Sunday, February 3, 2008

School Of Conk. PENS WIN



Perhaps it was fitting with the old number 35 & Ronny Francis looking on from the press box.

In fact, the only thing separating Ty Conklin and Evgeni Malkin from a early 1990's Tom Barrasso and Ron Francis. Conklin probably didn't beat some dudes ass at Froggy's after the game and Malkin didn't save any children from a burning fire.

[Ron Francis never saved any children from a burning fire to our knowledge. But we couldn't think of anything. And it seems like that is something that Francis would do.]

Every game the Penguins win is one more game someone is getting healthier.


National Anthem

-- Sooska --

-- Slush --

-- DRae --

-- Matt K. --


With nothing to write home about for the first couple minutes, Orpik and Erik Cole commenced a fight over two years in the making.

No winner, no loser, except Erik Cole has been a loser his whole life.
He heads to the locker room after it became obvious that his jersey wasn't tied down.[ It was determined that Cole's strap was broke. He still sucks.]

If you've watched the Pens for a while, this game gave you a headache because it felt like they were using a different camera angle than usual.

FSN cut to a shot of Ron Francis and Tom Barrasso in the press box.
Francis looks like he is in the best shape of his life.

Some solid back and forth hockey was finally rewarded when Sergei Samsonov sneaks into the soft spot of the Pens defense and bats in a loose puck. 1-0.

Picture: Acid Queen is all business with her friends after the big goal.

If it wasn't for Malkin, this is 03-04 blog.

Five minutes of nonstop hockey ensued, with Conklin coming out to Asia to play a loose puck.

And then, crap, Jordan Staal goes to the box for holding the stick.
It could have been bad news when the Canes went on the PP.

Ho do you know that the fans weren't into it?
No one cheered when the PK cleared the puck halfway through Staal's penalty.
Saturday night home games just have that garbage feeling around them.

But the Pens killed it off.

Next thing you know, Talbot was getting douched in the face by Trevor Letowski.
It draws blood, so the Pens get a HUGE 4-minute power play.

If you want to know how that power play went, picture yourself opening your car door and seeing someone took a dump on your front seat.
Daryl Sydor made some nice plays keeping it in at the blueline, though.

Wipe that brown pile of turd off our car seat, 'cause there were still two periods to go.

On the eve of the Super Bowl, you had to wonder where Malkin was during that first period.

-- J. Schiff --

The Canes were out of their minds.
They got chance after chance.
But like many others before them.

Conkblock city.

The first period ends with a fart.
Looks like a possible long night.

Why is Crosby's hair always wet?

-- Lori and Megan from PSU --



The Canes came out in the second with more jump than Carl Lewis.
Again, Conklin was the only reason the Penguins were in the game to this point.
Malkin-Syko-Malone get some stuff going later, getting some shots off.

After about a year, finally something happened in the second when Sydor heads to the box for throwing the puck over the glass.

After the Pens killed that off, they came alive again.
And again, it was Malkin's line. But no dice.

A solid effort by Staal's line forced the Canes to get caught with too many men on the ice.


The Pens can't take advantage of the Carolina mistake.

As the third period loomed, it was frustrating that this game was 1-0 only because of a lucky-as-balls Hurricanes bounce a couple minutes into the game.


Therrien sends out the Christensen-Talbot-Staal line to start the third.

Christensen gets owned in front of the net with a crosscheck.
He gets up, finds a soft spot, and is there to bang home a one-timer.


SuperStar went off a little later with a trip.
The Pens killed all of 7 seconds of it, and then Kristy Yamaguchi's husband gets two minutes for the hook.

With the last ranked penalty kill.
You knew the Cane's were going to give a powerplay goal up, at some point.
Midway on the Pens power play, Gonchar sends one to the net.
Malone tips it.
The puck gets behind Ward.

Is that a goal?
On the ice it is waived off.

War room time, for third time this week.

After a decent delay, the goal stands. 2-1.

Did they only look at the puck crossing the goal line?
Did they happen to check if Malone's stick was above the crossbar?

Whatev. The Pens grab their first lead of the night, and the Mellon is electric.

About two minutes after that, Mellon Arena was in a frenzy.
Malkin swoops around in his own zone and takes it coast-to-coast, somehow finding the net on the backhand.

The wheels fell off for Carolina.
It was great to see.

Any thoughts of a Saturday night letdown went away when the Pens got another power play and Sykora sells some insurance.

After that.
Carolina quit.
BGL tore someone up.

-- Matthew a.k.a. BlacknGold66 --


  • Malkin: 1 G, 2A
  • Gonchar: 2A
  • Sykora: 1 G, 1 A
  • Conkblock: 27 saves

  • After being crushed in the shot statistic in the first period 15-8, they ended up outshooting the Canes 29-28.
  • Christensen = Confidenceblog
  • Every game is a playoff game.
  • Kris Beech will be wearing 24
  • Ty Conklin was miraculous tonight.
  • Erik Cole needs to let the whole broken neck thing go.
  • It is so nice to smoke the Hurricanes.

Go Pens


Brendan said...

That camera angle did give me a headache at first. Something was definitely off.

canaanregulatesblog said...

schiff must've been watching the super bowl XXX highlights on ESPN today. what a photoshop!

BlacknGold66 said...

I can't believe you guys used my full first name. Fuckers.

@Stoosh- No National Anthem pic? What gives man?

Great game.
Great post.


pensblog charlie said...

That pic of EC and Max celebrating after the goal looks gayer than me.

I don't even have to photoshop it to 'use' it. Sweet.

FritoWill said...

huge 2 pts. tonight, but when 1/3 of your team is hurt every 2 pts. is huge.

aunt penny said...

I was really hopin that larock n roll was going to give errey the subway samich of the game.

Randall said...

Was anyone at the game? I'm the guy that did the Plinko game (first time the game has ever been played, a thank you) on the jumbo screen and at the end I showed off the Original Pensblog WWGRD bracelet.

slush said...

randall- I totally saw you! I was there for hockey n heels. Which was pretty awesome this time. Signed Ruutu puck, FTW!

Mike Georger said...

it was incredibly creepy how steigy was fawning over mister yamaguchi's little daughters. al michaels in baseketballesque

"Every game the Penguins win is one more game someone is getting healthier."

thats beautiful right there gentlemen

as a lifelong pens fan who spent half his life living in north carolina, before and after the canes arrived, i must say they are one of the most obnoxious groups of bandwagoners around

Mike Georger said...

btw, off topic, but there has to be someone out there with a heart, the puppy bowl is on at three, six, and nine today on animal planet. imo, better show than the super bowl

seeker said...

Ty Conklin appeared on the NHL's League Leaders board today:

1) C Osgood (DET) 1.84
2) D Hasek (DET) 2.04
3) T Conklin (PIT) 2.07

Let's Go Pens!


Mike Georger: Puppy Bowl ROCKS!

Jack Russell Terriers RULEZ

malkinian said...

Puppy Bowl > Superbowl

Not to start sensitiveblog here but when you have a 3 year old nephew who loves to watch it, you love to watch it too.

About the game thank you for pointing out the off camera angle. Like brendan said something wasn't right. Just some food for thought here....if we continue to play solid hockey in the absence of sid and geno and conklin continue to play at their levels, maybe a lil mvp talk for either of them???

Anonymous said...

And first in Save %

Dr. Turkleton said...

@ randall....nice plinko effort....
what did ya get in your gift bag?....I was wondering if you were going to get done before the faceoff, cause Val Porter was reading the list of 40-some-odd prizes & cutting it kinda close....congrats on being the 1st plinko player in Mellon Arena history! That's something that you can tell your grandkids about someday!

Nice pic of Briere & Eager smooching before Eags went off to Chi-town

chelsea said...

i can attest first had to ronnie and tommy barasso being in the best shape of their lives....they walked right by me after the game. wow. fantastic stuff.

Anonymous said...

Randall, I saw you! nice job on the Plinko.

I ended up sitting next to two Canes fans last night and they were by far the most pleasant visiting fans I've ever come across. Kind of like anti-Sabres or anti-Leafs fans.

My dogs like to watch Puppy Bowl. I'll probably catch it more than once today.

Mike Costa said...

Crusher Used The Same Celabration I Used For Soccer My Senior Year

Pensgirl said...

Saw you and your wristband Randall. Was there with my mom for H&H. Slush, we both got Ruutu pucks as well. The women next to us all got Sydor. Seems weird that everybody was getting the same thing as the people with them...wonder if those were the only two guys they were giving out.

Matt K said...

Randall, the plinko rocked, did you get to take Val home with you. LOL.

Hey to those of you at the game last night. I'm the guy who sports the blue Charlestown Chiefs Chris Hanson sweater if you see me at a game say Hi. (my seats are in nosebleed though)

Also, Was it me or was the American Idol skit with Jeff Jimmerson Da'Bomb.

Matt K

Flyer Hater said...

The Larry Brown, Neil O' Donnell photoshop is maybe the best on ever done by Dr. JSchiff.

slush said...

pensgirl- I was alone, bc I have no girl hockey friends, but the people next to me had Scuderi, Hall, Sykora, Sabourin and Eaton.

I was happy with Ruutu! I got asked for tradesies by a couple people and said no.

I cant wait for the next one in March. Great way to get to a game.

Go Pens!

Geeves said...

so i had the joy of seeing this game in HD (my first time). i even learned some things along the way...

* Eric Staal is the ONLY Cane that shows up every night.
*Rod the Bod is REALLY ugly, and even worse in HD.
*Bob Errey stood between the benches for absolutely no reason.
*Malone's goal was completely legit. It was close, but it was good.

J.S. said...

Chris Hanson was on the Charlestown Chiefs? Didn't want to call you out on that, but I couldn't pass up doing the photoshop.

click me

Hip said...

slush - when I move to Pitt I can be your girl hockey friend. Assuming you'll have me.

geeves - I have to admit, I find Rod to be sexxy as hell, in that ugly sexxy kinda way. I would not hesitate before hitting that.

Geno's tox screen from last night came back positive for lysergic acid diethylamide. Extremely high levels. (Don't anyone narc me out to HIPAA.)

lis said...

Everyone I know makes fun of me for watching the Pupply Bowl every year! They don't know what they are missing!!!!!!!!!!!

My dogs ears pop up when they hear a puppy barking on TV so they love the puppy bowl!

Gotta love the Water Bowl Cam!

wilsmith said...

I dunno, geeves, it was close and I thought it was a high stick, but tonight I'm glad they never put a camera at a decent enough angle to see if something is above the crossbar.

and Brindamour is my least favorite player in the league. I refuse to put the apostrophe in his name because it's entirely unnecessary. Queer.

Go Pens.

wilsmith said...

yeah, hip, no one knows what the hell you're talking about.

whatev, smart person.

Anonymous said...

conk on the and leaderboards. i love it.

Mike Georger said...

my favorite Rod Brind'Amour moment:
walking out of the mellon after last years opener (the 4-0 domination of the flyers), theres a loan philly fan wearing a brind'amour jersey walking around and someone just screams 'hey brind'amour, nice game!'
for some reason i found that hilarious

stokes said...

Kudos staff, excellent post! Where did you find that pic of acid queen and her friends? my guess is there is at least 3000 pounds of fat in that pic.

Who doesn't like that Crusher-Talbot-Staal line? Remember when Crusher would show no emotion when scoring? he truly is playing a solid game right now.

E16 was solid last night, except for the jobber that still won't shut up about "down in front!" dude, there's no one in your way. shut up.

was it me, or the first two periods, the Pens couldn't hit the broad side of Acid Queen's ass?

Nice job, Randall.
American Idol w/Jeff as great.


Randall said...

Hey everyone thanks for the Plinko comments, it was truly an awesome experience that my grandchildren will hear about. I was walking with my friend as soon as we got in the arena to get some nachos and we passed our friend that we went to school with and she is a Pens Girl now and we were talking and she was like, "Oh yeah here I have this if you want to play Plinko. It's a brand new game we are starting." I was disappointed at first because I thought maybe it was a ticket in to her panties since that's where she pulled the ticket from, but Plinko was almost as exhilarating. Val Porter was pretty quiet while we were waiting for my time to shine, but she was still very cool when we did speak. Totally forgot to get my picture with her. The bag includes: 2 shirts, a hat, the DVD set from last season (the promotional giveaways), a yearbook, a calendar, a mouse pad, and some other book. Also, I was hammered drunk while I was up there, but I think I did an OK job of maintaining my composure.

And it was a great hockey game on top of all of that! I sit in C22 (half season) if anyone is near there, say hi. I usually wear my Powder Blue Lemieux jersey (I got it like 4 years ago way before all of this powder blue business this year), but I decided to support Malkin's recent asshole tearing that he is giving the league, and wear his jersey.

stokes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matt K said...

Nice Catch J.S. and good photo shop.

LMAO....where did "Chris" Come from..i was talking on the phone while typing....its "STEVE" LMAO.

believe it or not I played some hockey back in the day with Steve Carlson's (#17 hanson) son "Chris" while growing up in johnstown.

We need to Have a "The Pens Blog" gathering location somewhere in the arena before every game!!!!!!!!

Hip said...

hip = not funny.
I'll just stick to hockey talk from now on and let you all do the funnies. :o/

slush said...

hip- Ill take any female hockey friends I can get!

J.S. said...

You're from Johnstown? Same here. I didn't know Steve's son was named Chris, which would easily explain the switching of names.

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

Finally got to see the Superstar commercial on TV!! I was crying I was laughing so hard. My Mom had no idea what was going on, though. She kept asking what was wrong with the guys in the back. I nearly died when she said that ... Luckily, the way they played in the third revived me.

Yins hear that Hall might come back for Jersey game? Also, MAF has been practicing and is looking healthier. Therrien and crew aren't releasing when he's coming back which makes sense if something goes bad during rehab.

Stoosh said...

I have to not providing an anthem pic from last night's game was a bigger choke than the Pats were tonight in the Super Bowl. I think I'm going to the Kings game this coming Saturday, so I'll make amends.

HIP/PENSGIRL - How was the H&H event overall? My wife and a couple of her friends at work were going to try to register for the event, but one of the girls couldn't go this weekend, so they splurged for tickets to the B's game next Wednesday instead.

Are they doing another one in March? If so, I'll have to let my wife know.

RANDALL - Awesome job on the jumbotron. My wife and I got a big kick out of the WWGRD wristband flash, as did everyone around us when they we had to explain why we found it so hysterical.

PUPPY BOWL - Fanflippingtastic. We own a two-year old rott/lab/pit mix named Buddy and on the Awesomeness Scale of 1 to 10, he's about a 15. Got him from the Humane Society when he was 10 weeks old. Best dog I've ever been around.

PITTSBURGH GIRL FOREVER - I think they sent Filewich and Nasreddine back down to Wilkes-Barre today, so that could mean Hall is coming back.

Sweetcheesus! said...

extremely bored at work. usually i am not a serial commentor, but i thought some of you may enjoy this. its an article i found today about old man recchiblog. i still got love for him.


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