Thursday, February 7, 2008

Parting The Waters

It is early February.
Life is a joke, as usual.

Four of the next five Pens games are at the Mellon.
Critical times.

[ Flashblog will be updated before tonight's game, so bear with us. ]


Pens News

Sidney Crosby is back on skates. [ TSCS ]

The Pens called that one dude up. [ ]

Ryan Whitney knew Therrien was pissed. [ PG ]



In easily the most meaningless prospective news of the current NHL season,
Peter Forsberg may be announcing his return to the NHL this week.

TSN reports that he turned down the Penguins. [ TSN ]

Forsberg joining the Pens...
That would be cool, if this was 2001.

Is there a tiny piece of you that would rather see this Penguin team go to higher places without the help of someone who jumps onto the team in February?



-- James Mirtle M.D. broke out the statistical and analytical whooping stick.

The record the Pens need the rest of the season to make the playoffs?
13-15-1 [ Mirtle ]

A look at how the NHL has changed. Solid as it gets if you have a couple minutes. [ Mirtle 2 ]


-- How much do goalies make per save? [ Puck That Hit ]

Cheapest per save
Most Per save
$520 Jason LaBarbera (Kings)
$594 Timothy Jr. Thomas (Bruins)
$635 Dan Ellis (Predators)

$6000 Jose Theodore (Avalanche)
$4876 Nikolai Khabibulin (Hawks)
$4365 Marty Turco (Stars)

-- Head on over to [ Goon's World ] to see the pic of the UND coach flipping the bird in a recent college game.

-- [ ] says hockey don't need no Tiger Woods.

-- John Buccigross reminds NFL fans that the NHL ain't too bad. [ Bucci ]

Speaking of ESPN...

People have to stop kissing the NFL's ass.
No one's reading that and saying, "Hey, he alluded to the NFL,
so therefore I must read this column and become a hockey fan."


[ Frozen Showzen ]

If you have nothing to do Friday night at 9:00PM, we'll be on this BlogTalk Radio Show.
Should be good times.


Some dude makes caricatures of Capital players. [ Capitals Art ]

A.O. beat the Flyers. [ ]

They finally got Phaneuf to sign the dotted line.
6 years, $6.5 per. [ TSN ]

Greg Dubs at Deadspin found this story about some parrot that loves the Flames. Video included. [ Deadspin ]

-- Courtesy of Deadspin --

That drug lord finally bought the Oilers. [ TSN ]

Here's the press release from the Ducks' visit to the White House. [ White House ]

Rick Tocchet is back. [ ESPN ]

We're that much closer to finding out if he deflected that puck in Game 7.


Jeff Jimmerson American Idol Spoof

Huge find by [ PSAMP ]

This appeared on the Jumbotron on Saturday:

Part 1:

Part 2:

What the Penguins need to do is post that online.
They need to start posting a lot of their stuff online, especially for people that don't get to the arena a lot.



We definitely don't want to commit a section to Storeblog every night in posts, but for right now, it's a must.
We will be making a separate blog specifically for store ideas and discussions in the near future.

If you need the link to the store, we've added it up at the top left of the site.
We will be revamping the store Thursday afternoon, splitting it into sections.

-- Matt K. --

The input and ideas from C-Blog in the previous post are what will turn Storeblog into an unreal undertaking.
We're gonna be turning a lot of the ideas into reality Thursday afternoon, and they'll be up for sale between 5:00 and 7:00 Thursday night.

We're in unchartered territory, in regard to using someone else's idea on a shirt that we sell.
If you leave a comment with an idea, we will assume you are authorizing us to make the shirt.
In short, if you don't want us to use your idea, don't post about it.

However, if you want to make it on your own CafePress store so you can mark it up to make a profit, we'll be more than happy to link to the store here, since this will be the main bus station people will go through to purchase shirts.
But we can't let that get out of control, either.

Items Coming To Fruition Thursday Afternoon

-- "Bing Scores Every Night"
-- "ConkBlock City" with the Pittsburgh cityscape skyline
-- "Pensblog City" with cityscape
-- "Commit To The Charlie"
-- "Screw Hockey, Charlie Dance" -- We'll look in yesterday's cblog for the preferred wording.
-- "Commit To The Avian" with the blog's name on it. We're gonna go all out for this one.
-- "You Are Soff"
-- "This Shirt Is Dying Alive"
-- The Jobber Tour Bus
-- "I Was There" Winter Classic T
-- "Fortuitous Bouncers" shirt for ladies and larger men.
-- An Errey-ism or two
-- Charlie "Get Off My Butt" Bumper Sticker
-- Buttons, magnets, mugs, mousepads, etc.
-- James Mirtle T-shirt, made with his permission


We can't use numbers, names, logos, or pictures on shirts we put up for sale.
No questions asked.


-- Remember, e-mail us with special requests (if you want a black WWGRD on a hoodie, for example )
since that particular product is not in the store, but it is available.

-- Say, for example, you bought the ordinary "ConkBlock City" shirt on Wednesday.
Today, we'll be introducing what we feel is a more bad-ass design for it.

It would be considered a massive jobbing if you got stuck with the old one when you want the new one.
You won't have to purchase the new one.
Here is the skinny on CafePress' Returns & Exchanges Policy. [ CafePress Policy ]

You could even call CafePress directly when you see the new design, or cancel your order ASAP, since you could always re-order the old one if you don't like the new one.

We apologize for any problems cropping up with us coming up with new designs.
Once we get through this first week of everyone's design ideas, Storeblog will be pretty consistent.


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Help us out and be sure to zoom in as close as possible to the graphics on the shirt you're buying, and tell us if you see colors bleeding or anything crazy like that.


and Go Pens


canaanregulatesblog said...

man, im firsty

hextallfan said...

The Flyers' goal tonight wasn't disallowed because of the ref bringing up his arm to blow the whistle or anything remotely close to that.

"It was ruled that Hartnell pushed Kolzig into the net before the puck went in." -

Pensblog Staff said...

thanks, hextallfan.
i had espn on mute, and they spotshadowed the ref's whistle, so i assumed.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who liked "Conkblock" better before the B started getting capitalized?

I can't believe you guys missed the incredibly obvious WWGRD *women's* panties. Pity they don't have anything in a slightly less skanky style. (I also think it'd be funny to put "Game." on them, and heck, why not on the men's too? -but you'd probably need to keep the quotation marks.)

Personally I'd like to see something with the adorable "Press Conference Penguin".

Anonymous said...

I have to say I like the original "They soff" better than "You Are Soff".

Fleury29 said...

I leave in ten minutes... I just threw up all over my keyboard.

BlacknGold66 said...

Canaan... man c'mon. Don't start that on cblog.

Shirts look good.

Back to hockey...


Again, anyone going to either one of the games this weekend: Ms. BlacknGold66 and I will be in town from Cleveland. We aren't too familiar with Pittsburgh (just the arena area... sort of) so offer up suggestions on what to do after the games!!

snoopyjode said...

fleury29, be safe in your travels and have motherfucking LOADS of fun while you're in pittsburgh!!! LET'S GO PENS, INDEED!!! :)

and oh my GOD. i'm stoked for the bing shirt. and i'm stoked that other people wanted it as much as i did! thanks, staff, for making that one happen!!! i thought yesterday was good - today is going to be INSANE! echoing many other c-bloggers, i'm going to go broke when i place my order this weekend. again, i thank you staff, but my wallet hates your guts.

Andrew said...

blackngold66, you want the souperbowl for pregame or postgame festivities, it's on Fifth Ave, like a 5 minute walk from the arena, at least, that's what I do when I go to games. Have fun

dying alive said...

Obviously I'm in for a "this shirt is dying alive" shirt. Probably a Commit to the Avian and a few others as well.


Spencemo said...

After I'm done in Storeblog, it's going to be thirdjobblog for me...

Lady Jaye said...

...down payment on season tickets... t shirts... down payment on season tickets... t-shirts... ARG. I think the season tickets are going to have to win for a bit. But this store is awesome. I at least got my WWGRD shirt for me and my posse for the games.

But yea, back to hockey. Go Pens!!

wilsmith said...

I'm tellin you, Fortuitous Bounce shirt.

about copyrights, you can't even use numbers? So a 71 next to some peanut butter wouldn't fly?

Anonymous said...

Jumbo-tron stuff is on the Pens TV thing on the website, Jeff Jimerson isnt there yet, but prob will be

Seeker said...

I pray that NO ONE EVER begins making caricatures of Penguins like those at Capitals Art!

They are so off the chart in utter gayness that Pensblog Charlie would even have to disallow them.

Lloyd said...

FYI: is available

Pensgirl said...

Can't wait to see the new stuff.

I'm one of those people who never held a grudge against Jagr and even I think the dying alive shirt is funny. Was reading the post on the Metro and laughed out loud. Drew some great "crazy chick" looks.

I should just sign my next paycheck over to Storeblog and be done with it.

BlacknGold66 said...

Thanks Andrew!! We'll head there.

BlacknGold66 said...


Actually, it says it's only open M-F can you confirm?

Todd said...

How do we get the players to wear these fine garments? Stalkerblog?

Anonymous said...

T-shirt idea:
"There's not one guy...Maybe Maxime Talbot"


shfty said...

"Is there a tiny piece of you that would rather see this Penguin team go to higher places without the help of someone who jumps onto the team in February?"

if by tiny piece you mean every fiber of my being

canaanregulatesblog said...


i've been doing that here for a while (i just haven't done it recently). don't be a pensblog noob.

Andrew said...


I've been there on Saturdays so you should be golden.

BlacknGold66 said...

@andrew... Sweet. I'm there.

@canaan... I'm by far not a noob to cblog. I'm just jealous of the way you phrased it. Clever bastard.


EmDubs said...

Five hole thongs would be a hot commodity amongst the puckbunny audience

Pensblog Staff said...

we'll implement these

PensKitty said...

5 hole thong would be awesome. I am also in need of WWGRD thong. I didnt see one yesterday- but I'll check again today. I'm trying to hold out to order- although I have a feeling this is turning into a multiple paycheck venture.
And staff- thanks for the coupon code!

Andrew said...

Devils also lost last night, so first place tonight is a distinct possibility.

Mike Georger said...

how about roman numerals instead of numbers

Best Shape Of His Life

Dr. Turkleton said...

@ andrew
the best the pens could do with a W tonight is move up to 5th...that would put us tied with philly, but statistically speaking, they'll have a better record (& with 1 game in hand)and remain in 1st, for the time being....
the boys just have to keep getting those W's at home & steal some points on the road

seeker said...


Not within walking distance of the Igloo, but here are a few places & things to do that you might want to check out:

Station Square across the Smithfield Street Bridge from downtown (Hard Rock Cafe/Dancing Fountains/Hometown Sports store)

Monongahela & Duquesne Inclines behind Station Square...a tourist must, take your camera.

Andy Warhol Museum

South Side Works - Shopping area across the Birmingham Bridge, The Cheesecake Factory has huge servings!

Carnegie Museum (of natural history) - has the "Dinosaurs in Their Time " exhibit, the best if your into that kind of thing.

The Church Brew Works

Primanti Brothers - any of their locations for a real Pittsburgh-style sandwich

Western PA Sports Museum @ The History Center


Don't know where you're staying or what type of things you like to do and I'm sure others can mention some more places to go/see/do.

Mike Georger said...

if you run into a blind dude at primanti's, chat him up, dudes hilarious

Dr. Turkleton said...


theres a Jersey Expo at the Doubletree this Sat from 8:30a-12:30p & 4:00p-8:00p located on Centre Ave just a couple minute walk from the Mellon Arena

drawbackblog: tickets are $15

theres a lot more info over on the pens message board with specific authentic worn pens jerseys that will be there for sale*

*this is NOT a plug

Mike Georger said...

think theyll have some game worn Ville Nieminen sweaters for sale?

Johnny Wrath said...

I watched the Flyers/Caps game last night. I do enjoy watching two teams I hate for the sheer joy of them checking, sticking, and scoring on each other. Every goal is great.

AO is incredible. More incredible is how well he works with Backstrom, who is the classic underrated star-in-the-shadows. If they ever get a player who is a class "A" garbage man, like a Holmstrom type, they're going to go back to winning that division every year. AO is on pace for 69 goals, and his shot% is 15.1. Damn.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that Hextall's tribute was one of him scoring in open nets, setting picks, checking people, slashing Oilers, and generally being despicable. Go Pens.

It was an evening long reflection of the unending struggle and tragedy that is being an ECHL player trapped in a Philadelphia uniform, as is appreciated by most every Flyer.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@mike georger
don't know...maybe
just saw on the pens board that if you mention the Penguins Message Board: you can get in for the presale price of $10 is the site thats having the expo

TSN's top 10 Players that are available:
10. Mats Sundin
9. Brian Campbell
8. Marian Hossa
7. Olli Jokinen
6. Alex Tanguay
5. Rob Blake
4. Miro Satan
3. Jeff Carter
2. Dan Boyle
1. Patrick Marleau
here's what they say about Marleau:
San Jose Sharks captain Patrick Marleau's future remains in questions, too. The Sharks are on the hunt for an offensive defenceman. Can the Wilsons afford another playoff disappointment? Not likely, so the sense is that Doug Wilson will pull out all the stops.

Whitney for Marleau ?????

BlacknGold66 said...

@doc turk
and everyone else.

Thanks for all the suggestions!!

We're staying at the Willaim Penn (ouh la la) so thanks to that and a night in Cranberry on Friday (cheaper) our budget is already low.

I've had Primanti's numerous times, but gave up meat for Lent (I know!). Ms. BlacknGold gave up bread so we'll have to wait til baseball season at PNC to have one again. They have something like in in Cleveland called Panini's. Good stuff.

I walk by the Doubletree to every Pens game I go to with my old man's season tickets. The $15 cover charge sucks, but I may have to check that out before the game.

If any of yinz ever come to Cleveland I'll give you the grand tour. (Rock Hall, Monsters games, etc.) I'm an ambassador of this city even if we do have the freakin' Brown (I'm a Stiller fan by blood).

Anonymous said...

If the WWGRD baseball jersey came with gold font I'd pick it up!

seeker said...


If you're up in Cranberry, you may want to check out Quaker Steak & Lube or Max & Ermas. QS&L have great hot wings (is chicken considered meat?).

My Wife's a Cleveland girl and I graduated from B-W down in Berea (same years as JT Tressel). Lived on Rocky River near Lorraine (Kamm's Corners) and worked on Pearl Rd. at Chuck Kane's S.W. Ford.

My claim to fame was that I was actually at Dime Beer Night when they had the riot...LOL

Anonymous said...

Just a little tip, skip Quaker Steak and Lube. I grew up in the town that it started from and have been cursed with those wings my entire life. They're not good (at least to me).

Also, the Warhol is amazing.

BlacknGold66 said...


Showing your age man! Wasn't it "Nickel" beer night though? I miss the old stadium AND it's original stadium mustard. Luckily they still sell it in stores.

I live in Lakewood, but grew up near Kamm's Corners so everything you mentioned is my neighboorhood. Small world.

I went to the Browns @ Stillers game December '06 (Thursday night I believe) and stayed in Cranberry. We hit up Quaker Steak after the game and got hammered. Good times!

Unfortunaley chicken is meat.
Beer is not. HOORAY FOR BEER!

Flyer Hater said...

Reports are that Mario skated with Sid today before Penguins' practice.

In the best shape of his life.

Andrew said...

@dr. turkelton

guess I should have:

1. Clarified division lead


2. Checked the ESPN standings (I was looking at flashblog)

ReaverOfSouls said...

Ideablog: In Conk We Trust.

Have either a silhouette of someone thrusting a fist in the air or just a plan ol' number 35.

Flyer Hater said...

Andrew, never look at flashblog for updated standings.


vezonex said...

did anyone else notice the standings today?

1. Ottawa
2. Philly
3. Washington
4. Montreal
5. New Jersey
6. Pittsburgh
7. New York Rangers
8. Boston

i don't have to say anything else.

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

I know we're all excited about the shirts (I am, too), but did anyone notice Beech is in the line-up tonight? Who isn't playing? Smith? I don't know but I'm worried ...

The Crosb and Gary skating, nice

The Trib has a nice Malone article. They talk with Army more than Malone, though ...

Whit's playing tonight ... I guess Therrien ain't that angry.

Let's pray they make up for the end of the Devil's game!

Flyer Hater said...

Satan and Sillinger out tonight. I swear every Islander game the past 2 years, they've been their only goal scorers against us. No excuse to not get 2 points tonight.

stokes said...

So i read that there was a hole in the ice in one of the corners of the Igloo yesterday at practice. Now, who took to the ice before practice? None other that GR and Sid. Draw your own conclusions...

Blackandgold66: I've had season tickets now for 3 years and i can think of maybe two times i did not go to the Souper Bowl before the game. Does this make me a drunk? maybe but its also resulted in me getting a reserved table by now.....that's money on most nights. I'm not trying to brag or be a douche, i'm just saying i really like the place and that The Souper Bowl is rad. I'll be at the last table by the back door on Sat if you stop in. Probably around 11am.

All these choices in Storeblog are driving me nuts!!! i think i'll just draw shirts from a hat and those are the shirts i'll be getting, along with the obligatory WWGRD shirt. Hopefully i won't spend more than the GDP of Luxembourg.

Big weekend at the Igloo. they should probably get 7 of 8 points in the next four games. In fact, they should beat LA so soundly that they should get 3 points for it.


cragger said...

Reports are that Mario skated with Sid today before Penguins' practice.

In the best shape of his life.


Love it.

hextallfan said...

Johnny Wrath,

Why the negativity toward Hextall? Penguins fans constantly chide Flyers fans for not respecting the enormous skill and great accomplishments of players such as Sidney Crosby. No, I'm not going to compare Ron Hextall to Sidney Crosby, but at least give talented players the respect they deserve even if you don't particularly care for them or the team that they play for. A man who won the Vezina and Conn Smythe trophies isn't just some ECHL hack in a Flyers uniform, or however you put it in your post.

I was at the game last night, and it was an extremely moving ceremony that any hockey fan could appreciate. Growing up idolizing Hextall, it really meant a lot to me. I'm not sure if he has as much of a cult following as Hextall does, but the Pens should do something similar for Tom Barrasso. (Or have they already? I'm not sure.)

hextallfan said...

PS - (speaking of Hextall) - "He's the best goaltender I've ever played against." - Wayne Gretzky

BlacknGold66 said...


I'll see you there.

BTW, anyone going to the games this weekend...

D23 Row A. Lemieux jersey. Gold (yellow) Pens hat.

Stop by and say hello.

wilsmith said...

hextallfan, when every flyer fan speaks about crosby like you expect him to talk about hextall, then I'm sure he will.

It's a pensblog, not a neutralfanblog, or, thanksfully, a flyersblog, no one's going to say something nice about a flyer just for the sake of saying something nice.

He may have been great, but there's only one ceremony in his career about which johnny can make a comment like that.

Jokes are awesome.


stokes said...



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