got hosed and nobody else asside from taffe really showed up but hal gill stepped it up when mad max was getting jobbed by chara. thats good to see that he is already willing to fight for his teammate whom he just met. typically we have colby to step it up when it comes to the jobbing but i will take gill on my side anyday. another thing i would like to make a point of, dupuis, seemed to be as much of a prescence that christensen as been and he saved us from getting frog stomped off the ropes. lastly i prayed to gary roberts last night and he spoke to me. he said that all will be fine and i believe him.

homesprout said...

Last night's game sucked, but after reading through these pearls of wisdom....

it put a smile on my face.

Actually, I laughed my ass off!! :-D

Matt Gajtka said...

It's eerie that the recap said Pens fans were turning to their significant others after the third goal and asking for MAF. Because that's exactly what I did.

Go Pens.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Some people on here have to find the balance between being passionate & irrational when it comes to the Pens winning & losing.


I can tell some people are more upset than others because they curse [=joke] like a trucker after a loss....Reality Check, people:

• They're still in contention for the Conference Lead
• They're getting back the best player in the NHL very soon
• It's not like they've fallen out of the top 8 & are scrambling for a playoff spot

Despite their play last night & reading C-blog during & after the game: I still renewed my tickets for next year & didn't opt to go jump off the Fort Pitt Bridge like some of you were probably thinking of doing.

Happy LEAP Day, Everyone !!!!


JYo said...

@ bluemartin82: good point, but Matthew Barnaby hasn't been in town since the 2000-01 season!

I'm with the "don't get your undies in a bundle over one game" crowd. Give it time.


Nick Saia (usa) said...


FijiH2O said...

@Dr. Turkleton 11:40AM


wilsmith said...

So yeah, game sucked, but I didn't get to see it.

I went down and checked out the outdoor game at South Park, it was pretty sweet. During the game my friend called and told me about Hossa and I had kind of a "well that makes sense" attitude about it. During the intermission I ran inside and started watching and all I heard was "no wonder they're getting killed, fleury's in net!"

Overreaction city. One night Fleury is the future of this team, the next he's a huge bust (it was his first action back, ffs). One night it's Conkblock city he stopped 50 shots so he's carrying us to the cup, the next he's a career backup coming back to earth and he needs waived.

I know Conk's not a world class tender like some people think he is, but if he's shown anything this season it's that:
1. He'll have games like this
and 2. He'll bounce back.

He does enough for the Pens to win. That's about all you can ask for amidst a season like this. The Pens have been resilient, so have some faith.

As for the outdoor game, it was a blast to watch, worth the drive. Lots of people, good environment. Some kid got jacked up and thrown over the boards and landed right beside me, good stuff.

Why doesn't Bethel Park have any fans?

BlacknGold66 said...

I hate to do this, but I'm gonna copy and paste what I said last night after the game in the gameday post.

I think it needs to be read again by some people on here. I'm more calm about it now, but this comment doesn't fully capture the disgust I had with some Pens "fans" last night:

Toughloveblog for some weak-ass fans:

The Pens played shitty D. Not-so-great O and just had a shitty game overall.

But lots of you (not all mind you) are so quick to bitch and moan like they owe you something. Save that shit for the Steelers.

It's a long season... and if you couldn't handle tonight's loss then the grueling March that the Penguins have coming up is gonna kill you.

Shrug off a tough loss or get bent.

Otherwise, rest your voices to cheer like mad at the tv on Saturday against the Sens.


The Seeker said...

I dunno....even Sydor bitched and moaned about last night's game saying that the bad play has been creeping into their game in the last couple of weeks and they'd better begin to learn from it instead of repeating the same thing.

I'm not going to laud them with praise when they play a terrible game against a team they should beat but have lost to TWICE in the SAME manner within a week's span.

As I said before...motivation shouldn't even be a factor when your in a position to take over 1st place.

The Seeker said...

By the way...the reffing was homerish.

If they're going to call Laraque for that hooking call when he only tapped the guy, then what about how Taffe's arm was nearly ripped from his shoulder with a blatant hook when he was shooting?

That would have been a goal if he wasn't hooked right when he sot the puck.

BlacknGold66 said...

I totally agree with you there Seeker. I'm not about to give them praise either. They looked like shit. Especially our lack of pressure on the blue line. It was disgusting.

But the same people who were acting like we were never gonna lose a game again because we aquired Hossa suddenly turned on Shero and the gang and acted like it was the end of the world.

It's just frustrating to see that "What have you done for me lately?" attitude that we hear so much about in the NFL and such creep it's way into the Pens fans train of thought.

Like I said, it's not everyone. Hell, not even close to everyone. Just a select few knuckle-draggers out there that need to get their heads checked.

PittHockey said...

turk, what are you talking about getting the best player back?

Malkin never left.


PittHockey said...

seeker: thanks for reminding me.

refs were terrible. it was back to clutch N grab hockey, unless we did something.

Flyer Hater said...

I have a feeling Malkin is just going to go off tomorrow in Ottawa.

Flyer Hater said...

Pitthockey, the inconsistency in NHL officiating is maddening. Against the Islanders on Tuesday, the refs were calling that game like it was the first game back from the lockout. Every hook and hold was called. Then, on Thursday, clutch and grab came back jack.

sonofatruckload said...

how about the hold that was called on whitney for tapping chara with his stick? that was bad

The Big K said...

We'll be fine. These things take time. Hoss will miss 2 or 3 games thats it. We have won without him all year, and one game is at HOME vs. the Thrash. Every player on that team except Colby and Kovy suck. If we beat Ottawa on Sat. then all the problems go away.

Stoosh said...

BIG K - Both of these games this weekend worry me.

They're going to be walking into a hornet's nest tomorrow afternoon. This may be when we find out what the Sens are really made of. I think there are problems in that locker room that start right at the top with what is supposed to be the veteran leadership of people like Alfredsson, Heatley and Spezza. They've allowed Emery to become a much bigger distraction than he ever should be, and I think Redden has been a distraction as well. But as we saw last time, they only need a couple of mistakes to get right back into a game.

Atlanta is one of the few teams in the East who can really skate with the Pens when the Pens try to ramp up the tempo of the game. And Kovalchuk is incredibly tough to keep off the score sheet.

I do put a lot of stock in what Seeker said above...there are some bad elements that are starting to creep into the Pens style and approach to some of the games lately. Energy has been an issue. Whitney has had a few subpar games in his own end. Sydor has regressed a little bit again in his own end. The transitions out of the zone have been a bit sloppy and the puck support hasn't been as solid.

Some of these mistakes are easily correctable...some of them are simply mistakes that a predominantly young team is going to make. But they need to refocus a bit here. I know it's been a hectic last week or so with this team, and I'm sure they're all aware of the fact that Sid's close to getting back. But they do need to refocus their play and get back to playing that simple, straightforward approach that's carried them through these last six weeks.

IceCold... said...

so yeah, its only one game...but i feel like i've said that a couple times in the past few weeks. not that i see any real problem at this time. but i agree that is the energy is lacking. the best coach i every had always repeated a million times: hard, smart, togerth. it doesn't seem like they are playing with the heart they were before. or maybe they just aren't playing smart. at least they are all playing together - they all kinda stink right now. so it's time to make a collective effort and step it up. even though there is a month left in the regular season, i feel that we are on the cusp of great things.

Hard. Smart. Together.

Stoosh said...


Shero is on with Mark Madden right now. Just gave an update on Hossa's condition. He said there's no significant swelling in Hossa's knee, which is terrific news for his prognosis. Said any reports of there being a tear in his knee were "news to me", as he put it. Doctors classified it after the re-evaluation as a Grade 1 MCL sprain, and they expect him to be back "within a week or so".

You may all now exhale.

The Seeker said...

Before last night's game I said to my Daughter that while everyone is high on the big trade and believing we've now become unbeatable, Boston worried me.....

Thomas shut us down in the last meeting, so I knew he could easily do it again.

They've learned Julien's trap to the point they play it perfectly now. Using the trap, they are always in perfect position to pick off our passes. Plus, since they know other teams will attempt to break their trap by dumping the puck into the corners, they've become experts at beating you TO those dump ins. They get one body to the puck in case there's a fight for it and then outman you on the boards. Did you notice that we never got anyone in front of their net to screen their goalie or pounce on a rebound?

They beat you by playing keep-away, never allowing you to possess the puck long enough to mount any offense.

I thought perhaps we'd change our style between periods but evidently MT is too stubborn and believes in his system to the point of ignoring when it ain't working.

There are ways to break traps, but we didn't really give it much of a chance. When I saw them beating us to our own dump-ins, I thought the best way to overcome that would be to dump the puck hard staight at their goalie like Carolina tried doing to us. That takes away their use of the boards and causes confusion in front of their net. They can try to clear the puck towards the boards but the Pens could have someone ready for that. They can still collapse, but we just charge in and create havoc. For every Boston body there, we could match them.

I don't know how it would've worked, but it seemed like it was worth the try when nothing else was working.

mookieproof said...

ugh. my first game at the boston fleet waterhouse gahden. bruins fans = only slightly classier than caps fans.

hal gill looked like ass, though i do remember him blocking a shot. the rest of the time he seemed to be watching bruins set up in the slot. the bruins' point shots may have taken hours off our lives, but ours weren't.

best: cute girl sitting behind us was a penguin fan apparently on an early date. she was explaining the game to him and knew her stuff. (guy was lame, though.)

Hip said...

OHMIGOD freaking out!!!! WORST TRADE EVER!

I joke.

Hossa to you all.

wilsmith said...

What were the Pens doing? I didnt get to watch and I don't feel like watching it on DVR since I'll just get pissed.

Like, what were they trying to do to break the trap? Someone with someone hockey knowledge fill me in on what they were doing.

If Boston, with such average talent, is able to shut the Pens down, what's going to happen when teams in the playoffs get wind of it and adjust their game to do it?

If they were taken care of so thoroughly, I think that's a coaching victory, and something MT is going to be hearing about BIG TIME if it happens this late in the season or in the playoffs*.

*that was not a "FIRE MT" rant, just an observation

stokes said...

wilsmith, having watched only half the game, i can only base my opinion on what i saw, not the whole game.

what the pens were trying to do to break the trap was: not win pucks, anywhere on the ice; let the B's walk in the zone and shoot at will; allow picnics in the crease; play uninspired and dumb hockey.

it didnt work very well.

BlacknGold66 said...

Sometimes I wish the Pens players, even just one of them, would drop on in to cblog.

Maybe they do.
More-than-likely they don't.

If someone accused me of showing a lack of heart I'd go all Rod Tidwell from "Jerry Maguire" on them by playing my ass off the next couple of games.

"No heart? No heart?! I'm all heart motherfucker!!!"

Maybe we can send an open letter via a Pensblog post to the Pens. Thank them for the passion they showed in the weeks after losing Fleury and Sid... then just ask them to return to that intensity.

So guys, if you're reading by chance...

You've come along way without some of your key players and you're going to have to continue to do so. Don't stop now.

Then again I could be totally wrong. It could be that our coaches are just stubborn like Seeker said. Or it could be that the B's just have our number. It'd like to believe that neither are the case.

Let's Go Pens!!!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Pretty obvious to everyone that is a consistent fan that Shero was pretty smart. I heard that he didn't even want to put Army in the deal but Talbot. They didn't want Talbot but Army specifically. I will love them guys, but hey, the Stanley is the Stanley. Wouldn't you want to see Geno holding that trophy smiling like crazy? This was what Shero was thinking. Good luck, guys, and beware of Recchi! We got Hossa and that's amazing. Yes, he got injured in his first game, but you gotta roll with the punches. He'll be back considering his injury wasn't too bad according to some coverage I heard on it.

We didn't look too great last night, but you can't win 'em all. We just gotta man up and move on to the Sens. We already know Charlie has.

I think Gill didn't look that good last night, but I guess he's got to adapt to this team. Give him a little bit of time ... besides the Pens are tight-knit so he'll be comfortable in no time. (He did come to Talbot's assistance with Insane-o Chara.)

Great that Dupuis scored last night. He looked pretty great (Hossa did too before getting kneed.)

I give up on the refs and linesmen in the hockey league. There are only a few good ones out there. I hope play-offs won't have such poor officiating!

Whether or not we want it to happen, the coaches are going to do what they want. Errey was practically having a fit about Conks getting pulled after the last goal he let in, but I knew Therrien was gonna do it.

Let's hope for a good weekend! Sorry for longrantblog!

BlacknGold66 said...


I hope it clears up man. I had a bad case of Kasparaitis back in college. Nearly missed my Spring finals.


I Have Kasparaitis said...

I don't know ... I have had it pretty bad since 1996 and been trying to treat it with practically everything. Even as he is playing in Russia, I still have it. It seems all the hip-checks and notoriety hasn't diminished it yet!

The Seeker said...

wilsmith said...

Like, what were they trying to do to break the trap?

The ONLY tactic the Pens tried was to gain the red line and try the ole dump-n-chase into the corners.

The Bruins knew that and simply kept someone back enough that they'd always beat us to the dump-ins. Then when a Pen got there to try and challenge (if they got there before the Bruins moved the puck) they'd double and triple team that one Pen and skate away with possession.

We played INTO their trap the whole game. They'd bait someone with an opening and then pinch him off forcing the bad long pass which they were waiting for and picked-off - giving them an easy turn-over and a rush into OUR zone.

Remember that Julien was fired at New Jersey because he was even too conservative with the trap for he Devils!

I respectfully disagree that we didn't have passion or jump at the beginning of the game. I thought we TRIED very hard but eventually their trap and hits wore us down and the Bruins goals tapped us out.


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