Friday, February 15, 2008

Phantom of the RBC Center. PENS LOSE.

4 - 2


Can we blame the refs?

Can we blame Kris Beech?

Can we blame Michel Ouellet?
Unfortunately, no.

The Penguins are 6 points ahead of the 8th playoff spot.
It could be worse.



If these two people don't know each other, it's a miracle.
We're guessing they're anywhere from 2 to 4 seats away from each other.

-- Joshua Banks -- |||||||||||| -- Patrick Quarry --

-- JT --



BGL laid out Rod the Bod on the first shift of the game.
Body By Jake flew in to make out with him, but no dice.

He was gone for the game.

It was all Canes, all the time off the bat.
They were buzzing all around the Pens zone, which eventually forced Jordan Staal to head to the box.

Man, Jordan Staal has been taking a lot of penalties.
About half a second later, it was 1-0 Canes.


After the Pens did nothing, Nathan Smith and some plugger threw the gloves down, but the linesmen wanted nothing of it.
You would try to fight everyone, too, if your last name was Comboy.

What followed was more eventfulness, tied in with Cam Ward making the easiest save of his life on Ryan Whitney.

Talbot and JFK had a 2-on-1 out of nowhere, but the Canes defenseman took away the pass, and Cam Ward touched himself while making the stop of Tal-bot.

The Pens needed some momentum, and it had the potential of coming when BGL and Brookbank Mountain tangoed.
Nobody won because Brookbank put BGL in a armlock takedown Nelson.

You want to talk about irony?
You want to talk about fate?

Brooks Orpik broke Erik Cole's life a couple years ago.
In the building where he has been relentlessly booed, he scores his first goal since that 4-3 overtime thriller he won as a sperm for the right to enter the egg. 1-0.

Brooks Orrpik is there when it counts.

Unless Daryl Sydor was in on the bet, Orpik wins that bet all the jobber d-men had on who would score a goal first.

As time wound down in the first, Eli Whitney gets two minutes for inventing the cotton gin.
Big PP for the Pens.

Kris Beech sees action on the second unit.
Our gameplan with him would be for him to go the front of the net and give Carolina players money to let us blast shots from the point at Beech's balls.

The top unit got some time, but nothing was gonna happen.

Your goal scorers for that first period:
Erik Cole
Brooks Orpik



Staal-Kennedy-Talbot start making out with the Hurricanes' wives early in the second.
They draw a huge penalty.

The first 30 seconds turned into that Islander game where the Pens gave up about 80 shorthanded breakaways.
Sabu comes up big stoning Erik Cole and Eric Staal.

The Pens head back into the Canes zone after the Staal stop.
Malkin jobs one to the net. Goal.


Right after that, the Canes came down and hit the post.
Myocardial infarction.

And then Jeff Taffe tries to cut across the slot, but Joey Mormina (who?) decides to give him a flying elbow drop to the chops.
Taffe gets his nose broken on the play, which makes you think of only one thing.

Fabio getting hit by that bird.

A broken nose shouldn't hurt Taffe's ice time, since he never smells the net anyway.

A garbage call on Rob Scuderi came next.
Scuderi probably blocked a shot from the penalty box.

The Hurricanes came with it on that ensuing power play, but they couldn't finish.
Just like Acid Queen when she says she's gonna go on a diet.

That cake is done

Guess who heads to the box again?
Staal jobs someone in the face.

And you knew the goal was coming. It was just a matter of when.
Garbage goal. 2-2.

Paul Defazio decided to dominate on the Pens bench by getting the netting on Sabu's catcher back in game shape.
He did it just in time for that one ref to job him with that aloof and vague "goalie delay of game" penalty.

This guy. Brad Watson.

[ Igloo Dreams ] did some unreal detective work over the summer to see how each referee treats the Penguins.
Guess who's up there jobbing the Pens in nearly every analysis.

With the transition to two-referee systems, the notoriety and hatred for certain referees that was prevalent in the early '90s has disappeared.

So some referees can job teams at will, knowing they're practically anonymous.

Fortunately for the Pens, that Sabu penalty was killed faster than Natalee Holloway.

First rule of Life Club:
Don't do drugs and drink in a foreign country with dudes you don't know.

And with that, the second period ended.



Heading into the third, you knew it was either gonna ruin your life or make your Friday pretty bad-ass.

It wasn't looking good when Talbot was called for some phantom interference call.
You knew what was coming. 3-2.

Bad news bears.

Malkin's line starts getting Lecavalier minutes.
They don't score, which didn't bode well.

The Pens had to start pressing in the offensive zone to get some business going, and the Canes capitalized by flying down the other end.
Master Bayda puts one home off the post. 4-2.

Malkin gets his stick held on the next shift, and we now know that Malkin has learned at least one English word.

But then the Canes headed to the box for something.
It didn't matter anyway.

Cam Ward was stopping the world and melting with you all game.

Towards the end of that penalty, Kris Beech gets uber-nailed into the boards.
He gets hurt. We don't care for Beech, but we'd rather see him working at Chick-Fil-A than get hurt.

Quick 5-on-3, then another power play.

But hold the phone.
Jordan Staal came in to douche the guy who hit Beech.
He takes three strides and then levels the guy. Chargingblog.


And then after Therrien barks at the ref, Malkin gets sent to the box for some arbitrary hooking call.

Now that the game was meaningless, nobody cared when the refs disallowed a goal by Eric Staal.

The circus was in RBC Center in the days before this game.
Saying the circus was still there judging by how the Pens played = too easy.

The Pens were given a jobber power play at the end, and Lord Therrien pulls Sabu.
They almost got one home, but it was just a microcosm of the game.

The officiating of a game is never a good excuse, so whatev.

The Canes won't make the playoffs, so we'll see them next season.


  • Your mom: 1A
  • Carolina: 211 shots

  • Fle-ury...Fle-ury...Fle-ury.
  • Canes aren't making the playoffs.
  • RBC Center just isn't a friendly place.
  • Natalee Holloway is a moron.
  • Thankg God the Beyonce Knowles DirecTV commercial faded into nonexistence.

Orrpik -- Hutch


chris l. said...

We were sof.

Bad times.

We'll need two days off before we see the Buffaslugs in the first(*) game of a four-game week. But hey, two tough losses after the run the boys just finished isn't that bad.



chris l. said...

(*) hee hee. Can't remember if it is Canaan or Staff or Stoosh or someone else who manages to work that word in when they're cblogprimero, but it popped in my head and I had to do it.

Kind of Charlie, I know.

Credit to whoever's idea it was.

fairfaxblog said...

That delay of game call by Watson on Sabu was a joke. Epitome of the the whole game.

Anonymous said...

the delay of game call was the only legitimate penalty the pens took.

The goalie's choices are either smother the puck or go around the net and toss the puck to your teammate. Essentially, he went around the net and smothered the puck, which was rather stupid on his part.

Fleury29 said...

"Eli Whitney gets two minutes for inventing the cotton gin?" Hilarious.

Fabio reference? Dissing Natalie Holloway?

Classic. This is why The Pensblog kicks much ass. You can take a mediocre game that the Pens lose and still make it funny.

Solid Cam Ward/Modern English reference.

"Fle-ury...Fle-ury...Fle-ury," is right. Can't wait to see him back on the ice in a Pittsburgh Penguins uniform. Nice to know we've got Conkblock City as a backup, though. He had some solid shifts in net while The Bad MAFer was injured.

I wonder if Tom Barrasso ever makes Cam Ward cry?

Ellie said...

i miss ouellete and the garbage man pictures - can they make an appearance one more time???

Anonymous said...

last year at the flyers game when they won 4-3 in the SO, brad watson was the ref and he made some pretty outrageous calls during the game. i remember being part of a "watson sucks" chant up in the D section.

maybe a photoshop of watson is in the future...


Anonymous said...

any chance of getting a t-shirt or hoodie made with a nice drawing or picture of a solid handle-bar mustache with SUPERSTAR! written below? wouldn't that be money.

Anonymous said...

oh, also, PLLLLLLEASE make a hoodie with the badass penguin with the middle finger from yesterday. that was badass. id get a bunch of those.

Korn said...

BTW, the notoriety and hatred for certain referees also declined after they took their names off the backs of their shirts. Just sayin.

Also, Rod the Bod out for the season

Canes fans are going to hate us even more.

Pensblog Staff said...

good call Korn.

Man I love cblog


Anonymous said...

Brind'Amour will be out for 4-6 months with a torn anterior cruciate ligament. He's getting surgery today.

Anonymous said...

woops, sorry didn't see korn's post.

Anonymous said...

Was watching on nhl center ice so i got the carolina broadcast.

On the delay of game their announcers said something to the effect of thats an example of a ref having no feel for the game.

On Staal's disallowed goal, they had a guy on ice level (like Errey) and he was interviewing Staal and getting the booth to show the replay so Staal and Whitney could come over and watch the replay. Joke.

FairfaxBlog said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The goalie's choices are either smother the puck or go around the net and toss the puck to your teammate. Essentially, he went around the net and smothered the puck, which was rather stupid on his part."

What? Show me the rule that says he has to skate around the net?
I think Watson was pissed because Sabu had an equipment problem right before that and it took some time to fix it.

Rule 42c (Rarely Called if ever)
No delay shall be permitted for the repair or adjustment of goalkeeper's equipment. If adjustments are required, the goalkeeper shall leave the ice and his place shall be taken by the substitute goalkeeper immediately.

Watson Called this delay of game:
Rule 59c
A goalkeeper who holds the puck with his hands for longer than three seconds shall be given a minor penalty unless he is actually being checked by an opponent.

I am pretty sure there were a few hurricanes on his doorstep. So this call sucked.

seeker said...

Seeing the pics of RBC Center, is anyone else with me in hoping our new arena isn't built along those lines?

Cavernousblog is just seems hollow and detatched.

I'm gonna miss the Igloo!!

PS: I've already forgotten we played last night. Buffalo's been playing better recently - now that we're back down to planet Earth, it's 'kicks-ass and take names' time!

dying alive said...

Time to stop doing the Pensblog. By using that picture of Fabio after he got douched by the bird, you have officially reached the pinnacle of all that is good and right in the universe. There's nowhere to go but down.

seeker - I'm not a big fan of their arena, either. It looks really dark and weird. I was thinking that it was just the way it looked on TV, but I guess not.

Stoosh said...

Thoughts, dudes...

1. Loved the "Body By Jake" Brind'Amour references. I just want to know what Gilad Janklowicz has to say about this.

2. I'd say Brad Watson was mud as an official, but mud deserves better than that. Watson is worse than McCreary. Watson is so bad, even Andy Von Hellemond and Paul Stewart shake their heads in disbelief.

In all seriousness, the NHL needs to do something about this. There are a handful of refs (Watson, LaRue, Auger, Pollock, Morton) who seem to respond to criticism from a coach over an egregious call byu following it up with an even more egregious call against the same team; almost like they're showing the coach who's boss. This is what happened at the Devils game earlier in the year, and the fans eventually had enough and started throwing stuff on the ice. I've seen a lot of bad officiating, but I've never seen it degenerate to that. The thing was, even Devils fans sitting near us that game said they didn't blame the fans for reacting like that.

The league needs to make it clear to these clowns that no one is paying money to see them.

3. "Master Bayda"...brilliant!

4. This loss wasn't as bad because no matter how you dress them or where they play their home games, they're still the Hartford Whalers. And I always liked the Hartford Whalers.

In fact, I miss THE Hartford Whalers.

cragger said...

The weekends here, good times are coming! GO PENS!

Kristen PB said...

Okay, folks. I'm not if anyone will even stick with this post long enough to finish it, but I have to say, after last night's game, I even more concerned about player safety.

You can't tell me that the Drains weren't aware that the reins were loose. That interference penalty on Beetch was nasty, especially that close to the boards. But at least it was called.

We lost Mark Eaton for the entire season from a sneaky slewfoot... and now Taffe has a broken nose from a blatant elbow smashed into his face.

I know, officials can't see everything, blah blah blah. But there is a difference between missing a penalty that occurs where the puck is in play and one that occurs away from it. I can understand missing something that occurs after the puck has been passed. I think that may have been the case with Eaton. But if I, sitting at home, can see a penalty in real-time, it's most likely because it happened at or near the puck. And, since the puck is usually center of attention at a hockey game, the officials, who are far closer to the play than I am, and who should be experienced in noticing such things, ought to be able to see the violation even better. Right? RIGHT?

That said, I believe Taffe actually had the puck when he was slammed, so I really, really cannot see how the elbow just escaped noticed.

The rules exist, in part, to help protect players from injury. Of course, they don't prevent all injuries, but that's the sport. Wave an aspirin over it and get ready for the next shift, right?

So I guess it isn't the fact that I've seen Penguins injured from penalty-worthy actions that bothers me. It's that I cannot confidently say that officials always keep player safety as their top priority. I'm not even sure what their top priority would be if it isn't safety, but then, I'm not an official. And I'm not asking for 100% accuracy either.

I just get really suspicious when obvious (and sometimes dangerous) things are not acknowledged.

fairfaxBlog said...

well put KristenPB

Some bizarre calls and non calls in the league these days.

seeker said...

Anyone know the official word on Beech's injury yet?

Anonymous said...

Ok, making a gay joke every 5 lines and jobbing Acid Queen every chance is one thing but the Natalee Holloway joke was just a dick-move. I've been here since day one and can say I've ready every single post but you guys are getting more Ben Eager-esque post by post


Yet again one less reader out of 12,000,000 isn't shit.

Anonymous said...

i'm with annon 9:46. I love this blog but the natalie hollaway stuff was not cool.


Anonymous said...

i'm with annon 9:46. I love this blog but the natalie hollaway stuff was not cool.


Marv said...

There's edgy and there's offensive and this blog is starting to lean towards the latter of the two. You've guys had said worse but I still love you

wilsmith said...

wah wah wah I'm too good for humor blah blah blah

There's always one.

whatev. I laughed at it.

anyone got a slow shot of taffe's hit? I thought the guys elbow came flying up after the hit and thats not an elbow. I thought he lead with his shoulder, but I dont know I'd have to see it again.

Anonymous said...

LifeBlog = Priceless and TRUE

3DayWeekendBlog thank gary.

Go Pens.

Anonymous said...

50% tasteless
50% funny
100% Warranted

Not BigRickPSU said...

I love the Holloway jokes. Staff is right on; if you do drugs, get drunk, and then hang with men you don't know in a foreign country, then that was stupid. No one is saying we are glad she is dead, but she takes some of the blame.

Beyond that, it is a joke, so if you don't want to read anymore, then don't -- and go F yourself.

Stoosh should be laying the smack down on you any minute....

I agree with wilsmith too. The elbow looked like it came up afterwards to me. It is still a hit to the head, but I thought it was clean. Sucks for Taffe though either way.

boo hoo anon's said...

what was inaccurate with the pensblog's comments RE: NATALEE? asbolutely nothing. She was stupid for she did and, unfortunately, paid the ultimate price.

and if one not even insensitive halloway remark gets you to leave the blog...good riddance.

thepensbob said...

Am I the only one that thinks Taffe got hit with the shoulder? And also, I'm completely against outlawing "head shots" because:

1. Players should keep their heads up anyways

2. You'll get so many crap ass calls like we see with some of the boarding penalties recently

3. Players will be more reluctant to give big hits, and the leotard will take the place of hockey shorts

The Real Marv 55 said...

I can see how people are saying it's tasteless but it happened 2-3 years ago. I don't know if theres such a thing as a grace period for dead people jokes but I thought it was kinda funny

Mike Costa's Cousin said...

You can argue both sides with head shots, if they do away with head shots then Hockey will become a sport of over protected leotard wearing athletes, in other words, Hockey will beome the NFL on ice

canesfan said...

I love Pensblog, I really wish I could like your team, but you bastards take out one of our players every time we play you. You just deep-sixed our team for good when BGL tore out Brindy's ACL with his teeth...

Do you know we had 9 starters out? You guys have to learn to beat a minor league team before you are going to go all the way.

Anyways, you guys are making the playoffs, we're not. You got the best talent in the league, get it together and bring it home.

And yeah, we hate you, but its not personal, it's just bidness...

Kristen PB said...

I'd be willing to see the slow shot of the Taffe incident again, but my impression is where or how initial contact is made doesn't matter - it's it's using the extended elbow that makes it a penalty. From my recollection, that elbow was up at or immediately after the moment of contact.

But again, I am willing to be corrected.

Mike Georger said...


theres worse shit in the world, get the fuck off your high horse

Stoosh said...

KRISTEN PB - Very well put.

Here's what upsets me about the bush-league officiating - THE ADDITION OF THE SECOND REFEREE WAS SUPPOSED TO CURB THIS CRAP. The ice gets smaller and smaller with every generation of players because players are bigger and faster than ever now. Yet the NHL justified the addition of another official to the already-cluttered ice under the guise of better officiating - it would curb the away-from-the-puck crap and it would improve officiating related to infractions committed during the play.

So what do we have now? An extra body getting in the way of players and pucks, and a four-ref circle jerk as they all stand around looking at each other waiting for the other one to make a call.

I'm not sure any of them know what to look for anymore - case in point, the blatant holding-the-stick call that was missed last night against Malkin. The replay showed the official six feet away from Malkin and Cole, with Cole clearly pinning Malkin's stick under his arm. The official - not sure if it was Watson or the other lamebrained putz - was looking RIGHT AT THE PLAY...there's NO WAY he couldn't have seen it. He even continued to keep his eyes right on Malkin and Geno yanked his stick out from Cole's armpit and glared back at the guy. There's absolutely no way the ref didn't see this, and it all happened as Malkin was attempting to play the puck. Textbook "holding the stick" call. Not called.

I just want consistency. If you're going to call a ticky-tack hooking call on Talbot or someone when they stickcheck a guy and inadvertently get the stickblade in the midsection, then you better call the blatant interference call when Beech gets flung into the boards or the holding the stick call on Cole.

There are too many times when the officials call a game and it looks like they're more interested in sending a message to the coaches because a coach questions the validity of the call.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Marv 55, after 2 years or so I think it's fair game. Less talk about the girl more talk about hockey.

homesprout said...

When will the "Brad Watson sucks" t-shirts be available!? haha

Kristen PB said...

Stoosh: Thanks for the support!

The missed holding call also goes to my point that officials 1) really do miss clear-cut penalties committed right in front of them, or 2) use their "discretion" to ignore the rules and decide not to call the penalty. If 1)...get out of the league. If 2)...get over yourself and do your damn job.

Since my diatribe was about "player safety", though, I thought mentioning the non-call for holding would detract from my main objective.... :)

seeker said...


There certainly wasn't anything cheap or dirty about how Rod-da-Bod got injured. It's a contact sport...remember?

...and it works both ways - Taffe got his nose broken and Beech probably broke his wrist. In an earlier meeting, our Eaton got slew-footed (read: cheap-shot)and is out for the season.

Sure, Brindy's more important to your team than those guys are to us (Eaton may be the exception), but it could happen to anyone.... and if it's a clean play, then it's just part and parcel to playing hockey.

Jason said...

definately saw some negative reaction from the holloway joke coming as soon as i read it. maybe it was over the line, but fuck it.


Riley C said...

Another noogie fest for BGL

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha love the natalee holloway reference!

Anonymous said...

Riley C,

Watch that and then get back to me

Anonymous said...

if you get offended by a joke on a internet blog, you are sad mother fucker.


seeker said...

Canesfan said:

Do you know we had 9 starters out? You guys have to learn to beat a minor league team before you are going to go all the way.

We could have said that about the Canes when we beat them last go 'round.

You won't get much sympathy here when we've got like 5-6 AHLers playing now that didn't start the season in the NHL.

dying alive said...

Canesfan - you realize that we're not exactly playing at 100% either, right? I mean, we're missing a little scrub named Crosby, in addition to a couple of other scrubs named Fleury, Roberts, Eaton, etc. We have 5-6 guys from the AHL playing for us right now, too. Not that it excuses last night's game because it was totally lamesauce on the part of the Pens, but the Canes aren't the only team short a few players.

Re: the hit on looked clean to me until they showed the replay. Then it was pretty obvious that he got the elbow up into Taffe's face. Maybe it was an accident, but it didn't look like it.

About the Natalee Holloway stuff, I think the jokes were pushing the boundaries of good taste. But you know what? The first thing you learn as a young woman is not to put yourself into the situation that she put herself into. She did something incredibly stupid and she paid the price for it. I have some sympathy for her, but not a lot (and for the record, I'm female). Most of all, I'm just really sick and tired of hearing about it. If she wasn't blonde, white and American we'd have never even heard of her, let alone still be hearing about the case two years later.

Loser Chris said...


How could we "deep six" your season when your GM took care of that earlier in the week?

Anonymous said...

@loser chris: Have you ever watched a hockey game before?

Prior to last night, they had a couple guys you may have heard of before; including Whitney, Staal, Cole, Brindamour, and oh yeah, Conn Smythe winning Cam Ward.

Did you notice they play in the Southeast? Where 88 points may win the division?

That was dumb comment.

The Real Marv 55 said...

All in favor to drop Natalieblog and move on say I

Anonymous said...


Eaton got slew-footed in Boston. Great argument though.


Anonymous said...


Bgl said...

riley c,

Understandable that you've got amnesia after that beat-down.

Paulie Walnuts said...


Korn said...

The daily pictures of Acid Queen are killing me. My computer froze on that picture as I was scrolling down. Almost time to eject the laptop out the window, thank god no one was in my office at the time.

I'd tell you guys to stop, but I love yinz guys like a fat kid loves cake. Keep up all the good work, including tasteless references. I can get boring recaps from Molinari.

Anonymous said...

anonymous @ 11:00,

loser chris was referring to the Ottawa - Carolina trade deals.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying it's a must win, but the Buffalo game is huge, they're on a roll and we need to prevent a possible tail spin and get back on track before Bing comes back.

Haha Paulie Walnuts was my favorite Sopranos character

Annon at 11 is a jobber.
Loser Chris is one of the founding fathers of Cblog LOSER CHRIS IS A SAINT!

Bing/Gonchar/Geno/Staal/Whitney/Dana Heinze...ever hear of them?

seeker said...

Anon @ 11:02 :

Good catch! I'm a game behind on who deserves the abuse for the Eaton injury anyhow.

My bad, that belonged in the Boston recap.

Gregg said...

Dana Heinze is solid

Anonymous said...

@anon at 11:21:

No kidding he was talking about the trade. It was obvious. My point is that he is saying the trade was Carolina waving the white flag on the season. My point is that was a dumb statement because they still have a ton of talent and play in the Southeast. How hard was that to figure out?

@anon 11:22:

I don't know if loser chris is a saint or not, but yes, he is an original c-blogger. I was just pointing out that I disagree with his opinion on the Carolina trade. Based on his comment in cblog, and his last blog post.

Just because he is an original doesn't mean he can't be wrong sometimes or that we have to agree with him. Kenny Melvin was an original too. Get off the high horse. Cblog is about hockey debate too, not just dick jokes and making fun of acid queen.

Flyer Hater said...

Wow 62 comments before Noon, nojobblog.

Bob The Builder said...

Fact: Chris was Canonized last week

Anonymous said...

anonymous @ 11:29,

The majority of hockey fans think Carolina got the worst of that deal.

I recall it being referred to on Hockey News as a fire sale.

You might disagree but loser chris has the majority behind his "dumb" comment and it surely didn't warrant the comment about never seeing a hockey game before. Or are you the only one who has ever watched hockey?

Flyer Hater said...

Pretty soon we're going to be living in a humorless society that gets offended when anyone says anything truthful. That's why you elect crappy officials for government because they sell you bullshit and you love buying bullshit. If anyone told the truth concerning politics, the whole system would break down. Get over yourself, assclown.

Flyer Hater said...

Seriously, name one official in this league that does a good job consistently? I dare you to name one. Maybe Shick.

Anonymous said...

Four words about the Pens' play the last two days:

Too much cough syrup.

They are so out of synch with their passes, giving up too many odd man rushes, too many turn overs.

And the power play during the Boston game-Yikes! I am not one of the idiots who yell shoot from the stands when it is obvious there are no lanes to shoot in, but come on! Shoot a little more, pretty passing a tad less.

justincredibleh said...

im obviously bored...

Fleury29 said...

Most of all, I'm just really sick and tired of hearing about it. If she wasn't blonde, white and American we'd have never even heard of her, let alone still be hearing about the case two years later.
-dying alive

First of all, again, mad props for the ultimate username.

Second, you're right on all counts. I think I'm just so sick of hearing about her more than anything else.

stoosh, as always you're dead on. If I won millions of dollars and couldn't buy the Pens from Mario, I' bring back Hartford... The Whale. LONG LIFE THE HARTFORD WHALERS

And to add to what anon@8:38AM said, yes, the middle finger WWGRD Penguin with "commit to the avian" and "The Pensblog" on it would be money in the bank.

Steve In Denver said...

Man, that cat with the Geno bobblehead was cute. Now I'm hungry for Chinese. Here kitty kitty!

I've missed the last 2 games...been down with the flu. I guess I'm glad. Sounds like 2 laskluster performances.

WWGRD? Run next practice and nearly kill everyone. Sounds like discipline and heart were lacking, but hey, we're still hanging tough without key players.

Sorry if it's a duplicate report, but the axe-wielding homocidal maniac Chris Simon is back in action soon. And he's a changed man.

I hope Ruutu gets his first goal of the season via a deflection off of his forehead. Dick.

Lauren said...

Somewhat new to Pensblog...

Can someone answer me the question of who, or what the Acid Queen is? I mean, I can obviously get a visual from the daily pictures of her mixed in with the hockey recap, which are humorous by themselves, but I think I would laugh harder in my office chair if I knew what the joke was behind it/her.

I love this site though- I don't know what I did all day at work before I had this site to take up my time.

Anonymous said...

Nice Orpik Orr pic...or Orr pic Orpik?

cragger said...

The daily pictures of Acid Queen are killing me. My computer froze on that picture as I was scrolling down. Almost time to eject the laptop out the window, thank god no one was in my office at the time.

I'd tell you guys to stop, but I love yinz guys like a fat kid loves cake. Keep up all the good work, including tasteless references. I can get boring recaps from Molinari.


Fat chick on screen, jobbingATtheJOBblog, don't wannagetcaughtblog!

J.S. said...

I'm going to hell for laughing at the jobbing of that Holloway chick.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@ lauren

acid queen is a hurricane blogger...'her' link is immediately in the left marginblog from 'her' pic in the wrapup from last nights game...
took a trip over to acid queens blog to see what nice things 'she' had to say about last night:

So Tuesday night, the Hurricanes celebrate the arrival of their new comrades-in-arms by almost choking a three-goal lead to the Boston Bruins.

Last night, they celebrated my anniversary by beating the Pens down 4-2 and making Evgeni Malkin cry like a little bitch. Well OK, a big bitch.

In a development that has half the ASBOs in Western New York rejoicing in their MD20/20 (and has the more class-free members of the Pens Nation clapping for glee as well–my wife, OTOH, is none too happy), the Warchief is out for the season with a torn ACL. Was it a cheap hit? No. It was a “shit happens” thing–I didn’t see anything deliberate on the part of the Pens (as opposed, of course, to Brooks Orpik piledriving Erik Cole into the boards and breaking his neck–you still can’t convince me that it wasn’t deliberate).

Yes, I have a wife. Two of them! And a husband, and a husband-in-law too. Deal.

So yeah, anyway. The power play finally woke up last night, which was encouraging. It was very encouraging, but I won’t be fully encouraged until I see them keep it up.

Tomorrow night the ‘Canes will play the Panthers at the RBC. Wonder how long it’ll take before they get Vokoun to have another of his very entertaining meltdowns?

maybe acid queen is truly a queen in the Charlie sense of the word

wilsmith said...

I had all kinds of things to say but I forgot them all by the time I finished reading the comments.

I think the hit on Taffe was good. Maybe he got him with the elbow, but her certainly didn't lead with it. As long as it's not pointing out there like a missile, they won't call it... unless a Pen does it, next game.

Dead people jokes are fantastic. All those people laughed when they read it, then got all "I'm better than this" after they thought about it for a bit. If you want to live in a free society, expect to be offended once in a while.

I saw Steigy leaving gate 1 after the Kings game, I really wanted to ask him if he and Errey read this site. They have to. He was cruising out of there and the game just ended 10 minutes before... all he said was "good game, fellas, malkin's scary huh?" and gave my one friend a pound.

Anonymous said...

So, Beech IR'ed with a broken wrist, James and Minard back in the big leagues

lis said...

Well at least he didn't puncture his lung again.

stokes said...

I dont care what Staff wrote about Holloway, the picture with the word "STUPID" stamped on it was good enough for me. CLASSIC.

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

Thank you, everyone, for saying about the cheap-shots our team has been going through thanks to the refs. My sorta kinda but not really friend, who is an Ottawa fan primarily, thinks that I'm insane. I am refusing to talk to her (ps she's a Pats fan, too... what is wrong with this world?) How are we going to have any consistency in the playoffs if the refs haven't been calling the games better? Unfairblog.

The Cane's fan that commented ... your guys took out Taffe and Beech. I know none of us are really fans of the dude, but come on!! He got jobbed into the boards by Wesley, and it looked like his wrist was broken. Taffe has a broken nose! Don't ever, ever bring that stupid Orpik/Cole deal up again; it's dumb because it happened a while ago and Cole has obviously recovered from said accident. Don't you guys grow up ever? You are still booing Orrpik? I have given up booing Jagr. I did it for a while cause I was upset that a man I grew up loving decided to give up for more money. If he ever wants to come back to Pittsburgh, though I probably would accept him openly.

Oh and we have tons of players from WBS! If your guys didn't go mouth to mouth so often most of them wouldn't be out with the flu!

I love Malkin and all, but I think his anger might be getting the best of him. Sarge needs to help him channel the anger into goals... after watching him slamming a few people last night, I don't think it's necessary for channeling anger into checks.

Oh BTW, I loved the article on Hockey Pests! Ruutu pretty amazing, but when I saw Kaspar I nearly had a heart attack! I miss Kaspar!!!!

Pensblog Staff said...

We're not big shots, so apologies go out to anyone who was offended with the Holloway business.

We didn't make light of her situation and make fun of her for dying.
All we said is, she is stupid for what she did and she got herself killed.

It's not about taking a joke, because we weren't making a joke.
Everyone in the world will agree she is stupid.

We would say the same thing about someone who jumps off a building or someone who runs a red light and gets plowed going through the intersection.

Maybe if that Holloway picture wasn't so massive, things might have been different.

go pens


Johnny Wrath said...

·There is good reason to mock both Nat Holloway and her injudicious mother. I find the instance of reference brilliant. If you're offended, what is it that you've got to feel guilty about?

·Missing White Woman Syndrome exists, and it is only a matter of time before it is exploited once again. Nancy Grace will boost ratings three-fold.

·Losing two games to two bad teams as we need to separate ourselves from NJ and Phila isn't acceptable. I suggest penance come in the form of breaking Kris Beech's wrist.

·I've given up attempting to understand the villain, Therrien, and his tactics, which appear to have more appearance of wit than reality.

·"Holloway'd" henceforth should be used as a term of reproach; to skewer the empty-headed, or to cause ill.

stokes said...

Any one still trying to go see RMU tonight at 7:35?

J.S. said...

TPB Staff wrote:"We didn't make light of her situation and make fun of her for dying.
All we said is, she is stupid for what she did and she got herself killed."

Well put.

I'm not fingerpointing everybody who was offended by the Holloway comments, but I'm sure there's at least one person on here who was offended by today's comments that previously made a joke about Sonny Bono and skiing, or maybe even John Denver and/or JFK Jr flying a plane.

seeker said...


Had to cancel going to tonight's RMU game, but we (my Daughter and I) are planning on going tomorrow night....same time & place!

Anonymous said...

What is tasteless about calling her don't party with the natives!

wilsmith said...

Can't a brother get some wings?

seeker said...

Hurricanes fans really need to let go of the Orpik-Cole thing!

Acid Queen said:

"as opposed, of course, to Brooks Orpik piledriving Erik Cole into the boards and breaking his neck–you still can’t convince me that it wasn’t deliberate"

Orpik had never done anything like that BEFORE the Cole hit and has never done anything like that SINCE the Cole hit. He doesn't have any reputation for being a dirty player (except by Carolina fans).

They obviously don't even seem to care what Cole himself said about it a Month afterwards:

"Orpik asked Recchi to get Cole's number for him so he could call to apologize. Rex asked for it, but Cole refused and said 'Why should I? It's a game. He shouldn't have to apologize to me.'"

Quoted straight from the Carolina Hurricane's official website.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@ wilsmith

hope Zednik didnt order the nuclear wings, those suckers could kill you

Fleury29 said...

I hear you, Steve in Denver, I've been laid up with the flu since the day after I got back from Pittsburgh.

Well, it was the flu or Gary Roberts looked at me wrong from Lemieux's box during one of the games I went to last week.

Either way, it sucked.

stokes said...

Seeker: i had planned on going, but something popped up and now i will be late, though i may go anyways. I'll be out at the complex one way or another.

Dr. Turkleton said...

FYI for those going to a Pens home game soon:
they had 'discounted' merchandise on tables inside the arena right in front of the entrance to Penstation

$3 hats, which had the players # on the front, name on the back on the adjustable strap

#8 - Recchi
#16 - Christensen
#19 - Whitney
#44 - Orrpik (must have had 100 of these, more than double than any other player)

maybe Penstation knows something about trades that we don't know, yet...

Stoosh said...


Cole got hurt.

Cole said Orpik didn't need to apologize for the hit because contact is part of the game.

Cole recovered.

You won the Cup.

Shut the fuck up about Orpik already.

Hartford Whalers fans would've forgotten about it the moment Bettman handed over the Cup.

Flyer Hater said...

I miss the Whale, :(

wilsmith said...

arrrgghh jason's not even real.

seriously, Orpik's hit was not deliberate. What was deliberate is Cole turning his back when he knows a hit is coming.

He should be happy Brooks put him down right in front of the UPMC.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Fleury 13 for 13 after 1 tonite v. philthy phantoms

stokes said...

Thank you dr. turkleton! i've been searching the internet for 15 minutes to see if he was playing. i also got way sidetracked on various hockey sites, but who cares?

Dr. Turkleton said...

im just following along with updated box scores....
at under scores....then AHL

1/2 way thru the 2nd it's still 0-0...phantoms have 0 shots in the 2nd (still,13/13)

stokes said...

you have to pay to watch the game from the link on the WBS site. and i couldnt find anywhere on the WBS site whether or not he was playing. so i thank you for pointing me in the right direction, good Dr.

BlacknGold66 said...

I went to our Local AHL (Lake Erie Monsters) game against Hershey last night and DVR'ed the game.

I take full responsibility for the last two losses.

My DVR record this season is now

At least the Monsters beat Hershey (who had a huge booster club following btw).

Baby Pens are here for their only meeting of the season against the Monsters on March 7th.



Anonymous said...

[url=] Mondesi [/url] House gettin some love from Sports Illustrated...of course they are breaking down fat men...

Pensblog Staff said...

jason = moderati0wn3d.


Hip said...

and beech is already out with a broken wrist

what the fuck?

Fleury29 said...

Good call, Dr. Turkleton. I picked up a Recchi hat while I was in town.

They also had "X-Generation" pins and pretty cool buttons from the playoffs last season that had the Pens logo, Stanley Cup logo and said "Believe." Those were each $1, IIRC.

Discounted Pens Merch FTW!

Brett said...

and we're dead even with NJ. same exact record.

Our fate is in our hands..

Dr. Turkleton said...

pens get a break with ATL getting a late goal in reg. & winning in the SO w/ the 19th shooter v. NJ....
now have identical record as the Devs...likewise, ATL has identical record as division leading Canes = parityblog?

glad to see you picked up some merch...hope a #19 hat is there on Tues. as #19 is my fave hockey # (Yzerman started it all) & I'm probably one of the minority of Whitney backers around

by the #'s....fleury appears to have played well....1 GA on 27 SOG...WB/S 1-0 L, & fleury named #2 star

cragger said...

Natalee Holloway joke was just a dick-move.

Yeah yeah yeah, lets go get drunk and do drugs in a foreign place.... BLAH BLAH BLAH. Get over it. Tastelessblog? PLEASE. USEyourFUCKdomeBLOG! Why should we worry about that incident when the entire of content of Africa is a giant mess?


Fucking right canes fan - And yeah, we hate you, but its not personal, it's just bidness...

Fucking bidness it is.


if you get offended by a joke on a internet blog, you are sad mother fucker.


Anonymous said...

USEyourFUCKdomeBLOG!??? -or- Aruba is miles and miles and miles away from Africa blog.

Are you aware this happened in Aruba? Aruba as in not Africa? Just because she is dead does not make her impervious to a joke but if your going to sit here and tear someone a new one make sure you have the right Country my man. It is a good 2,000 miles from Africa and oh about 200 from Florida. Who the fuck goes to a senior trip in Africa, I mean your going to bash people for getting offended but dude not to pull a Bernan and brag about education but this is something you learn in 3rd grade Geography

Let a sleeping dogs lie and let a stupid broad pay the price for her actions.

cragger said...

Do it.

cragger said...

cragger said...

You demonstrated my point, I did not explain it. I was drawing the conclusion that I do not care about stupid, rich folks getting caught in bad situations when an entire continent is in turmoil from the fall out of territorial imperialistic rulings, warlord controlled markets, apartheid, oil/natural gas/mineral/diamond greed.

I apologize sir (reading your response I feel you are male and I apologize in advance if I am incorrect), simply my opinion and I have been explained it's a lot like assholes, "everybody got one".

Lastly, thanks for the geography lesson, I never realized Africa and Aruba were not in the same hemisphere. *SARCASM*


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